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Video & TV Cast + Samsung TV App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Video & TV Cast + Samsung TV app received 92 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Video & TV Cast + Samsung TV? Can you share your negative thoughts about video & tv cast + samsung tv?

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Video & TV Cast + Samsung TV for Negative User Reviews

Doesn’t workWon’t work. Waste of money..Version: 1.18

SlowNot easy to use and difficult to connect to tv and play something.Version: 2.1

ConnectionDoesn’t alwas connect from i pad to tv.Version: 1.19

Not what it says it doesThis app only allows you to search something on the web. It doesn’t mirror what your doing on your iPhone. As it’s to use on s smart tv it’s pointless cause you just search the web on your tv anyway. Waste of money..Version: 1.17

A load of faffVery disappointed.Version: 1.20

“Ultimate” version is far from it!The so called “ultimate” packaged doesn’t even include basic screen mirror function (this is a further £2.99). When playing home video taken in portrait mode it also squashes the image. There are no setting options to adjust this. Overall not worth anywhere near the £9.99 I paid for it. Drat :-(.Version: 2.2

Complete rubbishThis is completely rubbish. Paid £6.99. Want a refund..Version: 1.18

Loading the video behind what’s playing on the mobileI’m disappointed that the video on the tv & the mobile were not synced together. On tv, it played the previous scenes! What do I need to do?.Version: 1.18

Very poorPlease don’t waste your money on this. It’s so unintuitive I gave up trying to use it after about 15 minutes. And it’s super expensive as apps go anyway - I thought, for that money, it must be good. But no, it’s terrible..Version: 1.20

Extremely uselessI paid over 6 pound but all the videos are not supported meaning couldn’t play them on the smart tv. It is a total scam. I will try to contact the app developer to get my money back..Version: 3.0

Useless doesn’t workYou would be better off giving the £5 to charity or setting fire to it . Complete con.Version: 3.2

Not What I NeededI have a fitness app that has a "cast to" button so after trying to figure out how to see the exercise videos from the IPad app on my television, I bought this app. It turns out it doesn't talk directly to apps. As soon as you leave this app to go to the fitness app, you lose your connection. Looks like I need to do more research or give up and buy an Apple TV..Version: 1.12

Doesn’t work, all it does is try to get you to pay for an additional all.If I could give less than 1 star I would, paid for the pro version, but still anything you want to cast it brings up another app to purchase..Version: 3.2

Very confusingSpent 1/2 hrs trying to configure, waste if money!!!.Version: 3.0

Samsung Video and TV app for AppleCrap. Waste of money and time. Does not work on U-Tube. The only thing it works on is Vimeo which I can do with Apple TV. Disconnects when U-tube video even through its own connection to U-tube. Stay clear..Version: 1.17

Don’t bother - fiddly and poorly designed. Only shows video’s. Complete waste of moneyRubbish app.Version: 1.17

No tv app for IPad and 2018 Samsung UHDI bought this app and then found out it needed to pair up with an app on my new Samsung Smart TV. The app TV cast does not exist in the Samsung App Store. Unfortunately I waisted my money..Version: 1.17

Problems staying connectedI have used this app for over a year on my Samsung 55” led tv. For months it worked without a flaw. Then it started having problems and flashing “not connected” all the time. I decided tonight to upgrade to the $6.99 app to see if it hopefully fix the problem. It did not fix it. Now I have waisted money on an app that did not change anything. A year ago I’d recommend this app.... not anymore though. Waste of money. I’d like a refund..Version: 1.20

Samsung userDid not watch a lot of tv and cut the cable. Samsung has this automatically installed on my tv. Tried this on my phone. No luck. Downloaded the premium version. Will connect, will buffer, will not play. Can’t even get the TV cast demo video to play. Oh well back to Netflix’s (that works!). 6.99 down the drain.Version: 1.20

Would give 0 if possible£6.99 for a glorified remote control (I already have one) wanted screen mirroring and this app was suggested in an online search. It offers screen mirroring within the app, but for a further £2.99.... this one doesn’t work either. Nearly £10 and still can’t get what’s on my phone, to play on my tv. Lot of rubbish.Version: 2.1

Really glitchyWouldn’t bother. Started ok and behaved itself, but tried plenty of times since, bobbins casting. I wouldn’t download again.Version: 1.20

Doesn’t work with my SamsungI bought this app because my tv said it would work but after hours of messing with it and watching videos about it it does nothing Save your money. I tried requesting a refund but it hasn’t posted yet Funny thing the only video that has cast is the instruction video.Version: 3.2

Didn’t workWe could not get this to work- casting a video from my iPad to our Samsung TV. Downloaded the free app, but it automatically put up the pro, so we paid for it.. only to find it didn’t work. No support the problem solve..Version: 3.2

RubbishVery poor! Does not work! Do not waste your.Version: 1.17

Definitely not happySo I figured I’d be able to play my music that I have downloaded to my iTunes from the tv but hahaha that was a joke maybe put that in the description before someone buys the app that they will not be able to play their music they have on their phone..Version: 2.2

Scam?!!!I've paid $14!! Not working and not casting on TV, then you asked me to send you and Email and not to put an review on the App Store!!!! Been waiting for a long time, and no response from you It is a horrible experience, please return my credit ASAP!.Version: 1.10

Does not work!!! DONT BUY!!!You have to use this certain page they have to google to search for the video. I was trying to play something from netflix, and whenever I open netflix streaming page the connection is lost. And I can’t play anything from my itunes store. I don’t know what is the purpose of this app, straming 3mins cats video from youtube on TV???.Version: 1.18

Waste of time and moneyI spent the money just to find a way to play a video on my phone on TV. It’s been about an hour and I have gotten NOWHERE. It’s ridiculous that they even charge you for this. Not only that, but the screen is tiny and is highly prone to error. LG should be ashamed of themselves for sanctioning this and I hope they take a huge hit in the long run for it..Version: 3.2

Very frustrated. Corralled into buying 3 add-ons and still can’t cast from my phone screen.Honestly I’m having the worst time with this app. All I want to do is cast from my phone screen to my Samsung smart tv and every time I get into another layer it tells me I need to make another purchase to accomplish this. I got the free app. Then I upgraded to the pro pod version. Then I added on the screen mirror pro. Now that’s not enough to just cast from my phone screen. It’s really just very frustrating and I feel tricked into buying more..Version: 3.2

Cumbersome and not worth $$ since free works betterTedious cumbersome app. Not seamless at all. Such a pain. It works. Costs $$ and free ones work better.Version: 2.0

Useless appDoesn’t function.Version: 2.1

Doesn't do what I wantWas looking for an app which completely mirrors my iPad to the Samsung TV so I can use it as a monitor. This app only mirrors specific apps/programs which are all internet based. Probably a good app but not needed with TV's having Smart technology now. I wasted my money..Version: 1.10

Dog crapWorst app.Version: 3.0

Please update both this app and the tv appThe remote control feature doesn’t work on my 2018 (UE49NU8070) and though the developer of this app mentions they are working on it, it doesn’t look like any work on getting it to function has been done since 2015, the app on the Samsung tv could also do with an update, it has no settings, other than allowing you to change the IP address, how about a settings menu where we could tick a box to allow auto full screen when a video starts streaming/playing from the phone to the tv, how about a screen saver check box if we mistakenly leave the app open and walk off with out it playing anything, so much more should be added to this to make it an enjoyable experience, thank you for reading.Version: 1.18

This app is crapI think this is the first review I have ever written on the App Store. Read the description carefully. Samsung support told me this app would allow me to connect to the SmartCast feature in my Samsung TV. That is not the case. It connects to its own sister app that must be installed on the TV. Ridiculous that a company the size of Samsung can’t just provide an app or even native connectivity from iOS..Version: 1.18


Doesn’t workDownloaded the pro version, paid for it, did not livestream or cast videos from my iPhone. Tried troubleshooting the issues, still did not work.... deleted the app..Version: 1.15

Crappiest app and waste of 11$Tried using netflix as my tv browser os outdated to run the app.. used tv cast pro paying 11$ but it still didn’t go through.i could have invested in fire stick instead. Waste of money.Version: 3.2

FraudThis app is fraud. I was looking to screen cast my IPhone screen to a Samsung smart TV. And this company installed 10 different apps on my iPhone though I purchased just one of their apps. And it actually didn’t work. It looks to be a scam..Version: 3.2

No point to payI used to have the free up and got the paying one as they say it will block the ads....well, it doesnt do anything different than the free app. Its actually slower and rubish. I want to stop the payment process but dont see how is can do it.Version: 1.12

Not easy not useWorth less for me, doesn’t work like it should.Version: 3.2

Clumsy and doesn't workProbably the worst app I have ever bought period. It's time they introduced some kind of a returns policy, even eBay does that..Version: 1.12

FAKE BROWSER LINK APPI’m surprised that people are aloud to charge Money for apps that are nothing but A browser with links????? In fact I had to type in d IP address so That it would link up then constantly being Ask if it is sharing to the TV NOT ACCEPTABLE I WANT A REFUND ASAP !.Version: 1.14

IOS 12.0Not working at all with The iOS 12.Version: 1.18

This is absolute rubbishHope to get a refund, completely unusable and won’t work!!!!!!.Version: 1.20

Won’t ConnectUsed to work about a year ago and now it doesn’t. Same TV same App... won’t connect. I’ve spent £6.99 for nothing.Version: 1.20

Just Don’t! Save your money3 years in and still have never been able to get any of these apps to work. One odd-on charge after the next and I’m finally deleting the entire batch and the extortion icons that have become my folder of shame..Version: 2.0

Skip add commentNot able to watch movie it just picks up the add even when we tel it to skip that add?.Version: 1.20

Ap didn’t workThis ap cost a lot of money and didn’t work. Then a week after the attempts to use it I now get a pop up error every time I open ANY ap. I deleted this ap and all the other Aps of the same purchase and the pop up errors continued. Do not buy this ap!! And refund my money!.Version: 3.1

Want my money backWanted to play a downloaded video on my iPhone to my samsung tv . Didnt work. I need a refund.Version: 1.19

Dumb... waste ofMoney doesn’t workDumb don’t waste your money.Version: 3.0

UselessUseless.need refund.Version: 1.20

Does not workPaid for this app and it does not work at all - complete waste of money and time!!.Version: 3.2

Plays the wrong VideosI try to cast Kayo Sports to my TV and why I’m watching and what casts to the TV are two seperate things. And it doesn’t also let you pic a point to watch the video. Has to always be from the start.Version: 3.0

This sucksTerrible app waste of my money.Version: 1.15

PointlessWould screen/cast my Kayo sports from iPad to Samsung. Total waste of $10..Version: 1.18

Don’t waste money in this app!!! HorribleHorrible app that I have wasted money on. Directions are horrible. Can connect TV but there is nothing that allows any links to be pasted. I have tried everything I can find. Zero support. I feel I was ripped off and spent money on a service that has no support, horrible confusing directions and never connects from iPhone to Samsung TV..Version: 3.2

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’tIt’s great when the casting works, very annoying when you keep trying to get it to cast & it just won’t..Version: 2.1

Don’t spend the moneyDon’t bother spending the money. Not working on my tv..Version: 1.15

Complete rip offBought this to try and stream Apple TV. Doesn’t work for that - you have to purchase a second app for another £3 but - guess what- that app doesn’t work! Will be getting full refund for both. Complete rubbish.Version: 1.20

Broken streamI try to stream my beach body workouts onto my Samsung Smart TV but it takes about a half hour to get it going, when I could have been exercising. Then if a text message or something comes through the phone while its streaming, it disconnects and the video has to be started over from the beginning.Version: 1.14

Samsung cast proTrès belle image,mais pas de son. Pourri.Version: 3.2

MsIt works but crashes after EVERY video.Version: 1.14

Does not workIt literally does not do what it claims to and it costs like $12 AUD. Absolute rip off. Ridiculous. Do not purchase this app. Take this as a warning..Version: 3.2

Waste of your Time and MoneyThis app is terrible!!! Don’t waste your money. Videos don’t load. I’ve followed the tutorial and the on-screen directions but cannot get the app to load ANY videos that I start on the phone despite the Samsung TV connecting to the app on my phone. This is a total waste of time..Version: 3.2

OkNot perfect there are some flaws for example sound doesn’t always come through properly. Like only plays 1 channel or like mono..Version: 3.0

ProblemsDoes not work on our Samsung Tv series 6! Yes cast will load on our Samsung 6 TV and will turn from red unconnected to blue connected but it canot find a video feed. The minute you go to the apple tv app to load a movie cast becomes disconnected. You can even have the apple tv movie loaded first and running in a small screen on your ipad but when you therefore click on cast app to open it can not detect a video feed. Cast will cast youtube from our ipad to our tv. Therefore this app is useless to us..Version: 3.0

Don’t getNot worth it.Version: 1.18

Samsung video & tv castI just paid $6.99 for this app and it’s worthless. The price and promotional information says it allows casting videos and TV. There is no way to cast from apps like Netflix, Hulu,etc. No. Only their own lame and limited selection is available. Way too much. Waste of money..Version: 2.0

Completely rubbishI got this to watch my videos on, every time I go to watch I have to reconnect, type in a code and it is so much hassle to connect, it should connect automatically via Bluetooth, not worth it,.Version: 2.2

TV & Cast Samsung appComplete waste of money. You can not play any apple apps, videos, tv to the Samsung tv. Will only play in a small screen recommended videos. Wish I could get my money back..Version: 1.20

Website too slowAlways movies keeps getting hiccups very slow loading and always buffering.Version: 2.2

Does not work for meIt won’t work. Not sure if it’s a problem with the Samsung TV. Very disappointing.Version: 3.2

ValWorst app ever ! After buying it it just stoped streaming any free movie ! Rubbish ! Waste of time and money !.Version: 1.18

Please do not support this app with a purchaseIts useless, only linkable content via google a d youtube can be played, it will not play iplayer itv player or sky go etc. Ive lost 6.99 you dont have to..Version: 1.18

Too slow to load. Load and play and stop for every 2 seconds.Too slow to load. Load and play and stop for every 2 seconds. I wasted 15$ i want refund !.Version: 2.0

Good app for the devices it works onSadly there have been a few it hasn’t worked on (brand new 2018 Panasonic 4K smart tv) I was really hoping I could get it to work (I purchased the bundle) but none of them did..Version: 1.19

It’s crap.Very crappy app. The layout is confusing, task buttons overlay social buttons. Seems they were more interested in connecting with me on Facebook than creating an app that actually worked. Junk. I feel like a real sucker. I’ll be asking for my money back. Out of the thousands of apps I’ve bought this is only the second time I’ve requested this..Version: 1.18

Casting from iphone screen time Samsung smart TVThis app does not work as advertised..Version: 3.0

Really bad experienceI’ve paid $34 all together but still can’t broadcast my video on TV from browser. Totally wastage of money and time.Version: 2.1

UselessMost useless app ever. Waste of money.Version: 3.2

Doesn’t work in Optus appThis app go an find the link of the web page you want to stream .once I tried to log in is asking me to download the app which I already had in my phone. It doesn’t mirror apps to watch the games. It doesn’t work can I get refund please.Version: 1.17

Not able to cast my photosI purchased the full bundle of this app for my iPhone to cast into my Samsung TV. It can not cast my photos; When I go to the photo section to cast my photos, it will show me my videos. When I go to video section there is nothing in there. Also, for mirroring you would have to open a browser and it will mirror it to the browser. Hopefully, they fix the bug. The good thing that I liked is that you can cast any video from any website to your TV..Version: 3.2

Cool but AddsIt’s cool app!! only the adds skipping is not easy job.Version: 1.16

Just never loads up/linksRubbish.Version: 3.2

Doesn’t work well. No support anywhere on internetI paid $9.99 for this app. Have an iPhone X and a newer Samsung Smart TV. After 30 minutes of frustrating attempts to connect the two, I can (sometimes) play a video from my phone on the TV. Note, I’m talking about 4K video. But on the TV, the picture is blurry and the aspect ratio is distorted. No help anywhere to troubleshoot. What a waste of money and time!.Version: 2.1

Samsung Casting App works great!App is easy to use and allows streaming of many channels that were lost when I cut the cable but are back now without the expense of cable! You’re certainly welcome for the praise I gave on the casting App, it’s still working great! It’s definitely better than paying an enormous cable bill for channels I never really used or watched....Version: 3.0

Hate itI want my money back such a useless app.Version: 1.18

Terrible - cant watch anythingDo not waste your time. Cannot just airplay to the tv..Version: 1.18

It’s okayI was unable to watch my my show bc it didn’t have a video link wish we could cast our screen without having to pay the 2.99 for a different app will definitely keep the app and use it more often hopefully in the future we could mirror our screen..Version: 3.2

Didn’t WorkUnable to connect my Samsung TV using this app. A waste of my money: the worst part is I couldn’t discover this before purchasing the app. Too late in the process does the system reveal this app wouldn’t work. Dissatisfied and Frustrated. Would get my money back if I could..Version: 2.1

Can’t share app with family membersDoes this app allow my 6 family members to download it without charging them $9.99? It looks like it will charge them even though they are all in my shared family folder..Version: 1.20

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Video & TV Cast + Samsung TV works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Video & TV Cast + Samsung TV.

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