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Lightroom Photo & Video Editor App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Lightroom Photo & Video Editor app received 121 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Lightroom Photo & Video Editor? Can you share your negative thoughts about lightroom photo & video editor?

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Lightroom Photo & Video Editor for Negative User Reviews

Presets ManagingOn Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom web(annual subscription), there’s no ability that I’ve found to move presets into different categories after you’ve created a specific category for them. For example, I created an outdoors and indoors category to list my created presets under. Now I no longer want those categories and I’d like the flexibility to move my presets to another category type and delete the original two created. It seems that in order to do that I’d need to recreate the the same presets under a newly created category which is very time consuming and leaves you open the to missing something on the original preset. On Lightroom Desktop you can move the presets, but not on the other two Lightroom options, please fix this, especially for those who pay for the annual subscription, it’s an obvious need. Thanks in advance.Version: 7.0.2

CrashesKeeps crashing while editing, using iPhone 7 plus. *Thanks for the response, I emailed you..Version: 2.8.2

Missing core featureFantastic editing capabilities and streamlined workflow but missing a Geotag tool. Plenty of travel photographers and dslr users don’t have gps capable cameras. This is borderline dealbreaker for me, I have to now use another app to do this instead of just using Lightroom. It even goes as far as stripping existing geo location from photos during export. Great app but missing core component for one stop photo editing app..Version: 5.4.2

Sync issuesI dont understand why after i have already uploaded a photo, edited, and saved to my photo gallery, when i go back into lightroom to view my photos i have to go through every photo again as it syncs, and i cant edit the photos until its synced even though i have already edited and saved the photos, it doesnt make sense it is super frustrating.Version: 7.1.1

Resizing/export optionsIt would be fantastic if there were more specific export options beyond maximum available quality such as TIFF. Photo resizing options are sorely missed, this would be a wonderful option to have for people shooting with the Moondog anamorphic lens. It’s a shame that most mobile photo work still has to be done on desktop because of these missing options..Version: 3.0.1

2 years and Shortcuts support is still brokenThe “Import to Lightroom” shortcut in Shortcuts still doesn’t work after near 2 years. I’ve made multiple suggestions to the developer to fix this. Not even fixed with the release of the 8.0 update. Get it together!.Version: 8.0

Needs updated againI have been using this for a while now and since the last update I can no longer save edited photos to my camera roll on my mobile device, it also doesn’t let me directly share to Facebook/Instagram etc. After selecting maximum available resolution, it begins to render the photo and never gets past this stage without the app crashing and closing itself down. Please resolve, I will amend rating once fixed!.Version: 3.2.1

UpdateI was really enjoying the Lightroom app and what you could do with it but after yesterday’s update I feel it went down hill a lot, it seems to be that they’ve tried to incorporate features for apples pro raw when it worked perfectly fine before, this update has ruined it and now I’ve cancelled my subscription.Version: 6.2.1

GreedSubscriptions are going to be adobes downfall. Now I can’t even crop?! Uninstalled and going to the competitors..Version: 7.1.1

Bloaty McBloatfaceI have a love/hate relationship with Adobe. They love to take my money and I hate using their software. However, like a lot of people, I have so many years invested in it that it’s a real pain to switch. The pain began with all the CC monthly subscription stuff - and I get it, I really do, but what I don’t get is the ever increasing bloat of Adobe software. Now I have to run an Adobe “management” app, which insists on sitting in my dock, mocking me for being too weak to finally switch to Capture One. The whole Adobe CC ecosystem just really gets on my nerves - and I’m writing this review now because I thought “I’m paying for CC, I might as well have a look at the mobile app”. I’d like to sync my presets, but I can’t do that unless I sync some photos. I don’t want to do that - oh wait, now it’s saying my catalog is corrupted and it has to be repaired. It’s just so over complex it makes me want to scream. Adobe, I want a divorce - you can keep the house..Version: 3.3.1

Why can’t I apply presets to video? Doesn’t make sense.I’ve always used my presets on my computer with Lightroom on videos, but the mobile app doesn’t. And this is very annoying. Also, when you edit photos on your phone then they will look a bit different on the computer. I like this app, but I wish it was for videos as well..Version: 4.1.1

Shockingly bad product and supportMy subscription is active and confirmed in my account on the App Store. However I’m locked out of Lightroom and can’t do anything with my photos. I’ve done the usual restarting the app and the phone. Unfortunately the app simply won’t accept that my subscription is active. The support from Adobe is shocking. The support page advertises chat with real people, except when I click on it all all there is is irrelevant simplistic information and no possibility to get any actual human support via any mechanism. Considering I am paying for the subscription and not able to access the product or any support I am really appalled. Mostly I’m upset because I need access to my photos and to edit, sync and share them and Adobe has locked me out..Version: 4.4.1

I’m madMake selective tool free!!!!!.Version: 6.0.1

Great app but needs a few tweaksLove this app with the exception of one major missing item it would be really great if it would give you physical feedback for a focus point like it does horizontal and vertical. After using this app for a few days shooting cars for a auto dealer to post on the web, I just assumed that the quality of the images would be superior to the native camera on my iPhone. My images kept coming up blurry. Do to the nature of my work, I have to handhold my phone. Despite my trying to hold the phone steady. I then tried the native camera and was completely shocked to see that the images were sharp as a tack. I again assumed that this app would utilize the built in camera stabilization apparently it does not. Very disappointing to say the least. While I can see how this app would be great for landscapes and such. Unfortunately it does not work for my personal needs..Version: 2.8.2

Great appI love this app it's my go to photo editing software. BUT the app doesn’t allow me to change between languages without having to switch the language on my iPad entirely. This is a problem for me as my IPad for work is constantly being used in 4 different languages!! From my 4 coworkers it would be awesome if I didn’t have to constantly go into the settings and switch language..Version: 3.3.0

Great program but has it’s issuesStarted to use this to manage my photos, edit them and share across all of my devices. I have to say although it is pretty easy in many ways there are some things that aren’t particularly intuitive or even seem dumb. Having to manually tell Lightroom to update the view of a folder to show images you have just exported to it is IMHO stupid - I am sure there is some great excuse related to syncing etc. but come on it is just cumbersome. I have also mistakenly added stars to every image, somehow, which has basically wiped on the ratings I had painstakingly added. (Should the program not ask if your sure?) Also lost lots of metadata because you have to manually tell lightroom to save all changes to the file. Ahhh You get used to it, but I have to say, if there was a comparable program without these flaws (awesome photographer control) I would probably jump. Also issues with smart folders (shared across devices) keeping up to date with the folders they are based on. Stupid system Anyway, the program is awesome in many ways for being able to apply edits across many photos etc..Version: 3.1.0

Love-Hate But Used to LoveWhen the package of four apps came out it was amazing to have Adobe power on my phone. They changed to a subscription related model where suddenly a lot of my available tools became premium only..Version: 7.1.1

Please keep adding to this appI am someone who uses mobile quite often and don’t get me wrong I am happy for the most part this is a very solid app but please for the love of all that is good add hdr merge to mobile; this is one of the only features I need to grab my computer for and it’s annoying that I must come home to do it first. Hdr is most commonly used for landscapes, aka, out in the field. I can get the full res images onto my phone remotely but I can’t edit anything until I get all the way back to my computer just to simply stack the image. I can edit the merged image but can’t create it. That’s just frustrating please add this feature asap.Version: 7.2.1

Pretty good but missing a key featureI really like Lightroom for editing my photos, but I wish I could organize my presets once I have them saved. Sometimes I accidentally save a preset to the wrong folder and instead of being able to just move it, I have to go through the save process again and then delete the one that was saved in the wrong folder. This seems like a pretty basic feature, especially since they created the folder system to organize presets, so I’m not sure why it’s not already included. I would also like to see the option to import multiple files to the library at once, but since the import file opens up apple’s file browser I’m not sure if it’s something adobe can add..Version: 7.5.1

From best app to worst app overnightWow. This is the first review I have ever written anywhere, on any site, and it’s warranted because the most recent LR update is beyond awful. It shows that the app creators have literally no idea how their app is being used. The ability to share the photo directly from the photo into Lightroom is gone. Why would you remove that feature? Now, you have to manually import the photo which is cumbersome and requires several extra clicks. Worse, all of my personal presets have been moved into a buried folder that requires several clicks to get to, and the presets themselves look totally different, as if they are not compatible with the new version of the app. Overall, I cannot think of a worse redesign for what was truly a great app. I would love to hear from other reviewers about any other photo editing apps out there that can serve the same purpose, as I can’t imagine continuing to use this app with these new changes. The creators of this app should strongly consider keeping the bug fixes and reverting to the old version of the app while figuring out a way to fix this awful mess they have made..Version: 6.3.0

In app camera needs serious improvementI love the app for the editing purposes, no issues there, but the camera in app is extremely frustrating. I have an iPhone X and I like that LR offers a camera for shooting raw and is my go to camera. However, the exposure is way off most of the time. It does not have issues when shooting JPG, but when shooting raw it totally overexposes, And I’m only using it for the raw capabilities. And I mean by a lot, blowing out photos entirely. It looks fine on the screen during the preview but the result is unusable. I frequently have to take the exposure compensation down to around -2.7 to get a useable result. And there is no way for me to know based on the preview if it will be correct or not. It also shows a snapshot of the photo I took immediately after the shutter with the expected result of what I think I took, only to find the file is completely overexposed in the library and often with some wild color issues even after I’ve used a custom white balance and grey card. Please fix..Version: 6.1.0

App crashes with new updateHey developers, just wondered if you could fix the latest update of this app? I can’t edit because the app is crashing after about 3 seconds each time. This only started to happen just the other day after the most recent update. Since then it’s been unusable, and I can’t reinstall without deleting all my data and work already in the app so am rather stuck. Please fix!!!!😊 Thankyou.Version: 7.5.2

I lost everything with the recent updateWith the recent update, my entire library got wiped. Presets I manually created, spent hours on. I had about 70 presets total. I use this app almost exclusively to showcase my work on Instagram, and having this happen was detrimental. The sad part was there was NOTHING - no apology - NOTHING from the developers. I had to go on an online forum to find hundreds of other people in the same predicament equally upset by this apps lack of care for its creators..Version: 5.4.2

Great but recent issue with app makes it pointless to use.It’s been my favorite editing app for so long but recently it won’t let me choose images from my camera roll, even after I shut down my phone. When I tap choose from camera roll it automatically always chooses the most recent photo in my camera roll. I highly recommend this app but with this issue in the app there’s no point to using it anymore..Version: 6.1.0

Mobile Lightroom CCDisappointing for its slowest performance unlike the desktop. Syncing is still ongoing for days weeks months! Not worth it for smartphone ....Version: 3.3.1

Current version won’t openCurrently update of the app causes it not to open..Version: 8.0

Epic failI was very excited for this app and been successfully using it for a few months now. My husband and I went to Aruba for our honeymoon and this app helped make our pictures absolutely magical and beautiful and all was well until today when I decided to upgrade to premium account to have access to more cool features. Once I upgraded I jumped back in one of the photos to edit it as the app crashed all of a sudden. When I got back into the app I found all of my albums and pictures that I spent hours and hours working on were gone. I thought it must have been a mistake because there were no warnings or signs that something like that would happen. So I went online in hopes to find an answer and to my disappointment I found an Adobe Lightroom forum where other people posted the same issue. Apparently lots of people had the same issue and said that customer support was no help at al. This is absolutely unacceptable and terrible user experience. I will pursue to escalate this to make sure other people don’t fall into the same trap, but for now beware that if you upgrade and decide to spend your hard earned money on this app it will silently and irreversibly erase all your old photos and presets..Version: 6.1.0

Great concept, but unusableBoth desktop and iOS apps need bandwidth limiting! Every time I’m uploading in either, my entire businesses internet grinds to a halt and I become the most hated person in the office. I don’t suffer this issue with other programs like Dropbox, where it can be limited..Version: 3.3.0

Please help🙏🏻Hello, I know I probably won’t get a response but it’s worth a shot. I have downloaded more photo editing apps than you can imagine. I have tried so hard to figure this issue out and I can’t for the life of me. So I’m really desperate at this point. Can you please tell me how to resize an image without compromising the photo? Lightroom gives you some aspect ratio presets. But, it doesn’t matter what I choose because it always cuts off my photo. I don’t want to do that. I want to be able to fit in the FULL size photo. If it means I could crop it into being a full sized photo, I would be willing to loose on the quality. And, I don’t want to put it on a white background so that the photo fits in that square because I would still be loosing on the photo. I want to be able to resize to whatever dimension I need to in order to fit the photo in different social media platforms. I know that a lot of these platforms automatically compress the photo for you but, I would like to resize it before I upload so I don’t compromise the photo, and it doesn’t get cut off. I have watch many videos yet, I can never get it. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could suggest what I can do to fix this frustrating problem. I would be so grateful!!.Version: 5.3.1

Good but there’s a problemI love lightroom, but there’s one issue that’s really getting to me. I’m not a coder, but there’s some sort of communication breakdown with certain photos in camera roll being found in LR. Sometimes screenshots I’ve taken won’t show up when I try to find them through the LR app, even though they are actually there in my camera photos!.Version: 5.3.1

Dreadfully flawed productBe warned. You do not want to use this app for taking photos. While the idea of using the app to take raw DNG photos is appealing be aware these photos are then trapped within Lightroom with no easy or quick way to export them. You’d think plugging in the phone and starting Lightroom on your laptop would let you import them but no, the only way to get them from your phone to the laptop is to upload them to the adobe cloud and then download them again. Except this is dreadfully slow even with a good internet link and when using hotel Wi-Fi you can absolutely just forget it entirely. Your photos are locked away and good luck getting them out of Lightroom mobile except by exporting as jpeg to your camera roll pretty much one but one. Use any other product that takes raw photos on the iPhone and stores to your camera roll and Lightroom will import them without problems. Just forget LR mobile. It’s a disaster..Version: 3.1.1

It could be greatI’d give lightroom cc 5 stars if it allowed full res downloads from the mobile versions instead of very reduced quality images. If you want full res you need to use classic on a pc or Mac and therefore makes this app a little pointless. I personally was using an iPad Pro thinking I would get the quality downloads I needed for clients to discover this was not the case. Come on adobe sort this out!!.Version: 4.4.0

Export doesn’t workSometimes, exporting a 4-5mb jpg file to the camera roll just won’t download. Even after the synchronization has completely finished. And Sometimes it’s lightning fast..Version: 6.4.1

Saving DNG files issues!Hi after editing a raw file taken from my iPhone 13 Pro Max, the image looks clear until you expert it to the camera roll into a DNG file. Once you export it the image looks blurry, the file size on this particular file was 39mb. So just to check it was a bug I then exported the same image as a JPEG, the image was 10x clearer even though the JPEG file size was 2.4mb. Could you please look into this issue and come up with a possible fix please? It’s making me not want to use the app. Thanks!.Version: 7.0.1

Great app (usually) but bug temporarily loses your photosThis is usually a 4 or 5 star app but on iPhone X Jan 2018, there’s a bug that causes photos taken in lightroom app to disappear. I deleted the app and reinstalled and the photos were back. So if you think you’ve lost images don’t panic. Maybe yours will come back this way too. (Suggest you backup phone before deleting app or make sure images saved to creative cloud first.£.Version: 3.1.0

Loved it at firstSo when I first got the app I, I didn’t have a subscription to adobe and every thing was perfect. I then did the trial of the subscription to the photoshop and Lightroom plan and still loved Lightroom mobile. However, a couple weeks ago my trial ended and my photos stopped coming up on the app. I thought when I ended my membership some of the editing features would end but nope, instead my photos just won’t show up. None of the photos will load because it says my trial has ended. I don’t know why that’s happening because the photos are downloaded to the app, they’re not just in the cloud backup. Anyways I would pay the $5 per month for the membership to see if my photos would actually appear but guess what my bank account has $0.80. Depressing right? Well that’s all I have to say about the app.Version: 3.2.1

I’m so disappointed in the Adobe companyI’ve used their products for 10 years, and had a creative cloud membership for 3 years. I canceled my membership last week, because I never use it at home anymore. They charged me a $200 cancellation fee straight from my bank account without any warning. When trying to contact them it takes hours, and I’ve been hung up on multiple times. It’s been worse than an Uber customer service experience. They finally told me they would refund in 5 days. When that didn’t happen, I contacted them again and they told me another 5-7 days. I doubt I’ll ever get my $200 back without getting my bank involved. Never thought of Adobe as one of those sketchy companies with no morales and horrible customer service, but at the end of the day seems they’re no better than any other corporation. I’m done with them, and all the other companies just out to take your money and offer 0 accountability and integrity..Version: 3.1.0

Won’t stop auto syncing!There’s no option on the app to stop auto syncing and if there is it’s very difficult to find! I went onto light room cc on desktop and turned off auto syncing yet Lightroom cc on my phone and iPad keep uploading photos! I have to keep deleting them manually and they keep showing up even with syncing paused..Version: 3.3.1

Crashy crashyStill crashes when it can’t detect the subject, which is quite often. I can crop a headshot with nothing else in focus but the face, and still, I’d say it’s got at best a 60% success rate, and worse, the app crashes when it fails. I gave them a pass for a while when it was new, but now, it’s an ongoing issue Adobe evidently isn’t addressing..Version: 7.5.2

Greedy and not worth the moneyI always preached about how Lightroom is the best free mobile photo editing app. I’ve used it for over 6 years and it has always been my go to until today. I opened the app today and my presets I’VE ALREADY PAID FOR are behind a pay wall. So I decided to manually edit my photo but using any of the features is also BEHIND A PAYWALL. I never received any notice that the app would become a subscriptions service (and an expensive one at that). I’m not playing this game, if the only way to use the app is to pay ($50 a year or $5 a month, a cost that is much too high for what they’re offering), then I simply won’t use the app. It’s sickening that every single app is behind a pay wall now. People do not have the money to pay $5 a month for every app they use. These corporations are snakes, and after consuming everything in sight, they’re begun to eat their own tail and are destroying themselves..Version: 7.4.0

Way overpricedNot as good as Affinity Photo, not optimized for the iPad, and they want you to pay forever. I’ll pass..Version: 7.1.0

Won’t export photosGreat way to have linked photos and editing between devices but on iPad it won’t export photos to the iPad just gets stuck!.Version: 3.0.0

Adobe- I Hate your Subscription Application!!!I’m lucky to have purchased the last none subscription version of Lightroom for my Mac, it in convenient having to use the Mac to edit all my photos but hey, I can and it’s free as I own my software, I detest adobes and other software makers annual subscription based use of software and apps, I no longer use AVID Media composer for that same reason. I would gladly have purchased the upgrade to the pro version of Lightroom app for my iPhone, iPad, however, I refuse to keep paying US$70 per year for software that’s not worth that sort of money, so sorry ADOBE but you have lost another sale..Version: 4.2.1

CrashesAfter 30 second to a minute it crashes. Not sure why.Version: 5.3.1

Absolutely uselessJust use photoshop.Version: 7.5.0

Why is everything on premium now?I can’t perform normal edits. Every where I click the pop-up comes up asking me subscribe to the premium..Version: 3.2.1

Great, could be betterI love the overall usage of the app, it’s just super slow, and the force press items aren’t available: so if I forcepress to get the camera to open when the app starts, nothing happens, as with the rest of the force press options... on which note, why are there double ups of the icons when you forcepress?.Version: 3.4.0

Subscribe at your own risk!!I cancelled the subscription, got charged for another year!! Tried contacting customer support and still haven’t been able to solve this issue. Terrible customer care and service!.Version: 7.5.2

Let down by common sense.There needs to be a thorough rethink in lots of areas of this app. For a start don’t advertise a new feature (lightroom now added to shortcuts) if it doesn’t work! I’ve tried to make a shortcut on both my iPhone and my iPad Pro; each time greeted with: ‘could not run import to Lightroom. An unknown error occurred’. I use shortcuts regularly so I’m confident in my own handling of it. Another thing which boggles my mind out of all sense is inability to export DNG to a lossless format from the app. If I want a png or tiff I have to do it on my desktop and airdrop it to my iPad. It’s totally retarded. This needs to change entirely before photoshop is released (if ever) as NO ONE will be prepared to spend hours editing a lossy jpg on their iPad photoshop when they could be doing lossless on desktop. If I had to characterise the faults of Adobe with one sentence it would have to be: too slow to adapt. You need to seriously realise people are moving to mobile platforms; my 2018 iPad Pro has power that is going wasted because companies like this are dragging their heels and maintaining a desktop only environment. I hope when photoshop is released these issues have been resolved, I hope this won’t be a token app with no thought behind it, after all affinity photo is pretty much perfect right now, so adobe won’t be able to coast on this..Version: 4.1.1

Re-activated a monthly subscription and was billed for a full year at onceA dirty move, IMO. I thought I could live without the app but I can't. It does stuff I need. In general it is frustrating to use, though. I hate the way it imports photos. It never just opens the app to the new import. It opens the previous import and then you have to hunt for the new one. It's never where it's supposed to be, either (ie, in the place it should be according to your sort criteria). And when you go looking for it, the app does weird stuff like reverse the order of content so the oldest stuff is attached to the most recent date. You have to scroll all the way to the bottom then back to the top to fix it. And it will "skip importing duplicate(s)" which is a goddamn nightmare in a huge photoset. I get that you're trying to save storage but can you do that without disrupting my workflow? Now I have to ID the missing photos and find them. They also aren't grouped together with that import and that import = a project. What a mess! They have also had a bug ongoing for months (which I've reported ages ago) where photos exported from LR to Photos are not visible when posting to Reddit (and some other apps here and there; Reddit is what I reported). You go to post a photo, open library to choose a photo, and the ones just saved from LR are not there. Given that I post a ton of LR photos to Reddit this is a huge problem. I mean, LR does a lot of stuff very well, but the day-to-day is unpleasant because of the UI and the bugs. Lastly, I find the watermarking options to be rather basic for what is supposedly professional-grade software. The preview is teeny tiny so you have to actually save the photo to see if its ok. You can't place it on an angle or make it a curved line. And if you use different watermarks for different places you're posting, you have to edit it each time. You can't save versions. It's also quite a lot of extra clicks for what I feel like is a pretty standard part of workflow for anyone who is actually paying for LR. Just adding watermarks to a batch of pics is a clunky and time-consuming process, especially if you have to place them differently for each pic as I do. It would be better if it had an "export with watermark" option that allows you to choose from "all the same" or "customize each one" for the placement. Then choose the placement and approve it, once or N times, depending what you chose..Version: 6.4.1

Powerful editor with a large omissionI have been using lightroom for years and have now transferred my editing to my iPad using Lightroom CC. There is one huge feature missing for me however, the ability to have a white background behind the image. When posting for Instagram or most networks/websites, the background is white. Hence editing in a black background (which is all that is currently available) is not ideal and doesn’t make much sense. Please update this! Oh and manual vignette correction would be cool too :).Version: 5.1.0

Love this App, but have had challenges...For some reason, and twice in one week when I’ve gone in to edit some photos with presets I’ve downloaded (some of which I have had for years), they are wiped clear and the only thing available is the standard presets that have come with the apps. I sent an email for support and never heard back the first time. I bought a new set of presets I was looking at and when I downloaded those the rest magically appeared? I was worried it would happen again. Which last night it did. I had edited probably 2 or 3 photos and then I went to do another, and... gone, all presets gone including the new ones I bought. I tried updating the app, but no updates were needed or available. I tried deleting g the app, which I was hesitant to do, but desperate as I didn’t want to have to buy more presets. So I had to painfully go through my emails and find every purchase I made of presets from various providers and painstakingly download and create each preset. I have quite a few so this took me some time. Really frustrated by this recent experience. I would have rated it 5 Stars prior to this issue..Version: 5.2.2

An incredibly disappointing October updateThe October update to this app has very much made defunct the features of Lightroom that had made this so appealing in the first place. By inserting a pay wall subscription to features of selective editing (now called "masking"), it feels like a generic photo editing app where you just slap on a filter and cannot edit for artistic detail and contrast within the photo unless you are willing to pay ludicrous amounts on an ongoing basis. Mobile photos often cannot adjust the focus for things in the foreground and that in the background, especially from a distance, and so manual editing with these selective tools is extremely necessary. Previous versions of Lightroom were amazing and allowed for this, so it is extremely disappointing to have opened the app as a longtime user and find they have made the parts that made it unique inaccessible..Version: 7.2.1

Can’t upload photos to the appI can no longer upload photos to the app! This new version is really disappointing. Can someone please fix this problem now..Version: 5.4.1

Most Features Behind a PaywallThe app is free the most basic editing tool require you to pay for a subscription. The app description is quite deceptive and makes it seem like you can access the basics without paying for the upgrade. Not the case..Version: 7.0.2

DO NoT PAY FOR SUBSCRIPTIONIf you are wanting to use Lightroom on both your computer and phone, do not pay for the apple subscription. The apple one is not recognised on the computer and then when you cancel your apple subscription to upgrade to the full version which you can use on both devices, you have to wait till the end of the month. So are pretty much stuffed until then. It should clearly state that the subscription locks your adobe account to your apple device..Version: 4.0.2

A necessary evil...I’ve never liked Lr on desktop but as I’ve gradually moved over to almost 100% iPadPro I’ve no real choice but to use Lr for the iPad at this moment. To say I’m shocked by the lack of export options is an understatement, there are basically 2... Files or Camera Roll and only JPEG. Add to that no option to rename files means if you create a custom layout, on export Lr just pumps them out in the order of the original file names. So if you shoot with 2 bodies things get messy very quickly. All in all this app is a badly thought out gesture rather than what it should have been. It’s simply not useful at all if you shoot professionally and I doubt it’s much real use if you don’t shoot professionally..Version: 4.3.1

Don't botherIf you only want to use your photos within Lightroom, then fine. But if you plan on saving a few images to your device or share them to another mobile app I wish you the best of luck... The app has the most ridiculous bulk select feature I've ever seen (if you want to easily select a large number of images). First, if you swipe your finger from one image to the next it doesn't pick up the rows so you have to swipe over every single image. That doesn't sound too bad, except that it doesn't scroll the view once you get to the bottom of your screen and to make matters worse, once you've selected a group of images in one go, you can't do it again. It unchecks them all. I am literally about to throw my phone at the wall. How this passed QA testing is beside me..Version: 3.2.0

Incredibly awkward file management that demands cloud storageThe system is deisnged to prevent working from local storage and demands cloud storage, in order to sell Adobe cloud storage. There’s no simple setting to simply use local storage or use Apple cloud storage. I’m NEVER buying cloud storage in order to make my image editor work. I have hundreds of gigabytes of photos on every photo expedition that I need to pre-process in the field. This is a manipulative, sketchy practice..Version: 7.4.1

They don't treat you right.They don't treat you right! I went for a few drinks with my family after we hadn't seen each other for a long time. I came home to review the photos and edit the favorite to send to my family. I took my time to edit a favorite image and after I finish saving it, they ask me to pay a "membership"... my time is my space... deleting the app right now..Version: 7.3.1

Not taking care of customersApp updated and I lost everything. Lacking support.Version: 5.3.1

Charged by premium that is not availableHave my subscription on.. was charged.. and any of the premium features are available...Version: 6.1.0

PLEASE HELPI absolutely adore this photo app and have been using it for years! but since one of the latest updates, you can no longer DELETE an individual image. Now you have to selects images from your entire gallery and delete the selected ones but you CANNOT open an individual image as before and delete it. On the help guides says to “open image-click Edit-delete image” the problem is that when you open the image and click on edit there is NO delete image option. How to delete an individual image NOT from the photo gallery but the image itself? WHY you removed this option? When you take 15 images of a ring let’s say, you want to see them individually to get a closer look and then delete an image if you don’t like. Now? You can see individual images but you have to go back to the gallery and from there select the ones you want to delete. Problem is that 15 almost identical images in gallery size doesn’t allow you to know anymore which one is the one you wanted to delete. Not having this option any more is time consuming and frustrating the least to say. Please make this feature available again. 🙏🏼.Version: 4.4.1

Lightroom Mobile app does not sync with Lightroom ClassicWhen I upload photos into Lightroom CC, they will sync in LR mobile app. However, if I make an edit to the photo in LR Mobile app, those edits will not always sync to the LR CC desktop. It appears everything works if it originates from my desktop version and feeds to the mobile LR, but not the other way. I have the latest versions installed on all of my devices. I even deleted Lightroom from my computer completely and started over with a fresh install and catalog. This did not solve the issue. We’ve had this problem for 4 months now. As professional full time photographers, our entire workflow has been dead in the water. Adobe support is either unable or unwilling to help us fix the problem. Either way, their communication with us over this time has been unacceptable and practically non-existent..Version: 7.2.1

AffreuxLa version gratuite est complètement inutile. Tu peux a peine faire quelques modifications tu dois payer pour tout en plus c est un abonnement que je trouve complètement inutile. Je ne paie jamais pour une application en abonnement. C est de l argent gaspillé inutilement. Je ne recommande pas cette application pour ces raisons..Version: 7.1.0

Battery killerNo other reviews so far mention the battery consumption; I can go from 100% to 1% just using this to take a dozen photos. Editing drains the battery after about 10 minutes. Features are decent and editing tweaks are better than standard photos app, would be 4 stars if it didn’t drain my battery so fast..Version: 4.3.2

Battery overheatingThe best app for syncing photos among multiple devices and importing into other Adobe products. BUT, on an iPhoneX, when the app has been open for just a few seconds you can feel the battery getting warm and to the point where the rear of the phone is too hot to touch. Maybe just my device, I don’t know, but it makes the app difficult to use on a mobile for anything more than viewing photos..Version: 4.3.1

Not as advertised. In app purchases right away. AnnoyingNot as advertised. First thing it does is get your login to a major site and then offers in-app purchase for premium content.Version: 7.0.2

No way to turn watermark off or adjust itHey guys... I searched on how to remove or edit my watermark and its nowhere to be seen. Why is it hidden? Can someone help, all formus say to go into Sharing Options but it doesn’t appear anywhere in my app. Please help..Version: 5.4.2

Not trustworthy!!!Absolutely furious with LR. I had the free app on my iPhone which I used for everything!!!! When business started picking up I decided to upgrade to the premium subscription. All was well as soon as I started the trial. Once the trial ended, I was charged the monthly fee and when I went back into LR it was not giving me access to the premium features. Tried logging in, logging out, cancelling and restarting my subscription - same thing. Decided to close my app and restart...and now all my photos and presets are GONE. Nothing left at all...and best part...I still don’t have access to my premium features. Work it out Adobe. There are hundreds on people online saying the same thing as me and yet still no fixes..Version: 6.0.2

CrashingYou really need to fix the app. The masking feature constantly crashes when trying to choose the sky, subject, and sometimes when just using the brush. I love this app but it drives me nuts that after months of this new masking feature being available, it still doesn’t work and I lose project after project..Version: 7.2.0

So many right things but...I love this app for so many reasons but then there are some issues that keep it from greatness. It bites it’s own hand off so to speak. Pros - Adobe Sensei aka artificial intelligence rocks! I never did proper keywording and this is a life saver. It even recognizes original color in my black & whites when doing a color search. - Rating, flagging, and keywording 1 image is super easy and quick - Editing is basic but perfect for on the go - syncs most things with Lightroom Classic and CC desktop - amazing interface and image rendering Cons - you can only rate 1 image at a time. - Does not sync keywords! - With that said, I’d love the ability to use the sensei feature and quickly flag 1000s of images and then add keywords in Classic but rating 5,000 sky images 1 at a time is unreasonable to say the least. - If only the sensei feature was added to the original Lightroom that loyal followers are used to using and already have all their catalogs organized it would out of this world. In summary why have such powerful features split and make us choose? If that’s not possible with current technology then at least make this app have the ability to utilize it to work back and forth..Version: 3.0.1

Awesome App, has a (literal) huge problem.I think this App is great. Even if you don't have the cash for the Creative Cloud. If you want to just do some photo editing or add metadata and watermarks, this app is on top! Unfortunately, even though the app offers cloud storage with the CC, its still the largest app on my phone. A quick search on the internet tells me I'm not alone. I think a great update for this app would be smaller res photos on the device. Yeah, the app has smaller res pictures already, but I mean Really small res. Let me explain: I don't do much photo editing (I prefer to get it right when I open the shutter in the first place), so the smaller "smart previews" aren't what I need. I use Lightroom to organize my pictures, occasionally I'll break out the editing, but its rare. What I need from Lightroom is the ability to import my photos to the cloud, add metadata, and export them at a smaller resolution with a watermark. I have the Apple Photos app store my pictures in iCloud, and my Photos app has a smaller GB footprint than Lightroom. But Lightroom has megabytes of data stored in its cloud, while Photos has Gigabytes! And Lightroom is still larger on my device! Why is that? If this is a bug, please fix it. If its just a difference in resolution between the Lightroom device copies and the Photos copies, please add a function to save "lower res images" (EVEN LOWER THAN SMART PREVIEWS) to my device..Version: 5.3.1

Could be terrific, but...Attempting to import from a CF card, via USB-C card reader, directly into Lightroom is one of the most frustrating experiences I’ve ever had. Lightroom continually loses connection with the card reader, so even while I’m simply doing a pre-cull (not bothering to import photos with closed eyes, etc.), the import screen will go away and kick me back out to the main Lightroom library view... and then the import screen will come back up. I feel certain this is a Lightroom issue as I can just hop over into the Files app in iPadOS, drag my images into a “For Import” folder, and then import from there. But that’s incredibly inefficient. Three stars for the app being available and when it DOES work after the backdoor import, it’s fantastic. But a flagship feature (direct importing) needs to get fixed somehow..Version: 5.2.0

Mobile app glitchI’ve been using the app as a paid subscriber for over 7 months. I log in today and all my photos are wiped — it’s saying I need to upgrade to a paying subscription! I am a paying subscriber and all of this is so frustrating. The customer service is appalling indicating only paid subscribers can make a call for assistance. Terrible Adobe..Version: 6.0.1

This app is a piece of crapEvery time I want to sign in it says your access has been denied so I can’t sign in At all, if I could get this zero stars I would.Version: 7.5.2

Good but not greatIt's saving me a ton of time being able to do my first pass selects while on the run but it's missing key features like colour tagging / filtering. It's also annoying that you have to make a collection just to sync..Version: 2.8.2

Most advertised featureIt's most advertised feature is unaccessible without paying a subscription. Without it it is the same as any other photo editing software.Version: 2.8.2

So many issuesIt’s obviously the best photo editing app. But for what you pay and the number of frustrating issues it’s worth 1 star. You can clear the cache but you can’t clear the “locally stored copies” of which it has decided to store 25GB worth. It’s meant to sync to the cloud? But even though I’ve got a high speed internet connection, it’s showing me that it’s syncing 212 photos to the cloud and has been for days... the only way to get rid of this is to delete the app and reinstall it. Which I did, and I lost all my photos, probably because they hadn’t synced to the cloud in the literal week that I left it to sync... so so frustrating.Version: 4.4.0

Expected betterUpdate 1—3stars. Thanks for your prompt dev response 🙂 I think the main issue in this app is there’s too many options. Options are buried in tabs and you even have 3D Touch options on top! And then where’s the undo button? This Lightroom is very powerful – cool! – but for mobile it can be challenging hence the rating. I use Darkroom regularly (sorry) but I also pay for CC, started in PsCamera as I saw it was new then tried Photoshop Mix, PsExpress and finally Lightroom to see if I could select and invert in an instant. (And yes had to separately log in for each one. UX across apps could be improved) Scenario I just want to invert part of a logo, on the fly. I hoped for something lightweight and quick. _How can I do this?_ Select part of the image > Invert Curves is a good shout but it doesn’t exist in Selective Edits!.Version: 5.2.5

BuggyLove it normally (would have given 5 before). Few issues since recent updates. The histograms keeps disappearing when you are doing edits. But the most annoying is that you can spend ages editing to flick off the app for a moment only to come back, find it reloading, and discover everything you have just down is gone..Version: 6.0.1

Needs syncing edits on multiple photos featureIt’s a step towards a fully mobile editing solution for professional photographers. But not having this feature to select multiple photos and syncing edits is essentially a dealbreaker. Having to copy settings over hundreds of photos isn’t fun! Please ADOBE, it’s been asked for many years ago in your forums. Why are you ignoring this essential feature?.Version: 4.1.1

Worst thing everI DONT WANT THIS APP AND IT KEEPS CHARGING ME.Version: 5.2.2

Latest update continually crashes!Wow! I’m not sure how Adobe can take such a great app and ruin it with an update, but somehow they’ve managed it! Maybe they’re trying to match it with the crashiness of Premiere Pro!?? 😂 This app used to work great for colour grading photos with particularly useful tools like the ability to control the hue, saturation and lightness of individual colours. However with the latest update even doing something as simple as cropping a JPEG will cause a crash. I don’t come across that many apps that actually crash these days on iOS, most seem pretty stable so it’s surprising a company the size of Adobe with all of their resources can take a perfectly good, well-functioning app, add pretty much no new features but at the same time make it continually crash instead. Well done Adobe, pat yourselves on the back! 😂.Version: 6.1.0

QuestionSo you can use Lightroom for free on your mobile but when it comes to using it on your computer you have to pay a monthly fee why are people blocked from using the free Version on their laptops despite being able to use it for free on your mobile phone.Version: 6.0.2

HorribleIt won't let me import the photos, I paid to have a premium and I can't even use the application. In response to this comment they sent me an email that does not even exist, terrible service..Version: 5.4.2

The app is great though I can stop photo syncI switched off automatic photo sync however every photo I take with my phone it’s automatically in LR, (even after my subscription has expired), it bothers me I want to use this app but also I want to feel that I have some privacy. I tried to remove the app and do fresh install and switched off sync straight away, still didn’t help😔 Please fix this if possible..Version: 5.3.1

Cannot import. Low storage?Still having issues on why I I’m getting this. I free up my phone, cloud space and still this appears. Sad, cuz I really like using this app, very convenient. But can somebody help me why this “cannot import low storage” keeps preventing me from using Lightroom?.Version: 4.1.1

Lightroom is a broken programHonestly I want to give this app a 0 star rating. This app has some great features which really help for editing on the go but unfortunately it is broken. I have lost so many projects because of this apps stupidity. I just spent 1.5 hrs editing a photo and I locked my phone to go do something, when I came back all the work was gone because it did not back up onto the cloud. The cloud feature on the app ruins everything, give me the options to store all files on my device atleast. The app automatically started uploading my entire Libary of photos off my phone to the cloud which was very annoying to figure out how to switch off, rather have it switched off automatically with the option to enable cloud backup later. The fact that the files I am working on are on the cloud and not on my device irritates me because often it won’t save or and then you loose all your work. Maybe add a feature similar to google documents with its “every time you hit space bar it saves the document” maybe every 2nd or 3rd adjustment it saves the file again? I’m very disappointed in this app as it have good potential but the save system is broken. Please give me the option to have files saved on my device rather than to the cloud only..Version: 5.3.1

Used to be my favourite appDon’t like new upgrades.Version: 7.4.1

Nooooo LR deleted all my photos and presetsUpgraded to Premium and lost all my previously set up presets and all the photos I had edited in the free version..Version: 4.4.1

Presets not showing upI have been using Lightroom mobile (free) on my phone for years. I have bought quite a few presets and have been able to use them while using my Lightroom but now when I signed in on my mobile all my presets and photos are not showing up. I have even tried clicking restore purchases but the message keeps coming up as “no restored purchases”. It keeps asking me to start a free trial then pay when I’ve using Lightroom mobile for free no problem. Please help!!!!.Version: 5.3.1

Used to be greatThe Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop apps used to be excellent photography tools. And truthfully still are. But it just seems with each new update they tighten their grip on enforcing you to pay subscription to use effects that used to be free to use. And if you are a professional photographer and can write this off in tax then great. But there are some of us who are just using this as a hobby. Thats my rant done. Thanks Adobe for a great run..Version: 5.4.2

Unable to unsubscribe.I did the free trial and now I am unable to unsubscribe. This app does not show up in subscriptions under your Apple ID. I am being charged monthly and still unable to unsubscribe. When told to report a problem / request a refund it states “does not meet the conditions”. Be careful when using your Touch ID..Version: 5.0.0

Photos fail to sync, no explanationPhotos are missing in app but present in desktop version. The app tells me all photos are up to date. I had to go hunting to find the syncing errors in the desktop version, but there is no way to resolve them. In its current state this is worthless to me..Version: 2.7.3

Photos not appearing.Love the app, but unfortunately after the recent update I can’t upload my recent photos to edit them. This is highly irritating and I can’t seem to find a way around it at the moment. They seem to be the screenshots that aren’t showing up for me. I went to the screenshots file as I thought this would help, but then nothing would load. Please fix this issue..Version: 5.0.0

Fails to upload all/any of my iPhone photosWaste of time, can’t upload/import any photos as it fails every time, photos taken on my go pro, drone and iPhone all ‘fail to upload’.Version: 3.1.2

Adobe deleted my data and literally stole my hard earned money.I was a happy lightroom user until the day I decided to upgrade my phone. After syncronizing the apps and data from the old phone to the new one, I haven’t been able to access my active and paid for account due to apparently having made a typo when introducing my email address in the sign up dialog. After contacting both Apple and Adobe (and being bounced back from one to the other like a tennis ball countless times), over a month has passed and Adobe hasn’t been able to handle an account issue due to a TYPO. After taking my money, seizing and destroying my cloud data and not allowing me to, again, use my active subscription, the only solution Adobe suggests is for me to subscribe again with a new email account and therefore pay twice for the subscription. Completely outrageous, to be honest. TL;DR: I lost the right to use my active lightroom subscription and lost all my cloud data due to a typo I made with my email address when signing up. Adobe hasn’t been able to help with the issue after more than a month and countless chats with their customer support. I feel literally shaken by some mafia thug. A word of advice: just use torrent and don’t bother yourself with subscriptions. Cheers.Version: 7.5.2

Losing hours of work because crashes.4 days of work and 80 pictures just gone as it crashed. 20 quid/month for this rubbish. Used the desktop version and luckily quickly synced together with the mobile one, so everything gone. An advice, save your pictures often and separately whatever you do because this is app is uncertain af. Also it crashes very often both the mobile and desktop. Good editing features but very poorly put together app and unstable..Version: 5.3.1

Used to be goodI really enjoy using Lightroom to edit photos, however, with a recent update the application has been completely ruined for me. My pre paid subscription no longer works now and so I’m now forced to edit my RAW shots using Photoshop on my PC. To add to this, now that Lightroom doesn’t think I have premium features that were once free for everyone such as sharing options have now been removed and are now only accessible through the subscription based service. PLEASE FIX ALL THESE ISSUES!!!.Version: 5.1.0

How annoying...Honestly, the app is great and has revolutionised the way I edit my raw images, to the point where I can take advantage of the odd spare 10 mins on the train to work through some editing. However... It really grinds my gears when developers remove useful features without warning. In this case, the Creamtone preset has vanished from the latest version. This was one of my most-used functions and has really frustrated my workflow. Please just stop it. Think of your customers before making changes like this (and please bring Creamtone back!).Version: 3.0.0

Selective BrushSelective brush still does not work with my i phone 7plus. Leaves a dark circle point at brush point. The brush future does work with my i pad pro 9.7. Yes I did today's latest upgrade..Version: 2.8.2

DisappointedI’ve been using Lightroom for quite a while now and recently decided to invest in the premium version. I’ve had numerous issues since. From not being able to export my pictures to my camera roll to the app crashing and losing all my work. Really unfortunate. Don’t think I will purchase again..Version: 7.4.1

Update deleted my whole catalogAfter not using my PC Lightroom Classic for the last 2 weeks I opened it this morning to find it has updated itself. In this update it has deleted every single photo from my catalog and pretty much looks like I’ve never used it before. After updating itself it also will not run without being connected to the internet and forces the app to close. I often use Lightroom Classic without the internet and it was never an issue before this update. Trying to speak to a tech from the help forum is just as useless as they kept telling me just to sign in while connected to the internet. The app is already signed into my account so I do not understand the app’s continual forced closing or where my photos have all disappeared to!!!!.Version: 5.2.0

Silly new option for password login!Not sure why on earth has adobe introduced password login for all their apps its ridicules especially when they ask you to make a password that contains a symbol both upper and lower case letters and also numbers.. what are we logging into a bank account or something? Ive tried to create an account with a with my facebook verification and still asks me to make a password this is silly FIX IT please.Version: 5.2.0

Constantly crashesI love this app but it constantly crashes on my iPad. Just purchased a new iPad thinking it would work better but straight out of the box, I used Lightroom to begin editing a photo and it crashes twice in five mins. Would love a fix for this!.Version: 7.1.0

Needs improvementThree fingers to switch between before/after is unacceptable on iphone..Version: 1.1.0

Constantly crashesI feel like this is an easy editing tool to use, but probably best to save your money on the monthly subscription. This app regularly crashes and always has. I’ve used it for over three years and about half the time I open it to use it after a little while, it’ll crash. Usually it happens when I open the camera. Sometimes I can get away with using it without crashing for a few versions, but every two updates or so it’ll crash every time you have the app open for a bit. It’s really frustrating because I use this for deadlines and then have to resort to using my native editing on iOS and it is nowhere near as good. Having the paid version doesn’t save you from the crashing issue..Version: 5.3.1

Free video editingI love the app just I would like to be able to edit my videos for free.Version: 7.5.1

No super resolutionStill no super resolution on the mobile versions for iPad it's absolutely unacceptable.Version: 7.0.0

Make believe scienceJust like Photoshop on my computers Adobe has its own peculiar ways of doing the most simple tasks. After using Photoshop for 20 years you’d expect to have little difficulty with the Lightroom App. When you use most programs - even an OS - there is no so-called learning curve. But with Adobe you are bound to be surprised when you realize how difficult they make it to do the very simplest of things. Adobe makes things difficult to show you how fancy or scientific it is. I just opened Lightroom and am finding there is no way to get pictures out of it once Adobe captures them. I can delete an album of Adobe’s choice but not one stinking picture of my choice. It doesn’t even have to be deleted just removed from Lightroom. There are so many apps that do the same things easier and better it’s hard to justify Lightroom. On my computers I’ve always had Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. Since Photoshop costs ten times more you’d expect it to be the best choice. Not unless you prefer doing everything the hard way. Paint Shop Pro is not perfect but I can do everything Photoshop does in a fraction of the time. I’m not even sure why Lightroom exists. And when it comes to iPhone there are so very many apps that are easier and give better results. The Bottom Line is avoid anything Adobe like the plague..Version: 6.0.2

Furious! Lost all my presets!I upgraded to the premium and it deleted all of my customized presets! I have unsubscribed now and still haven’t gotten them back! I’m furious as I was using the free version for a year and thought I’d upgrade for the extra features but it wasn’t worth it to lose a years worth of work!.Version: 6.1.0

Cole RichardsThis app is sooooooo slow and most of the times unreliable. Adobe needs to update their sh**. They obviously have the money to do so, it beats me why they don’t..Version: 7.4.1

AlmostI really do love using this app and have been a paying member for a good amount of time now. Unfortunately the latest update has provided us (me) with a couple of bugs. No longer can I hold down on a radial filter and bring up the menu to duplicate it. I also have an issue when typing keywords (tags) that being: the keyboard disappears during typing. It’s very frustrating when you have a project of 8000 odd photos to do 🥴 Please fix these Adobe and spare me this frustration 😬🙏🏻 thanks..Version: 6.1.0

ImpossibleAlmost impossible to transfer DNG files to PC. It can be done in a convoluted way in iTunes of all things! Even then the files are only available as separate bracketed exposures. The app and camera function are great but what’s the point if you can only export jpgs. Even Lightroom desktop version won’t recognise the mobile app. Deleted and now using iPhone camera app again..Version: 6.0.2

Upgraded to premium and my premium features are not working.I upgraded to premium after my free trial and the features I should be getting are not working..Version: 5.4.2

Used to be so easyI’m not sure what has changed recently but my old trusty way of using lightroom is so much of a hassle now. Exporting images on my Mac is ALWAYS a hassle, I get errors every single time with full size files not being found, despite being saved and imported locally, so instead I try to export using the app on my phone and crashes. It has crashed every single time during my 7 attempts to export 100 images. Feeling pretty frustrated and stuck. Never used to be this hard, in fact it was always easy. Now that I have to ‘export’ and not ‘save to [local storage file]’, neither laptop nor phone apps have been very enjoyable to use. Don’t know why that makes any difference but it does..Version: 5.1.0

Total CRAP!!!Edit an image with absolutely basic and nowhere near the same tools as say, Snapseed. Then go to save - it asks to save the ORIGINAL - and the edit does not save at all, anywhere. Complete piece of crap!!!!.Version: 7.0.1

To developersI really love this app, it's editing capabilities are amazing and it's all I use because I cannot afford a decent laptop or computer at the time for the desktop version. I realized you have to have a monthly subscription to the creative cloud to use selective editing and I understand why, but I have no use for the creative cloud at the moment and I wish there was a way to get selective edits with a 1 time purchase. To be honest I wouldn't care if it was 10 or 20 bucks I think it's worth it because there is nothing like it on the appstore right now. Please consider the people who only use a mobile device for editing, most of us don't need the creative cloud or just can't afford it monthly. Thank you for such a great app..Version: 2.8.2

Terrible updateWas ready to pay for this and with the recent update I can no longer capture images using my Bluetooth remote control and can’t even use the volume buttons for burst mode. Really bummed out..Version: 6.4.1

Only premium?I downloaded this “free” app but no features work without paying 7$ a month. Every time you click on anything (ex crop or light) an ad pops up for premium and nothing works..Version: 4.2.1

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