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Google Slides App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Google Slides app received 92 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Google Slides? Can you share your negative thoughts about google slides?

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Google Slides for Negative User Reviews

PLEASE change its very confusing...I like google slides, but I just can’t seem to find out how to change the background of my slides. It’s very confusing, and when I went to the help button it did nothing and wasn’t helpful. It says “To hold down on the bottom and go to the top right by the three dots, but the three little dots said nothing about changing my background.” There was no tab THAT SAID CHANGE BACKGROUND. Like WHY CAN”T YOU JUST MAKE A TAB THAT SAYS BACKGROUND. On another note , WHERE can find out how to change the size on the text box. Like why would I want the SMALLEST BOX IN THE WORLD. One more thing why do have have to either take a photo or have one saved in my camera roll. Like on the computer you can just search up pictures, like that would save more time and SPACE. -Lana.Version: 1.2020.18202

Terrible as a mobile app. Needs improvement.The mobile version of slides never works for me. There are hardly any of the features slides usually has and it is so slow. Plus, the auto save hardly works for me..Version: 1.2023.46200

Pie charts :(I looooveee google slides! But, I would love to be able to add a pie chart easier. Right now, I’m doing a project on religions in America, and I need to add a pie chart to show percentages. The pie chart just says “points earned” and I cannot find one single way to change that to say “religions in the usa.” It’s kind of frustrating, because now I have to go to a website just to make a pie chart. Absurd. The mobile version is not even close to being as good as the version on chromebooks at school. I do like the perks of not having to save it, as it saves on its own. But adding charts could be easier, like maybe being able to change it in the app instead of having to go to google sheets..Version: 1.2019.46202

Ehh it’s ok?It’s okay but the mobile version isn’t as good as the computer version.Version: 1.2021.38202

Definitely room for improvement.I really used to hate this app. I guess I’ve just gotten used to it but read the title of this review. I’m using a fairly new iPad and I cant put a video on a slide. Trying to do something meaningful and nice for my family on thanksgiving, the main event was a video on google slides. I made a fool of myself in front of my family. I also can’t use my external keyboard. The only thing it has that is better that google docs is that I can change the size of my photos, but not my videos. Please fix the video problem and I can really enjoy it more. Have a nice day people!.Version: 1.2021.42203

AdaptabilityI really wish I could use more features on my iPad. I wanted to change the background colour of my slide, but the background option would not show up anywhere. I also tried using the “help&feedback”, nada on the help. So, it’s been cast away from my top pick. Sorry google, I hope you make the update soon!.Version: 1.2023.46200

Bad editorI cannot animate, edit lines, set a backdrop, and the app has massive disadvantages compared to pc where I can just login and complete projects at light speed.Version: 1.2022.24200

So many features missing!I really expected more from Google. I am using an iPad Pro and there are so many missing features that are available on the browser version, not to mention multiple bugs and features that don’t work. It’s very clunky to use. And I’m not able to switch to the web version because I can’t seem to get rid of the message that says to switch to the app. Drives me nuts!.Version: 1.2022.28202

WhyI dont like this app because my school uses it to make me do work..Version: 1.2021.06207

Yo googleThis is good for presentation and stuff but there is a lot of problems with it, like for example, You cannot put videos on iPad slides & cannot play it on iPad, even when in presentation mode So fix it please E.Version: 1.2020.20201

Good but..It's a great app which has along of things to do, but, can you make and option where you can do things without it trying to correct you, eg. I try to move some text but it trys to put in the guideline things and I can't move it freely without the text moving from side to side trying to move in the right spot..Version: 1.2019.42202

OkSlides is a OK app. I have a problem with it though whenever I try to add two photos it doesn’t let me so I have to use another app. :(.Version: 1.2020.49201

Text boxesWhy do the text boxes no longer come equip with a “moveable” border?.Version: 1.2020.47207

No functionality whatsoeverWhoever designed this piece of crap app should be ashamed of themselves. How the hell can you already have the perfect format that functions perfectly well in a browser, yet fail to implement the same thing in an app. Trying to create a slideshow on my iPad with an external keyboard and it’s impossible because it is so unintuitive. Please, please, please, just make an iPad version of this app so that my suffering can end and I can just create a slideshow when I don’t have access to a laptop..Version: 1.2022.44202

CoolThis app is a pillar of productivity, it is one of the default work apps and an overall great platform I have nothing but praise for slides. Every update I get excited about all the potential new features and patches. Not to mention this app is absolutely free and doesn't include ads which is a pleasant surprise for anyone. That being said, I feel like I can only give it a 1 star as it is a productivity app and I haven’t reviewed many other of its competitors..Version: 1.2023.10200

Absolute .T.R.A.S.H.This app is not so great... There’s a major problem with typing and why am I not allowed to get images of the internet and this is so confusing and just strange definitely don’t recommend.Version: 1.2019.24203

Simply impossible to useIt’s very clear that whoever is building this product isn’t using it to build slide decks. Even the most basic thing like text editing is buggy and full of formatting glitches. Have to constantly force open/close the app. On top of that, mouse support is non existent, getting mixed with iOS gestures at times (e.g. drag/drop cross app). The team behind should be ashamed of themselves..Version: 1.2022.46201

It's pretty nice, but…So I've constantly used google slides throughout my life, primarily for school projects. on computers, it runs smoothly, but I've had issues when I'm on the go or if don’t have my laptop with me—common sense would tell me “do it from your phone”. I've tried..yet every two minutes (if I’m lucky) it crashes on me mid-sentence. all my progress is nonetheless saved, but it gets irritating and makes the whole process of doing a project a lot longer. this is a minor subject and more so a ‘personal issue’, yes, but it’s relevant enough to take away from the whole experience. maybe in the near future, you guys can overhaul the crashing?.Version: 1.2021.40202

Terrible on ipadThis app is great when i’m at school using a chrome book doing school work but since i don’t have a chrome book at home (because they are too expensive for me) i can’t use the app properly. All the features are hidden away and it’s so frustrating because i have a big project and it is so hard to do anything on here 2/5 (it would be 1/5 but it is pretty good on chrome book).Version: 1.2022.36207

AmazingI put one star because I want. But the app is good.Version: 1.2020.10203

More featuresI think what would put Google Slides as well as the rest of the group (Docs and Excel) ahead of other competitors would be more features available like on the website version that is accessible on computers. I’m not able to put any transitions which is becoming increasingly important in my studies personally. Seeing I don’t have a computer to access further features, I am thinking of reverting back to PowerPoint by Office to be able to access this further accessibility with features.Version: 1.2020.24201

It’s good, but could be improved significantlyI use it for my school work. There are a few problems with it though. One is that there isnt many tools, text font options or themes for me to use. And second is that when it auto-corrects a word, if i put a ., an exclamation mark or and punctuation after it, it deletes the last letter, which EXTREMELY IRRITATING! PLEASE FIX THAT GOOGLE!.Version: 1.2020.42201

Honestly Disappointed in the iPad/Phone version of SlidesI cannot believe this, an app I’ve used for so long is horrible on any device other than laptops/computers, I’ve never been dissatisfied by slides, ever, but the app is so hard to use, and I have to exist out of the app so I can edit things, I can’t just tap on it because it won’t let me, and it’s being really glitchy, I suggest trying to use this on iPads and you’ll see what I mean, it’s horrible. I was just testing it out because I’m planning to use my iPad for school and now I’m not going to use anything google on my iPad and only use it for notes, honestly extremely disappointed because I’ve been using slides as a student ever since I was able to, and now finding out it’s near impossible on any other device other than a computer or laptop is really disappointing, mind you I only started trying out the app 10 minutes ago and I’m already mad..Version: 1.2022.50201

App keeps crashing.Every single time I open the app and try to work on a school project, the app either freezes, crashes or just doesn’t let me type at all and it’s getting really annoying because it happens every single time. I be having to rush because I know it’s gonna eventually crash so I try to get as much done before it does but then it just crashes or freezes. At first I thought it was my iPad but I came to the conclusion that it is the app since other people with iPads at my school with this app experience the same problem. The fact that every update comes with “bug fixes and improvements” is stupid becasue I’ve updated this app God knows how many times and it’s still the same problem. Please fix this issue because it’s not like I can’t use other apps, but my school forces me to use Google slides and if I gotta keep using it, at least make it a better experience for iPad users..Version: 1.2022.38200

It’s mehIn the slides app you cant do stuff you can do on the browser like changing the background for example YOU CANT CHANGE THE BACKGROUND ON THE APP AND ITS SO FRUSTRATING also recently the app has been randomly glitching and freezing and it wont let me touch anything on the screen. App definitely needs improvement.Version: 1.2022.222

Very frustrating ProgrammeVery difficult to manipulate, creating links to send a presentation via WhatsApp is a real challenge and very complex. No accessible assurance for the owner that sending for view only is what the recipient will see. Also, keep asking the recipients for a password to open. Needs to be much clearer information about sending in format for recipient to view only or edit facilities. Wish I’d used windows presentation instead won’t be producing anymore presentations in this programme. Also, facilities for writing a review is extremely poor, send button is greyed out as is star rating..Version: 1.2023.39200

Good until it started to crashAlways crashing , please fix.Version: 1.2021.40202

So LimitedThe app looks old to me. It is functional, but the functionality is so limited compared to a browser window. Good does a good job updating around bugs I think, but there is no development on this app. The only good thing about using the app instead of the browser on an ipad is when you present onto an external display, the resolution will be adjusted on the external display. If you have a large slide deck though, the app is slow to load when you move to presentation mode. If you look at PowerPoint and Keynote, their mobile apps for iPad are much much better. Generally, I would rather just use the browser until google decides to update it..Version: 1.2023.46200

Could be improved…I love all things Google and, as a teacher, use Google Slides constantly for lesson plans with my students. I love how creative I can get on Google Slides… BUT that’s really hard to do on the mobile app. I recently replaced my computer with a tablet and was so excited. However, in creating my slides, I now struggle with the process. I cannot add videos (which on the comp you can search or add by URL), images that are not from my device, or paste slides with the original styles. I am not sure if it is something I am doing wrong or a design flaw, but having these features like on the computer would be a GAME CHANGER. \.Version: 1.2021.28201

Arrows need to be changedHi. I’m a student and I need to use slides to do a presentation. I was making a timeline and the arrows are not working for me. The yellow diamonds get in the way of making it smaller so it is super hard to change how big or small they are. Could you add like a separate section to change it??? Thanks.Version: 1.2021.06207

Fortnite pro gamer61I don’t lik gogle slide cause scol.Version: 1.2021.18204

Could use A LOT of work.When I first downloaded Google Slides on my IPad, I expected the exact quality content the computer version of this application brings, but boy was I wrong. For one, many features have been removed/changed drastically. Take the ‘format options’ menu for example. Well, where is it? The ability to change the color of the background, a basic feature that is a must in an app like this? Gone. It’s a shame that such vital features have been cut completely. The iPad version of this wonderful site also experiences major bugs and glitches. On multiple occasions I have been unable to delete shapes and text from my presentations. Even worse than that is the freezing. For every 10 minutes of working, the application freezes completely at least 20-25 times. And no, I’m not exaggerating. It seems as every time I change the color of anything on the screen, the software freaks out and freezes. This results in the app needing to be shut down before I can continue my project. This is just touching the surface of the bad sides of this application..Version: 1.2023.20201

I love it but. . .I always use google slides but when it’s on an iPad it’s a whole different story, it’s slow and deleted most of my work. Please fix this in the nearing future..Version: 1.2018.42200

If you have no other option...Definitely not worth the stars it has received. Mostly terrible, but so many of us are forced to use it so we may as well get used to substandard presentations..Version: 1.2020.4204

Good, Could be Better.Well I’ve always enjoyed writing little books and things like that, but you see the problem with google slides is, well this is kind of hard to say but it doesn't represent something you would use as to write or draw due to bugs and things like that, im sure with all these little new updates etc. they will be fixed, but it just doesn't seem that way really, all the updates say bugs fixed and improvements and it really just seems like a throw off, I keep getting suggestions and auto correct from slides that are wrong and are up to me to fix, my pictures really don't seem to feel like uploading themselves and these problems have really been bugging me and i’m sure many other people can agree with this claim. anyways this rating was mostly complains but the app isn’t all that bad, of course like everything, it has it’s ups and downs, but it really is a great way to write and do things like homework and etc, with online school right around the corner im sure it will be useful. Thank you for reading my little rating, I hope it helps you..Version: 1.2020.32204

Love slides. Hate the app.This app is fine for simply viewing your files and that’s basically it. Editing on here is frustrating and often times near impossible. Stick to the desktop version and save yourself the headaches..Version: 1.2023.48201

Constantly GlitchingIt’s hard to work and constantly glitches, making me have to shut everything down. It also consistently doesn’t save my work and is lacking many features..Version: 1.2023.16201

Not worth it.Might as well just scroll through a word document if we cant add transitions on iPad. Wish i knew this before I started - maybe at least add a warning for when initially downloading..Version: 1.2023.28201

Glitchy - very frustratingOverall the app is pretty good. It has some nice features and is easy to use. One thing that is very frustrating is that it can be very glitchy. Sometime the app will freeze so I will go out of it and reload it (making sure I’ve saved my work) and then when I go back in the app some of the work I just created is lost. Also when I am typing a long paragraph into a slide, the keyboard typing is very delayed so most of the time I can’t remember what I’ve typed and have to wait for that app and keyboard to catch up. So my main complaint with this app is the glitching and delays..Version: 1.2020.24201

Blank screen when trying to present slidesLots of issues..Version: 1.2023.33200

Pretty good but…So I found this glitch where I’m typing something on slides and when I finish that it deletes that which is very annoying sometimes it won’t let me type and show three question marks on my keyboard.Version: 1.2022.48202

Be warned it is buggyI had an extremely unnerving experience just now. I was experimenting with the app to create a slide with photos on my iPhone. First time so I didn’t really know what I was doing but I changed the background with a photo on my camera roll. Then, I deleted the photo, and that’s where it got weird. Instead of changing the photo background back into a white background, it replaced the background with the next photo in my camera roll. I deleted the slide and started again. This time I added a photo to the slide instead of changing the background. Out of nowhere it starts inserting pictures from my camera roll one after one rapid-fire. I shut down the app and removed it, but it looked as though 20-30 photos were inserted in the slide. When I checked the slide in Google drive, there was no photo there. I’ve never seen an app do that. And normally they would crash on there own, but it showed no signs of instability ..Version: 1.2020.49201

Bad mobile preformanceThis app is very buggy and hard to use, the text never stays inside the box, making my essays messy and in some cases, hard to read. Sometimes I am typing, and the thing zooms in and out, messing up my whole task! Sometimes, I will try to add a text box, it does not change shape or anything, after a while, it deletes itself. Whenever I go to present, I cant get out. Now, the app is obsolete, taking up space and kicking me out! It also collects my data to use for their own good and to earn money. I am disgusted by this app, and to any who are reading, I recommend to use something not by google, as it tracks you across the internet, selling your data and using it to track you..Version: 1.2022.08200

Where is scribble on the iPad?I love using google slides for work. As a teacher I am able to have my slides ready to go where ever I am no matter what device I am on. My only problem with this app is the LACK OF SCRIBBLE FOR THE IPAD? I think the scribble feature is great on the desktop but why isn’t it available for touch devices? I would be a phenomenal feature especially for students who have an apple pen for online learning. Thanks..Version: 1.2021.24203

Child PainThis app is actually really bad like make this app for those bitmoji teachers and them only pls it’s hurting my brain there is so much homework because of this app like if this app weren’t to exist, our life would be easy..Version: 1.2021.20203

I kinda hate it….1. nothing like the Google slides I have on my chrome book.. I thought it’s would be fun having it on my iPad but that failed like on my chrome book you can ad backgrounds but I cant!?!? Is that just me? And me and my friends make silly stories but I can’t make stories if I can’t ad a background?! On Ipad it’s like. a down graded version of the one on chrome book….. I mean like can you fix this? 2. I need to do assignments on this!!! I can barley get them done if I don’t know how to use all the buttons?!? Can u please if all of this and make it similar to the chromebook version…. Some people may like this version but… I kinda hate it!!!.Version: 1.2023.04202

Limited by lack of Magic Keyboard functionalityWe use Google Apps at work, and I try to use my iPad Pro (with a magic keyboard) when out and about, or just wanting time away from my desk. Slides doesn’t fully support the Magic Keyboard which really limits using the app on an iPad Pro. An example of where it’s currently not working as it should is the click and drag, which works fine when taping and dragging on screen, however doing so on the keyboard’s touchpad looks to change to using iPad’s UI for copying and pasting items..Version: 1.2022.222

BadThis app is giving me depression, school sucks and you know it.Version: 1.2021.24203

Hardly UseableI’ve been using the Slides app on an iPad Pro for over a year now and it is incredibly frustrating. Frequent freezing, crashing, and an incredibly limited feature set. I would not recommend using the slides app on iPad at all, get an actual laptop and use that if you want portable slides..Version: 1.2023.48201

GoogleHit man are chasing me.Version: 1.2022.36207

Worst Google App I've Encountered So Far....Like many students, I am required to use Google Slides for presentations. The website was working poorly; every time I opened it instead of bringing me to the home screen and allowing me to select any presentation I wanted, it brought me to a new "untitled presentation" with no way to access my old ones. Hoping it would work better, I downloaded the app. While it does allow me to access all of my presentations, it is glitchy and difficult to use. I have to click on a text box 2, 3, 4 times to get it to open. At this point, I'm almost completely convinced that there is a specific pattern of tapping required to edit text boxes. And forget replacing backgrounds or adding images- you can press that little "add" button no matter how much you want, it won't work. If I am the only one encountering these problems, perhaps it is my device (which is not very old or glitchy generally.) Still, other reviews seem to indicate frustration as far as the backgrounds go, and yet the developers of the app seem to ignore them. I gave it two stars because it used to work much better. What happened?.Version: 1.2020.49201

Worst app I’ve ever used, 0 starsI would give this a negative 100 stars if I could. I absolutely hate the website and the app. It deletes your text and you can’t get it back. The back arrow doesn’t do anything and hits makes the problem worse. I’m a pretty tech savvy person, but google slides is one of the most poorly designed apps/websites. It randomly changes slides when you’re typing and then messes up that slide. I have been forced to use google slides on multiple occasions and I have hated every second I’ve used it. It doesn’t let you copy and paste words over a certain limit and does it tell you when it cuts off whatever you’re pasting? Nope! It just doesn’t tell you and leaves you thinking that a PowerPoint type website could actually copy and paste things successfully..Version: 1.2019.16201

Not bad app, but…This app is fine, but it freezes when I move something which is really annoying and frustrating so pls fix. I’ve seen most of the reviews and those people don’t really like this app and you guys don’t reply, it’s almost like you’ve forgotten about this app so please listen and say ‘we’re happy to help’ pls listen google LLC.Version: 1.2021.38202

Review on Google SlidesOver all a very good app. However making a Christmas list was very difficult. It doesn’t let you add links to which your trying to add. It absolutely WILL NOT let you add a single link resorting in whomever is trying to open your link having to click on the link (which is very hard to do since every time you click on the text box it ends up clicking on something else) then they have to copy the link, go to google, and then paste the link into the search bar. Whenever, it would be MUCH easier to have it to where you could just click onto the link and have it take you straight to what you link was intended to go to. It’s also much easier to use through a computer than it is and iPhone. But besides the link issue this app is great for presentation and pretty much anything else!.Version: 1.2023.39200

Stupid app stupid app stupid appStupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app stupid app.Version: 1.2020.49201

Not letting updates happen!This thing it wasting my iPad space and will not let me update it!.Version: 1.2019.12202

Please fix this trash appI have to press the font size arrow for every single digit. The annoying problems in this app make it almost unusable and it makes me want to punch someone right now. Thank you..Version: 1.2023.46200

👎School sucks.Version: 1.2023.46200

Does this even work ?It’s almost as if the app on your phone & the site on a pc are two different things . I upload to slides on my phone & my check it on my laptop and it’s never there . Been 9 days so far with nothing showing on my pc but all here on my phone . This has cause issues with my teachers as they can’t see it resulting in emails to show them . Is it just me ?.Version: 1.2020.36201

PerformanceEverything about this app is very useful when it comes to creating a presentation for work or school. However, this app is very slow at opening documents even when using the latest phones and tablets. I have Gigabit connection so internet is not a problem. If you guys could optimize the app much more for performance and use 120hz of the iPad Pro that would be amazing. But for now I’d rather stick with PowerPoint for the performance. This app has become barely usable for someone like me (student). I tried to use it on my iPad so many times but it just irritates me so much that the magic keyboard does not have a lot of support here, the trackpad doesn’t even register on the app and PowerPoint does which is why I am switching to use it from now on. If you guys could legit add so much bug fixes that would help but in the mean time the term. “Free” is legit what you get from this app..Version: 1.2020.49201

Fix your appI started using Google slides on my iPad after my computer isn’t working and this is a whole difference there is so many things missing and now I can’t finish my presentations now I HATE THIS APP PLEASE FIX IT😡🤬🤬😡😡.Version: 1.2023.48201

Display and user friendly-nessI prefer the computer version because when I held my phone horizontally (left and right) I couldn’t see the whole text box. This caused a little bit of an issue because I couldn’t see how what I was writing at the time went with what I had written before. It also took me a minute to figure out how to edit. And, to that extent, it felt a little extra that I had to install this app to edit instead of just simply doing it from Google Drive like you can on a computer. I hope in the future that I can simply delete all the other apps (drive, docs, etc), and simply do it from drive..Version: 1.2020.8202

SUPER LAGGINGI can barely move around the app, And when I try to delete a sentence it just keeps going back please stop it from being so LAGGING...Version: 1.2022.42201

LaggyI’ve started using this for a project im working on with a client and it’s really slow and freezes sometimes which is a shame because the overall look of the app is really pleasant and it’s so easy to use. Please sort the lagging and the overall buggy feel Google because this app is worth it and could be made so much better..Version: 1.2023.36201

Worst game that i ever played...It is the worst game that i ever played....Version: 1.2021.06207

Explosive experienceWhen i used the app my I phone blew up. You may think I’m joking but this really happened. I am currently dying please help.Version: 1.2021.06207

UnusableConstantly crashes, loads extremely slowly, doesn’t play powerpoints properly. Overall useless app, would not recommend..Version: 1.2019.14204

Good and badGreat idea, really easy to do group work on, design ideas are fantastic, and love that you add extras like word art and pictures. However I found it difficult to cut and paste my info from a word document into the slides, information wouldn't sit nicely on the page.Version: 1.2017.42201

Not optimized for the iPad.You cant change the background color, only the theme, you have limited color options for text and gradient. No, you can't create your own colors. You can't animate text and its hard to put pictures and text on different layers(ie. send to back/send to front). This feels like something to be used alongside the computer version instead of standalone. I only have my iPad for school work and i haven't been supplied technology so im just stuck. I have to ask other people who have computers to borrow theirs just to change the colors on my background and create custom colors and add them to my theme. THIS IS AN ACCESORY NOT A FULL ITEM. The thing is, this could be easily fixed. This worst laptops can run google sliders so Performance issues isn't the issue. A phone or an iPad, especially the big and chunky ones, can totally handle a fully optimized google slides. Proof? Canva and powerdirector. They have so much stuff and great functionality, but most importantly, they have a fully optimized service that's the same on the ipad and computer(except for the fact that some of the functions are different). This is just pure laziness, and im sick of it..Version: 1.2023.14201

It made my grandpa get beatenIt made my grandpa get beat up by a pack of apes!!!! His name was granola.</3 NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY!!.Version: 1.2022.28202

Am I missing something?What I really wanted to do was create on a pc and then use the iPad app to hand present to small groups. But switch into slideshow mode and you have one option, flick to the next slide. Can’t see anyway to flip back and forth between slides. If you tap the screen in any way it flips to the next slide, a pain if someone your showing a slide to touches the screen. Seems so counter intuitive, no swipe down and up to change slides. A great disappointment as a presenting tool..Version: 1.2018.04203

New updateThe new update where the slides automatically goes into view only mode, and you have to click the screen and then the button saying “edit slides” is inconvenient and annoying. Google slides was fine just as it was but now the new update has changed my opinion on it. I wish that they would revert it back because everybody I know that uses google slides hates the new update. I hope you change it soon..Version: 1.2021.34201

Poor features - regularly freezes: Awful on iPadOk. Seems that Google and iOS are not friends. The functionality is limited on IPAD. Unable to add photos from Drive into slides. Constantly freezes despite being on a strong reliable network connection. Moving text boxes on a slide will be clunky or non existent. Constantly having to exit and reopen to deal with these bugs..Version: 1.2023.10200

Could be betterSo I was using this app to make a slide show when for some reason I couldn’t put images in, I think it’s just a glitch.Version: 1.2021.42203

Deleted a slides presentationI was on google drive, making every neat and in folders, and I go back to google slides to work on something and it’s gone? It never existed? It’s not even in the bin? Nothing comes up when I search for it. Until this “glitch” is fixed, I suggest finding an alternative. This has happened before. I have had to spend ages making things all over again due to this, not just on google slides..Version: 1.2020.10203

Stop advertising this useless appSince, unfortunately, we use Google Apps at work, I have to use this subpar product all the time. Since the iPad Pro is perfectly capable of satisfying most of my work needs, I tend to go for it over a laptop, which is great since it’s faster and usually things work better… except Google’s products which are terrible. Their web versions are poorly optimised for iPad even in their own browser and the mobile apps are so basic that they inhibit rather than facilitate work. Do Google care? No, they don’t since they don’t care about consumer apps at all. I wish they just kill this so we can be forced to use something made by people who know what they are doing like Microsoft Office or Apple’s iWork products..Version: 1.2022.18202

Not uploading imagesEverything was fine for the first slide I did (for an assignment for my course) but my second slide isn’t letting me upload images, even images I successfully uploaded to my first slide. I have no idea what’s going on and I have another assignment due tomorrow that I need those images uploaded for..Version: 1.2020.32204

CrapStraight up crap.Version: 1.2022.18202

SlidesHello everyone slides is an amazing app and so I have it a good 3 Stars but this is a great app to have in all but it takes up so much space and it is not very easy to understand what to do it is so much harder on a iPad a phone and even an iPod do not try this app on a watch thank you and goodbye.Version: 1.2021.30202

ComeYes daddy.Version: 1.2021.44201

Good app concept, but way too many bugsThis past year tons of students have been introduced to online school due to COVID-19. And if you are like me and you couldn’t afford a laptop but you happened to have an iPad, you just used that. At the start of quarantine I bought an attachable keyboard and I have done all of my work on it ever since. I have downloaded all of the replacement apps that I need for school on my iPad including Google Slides. This app is great and I love the way that it has been presented and the way that it works but there are too many things wrong with it. Sometimes it just freezes and I have to reset my whole iPad and other times I am not able to do simple actions such as copy and paste and save my work. This app needs to be worked on because it is absolutely horrible right now. I am coming to the end of my school year and I wish I had written a review earlier but I really hope that you guys and your developers give this app an update to fix everything that is wrong with this app. Thanks..Version: 1.2021.18204

I was touched by a monkey at the zooI used this app and proceeded to be fiddled and piddled by a monkey, he stick his finger through the cage and fiddled my diddle. The reason I’m rating this one star is because I was browsing google slides whilst it happened, I didn’t know what to do, google slides distracted me! Anyway, app is good, don’t use it around monkeys in heat at the zoo. :) EDIT: I was recently fiddled by a monkey again, thanks google! 😊 Edit 2: The monkey died, rest in piece Jerome..Version: 1.2023.45200

It is always slowing downI have to do my schoolwork on google slides because google classroom won’t let you use PowerPoint or word. It is extremely slow sometimes so I have to wait for the typing I already did to finish. Plus sometimes when I uses the keyboard it takes a few second to load. I know this isn’t my device’s fault because when I use the search engine it was working normally.Version: 1.2020.18202

Requires IOS 13In general, this is an amazing app and it helped me through lockdown on my iPad. My iPad is old so it cant update to IOS 13. I looked on my iPad this morning, and I was disappointed to find out that it requires IOS 13! Like I said, the app itself is good, but I think the app should be available for all IOS users..Version: 1.2021.222

Typing issuePlease fix this isssue I am having the a problem with the slow typing on slides, I’m trying to do school work and I can’t because of the delay I have installed and reinstalled the app twice but still didn’t work please fix this..Version: 1.2018.10208

So laggyPlease for all the iPad users make the switching between slides less laggy.Version: 1.2022.42201

Why can’t I do anythingPlease make this more like the computer version. I can’t use the draw feature, I can’t pick an exact colour for my background. The layout is sloppy and I can never find what I’m looking for. It’s difficult for me to delete text boxes because i keep accidentally editing the text. I would love to be able to do all the things that the computer version has . It feels like they barely put any effort into making this. It needs more updates and improvements..Version: 1.2023.02203

I icon is not goodI like it but can you change I icon back to normal it’s just not good looking.Version: 1.2020.42201

No option to present slidesWhy is there no option to present slides so you can see each slide full screen?!.Version: 1.2019.51204

Drawing needs to be addedI’ve been trying to draw a comic but I can’t because you can’t even draw.Version: 1.2022.48202

I lost my entire assessmentYes, google sides is a good app to use for presentations and school work, although I have had many issues where my almost finished assessments have randomly deleted in front of me. I was going to start typing and it disappeared not being able to retrieve it back. I have tried to get it back although nothing happened. Possibly if google slides have a way to retrieve past edits or a way to recover work..Version: 1.2022.34201

WhyOne of the most recent updates made the slides have a terrible “scrolling form” (?) and then it would change formatting when you went to type. Stop it. Don’t do that. If you can’t think of another feature to add, don’t add any features. Do not make your app worse. An annoying, time consuming and ugly decision. Edit: If you submit a slide presentation to, say, Google classroom, and unsubmit it, it will give you edit access but you can’t actually delete or add to it. Not even after multiple refreshes..Version: 1.2022.06201

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Is Google Slides not working?

Google Slides works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Google Slides.

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