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Angry Birds 2 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Angry Birds 2 app received 141 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Angry Birds 2? Can you share your negative thoughts about angry birds 2?

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Angry Birds 2 for Negative User Reviews

Players: bewareThere are glitches in this game that don’t get addressed. I did not receive feathers and apples. I contacted their help team on April 7th, April 14th, April 15th, and April 22nd. I just got a reply this morning, on May 8th, telling me to update my app and let them know if I was having any of these issues. Umm... the app requires you to update before you can get into it, so of course I updated. I wrote to you on multiple occasions about issues and you still want to know if this is happening? How about you figure it out and replenish feathers and apples I missed out on and move on. I have screenshots of the messages as well to prove this. I am about to delete this app, immediately after I write this review. This franchise has movie revenue, toy revenue, and this game with ad revenue. Their prices are ridiculously inflated, you have to watch ads even after you have spent money on the game, and they are too stingy to replenish 1,000 feathers. Like, really? Rovio is proving to be one of the greediest developers out there. I get trying to make money, but being greedy after you’ve already made a ton is so disappointing to see. Maybe you should learn from other apps during this time who are awarding their players with extra freebies and not inundating them with ads and pop ups. I think I’ll go play one of those games... and I will gladly give any extra money I decide to spend to them..Version: 2.40.4

Overall, a good gameOverall, it’s a good game. However, as all games this one has definitely got some faults. When a player invests money into a game, that player has a right to cry “foul” when the integrity of the game is questionable:( For those who are not familiar with this game, this may may seem confusing. However, one glaring example of this lack of integrity is in an intricate part of the game called “the arena”. Here, you are matched up with a (supposedly equal) opponent to earn stars. The problem is the game is obviously “rigged”. I play a pretty good game, but when an opponent with half the “flock power” beats you by sometimes ridiculously high scores, something is really, really wrong! In the natural flow of the game, you play one or two birds on each page. Doesn’t happen here! The opponents score goes up, but their birds are still in line. What happens is on the last page all the birds appear to play and rack up mathematically impossible scores!!! No way to monitor what’s really happening:( If the creators of this game would clean up this dirty rigging of scores, I’d give it a five star. One other thing, this game requires a lot of time to play. If you want a quick game to pass time, this isn’t for you..Version: 2.60.2

It’s okAngry birds takes all your gems and the tower of fortune is a total rip off. Been screwed over a few times with them but it is what it is.Version: 2.59.1

THIS GAME CHEATS WORSE THAN VEGAS!The title sums it up!!! The game is horribly inaccurate and it’s programmed for the user to fail thus prompting in game purchases. I mean it’s worse than the neighborhood carnival!! The glitches are purposely programmed, especially when you are close to winning AND then your bird and other debris “ghost” through objects and pigs sealing your game fate. Play the “Weekly Challenge” and track your progress and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Track your progress in the “Tower of Fortune” because A.I. makes certain to hand you a pig on your next selection after you have exhausted your gems and tickets. Also, take notice of the pigs resilience. They have super digital endurance these days. The game is no longer fun. Yes, I t’s very interactive and gives freebies, that really amount to nothing, because as fast as they give it to you, they take it away. So how can I have fun, if it’s apparent the game is designed specifically to make me pay to succeed? I vote that the company should bring back the old Angry Birds just as it was with new scenery and obstacles. You know… the version that made the game popular to begin with….Version: 2.63

Ads constantly lock up, and are long. in game purchase purchase purchase popups get annoying.Advertisement videos are optional in order to obtain free items in the game, such as arena tickets or daily free treasure chests. these ads feel long to me, for a game id usually play in stolen moments. even at that, a huge percentage of these ads lock up on their end screen, where you can “X” out to claim the reward- thus requiring you to reboot the game, and watch another video. given that this is a well designed touch screen game, this feels deliberate to me, which drives me away from the free items, and without them, it makes it much harder to compete and enjoy the game without throwing money at it (which is is why it feels engineered to have this problem). in game purchase requests are understandable in a free game, but the pop ups here are constant as well. these issues seriously undermine joy in the game. id rather pay for the amazing game to opt out of the ads. wish there was a version for that! otherwise, game play itself is super fun and addictive..Version: 2.60.2

Won’t openDownloaded it and it won’t even open. Just the title screen shows up..Version: 2.39.1

Not pleased.Not pleased. Y’all don’t give us nearly enough lives to make it through the game. Why do y’all even implement lives ? All they’re gonna do is make people want to delete the game, not continue playing it. Almost forgot I had it for a while because it’s just so ridiculous with the lives feature. The fact that we only have five is ridiculous, too. We should get at least 7. Y’all always want us to pay, too. Also, nonstop ads. They pop up so much. The game was joyful at first but then I started losing because I didn’t have enough birds. Maybe y’all should implement more keys into the game, too so that I can unlock more birds? Also, this game is honestly a prime example of why the sequels will never be able to compare to the original. Edit: Recently, there was an event going on and basically if you got more stars than anyone else, you would get rainbow feathers. I got first place, above everyone else, and I was not awarded ANY. If that was something that you were supposed to collect as soon as the timer ran out, that’s ridiculous. I was literally playing a level and I go to check and see if the timer’s done yet because it was at 2 minutes the last time I checked. Please let me know what’s going on..Version: 2.41

WoW sO gReAt CaNt BeLiEvE iTThis game was good when it wasn’t made.Version: 2.62

PLZ READ! Thanks :)I used to play this game when I was a little kid. I wasted about 4.99 on gems in one purchase and NEVER RECEIVED THE GEMS I PURCHASED! I ended up really upset, so I told my parents and they said it wasn’t a big deal. I never did get anything back for losing that hard-earned cash. Nowadays I earn 2 dollars a week, but that is not enough to pay for anything worth buying. I am EXTREMELY mad about everything that has happened. Even though this purchase glitch of sorts may have been removed, it could happen again. This incident happened when I was just 4-6 years old. To this day, I still remember almost every second of that awful time in my life. In total, I lost about $6 in total paying for gems (and unsuccessfully getting them.) In my situation, whenever I paid for gems, roughly 90% of the time I would get the gems I purchased, but that 10% was always there (which is why I don’t trust the devs anymore). Also, this game is ALWAYS trying to make you pay money to buy boosts or whatever is for sale at that time. A rule of this game: No boosts, no pig-popping poofs. Or completed levels. Anyways, PLEASE don’t get this game. Thank you for reading this review, and have a nice day! 🙂.Version: 2.62

I love the game but FRICKIN HATE IT AT THE SAME TIMEThe game is absolutely great but it get super FRICKIN HARD When your wayyy farrr in the game and when I say super I mean I’m talking the hulk and super man the flash iron man and captain all rolled into one superthing.Version: 2.57.2

Angry Birds is a TRAVESTYThis game is an absolute insult to the original angry birds game on so many levels. First off, now on angry birds there is a life system, which limits on the amount of times you can play a level. So most of the time your not even playing the game your just waiting 30 minutes for your lives to regenerate. Secondly, the amount of ads on this game is absurd. Theres like a dang ad in your face after every level. Third, there are clans, now why the heck are there clans in angry birds, just ridiculous. Those 3 reasons alone are what hold the game back. For some positives, the game is bright and colorful, and thats about it. During the game play you are given a random hand of 3 birds and you cant even pick your birds anymore to strategize. Also, you cant come up with a strategy to win a level because the levels are always being shuffled with new obstacles so you cant adjust. In addition, these birds got a downgrade from the previous game. The blue bird is utterly useless and the grey bird might as well not even be in the game. The only birds who are constantly good are the red bird and the black bird. In conclusion, this game is bad and is a shame to the original angry bird games. I cant believe the replaced the original with this piece of TRASH!!.Version: 2.60.2

GreedySame as so many other games. The difficulty is ramped up sharply to encourage you to pay to win. Sad state of games now a days. People should make money for creating good games. But when money is the cornerstone and not making a fun game. It’s embarrassing..Version: 2.59.1

They should be ashamedThe makers of this version of the game should be ashamed of themselves. The replay function of the original is gone, no pay version exists without ads, and the game has been so difficult to entice you to buy emeralds (the in-game currency). This is a slap in the face to fans of the original. Also, if you are looking for the original angry birds, you can no longer download it. Thanks a lot Rovio, you ruined a classic and turned into a cash grab scheme..Version: 2.50

Alright I just miss the old onesI’ve not played a lot of it but it has loads mircotransactions (has gems that you pay for and pay to continue in a level) it has optional ads. Hank (the green one) and the orange one have both been removed and replaced by a grey/silver one which I just don’t like. They gave Red a power which kind of removes the point of Red which was just a bird that he is the basic one. They changed Chuck’s power from going quick to the point you tapped to just going fast. It uses a card system so every bird is available in every level which adds a little bit of thinking with which bird to use, although when you find a bird that is good for each situation then you don’t need to think much. I think this game is alright but could use some work and be more like the original..Version: 2.52

My gems have been eaten!Playing this morning I had over 200 pink gems...the screen dumped and when it came back I had 86! What’s going on???!!!.Version: 2.52.1

The all new arena is rubbishI’ve been playing angry birds off and on for years in various incarnations. They have all had one thing in common though; the developers can’t leave well alone and feel forced to introduce some new “improved” major update. Hence the new arena. It feels very artificial within this gaming world with a limited 5 bird force chosen for you -and a pretty weak one at that, including 3 of the ‘extra’ birds, you know, the ones with no hats and much lower point-power so less chance of extra cards- and no spells. Apparently it ‘levels the playing field’. I didn’t realise I was playing to make other people feel better, I thought it was just a form of relaxation we all enjoyed personally and you just got better as you went along. Oh well, at least it’s the standard pattern, spoil a good game through too much interference! Update after a few plays: what is the point of ‘spell’ bonuses now that you can’t use them in the arena. Also, the old arena was the way to raise your playing level cos let’s be honest the 3 stars max you get for playing the map just don’t cut it. Absolutely dull..Version: 2.48

ScammersWhy can’t I buy the full game at a single price instead of this elaborate system to force my son to ask daddy for multiple 10$ purchases to just be able to keep playing the game?!?!.Version: 2.48

Black screenCan anyone please tell me why the game goes black when it loads the next screen? I’m having to redo levels because the game just goes black and won’t load so I have to exit it and play again later!! Really annoying!!.Version: 3.0.0

BugHi team, The game is pretty cool but recently a Chinese ad keeps coming up with no way to close it. I lost all my progress!! This is insane.Version: 2.53.1

What a shameThis started off quite fun, but is getting silly. Firstly, it seems to be cutting out a lot more frequently, causing one to lose games in the arena. Secondly, it’s suddenly become more difficult to acquire spells, and very difficult indeed to acquire many gems, all of which require spending money to get in decent supply. The lack of them limits enjoyment of the app. Finally, as another reviewer has mentioned, the arena games really feel rigged, and it is embarrassingly obvious that ones opponent is fictitious. Have to say I’m getting bored of it. WHY DOES IT KEEP MAKING BITS OF MY DASHBOARD DISAPPEAR AFTER IVE PLAYED IT? DOESNT HAPPEN WITH ANY OTHER APPS Now has new fault, watch video for something free, get ad you can’t quit without reloading, so you lose whatever you were going to get. Time to delete the app, I think, it’s too frustrating to be fun any more.Version: 2.17.2

Games going downhill!So this game used to be great and all that, but now it’s just getting worse and worse as each day goes by for the people who don’t spend money on it! I mean each game mode now has things to spend your jems on meaning that (to a certain extent, it’s now not just who best, but also who’s got the most money!). I mean there are little issues with the game here and there, like how the aiming bar will say that it’s going to go over the wall yet the actual bird goes into it and goes completely off course, and that it won’t always give you that free extra life (for watching an ad) in the elevator shaft, but these issues are becoming more and more annoying and to make things worse, they’re making the levels SOOO much harder now, meaning that if you don’t use your gems (which after not so long you’ll run out of unless you spend money in the game) to get extra birds, you won’t complete them! Sorry but this game used to be an AMAZING 5 STAR game, but now because of its greed for money it’s a 3 star! 🙁.Version: 2.42.1

Updates to make you buy more gemsSo.... the new update. Play the daily challenge for extra cards to use in mighty eagle to get a better score!... don’t be fooled. Its a gimmick to make you buy even more gems to keep up with other players, to get a better score to get a better frame. Now I do spend money on this app as I’ve enjoyed playing, that’s my way of saying thank you to the developers. But you have to draw a line somewhere and this is it for me. These updates make the game less enjoyable, and more tedious as they will make you play for longer, or you can just keep throwing gems at it. The game will make your flock powerless, Chuck will get stopped in his tracks by wood, Terrence gets stopped in his tracks by a ballon! Etc. You may think your having a bad run, and you can’t hit a barn door, but trust me it’s not what bird you are using. It’s just if the the game wants you to score low to frustrate you in to using more gems to get a better score, which I didn’t mind, but it’s happening in to much game play for me now, thanks developers for the fun. But I’m deleting. Hope your updates get better, and less demanding!.Version: 2.41

Ridiculous in app purchases.Love angry birds but sick to death of pay to win and lives. Don’t mind watching a video now and then so developer makes some money, but this business of having lives is stupid. Games like Gardenscapes etc., are nauseating for the same reason. Get lost with gems and coins and for sale bags of them. Takes away the relaxation of the game. It’s a failed model, moving on. Will stick with the better versions of this game..Version: 2.52

Can only progress if you spend moneyWhile I understand that the game needs to make money to be profitable, the game is against users. Challenges are designed to get players to the end of the challenge and you can only win it if you spend gems. Spells are worthless, games are inconsistent, the tower of fortune never pays out and I ALWAYS hit two pigs by floor 4 so I have to spend gems to continue. The local leaderboard in the mighty eagles challenge is impossible to reach the top because you are against people that have in some case over 100 more flock power than you. You have to watch several ads for very little rewards. Legendary and rare chests rarely pay out more than the minimum reward. I’ve been playing for months but I’ve finally lost my patience with the unfairness of the game..Version: 2.48.1

Special items disappeared from all chests???The game mechanics itself are almost faultless. The aggressive IAP is quite shameless, but the game is still playable and fun without having to necessity spend. One of the ways to get items without spending was to watch ads to obtain the ‘Special Item’ cards that can be used during stages. After the latest update however, these have seemingly disappeared from all chests and only seem to appear in-stage, or as part of a prize for completing a challenge that you would most likely need to use the items to actually complete! Once the ones I have are exhausted - I will most likely not be playing the game. I do not understand the developers logic in making one of the few redeemable features that keeps players coming back completely unavailable; impossible to get via watching ads, and cannot be purchased. Instead, they have replaced these items with feathers and blackballs which make no discernible difference to the fun playing experience the ‘Special Items’ offered. The exclusion of the items from the newest update is a confusingly counter-intuitive move from Rovio. “Let’s make the game less fun and more expensive.” Yes, very smart guys..Version: 2.36.0

Too luck basedHonestly, when I downloaded this game I was excited and enjoyed it but as I kept on playing it got boring very quickly. This game is Completely luck based and p2w. First of all, the tower of fortune is stupid. It is pretty much impossible to win unless you pay gems to keep to on going after getting the pig card. And the only way to get enough gems to complete the tower of fortune is to buy them with real money. This game sets it up so you HAVE to pay money to progress. Unless you waste your money then this is pretty much pointless. Another flaw is the heart system. You lose your hearts to quickly and you have to wait or pay real money to get more. The arena ticket thing is dumb also because it makes you have to get arena tickets (which take a painfully long time to get) so that you can play in the arena. You can get rewards by your win streak but the rewards are pretty stupid and honestly not worth the effort. In order to complete the win streak you need 5 arena tickets and you have to win each one. This game is created by a bunch of money hungry developers. This game is supposed to be about skill and strategy! Not the money you put into it. Just don’t download the app and go do something better with your time..Version: 3.6

RubbishHave to click on 100 different things to unlock more things before you can play and even then you only play for a short time before clicking on 100 more things . I just want to play the game stop making thing complicated.Version: 2.23.0

GlitchesI’ll be deleting the game since the last update was released. The game was fairly challenging, the hat events were fun, and the arena was entertaining, but since the update, I actually can’t progress any further without spending money. The daily challenges are now impossible to play, so there is no point in playing the mighty eagle challenges without the bonus card. You very rarely earn spells anymore, and it’s all geared towards spending money in order to progress even 1 level. I don’t mind spending money here and there, but on my terms, not when it is being forced upon me Very disappointing, I’ll be spending my money elsewhere now.Version: 2.48.1

Financially Adaptive GameEnjoy playing the game. Successfully progressed through levels, etc... Even though the different things you must accomplish each day will start to become annoying, you continue to play. This is when you will soon realize that the “ONLY” way to complete challenges/levels to receive rewards so that you can continue to play is by spending gems that you must purchase. One Example: to complete the daily challenge you must “Play a Clan Event” however it has timed out and requires you to pay 20 gems. Another Example: if you play the game, you will see sections repeat themselves. If you are on a regular level you can successfully beat that level, however if it is a boss level, there is rare chest involved, in an arena event or anything that promises to provide a reward, you will be unable to complete with out either paying the 60 gems to continue or running through all your hearts and then paying for gems. Will not even go into the adaptiveness of the Tower or Fortune. In short if you want to play for 5 minutes without spending money, then this is your game. If you have deep pockets and want to spend $200 or $300 a month to play for 30 minutes, then this is your game..Version: 2.17.2

The old ones are betterThe original angry birds game and the other old ones like seasons, rio, Star Wars 1 and 2, and space are better than angry birds 2.Version: 2.42

Super Annoying AdsYou know that the amount of money they already make, they do not need to have these annoying ads every five seconds- I might have given it 5 stars if not for that. It’s just so annoying to be paused every 5 seconds for another ad..Version: 2.52

UpdateThanks for the update for more levels, it would be even better if I could actually play them, the levels will not open up at all ,could you please fix this problem..update: arena keeps freezing. When I want to use gems to continue a game to get a better score and stars it freezes which in turn causes my progress to go back to beginning, because I have go out of whole game and re set to unfreeze it. Can you fix this forward to 2020, can you please give an update to stop the game from crashing every time I play it, I keep losing rewards as it crashes in the middle of a game😠.Version: 2.42.2

IAP-Hungry Solid SequelAngry birds 2 has got a fresh polish to be expected from a sequel. It answers the “how can we possibly make a great game better?” question in several ways. The graphics are rich and flow smoothly between all transitions. The levels evolve and progress in difficulty but encourage you to think critically and creatively. Defeating level after level is rewarding and builds you up for the next level. The multiplayer modes involving clans and competitive mode pit you against worthy opponents. Word of caution however, as there are the downsides. The app has its own pop-up encouraging you to buy into their in-app purchases. At my peak time in playing this game on a daily basis the app will encourage their in-app purchases around once an hour. What’s more is the ever-so-bothersome littering of advertisements of other games. The game even has an auto-jump to the App Store to encourage you to download another game app. While this is expected of less polished games this is rather a surprise of an established brand to have to use such tactics. Lastly, the levels do get repetitive and the “boss” battles lose their luster and become some sort of a sore level after awhile. Overall, if you don’t mind the ads and are in it to really squash those pigs then this is the right game to play. Swing away at a 3 out of 5 game..Version: 2.36.1

All the other great angry birds games are goneSome of my favourite angry birds games were Star Wars and the original where did they go this game is so bad it has cards i mean come on.Version: 2.55.3

Game keeps crashingI have an older iPad and sometimes when playing a level it crashes or when a random ad pops up plays for 1 sec then crashes or if watch to ads it will crash and it makes me frustrated other than that it's a great game. Hello again I'm having a major bug that won't let me into the app. Every time I enter the app it works for one second (literally) then flashes a black screen then crashes. Plz help it's been a whole year I'm missing out on everything right now. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.Version: 2.48.1

CheatThis game is a dirty cheat, THIS COMPANY ARE SO SCARED YOU WILL PROGRESS THEY PUT THE PIGS OUT OF REACH OF THE BIRDS, ITS DIRTY PLAY. especially when it comes to playing against opponents, all the way to level 6 and your winning until the 3rd level in the final opponent then they have no score but right at the end they suddenly have a million more than you do, get lost this game is dirty,DONT PLAY HERE TO AVOID COMPLETE AND UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT. I didn’t know Rovio had joined up with you tube, the amount of adverts you have to watch to get some gameplay almost looks like Rovio own you tube. What the hell it took every bird on the 3rd level of the second part in the daily challenge, you devs are impossible if your make levels make them possible not so damned hard that they cannot be achieved it’s a good job this game is free to play because I would be demanding my money back, and instead of an hour to complete the second part of the daily challenge that time should be longer some of us have a life beyond angry birds. It’s crap impossible levels like 414 that force players like me to give up at this point, I’m so sick of doing the same level over and over and getting nowhere, I wouldn’t even bother playing this game it’s just dirty..Version: 2.21.1

👍The app is so good love it!! However, after sometime it keeps on kicking me out like the screen turns black and then I’m out of the app. Happens whenever I’m playing or just anything and takes forever to load. At first I thought maybe because of storage so I made some storage but the app keeps glitching..Version: 2.60.2

HUGE Downgrade from older angry birdsThe older angry bird games were something you could play a lot and have countless fun. However, angry birds 2 is the complete opposite. First and perhaps what really makes this game awful, is the life system found on other games like candy crush, where you can only play for 5 lives at a time. This was by far the most disappointing feature EVER! Instead of relaxing and playing some angry birds for who knows how long, once you lose your 5 lives you have to wait around 20 minutes just to get one more life. YOU HAVE TO WAIT TO PLAY! How dumb does that sound? That’s what turned me down from candy crush, as I thought it was just stupid to wait in order to play. The game itself has so many extra pay to win features that really just turn me off from what the original game used to be. Ads, gems and other exclusives you have to pay for have changed the once beloved angry birds into a pay to win, money grabbing disappointment I’ve ever seen. Literally the only improvement from the original angry birds is the better graphics, and that’s ABSOLUTELY IT. 1/100 of a game, do not get unless you just love to wait to play... Never deleted a game after just 2 weeks of trying to give it a chance as fast as I did with this garbage game..Version: 2.38.2

Angry Ads!!!Je comprends le principe d’avoir des pubs de temps en temps... mais avec ce jeu c’est constamment des pubs et beaucoup trop longue (30 secondes). Perte de temps!!! Je vais supprimer cette app bientôt à cause de l’excès de pubs trop longue..Version: 2.52

InsidiousI complained at one point about how they game didn’t provide continued level-appropriate incentives and rewards as you got up higher. For instance, when completing “hard” levels you get a chest with feathers, but it’s the same chest with 250 or 300 feathers at game level 6 as it is at level 600. Yet when you get to level 600, you probably need 30,000 feathers to advance your birds. So getting 300 is irrelevant. This sort of imbalance seems like it would drive people away as they get higher. However, I realized that may be the point. Not to drive people away, but to make them bored and frustrated. What do bored and frustrated people do? They try to find ways to alleviate their boredom. And what alleviates boredom in this case? Getting rewards. And what’s a good way to be sure you get rewards? Buying gems to pay for success. So the fact they don’t keep the game advancing to keep people interested isn’t a bug, it’s a feature, to get them to pay. With that said, the game is still fun and addictive, for quite a while. I played it for months during the pandemic, and rarely felt the need to pay for gems. But recently I realized my boredom has been driving me to purchase more and more often. So now I’m uninstalling it..Version: 2.46

Fun game, glitchyThe game itself is mostly fun (a bit frustrating when stuck but not enough to make it unplayable). Progression can be done without pay to play but would be faster if you’re willing to pay. I’d probably give it at least 4 stars if not five, if it weren’t for the glitches combined with poor customer support. Some of the glitches can actually be fun, like when a tower starts to fall before you fire, or more rarely when a bird manages to fly to the next level from the previous one. The more annoying glitches can be quite frustrating, such as birds firing before you release, scores not being recorded in competitions, and not getting rewards after watching a video. To a degree, so glitches are expected and what can make or break a game is the customers support, which is the biggest fault I’ve found in the game. I had a support ticket closed with a reply or reason, which is fairly rude. I had another support ticket in which the customer service rep replied telling me it’s a connection problem on my end and a lot of people are currently experiencing them. I tried to explain to the rep that I had connection with the server and supplied what I thought was decent evidence. He never replied, the glitch, specifically in the great eagle trading camp continued to happen. After a week of being ignored, I deleted the game. Hope this helps.Version: 2.62

Angry birds star wars 2Why did you delete angry birds Star Wars 2.Version: 2.36.1

Money grabbing ... Rovio does not careLast update is horrific, it is all about buying gems. The game is lost. Customer service is non existent. Not fun anymore..Version: 2.48

Bring back original angry birds and angry birds Star WarsWorst angry birds game.Version: 2.36.1

It’s fun up until eggchanted woodsHi so I got this game yesterday and I was really enjoying it, I remember playing this game a long time ago so I decided to download it again, I was playing and I really enjoyed it, but when I got to eggchanted woods the first lvl had 4 in 1, the following lvls had 3 to 4 in 1 almost every level I’ve played in eggchanted forest I had to watch a video for an extra bird, this is mainly because everytime I shoot a tower of pigs, one always survives, so I’m having to use 2 other ones, the ones that survive are mainly the smaller ones, I think it would make more since if the smaller ones popped more easily, most of these levels on eggchanted forest I had to loose a life cause I still wasn’t able to kill the final little pig with my extra bird,this is really annoying so I rate 3 stars, maybe there can be another way to earn lives back through short mini games, and if you win them you get a life as a reward, or make it so you can purchase unlimited lives for 1 to 5 dollars, anyways thank you for this fun game, greatly appreciated..Version: 2.38.2

AlrightI loved this game and got very addicted but there was a level that was impossible to beat and I tried at least 20 times!! I got bored and lost interest very quickly.Version: 2.34

Fair Streak reward needs to be updatedOnly rewarding winning streak instead of individual wins makes no sense. Not many people have that much time to complete the streak every time. Please be fair to all of us. For an example, if someone gets beaten after 3 wins that person need to start the whole streak again without any rewards. This is so dumb..Version: 2.48.1

Don't do itThe game is a total scam. It's designed from the ground up to get you hooked and take money from you constantly. It's the worst of the "freemium games". Just don't do it..Version: 2.48.1

Disappointing cash grabI played for about a week. It’s good at the start but gets boring really quickly. The levels are mostly randomly generated from a few variations so you see a lot of the same things repeatedly. The birds you get are also random so there’s less puzzle solving more burning lives until you get lucky. It all feels geared towards making you spend money. Run out of birds? Watch and ad or buy more. No live? Wait 30mins or buy more. There are multiple game modes (I only found the vanilla engaging) and all of them have some sort of pay to play/win aspect front and centre. Even your birds need to be upgraded (which you can of course do quicker, as long as you pay). Eventually I got to a level that was basically impossible to beat without forking out. Disappointing from Rovio. Steer clear, you’ll likely end up disappointed or out of pocket.Version: 2.42.1

Not Pleased with Everything...I give it three stars simply because I do enjoy playing the game, however, it bothers me that I can't scroll through my entire deck. I should be able to see and choose any of my available cards at any time, whether it's my current hand or my spell cards. I like to choose the freeze and duck spells to use together because ducks can break ice a little easier. The way the cards are dealt, I don't always get to use this combination when I want to because one of my spells are back in the untouchable deck. My other complaint is that this game offers us packages of spells, gems and pearls for REAL MONEY!!! Seriously?! No one can earn redeemable coins for these perks? Heck, at the very least there should be a reward system for completing a chapter and it should be something really great. Not like 5 gems, 3 feathers or 10 pearls. Save your real cash money. I'm past level 180 and I got there without spending any additional money. This is like a gambling game. Don't fall for it. Oh, yeah! And Tower of Fortune? Never spend more than 20 gems to proceed. Pull the plug while you're ahead once you've seen one piggie. Now all that laughing those pigs do makes sense: they are laughing all the way to the real bank!.Version: 2.28.1

Good game, but ads stickWhy do you allow ads that users cannot close out of when they’re finished (Lingo Ace). The app has to be restarted. Not a great user experience..Version: 2.59.1

Too many adsThe gameplay is enjoyable although very glitchy, you often lose rewards when the relentless stream of ads sometimes freezes. It is clearly rigged to ensure that you only get ‘prizes’ once you have spent enough and the game visibly rewards you for buying extras in the ‘random’ rewards. But we all know these things safe ultimately about the developers making money… shame as the game itself is endless fun. There are challenges which are impossible without repeat attempts which take all of your bought items and then suddenly ‘behave’ in a different way. Strange that such obvious tricks are used in what should be a skill game. But there you go..Version: 3.2.2

Good game, has its moments…This is a good game, don’t get me wrong, but it has more bad things than good. I’ve loved angry birds since I was a baby, but this one just isn’t my favorite. First of all, and this might be a common opinion, but there are SO many ads. Occasionally, they’ll take you straight to the App Store even if you don’t tap it, and that is so agitating. Another thing is randomizing the bird cards at the beginning of each level, and in some cases, the layout for each level changes too. Later on in the game the levels get harder and harder and it would be nice to have a set-in-stone way to beat each level rather than getting lucky some day. Rovio has made a shuffle deck feature to change this problem but even then you have to rely on luck. (This next one is gonna trigger me the most) Remember in angry birds 1 when you got to retry a level as many times as you needed? Well now you only get five tries and when you run out, you have to wait about 25 minutes to get one try and for all the retries, you have to wait an hour or 2. overall, angry birds 2 has more bad thing than good, but there are small good things that are just outweighed by the bad things. I’m not gonna discourage you from getting this game, you just might want to take this review as a warning. And Rovio, if you’re listening to this, please fix the retry system..Version: 2.60.2

No longer fun, just out for your moneyI used to enjoy this game a few years back. However I removed it from my phone because it ate the battery, heated the phone too much and they started making some of the levels impossible to beat without spending money. I know they are in the business to make money and I am all for a pay upfront and at major updates. There are just too many games that follow the pay to advance model. They get you just frustrated enough that people pay out of spite. This new version is smaller and doesn’t heat my iPad; however, the game is no longer fun and actually is quite terrible. I am already deleting it after a few days. It is too difficult to advance without paying more or waiting hours upon hours. I also wish the colosseum battles were actually live and challenging a person in real time. The way the computer lets them have this miraculous win almost every time! You also can’t buy one last bird in that mode any longer, you can just try a rematch…..pass!.Version: 2.52

Big improvements a few losses. Pretty money hungry.I love allot of the action, fast pace, graphics and game play on this version. Upgrading the birds is a nice touch like the transformers version and others. What I miss in this version and it is a biggie, is you don’t have the option to do a level over but you have to waste resources to power on through. That makes this one greedy on your real-life pocketbook and I believe this version has to be connected to the internet to advance. That is what I love about Angry Birds Starwars2 and the Space Versions among the original. You can play the same level over and over and over till you get it right. I miss having the option of using resources when you give up... If Angry Birds 2 simply gave the option to redo the level until you got it right or gave in and used resources, then this version might be my favorite yet and ranked at 5stars. Maybe the next version will be even better. I keep buying all the Angry Birds versions. Some are some of my favorite games I play. Others like Epic I played for a couple hours and haven’t played it again in over a year..Version: 2.26.1

Bruh?!,!Since you took out the Angry Birds I was sad I wanted to punch my iPad until you put this one on play it but it’s not as good as the original now you know it’s just completely garbage so please put back all games of angry birds it’s good but not as good as The originals please please rovio.Version: 2.53.1

Well made...but too many ads...and too priceyFun to play. But upgrades don’t seem to have any effect and the amount of ads you have to watch is ridiculous. Would rather read a book..Version: 2.30

Deleted the FUNPathetic ... announcing a big change to make an ‘even better game’, Rovio have managed to utterly deleted the FUN in the process which made this game so special! The competition allowed you to smartly employ any special cards you may have collected when the challenge advanced against higher rated player (at a ratio of approx. 1 card for every 20 points higher flock strength). This allowed to regularly finish the 7 or even the 10 step challenge, regardless the reward! NOW: you are pitched against ‘same strength’ characters who will have a significant flock strength advantage, but you have no chance in compensating ... as a result, you never complete even a 5 step challenge run, EVER! Pathetic, a right turn off, annoying and your cards collected only serve to squeeze a higher score in clan battles! Parhetic, FUN IS GONE ... rant over..Version: 2.48.1

How the mighty have fallenIt’s the same concept as the original angry birds. The actual shooting birds part of it is maybe even better than the original. But the system of having ‘lives’ is an absoloute joke. Makes it almost impossible for free to play players to have fun without spending lots of gems to renew lives as 5 lives cam maybe last you an hour at the very very very maximum. Also there are far too many offers to buy things for money shoved into your face. Get rid of the lives system and it will be almost as good as the original. Really nowhere near the levels that the original was at the moment. Also bring back angry birds space and Star Wars because both of them were better than this pay to win game.Version: 2.51

Awful ad filled messNot only are the ads far too frequent, they’re incredibly intrusive and some cannot even properly be closed due to there being no close button, forcing the whole game to be closed in order to clear the ad..Version: 2.58

Pay To Win & Loot Boxes GaloreThe game is designed to entice people to spend their money on loot boxes in order to progress further. You are given some initial success upon login(to get people playing the game, if people lose right away chances are they’ll play something else) which is then slowed down until you spend money on in game currency. The currency is geared towards “Legendary Treasure Boxes.” $20 spent will allow you to unlock two of these boxes. Yes, two. Once open the boxes give you a 1 in 5 chance of actually getting something useful, most times you are awarded with feathers to level up a single bird. Once at a certain point after spending the game will halt your progress in single player until you spend money again, not allowing you to advance a single level. In addition to halting any progress in multiplayer, challenges, etc., once money is spent in game again, you magically start winning again for a short period. This is especially bothersome to me due to the fact the game is geared towards children with the bright color scheme, playful characters and animations. As well as being so heavily promoted within the App Store! Parents: if you don’t want your children gambling away your money on loot boxes with 1 in 5 odds, keep them away from this game!!!!.Version: 2.25.2

Beware of bots in arena since new update...I have been playing angry birds 2 for a while now and had been loving the game. I never played for the competitiveness, but arena was fun until the new update...since the update, bots have been introduced in arena and it’s almost impossible to win a streak anymore. I went from a daily streak at-least 5 out of 7 times a week, now I’m lucky to even when 3 in a row. The arena isn’t the only thing that has changed the game however, you don’t get as much gems anymore unless you buy them with real money, and initially I would spend maybe 5 dollars here and 5 dollars there, but I finally realized this game has turned into nothing but money. I am super disappointed how the game is today because I really enjoyed it for so long. I just don’t get what the point is of changing the game. But like all companies, they just want money. This is evident in the game today. Now I only play maybe a few times a week just the story mode. I had so many arena tickets built up so I am trying to use them up. I guess it’s time to find another game unless rovio goes back to the original because it is honestly no longer as fun as it once was..Version: 2.52

Very BadThis game is bad on so many levels, so here’s all of them. Starting off this game is ‘freemium’ which means that ads play after almost every level and there’s optional rewards/other incentives for watching them, which wouldn’t be so bad if the original was nothing like that. Two, it promotes gambling with loot boxes and an actual casino mini game that is essentially all or nothing, something that was also absent from most of the previous games. Thirdly, they are almost certainly stealing your data. Four, the game size is absolutely ridiculous with how much space updates can take up. Five, the heart system where if you fail a level you lose on of six hearts and when you’re all out you can’t play unless you watch an ad or wait 30 minutes. Last, but certainly no least, the levels are randomized as the structures you are meant to destroy can be completely different even when you replay the exact same level. In other games in the series each and every level is unique, but in this one they were too lazy so they decided to just randomize it. I loved the original and several of the other games as well, and I spent hours playing them, but this is just sad. If you want a good game, then buy the original. It is leagues better than this money grab. It actually has care put into it. And maybe if you download that game instead Rovio and the dev team will start making good games again..Version: 2.52

Some possible updates for glitches?So i have been playing for about 1-3 months and i'm losing hope for playing the game, gems are not that easy to get and you could lose a lot of gems for getting more birds to use in a level if you have wasted the previous ones trying to finish the level, this could also be a problem for some other things: for example , when you want to replay a tournament you have to pay a specific amount to play again and i think thats just a bit unfair. Most of the time when i play the game it runs smoothly but sometimes lags making it hard for me to time a moment when i want to use the birds power-up. There are a bit more problems like when it just kicks me out of the game and into the home screen of my phone but overall i like the game, i play it sometimes but not always. The graphics are good and there is a variety of birds to use. as i said , good but could use some fixing ( however i bet that the creators of the game are corrupted and don’t care about the game putting unfair things here and there ;).Version: 2.27.1

Game is rigged to try and force you to spend moneyPhysics of the game are the most obvious part, if you get to a point where you’re advancing fairly quickly thru levels you’ll begin to see things like the big red bird or the bomb bird doing little to no damage on objects they would otherwise blow thru with ease. Structures on one level will crumble like a house of cards while on the next level will act as one solid piece and remain rigid when hit. If you have the patience to continue without spending any money to advance and after several times of your lives running out it will eventually ease up again and you can burn thru a couple levels fairly easy before it starts the whole process over again of slowing you down. I have not spent one red cent on this game and I never will, being a free to play game I understand that it comes with ads that you have to watch at times, but the obvious cheating that the game does to try and sucker you into spending money is the coffin nail for me, as soon as I finish this review the game will be deleted from my device. It’s a shame because the original was a good game, even the other spin offs. The only improvements angry birds 2 has over the original is the graphics, the rest of it is just a disappointment..Version: 2.41.2

Cost of gems is insulting!!!!You need to remortgage if you want to get anywhere in this game! You often can’t complete the daily challenge and claim rewards without paying for gem bundles.....extremely disappointing as I absolutely love this game but surely there’s no need to be charging £100’s for gem bundles???? It’s a game and I feel sorry for parents who have to disappoint kids playing this game as it’s not accessible fun for all due to the horrifically rude charge for gems which are needed all the time to pay for extra birds in daily challenge and don’t get me started on Tower of fortune hat adventures. I have spent about £150 on this game just as a test and it’s not worth it.....i basically am no better off in the game and my bank balance looks grim.....if I want to carry on having fun in this game I will need to remortgage my house....and I’m not joking! Seriously don’t need to charge for heavens sakes! Get sorting this out Rovio and apple and google play it’s a big fat CON taking advantage of kids and adults 😢.Version: 2.55.3

Internet connection errorAlways shows cannot connect to the internet even all other apps works good.Version: 2.58

You are badI hate this game get angry birds back plz ok I hate you.Version: 2.41

They broke the gameI have played this game for many years and I love it so much! Unfortunately, in their latest update, they took away everything to love about it. Now it is much much much too difficult to complete without spending. Typically we can use spells which makes the game fun and interesting, they took that away. Typically our bootcamp and battles are long and epic, you could complete 15 rooms which was a challenge, but possible. Now it’s much to difficult, because we don’t get our cards back per destruction, only 1 allowed back per bird... so too much destruction by one bird and you are punished. Did I mention we don’t get any spells back anymore? We can only use them in the daily challenge and the map, which are just stupid places to use spells.. They make events and and hat adventures now that can’t be completed EVEN with spending gems to move forward. It was already a money grab, but this is much too blatant now. The angry birds 2 fan community has expressed our distain for this new update over and over again, but they don’t care. They gave us bandaid 100 arena tickets, like that would make everything better and make us forget they broke our favorite game. Many (pay to play) players are walking away, I hope their investors are paying attention..Version: 2.48

Tinkering with a sure thingI enjoy this game. I’ve played for years, eventually getting a bit bored, moving onto something else and then coming back and getting seriously engaged again. As I’ve done in 2020 - then Rovio go and release a completely different version of the Arena. Touted as an upgrade, but a backward step. A waste of time, and money, which is what they want you to commit to spending, let’s be frank. And good on them, that’s how they make money. But not off me, not like that with a lame major upgrade. Now a 3-star game at best. I’m movin’ on again....Version: 2.48.1

Unannounced de-levelling of birdsLet’s me start with some positives the game is good with great graphics and different ways to play. Definitely hours of fun! It’s fair to say these types of games requires patience and commitment. It’s takes a lot of time to level up birds. Much to my dismay possibly due to an update the 4 extra birds which I spent many months levelling up were levelled down with out any reasonable justification. This has now impacted my ability to compete and progress in the game. I feel I need to justify the rating. 1) the fact my 4 birds were downgraded without cause and the time I invested in the game to level them up.2) I’ve now lost access to the new bird melody despite me unlocking it 3) I contacted support prior to this without a response or any indication when they would respond..Version: 3.8

WhereWhere is the original angry birds I’m upset.Version: 2.35.1

Milking moneyPlaying for few years now and it is sooooo obvious game is developed and updated in the way to make as much money as possible. Basically rigged as progress has little to do with your skills. I call it “scratch card” approach - game engine is simulating the scenarios so you are loosing just slightly ( to use gems to push little bit and win ) or winning with complete ease regardless of your birds power etc damaging everything with the lightest touch. Looks like wins and looses are predefined at the start and devs just give the illusion it is up to you so you. Everything changes when you pay for gems - did it on few occasions and game is changing dramatically letting you progress without problems , matching with much weaker players etc. I would delete it right now if I wasn’t so addicted . Anyone knows good rehab ?.Version: 3.6

SadNot even close to the original.Version: 2.34

You turned one of the greatest mobile apps of all time into a cash-grab.I can’t blame you, this is how all mobile games are now. Angry birds is a game I grew up with, I played the original, angry birds Star Wars and now angry birds 2. My problem with this game is that it is clearly designed to make you spend money for a game that is supposedly free to play. The heart system being added is the first red flag, clearly designed to make you watch adds (which to be honest I don’t mind) or pay “gems” (money) to refill your hearts once you have run out, if this was my only point I would not have made this comment. My biggest pet peeve is that once you get to a certain point in the game some levels are borderline impossible to beat before you use all your birds, even after the extra bird added after a godawful advert the level is still near impossible, this I clearly designed to make you spend money to buy gems in order to get 3+ birds instead of the measly one from an advert. You disappoint me Rovio, it seems you have decided to opt into the stereotypical pay us or lose mentality of every other mobile app producer. It didn’t have to be this way, we didn’t need the movies we just wanted a fun game to play and you have ruined it. Alas, no one will read this, especially no one from Rovio, I write this only because there is no where else to write it. You have made me hate a game that I grew up with and my discontent for you is immense. Have a bad day..Version: 3.7.1

Long time playerI’ve just recently deleted this game after playing it for 4 plus years. The updates to the new tournament format are a joke, not only that, there are ads around every corner and glitches as well! Rovio has made it quite clear that it’s only interest is to get into your wallet with unfair levels/gameplay! I will never download another Rovio product again! Total lunch-bag let down! This company has completely abandoned its fan base in pursuit of financial gain!.Version: 2.52

Bug in latest versionAfter completing a video the screen goes white and the game hangs. You cannot get back to your level..Version: 2.16.1

Game not loading on iPad AirI’ve been playing AB for many years. Love the game to help relax me after a long day. After your last update the game is not loading on my iPad. The Rovio logo comes up for a few seconds but nothing. I’ve tried a few of the tricks I’ve read about, disabling wifi, using airplane mode, hard reboot, but nothing works. Can you do another upgrade to fix the problem please. I don’t want to delete and then reinstall to start all over again. Thank you..Version: 2.53.1

Pay to win garbageLiterally just ads.Version: 2.52

Game play is good but expensive to playThe graphics and gameplay are really good. However, the incessant need to spend gems to do anything or get anywhere is what let’s it down. There’s already a ludicrous amount of ads to watch so why do I need to spend so many gems for anything? Don’t bother with the Tower/Elevator. It is a money making / gem pilfering exercise. Not once have I made it past level 10 without encountering at least two pigs. Interstitials take waaaaaaaay too long. And not able to just click through them. Must wait for them to run each and every time. This along with all the ads means less time actual playing than watching interstitials and ads.Version: 2.49

Great potential ruined by greedWhile the concept, gameplay and style stay true to the angry birds franchise, this game is ruined, yet again, by micro transactions. The number of times the game ‘inconveniently’ prevents you from moving on by either putting pigs in impossible positions to finish properly and in daily quests preventing you from using spells in the final challenges. The new hatchling idea was a nice touch however when apples are so hard to come by and you’re then expected to spend 10 over two days to level it up then 50 to level it up again or else you force the bird to leave you with a sad look on its face making you feel guilty for not being able to feed it - low blow and all just to make us spend more money.Version: 2.20.2

Sad state of the “mobile game” industryI don’t know if this is a major studio doing a cash grab or just the state of mobile gaming, but either way it’s disappointing. Rovio recently re-released the first Angry Birds game under their new “classics” line for the original price of a dollar, and I had an insane amount of fun with that- it was easy to see why the game became a hit in the first place. Since all the other angry birds games have been pulled from the app store, I figured this one is next to try. What a complete 180! This game is nothing but a monetized, ad-riddled mess. There are a few interesting twists, like picking the order you throw the birds and getting bonus birds for good scores, but everything else seems designed to strip away strategy and push micro transactions. I can’t even play two levels in a row without the game giving me an ad or trying to sell me some of the half dozen currencies that will make my birds stronger or let me buy hats or lord knows what else. I’m uninstalling after less than a couple hours. I don’t see what the fun in playing a game that so desperately wants to milk your for money can be. The original Angry Birds was an amazing venture into looking at what kinds of games can be designed for a mobile device to play easily in quick bursts. This game (and I struggle to even call it that) is nothing but a sad reflection on what could have been a decade later..Version: 2.64

It’s a money pit.I love the gameplay, but there’s just so many ads and I can hardly progress through the game without spending thousands of dollars on gems, which I am nowhere near stupid enough to do. I was also falsely banned “due to hacking or cheating”. I have never done anything against the terms of service. Rovio, please go back to your original game design. There’s enough ad-filled, in-app purchase junk out there already. Please, make your games like they used to be. People will be willing to pay a few bucks up front for the game, but it’s stupid that they need to keep paying to keep playing. If you make a fun game that costs, let’s say, $3 or $4, without ads or in-app purchases, it will still be popular. Just please stop this nonsense with ads every 30 seconds. What happened to Angry Birds 1?? Now it has ads and micro transactions, just like all your other games. Why? Just make the game cost a few bucks. For anyone else out there that agrees, write a review like this and maybe Rovio will listen this time. Also, I was banned for cheating. I have never hacked the game or any other game, so I don’t know why this happened. Fix you anti cheat software. You don’t get more plays for the game being free. A good quality game should not be free with in app purchases..Version: 2.34

What happened?Where did all the other GOOD angry bird games go man I loved those games.Version: 2.37.0

ManipulationMaybe one star is a little harsh! As I enjoy playing some of the time, since I play for free I shouldn’t complain. The cards go from the sublime to the ridiculous sometimes, i.e. 1500 black pearls or maybe one blizzard! Couldn’t they be a little more even? Also the arena some days won’t let me go above say level 2 or 3, bearing in mind I’m able to play a lot! As for the tower of fortune often very frustrating as you have to wait 20 hours for another go! Difficult to use diamonds when playing for free since you need them for other things! This part of the game I have only been playing most of this year and my flock is already above 800. Anyway thanks for being able to play for free since I am in my mid 70’s living on the state pension..Version: 3.5

Loading problemHave reached level 2700 and now finding almost impossible to load, even when finally loaded it often crashes and goes back to The home screen. Getting so annoying that unless problem rectified I will delete the game. Captain Bill 48..Version: 2.42

Great game but designers have become money hungryHave played this game for last couple of years, very addictive concept with constant updates and new objectives to keep players interested. But lately it has become a complete pisstake with pigs that can fall from sky and land with out even been injured, a daily challenge that unless you’re a pro is barely achievable for most players due to amount of levels you have to reach unless you cough up gems and likewise adventures and clan quests have at times cost a fortune in gems for a lot of players..Version: 2.41.1

Too many bugs.I’ll start by saying that Rovio Entertainment’s customer service is horrible. I made one in-app purchase for $0.99, and I did not even receive the award. I can verify the date and bank statement, and I can verify the fact that I did not get my full reward. Even with all of this information, Rovio Ent. refused to refund my money or my reward. Next, the app is littered with bugs and glitches. Approximately 6 out of 10 times I opt to watch a video for a quick reward, the video ends and brings me to the app store to look at the advertised app. I’m fine with this part; it’s an effective marketing technique for a child’s demographic. However, in about a second the screen goes blank-white, not allowing me to return to AB2. I am forced to close and reopen the app, losing my reward. The sad part is, Rovio Ent. undoubtedly still gets revenue from the unrewarded ads watched by malleable children. This game could have been so exciting, cute and enjoyably challenging (shout-out to the individual designers), but Rovio Ent. insists on taking cheap shortcuts and not taking care of their customers. I’ll be shocked if they reply to this review with a response that is not obviously automated..Version: 2.25.2

Bring back 2012 games or I’ll sue you rovioBring angry birds epic back and go and Star Wars or ill send a lawsuit idiots.Version: 2.53.1

Level 140This has got to be one of the worst levels in the game. I have been trying it for over a month but still have not gotten any better. I keep watching people online beat that level, and I try to do that, but it's just no use. I am probably the only one who thinks this, and everyone who sees this is probably going to think I am crazy. I don't want to keep on doing this level over and over and OVER again, and I just don't like other parts of the game. Like Level 43, Level 47, and Level 61. These levels are trash, and they need to be fixed. I don't think that Rovio will see this, but if you, Rovio, are seeing this right now, please fix these or I will lose my sanity. Finnish Tämän täytyy olla yksi pelin huonoimmista tasoista. Olen kokeillut sitä yli kuukauden, mutta en ole vieläkään parantunut. Katson jatkuvasti ihmisten lyövän verkossa, ja yritän tehdä niin, mutta siitä ei vain ole hyötyä. Olen luultavasti ainoa, joka ajattelee tätä, ja jokainen, joka näkee tämän, luultavasti ajattelee, että olen hullu. En halua jatkaa tällä tasolla uudestaan ja uudestaan ja uudestaan, enkä vain pidä muista pelin osista. Kuten taso 43, taso 47 ja taso 61. Nämä tasot ovat roskaa, ja ne on korjattava. En usko, että Rovio näkee tämän, mutta jos sinä, Rovio, näet tämän juuri nyt, korjaa ne tai menetän järkeni..Version: 2.58.2

Double charging for gem purchasesI enjoy playing this game but I’ve discovered that when I make a purchase of 80 gems, I’m double charged. Subsequent purchases in the same session are single-charged. It’s happened 4 times now. I’ve tried raising this issue with the developer, with Apple, with the App Store directly. I’ve managed to get refunds for two but I caution you to be vigilant with any purchases you make. Check your receipts and card statements well..Version: 2.30

I keep freezing on loading screenI don't know how to fix it I've been so tired of watching my siblings play and me having to wait for parents to fix plz help.Version: 2.40.4

Crappy gameEver since rococo released this game, it wasn’t as popular as the original version which most of you guys know: Angry birds. Then they added pay to win updates and forcing to use your money to beat a level or forcing you to by this bundle which is indeed very greedy. But they pushed it WAY TO FAR, at one point I was playing angry birds to than said to myself “this is pretty boring, I’m gonna play angry birds Star Wars” but then… I REALIZED THEY REMOVED IT, I tried finding it forever but just couldn’t find it, i found out that they REMOVED EVERY GOOD GAME FROM APPLE AND ANDRIOD, this money hungry and is just pretty ugly, but that wasn’t it, they changed arenas concept and now your playing against bots “btw I’m talking about the game now” sometimes they were so overpowered that you had a zero chance of winning which is pretty annoying. Rovio ruined there good games and had an obsession for money, LOTS OF MONEY….Version: 2.60.2

Disappointing Experience...I missed playing Angry Birds from years ago and decided to check out the new one. And honestly it was so disappointing. It feels like a money-grabbing machine with a game tacked on the end. So many pop ups, an over-complicated system of fancy new ‘features’ and ‘mini-games’ that are all just another reason to spend more money on micro transactions or watching adverts. To be honest the more difficult game was avoiding accidentally buying something or watching an advert. And the last straw came when it just decided to show me an advert anyway, and pressing the ‘X’ button did not quit the ad, but clicked the link! The game feels like browsing one of those trashy news sites that are plastered with advertisements, and honestly it’s an incredibly frustrating experience. Wouldn’t mind paying a bit for the app if it meant I could at least play the game uninterrupted. But ended up deleting it!.Version: 2.48

Pay to playThere’s very little ways to win gems and feathers often, too many in app purchases needed if you wanna pass levels and the tower of fortune. Unless you want to wait a day and try again.Version: 2.48.1

3 reasons why you should uninstall now1. Loaded with ads. Every 5 minutes or so you will run into ads whether you choose or not. Game lets you watch an ad in turn of giving some extra bird if you get stuck and that’s also not upto your choice, after watching a silly never ending ad they will probably give you blue bird who’s good for nothing 2. Too much going on. So you have the original game with its infinite levels, then a clan game , an eagle boot camp, a daily battle and an arena challenge?? Should i just quit my job 3. Unnecessary pressure to feed the hatchling. The game should be all about having fun right and kill time when you are bored. Not this version guys, the hatchling is there with googly eyes and packed up with his suitcase if you don’t feed him apples in a stipulated time. Like seriously? So either you can have a life or sit with your phone continuously trying to win competitions to gather enough apples in time. Happy to have deleted it.Version: 2.47

:-) ;-)Brilliant only just started so I’m not saying 5 stars but so good starting I would of put 4 stars but I just want the boss battles to be a little harder and the other levels you could make more to them and the on the second world why don’t you get keys easily because I got keys and got 1 good character that was the bomb he’s brilliant but the other one I got was the one was the one that goes down when is high that I always miss the pigs and make more extra games on it I mean like the one where you pick the box and you pick another thing until you get a pig so make more games like that love the game and ignore those hate comments good job 👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💘💘💘💘💖💖💖💖💗💗💗💗💓💓💓💓💓ANGRY BIRDS 2! Hope you in joy last thing make it easy to upgrade.Version: 2.20.1

BADThis game is pay to play after level 35 and all the arena players are bots who never let you win. Terrible. Don’t download.Version: 2.49

😡🐦🐤2Love the game, it’s so addictive but can cost a lot especially if your one who refuses to loose. Only part I hate is if you run out of birds before you finish a game it costs you to continue and you get 3 more birds. My kids and I don’t have a problem with that but it’s a bit much when you might have to continue a few times and each time you do the price goes up but you still only get 3 birds and most of the time they’re not the most useful ones. I don’t mind paying as we all play but if the price goes up then give the more useful birds or give an extra birdwatching time. It’s also annoying when you play and your progressing to the top, it’s one thing if you choose to quit and go back to the bottom, same with the winning streaks, but it really is annoying when the app freezes so it doesn’t matter that you can’t continue cause you have to close the app and go back in which then puts you back to the bottom or beginning, which after paying so can progress all the money that might have been spent has just gone down the drain. Fix these 2 problems please and I’ll be happy for my kids to continue using your game. Until then no more..Version: 2.16.1

Why does it have hearts to continue <3I used to play classic angry birds a lot when I was a kid. I don’t remember it having hearts to continue. I hate this feature and I don’t know the benefits anyone gets. Consequence if you slack off? No, kids play it. It’s 4+. How about server problem? It’s only online sometimes and I’m talking about level mode. Go take a break and do something else? It’s hard to get someone of their phone or iPad these days. I know this won’t change, but I’m just really annoyed. I don’t want to be writing this. I want to play Angry Birds 2. I wonder if I’ve regenerated a heart, so I can play again..Version: 3.6

Just want to play Angry BirdsI love Angry Birds I have played it since it started but each new addition seems to have more "stuff" not everyone wants to be connected to Facebook while you play. This app I downloaded today looking forward to playing as I have not played for a few years. By the time I got through all the extras and played one level I had had enough. After the first level there are multiple awards and card games, I just wanted to play the next level I finally gave up and I am going to delete it as I find it very frustrating. Please bring back the pure game that I can play as many levels as I want. Maybe there could be a choice for players that want all the extra stuff. Very disappointed!!.Version: 2.17.0

MehThere are some ups that we can all agree on, like the hats, the feathers to give to your birds and the hatchling, but there are as much downsides. First, some pigs are basically impossible to get to. Secondly, black pearls are too often put into chests. I do not like this at all because of the fact that you can only buy hats with those. Very rarely, you would find anything else. This game has a lot of good stuff in it and bad stuff, and there are rooms for improvement. This game is not bad, but if I am being honest, I would definitely prefer the OG Angry Birds, back when Silver wasn’t even a part of the flock. I really do miss those days... I would also like to see the toons added as a part of this game. I remember being a kid and watching a toon like every day when it was in the ToonsTV on Angry Birds Go. In conclusion, this game is still good, and I would still recommend downloading it, but be aware that it isn’t as good as the good old games, like Rio and Space..Version: 2.32

Billing info issue #2This is the second time it Won’t register my billing information and I’m about to lose my hatchling in an hr since I can’t purchase apples which I have been nearly every day making purchases and I’ll have to restart still only 1 star for inconvenience..Version: 2.27.1

Too many glitchesI like this game and I would give it a 5. Wanna know why I didn’t? Carry on reading then. The gems, money, effort and time it has cost me made it a one. It deducts my gems whenever I open a free rare chest even when I don’t pick another card. My rl money has been wasted when i accidentally clicked on the premium packs and payed money to get Rovio’s trashy privileges. I have spent so much time and effort to where I have gotten, and I’m not even considered a high level! So now when I lose, I watch a video to get another bird, but guess what?! I watch the video, I get the bird and then AB2 makes me go back to home so when I go back in makes me login again and then I have to start all over again and lose a free rare chest and lose time and and effort! So I’m not just saying about my problems, it’s about other people’s as well!!! Bye Rovio PS I hope that you apply some hard work into this game as your greed is currently controlling it, otherwise Rovio is going down in popularity as you are being a pain in the backside..Version: 2.23.0

Fun, but...violent ads and pressure to spend moneyI played the original Angry Birds and loved it. This version is fun to a point, and gameplay is still enjoyable. There are some fun new scenes, pigs, and bird powers. There is also a lot of built in psychological pressure to spend money, for example, things turn red and tell you you lose but can buy stuff to continue playing. You can of course choose not to, but aspects of the “rewards” system and the game itself are designed to frustrate the player into buying stuff. I’m aware that apps need to make money, however, I’d prefer the option to just purchase an ad-free experience instead of being directed to ads to get rewards. Not only are there constant ads for rewards, many of the ads shown on this app include violent content including sexual assault and domestic violence against women. This is absolutely not ok! It would be great if the Angry Birds app folks exercise some discernment and stop allowing ad content that shows violence against women, especially when they require players to watch ads to get rewards. How about it, Angry Birds?.Version: 2.50

Not happyHave been playing for sometime now really injoy relaxing and playing but lately the game has started to annoyed with the game I know adds pay for the game but the adds glitch and I and losing gems and the game crashes almost ready to delete.Version: 2.30

Fraudulent!I downloaded the game and got some very good starting bonuses and I bought some gems. Then a few levels into the game it asks me to log into Facebook and everything disappeared and is lost. I am demanding a refund and deleted the app. Scam..Version: 2.50

Latest Updates = Cheap Shots to Spend MoneyI have loved AB2 since it came out. Was always fun, tactical, time passing game. However since COVID-19 showed up and people have more time to play these games AB2 took that opportunity to add a cheap, obviously intentional, cheat system. No longer about skill (PVP, challenges) or chance (ToF) now it’s about blatant score gouging, perfectly timed “Errors” (that don’t cause you to have to reload you just loose all prizes, streaks, and rank) and random loss of gems if you do crash. If support does respond (never) to you they may or may not replace the gems you paid RL cash for once in a while just to keep you hopeful. Basically AB2 has gained new comers in hopes of them spending money just to lose loyal players who were already spending money. I have stopped buying gems on principle alone. The only way I will pay ever again is when they have a really good special on gems (however I have lost my last 2 purchases to random error crashes and they only replaced a small portion of one) so that won’t last long. Thanks for nothing AB2 and COVID-19 get over yourselves.Version: 2.51

Great game but the gem purchase pop ups and ads after every other level is annoyingYou already get people to watch ads for; extra birds, free chests, or extra levels on the elevator minigame. But forcing ads down our throats for completing a level? I always close the app when it does that, it’s still annoying but I hope doing so stops those extra pennies going from the advertisers to rovio. Also why do you decide to make the gem purchases pop up randomly? What if someone misclicked the purchase option and accidentally bought gems? It’s asking for clumsy people to mistakenly purchase something which is, imo, greedy and shouldn’t be allowed..Version: 3.8

Good game, but super frustratingAngry birds 2 is good fun, mostly! let’s be honest, it’s set up to encourage you to spend your real money on in app purchases to progress in the game. that’s fine, the game app download is free and they’ve got to make some money somehow. it’s kind of going a bit far now though. i am finding the game itself so frustrating that it’s actually kinda making me not want to play it anymore. i definitely play a lot less now than i used to. the new arena game is incredibly frustrating and you could end up spending a LOT of money on in app purchases if you’re that bothered about being successful in it. the spells in the game are more or less irrelevant now as the only time you’d really use them are in the clan battle and you’re not always able to use them in that. there used to be a tactical element to using them in the arena but that has been lost. there are only so many times you can lose at a game before it becomes demotivational and you give up and go play something else. you can put up with the in game adverts if you accept they’re to be expected in a game that is free to download and play. however if people like me are turning off because it’s not fun to play anymore, you have to wonder whether the advertisers getting value now. something to think about Rovio?.Version: 2.48.1

The latest update will have most great players quittingI used to enjoy this game, but with the latest update they managed to turn me off game completely. The new Arena in Master’s league is a joke, they match you with much higher opponent with maxed out birds or give you unrealistic bot, which you can’t beat even striking every room. When you lose, you go down in rating, so I find myself not even playing my free plays anymore. Clan battle gives you 12k feathers plus some useless black pearls for 2 day grind, but Arena has 31k feathers a day, which you can’t get if you happen to be in top 10. Makes clan rewards unmotivating and arena extremely frustrating. On the other hand, casual player has much better experience. Those who play 15 mins a day can easily complete the streak and earn rewards, while so called “masters” left with nothing. I’ll be uninstalling the game and looking for a less frustrating game to spend my spare time playing if nothing changes..Version: 2.48

It was my favorite game and then I grew apart from itLet me get started with this this is the best game I have ever played in my entire life and nothing will ever change that. The side scrolling action was amazing and I like the simplicity. And then they updated the game with so much extra difficulty. I hate that they took away the shockwaves buyer and the non-complicated way of doing SPARC run.I do not like the battle pass system because it’s basically asking for money for stuff that your entrance into buying and it annoys you that you can’t have these characters without buying them and it’s just so frustrating that they made the game extra complicated. I also don’t like that they had to switch the format of everything else. The game is still good and a lot of it on Waze but now with all these updates I’m not recommending it to anyone who has played it before and thinks it’s the same as it was before. If you wanna enjoy this game go ahead but for me I’m giving it one more chance and if I can still enjoy it who knows I may give it a five star review but as it stands I’m gonna give it three stars.Version: 2.47

Just too complicated…This game has essentially turned Angry Birds into a generic mobile game. With all the tiny buttons, currency’s and meaningless cards it just make everything so much more confusing. The original angry birds games were just so much better, you could just pick them up and play. But now you have to deal with “rewards” and spam through so much garbage just to get to a level. I downloaded this because I wanted to play and relive some of my childhood (playing Angry Birds Seasons on my iPod touch) but this is just nothing alike. I’m instead going to buy a second hand copy of the angry birds 3DS games, rather than play this game. At the end of the day, it’s still got the main game, it’s just coated in a layer or garbage..Version: 2.63

Horrific Ads. Not for childrenI’m horrified by the ads in this game. Knowing it is played by children I cannot believe there are “Sniper” ads and Ads of dying electrocuted people. Absolutely horrific for children. Sad that’s the only way you can earn money to support this game!.Version: 2.32

Be prepared to payPut this on for my kid but can only play five rounds before they start asking for money. Brutal.Version: 2.41

Some bugsIt takes forever to load fun but fix this please.Version: 2.25.0

It gets boring and I don’t like it too much but it is goodGive me a few more minutes to confirm with your team members that you have received a message from ME.Version: 3.1

Bring the classics back!!!!!!!So I only find out just now that you have pulled all of the classic games in the series (the original, Epic, Space, Rio etc) in favour of turning your current games into money-grabbing scam machines . Please bring them back, and make it so we buy they upfront instead of employing the “pay-to-win” model. I have uninstalled ALL games now until the classics come back. I don’t CARE what the half-baked excuse is, you should always keep the originals available even if you are not going to add anything new. I’m sure many other players will agree. You already took away Fight! which I used to enjoy, and now you have taken others as well and left us with all the newer ones that nobody actually likes. Come on, Rovio, do us all a favour here. If you turn your back on the community, they will turn their backs on YOU..Version: 2.41.2

CrappappFull of spam and bugs.Version: 2.58

Quality productAs fun as the original Angry Birds. I dislike the way one can only have limited attempts at repeating a level before running out of Hearts (5) you need to buy more or use social media to get more, or use real money more. If your like me and don’t have any social media you can only attempt to get 3 stars five times.....gone are the days where you would play for hours to beat a buddy’s score or get that elusive third star. I would rather pay for the game then be forced into begging for more lives. If the developers made this an option this game would be awesome and 5 star..Version: 2.15.1

Greed & need to evolve the concept ruins a sound formulaI haven't played Angry Birds for a few years, the last was the Star Wars variant. It was one of those games you could pick up and put down at will, to fill a 5 minute slot in your day when you just wanted some escapism. So I try '2' thinking it might just be a polished version of the original. Wrong. From the outset you are bombarded by options packs, cards, purchase power ups, and this is before you've even fired a bird. So desperate is the desire to wring every potential opportunity to extract cash from the player that the gameplay & user need has become a secondary consideration. Its a shame as there is some potential in the game itself, but its lost its charm and simplicity which made it so easy to pick up. It now feels like a chore to play it. Absolute proof that the pursuit of maximising profits ultimately does no one any favours as I'll be deleting it once I've finished scripting this..Version: 2.51

Blatantly RiggedI understand the creators need to make money to support this app, but I am finished with how rigged this app has become. The algorithms that are used in this app are horrendous. In fact, the best way to improve your score is to quit playing the game for a while. You are punished with intentional cheating by the app creators to get you to pay for the things the game previously allow you to earn. I am not paying for “jewels” on smart phone game. How desperate do the creators think their players are? What an enormous and pathetic waste of time and money. Also, what is the point of the spells? You can’t use them when you need them and have no need to use them when the game allows it. The arena was once a fun challenge, now I cannot ever win on the second round without buying more chances. Finished. I am finished. Also, I have worked towards gaining several extremely disappointing “legendary” chests, which should 100% of the time be fulfilling as a reward. After opening 2 decent chests out of the 12 I have opened, they have lost their appeal as a “reward.” In general the “rewards” are not worth it and have very little representation of the work behind winning..Version: 2.48.1

Pay to winThe energy system is trash, it is supposed to encourage you to buy more energy , but all it does is makes me want to stop playing..Version: 2.20.2

So close yet so far,First of all, this game is generally a good time, paid for or not you still get a solid amount of gameplay out of it. However I believe that this game just goes wrong in too many places for a 5 star review. There’s tons of ads and after a certain point it’s almost impossible to progress without grinding our daily gifts for a month. If this game was simply just paid for up front like previous angry birds games (Star Wars, ect.) and without this constant pay to win feeling this would by far surpass almost everything on the App Store in this “dark ages” of mobile games. There was so much to be done here but greed triumphed over what could have been so much more..Version: 2.61.2

Review your ads!!!!Game is fine, my son loves it, however he’s now terrified to close his eyes because of the zombie survival ad that played during the game. Ridiculous. Why should I bother setting up his profile and instruct that he is a child account when you’re allowing these ads to play? Either give us the option of buying the game so we can opt for no ads or be ethical and actually use your coding and data gathering and not terrorise unsuspecting kids who will not want to play the game completely anymore. And guess what that means? No players to play and buy. Use that ad money and invest in some proper programmers..Version: 2.55

DON’T DOWNLOAD. uses livesOtherwise would be great but they’re monetizing with lives and that’s stupid. otherwise would be great angry birds fun but.Version: 2.59.1

New update arena is full of bots and nothing is done about itLike the title. When I played, 8/10 matches were with bots. Disgusting.Version: 2.48

Great game play but consistent quibblesI have played Angry Birds 2 since it came out, off and on. It is fun and highly addictive. The tournament mode is a favourite as it is always challenging and has many different elements in terms of hats, spells, upgrades to birds etc. However, at times it can be totally unplayable as internet connection fails, lost scores, and inability to register a win in tournament (after considerable time spent) really ruins the experience due to its unreliability. Also, constant updates take ages to load and don’t seem to fix the problems, only contribute extra ads or other ways for the company to charge for its ‘gems’. Overall, worth a look and you may not have my issues..Version: 2.17.2

Requires internet really?Why would you require internet to play a game like this bruh..Version: 2.59.2

Another microtransaction scheme gone criticalJust another Rovio microtransaction nightmare. Don't bother, after the first few levels you'll be increasingly and more annoyingly encouraged to hand over either actual cash or your Facebook details. Neither of these things are worth handing over for yet another boring play on the same dead horse they've been flogging for a decade..Version: 2.20.2

😡 KeepsIt keeps kicking me out so I can’t play the game! I need to turn my Face into this😀 to this 😡🤬.Version: 2.56

Physics loses in this cash grabThe game is broken in so many ways. Look, it’s fun. It’s free (I still haven’t given them any money and you’re mad if you do). I’ll also grant them that after 24 hours they try to help you through the next level, but after 600 levels the “HARD” levels might as well be all of them. The BIGGEST frustration though is when you’ve successfully completed the level (or so you think) only for the two little birds that need to pair up to take too long to do so and it just decides you lost. And the laws of physics are ignored. Any caged bird must have that cage hit the ground to break. So a fall of one plank onto ground will crack it while a fall the height of the screen onto a plank won’t. And you will see some pigs doing impossible balances and balloons that can be bounce on a point and never roll one side or the other. If you rage at “unfair” games, this isn’t for you. It seems to know when you have coins or bonuses and penalises you accordingly. You’ll want to smash it..Version: 2.64

Bring back the original angry birds and the other games you removedWhy is it that the original definitive angry birds isn’t on here but some stupid candy crush knock off is here, you also removed bad piggies, and seasons among the other ones I forgot the name to. Why..Version: 2.34

Rip good angry birdsAngry birds 1, and starwars are gone. Now all we have is this pay to win garbage. Deleted it as soon as i saw cards.Version: 2.39.1

I’m disappointed, but it’s not what you thinkWhen I saw this game on the ads 3 years ago, I was like I have to download this. I did and I played it for a while. Even though it was really hard, I really enjoyed it and it became my favourite game! So why would I give it 1 star? There isn’t any reason, right? Well I’ll tell you why I did that. Since school opened, I didn’t really have enough time to play it. But when I came back to play after a few months, it said “Connection Error.” I was in a country with slow internet, so I thought that was the problem. But now I came to England where the internet is very good. I tried playing it, but it said the same message. I was annoyed so I decided to delete the app and download it again. The same thing happened. Looking at most of the reviews, I see many people complaining about how hard the game is. But isn’t that the nature of any game? When this game was still working, I also found it hard but I always enjoyed playing it. Please fix this issue, because I love this game..Version: 2.43.1

Fun, but a lot of downgrades from the originalWho created this game? So many problems I have compared that weren’t present in the original. First of all, the heart system is absolutely awful, this game gets hard in the later levels, so having to wait twenty minutes after failing a few times for just one more chance before waiting another twenty minutes is just atrocious. Also why is there clans in this game? Literally no reason to have clans in this type of game. It’s very clear they were just added because people like online features in games. My biggest gripe is with the way the levels go. You have your cards randomized at the start of each level, which is pretty annoying but I would let go if not for the fact that there are several different randomized layouts for the same section on the same level. It makes it so you can’t learn the ins and outs of a certain section, because it could be different every time, this combined with the randomized cards at the start can make some levels over before they even begin which is completely out of your control. I also hate how the birds feel a lot weaker compared to how they felt in the first one, blue birds in this game is complexity useless, and yellow birds aren’t much better. The only birds who are truly good are the bomb bird and the big red bird. The gameplay at its core is still fun like the original, but is plagued by all the issues this game has..Version: 2.48.1

What the heck is wrongI just get stuck on the loading screen and nothing won't even come up. Seriously you need to fix this game because no one likes this anymore.Version: 2.40.1

Is this a game? Cuz it seems like it’s only begging for moneyWorst angry birds game EVER, every 2 seconds it asks you to pay for things, game play isn’t nearly as much fun as the original one. It progressively gets way too difficult that the only way you can get through levels is to purchase the add on cards to use like the Chili pepper, blizzard, pig gun, etc. Absolutely terrible experience.Version: 2.52

It’s not about funIt’s about in-app purchases. Everything is easier or better by greasing their palms with silver. Sure the graphics are good, it’s a slick production, but I can see why they got rid of the earlier fun versions: IN-APP purchases all they care about, it’s obvious in the first minute. Steer clear and don’t let you kids near it..Version: 2.50

Mostly fun, but you’ll be angry (pun intended) at the gameOverall, if you’ve played any other angry birds games, you’ll get the generally same vibe here. It’s fun, a nice way to kill some time, and the animations and graphics are beautiful. But if you’ve ever played Mario Kart and know the general angry feeling you get when no matter what you do (or how skilled you are), the game just cheats to get the result it wants? Yup, get used to that here. For example, in battle arena you’ll be pitted against various other “people” (in reality it’s not so, just the computer). And perhaps you’ll be winning the round, when all of a sudden it gives your opponent 2-3 more birds to play than it gave you. There is no way you can win, but don’t fret, you can always buy some coins to try again. Another gripe: The levels change often, so if you’re stuck on one (and maybe want to try a different strategy to get through) the next time you play it changes. Not completely, and there seems to be only a few options for each level, but again, infuriating. Get used to watching ads too, as you’ll be bombarded constantly. I miss the old angry birds games, where you’d pay a few bucks and the game was just that. It’s too bad this company would rather milk their customers than entertain them..Version: 2.57

Great game, but newest update TERRIBLEI absolutely LOVE this game and have been playing it for YEARS! However, the newest update recently was a MAJOR downgrade... I think I speak for everyone when I am talking about “THE ARENA”. I used to love playing the arena part of this game, but now.... it’s a JOKE! That’s like the one part, I don’t even bother playing anymore. I used to care about that part.... trying to play the arena everyday... trying to achieve MORE and MORE wins, so I could gain more prizes.... I would even PAY MONEY so I could buy some coins and get some cool objects to use. NOW, you don’t even get to choose any “objects” to use... you don’t have the option to watch a video to get one extra life, and then if you loose a few battles in a row, you get DEMOTED! If it wasn’t for every OTHER part of this game, I would be deleting it all together. PLEASE, for the love of God, on the next update, PLEASE bring the old version of the arena back, so we can ALL enjoy this game again. I KNOW I’m not the only one who hates this new ARENA. I CANT THINK OF ONE SINGLE GOOD THING ABOUT IT. other than that, this is a great game. Thank you.Version: 2.49.1

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