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What went wrong?I used to love this game, for all the reasons people give it 5 stars, however more recently, the games have become increasingly difficult to pass, some levels are just impossible to pass even with the correct strategy, as the colour dots given just don’t allow you to move - or you may need a particular item to win, and it doesn’t appear on the screen with the moves you have left. I absolutely love the graphics and postcards and trophy’s etc, but it’s becoming tedious. Please please make it enjoyable again!.Version: 6.7.0

Love it but too many micro transactionsI discovered this game a while ago (about 3 years ago) and when I started playing, there were fewer micro transactions - now there are so many the game is almost unplayable. I hate how you have to pay money to access the entire object search maps and to access coins you earn in game. The game is so beautifully designed, but omg, the micro transactions are such blatantly obnoxious cash grabs - so much so (and it kind of pains me to say this) that I want to delete the app just because it isn’t enjoyable anymore. It would be one thing if I could just pay $12 for he game and get all its features instead literally infinite money to keep accessing things. It’s so disappointing to see a game I once valued as beautiful and relaxing actually become stressful for all of the reasons a game shouldn’t be stressful. A game should be stressful because it’s challenging or intense, not because I’m constantly bothered by requests for money for this features or that feature, or because I’m barred from a WHOLE SECTION of the game because I don’t want to keep paying more money.Version: 5.15.0

It just wants your moneyIt's a bit confusing with so many different ways to solve the levels but that's not so bad, a game needs to be interesting and challenging. The problem is while a player is trying to work out the various methods to clear the levels it keeps running out of lives and making you wait hours for them to replenish!! WHY!!?? Why cant you just play for as long as you want!!?? Obvious, they advertise it as free but they make playing for free so frustrating and eventually impossible so you will be forced to pay either by buying lives or 'helps' SO UNDER-HANDED, UNINSTALLED 😡.Version: 6.5.3

Fun, but constant prompts to purchase add-onsReally a blast to play! Lots and lots of content and interesting mechanics, so it never gets boring. That it’s free to play is really great, and the prices for boosters and extras are totally reasonable, however the sheer number of prompts to make those small purchases - the in-game pop-ups, system notifications, and bright red exclamation marks - are seemingly everywhere, all the time. I am happy to make small purchases to support free-to-play games (especially good games like this!) but the constant and persistent requests really detract from the game overall. I wish there were a middle ground somewhere!.Version: 5.9.8

Loved it at first butI loved this game at first, when it was simply finding squares of dots to join. And the graphics are pretty. As the game progresses it gets more incomprehensible, fiendishly difficult and virtually impossible to play without spending money. I don’t mind paying for a game but sadly Two Dots has gone down the same road as many other games - with constant ads and prompts to buy more lives/coins interrupting play to such an extent that it’s annoying. I’m not enjoying playing Two Dots anymore. So, sorry I’m deleting it now..Version: 5.23.5

Bug in the "watch video for booster box"When I click the "watch video for booster box" it keeps on trying to load the video. I can not even press the x button to close it. I have to manually exit the whole app, then start the app again. I also won't receive a booster box afterwards, even though I need one to complete levels (the dots that appear are random, so so are your chances of winning). When the bug gets fixed I will change my review..Version: 3.21.0

Not much flexibilityI downloaded the game and played for an afternoon. Initially I thought it was good - I really like the treasure hunts and the graphics of them. I don’t like that the game is mostly impossible if you can’t find a ‘square’ of dots which clears that colour. The closest game I’ve played in similarity is candy crush and there is always options there if the right move isn’t possible. I’ve decided that I’ll move on and find a game with less rigidity..Version: 6.4.7

Very good game...with one glaring issueOverall, I really enjoy this game. It's aesthetic, the game play, the special events, they're all top tier and fun to interact with. The ads don't bother me, as that's how they make their money, so I don't mind. And the hidden object mini games are super fun. But. There is one element that really takes away from the whole thing. The aforementioned hidden object mini games, which are personally my favorite part, have a barrier to entry where each level needs to pay gold. Now, that's okay, plenty of games have an in game currency, and being able to spend real money to purchase some is very common thing. But what is uncommon is that there is NO other way to get gold. It's not a reward for levels, for special events, for daily quests, nothing. There isn't even the option to watch an ad for one or two gold pieces, which is still earning then money. And I wouldn't be bothered by this if it were currency used for costume changes, or less ads, or something like that. But it is the only way to gain entry to an entire section of game play. And it wouldn't be a one time purchase, you'd have to continually re purchase more coins to keep playing this aspect of the game. This is an otherwise really solid game, so I hope this changes eventually..Version: 6.13.4

Gamified money grab!Warning! Addictive game and once you start buying the power functions there’s no going back to free play. I’ve had to remove it as spending too much on it. Lots of gamification but not enough real game play reward..Version: 4.11.3

Stolen power ups a dragI was enjoying this mildly frustrating game, working my way through the levels and trying to access power ups through their challenges. I had about 15 banked up for use when a level got too much, I felt set. Then the new update came and THEY STOLE ALL MY POWER-UPS! Really? You make it harder to achieve them, want me to in-app purchase to buy them and steal what I've earned? As you can see, this review is now not so complimentary. Give me back my power-ups you money hungry developers! PS even more in app purchases to annoy you now. I’ll play until they make it too hard to beat levels without spending money. Won’t be long then..Version: 5.7.0

Levels not marked hard are too hard—takes days to finish and you must buy boosters to winThere’s some nice things about this game: beautifully designed, some of the levels are satisfyingly challenging. However there are multiple levels that have taken me literal days to play and the most annoying thing is that these levels are NOT marked as “hard” or “ultra hard.” They’re just plain levels. These tend to be the levels with a lot of the blocks that you have to break through. It seems like whether you will win or not depends entirely on what kind of dots you’re dealt at the beginning. Often I can tell just from the way the board is at the beginning if I could actually manage to win or if it’s just a lost cause. Then, of course, the only way you could possible win is to purchase boosters (or already have a streak going) which is annoying. There are times that I play this game for levels at a time and it’s very fun and addicting but I do plan on deleting because every couple of days I get a level that takes me literal days to get through and it’s not worth it anymore..Version: 5.26.3

Gold CoinsYou should be able to earn the coins rather than having to buy can become impossible without a power up and you can only get them with gold, which you have to buy! In Words with Friends you can earn coins to use for power ups, why can’t this be similar. It’s a money grabbing exercise, otherwise it’s a great addictive game, beautifully presented.. Now they’ve decided to make you play the ‘spot the items’ game. You can do two levels, then you have to pay..come on, stop the money grabbing...Version: 5.9.7

Liars!I just wanted to play the colour filling game - you know, the one they spend the entire trailer showing you? Well that whole thing has nothing to do with what the app actually is. Sure, the name and description are accurate, but it’s still a disgusting and manipulative practice to bait your trailer with completely unrelated content that you can’t actually play. There’s only two ways this can go, either that content isn’t in the game at all and you’re all frauds, or maybe you get to play the advertised games once as a special bonus round you have to watch an ad to get to, which honestly is maybe worse because you were actually capable of making a good game but couldn’t be bothered to put the effort in beyond that one level. Why not honestly advertise for the game you actually made? It’s not a BAD game, I’m sure there would be a lot of people interested in playing it, you didn’t need to take the dark path of lying in your trailer..Version: 6.20.1

The latest version is glitchyLots of crashing when you watch an ad for a free booster box, but also I just watched an ad (Apple Music) and the game skipped the box without a crash. It’s a bit annoying..Version: 5.0.3

What a pity!A brilliant game, marred by the rapacity of the developers. You win gold coins from your effort, only to see them pour away as you haven’t paid an obscene amount of your own money, to own an in game goldmine to retain it. Brilliant, varied gameplay - ruined by the psychological game play to get you to spend your cash..Version: 4.11.3

Crashing my IPhone- This game keeps causing my phone to overheat and crash. It seems to be an app issue because I have plenty of storage space. This app drains the battery and I feel like any time I want to play it I have to make sure my phone is plugged in. I have no other app that causes this. The game itself lags. It especially crashes when clicking on the videos for free boosts. It’s just a plain black screen that I need to close out and then reopen the app— almost every time I click the “watch video for boost” option. Thus—the boost is not applied and I have to go back into the game and level. The boosts themselves are problematic and most free boosts actually don’t help you—other reviewers have commented on this problem. Also—what is the point of rewarding coins if those coins have to then be bought? Yes—keys can be used to buy some of the power ups but not all of them. It’s disappointing that as I have continued to play this game (please stop asking if I want to link it to Facebook) it’s become more apparent that the app is only interested in adds and getting you to buy more coins. While recognizing that the app has at least acknowledged quarantine and allowing unlimited hearts it still seems to be like most apps—all about profit..Version: 5.23.0

The upgrade has turned this game into a Money pitI was a faithful player of this game for quite a few years but will be deleting the app now. Since the upgrade you can hardly advance a level without forking out $. Total rip off that’s ruined what was a good game. Byeeeeee!!!!!.Version: 4.10.5

This new update has messed up everythingI used to LOVE this game and spend hours upon hours every tuesday over-completing expeditions to get lucky chests and basecamps. Now, however, the basecamp system has gone haywire. Instead of the expected rewards from each camp. Certain camps will give 6 tickets??? 6 tickets won't even fit on the ledger for extra tickets in an expedition so 3 of those are completely gone to waste. Also, basecamps give out keys now?? I am sorry but keys are completely useless, especially since they give only booster boxes and no other power up. And NOW the booster boxes they give aren't even permanent. Im sorry but if daily doors (which are also overrun with keys) and lucky chests (which only appear by chance during a weekly 48hr window) are the only ways to get useful powerups now, then I'm done with this game. It was scarce enough already as a free to play player, now its just ridiculous. And another complaint. Why are previous powerups not saved when you uninstall the app, but your progress is saved? I think the items I work hard for should be stored when my phone crashes or gets lost. I had 15 of each powerup that i had saved over months, and when my phone was stolen it was all gone. I love this game but these changes are so disheartening so I will be uninstalling until a patch is made..Version: 3.21.2

Be warned - it’s a rip-offGreat looking game that would be great fun to play except for one thing: the developers try to rip you off for dollars at every possible chance. It is sctually impossible to succeed at playing this game without spending big time. One example: you win gold and it piles up in a mine then every time the mine fills up - which is frequently - you have to buy the gold - at $4.99 a time! And you need the gold to successfully play the game. Total rip-off..Version: 5.15.0

Enjoyable, but app expects you to pay unnecessary $$I really enjoy this game. So I was really disappointed when I found out I have to “mine” gold I have earned. Meaning if you want gold you have to pay $4.99 for 50 gold coins you have earned during play. Gold is used to go to hire levels in side games/quests. You can still play the game and still enjoy the beautiful graphics without the gold..Version: 6.5.3

Money grubbing ruins the experienceI love the aesthetics and basic concept of the game. Unfortunately, as so many others have mentioned, eventually most players will hit a point where they will have to spend money to continue playing or beat certain levels (either by buying extra lives or purchasing boosters). This recently happened to me so I decided to delete the game. There are plenty of other freemium games out there where in-game purchases are helpful but not necessary. If I could spend 5 dollars once to be able to keep all the coins I earn, I would, but it doesn’t look like that’s an option. The game is also pretty bloated and cluttered with special offers, time-limited side quests, and worthless prizes. Plus, why do I need to watch dots explode when I beat a level if it’s not doing anything for my score? My suggestion to developers: slim things down, get rid of unnecessary bells and whistles, offer a one-time purchase option for keeping the coins you earn, and make sure that the option to watch an ad for an extra life actually works..Version: 5.14.0

Sad to say that currently this game is a cash grabI loved this game so much, but honestly it doesn’t really work the way you need it to. First of all, you can’t even do majority of the events because pretty much almost all of them require gold to continue, gold that you have absolutely NO WAY of getting for free, in order to do pretty much anything in this god forsaken game, is to pay ACTUAL MONEY to play the rest of the features, and honestly, I’m pretty much at my wits end with this game and am actually considering removing the game from my phone, as I just don’t really have the time and energy to even tolerate this game. So if you don’t have the money to pay simply don’t even bother playing this game because you can’t even do any events. Not only does the game require money to win majority of the time, some of even the most easiest levels are most likely UNPLAYABLE, due to how difficult it is to progress, for example, majority of the time you don’t even get the dot colors that you need in order to make squares, there’s also most likely not enough moves in order to complete all of your tasks for the level. Over all this game just sits in my library, collecting virtual dust majority of the time.Version: 6.21.4

UnfortunateI am a new player to Two Dots. Once I figured out the mechanics I had a lot of fun with the game for several hours. But the further I got, the more pay-to-win it started to feel. As the puzzles get harder, they become more random and power ups and win streaks become more important to maintain. Because there’s no in-game way to earn gold, I ended up spending $10 to buy some. I quickly realized it was a waste of money, as $10 worth of gold gets you nowhere. I could easily see myself spending hundreds of dollars on this game over time if I was really addicted. I have no problem at all paying for games and I realize these companies need income. I’d much rather pay a flat up front fee for a good game then feel like I’m getting squeezed for a few bucks every time I start it. To be clear, it’s possible to play Two Dots without paying money, but if you’re dying a lot at the higher levels, your gaming sessions are going to be very short because of the limited life mechanic. If you’re looking for a good time-waster that doesn’t constantly ask for your money, this unfortunately isn’t it unless you’re already exceptionally good at it..Version: 6.2.4

Used to be 5 stars for meThis has been my go-to game for downtime for years now. I’ve plaid it almost daily, sometimes for hours, for two or three years. Unfortunately recent changes have added so many distractions that it has become less enjoyable. There are more things to click through after completing a level to get to the next level, and these are generally things I have no interest in. There are more jarring popups when you start the game before you can even start playing. The final straw for me is the Flip game-within-a-game. When there’s a new one available, it throws a pop-up at you that you can’t close without starting the Flip game. You can’t start the level you want to play until you start the Flip game, click through two instructional screens that you’ve probably already seen, and then close the Flip game. Even the Flip music is annoying. What used to be a very relaxing experience has become just irritating before I can even start playing. Very disappointing, but I’m sure I’ll find better use of my time..Version: 6.13.4

It’s good but also annoyingThere are so many pop ups to take you to weekly challenges or other games that you can’t clear away. They make you go in to them before you can close them. I just want to play the normal game!! Make the pop ups less frequent and make them able to be cleared away!!! It’s very annoying..Version: 5.24.3

Have to buy the gold I earn...This would be a great game but all the gold I earn in game goes into a chest that I have to pay for each time? Such a money grab. Should at least make it so players get at least a portion of the gold they earn without having to pay..Version: 6.17.3

Used to love this gameIt crashes nonstop now and tries to force you down rabbit holes of games and features that you can’t skip. I just want to play Two Dots (amazing); not spend time trying to find my way back to it because of all the extras they force you to see..Version: 6.4.1

The pop-ups are ruining this gameI love Two Dots and have been playing it for years. One of its best features used to be its simplicity. Now, if I want to play a quick level, I have to endure multiple pop-ups first. Pop up for the daily spinning wheel. Pop ups for gold mines (which I have never once wanted to purchase). Pop ups for new expeditions and treasure hunts (when the red badge on the bottom of the screen could have notified me of the same thing). I particularly hate the ones for flips and square races that MAKE me click through multiple pages of instructions I’ve already seen a million times. The beautiful game board is being encroached upon by random icons for all this stuff. What an annoying mess. Isn’t there a better way to handle all of these extra features instead of constantly putting them in our face each time we open the app? Maybe just some little red badges indicating new content? A second page we could swipe to for these all of these extra icons? They’re ruining the beauty and sense of calm that drew me to this game in the first place..Version: 6.19.7

Addictive gameThe game is addictive and I do enjoy challenging my brain BUT I hate that when you earn the gold coins you have to buy them to get them, this is a real put off. I can’t afford to buy the coins that I’ve earned playing the game so can’t go any further now. Shame but hey ho was fun while it lasted..Version: 5.22.0

Bad customer engagementAlthough I enjoy the game, I have noticed that other players have had an enforced update (avatars and ranks) but not ALL players have had this. There has been no announcement of this. Discussion forums concerning this matter are buzzing and report many player reviews on this matter, meanwhile multiple inquiries to the developers seem to get no response (also my own personal experience). This seems to me to be very poor customer engagement and smacks of a total disregard and disrespect of the player community..Version: 6.3.1

Nothing like the advertisementYet another game that advertises one thing and delivers something different..Version: 6.18.3

Fun game, shameless pay-to-winTitle pretty much says it. Two dots is a great game with a very simple premise complicated by different types of challenges. I'm all for game developers getting theirs, but some levels are downright impossible unless you're incredibly lucky or buy (essentially game breaking) power ups. I mean...some levels will present you with a unique challenge--say "circuit boards"--, then they'll offer to sell you a "circuit breaker" that pretty much wins the level for you. Like I said, shameless pay to win. Also, I’d like to point out that some of their level design is so blatantly geared towards making you use (i.e purchase) power ups. Just painfully obvious. It’s like they design a level, ask themselves “what’s a well balanced number of moves?”, and then subtract 5 from that number. It’s their game, I’m just playing it, they can do whatever they want. But one would hope they’d be a little more sophisticated about it. By the way, I haven’t paid a dime to play this game or use any boosters, but I’d haves paid a one time $4.99 or so to buy a well balanced version. That would not make for a very good revenue stream or business model, would it? Can’t catch any whales that way..Version: 3.22.1

Not very helpful. TediousThe graphics and sounds are 10/10. But there is no explanation or demo of how to use the new boost ups and features. The tutorials lead to a web browser and the explanation provided is so confusing. It’s quite frustrating. I don’t know what I have to do in a level as I don’t know how the different features and boost ups work. I love the treasure hunt game. It’s so addictive. Love it more than connecting dots. Am getting quite bored because of the lack of clarity on how to play. Shame..Version: 6.8.3

Just want to playThe game has become so annoying. Sometimes I literally cannot find a way to play the next level..Version: 6.19.2

Syncing doesn’t workDon’t even bother trying to sync your progress across devices. Not all of the data transfers over, and even then once you manage to sync, it does not keep syncing the progress and one of your devices will be stuck on a level you finished ages ago. Then it doesn’t let you manually sync the two devices, and if you disconnect from Facebook to try to reconnect and solve this issue, it will not under any circumstances let you reconnect to Facebook as it constantly comes up with an error, “unable to connect due to to many redirects” and if you open the link this game gives you to connect to fb on safari, it says “link does not exist”. Might as well give up on this game altogether!.Version: 3.20.2

App was fine until latest updateNot working after reloading also..Version: 6.20.2

HeartbrokenThis app is the ultimate lesson in economics. What was once a beautiful, calming, and well designed piece of art is now nothing more than a thinly vailed money grab. I have been here since the beginning. Before Two Dots there was just Dots, and I can remember how stoked I was to get a 700+ score in the timed mode of that game. That was, sheesh, probably 5 years ago. That they’ve kept me on the hook for so long with a 2D phone game is nothing short of brilliant. When they put TwoDots out, I was floored. I was continually amazed by the frequent, creative expansions on the same basic principle. Slowly but surely however, I began to notice a trend. Victory could only be had after a certain number of ads were seen. I would be kept one move away from victory until I was on my very last life. If I did use a booster, and was on track to win, I would suddenly be given an impossible field to play (must sink 10 anchors, but even after 5 moves no new anchors appear). If I hadn’t used a booster box or seen an ad in some time, I could not win. Those are just a few examples. Somewhere along the way the investors and finance department took control of this team. And it became less about making a fun game anymore about creating insidious ways to coerce micro transactions. You have been warned..Version: 4.5.4

From a computer engineer - avoid!This game is absolutely everything I hate about paid-for apps. On first appearance, it’s really enjoyable but their entire business model is based on getting you hooked and then, by the time you get to Level 200 (before that for some), you absolutely cannot (mathematically, actually, which is something I know about) win the game. So, the creators say it is ‘free’ and their entire business model is to promote that certain levels are more difficult than others; but it is nothing more than playing on your emotions to eventually get you to buy. I have spent £400 on this app. I am a massive gamer. Trust me, avoid..Version: 6.3.4

By the time it got fun it was asking for too much moneyThe first five levels were so boring and by the time it got fun it was requiring me to invest way too much money to continue playing. I don’t like giving my time and favour to game developers that are money hungry. They are not generous with the gold or opportunities to get power-ups. You don’t get anything for free at all, ever, so to continue to play you need to be spending your money. The gold packages are also ridiculously expensive. I don’t mind spending a few dollars on a game that is generous and rewards my time and loyalty. Taking those few dollars elsewhere..Version: 5.22.0

Entertaining but sometimes problematicI found this game to be really entertaining and a good way to exercise the mind. I do have some problems with it though. For most levels one must arrange the dots to form squares, and use those squares to eliminate many dots at once. But there are things that get in the way of forming squares and make completing the level near impossible. I‘ve found that, for many levels, if one makes a single wrong move then making squares isn’t doable for the rest of the level. The game doesn’t seem to supply the dots in a way that gives the player another chance to make a square. Basically, the player is stuck swiping at random dot arrangements for the rest of the level until they inevitably lose. Another thing I really dislike are the win streak „boosts“. If the player wins a single level they will get a win streak. This comes with boost dots that, when eliminated, will eliminate many other dots at once. The thing that bugs me is that the boost actually gets in the way of finishing the tasks. It eliminates random dots in a way that isn’t helpful to making squares, so you’re stuck again just swiping at random dots. I actually sacrifice my lives and restart levels often just so I can get rid of the boost. So yeah. I‘m only writing this super long review because I wish the game designers could change these features to make the game more enjoyable. I already like it a lot, I just wish it were easier to play in these ways..Version: 5.27.1

Stupid gameNot interesting.Version: 6.21.4

Love this game, but annoyed...I LOVE this game and absolutely recommend it!! I’ve played it for years. My biggest annoyance, however, is that to get coins, you have to literally spend real money. This prevents me from being able to use certain features in the game, like getting some extra moves at the end of a level when I literally need ONE extra move to win, or playing further into the special hidden object levels (which I LOVE but I am out of coins, so I can’t play them further). I don’t think it’s unreasonable of me to be unwilling to spend real money in order to play a ‘free’ game from the App Store. I would love to be able to use the keys I earn in the game to purchase coins, or even to play bonus levels like the hidden objects without getting any rewards for winning. I just hate being locked out of certain features without shoveling out cash. That said, there are plenty of things to do without having to spend money. Like I said, I’ve played for years and have never spent a single penny on it... I just hate that I miss out on stuff unless I spend money..Version: 5.21.6

UnplayableLooks great at first, beautiful art, concept and design. It’s fun for 2 seconds and then quickly devolves into a confusing mess of incomprehensible semantics and mechanics and pop ups and you’re just clicking dots at random hoping something will happen or that the abstract symbol representing a goal will be fulfilled. What a disaster. Byeeeeee.Version: 6.18.9

Too big updatesGreat game but updates just ridiculous size. Why 600mb? Will not update any more as not everyone has unlimited..Version: 6.4.6

Not getting goldYou really expect me to pay real money for the gold I earn in game? What a scam. I keep beating levels and it shows gold falling into a treasure chest but my count always remains at zero :/.Version: 5.25.1

Its ok...I like the mini games and such but what I DON’T like is how they make you pay real money to get your in-game money. Really annoying because I want to play the mini game levels, but to unlock more you have to pay in-game money, which I wasted. Also this game is hard. I’m not sure what they were saying about “peaceful” because I always end up losing all of my lives, and then I have to wait a day for them to regenerate, only to lose them immediately. Overall, pretty meh and very greedy game..Version: 6.5.1

Would be fun, if not for the constant micro transactionsI take serious issue with any game where you are given a set amount of lives and, if you lose them all, you either have to wait several hours or spend money to continue playing. This is made even worse by the fact that some levels are seemingly impossible without buying bonuses and power ups. This isn’t really a game - it’s just a cash grab..Version: 6.1.1

Way too many “offers”This game is so annoying!! All I want to do is play but the game is continuously interrupted with other pages and different games within two dots..Version: 6.4.6

App no longer works after last updateI updated the game a couple of days ago and after opening it, I found that it would freeze on the intro page. So I deleted and reinstalled and it now won’t let me sync my account. So, I’m now back to zero. I thought, okay I’ll just start all over again but guess what? I finish level 1 and it now just freezes on the dots board - it won’t even take me to level 2. I deleted the app and reinstalled again, twice, and still nothing. Now what??.Version: 6.20.2

Buying compromised my bank accountI bought something via this game and the bank called me to say my bank account had being compromised on a untrustworthy source they were tracking and I had to cancel my card. Am waiting for a new one, very annoying..Version: 5.20.7

Updates have slowed it downThis is a really good game, but since the update I’ve been having issues. Half the time I try to play the app closes down. Please fix this if possible as I still really want to play this game.Version: 6.5.1

Great game, wish there would be more free optionsI really like this game, it’s challenging and has many different game modes so you won’t ever get bored if you have finished all the levels (which I haven’t, haha). However, I wish more of the free options that were there before would come agan. Example: before you could watch a video ad to get a free box at the beginning of the game. They took that feature away and noq you can only watch a video to get an extra life. I’d much rather have the same number of lives and more boxes! Something else that bothers me is the key vs. gold feature. I hate that you can only obtain gold by buying it. And keys only allow you to have one of three different things, that the game changes every now and then. And they are never power ups, only boxes and lives. Even worse, their summer hunt is blocked in levels 3 and 4 unless you unblock them with gold, which is really unfair. I wish they would allow us to buy gold with keys, so that the people who don’t want to buy gold with money can have access to the same parts of the game than those who do..Version: 5.3.2

Why The Misleading Ads?It’s a fun game but the advertisements are for a completely different thing. Why do you feel the need to lure people into downloading this app with false ideas. Stop the misleading ads because it’s just click bait. Clearly as a company you have become desperate, don’t think people don’t see through it. Just stop the misleading ads. Will be deleting as I will not support a company that blatantly lies to its customers. 👎🏼.Version: 6.21.4

Stuck at level 12You can only move forward if you pay. That early in the game? Level 12? It’s a joke..Version: 6.15.0

Fake adsAds showed one type of game, game itself was completely different. These companies should be banned from stores for doing this crap!.Version: 6.19.7

It’s too easy to lose the coins you pay forThe basic gameplay is really good. Some of the mechanics are annoying, but that’s a matter of preference. The big issue is that there are so many other things going on, and so many distractions that you are forced to deal with...Pop ups that you have to tap through in order to get back to the game. Even if you don’t want to play these other parts of the game, or if you know what the deal is with them, you have to tap through the info about them every time they pop up. Also, you have to tap TWICE to quit a game I order to start a new one (it asks “Are you sure????”) but one quick accidental tap and the game happily and quickly takes coins that you paid actual cash for, that you may have been holding onto for something else, and now you have wasted by mistake. I know the developers need cash flow to keep releasing new levels. I’d rather have to pay a bit on a subscription than put up with this crap. (And y’all out there thinking that you’re entitled to all this work for free are part of why we have to put up with this manipulative gamey nonsense) But seriously TwoDots, I’ve given up paid coins 4 times unwillingly because there is no confirmation on that tap...the game has gotten so tedious..Version: 6.17.6

Issues with coinsLet me start by saying I love this game. It’s fun, challenging, and a good way to pass time. However, I am thoroughly ticked about the coin and “mine” situation. This game forces you to make in-app purchases in order to collect coins to buy things to help you in the tougher levels such as booster boxes, color blasters, etc. The “mine” only fills up to fifty coins and then you can’t collect any more coins until you spend $3 of your own money. I attempted to use some of my coins and see if I could then collect more without making the purchase but sadly you can’t. Once the mine is “full” there’s no way to empty it or get any more coins unless you make that three dollar purchase. I conceded once and made the purchase just to see what would happen and sure enough, I had coins for all of about ten seconds before my mine was full and again would’ve had to spend $3 more dollars for more coins. This game is GREAT! This particular issue makes it not great. If it wasn’t for that I would’ve given it five stars. I’ve played this game in the past and it wasn’t like this so idk who thought to make it the way it is now but it was a terrible decision. One star!.Version: 5.16.0

Too many changesI’ve been playing two dots pretty much since the game was released. I’ve been caught up on levels and waiting for new ones to be released since about level 1500. I love the game, however recently there have been a ton of changes that I don’t love. For starters the winning streak. I understand the appeal of this, especially for newer players, however when I only have 25 new levels to play at a time, it makes them way too easy and I get through them way too fast. Also the recent update of haptics and vibrations. This one may seem odd, however it used to vibrate only when you got a square, and I loved this because it confirmed for me that I completed the square and wouldn’t release too early. Now it vibrates every move, and squares don’t vibrate more than the average move. It’s just too much and I liked the old settings better. Don’t get me wrong a ton of great features have been added over the years, but some of these things are just too much..Version: 6.9.3

The Scavenger HuntThe core game is fairly simple and repetitive, with a strong degree of luck involved in the player’s success or failure. I personally got bored of it rather quickly. However, there is a side game within the overall game that I absolutely adored... The scavenger hunt was so much fun and had an amazing art style that my eyes could explore for hours. The issue is that because it was a side game, I was forced to go back to the inferior core game when I ran out of tokens or when I completed all the quests. I truly believe that if the scavenger hunt was a game of its own, it would be far more enjoyable and popular. I sincerely hope that the developers will consider creating such a game..Version: 6.18.3

Great game, except for win streaksBeen playing this game for years. The latest update with the win streak is the only reason it’s not 5 stars. Please remove the win streak (or at least make it optional). It takes away the challenge and the entire point of the game. I have to waste a life to remove the streak. I’m on level 2544, and I feel like I’m on level 2 with these win streaks. It’s like being an expert computer coder and then being forced to take a beginners keyboarding class as a prerequisite except it lasts forever. In response to other reviews, you actually do not need power ups or booster boxes to win any of the levels. I have gotten to level 2544 without using any (except like 5-6 years ago before the door prizes, they had daily treasure chests that are today’s equivalent of booster boxes). Yes, I’ve been stuck on some levels for weeks at a time, but out of principle, I refuse to use power ups and booster boxes. I have hundreds of power ups and boosters saved up. I have missed out on treasure coins and rewinds because of refusing to use power ups (and there’s a time limit so that’s why I don’t eventually beat them). But I’ve beaten 2544 levels without power ups..Version: 5.17.1

Is fun and addictive but...Would actually be satisfying if the squares worked consistently. Create a square, phone buzzes and...nothing. Seriously, some of these levels can only be won if the squares work. Very disappointing. Not worth downloading if they don’t fix this problem :(.Version: 6.21.4

Don’t bother downloadingWhen this game first came out 7 years ago it was great to play. These days the creators is driven by greed for you to make purchase to win levels and there is still no guarantee of winning. When I played the game 7 years ago difficult levels could be knocked over in a day or so. Now it can take weeks to beat a level. I’ve lost interest in the game as it’s boring playing the same level over and over. Don’t get a lot of time to play, back in the old days 30 minutes a day you could make reasonable progress. Treasure hunt and rewind you get through levels 1-5 in one or two turns, then level 6 comes along and can’t be beat. Opening the crates aren’t to random, on some levels opening crates gives the exact same power ups and is weighted against winning. I come back to this game after a 12 month break for the above reasons and it’s only gotten worse. Don’t waste your time downloading. There was a time I was happy to make the occasional purchase but not anymore. Streaks are pointless as they’re impossible to get. If I’m lucky enough to win an hour of unlimited lives it has to be used immediately and it’s usually at a time when I don’t have a lot of time to play so it gets wasted. The constant pop ups of purchase something is annoying..Version: 6.10.5

Love the game - a bug and a note to developersI’ve dropped my star rating from 4 to 3 because my lives aren’t renewing in the background. Accidentally spending in-game gold is a problem, could you please put an ‘are you sure’ prompt in? Or relocate the button so it’s less likely to be tapped by mistake? The number of times I’ve dwindled my stash by accidentally taping the wrong button at the end of a level is problematic. The hidden object games are great, though I would love is the ability to reset the game after completion. Not having an option to defer infinite lives bonuses to when I have time to play longer would be appreciate..Version: 5.23.0

Used to be great, now they’ve lost a playerI’ve completed over 400 levels over the course of a few years. I used to love this game but as time as gone on the app has become bloated with annoying pop ups and useless features. I want to solve puzzles. Simple. I’m even okay with some micro transactions. What I strongly dislike is the million different pop ups each time I open the app. I do not care about collectibles, events, medallions, avatars or treasure hunts. For this reason I am uninstalling the app. I enjoyed the hours I’ve spent solving different puzzles and I even kicked in a few dollars to get extra lives on occasion. But I do not want to be bombarded with pop ups when I just want a solve a puzzle..Version: 6.5.3

Built to Spend MoneyAlright. I’ve played this game before, deleted it because it was so frustrating, and a year or more later have downloaded it again. This game is so frustrating. You earn keys but can’t buy useful items with them. Your gold mine is full but you can never access it unless you spend more money to “store it”. Levels are very hard and can’t be beat without using a booster box or earned items like the eraser or blasting one color. BUT you can’t buy any of the tools, blasting colors, bulls eyes, erasers, shuffler, unless you spend the $$$ to keep gold in the mine. Why do you earn keys? What’s the point if you can’t use them to actually buy things to help you move up levels? You have daily prizes, but unless you stop playing and just open the app for daily prizes, which you save instead of use, there is no point. You get 20 keys, or 1 shuffle or color blaster. It’s built to make you frustrated and spend money because the game doesn’t want you to pass levels or succeed. So. Frustrating..Version: 5.12.6

Disappointed with in game purchasesI love playing the game and it is very addictive. I just find it disappointing when you purchase extra moves to finish a level. As soon as you finish the level, all the extra moves purchased disappear and are gone. What a waste of money!!! You lose what you purchased and don’t even get to use them on another round!!.Version: 3.28.3

False AdvertisingFound the app through a Facebook ad and it is a completely different game than what they were showing. I recommend not using this app so developer stop using this manipulative tactic. If they have a good game they shouldn’t have to lie!.Version: 5.9.8

FrustratingNothing to help explain stuff like where does all the gold go? I keep winning gold every time I win a round and it keeps telling me my gold is full but when I try and spend any of it I don’t have any and they just keep trying to sell me gold. Also nothing to tell you what the keys are for??? Very badly designed and confusing :-(.Version: 5.19.3

Pros and consIt’s a fun game, and is good for distraction, or to fill in time on public transport, etc. The graphics are neat, and I like how there is a story as you scroll through the levels. However I don’t like how I Have to click through to the side quests and then exit back to the main page. There are too many extra side quest things for me (the only one I like is the expedition). I also don’t like all the pop ups to purchase extra lives etc. The manufacturer says you can just turn off in-app purchases on your phone, but this is a blanket setting that applies for All apps, so not a very good work-around. These negative things have all slowly come in over the last few years. I’ve persevered with the game because it was fun when I first got it. However I’m not sure how much longer I will continue playing it if it continues on it’s current path..Version: 5.21.6

Recent update broke this appJust hangs on intro screen. Not good!.Version: 6.20.2

Not what it’s advertised asI didn’t play it for long and it seems like an enjoyable game, but I downloaded it after seeing an ad for it on Snapchat that implied it was some sort of “fill in the design without two of the same colour touching” game, like the mosaic line drawings I used to do as a kid in MS Paint. I was surprised that the game is absolutely nothing like the ad, and I feel misled..Version: 6.16.0

Ok gameAddictive game that’s quite fun but also equally annoying, sick of watching videos just for a bonus, takes too long to pass some levels and dislike fire options..Version: 3.24.9

Not as advertised, but still a fun game...until it crashesSure, it’s not at all like the advertisements show, but it’s still challenging. You don’t need to buy anything to keep playing. I’d give it a higher score if it weren’t so buggy. Every time you’re close to winning a challenging level, the game crashes. Every. Single. Time. It’s getting really boring and discouraging. Please fix the bugs..Version: 6.19.9

What happened?This game has become unbearable. Ads aren’t a problem but the constant pop up menus asking you to spend money and time on side quests have no pay off and are just another money grab. This game used to be so simple and calming and it’s the complete opposite now..Version: 5.26.3

Latest couple updates reducing minimalist charmI’ve been playing TwoDots for 4 years now and I love the game. It’s minimalist, very relaxing, and I play it almost every night as I’m falling asleep. However, the last couple updates have been pretty terrible. There are more and more popups asking you to purchase coins, making it so that every time you open the app or finish a level you have to close out 3 different windows before actually getting to the game or home screen. The latest annoyance, the “win streak”, offers terrible power-ups that often prevent you from getting squares from the start of a level and thus make it unwinnable. When asked “Are you sure you want to give up? You will lose your win streak!” I often am grateful to lose it because the power ups have cost me so many games. The more popups and attachments and bells and whistles you add to the game the more charm it loses since one of the biggest draws is how minimalist it is. The past year has seen update after update challenge this minimalism, making the game less relaxing and more stressful. Because of this, it has become harder to play before bed and I have been using the app much less than in the past. If you don’t want to lose long-time players I would advise minimizing the in-game popups and ditching the win streaks altogether. I don’t need a “piñata party” every time I play and I definitely don’t need a “win streak” meter..Version: 5.14.4

What happened??I agree with all the other loyal players who are disappointed in the evolution of this game. I’ve been playing Two Dots for over two years and always loved it. It has always been a fun, relaxing, aesthetically pleasing game that’s just challenging enough to not be frustrating. It also allowed the opportunity to earn rewards and boosts without basically requiring you to purchase your way through difficult levels. Now it seems to have been made much more difficult and took away the boosts! The key system really doesn’t do me any good as it takes way longer to earn anything useful, and all the extra tickets and unlimited life stuff really doesn’t help as I tend to play when I get a few minutes free here and there throughout the day and not sit playing for hours at a time. (Unless trying to power through an expedition on a Wednesday night before it ended, which now seems to be an impossible goal as well) Please go back to how it was before, no fun now :( The latest update also seems to have some kind of bug that takes away the sound while playing. Ads still have sound, game randomly decides to go silent..Version: 3.24.9

I used to love this game...The Classic game was amazing. I even enjoyed the seasonal quests. But now every time I open it I just get overwhelmed with all the pop up windows! I can’t find the quest I was doing because there are TOO many game modes. It’s so confusing. Instead of it being relaxing it’s just stressful..Version: 6.21.4

ScavengerI downloaded this game just for the scavenger hunts and I’m totally addicted! The art is so cute and the animations really add to it. I wish you had a game purely centred around the scavenger hunts, as I’m not so interested in the two dots game itself :) I also wish you could get hints that show you what section of the picture an item is in. I keep getting stuck with one last item to find! Edit: I just found out you can’t earn gold and have to pay to play further scavenger hunt levels :/ Will be deleting the game now, it’s a shame as it was fun while it lasted..Version: 6.8.6

Really disappointing. deleting.First of all i think this app only has good reviews because people play it for a little give it a good review and never touch it again. i’ve been playing this game for three years. religiously. the first 800 levels are great but anything after that well.... i know it’s supposed to be more difficult the more you play but it shouldn’t take me days to complete one puzzle. it literally ruins all of the fun. i dont even play anymore because it’s more annoying than entertaining. after level 800 it’s literally all up to chance on if you can finish the puzzles because if you don’t have a perfect set of dots from the beginning you literally have no moves to make. and it’s impossible to get a shuffle. just a giant waste of time. there’s no technique that could possibly win these levels based on pure skill. the creators of the new levels it honestly seems like all they care about is getting people to buy boxes because the levels are set up in such a way where you can’t win without them. ANNOYING. take my advice delete this game or don’t even install it and get risk instead. MUCH better games can be found..Version: 3.29.4

Ads stop whatever you are listening to while you play -Updates have made it impossible to play because the ads silence whatever you’re listening to and play sound even with your phone on silent. This game has gone from being my fav to hardly used..Version: 3.29.1

Beauty, then the BeastI’ve been a longtime player of Two Dots, from back when it circulated around on a post of calming games. Like a lot of people, I was charmed with its simple design, its playability, and its challenging but rewarding levels. Sometimes I’d play for two hours and not notice any time had passed! Now, it’s an unnavigable mess that’s completely pay-to-win. Everything is a money grab, and even the new features I liked (the new Where’s Waldo-esque search puzzles) ended up locking me out because I wouldn’t pay for more gold, or the godforsaken gold mine, to keep playing. Every single puzzle could probably be solved in a minute if you’re willing to fork over dollar after dollar. Trying to keep track of the new puzzle features is a headache as well, and I can’t get behind consulting an off-app compendium to see how I’m supposed to solve something when the initial draw of the whole game was... minimalism. That, and why bother learning how to solve it when, again, you can just pay $5 or more and solve it in a few taps? I know people have to make money somehow, but this seems extreme if they’re locking players out of certain features. It is still a beautiful game, and I enjoyed some of the Pride-themed puzzles recently, but I’m probably going to end up deleting this app. The user experience feels rotten now and it just comes across as a cash grab wrapped in pretty packaging..Version: 6.1.1

False advertising adsYet another game with false advertising ads. The advertisement shows pictures that you must draw without lifting your finger but this game is essentially a really boring knock off of candy crush with dots. Will be deleting this app as I do not support this type of bogus advertising..Version: 6.16.4

Gone downhillUsed to be fun but has gone so downhill lately, ever since they added all the fancy upgrades they want you to spend money on every level has become a near unbearable pain in the behind. Maddening in a bad way!.Version: 6.19.2

Not a good updateNot able to click through after the advert has finished, trying to click on the X button and it won’t register. Need to fix ASAP.Version: 4.15.7

Used to be betterThe game developers have become confused about who their audience is in the last year or so. This is a casual puzzle game for people who like to think through complicated puzzles and take a break maybe from other stressors in life. I find the puzzles relaxing. But recently, there have been so many bells and whistles added to make it flashier, and to encourage people to spend money, I assume, that the relaxing aspect has diminished. Trying to make the game more exciting has taken away from the original selling points. Also, all the windows that pop up up now before I can start the next puzzle have become annoying. I am still able to play the game, but I am not as big a fan as I used to be and my interest wanes when I get too annoyed with all the pop ups. I don’t know if all players would agree, but I would rather pay a small amount to open new worlds, say $0.50, than have all this constant noise about spending money interrupting my game play. I don’t want to pay to solve the puzzle because that defeats the purpose of it being a puzzle. I also don’t much care for giving me automatic boosts at the beginning of a puzzle...I prefer to solve the puzzle on my own. Solving it is where the reward comes from in a puzzle game. I will keep playing until developer greed gets too large and the puzzles are no longer are getting close..Version: 6.3.4

Good Game with annoying setbacks.I’ve never reviewed an app before, but I’m choosing to now because I enjoy the game but there are serious issues. At the core of the app, you have a really fun game that takes strategy and is admittedly really satisfying. You don’t have to pay for ANYTHING- unless you want to. You don’t have to watch ads- unless you want to. Which is great. But the game is LITTERED with random side-games, distractions and annoyances between games that’ve just as bad, if not worse than ads. I can promise you, if I wanted to play a tedious version of where’s Waldo, I would have downloaded where’s Waldo. It’s extremely annoying to tap through these pop ups. It’s like bloatware designed by the developer and implemented into their own app. Additionally, you’re forced to use power ups at the beginning of matches if you’re good at the game. This seems to help you at first, but actually swaps out the strategy out of the game in favor of randomization that - I promise - will make you lose more than once. I’d rather never use power ups because they’re actually just a ploy by the devs to make you lose the game and buy MORE power ups or skips because you think you’re bad at the game. All of that being said, I’m probably gonna Lee playing the game despite the annoying setbacks, because overall, the core game is fun..Version: 6.12.0

Recent updateI’ve been playing This game for at least 6 years, I love two dots!! since the recent update it just seems impossible to get a really good satisfying run of squares, I play two dots for the satisfaction and the graphics, it’s empty’s my mind and is a great distraction. But lately I just feel irritated!! No one plays this game for a challenge!.Version: 6.7.0

Addictive but it forces you to payI have downloaded this game and playing it for a couple of days. It is addictive, no doubt about it. Aesthetic, sounds and often cleverly put dramas are fascinating. But they are all baits to get you hooked into the games and buy coins. The algorithm will not allow you to progress without buying offers or watching adds. I understand they need to make money but there are lits if other apps making money without pressuring you to pay for levels. Such as similar games like candy crash. You don't need to use much brain or give attention as it is like candy crush with better graphics. I like games where I can use my brain. I really liked the game it has where you need to find things, but after just levels, it's asking me to buy the next level. Annoying! So, I will be deleting this app for nagging for money in each level. Also, it is an app for procrastinators. Dangerous for those who cannot control addictions. So be careful before you download this app as it psychologically prays on you..Version: 6.6.2

UghGame eventually becomes literally unplayable after a certain point without paying for boosters, dont bother with your time if you want a game that isnt just a cash grab scam.Version: 6.18.3

Not as advertisedNot a puzzle game as advertised. More like bejewelled or candy crush..Version: 6.21.4

They ruined the experience!The new update makes it impossible for me to enjoy with my sensory needs the haptic vibration they use now has made me drop my phone multiple times (thank goodness for a good case) turning it off still changes the way the gam feels requiring my to concentrate more and the experience is draining and no longer recuperating like it was before. Until this last update I never failed their weekly challenges now I will not be able to :((.Version: 6.16.4

Crashes constantlyGetting annoying! Otherwise... great :p.Version: 6.21.4

False advertisingNot what was shown on the Instagram Ad.Version: 5.11.2

Watch out for double purchase scam!Yup! That's right. SCAM. If you plan to play the game be aware of the fact that in-app purchases that are doubled seconds from each other. I have contacted the developer MONTHS ago about this issue - they are well aware of it, at this point the glitch is not a glitch but a fully intended scam getting double money from the players. Shame on you!!.Version: 6.5.1

Can't even play the gameOn the description it says the game requires 10.0 or later. Well my phone is 12.8 but the game still crashes. Can't even open a level or browse my avatars. Seriously in need of fixing. For what it's worth, my phone has adequate storage (used less than half so far) and I even tried deleting and redownloading the app. I couldn't end the tutorial because of the crashing. Annoying!.Version: 6.23.1

Pay for playingImpossible to play for more time without paying. The buttons for buying pops up every time you play (easy for kids to push it and buy). The mechanic it self is nice but they do it in a way that you can’t win more than 2 times without losing all your life. And of course if you want to play more you have to buy more life or wait 20 minutes for one life (time enough to lose 5). Highly addictive and kind of stressful if you want to continue playing because you can’t..Version: 3.17.8

Unnecessarily difficult early onI played this when it first came out and got quite far until hitting a level I just couldn’t get by and eventually deleted it out of frustration. Decided to download it again a couple years on, can’t say I’m impressed by the new features. It’s disappointingly difficult almost immediately. I enjoy puzzle games that can actually be solved and you get the satisfaction of progress. This new water feature is just ruining it frankly. Visually it’s great. The music is nice, no complaints in terms of style. But the game play is where it lets you down. I want something I can just relax and do a few puzzles on my break, not get annoyed and frustrated that I blow through all my lives in 5 minutes on the same level! I’m not competing for a place in Mensa, I just want a little serotonin buzz from connecting the dots. Devs, can you just reign it in a bit? Edited to add - confirming what everyone else had said, the game does aggressively pursue you to spend money. It is annoying and off putting..Version: 6.23.1

It’s full onIt’s like the creators keep getting ideas and instead of making a new game they stick them all in the one game. It’s really full on, you don’t know what’s happening or coming and you’re left sitting there going “why is this here?”.Version: 6.7.0

Will hound you for moneyI love this App in that it’s addictive and beautifully designed... but geez, prepare yourself to be hounded to buy stuff, connect to Facebook, watch videos to “earn” more lives etc. It really detracts from the enjoyment of game. Particularly annoying at the moment is a glitch where you watch a 30-second video to get a bonus life or booster only to see a black screen at the end. This means closing the App and starting again - and worst of all, upon re-launching, you haven’t received your free life or booster. So you try again and the same thing happens... so frustrating. Please fix as I’m close to deleting..Version: 5.5.5

Disgusting cash grabThe interface is beautiful clean minimalism. A fun puzzler. But this whole concept of paying to get ahead has to die. It becomes clear after only a short while playing that you will have to buy boosters to get past the levels. Games should reward a player’s skills. Players should not have to buy cheats in order to get ahead. Also PLEASE do away with the limited lives nonsense. Let us just pay once to buy the game and make the levels achievable without cheats. I hate this whole concept and it used too often in today’s games..Version: 3.20.2

Was fun, forced ads intrusiveI enjoyed this game and the various ads and whatnot fit with within the normal flow we see in freemium games. Recent ads had no exit, no option, forcing me to interact with the sponsored “mini game”. Very intrusive dark pattern. Closed the game, uninstalled the app, wrote this review. Nope..Version: 6.18.9

Far too pushy on purchasesOk, the game is beautiful, but I think the game developers are way too pushy on getting you to buy extra stuff. Like really, really pushy. Levels are deliberately designed to be challenging enough to need power-ups in places (or a tediously long series of re-runs until some random god smiles in your favour), but oh here's another ad for another power-up. Definitely never get this game for a kid or you'll likely go broke. I'd give this a five star review otherwise. Crappy pushing of purchase options constantly ruin an otherwise great game..Version: 3.25.3

Why’d you have to cover up the beautiful map?I’ve been playing this game for probably six years a this point. I started the game all the way back when there were only about 500 levels. Now that there are over 2500, there are so many gimmicks, cash-grabs, and events, that it seriously saps the charm and appeal. I understand money is a top priority, but the “gold mine” is complete BS and you know it. But my biggest complaint is the newest update. How come all of a sudden you feel the need to conceal the entire map until you’ve reached that section? I used to look forward to updates because I loved how incredible the map looked. The creativity, imagination, and simplicity that went into it was incredible. I wanted to know what new area would come next. It’s so disappointing that now I can’t scroll up and down the sprawling minimalist map ogling the diversity. I really hope you change this. I’m truly underwhelmed by this new update. I doubt you read your reviews anymore but this will remain 2 stars until it is changed back..Version: 5.20.7

Ruined by not-so-micro transactionsVery well made, rather fun and adorable art style, but absolutely ruined by one of the most invasive (and expensive!) pay-to-play models I have ever seen. Play it for the first twenty or so levels then ditch it. Don’t waste a cent, you’ll need an extension on the mortgage to progress any further anyway. Glad I haven’t wasted any money on it....Version: 3.20.2

Not too badQuite good fun to play, but spoilt by the constant "Buy" moves and/or lives prompts if you fail a level. Particularly annoyed that although you can “win” certain items on Piñata levels or the largely useless “boxes” on treasure hunts etc ... there is NO way to win coins. They have to be paid for with hard cash. The keys only allow you to “buy” the most useless items. Apart from that, I’ve been playing it for a couple of years, but slightly irritated that the new “special level” can only be played by buying coins. My “Gold Mine” is constantly full ... but it’s really not worth £2.99 😂.Version: 5.3.2

Up sells are their down spellThis game is really nice to play. Simple, takes your mind of things and not over stimulating and nauseatingly colourful or hard to follow like candy crush. However you can’t keep the prizes you earn without buying a bigger treasure box and you quickly reach levels that are very, very hard if not impossible to beat for everyone who’s not employed by NASA... Too hard for a relaxation game anyway. These levels you can’t beat without buying things.. I’d rather buy the app and not have to keep buying things to beat impossible levels..Version: 5.8.4

Room for improvementAs much as I like killing time playing games like this, unfortunately like many other puzzle games of a similar nature, it’s completely geared towards encouraging you to spend ridiculous money on in game items by ensuring you get stuck on a level for days. Furthermore, a lot of the levels are repetitive and it becomes a little dull at times. The sub games are completely pointless and almost impossible to complete. I think the developers need to up their game in terms of offering better rewards and ensuring the sub games are achievable. On the plus side, the visuals are nice to look at..Version: 4.6.1

Why should I report an issue with Two Dots?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Two Dots to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Two Dots customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Two Dots.

Is Two Dots not working?

Two Dots works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Two Dots.

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