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VVVVVV App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

VVVVVV app received 30 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using VVVVVV? Can you share your negative thoughts about vvvvvv?

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Horrible controlsThis game wold be fun if it didn't play so terrible. Your character will either slightly shift forward or run all the way across the screen with one single tap. It makes no sense how terrible the controls are. I tried all three control settings and the pad seemed best, but all were terrible. I was able to deal with it until the escort mission where it became impossible. I think 90% of my deaths were from my character just walking off ledges when I didn't tell him to do anything. Absolutely ridiculous..Version: 1.01

Doesn't load? Need update?On my iPhone 5s the game hangs after first loading screen :( Hopefully a known issue and Terry can fix ;) Looking forward to playing this again.Version: 1.01

It's ok but clunkyThe move control isn't exactly precise so the game can quickly feel more frustrating then fun..Version: 1.01

Bad wordsDon’t play it’s a waste of time.Version: 1.02

Hype machine... And I use to hear many grievances over Angry Birds but this one is really a waste of time it takes to redeem the code. The End..Version: 1.01

Not made for mobilePlayable and enjoyable on mobile, but not great. Frequent occasions of directional inputs not registering. Seems the input area is only the game width, but it also extends a variable amount off the game window? Hard to figure out how to control your character. Even an hour or two in..Version: 1.02

Broken GameJust paid for and downloaded this but it is broken. The loading screen just turns black and nothing ever happens. It should be removed from the App Store until it gets fixed. (I deleted and redownloaded just incase but it still doesn't load ever).Version: 1.01

Kinda disappointedThe main "campaign" isn't bad it isn't very long but it's fun I'm only giving it 3 stars because ther isn't enough levels there is only like 10 extras but on pc there is like 50 please add more I got bored fast....Version: 1.01

No longer compatibleLove the game, just got it, only to find that it is no longer going to work with future updates without a compatibility update. Please read this and update so that all who have your game can continue to use it! Thank you.Version: 1.01

Graphics too small for the iPhoneI loved this game so much on the Mac that I impulse-bought it for the iPhone without really thinking. Unfortunately it's a straightforward port of the PC version, which means that the graphics are so small my eyes went funny. It also wastes a lot of space at the edges of the screen. The controls are very nice though, so I imagine it's pretty good on the iPad..Version: 1.01

No updates ever? Very Dated. BoringFirst message you get is a warning that this app will slow your iPhone down because the developers haven't updated it for nearly THREE YEARS. It's just barely compatible with the newest iOS. I understand it's supposed to look vintage, but the graphics are blurry. The game looks like a beginner made it and it's honestly not worth the $.99 I wasted on it because after 5 mins of playing, I'm bored out of my mind and ready to delete. I wish I could get a refund..Version: 1.01

Frustrating but forgivingRestart a new life every split second, no time at all. Music is heavily "inspired" from Street Fighter. Hard to jump and direct at the same time - controls are frustrating. :(.Version: 1.01

Ichhh !!!Too hard !!.Version: 1.01

OuchThe graphics on this port are lousy. way blurry compared to the pc version. too bad, since the game rules..Version: 1.01

CrashThe game keeps crashing when I touch a teleporter. Then when I reload my save file is corrupted and I'm greeted with a black screen with just music and I have to start a new game. Rinse and repeat. Using an iphone 5. Really want this game to work because it is good but just broken I. It's current state. Please fix!.Version: 1.01

Fun game but sound is a dealbreakerThe fact that you can't turn down the music in the game kills this game for me. I want to be able to listen to music or a podcast when I play and I can't..Version: 1.02

Impossible 100%The Game Never Ends When You Reach The Final Challenge.Version: 1.02

A must haveIf you've never played VVVVVV, now is the time to buy and play it! One of the best game of its genre, with absolutely incredible chiptune music PPPPPP. I am playing this great game for the second time while enjoying the new metal version of the music, MMMMMM. If you're looking for an original gameplay mechanic and love difficult challenges, get the game nOOOOOOw!!!.Version: 1.01

Does not workSays its loading then crashes. :(.Version: 1.01

OkLiked it on pc - but its a straight port and finger is frequently in the way, graphics are too small, need reworked for touch. great story but if it hadn’t have been for the original on pc/ds this would flop on iOS alone - not worth paying for unfortunately.Version: 1.01

Wont start on iphone 5 ios 8.2 FIX!!!!!Hey i bought vvvvvv for iphone 5 ios 8.2 and after the first loading screen it's all black. Please update..Version: 1.01

Freezes on 5SAfter loading screen it stays on black screen.Version: 1.01

BoringTouch controls are not precise enough for a game like this. Repetitive movements and gameplay. Got this on sale and I still spent too much..Version: 1.01

TerribleWorst game I have ever downloaded. Boring and monotonous and at the same time incredibly frustrating as the controls are jittery and imprecise to the point that the game is essentially unplayable. I seriously question the validity of all these positive reviews - clearly written by the developers..Version: 1.01

IPhone 6Please fit to iPhone 6.Version: 1.01

AwfulWhat ever you do don't buy this for your own good don't, it is the most repetitive games I have ever played, just don't get it. Oh and one more thing don't get it. :(.Version: 1.01

I hate itControls are impossible and the port is not as good as I hoped it would be as the graphics are too small and don't looks as refined as they were on the PC.Version: 1.01

Level editor NOW!!!!!!!!!!!PLZ ADD LEVEL EDITOR WITH TOOLBOX NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!👾👾👾 MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.02


Swearing SecretIf you go to a place in this game you will meet a person who swears, by saying the F-word and the D-word..Version: 1.01

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