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Assassin's Creed Identity app received 101 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about assassin's creed identity?

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AndrewShould be free cause you have to buy things in the game. Not bad though. I prefer pay and play. I hate in-app purchase features! Update: Won't launch without internet connection. Quite frustrating! Don't understand why I can't play the single player part without the online crap!?!?!?.Version: 2.8.10

Lost characters and progress after updateI lost all my characters, currency and equipment after the last update. It started the again game from being a beginner. 4 level 27 characters and years lost. Will be boycotting all ubisoft games including on xbox for at least 1-2 years because of this..Version: 2.8.9

Freeses after the start. Want my money backThe darn thing freezes from the start. Cannot play.i have ios 13 on ipad pro..Version: 2.8.10

Doesn’t workI’ve downloaded the app, but it doesn’t work, when I tap the buttons, nothing shows up, it’s as if I’m not even tapping it even though I am, I am using an iPhone 6 on iOS 10, pls fix this and if it isn’t a bug, pls tell me what is wrong..Version: 2.8.6

There’s no menuI started playing the game, and was immediately impressed. The graphics are incredible, and the gameplay mechanics are surprisingly well tailored, for what is usually a rather complicated game. However I encountered a problem shortly after I began playing the game. When I opened the application, it would not give me an option to click on anything other than the, inventory, skill set, and forge, buttons. So I can’t get into the main game, if anyone maybe the developers could help me with this that would be great, thank you!.Version: 2.8.9

Potential but no pay off.The game had potential but it’s hard to play because the controls fight themselves. The analogue stock and camera don’t work smoothly together which leads to running into corners, crowds, and jumping off buildings when you don’t mean to; not to mention the active skill button doesn’t always display actions fast enough in order for it to be useful. Half the time I walk past a target the button doesn’t change into what it’s supposed to. If I click on the open field instead of using the button it’s too easy to click on anything else which can ruin whatever mission you are on. In a stealth based game CONTROL is everything. Can’t be a sneaky assassin when you move like a clunky, uncoordinated idiot..Version: 2.8.10

Updates?It would be better if you could type in the new updated features instead, would give this 5 stars if the game had a storyline that you could play through, having different missions instead of the ones that you have unlocked..Version: 2.0.0

GoodOverall the game is great. Downsides are that: one, it sometimes crashes. Secondly, please remove the download after launching the app, have it together with the app on the app store. Have two currencies instead of three. And thirdly, mission lengths is too small. I am able to finish a mission in almost a minute. A mission should be at least 15 minutes long. The app i believe is on a soft launch at the moment and i am happy it gives a good , almost authentic AC experience. Please provide a bigger map (as in area) and instead of selecting missions from a menu, have it on the map so the assassin could search and locate a mission. Assassin customizability also needs to be improved. Create a store to purchase equipment and skins. And please fix the crash issue!.Version: 1.0.1

Endless connectingMy game stuck at main menu, always connecting. Cannot even play one second. My iPad is latest version of iPad Air..Version: 2.8.10

Not able to moveIt’s a really good game it just doesn’t let me run for more that a couple of seconds and it randomly sends me to different places around me even when I’m not touching the screen so if u could I really think that needs to be looked at. Now every time I go on the game it won’t load properly so that I can’t do anything on it..Version: 2.8.6

HeyI downloaded game on app store Would like money back it, Wont let me play or log in.Version: 2.8.10

It was fun before the campaign ended*PLEASE UPDATE THIS GAME* It has a great potential. I deleted the game then reinstalled it but it cleared my data. I installed it again but restarted my phone before opening it and I got all my progress back!! Don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing game. They are some complaints I think you should know if you are thinking about getting this. First let’s start with the pros: The campaign mode was fun. It is also fun collecting all the info on the buildings and enemies. Also, collecting new items and powers (like sticky bombs) for my assassin is fun. It is so fluid and feels natural climbing the rooftops and sneaking up on enemies. The cons: They devs need to fix the terrible forging system. I always get stuck with an item with a lower item level then the one I used to forge it and I never have enough credits to reforge the items. The game is 1.99 and has lots of in-app purchases. I understand that the developers need to make some money, but I don’t think they should sell levels. Also, the campaign mode is way too short. They need to add more levels instead of paying 2 dollars for a couple of extra levels. Please add more campaign (with no in app purchases). I think they can get money in other ways. Finally, I wish that the game would get updated graphics and maybe some transportation like horses..Version: 2.8.10

Control System Needs WorkFirst of all, anyone saying it doesn't run on iPod Touch 5, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or below needs to read the game description before reporting crashes and giving bad reviews. To the actual game, I can't enjoy it in all it's assassiny glory because of the camera control options. They need to resort back to left side joystick, right side move camera because what they got going on ain't working. Physical buttons would also be better for combat. Needs work before worldwide launch but good on them for attempting to bring AC to mobile.Version: 1.0.1

Frozen Screen?!?!Just downloaded this game and only finished the second task and now the game is frozen on the screen where campaign and social tabs are available. I can’t get any response from the screen anywhere I tap. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, rebooted my iPad and closed out any active screens and still no luck!?!? Quite annoyed now! All my other apps are working just fine so I’m fairly certain it’s the game. What can be done OTHER than all the other steps I’ve already done? 😡😠.Version: 2.8.10

Its okOverall it isn't bad for free. The controls aren't as good as they could be and the combat is terrible. Also you run really slow and the parkour isn't as good as the proper assassin's creed games as you can't jump across street lights and the camera always looks down too much when you are on rooftops. But it's mainly just the controls that annoy me the most..Version: 1.0.1

Looks great, plays ok.Tiny review: looks amazing! Great fan service to earlier AC games. Gameplay is so-so. Ok I guess, but very simple, not engaging. Combat like having autopilot on. No real story, or reason for being there, just missions with goals you don't care about. Still worth a look if you are an AC fan or just want to see the spectacular graphics..Version: 1.0.1

Strong DON’T BUYUbisoft have abandoned this game. It is designed to connect to their servers on startup, before and after each mission, but it is clear they have not maintained sufficient server resources to respond in a reasonable time. Regularly waiting for a network connection when a network connection isn’t needed for gameplay AT ALL makes this game a massive failure. The gameplay isn’t worth the wait or the frustration. Do not spend any money on this game..Version: 2.8.10

Lost progress, restart, go back to old progressOk, so update comes, i lose my stuff right? So i made do and restart. A month later, with even better gear than my old account, new update comes. I update, but i lose my good progress and restart back to my old one. That was the last straw for me im uninstalling this trash. 1star updates are unstable, was fun while it lasted.Version: 2.8.10

In-app Purchases 😡😡😡I brought this thinking once I paid for the game that would be it, but of course it turns out I was very wrong. I would be ok with it if it was for just the new characters, or money. However, I paid for this then I found out that I have to pay for the second chapter. Deleted the app. Don’t recommend wasting your money on it..Version: 2.8.6

Don’t not purchase game freezes after 3 missionPurchased the game then proceeded to play 3 missions. when I completed the third it locked out all control at the main menus and restarting ,reinstalling nothing helps. I checked online and many people have had this issue with the only response to complaints being to ask for a refund ..Version: 2.8.10

There’s a new problem with the gameI have played the game for a long time now and when the new update was released today Wednesday 7th November when I loaded up the game it made me restart from the beginning I couldn’t even link it to my Facebook account to get my stuff back it’s just gone and I don’t know what to do..Version: 2.8.9

Doesn’t workI can’t believe this. I have an iPod touch 6th gen but it won’t work. I open the game and it stays on the loading screen. And it said it was compatible with iPods. Please fix this so my money doesn’t go to waste. I really want to play assassians creed. Thanks.Version: 2.8.10

Can't even get past create profile screen on iPad ProWhile the training demo was fun the first time around, once you get to the "create a profile" screen on an iPad Pro, you are stuck - prompted to enter a profile name, but nowhere to enter it, and the only thing that responds to a tap is the Privacy Policy button, which opens a URL in a web browser. Have tried restarting the app three times, varying the few things I can - logging into my Apple account as prompted or not, logging into Facebook or skipping it, all with the same result. Searched the support site to no avail. You can create world-class games, but you can't even create a login screen that functions? Beyond frustrating..Version: 2.8.6

Great game just a few problemsThe internet connection is 1 problem The lag on iPad 2 is way to much lag I think you should probably take the internet bit away and fix the lag than this game would be a full 5 star rating.Version: 1.0.1

Offline and free roamI reckon now that iPhones are getting better and stronger why not change up the whole story and make it an actual assassins creed story with offline and the ability to free roam around a city.Version: 2.8.9

AMAZING🤩🤩🤩 BUT...Good graphics but could be better if the flori crimeson was for free it would be better if you could go inside the buildings especially the mansion in monteggori and if you could make the people talk and defend themselves also make an assassin brother hood with real assassins that walk with you everywhere..Version: 2.8.10

Stops loading after main menuGame doesn’t load after the main menu. I just bought it yesterday & couldn’t play. Shame.Version: 2.8.6

I expected betterUbisoft, the hardware that our phones have today that can run games are even better than the first series of PSP's BLOODLINE. No clear story, no plot, I'm not impressed. At least I only spent .99 for IDENTITY, after giving it about 20 minutes of gameplay, all I have seen are some decent animations of assassinations, and decent stealth mechanics(The only reason why this gets two stars). The climbing is about as expected. Yeah I have my own identity after making my own character, but if this is based on Ezio's time period, why not introduce him as an NPC that sends you on the quests that shape Ezio's legion of Assassin's. Abstergo is getting overrated, change it up and reintroduce some of our modern day Assassin's Creed crew..Version: 2.8.6

Can’t playGot the game yesterday freezes on home page can’t press campaign a Or anything for that matter. Give my money back..Version: 2.8.10

Open worldPls make an open world mode.Version: 2.8.6

Internet...Internet Only... Come On.Version: 2.8.10

Bugs prevent playing for longExperienced the same problems as others. Game reset itself after last update losing all progress (was at level 18). Restarted and this time it froze when introducing quests at level 10. Restarted again and now can’t get past creating a profile... shame because it was a fun reminder of the old AC games. Would love to have seen more locations added like Venice and Istanbul and would pay for them too, if the game ever starts working again. Support seems scant. If you liked playing AC2/Brotherhood, enjoy it while it works but don’t spend more on in-app purchases than you don’t mind writing off if the game dies 24 hours later....Version: 2.8.9

Good but..Can’t play with the Gamedevice controller... please fix it. Thank you!.Version: 2.8.6

It’s a pretty good game but some things need to be fixedSo my first complaint is that you can’t play as a girl- I don’t know assassins creed story and if playing as a girl can be done in other games but I don’t like that you can’t change the gender identity of your character Secondly, the fighting is weird- I feel like I should be able to move and attack at the same time but I can’t and it just feels clunky? I don’t know if that’s the word I’m looking for but I’m gonna use it Other than those two things, it is a pretty good game though.Version: 2.8.10

Fun game however...The game is fun for a mobile game however, the campaigns take you to level 15 maybe 16? And 2.2k ish power. Yet you want us to do the same contracts over and over and over for hardly ANY reward, I did a days worth of contracts and MAYBE got a level and a half and power boosted about 200. Which I believe is a “pay wall” to get people to pay to boost up to max lvl and power. But if you guys fix that and do hard mode and heroic modes for the campaigns so they can help you level up and get geared while making the missions harder, that’d be awesome. I’m almost at veteran and it’s extremely repetitive right now..Version: 2.8.6

Game sucksFreezes up if it actually loads what a waste of money.Version: 2.8.10

LaggyI want a refund please because it’s laggy very glitchy and it’s not really what I thought it was and it keeps forcing me to home screen, i deleted the app because it’s a waste of storage (Please refund) but on ps3 this game is good (black flag).Version: 2.8.10

CrashesWould be a fun game but freezes in the main menu, so can’t play..Version: 2.8.10

Error message. App not loadingJust purchased app today and it's not working.Version: 2.8.6

Work In ProgessI was excited for Ubisoft to release this mobile game, as I have enjoyed many of the other Ubisoft games made in the past. Unfortunately, when I downloaded it and started playing, it was lagging on my 2nd generation iPad badly and the frame rate was very low. I hope that somehow this is fixed in an update, but for now it doesn't feel nice to play this game. Secondly the combat controls are strange and I dislike them. Hopefully there is an update where there is different control options. The graphics are nice and the audio and dialogue is good. This game looks to be great, but for now it's got a lot of problems that need to be fixed..Version: 1.0.1

Ps2 graphicsI’ve been playing the new call of duty mobile recently and it’s really made me think of how bad the graphics of this game are. It’s horrible. I’m not coming on here with ill intentions to crap all over this. It’s a great start, but I know you guys can do better. This has so much potential. Online playing, more realistic graphics, better assassins. More maps. The list goes on. I know that there are limitations for smartphones, but Ubisoft is a multi million dollar company. You guys could make bank off this. And I’d gladly pay for a decent assassins creed mobile game. Or one with in-game purchases. This is my favorite franchise. I just want you guys to do good. And I want people who don’t have the money to spend on a console to be able to play this game and not feel left out. That’s all I’m saying. I hope you guys take what I say into consideration. Much love. - a fan.Version: 2.8.10

Not the most enjoyable game...Even for the assassins creed hardcore fan, the flow and feel of the game due to the limited touch screen controls and layout of missions and levels leaves much to be desired. For the current price however, it’s not a terrible game. Just keep in mind there are other games around which are more for filling; for the same price..Version: 2.8.6

Control :(The Game is cool and all that , but the Most Thing what disturbs me is the control ! You can't change the control mode by the game , so the game experience isn't very good ! If they're making more control modes , i will give 5 of 5 Stars ! But the game is good and graphic and all this :) just the control.Version: 1.0.1

Waste of moneyI opened up the game and played the first few tasks but as I went into one of the menus on my chosen character the only option from there was to enter the button titled inventory, so I did the inventory didn’t present any sort of exit button so I tried swiping in various directions with no change, so now I’m stuck whenever I open up the game it comes to the first of the mentioned menus and when I enter the inventory the only way back is to exit the game and start it up again. This may only be a rare glitch but spending £1.99 on a game that does only these things is a waste of money..Version: 2.8.9

Worst gameIt’s got stuck at home page. I have tried everything but nothing is working, it’s not processing any further..Version: 2.8.10

I'm disappointed guys /:What have you done to assassins creed guys? It is completely different. I can't say I like it at all. If you were to change the controls, this would be the best game on the App Store, no question about it. But with such strange controls so unlike the traditional, it just destroys my whole experience. I'm all for difference, unless it destroys a game with so much potential. I love assassins creed. I love you guys at Ubisoft. I cannot, say, however, that I like this game. Please change the controls guys, I know you're going for RPG, but it's really just a weird cross between RPG and traditional assassins creed. This game is still pretty fun, keep up the good work..Version: 1.1.1

Not like the Assassin's Creed Games at all!The game, first of all, is not open world, why not just make the game open world to explore, and then do challenges from the game (maybe the townsfolk can give the character missions through interactions with them, much like the console games of Assassin's Creed). There storyline is also very, very, short! The game needs more of a story to it, this just made the rest of the game boring. Also, can you add a joystick or d-pad, I don't like the touch commands to move the character. Please update the game more frequently, there are many bugs, and, if you can, please add more details to your maps. I am actually a pretty big fan of the Assassin's Creed franchise, and this game was just a disappointment. Me and my friend bought this game, and he deleted it a week later, so please, just make your game better!.Version: 2.8.10

Please Fix!!I really enjoy playing this game and have been since its’ release! But it is having some major issues that have gradually gotten worse and one star is all I can honestly give it at this time! The game play constantly lags, is jerky, freezes, and sometimes disconnects altogether. Also it has become very hard to control the direction of movement. There have always been occasional minor game play issues, but not like this and it’s getting to the point where it is just too difficult to get through the game! I only wish it ran as smoothly as the ads! No problems there! I was considering buying the Forli mission, but NOT when it is running like this! I use an Apple IPad Air which is running the most recent IOS update (11.2) I also have a strong WiFi connection/good internet speed. I do like this game very much but if the problem continues, well, it just really won’t be worth playing any longer!.Version: 2.8.6

UNACCEPTABLE, Ubisoft! What a cash grab!First, the campaign is extremely short. The missions were mostly the same, and there is also a mission called Forli that you have to pay for. Ubisoft is already one of the leading video game companies! To add insult to injury, the campaign took me 30 MINUTES. The game is extremely glitchy, and it is honestly the laziest job on anything I’ve ever seen. There is no character development, partially because there IS NO SCRIPT. THERE IS NO SCRIPT!!!!! That is UNACCEPTABLE! I am a pretty big fan of the AC franchise, and it is a huge disappointment. Ultimately, this is not worth your time and money. It is a lazy effort from a company blinded by greed. This is a lazy, greedy, shadow of AC. You aren’t missing anything if you decide not to play this. Three bucks out the window. You can get a pocket sized laptop ( GPD pocket, or something else, also, 3,4 and Rogue are on switch. Also a Dell venue). Skip it..Version: 2.8.10

Just one wee thing..Plz make a mod in which you can go anywhere and kill anyone you want, because I don’t like games that have only missions and no free roam, because once you complete the missions, then you have to do them again..and again.. I know it would take a long time to make that mod but plz just start and making it..and just let me know, thank you 🙏🏻.Version: 2.8.10

Not so greatIt looked amazing and had the potential to be great but the controls are letting the game down. I did one mission and was already getting annoyed with the character just doing random things because the controls are so difficult. Rather than looking around he kept climbing on things or stabbing people as the “right bottom corner” is already occupied by other options so it’s very difficult to get the camera up to look around and change direction. I also had a couple of times that when hiding in a haystack the screen just froze and there was no other option than to restart the game. By the second mission I got so frustrated I gave up. Shame as I really looked forward to this..Version: 2.8.10

Too many bugsI can’t found main menu.Version: 2.8.9

DisappointingI thought I was paying for the full game. Not so. I’d done all the available campaigns within a couple of hours, bought the next set for more money, did them in half an hour and now it’s pretty boring. It’s far too easy, and I’ve never played any of the assassin games before, so it really shouldn’t be. I can’t increase the difficulty setting without either paying lots more money or playing it until my mind has gone numb with boredom. The 1998 game ‘thief’, of a similar genre, may not have had the same graphics, but the gameplay was far better. I’m disappointed..Version: 2.8.10

BugsSo first off during the tutorial I had a target so I jumped on top of a roof but when I was chasing him from the roof he spotted me from all the way down there and he wasn’t even looking at me! But I ignored it and kept going but when he got to the second one with guards I jumped down and killed him and the guards but after that there was a circle on the floor so I could leave but when I stepped on it it said 0m away yet I Was waiting for 15 minutes and never got to leave.Version: 2.8.6

Please fix main screen lag bugWhen I bought this game it was amazing to play and the quality of the missions was brilliant as well. However now when I load it up and go past the mail and Ubisoft updates, I am stuck on the screen where you enter the missions, and customise your assassin and all of the other options on that bottom bar. It would be amazing if you could patch this bug or glitch because I can no longer play something I payed for..Version: 2.8.6

Claims the product works on IPhone X LIES!I have recently purchased Assassin’s Identity as a time killer while my Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion, resources accrued. But sadly this game doesn’t seem to past the first mission. When asked to create an account, ERROR with the server seems to occurred. Well Ubisoft, It’s not my connection or iPhone X (Most definitely the servers which you’ve abandoned but claimed to have fixed.) I’ve tried multiple attempts to close the app and load it back up, but the following tends to reoccurred. Bear in mind, I’ve always enjoyed the Assassins Creed series since the beginning of its release on the Xbox 360 and I love to believe the developers are “trying” their best to fixed the problem, but until then I believe the developers should be considerate and mindful towards their fan/consumers and have this game locked from being purchased/downloaded; while these experience tends to occur. And definitely refund the recent purchases. Until then I warn everyone to not download this game, despite the fact it’s two dollars. 1/5 stars Ubisoft I’m disappointed.Version: 2.8.10

Ok gameThe game play is smooth - it's structure is easy to navigate and the controls flow really well, though it's hard to control in the beginning - once you get used to swapping between running and walking the game play improved. The reason I have only given three stars is because the app won't open and hasn't opened all day. It keeps saying connecting even though I have a good wifi connection, meaning I lose out on the log in rewards. While that is disappointing this is still a decent game - definite must have..Version: 2.0.0

Not worth $2The story line is bad, the graphics are overrated, and the game mechanics are almost un useable. This game should be free or taken off the App Store all together..Version: 2.8.10

MDoesn’t open this game and sometimes open then doesn’t working .. just show game graphics Fix this.Version: 2.8.10

Won’t let me past the third mission 🤔😡Look, I’m going to be honest and say out of the three missions I’ve been able to play I have very much so enjoyed this game, but i had to do an upgrade on one of my skills for this tutorial, and every time I go to upgrade said skill is says there’s an error connecting to my server no matter how many times I retry to connect. I can’t avoid doing this upgrade as it won’t allow me to press on anything else until I do it, problem is it also won’t let me finish said upgrade due to its ever reconnecting server which means I cannot press the back option to get out of it either 😡 My wifi works perfectly fine so I don’t understand why it’s having errors and cannot reconnect to the server, and I’m using an iPad Pro to play it so it’s not like I have outdated software either. I would love to continue playing this game if possible, but as of the current moment that is impossible..Version: 2.8.9

AwfulAwful game play mechanics.Version: 2.8.10

MonotonousGame play is very limited in what your character can do. Lousy techniques and only basic movements. Not only that, it has so many problems. Crashes all the time, doesn’t connect, or takes ages to load. Consistently getting the message; “Oops something went wrong”. I guess it’s only 2 bucks, so there’s not much invested in the initial purchase. But all around very limited are repetitive. Once you complete the short story, there’s not much else to do except play the same missions over and over. A valiant, yet sad attempt to measure up to the console version..Version: 2.8.10

UnplayableI was excited about this game when I saw it on the app store. I have played many of your games: Rayman, Motoheroz, Prince of Persia, Trials and Drawrace. I haven't experienced any problems with those games until I played Identity. I understand that it is not compatible with the touch5 but not only are you losing many potential players, but if I can download it and get to the loading screen, then whats limiting me from playing?! This app is still sitting in my ipod, waiting to be ipod5 friendly..Version: 1.0.1

Limited and crash’s a lotHaving tried this for a couple of weeks now what looks to be great fun is somewhat limited unless you PAY on top of which whilst playing it does and will crash mid mission. You must start again from the beginning of that mission. So for me it can be costly and unstable..... be warned!!.Version: 2.8.6

Sorry for two starsI wouldn’t have to give this two stars if this one problem was fixed. I just got the game a couple days ago and only got to play it for the first day. After that I would go in and either one get kicked out or two get in but not be able to press anything. I have tried deleting it and getting back also swiping up and going back in. None of that worked. But other than that (for the one day I played it), it was a great game. I’ve played black flag, the first and, the third (sorry if your ocd goes off for not playing the second) it is among those other ac games even for a mobile game..Version: 2.8.10

Almost amazingThe game is amazing without a doubt! The graphics are amazing and the stealth is pretty decent as well. However the controls are quite buggy and frustrating. For example, sometimes, the look controls on the right half of the screen sometimes change to movement controls and your character ends up moving instead of the camera moving, leading to getting detected and failing missions. Also, once you select an action, such as loot a chest, there is no way to cancel it. So if you suddenly want to turn around and run from the guards, you can’t! I wish there was a way to cancel such actions to avoid being detected. I really hope these controls are fixed and look forward to having more missions and regions added to this game..Version: 2.8.6

Very bad gameIt is very bad game.Version: 2.8.10

Does not support controllersGot this game for my iPad Pro, looks like it would be awesome but my Steel series nimbus won’t work with it. Blue Byte support confirmed that controllers are not fully supported and may only work partially, they recommended not using it. Fully add mfi controller support for more stars... or you can purchase more stars with a micro transaction... 🤪.Version: 2.8.6

AC Experiment, no more than that.The best way I can describe this game is that it’s an empty, experimental version of the the original AC games, but void of any story or any fun. It feels like a hollow failed template of how they want a future AC games on mobile phones to become, an idea that should have been scrapped from the start. After playing it for 20 minutes and knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t download it even if it was for free. Bottom line, it really is a very bad game in every way other than graphically. Avoid..Version: 2.8.10

Can’t Click On AnythingI’ve been playing this game for two days. Bought it for $1.99. Been having a lot of fun playing it. However, after the 8th mission or so, the game isn’t working anymore. I load it, it pops up with what should be the animus menu, but nothing’s there except the buttons. It won’t even allow me to click on the buttons anymore. When the game was working, it constantly required me to tap on the codex. And I would have issues with a lot of errors occurring. I would not recommend this game... Waste of time and money..Version: 2.8.9

There is a glitchI used to love this game but now when I get to the screen to play it doesn’t let me press anything so now I can’t play-.Version: 2.8.10

Stuck on the connecting screen.My game will just load forever saying connecting in the top left.Version: 2.8.10

De la grosse m..deNe marche pas ça indique « connexion » et ça fait juste charger mais y’a rien qui se passe je veux me faire rembourser c’est de l’arnaque!.Version: 2.8.10

Not much of assassins creed essenceDisappointed.. What made assassins creed great was the free movement of the player and fast slalom between pedestrian with jumps between buildings and huge melee combat.. In this case the graphics are good but the controls are very limited and it’s make everything very slow giving a lagging sensation. You are very limited interacting with things and everything looks very lineal.. They use small caracteres like doctors or messengers as part of the action and it is forcing you to buy upgrades like blue prints etc in order to make the gane a bit better.. The price of 2 £ is correct (no more)but I suggest paying 4 pounds more in buying the Bully or the GTA..Version: 2.8.10

Always crashesAssassin’s creed identity is a good game, but it crashes a lot that for me it has become a regular thing that happens for time to time. What makes it worst is that it usually happens when I’m about to finish my contract. Could you please fix this?.Version: 2.8.6

Dont workI payed for a game that doesn’t work every time I open it it close. 😤.Version: 2.8.10

Needs a lot of work!For a game that cost around about 7-$8, it has a lot of glitches and bugs. The updates do nothing to fix these bugs. There are some particularly annoying glitches, such as the money taking glitch! Just the other day I attempted to buy bounty hunter class, it cost 400 credits I had at the time 440, it took all but forty, and didn't give me the class!.Version: 2.7.1

IOS 11 UPDATE NEEDEDThis game doesn’t work on iOS 11 should make an update the sooner possible!.Version: 2.8.6

Controller issuesI used to play this game on my iPad mini with the Horipad Ultimate controller and it worked beautifully. I was able to get my AC fix without buying an Xbox, big plus. Then I had to get rid of my iPad mini and I got myself an awesome iPad Pro. Now, it’s been a while since I’ve played but I decided to pick it back up again and now it only senses when I use my analog stick and sometimes the menu(home) button. I’ve tried my controller on other games and it works just fine. This is a good game and I’ve enjoyed playing it so it gets 2 Stars, but I hate using the touch controls and not being able to use my controller has pretty much deemed the game unplayable to me. Once this odd issue is fixed though I’d be more than happy to bump this bad boy up to 5 stars!.Version: 2.8.6

Awesome game, one problemSuch an awesome game with great graphics, got to give it to you there. One problem it requires internet connection to play and I don't always have internet connection unless I'm home sitting in a room that has good wifi signal. Please remove internet connectivity requirement, then I'll give 5 solid stars 😃.Version: 1.0.1

Don’t expect to fork out a lot of moneyIt’s pretty poor how they’ve included IAPs, but you would need to shell out a good £70 to make them worthwhile, which once you’ve played this for a few hours, you’re reluctant to do. The gameplay is reasonably fun, but I’m not prepared to pay any more for an app that has iffy controls and a few bugs(constant error messages for no reason). Charge more for the app and get rid of the IAPs if you want less bad reviews..Version: 2.8.6

Ipad pro 2 12.9This game is console like on ipad pro 2. Buttery smooth 60fps. I have a huuge problem tho. I’m having MFI controller problems. I can only move around, no action buttons and I can’t move the camera. Playing on steelseries nimbus. Have deleted/reinstalled, hard restart and still nothing. Pleeease help..Version: 2.8.6

Great game with a lot of problemThis is by far the best AC games on mobile. but still need a lot of improvement/fix such as: 1. Terrible control often make me failed in some challenge 2. Bug (sometimes my char can’t move while on fighting & i need to close the game) 3. Using internet connection completely useless,because: a) it makes the game loading longer because every time we buying stuff,wear equipment,etc it’s always need to synchronise with server (often makes me stuck & need to close the game) b) Hireling doesn’t help much since we only can use for once in mission c) i want to play any time & any where without looking for hotspot 4. Campaign are just too short & way too easy 5. New update but the outfits disappear from shop/need to buy with true money = Bad idea.Version: 2.6.0

I had it onceI had it once it was a great game but I wanted a free mode so you can go where ever and kill whoever and do parkour. But that didn’t happen and I got maxed out and it got a bit boring. But now I want it again. So I got it did 1 mission on campaign and it then glitches me out of the game onto home screen. So I went back on and it was frozen can’t do anything now😔 and so I deleted it tons and installed it done everything I can think of but it’s still frozen even though it says data gets deleted. Please fix this because I used tho really like this game..Version: 2.8.6

Good game butCan’t get past the upgrade an ability part it keeps saying error 4000 and loads over and over again and again.Version: 2.8.9

Infinite loading screen don’t buy not worth itErrOr iT seEms a problem has occurred.Version: 2.8.10

This should be for freeI was very exited when I got this game because I thought that it would be at least a small amount similar to the other assassin’s creed games. Well, I now know that I thought wrong as this game has so many bugs and glitches. Also it doesn’t even have an open world option. This was also a set back to the game since all you do is quests which are too repetitive. Also what’s with the combat? Can you only escape every minute or so? Since I was playing and it is impossible to escape the guards as whenever you escape, they just chase after you and eventually you get into combat again and you need to wait another minute or so to either escape or defeat them. There is also this other annoying part where whenever I go into a hiding place, my character just goes back out of the hiding place. It is so annoying to play and the controls are difficult as when I try to move the camera, my character moves instead which I scrolled on the right side which is where you are meant to for moving the camera but then my character instead moves up a wall or into the open and I fail the mission. I would just stick with the other assassin’s creed games if possible..Version: 2.8.10

😕Bogue souvent pas super mais j’aime le jeux appart sa ^.Version: 2.8.10

Awesome game!I personally love the game and would definitely invite my friends to play it. Though I have to say that despite how awesome the game it has it’s drawbacks. I mean the game keeps trying to “Synchronize” all the time. It wouldn’t matter really if it doesn’t take about 5-10mins to sync but sometimes it happens frequently that it just frustrates you and forces you to reload the game. Hoping that the syncing issue gets fixed soon cause the game is amazing but with the issue at hand it kind of makes you think that the game’s not worth playing at all..Version: 2.8.9

OKThe game was ok to be honest with you guys. However, issues come from the lack of gains in currency and how expensive most items are in stores. Also the appearance of your character doesn't change at all by equipment, but only by outfits. I thought this was a game in which you make your own assassin, not just by and ezio outfit to look like another Ezio. Also the control for the camera is also problematic. Sometimes I want to move the camera, but I end up moving my character. This makes me become detected and desynchronize. All these changes must be made: -character appearance change based on equipment -more money from missions -camera control change.Version: 1.4.0

Can’t create profileCan someone help me when I create my profile and click confirm nothing happens!!.Version: 2.8.10

Assassins crewdBought this game and as soon as i set up a name thats as far as it goes i cant even play the game!! Very disappointed!!.Version: 2.8.9

Addictive.....butIts so awesome walking around Renaissance Italy in stunning detail and sounds. Every little detail is there down to find leaves hanging and blowing on roof. The only thing missing is smell and it is otherwise fully immersive. ------- UPDATE: None too impressed only A Murder of Crows campaign is the only one included. Once completed, which I have done, they want more money to play the next campaign. Sneaky, so I am taking back stars..Version: 2.8.6

I don’t like doing this...I have only been able to open the app once, enough time to choose my avatar, the game will no longer load and stays on menu trying to load but comes up with error message. I know it only cost £1:99 but if I pay for a product the least I expect is for it to work. There are no clear avenues to contact support, if the app is fixed and so it can be used I will know more about the game to give an honest review on the game..Version: 2.8.10

Ok...Great game, good gameplay. The campaign is really really short though and the extended one is hardly worth its price. The app reset my entire profile after a while playing and it's pretty much impossible to contact support so that's a bit disappointing... other than that, the graphics are amazing if not a bit laggy.Version: 2.8.9

If Ubisoft makes a mobile game, don’t buy it!This only applies to mobile games. The only problem with this game is the lack of entertainment. The game is so inaccurate of the real Assassin’s Creed gameplay. The first reason is the lack of things you can do in the game. You can’t jump on walls. You can’t juke. You also can’t make elaborate attack patterns; the gameplay is simply spamming a button and hoping you don’t get unlucky. However, the game is fun in the first few minutes, but I don’t think 4.99 is worth it for a knock off Assassin’s Creed gameplay. Like seriously, they expect you to pay two more dollars on top of the five dollars you pay to even play the game? Like seriously Ubisoft, really? The only reason I haven’t deleted this is I spent too much money and I want to get the legendary sword of Altäïr. But, this isn’t worth devoting time or money into it..Version: 2.8.6

Forge costs too much!Please fix the forge. It costs way to much to forge an item, only to have to reforge it 5-8 times to get an item worth using and even then you run out of coin before you get anything good. I understand you want people to pay real money to buy in game coin, but I’m more likely to stop playing a fun game that I enjoy than spend real money on buying in game coin just to forge and reforge halfa$$ gear. If you really want to make money, offer better gear in the shop, something players can really use..Version: 2.8.10

Good but not the bestI’d prefer to play on a ps4 or x-box. The better the experience the more you’d wanna play and for a game like this you’d want something more exciting. I personally did not fit this game to a mobile or any other device that is Touch screen..Version: 2.8.10

Good but keeps crashingHi it is a good game but for some reason now when i get to the loading screen it wont let me do anything, I cant click on missions or anything. If this issue was to be resolved this game would easily be a 4 or 5 star game.Version: 2.8.9

Glitch?It was initially amazing, with the tutorial and the graphics. After completing the tutorial and the first mission, I was unable to start the next mission as the menu screen glitched or froze. This was the screen after the news feed and information part. I tried to tap on the available buttons at the bottom of the screen and the settings button at the top, but nothing happened..Version: 2.8.6

Not Too GoodIt's goodish but not very good. The control of your character is horrible and it is difficult to move in built up areas. The combat is also not very good the enemies hardly ever strike you while you rain blow after blow upon them (even when the enemies do more damage and have more health than you). However it has a good tutorial and the graphics are good for the iOS (as good graphics are hard to come by on the iOS). Now I can even play the game as some error has occurred because apparently I haven't updated, I have but it just says I haven't. Please fix this Apple as I don't think this is Ubisofts fault..Version: 2.5.2

Why should I report an issue with Assassin's Creed Identity?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Assassin's Creed Identity to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Assassin's Creed Identity customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Assassin's Creed Identity.

Is Assassin's Creed Identity not working?

Assassin's Creed Identity works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Assassin's Creed Identity.

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