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StockX- Access the Now app received 105 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using StockX- Access the Now? Can you share your negative thoughts about stockx- access the now?

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Selling ok, DO NOT BOTHER BIDDING OR BUYINGI have sold one pair of sneakers and it went fine, however, I have won two bids on Nike x Off White collaborations (Air Max 97 Black & Vapormax Black) and both orders were cancelled due to issues with the seller, so I did not get either pair. After a week of the first sale not shipping and after multiple contacts with StockX (while being told to be patient and sip a daiquiri), the order was cancelled. I really wanted to purchase the sneakers and the price had gone up. I tried multiple times to see if anything could be done and I was basically told “StockX is a marketplace and is not responsible for orders that are cancelled”. No sneakers, no discounts and because this happened a second time, I WILL NOT BE BUYING SNEAKERS FROM STOCKX. I had active bids on 5 sneakers and I have taken them all down. In addition, I have also read on other reviews that people have made and they have not received the additional shoelaces with their StockX purchases (as the sellers are not required to send them), which can be a big hit if you spend a lot on an Nike x Off White Collaboration (the laces can sell for +$50). I would rather pay a little more money on another site and ensure I’m getting everything rather than get my order cancelled AGAIN and possibly not get extra laces..Version: 3.8.4

😕☹️Shipping costs a lot! especially if you live outside US, they’ll ask you for different shipping duties..Version: 3.8.5

Terrible after supportSold my shoes and have not get paid for 2 weeks. Send them over 5 follow up emails, only got back 3 times that they are looking into the incident, no updates, will take another 1 to 3 days. Only update is that they will assigned to another department. No phone number support, live chat is not live but leave a message for them to get back. Terrible..Version: 3.11.3

Poor customer serviceI purchased a pair of dunk lows. I received them and they are not authentic. I own many pairs of dunks. The sneakers don’t match, the weight of them are too light, the size is no where near a 5. I had reached out on June 21st via chat. I was told to wait 24-72 hours for a response. Well I never heard back from anyone. I reached out two more times and finally heard back July 1st. Tiffany from Customer service told me she required more pictures because apparently the 7 I sent weren’t enough. I explained to her I was out of town for the holiday and do not have them with me. I received an email this morning telling me my case will be closed because they never heard back from me. I literally just walked in the door and sent them to her. She said it’s their policy to close a case after 2 days of no response. I responded stating it took over a week and 3 case numbers to even get an email but it’s ok for them to only wait two days? I will never buy anything from here again. The customer service is not great and not to mention my sneakers are not authentic. They will tell you that they were inspected etc but came from Hong Kong and never told me until after my purchase. I should’ve believed what I heard on the news. Proceed with caution.Version: 5.7.5

Not overly impressedThe bidding system is confusing. The postage & handling is expensive. Be sure to check how many days your bid is lasting for. When you aren’t winning the bid or auction you get multiple messages to up your bid. Then when your bid isn’t active anymore barely any notification. I bought the same sneakers for $75 less. So make sure you compare other retailers before purchasing at high price.Version: 5.7.15

Worst and they scamIt’s been going around now and social media has helped bring this to light but stock x scams you - sends you fake stuff and hardly Authenticate it. I live overseas so sending these fake stuff back or faulty goods breaks my bank with the shipping and duty. Seriously don’t buy from them!.Version: 5.6.16

🖕🏽I paid 175$ for a pair of Jordan 11's and they said a week has been 2 weeks and the order is now not in my pending orders thanks for stealing my money!.Version: 3.11.0

Canadian buyer BEWARE!!You cant select the carrier so they ship it with either DHL or UPS and you don’t have a choice and cant select your favorite or best one.... turned out the 145$ cad tshirt came with DHL with a 63.07$ canadian duty fee. Really sucks wish I could cancel this. This was my first and last purchase this is ridiculous and non-sense. I did emailed somesone at StockX and that’s how it is nothing can be done about it... He clearly answered me every Canadian order is billed 40-60% of duties/fee. So you’ll ALWAYS pay 1/2 of what you just already paid.... I’ll shop elsewhere no thank you!.Version: 5.1.2

Sellers BewareSold an item on the 22th of April. Everything seemed normal packaged my shoes dropped them off at UPS no big deal. The next day I get a notification from stock x telling me they cancelled my sale. I was very confused at this point because I dropped off my item in the time frame that I was supposed to ship. I email stock x to see what the problem is. An agent from stock x tells me that I used the wrong tracking number. I told the agent this was the tracking that was provided and emailed to me. Keep in mind I’ve sold 3 times on stock x so I know the procedure. So the agent said not to ship my shoes. One problem, my shoes where already on the way. The way the agent acted was as if StockX makes no mistake. Sent her a picture of the email they sent me with tracking number. Clearly this mistake was on StockX’s end. No response from stock x for about 3 days. So once again I go out of my way to try and communicate with stock x about this issue. Finally agent tells me that they’re shipping my shoes back to me. This was on the 28th of April. May 7 and still no update on the tracking and I still haven’t gotten my shoes back. 19 emails back and forth and they still haven’t sent my shoes back. Stay away from StockX. I will never do business nor buy ever again. Send me my shoes back already it’s been 2 weeks!!!.Version: 5.4.12

ReviewI truly love this app I go on it multiple time throughout the week just to browse. If there is a shoe I am unable to get when it drops I can always depend on StockX to have it. BUT, recently I have been running into issues and it’s always with highly sought after shoes. I buy the shoes at the sale price and then done now I just wait and Ill have my shoes with in a couple of weeks. But now after the 3rd time of it happening to me I have now caught on that if before my shoe has been sent out to authentication if the price for the shoes has gone up I will receive an email stating I will be reimbursed my money with no explanation whatsoever and now 1. I have to wait for my money to be reimbursed and 2. Since the price has gone up since I purchased my pair of shoes I have to pay the difference. It is complete bulls$*t that I now have to fork out more money after payment was already taken from my account. I understand who wouldn’t want to get their money’s worth from an item they’re selling but if you post a sale price and it is accepted then you should honor the sale, not do all this shady business and take the pair you just said you would sell to me and sell it to the next person for more. StockX needs to do something about this if it continues I will be forced to stop buying from this platform all together..Version: 5.3.20

Pretty coolQuality shoes. I’ve bought four or five pairs from StockX. I’ll probably buy more when I really want a particular shoe. You have to know exactly what you want, search feature is busted. There no real browsing. Then you better already know how that shoe fits and be perfectly accurate on your bid. There is a ZERO RETURNS policy, which is utterly whack. Buy the wrong size, or they don’t fit right you’re out of luck. Accidentally bid on a size ten for my son and won. He’s a size 10.5 and when I contacted them they said try selling them. That’s pretty much the last thing a customer wants to hear. Bidding is meh, because you can bid up to the asked price, or whatever wait a month, and nothing happens. No notifications, no “someone has outbid” you like EBay, nothing. You have to check back in on prices. The follow feature is garbage. Basically you have to go here with the intention of spending all the money and your probably not going to save much. Order perfectly. Don’t plug in anything wrong or they will just laugh at you and keep your money. It’s a cool idea, it’s just not the best way to go about it. Great shoes. Brand new or at least the ones I bought. They clearly have solid products no worries there at all. Their execution meh....Version: 4.0.6

Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced - this app is a scamTook my money for an order that was never delivered. I flagged this repeatedly with customer service who would only reply to 1 out of every 5 emails or so with a generic “give us some time to look into it”. Eventually I had enough, realised my money had been stolen as the order was never going to be delivered and filed for a chargeback with my card provider. Once I did that they suddenly showed an interest in helping me out. However, things only got worse as they said they would freeze my account unless I withdrew the chargeback, despite the fact I was fully within my rights to ask my card provider to issue a chargeback, as the product failed to be delivered even months after the initial estimated date of delivery. To top it all off they have increased their fees making it more expensive to buy on their platform. The money from these higher fees must be going straight into the founders’ pockets because it certainly hasn’t been invested in customer service.Version: 5.2.8

Good concept poor execution & unresponsive supportPlaced a bid that was supposed to last 24 hours on a pair of shoes and 3 weeks later I get an email saying ‘order confirmed’ and that money has been taken out of my PayPal. I immediately contacted CS and have not heard back… won’t be using again until I get a refund and explanation. It’s scary when a company can just automatically take money out of your account without your permission..Version: 5.6.14

Worst costumer service1 star is too much, but there’s nothing lower :/ This company’s policies will rip you off with their win/win deal. This is a multi-million company that can not handle its costumers issues as any other business, but thru e-mails which are not even answered in a timely manner. StockX has strategically place numerous policies to make sure that if somebody has to lose money, that person is you (the consumer). Make sure to read thoroughly the policies if you decide to sign up, your chances of receiving what you are looking for at this marketplace is about 50% (better than your chances of winning in Las Vegas if that helps). For those that have been hustled and never complained to this company, just wake up and stop settling for BS like this. Not reporting the issues you encounter at selling/buying just because you still want to stay in business with StockX is just good for StockX. If you are a seller keep in mind they take all the credit from your effort and abilities when an item is sold, nobody will ever know it was you whom made it posible to deliver a great product, in the other hand if you are a buyer, please don’t throw away your well earned money. Once your purchase is made there is no posible way that you can return the product in most cases, StockX standards of deadstock items is pretty lame. I ended business for good, hope you do as well. Stay grinding!.Version: 4.1.6

Using it for 2 months, not impressedFunctionality is ok, but my product is listed 2 with the market data not matching. How is it possible to track it’s behaviour if it’s not accurate. Bad customer service when it comes to shipping enquiries. How can you base it just off shoes with a $10 standard rate? Hire someone who can help your users create clarity when they want to sell on your platform..Version: 5.5.1

Terribly insecureThis company is run by crooks. App has amateur security that is easily hacked.Version: 5.7.15

The worst shoe box I’ve ever hadFelt like I bought a used fake shoes when I received it - totally destroyed box with strong glue smell, no infill in the shoes which made it squished, thank god it had the authentic label. Plus, as a buyer you have to pay almost 25% extra for the tax, processing fee and delivery - wait a sec, I paid $45 delivery fee from the US to Australia, is it fair? At last, it ended up with nowhere to return. Never buy from STOCKX, try GOAT, at least you’ll get a new shoe box with cheaper price..Version: 5.3.18

Please read before gettingSo I wanted to buy myself a bape hoodie to show how much I like the brand the hoodie is £333 which for me I’m 13 is ok so with shipping authentication it came to £400 I had a live chat with a person in the team and asked them why it was so much they simply said shipping authentication fees and handling which makes no sense because for something to go from 333 to 400 in one click is quite frankly stupid I understand oh yeah it all real tho you will never get a fake and so on but do you really want to pay so much more for something when you know you can legit check it yourself pay LOWER fees for much cheaper very disappointing Henry.Version: 3.8.7

Too many emails. Can’t unsubscribe!!! Plus, poor communication when issue during selling process.Can’t unsubscribe from emails. I have tried and still daily I get emails. Making me hate the company I have previously purchased from. Also, communication is pretty poor. I placed an order and it was canceled. I was never provided an explanation. They only way I new there was an issue is the item simply disappeared from my purchased items. I guess once the item reached the authentication process the item was actually a fake. As when I placed a request for information via ‘contact us’ they simply replied that the had an “issue with the seller so had to cancel and issue a refund”..Version: 5.3.12

Fix It For Buyers In CanadaWe get charged to receive the package. 🤬.Version: 3.11.4

I never get my shoes!I’m a sneaker head so I’ve known about stockX for years but this is my first experience ordering from the site. I’ve been wanting the Jordan retro 1 court purples for some time now so I finally decided to order them. The first attempt was a bust. My order status was pending on “In Route to stock X for authentication” for 3 weeks then I randomly receive email stating that I was being refunded my money with no explanation to why. I was guessing either the shoe was lost in transit to stockX or the shoes was fake. Once I got my refund I decided to give it another chance just a half size bigger this time cause I really like the shoes. Only thing is I’m getting the same results. This is week 2 with my order status on “in route to stockX for authentication”. I’m just waiting on that email stating that I’m going to receive a refund because I lost all hope that I will ever get the shoe through this site. I have friends that ordered there shoes after me and have received their shoes in a timely manner so I know it’s not due to covid. I really wish they would give a explication to why I am receiving a refund and not my shoes. I was told by a friend that shop with stockX that if the shoes is fake they normally just request a new shoe to send to you. So if that’s not the case with this second order I’ve done for the court purples then I will most definitely be deleting my account once I receive my refund. This is a bad experience for a first time buyer..Version: 5.3.3

Zero support or service - buyer beware if item is not as described!10 hours ago Opened and resealed boxes sold by StockX!… I purchased 2 nba hoops premium mega boxes. They were supposed to be checked. They were not. Both boxes had been opened and resealed - half the cards were taken from the box I opened. I reported this to stockx who refused to do anything. The boxes did not come with a green x on them like they claim they do - they were not checked. I still have the second box which is ‘sealed’ and it’s obvious that half the cards have been taken due to the weight. I contacted StockX and they said they would do nothing and took no responsibility. Furthermore they have now blocked my account. I have done nothing wrong, stockX has shown a total disregard towards finding a resolution for a problem they facilitated. As a customer I am beyond appalled that StockX refuses to find a solution - they only need to take the 2 boxes back and they would see the remaining sealed box is severely underweight in line with the box I have opened. Then maybe they will take action against the seller so it doesn’t happen to someone else!.Version: 5.4.3

Buying in Canada you’re paying doubleDuties & hidden fees, gotta love ‘DHL’ just buy in stores and avoid paying double the number you see on your screen..Version: 5.4.13

Don’t buy from StockXThey did me wrong so I’m not going to stop posting a review until one of my review is up. I ordered a pair of Nike Vapor Max Plus on March 26th and after a few days I got a confirmation email saying it’s en route to StockX for authenticity. Woo hoo right? Pft. After that email they don’t update you at all about the whereabouts of your shoe. They give you a rough estimate to when your shoe will be delivered. After a week and a half I emailed StockX and asked where my shoes were. All the said was “it’s en route to StockX for authenticity.” Well no shiiiiid. They really wasn’t helpful at all. After 2 full weeks I emailed them back and this time they said they received my shoes but the box was slightly damaged and asked if I would still like them to ship it to me. I said yes. Then all of a sudden, 2 days later I get an email saying my order has been cancelled. I don’t understand how my order was cancelled when they literally had my shoes in their facility ready to be sent out to me. After more than 2 weeks of waiting. I was furious. I feel like they just want to get rare shoes to their facility and then sell it in store for a better price. I emailed them back about an explanation and they still haven’t responded. I wrote 3 reviews for StockX and none of them were posted. Like I mentioned. I will write a review everyday until they post my review. 👎🏼👎🏼.Version: 3.11.2

Customer Service SUCKS!Cant get hold of anyone from StockX. Im trying to purchase a 35k Rolex watch and i cant reach anyone because i have ONE question about the watch. So they just want me to send them 35k US DOllars and pray that it a mint watch? WTH???.Version: 5.2.1

Overrated, overcharges and sells fake goodsAs the title implies. Even the latest items can take ages to sell. The extra charges they put to both the buyer and seller at the same time is a ripoff as it’s basically double-charging. Then sometimes goods that you buy from there somehow passes their so-called authenticity checks and you end up buying counterfeit products and above retail prices! Then they don’t do refunds, especially not to the UK market which if they don’t want to serve they should just outright say so and people can take their custom elsewhere. Some people are clearly also selling stolen goods or goods bought from stolen credit cards as despite the products being released and sold by them on the same day, they sell the items for way below retail prices. Why would anyone buy an item at full price and sell it on the same day below retail when if they wanted they’re money back they’d just return it to the retailer they bought it from?! Lots of crime taking place on this platform including money laundering too. Needs more checks by the governments of the countries they do business on. This site and app is so wrong that it should basically be a dark web site the way they operate!.Version: 5.7.3

Hidden $140+ charges on shipping to CanadaNever buy sneakers from this app. Ridiculous scammers. Showed price $300+ including taxes, processing fees and shipping fees $30. Never been told that we have to pay another $140+ shipping charges here. Total paid around $600 for a $300 shoes. Felt being robbed. F..Version: 5.1.2

Horrible Customer Service BEWARERecently sold a pair of Yeezys on Stock X in the original box which had no damage. Per the Stock X instructions I bought a protective box through their only option for shipping (UPS) and shipped them off for verification. Fast forward a couple days later and Stock X informs me that the verification failed due to extreme box damage. After reviewing the authentication pictures they sent I realized that UPS shipped the box to them in the original Yeezy box instead of the protective box/packaging I had purchased in store. I provided all of the evidence I had (UPS drop off slip, receipt showing purchase of extra box/packaging and Original Box pictures) to Stock X stating that UPS damaged the box by not shipping it correctly. Stock X refuted blame, stating I should have “double checked” before sending for verification. They offered no way to rectify the issue, even stating that my account could have been suspended and/or I could have been charged selling fees for not shipping correctly (which I had no control over since UPS shipped the box incorrectly). “Cam” with their customer service was horrible and provided no help. Would not recommend this service to anyone and will be closing my account as soon as I receive my shoes back..Version: 5.6.6

AVOIDMy husband purchased me as a gift, some exclusive Adidas, one of the main features was a gold charm, this was missing off the shoe, stockx insists it was attached when sent (and was sent by the seller) it WAS NOT attached (my husband even has video of me unboxing which he was happy to send them, they ignored his request), they say they won’t assist as he complained about the condition of 2 out of 3 previous purchases? Shocking service, my husband will escalate and send emails from customer service and unboxing video/pictures to manager/director if not resolved shortly... he uses many sneaker apps/shops/services this he says is the worse!.Version: 5.4.9

Terrible customer serviceReceived a pair of shoes that were clearly not ds with some missing items that come with the shoe such as laces, special shoe trees etc. Consumer service basically said you already have the shoe and can’t do anything so why should we bother with your problem. Their “quality assurance” (or lack there of) department completely screwed me.Version: 3.11.0

ShippingThe shipping cost is absolutely absurd. I live in Canada and for some reason my shipping cost is 40 dollars. Plus the import duties and taxes which add another 20. Plus the process fee and taxes which add another 10 dollars. 70 DOLLARS JUST SO THE SHOE COULD BE DELIVERED TO YOU.Version: 3.8.5

Great until something goes wrong.So I’ve used stock x for a while now with no issue but the last week I’ve been unable to use the ‘sell now’ button, just keeps going through as an ask instead. I don’t seem to be the only one after talking to others and by the massive amount asks at the same price. But bugs happen, it’s understandable. But after emailing stock x for over a week now and all I am getting is replies back, very late in the evening saying it’s been fixed. It hasn’t once been fixed, I email them again and again and get the same response from a different person each day it seems so I have to answer the same questions, explain the issue over again and have the same generic answer which doesn’t address my issue at all. Absolutely terrible customer service..Version: 5.3.8

None existent customer serviceMake sure you get everything exactly right as you are not given a second chance to change a thing. I ordered wrong size accidentally and wanted to change to one size smaller which you can do on other sneaker sites if you make a mistake. Not the best service and quite disappointing for the amount your being charged..Version: 5.6.6

Shady businessOn the first of August I was asked to reset my password because of a so called “system update.” I was unaware of any update taking place and this was the first time I’ve been asked this for my nearly 2 year account. Recently it has spiralled that StockX has been hacked with 6.8 million user records being exposed. Instead of telling their users they have claimed as I said above. In the state of New York (where StockX is located) the law is as follows: “State entities and persons or businesses conducting business in New York who own or license computerised data which includes private information must disclose any breach of the data to New York residents whose private information was exposed.” So what does this mean? It means that either the hack didn’t find any personal info or StockX didn’t want to show their poor security. Some bonus points: -You can expect a processing fee as high as £80 with expensive items if you’re not in the US -Some people have reported getting fakes (I haven’t so don’t take my word for it) and StockX’s lack of customer support meant they couldn’t get their money back Now let’s get to alternatives: -Goat — pretty much the same with all the difference in formatting -Grailed — this is for more designer clothes than hype but you’ll find some.Version: 4.0.4

Stock x is the worst website/app I’ve ever used!Stock x took weeks to ship and when it did ship I was notified I had to pay an extra 20$ worth of import fees, I live in Canada not Pakistan, this was made worse by the fact I already paided 40$ for shipping. I feel robbed and would never recommend this app even if they paid me 1000$.Version: 3.8.4

Re SellingIt’s a good concept but easily flawed by a specific opinion of value rather than true retail. Obviously people won’t resell at retail if it’s a limited shoe, I’m aware of this. It’s like collecting art in some cases. However, people can easily exploit a price and easily make a product scarcer with using bots and scalping in order to buy the majority of shoes, apparel, hardware etc, to make an insane profit. There’s no limit or rule to tell people who sell PlayStaions for £800+ which is extortionate. I understand people are only paying what they’re willing to pay but it’s just like.... ugh??? The app itself tho is pretty cool.Version: 5.4.4

Customer ServicePurchased a pair of airforce 1 recently I opened the box when they arrived and had a quick look them and yep they are NEW. A week later on closer inspection I noticed 1 of the shoes has faulty stitching in toe box. To the point that they look like factory seconds and I would be amazed if these shoes passed the strict Nike QC but somehow have been checked and marked as 100% Authentic by the experts from StockX I looked up how to notify StockX and basically if greater then 3 days done receiving then “too bad too sad” bring from Australia it is Not worth purchasing from StockX...with shipping and fees you could buy the shoes in Aus or Asia...In my case a China pair would look the same ☹️.Version: 5.3.19

Useless customer serviceItem came shipped without exclusive accessory... StockX confirmed was sent by seller/received by StockX, then taken off/stolen at StockX, then not sent onto me with sneakers? StockX customer service are happy with this and just sent me a link stating ‘deadstock sneakers may not come with accessories’, AVOID if you want your exclusive Off-White Nike tag, adidas charm or Travis Scott spare laces, they will be stolen at StockX and just send you a link stating this is in the terms!? Disgusted with customer service, no assistance, just there to give excuses, no resolution. Same as rest of customer reviews, if it works - great, if you have an issue (I’ve had 3 out of 4 purchases with an issue) customer service isn’t much help! Having to escalate just so management can see the issues, but maybe they are happy/aware of the bad customer service also, I’ll update if they ever resolve but doubt it looking at other reviews and that it’s been 16 days of no assistance or why this is ok?!.Version: 5.4.10

I could buy another pair of shoes for th price of the ‘processing fee’Great app however... it baits you into checkout and creating an account with the ‘free’ authentication fee but when you actually get to the button; BUY; it shows you the full cost. For a pair of very nice Chinese New Year Nike vapormax 2s, it costs around £140 (in size 10). Obviously seen as this is an American app there is going to be quite a high shipping price for people who don’t live in Trump City. Once you have gotten to the final button it presents the price of the shoes, the shipping cost and the processing fee. For my desires shoes it would cost around £50 for the processing fee!!! I simply cannot get my head around that. And what makes it even worse is that the higher the price of the product, the higher the price of the processing fee: meaning for a pair of already expensive trousers, shoes, etc. It would cost in the high hundreds of pounds. I would still use this site for more cheaper equipment as you know for certain that it ISNT a scam.👍.Version: 3.11.0

Poor customer supportThis was my first experience with StockX. I bought a pair of sneakers from StockX my box was ripped and damaged. When I reached out to StockX the response time was a couple of days if not weeks. They tried to give me a discount on my next purchase of 20 dollars (which by the way doesn’t even cover half the shipping). I had responded to that offer and waited again for a long time to which they responded we will be closing your case as I had to many open from replying to there emails. I’m still waiting to hear back from them..Version: 5.3.7

Not enough proof of authenticityThe app does give enough information on sellers and even the authenticity of the product being sold. I ordered a pair of AF1’s off here the other Month and when they came in they were dirty (already used) and that isn’t what it was advertised on the app. Overall, the company needs to improve the products they sell.Version: 5.4.6

Expensive fees for CanadaAppreciate the new pricing model that includes import fees here in Canada. But still really expensive to buy anything for us here. Seller fees are also considerable for us.Version: 5.4.4

NoPlease lower your shipping my wallet can’t handle that type of money.Version: 5.7.15

Fake stuffPeople selling fake stuff.Version: 5.7.15

They steal your money 😡😡😡I bought a shoes for 600 CAD and payed 30 US dollars for shipping and after a week. I receive an email from UPS that I have to pay 203 CAD to receive the package. StockX never mentioned that. Liars! I payed 1/3 of the shoes extra for only shipping!.Version: 3.5.15

Absolutely horrible for CanadiansI paid 172.99 for New Air Force Reacts and it took a week to deliver but when i got the notification of it being shipped i got a message from DHL that I owed them 53$ in taxes and duties. I’m going to get my money. it’s a scam that you didn’t send us any notifications of the duties and taxes in the checkout.Version: 5.2.2

TerribleSent in a pair of trainers I bought from Footlocker last weekend for authentication, received an email saying they failed authentication due to cigarette odour. I don’t smoke and never have, I opened the box before packaging them to make sure they were the correct shoe and there was no odour whatsoever other than fresh leather! According to forums this is StockX go to excuse when a buyer cancels/chargeback - yet they still charge you the postage fee and make up a lie! Why not advise earlier that the buyer has cancelled? This isn’t the first time having issues with them either. Would recommend using Goat or even Depop or eBay to sell, they are professional scammers!.Version: 4.0.4

Some positives , some negativesI started off as a buyer and after a couple years I decided to trade on StockX. I’ve sold over 30 items in the last 3 months on StockX. Over the course of that time, I’ve had a lot of misfortune making sure couriers delivered what was sent out on time but Covid-19 has caused a lot of transit issues which in turn had caused me lose sales that I have made through the app. Unfortunately this is something the StockX support themselves cannot stop, the expiration times for an item to be shipped is calculated and executed solely by the system/program that StockX uses. Just today, I had sold a skateboard deck, and had it not pass authentication because it appeared to be a different color as what was shown on the app. However, those that monitor and verify items need to do a little research before they come to conclusions, because some images shown appear to be a different color than what it actually comes out to be. Because of this I’m out about $15 and lost the sale on top that, only because they were solely focused on what they were seeing on their site and not doing further research to verify the item more accurately. The resale niche is great but, sometimes it can be a headache especially if the verifiers have no knowledge on select items that they verify for more accurate results..Version: 5.3.10

Currency does not switchSad.Version: 5.7.15

Good App, Bad CompanyThe StockX interface is a really nice app, it’s easy to use, easy to keep track of all of your sneakers in your collection, and the market value of the shoes is easily noticeable, unlike other sneaker apps. Their sneaker market evaluation, and graphical notation, of all the trends and shifts with each purchase of a a sneaker, and their prediction of the sneaker's future value, is a really nice asset. However, I would never use the app to actually PURCHASE sneakers, y’all already probably know why by now, however if not then it’s related to their lackluster verification system, and their customer service, or better yet, their company as a whole. StockX claims to have “100% guaranteed Authentication” however, so many Fakes have slipped through the cracks, for example the Travis 1 highs. I get that mistakes happen, however the customer service system basically makes it out that the customer is to blame lol. They don’t have a dial in phone for customer service, we have to send an email, which takes weeks for a response back, all to get a practical no from them, the best part yet, they responses are more immediate if you call them out on Twitter! Search up Sneakertubers like Harrison Nevel, and he’ll explain the video in detail. TLDR; Good interface, bad company. I recommend using the app to evaluate the sneaker market, and use apps like GOAT to purchase your sneakers..Version: 5.7.10

Great With on flawLove the service and the fact that they verify the shoes are legit before sending them. The pricing isn’t always great but that’s also due to the vendor. The only one thing I think is horribly wrong is that if you try to have your purchase delivered to a different address other than the one you originally registered with, it will flag you for fraud and they will cancel your order and put you on a fraud list. I think they can do better than a computer flagging your address and not even explaining why it was flagged or not apologizing and having it sent to where you are. I have 3 homes and I can only order to the address attached to my card even if I say the shipping and billing address are different, you still get flagged and order returned. Now that’s the part that is not fair. This is bid wars so now I may never get what I was looking for because I was legit but flagged and product returned and then some one else comes and buys it before the issue is resolved and I’m stuck looking stupid with an apology from Customer service like it resolves the issue. That’s not acceptable..Version: 5.7.5

Stick to online storesI mean it’s a great concept but can never really be as reliable as a store or something. I mean, I’ve actually PAID for an item, and now I’m left sitting here for a week now thinking whether I’m actually gonna get the item or have to wait a while other week for a refund if the seller decides not to ship them. And just like that approximately 14 days have gone past when I could’ve bought the same shoes at roughly the same price in an actual retailer. I think sellers are given too much time to ship the actual product because it is actually just a joke how you’ll be waiting to see if you are even gonna get what you paid for absolutely ridiculous. It’s as if you’ve just given the seller a loan. Like???? Am I a bank?.Version: 5.2.2

Service and platform have really gone down the drainI’ve been using StockX for the past 3 years with pretty good success. The shipping was always fast and while you paid a slight premium for products, I always felt like I could trust the authentication process and I knew what I was getting. Customer service also en pointe: fast, responsive, handled things with no questions asked. This year though, I pick-up a couple new pairs of shoes and there are tons of new problems with the platform. Shipping has been slow, read: waiting 2-3 weeks from order date (as a seller myself, you typically need to ship product within 48 hours) and no explanation on the delays. Communication from service has been poor with response times up to 3-5 days over email, there is no phone number to call. For one of my pairs, they sent me the completely wrong pair of shoes with the wrong receipt and the right box. They offered for me to keep the shoes and enjoy a $20 discount off my next purchase, no thanks since these were of significantly lesser value than what I paid for. When I told them I’ll just cancel the charge on my card, they offered a full refund, still waiting on that refund today 5/15, purchase date of 4/13. What a shame, StockX used to be great, a premium service at a premium price, but I don’t know what we’re paying for anymore..Version: 5.2.7

First experiences ain’t great!Been trying to sell and buy using the platform. Constant reminders about lowest ask for a couple of items I’ve listed. On the phone I read it then thought I was deleting the message instead I was deleting the listing! Had to start again! On buying… paid full asking price, they took my money and said the product would be verified before coming to me. Waited a few days then got a message saying the order was cancelled for some reason and I’d get a refund (of which they actioned immediately) however, the same goods are on with the same buyer at a higher price now! Really!!! Surely the seller commits or the listing gets removed..Version: 5.7.2

Just for those worryingI ordered some air forces on here since my size was out of stock everywhere. i was a bit worried about it because there was some reviews of it just never turning up but the majority of the reviews were good. i ended up hoping for the best since i was desperate. i had been waiting nearly the full 12 days and was getting scared that i’d been scammed as the seller still hadn’t shipped my item. however u should worry as this is most definitely not a scam. it is the individual sellers that try to get the money out of people without posting the item but the app itself is very safe. when my item didn’t arrive after the 12 days they issued me a full refund, including delivery cost. i have no doubt that this was not due to the fault of stock x but the sellers that failed to send the item. do try to purchase from here if u get a good bargain but beware of the fact that it might not come. so if your needing something urgently this is not the place to go as i couldn’t get any help from anyone or get into contact with anyone about where my shoes were until after the 12 days..Version: 5.6.9

Overcharging ratesUsed to be a 5 star app. Since January this year has fallen off heavily though. At the start of the year I bought sneakers - paid the price of the sneakers, $30USD shipping and $4.95 processing fee (located in nz). Now I’m expected to pay for the sneakers, processing fee, import fee, shipping and tax. That totals to almost $100 excess in fees, pathetic.Version: 5.6.1

Around a month and a half since I placed the order and I have no idea where my shoes areI made a purchase with stock X around the end of July it is now currently the beginning of September. When placing my order I was told I would received my order in around 5-7 working days, it has now been over a month and half since I placed my order and there is no sign of my shoes. To top of this I payed for delivery around £20. No delivery should take this long and cost £20! I initially contacted StockX to get a idea of where my order actully is and had an automated response saying that I would be contacted within 24hours. After a week of waiting I then contacted StockX again and that timed received a response within about 2 days. This time they told me they would get back to me within 2-3 working days. Again it’s been well over a week with no contact and me sending 3 emails to see if I can even get a reply! Awful customer service slow and frankly crap. Also shortly after my purchase they managed to have a data breech, I know this happens all the time but it really just adds to my frustration with them. I’m probably now going to have to go through PayPal to get my money back as it will take about 3 years for StockX to co ordinated a refund judging by there snail paced customer support!.Version: 4.0.6

Dumb siteIf youre in Australia m, obviously you bid in AUD. Search for any item and itll show prices in USD, even though it knows you arent in the US amd if you place any bid it automatically shows your pricing in AUD. So when you place a bid, for say $500 (aud on your screen) and wonder why your bid isnt being accepted when on the mainscreen its showing thise items selling for say $475, its because its showing in USD. Its just dumb and confusing. I put VERY LITTLE faith in their so called experts who verify if a sneaker is real or not. Particularly on obscure models that it’s unlikely they would have a reference to check against. But they verify them anyway…not to mention there are certain factory’s putting out pairs that are almost undetectable. All in all, poor. Very poor..Version: 5.6.5

Terrible to use in Canada. Do Not!The duties they charge seem to be random, anywhere from 16%-40% the total price of the item when shipped to Canada Theyve used both ups (16%) and dhl (38%) when shipping to my address in Canada and it seems they just randomly choose a provider. I no longer order from them.Version: 5.1.2

Only good for US residentsFor Canadians, buying from here makes no sense. After shipping, processing fees and import duties, the product actually will cost you more. Not only that, I cannot self initiate removal of payment details or deactivation of account. It’s scary that you cannot delete your payment details..Version: 5.2.2

Bidding time is far too longGood app, the betting expiration date is too long. Otherwise I enjoy searching up items. When it comes to sneakers there needs to be a sizing chart, and a currency change for more countries esp NZ. The sneakers that are bided on need to show a photo.Version: 5.7.5

Terrible all aroundThey say it is sort of a live stock exchange experience putting buyers and sellers together in real time. That may be true but they don’t tell you that once you buy you are hit with huge fees. So if you get like you found a deal… you didn’t. If that isn’t enough once you buy and find out this is something you can’t monetize half of what you order doesn’t make it through their process so they have your cash for 10 or so days tied up until they put it back in your account. If you do get the shoes and want to sell them and cut your losses this is where you need to really hold on. The fees up front might have seemed bad but they charge a 10% fee to sell plus other fees on top. And you will have your account suspended if you want to sell over 8 pairs which happened to me. I am selling shoes I have just purchased from my portfolio only that were just approved but my account gets suspended and I am sitting on a suspended account losing my live asks and the bids that were attached to them. So if you just want to buy a pair to wear then ok but if you want to buy a few pair for personal use and want to sell others just know you will be taking at least a 40% loss and it will be on their terms when and if you can sell them. Customer service is a joke as well. Hope this helps future buyers stay away from this company..Version: 5.7.0

Had the app for one day and was banned from buying/selling.I recently downloaded this app with the hopes of purchasing a few sneakers. I signed up, input all my information and made my first purchase using my debit card. I was REALLY excited as the price was great for the item. Everything seemed fine, then I receive an email from the STOCKX support team informing me my purchase was canceled and that I was flagged for fraudulent activity. Mind you, this has NEVER happened to me when purchasing from apps or websites so obviously I was shocked. They asked that I provide a picture ID, an alternate email & phone number. I took a picture of my actual ID, provided an email which consists of my full name and gave them my cellphone number. All of which were irrelevant and never used because the next email stated that I had officially been banned from purchasing or selling on StockX and that my money will be refunded. After asking how that could be possible, especially after providing the information they requested, I was told they could not disclose the specific reasons for the ban and that they were “sorry for the inconvenience”. This has been a really stressful situation and I’m just leaving this review in hopes that this doesn’t happen to anyone else and maybe someone has gone thru something similar that can help me resolve this. I would love to use the StockX app, it’s very easy to use and is constantly updated..Version: 3.8.4

TrashVery disappointed with how they treat the sellers..Version: 3.11.2

AwfulThis app is frankly ridiculous I got the app because I got into basketball cards and I wanted to see what prices where like everywhere, so I found something that took my fancy on cyber Monday so I bought it, knowing it was coming from the states, which I didn’t have a problem with but almost two weeks later I don’t even know if it’s in the UK yet, when I look at the order tracking it’s been saying “authentication passed” for the past three days but I haven’t seen any updates, so I was annoyed so I’ve been on their live chat a few times and every time they’ve been busy so they said they would email me, which they haven’t, so I’m just waiting around like an idiot and I feel like a mug..Version: 5.3.15

Problems with price settingI would say it’s a great concept for an app, however, whenever I set a specific price(eg. under 100) if I leave the app it resets that and doesn’t give you the option to set it again. It’s frustrating because you can change all the other options except this specific one (which is very important). I just wondered if anyone else had this problem..Version: 4.0.2

StockX only protects their pockets!I ordered 2 of the same style and color shoe. One for myself and a matching pair for my wife. Though ordered the same day I did not receive them on the same day and I understand that coming from 2 different sellers, however once I put both shoes side by side there was a clear difference in color. The pair I ordered for my wife was off in color and also had a smell as if they were displayed in a smoking household. StockX told me that they wouldn’t do anything about it and if I wanted to I could re-list and sell them. After repeated back and forth emails with the so called support staff that are only reachable by email I realized that they didn’t care about me as a customer and only about doing anything they could to prevent having to refund me my money. They are taking a percentage from both parties in every transaction which should be justified by the level of service and care for their customers but instead they have taken a bare minimum approach so they keep customers at a certain distance all while hiding behind email accounts so they don’t have to truly face their customers when they have issues and they throw their hands in the air as if they don’t make mistakes so they can keep you money instead of helping to ensure that you get what you paid for..Version: 5.2.7

First experienceTerrible service even it is a popular sneaker market for years..Version: 5.1.2

Lost package, WORST customer service!My first sneaker purchase at StockX was an absolute disaster! They will NOT be responsible for missing/lost packages for the customers after a month of back and forth emailing customer service. Firstly of all, StockX provided me the misleading shipping information. I think it's StockX's responsibility because I didn't get any notification of my package has been shipped or arrived through DHL, instead the status of the order was showing "Awaiting UPS picking up" the WHOLE TIME even after I was told my package was delivered by DHL (I was told one week after the DHL delivery date when I was checking the status of the item, and was told it was delivered by DHL while the APP still showing "Awaiting UPS pickup"), that's why I was waiting for a UPS package all the time and I didn't know the DHL package was from StockX. Second, it is sketchy that the DHL shippment was not shipped from StockX. Please explain to me that why the package was in DHL but not in UPS as shown in the StockX APP, and the same as other purchases I bought from StockX? And it's shipped directly from Netherlands? Not from StockX? It's supposed to be authenticated by StockX and shipped from StockX! It doesn't make any sense! How am I supposed to be responsible for a missing package that I didn't even know it was the item I bought?.Version: 4.2.1

Don’t ever need to change your password word🤦🏻‍♂️Wow 3 and a half weeks so far to have my password changed and it’s still not working! Crazy part is I didn’t want to change it-it was their idea so now not only have I missed the shoes I was after for YEARS,I’m still not able to buy anything.. Slow laborious process to change a password and even after they contacted me it still doesn’t work.. Use another service!.Version: 4.3.4

Don’t ship to CanadaThey use very small text to inform the buyer that they will have to pay duties and that the buyer is responsible for it. You will pay 100 dollars extra for this. Goat is the superior application for sneaker shopping internationally..Version: 3.9.1

Pretty hard to unsubscribe from emailsWanted to buy something from this app. Have all my notification settings turned off, still get emails. I’ve unsubscribed several times as well. Not that impressed by the platform so will probably just delete it and block the emails..Version: 5.7.5

Worst service!I sold my shoes on Stock x and sent my shoes and turns out the shoes went missing during shipping so UPS did an investigation but because there is no number for this company they had so many issues trying to reach them. After weeks of back and forth emails with almost 5 different employees there I have still not got my money or my shoes I sent at all always the same response that they are still investigating for a month now. Never again will I ever do business with this company ever..Version: 3.11.0

HorribleHorrible customer service and Communication i initially had reservations about dealing with this company but my daughters insisted as the sneakers they wanted couldn’t be found anywhere else so I purchased both of my daughters sneakers from stock x for the start of school one pair I never received shipped with DHL and supposedly left at my front door not only do I have ring video doorbell but also video surveillance on my property I checked all notifications and videos available and can confirm without a doubt that nothing was ever delivered or even attempted at my address I immediately contacted stock x and not only were they extremely rude throughout the whole process but every time I contacted them for a update there was another excuse long story short 3 weeks have gone by and I have still not heard back from StockX or it’s customer service department I did receive my youngest daughters pair shipped via FedEx just a few days later thank god for that but still forcing me to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau concerning their conduct something I’ve never ever even thought about doing in this situation unfortunately I felt as if I had a little choice horrible company horrible experience horrible customer service my suggestion is keep looking shop elsewhere do not trust these people with your money.Version: 5.7.12

Very upset right nowHey there StockX, I have ordered on your app for the first time and haven’t had a good impression so far. I’ve ordered a pair of shoes for 185 specifically black Nike vapor maxes. I am very upset because I work a 9 to 5 job and only make 200 dollar checks and this is something I saved up for, for a very long time. It has been several days almost 2 weeks without my order being shipped to StockX. If there is no way to get my shoes that I ordered from your app I would like a full refund of my order. I still have some faith in using the app it is just that I checked many peoples feedback on your services and they all had the same problems as me with their order. A lot of people said they waited about over 2 to 3 weeks for StockX to find them a new seller and ended up getting a refund after two weeks of hoping to get there product that they spend their hard earned money on. ( So far I am truly disappointed in what service I have been given on this app, I hope that something like this doesn’t happen in the future because times are getting very hard for people out there in the world to where they can’t just basically give money away to something they are not gonna get.).Version: 5.6.15

Expensive ShippingDon’t use Shipping was supposed to be $20 then DHL Made it 79.99.Version: 5.1.2

Let’s go on GOAT, Canada!If you live in Canada, just go on this company clearly doesn’t want to expand their market and tbh, I don’t want to buy from people like that. Thank you goat for saving the day..Version: 3.11.0

Looks like I’m not the only oneMy account was flagged the second I bought my first item. After taking your credit card info they just flag you as a fraud for no reason at all and ask you to provide picture ID, phone number etc. phone number’s a reasonable request, but who the fxxk asks for picture ID when you’re buying stuff from them? Private info bro..!!.. Do you need my passport and driver’s license too?? Worst experience so far..Version: 3.7.2

FRAUDULENTWARNING!!! DO NOT BUY FROM STOCK X. Let’s start off with a little background story. I’m a young male who collects shoes, and who takes pride in his shoes. This was my first time shopping at Stock X I usually shop on the goat app, eBay, offer up, or I’ll just get my shoes from the local stores. I bought a pair of SoleFly Jordan 17 Low Size 13 (DEADSTOCK/Brand New) Stock C sent my shoes in a timely manner, but the shoes we’re in BAD CONDITION! First off: Every shoes Stock X sells iAds supposed to be BRAND NEW UN-Used. My shoes were obviously used. It came with a VERY BIG CREASE on the right shoe. The left shoe was fine. If you know your sneakers their are only 2,300 pairs of these shoes an each shoe should come with a tag showing which number out of 2,300 do you have. The tag is missing looks like someone pulled it off or cut it out. You can literally see where the tag was taking off at. Now that means the shoes is technically damaged. I emailed them expressing my disappointment and disapproval of the shoes and it’s condition. They sent me a $10 off the next order coupon and told me that the shoes are “considered deadstock to them.” “We allow people to try the shoe on and the shoes will still be considered deadstock” IF ANYONE TRIED THE SHOE ON THE SHOES ISNT DEADSTOCK ANYMORE. IT IS NOW CONSIDERED WORN. They told me feel free to sell the shoe back to them LOL. FOR $150 cheaper than what I paid for LOL.Version: 4.3.2

Wear da shoes ?When StockX was first open for business. You could pretty much find almost any sneaker out there. You could find an old pair of what you once loved and the swag increased. Sometimes you might have paid a little more than you where comfortable with. But it didn’t matter. Cause you finally got what you’ve been hoping they would put back on the market for years. Now was just days away from a reality. I consider myself a “D League” student when it comes to sneaker knowledge. What the structure of StockX did was practically destroyed the sneaker industry. Though, I firmly believe that was not their intention. What had been happening sporadically with the pricing of hard to find kicks before StockX was around had raised a few eyebrows on what some where paying for a pair of sneakers. Once StockX exploded onto the scene it almost became the norm to some to spend almost 2 1/2 to 5, 10or even 500 times the amount for a pair of sneakers. I am a big big fan of StockX but what has or I should say had done, by no fault of their own, was jack up the price of the sneaker industry as a whole. The major brands where soon to follow. Now, everybody stock of brand spankin’ new rarity's are dwindling down. We can look forward to StockX branching out to trading cards. Which can an should and deserves the same inflated prices the sneakers had seen. The cards will live on forever. The sneakers do and did not..Version: 5.3.6

Wish I could put 0Got shoes for 170$, then 30$ TAX, then another random 73$ shipping fee at the last second.Version: 5.1.2

StockX is a scamThis is a horrible app, spent 139$ and got charged 300$ PLUS I NEVER GOT WHAT I ORDERED.Version: 5.7.14

If I could give 0 I would.StockX have been screwing its customers every which way. So many ridiculous fees, so many stories of how they’ve sold fakes and getting a refund is almost impossible. The customer service is pointless and truly destroy whatever is left for a nice experience. The fact that they had a data breach that they knew about and tried to cover up is another reason to be skeptical of doing any business with this greedy disgusting company..Version: 4.0.5

Very poor business practices.Won the winning bid on a pair of $300 KD12 90s Kids sneakers on Friday 4/11. It’s now Weds 4/17, and their status is still showing “waiting for seller to ship”. I understand the weekend fell in the middle, but their own FAQ states that the seller has two (2) days to ship the item. It’s now past that point. Stockx doesn’t even have an contact telephone number to reach them, so you have to rely on email contact. I received an email from one of their CSR’s in reply to my inquiry, and all it consisted of was stating (word for word what their online FAQ states) of taking anywhere from 6-10 business days for normal delivery to me. Nothing said about the delay in receiving the shoes from the seller, how this diverted from their own online statement of the seller having 2 business days to do so, not even a resemblance of care or empathy. Thanks for nothing, Stockx. I’ll be sure to take my future business elsewhere, after I try and recoup my $300 from you guys. I urge others to steer WAY clear of this company and use better organized companies out there — which there are a few of, but I won’t advertise those here. Just do your homework and read reviews to find the good ones. Stockx clearly isn’t one of them! Extremely irritated at this transaction and they could give a rip less after taking your money..Version: 3.11.4

Trash appWhy in the world would i pay $80 in duties and taxes to have something worth $50 delivered? You guys don’t care about your canadian customers and deserve a boycott. FIX UP.Version: 5.4.5

More fees / UPDATEI’ll be brief because this is my last transaction with Crooked, Greedy, Unprofessional & Thieving SuckX! Went to sell some Supreme 3 weeks ago to make some quick Christmas $. Dropped and UPS delivered promptly. SuckX did not update my profile as received & complete the transaction for 16 days!!! During which they either ignored my emails or stated they would get back to me in a day or 2 & have it resolved, they didn’t. I spoke with an Attorney and the Arizona PD regarding charging them with theft. On the 16th day they reported that they’ve authenticated, etc after I’d told them “Either waive all fees and send cash or return my Supreme. They processed anyway despite not having approval & charged me fees, can you believe that? I’m giving them 24 hours to refund & plan on seeing them in court either way. Some people seem to think their Terms & Conditions are Iron Clad but an amazing Litigator Colleague has stated otherwise in my case. Stop being bullied by SuckX! Take your business elsewhere! In the roughly year and a half doing business with them I spent 4K on shoes & sold more than 1k in apparel & shoes, We deserve better SuckX! More fees because of this PayPal union & I can’t use a prepay? I like having a prepay for various reasons mostly because you can’t be trusted with the account I keep thousands in! Just made my last sale with SuckX. Your GREEDY.Version: 5.3.15

DO NOT SHOP FROM STOCKXI asked if I have to pay upon receiving my package via email. Stockx said I don’t have to and told me not to worry since I already paid for shipping AND paid more than what the shoes were worth. Basically have to pay 360 for a 180 dollar shoe..Version: 5.2.2

Quality control is VERY poorStock X have a job and that is to authenticate and ensure products are in brand new condition and not factory seconds etc…I’ve received a couple of things from them in a condition that I wouldn’t have accepted from a store and there returns system is pathetic. 3 business days only and even then they are VERY reluctant to take anything back or help you at all. Possibly the most arrogant company I’ve ever dealt with. They really need to improve there quality control as being authentic is one thing but being “brand new” and in shop condition is another and people are trusting Stock X with there hard earned money..Version: 5.6.1

Terrible first experience and why no UK shoe sizes??Used the store for the first time, the seller just failed to meet the shipping date and after receiving no order update or contact I had to be the one to reach out the ask what was going on with my order. They offered to ‘find’ a new seller or refund. I opted to find a new seller and they just proceeded to cancel my order and (hopefully) receive a refund. What a waste a week when I could have just gone direct to the brand which sold the item for slightly more but I know would be 100% more reliable Disgruntled from using this app again.Version: 5.7.4

Employees swapping shoes and taking partsI had won a bid on a pair of shoes and they had told me parts where missing they sent a picture the shoes appeared pre-worn and looked like they came in a garbage bag... I’m sure if Eminem ordered shoes he wouldn’t of gotten any emails about the seller sending scuffed J’s and missing parts. The company doesn’t care about “regular” people or the shoes it’s clear AND while I was bidding the seller was also bidding up the prices it’s called “Shilling bids” they’re is no way of telling who’s bidding and if the bids are actually legit. I’m still awaiting a response about the shoes it’s been almost 2 weeks since I won the bid I requested someone call my phone number but that prolly won’t happen as the company doesn’t care about the people or it’s reputation as a company, they just want to try to “look cool in front of celebrities for clout” they might not even respond at all leaving me to recover my $ through my banks complaint department so 2 weeks on the shoes then 10-30 days on the bank recovering the money spent on the shoes so a 45 day wait time for just my money returned. This company is being reported to the BBB as a fraudulent business. It seems as if the employees swap shoes and steal parts for some personal collections they have.. I ordered size 11 the most common shoes size in the world I bet if I ordered size 7s there wouldn’t be an issues at all. The company seems shady must be why they have a fake review from Eminem..Version: 3.11.8

Worst company I ever dealt withOriginally I used the app to buy some shoes for work. First problem is as they didn't let me use my home address. They claim it doesn't exist. That it's invalid. I tried to reach customer service and it was harder than doing a rubix cube blindfolded and drunk. They claim there is a live chat icon in the app but i have never seen it. Then I realized they charge an insane amount of service fee after you purchase the shoe that's already being scalped 2X+ retail price. My next issue was with selling. I was busy so I shipped my shoes the day of the deadline but wasn't late. Since my address isn't valid they defaulted to my old home address which I can't get to. They later cancelled my sale, and said I didn't ship by the deadline. Which was entirely untrue. When I saw that I realized the shoe would go to the wrong return address. I sent lots of email since you can't call or chat someone, and they wouldn't even address the issue, instead all they said in the emails is that they were sorry. I never leave reviews but Stockx is easily the worst company I know of. Never again. I'll use goat or eBay if I'm doing shoes. I hope you feel the same way and leave a review. They deserve to be removed. It's a scam and it's a greedy platform that drives the prices of shoes And goods thru the roof. They need some customer service advice as well..Version: 5.6.6

It’s alrightIf an item you want to sell is already listed and there is a bid you would like to accept the process is simple and fast. Even getting authenticated and paid out is fast. The reason I rated two stars is because that scenario might work for one of the items in your closet, but what about the rest? The process of asking for an item to be listed is just a dead end. Edit: I received what seemed like an automated response informing me how to submit items I want to sell. The problem is not that I can’t wrap my head around your odd process of pre approving items you want sold on the site. The problem is that upon submitting item requests you revive no confirmation or way of tracking the progression of item submissions. After two weeks the items I requested to be posted for sale that I owned already sold on another platform. I still don’t know if my multiple item requests have even been looked at. Most of which as mentioned are no longer needed. If the process was more transparent I could go in and delete or void item requests for items I no longer have available for sale. I am certain I am not the only person in this situation and that’s why I took a star away from my two star review. No hard feelings against the company it just doesn’t work for me 99% of the time. As mentioned the one time the stars aligned, I had the item available that was already listed, and the current highest bid was something I was comfortable accepting is when I had great service..Version: 4.2.1

StockX sold me fakes and lied about it!I was introduced to StockX after been using the GOAT app for sometimes. Enjoyed this type of apps so I decided to give it a try. One of my first purchases was a pair of the red and black Balenciaga Triple S. When the shoe arrived I wanted to do a side to side comparison with another retail pair that I owned. The box was off, the sizing info on the box was not correct, there were extra stitching on the shoe and the back of the heel is misshaped. I voiced my concern to their nonexistent customer service and took pictures for them, they responded 2 days later with a generic copy and paste type of BS response that didn’t help with my problem at all. Then, a day later I got another email from them and basically the content of the email was trying to convince me these shoes were authentic in whichever ways possible. They refused to give me a refund, a return, or an exchange. A few months roll by I no longer want these shoes and decided to sell them at a luxury consignment store in NYC and they told me these were not authentic, they pointed out the same exact questionable details that I attempted to tell StockX upon receiving the shoe. They need to be more careful with their authentication process and stop treating their customers like piles of dung! It was an overall very unpleasant experience..Version: 3.9.1

Sent my payout to a PayPal account that doesn’t even existI accidentally selected a different email address for my PayPal than what it actually is. StockX then stupidly sent my payout to that account without even verifying whether or not it was a real account. I then had to create a new account with the email I had accidentally entered, however my money has now disappeared. There is no real customer service, only a bot which gives me no help. I find this quite surprising to be honest as for some purchases thousands of pounds or dollars are being exchanged. Ps if you have any problems with payments contact your bank / PayPal as they will actually act quickly and with your best interests at heart. StockX just wants your money.Version: 5.5.1

I wanted to buy lightning McQueen crocsI was browsing looking for my first shoe I wanted to purchase off this app when I made my decision on the lightning McQueen crocs I put my card information in my address name all the details all for it to come up with and error I tried countless time restarting the app making sure the info was correct still couldn’t purchase these crocs my day is now ruined and I’m deleting this app.Version: 5.7.13

Garbage shippingI ordered black Air Force ones on September 24th and according to my emails it’s still hasn’t even arrived at stockx!.Version: 5.7.15

Not the best right nowKind of flakey to be honest, I waited 13 days expecting delivery at anytime just for them to email me and say they had to cancel it..Version: 5.2.1

It’s a shame there are no alternatives to this appThis app is a great idea on paper, but the implementation of it is terrible. StockX charges huge fees to both the buyer and seller, meaning a buyer is often paying £60 or more above what the seller actually receives. Also, their lowest ask/highest bid system is a complete mess. You can make a listing for £230 and the app will tell you you are about to be the lowest ask, when you can clearly see there are asks for £190 on the app. If these asks come from different sites then StockX should make this clear, as it stands now their system is not transparent in the slightest. Also, £10 delivery fee to get the shoes to their London address when you live less than a mile away is a complete joke. Can’t wait to see this app change / go under.Version: 5.3.16

Whats going on.I bought two pairs of shoes two days apart from eachother. The first pair was about 550$ while the second pair was 700$. The first pair got delivered to stockx and shipped back to me within about two days. The second got delivered to stockx for authentication and that was about a week and a half ago. It still is apparently waiting to be authenticated. Doesn’t make any sense the first pair got authenticated within two days a couple days before my second pair got there. Can’t imagine within two days they received so many shoes so it would be taking two weeks to be authenticate my 700$ shoes. And of course theres no support number to actually talk to someone. Just a “live chat” that ask you a million questions before you are able to actually start texting someone and they just basically said they were very busy so they should be shipped out by the end of next week? So i guess after my first pair took about 2 days to authenticate while my second pair got there the same day the first pair was being shipped back to me they received so many shoes to authenticate that the wait time went from two days to three weeks. I honestly dont know if they even have the shoes anymore or what is going on I just want my shoes that i have already paid for or i want a refund. Either way i feel like I should be reimbursed something..Version: 5.7.10

Order is buggedI ordered a pair of Jordan 4 unc form stock x recently for about $850 and the first time they refunded it for an in known reason so I tried it again and it has been 3 full business days since then and the seller has still not shipped it and stock x has done nothing. I was also never sent an invoice or receipt but the money was taken out..Version: 5.7.14

Awful.Stock x used to be slick and efficient but my last experience was awful. The consistently crashing website lost me a sale and money. When I eventually did sell something it takes weeks to get paid. Instructions are not clear. Good luck getting in contact with customer service. Issues that could be rectified in minutes take days because you have a 24-48 wait for a response to any message you send, even replies to their messages. Painfully slow. I don’t know what’s happened. It used to be a pleasant experience but it’s just plain poor now..Version: 5.3.10

LIES AND DOESN’T DELIVER. BUY FROM GOATI bought the same pair of shoes twice, the first time I ordered the seller decided last second that he wasn’t going to ship them, forcing me to but again but for a higher price jus for them to make me wait a week and tell me that he didn’t want to sell it. THERE IS NO BUYER PROMISE OR ANYTHING, sellers can just decide not to give you the item after you’ve payed for the item/ordered. And the shipping is 40$ to Canada with a ton of taxes on top. 0/5 stars.Absolute trash. Ordered another pair from Goat and so far there have been no problems!.Version: 5.2.1

Delivery chargeBe aware of there 80 dhl delivery charge. Even though I thought I paid for delivery when I purchased my first order from StockX I had to pay another delivery fee of 80 dollars which I wasn’t even aware of.Version: 5.1.1

Failing executionStock x is such a easy platform to use, but it is stacked with problem from the hidden data breach, sometimes very poor authentication letting shoes past that should be declined but one of the biggest problems is the ‘fees’ that are blatantly rip offs for both the seller and the buyer. Stock needs and must be improved. I use stock x but what I would say is make sure you are getting the best deal when buying and selling because from experience I’ve found that this platform gives you poor value for your hard earned cash..Version: 5.2.4

Do not buy!!!I really want to give zero stars, but since i can’t. I ordered a pair sneakers from Stockx and first of all it took forever for me to get the sneakers. I know it’s around Covid time but there was no updates from Stockx whatsoever telling me about my shipping. Secondly, when I finally received my package the shoes looked fake and worn. Stockx also have no returns, so I decided that I would sell them back their fake shoes. When I did the whole process, The website/app wouldn’t allow me to print the shipping label. I contacted Stockx multiple times through email through Instagram and it took them over 48 hours to respond, when the sell needs to be shipped within 48 hours. Anyway, they finally responded and they refused to send me a copy of the printing label through email. one of the support reps told me that “I couldn’t print the label because my phone number that I had put into my account was nine digits instead of 10 digits.” I explained to him that my phone number is indeed 10 digits, and that the app would not allow me to put nine digits as my phone number and save it. So in conclusion I got no help from Stockx and in the end, the order was canceled; which I was glad that they canceled it because I feel that if I had shipped it over after all, they would’ve said the shoes were fake even though I got the shoes from them and I would’ve had to pay the penalty. So whatever you do, don’t buy from Stockx. Or at least do your research..Version: 5.3.3

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