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Acorns: Invest Spare Change Positive Reviews

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Acorns: Invest Spare Change App User Positive Comments 2023

Acorns: Invest Spare Change app received 11 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about acorns: invest spare change?

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Acorns: Invest Spare Change for Positive User Reviews

Idly save spare changeThis app works perfectly, the reason for the poor reviews stem from people who try to save money they don’t have. This app is for those who have a few extra dollars after their monthly bills/expenses that wanna save their change rather than blow it. It invests your money into stocks automatically depending on the portfolio you choose but you have to keep in mind in order to see any sort of return you need to build up over several hundred dollars and have patience. This isn’t something that’s gonna accrued vacation money within weeks or months, this is something you build up at your own pace and forget about for the future. Don’t use this app if you feel you’ll need to withdraw from it frequently, it’s great for anybody who lives within their means! Me and my wife just had our first child and I figure by the time he get’s his license or wants to go to college this may be used to assist with that, otherwise it’s here for any reason that may arise in the future. Personally it’s fun watching my pennies stack up without even thinking about it..Version: 3.8.3

Easy Saving and Investing for LONG TERMFirst of all, markets fluctuate and gains are usually better for 1y+ (also you pay more taxes on short term investments) I wouldn’t start up if you have less than $100 to put in because your fee of $1 with absolutely negate any earned almost 100%. But for relatively cheap your savings have the potential to earn. There’s a $1 monthly fee for their “core” account. $2 for “later”. And $3 for “spend”. I find it hard to find money to save usually. However, with Acorns I find it motivating to track the balance and unlike a traditional savings with your bank your money cannot just be transferred immediately as it takes 3-6 days to receive your money, so you can’t impulse spend it. I just made my first investment that they’re going to allocate into RTFs highlighted by portfolio. I went moderately aggressive, and I will try to update every now and then. Dividends are paid quarterly for the stocks and monthly for the bonds. If anything it’s better than the savings accounts most offer with a monthly fee of $3 with balances less than $50 or $200 as there is no minimum account balance penalty, just a minimum of $5 to start investing..Version: 3.3.3

Hidden Treasure!I have always been interested in learning about investment strategies - with Acorn, the learning never stops! This app has loads of information right at your fingertips, as well as various tips on how to further grow your investments (all from various wealthy and wise investors). Plus you have the ability to apply what you’ve learned to your investments QUICKLY and EASILY! What I love most about this app is that I don’t have to think about what stocks I need to invest in, how much to invest and watch the market to track my returns and/or losses.... because it’s already being done! SIMPLE! NO BRAINER! And the type of stocks (and % of what’s been allocated to it) is clearly displayed and readily available for review! All I have to do is sit back and shop at my favorite stores (some of which are partnered with Acorn AND will either provide me ADDITIONAL cash back, OR invest a % of my spendings back into my Acorn account). For me it’s definitely a win-win situation. I am totally satisfied with the risk taken to try this app and definitely recommend this Hidden Treasure!.Version: 2.2.1

Amazing Way To Save & Invest Without Being Wealthy!Acorns is amazing, I can’t say enough about it! First off, my wife and I are not the saving type of people but with Acorns round ups, you can have them automatically save your spare change from purchases you made...and what’s even better is that they automatically invest that $ into a diversified fund with a risk profile of your choosing! So if you want your saved money to grow a bit but don’t want to risk losing any bc of the market fluctuations, you can adjust your risk tolerance. furthermore, they offer parter vendors that will give you cash back into your acorns account if you make a purchase through clicking on their website through the Acorns “found money” section. I earned money just by getting insurance quotes, buying a sweaters at Macy’s and even by buying everyday things like food and gas. Bottom line, if you are like most people and don’t have the money to invest in the stock market but want a savings account that actually shows you growth results, Acorns is the way to go!!!! Trust me....Version: 3.11.16

Virtual Change JarI've been using Acorns for a little over a month and I'm quite happy with it. I have the investment set on ultra conservative, because my main goal is to save, investing isn't a super priority right now. Back in the day before plastic was all the rage and main form of payments, I did use cash, and would break bills and set aside the change. I still do that somewhat this day in age but it's hard. So that's why I got interested in Acorns, to use as my virtual change jar. So far I have about 30 dollars in it, which to me feels impressive. If I have to pay a dollar a month for them to be my virtual jar, then I'm okay with that. It's two cups of coffee a year, in reality. I look forward to future roundups and someday I'll look into what other investment options there are. I feel very encouraged to save using this app. Once I get enough to go on a vacation, I'm going to withdrawal that money. I like that I can't touch it and it takes a few days to process, gets rid of impulse pulling. :) It's not a get rich quick scheme, and you have to be in it for the long haul if you're going to invest, and the market goes crazy sometimes. So have patience with that..Version: 3.3.8

Acorns is AWESOMEI’ve been using Acorns for 3 years or so and I love it. It’s very simple and easy to use. I love that they give you information to read on the app to learn more about investing options. My wife and I use the spend account ALL THE TIME! It’s simplified the way we can divide up our spending money and bills money. For the people that are complaining about not getting their money back from their investment accounts for around 6 business days... The reason that happens is because THEY HAVE TO SELL OFF YOUR SHARES. It’s not a quick and simple process. It takes time. To be honest, if you’re planning on continually taking money out of your investment account, you shouldn’t even have one. The idea is to LEAVE THAT MONEY IN THAT ACCOUNT! Don’t be deterred by some of the other reviews! It’s a great and simple app that helps you with all of your investment needs! They even have a savings account for your kids! I show my son how his savings is growing each week and he is understanding that having a savings account is really important for his future and he’s only 4! Thank you Acorns for making my financial situation better and easier!.Version: 3.11.2

Invest when you can, don’t when you can’tI was very excited about the opportunity to invest the spare change from my debit card transactions, but let’s face it; things get tough sometimes. I’m the only adult in my household with one kid & a below median income. I’m concerned about my future because I’ve watched one of my parents suffer financially, and as a result in many other ways, later in life because there was nothing invested for the future. So. When I can, I want to put anything I can towards a financially (& therefore otherwise) more secure future. I like Acorn because I can turn the investments on & off with the flip of a switch on the app. I can add more to my account anytime I want AND (the best part!) if/when I fall on hard times, I can withdrawal whatever of my funds I need. The withdrawal does take several days, but it’s definitely better than nothing! Plus, I can earn dividends on even the smallest investment. I don’t care if I get $0.10 per quarter on a $200 Depot - it’s better than nothing & I like how much control you have with the app..Version: 2.4.4

Pretty good appI will say that this is a good app and good concept. It just wasn’t for me after time. When acorn started they had the ability to have no automatic round ups and it would let you select your own from the list of transactions. I loved this feature, but sadly they removed it. The reason I loved this was because I use my debit card for literally every single purchase ever, and that means TONS of round ups that would cause me to invest more than I could afford. If I set up automatic amounts it’s no different than other apps but they charge a fee. If I turn on automatic round ups I’ll run out of money. And if I rely on the 3-5 transactions they show you that you can manually round up I’ll never get a lot invested. I miss the old way of seeing all of your transactions and picking from the list of which you want to round up. Because of that I did close my account because it just wasn’t for me; however, I do think this app is a great idea and will work for many people. When I was making small frequent investments I did notice that my account would steadily increase month to month even with the $1 fee. Never any issues and great support..Version: 3.9.0

Incredible!!!!!As a 26 year old. I finally believe that this app was really for me. It has helped me develop as an independent young woman. At the beginning, I was doubtful about an app that could be this easy, but I could rest assured. I’m amazed !!!. When I was born, my hateful parents were too busy to care for me. They were so busy that they were not there when I was born. I was born at an extremely young age. When I turned 6, my pet fish drowned in my pool. I believe that this all could help me from these trauma s. Life like Trying to be Christ like In him I find delight His love is always right Jesus loves me This I know For the Bible tells me so Little ones to him belong They are weak but he is strong Jesus loves me he who died Heavens gate to open wide He will wash away my sins Let his little child come in Jesus loves me how could this be To love a sinner to set him free After many years I finally see It’s was always about him never me Jesus loves me me a disgrace With warm hands he will embrace All my sin and faults has has erased Praise to him full of grace.Version: 4.8.0

No Feedback on Account SetupAcorns has since solved my problem, turns out they were simply experiencing a serious backlog to new accounts looking forward to the weeks ahead to see how much I can round up on my card transactions. —— old review below—- Like everyone I was very excited to start rounding up sadly I never had the opportunity to experience any of the feature sets Acorns has to offer. The account setup was pretty easy and enjoyable although finding out after signing my certificate that it still would take 1 - 3 business days to verify my account was a bit disappointing but I get it. Here is where Acorns fell short, till this day 5 days later it still says I need to wait 1 - 3 business days for my account to be setup, uh hello it’s been 5 days! Like any American on day 3 I picked up the phone and called support, I was on the phone for about an hour before I got disconnected due to interruptions in service. I also tried email support but have heard nothing, no confirmation to my email over my support ticket nothing, maybe somethings up with my email but at this point I would prefer to speak with a human being and I think any service offering to make transactions from your bank account should support quick and easy customer service. I am open to changing my review if I ever get any support to rectify this rogue issue..Version: 2.3.3

Love the app but it could be some better thingsI believe in my opinion there should be more guidelines on how much to invest if you were truly looking for a more residual income in or Divet in income/profit however you put it I’m not the stockbroker with this Siri service needless to say it would be highly appreciated for myself as well as many individuals I’m sure that would agree that are new to this type of software that information on how much you invest is what how much you should project over the next year instead of sayingThis is how much you may have one year 69 if you live that long basically not too appealing a monthly weekly quarterly half year full year statement 23 year statement something like that half decade full decade etc it would make people invest more that’s what I do marketing and sales he would drive a lot more revenue to this company if you should more incentives in the work I mean not saying that the long-haul isn’t lovely but some people might get cancer and die at 69 some people might get cancer and dying in the next 10 years and they’re only 40 the more present projection would definitely be a lot more Easier to understand.Version: 3.11.15

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