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Need for Speed No Limits app received 133 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Need for Speed No Limits? Can you share your negative thoughts about need for speed no limits?

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Need for Speed No Limits for Negative User Reviews

Love The Game but Don’t Like New UpdateI love the game and I have been playing it for a VERY long time! But the new update makes me miss the old one…. Can we bring back some old features and buttons back😭 I love the map layout too!.Version: 5.6.21

Fun game with serious flawsTL;DR - Don’t bother. Remember, this is EA. While the game is fun, it suffers from ridiculous features and p*ss-taking RNG, mainly regarding special timed events which are near enough impossible to complete if you have a life and don't want to spend gold or real money to speed things up. If you've played the Sims Freeplay you'll know exactly what I mean. The drifting and steering is unpredictable due to a ridiculous mechanic where the car follows a loose path set for each race. I can see the road in front of me, don’t tell me where I need to steer the car. Loot boxes are rigged beyond belief. Don’t bother spending gold on premium boxes because you’re unlikely to receive anything worthwhile. You very rarely get decent blueprints, and when you do, the number you get has been reduced. The PvP system is also broken. Your speed points (basically, your rank) are gained or lost depending on if you win or lose a race. However, the amount by which it changes depends on the other player’s speed points, rather than their power rating. This means that if you’re matched with a much more powerful car that has fewer speed points than you - which is often the case - be prepared for your rank to plummet. This is a fun game with a decent range of cars, but with the collection and upgrading of those cars becoming more and more difficult, I am feeling much less motivated to bother playing..Version: 2.10.4

Good game, poor programming and executive decisionsThe game is really fun. I cannot stress that enough. Extremely fun game that keeps you coming back. It just has some glaring programming issues and executive decisions that are frustrating me. Part of the problem is the mandatory ads, unless you pay money. It wasn’t always that way. It’s also incredibly frustrating when I go to close out the ad, after I’ve been forced to watch it, and it auto kicks me to download the app. Then I have to get back swap back into the game and get “connecting to server” and it tells me I didn’t watch the full ad so I don’t get the measly 1 gold for the full minute of my life that has now been wasted. Also, when you choose to watch an ad to reduce 25% of the time on the one hour wait time in an event ticket, it takes off 25% of the remaining wait time. So if you hit it at 55 minutes, it’s close enough to to 15 minutes off. If you hit it at 10 minutes left, it only takes of 2 minutes 30 seconds. Sometimes it doesn’t take anything off, which is even more frustrating. It honestly makes me not want to play, and after this event cycle, I’m probably going to quit it..Version: 6.0.01

MONEY MONEY MONEYSuch a shame!! Has so much potential to be a forerunner in mobile gaming but, just like so many mobile games if you are going to get anywhere and have a decent high powered car to even complete the campaign then be prepared to either play this game forever and get no where or pay to play. Every angle of this game makes you feel you have to use your own money, from buying upgrade packs to completing car events (which are NOT do-able) without paying. Again, the extreme in your face ‘you have to pay to play’ factor seriously let’s this game down. Gameplay and graphics are impressive, the sounds are brilliant and the ‘available’ cars are amazing but I think I will have to invest my time in playing a mobile racing game that does not require the contents of my wallet in order to progress at a reasonable rate..Version: 5.6.21

Needs to make it a bit easier for people that can’t put money in the game.Don’t get me wrong about the game it is very fun to play. But for someone like me and a lot of others out there that can’t put real money into this game it’s hard to play for too long. The length of the time for the event’s isn’t enough time. Even when I played every day 5 gas tanks play them waiting 5 hours to get 5 more and play them out but can’t get to the last day or half way of the last day. Campaign is just as bad. But like I was saying unless you put real money into this game you get nowhere. I know that you can tell if someone uses real money or not. The people that don’t you should give us bonuses once a week because we’re working hard on what we have. I have been playing for almost a year now. I am to the point I’ll not play for days or over a week just to try and get extra money. Also the days I do play is on cash days sun tue thur. So come on do something to help us out. I’m definitely sure ull have a lot more people playing this game. Also give us more gas tanks. Instead of 10 should be 20 and on the event’s instead of 5 tanks it should be 10 or 15..Version: 6.1.01

Gameplay issueVault events are not winnable if you have to replay them. If you don’t complete A vault event for the first time you don’t receive enough blueprints the second time to upgrade your car to the required PR. I am stuck at the M3 GTR event and rapidly losing interest in the game..Version: 4.5.5

I had way more money!I had more money than a mustang and it won’t let me buy >:c …………great game tho :D.Version: 3.1.2

NFS: Nothing But LimitsThis is a fun game and I have paid quite a bit but it was clearly designed with the aid of psychologists to put you in sticky situations where you’ll want to spend a little money here or there to continue. I’ve spent about $40 so far and it just continues and you still can only race a few times before you “run out of gas” and need to wait, watch ads or spend more money! Cars get to a certain point where you can’t really seem to upgrade them unless you race 7 times a day (because you’ll run out of gas and have to wait) for a month or spend more money. You have to acquire really rare blueprints to even unlock cars and sadly so far I just bought them because it would have taken forever otherwise. Sad, because this is a fun game and I would have loved an option to just buy it outright with no ads and no “gas” but that’s not the point any more, I suppose. They’re only out to get as much money as they can! Also I should note that the races are REALLY short. Some last less than a minute, so it’s like short bursts and really just about creating a desire to upgrade your car..Version: 5.2.31

Still kinda pay to playLots of events need a certain amount of rp on the loaned car which is hard to get and finish the event in the time you get unless you buy parts with gold..Version: 3.9.2

Good but needs some improvementThis game honestly is very fun, despite only getting a three star review. My main complaints are that the steering is a little wonky -often when drifting the steering wheel will just disappear from the screen and your car will crash. The races are so short that one small crash and you will lose every time so this can get frustrating in special events will it takes much longer for your tickets to recharge. My second complaint is that this game is 100% paid to win. While you can technically unlock everything naturally by just playing, you need to complete the same race often 20 or more times just to unlock a low tier vehicle, I can’t imagine how long it will take me to unlock some of the legendary vehicles. My third complaint is that there is not enough variety of vehicles. While there are lots of vehicles,You often see the same brands over and over.I get tired of seeing same brands like Porsche, Ford, Honda, Nissan, all the brands that historically have made sports cars. There are more sports cars out there, and basically every brand has a couple really great cars to offer and I think it would make the game more fun to include some lesser thought of brands. Like you could add a Kia stinger, or a Hyundai Veloster Turbo (or N), or a Volkswagen Jetta V6, or a Mazda RX-8, or a Fiat/Abarth Punto or Spider, heck you could have a whole class of SUVs and pickups if you wanted. Just get tired of the same 30-50 cars in all the racing games.Version: 5.6.21

OkThe game itself is addictive, even without spending any real life money it’s great, relatively easy to level up, my partner and me started playing at the same time, and somehow he’s managed to unlock places (chop shop for instance) a few days ago, he’s only on the 7th chapter of the campaign, where as i have to complete chapter 9 to unlock it, and I have to have gotten to level 30 to begin the 9th chapter which is disappointing, however I’ve played less and seem to be levelling up quicker and getting more cars? I feel like the game should run relatively the same for each player should it not? Other than this the game is great, graphics are good, not many adverts, no lag etc..Version: 4.3.4

Fun but ComplicatedNo Limits is an extremely fun game, but when it come to gameplay it is much more complicated that. NFS Most Wanted Mobile Edition was much less complicated to play than this game as it had simple controls and didn’t have parts to cars and other new editions that just fill the game with unnecessary content. Overall I dislike the crate system as it just a way for the EA to earn more money, and it adds to the already overfilled game. That is why I give this game only 3 stars..Version: 2.9.1

ATTN: Bug in Game!!!Hello guys, Just a brief review love the game it’s great been playing for years now but at the moment the game is NOT working it’s just shows up to the loading screen when opening up the app & it just thinks and thinks where any other game I play works just fine so it’s not my internet connection, So it must be a bug in the game since the last update the game just doesn’t load or work so would greatly appreciate if you could look into this, Thank you..Version: 4.6.31

It's a basic ea game bugs and allThis game is good. But, it's not excellent, there's nothings special about the gameplay, all the packs are overpriced for what you get. It's a basic ea game with all the bugs included. For instances, why does my car randomly receive airtime when it's not even on the ground (airtime makes the car harder to control) why does the car enter and exit drift at seemingly its own will? Why does the 'pvp' set me up against a car that will obviously beat yours such as a fiesta vs a hyper car. Why does the car go in the opposite direction to what I'm trying to go sometimes? And then there's just the typical ea gameplay. There are campaigns that are good and dandy but there is no way a normal player will even get the car offered (which isn't even the final prize) without spending a ridiculously overpriced amount on in game cash. There are these in game packs that literally aren't worth the money you pay for considering how much players are pressed into spending gold. I mean don't get me wrong the game works fine most of the time. But it's nothing special and gets frustrating when the gameplay can be so bugged sometimes to the point that it's just frustrating to want to play..Version: 2.11.1

Alright game. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SUPPORT!I used to play this game all the time. I had tons of fun racing and upgrading cars and doing the special events. One day I went to download the update and when I opened the game after the the download, all my data was gone. I lost all my cars that I worked months for, all my VIP status from making real purchases in game, my progress through the story and everything else. I liked the game enough that I spent about $130 of my real money on the game and when I contacted customer service they haven't done anything. The first time around my ticket expired because I was too busy with work to worry about my game, but I reopened the ticket about a month ago and things were going great. I mean, they asked for the same stuff they already asked for 3 times already and I had to explain yet again what happened. I got a weird message from them saying they take fraud seriously and I said that's fine because I'm not trying to scam anyone, I just either want my data or my money back. After sending them another screenshot they needed I haven't heard back from them in 18 days and they have yet to respond to my email I sent 4 days ago asking if they were still working with me. I JUST WANT MY MONEY OR DATA BACK! Or AT LEAST a response from the support team letting me know what is going on..Version: 2.6.4

This could be a good gameI say could, because it isn’t. Not because the game isn’t good in itself, but unfortunately this is a typically audacious EA money grab. After progressing into the game for some time in the beginning, progress slows down massively to force you into buying credits. That in itself wouldn’t be too shabby, I’ll pay for a good game. The sad part is that even if you attain the highest “VIP” tier by spending, take a deep breath, 3,200 bucks on it (yes, you read correctly. THREE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED), you are still challenged by limitations. An iPad game that costs more than a full price PC title is a joke. This here is more than a joke, this is pure lunacy and should be illegal..Version: 4.3.4

Adverts now ruin this brilliant gamePlayed this game for a very long time . Pluses : game play is great , graphics and sound good .if you put the hours on you don’t have to spend a lot of money . I have pretty much every high end car maxed all through doing the dailies and completing events. Minus : you used to get cash rewards on the game play for pvp events which you could use to upgrade your cars . Now you get nothing no matter how many points you score . Watching an advert gave you 2 race tokens now it’s one . But the worst new development is that before you could skip adverts and kiss out on the one gold reward . Had thousands of gold so skip is fine . Then they made you watch a few seconds before you could skip . Okay not too bad . Now , April 2022 you have to watch every add in its entirety. Some last 30 seconds and then another 5 . It’s killed the game for me . It’s so annoying particularly when the same add is repeated constantly over a 24 hour period . Most races are around 30 seconds so to follow them with adverts of the same length just makes it hugely irritating. Loved this game but the inability to now have the option to avoid the constant adverts has ruined the experience for me and many other players. Adverts should be optional not enforced and 30 seconds is appalling ..Version: 6.0.01

Brand new update after being flogged for Battlefront 2Final thoughts about these corporate criminals, a monthly gold subscription is now offered at twice the price, the monsters who run EA need to be taught a lesson, don’t buy their products, delete their apps and never give them another darn cent Update edit: The soundscape has been redesigned and sounds glorious my previous notes still stand though you have to pay money to progress and not a little bit, at least double what a console blockbuster game costs really not worth it We get it, almost all apps are designed to make the publishers money and EA is amongst the worst out there. Saying that, this is quite a smooth game (when not freezing or crashing) and the pay wall is set far enough away to get a good week out of casual gaming. 1 out of 5.Version: 2.6.4

Come to realityNow that I look at this game I’ve been playing for 2 years I’ve come to the realization that honestly it’s not a decent game for anybody to play and just hear me out. A LOT of the decent cars in the game you probably won’t ever get unless you pay for them. Everyone’s talking about the mechanics of the game and how smooth the “unrealistic” drifting is but not about the actual aspect of the game which is the cars themselves. I’ve been playing this for 2 years haven’t, haven’t put a DIME in and I still only have 1 hyper car, two supers and 2 sports which is honestly just proof to everyone that there’s no way you’re getting an actual decent car that can beam through races with ease. I’ve literally only gotten the Koenigsegg from the campaign and that’s about the only GOOD car that I can use for races. Everything below that is campaign blueprints only and the chances of getting those are 1-3 with the odds powerfully against you. There’s a lot of other racing games out there that I encourage you to find even without a console but guys and girls... this isn’t the game you’re looking for trust me. One more thing by the way. I FINALLY finished a Proving Grounds event, got the Aston Martin and it’s only a 4star and there’s NO other source for the blueprints. Just think about that for a while..Version: 4.7.31

Zero concept - maximum profitsSince the app has asked me to leave a review, here we go: - Visuals: ok, but unrealistic colours, cartoonish, too bright - Tracks: repetitive, no free roam, sometimes ridiculously short - Annoying text pop-ups: if you want to tell a story, at least base it on something interesting, not collecting parts and blueprints, total bs here.. Either way, add an option to disable them - no one cares about these nonsense talks - Game load: loading on every launch, updating, connecting to SERVER, downloading something.. seriously? - Driving: the car feels glued to the road, handling is completely unrealistic, I guess who cares about that when the aim of the game company (not the developers but whoever was telling them what to develop) was to make $$$ on: - Collecting parts, blueprints and other junk you need to buy or find. - "Buying expensive crates guarantees rare parts": boom, thanks for this lesson in economics. Btw, is this a scavenger hunt or a racing game? Who cares.. - Drifting: most wanted was even better than this Overall the game feels more like a rigged fruit machine in a cheap casino rather than a racing game, and has absolutely ZERO character. A waste of space in my 128GB iPhone. And no controller support either... duh!.Version: 3.4.2

System Cheating during races!Can you sort out the problem within all races? The problem I refer to is the one while in race all controls over the cars direction will stop for a few seconds before returning, this lose of control will with out a doubt force you into walls and barriers bringing you to basically a dead stop putting you in last place finishing at least 20secs after the other drivers. I have lost a number of races due to this problem! Special events cars! Special event car races are rigged for ‘none paying players’ to fail all the time, every event I’ve taken part in since the start of the year and used every possible available gas ‘5’ at a time and 1 every hour after, even after doing this some how I always finish 2 days behind in the event NEVER getting to completion and receiving half the blueprints needed to unlock the car used. The only special events I’ve been able to fully complete are Drift King and Prime Suspect..Version: 5.6.21

Suggestion!!!I believe, If this game add a new part that play the car with our friends face to face and we can connect with each other on this game and play together , just like this this game will be better..Version: 4.3.4

Some awful game logicCould be a great NFS game however, as you can imagine there will come a point you can’t quite get the upgrades you need for the car you’ve been winning in. Starts out fine but then you hit that paywall or you have to wait. More events unlock and oh look, more obstacles to upgrading. Worst of all is the PVP logic. You need to win 2 races to get 50k credits. You win the first race easily, then the next race you’re up against someone you can’t beat so you lose. Basically you win one and then lose one. Each time you’re then back to needing two wins to get 50k in game credit. You can play 16 times or more before you might actually win 2 in a row. Tried it with 2 different cars, exactly the same outcome. What the hell kind of stupid logic does that to a person? Constantly taking one step towards the prize then one step back?! Very few games irritate me to the point of deletion but this is close to being one of them. Oh and if you want to raise this issue to Support, you can’t, no way to log an issue. Well done on winding up your customers!.Version: 6.1.01

Horrible Bug, Not Fun AnymoreIt steers the car in the opposite direction that you tell it to sporadically, making you lose tickets in SE’s and fuel in other races. Like I’d move my finger right to turn right and it would steer me left, crashing me into a wall. I think they’ve refused to fix this bug for 6 years bc it’s an easy cash grab. I’m just gonna blow all my gold on this Bolide event which I’ll probably lose and then stop playing, probably. I was hopeful this would be the first SE I win but it’s really not fun knowing you have zero chance of actually winning any challenging races anymore because of this bug..Version: 6.5.01

Blackridge Event failedHi there, I played the Blackridge event last week and chapter 7, event 2 would not load. I’m super bummed. I spent a bunch of gold on it too but couldn’t win. Please fix and also compensate for having the chance to finish..Version: 4.5.5

User experience enhancement neededGraphics, game play and all are good. But there are serious gaps in user experience. In quite a few cases it looks like developers didn’t even bothered to assess the game from user perspective and expected users to learn by force. For instance, the game is kind of stuck for me at the moment; showing no progress except a yellow circle at bottom right hinting as if its loading. Killed the app restarted. Restarted the phone as well but exact same thing for almost 10 minutes. No, no issues with my internet, everything else working fine. Even switching between WiFi and mobile data but its the same. I understand the reason could be anything from something within developer’s control or not. But the point is, does developer really think people will stay even if they are not told for 10 minutes about what is going on? Don’t think thats going to happen these days..Version: 3.0.1

???The tutorial does not help because I don’t know anything and I just did the tutorial. This game seems nice though is very confusing 😑.Version: 3.2.2

Add to many addsI really liked this game until now. They have now changed it that you now have an add after every race unless you pay to remove them. I’m actually removing this game. Unfortunately.Version: 3.3.1

This is the absolute worst racing game everI’m so glad I’ve almost finished this completely aweful game. This game is such a tedious joke. The people at ea are laughing at the suckers who get played by their crumby engineering in this game. The driving sux, the environment is always the same, the upgrades are few and impossible to get without a heavy heavy tag. Maybe I’m a sucker, but the real suckers would be people paying money for this. I’m so glad that in the near future, mobile game developers will face Supreme Court charges for their greed and robbery. I loved u ea, but after the abuse u gave me with this game, u are my least favourite developer. Good riddance.Version: 3.4.2

Money grab.Not a fan of this game as special events are set to fail unless you pay to win. PR requirements jump way too high to win cars. The only way to win any of the special events is to pay, which isn’t fair because it’s such a fun game..Version: 4.5.5

AwfulIt’s fun for the first few days, but then you start to see all the cash grabs. For example, events to win cars. These take tickets, you get 5 and it takes about 50 mins for each ticket to come back. Yes, these are separate from the fuel used for other races. These events are constantly trying to get you to spend gold on tickets and car parts, which is their premium currency that is hard to get without spending hours of time on the game or paying for them. The events are limited time, and some of them are impossible without spending gold on parts and using tickets to replay completed races to get parts as they have a minimum number which is basically the rating of your car, the more parts added the better. If your car isn’t that number then you, again, need to go back to other races to MAYBE win parts and spend gold. Apart from the first 2, you probably won’t get the final car prize without paying because the only last about 4 days. That’s just one of the issues with this game. I won’t write anymore because I can’t be bothered and this review will be lost in the ratings by people who have only been playing for a few days, which is when they trick you into thinking it’s not just a huge cash grab..Version: 4.7.31

I’d pay for a game like this if it was on a gaming console.Where to start…it’s a FREE game for an original series that I enjoy playing, I love this type of gaming, but it got abit hard and ridiculous for certain events to play for free forcing you to consider paying for certain benefits. If I did have to use real money, it’d have to be a full gaming platform and not on my mobile phone. It was fun while it lasted. But end of the day, this game is more positive than it is negative.Version: 5.4.1

Disappointed with need for speed no limitsIf you’re looking for additional aggravation for your day, instead of enjoying a fun racing game, you found it. All of the pieces to make a decent game are here, EA and the monkeys just didn’t quite put it all together. Extremely aggravating trying to win cars, they don’t allow you enough resources, meaning fuel tickets. almost impossible to win a car in a series. They set up impossible goals for the sixth and seventh group. constantly making you try to upgrade your car to meet their required PR, without the ability to even run the races because of lack of fuel tickets. You only get five fuel tickets at a time for special event races, and it takes nearly an hour to get another one. Hard to complete tasks when you need to run many races in a day to win new cars, this becomes very frustrating to say the least. There is simply not enough time in the day to complete their unreasonable requirements with limited resources. I’ve played and owned most if not all need for speed games, this is the first one that I’ve tried on my tablet. Very disappointed. many of the other reviews I’ve read comment on similar unreasonable restrictions ,but leave higher ratings, not sure why..Version: 6.6.01

Great game but has some problemsFirst of all this game is amazing for fans or NFS the run, underground 1 and 2 and most wanted 2005 but there is some problems. Getting cars. Getting cars is extremely difficult for those of a higher level I think there should be a shop where you could spend your saved up cash on cars not blueprints, cars. I think they shouldn’t be cheap and award those who save up maybe 800,000 for a mustang and 2.5 million for a Lamborghini aventador. I love doing the challenges to win exclusive cars and I hate it when people say there to hard to win and it’s impossible to do without spending gold, the point is it’s an exclusive car your meant to spend gold if not there is no sacrifice to getting that car, you shouldn’t be able to complete it easy without gold and that’s what I like. One more think I would like a more base to base cars so they basically act like there real life counter parts, real racing 3 did it I think that your car should have differences not just in stats, I also would like more decals like the ones on the mustang in the start of the game and the ones on the race loading screen Sorry this was long if you read it all your a legend 😜😜.Version: 3.3.1

I use to loveI use to love this game but now I am starting to hate it. Let’s talk about the UNDERGROUND RIVALS yeah when you get to D tier or C tier or B tier just remember you are done for. The underground rivals gives you people within 90 or above you like the Subaru Impreza I got it maxed and know I just can’t level it up anymore and they are giving my 599 pr Subaru a 702 pr Subaru or 670 pr Subaru saying this is in my winning range it isn’t seriously take it down a notch like 602 pr or less so you can win. If it’s not within your winning range don’t try at all I am stuck on D tier and won’t move a little. Also stop giving D tiers C tiers to race for final battle and C tiers B tiers to race. It makes no sense just give us people within the same tier and if you give someone a higher tier to race they probably gonna lose cause they higher for a reason beachside they beat the tier you on and if you can’t beat just know you won’t beat the higher tier person. You guys make the race literally impossible. No can win it and make cash and gold a lot easier to get we spend way to much money on cash and gold. So fix underground rivals and then you get 5 star for now it’s a 3..Version: 4.8.31

Good but don’t get much to upgrade a car to race the next levelThis game is fun and addictive but the issue I’m having is once you get to a level where a higher upgrade of the vehicle is recommended but end up stuck because most parts you need gold for and you don’t receive a lot of gold for most achievements on the game. Also rewards aren’t given much or aren’t enough to get an upgraded part for the vehicle. Please change this to where rewards are greater and parts are easier to come across because you get the same parts continuously and most cars won’t need that part so it’s useless to have or to be given at the time. I haven’t completed most of the races due to these issues. I have upgraded my vehicles once I get parts. Another things are blueprints for vehicles, it’s really hard and challenging to get blueprints because you can’t upgrade until you get those but it takes forever and most the time you don’t get any after completing certain chapters or anything. Can you please make these changes to where parts and blueprints can be won or bought easier because I enjoy this game but has minor setbacks..Version: 6.8.01

But there’s a catch!For almost a year I have been really enjoying this game! Until this latest update, which has now pushed more ads to the user. Every time you now race anything in the Campaign Series, you’re subject to an ad if you want to claim your prize; you know the one you earned for racing (not watching an ad)!! I get that the user level is high and the Marketing Department are probably trying to squeeze more in-app purchase, but alas... I’ll now have to find another game that doesn’t require 4-5 ads for each time I use it. Please let me know if you revert to the not-forced advertisement version, I’ll come back and play more. For Karolina, Caitlin, Nina, Benjamin, Matt, Justin, Emma, Jonathan, Sean, James, and Victoria you have just Snapped defeat from the jaws of Victory..Version: 3.3.1

Terrible, sketchy, waste of timeIt takes way too long to collect “blue prints” for cars and upgrades. Why do I have to do a lottery pick for it after clearly winning the race ? Is winning not enough? The special events are glitchy as hell and designed to make you lose. I’ve lost 3-4 tickets per day from the app just crashing out and missed out on many cars on days 3 and 6 of events. To make up for tickets and fuel lost, you watch ads, which are almost always trying to scam you by downloading apps that talk about making money by playing garbage games (please don’t buy into them). On top of that , sometimes the ads don’t even give the bonuses that they promise , wasting your time even more. It’s a fun game in the beginning but once you play it for a while it looks like a big ad on its own; trying to get you to spend money to get virtual cars and “special privileges” that aren’t special in any existing games. Would not recommend to anyone.Version: 4.5.5

From Need for Speed to Need for GoldI had played the game for more than a year, but from a while now it became mostly unpleyable. The AI or “ghost” used in ridge rivals are not that random selected - too many low score untuned cars that have impossible speed, not fair, now having a mclaren p1 at 7 stars on 1022 Rp, worked on it for more the last 6 months and here comes a slug m5 no tune, and wins 2 second’s on a perfect start-perfect race from me ????! Simply not fair anymore. Lost my Icon 2 rank, work a lot for that to, just messed us up with that stupid one step down. And what is with that wraps, no need for them all of the players need parts and boxes, you’ve just tricked into buy gold no??! Like on special event’s making them harder and harder?!! How can it be that before starting the race to see that it will be easy or medium, shown under the car, but in fact is more than extreme for us to play???!!!??It’s a game, and if you made it FREE let the players decide not CEO’s!!!!!!! It seem’s like you turned into the Need For Gold !!!!!! I’m one step close to uninstall it and have almost all the cars won for free and hard playing not jumping like a monkey from wall to wall!!! You should think about a few word’s: If a thing works perfect as it is, don’t try to make it better!!!.Version: 2.10.2

Wait what???What ever happened to the good old days when you saved up your money on a game and then bought a car, didnt have some stupid game limiter like “gas” or “tickets” and could play it all day and finally get one of the good cars. I love chevrolet but you have to spend real cash or 2 weeks on the game to get one of the good cars. Even just to collect the “blueprints” you have to hope you strike lucky at the end of boss races and get the right card. The black market is way over rated. I have a bmw, brz and a focus after a year of working off and on and their not even maxed on performance because you need those darned blueprints to upgrade the car. Then they claim to have a showroom but you cant buy the cars with earned money. Here’s the final dilemma you have to decide to waste your gas upgrading what you got or deciding if you want to try and go after what you really want whether its a hypercar or corvette or viper or something. I find it infuriating when a game claims you dont need real money to win then you find out differently. I love the game and most of NFS titles but this has strayed extremely far from the way it used to be on ps2 or other systems where you could play all day long and never one time have to struggle to get the right car for the job might have to work at it but 9/10 x you got what you aimed for..Version: 4.7.31

Fun but a money grabYou can only get so far in this game without the need to spend cash. The limited time events will reach a point where unless you spend money on upgrading the car, even though the car is able to participate in the event, you’ll lose because your rivals just take off on you with no way to catch up no matter how good you’re skills are. Likewise with the storyline event, you might be able to JUST scrape by getting ONE car out of the 100+ cars on offer to take part but you will reach a point say in the final of chapter 6 where unless you spend money you ain’t going any further. Even with the grinding for parts opportunities this will only take you so far. I get that the makers/devs of the game need to get a return on their product but it would appear to be a constant need to buy packages to get anywhere. I’ve given up and deleted the game and moved on to other racer games with a few micro transactions here and there and maybe one or two bigger purchases which will enable me to play all the way through with all cars available..Version: 6.1.01

The New UpdateCompletely ruined the game too confusing and flash just made me not entertained and I feel like deleting it. So much for my hard work put into it.Version: 5.6.21

NoIt has too much storage buildup.Version: 7.4.01

No limits? More like full of limitationsThe game is fun to some degree but in typical EA style they just want your money and they want all of it. You can do about 5 races, then your gas is used up and your waiting for it t refill and at 10 mins for a gas token and two of those are required for one race that’s 20 mins to wait till you can race again. Or you can watch ads and speed that up but only up to a point. You get to play a shell game after every race you win and pick one of three prizes. And let me tell you it feels like a shell game cause it’s a scam, Almost every time you pick something it will be the least desired prize, but don’t worry you can spend gold to get the other prizes. If you have enough patience you’ll eventually get the prize your after but it might take a few days since you can only do each race about 3 times every 8 hours or something like that. Then there are events that last about a week, and those are basically unbeatable unless you spend money so that’s fun. And hey if all these things sound like limits on what you can do in a game called “No Limits” I suppose you missed the fine print like I did, “no limits *for the right price*”.Version: 5.4.1

New updateEver since the new update it won't let me open the app.Version: 2.4.2

Good races, bad rewardsI’ve played NFS no limits for sometime, building my cars, etc. Look and feel is good, lots to do and race interaction with touch is great. Rewards... you get limited daily free rewards and have to either watch ads or use gold credits to progress further. If the juice is worth the squeeze, i’ll happily pay but, when it gets to a point when there’s no return; i would stop and delete the game. Promotions.. i’ve had issues with these where the game timer states you have xx time yet, returning within timeframe, the promo is done. You’ve invested and wasted time and effort for nothing. Other promos are ok, still taKes ages to get anywhere with race rewards. If you’re going to play this game, you’ll need time and frequent brakes to ramp up your race/money/gold credits for free, otherwise do what the game intends... spend money to get anywhere..Version: 2.8.5

New update harder to navigateHard to find the blue print events that are availble since the update. You need to manually check every stage to look for it. Please fix it..Version: 5.6.21

Poor supportFor somebody with little computer literacy it is difficult to get help from support. There is a lot of unfairness in the game. No money no win. On top of it all there is always server problems..Version: 4.1.3

Starts out good, but...After a few days of playing I actually managed to get a few cars and save up a fair bit of money and gold but then the problems set in... The money doesn’t really mean much in this game and gold is your main economy (you can use Money for purchasing parts, but it’s so random it’s not worth it and the parts are usually the lowest quality) so with gold taking the primary role I thought that it would be at least balanced... I was wrong, cars cost an obscene amount of gold (which is why they lock the dealer until Level 9, to give you hope that all the money you saved isn’t for nothing, which it is) I could live with this decision if they didn’t lock all the visual modifications behind a gold paywall! I could understand exotic stuff like wide body kits and racing wings being gold only purchases but even lip spoilers and paints cost gold! And it’s not cheap either 30-50 gold each! So I decided to do a weekly event to win a Bugatti, but by about day 3 all my efforts were for nothing, they put me against a Honda Civic (I was in a Chiron btw) on a drift race and I could not keep up, either I beat the civic but don’t hit the drift target or hit the target and lose to the Civic (in a Chiron lol), it was at this time I had seen all I needed to see and uninstalled the game, Don’t be fooled by the nice graphics and early sense of victory the cracks soon begin to show!.Version: 3.8.2

Need for Speed is more like Need for Money nowadays!I used to LOVE playing this game at one point. Never went a day without playing it. Of late however, your events are becoming exceedingly hard to complete, especially for individuals who don’t have the money or are not willing to pay to play. And you devs and corporate terrorists at EA are making it exceptionally hard to enjoy these events that used to be such a highlight of the franchise. Literally sucking the fun right outta this once amazing game. Y’all need to rethink what is being done. Sorry, but nowadays I look at your game and feel a sense of disgust that I’m not gonna be able to compete events and earn new cars. Makes me stay away even more..Version: 2.10.2

God awfulRuns what, 15fps on iPhone Xs. Combine that with stupid pay-2-win model, you kill whatever graphics you manage to create. the whole game is literally designed around not letting you win anything of actual value without spending hundreds of dollars..Version: 4.5.5

Alright gameI like the gameplay the most part but races should be at least 1min 30sec not 25sec because of this your fuel goes down way to quickly and I always find myself low on money so I always need to replay races to get the parts i need and events i love that they brought back the bmw m3 gtr form nfs mw witch i have tickets should probably be 30min to get not a hour but I think i can still get it with enough grinding would be 4 stars if fuel and tickets were quicker to get and longer races would help.Version: 3.2.2

No LimitsI can’t believe I have do this. First off - I love the game, the one star rating is NOT about the game itself. So, why the one star? Well, again, I have really enjoyed NFS No Limits for a very long time, and in fact I have spent a LOT of real money on it (and I didn’t mind because of how much I like playing it). So the reason for the one star; I recently open the app to play only to be inundated with F@*#ING ADDS AFTER EVERY RACE. THIS IS HOW GREEDY DEVS TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS THESE DAYS - AFTER THE AMOUNT OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY I HAVE SPENT OVER THE YEARS ON THIS GAME. This needs to change or these devs loose a long time and very enthusiastically dedicated fan. So disappointing. Hoping to hear back….Version: 6.8.01

Alright for a free gameI enjoy the throwback to the old NFS I played in my childhood, but the title ‘No Limits’ really doesn’t apply to this game. For instance, there’s no open world roam so all your nice cars are just sat in the garage and you only ever get to use them when racing. And since you can only race on a timed ticket system, you’re only focus is on winning - free riding is thrown straight out the window, which seems illogical to me. The jump between PR requirements on races is astronomical. You can go from easy to not meeting the requirements in 2 levels, at which point you’re scrambling around to try to find parts and blueprints in what is essentially a giant lucky dip. Also some of the bodyparts for these cars should be thrown in the bin. Yuck..Version: 3.8.2

Too many adsAds auto play after most races, and play full length without an option to skip. Purchasing for the prevention of this is unrealistically overpriced and they make the game unenjoyable. This issue is largely symptomatic of EA’s commitment to making as much money as possible with full disregard of the gamers that actually play their games. Will be deleting and avoiding the rest of EA’s collection..Version: 4.9.11

Not enough time to unlock anythingI've been playing on and off for years and get excited when a new unlockable car is put on, yet even if you're on the game 24/7 it makes it impossible to unlock unless you spend real money on extra tickets. I had over 1000 gold saved from my playing and it took every single one to unlock the recent car, there's just no way for a casual player to win. It also gets way too expensive to rank up a car enough to beat the car series.Version: 3.3.1

AnnoyingAfter every race you are forced to watch a 30 second ad, and you have to pay to remove this. The electrical charge/emp things are super annoying during some races..Version: 4.5.5

Ads,pay to win,endless paywalls for every carStupid concept.To get what i want i would have to spend 30 bucks a week you guys are insane and i hope your game dies with your company going bankrupt..Version: 7.5.31

Great potential, ruined by adsThis game is hard to grasp at first, the storyline is not simple or obvious - you need to go to different areas of the game rather than being able to complete the campaign like most other games. Then all of a sudden they put unskipable ads in after every other race?! Sooo disappointing!.Version: 6.7.01

Good game, but waste of time and moneyThe control and racing are good by itself. I like it at first, but have to DELETE it. I'd rather play the NFS Mosted Wanted, whose system is not as fancy but much cleaner. TL;DR: you are bound to waste either your time or money, or both. - WASTE OF TIME: it makes you wait a lot for recurring events. (a) The fuel runs out quickly and you have to wait for refills. 10 slots in total, cost 2 slots per race, wait 10 mins per slot. (b) You have to obtain certain cat parts/blueprints through recurring races. The prize of the races are random, meaning you have to try a lot. But you only get 3 attempts per 7 hours (estimated). The car upgrade is mandatory as you have to reach some level to be eligible for some races. (c) Additionally, you might spend time to open the "crater" once in the while and wait for tickets of "special events" - WASTE OF MONEY: While the game is free, it lures you down to spend your money to buy "gold" and to enjoy "vip" advantage. (a) You can choose to wait for stuff mentioned above. Or you can purchase things by spending real money to buy virtual "gold", which can purchase fuel, car blueprints, car parts, event tickets, etc. (b) I am okay with one-time purchase games, but I hate a rabbit hole like this..Version: 4.5.5

How’d you make it worse?This was ironically installed on my phone but unused for ages after I made my review about how this wouldn’t actually be a bad game if it wasn’t constantly trying just so hard to sodomize your wallet… I logged back on and Jesus you actually made it worse… an ad after every single race I mean are you serious you made your investment back on this 5 years ago. The grind for parts is painful the story is geared in a way you get halfway through and the game is unplayable none of your cars have the power and the income stream doesn’t allow you to modify them fast enough to keep up with the story… and you guessed it all the powerful cars are locked behind paywalls or events that require paywalls to reasonably complete for anyone that wants to have a life. Like even for a mobile game the greed is unbelievable, unfathomable even. EA should honestly be ashamed of having their name attached to this..Version: 6.8.01

RIP offHouse always wins...i uninstalled after attempting three times to complete the special story (not the main story) to unlock a new car. But you don’t have enough race tickets to achieve gold stage to get blueprints even if you complete every race without fail. Then when you spend money buying gold to purchase, affectively more tickets aka races you still can’t get the gold stage, without doing that multiple time. Honestly micro transaction have over taken the gaming community, in order to progress your game! Clever, but a rip off none the less... You have to sink hours of your life playing to upgrade your cars in the garage, so unless you have no job, relationship or purpose in life feel free to waste money and time you won’t get back going nowhere fast or slowly should I say..Version: 2.9.1

Fun but forced in-app purchases to completeGreat game with plenty to keep you going, but unfortunately a major money grabber as each campaign is designed in a way that you can’t complete them without in-app purchases for more gold or more fuel (you only get one refuel per hour!). So it’s easy to get hooked, as the racing elements are excellent. Just frustrating that you’re tricked into thinking you can succeed in real time without spending up with real cash..Version: 6.5.01

Disappointing dead endThis game is great in so many ways... I don’t mind paying a bit of money here and there if the game is good. The controls are decent and the graphics are outstanding.. but I have reached a dead end in this game. I can’t play any event, campaign or otherwise until I upgrade my cars further. The only way I can upgrade my car is through tuner trials.. the only car I have eligible for tuner trials is so low ranked that all races are ‘extreme’ difficulty. Even when I win, then I get upgrade engine kit 2 instead of 1 so I have to wait another week? Unless you want to spend serious dollars on this game, don’t bother wasting your time. Deleted the app!.Version: 3.2.2

Introduction takes 12 business days.This game takes the cake for the longest introduction of video game history. I hope to god I never see the face or name ‘Kim’ again. Thanks for ruining the game by all your cut screens and dumb npc narration..Version: 6.0.01

Honest opinion.This by far is a great racing / drifting game their is but with the good also comes the bad so let me start with the bad. 1. We complete achievements and get 1 gold bar knowing if you use gold you going to be looking at 5bars of gold and up , I believe we deserve way more then 1 gold bar for achievements at least be far. 2. As you play this game your car is going to need to be upgraded as you raise through the levels but here’s the downer to that. The starting price of a part is 4,500$ this is a game no real life. Why would you price parts for 4.500$ knowing you don’t make much back with races some you do and some you don’t. It’s like as soon as you save up some money a upgrade is needed for a car and you dead broke again and after one race another upgrade is needed. This is basically a scam to force us to Pay Real Life Money to complete a Mobile game it’s not a full game like on console it’s not worth Paying Real Life Money for honestly. It’s a game leave it as a mobile game. Do not disgrace the Name Of “Need For Speed “ by forcing players to pay for what we need to move forward. Instead make the game available to beat without having to pay anything and create a special mode for after you beat the game that you would then need to pay for. But how it is now is how players get mad click delete and lowers you count what’s more worth it..Version: 4.1.2

I don’t likeThe cars do not look as real as before and only graphics are very ugly..Version: 5.6.21

This game is so bad I hate itThis is the worst game I ever played Roblox is way better.Version: 7.5.31

Could be 5 stars if made a simple changeI love this game. Very fun all around, the driving experience and missions are fun, but the pay to play stuff is overpriced. Only game I have ever done the in game purchases for the in game currency to further my game experience. Wouldn’t mind it for this game, but the amount of gold you get for your money is far from being a fair price and it doesn’t get you much in the game. You can buy a full game with zero in game purchases and get all the car unlocks etc for $60 on a game console, but it took me around $15 just to be able to beat one of the bounty car unlocks in special events in the designated time because they don’t reward you with enough car upgrades to be able to complete it in the allotted time without paying gold for the needed parts to upgrade your car or refill your fuel tickets. And in the special events come on EA an hour to refresh a ticket is ridiculous, should be 30 minutes tops. If EA would double the amount of gold you receive in your purchases and shorten the wait times on special events, that you have to complete to unlock new cars, I would give this 5 stars..Version: 5.9.11

Pay to winHad this game for a few years now and every now and then I pop back on to check whether they have balanced it out or not.. then realise that it is still the same money grabbing piece of garbage it has always been. I had high hopes that it would be something close to the original need for speed games but with the customisation and purchasing of cars requiring high quantities of gold (only realistically achievable by spending real money), the game is almost impossible to enjoy! Also in the events I have some of the highest quality cars in the game which seem to get effortlessly beaten by lower level cars?? (My driving is almost flawless by the way - no collisions and I drift and use nitrous at the right time) and for example, I have a konigsegg one (one of the best cars in the game) with a pr of 929 and yet I am getting beaten by Porsche spiders with prs of 800 ish? What the heck is that about? Are they the games bots maybe? I will never know but anyway I digress, moral of the story don’t waste any time or effort or money on this game go download gear club or something - far better in my honest opinion..Version: 4.4.6

Bad gameThis game gets boring because they give you bad cars at the start and that’s basically all you get unless you pay money for better cars, this game is annoying because you need ‘blue prints’ and that’s how you buy cars, you don’t get to buy cars with in game currency. And with the bad cars you do get, they are too slow to go into races so you can’t get that far into the game. This game gets boring quickly, would be nice to be able to buy cars with in game currency and not have to pay real money..Version: 5.7.11

Game is amazingThis game is so utterly un amazing I left 10 minutes and it still wouldn’t load still on the loading screen after 10 minutes can I please get an answer why. EA why doesn’t this game work on one of the latest iPads this game is gay. Thank you for listening and good night but not you EA you’re gay.Version: 4.9.11

Beware the delayed grind & need for in app purchases!Like a lot of ‘in app purchases’ games that are free to play these days, the devs have built a fairly long ‘honeymoon period’ into this game, to lull you into a false sense of security that you can have a long term good time with this game without the need to spend money! HOWEVER, BEWARE, as just when you are starting to enjoy yourself (& almost believe EA have turned a corner from being a terrible publisher) the delayed grind slaps you around the face a stops your progress dead! This is especially true in the time limited events, where progress in the last few chapters to complete the event in the time period is impossible without parting with £££s! The ridiculous power levels you arbitrarily need to upgrade your car to for the final chapters or sections of the game where you are just about to earn a half decent car, is just out of reach for a meagre ‘free to play’ scrub like myself! Hats off to the guys who developed the grind algorithm, as it suckered me in perfectly! Time to delete this game... or maybe just reinstall and replay the opening few hours of the game, where the game played like an actual half decent video game?!.Version: 4.1.3

Just great!So who’s smart idea was it to remove account logins? I can no longer use my Facebook or any other platform to login and get my data back so I’m just not gonna waste my time restarting this annoying game.Version: 7.5.31

What a shameUsed to love this game until they felt it necessary to show you an ad that you cannot skip every time you open the app. Won’t be using this app anymore..Version: 6.8.01

Lamborghini Diablo SV eventHigh PR walls that you have to spend gold on the event, again..Version: 4.5.5

Wonderful start, frustrated continueWhen started to play, you can find the controls and graphics scenes was wonderful. But when the games continue, some setting of the game will make you mad, such as keep playing the same races in order to get the parts for randomly acquire, hardly finished the whole mission for new car with limited time and unattainable points even if you can beat all of the computer opponents. One word, waste time and give up..Version: 6.0.01

Great game, Until it wasn’tI’ve been playing this game for a few years now. With continuous updates, new cars and content have been added that has kept me coming back for more. The tracks did get repetitive, but still fun to play none the less. Until, a recent update which seemed to change everything fun about this game. Previously, you used to be able to manually click on ads and earn gold, cash, and race skips. The game now tries to force you to watch advertisements after races. While you can just close out the app and come back to it, it’s still pretty annoying. Also, I’m not sure if other people are experiencing this same thing, but the game now cheats. You randomly lose control of all functionality of your car at crucial moments in the game. This doesn’t seem like an accident, it feels like this is on purpose. I’m not talking about when you get hit by an emp shockwave, I’ll be drifting or driving perfectly fine then all of the sudden the car won’t turn at all and I end up crashing into the wall. This has happened to me so many times, I’m thinking about deleting the game because of the frustration. The development team really needs to rework this and get rid of the automatic ad stream.Version: 5.5.01

Another EA scamI’m a gamer for 35 years and I have many scams and pay to game options from EA games but this one just pushes to the limits! To actually pass the weekly races yiu will have to spend a lot of money. It’s very clever how EA again used their tricks on gamers. It’s like 1 step forward 2 steps back on day 3 - u will have to race many additional races to obtain parts required to pass next levels / without spending gold it’s not possible. Even when you race not always you will pick in the lottery parts that that you need and you need to wait additional time for the tickets to recharge to be able to race again/ or spend gold. It’s ridiculous how actually developers like EA are allowed to add their apps to apple store! Beware ! You can get original game and have fun on many other platforms than topping up this app and spend 10x more!.Version: 5.1.21

The second review...Another pay-to-win game along the dusty roads. I have always been a fan of racing games but this one is just a cash grab. Honestly who spends £££s to unlock a digital version of a car?! If you want people to unlock cars then do it the right way, and don’t make even the premium crates hold the most rubbish items anyway. It is beyond belief how many of these you need to invest in so that you can get a single decent car. It is so random and you will rarely get something worthwhile. The cars’ blueprints cost a frustratingly high amount of gold so high that it will take you thousands of gold to unlock certain cars needed to progress through the career. I know that there are money packs which can be used to obtain a car but most these literally aren’t even worth the price for how much they demand. But the gameplay and graphics are great. The cops are a sign of great nostalgia from previous Need For Speed game. There is so much content available. In all honestly, this is a good concept. It’s just unbelievable how much EA expects to you to pay to complete this..Version: 5.2.21

Unstable, pay to win money trap. Uninstalled.Have been playing for a couple of months now, the game crashes a lot on an iPad Air running up to date iOS. Trying to contact support is useless as safari isn’t supported by their support store. The game requires a significant amount of money to make any progress and I’m pretty sure every single aspect of the game is rigged to squeeze even more money out of us. Update: after spending hundreds on the game, I’ve finally uninstalled it. It seems they rig it to make progress slower and slower. The most recent update was the final straw, glitching in an event that meant it is not possible to be competitive in the competitions. Uninstalled..Version: 4.5.5

Great game but annoying glitchesI have been playing this game for around a month now. If you are patient and don’t mind waiting for ages for fuel refills then the free version is loads of fun. However, I am at a stage now where the main menu page shows me that I have upgrade options waiting in the garage… but when I open the garage page… NOTHING! Not one of my cars has any option for an upgrade. I have checked numerous options and upgrade links but nothing works and the annoying “upgrades available” indicator stays visible on my main menu page. This is not a serious glitch but it’s just REALLY annoying!.Version: 5.7.11

No controller supportNeed controller support.Version: 7.5.31

Pay to Progress (& what happens if you don’t)At one point, it becomes impossible to make progress because your car isn’t good enough, and up until that point you have to use the cars the game forces you to, so you don’t have a freedom of choice, unless you invest in real money. Even then, to get to the said point, you have to play certain races again and again (to acquire the necessary parts to upgrade) and you can only replay them 3 times. The tracks are extremely short, there are only about 5 songs, and the customization is extremely limited. It has an energy (fuel) system which is the biggest red flag in any mobile game. It means that you have to wait for the energy to recharge (or pay) to continue playing. It seems as if there is a PvP mode, which takes way too much to unlock, and even then you learn that you can’t race against players in real time. You can only race their ghosts in a 1v1, only if you have one of the required cars to do so. The game also often forces you to watch the ENTIRETY of an ad, and gives you a singular gold as an excuse, even though it clearly says the game doesn’t contain any pop-up ads at the beginning, and asks you to become a VIP member to turn this off. It has a text based campaign mode which isn’t all that interesting. The only upsides I can think of are the game mechanics and the optimization..Version: 7.0.01

Over bearing forced tutorialMuch like all other games now, the tutorial is way over done to the point where it feels like the devs are treating you like a moron. Instant uninstall for me, for once I want to play a game and just figure it out like the good old days. -10 stars.Version: 5.9.11

Pay to winIt’s very hard to enjoy the game without wasting a cent.It is a great game when u start to play but as you become better the game becomes more pay to win.DON’T PLAY..Version: 4.5.5

Sugar CoatedFirst of all, when you first start the game it’s fun as it should be. but when you finally start getting better and unlocking new cars you start to realise how unbalanced and pay to win it really is. you have to pay to win special events. you have to go up against opponents that are 30-40 PR ahead of you in underground rivals, making the whole point of it useless. i still play this game, but i know for a fact that the devs are ignoring critical reviews and sometimes deleting them due to being money hungry. this game could very well be great and gain more following than it already has but the devs aren’t doing anything to ensure that. you get cars you really like, but there’s no way of using them when you finish the car series it is used in, because the only cars that matter in the "campaign"mode are the faster ones. this game needs a test drive mode where you can drive your car around anywhere in a sandbox type area. conclusion: no point in trying to become a good player if you don’t wanna pay money to keep up, or you don’t pour your life into this game. PS: if you really wanna have fun in this game just get an online apk version of this game to cheat and get anything you want..Version: 5.6.21

Takes to long to loadWhen I finish downloading it takes so long to load and it lags. Please fix it so I really want to play it. Thank you.Version: 3.4.2

Need for speedIt’s fun and exciting, I did get bad at first race, as I was only half ready, although it’s not exactly the ‘Need for Speed’ game I was looking for, still fun 👍🏽.Version: 7.5.31

Special even is pay to win :(You should really consider extending the time we have to compleat a special events because there is never enough time to win unless you start paying with your own money, I always have to use my gold that I've save up for these reasons but always run out because the event tickets are almost 100 gold and take almost 1 hour just to redeem 1 ticket???, that's way to much guys it takes ages and left with barely any time to win the new car. Highly recommend extending the time on special event, reduce the wait period to get tickets, make the tickets/fuel and items a little cheaper that cost gold to get and perhaps better gold rewards so us guys who don't have the money can stand a chance to win the new vehicles, would be much appreciated.Version: 2.5.3

Latest update with anticlimaxThis game is awesome! But not without flaws (progress is painfully slow or... Very very very very expensive) latest update has made it glitch out to the point of where it’s become unplayable... I freed up more than enough space on my iPhone 7plus (over 160gb free space after install) I guess “old” phones aren’t supported now. I’m not rich enough to replace my phone every 6 months I’ve only had this thing 9 months. Left me utterly Disappointed as I have put a lot of hours and real money into this game. Cost me over a £100 just to “win” a car that needs £300 spending on it (in real money) just to make it competitive... there isn’t enough time or credits for the special events to be completed without spending real money... and lots of it! All fool me I guess. Shame it’s just Another freemium greed machine... 😔😔😔.Version: 2.10.2

Was goodWas good but since the latest overhaul for underground rivals it put you against cars of a higher tier before it should so u 9 times out of 10 lose. It’s made the game unbalanced and shows that it’s very much a pay to win game in stead of free to play. I understand that the developers have to make money but this practice of pay to win is getting out of control. Before people say it’s not pay to win then given the fact that if you pay real money to unlock cars that are better than some of the best cars in the base game instead of cosmetic extras like free to play should then it very much is a pay to win. I have uninstalled and don’t see my self installing again. I support free to play games but cannot support pay to win games because kids who don’t get much can never have a chance of getting a decent experience..Version: 3.1.2

What, no gamepad support??Great looking and plays well if you like smearing your fingers on the screen, but I can’t believe the game’s been around this long without offering support for any Bluetooth controllers..Version: 7.3.01

Broke my phoneI have a brand new I Phone XS, in saying that wouldn’t you think it could handle everything within the game? Guess not after countless glitches where my game would freeze with half the screen going purple and the other half still frozen has made my phone into a virus, when this glitch happens I can’t do anything about it, I can’t get out of the app, I can’t even turn off my phone or restart it, this is the biggest flaw in the game, the graphics a beautiful and the game plays well. I’m not sure if this is a bug in the game but if so please fix it because I enjoy playing it..Version: 3.5.1

BEWARE!!! RIP OFFI spent almost 2000$ playing this game buying in game purchases, I had progressed very far and was happy with the game until I had to reset my phone because it was glitching, I backed it up and when I restarted my phone all my purchases were gone! I have tried seeking help from both the game developer and Apple App Store, both refuse to compensate me for the lost purchases. I am now in the process of seeking legal advice..Version: 4.4.6

GreedyThis game is designed to frustrate you into paying to make the game move faster. It’s fun at first but to get anywhere near to end with out paying takes a very seriously long time. Endless limitations the require countless hours out slogging out the same tracks hundreds of time to earn materials, cash and blueprints. Don’t get me wrong. This is a fun game and if you’re in for the long haul go for it. But remember they are after your money. Just know what you’re getting yourself into..Version: 4.3.4

Cannot make in-app purchases!Tried too many times! Still cannot purchase and I get too many errors! Please fix this!.Version: 2.11.1

Impossible to progress unless you spend significant amount of moneyI’ve been a NFP fan for 20 years. This mobile game let you race for usually less than a minute. That comes handy when you’re waiting for your coffee to be ready. What irritates me are the artificial blocks that prevent you from progressing. There are two main ways to race, Campaign (to beat the bosses) and Car Series (to get rewards and gain reputation). You need reputation to be allowed to progress in Campaign, and you need different cars in order to win Car Series. The thing is, they set artificial “RP” limits for you to progress in Car Series too. I don’t appreciate the fact that they make me upgrade my cars while I can still win the Car Series with inferior cars. That is part of the fun! Okay if they make it affordable to upgrade from time to time that’s fine. However, after spending about $15 and 30mins later I’m still stuck with all those artificial RP limits. All my car series are stuck now not because I can’t win the races but because they don’t allow me to race. And of course no race allowed in Campaign either because i dont have enough “reputation “. You want to proceed? Become a level 5 VIP which costs probably more than $100. It’s bizarre. I’m going to abandon the game..Version: 4.4.6

Buggy and expensiveThis game is fun, almost all of the time. really, it’s a pretty good game. but it’s extremely annoying and dissatisfying at times. one persistent bug i have encountered is that sometimes when i steer, if i take my finger off the left for instance, the car continues steering to the left. the controls just seize up sometimes, and it’s extremely frustrating. it’s also very expensive. if you have the wallet to pay for extra time or extra gold so that you can buy better parts, the game is pretty easy. otherwise, you need an incredible amount of patience and to be prepared to never finish a special event. it is impossible to do in the time provided without consuming copious amounts of advertisements, paying for better parts, or buying extra time. if you download this game, good luck, and i hope you enjoy. i have not..Version: 5.6.21

Fun but kinda scummyIt was awesome to race and upgrade my car but hits a wall when all of a sudden ya gotta upgrade it to a certain level but in order to do that you gotta get better parts which is cool right I mean I get that, but the catch is good luck getting certain parts because you gotta win some and holy moly there’s no way because for some reason it makes me complete with my lamest car to win them but of course I could pay to just win the game basically so yea just get ready to spend about 2 weeks getting parts to get past one chapter in the game..Version: 4.5.5

New menu layout has to goI love this game and I’ve played it almost daily for a long time now. My review would’ve been 4 stars, but the new menu system and layout is atrocious - it’s confusing and laborious to navigate, game modes and crates are harder to access and icons are smaller and less user-friendly. Garage car icons are ugly and it’s difficult to see when parts can be upgraded. I’m playing the game much less as a result. Please return to the old map layout..Version: 5.6.21

Good, but needs tweaking on pay to playGood game. But good luck with your pay to play system. I get you need to make money, but wow, one could easily spend more money trying to play this than what a console game costs. And then you have a better gameplay experience with the console or pc. It’s good, we will see if I can keep interested. Also if you could make the races longer that would be cool..Version: 4.5.5

Terrible ads make for terrible user game experienceHaving played NFS since the start on my mobile I’ve enjoyed its development despite knowing that I need to pay top dollar for a decent car as the in game upgrades are spectacularly slow and to compete with the online cheats/mod crews!!. But now the one development I cannot abide is that now the action and gameplay is slowed down by adverts. Unless you upgrade to a 2star VIP pass you cannot turn them off. It used to be I would play NFS for some downtime fun - not anymore as you have to wait and wait for these annoying ads to finish or go through a button press marathon to get to the action. Takes all the spontaneity out of playing. I know it’s a commercial venture but the mobile game was so good that I went and bought the pc version, good monetary exchange for EA - now I have to pay to upgrade just to not to see ads - come on seriously!!! Good graphics, repetitive gameplay and boring user experience going to delete and go elsewhere... any recommendations.Version: 3.3.1

Great game but needs balancingGood arcade racing game with a very good selection of cars. The downside is that PR rating limits to complete missions have been set unreasonably high and the only way to meet the PR level is by spending gold tokens. The hunter missions are unreasonably difficult compared to other missions. I spent 7 days to complete a series and after spending hundreds of gold token, I still couldn’t complete it due to PR limits and hunter missions..Version: 5.5.01

Would be higher....butI’d Honestly put a much higher rating, I enjoy the game it’s enjoyable like most need for speed games. However, I recently found out this game has a MAJOR downside. Event races are RIGGED or IMPROPERLY done. There are countless races that are IMPOSSIBLE to beat even if you are at a rating level that at most shows a “yellow” difficulty. Normally those yellow difficulties are winnable either on the first try or after a try or two once you correct your mistakes. This is not the case with several event races however. No matter how many times I tried and no matter how many mistakes I correct I am unable to beat it even if I further upgraded the loaned car, nothing except spending gold to skip the race works. I spent a lot of gold trying to finish 1 event I even reloaded gold, but in the end I can’t beat the event because of these races and I am all out of gold and unable to afford more. This is unfair and very disappointing for a Need for Speed game. Please re-evaluate the way you guys do event races and make it more fair for players who can’t afford to be spending hundreds of dollars on in game gold. It’s very unfair..Version: 4.6.31

Very fun but isn’t good in certain areasI always play this game and the whole concept is amazing however I absolutely hate the multiplayer underground rivals bit because I have a maxed out Subaru which is the lowest on the cars list and I got to division B and that was when I realised it is just the same bots that you play with because I always get to 3 stars when I go against another Subaru and then it puts me against the exact same corvette with the same name but just a different colour because it knows that I will lose and that has annoyed me because I know that my car can’t go any faster and i will always lose. Spent about 3 hours just trying to get past it and it was a waste of time because the exact same thing happens you get to 3 stars and then you are put with the same bot. Overall great game but I would like some real multiplayer I think that would make it a 5 star game..Version: 4.8.31

Unbalanced game - DO NOT RECOMMENDThis game could be very good if it wasn’t for the lack of balance and the constant ads. In the ignition event you simply cannot make it unless you purchase enough gold to buy more tickets which is not what a game should be. This does not hold the NFS universe in good light as none of the games are like this. The events are good but a lot of the opponents are supposed to be of lower PR than you but somehow are so much faster and it doesn’t matter what moves you make you simply cannot win, this is simply a ploy to force you to buy gold so you can have more rounds to make enough money to buy parts. For this reason I do not recommend this game, it gets to the point it becomes frustrating to waste time trying and trying but not getting anywhere! Don’t waste valuable time on it like I did!.Version: 5.0.21

Great Grafik, great fun and good steering BUTI enjoyed the game but without paying you will not be able to get far. Special events are usually not manageable without some additional purchases, you will need Gold to get some more tickets to drive without that you will not be able to go through 13 races each (last two challenges) As you will need to collect money and items you will easily need twice as many races/tries to go through the last two challenges which would mean 26 races per day if not more. It’s made so you can not possibly win without spending money. You get a ticket per 55min so possible races per day 24 if you don’t sleep or do anything else . Also after a while you get more and more ads. I don’t mind if one has the option to pay to increase the chance to win or to speed things up. But if it becomes compulsory to win. It’s a NO NO from me. Watch out and don’t get addicted, it’s NOT worth it. Concept 2 Stars design, handling 4-5 stars..Version: 4.7.31

Rigged…Game is fun, but is completely rigged. You won't have enough tickets to unlock new cars in Special Events. Makes you watch ads to make you think you'll have a chance to finish the challenge in 7 days, but you won't without sinking like $50 into the game. When I am low on 'gas', my thumb doesn't register on the screen every 5 seconds or so, causing me to crash into walls. Crashing into walls ~40% of the time will make your car completely stop and you'll watch everyone fly by you. PvP races put you against cars that are way overpowered, so you'll have zero chance of winning most of the time. Bottom line, if you don't waste $50 on this game, you will find yourself infuriated. I'd rather just pay a one time fee and enjoy the game in its entirety rather than being stuck at 33% of the campaign, and having to grind for roughly a month to hopefully unlock one blueprint per day. Also, a little tip, don't waste materials on cars you won't drive. Otherwise you won't have enough money or materials to level up the car that matters (your main car for the campaign). Keep in mind, the chop shop unlock is about a month and a half grind because you will lose races and won’t have enough gas or tickets to continue. But the graphics are good. The maps are nice. The mod shop is fun. But the game itself is rigged..Version: 6.3.01

Good game but..... Not Worth it!!!Some issues as to the limit of gas, never changes unless you buy into the game and it’s not much gas at all when you become VIP. Technically you will spend more on this game then just straight buying a console game. Not worth it!!! Major improvements will need to change. Impossible to beat any events without spending a lot of money. Game really starts to lack the higher you go. N really wish I could just drop gold on one specific car and not just buying it random hoping I’ll get that R34 just straight feels like you F-n with me at that point. Love need for speed, been playing since it all started and please make an option to take off position markers, it’s hard to see past car ahead to see oncoming cars or road blocks. So straight up More gas, more options to buy cars and affordability. Biggest problem with games is cost and commercials. The more cost and commercials, the bigger fall out you will have with players as to why I’m writing this. I’m glad you don’t do automatic commercials but the lack of gas and the amount things cost drives people to watch commercials and then there is a limit to them hahahaha. Kind of Ironic to the game title if you ask me No Limits!! More like Yes Plenty Limits!!! Rethink & Reconfigure!!!.Version: 2.9.1

To game producersEverything is good bout this game just two problems one is the fuel and other is you need to collect so many blueprints just for one single car please do something bout it n make it easier for us gamers please.Version: 2.12.1

Its good till u get chop shop cuz AUTISTIC ADSOk so the game is awesome, it provides challenges and pushes you to upgrade in order to race next campaign character (good and bad feature) and money comes in at a decent rate, not too much, not too little. Gold is a little harder to come by but not by much. I don’t really like the blueprints thing because it gets annoying when you have all the parts ready to move to next tier but just cant get that last blueprint for the specific car. They are way harder to get than gold and parts combined. The crate system is weird and annoying. The basic crate provides basically nothing useful except a couple parts for cars and you hardly get ANY blueprints. The big crate is expensive and you still get almost nothing. I think at least 5-10 blueprints for the big crate is more reasonable if you’re getting an expensive car AT LEAST! Then comes the chop shop. Beat the lady to unlock it and guess what else you get? That’s right you guessed it: AUTISTIC ADS!! Every single race has an ad after it no matter what kinda race it is! Its stupid and annoying! Ive made some $1:99 purchases here and there for a small boost before this and i am constantly BOMBARDED with ads. Its unplayable at that point. RACERS BEWARE.Version: 4.8.31

Trash gameTrash game, it is is impossible to get M3 GTR if you do not pay money. It is unreasonable. If you are considering downland a car racing game, you can ignore this game right now. There are lots of advertisements and you can not skip them, trash game, leave it now!.Version: 5.7.11

Money money moneyThis game could be amazing, for those that remember need for speed underground and loved it this is the nearest thing and could be very close to surpassing that title had it not been for Money money money. If you have unlimited funds then happy days, if like most you want to pick up a game while taking a dump or waiting for the microwave to ping then yeah don’t bother. First week great thereafter a total and utter disappointment. Campaign is good but you very quickly get to a point where you can’t do anymore until you level up. You can’t level up without spending money or gold on cars to upgrade and if it was merely £5 a week I would say it’s worth it but £5 day and you struggle and I say that with experience! Do the sensible thing but a ps2 buy need for speed underground (the best NFS they’ve ever made) and you not only have more fun you’ll save a HUGE amount of money EA please change your ways please be satisfied with gamers playing games we as gamers accept that we need to pay to play these days but we do NOT want our pants to be pulled down and the bank account cleared to play a repetitive car simulator It’s a 6 star game and if you could play past level 40 without spending money the fact you need to bill gates to get to level 100 and have different cars it’s less than one star but unfortunately you can’t review less.Version: 5.3.31

BugattiI spent 100 dollars on upgrades and still struggled to win this car...kicker was I was timed out in my last race, can I get a credit on the money I spent? You can’t win these cars with out spending money.....what a rip off and I have been a supporter of this game from the start. Shame on you!.Version: 3.8.2

Update 😭😭I have played this game for years and loved it, it’s really the only game I have stuck too. But the new layout is horrible! Not clean or user friendly like this was before this update 😭😭.Version: 5.6.21

Be awareGame is addictive nice features, but this game comes with lots of issues such as follows 1. Race time are too short, they need to extend a bit to complete it 2. If you purchase something for eg: buying gold for some task, but it do appear in your account money has been deduct but you won’t receive your gold 3. I also experience that once you spend your gold to buy special engine or gearbox, you won’t get what you spent your gold, because this all happen in this game I want to give you but heads up, so be careful.Version: 2.11.1

Have not received what I purchasedSo I have been playing this game for a long time, my soul purpose to get the BMW M3 GTR, and I finally got a bit more money that I can spend on gold. Upon purchase, it taken the funds out of my account, but hasn’t given me the gold. If I check back tomorrow to see just the measly six gold sitting in my balance in this game, I will be extremely annoyed, more annoyed than I am now. Edit: I still have NOT received my gold, and if I do not receive it by the end of 7th October, I shall be asking for a complete refund and will never trust EA and Firemonkeys with a mobile game ever again. I went to ask about the problem through apple which redirected me to the Firemonkeys website, where I had no help offered, so I tried to sign up. It kept saying I needed to agree to your cookie policy, and every time I clicked on it, it would just take me to a blank page. This has quite ticked me off, and I expect to have my gold by tomorrow (October 7th).Version: 3.9.2

New update changesWow you really surprised me today! I’ve played this game almost every day for over 5yrs and today I updated the app and everything was changed! It’s aesthetically brighter and looks more fun, however I’m disappointed in a couple of things, the map on the home page was easy to navigate and now I don’t know where to click to get where I want. You should have a tutorial to navigate through the changes. Secondly is when you can install a part it’s not very clear to identify the tiny yellow dot that used to be a clear orange arrow - please fix this ASAP. Lastly I do not appreciate having to watch an ad after my first tuner trial after never having to watch one before. I’m really annoyed by this addition, please remove this. Im a big fan of this game but not sure if I can continue playing if these very annoying changes aren’t fixed..Version: 5.6.21

Don’t like the new updateThe new updated colours makes me nauseous…….Version: 5.6.21

Just buy a different gameA great little mobile game completely overwhelmed by monetisation. I’m not against developers trying to make money but this game is shameful in its level of greed and psychological manipulation. All the usual free-to-play rubbish is here: basic and premium currency, timed recharges, special events that require you to access the game constantly, day or night. Initially the game is easy and fun to play, but getting the best cars or top upgrades requires ridiculous amounts of time and/or real world money. By this point the game is hoping you’re hooked. Spend your money and time on something better and more actually enjoyable..Version: 5.5.01

Game is going down the drainI want to start by saying I am a VIP 4, which mean I am a paying customer, not a free user For over a year now, they have been pushing more and more ads, and now with the last update they force an ad after every race. Deleting the game right after I post this review.Version: 6.5.01

Evolution NecessaryI’ve been a long time player of this game but it’s lifespan is wearing thin, with not just me, but many “old timers” on NFS:NL. The game model and graphics are second to none. But where the game really fails is the user experience, especially for the experienced player. I’m now in the position of owning all cars bar several of the Hyper ones and being level 100. The issue; where is there for me to go? You can’t go any higher than 100 which makes all XP redundant?! Which also means I can’t level up and acquire more gold and tank refills?! Absurd. There are very cool aspects to this game and it is cleverly designed to be addictive, but ultimately it seems to punish you as a player the more experienced and tenured you become with it. Which, as any player will tell you, equals a recipe for contempt and indifference. Changes needed..Version: 2.9.1

A good game.. but it’s EA.Let’s get one thing straight: The core game is great, and we have the FireMonkeys team (NOT EA) to thank for that. Graphics look good even on my relatively dated device, the customisation is in-depth and the cars all have great detail, and the arcadey approach to the gameplay suits the more laidback mobile experience, so to FireMonkeys, pat on the back because if you weren’t in EA’s clutches, I know you could make an amazing game of the great foundations you made here. And that’s where my praise ends, because EA clearly hadn’t lined their wallets enough already and decided to implement without a doubt one of the most aggressive monetisation systems in any game I have ever seen, and that’s saying something because even for the mobile market this game is so tooth and nail with it’s practices, I can never recommend this game unless something gets scaled back. Every time you finish a race, an ad plays. Want those adds to stop playing? You’ll have to cough up at least £9.99 to have the option to stop a 30 second ad playing after every 20 second race! What about car wraps? Want to unlock a single wrap for a single car? 150 Gold (just over £5). Want every wrap for every car? 127,000 GOLD. WHICH IS OVER 4500 DOLLARS. IN A MOBILE GAME. The short version is, yet another great game trapped in the claws of one of the worst publishers in the industry, greed and all. FireMonkeys, I applaud your game, love it and hope you prosper. EA, I hope you crumble..Version: 3.3.1

Could’ve been so goodLook I’m not expecting to be able to properly play the game without having to pay, it’s just how games like this work. I’ve spent about the same amount as a console game on this already. The thing that pisses me off is the special events. I’ve needed one part for the longest time to do an event, and this game seems to smell my desperation, as in 10 consecutive tries I couldn’t once get the part I need. If it’s a part I don’t need at all though, then that’ll keep showing up, till that part becomes the one I need, and the cycle continues. Can’t even just refresh the store too cause the game knows what you need, and won’t give it to you without spending gold. Game feels like it’s designed to make it as hard as possible to play properly without spending an exorbitant amount of money. What a shame.Version: 6.0.01

MATCHMAKING!!!Sure, the story mode and graphics are great, but the matchmaking in this game is completely rigged! In the rival matches, I win one of my two races. The next race, I get an opponent that has 100-200 more PR than me! I feel this is completely unfair to the player and that EA should definitely review their matchmaking system. Deleting the game for now until this is fixed..Version: 4.4.6

Fun, Frustrating & high $$$ grabI have been playing this game for a while and though I enjoy it, there are aspects of the game that are beyond frustrating. The ability to reach certain levels requires a substantial $$ drop to achieve the next level. The weekly challenges are geared for those who have the time to just sit on a screen all day long, but as a working man, the events aren’t timed in a manner to make me to not want to keep coming back. Extended wait times to wait for reloads of drive time is excessive, or the money grab part of buying gold to accelerate the process is not worth the reward. Some challenges are impossible or are timed in a way that even after the 6 attempts per round to clear a challenge are just thrown away. There seems to be mechanisms where if you need to take down the cops but also need to beat a competitor, the game doesn’t come close to allowing you the opportunity to win and move to the next you use gold to attempt again or spend to enhance your car to not be any further ahead. I like a challenge....but feel I am being cheated more often than not..Version: 4.6.31

Disgrace to the need for speed name.“Race real player ‘ghosts’” The developers of this game have wasted the opportunity to make a console level game for devices that can handle console level mechanics. Automatic acceleration and breaking? Who approved this? Races less than 60 seconds? The lack of logical and creative thinking is evident here. Feels like an extremely low effort game made for the purpose of pushing ads and collecting micro transactions. No multiplayer, except for that shameless attempt at PvP using “ghosts”. You guys should be ashamed at associating yourselves with the Need for Speed brand. What a disgrace to the name!.Version: 7.2.01

Car upgrades are not easily availableThis game wants you to buy everything now it’s less about skill and more about money shameful.Version: 4.6.31

Great game but unfair on certain game playsI love everything about the game except when it comes to staging up the cars and the special events. I had previously plaid this game maybe 2 years ago for a while and loved it. I picked it back up again and restarted my data because I got a new phone. EVERYTHING is way more complicated than it needs to be. It was nowhere near this complicated to make it worthwhile. You have to constantly get pushed to pay for parts and blueprints. It wasn’t like this 2 years or so ago. I stage up my car to the PR I need on campaign mode and once I beat 2 or 3 games into the chapter, I have to stage up the car like 120 PR. So there I go again paying for parts and blueprints just to get to the PR I need and just do 2 or 3 more races until I have to pay up again. Same thing with the special events. Special events are more unrealistic though. You can start off strong and run through 5 events but once you start getting to the middle of the whole event of 5-7 days, you have no choice but to spend money on gold. Just make it more fair man. I already spent close to $40-$50 and I’ve been playing for not even 3 months since my redownload. I little ridiculous tbh..Version: 6.4.01

No Limits issuesFirst, the cars are way too hard to build. EA makes blueprints so hard to get that to build a car or to stage one up you have go hardcore or farm for them. Even then some you can’t get without buying 5 premium crates in a row or winning them in a special event. Speaking of the premium crates, please at least make it so that they drop only blueprints. That would make getting new cars a whole lot easier. You also need to adjust the wait time so that you can get one every day and not once every 2 days if you don’t want to spend money on it. Please take away the pay to play/win concept that you keep playing implementing into all the special events so you can earn money. It’s very annoying and it has an adverse effect on your revenue. That concept turns away casual players and that makes for a lot of revenue loss. Also please revamp blackridge rivals sponsorship wait times. No one wants to wait for 3 hours for the next sponsorship. I’ve started playing this game in 6th grade, stopped, then came back to it in 8th. I love the game but the problems in it reduce the possibility that it could achieve something greater that I see for it..Version: 2.11.1

Ughh okThis game is fun but when you get to level 30 or so it's all pay to win. It says you have to upgrade your car to race but the only other way to get materials to upgrade the said car you have to go on the black market but to get money and gold to pay for black market items you have to race but we can’t because our car is not at the certain level so now all you can do is watch ads for one gold mother freaking one gold witch is nothing or pay the game and the events are dumb because for another stage( one stage takes like ten minutes)( also you only get 5/5 tickets when there are like 5 to 8 stages and the refueling time is 58 minutes so it could take like an hour only because of refuel time) takes a whole day to unlock again in instead of just unlocking after the first one. The graphics are great and the Physics are funny but realistic. Just fix what I said and the 10/10 game also the underground rival is so dumb that you have to have specific cars so you can’t complete the daily challenge also the cars that they pick are rare like Lamborghini type rare..Version: 5.2.11

Pay to WinThis game is literally pay to win. Like I cannot do anything in the game right now unless I pay money. All of the races, car events etc require my cars to be upgraded and I literally cannot get the parts to upgrade without either A. Grinding old races for about a week in order to progress maybe 5 or so races in the campaign before repeating the process or B. Spend my money. I get it if u want to lock cooler cars behind a paywall like fine ok but I literally can’t race in a racing game because I don’t want to spend money on it..Version: 6.2.01

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Peggle Blast Negative Reviews

Read on for important info below! APP STORE EDITORS’ CHOICE Take your best shot with a blend of luck, skill, and joyous...

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted negative reviews, comments
Need for Speed™ Most Wanted Negative Reviews

APP STORE BEST OF 2012! Thanks to all our fans for making Most Wanted one of the year’s biggest hits. "The street racer...