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Super Gravitron App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Super Gravitron app received 24 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Super Gravitron? Can you share your negative thoughts about super gravitron?

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Super Gravitron for Negative User Reviews

Please fix this bug!Help! I completed the 10 second achievement, but when I quit out and tried again, my previous record replaced it! It took a while to get to 10 again, but the glitch happened AGAIN!!!!! Please fix!.Version: 1.0

BlurryBlurry graphics. Bad time format. Since when is "60ths of a second" a way to measure time intervals..Version: 1.0

Glad this was available...Because if this summarizes VVVVVV, I just saved $2.99. This game is terrible, not fun, and pointless just as VVVVVV must be; I thank the game publisher for allowing me to find this out without wasting money..Version: 1.0

Used to work, stopped workingPlease fix this, then I will change my rating. Very addicting game, but it stopped working. Goes to black screen after title page..Version: 1.0

Awesome music, insanely difficultThis game is unreasonably difficult. Any success feels like pure luck, nothing rewarding. The music is amazing and is what makes this game feel fun, but it's actually not..Version: 1.0

What???It just gives me a black screen..... I'm so confused aha how do I get it to work??.Version: 1.0

PooWorst game ever.Version: 1.0

Wow, this is badGood thing it's free. No point to this game, you bounce around hopelessly with objects thrown at you in a random pattern. Never made it to that 5 second trophy. Don't waste your time with this garbage..Version: 1.0

Pice of junkIt deleted my high score that is 5:43 it says that my best time is 4:26 its a crap game!.Version: 1.0

BadOne of the worst ios games ever its impossible to play.Version: 1.0

Let's be honest.I got this game after I have read awesome reviews with dudes speaking about Gameboy graphic, old school arcade and similar. 1) Being a guy born and raised in 80's, it's my duty to inform you that this game tries to mimic The Mighty, Good, Old Commodore 64's graphic. It uses its system font too. 2) Talking about the game design and its main character, I used to draw sprites of such complexity when I was 12 years old, on this machine. Understanding this is just a minigame and free, it gave me a good idea of what the complete game could be. Back in the days, those were the tipical (bad) games coming from magazines on a cassette (yes, tapes!) of random games, that after a first try were ending up in the bin or passed to a friend. Indeed I would not pay a cent for the related full game..Version: 1.0

HmmmThere is nothing wrong with a challenging game, but brutally difficult just for the sake of it is not fun..Version: 1.0

HardCan a game be too difficult? Or is absurd difficulty the point. Either way I disliked it.Version: 1.0

Black screenNot sure what this app is meant to do as it just gives me a blank screen on my iPhone 4s. So for now it's 1 star for darkening my screen..Version: 1.0

Meh.It's a cool game, but way to hard. I couldn't even get the 5 second trophy. The patterns take hours to memorize, if your brain can even process what's happening, where your alien is and when..Version: 1.0

Glitch deleted high score ):I got my high score, then went right to Game Center to check where it ranked me. It didn’t recognize my score. Then, when I went back to the game, my old high score was there and my new one was gone. I think in the past I’ve had to play one more game after earning a high score to get the game to “save” it. Can you fix this? Super fun game otherwise.Version: 1.1

Too hardIt is far too hard to the point that it is totally unplayable..Version: 1.0

UhhhhEhhhhh.Version: 1.0

Add difficultiesReally, I only survived for 4 seconds..Version: 1.0

A waste of time and energyIn the 80's there were few crappy platformers, but I can't imagine one that bad and pointless..Version: 1.0

Dont even openBlack screen.Version: 1.0

Flappy Bird with musicThe music is good and the look is cool, but this is insanely hard..Version: 1.0

Horrible game!Almost virtually unplayable!.Version: 1.0

Just don't get it!This game is really boring, there is no progression and a lot of deaths, not really fun to play :/.Version: 1.0

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