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Sheet Music Scanner App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Sheet Music Scanner app received 32 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Sheet Music Scanner? Can you share your negative thoughts about sheet music scanner?

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Sheet Music Scanner for Negative User Reviews

Good startThe bugs are NOT generally caused by bad pictures since it as bad with perfect pdf files. Usable only for short passes that are difficult to learn as a singer. Even when the play is perfect, it is full of mistakes when exporting to mp3. Exporting to musicxml is worse that makes a complete mess. Still using it on a regular basis that explains the generous 3 stars. There is a real need for this and I hope You will continue to improve it..Version: 4.11.2

Terrible recognition of clef changesBought this to store piano repertoire for practice, however soon realised that it won’t recognise when a treble clef is changed into a bass clef on the staff for a small period of time. This makes listening an awful and dissonant experience. There is no way of altering what is written and I conclude that £3.99 is ridiculous for such a dire piece of software. Tried using different sheet music and there was a flaw in every piece, and I used even lighting with a high quality camera. Will be requesting a refund.Version: 3.10.1

UselessEven getting very good pictures it misses many notes. Nice “concept” but useless..Version: 3.14.1

Makes key mistakesThe other popular free app worked fine when I scanned my sheet music, excpet I couldn't access pdfs, which is why I bought this one. Reading a psf sheet this app made mistakes with the key the piece is in. Ridiculous.Version: 3.21

Worked really well, but latest update!!Was a really great app but now the latest update it keeps failing to recognize especially if it’s a children’s book of music with a few pictures to the top or bottom of the page. Also if you have a narrow book and the piano keys are in the shot it try’s to read / use the black of the piano rather than distinguish between the music book and it’s surrounding..Version: 3.13

A bad cup of coffeeWell, I just blew $5.99. Bought it, took a photo of one page of piano score, played it. Oh dear! Can’t read accidentals. Got the triplets right in the first bar, pity about all the other bars. Keeps missing notes - who knows why. Tried another piece - photographed under a different light - virtually identical problems. I’m logged on from Australia but the lousy crooks at Apple charged me in US$ so it’s actually cost me about AU$8.55 . That’s two large cups of coffee. Two bad cups of coffee. Too bad..Version: 3.20

Impressive but needs improvementThe fact that this works at all is impressive. However, triplets are common in piano music and this really should be able to recognise them. I use this together with PlayScore - which is more accurate but can scan only one page..Version: 3.4

A great idea but need some updatesIs a great idea, useful and sometimes made a big job but sometimes lose a lot of realism when the piece is playing because some symbols and signs at moment are not available. I’m waiting for all the updates and surely you’ll get 4 or 5 stars. But without support for: repeat signs, codas, triplets / tuplets, percussion notation, dynamics, double sharps, double flats, and grace notes, this app is useful but not so “pro” I’m sure is a lot of job to programming this updates but when you finish all those I'm sure your app will be an absolute winner and changer of game..Version: 3.10

Not so good.Must need a super camera for prog to work correctly. Does not recognize rests.Version: 4.1

DisappointedDisappointed after reading so many glowing reviews. I’m using an iPad to scan sheet music and then export .xml file to Noteflight. There are so many random time changes - 4/4 becomes 8/8 or even 7/8 then sometimes a single line becomes 2 voices for a couple of bars. Correcting all the errors means that it would have been quicker to type it all in myself. Maybe I’ll try using a scanner?.Version: 4.10

Recognition is no goodOnly recognize like 80% correctly.Version: 4.9

This app is a waste of money!I hadn’t been able to listen to my pieces for a while, as my piano was broken, and I couldn’t fix it. So I thought, why don’t I try to use this app to scan my handwritten sheet music to hear what it sounds like? Well, upon using this application, I was very disappointed to find that this app does not recognize PERFECTLY CLEAR to read sheet music written in pencil. It only recognized some notes, and in the wrong clef. I figured this app would be more convenient than any composing softwares that require “premium,” and that I could just pay and get it over with. I paid money for an app that doesn’t recognize clefs, time signatures and so on. If I ever use this app again, I will use it once it’s recognition software works better, and it has an actual editing software you can use if it gets it wrong. I tried multiple times for it to work, but the only thing it recognizes is computer generated sheet music. I will give it 3 stars, only because it did KIND OF work, but not at all the way I intended it to..Version: 3.24

It didn't meet my expectationsIf you are trying to learn Bach's chorale in absence of a nice keyboard / piano or better a friend who has a perfect pitch, this is will not totally help you. Yes it could playback scores but usually only for piano and I would say, "just for fun" and not suitable to be used by a serious musician. I hope the admins reach out to me and offer me to get my money bach! I mean BACK..Version: 3.8.1

Does very basic job with issuesIf this app was free it would be the type of app I would delete in like 2 weeks- but it’s not and its $7.99. It can’t scan some basic sheet music, it can’t register double accidentals (which is listed in the limitations so im less fussed about that), you can’t mix the sound levels or transpose (the score, it can transpose the audio) but what really ticks me off is that when I convert the sheet music to XML, it has no lyrics or chords, and for PDF, the quality is abysmal. As a music student, having to transcribe the chords and lyrics again in my music notation software is a complete waste of time. It’s also advertised as a scanner, but has no options for scanning the sheet music taken from a photo such as cropping, greyscale, etc. For this price, at least a few of these features should be guaranteed and also perform at a medium-high standard. Currently looking at other options, and hopefully they issue refunds..Version: 4.15

Not capable of what I need it to doI’m a music teacher who is constantly coming into possession of old/obscure sheet music, many of which have no online records of their existence. The only way for me to hear how they’re supposed to sound is by tediously transcribing them into a music notation software. I was hoping that this app would be able to reduce that time and let me hear it straight away, and to say I was disappointed was an understatement. Let’s get one thing out of the way. All the music I inputted was scanned beforehand, so legibility issues were not the problem. The problem is that the app doesn’t know how to read what it’s given. Timing was god-awful, notes were completely passed on, and it can’t distinguish between separate lines and voices to save its life. When I tried to put in a clarinet/piano duet, it sounded awful. Because there’s no way to tell the app that it was not looking at a piano piece with three staves, and therefore no way to transpose the clarinet properly. And even if it COULD distinguish, transposing only affects the whole piece, not the individual instruments, so don’t even try imputing an orchestra/concert band piece into here. If you’re an instrumentalist who just wants to hear what your own part sounds like, maybe this app will work better for you. But even still, I’m not so sure if the price makes it worth it. Definitely not an app I would recommend. Guess that’s 5 dollars down the drain…and on a teacher’s salary no less!.Version: 4.9

Got Baited by ImagesI got this app so that I could write the note names on my sheets. In the preview images of the app it labeled the note names which is what I needed. When I got the app it didn’t do that. False advertising..Version: 3.20

Score playerDecent app. Can't recognize ties and can't play both hands of sheet music. Wait for new update before purchasing. To be honest, I demand a refund..Version: 1.2

Missing basic functionality for the $If you are going to charge people $7 and not have a proper transpose function makes this reader completely useless!’ Pitch shifting by Hz on a small range is not effective at all. I shouldn’t have to export the audio to an external app in order to playback the track in a different key! It’s basic functions that a $7 app lacks.Version: 4.11.1

Doesn’t like hand written scores.Writing down folk music or composing your own music and then using the scan section to review failed. Your notation has to be exact and really black. Will also not read old music scores. The scan reader isn't consistent if it misses notes and you try to scan again it misses different notes. So my conclusion is that it is fine when you have printed scores in front of you but not much use if you create..Version: 4.8

Doesn’t do what I wantClaims to transpose the scanned score but it just plays at a different pitch. I wanted an app that will output a pdf of a score transposed. The playback is pretty useless because it doesn’t read the key signature. Later .... Now I realise I misunderstood what the app does. The term ‘transpose’ has different meanings when referring to written or sounding music. And It the playback accuracy is determined not by the software but more by the resolution of the image. Other people love this for what it does..Version: 3.1

Needs improvementIt can’t seem to recognize time signatures and there seems to be a delay when it moves from bar to bar. Could definitely use a little more innovation… especially when they’re charging for the app..Version: 4.3

Not as good as I thoughtMisses notes and repeats and also tricky to capture sheet music. It wasn’t made clear that you cannot screenshot from a computer screen. Only screenshot from hard copies. Disappointed..Version: 4.11

Not worth it.The problem is not that it did not recognize notes, but it plays and exports the wrong notes that can’t be corrected by Finale. I.e., it failed to recognize the key signature, but when I added the key signature, some measures still play in the wrong key. There was something in the XML export that could not be corrected. Aside from that, inside the application, it recognized the right placement of the notes on the staff but without applying the key signature, it was all wrong. Basically it was no help at all ***update. Developer was helpful and responsive and offered to refund money, although the process is unclear. I wrote this review before being contacted by developer. the scan was high resolution but of a printout that was done on an older printer. Revised to 3 stars however would not work for my needs of older sheet music..Version: 2.7

Wish it worked betterGreat concept, easy to use. Just doesn’t recognize enough (notes, brackets, key signatures etc) to make it useful. :(.Version: 3.9

Pretty great but needs improvementThis app was definitely worth the money and it helps me hear the music that I have to play so I can get a good sense of it. The only thing really missing in the key signature. I wish there was a function where you could put in the right key because the scanner does not pick up on the key signature at all and it sounds terrible. There also needs to be improvement on the scanner sensing wether there are two lines being played together, as when I’m listening to my piano pieces I want to be able to hear the left and right hands together, same with a duet piece. I have just read some other reviews and it seems like there is a way to change the key signature, does anybody know how to do that?.Version: 3.11

One day, but not yet.I bought this app hoping to be able to listen to some flute music I have been trying to learn. Unfortunately the app doesn't recognise slurs or joined quavers very well. Also, it was playing all semi-quavers (if at all) as semibreves. It also treated sharps as semibreves and a single flute piece was supposedly playing harmonies at randomly selected times throughout the piece. EDIT: having used it again with some other music, I believe this could one day be more useful. It helped me with one simple piece, but doesn't recognise key signatures very well and doesn't understand staccato/legato notation..Version: 1.4

Needs the ability to manually place in notesFairly good app, and it’s super convenient to have something like this. However when you can’t get a good enough image quality it is unusable, since some of the notes are missing. If we had the feature to put in certain notes that would be great. Most of the time a lot of the notes are placed in, but some of them aren’t so it would fix this problem if we could put these notes in manually. In addition, the rhythms for some types of notes (i.e. triplets, sextuplets, etc.) seem to be off, and are played slower than they should be. Overall decent app, with some improvements it could be amazing..Version: 3.4

It desperately needs an improvement updateIt doesn’t always work. I was told that it doesn’t recognise handwriting music and even if it’s printed plenty of notes are missing.Version: 4.4.1

Terrible reader. Useless.Looking at the chart American patrol by Meacham and Lavender - The app ignores rests and misattributes notes and can’t tell when notes are tied together. Sadly this app is useless. I couldn’t recommend it to anyone. I hope an update comes out and corrects these senseless errors since I’ve already paid for this..Version: 4.7

Subscription now?Well, I got this a while ago and used it a few times, it was pretty good 4/5. Rating 1 since following an update I’m supposed to pay a sub for it? How about you call this new version Music Scanner 2, and leave the old version as was, unupdated? I don’t bother to download any sub apps, and will now delete this one. Incidentally I also seem to have lost all my old files. I guess if you want to subscribe, the app as-was is good and worth a look at the free trial. Me, I’m just sad and disappointed. 😔.Version: 4.16

Needs improvementKey features like rest, slurs & ties, cresc & dim, and volume levels aren’t even recognized. Just plays the notes like a robot..Version: 4.5.1

Inconsistently recognizes notesI love the app but taking numerous pictures with no changes in location or lighting produces different results — some notes are picked up and others are missed even when using portrait and landscape modes. I have even tried scanning songs line by line to produce higher quality images yet a simple quarter note confuses it. Please give an option to force recognition of notes using manual selection instead of having to re-take the picture, maybe even an option to tell the app what the note should be..Version: 3.15

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