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Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether Negative Reviews

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Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether app received 183 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether? Can you share your negative thoughts about coinbase: buy bitcoin & ether?

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Coinbase: Buy Bitcoin & Ether for Negative User Reviews

Update: bugs mostly fixed but still having some issues.Update: the developer fixed the issue I had with logging in. The aspect ratio is somewhat improved but not great. The main issue I’m noticing now is that on the home tab, I’m unable to scroll or otherwise interact in any way with the screen. Everything seems to work fine in the other tabs. I’ve updated my rating from one star to 3 and will raise it to 5 once the remaining bugs are fixed. I appreciate the quick response, hopefully these bugs will also be resolved soon. Old review: The other day, I got a notification that my portfolio had been migrated from Coinbase pro to Coinbase. I’m not sure why the developers decided to do this, Coinbase pro worked well enough but it wouldn’t have been been an issue if the Coinbase app worked on my iPad Pro. Why I opened the app, the screen was obviously designed for a phone, not a tablet. I had the same issue with pro but at least pro was still useable. With the Coinbase app, when I went to enter my email, the keyboard wouldn’t let me type in numbers. I have a lot of assets tied up in Coinbase, not being able to access it is a major problem. Please fix this bug and make a iPad friendly aspect ratio option..Version: 10.47.4

More informationApp works well but doesn’t give you a lot of tools to analyse your investments. Loses and returns. And doesn’t separate different investments. Just one simple graph..Version: 11.1.2

Fantastic app, but poor app support interactionThis is a fantastic app and highly recommend it. The only thing I would say is that the support/help feature on the app is very poor. It’s the typical automated ‘robot’ service and it directs you to pre-formatted responses. This does not help when you are trying to interact with their app features that are offered and it doesn’t work. If you try and report it to them it just round and round in a pointless and very frustrating robot chat.. there is no way to report bugs or system glitches for this app. Please update or add this so that bugs/glitches can be reported..Version: 10.4.3

Could be betterLimited trade options.Version: 9.21.3

Handy and fastEasy to use and handy. Can I also buy and sell.Version: 2.7.9

WHERE IS MY MONEY!On November 24, I sent Approximately $1600 to another wallet. Shortly afterwards I received an email verifying all of the information, the amount and the wallet address and informing me that for “Security Reasons” there would be a 3 day hold on my transaction and that on November 27th, at 3:00 pm pacific time, my transfer would be completed. There was a link to verify my 5 year old account. If I completed this process, the wait would be cancelled. It required me to submit photos of both sides of my Drivers License and a selfie. Well, after several attempts, it didn’t like my selfie and said I needed to wait 24 hours before I could try again. This time it seemed to like it and said my account was “VERIFIED “ No transfer took place! When November 27th, 3:00 pm pacific time arrived ( yesterday ) no transaction took place. My account balance is $1600 less than it was and I have had no other communication from them. When I go to the “pay” tab at the bottom right and scroll down, it shows the transaction as completed 3 days ago. No record of the money still being at Coinbase, no money at the transfer destination. Your fees are insane and communication is horrible! WHERE IS MY MONEY?? As soon as possible, I will be removing the rest of my money from Coinbase to never look back..Version: 9.51.2

All reviews over 3 stars are bots or paidDO NOT USE COINBASE! Coinbase is basically a company of scammers that have come together to steal crypto from their customers. Look at all the real peoples reviews with reports of missing crypto and poor support. Their support is garbage their technicians don’t know what they’re talking about and refuse to help for simple things even when it’s clearly stated in Coinbases own policy. When you send facts and evidence they stop replying. Even the $5 free bitcoin promotion that is still shown here you won’t get it and they won’t help you or care after you make an account. If you decide to use Coinbase expect nothing but headaches transfers will go missing, any promotional bonuses or offers are fake you won’t really get them, if you contact support they will send you links to their support page that show what you contacted for and need help with is within their policy but then they just stop replying or make up bogus reasons of why they can’t help. It’s amazing this company is still able to operate when they break so many basic laws about false advertising and consistently screw over their customers. I pray Coinbase gets shut down or at least heavily audited everything will quickly fall if they’re forced to take responsibility for their claims, actions, and publicity published policies..Version: 10.12.2

I got inexplicably locked outSo here’s my story. I was excited to get in the crypto world and purchased about 13 K in crypto. I made an error and withdrawing funds from a money market account that only allows three withdrawals a month. I got a notification from coinbase stating that my account has been locked because purchases that were made we’re unable to be funded by my locked money market account. That same day I linked another account and money was in coin base covering the two other purchases that I had made. At that point coin base told me understandably that I would be locked out of any further purchases until customer service viewed my account. It took a week for customer service to get back to me. Then out of the blue they send me an email stating that they have irreversibly block my account from any other trades or crypto purchases and that I would have to liquidate my entire account and no longer be available to use coin base. Not sure why this happened and without any explanation I thought I did everything correct besides making that first mistake. Trust me, I have a 750 plus credit rating and cash to cover more purchases. Coinbase’s customer service did this extreme action for in my opinion was a minor error. You make the call..Version: 9.12.2

Do not download this appThis app is verging on criminal. They will take your money in seconds however withdrawing that money is beyond complicated. You are forced to jump through hoops and charged commission and fees at every stage. Whatever small profit you may have made is instantly wiped out in fees. I lost a good amount of money. What I have left in my account I cannot withdraw because they make it so hard for you. How Apple have allowed this app to remain on the App Store after continued reviews calling it a scam is beyond negligent. Try contacting the customer services-if they ever reply they give you some random answer to a question you never asked. If they finally address your concern they make it so unbelievably complicated that you invariably give up. An absolute joke of an app and criminal organisation. Avoid. This scam will loose you everything you put into it and more. Do not download you will loose everything you put in..Version: 3.0.12

Coinbase could be good but...I’ve tried Robinhood, Abra and Coinbase for Crypto buying. Simply put Coinbase has a good set up but they nickel and dime you to death. For example; to deposit money even with bank transfer you are charged a fee of 0.99 for up to $25, $1.49 for up to $50, $1.99 for up to &100 and so on. Robinhood and Abra does not charge you for bank transfers, only card deposits. Coinbase also charges you again to sell your crypto’s at basically the same fees as depositing. Robinhood and Abra do not. Coinbase basically hits your wallet all over when that’s money that could be invest in crypto’s. Now let’s get onto the refer a friend side of it. Coinbase will give you $10 worth of crypto after someone you invite joins and buys $100 worth of crypto. Abra gives you and friend joining each $25 worth of Bitcoin after friend deposits a minimum of $50. Robinhood gives you a free stock each. Overall Abra is by far the best Cryptocurrency app for buying and selling. Robinhood is okay for beginners but you can’t send crypto’s. Robinhood is good for buying and selling like you do stocks, also Robinhood let’s you buy stocks so you can use one app to be in two different markets at once (stocks and crypto’s). What I’m saying is do not waste your time and money on Coinbase. Abra is hands down better with hardly having any fees across the entire board..Version: 6.8.1

Put old graphs backNew graph is quite confusing. Old one was much better.Version: 11.16.5

GeezSooo when are Canadians able to sell in Canada. I sincerely hope your team is working on it and not just sucking us dry up here and taking advantage of our good nature in telling us its coming soon. Please, find a way to speed this up. Makes me feel a bit abused as a consumer that not once did I read anywhere that “Selling is not an available function in Canada” having already basically given you guys my money without knowing this makes me smell something fishy. A slightly peeved Canadian..Version: 3.0.1

Card additionTwice tried twice rejected and neither the banks nor your gawddamned “bot” has any clue. Can’t even imagine speaking with an actual human for help. Bots answer the same way regardless of how I ask. Pitiful..Version: 3.0.1

Australians beware!If you’re Australian do not use this app. It will not let you sell your coin because “this feature isn’t available in your region”. Whatever the reason is, if you can’t implement such a core feature, why even make the app available in this country? What’s the point of crypto you can’t sell? My money is essentially trapped unless I go through the process of setting up a wallet with another service and transferring the coin to that to sell it. Awful.Version: 7.6.2

I was a loyal customer and then……….I’ve been using Coinbase for several years and though it wasn’t perfect the app filled most of my needs. I didn’t even mind that they charge higher than average fees. I recently took a couple months off trading but woke up one morning to a call from my bank that Coinbase was attempting to withdraw $5,000 from my account. An action I certainly did not initiate as I was well aware I had less than $10 in the bank. I contacted Coinbase immediately and notified them that my account had been hacked. Yet somehow they had instantly credited my crypto account for the $5,000 and then allowed it to be sent somewhere. Now I have never been able to send or withdraw funds until they cleared the bank but I guess the hacker just had the special touch. Two months went by and I still hadn’t heard from Coinbase, so I reached out to them again. At which time they inform me that my account is locked until I pay for the missing funds! Their reasoning is that I somehow allowed my account to be hacked. Well the way I see it the most logical explanation given the turn of events is that it was hacked from within Coinbase itself. Anyhow they can keep the account locked because they won’t be seeing me or getting my business again..Version: 10.14.12

Horrible no customer supportBought 850$ worth of stocks and still won’t show up in my account but charged me for them, and they have 0 customer support, stay far away Canadians!.Version: 7.48.8

Not an honest exchangeFirst let’s start with the positives - their earning tutorials are great, one of the best out there. I’ve personally earned between £80-£100 since starting coinbase some years ago which is great. However, I’ve probably paid close to £1500 in fees so I figure they owe me that anyway. The problem is, when you buy coins they overestimate the value so immediately your funds drop when you buy. Why do this? Then I upgraded to coinbase one, free buying and selling fees i thought great, well worth £20. However when you actually go to sell if you have £100 to sell it’ll become £94 or there abouts even though it’s right there in your GBP wallet. This is just not honest and not acceptable it’s just a big lie. They already charge to sell from btc to gbp so why charge again? You need to sort this out or I’ll just use another company stop lying about fees and just say you will be charged x amount be upfront with your customers we are building your company paying your wages and shareholder bonuses, we are not there to be legally ripped off through deceit. I’d happily pay whatever a fee was if it was shown in black and white before I started but you think you are being clever not being upfront and it’s not the case it just annoys people. Sort it out!.Version: 11.12.2

Worst experience EVERI do NOT suggest putting your money into this platform. Coin base changed my 2 step Authenticator from what I had as SMS to the Authenticator App, I did not make this change & was also not aware until Coinbase sent me an email about the changes. I downloaded the app only to discover that I would need access to my Coinbase to scan my QC code & link the accounts, I am unable to do this as I can NOT access my Coinbase without a code generated by the app. I have reached out by the # provided which is an automated line & only if you want to lock your account for suspicious activity which I went ahead & did because I know I did not change or authorize a change. The only option to recover my account is via their email support. I have sent NUMEROUS emails & I get back what seems to be automated responses providing zero assistance. It has been weeks since I have got a response at all back. My money sits & I have no control or even know what is happening with my portfolio. I feel robbed of my money & investment Worst experience I have ever had & the absolute worst customer service experience I have ever encountered especially considering this is an investment platform. Do not use Coinbase unless you want your money thieved from you..Version: 9.15.3

Currency conversion not working. Poor help page.For argument’s sake, let’s say my balance is $1,000 USD. If I change this to GBP my balance says £1,000. If I change it to EUR my balance still says €1,000. This is really frustrating because I don’t know what my actual balance is… The help page is really poor. You can only select your issue from a list of drop downs but none of them apply to the above, so how can I report the problem? The option for ‘other’ then forces me to pick the issue of accessing a deceased person’s account, which clearly isn’t correct. Why can’t there be a generic ‘other’ problem? Or even an email address for me to contact them? Those issues aside, I find the interface much easier to use than other crypto apps which have too much information on screen..Version: 9.24.2

I’ve literally lost money from coinbaseIve been introduced to coinbase by a scam who claimed to be from coinbase wallet wanting to invite people in liquidity mining to gain it’s user base, like a promotion. I trusted it because it was an app launched from coinbase wallet. My understanding is it is my account and I hv full control of it, just like I have full control of my bank account, and all the apps launched from my bank account should be legible. That’s how I got tricked. The fact is, once I launch the app from coinbase wallet, I’ve signed “smart contract” which allows third party to withdraw from my coinbase wallet indefinitely. At first I thought coinbase is definitely responsible for allowing the scammer app to launch from their app, but it turns out that they deny the liability claiming in crypto world it is always “ur decision to make”, that freaked me out because it can legally allow anyone to take users money away without putting on any warning, which is even worse than real world. How can online bank account launch third party app without warning people it is possibly a scam and it has nothing to do with the bank, it is not hard to do so in coinbase and they refuse to put that warning, causing lots of ppl losing money from scam. I have full proof that the scammer claimed to be from coinbase and it is app launched from coinbase which made it more believable. Why can’t coinbase put on warning? Btw I lost 100k thx to coinbase!.Version: 10.10.12

Very difficult to verify identifyMy initial identification verification was easy and fast and I was able to trade. Since my first trade I have tried for days to verify my identity again as I am unable to trade until it is again. After more than 40 attempts, 3 email to customer support and reading and trying all suggestions on the help and elsewhere I am still unable to verify my identity. I have left my small initial trade but withdrew all my other funds as I couldn’t trade at all. It’s a pity as the crypto options are great and easy to track etc, but it’s all pointless if I can’t use or trade in them. As usual it’s impossible to get a person to assist and all help is auto response and generated emails that don’t solve my problem. I have tried for days to get this resolved. App is subject to crash and website locked and fails at sings of any heavy traffic. Very disappointed as such great potential but as a trading platform pointless if you can’t trade. Will try another application instead. So frustrating..Version: 9.7.3

Horrible customer serviceI recently moved to another country to finish college. I tried to change country because i do not have a us bank account anymore. Unfortunately i have fiat and im not allowed to changed countries if i have fiat in my account. So they want me to invest into any coin, possibly lose money doing so and then lose money to sell it again ( their 10$ charge). I dont see why this is so difficult. I emailed support and they ended up never replying and i submitted another ticket just so they can close it down (they never respnded). Its been 3 weeks now since ive been trying to get my funds out!.Version: 5.10.0

Coinbase needs to up its gameHappy to amend this review if I am proven wrong, however right now I am very concerned about Coinbase. It’s oh so easy to put money into it via debit or credit card but nigh on impossible to get it out. They say that you need to make a debit to their account (in Estonia) to set up a banking relationship ahead of taking money out (as opposed to letting you withdraw to the same card account that you made the deposit with which most e-wallets do). Says that his will show up within 1-2 days. Well, I made that deposit 7 working days ago and it hasn’t showed up yet. It also fails to recognise IBAN and SWIFT/BIC account numbers that reputable banks like HSBC UK provide. If you like seeing a nice pretty graph with your investment going up then this is the app for you. If you want to get into a catch-22 cycle with only a Bot to respond to your questions when they fail to let you get any of your money out then this is the app for you!.Version: 3.0.3

DO NOT DOWNLOADDownloaded app and was working fine. App then suddenly decided to block my debit card. App isn’t capable with any of my Credit Cards (which are with major Canadian Banks). Contacted customer service and haven’t received a single reply in 1 month. Additionally, the app prouds itself based on how you can watch videos to earn cryptos but there’s a glitch where it won’t verify me. Contacted Customer Support and didn’t receive a single reply. Horrible customer service and will result in your money being stuck in the app. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. There are much better competitors..Version: 9.24.5

Fraudulent - stay away!!Coinbase To whoever reads this from Coinbase, As a customer I am absolutely appalled by your lack of support and honesty towards your customers. I have been waiting for weeks now for my bank account to be verified so I can withdraw my own hard earned money from my Euro wallet. I have made several deposits using SEPA and Coinbase continues to refuse to verify my account. I cannot afford to have large sums of money to be robbed from me by you fraudster and I’m in the process of seeking advice on how to take further action against Coinbase. This is absolutely ridiculous and just plain robbery Coinbase, and just know that you will not get away with robbing people of their money just like that. If you say you’re not a fraudulent service as you appear to be then kindly respond to your customers my allowing them to get their money back! If you value your hard earned money, please stay away!!! I too read the negative reviews but brushed them aside which I regret right now. I actually never post reviews but I really need to warn everyone else about this fraudulent app. Just go on Reddit to read the agony of customers who’s money are stuck with Coinbase and cannot get it back!! Please stay away!! And Apple should really ban this app to protect its customers from fraud. This app is a scam and should not be available from the App Store!!.Version: 3.0.12

Manipulative designLook, the app itself is actually designed wel and trading cryptocurrency on it is easy. But it is quite deliberately designed in a way where you can only view your portfolio holdings, but not the actual initial amount you invested vs the amount of profit/loss. In other words, it’s not actually clear if you’re making a profit or loss, which is just stupid for an investment app. This is why the app also encourages “dollar cost averaging” where you invest regularly. But naturally if you keep putting in money, then it will keep looking like your money goes up too — when you could actually be losing a lot of money. A very deliberate and manipulative design to make you feel like you’re always making money, when you could be losing it. It would be better if you just knew the truth, as it does make it hard to know whether continuing to invest is worthwhile or not..Version: 9.37.2

Lost $500On November 25th I tried to transfer my btc to another wallet and I was told the transaction would be on hold due to security reasons and I had to upload my ID. It wouldn’t let me so I let it go and waited the 3 days it said it would take. Well flash forward 5 days, I had completely forgotten about it and hurried to check both accounts and my email since I know I never received it. Somehow the account I had tried to transfer it to said I received the btc on November 23rd which would’ve been impossible. I tried to contact support for both accounts and got a couple of unhelpful, “it was deposited,” replies. Flash forward again to tax season and I had my tax documents from both account that say the $500 was deposited on the 23rd but Coinbase transferred it on the 26th. I showed them that and showed the other account I haven’t even been able to spend $500 to reach the $0 I was at so the math doesn’t add up either but not even an apology was given from either companies. I saw someone else review Coinbase with the same exact issue a few days after me so I’m sure Coinbase knows their system messed up in November but don’t care. I had put $500 in Coinbase for emergencies and I was kicked out of my apartment after a medical emergency so I was in an double emergency and Coinbase made it a triple emergency and cost me a roof over my head for the mistakes they don’t seem to acknowledge. I don’t even know how many emergencies that all comes out to now..Version: 10.29.4

Worst AppCoinbase stopped BUYS on my account due to unknown reason aswell as you can not SELL either in my country. Therefore I next opened a new account and in a couple days they disabled BUY again and after transferring the money out of my account and shutting it down the money was taken by coinbase with no reply. Also they take a high % compared to others... The only good this is the easy to read graphs for beginners and tracking your investment. Other than that many better alternatives out there. I want my money back coinbase.Version: 7.48.7

Worst application updateSoftware update should make life easier and Coinbase update is just opposite to that. I used to like the platform but new update removed couple of nice information like all time high and new update is overall just degrade at every level to previous version..Version: 9.12.2

No sell option in NZThere is no sell option in NZ and customer support is very poor.Version: 11.9.4

WarningI sold most of my coin last year and have a very small amount here, never had an issue. On Monday morning my balance in cb was $170, my balance in my web3 wallet was $70; at night the balance was $111 and $0 respectively with no transactions, and no movement in my holdings. I thought someone had gotten into my account but my transactions didn’t show it, and I noticed retroactively the amounts (1 week change) were lower. I started a chat with customer service. The real (I guess?) rep told me to check my transactions, and I told them to look at the individual balances (bitcoin, eth) which did equal $170. They did not seem to get what i was saying which is the app appeared to lose my money. They told me they’d have an email tech reach out to me (never happened). On Tuesday I opened the app again and my balances fluctuated between 111 and 170 (like in real time, it was going up and down); then my web3 balance went from 0 to 59. I screen shot. It’s just a few hundred bucks; but I’ve had thousands in here and I wouldn’t again: I’m withdrawing my funds. I get it; they did a software update. What’s wild and shocking is how totally unaccountable they were about it and ill equipped to manage my “hey you lost my money help” inquiry. Scammy vibe..Version: 11.9.4

DissapointingI’ve been using and a fan of Coinbase for a long time but as of late it’s just really hard for me to recommend. You don’t actually technically speaking “own” any of your crypto, but that’s not my main issue. Lately I’ve put a lot and I mean A LOT of money into buying this most recent dip, had no problems until I decided to log on and found I wasn’t able to send any of my crypto. Over the next week, I lost the ability to cash out, sell do anything. Not a problem? I logged in, I have been asked to verify my identity 3 times and even then still my situation hasn’t improved. I later found a notification in my account that I owed them like $100? Weird but okay fine, I paid it. It took over a week for that to finally be cleared from my account but it took the money from my bank so I figured all was good, went back on and was asked to verify my identity AGAIN. Limits hadn’t been removed, still couldn’t send or anything. It’s impossible to get ahold of support, even with the live chat youre sat waiting there for 45 minutes for them to type a response and when they do it’s the same copy paste crap, customer support is completely unresponsive and impossible to get a hold of. So now I’m left with $1000 sitting in an account that I can do nothing on, do yourself a favor and go somewhere else..Version: 9.55.3

Nz can’t buy anythingThey say you can, you can’t.Version: 9.24.3

Garbage AppCan’t sell ! Customer support will never answer ! My account is locked and for weeks no one answer my request !.Version: 9.7.2

Horrible FunctionalityI have been trying to buy XRP for a while now. When I place the order to buy it will ask for all the bank details and even says the order is submitted but it never shows up the bought crypto in your profile nor does it deduct the money from my bank account. I missed out on opportunities to buy crypto at the preferred rate now. Tried reaching support but no response. Their support model is horrible too!.Version: 7.45.6

New account still under reviewI downloaded both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro a week ago, and signed up for a Coinbase account. I answered all of the questions, and submitted my UK driving licence - yet my account is STILL under review. My partner signed up a couple of days after me, and was verified relatively quickly. Why did the same not happen for me? How long am I supposed to carry on waiting?!? I contacted Coinbase support, and their email response said that my account was “still under review” and that “due to a high number of requests, account reviews are taking longer than usual but our team is working hard to get to yours.” What a joke. Out of frustration of not being able to trade on Coinbase, I have signed up to Binance. They verified me within a couple of hours - no problems whatsoever. I am extremely disappointed by the poor customer service offered by Coinbase, not to mention the complete waste of my time. Utter rubbish..Version: 9.48.3

Not easy to set up!If you don’t have ID from the country you are located in your can’t get verified which is crazy.. I’ve lived and worked in loads of countries and don’t always have government IDs for those countries. Now I also can’t buy because of apparently suspicious activity on my card... Not sure why they get to make that call when I’m only buying $100 BTC.. Also I feel like the support center has over complicated it with so many drop downs it’s hard to find the issue you actually have.. just give me a form to fill out and you guys assign the case to the right place..? Not a great first experience of this app!.Version: 9.24.5

All my money is trapped in CoinbaseI deposited a thousand pounds in Coinbase to start crypto investing and it was going fairly well for a few weeks. But then the crypto market started to perform badly and I wanted to sell my investments. I was not able to sell anything. When trying to sell anything I got the message “account is not able to sell”. My account is fully verified and the security settings say I am authorised to sell unlimited amount but still I CANNOT ACTUALLY SELL ANYTHING! I am based in the UK and my friends are able to sell their crypto with no problem so there is no issue with the location. This doesn’t make sense! I have tried to contact Coinbase support many times to find out what’s going on but I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED ANY RESPONSE!!! They are thieves who have stolen my money and I have seen other similar reports of this online. The customer support is non existent and I have no way to reclaim my money. DO NOT RISK THIS HAPPENING TO YOU!!.Version: 7.50.12

Mobile App not working rubbish customer serviceI downloaded this app about 2 months ago after submitting proof of id it work on pc or laptop not on my iphone. I send message on there page and received response after 2 weeks they are looking in to it. Then i have waited 1 week and send another message received reply problem is solved. I checked app still not working. I sent them message again they have asked about some more details of problem i provided them iphone model and ios version app version etc . I received reply after few days problem is solved. I tried app it still not work same error message when open app show we are aware of this problem and trying to fix it. Do not worry your funds are safe. It is unexceptionable customer service from this well known app. I have given up and delete this app..Version: 9.26.4

Can’t bank transferCan’t put money into or out of Coinbase from a bank account Veeeery frustrating.Version: 9.43.3

Cannot buy funds in NZPlease come soon?.Version: 3.0.12

Honest ReviewSo I’m going to be honest I was abit skeptical about the crypto-market at first but since getting coinbase I’ve learned only learned abit, that’s it lol. I started off well deposit £3 n managed to increase my portfolio but only because of the earning ability in this app, only $30 worth. This is app is too basic for you to fully learn about cryptocurrencies/tokens, buying & selling. Also there are too many hidden fees weather your buying or selling, even converting one crypto to another, it’ll slowly eat away at your profits. The only way I’ve managed to stop/prevent any further losses from occurring is by depositing all my cryptos to coinbasePro; which if I’m being honest is total B.S, the fact that another app is cheaper than the original one is massive red flag. Also connection is slow, the amount of times I get stuck on the troubleshooting page whilst trying to load into the app was worrying, kept thinking I was being hacked. Final thoughts - Okay app to start off your crypto journey; if you have the money for it. But not a long-term solution if you want to get fully into crypto investments & profit off it..Version: 9.21.3

ID verification is impossible!Beware if your citizenship differs to your country of residence. Impossible to verify ID as it only lets me upload a passport which is obviously different to my country of residence and it won’t accept my drivers license from my country of residence. Waste of time!.Version: 9.48.3

Customer serviceEmail repossessed time is way to long. Especially when your dealing with peoples coin.Version: 7.48.7

Like the app but there are some potential improvementsI like the app and it seems to run fairly well/smoothly most of the time however I do run into an issue where I’ll get randomly logged out in between sessions and will have to 2FA my device to access my account again. I also feel like the app is missing some features that would make it an easy 5 stars for me. Firstly (and probably the biggest missing feature) is the ability to sell any crypto is not available in Australia which I think is desperately needed. Secondly I would love to see a total of my purchases for each crypto so I can see how that value compares to the current value of my portfolio. Despite those negatives the app is very smooth and easy to understand, and the rewards program is brilliant. Hopefully the dev team finds some of this feedback useful and I look forward to any new updates in future.Version: 7.42.3

Needs more workIt’s a decent app. Would be even better if it supported ability to ‘Sell’ in Australia. The account verification where 2 small amounts are posted to your account is frustrating - didn’t work first time, and then you have to wait 24 hrs before trying again. Also the 250/week limit is too low, surely there is a way to change this?.Version: 3.0.11

Pc of s..t AppDon’t use unless you want to lose money. System goes down and won’t let you trade when you need to. There is much better trading platforms out there..Version: 7.48.7

Garbage appDon't use if you are Canadian. You can buy btc but you can't sell. Garbage app.Version: 3.0.1

Disgraceful customer service and scammersI transferred Ethereum from my MetaMask wallet to the coinbase wallet address that was shown when I clicked “receive” on my coinbase app… as soon as I done this, the transaction was completed on the metamask end, but never showed up in my coinbase account… Contacted “support”, spoke to multiple agents and none of them could answer any of my questions as to where my funds were sitting as the transaction had completed. They proceeded to tell me my funds were unretrievable because I apparently sent ethereum to the wallet address of a different type of crypto?! How?! I legitimately only pressed the receive button on the app, as any customer would, and their lack of due diligence to alert customers on the “receive” page that this can happen is disgraceful. I dread to imagine how many people have been scammed this way? I lost a merely £154 but I needed that money for bills, I feel worse for people who have lost more..Version: 10.9.12

Please consider all the negative reviewsI am not one for writing reviews but I feel very strongly about this and hope whoever reads my review will take heed and look elsewhere. It seems that no matter how many hoops you jump through (verifications) for Coinbase, they restrict your ability to buy, sell or transfer crypto as they please for no valid reason. I joined Coinbase today and did all that was required of me to be verified (to the top level) to now be in a position where I have a considerable amount of BTC on their platform and have no access to it. Makes me wonder after reading similar stories if this is how Coinbase makes money. Take our funds and keep them for a while and then give us back after making some money. So anyway, like everyone else I’m awaiting a response from Customer Services, we’ll see how that goes. Funny thing is I read all the negative reviews but because I saw a few positive ones I thought I’d try Coinbase. Don’t get get caught out like I did. Go elsewhere. If Coinbase sort me out then I’ll give credit where credit is due, and if not then I’ll be back in here to report likewise. *** Update*** What looks like a generic email was received on Sunday 23 August 2020 at 04:06 am. The email states that my case has been sent to a specialist and I should get a response in 5-7 business days or maybe longer. So a good amount of BTC is sat on coinbase platform and I am having to wait even though as I said before I’ve done everything asked of me..Version: 7.30.9

High Bitcoin feesCoinbase is causing Bitcoin fees to be high by not implementing SegWit and batching on their platform. I would recommend using other exchanges..Version: 3.0.12

Too many feesThey 100% screw you over with fees. It costs 1.99$ to buy any type of cryptocurrency. If you want to trade one currency to another it costs $.99, and if you want to transfer it back to your bank account it costs another $1.99. So I have to pick the right currency, make sure it goes up at least $3.99 up in profit just to make any money? Which is very unlikely, because apps like these are designed to screw over the little people that want get into buying and selling crypto. I understand that the company has to make money some how, but charging every single transaction a bunch of money isn’t even fair. I was offered in app $1 in a crypto currency. Want to know how much it cost me to transfer it to any type of coin that made money? $.99. They offer you free crypto that is stagnant in price, to make you pay money to transfer it to other cyrptos. It’s so rigged. Do yourself a favor, and save your money instead of investing in this app. You’re basically throwing your money away if you buy anything on here. Update: Tried cashing out because my stocks I invested in were up big time, app wouldn’t let me. Kept saying servers were down. And then because I was up so much (like $10 more) it charged me additional fees so I only ended up making $1. Are you serious Coinbase?! You have serious issues with fees. Stop charging so much..Version: 10.10.12

I lost so much money because of this appI downloaded this app to start investing in bitcoin, and I spent a few days setting it up. I even made one test purchase, which was successful, just to make sure I would be ready to buy when the price was low. When that time came, I attempted to buy a much larger amount. I had plenty of funds in my bank account, but every time I attempted to make a purchase the app claimed that there were no funds. I contacted my bank and they said that no one had even attempted any transactions. It was clearly a bug on their end, and when I reported it, they disabled buying on my account completely. I was unable to buy any amount of bitcoin, despite having thousands of dollars ready to transfer from my bank account. I had to sit and watch as the price of bitcoin soared, unable to buy any with the app I had spent several days setting up. As I watched the price soar, the only response I could get from customer service (which is only available via email) was that I “needed to have enough funds in my bank account”. The app has tons of bugs. The fees are high. The customer service is trash. I missed out on a great investment opportunity because of software bugs in this app. Don’t make the same mistake as me, find a different way to invest in bitcoin..Version: 7.14.0

Going downhill fastI hate giving this rating given the fact that Coinbase has been my go to wallet but as of the last couple months it’s been absolutely HORRIBLE. When I ask to raise my limits from 50 dollar card purchases it somehow instead of being increased got lowered to $5.00. I emailed support over a month ago and they gave me a generic response saying that it was being sent up to review and would have someone email me back. This was a month ago and I am still waiting on that email. So ok that’s just a slight inconvenience because I can always just make a purchase with my bank account. WRONG every attempt made gets turned down due to “suspicious activity” which only gets worse because of the fact that this happened on not 1 but all 3 of my bank accounts connected. So once again I have to contact support. This time I try to call to actually speak to someone since they are unwilling to respond to support via email. What do you know, I run into another issue. Coinbase no longer has telephone support anymore. That’s only reserved for compromised accounts. So that’s great I have to email yet again... Here we are now and since I have been waiting to make this purchase BTC has only risen by about 15-20k or more. So thank you Coinbase for being absolutely worthless as of late..Version: 9.17.2

Don’t waste your timeThis company is a scam and is not what it seems, first everything looks nice easy to transfer but wait. Apparently I was unable to “send bitcoin” or any other currency till next week, that following week i still wasn’t able to “send bitcoin” and was told I would have to wait 6 months!? This company is a fraud and steal your money, it’s impossible to withdraw your money to your bank account and the support team is a bunch of low level thieves with uncareful responses, wouldn’t be surprised if this app gets exposed for fraud in the later years..Version: 11.25.9

Can't useSelected the wrong nationality by mistake while creating an account. Doesn't allow to change and can't finish the account creation process..Version: 9.48.3

Don't download if you're from Australia!!!So it was my first time ever experiencing buying some crypto currency and I did it with this app. I was like wow this is cool and once it I made more money I wanted to "cash out" or as the app says "Sell" and convert my crypto currency to actual Australian dollars. However as soon as I clicked the "Sell" button it goes straight the a page saying it does not allow me to sell it because they haven't enabled this feature in my "region". Region meaning in all of Australia! So now I got some useless Crypto currency because I can't sell it! Do not download this app if you are in Australia!!!!.Version: 3.0.11

Poor supportThis service is completely contactless. No customer support. Sorry I started with them. Coinbase. Poor rating on my behalf..Version: 7.48.7

Can’t Sell !I’ve tried selling my crypto but it doesn’t work. I keep adding and removing my card details but it just doesnt show up when i want to sell. It keeps telling me to add a new card..Version: 11.26.4

Allow people to sellSo easy to buy, impossible to sell. I have many people who ask me where to buy crypto, I can’t recommend Coinbase as it doesn’t allow noobs to sell. I don’t have time to teach them to set up an exchange, withdraw the crypto to there and then sell it and withdraw the fiat. Make it easy to sell, it’s misleading and not clear that you can’t. (Australia).Version: 7.5.2

Poor service, don’t waste your timeAlmost 4 weeks passed and still unable to use the app despite submitting verification correctly. Raised a ticket online through their site, few days later was told they are investigating, a week or so passed and I chased them up, again told they are still investigating, week later I get a notification via email informing me the issue had been resolved and the ticket closed…checked the app and surprise surprise problem still existed. Raised another ticket and still waiting for it to be resolved, no response or update from them, but I’m getting several news emails and notifications informing what I could be doing with Coinbase (annoying) No other means of contacting Coinbase but via email. Now Coinbase have my personal data and I can’t even use the service. Think twice about registering for this app, currently using Kraken and experienced none of these issues..Version: 9.24.2

Charges very high transaction feeOne sentence: Adopt SegWit support already! At this point you are rubbing people by leading them to unnecessarily high transaction fee! People avoid this platform until they adopt segwit. Otherwise be prepared to pay 20 dollars for every transaction..Version: 3.0.12

Room for improvementNeed to get some better charts with technical indicators. Also iOS app not optimized for tablets.Version: 7.44.5

This App is terrible1. Poor customer support 2. Accounts gets randomly blocked (often) My account got blocked at least 4 times 3. Low limits 4. Doesn’t allow you to use credit cards Overall I have not had a good experience with Sh*t a** coin base If only I could give 0/5 stars smh.Version: 7.35.18

FrustratingSuper difficult to verify or change information, and I keep getting the “connection issue”, meaning I can’t sign in or do ANYTHING until I delete the app and reinstall (on my 4th reinstall this week). Horrible..Version: 9.23.3

BuyingUnable to buy crypto had this all a while now and used pretty often enough to know that it’s a Recents thing. It only displays up to 4 5 and 6 on the keypad. When trying to type how much you want to buy etc… so you obviously can’t press confirm or anything like that! It’s fine when selling or anything else of the same nature of needing to use the keypad it’s literally only buying that has this issue. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue as well? or if the developers are aware of this issue and are working on it. Because it’s really becoming now a bit of a pain for me as I can’t buy no BTC at all! Device I use is iOS on iPhone. Other than that issue there which to be honest is a pretty big issue the app is absolutely fine probably the most user-friendly one of its nature in my opinion. And if it wasn’t for that it would 100% be a five star review! But like I said that’s a pretty big issue there!.Version: 10.10.12

DO NOT USE THIS APPYou can buy Cryptocurrency but you CANNOT sell it. You have to download a seperate companies app like Binance JUST to cash out your money. Disgusting customer support as well, they do not help and many customers have been waiting 3 months for responses..Version: 9.32.1

DisappointingStarted with a $500 limit per week which was reduced to $250 for no reason at all. I even made a few successful buys and added more security and ID information trying to raise it. Support are unhelpful and simply send an unhelpful link telling you what your current limits are, not actually what to do about it. If only there was a decent crypto trading app for Australians to use. This sadly isn’t it. Oh and by the way, you can’t sell the Bitcoin here either. So aussies get screwed over once again. Cheers guys!.Version: 3.0.9

URGENT , READ THISFirst off you think this is a good company to buy cryptocurancy, but , wait for it, once you want to try and withdraw funds, yep you guessed it, it's almost impossible. With only an automated computer system taking you round in circles till your blue in the face. There is no U.K. Based help line , there is a help line available but this is based in America to be precise.......California. Don't take my word for it read reviews about this company. If your in the U.K., it's like trying to get blood out of a stone. Emailed them over a week ago and still no response. It states on their customer support page, only accepting problems with log in and deposits..... mmmmm that's appropriate isn't it? Yep so if you want to withdraw funds, yep no support assistance , so basically your money is stick in crypto land. This is a big problem for people based on the U.K. Tones of people the same as my self in the same situation. Just to add I was able to deposit funds via my bank (HSBC ) I got my bank to send money via the SEPTA verification, to validate my account. I sent them copy's of my passport and driving licence. Bought close to £4000 of cryptocurrency . Met all the regulations, but unable to withdraw funds. I am not alone. Please , be aware, as when you want you funds out, your guess is as good as mine as to when I'll be able if ever to get them back using " COINBASE "..Version: 3.0.14

ScammersIt was so easy to make a deposit into the wallets in order to buy the cryptocurrencies but withdrawing wasn't. They make you transfer an international payment in order to "verify" your bank account. When you buy the currencies they up the price more than what shows on the app. They take their own cut when you sell it off. Then even after paying a fee for verification, they take your own money to handle the fee they should be paying to transfer to your account when you withdraw. I am absolutely appalled by these theives with the hidden fees that they do not clearly mention prior to depositing into the wallets. The only reason this app is highly rated is due to the people spamming their codes for $10 off. The customer service does not exist, they will never respond to you. To be honest this whole trading system should be reported as stealing. Never again shall I trust such apps and neither should you. STAY AWAY..Version: 3.0.13

Extremely Primitive App!Coinbase seems to be the dominant crypto trading platform in the US, but this app is not by any chance close to a professional trading app! I read a "Thank You" review by another user because he had noticed the addition of "Watchlist" and "New Coins" to the app!! This is as childish as it can imaginably be! Are you guys at kindergarten or what?! Any trader, not the professional stock market traders, but even an average joe will realize how primitive coinbase app is! Cryptos are being traded 24/7 and we definitely need candle stick charts with technical indicators. What do we get with this app? A childish graph with absolutely NO indicators, NO candles, NO settings, basically NOTHING! The graphs are absolutely useless. I wonder if coinbase users trade by tossing coins or what?!! There are absolutely no helpful market tools such as filters, simple scanners, or any activity monitoring tools either. The watchlist is so primitive and lacks even the most basic functionality such as sorting. Any time I open this app I start hating to trade on this platform! Is there anyone at coinbase who has ever traded stocks?! I'm sure there is, and they know exactly how low profile this app is! But they have no serious will to upgrade it to something better probably because they feel they are not rivaled by any competitor! So, they keep their high commission fees and they do nothing to improve! What a shame!.Version: 10.12.2

Super expensive fees and terrible supportI’ve never experienced fees as high as there’s and the support is the worst I’ve ever received. They close tickets without even answering your questions really frustrating! Just to add to that their answer is to send you to a link and not actually respond to your questions. The app itself is okay even though they take months to fix defects but with super high fees and you don’t actually know the actual cost until you perform a transaction (I like to know before buying coins) so what’s the point of using the app in the first place..Version: 10.8.5

Avoid! Holding my money hostage and no responseCoinbase has quickly went from a 5 star app to 1. The company appear to suffer from a serious issue when it comes to ID verification - I have been using the app for several months happily, having originally verified ID. Out of the blue I was asked to verify my ID again; it’s worth noting up to this point I had only bought crypto and not engaged in selling, withdrawals or sending funds. Unfortunately at this junction Coinbase has failed to verify the same ID as it does not match DOB given on account - this is not the case. Many attempts later using different upload methods and forms of ID, my identity is still not verified. Contacted customer services by email and originally received a canned response, my follow up has remained unanswered for several weeks now. I now have a restricted account with a considerable amount of money being held hostage. Coinbase sort this out or I will escalate the matter to the financial services ombudsman..Version: 7.47.5

Fraudulent companyI recently transferred out a significant amount of ethereum using a QR code that had worked previously and my money had disappeared. Coinbase will not respond to me or address this. I’m beyond livid and hope this sham company will be shut down or minimally others will not sign up or leave it avoid the kinds of negative experiences. I will not stop calling your fraudulent company out until you rectify this..Version: 9.12.1

Appears user friendly but is notVerified my account but there is no way to add funds. The add funds button sends me to a screen where you can receive from another wallet. The Instructions on the Coinbase website say to click the menu icon on the top left...that doesn’t exist..Version: 7.48.8

FraudI would give no stars if possible. Coinbase are scammers. They clearly have an agenda and it isn’t a good one. They had a glitch with the GYEN coin and mind you THEY HAD A GLITCH. Then they decided they wanted to penalize everyone that purchased or cash out when that glitch happened. Mind you I didn’t know it was a glitch so I was extremely happy that this coin made me some money. Then the nightmare began. Coinbase drained all of my account without no warning saying I owed them money when it was their fault. I had other coins also not just this one which is extremely frustrating. Then they proceeded to change the history of my transactions which by the way I have screenshots of the original transactions. They are on some shady shady business and I have already lawyered up. Coinbase will not win this battle it doesn’t matter how long I have to fight I will fight for how many ever years they drag this out . Coinbase should just take their loss and continue to do business because I know for a fact I am not the only one going thru this. Coinbase do the right thing and GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK AND MY ACCOUNT. To those who haven’t yet downloaded this app STAYYYYY AWAYYYYYYY there are many other cryto trading platforms and wallets that are not this shady, money hungry, and unfair..Version: 9.51.2

Complicated and worst systemIt’s a review not just about app but for the whole coinbase system so After been using coinspot from longtime, coinspot and other crypto trading platforms are way much easier to trade. You guys seriously need to improve your whole system. For example - just to transfer my own currency one wallet to another it took 48 hours, selling coins is way more complicated than this. Even though on other platforms it just thing of couple of seconds. Could you answer me- why would you have added those coins which I can’t even sell on your platform and some the coins can’t even transfer. I was trying to sell my coins and because of coinbase drama, I couldn’t sell it on time later on market goes down. As a customer and financial analyst, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use coinbase..Version: 9.30.5

No withdrawal option in New ZealandNo withdrawal option in New Zealand ?.Version: 9.47.2

Worst app outStay away. I am warning you now. Absolutely no support. Google reviews, you will see how they kick your money away without reason and don’t get back to you after hundreds of attempts to get in touch..Version: 9.21.3

NEURALINKToken saying present but not available?.Version: 11.7.4

Careful!!!!!!Be careful when using this app, I’ve used it for years then the other day tried to withdrawal 2000$. They stole it and the customer support refused to help!!!!!!! CAREFUL WITH THIS APP.Version: 9.7.2

Casual UserWith so many crypto apps available, Coinbase has a great list of crypto’s and a very nice UI to keep track, one of the best in fact. However, The CS is a absolute joke, the application for approval of let’s say a passport for example for ID is absolutely 100% a massive waste of time and failure, making short sharp and to the point emails does not help you at all, forget asking a question as well, as no response will be given when email “customer support”, in my experience you’ll begin a loop trying to go through the ID process. January the 12th email sent, basic, to the point, March 1st email received in response . “Coinbase support has now resolved and closed your ticket” - The initial email I sent was in regards to why a passport has a status of compete but not verified leaving myself without a answer so I sent the question itself, and also asked what should I do next. As you can read in quotes above 2 months later is the response the team gave while also not allowing me to respond by pointing out I’d need to go back to the support page and start a brand new ticket... cool cool cool. Coinjar..Version: 9.12.2

No submit a bug featureI found a major bug with your website, thought I’d do you a solid help you out and submit a bug report, however there was no such section. I used the ‘help’ section and got a patronisingly worded email back saying that you have “self help customer support in your region”. Frankly your loss if you’re going to do me like that and then act all cute about it..Version: 6.25.3

Not sure where the overall good reviews come fromCan’t even get going on this app. Not receiving the text to sign up... my friends told me they literally had to verify identity steps 6 times... seems to me like this platform need a lot of work.Version: 9.12.2

Fees are absolutely ridiculously HIGH!The app is OK! You cannot add price alerts except for a couple of coins, so I have another platform that I am using for that purpose, along with much better charting graphs, profits/losses, average coin price and everything else you watch when investing, because coinbase doesn’t have any of these common investing tools. I’m in the process of switching to the another platform since Coinbase fees are through the roof, and I feel like they have their hands in every single thing I do; I’m almost afraid to even open the app in fear they may tack on nother fee. The costs are not small either; buying a small number of coins that are well under a dollar without staking options, the fee’s are more than quadruple the cost of the coin, then another fee when you sell any portion of it. So, watch carefully you could be in the hole with their fees added on. They do have a lot of coins to choose from but so do other platforms and with other platforms, you have MUCH lower fees, better graphing charts, profit/loss, price alerts, buy/sell options and many more investment tools. I have no problem paying a fee for doing business, however, I do have a problem when I feel like I’m being robbed! Coinbase doesn’t do ANYTHING special to deserve taking that amount of money they take from us, in fact they do a lot less than their competitors!.Version: 9.24.3

2FA text message passcode blocks the enter buttonCome on guys, you guys should be able to pick these bugs out . I literally can’t take coins off the exchange app because the number pad that pops up blocks the enter button, nor do you have an enter button on your number pad ...Which amateur is making the IOS app?.Version: 7.44.5

User friendlyThe app is quite easy to use; however, it would not let me sell crypto because I’m in Australia. I had to send my crypto to another wallet to actually sell them, which was slow and annoying. If you are using coinbase from any other country I would imagine the app is fine..Version: 9.19.7

Ridiculous closing of accountAfter following the instructions on how to verify a second device my account was closed with no reason provided and when I contacted support to ask for assistance I was told my account had been closed for security reasons they would not disclose to me. I’ve been told I can withdraw my funds to another wallet but this was my second day involved in crypto, and as my coin depreciated in value that day I’ve essentially been charged fees to lose money and get kicked off my account within 48hrs and haven’t been provided a reason. Use a different crypto trading platform..Version: 9.55.3

Decent but deceptiveAll very fast and professional, right up until you try to cut your losses. Bought bitcoin with the intention of selling it a few days later for a (tiny) profit as more of an experiment than anything. I sent in my license photos, linked my bank account, and got everything verified. Bought a couple hundred in btc. A few days later the price has gone up a few hundred and I try to sell- to find my funds placed on a ‘24 day hold’ to ‘prevent fraud’. What?? If this is common practice, they certainly went out of their way not to mention it, and if it isn’t, I can’t think of any reason why they would have flagged me or my transaction as suspicious. I have now sat and watched the btc price plummet over $1,000 in the past few weeks. By the time I’m able to access my money I will have lost much of it. I understand that btc prices are famously erratic and I accept that I would have lost a little bit, but with every day I lose more and more of MY money which is being held from me. Incredibly disappointed with the lack of clarity in this matter. If it were not for this ridiculous, month-long freeze on my transaction, I would be very happy with this app. The layout is nice and the verification was fast and professional. However, any app that forces me out of MY money without forewarning is NOT a winner in my books..Version: 3.1.15

Canadians DO NOT USE THIS APPI have had assets in coin base for over 3 years now . As a Canadian I was able to purchase Bitcoin but I have not been able to withdraw funds for this entire 3 years. I have had to just accept that this app has pretty much stolen from me.Version: 7.38.3

Good, minimal fees, limited functionsIt’s a great platform however in Australia, NZ and Singapore there isn’t an availability to sell crypto on Coinbase. As such, till it becomes possible, it appears to be a one way trip for any money that is put into the system. In theory if crypto remains stable this isn’t an issue, however as there is no current way to take money out, it should be treated as if the money is entirely lost to begin with (as if gambling at the pokies but with lower odds/lower risk in the short term and much lower returns - which will again be in crypto and unable to sell for local currency like $aud)..Version: 9.54.1

I want to use this app!But, there are many customers who complain about getting banned or their accounts become suspended with no reason or response from their support agents!.Version: 10.17.5

SHOCKINGI spent hours doing the verification process & every time it said verified it wouldn’t reflect in the app, preventing me from doing anything... Definitely not a good app.Version: 7.48.6

Worst support teamThe support team will not respond to any of you issues. Please take care when you transferring big money and there is an issue , there is no support team to help you here..Version: 7.6.2

IOS 14 widget is rushed!- The widget currency doesn’t match the native currency of the app. - the widget doesn’t seem to follow the watch list order for currencies - the prices don’t have the “,” for anything above 1,000..Version: 7.35.10

Worst customer service ever experiencedI never write reviews but im at my wits end with this company. Due to personal reasons I unexpectedly had to change my phone number and email, and since I forgot my password I have no way of verifying my account. I have been attempting to reach support for over three months now in order to gain access to my old account. I’ve entered three separate cases, each time referring to the previous case number to which I inform no one ever answered. I was told on the last two attempts that someone would review my case and get back to me. The very last time I was told that because I reached out several times about the same issue (even thought THEY never answered. The tone read very condescending) it would be consolidated into one email thread and that I would hear from someone in 4-5 business days. That was 16 business days ago. I emailed back ONCE AGAIN this past Friday and now Monday have still not gotten a response. This is the most infuriating experience and I agree with other users it’s negligent and criminal to give individuals no way of speaking to someone in person and making it impossible to access one’s own funds. I would never recommend Coinbase now based on this experience..Version: 9.30.3

Great clean app, almost useless in AustraliaGreat app with a well working UI and UX experience. Easy to navigate and use for casual trading. But be warned as they don’t make it very clear. (It felt a little bait and switch tbh) But Coinbase DOES NOT SUPPORT SELLING IN AUSTRALIA. You can buy, but you can’t cash out. Keep that in mind when you sign up, that to be able to sell from this platform is a very roundabout process that kind of breaks an otherwise great app experience..Version: 3.0.1

Very frustrating and untrustworthyI have invested some money on coinbase. It was all very easy to deposit money into coinbase but withdrawing it so far I am finding impossible. They asked to verify my account which I did by sending a small amount of money to coinbase and they confirmed the receipt of the money. Still unable to withdraw the money. It still ask me to verify the account which I am have already done. I tried to get help from their online chat but frustratingly it’s all automated chat and won’t be able to answer queries. I will stay away from coinbase to be honest. I WILL get my money back though even if it means getting legal help. Won’t let these dodgy companies play with others money. Very very unhappy and unsatisfied. Actually I am more angry towards myself for jumping into using coinbase. At least my reviews may help others. I am happy to change my opinions if coinbase calls me and helps me with my situation but until then I have no faith..Version: 3.0.12

Feels scammyCoinbase’s incessant promotion of the coin de jour feels very scammy and on top of that they give legitimacy to useless coins run by conmen and felons..Version: 7.35.18

For the size of Coinbase it’s awfulFor the size of the company, this app and their support is bad. Over the past six month I’ve verified my ID and sent selfies 5 or more times. There’s no way to speed the transaction when they feel to slow you down or flag an $80 transaction! 🤦‍♂️ Spent an hour with support thinking perhaps there’s a secondary layer 2FA one can add to the account to avoid needing to send my ID and face. Not happy with all this photo collecting biometric nonsense especially as you can bet your last dollar these companies share that data with hundreds of other companies over time just like your email address. Make no mistake there’s a reason you get junk and unwanted mail form all over the place yet you signed up for one only. Slow, support is mehhh, instructions are incorrect. After sending transaction it sent me. Text message where I can email 😂 I sent the email and got an instant reply that that no longer works and to rather visit their help enter. Again for the size they’re you’d assume they have their automated texts emails in better order and have a better more reliable way to confirm a transaction than needing to send selfies and ID for an aged account that’s been verified 5years ago. I don’t recommend anyone storing large sums on the app. Also in case you try buy something for crypto make sure you have other payment options available bc you might have to wait a few hours for the transaction to clear or worse wait 3-5business days. Good luck.Version: 11.8.3

Update neededApp crashes and makes the phone vibrate a lot. Not enjoyable at all..Version: 9.38.3

Worst platformThis is the worst platform to trade on. They will charge you fees that you don’t even know about, and they will hold your money without any response to you. Their costumer service does not have a phone line and will respond to your emails or requests in only a few weeks after you submit a case. I have deposited funds and it’s been 3 weeks and I still can’t trade them, nor I can send them or withdraw like their policy says that you funds a re w available immediately or in few days depending on how you make your deposit. I opened a dozen cases and and only response I got it is it’s on hold for security reasons after 2 weeks of submitting my case. Complete scam ladies and gentle man, I suggest you get a paid platform and trade with confidence because here that is not possible. Even their fees are hidden. I bought a BTC partially, actual BTC price was $11,300... but when you already buy it buys it for $11,450 even though the price of BTC didn’t even go near $11,400 that day. I opened 3 cases about a month back and no one responded yet. Guys don’t waste your time and patience. Find a better platform that is paid but you will be taken care off. I will continue to post my reviews on every review page to ensure that more people know what they are dealing with. Don’t let them play you..Version: 7.32.6

FrustratingI joined CB as I was having trouble joining any other exchange... to find a $250/wk limit. I completed registration verification successfully and did my first trade, using the $250. It went through. It never appeared in my account and I was unable to do anything else, as my account balance said I’d used my weekly limit. This has still NOT appeared in my trades!!! ?? I have sent 2 enquiries to CB - NO RESPONSE. The past few days I’ve had a small available amount (like $30). .. which is just odd. I’ve used it each day, but it’s still within the week. USING CB HAS BEEN A CRAPPY FRUSTRATING EXPERIENCE SO FAR!! 😡.Version: 3.0.13

Very troubled appThe app is quite unstable, i use IOS and have tried signing up for almost a week waiting on a identity verification which was really laggy, after that was cleared i was unable to purchase any coins and would show as unknown error. I tried contacting the support team many times with no reply most of the time. Boasting the worlds best trading app it has alot of problems and requires alot more work before it becomes user friendly..Version: 3.0.11

Customer support and limit issuesIv been at 250 limit for a month now and Iv spent always 250 a week so I don't know why it hasn't gone up. Also the customer support isn't very good, actually quite appalling since email response can take way too long and chatting to a stupid robot really does not help as all in fact frustrating at times. However, coinbase is recommended for beginners of crypto as it is very easy to use but needs a lot more tweaks and updates to become a lot better....Version: 3.0.12

It seems secure … but it’s a ripoff [Update]Updating from two to one star for the canned response they left on this review, which indicates they didn’t read it. Of course the funds aren’t available right away, but they shouldn’t continue to be held after the transaction clears with my bank. 7 full days is so arbitrarily long. Original review: Even after a transaction to buy crypto clears with your bank, they call it “pending” so they can hold it for the full 7 days. Any time a bank doesn’t let you access your own funds, it’s either security or it’s because they want to make money off your money. The longer it’s with them, the more they can make. Then, when you do want to move some money, they charge you super high fees to do it. Crypto is such a friggin’ scam. Not as bad as NFT’s, but still … it’s going to be a long time before crypto is actually worth it to most people, which is why it’s also so volatile and even a huge group of celebrities and investors can get scammed out of millions, like with FTX. Coinbase is just another company making money hand over fist without providing good support to customers or offering decent fees. They’re not FTX, but they’re profiting majorly off an unstable system without providing good support along the way, and charging an arm and a leg for their good enough services..Version: 11.10.8

Answer my questionApple provides products and services. What bitcoins (or so called Cryptocurrency) provides? Oh please and compare it with Gold, because gold exists in real life..Version: 10.27.10

Invested money in Bitcoin and then they put my account under reviewI did everything to follow the process, answered questions, verified my mobile and email, and submitted a photo of my drivers licence. I then got an email saying I was good to go and start investing. I invested money in Bitcoin. Shortly after I get an email saying that my account is under review (not specifying why it’s under review). I am not unable to sell the Bitcoin that I invested in or buy more. What if Bitcoin crashes - and I’m unable to sell? I’ve tried to contact customer support and all I get is a robot not answering the question. I then raised a ticket, again not answering the questions on why I’m under review and is an automated response! I am getting no where and not liking the fact that you have technically frozen my ability to sell my investment or have control over my account. This is a joke! If you are going to put accounts under review you should at least explain why to allow the customer to put it right - also this should be before I am able to invest money, not after! You should also give the customer the option of speaking with a customer services rep to sort the problem out not just send robotic responses out!.Version: 7.48.7

Identification algorithm sucks !This app is extremely awful with its identification algorithm. Upon submitting my SCANED drivers license around 15 times it won’t verify me. Useless !!.Version: 9.23.3

Screwing CanadiansYou know what your doing. Why can't we sell and why isn't t fixed and your support is brutal. Don't reply to this feedback. Full of excuses.Version: 3.0.1

As trash as it was in 2021Still can’t verify my account after 2 years 😂🤷🏼‍♂️😅 useless. Message support, they say they can’t help you as you’re already locked out of your account. Try again *one time* get locked out, messages support as per their initial instruction, they can’t help you, as you’re, you know, locked out again. 😥 pointless loop. Waste of time. Don’t put money into it, don’t bother downloading it, just don’t bother 🙄.Version: 11.7.4

Worst appUnable to link my card to the account to deposit money. Trying from last 2 days.Version: 7.45.8

It’s bad for everyday trading but ok for storing I guessYou can’t make money from trading via coinbase unless the fluctuation of your crypto has increased by atleast 10 percent. If your like me and trying to profit between 2-10 percent per conversion instead of withdrawing your money to avoid fees, Coinbase will almost certainly convert your currency at a loss of even though they say no fee. They justify this buy saying there is a 200 basis point to account for the offer they honour you which basically means you will be paying 2% to them every time u exchange at the least and further more you can receive even less that they claim accounts for slippage. I checked my value at the time of my transactions and even if I have been successful by the time my selected crypto has increased by ten percent I just start to break even. In my opinion this is a total abuse of my good faith as a customer and would only recommend storing on coinbase and maybe long term trading..Version: 7.28.6

Great simple app (Depending on your country)Coinbase is a very easy way to buy and trade crypto, but depending on your country, you may be unable to sell your crypto using the app which makes trading much more complicated.Version: 9.49.5

Used to use appCannot use as credit card was stopped on website looks like it prefers visa to MasterCard ok found another crypto site so much better will never use again!.Version: 10.38.0

Latest Version a Step BackwardsThe latest update to the Coinbase app has decreased functionality. Users like me want a snapshot of all their crypto investments on the homepage. This means to see their overall portfolio balance as well as all the coins on their watchlist. A quick overview with no further clicks. This is how it used to be. Now, in the latest version, the watchlist is limited to 5 items. If you want to see the rest of your items, you have to click into another screen. Horrible UI. It may seem small, but I check my investments multiple times per day. It used to be one simple click to open Coinbase, see my favorite coins, and done. Now every single time I open the app I have to click into multiple screens to see everything I want to see. Very annoying! Please fix this “upgrade” and bring back the old homepage with full watchlist functionality. Or better yet, let users create multiple watchlists like Robinhood where you can organize them better and maybe we can choose if we want them on the homepage or not. Removing a feature that your users have had for years is not a smart business decision. Robinhood shows all investments on the homepage and that’s why everyone always compliments their UI. I hope Coinbase can bring back what was the equivalent in the crypto world..Version: 9.49.4

Unreliable payment processingRepeatedly times out during payments. Then works fine. Then not. For an app handling money and investments where timing is crucial this simply isn’t acceptable. Recommend finding an alternative..Version: 9.47.2

International accounts now lockedIf you have an international account that you’ve been using for trading, wave goodbye to it all. Latest update now blocks you entirely from accessing ALL your crypto..Version: 9.26.4

Terrible for CanadiansOpened the account - check Linked my credit card - check Went ahead to make a purchase - failed (credit card company declined) Then i find out that canadian banks dont allow crypto purchases directly Tried to add my bank debit card - doesn't work waste of my time and submitted alot of personal info including driver’s license Closed my account - check If your Canadian DONT waste your time with Coinbase.Version: 9.47.2

Run away while you still can!Coinbase’s customer service is non existent, I’ve known people to wait 2+ months to get a reply and most of the time the issue isn’t resolved What’s worse is that they are fine with letting you deposit money in and using it to buy crypto but once you have money in you can’t take it out so your money could be losing it’s value while they block you from taking it out, in my case I’ve doubled my money and I’m left sitting here watching it all disappear as coinbase do nothing I’ve been waiting for weeks now just to get my support request seen to and still nothing, they say that it takes 1 - 4 days to verify a bank account so that I can move money that you have sold back into your account but it’s been over 3 weeks for me now and still nothing, coming up on a month Everything above could be excused if they actually communicated to you about what the problem is but instead you’re left sitting there for weeks or in most cases even months thinking if you have lost all your money, it might even be illegal as they never stated that you cannot take your money out once it’s deposited Even their fees are ridiculous and what are we even paying them for??? A service which we are not even getting... I’m moving to a different crypto service because at this point anything is better than coinbase, binance here I come.Version: 9.7.2

Similar to RobinhoodI have been buying LRC on Coinbase for a couple months now, and I can’t believe it took me so long to notice, but they run the same scam that Robinhood runs with their crypto, except RH doesn’t charge a Transaction fee each time. Pay attention when you go to a coin. They show you the list price, but when you review your purchase before submitting it, they actually charge you a higher price/coin on top of their transaction fee. It’s the same thing with selling. They give you a lower rate than the listed price, as well as charging you transaction fees. They’re scalping customers, exactly the same way RH does by giving you, “the customer” a .03 cent spread. Even with the “Coinbase One” membership, this is still true. If you can learn more complicated methods of trading crypto, I suggest that over this. If not, I hope you don’t mind getting scalped. The GOOD thing about Coinbase is that you can actually transfer your coins to different wallets, which shows they do actually have coins to give you should you actually request them sent to your wallet. Response to Developers Response: This isn’t 2020. With everything that happened in 2021, investors are becoming wiser to things like Spread, PFOF, and the conflicts of interest in brokers and Wall St. in general..Version: 10.9.12

WARNING: PLEASE READ FIRST!!!Coinbase requires a valid government issued ID to send & receive anything. In states with “True ID” you don’t get a physical ID card the day of the transaction. It is mailed & doesn’t come until 10-15 days after getting your photo taken. Once that’s done the license authorizing place will issue a temporary license on paper. Coinbase will not accept this as a valid license. They require a physical plastic card license. Coinbase will allow you to deposit money but won’t allow you to send or receive anything until you have acquired your physical license. So, if you’ve already put money into your coinbase account at this point it’s now locked up and can’t be transferred until the physical plastic ID card has arrived. The only option you have is to withdraw back to the original bank account you sent it from. On top of that, if you attached a bank account and didn’t use wire transfer, your transferred funds are now on hold for approximately 5-7 business days. There is no warning or requirements that alert the user to need to complete their ID verification before transferring money into the coinbase account & that you will not be able to send or receive funds. Also, if you use an attached bank account that you transferred funds from into your coinbase, that money is subject to a hold time of appropriately 5-7 business days. This company has been one big headache.Version: 10.19.2

One of the WORST apps I have downloadedSetting up the app, which requires ID checks can be troublesome and slow. The worst part and most serious is setting up a funding account. I used my bank account as the recommended route, sending the money was easy enough but it was not received into my account. First I sent £10 as a start, good thing I didn’t send more, it didn’t arrive so I sent £5 more and still didn’t arrive. Trying to get help from the chatbot was no help, I couldn’t paste in my account details and every time I tried to do it manually the page reloaded and after several attempts I gave up. The Coinbase wallet was no better, online help is difficult and it’s impossible to speak to a real Person. So I gave up and deleted my account and apps. So I lost £15 no big deal. The key take from this is simple, if you can’t easily solve the money issues how can anyone trust this app. I downloaded ZenGo and bingo it was simple and worked perfectly, within 30 minutes I bought my first Crypto.Version: 10.40.5

App does not work in NZPointless download - can’t trade using this in New Zealand.Version: 3.0.11

This app allows extreme price gouging and ridiculous feesI started with coinbase and was charged excessively for buying BTC ETC LTC. They feed on newbies entering the market and charge ridiculous fees per buy or sell. It’s called taking that initial hit because you pay for the convenience. Put your money on coinbase and transfer it directly to GDAX(also owned by coinbase) This is an easy way to get into the cryptocurrency, but for the uninitiated it is not a trading platform. GDAX is. You can fund your COINBASE account, but they neglect to tell you that you can make a GDAX account and transfer your money free of charge and buy/sell/trade for minimum fees. Limit buys and sells are free on GDAX. The pros: COINBASE is legit and GDAX is legit. They are FDIC protected and your legal tender is insured by the federal government because it’s held in an escrow account in a bank. Your coins are insured by insurance policies. BUT It would be nice to be informed ahead of time that you can incur substantially higher fees using the simplified ap and that if your going to be trading short or long term, that transferring your funds to GDAX (an actual exchange) results in much lower fees and free limit orders. I’m quite happy with GDAX and my only issue is the taking advantage of newbies entering this volatile market without the foreknowledge that there sister company offers extremely lower rates..Version: 3.0.7

Terrible Customer Response / inaccurate gains in balancesThere are many things I like about Coinbase. Easy and intuitive interface, easy of trading between currencies, etc. But as I got more savvy in my trading and started tracking gains, I’ve found discrepancies between increases in currency rates and my balance. In other words, I would track the time in which I had made trades and calculate the amount that my balance should reflect. I found almost always that it was off and not by a little, by a lot. This is alarming to me as I see that there is real potential for fraud within this platform. In addition, I’d sent a transfer of funds from MY Binance account to my Coinbase account and after a week, I have yet to see those funds deposit to my ETC wallet that I’d used for the transfer. I’ve sent multiple customer service requests since then regarding the transfer both to Binance and to Coinbase. Binance has gotten back to me sharing the blockchain record of my transfer to my ETC Coinbase account indicating that I would need to remedy account receipts with Coinbase. I reached out to Coinbase and then have yet to respond. This was not a small amount. It is not okay for them to have inaccurate gains reflecting in account balances and no response on transactions that should have cleared over a week ago now. I will be filing a complaint with SEC outlining these discrepancies and their failure to remedy them..Version: 7.50.12

Don’t recommendTried sending some crypto currency and wasn’t showed the network fee, till the receipt came through, and all of the crypto was taken as a network fee, so all of it was completely gone, so I’m there for half an hour with their bot trying to get through to someone and the chat keeps “losing connection” when the connection is fine, every time I start getting somewhere it kept repeating I had to sign in to go any further, (which I did) only for the site to refresh or open a new site all together for it to keep saying the same thing. I then call because I’m not getting anywhere and the call ends, so I’m there waiting for a call back, nothing. So I call again, and then after about 15 minutes I’m told they can’t do anything as the transfer is already complete… and I was told it shows the details before it’s completed, but why would I accept it if it told me ALL of it was going to be a network fee? Update: Following the response they clearly don’t have a response on the point of their incompetent chat bot..Version: 10.38.0

Don’t invest on Coinbase!Terrible experience. They asked me 5-6 times to verify my identity. I did the first time and then a week later they ask me again and on and on… If you want to withdraw you need to get verified so i couldn’t withdraw. When I asked the support to help me fix that issue, they just reply with a pre made emails saying “verify you identity” they just don’t care about their customer and reply to your email days or weeks later. Will never put one cent again!.Version: 9.43.2

FrustratingTried to buy 2 times and got nowhere.Version: 7.44.5

Money is stuckI love how this app allows you to earn money through education however I am unable to take any money out , even what I have put in myself. When I looked online I found out that you can’t take money out of you are in AUSTRALIA!! why let people put money in if you aren’t going to let them take it out. Seems kinda scam like. Please fit this problem.Version: 9.31.2

Dear DevelopersYou need to make this App accessible world wide not just the USA as you can’t make a account without a ssn we don’t have a ssn in Australia or New Zealand.Version: 7.45.6

Withdrawal StepsI have been trying to withdraw my funds ; but unable to do it . I have also updated my details & payment method . Just checked Support and found out that in Australia & New Zealand we can’t sell our Crypto. Please help out the steps to withdraw/cash out my funds . Kind Regards Abhishek Prashar.Version: 9.49.4

App doesn’t work with older phonesI had Coinbase loaded onto my phone since early 2020. As of last week, they updated it and it requires an iOS of 14.0. I have gotten the most recent update of my iOS to 12.5.7, so the app will not work on my phone. I thought, OK, I’ll just go to the website. Nope. Cannot sign on there. There’s no place to sign in on the website. I tried sending an email by clicking the “Contact Us” link. It doesn’t work. None of the options work. I did a Google search for a Coinbase email address for support, and found a couple. One worked but said they no longer responded to emails, and directed me to click a link. That link took me back to the same previous “Contact Us” page where nothing works. There is no way to contact them about not being able to access the app or site. Pitiful customer service. I’m glad I never invested with Coinbase. The cryptocurrencies I received there were earned by doing the tasks required to get free crypto. I was testing it out to see how it would go. My crypto grew slowly to nearly $60, but then the bottom dropped out of sight. The last time I was able to check, my crypto was only worth about $8, where it had been hovering for a while. The $5 in Bitcoin I’d received was only worth about $1.50. I wouldn’t trust cryptocurrencies, not any more than I trust Coinbase... which is not at all. It won’t let me put in a “ZERO” choice of stars, so one it is..Version: 11.5.3

Customer service is awfulAfter 4 years of using the app the first tim tried to contact the customer service and it’s 2 weeks without any answer ((( so upset and surprised.Version: 7.47.5

No Customer SupportAn American friend has been waiting over 20 days to hear from support regarding a hack. Despite him disabling his account they hacked him again. The hackers tried to move $35k usd into his Coinbase acct. His bank reversed it immediately as by this time he was days into multiple attempts to hack him and was not sleeping. Coinbase have a disable account feature that doesnt work. Their customer service in USA is disgusting and I was looking at diversifying my risk by using their exchange as well as the one i currently use. Nope, nada not.Version: 9.43.3

False pricingUsed Coinbase for 2 years now, I’ve realised in the past 2 months it has displayed false pricing 100% of the time, for example, say BTC is priced at 50,000 and I go too buy, within the buy tab if you look you will notice they are saying the price of BTC is 50,100 and that’s without the coinbase fee, not sure if this is a glitch but please fix..Version: 10.12.1

Coinbase ConundrumMost importantly, I do not want anyone to have funds made unavailable and avoid painful situations. Always do a test send to and from Coinbase in small amounts this will ensure there are no net work issues or software bugs, resulting in potential loss of funds. Even if you have used that methods before it may change by the day or software update. Saved addresses will display the correct hash but may not always accurately apply saved memos. Unacceptable delays in send/receive timeframes exceed standards (coinbase claims to use a third party hot wallet service that is inefficient, slow, and potentially not liable for coinbase software/tech issues). It’s unfortunate that coinbase is outperformed, overshadowed, and obsolete compared to almost every other exchange. It may be age of the company or the challenges to operate on the US, but as soon as the regulatory hurdles are cleared coinbase will be left in the dust if they don’t revamp the platform. A simple action such as sending XLM has become an overwhelming liability. I have had more money than I care to admit held hostage by coinbase due to technical issues when in fact it was all caused by the inadequate software used by CB and incompetent engineers. I am surprised that there have not been more complaints or worse from dissatisfied customers. If there were Breyer on ramp options in the US I would gladly forget this company and app..Version: 11.14.10

Seems like a scamYou can send crypto from other wallets to Coinbase but there is so way of withdrawing your funds. The add payment section just says “your account is restricted”. Customer support also absolutely never replies. Most pointless app. Don’t download it. It literally has no use..Version: 9.14.2

Pls don’t use this in New Zealand!!!Cuz you can only put your money in but can’t cash out when price drop down. I’ve been asked them only US, UK, Canada and EU can do cash out. Australia and New Zealand can’t!!!.Version: 9.37.2

No sell option in New Zealand!!!Coinbase is a very simple platform to use and navigate, hence why I use it myself. Unfortunately there is no sell option in NZ, so if I want to sell my stock I cannot, I can only convert it to another stock. If this issue was to be resolved I would give coinbase a 4 star rating but as of now it’ll only be a 1. Most of the other platforms you can sell your stock on and get NZD or USD, but not on coinbase. So I find it hard to take profits in this situation. I also do not understand your 0.50% flat rate conversion fee, it is not always 0.50%, some coins I convert take a higher percentage or whatever but it is not a flat rate. Your platform has been around for 9 years yet international people cannot sell unless you live in America which is sad, because at this rate I’m going to switch to another platform so I can trade properly. Please address this problem ASAP if you do not want to lose traders..Version: 9.54.1

High transaction feesWay too high transaction fees probably won’t trade here for long.Version: 9.19.7

No resolution of problems/ lost fundsThe app is great when it works. However, if there are glitches with funds transfer, support is slow to act. I bought some crypto, the transaction never showed up in my portfolio but the funds were deducted from my bank account. Support first denied that the funds were deducted, however, upon showing them my statement suport said “they would look into it”. 2-3 days later, no response from support. The amount lost was small, however, for a serious crypto wallet, there needs to be assurance that support acts quick to resolve such issues..Version: 9.26.4

A response would be appreciatedCrypto hasnt arrived after being sent to my account everything’s fine this end… I just havnt received the coins… I have the transaction Id.. so where has it gone ? after numerous attempts at trying to receive a simple response from them weeks later nothing…. giving this app 1 star… no faith in it at all. Update their response over the missing funds it to put in another request which received no response…. These people will steal your money DO NOT USE.Version: 10.14.12

GreatWas easy to use and sign up but could be better theres no banking support so if youre outside of the usa and you use it then they accept payment but youll have to transfer crypto out to another wallet and exchange. there is no feature to just convert crypto to cash in your account so if the markets suddenly crash you cant really do anything but sit there and hope for the best.Version: 9.47.2

Buggy app 0 supportAfter verifying myself to watch videos earn crypto it still asks me to verify again , and if you need support you need to live in a 1st world country , unprofessional and racist support!.Version: 9.7.2

Bad customer supportThis app it self is good, buying crypto is easy. The security is bad and when calling customer support From Australia it’s useless because all they do is lock your account and won’t help you recover your money and once you call them the first time they will block your number. Emailing them is useless too once verifying it’s your account they start to ignore your emails. I lost all my money I haven’t heard a word on how they can help, the reason I lost all my money is because of coinbase security system and now they don’t want to help me out. Finding an Australian app that has good customer support and a good app would be idle. For anyone in Australia do not download this app..Version: 9.52.6

So far not impressedI’ve been using the app for around a month now. It would be all good if it wasn’t for 2 things that put me off quite a bit. 1. When I did purchase some cryptocurrency the purchase actually went through at higher price than the current value of the currency, which at that moment was actually going down as well... Why? I would like to know too. Not cool Coinbase. 2. I did complete the tasks to receive free rewards, which never materialised. When I emailed the support asking what could be causing this and how can they assist to resolve it, it took over a week to get a response. They did resolve the issue, but the response was lacklustre. No standard apologies for the issues, nothing of the sort, just dry and short, we resolved issue. I left me feeling discouraged from engaging with the app further and especially from putting my own money into in..Version: 9.7.2

Kafka-Esk SupportIf you have an issue and reach out to support, expect to wait a few days then receive an email that says “We are reaching out because you haven’t heard from us yet, apologies for the wait. We have identified your issue as one that may have been resolved through backend processing. To make up for the delay, we are crediting your account $5 in BTC. At this time we are marking this issue as resolved.”.Version: 9.48.3

Need to be a border collie to get your moneyIt would appear you need to be a border collie or another intelligent hardworking breed to withdraw any money made or in accounts from this company as you have to jump through enough hoops even a crufts winner would struggle with, first of all you think it’s a trustworthy app that you can deposit money easily with and get started which is true, but god forbid you want to get any of your money back, you have to create another account because a debit/credit card just won’t do (although you can use one to deposit money, funny that!) then you have to create an online account which kindly gives you a GBP or EUR wallet (thanks for nothing) then you have to do the most long winded transfer of €1 Euro to a bank in Czech Republic which my bank charges you £9 for the privilege, to be told that you must wait 2-3 working days, so out of the £26 I had in my wallet I will probably just about get half of that. So in short... DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP OR GIVE IT YOUR MONEY.Version: 3.0.14

Total disappointmentI’ve had this app for a while now to do simple investing. Recently, I decided to get into NFTs and wanted to transfer crypto into its compatible wallet. When doing so, I was sent an email saying that I needed to verify my ID, and if I didn’t, there would be a 72 hour delay. I verified my ID and received a message saying that verification was successful. After 20-30 minutes of waiting for my wallet to populate with my crypto, the balance still said $0. I sent it to the correct wallet address before anyone asks. I reached out to their support team just to be have the conversation end abruptly by the agent. So the next morning, I message again to ask where it is. This was a Saturday. He then told me that it will be in my wallet on Sunday. Sunday rolls around, and it’s not there. I contact them AGAIN and the agent tells me she sees it’s being worked on and there’s a 72 hour delay. I explained i did the ID verification successfully and there shouldn’t be a delay. She said “that’s the protocol” and ended the conversation thread!!! I contact them TODAY (Monday) and they can’t give me any answers or a timeline. I needed the crypto today for a mint on an NFT and now I’ve missed out on several thousand dollars because of this poor way of Coinbase doing things. This is unacceptable especially when people are trying to make money through your platform!!! There are other platforms out there so it would be beneficial if you search elsewhere..Version: 10.3.5

Screwed me overThey gave me a weekly limit of $375, which was not enough for me to make my purchase. I asked how to increase my limit, and they said to put $200 into the account. I did... and then then said I had to wait 30 days. I rang and explained I was in the middle of a purchase. They didn’t care, and said someone would send me an email in a week or two. So, I transferred my funds to a wallet with a competitor and am closing the account. They had no interest in helping, nor resolving the issue. I asked how this was possibly an alternative to regular currency and they said it was up to me to decide. Importantly, they never told me about the 30 day wait time. My purchase fell over because of them. Total, total, total rubbish company. If you’re an Aussie, use CoinSpot..Version: 5.8.0

A whole bunch of thieves and day robbersCoinbase is a fee-based software that allows regular individuals to invest their hard-earned cash in cryptocurrency. Coinbase, unlike other apps, charges a high fee for clients to store and secure funds in Coinbase crypto wallets. You'll also pay a market buy/sell price that's substantially more than the actual price of the coin you're buying. For example, if you buy a $1000 coin with $1000 in cash, you will receive about $900 of the coin you just bought. Coinbase charges you a high fee for holding and securing your cryptocurrency once you're ready to sell (regardless if it was for a minute or a year). Furthermore, you will receive a market buy/sell price that is far lower than the actual price of the coin you are selling. For example, if you sell the same crypto you just bought for $1000 and only got $900 in crypto, you'll earn roughly $800 in fiat. This is robbery in broad daylight, in my opinion. When you trade or exchange Cryptos with other Cryptos, it gets even worse. Because there is no easy way to contact these crooks, their customer service is non-existent. I hope they put an end to this open-air robbery and consider hardworking individuals like me who have lost a lot of money due to the fees these people charge..Version: 9.47.2

Zero ‘real’ supportI opened an account and tried to deposit fiat, but the link didn’t work. Read some info and made sure my account had all the correct verifications. Still doesn’t allow me to deposit. Reached out to support, no phone number. Support email reply was automated reply. Nothing else back. Still not working. As an investor in the company, I’m disappointed that support for someone trying to deposit funds to use the platform has such a hard time doing so and getting actual support..Version: 9.32.1

Frustrating scamAs other people have said it is very easy to deposit money, but when it comes to withdrawing it’s another story. At the moment my money is stuck in a virtual wallet. Although my account was set up for deposits they needed it to be verified for my withdrawal. Although I didn’t understand why I went along with it as I couldn’t see another option and they were only asking for €1. Bank couldn’t send one as amount too small so I sent 2. This was taken and the bank charged £10. Which I could of lived with but then they asked for €5 saying 1 wasn’t enough? I emailed to ask why. I received automated responses which said account needed to be verified. I reluctantly then sent €5. ( another £10 charge.) I received an answer from my email saying I had to send at least €6. I have emailed 5 times to ask what is going on as yet no response. Where will this end? I don’t know what to do . Has anyone got their money out? If so how? . Please don’t anyone else use this app it’s scary. I would happily cancel this review if I get my money back..Version: 3.1.2

Easy app to use but does have some underlying difficulties if you are in the UKI started using bitcoin about a week ago I put some money in using my debit card and that went fine but the problem started when I tried to add a bank account so I could get lower fees and I could transfer more money as for a debit card it would only let me do £300 per week. I have now had a response from Coinbase saying that I cannot add a bank account because of my location in this case in the UK so the only way I can sell the crypto currency is to do it through PayPal which I do not have. I just wish the app when trying to add a bank account with already knowing where you are in the world would just come up with a caption saying you cannot add a bank account with you being in the UK. I don’t understand why Coinbase won’t allow you to add a bank account as you have to verify your bank account by transferring some small funds into it I would think that a debit or credit card would be more of a dodgy transaction as they can be stolen and used very easily. Looks like I’ll have to go through the rigmarole of opening a PayPal account to get my money out..Version: 9.18.5

Coinbase notificationsI love the app, it’s a bit slow for whatever reason even on the IPhone 11 Pro Max. However my main concern are the notifications and transaction fees for coinbase. I’ve always been stuck using 3rd party alerts for my coins as well as 3rd party decentralized platforms that have .10c fees per every transaction meanwhile I lose $3-$5 per transaction even for converting one to another. Throughout the many years of using coinbase the notifications have never worked accordingly or at all, I’m not just talking about the actual notifications but when you receive movement notifications they’re extremely behind. I won’t receive important alerts or notifications but then sometimes it will send me a notification every other hour, especially when there’s a lot of movement in the market. Just seems a little odd and slow for such a large company. coinbase vs literally what I use everyday will always be the last app to notify me accordingly of anything important. If we can also have an option to remove the “your USDC funds are low”. I don’t want to be told to fill my balance when I’m already planning on purchasing more just not right when the app tells me to This app gets more and more awful as it updates. 80% of it is a scam.Version: 10.33.7

Good app but...Very good app, clear graphs and easy to use and navigate around. However what they don’t make clear when you sign up is that they DON’T sell in Australia and Canada. I have been using it for over a week now and all of a sudden I had a little pop up advising they don’t sell in Australia. I think this needs to be made very clear upon signup (unless it has been changed now). You can still move your digital currency to external wallets or exchanges to then sell but it’s just another extra step when it could be so much easier. Keep up the good work though guys, still a very user friendly app!.Version: 3.0.11

Horrible appThere is absolutely zero customer support with coinbase. I’ve been trying for 2 days to reach an actual human about why my money is being held captive. I made a debit card purchase which is supposed to be instant. And it said there’s a 5 day hold on my funds. So after 2 days of trying to figure out why that is, I finally just gave up and sold the btc expecting to be able to withdraw my remaining cash balance. And I lost $10 in this process, over coinbase fees, and I didn’t even care. I just wanted my money back. But now there is a hold on my cash balance too! And I needed that money yesterday. I can’t afford to wait 5 days. But coinbase doesn’t care in the slightest. Because there is no way to reach anybody for customer support. You can email them, but you will just get a robotic response saying it will take 5-7+ days to fix your issue. So I’m pretty positive that nobody even actually reads the customer support emails. And now my only money is being held captive by this website that won’t even give me the time of day to tell me why. I’m extremely frustrated. This app is the worst btc app I’ve ever used, because this isn’t the first time I’ve had issues like this where “customer support” did absolutely nothing for me. Never coming back to coinbase after they finally stop holding my money captive..Version: 7.40.7

IN AUSTRALIA? DON’T DOWNLOADI downloaded the app and then thought I’d just have a quick look at the reviews before I complete ID and start trading. My biggest concern is that the company never seem to respond to negative reviews or clarify serious concerns. Apparently, if you’re in Australia or Canada, you can buy but you can’t sell. When you go to check ‘Version updates’ it has a generic “We are constantly improving....” rubbish that doesn’t list the improvements in each update. DELETED and will return to using BTCMarkets..Version: 3.1.2

Poor Customer service glitchy appI told you guys about an erroneous transaction immediately when it happened on February 1. Now you are kicking me off the system after you forced me to RE-verify all of my information leading me to believe I would be good. I could have been started to withdraw my money now I have to wait an additional 10 more days. When I told you guys about this erroneous transaction I was told in an email also on February 1 from you that “ If you do not have enough funds in your bank account to cover this purchase, then allow the transaction to reverse and reprocess with your bank. If we’re unable to successfully complete the transaction with your bank, we will attempt to recover the value of your funds held onsite.” I left the money there didn’t trade any additional stock with it waited for you guys. When I found out I couldn’t make any more transactions they gave me an option to give it back. This option was not told to me in the email. You can check. I immediately gave it back when I seen that option so why am I being penalized? I even took the money out of the stock in the event it dropped I didn’t want your money to be affected. To kick me off the site after dragging me along an entire 14 days with almost 2k tied up is pretty ridiculous..Version: 9.7.3

Buyer/ learning and realizingI have been a member of coin base for a little over a year I am very happy with the way transactions take place immediately. I have however been having a few issues with the site some of the issues are you are unable to purchase certain cryptocurrency‘s I’m not sure why this is but it is very frustrating when you want to buy something and you can’t. I also purchased an asset I was told that it would be untradable after January 20, 2021 but if I had any of the asset remaining in your portfolio you would still be able to sell it , this is not the case. I’ve tried several times to rectify the situation but I’ve been unsuccessful. Sadly the only way to communicate with coin base is through text so it is very difficult to get your point across or for them to discuss something with you , it would be much better and a big improvement if you could communicate with an individual so you can express yourself and get situations handled much easier. I hope this helps anyone that’s considering to join the site and like I said before the majority of things on the site work great enjoy have fun don’t invest more then you can lose..Version: 9.25.4

Take back the power.Guys there is only one way to stop these dishonest apps, World Blog. copy and post these reviews to all social media if they don't want to be honest..Version: 9.21.3

DisappointedSo this is my first app that I used for investing, had my hopes up but the customer service really brought down my motivation for using this app. Honestly i regret downloading it. Once I had downloaded the app I went through the whole process to be able to start buying and selling but once I tried buying through my chase account that I had already linked and yes I did everything exactly how the app demanded it, but it still wouldn’t let me buy because of suspicious activity. So I contact their help support, after telling the bot to put me in contact with a person since the bot was not being helpful at all. Turns out theirs nobody you can call it’s all through text and once I explain my problem he would just tell me to put my id and a pic which I already had done so I re-did the process and still nothing change I kept telling him that but he would keep sending me the same message about putting my id and pic it almost seem like he was just sending me texts he had save in his system. So once he finally realize that his way wasn’t working he send my problem to be check by someone else where I got an email saying that they where checking my account and around six days they would get back to me I open up my email today and I see an email from them saying that they close my case without even fixing nothing. I have to give it to them they really know how to frustrate someone.Version: 9.55.3

Can’t sell Cryptocurrency in NZSo stupid that you can’t sell your coins in NZ if I had know this I wouldn’t have downloaded this app and bought Bitcoin and Ethereum.Version: 9.50.5

Warning- stay awayI was hacked, money stolen from my account while driving, no one else had access to my account. I made them aware right away, they disabled my account and have literally been ignored ever since. I have sent over 15 emails with only a generic response that they will have someone look into it and respond in 4-5 days and they NEVER respond. That was over 2 months ago. I now have legal team looking into it. Coinbase is a scam get out while you can. Look at the review sites, they are all 1 star with many having the same experience. Don’t say you were not warned. Binance never had an issue..Version: 9.31.2

Not for CanadiansThey don’t deal with Canadian banks. Also they’re trading fees are extremely high..Version: 9.7.2

Total circus of a company/support/programmingUPDATED EDIT (in response to their reply) I am uploading my ID exactly as it appears and still is not working to validate through your companies system. Have been in contact with multiple support staff and the only support given is reiterating to enter my details exactly as they appear. Problems with their software and support network and no alternative solutions to combat this. Lost in a idiot loop. ORIGINAL REVIEW Have to validate my identity by the 30th of Dec to not lose access to my account/funds and after trying just once, getting locked out for 24 hours/ three times now 🥴 their software clearly does not work, no decent communication or help or even consistent answers. God 3 days of total head ache…. Just save yourself the agro and never use this platform. Awful considering this is a company functioning in 2022 with peoples money, not even a person to speak to on the phone!.Version: 10.47.4

Seriously, stop screwing with the functionalitySo this app is great for trading/purchasing crypto. I’ve used it for nearly a year with no issues. Now that this is out of the way: The number of times that changes have occurred to the interface, then changed back, then changed to the prior version, then another…it’s maddening. Here are my priorities: 1. See my portfolio balance and trajectory over (x) period. 2. See the coins I have and how they have faired over (x) period. 3. See what are the top movers over (x) period. 4. Trade one coin for another. When I can no longer do one of the above because of a UI change that adds functionality that is not one of my priorities, it is frustrating. When I have no method of customizing the UI for my priorities to get it back, it’s frustrating. When one of the missing priorities returns and then is removed or changed in a way that feels as if it were removed…it is frustrating. I’d rather not be frustrated, so please don’t remove features, if you must put something else in the UI, provide me with means to discover where the feature I care for is now located. This will allow you to continue to experiment with new features while allowing me to continue to achieve my goals..Version: 9.47.2

Horrible Service! Horrible App!I deposited $2,000 into the app, they couldn’t pull it out of my bank account 3 times in a row and I got charged $90 in NSF fees, then all that money cleared and I decided to put another $2,000 and same thing happened again. Anyway I buy some ETH and only spent $1,200 and decided to pull the remaining $800 out. Then ETH dropped hard so I transferred $500 back into Coinbase and got cold feet so I didn’t buy anything, the money sat in my cash account. When it allowed me to withdraw it I took the $500 out and moved it to my bank account. 2 days later I got a message saying insufficient funds ($500) well I was going to move it back over and then let it clear and put it back into my bank again. Well they stole the money from me! They took the $500 and it disappeared. Contacted support multiple times and no responses other than “we have a specialist looking into it” and weeks go by with no responses. I want you to do some research on google before you give this company any money and just look at the amount of fraud claims they have against them. This company is terrible and I suggest giving your business to someone else. They refuse to help anyone with issues when they know it’s their fault!.Version: 9.26.4

Lost Ether, customer service closes tickets without readingLol I love how you contact me on here instead of helping when I contact your customer service. They didnt open a case they told me the 10 DAY WAIT PERIOD IS YOUR POLICY AND THEN CLOSED THE CHAT. GARBAGE COMPANY ANY OTHER Crypto exchange is better. DO NOT USE. They advertise you can send things LTC instantly after purchase and then after you buy they tell you it cant be sent for 10 days. Customer service is only staffed by mentally handicapped losers....Ive submitted 3 tickets for my ether purchase not showing up even though I have the email confirming the purchase and the money has left my bank. I gave you the reference number the date and amount and you close the ticket each time with the same canned response of not finding the transaction, obviously customer service isnt reading the tickets they are just closing them out so they can look like they are actually helping people. I put in my 4th request for my purchase to be posted today and I bought this back on April 21, you are pathetically bad at this and the only reason people use you is because of marketing. You are MySpace of crypto, post my transaction so I can transfer it out and never deal with you losers again..Version: 10.6.0

Does not verify IDThis app is terrible - it refuses to verify my ID no matter how many times I upload it. They sent me an email saying they had verified my ID and then when I tried to watch a video within the app it immediately asked me to verify my identity again. Support is also utterly useless. Do not recommend..Version: 9.7.2

Canadian Users Stuck & Photo ID IssuesI have to verify my photo ID every time I try to watch a video for different coin services. There is a bug here that needs to be fixed as I have not been able to watch or learn about any currencies since it always "verifies" my ID for nothing. Secondly, as everyone else says... Canadians should be able to sell currency back to the app. That's just ridiculous..Version: 9.25.4

UnprofessionalEverything was fine and worked fine for a long while then one day while making a payment it was buffering and taking ages it got refused , so I tried again the same happened and my card got blocked . I spoke to customer service at CB and they told me my bank had declined the transaction and to take it up with them which I did, they told me that the transaction hadn’t even come through that there was nothing showing on there end to refuse ! I spoke to CB again at which point they told me my bank doesn’t deal them anymore.. Which I found out is untrue on a customer base there is nothing stopping me purchasing from them. The people I dealt with were unprofessional, googling things and didn’t sound like they were in a professional setting. I don’t see the point of these reviews and comments from the developer then nothing ever gets done!.Version: 10.12.1

Coinbase Support service is the absolute worst and a total waste of timeI’ve been dealing with Coinbase Support for 6 weeks now and my issue still has not been resolved. You can only contact via email which takes days for them to reply and most times its a automated response. Once you actually get a real response its often vague and instructions that are already listed on their website. If you’re having issues with staking certain crypto currencies then good luck on getting them fixed because I am still unable to stake. They claim my account is unverified but yet I have went through the verification process numerous times and even have level 3 (highest level) verification on my account. I have tried contacting on social media and have gotten nowhere. I have tried callihg but can’t even get to speak to a person because they only will deal with account compromises over the phone which is a total load of crap. I would not recommend coinbase solely because their support services are atrocious. you are likely to have an issue when encountering this platform and will need their help at some point. I have friends who have had similar experiences in the past with different issues and experienced the same level of aggravation for coinbase support..Version: 7.39.12

SCAM DO NOT DOWNLOAD.COINBASE ONLY ALLOWS BUYING. NOT SELLLING!!!!!!!!! UK resident and I am only able to buy crypto. You cannot sell it on Coinbase which is an absolute disgrace and pointless. It does tell you that if you are in Singapore you will not be able to sell but I live in the UK and there is no info about this. Second point there is absolutely no one to email or talk to. Their auto bot is stupid and does not understand anything unless you pick from its list which is so limited and has nothing to do with your problem. Have searched through their website and my emails and still have not found an email for help. Have managed to find something online through someone else but have not had a response. Other people who have had this problem have also said they have had to wait and still received no reply. YOU CANNOT SELL ON THIS APP. It is very worrying that this is not made clearer to UK residents before you download and they are still allowed to continue. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.Version: 9.40.5

A conI’m happy to amend my review when coinbase pull their fingers out. However, at this moment in time my money is stuck in my account with no means for me to withdraw it. I followed their extensive (and ridiculous) process to withdraw money by sending a SEPA transfer from my bank (which costs £15 by the way) and have seen that they took some of this money I transferred but sent most of it straight back. The point was that I did his transfer so that I could withdraw all my money however Im still not able to do this. I have of course been in touch with support who are incredibly unhelpful. Due to my case being “escalated” they are no longer able to see anything that’s happening with my case. I’ve also discovered that they have a “virtual” office in the UK and not a real one as I work close to the virtual office but no one is there it is just a UK phone number etc. This is all making me increasingly concerned that this is just a massive con. I’ve heard of mtgox stealing people’s wallets in the past. Is this another one of those?.Version: 3.0.3

Worst AppI have been waiting over 2 months for my account to be verified. Within 24 hours they verified me ONLY to allow me to purchase. Then as I wanted to trade and sell it kept saying account not verified. I have submitted so many requests for it to be dealt with and received nothing but an automated email stating that they are trying to deal with the issue. After that I receive an email to say my query has been dealt with and closed but NOTHING has changed. Awful app and awful customer service, beware people before you use this app. Worst customer service ever, I have made a complaint and waiting for a reply from that, if not resolved I will take it to the financial ombudsman to be dealt with. I feel like I have been robbed, I put quite a lot of money initially and now it’s stuck in their app not allowing me to do anything with my own money. BEWARE PEOPLE.Version: 9.21.4

I will never get the last 4 hours of my life backDownloaded the app and found it to be very user friendly until I got to the point where I tried to upload my ID it was taking forever, but the app said it would only take 3-5 min. Additionally, it does not allow you to select your country rather it assigns your country based on IP address...How ridiculous for something apart of a global currency. I’m here traveling and can not buy Any form of cryptocurrency on the app because it registers me outside of the country associated with my ID. I definitely am going to move to a decentralized wallet; the inefficiency of regulated financial institutions and the very reason why Bitcoin was created is showing up here. You would think regulation streamlines efficiency, but don’t be fooled. When I called customer service twice, both times it took greater then 10 min to reach an agent who did not know or understand what I was explaining to be the inefficient...especially when the country that I am traveling to has the ability to use this same app. 4 hours later I still have in unverified ID and I am unable to buy bitcoin. The worst part is that I will never get the last 4 hours of my life sad..Version: 3.0.11

Fees4% charge when you put money in and 4% if you want to take money out 8% total so $1000 is $80 for them. That’s fked up, too expensive....Version: 7.11.12

Scam. Don’t use.Absolute complete and utter scum bags, they basically make it as hard as possible to withdraw any funds, for no reason at all my account has been under review for over two weeks since right after I put my first £50 into some Bitcoin, since then I haven’t been able to buy sell or anything, anything I try just won’t let me do anything. You have to download a different app to access your wallet to access your funds but it won’t even let me link my account to my wallet because it’s coming up with some bs message saying I can’t buy Bitcoin right now and to contact support, and all the support does is avoid anything to do with getting your money, it’s literally impossible the whole app is a scam they make it so so easy to deposit funds and buy crypto but once you’ve done that they basically hold your money from you with no explanation other than your account is under review (for what? I had only just made the account and had everything verified?!) and then just make it import me to get your money. Complete scum of the earth this coinbase company how the hell they haven’t been shut down and put in jail I have no idea..Version: 9.7.2

Terrible, can’t even get started!Signed up about a month ago, went through all the verification checks on the app no problem, thought ready to go but when trying to trade it said They needed to verify account, usually takes about two days. A week and a half went by, still wouldn’t let me use and had the same message, so I contacted support. I received an email saying looking into it. Several days later I received another email saying it’s been resolved. Tried again, still saying waiting verification, so contacted support again who said not to email them with multiple requests. I wouldn’t have if they hadn’t sent me an email saying it had been resolved when it hadn’t! Just received another email from support saying it has been resolved, guess what, still says waiting verification when I go in!! Absolute joke, if I could give it zero stars I would.Version: 9.26.4

Takes forever to verify.I just gave up using it becausw it’s impossible to get verified. No matter how many times you take a picture of your ID, it won’t recognize it. But then again, I won’t use an bitcoin trading app that doesn’t even recognize pictures..Version: 9.12.2

Not bad. But New layout could be betterPretty good app. But I have a few suggestions which could be improved. The graphs on the ‘Prices’ page shows only “Past Day”. It would be useful to be able to change this to 1 hour, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year like you can when you click into each Crypto. It’s also annoying that to change between Bitcoin, Ethereum and Light Coin pages, you have to go back a step first to the “Prices” page and select in again to the other crypto to view it. You can’t just click once to change between like you could in the previous version. It would be extremely helpful to combine graphs to see how they’re performing against each other to see which is out performing the other. And of course... being able to sell in Australia. We currently have to transfer to another service first like BTC Market before we can sell..Version: 3.0.1

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