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CSR 2 Multiplayer Racing Game Negative Reviews

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CSR 2 Multiplayer Racing Game app received 133 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about csr 2 multiplayer racing game?

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Addictive gameGood game very addictive graphics are awesome and the cars are hot. Problem is if you want to upgrade your car or play longer than 3 minutes you have to buy gold to pay for gas or another car or watch a bunch of stupid commercials to get free gas. You can spend $13.99 for a car and parts but you don’t get to pick what you want it’s all random so you mostly end up with the same stuff you already have. Customer service says it’s not a game fault.....well that’s just greasy. If it wasn’t for that I would say 5 stars. Very fun to play.Version: 1.18.3

DEVELOPERS - PLEASE NERF THE MUSTANG 302It’s grossly overpowered compared to the other cars in T1 and T2, and has caused 9/10 players to use it as their car online simply because everything else loses. It is no fun going into lobby after lobby of all Mustang 302’s, it’s boring. Please change the car’s 4th gear or simply only match it up with higher T3 cars. Besides this glaring issue with the game’s online balance, it is a terrific game..Version: 2.17.4

Pretty good game but...I like the game, I’ve sunk many hours into it, but it has to be said that the “next gen customization” leaves a lot to be desired, and the rare imports mechanic is frustrating. First the customization, it’s nice but not if you want to change more that the color - one of my favorite aspects of racing games is being able to change out wheels, hoods, spoilers, body kits etc., this game avoids that all together which is upsetting as aside from that it is one of the best iOS racing experiences to kill a few minutes time. It feels very last gen. The other gripe I have is rare imports, there are very few cars you can buy with in game currency, I dislike the whole rare imports thing almost as much as the blueprint systems in other racing games, I understand that micro transactions rule the market but it would be nice to be able to buy a car that you want instead of gambling and getting something you don’t - especially when it often involves spending real money. If I have to get out my wallet in order to realistically be able to do something, at least let me choose what I’m getting. Aside from those aspects it’s a great game and a good way to waste some time (in the best way that can be interpreted) 😊.Version: 2.9.0

No supportSince the new update advertisements of any kind are unavailable. Support on zynga web and in game says they know about the problem and are working on it. Support offers 10 pips of gas. What a joke that’s like 5 minutes of play time and I can’t collect it in the game. You should give free fuel to everyone until you can fix the problem, take on responsibility for ruining game play for the millions of people.Version: 2.18.0

Great game spoilt by greed and no supportFirstly, this is a great game, looks nice, easy to play, good for quick 5 minutes here and there. Downsides are, you find very quickly there are constant attempts to make you spend money, and within a week or two you can’t progress without doing. What to take part in one of the many special events, not without spending £20-50 you can’t. Lots of the “loot box” type gambling, which again, you need to do to be able to progress (as once you’ve finished the first round, you need ridiculously specced cars to continue, which, funnily enough, you can only do through the loot boxes). And then, say you do spend money, and the game glitches, as it does that meant 200 hours wait for delivery, you message support, having spent £20 to take part in the special event, and hear literally nothing back, so have wasted your money. By all means play, but I’d say give up the moment you realise you need to spend money..Version: 2.6.1

Undoubtedly the poorest developer support ever.Stunning graphics...................that’s where it ends. The gameplay is inconsistent and when you do encounter an issue and seek support and as a question, the support’s response provided, 9 times out of 10, is in no way relevant to the original question or issue raised. You can persist and continue to ask; however, their bot will just continue to provide irrelevant responses forcing you to give up. Which seems to be the way they do business. THIS GAME IS PAY TO WIN, don’t think for a second it is not. If you want to advance an be competitive in anyway you have to pay real money. There are so many crews that cheat in this game it is impossible to be competitive. When these crews are reported nothing is done, the crews remain. The developer wants your money and once they have it they could not care less about you or your experience with their game. They have enough players and money coming in that their business model allows for a level of dissatisfaction by customers and until that reaches a level for them to care, they won’t. When that day comes the app will just cease and fade away. Good luck!.Version: 1.15.1

Pay to winDefinitely a pay to win. You don’t get access to even 10% of the car just with in game currency. Most of the cars are “rare imports” which you have to open boxes with of which to win any cars you need money. You can win the keys to the silver boxes but most of the time you get tier 1 or 2 cars and most of the time it’s the same car. To get a gold box you basically have to pay money to get them but even then you risk only really getting tier 3 cars with apparently only a 10% chance of winning a tier 1 car. There’s literally no point in even bothering to do the live races as the racers there will be spending huge amounts of money on upgrades and better cars than the few of us who don’t want to spend any money. I’d be much more inclined to spend £7 on the full game at the start rather than huge amounts of micro transactions.Version: 2.16.0

Connexion issuedSerious connexion issues in live racing NOT fixed. Money lost, a real disgrace for a game that claims to be top notch.. DO NOT SPEND MONEY IN THIS GAME. Not safe yet..Version: 1.18.3

Good... I guessThis game is very enjoyable, fun and has nice graphics. However a lot of it is sadly pay to win. I know these people need to make money some how but especially with the new elite tuners update when you get to the race 20 in the “dress to impress” races you need to have “tokens” to increase the reality start of the car or else you can not progress in the races. You have to either grind for hours upon hours which no one has time for, use “gold” which is pretty hard to obtain and use tons of that or buy small amounts of these “tokens” for a lot of real life money. As I said this game is enjoyable for the most part but some parts are just obviously pay to win 100%. If they reduced the amount of micro transactions it would be a 5/5 star but 3/5 for now..Version: 2.17.4

Relax on the salesGreat game, stunning graphics what’s the problem? over selling! i understand the whole point is the make money but having a “buy this, buy that” banner pop up through every single action that I do is beyond annoying, also keep in mind that I have made previous purchases within the game using real money so I am not just one of those free to play that complains about paytowin, i couldn’t care less but seriously the pop ups need to be limited to once per day/ login max and IF DESIRED by the person have it available in the STORE! seriously. if someone is not going to buy that means they are not gonna buy, and Yes i am well aware of the whole stat of 5% of the people purchase on first offer while the other 95% purchases on repeated offers but these are not offers any longer. this is simply SPAM!.Version: 1.16.2

Live GlitchThis is a cool game except for the glitch where you lose all your gold if the other player disconnects during live battle. Submitted quite a few times this issue to the developers and at first they sorted the issue, now they don’t want to know about it. Good game, average customer service from developers..Version: 2.2.0

Great but a TON of glitches and bugsI love this game. I’ve played it for years and I have even spent money on it. I would like to list the glitches and bugs that I have come across while playing. When I try to go to the place to get crates that give upgrades, money, gold, and even cars, it just says that I cannot connect to the servers. This is very annoying because I have tried everything but it still won’t work. I have also found that I am not gaining money at all to upgrade my cars. I have also gotten stuck on the legends races and it is physically impossible to win a certain race to move forward in the series. I was really hoping that update would have fixed my problems but it only made things worse. The new currency that they added is faulty. When it tells me that I can exchange gold for the new currency, it forces me to click on it and then it says that there was an error connecting so then I have to exit the game, refresh it, and go back into the game only to find the game telling me the exact same thing. Also I noticed that I have 0 gold and 0 money. That is a problem because I knew I had money and gold but it’s gone. All that’s left is my cars, progress in the story, and upgrades on my cars. This is absolutely outrageous and I would like this to be fixed immediately so I can go back to playing this game..Version: 2.14.0

Interior and exteriorBrilliant game but I think we should be able to race from inside the car as well as outside. And keep the cars updated. For example the Ford Mustang gt premium still has the old body styling in game compared to the real thing..Version: 2.6.3

Pay to win game from a greedy companyThe game overall is fine, but the constant ads to buy this or this gets annoying. Especially since after tier 2 it is almost impossible to do extremely well in the game without buying something. Like the events that are based off of cars that you already have a slim chance of winning then tell you that you have a 5x chance of winning is complete bs, just a way to try and get you to spend more of your money into this pay to win game. It gets frustrating when you have only like four cars to choose from when you beat a boss. Then there are like maybe five other cars you can buy with stupid amounts of gold, again pay to win. Then the rest of the cars for that tier, which are usually about 10 to 20 cars that you pull from silver and gold crates, which you have like less than 2% chance of winning a vast majority of the time, even from the gold crates, which I have yet to use since that system is broken as well. Natural motion is a company that only makes its money off of people that actually have enough money to consistently buy what they are selling! If they make this game just have more ways to get things that usually require money to efficiently get, I will give a much better review. Based off the story and crews and just the amount of cars, not to mention the good graphics for a mobile game, this game would be an easy five-star by itself. But it’s not because this game is so insanely play to win. Natural Motion just fix that problem..Version: 2.10.1

Good...but...It’s a great game but has become a money pit. There are problems that have been there for years, but they refuse to fix them. Now, not only do they attempt to rip off the player, but a new part of the game requiring the collecting of tokens, has become a farce when they decided to put a cap on how many you can collect. It has ruined the game, much like a lot of other aspects, and it has lost the enjoyment.Version: 2.17.4

Stuck on Loading screenWas running just fine and then it started to bug out after races and now it just gets stuck on the loading screen and does nothing. Unplayable and lazy, honestly..Version: 2.18.2

Just read the captionIt’s so stupid that I can’t even use my tier 4 car for a tier 4 event cause it is an elite license car so stupid, it’s a tier 4 car for a reason not to just sit in my garage and look pretty, I’ve spent enough money on that car and yet it just sits there and look pretty, fix your game actually..Version: 2.9.1

Good Game, Pay to Win Is Driving Me Crazy!!!I’ve been playing this game since 2016 and I took a break up to now because it’s play to win!! It hurts my brain every second a new deal pops in my face, or near impossible missions that take sooo long to complete.... unless you spend your money. Every challenge that pops up you can complete the first part and make a good amount of in-game money, but like always, it is too good to be true. You have to own/purchase this rare or super expensive car, which 9 times out of ten can only be bought with a lot of in game gold which costs like $15. I hate that you have to spend a lot of money just to at least progress/grow in the game naturally. Helpful tip to the devs: Look at what clash of clans did with their game. It does take a lot of work and time to improve and progress in the game, but it’s possible to get to a point without spending money and that the paying part is just to fast track you forward or get you something rare. This game is near impossible to enjoy anymore because you are bombarded with deals/bundles, new challenges that you can earn a lot but you must have a car that you know most people don’t have so you force us to pay. I know this is a business but it ruins the experience for the users. I’m sure clash of clans makes a lot of money still even though they aren’t pay to win and I’m sure if you guys take some inspiration from them, this game could get better. Thanks!.Version: 2.15.0

Don’t spend a dime on this gameVery typical pay to win game, and sometimes your purchase gives you something totally useless, will never meet up to your expectation. I will just give one example, recently I was really stupid to pay around $13.99 for the elite tickets, with the hope to buy epic parts which costs 800 tickets. BUT, it gave me two Toyota engine epic parts, and it’s just ridiculous because none of Toyota cars I’m working on has anymore empty engine epic part slots to fuse. I need the epic parts for all other components but it just keep giving me engine parts. Hard to believe it’s just coincidence. It’s just keep giving me something I totally don’t need. Anyway, don’t spend a dime on this game..Version: 2.17.4

Ok at firstHave played this game for a few months now. The graphics are great. Cool selection of cars. Beat the game tiers after a week of playing. As I continued to play it became very apparent that the game is a pay to play. The cost of keys to get new cars is very high. It also doesn't guarantee you won't get repeat cars. I spent 90 dollars at a shot for one car with a 10 times drop rate. All the rest were repeats. Not really acceptable for a game that costs so much. As for the actual game play, I found it good, but would occasionally slow down. The new feature of the crew tokens isn't very well explained. It seems whatever crew member fills up the donation first, activates the bonus. Not good for the crew to coordinate. The live races are a joke. I have only been able to connect to the servers once in two months. Not cool. Also why would only the live races have a launch feature? No way to even practice using it, even in the test runs? Overall this game will just burn you out trying to advance. There also seems to be a lot of cheats available online, making winning in the crew championships impossible. Loved the game at first, but have learned it is limited for the regular player. Update: the game has had a major security breach. And not a word from the developers. Pretty sad. Time to hang it up and move on..Version: 2.1.0

Great Game Concept, Lousy PrinciplesThis is a fun game, with great graphics and exposure to cars a lot of people will never see. However, I will warn you to not get sucked in and spend money on this game. Though they deny it, statistics support the long-standing belief that this game is rigged. You can buy all the keys, gold, packages, etc. that you want, but the statistical odds of you getting what you want from those purchases often lead to outlying circumstances, where you get nothing to help you progress in the game. Add to it that the game has several glitches that: deny you wins (there are simply no possible outcomes but a loss with some glitches), shut you down in the middle of a race, crashes all the time, and just generally frustrate users. Add to it, NSM will blast you with special buy promos every time you go back to you garage (Enough already! We know the special offers are out there!). Again, they’ll deny it, but NSM knows who pays to play and who does not. I have two accounts, one in which I sometimes pay and one in which I do not. Which account gets the better stuff from free pulls? You guessed it...the one in which I don’t ever spend money. The game is fun, but don’t spend any money on it. As well, be ready to be frustrated with all of the technical issues. NSM is only about the money it can make. They should care about quality but don’t..Version: 2.1.0

Awful supportFantastic game and love playing it if it wasn't for awful game support and parts going missing and loads of bugs with online racing this would be a 5 star review. Random parts go missing off your most expensive cars fusion parts and upgrades and when you contact game support baring in mind it takes months and months of playing to get the fusion parts they offer you what quite frankly is embarrassing and a joke 400k and 500 bronze coins that’s not even the cost of 1 upgrade that has gone missing and the useless bronze coins get you basic fusion parts and no reds/blues especially the fast and furious pack which you had to spend money on to get in the first place! Online racing is a nightmare constant connection issues takes over an hour to get 10 races! Great game spoiled by money grabbers and awful support for there loyal players who constantly invest time and money into this game!.Version: 1.15.1

Buggy & bad battery drainI've been playing this game about 2 years on and off I would of given this review a 5 star but due to the bugs I keep getting (unable to connect to live races, 40% battery drain in 5 minutes without racing, screen unresponsiveness and an annoying as hell ad that keeps playing in the background with no close button talk about annoying) I can't justify a 5 star don't even try contacting support about issues they make you feel it's your fault there game doesn't work properly and are clueless on how to help. Other then the issues I've listed above I actually really enjoy the game this version is by far the buggiest I have played I can't believe they released this bugfest of an update to the public..Version: 1.13.0

Daily Reward ScamFirst of all the graphics for a mobile game are amazing, gameplay is fun but gets old quickly. Opened about 8 silver crates and got 6 1 star cars, 2 of them being the same car. Decided I would do the whole “ Jerry’s daily reward” so I could open a gold crate and have a better chance of something worth while. Low and behold I get to the 27th day, went on the game did a few races but didn’t collect my reward, next day I went on expecting to get my 5 gold keys I needed and still had my previous days reward there, collected that thinking that the 5 gold keys would be the next day instead, but no went on and it had reset back to the 1st day. Contacted support and was told that if you don’t collect then it restarts, even tho it doesn’t say that anywhere on the game. It’s a daily reward, I went on 29 consecutive days for nothing. Support just keep fobbing me off saying it’s a feature of the game. I will be deleting the game as this was the only thing that was keeping me playing..Version: 1.16.2

OK game, spoiled by stupid “monetizing” approachI play this game a lot, in spite of the numerous bugs, frequent crashes, and very slow response from tech support. My biggest issue, however, applies to most other mobile games, too: developers are fixated on an online gambling model for monetizing their games. They create lots of stupid obstacles that ruin good games, hoping to single out the addicts in the crowd, who will then pay stupid money to buy a temporary boost in game credits, in-game currencies, or whatever. Just set a price and either sell me the whole game, without ads or waiting periods, or other BS. Or don’t. Whatever, but stop wasting my time. That said, it has good graphics, a nice selection of cars, and the restoration feature of the Legends cars is kind of fun. On the down side, it is EXTREMELY BUGGY, crashes a lot, and the game play can be pretty repetitive. Matches against AI often are fixed and nonsensical (too easy or just impossible), and many of the upgrades cost way too much or take way too long to earn. And why is it that if you want to paint a car, often at an absurd price, the choices include metallic colors, pastels, patterns... but no simple solid colors? Wierd. I like the game, really, but once again I find myself wondering if the devs actually ever tried playing the game themselves..Version: 2.11.1

LeagueOkay I didn’t have any problem at first until the game forced me to play the league and I did, but then when I started the game just keep loading and nothing pops up(it’s just stuck on the loading screen).. I had to delete the game like 4 times because of this and when downloaded the game again it was working fine up until the league thing popped up again and forced me to play it again but I didn’t want to cuz I know what was gonna happen but I did and it happened again now I’m here to complain.. I have to delete and download the game again before I can play it again.. u guys need to fix this league bug....Version: 2.18.2

Can’t win unless your spending serious money!Bunch of crooks! I bought something for 13.99 and I tunes account was billed 139.99! Brought the issue up with csr2 support? They said talk to apple...talked to apple? They said they can’t do anything! BE VERY CAREFUL PURCHASING STUFF IN THIS GAME! THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS.Version: 2.17.4

It’s okGraphics and gameplay generally good, but certain aspects could still be well improved after multiple improvements already still needs consistency in rewards and evenness in live races(bots for all or none) but it’s ok..Version: 1.19.0

Fun but overpriced and riggedThis is a cool app. But I have no idea where these guys get off charging the prices that they charge for in app purchases. 100$ USD to buy 1 million dollars in the game? Are you serious? You can buy forza for xbox for less money than that and it’s a real video game not a stupid cell phone app. And 1 million dollars in this app doesn’t get you very far at all because once you’re dealing with tier 5 cars everything becomes obnoxiously expensive. If they lowered the prices of these booster packs people might actually buy them. I can’t believe how arrogant the creators of this app must be to think their app is worth this much money. In addition, the “live races” and some of the trials are absolutely rigged. You lose the race, so you upgrade your car to make it faster, then you race again and the other car got even faster. When you’re doing these races the game is set up so that the other car is always just faster than whatever car you’re driving. The game is designed to get you so frustrated trying to win rigged races that you finally cave and spend obnoxious amounts of real hard earned money on bs booster packs that don’t get you very far at all. This app has a lot of potential but it is a trap. It would be much more entertaining if the races and prices were fair. Very disappointing..Version: 2.1.0

Be Prepared to Spend Lots of MoneyA great game with excellent graphics and storyline however it is very discriminatory as unless you can spend lots and lots of real cash then you can’t play the many events featured which is very disappointing. Many glitches which ruin the game at crucial times. Could be so much better and more accessible for the average player. Support take two to three days to respond to any issues but do give support gifts however nothing special. On the verge of deleting this game for good..Version: 2.14.0

Absolute waste of time and storage spaceI, like others have had the same issue with purchasing the “Super Nitrous” and not getting what I paid for. Customer support is a joke with them. They took a whole week to respond with a pre-written message stating it’s not a guarantee that you will win, which is true and nowhere states that it will give you a win, just an advantage. But when the car has all upgrades except stage 6 body and almost all fusion parts installed, it should be safe to assume you will win the race, but no even with perfect start and all perfect shifts the car ran SLOWER than without Super Nitrous. I let that go after seeing Customer Service was going to do nothing about it. Don’t bother wasting money on keys because once you get the car you really want you will be broke and living in a cardboard box, and then they will just release another car that’s better so you have to buy more keys. Which let’s be honest you’re already broke and homeless from buying keys for the first car you wanted so now you’re going to have to collect cans to make money to buy the new car! Oh but wait! Now that you collected 10,000 cans and bought the new car, there’s a new one! Pretty soon you run out of cans to collect and resort to stealing copper to sell at scrap just to get that new car... But for real this game is a joke when it comes to customer support. They will do and say anything to resolve themselves of responsibility..Version: 1.14

Great game if you can keep your progressThis is no doubt a great game, however everyone experienced some kind of progress loss along the way, some complain some don't, when you do you get told by support that they can't establish what you lost because last saved profile on their server is what you got. Apparently one needs to have a stable internet connection and I have the most stable it never dropped connection once. This is bs as many people lost some great cars, and epic fusion part which are hard to come by, let alone the rank loss..., so because they can't establish your loss, they placate you with some silver keys some cash, and some bronze keys. If you can't establish what was lost then you need to take our word for it. I decided to uninstall because I am tired of updating the game every 3 weeks, that’s 2 gigs of data download every 3 weeks. Good luck if you are on a slow connection..Version: 1.15.1

Too many bugsThere are so many glitches in the game that it’s nearly unplayable. I’m in a top 1000 crew and most of us are having trouble with little or no help from “support”. I’m a veteran player of three years and the bugs can sometimes take months to fix! Frustrating!.Version: 2.18.0

Was GreatDowngraded review: Live drag racing, excellent graphics, and the fact that you could play for free made this a terrific game when I first started mid 2017. Since then, however, the game has gone downhill, worsening with each update. At first, little things became broken like the ability to refuel for free by watching short video ads and winning parts for cars that don’t even use that type of part. Then it got worse. In December, Live racing had broken. Attempts to challenge other players resulted in nothing but a “connection error” message. After a week or so, some connections were successful but it was hit or miss. To this day connections are still a problem, only now instead of getting the error message, challenges simply time out. To make matters worse, they have altered the game making it more difficult to switch lobbies to look for bots or a new group of players. Bot challenges are unaffected by the connection problem so if you couldn’t connect to a real player at least you could still score some points. They also have limited bot availability. Before February, if you were in a lobby with less then 3 other players, bots would appear for easy points. Now you can find yourself alone in a lobby with nobody to challenge. The end result of all this? You can play for an hour now and only get 3 or 4 Live races if any at all. THIS ONCE 5 STAR GAME NO LONGER WORKS..Version: 1.16.2

Have to delete and reinstall on IOSAfter playing the game for a while then being out of it for a bit, then going back in. It gets stuck in loading screen and you need to delete the app and reinstall. Really annoying . Hopefully they update this issue.Version: 2.15.0

Flawed beyond realisticThe computer awards wins opposite what occurs on track. There are people having cars go over 400 and even 500 miles per hour which is by no means possible. The original had a chance to collect upgrades by playing but this version it’s all guess work with what is I’m sure the game developers only getting the needed parts to compete. The events place cars that can not be attained or beaten against the cars you can get and hope to maybe get the car that has a chance to win. This game needs a lot of help from the side of being realistic and offering an actual competitive nature as opposed to their favorite people get the best of the best and win to keep things within themselves. The latest showdowns are all rigged or set up for no one to win that is not either cheating or part of their company. My favorite is having a ten car lead crossing the finish line and being given a loss. The excise is camera angle but the progress tracker at the top says different and the computer or hack allows someone to win who didn’t win. Then there is the issue of allowing competitors to use cars you don’t have and can not beat in races. This game is a money grab. Runaway or find a way to upload a virus to it to shut it down and have the programming corrected and to stop the bias of their program..Version: 2.17.4

3 star worthy.I would give it a five star but when I was customising it for free at the start When I left the garage area my customised car didn’t get customised! I am not happy and thought the game would be better 😡.Version: 1.18.1

TrashThis game is trash it’s so bad it’s stupid and garbage like y even download this game and the doesn’t even let u win my car is maxed out and the tuning is maxed and the race is on easy and I still lost even tho my shifts and starts are perfect.Version: 3.0.2

It’s okay, but...It’s really slow at loading, kicks me off the game every time I try to enter the store. The game won’t load for race 5 on twin test in legends, I sat and waited 20 minutes for the race to load but it just won’t load. FIX What the hell is wrong with you people we need bug updates, did you guys abandon the game or something..Version: 2.18.2

Too pushy with micro transactionsEdit - changed to a one star review. Way too much emphasis on pay to win with this game. Uninstalled it. Terrible shame. This game is great fun, great graphics, nice depth. However as soon as it comes to racing it is FAR too pushy with its pay to win scheme. You grind for hours to get enough cash to buy the car you want, but then it says it will take 6 hours to deliver it, or you can pay to have it delivered instantly. Pay with real cash. Why? I just grinded for hours to buy the car I want, why punish me? Literally EVERYTHING in this game is behind this pay wall. It’s so annoying. I’d rather pay 10 bucks for the game and be free to play it without the constant pestering for money. 1-Star. I’m just not cool with this type of money grabbing with games these days..Version: 1.19.0

Crap for billing or buying anythingI brought somethings it went through on my end checked my bank account and double checked by buying something and that worked it was a limited time offer that expired on the dot when I brought it it was a £9.99 offer and I put a ticket out on there website and I’ve contacted support they asked me to screenshot the error message bearing in mind that offer exipierd what 3 days ago now! And I haven’t heard from them since I’m just waiting on a reply because I want to call them directly and complain because I’m absolutely appalled with there in app purchases and the funny thing is all they’ed have to do is go to my account for the game so they can look at the transaction history that’s it 🤣 I had to give it a 1 star so I could write this but screw that id happily give this nothing I’m absolutely disgusted with it! Not happy at all 😡.Version: 1.18.3

Greedy devsAll of our suggestions on improving this game and these greedy game devs make you pay to use a feature/features that other top name game titles give you for free as a standard part of the gameplay itself for the last 15 plus years. This is a very basic game in the scheme of what’s out there and yet these CSR devs think they are offering us something special. They are literally out to attempt to bleed people dry and create anger and frustration while your suppose to be having fun. I’ll tell you where all your keys and tokens can go..... where the sun doesn’t shine. No wonder the game is full of hackers. They aren’t able to apply common sense in regards to lowering their prices which will encourage more people to spend money while also minimising the growing population of hackers. If you deal with monkeys all the time, all you’ll get is nuts. $30 to buy one single car in Australia on this game, and $100 for 5 cars in a pack? Your off your heads!.Version: 2.10.1

$$$$ Money hungry developers $$$$$On a scale of 1-10 for the design, concept and function it’s a solid 9. Pretty flawless. It’s very enjoyable to play Putting this aside, the business aspect of CSR2 is beyond a joke. I’m not saying that the company providing this game shouldn’t be in it to make money, I get that, but let’s be frank, there’s a fine line between making money and enticing people with exorbitant marketing material every second- I’ve seen less advertising in a casino. The concept of having to pay ridiculous prices in gold for fuel, to cut Time down on part installations, removing parts - this list goes on...... this game is constantly pressuring you to spend your money $$ to get extra entitlements - it is wayyyyyy to over the top. Even hungry lions in a cage know when there full..Version: 1.17.0

Slow, unstable, but great graphics.The game is very unstable on three devices I use. It quits unexpectedly quite often, leaving you with less gas. It also crashes frequently while playing ads, leaving you with nothing. Graphics is great, the idea is OK but the stability issues are awful. Online servers can lag even on a very fast broadband I use, sometimes they go offline and that's when crates opening or Live mode become unavailable. It could be a great product but as it is now, it feels more like Beta or even Alpha-test version. Can not recommend it. Very raw product..Version: 1.15

Too expensiveI can buy a game from playstation or xbox and have the full version. This game always makes you spend and spend. You can spend thousands on this game and still not end up with the car you want fully tuned. Ive been playing for a year now and I still never got the car I wanted yet. My advice to people is to play the game but dont spend a dime. Its not worth it..Version: 2.4.0

Don’t waste your timeWARNING!!!. After playing for years and amassing over 1000 hours, I lost all my fusion parts. And this isn’t uncommon. It has happened time and time again with this app. The game is only competitive at the highest levels of you spend real money. Currently I am in a crew and can’t assist them because support is trying to figure out what went wrong! The graphics are good and the game is addictive but it all is worth nothing if you spend money only to have it lost over time. There have been so many updates to fix development issues and it’s just ongoing. Unless I am compensated for what I’ve lost I will be quitting this game and creating a complaint with Apple and iTunes to get my money back. Customer support keeps apologising which is ok but they are yet to compensate me properly after accepting my money. A shame considering the game has a lot of potential. 😔.Version: 1.16.2

SupportSupport have been very unhelpful and just receiving automated replies and when finally they say would fix issue with compensating with gold and return of car but nothing I don’t receive a dam thing. Same when I spent money on javelin had issues with buying crates it took it from PayPal but I never opened the crates cause it said I needed notification or something once support finally got back to me a week later and after event had finished they said they had given me RAnDOM fusions instead fusions for the car in which I paid money for being the javelin. I ask where it is with no reply for ages. It’s now been 3 or 4 days since them saying I would get this so called gold but still no reply..Version: 2.1.0

Bugs & worst customer supportAlthough I think the game itself is excellent, there are far too many bugs & hackers. The hackers you can learn to avoid, but the bugs, far too regular (after every single update) and not like it’s new bugs, it’s the same ones that cycle through the updates. If it’s a issue that effects your free content game play then don’t expect it to be resolved as a priority! If there is an issue that stops people using IAP guaranteed that’s resolved within 24-48 hours. As for customer support, haha, 9 times out of 10 they either ignore your messages or even if they respond they don’t answer your message they just copy and paste “we are aware of this issue, we are working on update” During the last issue, minimum response from in app contact is over 48 hours if at all and still not really responded to messages, EMAIL to Natural Motion directly nearly a week ago and still no response! Email to Zynga who supposedly provides support and still waiting for response 5 days later!!.Version: 1.15.1

Pay to winAs previously mentioned, you have to pay to access the top content. Not just a couple dollars either, but upwards of $20 for a single car. Additionally, the pricing methods of Natural Motion are absurd. When I see a car for $27.99 and then talk to my crew members and hear they are paying $14.99 for the SAME CAR, it feels pretty wrong..Version: 1.13.0

Been playing CSR2 for YEARS!I have been playing for at least 7 to 8 years, I have always had a passion for racing games and enjoy the graphics and variety of cars in the game, I now have at least 150 cars to play with which is great. However, the game has increasingly turned from PLAY TO WIN vs PAY TO WIN, I really have enjoyed playing the game but there are too many events going on at the same time and too many cars to upgrade unless you spend all day playing or pay a bunch of real money to get what you need to simply keep up with the weekly and bi-weekly events, after all this time they are slowly killing the game for a lot of long time players, trust me when I say I probably know how this game is going to end. I spent an equal amount of time on a game called Racing Rivals (used to be a top competitor of CSR2) only for the game to be shut down after spending hundred’s of dollars playing, I couldn’t have been more disappointed when it happened, all I could do is cross my fingers they would keep it going because I was so invested, and now I see this game heading in the same direction, the greed for a profit is killing the desire and taking the fun out of the game. IF you decide to start playing this game I advise to NOT spending real money trying to keep up, one day the game will probably be shut down and you will be left with nothing to show for it!.Version: 3.0.2

This game has went downhillI’ve played this game for over a year and after finding a good crew, it was easy to get the car but my biggest issue is the key system. Gold keys should get you rarer cars and if you consider buying them, it costs a lot of money but the problem is that the gold keys get you the same common cars you would get with silver keys. Also with silver keys, you keep getting the same repeat cars or some or most of the time you get the same exact car 3 times in a row. Another thing is after the prestige cup update, it has become harder to win races because you need at least 2 or 3 stage 6 parts and a lot of fusion parts (about 600+PP) to be able to win. It’s like they made the game harder to make you pay money to be able to advance in the game and I’m just tired of it. I won’t be surprised on how many people have complained to the game’s support system but they haven’t been able to correct or rectify the problems and I’m still waiting for an answer after about 5 months or so. I’ve spent a decent amount of money on this game but if they want more out of me then it’s not going to happen. This game has been ruined and they don’t seem to want to do anything to fix it. Unfortunately this game has been ruined by turning it into a pay-to-play game so I just deleted it and moved on..Version: 2.3.1

Broken game and NM doesn’t careThis is my latest time I have contacted support. All I will get as a response is thanks for your message and we are working so hard to fix the issue yet do nothing... For months I have been having issues with my fuel adverts failing. I have tried every trick to try and sort this issue and nothing has made any difference. Ever since the latest update of the game on top of my fuel advert issues, live racing has almost been unplayable for me. Live racing is key to this whole game because you need to obtain keys to get the cars you need to play. You need to get RP as well as this is really important when you’re in a top crew. I can’t race because I can never get fuel. The small amount of fuel I have the races don’t work... I’ve actually deleted the game today because at the moment this game is unplayable for me. I am so frustrated by this because all I want to do is play a game but your game is too broken to play. I don’t even know what you can suggest to help me here because you’ve been saying you’re going to fix the adverts situation for months and done nothing. What am I meant to do here?.Version: 3.0.2

Pay to win and too many cheatersI’ve been playing this game for almost 2 years now I believe and the “pay to win” part of the game wasn’t as bad but it’s just ridiculous at this point, you can’t upgrade a car without at “buy a new car” or “you need more money” after you just play for an hour to afford an upgrade. That part isn’t so bad because you get used to it but this is the worst game I’ve ever played from a “fair” standpoint due to this company’s money hungry game. Then the worst thing in the game are the hackers / cheaters. I was recently playing the liberty walk drag race event where you race against other people and it was all going well I had about 350 points / trophies and then I encounter my first hacker, he goes right past me and finishes the race at 430 mph and does it in 8 seconds, another example of the hackers happened right after that in the r34 gtr who just teleported every time he shifted and he ended up finishing in 5 seconds. Over all this game has gone down hill and is very hard to enjoy anymore. Plus all the cars that you actually want you have to pay for, win (which normally requires paying to get enough money to get upgrades), or you don’t get the car you want and spend all your in game money on something like a huracan instead of the rwb Porsche. Very dissatisfied..Version: 2.17.4

Poor service and continuous bugs, good game thoI played this game for a while now. Almost since the game came out. Amazing game in my opinion, but from experience. The ban system is really sensitive and isn’t easy to remove a ban, my old account was modded (i will admit that) but my new one isn’t, and the account is still banned, plus. Because my account is banned i cant progress past any of the legends races, because they wont show up on my screen. Because they have taken the whatever races away, and the new showdown, i cant see that either, and when it tells me to check it out it wont let me, then i have to reset my app. In my opinion, good game, just too many bugs and not good for people that want to be free and mod, just ban us. Don’t limit our play time because you want that extra money.Version: 2.10.3

I have a complaintI got banned for no reason I don’t hack or anything on this game but I got a temporary ban. The only reason I can think of for getting banned was a glitch where this one reward race kept popping up and I kept doing it and a few days later i get a ban 😢.Version: 2.15.0

A Has Been?In the earliest days of CSR2, the game devs (Natural Motion and Zynga) made an effort to create and implement a game that was FUN. Now, the desire to pump money out of the pockets of players appears to be the focus. I understand the need to pay employees, maintain a business, and making a profit. I support those business practices, but now it costs for EVERY new car. I don’t cheat, exploit glitches, or use two devices. I race for every reward, buy keys and gold, and spend my time playing a game that takes advantage of my desire to compete. 15 races every day to earn Legends improvement tokens that are worthless when you finish restoring a car. Cannot trade parts among crew members or in an auction format. Find and remain connected to live races. All issues that would improve gameplay, but Devs are more focused on adding cars or events that are essentially “pay to play”. I have to draw 15 cars to get a free PC car? This is a rip off and too often a waste of silver keys. Sell the car for a certain number of keys and allow everyone who desires to use those keys for the prestige cup or improve the odds algorithm to actually draw the necessary car. Take care of players and they are more willing to buy products..Version: 2.12.0

Showdown cratesGive us the free parts.Version: 3.0.2

READ IF YOUR NEW!!The game is very one sided. If your new to the game, you CANT compete in any limited time cups or races without putting serious money into the game. For 1 cup you will probably spend about $300+. I recently played one of the cups and I spent around $400 and I still couldn’t finish it in time. What they do is make a bunch of easy races for you to pass, then a really hard one, so you spend more money on upgrades and crates if you don’t have what you need. Then again some easy and hard ones for money. Then the last 3 are almost impossible to do unless you have nearly maxed stage 6 parts with 70% fusion parts. The worst part is by the time you do all this the event will be over, you’ll be out hundreds, you wouldn’t have won anything, and then you can contact support and get a response a week later like me saying, “Sorry for the inconvenience you had, our devs are trying to improve the game.” Absolutely no feedback of sorry we’ll compensate you, or sorry but due to this and that we feel it’s enough time. Nothing. Therefore as of now i would give it a 0 star. I might change my review and encourage my friends to play too if the “support team actually helped out. I’m probably going to get a reply to this review telling me to contact them but I’ll probably just get another automated response weeks later....Version: 1.23.1

Takes SOOOO MUCH SPACE, crap support,Was a great game, but with each update it gets more n more glitches! Support is terribly slow at best n non exist at worst. Lost game n know dozens of others that lost LOTS of fused parts. Wasted plenty of real $ playing(stupid of me I know). Yet 2 days later n still haven't gotten account back n correct after providing all support asked for(ss n receipts, player id). Very frustrating. Without loan new super glitchy update I'd give 3.5-4 stars probably cuz it always has issues! That was mnths ago! Now it’s gotten so bad cuz they add content n more content before fixing all the DÀMÑ GLITCHES! Stop adding USELESS CRÀP TILL THE GAME CAN RUN FLAWLESSLY! Also as of this season half the crew can’t even collect the crew milestones cuz the first one shows 888,888,888 gold keys! Yeah right! Now they sucker ppl in cuz u HAVE TO BUY CRATES in order to upgrade cars u bought. Where I used to be able to play n enjoy the game investing $50(give or take) a mnth it’s gotta be bout weekly if not daily. Now of course I KNOW I don’t HAVE to spend but NM is doing their VERY WORST TO GET U TO SPEND $! Also why does it need to be 5+ gigs in size! For a 16 gig phone that’s just fûckîn stupid n unnecessary! So for now game is deleted n they won’t be seeing any $ from me! Maybe once I get iPhone X I’ll think about re-installing it. Doubtful tho.Version: 1.15

Good put there is a problemI love this game, don’t get me rong. The Gracie’s and the cars are amazing. I had so much fun playing this game. Hint I said had. Once you get to the end of the game and reach the final boss, I had my entire car maxed out except for stage 6 parts. I had almost all the bonus parts on my Lamborghini t5 car, witch is a really rare and fast car, I could not beat the final boss, even with all perfect shift and start and super nitro. I even tuned my car to its best. But, I was not able to beat the boss. I spent almost a year trying to get all the stage 6 parts for my t5 car(Which is the highest level car) and the car was 4 star. But I still was not able able to get more then 1 stage 6 part. The same thing happens to me in the original car racing. This is a game that is fun intel you get to the final boss. So if I was you once You would get to the end of the game, delete the game and redownload it so it would clear your history so you can start over and do the game over again. Also, almost all of the cars you want like Lamborghinis, Bugatti, koniggsegss, etc... are super hard to get. The made it so baseckly you have to spend a lot of money to get them, real money. Over all, I love this game except these flaws..Version: 2.4.0

Good game but very buggyI’ve been playing this game for about 6 months or so and overall have enjoyed it, but for me bugs really taint the experience and it gets very frustrating. The game seems to have real issues connecting, often telling me I’m “offline” even though I’m connected to a strong Wifi signal and cellular data (I have an iPhone XS so the latest software), forcing me to close and re-open the app several times before it reconnects, and often it won’t reconnect at all until the following day. The app reloads mid-action fairly often which is incredibly irritating when I’m halfway through something and it bugs out and gives me the CSR loading screen for several seconds. I also find occasionally the game tells me I’ve lost a race when I win by a fraction - whether or not it’s the angle at the finish line I don’t know, but very many times it appears I have won a race and then I’m told I’ve lost....something to address I think as it’s very irritating. Either the angle of the camera at the finish line is wrong or the app defaults to a “You lose” when it’s a very close finish. Sometimes I have not received rewards also, which isn’t great. Without these numerous bugs it’d be 5 stars but for me, it really needs smoothing out as I’m fed up of experiencing poor connectivity and a game that seems to default to losing a race when the finish is close. Needs work..Version: 2.5.3

I have to pay??I understand there are in app purchases. But I’ve got to a point that it doesn’t give me any other options than to pay. I need 100keys of some sort. The options are either pay or cancel. After cancelling, there’s no way off that screen. Either pay or close app. Seems I’ve hit a dead end as there is no way I’m paying for this game. Wish I could put 0 stars. Too bad. Was fun while it lasted..Version: 2.2.0

Support is terribleDecided to pick the game back up after years of not playing (life happens) because a friend started. Eager to show him my progress in the game, which was near level 50 with some amazing cars, I downloaded the game and to my surprise I had no data. I contacted customer support and they told me I’d be compensated. Days later I still didn’t receive any gift. I asked what happened and was told basically jk they won’t do it. I asked why and they said there’s insufficient proof of a profile with those credentials. I went in my email history to find an email containing pictures of my last talk with support when I lost a couple hours of progress where they were more than happy to help me and even the. They said too bad can’t help you. I had already beaten the game got all the boss cars and done my fair share of online. I beat the game I had no reason to continue at the time. Since then they’ve released new cars and new activities and I figured I’d try it out. I WON’T re beat the game and continue to support them since they cannot support their players. I guess 2 years ago this was a good company and now they are less about player happiness and more about a couple dollars..Version: 2.1.0

Needs big changeWhen I first started playing this game it was something new, there was something to aim for..... now all this game is about it trying to bleed the people that play for every penny they can... ok so you don’t have to pay if you don’t want to but with all the rehashed cars in the game and all the pay to play events you really get left with very little option if you want to add a bit of excitement. The servers need a good clean up and the developers need to sort the issues in game before trying to run away with money grabbing ideas. The support team that is supposed to be there to help resolve issues are almost as useless as the rest of the people at NM, with generic copy and paste responses that usually have nothing to do with the issue you contacted them about..,. And lastly no one is safe from being banned from the game for no apparent reason..Version: 2.1.0

Should be one of the best racing gamesThings I like: the graphics quality and crew prizes Massive problems: My game cant even run smoothly with random lag when not using online, constant crashing even when I am just in my garage not touching anything on my screen, almost all online races are impossible even when I do it %100 perfect, i have only opened 3 gold crates and I have been playing for almost a year now the only way I can get gold keys is from daily prize, the loading times take minuets currently I am reinstalling the game because it is glitched, also another glitch is when I get a perfect or good start it sometimes sends it right to the least it can go and i cant win even the easiest races. 😡.Version: 1.15

Horrible support!!So many glitches in this game! So bad support! Every second support help is decent (or an actual intelligent person helping you) the other times is contradictory, pathetic and not helpful at all. Maybe they hired some teenagers who might be excellent at playing the game, and they could help you if there’s something you don’t know. But getting help for lost component coins, or other glitches where the game robs you is impossible and they’ll give you some insignificant compensation that makes absolutely no difference. Winning races is sometimes random. The indicator might say easy, challenging or hard, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily win if it’s easier, or even if you spend time tuning your car for the 1/4 or half mile runs, there’s no guarantee. Sometimes I’ve lost with perfect starts, shift etc. and won on re-matches (racing the same opponent) with wheel spin, late shifts, so it’s not very accurate. The design is beautiful and it definitely has potential for being awesome, but fire support team and hire service minded people. Fix glitches and compensate fairly until it’s fixed..Version: 2.4.0

Showdown more like letdownI love playing this game and when the showdowns first came out they worked perfectly and I was enjoying it loads. Loved the graphics and loved the cars, but as of about a year ago I quit playing because the showdowns worked sporadically. I came back to CSR about 2 months ago and guess what? It still works sporadically, and then when it does work and I leave the event to come back later it then doesn’t work. So I tried the Halloween event, raced the cars got the ghost edition upgraded it and surprise, surprise.... let’s me do the first 5 races then nothing. ( hence 3 * ) So my question is because when I contact support I get the same excuse and fobbed off with 100 bronze keys. And I’m sure I’m not the only one, anyway I digress, how can you run an event that is in beta and doesn’t exactly work for everyone so how is that fair? It’s very annoying knowing you have the stuff to compete but know you cannot. Is there nothing after a year that you can do to resolve this problem or am I expected to keep on being fobbed off with 100 bronze keys ( which btw I have only complained twice ) and the excuse that it’s still in beta!! Bit lame tbf that people out there play the game and only get to play the events now and then even tho they meet the requirements. It’s almost to the point I want to quit again but I’m hopeful, just this is not my time, Sincerely, An ex avid player..Version: 2.16.0

Worse than the originalThis game is pay to win. That in itself is an unfair system for the majority of players. Yes micro transactions were present in the first game but I was able to complete the entire first game without a single dollar spent. This game is a scam. I’ve seen other reviews of people who’ve spent money on cars only to find out the cars are useless cause they can’t help you progress through the game. I got to around Tier 3 in the game but couldn’t progress any further cause even with a maxed out car I couldn’t beat the boss, even with a faultless run. Unless you got money to spend, DON’T buy this game. It’s a free handheld device game and should STAY FREE, and not make itself try to be a console game by charging you for cars and upgrades..Version: 2.3.1

The people that are meant to help don’t know the gameI was in the 7.0 lobby the fastest car in the game is 6.8 or something like that , I had a race the other person ran a 5.9 ( to my knowledge no car In the game runs that time ) I spoke to support and they said to turn my car and try again , now if you play the game you would know there are 0 cars that run under 6.0 so the answer I got from support shows me that they know nothing about the game , not only that NM hires people that don’t know about the games and don’t play the game so there no help in this game do not contact support as they don’t know what to do when you have a problem, so best thing is never buy anything from this game as they don’t care about the players all which is a shame really cause other than support it’s not a bad game be real careful about spending money cause support will not help you they do not play the game and they know nothing about the game.Version: 2.17.3

Best Fraud on the marketNice ripoff for a daily lottery cheat, don't spend ur $$ as u never get what u pay for, Stage6 upgrades spread is ridiculous, some u've 10x some others doesn't exist it seems, u can spend $5000 on gold keys and still no 5star car, it's best scam ever, 6x consecutive same car won, sorry not for my $$, if u pay u expect something in return, other top games u spend for the car u want & parts - that's value for $$ not like this fraudulent game, but nice graphics u pay for haha.Version: 1.20.1

BottedThis game is straight up more botted than the gta police like your miles ahead of a car then somehow they get a super boost and fly past you at the very last second beating you by .1 milisecond its bs and then you have to spend what 100k+ on a car just to beat one and you cant even customize your car enough like the old csr they make a great game but push out pay-to-win disappointing...Version: 1.21.0

Online gaming or online gambling?Worst support ever. Try pressing the support link here in the App Store and you’ll get the idea. Something suspicious about this game. If you keep buying content you don’t seem to have as many in game issues. In the team I played with for more than a year those of us who stopped spending money a while ago have had ongoing issues, like not being able to connect to live races, having fusion parts go missing or cars no longer able to compete even though they’re maxed out, fully upgraded. The game's algorithms are definitely designed to frustrate. With each new release game parameters get switched around, either deliberately or out of incompetence. To enjoy the game you either need to spend lots of money or hack it and cheat, and there is lots of hacking going on. Why pay when others are hacking? That’s why I stopped....Version: 1.16.2

Very expensive in-game purchases & many glitchesAfter two years playing this game I am getting very annoyed by the game and the customer service. To be competitive you have to make purchases which are very expensive (A$20-$30 per car). You also need to make purchases to keep playing and advancing in the game. In overall it’s a very expensive game for a “free” app. If you need to contact the customer service, you better have screenshots to prove your point, otherwise you’ll get nothing. So, you need to take screenshots along the way so in case of a glitch you have proof. I had several such experiences myself and I know many others cases from my teammates. In overall, a lot of money is involved to get the full experience out of the game and many glitches to frustrate you along the way..Version: 2.14.0

Pay to Play (and Win)Played CSR back in the day and loved it. CSR2 still looks great but you are constantly pressed to make a gold purchase or a nitrous purchase. The game also makes it so that you need to purchase SuperNitro to get a boss car. Game lags/crashes during the “PvP”, which I think is not actual PvP but cant prove. I broke down and bought a SuperNitro and had the game crash during the race. I reloaded it and the race was available but I noticed the SuoerNitro gone, as well as the 200 Gold wager. I lost that race, of course, and lost 200 gold again. I contacted supported through the game but it never actually gave me ticket number but it made sure to tell about the event that was bugged but still live ... pointless. I had to go online with a pc to create a ticket. I retold my story and was told the game crash was my fault due to network ... but had full bars when it happened. Replied back that even if that was it that the game failed to “pause” so THAT is why I lost my race and items. Had another support person reply back that “I admitted that it was my falut via network but they gave 100 gold as a gift!? How does 100 gold offset me losing 400 gold and my purchase and my race?! Great graphics and sound but is buggy and doesnt capture that old CSR experience. Pay to play and pay to win is too high and the support is too low..Version: 2.18.1

NamesWhen I just got the game I played for a while then when it asked what my nickname is I typed it in and it said that name was not “eligible”😒 then it made my name rookie and now my friends that play the game make fun of me so I played for 4 days with the name and then a got annoyed so I looked for the settings but there was no settings!😩 but the reason I gave it 3 stars is because it was a good game with good graphics but the name thing still annoys me, developers please respond..Version: 3.0.2

Great game, spoilt by bugsThis game is really very good. Great to play lots to, lots of cars in the game, and great graphics. Must have taken a lot of time and effort to get the licence to use the real cars likeness in the game, and it makes it very playable. Unfortunately each time a new update comes out it is so full of bugs it's a joke. The latest 2.10.2, is impossible to play for me on an iPad 4. The game constantly crashes and I can't barely get one race in with out a crash. Just tried 6 times it crashed for one 10 second race attempt. It's a pity they got such a great game but can't release it working correctly. Mine can't be an unusual platform to play this on, or a slow one. Would have given 5 stars easy, if not for this very poor development process.Version: 2.10.3

Issues and poor customer service!While playing this game for years it is a good fun game. The issue is with the multiple years comes multiple updates. Sometimes the updates work as planned, other times they don’t. There is a major glitch caused by one on the more recent updates that will prolong the amount of time parts are cars are to arrive. Customer Support has always been helpful when this occurred and given gold to purchase back the elongated time. Well now there is a new glitch that is tacked on to the mentioned glitch. Your car purchase will never deliver after the long delivery time and there is no way to buy the timer with gold. Customer Service to this point has been less than stellar, they just say the development team is looking into it. In the mean time you as a player can’t complete collections or gain RP due to not having the required car. Which really is the point of the game. I have suggested that customer service just gift the car in question, but they refuse like this would cost the company millions in lost revenue to do. It would be nothing more than a click of a key to resolve but that’s not the case. I would caution anyone before starting this game and spending your hard earned cash to read this review and understand what you are getting into. While fun there are issues and what seems like an easy fix will not be in the customers interest the customer support team will delay and not do what would be the most viable thing to do. Beware!!.Version: 2.17.4

Many many issuesCSR2 has many good points which you can see from the pubs. But also many very bad points, eg: 1. Bugs. Like when you win a race but it is awarded to the other car. 2. Cheating in live races. You are way out in front, so the other player quits the app, and YOU LOSE!!!!!! Even though you crossed the finish line FIRST. 3. Support. It’s not a good sign when you raise an issue to support and feel totally p-o’d after. Like, maybe it’s time to delete the app. It would help if the CSR2 folks would just admit the problems and commit to resolving them ASAP. Sadly, this is not the case..Version: 3.0.2

Download if you like bugs & frustration.DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS UPDATE 1.13.0 This update has connection issues, profile sync issues (you lose progress & support don't care), graphic issues & dismissive support assistance. This update was released with paid content (to increase developer profits) while not fixing previous bugs. They have also managed to implement new bugs that make this game almost unplayable. Buggiest game in the App Store. They refuse to compensate players for progress loss due to their incompetence. Worst player support on the face of the planet. Support refuse to answer your question, instead they give you responses to questions you haven't even asked. Jeph & Fonz from support have difficulty being 100% honest with you. They say they don't copy & paste responses but have each sent me the same word for word response about something I didn't ask. They also suggest the bugs may be on your device after admitting they are aware of the problems you raise. PATHETIC!!!.Version: 1.13.0

Great game but need to fix rewards and crate dropsI’ve been playing this game for a while and I love it so much. I’ve got my friends into it and we all love it ; the cars the graphics everything is great, but the one thing that we all agree on and I’m sure others will relate to this, is opening a rare import crate and getting parts for cars you don’t have. This makes the game a lot harder because getting a stage 6 part for a car you is like 1/200. This makes people frustrated and annoyed because they are getting irrelevant stuff. I suggest making an event where you chose your own car and race it to unlock its stage six parts to make the game more interesting and engaging. Other than that it is a great game because of the realistic graphics, story line and events..Version: 2.16.0

I was really hooked for 6 months ...but...First of all. I loved this game for months, played religiously and paid for some in game goodies. Very addicting game. Always looking for updates for the game to evolve. Latest update April 2021, seasons 125-126, was so bad! They decided to bring back an SCS event with no free crates because they deemed it would bug the game up?!? On top of that, no SCS showdown event. So no showdown rewards and no free crates to upgrade the cars that are in the event! How useless is that? Even if I was willing to spend for the Jesko or the Bolide. I won’t be able to upgrade them through free crates nor rewards. Lots of frustrations on many top end players. I wish they would get feedbacks from longtime players before taking decisions like these. This move is a game changer and not in the right way..Version: 3.0.2

Playing for FunGame in itself is fantastic and deserves 5 if not 6, though the support is outrageous. After reporting I’ve lost fusion parts to all cars worth few million and hours of playing and providing details, I was asked to give more detail, which I did, only to be told they know about the problem and are working on it. After highlighting the issue with competing in cups and trials (instead of upgrading new cars, I had to spend cash on the old ones again to make them competitive), I was just told sorry, we’re working on it. After few more contacts, I’ve been offered 50k (up to 4 trial races to earn that) and 300 or so fusion parts, which again totals to 9 fusion parts which I can easily get within 2 hours. After asking them to take it back as it is laughable, I was informed it is ‘fair’ compensation for what I’ve lost... Good I didn’t spend money on it, otherwise I would get close to nothing for a fortune spend. Don’t hold your hopes to high if you hope to keep winning, apparently it happens randomly, and you’ll get nothing to make up the loss, or close to nothing if you keep writing to them. All the best and hope you won’t have such experience..Version: 1.14

Disappointed CustomerHere’s the facts about this game: the loading time is crazy long, then when you go from screen to screen there’s more loading time, it’s almost painful to wait, there’s no smooth operation of this game... if you want to play all of the events then be prepared to buy cars with real money to compete then spend more to get the money needed to upgrade your cars to continue to compete, some events are way to hard for the average person to win... fuel should not be a part of the game... be prepared to watch a ton of video’s... In game money is very hard to earn enough for what you need to upgrade your cars... Its a very frustrating game to play with all the down time waiting for screens to load... I regret spending any money on this game, personally I say don’t waste your time... thx.Version: 2.7.2

This game needs improvements!!!Realised a few issues in the game the multiple crashes, cars images don’t appear, phone battery depletes almost instantly, phone really heats up when playing this game, you play prestige cup race you have a race that’s challenging than it jumps to extreme in the next, Dyno time is beatable in test run but in a race you cannot get close to it even though you repeat the exact same process that you did in the test run, when the racer is about to win an extreme race the shift mysteriously gets stuck in shift the list of things wrong with this game I can sit and write about it all day! I’m just really put off! that’s why I gave it such a low rating I know the developers don’t care about my review if they did they would have fixed some of the issues listed above even though in the blogs they mentioned they fixed it but nothing has been fixed. Can’t believe I spent money on this game. Terrible..Version: 2.5.4

Like all the other reviews, pay to winI remember seeing this game on the AppStore after just downloading the first one and I was super interested in it and this is what really got me into cars. I would play it all day long but after about a year or two of having it I just can’t really do anything without having to pay for it like the recent Pittsburgh event, for the first race you need the dodge demon but you can only get it from rare imports for ten gold keys but the thing is I can’t get my hands on any gold keys without buying them and even if I do get them I only get a small chance of actually getting the car I want even if it does say x10 chance which by the way does not feel any different. I’ve been thinking over the week of deleting it but always kept it because of my progress but today I finally made the decision to delete it. I know I’m one player out or millions and me saying I deleted it makes to difference but if the aspect of the unfair pay to win and also toss in the fact that some of the ai can be completely unfair just made this game not fair. If you can fix this for at least players in the future that would be amazing and I know this game has features to buy currency because it’s free but even then the items are overpriced but if you made it to the end, thanks for reading..Version: 2.14.0

New Problems!!!!!The second I load my game it crashes out of nowhere and It always crashes right before I can even try to start a race. I’m seriously disappointed and frustrated.:(.Version: 2.18.0

What’s with the one inch win on the opposing side?!Well I noticed something, when I am an inch in front of the opposing racer and cross the finish line, I lose and they win, makes no sense and I know more than anything, I play Forza horizon 4 and a one inch win is rare, I can get as much cars in Forza because they have a 100,000 cr bonus on the Forza app (not the game) maybe in the third series add an app like that, to where the app will add about 60,000 to 120,000 cash to each CSR racing game, it makes it easier, so think about it, It a great idea since I played the first Forza Motorsport and it was a really great game for an Xbox 360. So think about it. new rating- so why, why must they take your hard earned gold away, like how about they take less about 20% of it, it gets so annoying. New rating- good game but won’t load. Tsk tsk tsk, please remove last race option and please just make the leaders give them “our cars” back automatically, basically ruins the fun when I lose and I ruin the chance to get “my car” back, it’s like having to use hacks to get the car back, it’s basically impossible, so please remove last race option after defeating each leader, if y’all actually do this I’ll give a 5 star rating, and possibly spend $108 dollars on the game, Thanks..Version: 2.15.0

Absolute rip off merchantsI actually like playing this game, it looks good and is really quite addictive. However, although I realise that the purpose of every game is to make money for the developer this game is cyclical in the extreme ! I have spent about £10 in a week of playing this game - not an inconsiderate amount yet I am not totally stuck in every challenge within the game. The only way I can progress in any category is to spend more real £££ and not small amounts. Want some game money to improve your car ? Well 1,000,000 $ to spend on cars and parts will cost you an incredible £99 ! Worse still do you know what those 1m credits will buy you ? Not even 1 Tier 5 car or just 3 or 4 upgrades for your T5 car. Don’t even get me started on Legends where it takes thousands of tokens to complete the cars and the tokens come through in dribs and drabs or again pay £9.99 for 1500 tokens - it costs 5200 tokens just to restore a cars interior ! Nice game but save yourself some time and money and don’t download !.Version: 2.18.1

Not very good at allThis game has great graphics but run of the mill every day cars, and I’ve been playing this game for a week now and it would appear that if you buy the worst car in the game compared to other for instance Honda Civic, Mini Cooper, Ford Focus, or Hyundai and work on it just a little bit you will beat everything else in live racing including anything second tier when the for-mentioned cars are all tier 1 cars, the game is completely unrealistic and the live racing is buggier than anything for instance racing someone beating them them re challenging you and them winning in the exact circumstances and conditions so far so that you could be passing them in 4th gear them in the same gear ad all sudden them jumping like someone strapped a rocket to their car and blowing past you and not to mention the rev and launch once you enter tier 2 is ridiculous you have to perfectly time the refs of your car which is impossible to hold in place which would be fine and manageable on its own but then you also have to perfectly time the count down with a lunacy button at the same time as the refs which is completely unlike real life where in a car with launch you you activate launch then match the revs and the car launches, this game needs a lot of work to even be any where close to realistic which is highly disappointing.Version: 1.20.1

ProblemsThe game is addictive and fun but ever since they made the last update I get a lot of errors you can’t see the countdowns at times so you lose the opportunity to win key important cars also when it asks you to view videos for more gas the videos are not showing so you have to spend your own gold also when you try to go to live races a lot of times you get booted out and I know it’s not my internet besides that it’s a very fun game that I enjoy its just the errors are very frustrating you lose out on cars that you should be winning. I’ve been playing this game for over a year and it has lots of issues it will offer gas in exchange for watching adds but have no adds so you get no gas also for some reason it will tell me at the beginning of the month that I’ve missed out on a reward that is at the end of the month (it takes the gold key and locks it) why? I like the game but there are so many things that need to be fixed they also repeat and give way too many t1 or t2 cars it’s disappointing because you work so hard to get silver keys or gold keys only to get a t1 or t2 car you’ve got at least 5 times already when you try to sell them you get not even a quarter of what they cost or if you strip them you barely ever get what you need.Version: 2.2.0

Good game..but crates such a scam!Ok so, don’t get me wrong this game is awesome. But it can be unfair. First of all, its pay to win. If you wanna do a Supercar Science to win a car guess what? You either have the cars you need or you cant do it. I mean you can buy anything you would ever need for the event for only around $65 USD. Like who the heck would pay that for a virtual garage full of Bugattis? Second thing, ads/gold system. So theres two main currencies in CSR2, one being cash, one being gold. Gold can be used to buy cars, refill gas, and other stuff I can’t think of. But you only have 10 fuel pips, and if they run out you have to wait 1-3 hours for them to refill or buy more with 20 gold. Or watch an ad, but if an ad is unavailable, and you don’t have 20 gold and want to play now, then your out of luck. Third, crates. There are 3 crates in CSR2. Bronze, silver, and gold. Today I bought a gold crate. And I was happy about that. But I couldn’t even pretend to be happy when it said “You won a 4 star car!” I spent $10 of my own hard earned money (I'm 11, so money isn’t easy to get, forget my parents allowing it to be spent on a game) just to get the car I didn’t want. The car didn’t even look good, forget in MY garage. I had received a 599 GTO instead of the Divo that I wanted. I may not play this game for a while, maybe never again. It also takes up a lot of space because I only have 64Gb..Version: 3.0.2

Always connectivity issuesAmazing graphics, and potential to be an amazing game. Biggest problem is that connectivity to online PvP racing (which is probably its biggest feature) it intermittent at best. No point having a beautiful game that you can’t play. It’s such a prevalent problem that they have it as one of their standardized support FAQs. It has been like this for weeks and weeks now. If you want to give it a try, then by all means do so, but I wouldn’t spend any real money until they sort this out..Version: 1.15.1

Play at your own riskPlay at your own risk because Support wont help you if you experience any glitches or your account gets hacked..Version: 3.0.2

Ah yes a true petrol head gameWhat petrol head wouldn’t love to spend 1 minute of actual racing then be subjected to blatant pay to win aspects. Then be told to spend real money to shorten or skip the fuel wait times. And the only way you’ll ever get any of the cars advertised is if you spend either every second of everyday for a year or the “easy way” spend upwards of $500 to get virtual cars. It’d be better to just buy a trip down to a race circuit to see these cars in real life. I totally enjoy this “petrolhead” experience..Version: 2.6.1

Stupid Customer Support Loses UsersIt always amazes me that an app that makes so much money - let’s people who they obviously don’t pay enough as they have zero business common sense - deal with users who spent a ton on their app over a long period of time - and don’t help them so they will stop spending money on their app. My situation was simple: the game had a bug for a competition. A competition that I embarrassingly admit - I spent a ton of money on. I wanted the stupid “free” car you get if you are at a certain placing. I was there and kept getting bumped down by the glitch. Their maybe (and that is pushing it) highschool educated support people knew that I had spent the dough, played the competition correctly - was in the placings I needed to win and that there was a ticket open for the glitch - and still would not give me my “free” car that I earned most certainly paid for. I said I would leave - and they told me they didn’t care and they would not be giving me their absolutely no cost to them digital car and would rather lose the additional hundreds of dollars (yes that is embarrassing to admit) that would spend on their app. This is all said - I am happy they let me go - and even more happy with the additional money I have kicking around my pocket. Too bad the owners are so greedy that they don’t pay their staff enough so that intelligent people can work there..Version: 3.0.2

Don’t support this appAfter a convo with support I uninstalled this game. it’s designed to bleed your wallet dry with parts you need, but can’t just buy... for events you need to do, but can only win cars in a lottery or pay 40-60 real dollars for... and it all costs large amounts of real money... but I could live with that, until I uncovered the system cheating to support people who are obviously high paying players... I can’t support cheating and neither should you “pay to win” is wrong. Don’t bother with it if you don’t plan on spending around 100$ per week you’ll make little progress and even if your car is faster you will still loose.Version: 2.9.2

Get ripped offBeen made to put a start on to put a review of a con Ps don’t play this game to get any where the only way you can move forward on this game is if you pay a lot of money for nowt and what’s to say you even get what you pay for there will probably say there’s no log of you paying or something of the same thing will be said con me out of gold keys 2 times and you can’t get them to do out so there’s no point in trying to ask them to sort it out cos they won’t at all They lend me on for 2 months tell me there will sort it out do this do that all just so there can rip you off there’s no point in logging on to the game every because there pick who gets the gold keys every every month not the fact that you join every month and the reason I say 48 hours because you’ve only got 24 hours to sort your problem out with him.Version: 2.14.2

Real money for everythingThis game sucks. Everything is so expensive and impossible to get without paying at least 20$. Don’t download this is terrible. Not fun at all..Version: 2.17.4

Pay to get anywhereIt’s amazing that you get so far into the game but then every start is slow or wheel spin and you lose. Every car you compete against is better, you lose. Even if the car is not as advanced as yours, you still lose.....unfathomably. Enjoy it until you get to tier 4, don’t spend any money on it, then delete the game as that is as far as you will get. It just an endless series of unwinnable races after that and you are wasting your time. Update.... I’ve given up on this game. 1) What is the point of making payers pay to get the required car for a particular event, which is then only obtained by chance and which is obsolete after 7 races and you have to get another car to continue? 2) Live events are a gigantic waste of time. You constantly get pitted against cars you could never hope to beat. The algorithm in this regard is either cheating or plain garbage 3) The last straw for me was losing races to vehicles 80 points behind my vehicle, when a race between the same vehicles previously was an easy win - the only difference being I had heaps of fuel pips.....ie the race was rigged to make me use more fuel to pay for more. I’m done..Version: 2.16.0

Don’t botherAt first glance the game is very appealing and fun to play, you get some cool cars and win some races through upgrading. But when you get further in to the game it becomes obvious that only money purchases will get you further. And BIG money purchases. Even saying that it doesn’t always guarantee you to progress. I got to the holiday promo where you have to race a certain type of car, I have it maxed out except for lvl 6 components which you either have to win or pay to win. Without them it is pointless thus showing this is just another money grabbing game. I’m more than happy to throw in $3 here and $10 there if I am getting value and entertainment for my money but this game just looks like a sink hole. CSR can you let me actually race against an opponent in the online section? I have had over 400 races and only 4! have I been able to race against without them disconnecting! Easy money but no fun. My recommendation? Don’t bother..Version: 2.1.0

Broken Game. Shocking Service.Simply put this game is broken. Absolutely broken. Every update creates a whole host of new problems and the customer service team simply couldn’t care less. They accidentally launched a new crate for everyone to purchase - when you purchase it you get nothing as it was launched earlier than planned. Customer service said “yeah that was a mistake and it won’t work but you’re not having the keys you spent back”. I replied asking why and they said “we’ve already told you and we won’t reply any more”. The previous event required spending currency which half the game haven’t even been able to earn yet but they guaranteed we would “get a go” before the 12th of April. Guess not then as that was 4 days ago. Do NOT download this game. Save yourself some time and effort and go watch the grass grow. Players are quitting the game in droves so it will be empty soon anyway..Version: 3.0.2

Supports are down with more troublesPoor support, more glitches with missing rewards. Lately some race won efforts are not counted for, total waste of time! Missing silver keys reward from the LIVE RACE! It’s like system restore, some of the races I’ve played reset to new after rebooting the game!.Version: 2.7.2

Pretty good game, but becoming a RIP OFF!!!Been playing this for a fair while now and have enjoyed it. Unfortunately, with every update, it is turning into a pay to play game. Seems the developers are doing their best to make people fork out money. (And I won't start on the different prices different people get charged for Fate of the Furious cars) Hackers in top crews are rewarded heavily and the support does little to change that. Getting gold keys for free will take forever and unfortunately the best cars need gold keys to get them (if you're lucky enough to jag a 5 star car) Maxing out top level cars can take forever, but even so, the performances change with the latest couple of updates. Some better, others far worse..Version: 1.13.0

Frozen plz fixI just downloaded the game again, I used to play this all the time but when the story tells me too “use my elite parts to unlock a new body kit” the button isn’t there and I can’t even race it’s stuck on this screen sucks for me as a returning player cuz I was acc interested to play again :( plz fix.Version: 3.0.2

The update broke my gameThe update broke my game, Everytime I head to my garage i get an advertisement of the Hobbs road runner, and after hitting 'continue' it brings me straight to the map. This is a never ending loop! I cannot do anything! I have no chance to tune/change/upgrade my car and not even a chance accessing rare imports and dealership. I am super fustrated.Version: 1.20.0

Doesn’t workDoesn’t load.Version: 2.18.2

Even handing over you money is a waste of your timeThis game is like a ‘70s Jag - enormously appealing with great lines and you’ll spend more time in the workshop than on the road. It’s rare that you’ll ever get to the end of a championship cup, even if you do manage to have all the upgrades and equally rare for you to win the car - months can go past with the luck and the usual 3-5 chances you get every fortnight generally serve up the same cars you already own again and again and again and again and again and again and ag... (you get the picture). Even buying the overpriced cars - which they pitch at you constantly like street chuggers - doesn’t guarantee success or the likelihood you’ll get any further than 2/3rds of the way through a series. Remember wasting $70+ on a collection of Ferrari’s only to find most of them useless because couldn’t progress to the next stage. Another typical example is the current Halloween series. The Ford RS is now at red level (ie impossible) difficulty at 19 of the 60 races, which also means to can’t progress to the Mercedes round. As another reviewer said, if you do raise the issues you generally get corporate platitudes in response and the problems remain. No wonder you’ll find most of your team will walk away within weeks, leaving you struggling as an individual. And then there’s how much room the app swallows - currently at a greedy 2.7 gig. Save your time, money and the frustration and go buy F1 for your PS4 instead..Version: 1.23.1

Horrible support, buggy gameI have spent money and time on this game, and have come to the conclusion that the developers care not for the players. The support is usually a robot, always saying the same thing and not acting on your problem at all. If you have a game braking glitch that destroys your progress, bad luck you're gonna get a bot to answer your complaints. I spent 15 dollars on this game for silver keys, and there is a mechanic in the game if you spend 750 silver keys you get a guaranteed car which helps you and your crew. I did this, and my game failed to give me the car dew to a bug in the game. I contacted support and they practically ignored me by answering with a bot. No compensation for their own bad development, and I waisted 15 dollars and many hours on getting those keys, which the game just throws away and ignored my pleads to fix their own mistake. You will end up upset and wishing you never downloaded and waisted your time, for the support is the opposite of supporting, even if you do have a game braking bug..Version: 1.15.1

Scam at times with in-app purchases.I love the game, however it really doesn’t make sense at times. Especially when it comes to the bosses. One minute you lose by miles, you race again and then you win, with any upgrades in between! I just beat the tier 4 boss, it then gave you the option to race again to win his car. This time I decided to spend £2.99 and buy the super nitro to ensure I defo beat him. After all I did just win the race. So I purchased the super nitro and guess what.... even with perfect start and perfect shifts, I lost the race by miles!!! How does that work??!! So I’ve not only lost 200 coins, the race and the car, but now £2.99. Seems like a little scam to me which is a shame because the game is normally good apart from the win/lose ratio. Oh and you have no app support. The link takes you to a 404 page cannot be found website. Also brilliant..Version: 1.22.0

Amazing game concept in scam formThis game has the perfect concept of a mobile racing game, but they make it far too obvious that it is focused solely on the purpose of making money. Every corner you take there a dollar sign in your face wanting you to purchase this and that. At the end of career races they want you to purchase “super nitro!” So you can beat the guy and get his car. I had to close out the app about 4 times and repeatedly hit no about 30-40 each time for it to finally register I don’t want it and it’s done this to everyone I know personally that has played it. The online lobbies are trash, you can’t even connect to anyone and if you do, everyone in that lobby is faster than you because you aren’t really racing online. It even says “at quiet times some races may be simulated”. It’s set up so you can’t win races and they think it’ll make you want to invest in one of their scams so you can put parts on your car (wait 3 days real time for them to install.... or you can purchase gold and spend that to install instantly.... come on...). You can’t buy cars with in money cash, 99% of them you have to win by races you can’t win, winning keys that you can buy with real money, to get random parts or cars. So the car you want doesn’t matter because you can’t get it..Version: 1.20.1

Great game... but....👎The in game support is trash. My crew chat hasn’t worked in over a month. After 3 messages to support(getting progressively nastier) and still no resolution or even hope of any fixes I doubt I’ll ever get my chat back. I SHOULDNT HAVE TO USE AN EXTERNAL CHAT SERVICE TO ENJOY THIS GAME TO ITS POTENTIAL. Fix my problem and earn your 5 star rating. Update: Still not fixed. Had to leave the crew I was in. New crew works better but the longer I play this game the more I see what’s happening...or rather not happening. In 3 months of playing I haven’t seen a single server maintenance. The crew I’m in have largely reported the same thing as my problems. Today is a constant disconnect and reconnect to servers. COME ON.... GET IT TOGETHER. THIS GAME COULD REALLY BE SOMETHING SPECIAL WITH JUST A BIT OF WORK. Review is going to stay horrible. They keep holding their hand out wanting large amounts of money to play all the extra events, all the while they ignore the same issues that hundreds of people are complaining about. Chat still won’t work. Still 2 months later and no crew chat. Unbelievable. 6 months. Still not fixed. This game is a money grab only. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. THEY PUSH OUT CONTENT TO SPEND REAL WORLD MONEY CONSTANTLY ALL WHILE NOT FIXING THE GAME OR EVEN MAKING SURE ALL PLAYERS GET THE BENEFITS OF EACH UPDATE. ABSOLUTE TRASH. DELETING. YOU FAIL NATURAL MOTION..Version: 1.18.1

Waste of timeIts fun in the start. But as you go further it stops any achievements and wait for you to pay money to buy the parts you need. For example, from tier 1-4 you will be fine with level 5 upgrades. Once you reach final stage of Tier 5, you must have level 6 upgrade. Without level 6 you wont even be able to win. You just get into endless circle of playing either regular races in Tier 5 or online which you most likely to lose the game as most of people online somehow have cars that are not for sale in game. All these cars are just “Rare Imports” which are only available when you spend REAL MONEY. So in the end. Don’t waste your time if you just wanna have fun with the game unless you willing to put your money on stake. There is also a real problem losing your credits because of some bugs. SO DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO SPEND YOUR MONEY. I am already deleting this game because Of all this nonsense..Version: 2.3.1

Really bad experienceTried contacting the support team to sorr out a purchase but they won’t reply. I purchased a $60 pack and did not get anything. All they said was “ someone will vontact you from the billing team “ and no one replied ever since..Version: 2.17.4

Help!!!I really enjoy the game. In fact I've been addicted to it for the past couple of weeks. The racing is smooth, and everything feels intuitive about how the different upgrades affect the cars' performance. That being said however, the game is a bit of BS when you get further into it. As you get into the upper tiers, it becomes a chore to upgrade your car because of the loooong wait times for parts. And the only way to get the best cars and to avoid waiting up to 6 hours for upgrades, you have to spend real money on that crap. Which grinds my gears, but the game is still a bunch of fin to play. Just the wait times and the amount of money they want you to pay for coins are a bit ridiculous. Also! Could you please help me? I’ve been playing for a really long time. I’m up to level 70, I have over 30 cars, and I’m almost done with the T5 challenge of the second round of elite races, but a few weeks ago, I tried to get on the game and it just kept perpetually giving me a loading screen on startup. So I tried deleting it 3 TIMES, and each time I would try to restore my save from the cloud, and it would just keep giving me the “calculating results” message. Please help, I don’t want to lose all of my progress..Version: 2.1.0

My Thoughts on Championship ShowdownGood game otherwise, but the scoring of championship showdown is confusing. One second you are at 1059, just one race from the next reward, 30 seconds later you are adding your 41 racing scores from 1040 or somewhere near. Sort this out before I give it a five star..Version: 2.17.4

Buggy app, no customer supportThis app is just waste of time. These are common issues: (1) customer service pretends they are listening but they won’t fix any issues for you, (2) match matching for live races is extremely unbalanced - once you reach certain win:loss ratio they match you to the cars which faster than your car no matter how fast is your car till your ratio falls, so they force you to waste your fuel and watch ads until you lose tens times to make your win:loss ratio lower (3) they don’t reward for what they claim (events, competitions, etc) when you win, (4) they mess up the crates so you can easily waste thousands silver keys in hope to get prestige car as loyalty reward, (5) their servers are slow and often offline regardless of your connection strength, (6) often you can’t change gear in car, it’s just stuck, you need to tap multiple times and of course you’ll lose your race when you do that, (7) your battery will be dead soon as the app consumes lots of energy even when you don’t race, (8) you will need to watch thousands (or even hundreds thousands) long ads in order to achieve some success in this game, (9) don’t even try to buy legend cars, you need to spend more than 1 year and play every day to progress (10) and many many many other issues. Just don’t download it, worst game ever.Version: 2.13.0

GlitchyGame loads and plays alright. Mixed bag if you win or not. sometimes your clearly in front by half a car length and you get handed a loss? Live racers are a waste of time as you never connect with anyone or any bots? Tried many tunes on a maxed out car but same car same parts will still beat you by half a second in alot of cases..Version: 2.1.0

Good game with some problems.The game is good but the fact that you can not purchase cars with in game cash that you’ve had to grind your way to get is very frustrating. I do not want to spend my real money on a game and not even be 100% certain on what that money is going to buy me. Also, there needs to be a way to customise those special cars after you purchase them. I recently purchased a new car and accidentally got it before I had a chance to customise it in the purchase screen. Then in the actual customisation menu, I was told I am not allowed to customise this car. So I think those options from the purchase screen should be available in there. TLDR: - Being able to purchase from the store more with in game cash. - More certainty in what you’re purchasing from the store - More customisation options.Version: 2.3.1

Not worth the downloadGame is full of glitches and bugs, you will have to spend a fortune to be competitive because any of the top racers are hacking the game or running with modded cars. Takes all the fun and competitiveness out of it especially when NM knows about it but doesn’t do anything about it. The support is an absolute joke, they are neither knowledgeable or helpful and it takes forever for them to reply. There are many better racing games you can get, don’t waste your time with this one..Version: 2.17.4

Better than the first versionGraphics are very good. But so are first versions. The game play is very much the same. As I've spent a fair amount of ££ on the first version I'm in need to rush off to 2 version with it join a crew section. It's a shame I can't bring my first version game cars & winnings to the new version game. Some of the workings of how to get new parts is confusing. Since I've been playing the loading is slow. Crashes often. And one car changed colour, one lost power over night, I won a race and it said I lost!! In the live games it looks like players can hack the games to cheat to win. Pleased to say I haven't spent much money. I could make this game better if they ask me. To many rules. To many boxes pop up asking are you sure? The speed of the car is not real life..Version: 2.17.4

Déçu du serviceAprès 3semaine d’attente, toujours rien de réglé. J’ai acheté un pack(Nissan Skyline) et mon jeu ne fonctionne plus. J’ai contacté le support thecnique il y’a 3semaines, et rien n’a bougé. J’ai investit beaucoup d’argent dans ce jeux. Je croyais qu’ils aurait un meilleurs services de leurs part. Vraiment déçu..Version: 2.17.4

Its funIts fun and all but the fact it keeps crashing when i wanna race this makes me wanna throw my phone across the room fix this.Version: 3.0.2

My advise is stay away from this gameBeen playing csr2 for well over a year and on the surface it’s a great fun game to play to pass some time when your chilling, but be aware after awhile when it gets a bit stale and you decide to take part in an event the pay to win aspec will kick you in the face HARD, now I’ve managed to play and do well without needing to spend up until I started participating in the events..even won most of the boss cars without buying super noz! But the fast and furious events got me bad. The lead up to the supra aero top went way to far and exploited a great movie franchise to rob you of as much money as possible. The last downfall event was changed so at the end you litrally was buying crates and only getting green fusion parts that NOBODY needs at that point in the event. I must of spent around £200 trying to get the supra and I’ve ended up with nothing but a thanks and f you from this game. The support on this game is as just as fake as the apparent good intent this game deceives pple with plus all the glitch’s and bugs that still dominate. Such a shame as this could of been an amazing game, I would give it 0 stars if I could!so just be aware pple.Version: 2.7.2

App gets stuckMy game is stuck on this challenge thing it wants me to do and when I click that little arrow to expand i can’t click back or anything forcing me to close the app, waste of phone storage right now..Version: 3.0.2

My winnings aren’t being paid and bugs galoreGraphics are great, game play is good but it seems as though I’ve got to a stage in the game (or a certain bug requires fixing) where I’m not receiving my winnings! I’m owed about $50K and 30 gold coins, so after my 4th win without receiving my winnings, I’ve stopped playing!!! Fix the bug and I might come back. Without your winnings, you can’t progress any further, so I wouldn’t bother playing this game... Also, my live races keep disconnecting not to mention once you beat the crew leader 3x, you have to spend ‘REAL’ money in order to beat them a 4th time or you lose gold coins! There’s no way of beating them without spending the real money, so you just have to lump losing your hard earned gold coins. There’s an option not to race, but when you press it, it doesn’t work...fix the bugs!!!.Version: 1.19.0

Should be good...please be less greedyI would love to give this game 5* but I just can’t - the social side is great and the principle is more engaging than it might seem. However...the developers are onto a cash cow here which is fine, everyone is entitled to a living...but to have weekly competitions where it is impossible to get anywhere without spending mountains of cash is in my view immoral. A game where you can make one wrong decision and you are just stuck (I made a wrong choice in the legends series and I have paid for it for months) really tries the patience. I have no problem spending a few pounds here and there for my own convenience...but to be able to make no further progress in the game I feel is just wrong...there are things in the game that could be used to help - daily prize, free boxes...but surprise surprise they never give you something you need! Just the odd occasion to get a helping hand and I, for one, would be more inclined to put my hand in my pocket for convenience!.Version: 2.9.2

AnnoyingSo the game itself is fairly addictive and normally fun to play but it has many many ways to mess you about and make it ridiculously annoying. Like fusion parts for example not much is explained about fitting and removing them so beware when applying parts to the undone product, I have a T5 Ferrari with uncommon, rare and epic components on nearly all my parts that I now have to pay lots of tokens (which are hard to come by unless you pay real money) to remove along with the ridiculously high credits needed for the initial stage 5 upgrades, but no information about this is given. Also it will find ways to win back it’s tokens like with the Victor Kidd race, they ask for double or nothing so naturally as I won by a good amount I say yes. Then after accepting and not being allowed to back out they say you must pay £2.99 for special nitros. I said no and his car was double the car it was less than a minute ago. That’s all the winnings lost. If you’re going to download this then beware and be patient of its sneaky patterns..Version: 2.2.0

Fun but unbalanced.Before I get into the the thick of things, I just wanna say that it’s a great game and all the time and effort definitely shows. Now, moving on this games story is ok. Very Predictable but still fun and gets progressively harder. The multiplayer is a WHOLE different story. You get matched up with pay to win people with ether super nos or an over powered DLC car. It is not as bad as it was however. It’s worse. With all the new cars that they have added and made even more over powered. Once you get to tier three or four, you are in traduced to the 1/2 mile which is were the game starts to go downhill,(multiplayer wise).Another thing is the legends. I thought it was a great idea because of the classic car aspect. I was wrong. It is very easy to mess everything up on accident for new players. There is a fine line of cars that you have to pick in a specific order to get the final car. I would be ok with this challenge if all cars were final. Let’s say you lock in the wrong car then go to sell it. TO BAD. This again I think is fine, but there is going to be a problem if it’s not possible to do it with all cars. This is something that I’ve run into time and time again. But long story short, FIX YOUR GAME PLEEEEEEEEASE. Thank you..Version: 2.8.0

Fun game but unfairThe game is fun to pass time with. The challenges are very unfair in my opinion. Showdown races should be matched properly. First of all don’t restrict what car you can use. Then you do restrict the car to be used (in my case a legends car that is maxed to stage 5 parts) but since it is a legends car that I can’t complete because they have app issues with the legends races I can’t get it into my regular garage to be tuned. Then you put me up against their 5 cars running low 10s while I am stuck with my tier 3 car running 17s. There is no way to beat that. I have complained several times about this with nothing happening other than being told we are working on a fix. Here is 100 coins (that does nothing for me to advance). The. They tell me that no further conversations will be had about this issue. That’s cool push me off to the side great customer support. I would be willing to spend money in the game if I had some thought that I might advance in the game. But with they way have have things set up it’s not going to happen. Everything you buy is a gamble. Why would I spend money for parts to a car that I don’t even own in the game. The app designers really need to step it up a lot to make this a more successful app in my opinion. Make it a game that can be beaten. Not a game that you make one step forward and then 10 steps back. I give it a little more time then I will probably delete the game again if they don’t fix some things..Version: 2.16.0

Csr2 stole $50 from meI earned a specialty car and was not able to collect. I messaged them And they agreed to everything I said and even had proof. But they said they can’t do anything about it. They just kept saying for me to please understand. They can take your money with one click but can’t give you anything back. Don’t waste your time and money.Version: 2.17.4

Login bonuses 😡🔥Wicked game loving it works fine. But like a previous reviewer said ... putting like over 200K in car and when you go to sell it that it’s says it’s only worth stuff all like $1200 compared to how much money you have put in cmon. Also another thing that has happened to me 3x now (hence why I’m writing) the login bonuses. I have stayed lowyal to this game every day and when it gets up to like day 14-15 it resets again. How am i supposed to get them gold keys at the max login I think it’s 28 days cmon man !! I want a refund on all the items I’ve missed out then I’ll re write a review and 5 star it. I think that’s fair.Version: 2.7.2

It’s great but really needs improvementCsr2 is a great improvement from the other games mostly graphically and Gameplay. However I would just like to add that there are many glitches in this game that needs to be fixed ASAP, one of them being a delivery time glitch where you can’t receive your car on 0m 0s timer. This problem is still happening to me and it’s affected my gameplay experience. I also try to ask support for help but 80% of the time they are useless. They also countlessly tell you that any problem you have is being investigated. The glitch of the delivery time bug is a bug that has been there from the start (3 years ago) Doesn’t look like you’re investigating much are you?? Anyway if the bugs were fixed weekly and support could be more prepared. I would of given the game 5 stars if it wasn’t for these series of glitches and unhelpful support that I’m experiencing. I really want the team to up their game because this is an excellent game and has great potential..Version: 2.5.4

Need update to fix problemHad a super fast car was winning most of my races now the car is slow cant even do the same times anymore .. o and if I do win at times it tells me I lost talk about frustrating .... and to get nsx parts well that’s once in a blue moon Please fix this.Version: 2.4.0

Why should I report an issue with CSR 2 Multiplayer Racing Game?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of CSR 2 Multiplayer Racing Game to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a CSR 2 Multiplayer Racing Game customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using CSR 2 Multiplayer Racing Game.

Is CSR 2 Multiplayer Racing Game not working?

CSR 2 Multiplayer Racing Game works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact CSR 2 Multiplayer Racing Game.

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