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YouTube Studio App User Positive Comments 2024

YouTube Studio app received 132 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about youtube studio?

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YouTube Studio for Positive User Reviews

Could be betterPlease add a feature where you can see the average likes to dislikes ratio of all your videos with the x axis being time and the y axis being the average amount of likes out of both likes and dislikes together as a percentage for the corresponding time. No likes nor dislikes (0 likes and 0 dislikes) would be expressed as 50% because the likes and dislikes amounts are the same. I like how I can see dislikes on my videos with this app, because it helps me figure out what to improve on!.Version: 23.21.101

End screen and cardsI think this app is great but it would be better if there were options for end screens and adding cards onto videos just like on the computer.Version: 18.24.101

Really good and all but it could use some improvementsIt's really good and all but it could use some improvements, some of them are quite simple too but they could help out a lot, first one is dark mode, for some reason my friend that uses Samsung can change it to dark mode but I use an iPhone and I don't even have an option, second thing is the things that you add at the end of a video(other videos and a subscribe thing) I think it would be very helpful for people who don't have a computer or laptop, cards could help too, I think that's about it right now..Version: 20.22.101

Best update so farRunning very smoothly now, you have fixed a lot of bugs well done and thanks for listening..Version: 17.47.108

Great but....This app is great for me. As a starting YouTuber, being able to do nearly everything from the app is great. But, my only problem is not being able to make End Screens and Cards! I don’t have access to a computer so I am not able to make an end screen or cards. Please make the option to make these things and the app will be perfect!.Version: 20.30.100

Just 1 thingI love this app it’s so good! I use it all the time to manage my channel! I would just like to see a livecount feature so you can see you live sub count! And maybe (I don’t know) the ability to see other youtubers stats (me logging out of ZERM productions and seeing pewdiepie) over all I love the app!!!.Version: 17.34.103

GoodThis is my main tool to manage my video on YouTube I hope they don’t change it to much 🤞.Version: 22.39.100

Please add thisAbility to see comments based off the videos those comments are left on. Often I want to go back and respond to people. But the comments can be buried under 100s of comments I’ve already responded to. And also newer video comments I have even never responded to but don’t have a response for. Ideally I would like to go to a specific video so I can better find comments I have read but I haven’t responded to without endless swiping and also I’m sure it has other benefits to. Without this I often have to pull it up on a computer or loggin to my upload account vs my viewing account on the standard Yt app which is kind of. Annoying given I am in the Yt studio app to manage my channel conveniently on the go. Otherwise great companion app.Version: 22.27.100

Wow!I’m going to be completely honest. I can’t think of anything negative to say, really. I’m just a small channel right now and I think I have about 15 subs, but the amount of useful info this app brings is phenomenal. I am deeply impressed. I looked through other reviews and saw that the sub counter is coming and that’s really exciting as well as some other stuff they’re looking into. It’s good to see a company putting this much pride and effort into their work. Thank you all so much. Ps. The custom thumbnail feature is probably my favorite part! My computer always flips the picture upside down, but this app gets the job done right!.Version: 17.34.103

Improvements pleaseIt’s a great app I mostly use it for thumbnails but it would be great if you could upload from this app and change your YT channel banner.Version: 19.19.100

Great app, but could be a little easier to useI use this app to change all my thumbnails, and it works perfectly! But, as I do this not it computer, if I maybe wanna link channels at the end, I can’t find a way to do so. If you could make it easier to do that, this would be a 5 star review!.Version: 19.42.101

THIS IS SO GOOD!This is too let’s you change your thumbnails and more. I would really recommend downloading this.its litterally SO COOL 😎♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️.Version: 19.32.101

Works great now!I have been using this app for quite some time and appreciate the ease of tracking replies and comments through the apps notification section. About 2 weeks ago notifications quit coming through. I only get a random notification - like 2 notifications out of 50 comments. I contacted YT and they told me it was working like it should and always has....WRONG! Please fix! I see another comment with someone else having the same problem. Update: The fixed the app and now it’s back to working well..Version: 19.19.100

YouTube StudioI can’t delete my Chanel…. Sub to Bananabeaniebatter12 or @TribleB12.Version: 23.16.101

Very usefulI love this app because it allows content creators to edit videos or look at channel growth it is a great app highly recommend..Version: 20.13.104

Good but the website is betterThere is lots of features that is only compatible on the website. Make it more similar to the website please.Version: 20.47.100

AMAZING ap but how do you change your background profile picI think this app IS FABOOLUS because I see who subscribed to me how many likes I’ve got, how my channel has been going and changing the thumbnail but just one question, how do u change ur background pic because it only says ur main pic, please answer back.Version: 20.13.104

Love it! Use it everyday on my iPhoneI use this app every day for my channel on YouTube to make adjustments when I’m not at my main computer. I love it ! I’m now considering getting an Apple Watch, and I’m looking to see if the YouTube studio app is available for the Apple watches, I cannot find anything if somebody knows please let me know as soon as possible if it will work with the Apple Watch SE second generation.It would be great to have it for when I am traveling or on the road and I prefer not to take my phone..Version: 23.28.100

Love this appGreat idea for an app but could you make it so you can create your own playlist and it doesn't bother me as much but when you delete a video could make it so it doesn't appear in your videos because it just comes up as blank and you can't remove it.Version: 17.45.106

ThumbnailI can change thumbnail. Thanks youtube.Version: 23.24.101

Mobile AppProbably a small percentage of people have this issue, however I do not have a computer to make certain adjustments, I genuinely love the app, I’m very new and the only thing I would love to see change, is that the studios app will be updated to hold the same capabilities as the website, or making an app specifically for phones where I can make the small adjustments I need to, I frankly don’t have a computer. It’s frustrating when I open the app and open the website on my phone and have to go back and forth, the website is responsive and doing what it can I suppose, however it’s rather annoying that many options made for computers aren’t accessible to the website on a phone, I would rather have these things accessible from the app for phones. Just to work the website I have to scroll in and read small words or tap on small sections and it’s kind of discouraging..Version: 22.41.101

I don’t know how to use itHow do I edit on it?.Version: 23.33.100

IdiotsLol be fr, for those who rate it a one star just because dark mode is gone, well too bad. And those who say you can’t upload? I’m pretty sure this is only for viewing your status and you have to upload on the real YouTube app bozos.Version: 23.31.100

Good but wished you could edit with it.This Is a good app for overlooking your channels stats, but I wish that there could be some way that you could edit videos on a mobile device instead of a PC..Version: 19.47.102

Youtube Studio is freezingPlease update the YouTube Studio App it’s freezing when upload videos or using the app thank you..Version: 23.31.100

You need this App!!Ok so I Love this! It is super easy to use and to check how many subscribers I earned daily!and my views this is an amazing app that I highly recommend to every small YouTuber and being able to change the thumbnail helped a lot! Now it will make people more attracted to my videos! I really don’t have anything negative to say this is an amazing app and I can’t wait to post music videos and then be able to upload a thumbnail! Also being able to change it to public,private,and unlisted is really helpful so I can easily upload it when I’m read to!.Version: 19.25.100

Hmm 🧐Okay so the app first sounded promising after I saw a video of somebody using this app and I immediately knew I had to get it but the thing is, there is no instructions I’m completely lost and mad it says you haven’t created any videos and I don’t even know how to! So I went to the question mark and looked and searched all in the app, but I couldn’t find anything! Idk what to do. I’m so sad I thought I could figure this out and I heard some ppl have a the same reviews so I’m kinda dissatisfied & disappointed pls if u have the time tell me how to make a vid! Sry to be a picky person. Thx for the app tho!.Version: 21.24.101

Needs the features that the other studio hadThe new one is good and all but it's just things like with the other one you could add an watermark or schedule an video but with this one you can't do those things unless you go to the creator studio witch is hard to find because of all the talking sites and fake ones. Overall it is good, also can you subscribe to blue_skull YT or Pillow YT to help my channel to grow. Jaden..Version: 18.19.102

It’s greatIt’s pretty much a way to just like, edit your account while on mobile pretty much 10 out of 10 rating high recommended.Version: 20.22.101

Honestly unfair.How come desktop users can add end screen? It’s very annoying when a post a video and then I need to go on my PC. It’s very Laggy. Do you know what it’s like on Mobile? Try it. It’s very unfair. So yeah. Please make it more fair. And we need to have 1K subscribers on mobile to go live, but on PC you can go live any time you want??? Rude much..Version: 20.17.102

GreatWorks fine and is useful.Version: 1.0.1

Great - just one issueRevenue on the app is locked to USD and cannot change. Device language set to English (Australia), web platform shows AUD correctly but cannot change income information to the correct currency..Version: 21.24.101

DailyDoseOfAviationPlease make it possible to hide view statistics from the app it will make life a lot easier not just for me personally but for any small channel just starting out as it’s a great technique to get more views/subscribers because let’s face it no ones going to pick a video with let’s say 10 views in comparison to a video with 5,000 views are they if this can be implemented I will come back to give a five star sub to DailyDoseOfAviation.Version: 19.38.103

Please fix this!..My thumbnail on my channel will not load in this app I can NOT update my video in the studio app I can’t change the title neither thumbnail I already deleted the app and reinstalled it and it’s up to date but it just doesn’t seem to work I hope you are reading this message and I hope you will fix my problem that would really help me thank you for helping me and I hope to change my videos again 👍 and I think that this app is also the best thing ever it helps so much and gives me easier access on my iPad instead of pc thanks again! 👍👍😋.Version: 21.39.100

Decent appDecent app, but one glaring missing feature would be the ability to sort ‘Content’ by published date. Currently, viewing loaded content is a mess if out of order from publishing date. Make ‘content’ screen like the website. Other than that app is fine..Version: 22.23.100

Please read thisCan you please take away the verify thing when you do the thumbnail? When ever i verify it and then change the thumbnail and i get back to the app it just redo it.Version: 21.36.101

I will try this in 3 yearsMy parents say i can get a channel in 3 years . I will totally get this when i can.Version: 21.42.100

Nice app 😊 transformed my channelYou can see what people search to find your videos how many of your viewers are subbed and without this you can’t make your own thumbnail so if you’re a YouTuber and you want to make thumbnails, subtitles or translations this is your ticket 🎥.Version: 22.04

Finally The Thumbnail Works!21 September: I am honestly so glad that this has been improved! Last time with thumbnails I tried to get a custom one but then it didn’t work, since you had to verify it. It made me very upset but now I can FINALLY add thumbnails! Thank you so much for doing this! 😆.Version: 19.32.101

UsefulYou see all the things you need to you can change everything is soo good is 5 star would be better if you could make a video on it.Version: 23.36.101

Great-shThis app is great. Its easy to use. It help mange your channel easier, BUT the only thing is that you need a laptop to verify your account. Please fix this as it would make the app easier to use..Version: 20.13.104

Great appGreat app however I would like to able to love comments from this app instead of having to go into YouTube.Version: 17.34.103

App is good but...It would be great if you could create playlists and upload video thumbnails instead of having to log onto a computer and sort it out. Other than that, the app is fine and serves its purpose for checking comments, editing video details and looking at analytics..Version: 18.19.102

A must have for YoutubersThis app is incredible and shows me all the information that I want to see daily to keep track of my channel. I really love the feature where in the notifications it tell you when someone comments so that you can reply to them quickly. For some reason however this feature stopped working a few days ago. I've tried reinstalling the app to no avail. I hope this feature gets fixed soon since it was my favorite part of the app. Would also love a subscriber count as well. In all though I love this app and highly recommend it to other Youtubers! Thanks!.Version: 17.34.103

Just a suggestionThis is an absolutely great app but it’s kind of hard to navigate and to find everything and beta is hard to find am I’m pretty sure it cost money, correct me if I’m wrong. But the point of this review is to give a suggestion. I think this app should have a calendar feature to organize film dates edit dates and stuff like that to make it easier to be consistent without having to put it on your every day calendar. I know It would help me out so that would be really appreciated..Version: 20.38.100

It could be alot better though…It's great!But,there are problems,like I know it's made for phones,but the IOS version is so watered down! Like,the computer version has maximum editing options!Like where do you put cards,infact,where exactly do you do anything?!!Like this app isn't for editing! It's just analytics!And ways to earn,but my channel is too small for that so it doesn't even count!It only has like a few editing exclusive studio things,like putting categories for target audiences, and for the web browser version that is ment to be like the computer version,it doesn't even let me into my main account!So I want a large-scale update that will prevent it from being extremely watered-down,to make it more like the computer version..Version: 23.29.100

No phone numbers..For me.. I need to have a phone-number to change the thumbnail.. and I don’t. It’s a bit frustrating when you want to have snazzy thumbnails but you can’t.. so May you please change that? But anyways app is amazing so easy to change things omg. XD Just Want to be able to change the thumbnail without having to have a phone number!.Version: 19.25.100

1 bug.There is 1 bug really, i cant access my subscriber count, really i cant see who is subscribed to me! I’d like for that to be fixed. Or i just cant see it!.Version: 23.34.100

I love it I just wish you could edit videos in itIt works well and is good it tells you how your videos are doing and that’s great but I wish I could edit my videos on the app like adding end screens and annotations it would be awesome but I like knowing how all the info on my videos it’s awesome.Version: 19.25.100

I like it!Honestly i think it’s a great app. I use it to check my analytics and apply my thumbnails. I used to get so frustrated when i couldn’t apply a thumbnail but now it’s so easy. I reccomend this app for small you tubers, like me. It has helped me a lot :).Version: 20.22.101

Please could you addHi! I have a little request that if you could add this then it would be very helpful!! Could you add where you can see the exact person that disliked/ liked your videos? It would be very helpful! Thanks!.Version: 21.28.102

Love this app for thumbnails but there’s a problem..For mobile it doesn't give you an option to edit your videos and put music or edit your captions. But on PC and Laptop it gives you that. I checked to see if there was an update and there was. And to my surprise the update was nothing. I was hoping all of that would be there. But no. Still a good app on PC and Laptop and boring on Mobile.Version: 20.47.100

IPhone X Support?Can we get iPhone X Support? The black bars on top and bottom are just lame at this point. Other than that, great recent update on sub count..Version: 17.45.106

NEED SO MUCH HELP!!!So I first got it I do thumbnails and I can’t press custom thumbnails and I watch the video it didn’t help and I don’t know my password and if I tell my mom and dad they are going to get mad and I watch video they don’t work!!! Andi upload it it still didn’t work I just have a iPad nothing work I can’t figure it out nothing nothing nothing WORKS PLEASE HELP ME and I know that people have to same thing as. .M.E. They can’t press custom thumbnails pleaseeee fixxx thissss GLITCHHH THING!!!!!.Version: 21.24.101

Great!Great app, it’s easy to see my channel and how many views it’s got and very easy to change comments etc. App does glitch sometimes with comments and views for example once my video went from 1k views to 800 and once went from 89 to 30? But other than that great app!.Version: 22.23.100

Please add end screen option.Everything is awesome 👏🏻. But please add end screen feature in it . It is only on computer. 😞.Version: 20.38.100

Great app but…This app has been very helpful. I like seeing the metrics on the go. However, I wish that the analytics on the website and in the app were more consistent in their format. I wish the graphs were in the same format as the website and for some reason channel watch time is in minutes when the website is in hours. Also a big pitfall for me is that it’s hard to edit the details of a video, it’ll often crash or undo my typing when editing the description. It also does not show the character count for keywords. If you go over it just errors out and doesn’t tell you why..Version: 20.47.100

YeahFINALLY I CAN HAVE THUMBNAILS!!!!!! for mah snazzy animations o-o.Version: 18.03.103

VerifyIt would be good if you could verify your account so you can get more views because people will know what your doing plus I can upload vids more then 15 mins because I keep on having to do it again.Version: 20.34.100

It’s a great app but..I can’t make Costum thomnails (sorry I wrote that wrong) it say I need a computer to verify me, I don’t own a computer. I mean like what’s the point?.Version: 20.38.100

VerificationIt would be great if we could verify our account with and email. I want to be able to add a thumbnail so my videos look more professional and I already made a video that was more than 15 mins but I don’t have a phone number to verify with. If you could do this that would be amazing!.Version: 19.47.102

New Guidelines QueryI can’t change my channels settings to one of the three options (Made for kids, Made for a mix of kids and teens/adults, not made for kids) I don’t know if it’s because I use an iPad or something else, please add a section to do that in this app..Version: 19.42.101

No precise enoughI was checking my views, but the numbers did not add up: they were 60 views wrong. And I do not have a lot of views.Version: 23.30.101

LovelyThis is the way I check my subs to see if people actually watch my vids and now they do because I discovered this is where you choose thumbnails and I never knew that till an hour ago.Version: 20.04

ConfusedWhen I download the app for some reason I have to pay for it ?- but I recommend this app for making thumbnails ect <3.Version: 21.36.101

Can you add it so IPad and IPhone can use custom Thumbnails?The reason I got this app is to look more professional as people in my school don’t take my channel seriously. I am not allowed to get a computer since my parents think I’ll break it. So please can you make it that we can use custom thumbnails? Thanks! 👍🏻.Version: 18.43.101

Please add something...Can you please add, a ya that people with iPads or phones can make custom thumbnails because I can’t get a laptop or computer to make one... sorry if there is just tell me if I can, but otherwise... 4 out of 5.Version: 18.38.103

Ssoooo good!ITS THE BEST APP EVER should allow applauding.Version: 19.38.103

LocationI would like to have an option to have the location as none, I don’t really have anything long to say about this..Version: 22.02.100

Custom thumbnails and this so no one use mhscvbvsdhibsdvbihhsuidcuihsuhsdfidfshA app is great but every time I have a custom thumbnail ready to put on one of my videos I can only put about a third of the whole image as the thumbnail please fix and other then that awesomeapp.Version: 17.47.108

👍🏽I mostly use it for thumbnails 😂😂.Version: 19.08.100

We need more featuresIt’s good but not much to do on it. At least make it so we can make endscreens I want to but I just can’t it’s frustrating I can’t use my pc because I’m a mobile gamer and I don’t know how to put it on my pc. Add more features..Version: 19.47.102

Superb app!This app is good because I make videos on my phone and I find it difficult to make thumbnails on my laptop and I can just upload thumbnails I make on my phone and upload them from this app..Version: 18.19.102

How???Ok,so I posted a couple video’s and noticed the comments were turned off. I went and watched a couple tutorials on how to turn them on(they all said the same thing) and it wouldn’t show me the same screen as them. I still don’t know and I want to know how to turn them on. I don’t know if it only works for computers,( which I don’t have) but I tried on a iPad and iPhone and it’s not having the same screen\options. I looked at other reviews and I’m having no trouble with anything else, but I would like to know how to turn comments on. Other than that, it works fine. Still, help please..Version: 22.07.100

This app is so helpful but could use a couple more featuresAs a content creator this app is extremely helpful for keeping up to date on your videos statistics. From # of views, avg view duration, and impressions, to staying in contact with the communities you build. It’s awesome! But with that being said the studio app desperately needs some added features that are missing but can be found on the browser version. -Subscriber List (Being able to quickly see who has recently subscribed to your channel is something that would greatly strengthen this app while on the go especially when doing contests and a computer might not be available) -Email/Notification of those who unsubscribe (this is more of a personal feature I’d love to see, as someone who is deeply connected with the community I’ve built knowing who is coming and going would be a great asset. Heck I wish a little prompt would be asked why they unsubscribed so we could help reduce churn) Overall this app is a great and helpful tool. Almost identical to the web browser version. You couldn’t really ask for much else. Hopefully we see continued improvement to it to help empower creators..Version: 23.16.101

Just one problemThe app is great and it helps me with my videos but there is a problem where I can’t use the custom thumbnail option even though I’ve done everything to be able to use it, please help me with this because it’s quite annoying.Version: 22.03.103

Great!!!👍🏻I love this app!!! I just started YouTube and I already love it!!! YouTube can sometimes take HOURS to show my views, but this shows my views right when I get them!!! 😀.Version: 17.34.103

Warren MitchellFantastic app for tracking channel data. Also useful as a tool to allow interaction with viewers. Would however be useful if the app provided the possibility to receive notifications for viewer comments/replies on uploaded videos..Version: 23.36.101

Thumbnail issuesI've verified my YouTube account, but it won't let me make a custom thumbnail, this is really annoying since I'm thinking of starting up a channel! Please fix this..Version: 20.38.100

Amazing!!I love this app! it’s so easy to find my comments and what videos they’re on!! xox 💞.Version: 24.04.100

I love it and I can also edit my thumbnails love it!I ain’t going back to anything! YT Studio is the best I did a videos which didn’t had thumbnail I downloaded YT studio and now my video has a thumbnail I checked to see it si real and it is all I did was press “custom thumbnail” and custom it which means edit it and everything is going great no going back to any other app it even shows my videos! My likes my dislikes and my views I LOVE THIS APP!!! AND i refuse to deny it even thought some months ago I used to hate it because I ddI t knew how it’s worked but now I LOVE it!.Version: 20.22.101

This app is amazingWhenever I spell something wrong I can just came here and fix it keep up the good work👍👍❤️.Version: 22.32.100

FantasticThis app is absolutely amazing. Took a couple of days to learned my way around it and can’t work without it..Version: 23.23.100

Great App!This app is so useful and easy to use, I use it a few times a week to check how my videos are doing and things like that. The analytics are great! They are perfectly set out and easy to read to. For people confused about thumbnails, do it whilst the video is uploading it says at the bottom where to change it. Anyway recommend this app to all!.Version: 19.25.100

Best appI don't usually give reviews to apps But this one definitely deserves it Iphone 5S works perfectly.Version: 1.9.117

App is goodThe app is good I hope everyone will get it and enjoy but I recommend it bec it helps with ur comments to be turned on and all that stuff and edit ur videos I hope people get it and I really recommend this app :) byeee:)))).Version: 21.36.101

This is super good but something badI don’t like looking at my dislikes because I get a lot I really want to see my likes tho but I want to get rid of my dislikes can you please do thing to my account the account name is -Potato_Plays- I hope you can get it sorted it’s fine if you can not but please try :).Version: 22.06.100

Good but just one thing..I don’t hate it, it’s very good app it would’ve been 5 without and verification, for me, it’s really unnecessary just to do a verification before do a thumbnail, I don’t think the verification really needs to get involved I just want thumbnails for my channel because it just looks weird without it. If not then that’s alright! Good app though..Version: 20.45.100

This app is great!This app has been great for me and my extremely small account, (16 subs) but there’s one big problem! I have more than one account, and I wanted to verify my account. So I did that and went back to my video, but it wouldn’t let me change it! I went back to see if I was verified, and it said I was, so I repeatedly tried to and came out with no luck. This is my only problem so far, and it would be great if you told me how to fix it or if you could fix it. But despite that bug it’s been a great help to me..Version: 19.32.101

Can’t wait to get my new channelI have been trying to upload my videos and post them to YouTube.Version: 20.47.100

Quick referenceIt’s great for a quick reference, but if you want to see most of the information, you are much better off using a computer. I could get over most of this, but there’s one thing I wish they would fix and that would be super Thanks. When looking at comments it does not display the amount of money donated from the super Thanks. Even if you filter to show only super thanks, it shows the name and the comment but not the amount of money donated..Version: 23.10.100

Truly AMAZING~~!!!! But one probIs amazing but it missing some stuff ;-; and yah. also.. Why cant we change our thumbnail on IPAD Idk how to use a computer?!.Version: 21.36.101

SuggestionsHi I was wondering if you could add these features in to Mobile (like phones) -being able to premiere videos -being able to change the banner -literally everything you can do an a computer I do everything on my phone ( like I make the vids on my phone and I post them form my phone) and I want to be able to do everything I can do on a computer for my phone. Cause there is a LOT more you can do than n a computer and I would like that for my phone. If you could do that I would REALLY like that :3.Version: 20.42.100

Love itIt is awesome for checking how your YouTube channel is going. Please also Subscribe to me my channel is: Meritedfan.Version: 20.26.100

It’s a pretty good app🤷The only thing I dislike about this app is the inability to heart comments and only being able to reply from this app..Version: 23.21.101

Great appIt is a great app and helpful to YT creators. It is more up to date with figures than your channel on YT. Would love to see a monetisation tab in a future update so we can see that tab on your mobile and not just on the website/desktop version. Thanks!.Version: 21.28.102

Very helpful app :)Its such a great app for editing and looking at statistics! Amazing layout, easy to find different features etc. However, it would be super helpful if there was an upload feature. One of the only reasons i got the app was to upload and premiere a video, since the layout on the website on iPhone is really hard to get around. That said, i highly recommend it for looking at comments and reviews on the video :).Version: 20.47.100

Please remove the thumbnail sign inHey can you please remove the sign in for the thumbnail?, and I love this app it is pretty great’.Version: 19.19.100

Great but bugsOverall a really helpful app for tracking analytics and comments. However there’s a bug where when you click views for the past 24 it takes you instead to the 4 week screen of views. A small nuisance since you can then change the timeframe but given it’s been a bug for over a month I figured Google would have fixed it by now. Also, I’d love to be able to track my finger across the analytics and get the actual number instead of guesstimating what the number is..Version: 21.16.100

Do this?I would want this app to also help me change my channel banner!.Version: 19.08.100

Good for my channelI like this app it will edit my videos and add thumbnails!.Version: 21.24.101

PLEASE allow IPad to create a custom thumbnailPleeeeeease allow people on IPads to create thumbnails! I cannot afford a computer and my parents won’t buy me one so please allow IPad to use it🥺🥺🥺🥺 other than that it’s a great app but I downloaded it to create a thumbnail. Thank you! Yours sincerely “me”😏.Version: 19.32.101

ReminderTo everyone that is complaining about not being able to use a custom thumbnail, you have to go on to your channel on a computer and go into you’re channel settings on the computer version of YouTube studio. There is a setting for custom thumbnails and you have to turn it on. You can also mess around with customizing you’re channel a lot more on a computer. This app is great for quickly looking at you’re channel on a mobile device..Version: 19.25.100

Amazing, just one small thing.I think this app is absolutely wonderful. I was trying to find out how I can make it so anyone can see how many subscribers I have, but I found this app instead. I will just say, that this app is absolutely amazing and is completely worth it. I don’t think I would be able to do the things I now can do without this app. The only thing I would change is so I can make my channel show my subscribers to everyone. Thank you!.Version: 19.25.100

Same as youtubeFeature requests1 send a notification to people when they’re eligible for a playbuton Number two make dark mode available for iOS.Version: 22.12.100

Subtitles are awfulSo I use the website, not the app, I haven’t used the app, but if you could fix the website, that would be great, the subtitles, do not work, every time I put a time frame, it changes for no reason, I made is so the timeframe would make sense, so I put the shorter one first, it was fine, but when I put it one millisecond more, it’s keeps changing the time, so my subtitle mess up, please fix this, Thank you.Version: 21.24.101

Upload and ThumbnailGreat app for monitoring your account, but I cannot upload any of my videos from here. I also can’t change the thumbnail or add a thumbnail for videos either. Now I have to consistently jump from app to app to edit a single video..Version: 20.47.100

It’s ok. By Wintergirl4I like to use this app but... When I gained a subscriber it didn’t seem to notice to much later even if I tried to refresh it. To me on the go that’s the only thing I would use - the ability to see how many subscribers I have- which is sad if it doesn’t work! I always update my apps so it confuses me - unless that is what Is supposed to happen. But this app has many great features so don’t get put down by that. I can’t express how amazing it is (I’m still finding new things!)..Version: 18.24.101

Want to restart my channelI’m pretty sure that this app used to be able to select multiple videos at once, now it doesn’t. i want to restart my channel but i can’t private all my previous videos, as i have over 100 it would take ages to private all of them, please bring this feature back.Version: 23.03.102

It’s good butIt’s good but I want to see my copyright strikes, Community guideline strikes and when they end. Also I want to be able to use annotations and end screens in this app but it won’t let me. Also can we have of the features from creator studio classic from pc on mobile.Version: 18.48.102

Useful but missing some functionalityI like the app generally but wish you could change the currency. Even if you set the currency to something other than USD, it defaults to USD on the app and you can’t change it. That’s my only frustration. Otherwise I find it really useful to heart/reply to comments and check how my vids are performing/revenue etc..Version: 20.45.100

WowWow.Version: 23.23.100

Follows You/Subs To You FeatureAlmost 5 star app.. if only it had the same feature as twitter or instagram where you can see if the channels you are subbed to are also subbed to you (if they're set to 'public' of course).Version: 17.47.108

It’s great but...I wish this app would allow the users to do everything you can do on a computer because, I don’t have access to one all the time so it becomes a bit of a problem. Overall, it’s a really useful app..Version: 18.32.101

Great butI use this to mark my vids made for kids or not made for kids. I also use it to add thumbnails to my vids, change the name, and sometimes ads tags. But I feel like you shouldn’t have to have a computer to change your channel banner. You can change the icon on mobile but not the channel art. I feel like this is a huge downfall for a lot of channels. I’ve seen you tubers who upload videos from their phone and their channel art is stuck as a city or whatever just because they only use on mobile. I can’t believe after years Google hasn’t noticed this problem..Version: 20.26.100

Good but want moreThis app is really good at its job but could do with more jobs, there aren’t video editing options that are possible on a computer, most significant would be editing in an end screen for your videos, I (and a bunch of other people) would really appreciate some more vid editing options..Version: 18.03.103

I Verified my account but it still won’t workI tried to add a custom thumbnail but it said I had to verify my account and so i kept on doing it multiple times and I verified it loads of times aswell but it doesn’t work.Version: 17.34.103

SuggestionsThis review won’t be as long, but I absolutely love this app and it’s very helpful! But could you please add recent subscribers and make it so you can change your channel art/ banner and profile? It would be tons more helpful because when I request desktop website on my phone it says I need to to sign in and so I click the link and it just exits out!! Please just add this in. Recent subscribers would make me not have to go to desktop website on my phone and use that yt studio, because my internet is pretty bad and it never really loads. And plus it would take much less work to do both of these, thanks! Also please add more features to here that there are on the computer yt studio, it’s way more helpful! Please put my suggestions in thought!.Version: 20.30.100

Great app but one problem for meIt’s a great app but there is a problem. I can’t choose custom thumbnails from my images. It says to verify your account which I’ve already done and I also watched your video on it. I’m not sure whether it’s because I have an IPhone SE instead of an iPad but I don’t know how to fix it. Can you help me please?.Version: 18.13.102

A common App Store moodApp: *screws up, once, and it doesn’t effect your data/experience at all* Consumer: iT STeaLS YOuR GOoGle PHOtoS.Version: 20.47.100

Why?EveryTime i click “Custom Thumbnail” Gray, it says “to add Custom Thumbnails, verify your account on Youtube on your computer.” The verify Message does not pop up, It not Send it to google. Fix it. 5 stars!.Version: 20.26.100

Awesome!This app really helped my YouTube channel and I am really happy about this app 🙂🙂.Version: 23.01.100

AMAZING But please bring back Swipe to go backGreat App as always. I use it several times a day for all my videos. Please bring back “SWIPE RIGHT” to go back though. I hate pulling the menu out after replying to comments. The “Back Button” is too high on taller devices so the Swipe Gesture to return back is way more convenient. Thanks. Keep up the great work,.Version: 20.13.104

Great app.. just needsMore channel editing options. The ability to change channel art and about. Also the ability to change the video positions so if I need to re upload/ re edit a video in a series. I can place it back where it should be in the timeline, playlists isn’t enough for us pedantics... and changing the position of the playlists ( not videos in the playlist, I mean the actual playlist).Version: 19.47.102

Why can’t you add videos?You can’t post on this app, just see what’s going on. Otherwise it’s a great way to manage your channel..Version: 23.37.100

Perfectionist’s wet dream 4/5Only got this app so I can upload a video on my photos app but I don’t know how and I checked everywhere. The whole app is confusing and I don’t know how to read analytics but I’m new to it so I won’t give it flack for that. The app is well produced and provides plenty of information to make use out of. I think this app is better suited for people who have a perfectionist streak. I am a small time YouTuber wanting to upload but still unsure how to :/ and that’s the only reason I’m giving this a 4/5 Good app..Version: 21.28.102

CoolI love it it’s nice.Version: 22.34.100

Could you please add...Things that are on your computer/web like channel art, Instant premiers, recently subscribed..Version: 20.30.100

It’s not that good for meI really like yt studio it’s helpful to edit my videos but the thing I hate is that sometimes when I upload a video unitlied video (Sorry if I spelled that wrong) I write the right title of the video and the discription I tap save BUT it says error to update video 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 If you can fix this that would be most helpful or if you have some tips on how to fix this that would be most helpful too ☺️☺️😢.Version: 22.02.100

It’s good but it needs a few changesI’m very happy with this app, it’s easy to use. But there are some things I think should be changed. I think you should change how you can’t put a poll on there, like the desktop version. Also, I would enjoy it if you could make it so that you can put videos on the end of your videos, like on the outro. I just would like it if this app was kind of like creator studio on the desktop version, because that’s really easy to use, and it’ll definitely make it easier and make your videos more cool. Other than that, this app is very helpful and cool so far..Version: 19.25.100

Great but missing one important thingGreat app, but could really use a way to clear comments without needing to reply or like them. It would be perfect if it had that!.Version: 24.04.100

Great for thumbnailsAll you have to do is film your video take a screen shot edit your screen shot on pics art save it upload you video and change the thumbnail to your picture.Version: 21.24.101

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