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Toy Blast App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Toy Blast app received 104 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Toy Blast? Can you share your negative thoughts about toy blast?

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Toy Blast for Negative User Reviews

Hate the latest update!Hate the update, hate the new chests, hate that there is no more free hours of play. Finding a new game!.Version: 5742

Good game.. howeverI am sick and tired of games like this that make levels so hard you have to play them over and over, as it is designed to make you spend ridiculous amounts of money to get to the next level. I remember in early IPad days, you would pay a set price for a game and you earned coins etc through game play. It is disgusting how greedy these game developers have become. It would be different if what they were selling was reasonably priced; but it isn’t. You and all similar developers should be ashamed of yourselves...Version: 4391

Increased difficulty to force pay to winThe latest update has made the levels a lot harder to force pay to win. Really disappointed have been playing this for years.Version: 11404

LovEDI’ve loved this game for years but the new update sucks! Bring back the 24h wins!.Version: 5877

Update ruined toy blast.This game was fun until they updated it. Now it’s a waste of time because you can never win no matter what you do unless of course you spend tons of money. Sad😩.Version: 6054

Disappointing but pleasing enoughToy Blast and Toon Blast are fun games, good versions of the match game genre, which are satisfying and a great way to kill some time or distract from a turbulent plane ride or other nervy time. Winning is only half due to skill - although you must think, strategize, and recognize patterns to progress at all: game “luck” is also needed to win about half the games. Of course the game is rigged... this type all are. But the egregious failing is that after a run of easy or challenging but eventually surmountable levels, the game “rules” are suspended at a specific level clearly in order make a level nearly impossible without purchasing aides. Clearly the games are not meant to be “fair,” but sometimes they are insulting .... just trying to wear you down ... and that’s where I stop... no fun. After 1x, I learned never to purchase but to wait for a turn in “luck.” But there have been a few times where 100 attempts later, I finally get to progress to next level. Today I played my last game for this reason. Had enough. Enjoy the game but don’t say we didn’t warn you. When you are tempted to get mad, just remember their goal is to make money... play or don’t ... BTW, all my progress (iphone, up to date game) is saved without Facebook, so delete and reinstall when you want to try again..Version: 6703

Why?Absolutely love this game except that you keep saying more levels soon when I get the hour free play and end up losing the hours free play while waiting for the update link to appear 🥺.Version: 10638

Good but not enough lives!This is a good game, addictive granted, but has some minor flaws that could probably benefit from being reviewed. Let’s address the lives issue, as this seems to be the main problem that the game lacks massively... Five lives per player is HARDLY enough for the player to get the most from this game. One game of toy blast, for example, can use up 3x lives in one go if the player is unsuccessful in completing the puzzle. This is unfair and pitted deliberately against the player, clearly so that the player ALWAYS remains at a loss, having to tediously wait for long periods of time just for those pithy 5 lives to build back up. Please consider revising the amount of lives one has, perhaps raising the amount to 10? I think it’s a gracious request, considering the amount one spends trying to acquire extras, don’t you think? Feel free to give me feedback. Would like to hear thoughts.....Version: 7104

Sad long time playerBeen playing Toy Blast for a long time, so many recent changes all indicate the need to purchase items/lives. Not sure why the developers need to change a good game. But what had pushed me away from this game is all of a sudden every player leaving a team of 50 all on the same day? This to me indicates they were not real players especially when majority were all on the exact same score (6451) Sort it out and stop misleading your followers. I’ve sent messages to help request the “team” issues, I have screenshots that I’ve sent also, we’ve gone from a team of 50 to 2 😡.Version: 9964

Great game butI used to play this game all the time. Until recently you could get 2,4 or 24 hours free once you got to a certain level. This was a real incentive for me and I used to buy coins so I could get there. Bear in mind that this was the only game I spent money on cos I liked it so much. Now the free hours have gone and there’s no way I’d buy coins to keep losing on the levels. I still play it but once I’ve lost my lives, I switch off and play MonsterBusters. I’ve taken 2 stars off my previous rating cos there are still no bonuses in this game that you can realistically achieve with 5 lives. The game wants you to spend money to continue playing and I’m not doing it until it offers me something. Other games I play offer you incentives to continue playing, Toy Blast doesn’t..Version: 6099

No skill levelThe game involves no skill level, just luck. It is extremely frustrating when you have to destroy a block with a certain color tile but you have no control on what tile lands. And if you have the opportunity to complete a level with a rocket it will always be the opposite direction that you need the rocket to go. The game forces you to buy coins because most people do not want to wait 4 hours for there health to regenerate. I get frustrated when the only way to win a level is with a certain color block in a certain spot and u only have 5 or so moves left and the color never drops. At that point i didnt lose the level because of anything i did i lost because i could not control what block lands. It is annoying because there isn’t anything i can do and you cant just magically “get better” at the game you can only get lucky with combination of different cubes. Overall i give the game a 3 out of 5... it isnt that bad when you are getting lucky and beat a few levels but once you get higher up the levels are practically made so you will buy coins..Version: 4451

This game is not what is advertisedThis game is not what was advertised and that game looked interesting this is just a remake of all the other ones.Version: 9020

WthWhen I was playing a fun game the add shows up and you can’t Peres exit so now I can’t get in to my other game because of the add.Version: 6521

Unlimited LivesI was obsessed with this game to the point that I stopped playing my other favorites for this one. I’ve reached level 1788 and I’m not sure if it’s the height of the level or the upgrade, but I no longer get offered the opportunity for unlimited lives which makes the game for me. The difficulty of levels was fine when I knew I had unlimited tries to figure it out. Plus I had a chance on the leaderboards. Now it takes days to pass one level because you only get five lives and boosters once in a blue moon which leaves not enough time to rank on the leaderboard. I used to have at least 20 of every booster stacked up and would challenge myself to not have to use them. I would play the level at least 5 times with no assistance before I’d dip into my booster stash. Now I have 0 of everything because it’s so impossible to win and not because of skill but because the game refuses to give you what you need to succeed. At this point I’d rather not play than inflict this stress on my life, when this game used to be what eased my stress. I’d really like to know if the developers plan to put the unlimited lives back because if not I’ll be deleting it. I’m going back to Cookie Jam and I’m only waiting one update to see if it’s fixed..Version: 6010

ToyblastBring back 24hr lives.Version: 6099

Rigged Like A Slot MachineI’ve been playing this game for many years, it took an initial hit when the unlimited lives periods ended. Back then it didn’t really matter if it took 5-10 attempts to do a level, now with only 5 lives, the game decides when you will complete a level, your skill level is only 20% of the overall outcome. It’s very frustrating to watch a game intentionally drop unwanted colours, making multiple rotors that face the wrong way etc. The bonus TNT and rotors for completing levels is often stunted by levels that start with no coloured blocks. This game is like a fruit machine, it will tease you into thinking you’re close only to leave you needing one or a couple more moves. I have tested this and when the game is ready for you to progress you can nearly clear tiles at random and if will still complete the level. It’s a real shame they’ve taken this approach, I understand the need to make money and I appreciate the game is add free, I just wish they’d make the levels more challenging instead of this constant and blatant system of holding you up..Version: 8906

Love this gameI love this game! The levels are not too hard. I’ve beaten all of them in a reasonable time and actually get frustrated when they are too easy. I played through all the levels so while I’m waiting for more to be added I go back to get three stars on all levels which I’m currently on level 810. I say this only to let those who say they are stuck for 3 weeks know that it is very very possible and the problem is NOT the game. The reason I only give it 4 stars is because they took away my map and because I hate waiting 2 weeks for new levels that seem easier than levels 600 games ago. My other frustration is when I use one of the power ups I have to choose before I start a game, it chooses where it goes and ALWAYS puts it in the most unhelpful place. Most of the time they end up not helping and just get wasted. If I’ve earned a power up, I should get to use it how I want. After all, the power ups are supposed to be helpful. Yes the random rockets are not random. I agree that they almost always go the exact opposite way you need them. I always try to combine the rocket with the tnt just to make it go the way I need it to. Overall, I love the game!!.Version: 4337

Good but….I played this game for ages (over 2 maybe even 3 years and was virtually at the highest level possible, was having to wait for new levels) and really enjoyed it however the levels now seem repetitive and boring, also I feel like they are conning you, as a lot of the time you seem to need a couple of more moves to finish the level no matter what you try, or what you start with, so you end up watching the ads or using extra coins, I may be wrong but it’s a shame there wasn’t an option to buy the game outright - ad free, now been deleted unfortunately……..Version: 12000

Bring it backBring the unlimited lives back!!!!.Version: 6973

Was a good game, recent update is rubbishWas always a great game, no adverts and easy to get rewards and progress through levels. However the new update has taken most icons off the main screen and put them in a separate menu, which they say is more user friendly but is actually the opposite, now they’re harder to find and easier to forget about. Additionally you can no longer play the game in landscape mode, another feature they claim “improves customer experience”, but how can removing a good feature ever be improving the experience of the customer? It’s a shame as this was a good game..Version: 8520

Getting ready to delete!I have been playing this game for quite a while now. I used to love it, in fact I was obsessed with it, lol! Played every chance I could. It’s an easy game, but challenging at the same time. I do miss the regular board and not really a fan of the constant contests in the Legends Arena. I think they last too long and really don’t offer too many people a chance to win, unless you play the game non stop for 10 days. But because I like the game overall I tolerated it. This last contest though has me incredibly frustrated and wanting to just delete the game. I would occasionally get stuck on a level, but that was fine. I would eventually pass it then move on. No big deal, it’s part of the challenge. The problem is this last update into the Legends Area has me stuck on every level for at least a day or two each! You are consistently not given enough moves unless things just “work” and that is up to the computer not the person playing. Please don’t make the game so impossible to play or it’s not fun!.Version: 5008

Level 2000’sNow that I’m on the 2000 levels is takes a few days just to past a level and that’s using a life or some of the icons, seems silly really, have to delete it because of this.Version: 6391

Over chargeConstantly over charging me for what I purchase. I’ll buy one package and they will charge me for two. Rip off.Version: 12508

Dishonest gameYou can barely pass without spending money, free items will disappear by itself, a totally dishonest game..Version: 6908

F uThis app sucks its literally so bad.Version: 8955

Careful with in app purchasesI had an issue with my purchase has not been credited to my account upon contacting the developer I received an automated message telling me to contact Apple Pay Apple Pay told me to contact the developer and you will never get any satisfaction with either as I will say you’re not entitled to a refund even though you didn’t get what you paid for it almost verges on fraudulent.Version: 7686

Not all players have same advantageI see reviews complaining about the ads for extra moves being glitchy. My complaint is that I don’t even get the option. Have complained to Support but am given the excuse that they’re just testing it and not everyone gets that feature. Totally unfair to have to play tournaments against players that get the ads. So many games need just a couple of more moves to win..Version: 11788

TrashDoesnt give you enough moves when your on the bowling levels.Version: 7193

Not as good as before new updateAs people have stated the new update is rubbish!! I always had over 700 coins, I now have 120 due to the chests being taken away. I always had lots of tools to help pass the levels and also the arrows/tnt/cubes but they have reduced and I have 0 tools to help. Every few days, if you get so many blue cubes, you get 15 mins unlimited lives or 15 minutes with the drill etc, and at the end, you get to win the whole chest! GREAT! But, I’ve never been able to reach it as I am struggling to pass levels. It’s really hard and I’m barely going on it. PLEASE put the chests back and make it more enjoyable.Version: 9653

Too much manipulation!Played this game for quite a long time now but have just deleted it! In my opinion there is just too much manipulation (some may call it cheating) going on. It’s just too much of a coincidence the amount of times I miss completing a level by one move and then to quickly see that if I buy five more moves there are puzzles, TNTs available all over the board. Also can’t believe that I can waste ten moves just waiting to get one more coloured square that would give me two puzzle cubes that would win me that level, mathematically just doesn’t add up! Used to be such an enjoyable game!.Version: 9736

Fun but dishonestThis is a really cute game which is relaxing to play, colourful and has good sound-effects. My only criticism is that the free coins they give you are completely randomly removed from your account. For example I took ages to save up 100 coins and then I spent 25. Now I have a balance of 5! They do this a lot. I guess they are trying to trick you into paying real cash for their dodgy coins. It seems a bit unfair..Version: 5315

Legends Arena a 'Trap Arena'!This quickly became my favorite go-to game when I needed to unwind. I did not mind playing the same level multiple times since there is some strategy involved and even if you have trouble getting it, the game somehow seems to eventually help you out of that level; buying stuff is not necessary unless you are impatient, which I am not. I liked the Star Chest until I realized it replaced the tree climbs, which for me were a nice escape from the regular levels as the steps were often easier. I did not understand the Legends Arena or why I was there until the next update came out, and I realized I had reached the top level so was put into this limbo until new levels could be added. Basically, I dislike being stuck there and forced to play through the stages. I would rather go back and earn the one or two stars I did not get in previous levels. It feels more like a trap than a reward. Not so much my favorite go-to game anymore. ***Update so I can gather gifts around an altar to honor dead spirits? Don't think so. Enjoyed playing but such ideas are not for me. Deleted the app.***.Version: 5026

Fun game but be careful of scamsThis is a really fun game and very enjoyable BUT BE CAREFUL. Do not purchase coins etc in app and if you do then keep careful track. I have been charged for additional coin purchases that I did NOT authorise. I also didn’t receive anything for the money that was deducted from my card. This is stealing and fraudulent activity that seems to be built into the app. When I queried this with support they said that there wasn’t anything they could do. Update based on response by developer: this is not true. I had read another review similar to this and it stated to get in touch with support. I did this twice and both times I was told I couldn’t be helped as purchases went through App Store and I needed to get in touch with them..Version: 9050

It's not badSo it's not a bad game but there are some problems. Not with the programming or anything but the algorithms used to calculate the direction of the rockets. As you get further into the game you start to get fewer and fewer moves to the point where you need to be extremely lucky or buy stuff. It consistently asks if you want to buy coins I don't really mind that that much but if you don't like that then this game isn't for you. Now about the rockets, you combine five or more blocks of a certain color you get a rocket is says "random" but I have been counting the rockets and put together a graph real quick of the rockets. Depending on the level and the nature of the objective you may desperately need a vertical rocket but nine out of ten of them are going to be horizontal if you need a horizontal you get a vertical. If your down to your last few moves and you have the opportunity to get a rocket and win the level if it is a certain direction, 14 out of 15 times it's going to be the opposite direction. I found that the math in the app used to determine direction purposely gives you the opposite direction to push you into buying more coins, which can become extremely frustrating when you reach higher levels and it takes you three or four days to beat one level. Other then this if you looking for a casual gaming experience this game isn't bad (I downloaded to play at work when times are slow). This game isn't bad though.Version: 4153

Highly addictiveFun game, variety of levels keeps you interested. However the developer tricks get repetitive and tedious after a while. Here's the pattern- first try of a new level: almost do it with only one or two moves left. Second try of a level- not quite as good. Third try- rubbish. But here's the catch. You're now addicted. You know you almost made it first try so you just keep going. Eventually it will let you win but only at the point where you've nearly had enough and are going to quit playing the game for a few weeks. This pattern pretty much repeats for each level once you're past the basics. Love it and hate it all at the same time..Version: 5431

Frustrated with updatesI love this game but the newest update changed the buttons so to accept the loss I have to click a small x, with the only obvious button being the “keep playing” which takes 25 coins. So many times I’ve accidentally clicked keep playing because it’s the only obvious button and my fingers were just following their old habit…. Not to mention, I’m left handed, and when I’m playing one handed reaching the right of the phone to click the X is annoying. Just seems like they’re trying to force you to pay to keep playing. Change the buttons back please! Also, since I’m here, the rewards with unlimited play time where we don’t get to choose when to use it is really unfair. If I’m playing on my work break and earn 30 min or an hour of unlimited play, I basically lose that reward because I can only play for 5 or 10 minutes. Let me use my reward when I have the time to actually play for most of the time!.Version: 10745

No longer fun! It’s all about making money.I started out loving this game! In fact, I quit playing other popular games for this one. And along the way I have happily bought coins, extra lives, etc. but I’m noticing the higher I get the less moves I’m given and the harder it is to get rockets (or at least rockets that face the direction I need) etc...which all leads to purchasing more and more coins. I understand companies and developers need to make money, but when it takes 4 days to beat one level and it’s next to impossible to earn extra bonuses, other than buying them or spinning the wheel, the game is no longer fun but instead frustrating and defeating. To me, this is just bad business and sends the tone that all these people care about is money. The whole point of the game is to enjoy it and I love a good challenge as much as anyone, but there is nothing fun about fighting an aggressive algorithm that’s designed for you to fail multiple times, day after day. Unfortunately, this has gone from my absolute favorite game to one I’ll be deleting. And that makes me angry, especially since I have invested a ridiculous amount of money & time into it. But I refuse to spend any more. I’ll be going back to candy crush!.Version: 5095

Bob binoToy blast is a great game but why advertise a false gameplay where one can’t even save a baby or a woman????.Version: 9174

Latest levels ridiculousI’m on level 4100 and some thing. I absolutely love this game but the latest levels are beyond a joke!! You have to go through at least 10 lives before the game play gets easier to allow you to move on. And YES it does do that!! I know you guys are trying to make money by people getting addicted and buying lives because they are hooked. However, there is no way anyone would consider buying to complete the impossible. I now feel like it’s a fixed fruit machine where it’s impossible to win until the machine wants you too. All the fun has been taken out of the game because you simply don’t have enough turns to complete the game, have to have helpers to clear things or just simply trying to get people to buy helpers or lives!! Also.... can you please get rid of the windmills!!! I absolutely hate games that have them. There is no logic on how to get rid of them, and if there is will someone please tell me. You can press and press next to them and they simple won’t go, unless you do every colour next to them.... And if that’s the answer, every colour has to be next to them then that’s just stupid as it can take forever. Please lighten the game play as it’s just making me lose interest. Ok I’m moaning, but imagine how many others are thinking the exact same thing!!.Version: 7497

Ad does not reflect actual gameSeems to be a theme with many of these super basic games- I guess if they were advertise what the game actywas no one would download so it seems more time is spent on the “Ad” than the actual (boring) game.Version: 12430

LandscapeAfter many years of playing, a recent update took away the ability to play in landscape view. I feel this is a backward step, please update and bring back the landscape view..Version: 8793

Toy blastThis ad presented itself while I was playing another. Big surprise, and expected. What was unwelcome was the screen then froze, disabling my play. I believe this is the ads fault, as this has happened a few times..Version: 9286

Amazing gameThis is such a a life a changing game. I recently got into a car and i loaded up toy blast mid crash. As i started blasting, I could feel all the bones in my body heal instantly. I am the now the #toyblastchampion. I have deleted every other app even the app store just for fingertips to blast on toy blast. Every second of my life is devoted to the game. I divorced my husband of 12 years as he did not like the game. I have disowned all of my 7 children just so I can play this game all day and night. I now live alone in, no in-fact im homeless my best friend is a rat called fat patrisha and chubby felisha. RIP Obese Chantelle she is still here in spirit playing this awsome game. Download now.❤️.Version: 10638

Time FillerHandy and enjoyable little game. Gets a bit harder after level 12 and I suspect not too longer after that the pressure to indulge in ‘In App Purchases’ to progress further will kick in. Personally I don’t like this system and would rather pay a buck or two up front for these offerings. Pleasant fun time filler though..Version: 4153

Questionable advertisingUsed to like this game, then they introduced adverts for extra moves. Given this game is especially appealing to children, why are most of the adverts for gambling? I don’t recall this game having an age limit. Often you watch an advert and then the game crashes,so you’re thrown off the game and lose a life. Often when you only have one more block to get any boosters will miraculously miss the block, like just now, one block to get, a puzzle cube and a rocket - which means lots and lots of rockets, they all STILL missed the final cube. Very suspect. This happens too often. Uninstalled..Version: 11506

Don’t like the new match 3 gameI’ve been playing this game for years even though it can be very frustrating. I think when the player wins bombs, etc and decides to use them, they should be able to place them where they want. Too many times the bombs aren’t at all useful and can even make the level worse because the player has no idea or control over where they placed. Even worse - the addition of the new match 3 game mixed into the levels is really a ‘fun killer.’ If I wanted to play a match 3 game I would download one of the many available games. Toy Blast IS NOT a match 3 game and it has ruined the game for me. The levels are very frustrating because I have to guess what I’m supposed to do, there are usually not nearly enough turns to win the level, and it is a totally different game! Why is it in a hidden picture game??? I spent way too much money in the last couple days because of the match 3 games and I’m done with it. This game has become much too aggravating and expensive. I’m ready to delete this game and start a different hidden object game..Version: 10279

Used to be 5 stars!!!!! Now just a 3This game used to be awesome!!! I have been playing this game for a few years now, and recently they have changed a few things that make this game a go to when you really have nothing to do. They used to offer three chest that had 2hr free play 2nd chest was 4hr free play and last was 24hr free play which was awesome and yes would take awhile to get to but worth it. Now they just offer one chest 10 steps away every 3 days. Now while in the lower levels okay not that bad but as you get higher sometime it’s impossible to get to that chest and when you go through the 5 lives given and still haven’t bet that 1 level you get frustrated and we all have lives so that might be the only time I get to play that day. I found that I played more when it was the other way. Then there’s the thing where the closer you get to the legends arena the further they move it. When on a really hard level I’ll spin the wheel each day get my tool and play my free play and that’s it to build up a tool army to finally beat that crappy level. The further you get the harder it gets and not being thrown any bones doesn’t make it as fun as it used to be. 😢.Version: 6476

Used to be fun, now just cheatsI loved this game for a long time. I’m on lvl 2085 and I’ll confess I’ve paid for upgrades a few times. I feel like that was the downfall. Prior to that I won a lot more often, now I feel like it just sets me up to try to make me pay more. The tournaments definitely are just a scam. The first couple times it happened I thought maybe it was just me, and I was outplayed. The last few tournaments I played to the point of a lead that I knew it wasn’t possible to be beaten (I had 175 in first place and second place only had 78 stars). There was only one hour left in the tournament, I felt safe and went to sleep. Woke up to second place. So in one hour..... someone got 100 stars? So this “person” played 33 games in one hour and won them all with 3 stars??? I just don’t think so. Another time there was only about 20 min left and I was ahead by more than 30 stars and I still got pushed to second. It’s just not possible. I’m not the “best” puzzle addict... but I can do math and that doesn’t add up. Left me with zero desire to play this game I’ve enjoyed passing the time with. I’ll just find something else..Version: 7539

Toy BlastThis game used to be fun, it's a scam job now to take your money if you are willing to spend. The challenges become too extreme with no reward or incentive to win, plus my coin bank deducted 100 coins which had never been spent (and if had been spent any extra lives, etc did not magically appear in my bank). Done with this game. Boring.Version: 12290

Somethings Not RightI’ve been playing this game for several months, and it be honest until now is the only game I’ve Played on a regular basis. However, I can not tolerate that the game is fixed, or rigged, with either a bad algorithm or was just blatantly programmed to cheat. I’ve witnessed this too many times and I’ve read others who have also experienced this. As an example, I will have a color cube and rocket combination. When activated, the rockets won’t fill all of the cubes block color. Other times I will have a color block combination fall that is not random. It happens too frequently and the proceeding block combinations are too fixed. My last observation that seems a buoys is that I will get just simple block pairs until about 4-5 of my last moves and the. Big groups of the same color come down giving me the hint that I will clear the board if I purchase more moves. I’ve accepted this until now, but it’s clear that the makers aren’t even pretending like this game is t fixed and are just wanting purchases to be made. I’m glad I haven’t contributed to the game they are playing with us..Version: 8212

$$I have brought two bundle packs and didnt recieve my coins. Total rip off.Version: 5557

RECENT UPDATE FAIL - PLEASE HELPI recently updated Toy Blast. It now only opens to the “Loading” screen and just hangs. It will not proceed to the actual game. I can’t delete the APP as I will lose all data. I have played this game for the last three years minimum, so obviously don’t want to lose three years worth of play. I have switched my phone completely off and on again and Toy Blast will still only go as far as the loading screen. PLEASE HELP.Version: 9929

BewareThis is one of the most stressful games I ever played! it force you to buy coins to be able to finish the levels otherwise you end up playing the same level over and over again. Literally the game gives you the finishing moves when all your moves ends than ask you to use 25 coins, which only gives you 5 moves and most of the times it’s not enough because it won’t give you the move you need and if you need more moves the amount of the coins getting more and more. Another thing is you get only 5 lives and not enough when you reach to the harder levels. it gives you 2 hours, 4 hours and 24 hours free to play at some levels but it’s really hard to reach that levels. I didn’t find these free hours useful because you spent most of them on the same level as you stack and have to play it over and over again. I only wanted to play this game to relax after a hard day but I found myself getting stress and I deleted..Version: 5423

Absolute trashDo not get this game!!! The actual game is harder than the game the girl played where it’s like two or three colors, but at level 1 you are seeing 5 colors and not enough to make a disco ball until like level 27! Also not to mention the freaking lives! There are not enough lives and the level 100 you have like less than 20 lives like come on I had to pay $50 on that level and im pro please do not buy this game unless you’re Albert Einstein fused with Bill Gates but that will never happen since they never even heard of this stuff. Also Toy Blast? It’s literally blocks that explode or turn into terrorist weapons when you tap groups of them. “Toy”? Absolutely unacceptable!! “Blast”? No, I’m fricking bored! Like I don’t want to wait for 2 hours to get lives and not to mention Panda Pop is better than this menace to society. Could rate -1 star but it only goes to +1. Also there are too many Tik Tok ads! Tik Tok is cancer!!!!! They only want money, so they do the quantity over quality way of making money! Not to mention the absurd amount of time it takes to load, and the lack of help and rewards! Improve your game please.Version: 5837

Now crashes with gay abandon.OMG, It’s was an awesome game but now, with the addition of ads it crashes regularly. Did you do any testing,seriously, this game has become so annoying with constant lockups..Version: 10799

Have played & paid for years. Not happy now.What’s with the $2 increase in coin packs? These things don’t actually cost you to produce so it can’t be due to need to pass on costs. Just pure greed. I’m gutted my hard work and previous money spent is now going to be a waste. I’m not buying packs at these new prices now. It’s ridiculous. They may make more money on these packs, but they’ll lose buyers that used to purchase but won’t now..Version: 9574

Stop with HapticsSince the last update, it seems haptics have been introduced in response to in game activities. This gets really annoying really quickly and I can’t figure out how to turn them off..Version: 12605

MipulatedThe game used to be fun until they brought in ads. Is not that they introduced ads but now you can not win without paying or watching an add. And the ads are the worst pice of advert there is..Version: 11718

Was goodUntil you get to higher levels. Because you only get 5 lives, you can only play for a few minutes then you have to wait several hours to get some lives back. That just ruins the game entirely, cannot sit down, relax, and play for an hour. Too bad, great game otherwise, but unplayable now. Time to trash it..Version: 6476

Used to love this gameBeen playing for years and this new update where you can’t get rewards after 20 stars is frustrating. No longer a chilled game..Version: 9653

Why won’t you publish my ratingIn the past month I have written 2 negative ratings to complain about the updates. Our whole team usually completes and enters the champions league and we do. It like the updates snd changes to the levels and team chest. We have had 5 top members quit playing. I personally have spent many dollars playing but will not spend another penny. But what is more annoying that you have not acknowledged my rating. Shane on you peons that read and respond and inform developers.Version: 8973

Why do you need my contacts?WHY DO YOU NEED MY CONTACTS? I have deleted the game because of this..Version: 12374

Used to be funThis game was my favorite game to play until the recent update. You can’t win 2 hours of free play which I loved. The recent update has taken any bit of fun out of it and I never play anymore. When I do come back to it to play again I remember how much I hate the new updates and stop playing again..Version: 5940

HATE THE NEW UPDATESince they updated this game recently, it has become disappointing. They have taken away the 2, 4, 24 unlimited lives and instead replaced it with minimal incentives such as 10 lives. Will not be playing anymore which is sad as I’ve been playing this non stop for over a year. I wish they would bring the old version back. Until then, I’ll no longer be playing..Version: 5791

Fun and addictive but with an unwelcome changeToy Blast is fun AND frustrating. I am up to level 1260. Some levels are easy, being able to win the first time, while others can take days to pass. When I started there were three goals every two or three days: the first was unlimited lives for 2 hours and some tools, the second was unlimited lives for 4 hours (and tools) and finally the third was unlimited lives for 24 hours (and tools). This is no longer available. Now you have to win 10 levels to win a treasure chest that gives you 25 coins and a couple of tools, but you are still limited to just five lives. This means it will take longer to get through levels and reduces play time, since it takes around three hours to regain five lives. The good side to this is you don’t use up your battery as much. You can request lives from friends, but that’s only once a day. Of course the other option is buying lives, which I’m sure that’s what the creators want you to do. Sorry, but I just won’t do that. I’m giving this game only three stars for taking away the unlimited lives..Version: 5742

Not happy with changesLove this game but the changes offering more moves if you watch ads is frustrating. The advertisements are slow to leave your screen, the x doesn't appear quick enough after you've sat through the ads. I've considered deleting the game. Please make watching the adverts more bearable, as it is a great way to get an extra move when required. Thanks for listening..Version: 10638

I’m out of here!This is an enjoyable game...until they get you hooked. The higher into the levels you get, the more impossible it becomes to win. I refuse to “pay to play”, so I spend days and days trying to get past a level only to find that after finally getting past, the next level repeats the same process. The fun has gone away only to leave frustration and disappointment. I complained and got a reply that the game was controlled by an algorithm and they implied that there wasn’t anything they could do. Well, that I’m sure was borne from the same place that they set the game up to require us to pay for extra lives and helps. To imply that the game’s difficulty is beyond there control is an insult to my intelligence and pure company Bovine Scatology! You pay the programmers don’t you. The difficulty level is solely and completely at the developers’ control. I’m not going to continue playing. I am deleting toon blast and toy blast and will never download another game from them. If you want my money, be open and honest....just sell me the game. Of course you won’t because you know we won’t buy it for $100s.....which you hope we’ll do through “nickel an diming” us with in app purchases..Version: 6341

Missing playersI’ve been playing Toy Blast for a long time. I stopped playing for a while because I couldn’t pass a level and gave up. I was on level 600+ when I stopped since I’ve come back, I’m at level 2200+ and I really do enjoy the game. When I joined my team had 46 players +/-. It still does but there are only 4 that play regularly. WE rarely reach goals … there aren’t enough of us to make a difference. I think your problem with losing people if that the games are too hard. Not because we can’t pass them, but because of the programming you’ve put into each game. Right now, after about 5 plays that move the blocks down, none of the blocks that are on the surface of what needs removing matches. There is always one set at the top of the pile that does match. I just blew ten moves trying to get matching blocks down to the surface. I wasn’t even half way done before I ran out of moves. What I do now is open the game, give lives to my friends, play my five lives, close the game. If you want players to stay, which I assume you do, you should maybe give us a break; throw us a bone. I play another off your games about every other week. I think I’ve won three games this year. And, if I know I’m not going to will, I’m NOT spending any money on lives or boosters. Why bother!.Version: 10515

Game is fixedThis game, like a lot of others is set up for you to spend your ammo or your money to buy ammo.. if you happen to have ammo left, the game will purposely leave you with ONLY one more move to finish the stage but you run outta lives so you HAVE TO FORFIT the stage or you’re FORCED to use your ammo.. if you’re setting yourself up, the game will not give you the colour you need/want. If you get a chance to set off a bunch of ammo, none will hit the area you want.. good game but too crooked.. I finally had to DELETE the app.. don’t waste money on this game because it will eventually LET YOU PASS EVERY STAGE!!!.Version: 10038

Frustrating due to crashesLove the game but I have now removed it from my phone as it keeps crashing, and is very slow to load. If they do a version that can be played off line then I would consider getting it again..Version: 2654

DisappointedI really like playing this game. But when you win a game all you get is points and nothing else. You don’t win coins or helpers. I don’t want to pay a game that I have to wait for lives and buy items to win games. It’s rubbish!!!!!!! Maybe you should like of a free way people can collect coins and helpers and we might play more and recommend to friends to play..Version: 4255

Not what’s advertisedI enjoy this simple game and play it a lot. However I just saw an advert for it and is showed a time critical level where you have to save the girl. Well there’s no updates for the app and I’m up to level 4,080 ... and not once have I seen a level like that. I’m sick of app advertisements doing that..Version: 9002

AlrightI still like playing this game, it’s a good time killer when I’m in the mood and granted you save your boosters, spin the wheel daily, and consistently rank in the top 10, you can avoid microtransaction hell (and even have a better chance getting three stars on past levels if you’re a completionist). That being said, can we please get the option to turn off the mascot animation? She’s actually starting to creep me out. Blinking every second not to miss a move, giving you that sad look when you’re down to three turns even if you’re about to win with an animation taking a bit longer (like the cube). I even experienced a glitch where she had the sad expression even when I didn’t have three turns left! I do recall she wasn’t even in the ads, so why not in the actual game? We can turn off music and sound effects if need be, so why not her? I only ever see her game over screen when I’m really close to beating a level to spend coins to finish with one move. Otherwise the menu one is the optimal choice for me..Version: 7408

DeceptiveAs near as I can tell, the game isn't random. I'm sure the developer will say I'm wrong, but it's programmed to trick you into buying their add-on packages. I encountered a level that was simply impossible to get through. The same technique I used caused me to fail about 40 different times in a row over three days. So I put the game down for two days. Surprisingly, I could get through that impossible level on the first try with ten moves to spare. It isn't the first time I've noticed this behaviour, and I concluded it was time to uninstall all the Blast games. A game that manipulates gameplay to frustrate you into buying add-on packages is not a game but a platform with a game mechanic to extract money from you. Be careful with this one. Save your $$$'s..Version: 12430

DisappointmentStarted playing this game some time ago but finally am realising that it is a big con. The higher you get in levels the harder it is to complete. Then you only get 5 attempts when you pay 25 coins to finish your go. Also I have noticed some changes that occur in the game. When I get a cube by joining so many reds together this cube is red BUT when I manage to get a rocket next to it he colour of the cube can change to a different colour and it appears to match the cubes with the least amount of colours on the grid. Maybe I am imagining it. As always these game are out to make money. 🤬.Version: 10279

Fun butThis thing was charging my account and I didn’t know. My bank did a charge back and I removed my card from the phone totally But first I tried to charge 1.99 and the thing popped up saying do I agree to 22.?? So it was trying to charge way more. Of course I said no. All cards removed from my phone. I continued to play the game AGAIN not making purchases. Today, I see they have pending charges on my card. I had phone where you have to use password in order to make any charges. There cannot be pending charges, I removed my card couple weeks back. How are they approving charges randomly. Then leave it there where I cannot even update my apps unless I pay for it. FREE IS SUPPOSED TO BE FREE INLESS I CHOOSE IN APP PURCHASE THEN IT SHOULD ONKY BE CHARGED 1X not multiple AND it should be the amount, not some random amount. This happen on both the pleak games I played. So I will have to stop. I am not paying to play when I know I did not authorize. But that means my Apple ID is screwed and I can’t update any other apps until I pay for something I didn’t get. Not right.Version: 6408

Waste of your time.I’ve been stuck on level 443 for weeks now. I’ve no coins so cannot gain any extras. This game appears to be about buying your progress as I don’t see how else you can progress. All the people who win competitions and gain 100s of coins must be false. To equate to that the player would need to win nearly a 100 levels as the maximum stars per game is 3. Not a level playing field. Follow up review. I’m now on level 510 and it has taken a lot of work, I don’t think you can progress without buying extras which is a shame. I’m not saying it should be simple but there are anomalies that no one in support will ever answer. One being how do individuals win over a 100 levels in two days? I don’t think it’s feasible unless you spend..Version: 10184

I love this game but…..There is a massive flaw which the support team are not willing to either look at or acknowledge. I had a bank of 1300+ coins and then all of a sudden they dropped to circa 700, i hadn’t been playing the game or exchanging the coins for extra moves etc… I contacted support and explained this asking them to look into it and reimbursing the missing coins. Stick answer was don’t let anyone other than yourself use your devise, I then had to explain that I live alone…. Deaf ears… Then it happened again, dropped to 350, I contacted them again and I received the same response! I do enjoy this game but the customer service is absolutely ridiculous and terrible..Version: 8991

DisappointedRecently there has been an update and it has changed the way you play I know most of the members on my team have voiced to me how unhappy they are about the changes. There are less coins when rewarded overall ! I can’t explain everything but I am extremely unhappy and you should have not changed it I will have to leave the game if it is not changed back to more rewards it is getting too hard to play!!!!👎.Version: 8955

Used to love itThe game used to be amazing. Levels weren’t ridiculously time consuming, you could pass 10 or so a day. But now I’m over level 1200 or so, it’s stupid. Level 1486 has taken me over 50 attempts and still cannot pass it. It makes it not worth playing. Also… DiReCtIoN iS rAnDoM… bullpoop..Version: 10139

Fed up with false advertisingGame is nothing like the ads depict. So tired of false advertising. For being deceitful and dishonest, 1 star.Version: 9286

Very STINGY prizes and rewardsI’m getting tired of playing this game. The latest quest means you can play 60 to 80 or more levels, to collect four different quests but only get rewarded five game savers! I would have thought that the prize would be five times that amount, at the very least!. Stingy, stingy, stingy! As it is, if you achieve top player, you only win 250, again...... VERY STINGY !!!!! Waste of time playing for little reward!.Version: 8006

Nothing but frustration.This used to be such a fun game, but they ruined it. They shaved off how many tries you get to complete every level, and made it so almost every level takes about 20 tries to get past it. I’m not exaggerating. I kept track. I lose 95% of the time now. I’m a good player. I’ve got 40,000 coins and hundreds of boosters, but I resent that the only way to pass 95% of the time is to use coins or boosters. I used to win every tournament I went in. Until it became nothing but frustration. I barely play anymore. Every now and then, I will try 5 times to get past a level, but when I run out of lives I quit even though I have unlimited lives to refill with. I just can’t be bothered. It’s too bad. It used to be my favorite game..Version: 12430

What has happened?Okay! I do love this game and I will say I have only bought one thing of more lives. I am that person that will play for days or weeks on one level just to pass. They used to give free game play as a gift for winning a level-that’s gone now and this does bring the enjoyment down a bunch. I used to be so excited about getting 24 hours or 2 hours of unlimited lives. I could rack up points, levels, and prizes. I don’t know what happened to this feature but I urge it to come back. Also, some of the levels are ridiculously hard to win-as they should be but in a sense, I feel this is a tactic to urge people to purchase something or just give up. In a world that nickels and dimes you at every given chance, sometimes it’s nice to getaway and have fun without it costing you a thing. I will agree the format now makes this game so much less fun than it used to be. It is a strategy game however it’s also just a game. After a hard day, I don’t want to get frustrated with a game app-I just want to play and let my mind have a break from planning and strategies..Version: 6251

Fun but hard.I started playing this game several years ago and really enjoyed it. Several of my friends and family are hooked after playing it on my phone and have also downloaded it. However, I am close to level 2,200 and it takes 30-50 tries (if not more) to pass every single level now. Since you don’t have unlimited lives and I get so frustrated playing the same level 50 times, it can take me days to pass the level. I used to love this game but it’s to the point that I don’t even want to play anymore because it’s so difficult. After what seems like a million tries, eventually the game will give you an easy version of the level your own. But it’s no longer fun at that point. One of the recent levels I was stuck on expects you to get over 150 items cleared with only 30 moves. And each power up you got, it would face the opposite way that you would need for it to help you. It’s irritating to play a game that is consistently setting you up to lose and I went from playing it multiple times a day to playing it maybe once a week..Version: 7281

Great game BUT double chargesI really really enjoy this game, but am often charged twice for purchases. The first couple I challenged unsuccessfully so thought I must have made a mistake. Since then I’ve kept a strict record of my buys and have just been hit again. I will have to delete or never purchase..Version: 8906

You winPlayed the same level for 5 days and went through 100 lives and still can’t clear the level. It’s all about paying for the pleasure of enjoying this free game. It can be fun but when you have no control of what happens unless you spend money with them it just isn’t worth it. Good luck to any newcomers, unless you want to pay to play it will soon become a very frustrating game. I have removed it from my computer as well as my grandchildren’s tablets. I see no need in getting them frustrated by not being able to beat a level for days on end just because the programmer wants to make a buck. If you need to sabotage a game to force players into buying things to win a level then you should not advertise it as free. If you do advertise as free then you should also let the players know that you will eventually force them to quit playing their “free” game or they need to pay to have fun with it. It was fun while it lasted but I will not play any of the games you have created since you cannot be honest about the way you operate..Version: 11718

Insanely AggravatingI hate this game, it’s little red-headed brat, and the ads that falsely promised me the opportunity to see her crushed to death by spikes. P.S. This is not a game, it’s an abusive relationship..Version: 9286

Why fix it if it ain’t broken?I’ve been playing for YEARS. It’s was my favourite game and I was even a paying customer, but since you’ve taken away the “collect 20 stars” and open the chest for prizes, and replaced it with collecting blue cubes for prizes, I’M OUT! It was such a fun game and whilst the levels were challenging, it made it easier knowing we could gain help by collecting stars. I’ve contacted support with my opinion and although they said they’d get back to me, they didn’t. I waited awhile thinking they’d actually listen to their loyal players, but nothings changed. I won’t play it until they change it back. Like the title says, why fix it if it ain’t broken?.Version: 9929

App Is FrozenJust wondering when this app will be updated as I’m stuck on a certain level..Version: 11876

Stinks 😒I already deleted the game but when I did play I frequently found myself annoyed 😒 1. There is no music, it’s boring without no music!!! 2.On the adds it’s shows hundreds of the same blocks so you can turn them into tunics cubes and then once the colours gone away, it shows more of the hundreds of that colour and when you play the actual game, it’s nothing like that!!!😡😡😡 I found many more issues with this game, and if you want more people to play, then fix these issues..Version: 6341

GarbagePiece of garbage.Even the developers can’t stay current with the updates!!!! Poor performances.Yor’all fired!!!!!!.Version: 12605

DisappointedI installed this game based on an advertisement in another game I was playing. It showed the bear trying to escape from the spikes in which you had to remove the blocks so the bear would escape. I played up to level 32 & no sign of the ad that entice me to download your game. I was so disappointed after 32 levels I just deleted the game immediately. False, no poor advertising. I’ve decided never to download games by your company..Version: 9111

New update makes game unplayablePlease consider going back to the purple chest every 20 stars instead of this cube party nonsense. There’s a message on how you can win a “grand prize” if you complete all the challenges which seem to be never ending and there’s no way to track your progress to see how far you are in achieving that goal. So you play and play and play day and night for a pithy tnt or 15 minutes of unlimited lives?? That is no incentive to play and it’s more negative reinforcement since it feels like I’m wasting my time playing this game and not getting any sort of reward for it. I used to see measurable progress and rewards with the old purple chest which encouraged daily play but that feeling of joy and accomplishment is gone. I used to be a heavy player of toon blast too before you instituted the same ridiculous feature and now I’ve abandoned it. There are many similar games on the App Store so I implore you to consider listening to your users and reverse this change unless you want to see people abandoning this game, which is an eventuality..Version: 9574

Very DissatisfiedBought $17.99 pack… got the coins but NOTHING ELSE!!! No one is getting back to me. 🤬.Version: 11830

Tired of this game.Once I downloaded the game, I played that game. I couldn’t get up to Level 22 because I’m not good at that game. I roughly took it off & I tried a different game. A few days ago, I had to get rid of the game and it’s really annoying. The ads weren’t there. I only recommend this on other gadgets..Version: 8105

Caution - Over chargingI have been playing this game for years but am now deleting it. Over the past few months I have been charged for purchases I DID NOT make!!.Version: 12000

Is okI really enjoy this game. I think it is great that you can get unlimited lives for. Certain amount of time. However, usually once you have unlimited lives it takes you a long long time to pass levels! Also, unless your willing to pay you’ll be stuck on a level for days and days! I don’t like the fact that there are no teams like toon blast, where you can send each other lives and chat. Also.. why do the updates take SO LONG?.Version: 5742

It’s rigged!Some levels are rigged hard out!.Version: 5605

Fun Game, BUT NOT FAIR!I love this game! Especially the first couple hundred levels when your able to do multiple levels in a day, but once you get to the harder levels, it is very obvious that they are trying to get your to spend and spend in the game. I don’t mind spending money on games, but when they are making it nearly impossible to beat a level without power ups then I start to get annoyed. I shouldn’t have to buy and spend every single round. The arrows(a powerup) are supposedly “random” BUT it just so happens they ALWAYS go the OPPOSITE way you need them to go. There have been several instance where I have at least half of the turns left and I continuously get the arrow over and over again going the wrong way. I mean if I have 25 turns left and at least 10 arrow, how are all 10 arrows going to go the same way. There’s a 50/50 chance, but it NEVER goes in my favor. I kept thinking maybe I’m too invested and getting frustrated, but talking to others having the same experience is very frustrating. I don’t mind paying, but come on. It’s not reasonable at all..Version: 5837

Frustrated - not as good as beforeI’ve been paying this game for about two years and really enjoyed it until this current update of two days ago. Before you could play and earn coins and lives and helping tools every 20 stars, now they give you nothing. They give you an ever increasing target which you can’t achieve as every time you collect those blue cubes it gives you a bigger number to collect. They say you can win the big chest but that is every 3 days and you can’t play beyond your 5 lives because you can’t win lives as you play like before, you have to wait for 2.5 hours for them to replenish. Playing the game now is not fun anymore, it is frustration and I will uninstall it..Version: 9574

New Games Coming Soon***updated review*** Changed from 3 stars to 2 Due to developers getting rid of the 2/4/24 hour gift play and replacing it with a treasure chest. After reading other reviews I can see that I’m not the only one disappointed with their decision. I so badly want to give this app 5 Stars. The game is addicting, fun and challenging. I give this game 3 stars because I finally complete levels to get my 24 hours of infinity play AND then I can’t go any games coming soon! So frustrating to have to wait for an update...especially when I finally get my free plays..Version: 5742

My enjoyment in this game is fading fast!For anyone thinking of downloading Toy Blast, I suggest you wait until major changes are made. I’ve been playing Toy Blast for sometime now, and I have achieved some of the higher levels. I mentioned that not to brag, but to let you know I’m knowledgeable on the ins and outs of playing and winning at this game. However, my level of frustration has started to far exceed my level of enjoyment. The rewards and bonuses are fewer and it is now taking forever to achieve them. They did away with the bonuses of 2, 4 and 24 hours of free playing time, which was a major incentive to try harder and keep winning. They seem to know when you need just one more move to win a level, and then take away any possibility of making that one play. This is now happening with much greater frequency. I get it that they want us to keep purchasing more and more playing time and “helpers” so they can continue to fatten their wallets. However, I for one am through purchasing any additional helpers or time. Unless Toy Blast quickly becomes less greedy, I will stop playing this game and will delete the App..Version: 5964

Great game, but the updates are making it too easy..I've had this game for a very long time and am always at the max level by the time the next 20 roll around. My fiancé and I have a friendly competition every update to see who finishes all the levels first. What used to take us about a week and sometimes even more has become far too easy. Giving "crowns" to start a level with a huge advantage isn't even fun. I usually end up just quitting and wasting a life to start without it but sometimes forget and then all 20 levels get done within one day. Add in the presents for completing certain levels that give 2 hours of unlimited lives, and I end up waiting the whole 2 weeks for the next update. An option to at least turn these off would be greatly appreciated and make it at least closer to the difficulty it was before all these unnecessary additions. Half the fun is getting stuck on a level for ~20+ lives and finally beating it. Will continue to play but hope they can make it somewhat of a challenge going forward..Version: 4337

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