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Good game butWhy do you need money in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? In the walking dead they steal stuff because no one cares about money they care about there life! Make this game more sense PLEASE.Version: 1.3

The world’s greatest game in historyThe only reason why we have any other things to do is say Earn To die 2 is The worlds greatest Game in history.Version: 1.4.17

Might be one of the best mobile games I’ve playedOld but really really good.Version: 1.4.17

AWESOME GAME!!! ALSO LOVE THE CARS!!!This games is lots of fun though it is tougher and longer than the first one. One concern is when i open the game for the first time and start story mode the quick scene isn’t there, the screen is black but the audio plays. Does anyone else have this problem?.Version: 1.3

I miss old mobile games.No P2W, No Ad-Spam, And the best part; FUN, Actual entertainment..Version: 1.4.17

VersionWe’re is the full Version I’ve got all the game,s 😡😡😡😡.Version: 1.4.17

Love itI played it sonce i was 7 (e2d 1).Version: 1.4.17

Awesome gameI have been playing the lite version of the game for years and I finally got permission to use my money to buy the full version!!!! 100% good game worth the money.Version: 1.4.17

Earn to die 3?Incredible and please release another.Version: 1.4.17

Great gameI can play for hours and not get bored it’s a great game overall 5 stars.Version: 1.4.17

PhenomenalThe new update is absolutely amazing. I noticed it was so much more smooth and elegant!.Version: 1.4.3

Withstands the test of timeNo matter how many years it’s been I can keep coming back over and over again… I found it in middle school.. then again in high school and now I’m 22 going at it again hoping to finally beat it this time.Version: 1.4.17

Good gameVery good game.Version: 1.4.17

MasterpieceI’ve already started to play this game in 7 years ago in Flash and nowadays it is still epic. Thanks NoDoppler and Toffee Games and hoping for next one if possible.Version: 1.4.17

Good gameFun I like it alot.Version: 1.4.17

When will earn to die 3 come outWhen.Version: 1.4.46

The Upgraded SequelThis is my second run-through of the game and it definitely improves over the original, feeling more premium and polished from every angle. You are required to grind, specifically when you start a new map with a new vehicle and need to begin the vital upgrade process from scratch; repeating the same portions of track numerous times, just to build cash (unless you opt for in-game purchases to fast track) to buy the necessary upgrades needed to reach the end goal. However, once you start to upgrade your vehicle it really starts to shine. Plowing through hordes of the undead with a saw blade on the bonnet and a roof mounted machine gun, cascading through the many destructible and explosive elements of the course is a blast! The soundtrack is excellent too, an instrumental blend of heavy rock and hair metal vibes Performance wise, I’ve encountered no glitches or crashes and the gameplay remains smooth throughout If you’ve played the first, this is a must! If you haven’t, don’t bother and dive straight in with this one.Version: 1.4.17

Best game everThis game has cool cars and it’s even funnier when you play it again and up grades are so cool.Version: 1.4.17

My reviewVery fun games there is only one thing that I do not really like you can buy your next card in there today do you have to earn your next car.Version: 1.4.17

Worth the price!This IS the BEST game I have ever seen or played at its price. It has good graphics and multiple interesting vehicles..Version: 1.4.17

Great GamePretty awesome game this far. It’s exactly like “Hill Climb” but with zombies lol. Download it and pay the .99, it’s worth it.Version: 1.4.17

I finished the game but because it is so good I played it over and over againI would love to see a earn to die 3 👌👌👌😀😀😍😍🥰🥰🤑🤑✌️✌️👍👍👌👌🤩🤩.Version: 1.4.17

A great game!!Love it. No glitches runs fast and it’s fun to play. Can’t put it down. Cheers.Version: 1.4.17

Good game!Get the game it is so fun and it is worth it. I am a big fan of this game..Version: 1.4.17

Please do thisCan you please make more noise of zombie like call of duty zombie or noise of zombie in movie? Please!!!.Version: 1.4.17

Most addictiveHello this game is so addicting it's fun challenging it s the best game on the AppStore buy now and no I am not averting this game.Version: 1.1

Overall great game but mostly repetitiveIt is a great game but when you get the 3rd car it feels the same as when you have the first but anything other than that is amazing or a mobile game..Version: 1.4.17

Make a third oneThis series is AMAZING. The problem with today is the trash mobile games that basically force you to spend real money to progress, but this, this has the option but it doesn’t throw it in your face. This game takes patience and with the patience comes great reward. It feels so good when you finally hit a gas station or get a new car. If you made a third game the things you could do would be INCREDIBLE. You could even make it 3D for all I care, but what you have made is a masterpiece. It’s fun, it’s rewarding and it’s just plain fun. Play your cards right and you could become top 3 on the paid or free games list EASY. The series needs a third and final to end it all. PLEASE!.Version: 1.4.17

Great game but,This is a great game and like the first however you start a new car with each level that you have to use. This makes me feel like I have less freedom than in the first. Still, this is one of my favorite games that are on the App Store..Version: 1.3

Game creatorsGreat game graphics on point gameplay on point levels odd bc of the random vehicle section and the fact all the armor with front saws are the same and gets really old. One of the biggest most annoying problems I highly suggest fixing is the controls over time when you just really want to get to the next stop bc starting over same spot also gets old and boring, once your close for some reason you can’t hit your booster or gas anymore is works then doesn’t at all then you have to start again. Now idk if you did that on purpose so you can max out your parts or that’s actually a game bug but it needs fixing ASAP!!!! Please thank you and I recommend this game than the others!!.Version: 1.3

This is good gameYour game is my favourite to play. 😁😁😁.Version: 1.4.17

Super mega awesome fun game lolCan it be free instead cause l had to beg my dad to get it for me and what is earn to die 3? I want to try it out if you don’t like it you don't know what fun is add more levels please and cars.Version: 1.4.17

Very good but could be betterShould be more vehicles maybe a train would be good. I think there should be a zombie index. Please update earn to die 2.Version: 1.3

CoolThe best game ever.Version: 1.0.20

Best game everThere is nothing better than this game you are the best game in the world and nothing is better.Version: 1.3

Please continue the seriesI have been playing for a while now, and I have almost finished the game; I am nearing day 400 while trying to beat level 8. I played the first game of the series, and that was amazing, but I did not get to finish it. I came very close when this came out and I thought to myself, ‘The first one has been good. Why not have a go?” And immediately I loved the game. I really would love the series to continue, and if it does I will try and get Earn to Die 3. Please can you make a lite version like you did with the first game, because my iTunes voucher I only have £1.74 left on my iTunes voucher. I would still try to get the next game, and I am full of enthusiasm for its official release to the App Store. With passion for the series, GameReviewer000.Version: 1.4.17

BEST GAME EVERThis is such a good game. I would be cool if you made it so you could build your own cars or tracks plz..Version: 1.0.1

CoolAbsolutely awesome the best game I have ever played.Version: 1.4.3

Earn To Die 2I Love This Game Make Earn To Die 3 Please.Version: 1.3

Light hearted fun gameGood value light hearted fun to kill a bit of fun. Well put together and an excellent sequel to the original..Version: 1.0.11

Earn to die 2The graphics are great.Version: 1.4.17

Good sequelNormally games sequel can be a hit or miss. This is definitely a hit, it includes new music, physics, levels aspects and damage to your vehicle. When this game came out I was skeptical but when I got into it, it was an amazing game..Version: 1.4.17

Great gameOne of the best mobile games I’ve played.Version: 1.4.17

Awesome Replayability (Not a Word)First of all, this game is pure zombie-gutting fun! The story telling is minimal, interesting, and hilarious! My favorite thing about this game is how you can replay it from the beginning however many times you want and always find the levels interesting and challenging! It never gets old….Version: 1.4.17

Make an earn to die three pleaseSo let me get something straight, the second game has you grind SO much just to get one upgrade, for example to get the M4 on the mustang its $5500 and on the second course on the minor upgrades (lvl 2 armor, lvl 3 engine/transmission etc. etc.) and other than that I like absolute CHAOS games (bloons TD battles bullet hells etc.) and the first game is an absolute chaotic game, for example when you get to the army HumVee things turn into absolute CHAOS. But other than that this is kinda a review about both of the games so yeah both games 9/10. And Not Doppler please take action and add like gold bars to the game, for example 500 gold bars could be used to fully upgrade a vehicle, so yeah if you see this Not Doppler, please do this..Version: 1.4.17

AmazingOn march 22, 2023 2:45AM, I beat this game I had this game since 2020, But now finally beat it I always played the lite version when I was about 7 years old and now it feels amazing to beat the full version 8 years later. Thank you not Doppler for the memories..Version: 1.4.17

Price should be a little highThe game is great I love it it should be a little high due to how good the game is love it !.Version: 1.4.17

I love the story and the gameThe story is soooo juicy and the game is so addicting and 🤩 it was fun 🤩 you just don’t have it on the iPod 📱.Version: 1.4.17

NiceVery cool.Version: 1.4.17

Its azamIts the best game in the world.Version: 1.4.17

Good gameU guys should totally make a reverse button and remove the invisible wall behind you in free ride.Version: 1.0.18

Support for the iPhone X and aboveWould love to see support for the iPhone X and above. The picture doesn’t use the whole display, but I do really enjoy the game.Version: 1.3

Awesome Game!!!!Best Game So Adictive.Version: 1.3

Earn to die 3Please return earn to die 3 to the App Store it’s a lot of fun plz plz plz..Version: 1.4.17

To grrrrr angeryThe game has carefully designed levels with their own special cars and upgrades to help defeat it, I defeated the first few levels in about a day, so it’s fairly easy to win, but not too easy. I admit, it does make you grind, but that’s because they don’t make money if people don’t play the game! This doesn’t force you to buy money, end of statement..Version: 1.4.17

Great Game!!!This is a awesome game but i just have one request could you please add a map editor feature because that would be just amazing!!!😃.Version: 1.0.18

Make a console game? Hear me out.Ok so I’m sure it must be hard to make a console game and a lot of time and effort would go into it but, I would like to suggest a console game. So I know that the developers have already made crash cars wick is kind of the theme I am suggesting. But with a twist! Ok so keep the the same art style of earn to die make more weapons similar to the ones currently available and make more vehicles maybe 10 more? And make it where it’s a large arena with 20 players or so and you have to destroy every car. But when a persons car is destroyed they can go on foot. Also make them be able to find another vehicle and weapons and maybe traps? I know this is a lot to ask but it seems like a good idea to me and please let me know what you think by responding.Version: 1.3

GoodGood game but it randomly deleted all my progress and I had to start again.Version: 1.3

Can’t finish cars when you get the next one.This game is one of my favourites because my dad used to play it with me when I was younger, but the only reason I gave this 4 stars is because you can’t finish cars that aren’t finished when you get the next one because it says it was replaced by a better car, and when I did get the better car I was extremely annoyed by that because I have spent around 7 hours on this game..Version: 1.4.17

Earn to die 2Great game.Version: 1.2

HGreat game. Really recommend buying it 😀.Version: 1.3

Just some tips!So awesome game but I think your next game should have a mustang boss or something else like that as a starter car and make it easier to play and make the game free to get more popular on the AppStore By the way this is just an option for you guys who made this game so if you do see this please add it in the next game please 😁.Version: 1.4.17

Fun gameIt’s fun a little pay to win but it is fun but play the first one first.Version: 1.4.17

Better than the firstThis is a great game! If u have played the demo I would recommend getting this now, you have more car options than the demo and more levels! Way better than the first game! Worth more than $0.99.Version: 1.3

PLEASE MAKE MORE EARN TO DIE 3&4&5&6&7&8&9&10.......Best game ever please make more games earn to die. The best game ever on App Store!.Version: 1.4.17

Zombies mad max styleIt’s a fun game, keeps ya wanting to earn more mullah in order to upgrade. Definitely keeps the entertainment up..Version: 1.4.17

Just like the lite version, but better much better and smoother!I love this game so much, so entertaining and the music I loooovvveeeeeee. It really gets you in the mood zombie killing mood and I love it!.Version: 1.4.17

Earn to DieGreat game.Version: 1.3

AddictiveMost addicting game I’ve ever played.Version: 1.4.17

This game is awesome1 this game is great because it has no internet or ads popping up constantly and 2 it’s great for passing the time especially if you got all your work done in school if you don’t have any wifi cause the service is banned at are school so we only got 5G with 2 bars so this is perfect best game for the people who don’t have wifi and it was worth the 1$ and it so fun where my friends started playing and they aren’t even a car person thanks and would like more cars added and maybe a second map and maybe you could let us teleport to different areas and different locations.Version: 1.4.17

The currencyThis game was really fun, although, it’s the apocalypse. Why would you have to use money to buy parts? I could see if the currency was similar to metal or rubber scraps, but money? I would honestly think this was better if you had to collect different materials to MAKE a part at the garage..Version: 1.3

Really Good gameI liked playing it but it needs more levels to play.Version: 1.3

😃It's a great game and I really enjoy playing it.Version: 1.3

BEST GAMEI played these games when i was younger and they are still fun to this day i just want a Earn To Die 3 now.Version: 1.4.17

Etd 2Here it is. The original earn to die 2 game. Best ragdoll physics. My favourite game on mobile better than gta 5 I reckon. Thanks not Doppler for this amazing game.Version: 1.4.17

KkkkWhen is earn to die 3. Out Sunday the 12 November and it’s all most 2024. And it’s still not out on mobile.Version: 1.4.46

Real fun but..Hey! I recently bought this game about a week or two ago and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. For 99 cents, it really is a good bang for your buck and a good time waster. However that’s all it really is. After the 3rd or 4th new car, the game just gets repetitive and boring. As things get more expensive, progress just gets slower and slower. There are no new enemies and it’s just the same old same old. Don’t get me wrong, I like to see the cars get upgrades with the armor and weapons but for how long it takes to get said upgrades, the reward I get for doing so just doesn’t feel worth it. It will take me 4 or 5 runs of the same level to get a single price of armor for my vehicle, but still barely make it much farther than before. TLDR: Fun, but gets repetitive and upgrades don’t feel powerful enough for their pricing..Version: 1.4.17

Very good game except one slight bugWhen ever I am in the air my fuel keeps going down even though I am not pressing the accelerator I think that defeats the point of it! Apart from that it is one of the greatest games I have ever played!!!!!.Version: 1.4.17

Story mode is wellStory mode is the main mode but like it’s long it’s really long I’ve already done it I’m downloading it back right now yes I did delete it that’s because that I completed the game I got all the way to the dump truck and maxed it out and went on the boatI mean it gets boring after a while just well if you’re playing this the lite version is good because you’ve never played it before but once you get into the story mode on the full version it’s just boring.Version: 1.3

I am addicted!This is a super fun game that is challenging not like other games it also has more levels so I can keep playing for a while to try to beat them all and plus it is super satisfying!!!.Version: 1.4.17

UpdatePlz update the game..Version: 1.4.17

Earn To DieDon’t know why people always want to chance something. You have a great game in this one. One merely has to navigate the obstacles to advance farther on the map. It’s harder then to looks, but then it won’t be worth playing if it didn’t have a few twists and turns. Nice Job people.....Version: 1.4.17

Love this game can't wait for 3rdLove this game can't wait for 3rd one.Version: 1.3

AmazingThis game is the best game I have ever played you don’t need WiFi to play it and one run takes about one minuet..Version: 1.4.17

Games AwesomeLol I played this game 2 times and on my 1st time I finished it whole also ADD NAMES TO THe CaRs And why do you need money I mean you can't buy anything you can just take it and drive with it because nobodies in the gas station like the guy or woman there already died because there zombie then got run over and add girl zombies not boy zombies all come out girl zombies too I mean you excluded that wait did you even think before making the game cuz if you didn't then I don't know why you even did this is your not gonna think before you made the game did you even make a plan before making this game well just add these changes because it's starting to NOT make sense yeah that's all your games awesome still also why can't we get guns so if our car breaks down somehow we can run to the next gas station shooting the zombies or do we just stay in the car because if that's the point then wait wouldn't we starve or dehydrate to death? Because this is just starting to not make much sense JUST MAKE THIS SENSE ok I'm sorry for using caps but we need to keep this simple and sense because in all zombie movies only the main characters are alive and other survivors but those are the only people all the others are just plain old zombies maybe you should just watch walking dead to make your game much more sense.Version: 1.3

Five Stars FunOh my gosh let me tell yah, this is a super fun game. Oh boy, so here's how it is. I was having a great time until the game started bothering me with the "how do you like the game? Please write a review to let us know" crap. So here I am writing this so that the game leaves me alone to play it as I deem fit. Goodness please let me have reached the word count by now..Version: 1.3

AMAZINGTaoist game is great! I love it so much! But srsly WHEN IS EARN TO DIE 3 COMING I WANT TO KNOW WUTS IN THE CRATEEEE.Version: 1.4.17

My review on Earn To Die:I have no words this... GAME... IS. JUST. SO. FREAKING. AWSOME! It’s one if the best mobile games I have seen for a while. Lately it’s just been battle royal games, io games, and other crappy games where you click a png to make another png pop up so too see a game unlike all those is just great! I know those games technically are free but the fact this game is only 0.99$ is just crazy! It’s a steal! If one of the creators are reading this... you guys are doing great. Keep doing what you do best!.Version: 1.4.17

Absolute masterpieceJust finished the game after about two years (Keep in mind I don’t play it daily) and I am just blown away! I love the storyline, the plot, and the gameplay is so fun! I love hitting them explosives and getting a cool slo-mo shot.Version: 1.4.17

Childhood gameI love this game. When I was like 5 (I am 12 now) I would always beg my mother for her phone and play this game so this game is really nostalgic and reminds me of when I had nothing else to worry about. I still have this game to this day and play it from time to time..Version: 1.4.17

GreatPlayed the first now the second can’t wait for the third. WHEN IS NUMBER 3 COMING.Version: 1.4.17

Is fun !!Five minutes into this game I bought the pro version I find it lots of fun and relaxing. My only peeves so far is I didn’t like being forced to take the next car in the stable when I completed a level and I would prefer more engine and general car sounds. I can’t put it down tho figuratively and literally..Version: 1.3

👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌This game is amazing but I’m not really happy about you have to go on the same track over and over..Version: 1.4.17

AwesomeGreat game but only problem is a bit repetitive but I don’t play it often enough for it to get boring.Version: 1.4.17

Long agoI played this game a long time ago I think when I was 9 in second grade and now I’m 12 and I played it on my keindel sorry I spelled that wrong but it was kind of like a iPad and it was fun to me now I just bought the game again and it is downloading right now and I will play it again.Version: 1.3

AwesomeLove the game just wish it had more features and wish they added more guns 💪 and 🚗.Version: 1.3

Please I beg make anotherI beg you guys make a 3rd game and add more cars more upgrades and maybe even flying mechanics I love this game and like I said make another.Version: 1.4.17

AMAZING GAMEJust as the title states, this is an amazing game! I've played it for ages, and the vehicle customisation is so much fun!!!.Version: 1.3

Amazing little gemI literally had a couple of pence on my card and I saw this game and now I’m super hooked ,great game for less than what a Frodo costs 😂 I'm giving 4 stars as really got into i5 but now doesn't work please please please update.Version: 1.4.17

What can I say?It’s perfect. 10/10 game, brings back so many memories and overall is just beautiful. PLEASE RELEASE EARN TO DIE 3!.Version: 1.4.17

Amazing!!This game gets your mind off things when you need to just chill out and enjoy a little free time. Just want to recommend this to anybody that is looking for a great game to play. Many people come have much free time and like to enjoy their free time. This is a game to play to enjoy that little time in your life you have to just spend time on your phone playing a nice game!!!(-;.Version: 1.3

This game is the bestI love this game because how the graphics looks the gameplay is amazing you could do anything without caring the price is very good for a game this game the first game was phenomenal and why wouldn’t I think this one wouldn’t be very good I love it and it’s never getting old and thank you creators for making a very good game😁.Version: 1.4.17

PlayNeeds many many more levels.Version: 1.3

Game is too addictiveI’m always playing this game everyday until I get bored but I still play the same game.Version: 1.3

Love this gameI appreciate this fame a lot, since not a lot of offline games are good time passers but this one certainly is. I would like a dlc for it maybe with different sceneries such as: jungle, canyons etc. I was also really hoping for a school bus vehicle in there. Anyways, I love the game..Version: 1.4.17

It’s a great gameIt’s a very good game.Version: 1.4.17

Make it so you have more choiceLove the game, just miss the idea of being able to use any car at any point after you unlocked it rather than just the best one you currently have, like how the first game did it.Version: 1.4.17

This game is very fun!This game is long, funny, and just overall great. I do wish though that on the truck/car ish, that the gun would stay on better. I go down a hill then fly up and land, and where the heck is my gun??? Then I see it off my car. Please, increase the strength of the cars gun. (To be specific, it’s the blue car.) but the rest of it, great. Awesome. Just the best game! It had a funny moment, where I was flying, and landed SUPER hard. The guy in the car, is like, WHOAH WHAT THE HECK HAD HAPPEND?? AHH! He flew up and down so much! Thank you for reading this paragraph, and I hope you have a great day!.Version: 1.4.17

Earn to die reviewIts a good game no doubt about it, it’s why I paid for it in the first place. It does have some issues but no game is perfect especially when i comes to the buying phase of the game, certain upgrades do cost too much to buy having to go round after round in order to make enough to surpass to the next level..Version: 1.4.17

Just as much fun as the firstSometimes the best thing you can do is just keep a great game, a great game. They kept the fun and improved bits. Just buy it and have fun..Version: 1.0.18

The best game everHi this game is the best game I have ever owned because the graphics are the best and I recommend it for people who like challenging levels and destroying things.Version: 1.4.17

Repetitive, but enjoyable.Pleasant to play - a good time waster..Version: 1.4.3

Great but update itIt’s a good game and fun game, but you need to update it, same as when it first came out, barely changed... also needs an update for the iPhone X because I press the fuel button and it uses the boost... why? Come on.Version: 1.3

It’s pretty fun I recommend it😀This game is really cool.Version: 1.4.17

Great fun gameGreat game especially when going on trips I loved it when I was and it felt like the trip was 20mins.Version: 1.4.17

AmazingI love this game, it is so fun to play and it is a bit addictive. I recommend this to anyone who wants a game that you can play without wifi and want to have a good time beating zombies.Version: 1.4.17

Love itLove it I love it I love it it’s the best game I ever played and reminded me of my childhood.Version: 1.4.17

Awesome graphicsBy far the best game I have ever played. Make earn to die 3 pls!!!🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️😍😂🚗🚓🚗🚓.Version: 1.3

We want more!I love this game and can’t wait for a third one to be made.Version: 1.4.17

Jennifer FillI am enjoying this game.Version: 1.4.17

How addictive and fun this is!!!Amazingly fun game that isn’t too difficult but challenges you to pick the right upgrades to be the most efficient killing machine and travelling the furthest you can with the right strategy. I’m about a third of the way across the map so far. I’d love to use older vehicles that I’ve kitted out instead of starting over with a “better” vehicle. Also I’m not sure if there is a level, but perhaps a simple “kill” as many zombies as you can on a simple track might be good to build cash now and again? Like a boss level? Glad I purchased it - love it..Version: 1.4.46

Great game apart from a few thingsThe game is well built and a great time killer, some bugs in the game ie where you run out of fuel and the boost doesn’t work. This happens after I’m playing the game for 5-10 mins, on some occasions it’s happened in the second or third run. Also the ferarri looking car gets stuck on parts of the run and seriously struggles to break the softest items that the last car I had wouldn’t have a problem with the heavier items let alone the lighter, easier items to break. Other than those, ive always loved playing it and getting further on in the campaign. :).Version: 1.3

Keep coming backNo matter how many time I beat or uninstall I keep wanting to play it. I constantly download it to keep playing. Very recommended..Version: 1.4.17

Awesome gameGreat game great topic and stuff 10/10 it’s just in the game you have to grind for a bit but other that that 5 stars.Version: 1.4.17

Medium-sized, quality gameIt takes several days to finish. I enjoyed it for a long time. This game started as a flash game but this app is a fully featured version of it. The only gripe is the micro transactions. While you can play the entire game without realizing they exist like I did, the only purchase that is actually worth it is the money doubler. All the other ones don’t make any sense. Paying for this game DOES make sense though. It’s worth it..Version: 1.4.17

Earn to adie 2This game is very fun and very addictive it passes the time I phink the developers should make more of thes games.Version: 1.4.17

Good game…But earn 2 die 1 did not fit the iPad screen.Version: 1.4.17

Good Old-fashioned Stupid Fun!I thought this game would be deleted after a few quick plays, but surprise, it’s a blast. I haven’t had this much dumb fun since Doom 2 came out. I’m always saying “just one more run for the night” and an hour later I’m still saying the same thing. I like that the format is simple and uncluttered. Building up your vehicle is straightforward and uncomplicated, just as it should be when you’re in a hurry to get to your next run. Surprisingly likable. I’ll be keeping this one around for a while..Version: 1.4.46

AwesomeReally good game the levels are unique. Good for all ages. All it takes is a little practice. Good strategy game.👍👍👍👍👍😀😀😀😀😀🤘🤘🤘🤘.Version: 1.3

BugI like it but where was a bug the bug was the music it did not play when I drive I have to go to settings and turn off the music and turn it on the music to make the sound work so can you fix that please.Version: 1.4.17

SoI love this game for a few reasons NO ADS this game has no ads whatsoever Ok i understand people don't want to grind and unlock thing just to have them taken away but i mean that's kinda what the point of the game is, to unlock things so you get better things. if you don't want to grind that's ur problem then don't play this game. i don't mind grinding. I also like the fast paced action..Version: 1.4.17

Awesome game but...I would love it if there were just more cars in it. We got a police car, a fire engine but where is the ambulance. I would also like to see a taxi in there..Version: 1.4.17

6 yearsI played this game when I was like 7 came back many years later and still one of the most fun and addicting games I have.Version: 1.4.17

Don’t like the colour of the roadI don’t like the colour of the road I like earn to die 1 more😪.Version: 1.4.3

Cures boredomGreat game to play, after playing the first one had to give this one a try and it is better than what I expected hopefully I can get the game completed soon :).Version: 1.4.17

Pretty funMe and my brothers plays all the time before but until my brother his iPad so it feels great playing this game again.Version: 1.4.17

Really good and fun game!This game is very good I love playing it a lot!.Version: 1.4.17

Epic!Epic game! Full of constant upgrades and carnage! No pay as u play which is refreshing..Version: 1.4.17

Too goodThis is the top evolution of side scroller car upgrading game it is too addictive I have finished the game 4 times now but I still want to play it and I still enjoy playing it. One of its best qualities is its lack of ads most games like this would rudely force you to watch endless ads after every go but this game smartly avoids that. And all this at a beautifully low price..Version: 1.4.17

Luv it buutttttttt........Needs more cars 🚙 and more levels ✌️ out.Version: 1.3

Fun but a bit repetitiveLike every other person says it gets repetitive after a while. I tried to find earn to die 3 but you guys removed it from the App Store. Bring it back I want to try it out..Version: 1.4.17

It’s good but a lot of money pls don’t put money on itThe game is cool and nice but it’s easy make is so so so hard.Version: 1.3

Bargain gameThe fact that it only costs 50p for a game that’s ad free is worth it alone but the game itself is well balanced and fun with creative level designs. Quick loading and bug free (in my experience) overall a great game for a great price..Version: 1.4.17

AwesomeAmazing game lasts for ever no glitches or lags A complete masterpiece:). 😄😗😃😒😛😗😃😩😝😗😃😫😃.Version: 1.0.20

ExcellentAbsolutely brilliant - a survivor Awful - a zombie.Version: 1.4.17

Make a new gameMake a new earn to die game.Version: 1.4.46

Pure amazing gameplayI finished the campaign once and I’ve started a second playthrough the game can be grindy at times but otherwise it’s great. If you haven’t bought this game what are you doing with your life..Version: 1.4.17

FunA fun time waster Good for a bit but can get grindy.Version: 1.3

AlrightIt could have been better such as a daily bonus of at least 100k..Version: 1.3

Can you make a tank in the game?You don,t need to buy a gun a tank can shoot and it is for war.Version: 1.4.3

Great Game!This game is one of the best games I have ever played! It is very exciting and adventurous. I consider downloading it..Version: 1.3

Very good game but annoyed about a minor bugThis game is very good and addictive but there was just one bug where when you press the acceleration button it also uses your boost so I can’t get as far when I use my boost straight away.Version: 1.3

Big for speedHi so I found a bug that’s useful if you fully upgrade the second car and hold down the boost button you still move and it doesn’t take gas so please fix.Version: 1.4.17

Wont openI downloaded this game after getting a new phone (i had it on my old one) it used to work perfectly fine but for some reason on this one it wont open and it kicks me out good game but i need help.Version: 1.4.17

Haven’t played it yet buttt I just wrote about it to feel includedIt’s looks fun socantwait so cant wai5 to tri it.Version: 1.3

Please not DopplerDay 2 of asking for you to make earn to die 3 on iOS.Version: 1.4.17

Better than earn to die HdIt is way better than earn to die Hd I would like more vehicles and the earn to die Hd also can you make so the earn to die Hd the full version is free.Version: 1.4.17

Amazing Game!!! You should buy it!This game is so fun! I tried the demo then I was like I want the game. So I got it. I’ve so far enjoyed the game and I hope they make more updates to the game like more modes. Even though I have not finished the story I just got the game this morning and I’m already so far. So I recommend this game if your in the middle of trying to buy it..Version: 1.3

Super good but.....Your game is so much fun. But their is a problem you made the first game great and the second ok. But you need to make a third and it should be a mix and a little bit more. One idea is you half to find car parts instead of buying them( you could just steal them in reality).Version: 1.4.17

Hilariously fun and frustrating.You spend all this time upgrading your car and in the end you’re driving a 25 ton dump truck with body armor, a concrete saw mounted to the front and a friggen Boeing 747 jet engine strapped to the back but it has a super hard time crashing through a stack of wooden boxes. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Still a fun game though. Love the art work and animation!.Version: 1.4.3

It’s goodBut the problem is that the prices are too high so you have to grand more.Version: 1.4.17

Crash physicsThe crash physics applied to your ride throughout each level, randomly, pretty much make this pass time indomitable. Beautiful game, I just need a lil more. Bring much more, pls..Version: 1.4.17

Worth itI really like the game I bought it for camping and it take a while to complete witch I'm happy about.Version: 1.4.17

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