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Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks app received 144 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks? Can you share your negative thoughts about tiki solitaire tripeaks?

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Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks for Negative User Reviews

Addictive but new traps are too hardI used to be addicted to this game and played for hours each week whilst listening to podcasts. However on the Tiki Paradise Serenity Springs levels they’ve introduced a ‘trap’ where you have to get the number on the box which changes higher or lower on each deal. This makes the game incredibly difficult and I’ve used hundreds of thousands of coins on some levels and been unable to complete them. Coupled with several games in a row having unplayable cards has stopped me playing. Please get rid of this in the next update or at least get the card in your deck when matched like the tiki traps. I now play a different game and only go on this one for, maybe, half an hour a week to collect free coins..Version: 7.0.0

Too muchI felt as though there was too much going on! I enjoyed it at first and then realised it was such a busy game and I just wanted to play. Don’t enjoy the red star one either.Version: 6.0.1

Game won’t load!Have been playing this for a while however it has now stopped loading there is nothing wrong with my connection it just says ‘getting configuration if it takes too long check your connection’. I have checked my connection it’s fine I can’t get support as it’s not available in the Eu so what now? It’s a great game and I am part of a fantastic team that I could end up booted off so please sort this bug or whatever it is quickly, it was loading fine up until a few hours ago!.Version: 4.6.2

Mixed ThoughtsThis is really fun but I’m not sure how long I’ll stick around. It takes a long time to build up the bank. I was watching ads for free coins, but 95% of the time it will reward me with the lowest amount. That doesn’t seem very fair. There’s a limit on daily quests, ads for coins and requests from FB friends, and even though there’s a 20-minute free coin reward, I’m still stuck playing the 500 coin levels to save up for one try at a 3,000 coin level. It’s a shame all the app developers are only thinking about seriously monetising their products (aka. to the extent of greed)..Version: 5.0.0

Enjoyable to begin withThe premise is good but you very quickly get through to the point where you have to purchase hooks and boosts etc in order to complete levels. If you don’t complete levels you run out of coins and you can’t play.Version: 8.3.1

Good concept, could work on executionThere is a very high loss rate in games, with luck being the biggest factor. Costs a lot to undo one card, so an entire game can be ruined by opting for one different card and you can’t afford to fix it. If it was more about skill than casino slot machines then it would get 5stars...Version: 4.0.1

Love It & Hate ItGame play can be fun and challenging. The graphics and the different game levels and quests are fun, and so is being in a club. But, the developers have made this game way too hard in the way that you have to spend real money or use all of your earned coins to win a game. Which really causes you to not want to continue playing. Which is sad because the graphics are great and game play could be fun, but in several of the games you may have to burn ropes and blow up bombs on having a limited number of given cards to use. This is on several of there boards where you have 2 challenges on a limited number of stacked cards for you to use to complete the board. They do this expecting you to pay the outrages price for additional cards or for you to purchase with real money the wild cards. If they would only make this game a little more easier on some of the levels with maybe 1 obstacle to at least get to the next level or give you more cards in your stack to use to at least give you a chance to win. I have been playing for awhile and you would be surprised at how many times you have a double challenge to go through on a level and the cards they give you don’t even match any of the cards on the game, so you have used your coins for nothing. I really hope the developers will consider this and revamp the game a little. If they do and it gets better I will definitely raise my star rating for them..Version: 4.0.0

Unable to playWhen I download the game it doesn’t start playing just comes up with the options of “try again or restart”..Version: 4.4.0

Scrab47Enjoying the game so far, however I don’t understand how to use the different helpers This game is addicting. I’ve been playing it for better than a year and can’t seem to put it down. Enjoying this game so much that it’s hard to put down. Time slips by so unnoticeably. Excellent game, so much fun!! So much fun, I can hardly put it down. Still having as much fun as when I started a few years ago. I play this game more than any other. I’ve written about five reviews, how many do you have to have. What more can I write about the game. I’m enjoying it the same. Still enjoying the game, and still finding it hard to put down. Still enjoying the game after better than two years. This is about the fifth or sixth review I’ve written. I don’t know what more I can say. I can’t write much more. I still enjoy the game! Very good game!!!! Still having fun after playing this game for better than two years. This must be my tenth review, what more can I write. I enjoy the game. Still enjoying the game after several years of playing. Hard to put down. I’m still having fun!! Excellent game, lots of fun. I continue to have fun after several years of playing this game. One of my favorites. I continue to enjoy playing this game, probably too much!! Enjoying the game, however it tends to freeze up at times. Still enjoying the game, it’s captivating!!.Version: 10.4.0

Too many coinsWhile I love playing this game the levels are too high in coins to play and some take several times to pass. I feel less coins to play the levels and maybe some more rewards (maybe when passing a island) would keep people playing more..Version: 8.1.0

Don’t bother playing on an iPadIf you play on an iPad be ready for ads in between almost every game you play. Glitches on the iPad are unbelievable game restarts almost after each game . Or it will glitch while collecting rewards, which means i lose whatever i was cashing in. When you ask for help they just tell you to download on another device instead of fixing the issues. Downloading free stuff off their Facebook is almost impossible on the iPad . Took me 9 tries just to down load one free booster. but hey they have lots of things advertised to buy in between each game play ... so you know they just want you money without addressing the issues! Wish they would just fix the app for iPads! Other teammates also have the same glitches on their IPad. I can’t even play the “ play together” game . Well I can play just can’t cash in for the reward. It took me 15 times to finally collect. Every time I hit the collect button it would restart! So needless to say I don’t play that game anymore. At the point where I will stop playing . They need to just fix the iPad app. And if they can’t don’t offer the app for iPads!.Version: 7.9.1

Fun but Too EXPENSIVE!!!Fun Game. Addicting, but be careful of your coins. The further along you go the more the levels cost to play. You can go through your free coins pretty fast just trying to do one level. You’ll match all but one card and have several cards left to try and match it for the win but the cards you need will never show up! They just want you to keep playing the same expensive levels over and over so if you want to continue to play, you have to pay. They do give you some free plays but you don’t have the option of when you want to use them, so use them on your most expensive levels, you’ll blow through them anyway, then go do challenges on less expensive levels to help your club. I probably won’t continue to play much longer just because it really doesn’t let you advance or play unless you pay! Even then you’ll blow through coins. I’m only on the 4th island and it cost 5000 coins per play. I get down to one card and never get the match with several cards available. Good Luck! Someone’s making money!!! Lol.Version: 5.2.1

Only play if you enjoy being frustratedAbsolutely fuming. I have played this game daily for over 2 years, built up a strong club in the Gold League. There have been numerous glitches which have undone all my hard work, coin balance has jumped from 200,000 to 0 TWICE. Both times the tripeaks support accused me of lying, stating that would be ‘impossible’. Not only that but I lost all progress on the quests I was working towards all day, and was unable to complete them due to my balance being zeroed. This has also happened to another player on my team. Unless tripeaks put things right, I will be deleting the game. At the moment only sticking it out for my team. I am also autistic which tripeaks are aware of, so probably just discrimination..Version: 6.6.1

Game keeps crashing and switching offBeen playing this game for a while now and at first was ok, but the last few months had nothing but trouble with the game freezing then switching off and you have to keep reloading it....It especially does it when you have won a tribute game, it crashes before you get your tributes, coins or club points, so you lose everything, I have lost count the amount of times this as happened and amount of coins and points I have lost, also if you use any boosters you have lost those too...I have come quite a long way on this game but am seriously thinking of deleting it as it cheats you out of winning on a regular basis, The coins needed to play games is extremely high, so every coin counts that you win, This is getting ridiculous now and needs sorting, but when I have been in touch with makers they just waffle off a scripted to do list, all of which I have done but makes no difference......Version: 7.7.0

Needs fixingRight so it’s a good game, very addictive and a lot of fun, however, the game forces you to play for prizes, i.e. you get an hour to complete a quest with no way to stop the timer or delay it - sometimes it is not possible to play straight away for hours in order to complete. There are also a lot of unnecessary animations in between levels and also on the background while playing a level? Can be distracting and is also one of the contributing factors to battery draining. The cards also move depending on how you’re holding your phone (needs no be flat on the surface) otherwise the cards move up and you are unable to see top which are covered by coins and boosters. Battery drainage is INSANE. My battery health is 94% and I have never in my life of having an iPhone had a similar issue where my phone went from full to 20% battery in roughly an hour or so. Also makes phone overhead within minutes of loading the game. All in all, a good idea but some serious flaws..Version: 5.1.0

Skewed coin rewards.... so obviousSo the “watch an ad for free coins” is always going to award you the lowest prize. I’ve watched probably 100 ads and without fail I always reveal the card with the lowest coins possible. Why give three cards to pick from when it’s predetermined to award lowest amount of coins? Really annoying. Remove the “pick a card” step as it’s obviously not a game of chance but rather an illusion of said chance. Fun game but little things like this are annoying and insult the intelligence of the user. Also if you click the question mark next to a booster card it just selects the card to use and you can’t unselect it. So not only do you not get the information you wanted but now you have to use the booster no matter what. Even closing the game and reopening does not unselect the booster. So very annoying. Especially when it can cost you thousands of coins that you spent time watching ads and getting screwed there too. For these reasons I will never spend real money on this game. Food for thought..Version: 6.8.0

Have to use coins to completeIt’s a good game concept however requiring you to use coins to complete the level on purpose is not nice. You should have the cards you require in your lineup to finish the level if done correctly, not get to the last 5 cards which are all irrelevant and unusable then have to buy 5 more cards just to find that the first 4 are again unusable. Fix that issue then the game would be great. Should never force to spend coins as it shows desperation in trying to take your really money..Version: 4.5.1

Friends peaks solitaireThe main problem is that I do not get enough credit for ratings and points it’s stalemate on numbers of points and weekly rating I have been playing this game since I purchase this apple tablet and often have had to go back to start because of your glitches your competition often dismiss far too early and cheats on achieving and completing competition which result in person or persons complaining on Facebook or completely withdrawing from game..Version: 8.4.1

Back to Day 1 for rewardsDid an update and now starting at Day 1 for rewards..Version: 10.4.0

Good game but some bogus movesI like this game, it is very fun to play, however; they make it very difficult to win some of the games without using up all your coins or paying for Extra to finish the game to Move on . Also, I usually watch the videos to get the extra coins every day. After you watch the video you choose from three cards to see how many coins you. I have probably watched 75 or more videos for free coins, and I have never won the biggest pot of coins. After they reveal your free coins, the other two cards flip over to show what the other coins were. I have never not one time when the highest coins. Never. I believe this game is designed to not give you the highest coins. Also I don’t really like all of the extra Side games and clubs and all that other stuff that’s with it. I find confusing and I’m not sure what to do with all of them so I usually just stick with the original game. Overall, I like the game. I just don’t like that they make it impossible for you to win the highest coins or to get past some of the screens levels without using all of your coins or paying for extras.Version: 4.1.1

Game needs an updateGames boring now. and i think we shouldnt have to pay to play because of how much it cost for extra cards etc when we run out. this game makes you run out of coin so fast and encourages you to spend money all the time when your out of coins. it makes the game boring to play having to wait to magically get coins 🙄.Version: 6.3.0

Where’s my coins??!Spent hours playing this game and loads of my own money to earn as many red stars as possible. Won first place in the Wood & Stone league now just won 1st place in the Gold league to progress to Platinum but never received my 50k even though i was presented with the chest??! You make it near impossible to win each level with the cards given that you have to use wilds or.Version: 4.3.1

Love the Game!!!Love the game, but today you added ads, compulsory 30 second ads before you start a new level! I will be deleting this game if this carries on, ain’t nobody got time for that!.Version: 4.7.1

Your ads are everywhere…I’ve already tried this boring game and will never download it again. it’s good if you love solitaire, but you’ll never understand. children will almost never love solitaire and are most likely to ignore your ad in kids games. games like ‘merge grabber’ is an example of a kids game (upon seeing my review, make your own opinion on if it’s a kids game or not but any game that looks fun for a short while is guaranteed to be a kids game as they have a short attention span and will love a game like it) long review short, limit your ads to games that will attract the right audience. example, gamboling games will attract those card lovers out there and mostly that and whatever else will attract people but please stop torturing poor kids with boring ads like this..Version: 10.4.0

Great game too expensive for extrasI love this game, and without my following comments would have been a definite 5 star. however many of the games need a little extra help and if you buy these boosters which are too constantly being encouraged they are so expensive it makes purchasing an expensive computer game cheap in comparison. I think that when my latest boosters have gone I will uninstall. I understand boosters come up on Facebook, but I haven’t seen them ,,, It also keeps freezing on me..Version: 5.4.0

Full of adsI loved this game and played everyday for two years, even spent money on it but now it’s become too frustrating, with the ads you can’t skip after almost every single game! I understand that you need to make money but I was already watching all the available ads anyway (in my own time, not when forced to) as I’m sure a lot of players were, but it’s too annoying now to play when half the time I’m just watching ads. It’s put me off too much and won’t be playing until they stop this..Version: 9.3.0

Not worth the downloadThis game is good to start with and very addictive but as you get on it becomes nearly impossible to complete levels. You end up spending all your coins trying to complete it as you don’t seem to end up with cards you need. Game is rigged to get you to spend your money as the minute you buy something you are able to complete the level with ease. I like a challenge but you don’t even get the opportunity to complete a level. Spent over 100,000 coins on one level and still not completed it. Frustrating and not enjoyable..Version: 7.6.0

Just gambling gameI was looking for a new fun solitaire game to try but this isn’t like spider or Klondike or free cell. It’s all gambling based and lots of tricks to get you to buy coins. Difficult to keep playing if you don’t want to purchase. If you’re a gambler fine ... but if not don’t bother..Version: 5.2.1

Went way downhillOver the past few months, GSN has gotten greedy. Not only have they made numerous negative changes that make it impossible to win without paying, they also do not listen to feedback from their players (just look at some of their copy/paste responses to reviews). Personally, my game is experiencing a glitch that causes my streaks to add up incorrectly, resulting in a much lower score. They denied the problem until I sent videos, and now they won’t reply to my ticket. Greedy, shady company ruining a great game..Version: 6.5.0

Good game but ridiculous with the pricing and coinsAs much as I enjoy playing this game, it’s costly with charging more than 1500 coins to play a level at a time. I’m not really willing to spend real life cash on completing a level. With other games I’ve played, perhaps have a set of like 10,000 coins and if you use them up playing, then you have to wait perhaps an hour until those 10,000 coins have refilled to play again? That would be better..Version: 4.1.1

ConfusedI love the game and have been a player for years, however I recently have noticed that the game almost wants you to lose and eat through coins to encourage using in-app purchases. Even the free coins when you watch adds are limited so you can’t keep playing the game if you don’t want to purchase additional coins. One day, after perks were finished I had at least 90,000 coins to keep playing the game and I lost most of my coins in failing to pass levels including ones going back to the very first island to collect red stars!!! Very disappointed that this game sometimes simply does not want you to win..Version: 6.7.0

Money issuesFee to play is always too high and the more levels you complete the higher it gets but the winnings don’t cover the fees leaving gameplay restricted. There is no money being earned while offline so if you can’t afford to play your only real option is to buy coins with real money which is unfair. Depending on the card hands the levels can be difficult and If you don’t pass them first time your in game coins will decline leaving you unable to play. It’s very disappointing..Version: 6.2.0

Greed now governs the gameSorry this a long post but read on and you will see why! When I started playing nearly three years ago, this game was fun. I then joined a team and the fun continued. About a year ago, things changed! Many of the ways we could win coins, wild cards, booster cards etc have gone or been made incredibly difficult. The aim of the game now is for the developers to get you to spend real money purchasing items. The very top teams must spend thousands to stay there, so be warned. If you, like me, are on some sort of benefit, be warned, you can easily be hooked into purchasing items. Seems like every time you change screens an ad to buy certain items appears. There is a chat that most teams use for sharing info but it is so useless many teams have set up Messenger, or other, groups to chat. There are so many distractions to the game that have appeared lately that use up precious coins. The developers are certainly not interested in the players, whatever they say, just $$$$$$$$. They tell you to contact Help if any issues, that is a waste of time, they own very few of your problems and generally blame your device and/or your Internet connection. If it was not for the fact that I enjoy the team interaction and have been a member for a long time, I would give this game away immediately. Shame on YOU developers!!.Version: 10.3.0

Money Scheme. No longer enjoyable.DO NOT bother even thinking about downloading this game. I’ve been playing this game for years. It used to be a lot of fun which is why I’ve stuck around for so long. That simply isn’t the case anymore. The game has turned into a greedy, money scheme. To think this is a “free” app is a joke. You will not play very long or advance unless you spend your real, hard earned money; and even then, you will lose lose lose. I needed one heart card to complete a level, and the game would not give it. I spent 12,000 coins on two boosters and then 3,000 coins just to begin the level. I then paid 6,000, 12,000, then 15,000 coins for extra cards trying to get ONE heart card to complete the level. The 15,000 coins I used for the last set of extra cards were purchased in the store with my real money. In total, I spent 48,000 coins and $1.99 of REAL money and the game didn’t produce one single card with the suit that I needed to finish the level. I’ve been playing this game and spending REAL money for years. The game has become a money scheme and a rip off. I don’t mind spending money in order to support app developers that produce an honest game. This is not the case with this game. I want a response and a refund..Version: 7.6.0

Used to be great now ruined by ads.I don’t know what it is about this new update, but have gone from a ad free gaming platform where we could pay for extra items to now getting ads after every game. It’s made the game I’ve played for years completely tacky like so many others. I’m really disappointed that this has happened to such a good game..Version: 9.0.0

Pls fix glitchI loved this game, couldn’t stop playing it and got up to level 151, even spent real money on it multiple times, but now it makes my phone overheat and glitches so much that the levels are not playable and it is hard to close the app. Pls fix this glitch :((.Version: 9.6.0

Used to be great….This used to be the best solitaire game…entertaining and fun to play…until the last few updates which have seen game payouts drop, ads increase and the ability to win games all but disappear (I’ve even seen cards change mid turnover to prevent a win). The mood across social media about the changes shows the true views of the long term players. The game and it’s community of teams is becoming more disgruntled by the day. The new app owners no doubt think they will drive further purchases from frustrated players, but with the low value deals available to players now, this app is probably on a par with throwing money into an online casino without the potential thrill of a win payout. Well done! I’ve never seen an app manage to upset so many faithful players in such a short period of time..Version: 10.1.0

Game needs to be fixedFun game but it NEEDS TO BE FIXED. It’s frustrating when you are playing the game, you flip 10 cards from your pile with NO matches. The other one that’s frustrating is when you have one card left so I pay the extra coins for 5 cards… no matches. I pay more extra coins because it’s just one card left….. NO MATCHES AGAIN! So 15,000 coins down the drain with zero matches for my ONLY CARD LEFT🤬🤬 This happens almost every single game. It’s a fun game to play, but it needs to be fixed NOW 😡😡😡.Version: 10.1.0

Tri peaks solataireI rated 3 because it is the ONLY app I have that is often difficult to open. I would also like to be able to use my rewards when and where I choose. Some of my teammates find a few freebies on FB but as I am sure that is the way it is set up extremely hard to find.....not worth the aggravation!! Through research I discovered that if you play a lot and ESPECIALLY if you spend money, for those of us you make the game harder so we end up buying more! Shame on you. Sometimes you have to ask for more cards three times or more to get the right card. Often times two are left......choice....more cards or a couple of wild cards. AND the streaks!!!! Few and far between! Sometimes I get one card after another and the streak meter doesn’t even move. Several players of 2 plus years left last week. One member said clearly they are wanting more revenue hence the constant offers and obviously because of COVID-19 more people are playing more and longer. Way to go tripeaks.....get the money when you can‼️‼️‼️ I used to so enjoy playing but now the only thing keeping me is the great team I am on.....but having serious second, third and fourth thoughts‼️‼️‼️‼️.Version: 7.2.0

Addictive but so so riggedNot to sound like Donald Trump, but the results of this game are rigged. As the levels get higher it becomes nearly impossible to win without buying extra cards/boosters. I’ve played levels where they give you like 3 cards that actually work with the set which means you just cannot win. I’m not making mistakes with the cards, the game would tell me if I was. This makes it really easy to run out of coins, and buying more is expensive. Plus it costs 3000 coins for one game so you’d run out quickly even if you did buy them. It all seems like a ploy to make money which is a shame as the game is very fun otherwise. It can just be disheartening when you keep loosing even though you’re not making any mistakes :(.Version: 10.3.0

Newest upgradeIt just killed my link to Facebook to collect daily rewards.Version: 10.4.0

AnnoyingGame is great, but i have had to delete as it won’t let me play, it’s annoying as you have unlocked a lot of levels, and you can’t collect coins, or your rewards, and just shuts down!.Version: 8.1.0

Looks good but unfairly riggedI’ve had this game in the past on another phone and I remembered enjoying it so much that I downloaded again. Well, now I also remember why I deleted it the first time around. It IS a fun game to play but it’s entirely rigged to pressure you into buying coins (all games coax, that’s to be expected) - it’s just ridiculous the lengths they will go to with this. I played the same level about 25 times and the amount of coins it swallows makes it so hard to keep going, after this had happened in a few levels I quickly realised this game is the exact opposite of stress relief and relaxation. I’ve deleted again and won’t be making that mistake a third time..Version: 6.4.0

PatheticYour game is impossible to win, it’s absolutely rediculous if I’m honest! I just read a review and I completely agree! GREED HAS GOT THE BETTER OF YOU! I’m uninstalling good buy!! “Apologies” I didn’t uninstall! I wrote that ⬆️ a few days ago! And after playing today! Not because I love Your game but because I love Tri peaks games all together! And I see you still haven’t taken a blind bit of notice of your reviews! Your game is beyond belief hard! It’s not normal! Who the hell are you people??? Are you the corrupt Government the control freaks?? Because it’s the only explanation, down to the pure Greed! Your absolutely DIS-GUS-TING beings! You need to be wiped off the planet 🌎 this planet has suffered enough! It’s time you all sat the hell down and realise how good life will be for all! Them who don’t make it with us didn’t deserve Atall to survive! Unlucky to you! All I can say to you who do want to live and have a nice life should start picking up the pieces and help us rebuild the world! I have faith in some! Not so much in others! I will honer anyone who fixes this problem! Your Honourable ADELLE 😂 SINCERELY Lisa ADELLE Hurley.Version: 10.4.0

Long time playingPlease take the game back a year at least, then there were less glitches and in the shrine, it gave you more than 500 coins and if you won a game it paid more than it cost, there were games you could win occasionally without having to buy 3 lots of overpriced extra cards or more, great game now not so great. Times are tough we play this game to relax but it’s not really relaxing anymore.Version: 7.0.0

Game is riggedIf you don’t watch ads, buy coins or connect to facebook, this game will intentionally deal you impossible-to-win boards. Card arrangement is not truly random - the first few boards are set up for easy streaks and wins, and then they start giving you the dud games so that you spend money..Version: 5.4.0

Not A Free game!!!Games fun been playing for years. I’m gonna have to quit playing soon though. Too many changes. When I first started playing you got 15k free from friends every 4 hours. Now I get 5k. In this game 5k is the cost of one game. The games aren’t winnable anymore either. You have to spend real money to play & it’s a very pricey game. The best thing was the gem quests. You could buy chests with your gems. But just this week, they took that away too. See you need 24 players to play & get a certain # of tributes to win. Almost impossible for most people . We had teams of helpers come in that would pick-up the slack, everyone wins, everyone’s happy. IDK why they figure they need to make more money from us? But they do can’t afford to play anymore. This game is far from free guys. The helpers (Angels) many called them was our only break. If you’re new to this game just keep in mind it says free. 5k every 4hrs & 1,200 every 20min is what you get and each game costs $2,500 & you hardly ever win. If you still want to play be prepared to pay, pay, pay. Sorry to be so negative. I do love to play, I just wanted you all to know, it’s not a free solitaire game & they’re constantly changing something to make it harder to win & oh the game has many technical problems and you lose your coin daily. How do you explain this??? We lost. We got the maximum shovels and stll lost the game cheats.Version: 9.4.0

You have improved the game, and I’m happy about that.But the cost of more cards is still DOUBLE of what the game costs to play in the first place, for just five More Cards. So if you risk it & pay for the More Cards, you could still end up a big loser by paying at least 9,000 coins and have very little, even as low as 230 coins left to show for it! I know lots of folks on the fan page have also asked y'all to lower this outrageously high cost of More Cards. And this is after the Big Kahuna made the promise to lower the price, which was only lowered for around 1-2 weeks then was jacked right up to that incomprehensible high price and a good idea that again. And when it is so difficult to win a game w/out needing 1+ sets of More Cards or a Wild Card or two, it seems like the deck is most definitely unfairly stacked against you. (No pun intended!) I do love the game, though, regardless, and your addition of clubs and everything around that inclusion over the past couple of years is original and nothing short of simply inspired. So if you were to reduce the price of More Cards and reverse the betrayal you have imposed upon all your players, including all of us faithful, loyal long-time players, I would give my next review the full five stars. For now, I thank you for inviting me to review your game again..Version: 4.1.1

Great game until they get greedyEdit: they now have ads that show up every few minutes, along with ads for in game currency that show up every play. I’m deleting. I guess just have a ton of patience for ads when playing this game. Update: the developers state that everyone can win, and they are absolutely correct. Everyone can win, just like everyone who goes to Vegas *can* hit it big! I’m on a level right now where I have 7 cards in my deck to play with. Seven! The odds are never in your favor. Just remember to treat it like Vegas: don’t expect a lot and you probably don’t want to spend all your money! Also? The team thing is ridiculously unfair as many other reviewers have pointed out. To the developers: this would be an amazing game if you actually listened to the players and fixed these issues. I don’t even mind watching the ads for free coins, but maybe just a set coin reward instead of a chance game?? I would have given this game 5 stars a few days ago. It’s challenging, has great graphics, and makes you think. Now though, I’m up to about level 181 and it’s impossible to win without using their “trick cards”. The game suddenly makes you wait for a special card to unlock cards OR you can spend money to buy your way out! Too bad. This game was great until the developer decided to go the route of Candy Crush. Bummed..Version: 8.8.0

Avoid unless you want to buy lots of in app purchasesI had 30,000 points and after 10 attempts on just one level none left and as I refuse to spend money on in app purchases I’m left with the distinct impression that you can only advance if you’re willing to spend additional sums of money on what is supposed to be a free game. Avoid this game is the only fair review. How it’s managed 4.6 out of 5 when most reviews say the same as its not a random selection stop game makers trying to make people spend large sums on In app purchases. Shame on you.Version: 6.8.0

Good but can be betterI’ve played so many different solitaire games but this one is really fun the only problem is as you get to a high level it becomes close to impossible to pass levels especially with so many bombs, trap cards or wave cards and once you get the chance to clear it, it actually takes the card away leaving you with no option but to flip the deck also the deck is quiet small so you run out really fast and I’m finding myself having to retry over and over again. Overall this game could be really great if not so much trap cards or even lowering the amount of coins so safe cards can be purchased. Other than that love the features and bonuses..Version: 9.5.0

Boycotting spending money with GSNThis is my response to their new policy that won’t let club helpers get any rewards for helping other teams - I will still play the game but no more money for you! I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in GSN right now. I think you missed the big picture. By going out to help other teams, I needed resources and for the last 3 months, I personally have spent $160 dollars on double gift day (DGD). All because I enjoyed the teamwork and the new friends. I was planning to make future DGD purchases. Until I started helping teams, I had no need to pay for anything on the game. I would occasionally get a DGD box for my team - maybe 5 in 3 years of play. That ends as of today, unless you change it back to allow me to get benefits from helping another team. I am regretting having encouraged my teammates to start hopping and that they also bought DGD boxes to allow them to freely help. I am going to encourage everyone I know to not spend another penny on the game. I’m in a large FB group and have gotten quite a following by doing “Tip of the day” to explain the game to people from leadership and player perspective. You can bet that tomorrow’s tip will an explanation on boycotting any further GSN purchases. I will be copying this post to several groups that I’m in as well as sending a ticket..Version: 8.6.0

Profit over playersI have played this game for three years and I used to love it. You won some games and you lost some games. You could win some good rewards for team club quests and it was fun. However, over the past six months (maybe longer, it is quite insidious) each game has become harder and harder (and now usually impossible) to win without using expensive boosters and extra cards. The coins or prizes you win for club quests are not worth the hard work, coins, time and boosters needed to achieve them. People are leaving in droves and it’s hard to fill your team with decent players any more. The latest increase in ads in between each game (unless you spend money of course) makes it just annoying. In summary, profit and greed have spoiled what is actually a good game. You really need to make some positive changes as in the long run you will leak players and greed will ultimately be your downfall..Version: 10.1.0

Game keeps freezingThe game freezes every time I watch the ad for Candy Crush Saga. It has cheated me out of several perks I should have earned, as I watched the entire video. If I wanted to play Candy Crush, I wouldn’t have deleted it years ago, lol. All I want is the free perks for viewing. Today, after the third time in as many days that it froze on that ad, I shut the game down, re-entered then tried to send an email to customer support……that also froze! So I came here to complain. Maybe if enough complain here, they will fix it! Otherwise…I adore the game, been playing for years. They have gotten very greedy, but if you play it right, there is no need to ever actually spend money. They have also stopped showing club and personal quests, leaving us to guess how we’re doing. On the events and quests page they don’t show the quests they only show the events that ultimately make you lose coins and in theory will make you use actual cash. They are too greedy. I’m not Catholic, but I believe that greed is one of their “seven deadly sins”, lol..Version: 10.2.0

Why invading privacy??This game was fun until something popped up that said you had to except their terms or you couldn’t play anymore. And part of their terms were basically releasing every bit of information they could possibly release about you but it said if you click OK then you could go to the settings and not allow that but guess what after you do that when you try to click over to change the settings it’s asking you to put in even more information about yourself. Including your address. Why would someone need to have that? Why would anyone want to provide any of that information?Which is completely ridiculous. So I have deleted the game after playing it for months. I don’t know if somehow the game is making money by selling off our information but I’m not having that. Prior to this I would’ve left you a five star review because I did really enjoy the game and the concept- I got on almost every day at least once or twice to play but thanks to this I will no longer be doing that and I have deleted it so enjoy spreading someone else’s information around the world to complete random strangers. Apparently you could care less about our safety.Version: 6.5.0

Not worth itWas a great, fun game to start off with but by around Level 35, the game starts dealing impossible-to-win boards and you end up using thousands of coins to get past the levels. Each island makes you pay more for each board so by the time you hit level 40, it's 2,500 coins to play a board and when the game intentionally deals bad cards every time, it starts to feel like a cash-grab. Also you don't receive the full amount of coins it says you've won from a match. I had 909 coins and it said I won 3,738 but my total coins only went up to 2,598..Version: 8.7.0

Fun but not fairI really enjoy this game, however, it’s hard to play when the amount of coins needed to play is more than the amount of coins you get for playing. You need about 9000 coins to play because it’s almost impossible to win without boosters. Not to mention you can go through 7 cards straight and none of them can be used so now you just wasted 9000 coins, you didnt win the level and you dont want to use another 9000 coins to not win again because you want to get as many plays as possible. Just to play is 3000 coins and if you dont win the level you definitely will not make those coins back or even close to it. I have gone a long time without playing because it’s just annoying how quickly you can lose all of your coins when it takes so much time to get them. Every 20 minutes of getting 1000 coins for free isnt enough to keep me intrigued. Even if you have 100,000 coins it’s so easy to literally lose all of that and only win about 2 levels. Plus the levels are quite annoying to win at times. Unfortunate because I do like the game, it’s the only game on my phone that I could *potentially* enjoy..Version: 7.3.0

Total Rip Off NowThis game used to be fun but the developers make it harder and harder to win unless you buy coins. Players who have played together for years on great teams are abandoning the game in droves now as they are trying to force us to spend money to be able to win. The few prizes we do win are getting stingier and stingier by the week. Too bad - this was a great game years ago!.Version: 10.1.0

Not Thrilled With The GameI have played this game for a while now and there are some things that can put you off. The game freezes, kicks you out as soon as you log in, try to collect a reward and it tells you your not authorized to. The most frustrating one is when you finish a quest collect the item and the next day it tells you that you have not completed so know the event you are in Is a waste of time , because you have to complete all quests in order to collect a chest at the end. Don’t bother going to support service they won’t help , they will just tell you that you didn’t complete it in the allotted time to bad. I really don’t complain about things like this but don’t expect a lot out of this game if you like to win things..Version: 7.3.0

How to lose playersI have really enjoyed playing this game and loved being part of a club but with the changes to the Friend Centre(now only 9000 coins) and the really difficult club quests I am not going to keep playing. The games are MUCH harder to win and even if I do manage to win I actually win less coins than it cost me to play. I know that the game has to make money for the developers and I have regularly bought the packages on offer but making it so biased against the players will mean less players playing..Version: 6.5.0

Rating Tri-Peaks by GSNI really do like this game. But every time an update is required it’s nothing but problems. GSN is horrible at returning any response when there is a problem not receiving items that players buy or win. They don’t respond or refund at all they think players are liars and just ignore the tickets. GSN doesn’t realize when they do refunds to us players it goes right back into the game and it keeps players playing which eventually we purchase more items to keep playing. I think as well as all the players is that GSN should give back to us and make the levels winnable. They FORCE players to buy items to pass all level la which is WRONG!! Greed never wins in the end!! The game has so many glitches and boots you from the game and you lose all the items that were in play. And when you send a ticket GSN ignores it. That’s also wrong. I could go on for days, but I’m going to stop. Make it right GSN!! Read your Facebook Page it’s says it all. More complaints then good complements. You should make some positive changes! Players are leaving by the hundreds. That’s sad!! As it once was a top game!!.Version: 4.5.1

Too many glitches = no rewardsThis game was great when I started 18mths ago; however now there are soooo many glitches where players don’t get rewards they’ve purposely been working on. No matter how many times you contact them about this, or how many ppl do, they are not interested in fixing or compensating. Tbh this game has lost its shine & fun due to all the game issues that they keep blaming on connections & devices. THE GAME IS FAULTY.Version: 7.0.0

ReadThe game is fine, but the amount of money for each level increases and I don’t get my rewards from quests or for daily. I guess I’ll just buy a pack of cards.Version: 4.6.2

Probably wouldn't botherThe concept is great, but each update brings more pop ups, more ads, it makes the game annoying to play. Also the levels are impossibly hard. You'll spend days trying to get them done without spending any money. It feels more like an exercise in how to monetize a game, then how to make a fun game. Edit - now there are 30 second ads that cannot be skipped. This game gets worse and worse. Edit - just deleted the game. You can earn coins by watching ads (as if there aren't already enough ads in the game) then you can choose one of 3 cards to win coins. After tracking my wins I found I get the lowest amount 95% of the time. This game is a farce and I feel sorry for the people handing over cash. Bye..Version: 5.0.0

Too many in app purchases requiredGame is fun. But the cost of cards/games increases exponentially to the point it is not enjoyable..Version: 8.5.0

Fix the crashing!Love the game but getting very tired of the game consistently crashing. You lose your game your playing and any coins spent and have to start over. Really made it unbearable to play lately. And forgetting about watching ads for anything extra that is a guaranteed game crash.Version: 6.8.0

2020 changes ruined a great game!For no apparent reason other than PURE GREED, they suddenly changed the jackpot slots so that it’s near impossible to get helper cards — AND they added two slots that steal 2,000 coins from your bank. They also changed the number of friends that can help you with coins from 5 to 3 - again stealing coins from us. Since coins and helper cards are critical to being able to play, I will no longer be playing this game. I’m pretty sure I was in the top 2% of users this past year - I loved this game and have been on the same club since the very beginning. All the other members feel the same way. Finally, they claim the rewards on ads are random. I kept a tally for week of ads. There are three cards to choose from. If it were random, you would get the lowest prize 33% of the time, the middle prize 33% of the time and the highest prize 33% of the time. My results: lowest prize 86% of the time, middle prize 5% of the time, highest prize 9% of the time. So the developer’s statement is clearly a lie. Again, all the other club members have said they experience exactly the same thing. I’m thinking of filing a complaint now with the FTC over that issue. They just want to force you to spend money to be able to play..Version: 6.5.1

Seriously needs improvementI really enjoy this game but these days it seems impossible to play it. The levels are almost impossible to beat and you need A LOT of coins to stay on a level. But no matter how much I try and build up my coins before starting a level, I can never seem to finish it and it’s always eating up my coins quick so I only have one more card to remove and I don’t even have enough coins to get more coins which is frustrating. There also isn’t much options of getting a good amount of coins. Watching ads usually gets you 1,000 or even 300 but with these levels you need atleast 20,000 😒. This game is really fun but is basically unplayable now.Version: 10.5.0

Just more money hungry devsUsed to be a good game. But there’s no way to recover your account if you don’t have access anymore to your Facebook or iCloud accounts that they automatically link you to. And they stopped letting helpers come into your club and help with their impossible quest requirements, so we will have to buy items to complete them instead. They won’t get any money from me..Version: 8.6.0

BoringThe fun with this game is the team you’re in, to work together. The game itself gets boring with hours of play giving very little rewards. You seldom win a game. When there is a competition they make it even harder to win. If they do this to try to force you to spend money? It doesn’t work for me, I spend less the harder it is. If you don’t want to work in a team go for another solitaire game..Version: 8.5.0

TriPeaksI really am confused why you are slowly destroying this game. Making games more difficult and now to put the icing on the cake by not allowing helpers from other teams to come in to help with tribute quests. You set the minimum # to 25 so nobody can be sick or unavailable…that’s absurd! With the number of players that have already quit, teams amalgamating because of it, then you slap us all with this insane new helpers rule? Good grief I honestly didn’t think it could get worse but yup here we are..shame on you all! Am confident you will pay dearly for this stupid blunder. Your 4.5 rating will be lucky to stay at a 2 after this week and hope you take note of how purchases have and will now drop! We ask and ask for a feature that will help us know who maxes games, nope we have a useless check mark that tells us who unlocked the crappy prize club gift box. 🤦‍♀️ P.S. the help/support center has also become a complete waste of time with their generic replies that do not pertain to the problem! Totally disgusted you turned a great game into a gong show!.Version: 8.6.0

Why have we not been informedWhy have the developers not informed all of the players about not allowing helpers to help out other clubs besides their own we are a little community and need help from other club members to complete tribute quests it is done for the good of the game and to keep my club members and other club members motivated to try and win quests and also to keep an interest in playing the the game ....we are after all your customers surely you would want to keep your customers happy and prepared to spend money but when you treat them with disrespect many members keeping their wallets and credit cards firmly in their pockets.Version: 8.6.0

Fun but glitchyI really enjoy playing this game but it can be really glitchy and often freezes at important times, like when collecting a coin reward. If these problems were addressed it would be so much more fun to play..Version: 7.4.0

I wouldn’t pay for this game even if I were a billionaire!!!The games are way too hard to win! They definitely want you to pay out some serious coin to advance. And, when you do, you guessed it, you pay out even more. Yea, you get free coins for watching ads and also from friends but they are not nearly enough. But, the absolute worst part about the game are the bombs that keep popping up during the game. And, they make obnoxious sounds and have a red ring around them showing that you have just seconds to remove them! This is done purposely so you lose the game and have to PAY, PAY, PAY and, PAY some more! I don’t mind one bomb or two as a challenge, but, four or five per game, no way!! Sorry developers, you just annoyed your players to the point where many are quitting. I am one of them. There are billions of games in the App Store (or Google) that are easier and less costly to play. If you developers want to earn money you have to make the game fun and less costly or players just consider you greedy and find another game. Good luck to holding on to your players - you’re gonna need it!.Version: 10.4.0

I remembered why I stopped playingI deleted this game before then redownloaded after almost a year only to remember why I deleted it in the first place. The first two islands are fun and easy, but once you get to the third island from then on it becomes ridiculously impossible to win; boosters cost 6000 coins which you quickly realize that a lot of levels cannot be won without them. To get 5 more cards costs double-triple the amount that you pay to play the level in the first place, and you can still lose. The deck of cards feels like toddler shuffled them; there have been multiple times where I have two cards left and like 10 cards left in the deck so surely I can find two cards to help win right? NOPE. Also there have a been a lot of times where I barely get to play the level because the deck has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that I need in order to clear out cards. And those levels where they only give you like 7 cards to clear out like 20 on the board? HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO WIN LOKE THAT. The only way to advance in this game is if you are willing to spend your real life currency on in game purchases because the developers designed the game to where it’s impossible to win without a lot of help..Version: 6.9.1

Fun but frustratingI have played this game for a long time, there are some levels where you get stuck for weeks- the most frustrating part is that my partner plays, and gets messages that say “It looks like you’re low on coins, here’s 20,000!” And I get nothing!:(.Version: 7.4.0

Lack of coins.I like the game and have been playing for sometime now, I even got my partner playing but it just seems like I’m not getting enough coins to really play and complete the quest anymore, I started today with about 11,000, but with a game costing 3000 each it quickly goes and even watching the ads we seem to be getting less money for. My request screens doesn’t load most of the time after a game as well. Such a shame really as I feel like they’re just trying to force you to buy more coins to be able to play despite being a free game..Version: 5.2.1

UghThe game won't load for me. It shows the entrance screen and stays like it. It worked all along and all of a sudden stopped. It's been like this for 2 weeks now. I have deleted it and reinstalled it but it still don't work. Please fix this.Version: 3.11.0

Pay or don’t playLove the game but be warned, unless you spend real money, you're not going to be able to play more than a few games here and there, and then you won’t finish challenges in time to win any boosters. It feels like the whole game is rigged to run you out of all options other than to buy coins and boosters, especially once you get past the lower levels. You can’t seem to finish any higher levels without boosters and you can’t win them without spending a tonne of coins. Even watching five ads only gives you enough coins for one full play! If you watch TEN ads, you get three games at the higher levels. Then you won’t pass the level without boosters, that you’ll have to buy…getting the picture? It’s just excessive and greedy and I’m sick of it. Seems stupid to me that the developers have designed a game that you end up not being able to play without daily input of real money AND they’re getting money from ads. I’m feeling really ripped off and as much as I love playing the game, I’m pulling the pin as not prepared to have to spend money every single day just to be able to have some decent play time..Version: 8.6.0

MehhhThis game is obviously rigged. Along with your 4.5 star rating. I read through the comments and you see nothing but 1 and 2 start ratings and comments are not good but clearly their not in this for honesty LoL!! My review and rating has never even shown up in the review! I have caught so many mistakes and cheats. It’s clearly designed to make you lose 9 out of 10 times you play. I’ve never know a deck of 52 cards to have 8 or more of the same cards. In fact in real life that would be called stacking the deck!! Maybe they don’t think we are paying attention but it’s not that hard to notice when 7 of the same card show up in a row. I’d rather play with a real deck of cards so at least when you lose you know you really lost. Also I have watched ad after ad to win coins from the 3 treasure chests and I ALWAYS get the lowest amount!! One particular day I picked the same treasure chest every time on purpose just to see if it was “random” as they claim but every time after picking the same treasure chest over and over in a row the amount was never the highest or even second highest it was ALWAYS the lowest every time! Now how is that possible if it’s randomly shuffled? I would have gotten the highest treasure chest eventually but I sure didn’t!! What’s sad is after reading reviews people are spending real money on here! That’s just sad they are being robbed blindly..Version: 6.7.0

It’s a good game, but...It’s a good game, but it lets itself down when it comes to coins, you need them for literally everything in the game, the higher up the levels you get the more a game costs in coins, I’m currently at 3000 coins per game. You can earn coins by watching adverts but 99% of the time you’re awarded 400 coins. Seems like an awful lot of advert watching just to have 1 go at a level, it’d be a lot more enjoyable to play if you just had to watch a 30second ad before each game, or was awarded a free play ticket for watching..Version: 7.5.0

Liked it at first but.....Got sick of it fast. You are forever trying to get totems for the volcano and for no reason - you don’t seem to get extra bonuses for that. The amount it costs to play each level is ridiculous and then sometimes you can pay for more cards in a level and they are five cards that are completely useless to you. The amount of coins you win is no where near what you have to spend to play each level. Deleted the game after battling for 2 weeks.Version: 4.4.0

Ads not fairThis game is fun to play. But you don’t get the same amount of free coins as others do. It has nothing to do with the level your on or how much you play. Once a day you get ads that give you coins. These coins are vital to the game. Without them you’re game time is very limited. It cost a lot per game and you can’t make it through many levels without using boosters, which cost 6k in coins per booster. Some levels you need as many as 3 boosters per play. That’s 18k plus what it cost to play the level which is usually 2-3k each. Which brings most levels up to 21k per level. The problem is a lot of people get 25-30 ads daily for coins then the rest get 10 ads per day for coins. Ads pay between 300 to 5000 each. So you can see where you are being cheated real easy. I’ve complained at least 5 or more times about making the ads equal so every one gets a decent chance. They have refused to help me with this. They claim they have no control over ads. No one has a site that they have no control over. I know a ton of people that have complained about this as well. We as players just want the freebies to be fair to all of us that spend our time playing there game. Bottom line they DONT CARE. It’s a shame to because this game is fun it’s just not fair. I assure you that if you encounter a problem it will not be fixed..Version: 5.0.0

Fun game but very frustratingStyle of the game is good, many cool perks and rewards for doing well but it’s way too slow to progress. Finally deleted it after playing a game where I went though the entire deck without even being able to clear one card. It seems like you have to spend so many coins just to pass a level you’ve been stuck on for ages sometimes, especially when you have to buy 3 packs of extra cards (equaling 24k coins) just to clear the last card you’ve got left on the game board, which I found to be a regular occurrence. I understand there is a little bit of luck involved but it feels like the odds of winning are completely stacked against you..Version: 5.0.0

Agree w/ other ReviewsLove this game and so addicted. I don’t mind spending some money but it’s apparent that if you don’t spend money for awhile and if you don’t spend higher amounts of money $20 or more... you will lose every single game until you’re so frustrated you purchase and it’s all okay again. I tried to make a small purchase and see if it would work several times but it doesn’t. If you spend the higher amounts you’ll will nearly every time or be able to use boosters (earned with teams and for free) to complete them but when you don’t you could be winning a game and be left with one card for days after attempting the same game over fifty times. It’s ridiculous. Even if you freely earn over 100k coins with team games and such it’ll go away quickly. I’ve tried to pay more for more cards to finish one card off and it doesn’t work. I’ve tried to use boosters and it doesn’t. It’ll have a glitch too just before the last card flip. Only during these times but nooooo if you spend higher amounts it doesn’t do it. Rigged. Also agree with other complaints. Not random draws on ads. Sometimes you can watch more ads and other times you can’t. It’s frustrating to literally few they restrict winning and earning if you don’t spend money..Version: 6.6.1

Great Game But Unreasonable PricesI love the game but the fact that the prices just kept going up every time you advance a island is ridiculous! Now it's 3000 coins for the games! Everything's too expensive. Price for extra cards (and they're not even that many) is too high! And the option the we have to pay actual money for wild cards and volcano cards is silly. Even having to pay 6000 coins for a booster 🤦🏽‍♀️ Honestly please make this game better so we can keep enjoying it. But every update something gets worse. Less coins for the games please!.Version: 4.1.1

Used to be a great game.Reply to Developers-I’ve done that and just get useless scripted replies. Read the game’s forum and you’ll see I’m not the only one having these issues. Downrated to 1* now. When you can get the game to play properly, which is never now, it’s super. But since they’ve brought in lots of new events the game lags and freezes all. the. time. Numerous people have reported this and all we’re told is to uninstall and reinstall, check our bandwidth, etc. Their help is atrocious/non-existent and I’m hoping by leaving this review someone will take notice and do something to fix all the glitches once and for all..Version: 7.3.0

Loading issuesThis last week the game keeps freezing and won’t load pages so have to keep trying to reload the app every few minutes.Version: 5.0.0

Used to be goodI’ve been playing this as part of a team for almost 2 years. It was good fun until about 2 months ago after the last update, now the game just constantly crashes for no reason. The developers try to blame WiFi (other apps & games do not crash for no reason, just this one) Other teammates were told to delete the app & download again, which they did only to find they couldn’t get back onto our original team or all their coins had disappeared. Despite being told there is an issue, nothing seems to be done in the way of a bug fix. Until they actually do something about the issue, I’m done with it..Version: 6.0.1

Used to love this gameGame is very fun and addicting, they get you hooked and then once you get further into the game the levels are impossible to win unless you use bonuses. Just a way for them to get you hooked to the game and then force you to spend on the in app purchases. Waste of money if you ask me. A few years back I used to play this game a lot then stopped playing, recently started playing again cause I forgot why I ever stopped playing. I was quickly reminded..Version: 6.5.0

Good at first but...It was a good game. It reminded me of my childhood but I feel like there’s a lot that’s unfair in this game 1) IT CRASHES so many times. I lost about 21,000 coins because it randomly froze which I thought was unfair 2) you don’t earn enough coins for how much each game costs 3) watching the video to get coins is rigged 4) the cards you get in the game don’t help you. You can have 1 card left on the field and 10 more cards in your deck but NONE of them actually help. Makes me really upset when playing this game because of how unfair it is. It starts off easy but when you don’t have enough coins to play, what’s the use of playing? UPDATE: played games on double coins day. Did we get double coins? Nope. Smh.Version: 9.4.0

EXPENSIVE GameVERY addictive and fun game! However, it’s VERY PRICEY! Would have given it 5 stars. I’ve already spent over $75 in 3 days just getting tokens. The cost and rewards don’t even out. Once u get too the higher levels, it’s 3k tokens just too play, each booster (that u only get 1 of, cost 6k) so that’s 3k-9k just too play too win at best 2.5k-4K. Then, once u buy tokens at regular price IMMEDIATELY afterwards u get a flash deal that should’ve been offered too begin with as if one wants too spend even more. Basically, the prices for the boosters are ridiculous and the package deals aren’t really deals. No gaming app should be so pricey. I’d love too keep playing as I’m ranked #1 on the leaderboard and on my team. But I do have a daughter and real life bills so I’ll probably uninstall it by Saturday bc I’ve spent over $20 on it alone today and still run out of tokens. The rewards aren’t even high enough for what it cost too play. The developers seriously need too review and revise or only Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Jonny Depp, Bill Gates and the previous presidents and their kids will be able too afford this game. It’s really beating ppl out their cash.Version: 5.2.1

Great game but......The developers are doing the best they can to get you to part with your money. Games take forever to pass a level unless you keep buying more, if you add more cards to try and complete a game then they try and take all your coins so you have to buy some... I don’t. Some games are so hard to get past, you are on them for ages, again to make you purchase more coins. It would be a great game if the developers would ALLOW you to pass a level and not fluke the cards on purpose. So, my second review... They say the volcano has irrupted just to get you to purchase more. You lose two days to the irruption so the company try and make you buy more, good game but I’m on the brink of deleting it. It’s a money-making scheme... Also I have played several games where you don’t get a matching card, again the company trying to force you to buy. The stars just went down....Version: 5.5.0

Amazing game with problemsGame itself with the layers of competition and challenge individually and as a club are amazing. Since change of ownership to GSN, definitely able to tell making money is the motive of GSN. At times levels set so hard impossible to win. A lot of ads that freeze/don’t work right. Large amounts of play required for small rewards seems illogical but happens a lot. Some features are really fun but do not contribute to club points. Other features are coin suckers to get you to spend real money by buying packages. While the game itself is very very very fun, I often feel frustrated and manipulated. Customer support when you experience a loss related to the app is usually a canned “restart your device“ and not helpful at all and they talk to you like you are stupid. I have been playing a long time and positively love my team. That’s the main reason I still play. If I were a newcomer, I doubt I would hang out long enough to even realize that the game can be a lot of fun..Version: 10.0.0

Very costly for coins but all in all a good game to playVery good game, graphics are brilliant, easy to play and a good time pass, the major down side is the cost, for the amount of coins needed to play a game to what you win, is extremely high, very costly game and you find you can play for very long before running out, resulting in not being able to stay in decent clubs due to not doing enough contributions, I think the makers need to have a very hard think about what each game costs, how much they want to charge for extra cards and what the my cost for the boost’s, they are extremely high, for little reward, reduce this drastically and you may find you have more players, because most people will not buy extra coins or cards with real money because they are to costly for a failed game!.Version: 4.2.0

Why does it close all of the timeThis is one of my favourite games to play. But it’s constantly force closing on me every second game. I’ve lost a lot my free plays, wild cards and boosters due to the game closing half way through playing. It’s a bit of a disappointment..Version: 7.7.0

Good game but...The thing about this game is it’s a great game the graphics are great the game is super fun but my main problem is the game cheats and it costs like $15,000 when you get to the higher levels and it makes me not want to play as much. And when I watch videos to get free coins and it does that card thing every time I pick a card it’s the very least amount there could be. Like it’s not just me I can do it like 10 times in a row and I’ll do the same card and i keep getting low amount but one of the other cards has a huge amount so the one time I go to the card that has always had a large amount has the smallest amount and the card I’ve been choosing has the biggest amount. I think that’s the game cheating and it’s not me at first I thought it was but this happens every time. I love the game but I haven’t been playing it lately because the game cheats and it costs so much to play a level and sometimes you have to play it over and over and that’s paying real money or coins from the game. It’s just annoying but it is a fun game😕.Version: 4.3.1

GlitchingIt keeps on telling that the club quest has a glitch and that it is temporarily unavailable. I only get the option of free coins in the morning. Once I have spent all my coins I used to be able to watch ads and pick a card to get more free coins. The option is no longer available as it tells me that there are no ads to come back later. 8am I was able to watch 3 ads and got my free play instead of watching 5 ads. So I didn’t get a chance to earn any coin. Only 2 chances. It is now 8 hours later and I still can’t get any free coin as ads still not available. I am letting my team down, we have worked so hard to get the treasure chests and now I can’t contribute as much. Not happy. Please sort so I can go back playing as I was 2 days ago. Thanks.Version: 4.3.1

Very GlitchyI don’t know if it’s from a recent update, but there’s multiple glitches in the app. It crashes when playing free adds to gain coins - meaning you get stuck earning a set amount of 1000 rather than a possible 5000. It also crashes mid game, and when you reopen the app it doesn’t continue the game you had started, meaning you lose the coins you spent to play that level and any boosters you may have used as well. The glitches affect game play and result in you loosing all of your coins due to games being cut short because of the app crashing. Sort it please..Version: 7.0.0

Very expensive to keep playing the gameThis app is a lot of fun. However, it is very expensive to stay in the game. There are bonuses yes, but not enough to cover the cost of the in-app purchases. The purchases are extra cards, to clear obstacles while in a game, bonus cards and tokens to name a few. I know they must make some kind of profit, but it seems there would be more players if the pesky in-app purchase were not so high. It’s a fun game but you can go broke quickly..Version: 5.5.0

FrustratingGreat game, have been playing about 1 month. Now stuck on 5th island as it’s impossible to advance without spending money to buy extra coins. The fact that just one turn costs 3000 coins is ridiculous. Even with donations from friends, and having to painfully watch all the advertisements, and replaying lower levels to build up coins, they are all gone on one or two plays! I’ve gone from gold to stone level simply because I haven’t outplayed huge amounts of money to buy coins. Won’t be playing anymore unless the game is made fair for everyone..Version: 7.2.0

Good game but annoying tooI love this game but also find the prices way too expensive. It’s impossible to progress which doesn’t make it fun Also, I often (at least twice a day) don’t get my rewards. I spend hours playing to get my specific quests and then when I want to “claim reward” the thing flies up and I get nothing. What’s the point???? If it continues, I’ll have to delete.Version: 6.0.1

Gone downhillThis game used to be good to play and while away the time. Now it just seems to be an effort. Have good fun being in a team but not sure the game itself is worth it anymore. GSN, now owned by Sony, have become more and more greedy. Games are difficult to win and when you do win you hardly make any coins back. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stick with them. Im hoping to find better games out there that don’t depress me 😔 Have given 1 star as it wouldn’t allow me not to give a star. If I had a choice I would have given a minus star scoring.Version: 6.5.0

Great game but......I used to like playing this. Maybe I needed a few tries to pass a level. But now it seems that 5 tries are not enough. If this is a way to entice us to spend $ then you are going about it wrong. Cos I will just delete. Would it not be better to put a small initial cost on the game. This I would pay then enjoy the game again..Version: 4.2.0

Can be frustratingProgress is not always clear could be me but did an island twice.Version: 4.1.1

Annoying.I used to really love playing this game but now it’s more frustrating than ever!! Only giving 2 cards out of a deck that are actually useful to play, practically waste 3000 coins playing a game that’s set you up to lose. And making those sort of games 4 or 5 times in a row is a waste of time. Made me and my whole friend group lose interest. Also, games and extra cards are so expensive. Why do you keep doubling the price for extra cards? Doesn’t make me want to come back and play more when I don’t have money, makes me want to go and play this game with a different app. It’s really annoying. Also put the amount of points we need to get the treasure chest. Looking at the green bar inching forward is distressing, give people a chance and give it a change..Version: 8.0.1

FrustratedCan’t access event centre, kicks you off during a game and you lose your coins , kicks you off when you try to open your perk rewards , its the most frustrating game ever , would be the best game if they got it right then have the nerve to ask you if you having fun and to rate the app! I can’t reap my perk rewards, it flashes up to collect then kicks you off , developers need to have more training in my eyes , this is not a completed app as you can’t access all the features, don’t download it, it’s supposed to be relaxing it’s not it’s frustrating and so annoying ! Ruined a fantastic game !also only gave the 1 star rating as it doesn’t allow zero, developers should read all the bad reviews on here and take action.Version: 9.5.0

Good Game but rigged bonusesFun BUT not happy as the watch video coin bonuses are rigged ! when you watch a video to earn extra coins, you then choose 1 of 3 cards to reveal your coin bonus - it ALWAYS gives you the lowest value if the 3. This is rigged - and makes me question is it geared to make you lose so you buy more coins - potential con with real money involved.Version: 8.2.0

Unfair advantage given to some playersSome players are able to get up to 90k coins from friends daily while others are allowed only to receive up to 45. Some players have a treasure drop that has 2 spots where you lose 2000 coins & 2 spots where you lose 500. Other players have a treasure drop with only the 2 spots where you lose the 500 and 2 extra spots in which they can get a needed booster. Some players are given more ads to watch for free coins than others. Some players are given events to play in which you earn rewards that others are not. This is a competitive game where teams compete against each other for prizes. It is not fun to compete against other players who are given an advantage from the game. Developers please do not reply that by contacting player services that something can be done. I have contacted them several times and the result is a reply that pretty much says too bad. The game had also promised events where top 3 scorers in a club would have a chance to compete for prizes. That never happened. They also promised events in which you could chose friends to complete events with. This also never happened. This game used to keep adding new features to the game that made it fun to play. Now it just gets harder every week to just win a game and all the new features seem to be a way to get players to lose their coins faster and need to make a purchase in order to play. I have played this game daily for years and am close to putting it away and moving on..Version: 6.5.1

GlitchesEvery update you have done there seems to be a problem with the game, either I get my rewards and I don’t get the chest or I get the chest and nothing else. Other than that the game is 👍🏼.Version: 6.3.0

Not as much funNo where near as much fun to play now unless you want to keep purchasing coins. Even if you win a game sometimes the prize is only slightly higher than the cost of the game. The quests are also now much harder especially the ones where you are looking for “lost” suits or coins. It costs far too much to achieve the goal. It used to be fun to play, now it is just frustrating. Very disappointed to receive an identical reply to the one received by another player on the 17th September. Obviously just a standard reply with no real meaning..Version: 6.9.1

Good game at firstGood game when first starting out then you get to levels where you waste over 20,000 coins on one level. Some levels take over 12 hours to even pass. Starts to get sickening because some levels begin to take too long to pass..Version: 4.7.0

Fun but costlyThe game is fun and I can easily sit and play it on and off all day but I think if they used a hearts system for access to the levels instead of paying coins (like candy crush or most other games) then it would be a lot more fun. Then the coins could be used for the upgrades or to get more cards. I do agree with what others have said about not getting enough cards. I have encountered several levels so far (and I’m on about level 50) that you don’t get enough cards in your deck to actually complete the level. I’ve had levels where I literally had 10 cards (and yes I counted) but I had to clear 20 plus trap cards. Levels like that are impossible to beat without either spending crazy amounts of money for more cards or using excessive amounts of wild cards or tiki volcano cards, both of which cost real money. It seems that the game is set up simply to make money and not for the enjoyment of the players. You can do both. It has potential but needs major improvements..Version: 4.5.1

RubbishThis game is nothing but a money making racket. The changes that have been brought in recently are designed to make having a successful team near impossible unless you buy boosters. My team can’t even compete quests as they have set requirements to more players than we actually have and have made seeking outside help impossible by taking away a share of the prize for helpers. The technical support service is shocking,taking days to even respond to an issue and then weeks to acknowledge there has even been an issue. I would recommend anyone who loves solitaire to find a different app to play on. I mailed in 2 days ago asking for an explanation of why they have done this and telling them I would be leaving a review if I didn’t get one and I’m still waiting on a response.Version: 8.6.0

Fun Game, not worth the moneyWhile this game is advertised as “free”, buyer beware. I have played this game for years and really enjoy it. I love being on a team and completing quests together. What I don’t enjoy is that they are now giving us less and less friend sharing coins. We used to collect up to 60,000 free coins (it costs about 3,000 coins to play a game). Then they changed it to you have to ask friends for coins every 4 hours and you can only get up to 15,000 coins at a time. Now it’s worse... you only get 9,000 coins every 4 hours (if you make sure to log in and request them). It continually feels like their goal is to get you to make in app purchases of coins, which defeats the purpose of it being a free game. The other wild thing is that overall the stars on the review of this game are 5 star. I don’t know how that’s possible when you read through the reviews and realize everybody is having the same awful experience. I know people on my team have started to quit this game and I will be right behind them. It’s a shame to because I have really enjoyed this game, but I do not appreciate the greed of the app along with the horrible customer service they have when you do have to contact them.Version: 6.5.1

Too hardThis game is super fun and addictive in the earlier levels but as you move on, it gets harder and harder to the point it’s almost impossible to beat the levels without spending money. Then it’s just not fun anymore when it’s obviously just trying to get you to spend more money. Such a shame because the game idea is great and graphics are awesome. Won’t be playing anymore once my coins run out. Update: Response from game - "Hi There, I'm really sorry you haven't had the best experience while playing. We make sure that the odds are random, but I understand a losing streak can be no fun. We'll do our best to try to make the experience entertaining whether you win or lose. Thank you for the feedback." I understand a losing streak can be no fun but there is a difference between a losing streak and the absolute inability to win because you are only give ONE card in the deck that you can actually play. And this doesn’t happens every so often. The higher the level, the more impossible it becomes to beat a level without playing it almost a dozen times. It’s not a losing streak when you aren’t given but ONE card in the deck that can be used. Like I said, I will continue playing only until my coins are gone. And I will not recommend this game to anyone. I refuse to spend money on a game that makes it impossible to win without using all your coins and then spending money..Version: 7.4.0

World champion crashedIf gold medals were awarded for crashing then this game would be undisputed world champion. You cannot get 10 minutes playtime without the game crashing. If you watch an ad it crashes,you get halfway through a game and it crashes and there are so many other things going on in the background they also cause it to crash. I absolutely refuse to spend any more money on this game and I am close to hitting uninstall because it seems that the App Store or whoever is responsible for fixing these problems is just plain incompetent..Version: 4.2.0

Addictive but...Right, having been contacted by GSN who basically said that the game was random and could therefore cause frustration, I am now going to call BS! This Is A Computer Game. It Is Not Random! Anything computerised can be rigged. If the game was random, you would NOT be getting so many players complaining about how much harder it is to complete a game without it eating through the coins you have previously earned or having to buy boosters etc to finish a hand, never mind a perk. If the game was genuinely random, you wouldn’t be able to see a medallion bounce away from the wild card drop on treasure shrine because a) it’s been won a few minutes ago and b) because you have complained so often that the game is rigged (yes it is) and anything computerised is never 100% random. I’ve been playing this game for over 5 years. I will never win the million coins because I have complained too often. If I ever did & survived the shock I would be right back apologising!!! Also ad prizes are no longer random. I hardly ever get above a couple of hundred coins, instead of the thousand or more. Whichever button you press the big money or not so big money any more because coins are very low now per ad you hardly ever see more than 2,200. Anyway GSN cut the crap. Your veteran players Know what you’re up too. STOP BEING SO GREEDY and you’ll get more loyal players willing to spend their pennies!.Version: 6.3.0

Don’t download unless you plan to spend moneyI love the interface of this game, but I hate everything else. I’ve been playing for a few years with deleting on/off. I recently redownloaded it a couple months ago and have spent more money than I’ve liked just to get past games. Each game requires you to spend 3,000 coins to play, which in my opinion, is ridiculous. Especially since you barely get coins through watching ads (after watching an ad 3 cards pop up and you have to pick one not knowing how many coins that card is going to give you; the lowest card is literally 300 coins which makes absolutely no sense), asking friends, and perks. It’s never enough coins to play consecutively. You are constantly having to find ways to get coins and ads are only available to an extent. They max out after maybe 10 ads and they won’t give you the opportunity to watch more to get coins. So they basically put you in a position of if you want to play, now you have to buy packages. Which I’ve done. I looked at my bank account today and I’ve spent way too much for this stupid game, so I deleted it permanently. This is probably one of the greediest games I’ve played next to online casinos. Don’t recommend. There’s tons of other solitaire tripeak games you can download on that App Store that aren’t like this..Version: 9.2.0

I want to like itI want to like this game more but it’s hard. It’s too much to do with very few ways to earn coins and every game costs A LOT for very little in return. So not only are you playing games but if you’re part of a team they want you to find tributes which to me is a waste of my coins if I’m trying to get through the levels but then teams boot you out for basically not spending the money they are because there is no way you can be at the top without spending money on coins in order to get tributes and progress in the game. It’s definitely an addicting game and I loved it in the beginning but now it’s getting harder and I don’t mean getting levels to beat but to get the coins in order to play the game in the first place. 3,000 coins every day as a login bonus is literally just access to one level which is an attempt at tribute finding or an attempt at making progress in the actual game. It’s a lot. ALSO: the end game button is too close to the 5 more cards button. I’ve accidentally wasted 5,000 coins 4 times because my finger pressed that button. It’s very frustrating.Version: 7.1.1

Pure luck, no skill involvedThe gameplay is fun to begin with, but the fact is that the cards you draw and those in play are predetermined. I’ve played many games where literally every card I’ve drawn is unplayable; there is nothing I could have done differently, the developer may as well flip a coin at the start of each game to decide if you win or lose. The most recent game I played (before deleting for the above reasons), involved me trying the level 14 times and failing. Through no fault of my own. For example, if the upwards facing cards in play are 9, 9, 5, J, 7, it’s incredibly frustrating when you burn through the entire deck flipping over aces, kings, 2s and 3s and fail the level. The lack of pay off really takes the shine off what is on the surface a fun little game, but even when you pass a level there is no sense of accomplishment, as you know it was on pure luck..Version: 5.3.0

Fun at first but......Game started out fun! Levels went quickly and you enjoyed them! But now the but.... But after you play for awhile, you get ads “brought to you by” after every couple games. Also, the most frustrating part is that some levels are impossible to beat out of just pure skill (yes, I know this game basis has a lot to do with luck of cards but cmon now!). Some levels you have to spend (6000 coins?!?!) to get A boost and they take multiple boosts to get you through the level only to run out of cards. So you get frustrated after spending all those coins to not win so you pay a additional 6000 coins to get 5 more cards, of which none of those cards usually helps you, so you spend ANOTHER 9000!! coins to get 5 more cards. One of those usually plays so you complete the level. You’ve spent close to 30,000 coins only to win 5000? Doesn’t make sense to me?! If the developers happen to read this please do yourself a favor and look at this! No one will continue to play a game that you end up being upside down in just to win a level?!.Version: 4.6.1

Ads, Ads, Ads - Pay to Play Rigged GameEdited: The constant bombardment of ads now is crazy! There’s more ad time than play time - what a joke. Don’t waste your time. I’ve played this game for almost a year straight. While I’ve always known the game was ‘rigged’ (you NEVER win the middle or large amounts after you watch an ad and when looking for tikis, I’ve picked a card off the board, changed my mind and reversed it, then when I eventually replay that card, the tiki is now suddenly under it, or just losing game after game by one card or having 4 or 5 of the exact same card in my draw pile - really, I get 7 cards to play and 5 of them are 8 of hearts?) but I’ve enjoyed playing because the ads were optional and you can go back and play lower levels. However, the new added ads are annoying - you have to watch one after every few plays now, as well as an ad block cluttering up the main screen - and the increased difficulty, even on lower levels is insane. You can’t win a game unless you’re willing to spend money on boosts or extra cards. There are some levels when I haven’t even been able to play a single card! I’ve purchased chests in the past for my teams so I’m happy to pay for in game items, but only because I want to gift my team, not because I can’t go forward without paying to play. It’s just very disappointing..Version: 8.9.0

Not happy!!First I can only receive coins from 3 friends instead of 5, now my shrine is changed. I am not a happy player!!!.Version: 6.5.1

Do not get this game - it’s a CONI had this game for a few years and it was great not now, what can I say, it’s turned into a money making machine. They rely on people becoming addicted and spending a LOT of money. Some levels are are so difficult to beat that you can spend 50 attempts before winning. That is not the issue, the issue is that it costs 3,000 coins to play once. Once you finally beat a level the rewards are 4,000-5,000 coins, sometimes below 4,000. They capped the winnings, i remember getting 15,000+ coins per winning in the past. In the past you had a decent flow of coins, now you get about 5,000 free coins per day. You also get coins in return for watching ads where you choose one chest out of three. No matter which chest you choose you get 300 coins, 400 coins and rarely anything over 1,000 coins. Absolutely ridiculous greed. They try to get you to spend serious money to play, having options of spending between £1-£99. For about £5 you get about 37k coins however, the cost of 3,000 per try does not give you much playing time. You can spend 30k coins in about 10 min. I am deleting this ridiculous game as I refuse to spend huge amounts on playing a game. BYE!.Version: 8.6.0

The creators are sucking all of the fun out of the gameI know this review will fall on deaf ears, but you don’t deserve my five stars so I’m changing my review after years of game play and hundreds if not thousands of dollars spent on the game. The second you find a level that pays out well with decent points, they will go in and change the game. It doesn’t matter if you tell anyone, if they see you doing too well on a level, they will change the level. Why? Why even make the level to start with? They don’t even wait for an update to change levels, they did it during the day this time! And don’t even get me started on the shrine they’ve ruined. A month since it the new shrine started and I’ve gotten ONE wild. That’s insane. But of course they did because the old shrine was an easy way to get wilds and boosters which might actually help you. But they’d rather force the stupid scavenger hunt down our throats that NO ONE wants to play in order for us to get boosters. I know it’s now all about money and greed to the people that are ruining the fun for everyone, because there are people who play without paying but you’re also driving away those of us that actually spend money on the game! It’s sad for me that I’m quitting because I’m a leader on a top 5 legend team and most are like family now, but I’m at a point where the game makes me mad more than happy. So sorry GSN, but you’re not getting a cent more from me..Version: 6.6.1

Not good as it used to beThis game was super fun when I first started playing a couple of years ago and I would have rated it a 5. Since that time they slowly made changes that took away the fun, making it so hard to win a game. The farther you get the more you need boosters, wild and volcano cards to win. And guess what while you can get some of these free, plan on spending real money. It it a team based game and requires sometimes more than is on your team to win club quests so impossible to win. You can get coins from friends but if you are new only can get $5k every 4 hours while the old time players get $15 every 4 hours. But recently I have made tons of friend and we started to help each other but now changes were made that puts a stop to that. Helping out my friends team made the game really really fun again and I actually started to spend real money. I have no reason to spend money anymore. I get that you have to make money but you appear to be a very greedy company. The pop up adds are now constant and repetitive. I no longer feel like playing. As your customer I sincerely hope my voice is heard with this review. Please made this game great again!!.Version: 8.6.0

Awesome game, too expensive thoughI love playing this game but the levels take way too many attempts to finally pass it even if you completely ace each attempt, a lot of the decks are useless. Plus each attempt costs 3,000 coins so your kitty diminishes far too fast. $15 worth of coins will only get you around an hour’s play and the bonus coins are pitiful. Really need to fix that..Version: 4.4.0

Money hungry developersThis game is very addicting I will say so I’ll give 3 stars for that. However, unless you don’t mind spending cash on coins and boosters it can be very aggravating. First, it costs you coins to play each level and as you complete a island, the cost of coins increase. If you’re not constantly winning back to back, you lose a lot of coins in which you will not be able to play until you watch enough ads, collect enough free tokens and daily tokens to get your coins back up to where you have enough to enter the level! I must say, the developers are probably getting very rich off of a lot of gamers who get too addicted, but I won’t be paying a dime on this game especially since I just found a free version! Developers do better, instead of being so money hungry how about trying to make the audience happy and it will definitely attract more gamers if it was not so costly! UPDATE: I have taken two stars off after reading the reviews to this game. If every single review is saying the exact same thing and the developers are not even attempting to adjust this to meet their customers needs, they don’t deserve the players. Hopefully, you guys will do better which I highly doubt since I seen you promised to lower prices and did not deliver!.Version: 5.2.1

DisappointedI have played this game for years and loved it, but the recent addition of forced ads has me thinking about leaving the app altogether. As there are so many time limited features- whether it be the length of a quest, the 30 minute free play reward, or the red star booster, the ads all but amount to a theft of game play from the user. Quests don’t pause their clocks to allow for ad time. Additionally, that the ads pop up after winning a game almost feels like a punishment for doing well in the game. Why do I want to play and do well if I’m going to be forced to sit through some dumb ad about a game that pretends to give people real money but is actually just a phishing scam? Additionally, Poi moving further way every time the app is closed and relaunched isn’t fair. It’s made me stop caring about beating new levels because what’s the point if I can never catch Poi? I really enjoyed this game and so far I have stuck around for my team, but the game was just fine when you could chose to watch ads. Which I did often, but never bother to now because I’m burnt out watching the same three ads over and over and over again. At this point, I’ll just play the boring solitaire on my old PC. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.Version: 9.6.0

FrustratingHonestly so silly. Spend 1000 coins to play a level and you only win 1002 back, the rewind button is ridiculously expensive and placed in a spot where you accidentally press it which will cost you upwards of 500,1000,1500 coins (more then a cost to restart the level) the game kind of just gets on your nerves a bit. For example you will have 10+ cards left in your stack and maybe 2 or 3 on the screen and swipe through your whole stack and not have a single combination then lose the level 💆🏻‍♂️.Version: 10.2.0

Greedy funThis game is fun and well made but honestly is the single most greedy game I have ever seen in years of playing iPhone games. I’m amazed at the constant bombardment of ways to spend money and buy power ups. The prices are very high for everything. You win just a little bit more then you spent to play a round. Even if you watch a dozen ads you will only play a few rounds at the higher levels. The game is well made and addictive fun but at the higher levels if you get stuck on a level it can cost you tens of thousands of coins to pass it. Insanely greedy. The developers have a good game here but the longevity will quickly die as people catch on to the greed factor. UPDATE: lol I got the standard developer response about a losing streak that everyone is getting. This game is INSANELY greedy!! Like crazy nonstop hitting you up for money constantly on top of the ads. I have stopped playing. I support games I enjoy and spent some money on this game and then quickly realized it just makes them more greedy. Too bad because it’s a fun game. They just want the quick bucks from the naive noobies..Version: 5.1.0

Not so great nowI have dipped in and out of this game for a long time and recently resumed playing after a break of some months. I can’t persist when every few games there is a “Thanks for playing” pop up which is a long ad for another game..Version: 8.5.0

Changed Friend CenterI would give this game 5 stars but they recently changed the $15,000 in Friend Centre from every 4 hours to now every 8. It will be impossible to play..Version: 6.5.0

Game is too expensive to play, poor customer service and game sometimes crashesI like the concept of the game I’m new to play it been playing it for about 1 month now. But it is too expensive to climb up levels, it requires more coins than what you win which forces you sometimes to purchase in the App Store to keep going, I’ve purchased many times but sometimes the game crashes while purchasing and when it takes me back to the game I can’t use the draw more option button or undo option or even one of the boosters so all I can do is end game and loose everything I already spent in the game. I raised this issue many times with support with no help they kept blaming the WiFi connection and told me to uninstall and reinstall the game which doesn’t help. I asked to have some coins refunded they ignored me!!! Seems like they are money hungry that’s it..Version: 5.2.1

Fun but Expensive and GlitchyFun and addictive game...at first. I just learned that there’s something called a “friends center”...or there’s supposed to be, in the upper right hand corner which allows you to have a friends list to share coins with players daily. This would GREATLY help as some levels cost 3k coins per game and it gets very expensive. EVERY person I know who plays this game has this feature. I just read an article from 5 months ago citing when the feature was added to the game etc. for some reason, my game does not have this feature. I have no friends center. I cannot share coins like everyone else. When you try to contact customer support they cite this is a feature that is “temporarily available to a limited number of players” in some testing mode. I see nothing anywhere to indicate this is the case. The fact that EVERYONE I know who plays this game has this feature also makes me find it hard to believe it’s some limited feature right now. Bottom line...they could care less. They want to make their money. And for people like me, whose app conveniently doesn’t have this feature, if I want to actually play the game I have to spend money on a regular basis to do so.Version: 6.4.0

Great game, buts keeps crashingI really like this game and would give 5 stars, but it seems to be crashing constantly at the moment. Every time it crashes you lose your current game and the coins you've paid to play it. Please fix, incredibly frustrating!! I agree with other comments that the boosts and extra cards are expensive. I like that you get perks through the club feature, this also gives lots of extra coins if you play regularly..Version: 4.2.0

They keep messing with the gameIt was a good game but they are always making changes to make more money. Newest change is ads in between tribute game. That is bad enough but it also has a glitch that makes your screen freeze after the ad. Too frustrating to keep playing..Version: 7.3.0

Bring back helpersBecause tribute quests often require more players than a team has, or a player may be on vacation, there was an entire community of helpers organized to jump in when asked, spend their own coins/boosters, and help teams finish the tribute quests. Helpers would get at least half the tributes needed to max the quest, they were not the moochers who jump in, unasked, get one tribute, then return later to collect rewards (smart clubs change to ‘invite only’ to avoid this). GSN recently made a change so that players can only collect a tribute reward ONCE, making it not worth it for our network of thousands of users to help each other out. This single rule change destroyed a community of players who also spent a lot of $$ on double gift days to restock our accounts. No more money will be spent by us now. Many teams who are unable to finish the tribute quests now are disbanding and quitting the game, and this includes many long term players who have gotten fed up with how impossible the developers are making this game. It used to be a fun way to relax, and we built an entire community of helpers. No more..Version: 8.6.0

ADDICTIVE - Then EXPENSIVE - Then DECEPTIVE REWARDS- Then CARDS NOT SHUFFLEDThis game is so much fun -At First! And it begins as such a thrill. And as you continue, the rewards increase. And the cost of more coins and extra coin/booster card packages seem a small expense at the least. But take my word and check your bank charges because they add up very quickly. What’s both deceptive and confusing is that the rewards increase as well. So while you think you’re getting wonderful monetary rewards, and bonuses, you are meanwhile also purchasing these amazing and costly so-called discounted packages of coins and booster cards, etc. Also when the game begins it seems as though the cards are well shuffled, however as it continues, you will find you have four of the same cards - For example four kings or four eights are turned up all at the same time and that problem continues to increase in occurrence as you continue to play this game of Solitaire with a deck of cards that have clearly not been shuffled. If you’ve got a lot of money to spend on a game and don’t mind playing Solitaire with a poorly shuffled deck then this is your game. The makers of this game are brilliant at enticing the player and making the rewards seem worthy of the cost of the game. This is far from the truth. Buyer beware! Hopefully someday the makers will shuffle their decks. And offer decent costs and discounts for their game..Version: 4.7.1

Tri peaksThis game was fun at the start but the more levels you pass the more the games cost and the cards for games ain't set out to match your deck, meaning you could do really good streaks and still lose with the 3 cards you have left and 13 left in your deck. The games rigged.Version: 10.5.0

Fun but priceyBit pricey on the usage especially when it come to needing extra cards.Version: 6.0.1

Dodgy AFI'm not Einstein but if I have 90 coins in my account and win ~4100 coins how can my account total 2460 coins? How many times has this happened where I haven't realised???? Btw this and the actual game that sets u up by not dealing a required card in an entire game screams scam!! This is not the way to earn money people... I'm likely to buy coins if the game I'm playing is fair - not rigged!!!.Version: 7.5.0

Not fun after level 30I’m great at card games and I love games like this one, but it gets to the point in the game where you are doing the same level over and over and still not winning! The only way to beat the level would be to spend money and it’s honestly just a pointless waist of time. I’ve been stuck on level 32 for over a week and my partner is stuck on the same level. Enough with the pay walls already!.Version: 10.4.0

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