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Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks App User Positive Comments 2023

Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks app received 105 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about tiki solitaire tripeaks?

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Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks for Positive User Reviews

UPSETLove this game but YOU NEED TO FIX THE BUGS! I couldn’t log in for a good 10 mins. And then once I got in I used 1000 of my purple gems to purchase 1 hour of free play just for the game to freeze on me and then had trouble logging back in to play my 30 mins of free play. So annoying, I’m low on coins and don’t want to have to purchase any with my money. I genuinely expect to be compensated for my loss of free play due to this games bugs..Version: 10.6.0

Pretty good of a gameIt’s really addicting once you know how to play it.Version: 10.4.0

Great gameHas some technical issues but they get fixed quickly.Version: 5.5.0

SolitareThis game is awesome thank you for making it and why I like it is because it’s hard and tricky and can sometimes manipulate you and it makes you curious and eager to finish.Version: 10.0.0

AwesomeLove this game. A little addictive need to learn to put my phone down. Just wish the coins would last forever so I can get 3 stars on all the levels..Version: 10.3.0

Tri-Peaks Solitaire Tiki BeachesI’ve had to delete the game a couple of times because when collecting coins it tells me I’m not eligible for it and its the daily coin collection. Very odd. Other than that it is a solitary game, that I like and it usually behaves but as I said had to delete and reinstall. I still rate it a 4..Version: 7.4.0

Very addictive funVery addictive fun with lots of wee additions that make it fun for all players.Version: 5.0.0

It an ok gameIt is a good game can be a little hard when you get near the end but still a good game I recommend it to old ladies who want to be part of a club but can’t get in.Version: 9.1.0

Great gameLove this version it’s fun and has lots of fun ways to win coins etc Worth the download.Version: 4.3.1

It’s a good gameHave read a lot negative reviews lately and people have to realise that you have to pay wages and the such to keep the game going and I think they’ve forgotten that it’s just a game too and should treat it as such. Like me at the moment and can’t afford to purchase coins just add the coins for a while and play again. Yes it’s changed a lot but like everything in this world it cost money to keep the game evolving. I use this game as a getaway from the real world as I have a lot of personal demons at the and it takes my mind away from them so I thank you and my family thanks you as well as it’s kept me alive for them. Hope to see more new things in the game too. Love how you have charity days and I think is great as most games do this. Hope for many years of participation. Thanks again for a release from the real world..Version: 6.6.0

WickedWhat a different kind of game. Pretty cool and catchy!!.Version: 3.11.0

Fun if you get into a nice groupFun if you get into a nice group that enjoys playing and completing club goals. However, the quantity of ads between games is horrendous. It’s not consistent, but some days a screen pops up after almost every, every other, or every third game sayings “thanks for playing” followed by an ad you’re forced to wait for the X or close the game, reopen the game and try to continue. Watching ads for free coins, sure, I get it, but it’s my choice to watch those ads. When I’m trying to just get play time in because of club goals or free plays daily rewards, I’m spending a third to half of my time waiting for the ads to get out of the way. So far neither I nor my club mates can find any way to opt out of these forced additional ads or even pay a fee to remove the ads. Another flaw is not being able to turn off the card “wiggle” when you miss a play. Personally I don’t like being told that I just screwed up a possible play. It’s a cruel bully tactic which I’m not fond of. Also a good percentage of the time (less than 50%) if you pay the coins to redo that missed play, we find it really didn’t matter and you just wasted more coins to lose that game anyway. If it wasn’t for these irritations, I’d score the game higher because the club I’ve found actually communicate with each other in chat and we’ve become in-game friends and look forward to seeing each other online while sharing coins and completing quests together..Version: 6.3.0

Great gameGive out coins for people who often play.Version: 5.0.0

Fun gameCoins are required to play but you can easily win them or buy them. Highly recommend..Version: 10.4.0

Solitaire tripeaksThis game is great i really enjoy it until now the last couple of months it keeps freezing today i have not been able to load the game since before lunch time so frustrating especially at a critical time for our group.Version: 6.6.0

Love the gameCan you PLEASE give more options for coins collection.Version: 6.5.1

Too expensive to playThis is a great game. Very addictive. But the new owners have made recent changes that make it impossible to win without spending lots. They have Reduced the playable cards/winnable games, the rewards and frequency of free coins from friends. Basically, unless you want to throw your money away, don’t bother, because it is impossible to get to higher levels without buying..Version: 6.5.1

Great for playing when I take a sh!+Kills time. I’m taking a sh!+ right now lol.Version: 9.2.0

CoinsLove solitare.Version: 10.3.0

A very fun card game, even if you aren’t interested in the social aspect.So far I’m really liking this game. The games do get more difficult as you progress which I like. There are many freebies and prizes that don’t cost real money so the casual player can have a few plays at a time. You can spend a bit of time “watching” ads and collect a bit of game cash plus there are daily freebies. I just had a good quick game that gave me 2 1/2 x the game dollars I paid to play, so it’s a good one for folks who don’t want to invest real world dollars. I have not checked out the social part but have a friend who belongs to a family or whatever they are called. She has some fun challenges and contests but there is also a commitment to your team that requires some serious playing. Good for someone looking for something new to them in the social game world!.Version: 10.3.0

Unique Solitaire GameThis is a fun and highly unique solitaire game. They have so many levels and rewards. You don’t even have to pay and you will still go far in the game. I have paid for things, less than $10 total, but that is because I was having so much fun and wanted my club to get extra prizes and me too!! The clubs are great and the weekly league is great as well. Download it and try it, you won’t regret it! Plus, I see a lot of people saying that you have to pay a lot, but I’ve played this game and I’m in Plunder Bay and haven’t had to spend money like these people are saying. You just have to be good and go back and earn money on the easy levels. That’s what I do. It’s still fun! I’ve surpassed 2,000,000 in coins just from playing and I hardly ever use my bonus type cards. I save them only for the times that I literally need like one card to win or I am trying to beat the level for tributes. To me this game offers a lot for you to get through..Version: 7.5.0

AddictingI love the game but what irritates me is when there are so many cards that have been dealt out and not is helpful to removing the cards 🤠 it makes it addicting but also mad. I love it tho.Version: 9.4.0

Good gameGood game, a lot of pop ups..Version: 10.3.0

Epic.Such an awesome game!.Version: 10.3.0

Glad they listen to the playersThis has always been one of my favourite games to play, I understand the frustrations of many however it is just a game to me and I’m with it. But when they introduced ads was a big no no for me and I stopped playing for a while. A friend told me they stopped adding ads and I couldn’t believe it as no developers ever listen to the players,but well done to the ones here. Changing my review as the game is back to normal and I love it..Version: 10.6.0

Great!!!Fun game to play..Version: 10.4.0

Great game. No flaws for me.There have been people writing that they have problems. The only problem I have ever had, and I play most days, is that very very occasionally the parrot type bird gets stuck on my excrement and I can’t play. Later on it is ok but that is all. The ads are a pain but in all free games you have them. They seldom last for long so I just get on with something else if it is not a short one. I am truly an addict, and my group is a good group so I can play with no pressure..Version: 9.5.0

TikiI’m part of a lovely team and every day I look forward to the challenges, whatever they might be. The game is addictive and compelling, I love it. I’ve been playing for about 3 years, the first year I was in a team which had no interaction between the team members , I then joined a team which has lots of chats and support..Version: 10.9.0

Tri peaks solitaire... Bug??This game is so addictive, I love it & have been playing for some time now but now there’s a problem & I have to write a review in the hope that I can get through to the developer because I have no way to get help. When I click on the help & support it tells me oops there’s a problem when I press and load up the game within a split second it’s gone off back to my iPad screen so many times I’ve checked for new updates none due I’ve reloaded the iPad, I’ve uninstalled the game and downloaded again.... Nothing is working please fix the problem..Version: 6.5.1

Toujours la même choseMais c’est encore un jeux qui va nous pousser à finir pour acheter pour continuer à avancer sinon pratiquement impossible.Version: 10.4.0

Fun gameFun way to pass downtime but as of today every time I try to load it crashes, so I can’t play. Very disappointing as I was enjoying it. A bit sad that as you move forward each game costs so much, a bit unfair when you just want to play for fun but looks like I don’t have to worry seeing I can’t get the game to load☹️.Version: 7.0.0

Still so so so goodI played this about 8 years ago and started again today Still so so good Ads are only optional Only problem is on some devices it takes a bit to load.Version: 9.4.0

Good game!Just make harder levels and also make it so there is also a possibility of winning because I did everything right in my last one and you still don’t win you have to make it so you can always win but it’s hard! thank you very good game 💗.Version: 6.5.1

Fun game!Fun game! love it! :).Version: 3.11.0

Tri peaksGreat game. Wish there where more opportunities to gain coins instead of trying to charge you for them..Version: 4.6.2

Je l’adoreMeilleure jeux au monde 🥹😅🥹😅🥹😅🥹😂🤑☠️😻🫠👆🏻.Version: 10.3.0

Too many adsLove the game , but the ads are becoming tedious. I know there must be some but really??? It’s also crashing in middle of game ten going back to start ,( more ads) the you lose that game and tokens and you have to wait again.Version: 4.7.1

Best game everHi everyone, this game is actually so much fun!! I love the game and the levels, I also love doing the quests and getting rewards!! I was never a fan of solitaire before but it all changed after I started to play this game!! Definitely recommend!! :)) 100%.Version: 4.7.1

Too pricey to play each gameSeriously addictive, great game. However it costs way too much to play each game and the price to get additional cards to finish the set is absolutely ridiculous, sometimes it’s £4,500 coins just to get an additional 4/5 cards which you then come to realise wasn’t the cards you needed and then need to pay £4,500 again in the hope you’ll find what you’re looking for..Version: 4.6.2

FunFun game.Version: 10.3.0

Love this gameSo fun and makes u think.Version: 5.4.0

Problems this problem has not been fixed cannot open this gameThis game has multiple problems cannot collect winnings and it drops out continuously. Can you fix it if not this game is unplayable. Can download game but will no longer open on my iPad this problem still exists do you not read your reviews. I played this game for a long time but there are to many problems.Version: 10.0.0

AddictiveVery addictive. Lots of ways to win rewards along the way, keeps it interesting. Help! I’ve just updated now it won’t open. Just keeps telling me to update..Version: 4.7.1

I like itThis is a great game to play when your bored I love it. It takes a lot of strategy and thinking, it a great game to play before you go to bed.Version: 10.4.0

I think too many purchasesA lot of purchases and deals that you can buy pop up way to much but overall the game is really fun- the reason I downloaded it and started playing is because I was playing Idle theme park tycoon and the playable advert popped up and I kinda enjoyed it . But it’s funny that when my dad used to play it it looked quite boring but this version of solitaire is very fun because it has a tropical theme and a target to reach poi which is fun cause when I do u reach treasure . So overall this is a very fun game and I would recommend it to anyone who loves solitaire or card/puzzle games..Version: 10.1.0

Fantastic gameI love this game of solitaire and have been playing it for a few months now. I have over 1,500,000 points but for the past 2 days all I can see is a black screen. This happened while watching one of the ads. Now I cannot access the game on my iPad Air Pro. Please fix this issue..Version: 10.1.0

Love game until latest updateHi love this game and play itt everyday but there seems to be a problem with latest update, I have updated but it keeps asking me now to update. I press update and it takes me to the App Store which tells me it is updated so game won’t load. Just Jeep’s asking me to update 😥.Version: 4.7.1

Good funGood game so far. Only played a few levels so far so we’ll see:).Version: 10.3.0

Stunningly addictivePlease help me stop playing this game. I can’t resist the stunning graphics and rewards. Help.Version: 8.4.1

DrGGets hard fast , always a good thing.Version: 6.9.1

It was alrightIt’s entertaining at least.Version: 8.6.0

It’s an amazing game but starting to lose it’s fun..I love this game been addicted since the start. But recently it seems only possible to win by having more bonus card stuff. Starting to seem like it’s all about buying more stuff then actually getting to play the game. I’ve also had a few rounds freeze mid game wasting the coins or cards I’ve used. It’s a great game I love the levels and challenges but I want to be able to enjoy it again..Version: 5.1.0

AddictiveAddictive game... however it seems to be set up to wipe out any free play and encourage the need to pay..whatever happened to truly free games..Version: 5.1.0

Game not loadingStill not loading It comes up and says it mat be a network problem but my internet is working fine and everything else is loading Just mot solitaire tri peaks.Version: 4.7.1

Fun and addictiveVery addictive game! I found that when I completed some quests I didn't get the rewards for them, not too sure why as it come up as quest completed but no reward given. Weird..Version: 3.11.0

Love this game!!! Join a club and link on Facebook for loads of free coins to playI’ve played several different versions of solitaire for a few years now and this is the best!! I am not sure why other reviews have said it’s expensive? If you join a club you get loads of free coins to play, you can earn 20,000 plus coins a day bu joining a club and linking your Facebook to the game! It’s addictive and fun ;-).Version: 4.7.1

Good game but too much adsIt’s a good solitaire game but there’s too many ads….Version: 10.3.0

Review for solitaireThis type of solitaire is a staple in my house along with my favorite cup of steeped tea. 😊👍.Version: 10.4.0

Not addictive but great relaxI am not addicted to this game and it is not addictive but it’s great fun and it’s very relaxing the game is not laggy but can knock off once every like five years it does not need updated all the time maybe one every two years and if you delete the game by accident then if you download it again your levels have stayed the same as well as the money you earned.Version: 5.0.0

So funGreat entertainment.Version: 10.3.0

Love Game, but Expensive. Also some recommendationsI have been playing this game for years now and have always loved it, problem now is you are loosing a lot more then previous and also you get a deck of cards which only has 2-3 cards that actually will be needed rest are useless making it impossible to move up in levels. Also the cost of the extra cards is way too expensive it’s double then the cost to play level. I would love to see the perk progress bar show the amount of points required to complete that perk along with the green bar. Seeing how many points are required would be so helpful. Also it would be awesome if you had the option to purchase the wild cards & Tiki Card with your coins especially if your only wanting one and then having the option to buy a pack of 5/10 through the App Store..Version: 4.0.1

J9 44AWould like to link up with other devices.Version: 8.9.0

Good way to relaxIt’s a interesting game. Good amount of levels and clearly some tie went int creating it. Worth a download..Version: 5.0.0

Team FunThis a great game to play as a team with a notice board to keep in contact with everyone playing. Lots of free stuff to keep you playing..Version: 9.7.0

Great but recent rewards issueLove this game! But recently the Club quest option on the rewards screen is ALWAYS loading so I end up losing out on collecting my rewards as it won’t let me see my progress or the option to claim my rewards. This is despite updates etc. Sometimes if I go via the Find option or the Quests option it works but only sometimes. Surely I can’t be the only one affected? It’s been weeks now and I play a lot..Version: 5.0.0

Cool game, been playing for years.I like the variation of card games and levels. Once you get to a certain level, it costs 3k coins to play each level. It’s odd that when you run out of cards, it costs another 3k coins for about 5 more cards and it doubles, triples, etc. by 3-6k coins the more cards you add. (6k, 12k, etc. for just a few more cards in one level… ??? Lol) Why it costs the same to add cards as it is to play a full level, I do not understand. However, I will say that at times when you run out of coins after losing a level, the game “notices” and hooks you up with more. Also, if you don’t play for a while and come back, the game welcomes you back with more coins. They continue making improvements in the game, so I look forward to the cost for more cards in each game/level to decrease. That’s the only reason I didn’t give a 5 star rating. Thank you to the developers! Awesome game. Lots of fun..Version: 8.8.0

FunReal fun.Version: 10.3.0

Really good!Most games nowadays just don’t cut it. This is a good game that’s always impressing. Thank you!.Version: 8.3.1

Tri PeaksOnly thing is, is that it’s suppose to be free game and when you start out you only have enough to play about 2games and, all the money is gone. So that is a game breaker..Version: 8.5.0

Really addictive!!!😍It was a really good app and the fun characters and bright colours made it more enjoyable. I could spend hours playing this! I’ve never played solitaire before but this app made it really easy! As the levels progress they will get harder with more cards (which I like). If you have never played solitaire than this is a good game for beginners!!!😁.Version: 6.8.0

Love ConceptI truly love it haven’t been playing it long but as soon as l saw ad l knew l would enjoy quick hand eye co-ord etc & each game is different. I had to buy coins before l worked out how to win some but for no ads & you have obviously tried to keep the charge down. Well as l’ve said enjoying immensely thus far & looking forward to much more pleasure in future. Chow Nicci.Version: 6.7.0

Brilliant!Super addictive. Only downside is slow loading screen and drains battery **UPDATE** with each update battery drainage gets worse. Of course performance and overall experience keeps improving (and I still love this game!) but the amount of battery it uses now is very high. I wondered if it was because I’m on iPhone 7 but I experienced the same with an iPhone X and it was much worse on a Samsung J5. I now only tend to play this game if my phone is above 50% or is charging.Version: 5.5.0

Awesome game 👾Awesome game but only put 4 stars because I had a good streak which should’ve added speed star ..Version: 10.4.0

Love the gameAlthough I am no longer receiving 5000 coins and the wild card whereas others who play still are. I don’t quite understand why?.Version: 4.5.1

Wave cards need to chillllEnjoy the game a lot, not too mad at the ads (have had a few glitchy ones that freeze the whole game) but nothing unlike every other app. My biggest issue is how quickly/instantly the wave cards demolish your pile. They need to be stopped lol.Version: 9.6.0

Losing interest due to issues with rewardsIt’s a great game until the new update. I keep losing rewards and coins from friends, it just keeps loading, it’s really frustrating and it’s ruining the game for me it makes me not want to play it anymore. I Emailed the team and they said I didn’t lose what l lost and it made me feel like they thought I was trying to pull a fast one! I spend a lot of time and money on the game and due to the issues it’s just not a pleasure to play anymore. The team need to fix the issues or I will just stop playing it which is a shame because I did really love it until now 🙁 If the issues get sorted I will give another review..Version: 6.3.0

Great Fun 🤩This game is so great and it is a fabulous thing to occupy me and keep my brain whirring (in a fun way). When you are on a train, in a car journey etc. you always need something to keep you busy and entertained while waiting for something. The only one thing that made this a four ⭐️ and not a five ⭐️ was that throughout the game, the coin store pops up on the screen, and delays your fun from happening. I really do recommend this game/app for everyone, but just warning you that there are ads and thing like them that can pop into your screen mid game. Have fun playing and download now!!!.Version: 10.3.0

I love this gameThis game is so fun it taught me how to play solitaire I am in love this is a very underrated game and it’s very easy to earn tokens and I’m very happy that you can pay tokens (only 500 which isn’t a lot) to replay the card incase you made a mistake or you clicked something by accident This is a very good game and I suggest you download it now because it will take your boredom away and will teach you new things it’s very fun for me and it kills time easily thank you for making this amazing game.Version: 10.8.0

Enjoyable GameEasy to use interface with good stage progression. Still lots of options on free game. Enjoying.Version: 4.4.0

UntitledBest game I’ve ever played. Been playing for 4 years and it just gets better and better. I’ve made some good friendships through playing Solitaire Tripeaks. I would recommend it to everyone! Even my 5 year old grandson plays..Version: 9.7.0

AddictiveFun and a bit challenging. Quite hard to stop playing..Version: 6.8.0

GG.Version: 10.3.0

Daily ad bonus gone?Usually you have the option to watch ads for coins everyday. I haven’t been able to watch daily ads for coins for 2 days. It says I’ve watched maximum ads for the day come back tomorrow but haven’t watched any ads for days🤷‍♀️. Assuming it’s a glitch since the button to watch the ads hasn’t been removed. Please fix soon. Thanks! Update still can’t watch any ads since last update. There must be glitch with all ads. There haven’t been any ads anywhere in the game since last update. Update: good customer service 👍. Reached out to let me know they were looking into it. Ads fixed after next update but no not working again. You can watch an ad but it freezes up the game. Nothing to do but close game & try it again. Same result each time. Watch an ad or 2 in a row at most & then game glitches. Must close & reboot game after ad. Hopefully next update it’ll fully be fixed..Version: 6.2.1

Trop coolUn nouveau solitaire bien amusant il fais passé le temps d'attente très vite!!.Version: 3.11.0

SolitaireThis is the best game i have ever played! It’s easy and fun. It’s also very handy on the go.Version: 6.9.1

Really enjoyingI like the game so far! Plenty to keep you engaged but you can leave easily without losing your game..Version: 6.8.0

Good game, easy to spend a lot of money on thoughI enjoyed this game but I had to take it off my phone and have only just redownloaded it as I was spending money on it so that I could collect as many idols and continue playing. It was very unhealthy. The game itself is quite addictive, and unlike some other solitaire games, you can replay any level if you want to partake in some of the competitions..Version: 8.4.1

FunLove it so fun.Version: 10.3.0

Soooooooo addictive!One of those games you can spend money on but you don’t really need to because it’s easy to win the points :) By far the best solitaire game I have played that is not original ❤️.Version: 4.6.2

Love game but causing phone to freezeAbsolutely love this game but some of the ads crash my phone and my phone seems to be glitchy when playing this game. Other than that, a brilliant game with plenty of mini challenges and team efforts(if you join a club)..Version: 9.4.0

Disappointed then pleased!I was loving the game right up to the last update. Why has the 20 minute bonus been reduced to such a small amount rather than making up enough to play the level? I can’t afford to buy coins so now it takes me twice as long to progress. Seems a bit mean and doesn’t advance the game in a positive way. Just updating this review - and my stars - because the bonus amount has been increased! Thanks for listening, guys and gals! Off to play some more 😊.Version: 4.1.1

Great Game but…I love the game but I stopped playing it for a long time because of an incident. I loved it so much that I paid $100 for a million tokens because I wanted to win a million more tokens by playing that coin drop feature. I thought the company would see that I paid a hundred bucks and would make it easy for me to win the million coins. I wasted 600,000 coins trying to win another million coins l, got mad at the game and spent two years not playing it. A friend of mine said asked if I notified the developers. I said no lol. So that’s why I’m writing this review and taking 1 star off. I LOVE THE GAME and the graphics but if you see somebody spending money on the game, especially over a hundred bucks, at least make it easier for them to win coins to keep playing. I would easily spend a hundred bucks a months on buying cards and other things if you had a way for me to experience customer appreciation. It ain’t going to cost you anything to give away free digital assets to paying customers. A lot of people don’t even spend money on these games. Those of us that do should be rewarded..Version: 9.9.2

RatingThis game was cool a bit out of the sort but is reallly fun!!!!!!.Version: 10.5.0

ChangesWhat happened to the new chat window, we agreed we love it, was well done enhanced the group chat. The dislike we have less coins, have to use more coins for the games. Too many added games in the main games makes it impossible to complete all. Most of us play this as a relaxing moments and interact with player. We have a life and jobs . All of us agreed we love the game and keep playing. Keep up the good work . :)))).Version: 10.4.0

Passes timeLove solitaire games.Version: 9.1.0

ChristineLove this game and can never wait for next new games to come up. My only beef is the best rewards are always on after I have played the latest 15 games. Not when the games come on. It usually takes me less than an hour to play most of the 15 games. And I live them. Thanks.Version: 8.9.0

Always something new.....I don’t mind one way or the other what game features a solitaire app has BUT BECAUSE of all the new updates it always keeps this game interesting and I find I keep coming back for more games because it’s that entertaining!!! Keep up your amazingness!!!! 🙂💖🇨🇦😁.Version: 6.5.1

CoolTrop cool amusement strategique.Version: 10.3.0

TtesstilatorPretty good so far. We’ll see how it goes I love the game but I first started I could go to Facebook and collect free coins,wild and volcano cards, and other treats, but now it’s not giving it to me, but everyone else still gets them. What am I doing wrong? Ok been playing this game for awhile now and I must admit I love it, only fault I find( and it’s a big one for me) is the high prices! I bought a hundred dollar pack mostly for volcano and wild cards and went though the whole hundred dollars in less then 24 hours! To buy in to a game it cost what ? 3000,? Then if you don’t have any boosters that’s 6000, coins, volcano card are over a dollar a piece and wilds a dollar a piecethats just way to much! Just because people will pay really high prices don’t mean you should, if you love this game like your fans do, lower the prices. Oh by the way, when a card on the table plays you get credit for that card, but if a card from the deck plays you don’t get credit for it! It’s just not right!.Version: 7.0.0

Tiki solitaireVery relaxing game no ads which is really nice and fun to play.Version: 10.4.0

Get Rid of Ads!I am extremely unhappy that you have resorted to more ads! Some of my teammates do not have as many as the rest of the team. Why? It’s not right to do to some players and not all. Furthermore, for the past 2 days I have gotten on in the morning & the ads have been worse. I get 1-2 two games played & I have an ad. Then 1-2 more , then another ad. That’s ridiculous! But today, the ads were glitching. They would come on and freeze up, or when I’d exit them they would take me to the website, I would actually have to close out of the game and go back in. Had to do that at least 3 times. If I pushed the X (whenever it finally came up) it wouldn’t do anything. This is frustrating alone, but what really bugs me & is unfair, is that I was on a 30 minute free play and because of this freezing problem I only got about 15 minutes of free play. And what about when we are trying to max a club quest before it runs out? The ads are interrupting the play of the game. I really love this game and it is the one I play all the time and the most. This is seriously having me thinking of quitting. Get this under control!!!!!.Version: 8.9.0

New thingQuite addictive!!.Version: 3.11.0

It’s fun but…It’s fun but instead of lives they have coins which u use to buy other things so it’s sometimes hard, but u can watch an ad instead of waiting 30 minutes. Other than that it’s good.Version: 9.6.0

Fun to playLove il.Version: 10.4.0

Bring back the mini tiki 2x 3xGreat game but you took away my favourite feature, and I’ve lost all interest in the game..Version: 10.9.0

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Bingo Bash HD feat. MONOPOLY Positive Reviews, comments
Bingo Bash HD feat. MONOPOLY Positive Reviews

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Looney Tunes™ World of Mayhem Positive Reviews

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Dice With Buddies: Social Game Positive Reviews

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MARVEL Strike Force: Squad RPG Positive Reviews

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Wheel of Fortune: Show Puzzles Positive Reviews

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GSN Grand Casino: Slots Games Positive Reviews

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Star Trek Fleet Command Positive Reviews

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