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Plants vs. Zombies™ App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Plants vs. Zombies™ app received 109 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Plants vs. Zombies™? Can you share your negative thoughts about plants vs. zombies™?

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Plants vs. Zombies™ for Negative User Reviews

Fix update!....AGAINUPDATE TO PREVIOUS REVIEW: The game has been glitching the last few days. As I have beaten the game well over 100 times and gotten all but one or two achievements, I typically only get on to play mini games. I was in the middle of playing level 3-5 when the game kept freezing up when I tried to get anything that required watching a video. So I logged off and back on several times. After the last time, my entire game was reset, completely wiped out my progress, FOR THE THIRD TIME. My game started over as if I had never played the game before. I am so annoyed!! Never have I played a game before that the developers think it is ok to reset all progress, MULTIPLE TIMES!! I LOVED this game for a very long time, but now it’s just irritating! I will not be starting over again. I will just finally delete the app, unfortunately, and that makes me very sad to say. The update wiped out my Zen Garden but gave me money for it so no big deal, although I don't need the money and used some to buy back my gardens but my survival mode is locked even though I have ALL of my trophies and most of my achievements!!! Please UNLOCK SURVIVAL MODE!!!! The extras are the only reason I play anymore since I have beaten the game MULTIPLE times!!!!.Version: 2.3.10

Greedy/Cringe EAAds over Plants VS Zombies? Really? Additional in game purchases? EA we get you’re money hungry, but that just ruins the game 🤡.Version: 3.3.0

Formerly AmazingLoved this game from day one. Then EA bought it and turned it into a joke. For several years they completely ignored it. To the point where it would no longer play on newer iPhones. I deleted it and recently remembered it so I downloaded it again. I was optimistically thinking they had made improvements. WRONG. WHAT. A. JOKE. First of all, they didn’t even optimize it for larger phone screens so it looks RIDICULOUSLY stretched out. Paula Abdul’s “Promise of a New Day” video anyone? Now the whole appearance of the game looks like some bootlegged Canal Street game. You can see evidence of this on the game’s start up screen. The original size ratio shows up briefly before it’s S T R E T C H E D horizontally to laughable levels. Did EA put money into bettering the game? Nope. Did they add more interesting levels? Nope. Did they do ANYTHING new to the game? Nope. Oops, sorry. I was wrong. They DID put up approximately 10K paywalls around anything they could get their hands on. Such a joke. The fact that a gaming company would put their name on something like this shows how little integrity they actually have. Especially since they’ve done nothing but ruin the original title. So lame. SO SO lame. 😒.Version: 2.4.0

Game is good, but EA isn’t. No surprise there.I used to love this game. As a kid it was probably the first game I got that didn’t belong to my brothers, but this new version disappoints me. Adverts after you beat a level (don’t worry, for just a little bit of money you can buy them away!), a simplified main menu that sort of gets rid of some of the old versions charm, for example the trophy for beating the game is gone. I don’t remember the price of minigame packs for the old version but here they are unrealistically expensive. Last stand pack costs 100,000 coins! You don’t get nearly that much from both adventure runs. And even after that, glitches! The worst one was the game crashing whenever I tried to play last stand endless, just wouldn’t work no matter what I tried. Finally, I uninstalled the game hoping reinstalling it would fix the issue. And instead I lost my data and seemingly have no way to recover it. I spent some on micro transactions, a bought 100,000 for 99p, but there is no way of restoring purchases. If you do get this game, don’t expect much. Don’t watch adverts for the little extras in the game. And definitely don’t purchase micro transactions. Just turn off your internet and play to get away from the ads..Version: 2.4.0

Ads? Pay to win? What happened to the original?Still fun but EA ruined this PopCap classic..Version: 2.4.0

Too many ads, no way to get rid of themThere are ads all the time, breaking up the flow of the game. EA have added the option to watch a video to get a rake - it’s intrusive, as it sits, flashing, on your lawn and won’t go away until you dismiss it. It’s a real shame seeing what EA have done, and continue to do to this game. I’d happily pay to get rid of the ads, but apparently I can’t. Very disappointing, and single thing most likely to make me uninstall the app. Game itself is excellent of course, but it’s harder to appreciate that with all this nonsense EA have added..Version: 3.4.1

ADS!!!This game is frustrating because of the ads and won’t change the rating cos I hate the ads.Version: 3.0.0

Lost my progress by just refreshing the game..So I just re-downloaded this game to continue my 3 years of progress. For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been playing survival, having my internet turned off because of how annoying these ads were. Today, I opened the game on survival and forgot to turn off the Internet, so I just did what I had to do and refreshed the game because it got laggy. Once I’ve entered the game again in hopes I could continue survival mode in peace, now all of my progress was lost. Not just my survival record, but everything. My name was still visible, but Mini-games, the shop and zen garden was locked. The only game mode that was available was adventure mode. I still have all my achievements, but everything I’ve spent time on has vanished. I don’t know if it’s because I always leave my Internet off to play this game or there’s a major bug out there hidden that randomly deletes your progress. I’m now discouraged in playing this game again because I don’t want to waste so much time having to get everything that was once there. Again, I did nothing else but turn off the internet and refresh the game for smoother gameplay. In case you need this, I’m running this game on an IPhone 6, but I doubt this device has anything to do with the cause I’ve experienced today. I don’t know what are the chances of getting our progress deleted by just refreshing the game, but please find a way to fix this problem..Version: 3.3.0

Bought this previously - now full of addsI paid for this and had it in my library for years. Now it has been kindly ‘updated’ to forget I wanted an ad-free experience and bombards me with shovel-ware after every level. That’s a delete from phone and no further EA/Pop Cap purchases from me.Version: 3.1.0

EA Strikes again...When I got this game on my phone a few years ago, everything seemed great. It was basically the same as the steam version and I didn’t mind buying the upfront cost to get every feature and play and complete the full game. However now the game had to change to this crappy ‘version’ what you don’t have to pay for. I didn’t mind this at first but with the constant ads and stupidly overpriced unlockable features like the minigames. Just seems like EA want to turn this beloved classic into a cash grab. Time to play this on steam instead........Version: 2.9.03

What the ?!? just happenedPlants vs Zombies is probably my all time fav game. I have completed the entire game long ago, then suddenly the other week it reset itself (like a new install and i had to start from the beginning all over again!). I didn't worry too much about it and enjoyed playing it again all over (including the fog levels which i despise). Then once I completed the adventure mode YET AGAIN. It resets again. Please fix this bug. And so many Ads. I paid for this app, it wasn't free. Yet I get two 30 second ads before any game. The combination of these two facts are making an excellent game almost unplayable..Version: 2.9.03

Ads free purchase doesn’t workLove the game and everything works smoothly but the ads are so excessive — there’s more ads than gameplay (you can’t click on anything without triggering an ad). So I purchased the ad free package which worked for about a week, now I’m being drowned in ads again. I tried to uninstall the game and reinstall to see if that would fix the glitch but it ended up removing all of my progress and had to start from scratch… You’d think the progress it would be saved in your iCloud like with other apps. Reached out to EA support for help on this but still haven’t heard anything back..Version: 3.3.0

The game got EA’d, what a shamePvZ, at its core, was a wonderful experience. If you’re playing this in 2020, I assume you know what the gameplay is. Compared to PvZ2, The adventure mode is streamlined and encourages using a variety of plants in each world, the bonus games are fun, and Zen Garden is a relaxing and simple collectathon if that strikes your fancy. Those are the things it does right. However, going back to play this game now (which I had purchased before it was F2P), the staggering amount of ads they’ve implemented make this a headache to play through. Forced ads before AND after levels, ads to play bonus games, ads to supplement the pathetic amount of coins you get when you used to be able to comfortably buy everything just playing the game. And to top it all off, it’s clear the game wasn’t originally designed for ads and they are poorly integrated, since very frequently the level will crash after serving you up the pre-level ad which forces an app restart and watching an ad once more. I understand making it F2P is appealing, but anyone who had purchased the game previously should automatically have the ad-free option unlocked. This wasn’t done, hence my low score. Play something else..Version: 2.9.03

+Fun, +Time Burner, -Ads, -GlitchesI would have given five stars, because this game is amazing. It helps me “tame” my ADHD & it satisfies my OCD without fail every time. HOWEVER when I first played the game, there were no ads. Next thing I knew, there were ads every five freaking seconds. Any time I tapped on anything, there was an ad. Most of which, I couldn’t even skip. And then the glitches. The first glitch made it so I couldn’t play my favorite mini game, survival, I had to figure out a way to fix it which ultimately led to me having to restart some of my progress. AND THEN a little while after this, I was playing the game and it deleted ALL of my progress. I love this game & would love to replay it. But under MY circumstances. I had so much stuff. I’m so mad. To end this on a lighter note, if the game makers see this somehow and want tips on adding to the game, I would suggest making an endless survival out of all of the places. So the grass, night time, roof, so on and so forth. Or even making a new place! That would be cool. Anyway I don’t hate this game. I just hate the fact that the glitches literally ruined everything..Version: 3.1.0

Run! This is not your childhood memory!I used to love this game and played it for hours during my time in primary school. And then, this thing happened. First it provided your option to remove the ads with some charge. Not happy about it but I paid. The phone was replaced later. Today, I downloaded it back and there is no storage in inside. The previous file is supposed to be saved with my account! Otherwise why would someone volunteer to sign in with their Game Center account ?! Not to mention the ads, they are everywhere. I didn’t even finish the first chapter because I am wasting more time on the ads than playing on the game. But it is not the worst yet. Next, the bloody ads read out my Game Center account name. Thus, whoever being clever enough to read the comments other than just browsing the one being shown. This is not your memory, it is a trap..Version: 3.4.1

Bug IssuesMusic appears to be broken and does not play. Sometimes a random song that is definitely not a part of the soundtrack will play. Same issue happened to a friend. No background sound effects either. Game is completely silent until that random song plays. Also minor issues of adrolls sometimes never ending, and never being able to exit out of them without closing the app..Version: 3.4.2

Fun classic but….So the game is awesome like it was before, but to play a level and get an ad, then play a level, and get an ad. Keep in mind these are long ads so you pretty well play for as long as you watch ads. After the ad you get a 5 second forced trial, you close that and the game pops up to download, THEN you can play your single level..Version: 3.5.2

Ad free??????I bought the ad free pack but the game remains unchanged. ‘Get bejeweled, get this, play that’ that is advertisement and to my knowledge illegal as money has been removed from my account but ads still remain, Videos only play if I voluntarily choose to play them but that being an option is enough to taint the feeling of the game. If there is a simple setting I must choose by all means tell me but that fact that when I click ‘remove ads’ which then follows with a banner saying ‘you have purchased the ad free pack’ or some bs, seems to me that something on your end is either not working or you’re total scumbags. Sorry this was full of such hate but I’m quite annoyed and already assuming you’ll reply with something condescending and entirely pointless. Please prove my assumptions incorrect..Version: 2.2.0

Soundtrack?I loved playing this game as a child and I still do play it from time to time. It will always have a special place in my heart. The game is great overall and I wouldn’t change much with it. However I do want to point out that I keep having this random soundtrack play whenever I load the game. Now I know what you might be thinking, that’s normal music id part of the game. NOT WHEN THE MUSIC HAS RANDOM LYRICS SAYING KILL BLOODSHED or FROZEN ZOMBIE over and over again. Not only is this complete random and kills the mood, but is it really appropriate? Seriously what has happened to this game, it’s like they tried to appeal to a wider older audience, why it was perfect as it was. Please get rid of the unnecessary soundtrack..Version: 3.4.2

Can’t save progress in survival endlessSo I was playing survival endless and I got to round 25 playing it for 3-4 hours. I saved my progress and went to sleep. I woke up today and watered my plants which I got from zombies in survival endless but when I press the survival endless button, my lawn is completely empty. No melons, no pumpkins, no sunflowers, nothing. Then I see the main zombies appear. The normal, cone head and bucket head meaning that it restarted my progress even though I never told it to. I just find it annoying that if you basically just close the app then you will loose progress in endless and probably other modes too. I don’t know if popcap still owns this game or if EA have taken over and filled it will ads but can you just fix this. It’s really annoying..Version: 2.4.0

ADS ADS ADS!!!!When I played this game a decade ago as a kid, I didn’t remember this many ads. This game is FILLED with ads. Sometimes two 30 second ads back to back! (Once when you receive a new plant and once before you select which plants to use.) the ads also take you directly to the App Store without even clicking on the ads, so you have to manually go back to the game by leaving the App Store and opening PVZ again. Sometimes, the ads break the game after you watch them and you have to close out of PVZ and re open it again, only to watch, you guessed it, more ads. Untimely, the ads are EXCESSIVE. It really takes away from the magic i remember as a kid. Onto a different point, the game is far too easy. Through the entire game, I never lost (exept for the final boss). The lawn mowers take away from the purpose of the game and make it really really easy. Even if they get through you have another chance. I had to challenge myself and not buy the roof lawn mowers or the pool lawn mowers to make this game is even remotely hard..Version: 2.9.04

Don’t bother downloadingPopcap took a brilliant game and completely RUINED IT with all the ads. You’re forced to watch an AD after every level, if you want any extras you have to watch an AD. Just brutal!! You totally cheapened a brilliant game Popcap! Shame on you!!.Version: 3.0.0

AdsI remember paying for this game a long while back… but now, I only see ads.. lots and lots of ads. So 1 star it is..Version: 3.2.0

Downloaded againDecided to download this game again and enjoy it. BIG mistake. They took a great game and added miserable advertisements that make it unplayable. Deleted it within 5 minutes..Version: 3.3.0

Loveable classic that’s impossible to playNothing wrong with the game. Never has been never will be. It’s great fun, when you manage to get to a level. But the ADS. It’s stupidly impossible to enjoy the game without the ads. Not only are they frequent and LONG, some ads either plain crash the game, or when you click the x they open the App Store and takes multiple tries to get out of the ad. I re-downloaded to have some fun with the game as I’ve always found it fun but you guys have just plain ruined the game. “You can pay to remove ads” that’s not helpful because that’s just a cash grabber move and if we all paid to get rid of ads in all the games we play the game may as well not be a free to play game and may as well just make us pay for the game. Yes you need to run ads but not so frequently that it makes it not fun and sometimes crash the game..Version: 3.2.0

TOO MANY ADSI get you made the game free now and there WAS a paid version. But now the full game is free and filled with ads. Want rakes? Well instead of buying them like you used to now you watch an ad, random mini games in the start menu I guess is ok but it’s not the original. This game has changed too much with ads and content we never asked for. We never asked for rakes with ads, we never asked for overpowered plants removing all difficult zombies with just one ad, no one asked for a random mini game at the start menu, most currency packs are the same price to get the same amount of coins and it’d be great if either we had an option to remove ads with a purchase or if this just wasn’t the full game and the full game (costing money) didn’t have ads. But the point of this is to voice my opinion on the game. I hate why all challenge is removed from the game just by watching ads, I hate why ads are completely taking over the game, I hate some menu changes..Version: 2.4.0

New update a shamblesLatest update deletes all your progress and zen garden plants?! I also paid for this game several times over the years in the iOs store but still get ads in this new version? And worst of all you deleted the quick play option for a clunky menu where the writing is too small. This was my favourite game before, now I hate it! Why redesign something people are happy with for the worse? The update is just to gouge more money from loyal fans who supported this game for years by putting more ads. Such a disappointment, Electronic Arts is an absolutely unscrupulous company who would willingly destroy a beloved old game just to gouge a few more dollars..Version: 2.4.0

A fallen masterpiece.PvZ is an insanely great game, and EA just ruined it. I get trying to monetize this game because it’s a legend, but getting an ad for exiting the Zen garden? An ad after Every level? It’s super excessive. The main thing that drags this game down is how much EA tried to monetize this game. You get so many ads it’s just half the game. If you accidentally tap the exit garden button in the Zen Garden you are more than likely to get an ad. If you are playing survival you get an ad after EVERY FLAG. Another thing about survival mode, if you get a high-score of 10 or higher in survival: endless, the game crashes when you try to play endless again. The game will also crash randomly, which is a massive pain. On top of half of the game being terrible mobile ads, you can also randomly crash. A terrible combination of things in a game. The only reason I even play is just to take care of my Zen Garden. The coin grind is relentless and takes dedication, but there isn’t much dedication to watch ads. If you want to play this game, go on the computer. No ads, no crashes, it’s just a much better experience. The only reason it got one star is because if the gameplay..Version: 3.3.0

Too many advertisementsLove PvZ but way to many advertisements and they play for too long and hard to click through. Makes the game frustrating to play at all. Unfortunate. :(.Version: 3.3.0

Ad problemI love the game, at least the much older version. So I was disappointed to see that between almost every loading screen there was an advertisement EACH time. So I paid for the advertising to go away. But every single day, the advertisements return and I have to refresh my PAID investment to make the adds go away. It is so frustrating to pay to eliminate the ads only to still see them on almost every losing screen..Version: 2.9.03

Incredibly ugly updateI played this game frequently years ago and loved it. Decided to replay and download it again recently and I've really been enjoying it, but the ads and stuff are annoying (I get it, you have to make money, but some of these ads are very poor optimised- such as (x) symbol being hidden offscreen because the ad isn't the right resolution). The latest update has change all the graphics for the zombies and plants- and I have no idea why! This must have taken so much effort and they're so so ugly! It's a bit off putting. I'll try PvZ2....Version: 2.0.00

Love the game but don’t like how it’s been changedFirst off, the actual gameplay of PvZ is awesome. It is very simple; defend your brains from the zombies by using a variety of weaponized plants. The creativity in this game is great from the different plants to the unique zombies, and having to continually adapt to the variety of different challenges keeps the gameplay fun and interesting. The problem, though, is the quantity of ads. I have no problems with having a few ads here and there in a FREE game, but there is an ad before and after every level as well as every time you go back to the home screen. This makes playing the game more tedious than it needs to be because of how many breaks there are in playing the actual game and navigating through the menus. Again, I have no problems having an ad every so often, but when you are spending more time watching ads more than playing the game, there is a problem that needs to be fixed. In addition, there are glitches in the game that cause the app to crash. So far, the only glitch I have seen is in the endless survival game mode. After reaching ten flags, the app crashed, I have not been able to continue in the game mode since. I also read other reviews where the game crashed while doing similar things like entering the shop or doing a challenge. To wrap up, the game itself is awesome however the amount of ads and the glitches are some serious problems that need to be fixed. I hope EA reads this..Version: 3.2.0

Watch videos for more contentI purchased the game a while back and have recently started replaying the game due to a factory rest of my phone. Now I have to watch ads for more content. During the game there is tabs for bombs and such but requires watching ads to get. I also turned of promotions in the settings, still occurs. Please take this away. There is a reason I purchased the game, to avoid this kind of advertisement. The game is fair enough without the need to entice people with extras behind an advertising wall..Version: 2.9.03

Toooooo many ads!!!!Why there are so many ads.Version: 3.3.0

Ads still present after paymentPaid through Apple ID in app, but still bombarded with ads..Version: 2.9.03

Sooo many ads now!I used to really love this game, now I just get bombarded with ads so it’s hard to really appreciate playing it anymore. Such a shame..Version: 3.0.0

AddAds take forever and when you try to close them it takes you to the app so that you will download the game, very annoying and sneaky! Such a waste of time.Version: 3.3.0

Piece of $h!tThis game is trash! It has too many ads and some of them won’t let me leave! Redo this trash game!.Version: 3.3.0

Isn’t this illegal or something?I have literally purchased this game more times than I remember, in many different forms. I know I originally bought this app on my iPod when I was younger so that’s at least ONE time I’ve paid $0.99. I’ve had it on my DS, my Xbox, etc, not that it matters. And I’ve purchased coins from the shop a few times over the years as well—specifically through iTunes. So what the hell is going on when suddenly it’s a free to download app that refuses to restore all my purchases and forces me to watch adds? I literally own this game and it was taken away from me by an update?? I guess it’s my fault for getting a new phone huh? Honestly this is really scummy. At least let people restore their purchases. This new update only allows the “get rid of ads” purchase to be restored, and I believe any purchase used to do that but I could be mistaken. Even so, for somebody who originally paid for the app and has since made in-app purchases, all on the same iTunes account over many years, it’s disappointing for me to see my favorite mobile game get squeezed for cash like this. 😔 SEGA did this with Sonic as well so you’re not the only ones stealing products back from the consumers I guess.Version: 2.4.0

Ads make it unplayableI love this game but it has so many ads popping up everywhere that it plays like it’s infected with malware. To add insult, I paid $4 to remove ads and I seem to have more ads popping up than before. I’ve requested a refund and highly recommend you avoid this app. It’s really disappointing because the game itself is great!.Version: 2.9.04

You already know what this about... :/Yep you guessed it, another review about how there are too many ads. Now I’m not gonna ramble on and say “There’s too many ads” and “This ruins my favourite game”, now I’m not saying it ain’t true but you are scrolling through the replies and all you’re seein is reviews about too many ads. Well let me tell you that PvZ is a great game. If you haven’t played it before I highly suggest it. It is very fun and there is 50 adventure levels and every 10 levels the area changes and gets a new feature to make it really interesting. Plus, there is over 40 different unlock-able plants with their own unique abilities, and the levels get progressively more challenging as you go on. For a game moved from PC to mobile I would rate it 8.5/10. It is a very fun game and it’s kinda addicting too, I recommend you download it. Oh and pro tip, when you play turn off the Wifi on your device, you won’t get any ads, it’s basically ad remover for free..Version: 2.9.04

Ads ads ads ads adsI paid for this game years ago, haven’t played for a long time and thought I’d relive some fun times. Disappointed to start the game only to find endless ads. The content of some ads were questionable as well - started flashing quick-money-making schemes’ ads. Wouldn’t want any kids watching this cr*p even if it’s a fun game. The devs for this game have really lost their way. Conclusion - Uninstall..Version: 3.2.0

Sold outIt feels like plants versus zombies sold out. I used to love the watch a video function with plant vs zombies to get free things like extra chocolate to keep the snail awake and a free rake to kill one zombie. Now they just put a video every time you exit a level or start a level or pauses to play one in the middle of a level. Taken alongside how glitchy it is now it becomes very frustrating. It constantly kicks me out during an ad or after one plays and I have to start my level over again. They also “streamlined” things so you could easily play any level you wanted. The problem with this is that it doesn’t go from one level to the next automatically and there is no option to move on from one level straight to the next. It gives going through the game after you beat it a disappointing feel. There just isn’t any flow. It also feels like a cheap button smasher game now, I feel like they made everything much easier to make it almost hard to lose which makes it too easy. They have sold out to become one of those games I would download and okay for a week before becoming bored with it and deleting a week later..Version: 2.4.0

Account progress got deletedI recently downloaded this game i got up to the fog levels and then all my progress was just erased, i dont know how to get it back..Version: 2.9.05

What’s the sound issue??!I love this game. I’ve deleted and restarted it probably once every year since it came out. It’s just that good but two issues have popped up since then. 1)the ads! Why did the developer(s) decide to add these annoying things? The only time there used to be ads is if you chose a rake to kill the first zombie at the beginning of the game. Ofc you can turn on airplane mode but then you may miss important notifications from friends and loved ones. 2) why the heck does the sound randomly cut out in the middle of the game??! After about thirty minutes of play. The sound just unexpectedly stops. No zombie growls, no plant attacks, no music—just randomly. This didn’t used to be an issue at all. Like I said in the beginning, I’ve been playing this game almost since it came out. I’m old as dirt so that’s saying a lot. I love this game but the sound issue really needs to be fixed. I play this game for the zombie growls, music and plant attacks, not just the graphics. If just the sound issue gets fixed, I will give the game 5 stars but the ads going away would definitely be a plus too..Version: 3.5.1

Frame Rate DropThe Game Is Lagging Like 30 fps or something I have an iPhone 8 plus.Version: 3.3.2

Speechless. This is theftThis used to be my favourite game on iPhone so it’s quite something for me to give it a one star. They took a game that I paid money for, stripped it of its playability and shoved in cheap pay to play elements and unskippable adverts. This game model infuriates me at the best of times and I will always choose to pay more upfront to avoid freemium model games. The fact that I paid money and had my game taken away from me and replaced with this garbage, and the fact that we’re supposed to just sit here as if we haven’t been robbed is disgusting. EA should seriously not be allowed to get away with this..Version: 2.4.0

Amazing how a great game has been turned into an ad farmIt’s also really impressive how an amazing game has been diluted and made a lot worse with this update. When I upgraded my iPad, I didn’t swap my apps across, and took a while to re-download this game. Before a level: ad After the same level: ad Want to remove the rake? Watch an ad or click to get rid of it There’s an exploding wallnut button right at the top of the screen where suns fall in front of it. In one game I accidentally pressed the button and was asked to watch an ad over a dozen times! Access the zen garden: ad Leave the zen garden: ad Play a mini game: you have to watch an ad I understand developers need to make some money, but this game is old. It has already covered its costs many times over. The games merch alone would cover continued operating costs. It doesn’t need updating for anything more than compatibility issues. It’s greed and greed alone. I deleted the app and won’t bother with the franchise again..Version: 3.3.0

Good game but it glitchesThe games good but my I lost my zen garden and it restarted back to level one and I lost all my progress. Also way too many adds..Version: 3.3.4

Adverts in a game I paid for !I purchased this game for the Apple store years ago. Not played it in sometime but now I’ve gone back in it’s just FULL of adverts Avery other minute which drives me insane. There should be NO adverts in a paid for game..Version: 3.3.0

Used to be a 5 starI bought this game from the App Store years ago and I absolutely loved it. Came back to it and now it’s been made into a free version with ads. I think that’s pretty stupid that people who actually bought it now have to deal with ads and there’s no option to take it away..Version: 2.9.04

To many adsThis game used to be amazing now ever move has an ad. It used to be that you could pay to play ad free (which was worth it ) but now it’s not ..Version: 2.9.03

EaEa.Version: 3.1.0

Survival doesn't unlockSurvival mode doesn't unlock after beating the game as it's supposed to.Version: 1.21

Used to be goodAds playing before and after levels is the most obnoxious thing they could have done with this game, bad enough that it’s not worth playing after a while..Version: 3.3.0

Game freezes after adsEA stuffed a great game full of cancerous ads, some of which cause the app to freeze. Imagine being so greedy you’d rather drive players away from your games than keep them playing..Version: 2.9.03

The game deleted itselfThis game was my childhood. I redownloaded a few weeks ago, and for starters, the ads are really annoying. Often, they make the game crash and I have to go back into it. But most games use ads and I like the game enough that I can easily look past that. But today I went into the game, and all my progress was lost. No zen garden, no mini games, level one of adventure mode and no achievements. For context, I have bought a handful of the mini games, the puzzles, have gotten a lot of the achievements, was a few levels away from completing adventure mode the second time, and my zen garden was thriving. It’s a great game, but I’m beyond frustrated right now. Hours and hours of progress thrown away. I don’t want to replay all the easy levels all over again. It takes too long. So I guess this is the universe’s way of telling me to leave my childhood game behind, because I don’t want to waste more time on progress I will apparently lose..Version: 3.3.2

WAS my fav game but they changed & terrible glitchI loved this game so much, it brought me back to my childhood when I used to play on Xbox with my siblings. I’ve had this app for quite awhile and on different iPhones I’ve had! However I had finally gotten far and had lots of money, plants, etc. and the app crashed and I lost everything. It made me start from the beginning. I tried turning off my phone, exiting the app, but still nothing I didn’t regain any of my hard work that took me time. This was my favorite game but it made me so frustrated that I sadly deleted it. Also, the ads on this is just ridiculous… every time you go into a mini game that you’ve purchased with coins, or your garden, or puzzles, or the shop, you have to watch a freaking ad!! It was so annoying. You couldn’t do anything without watching a 30 sec ad first. I remember a time when you only watched an ad if you wanted extra coins, if you wanted a rake, if you wanted planting tools instead of buying… so basically only when you clicked on it! Not ALL the time. So lame. Only giving a 3 star bc I love this game otherwise all of the reasons above would’ve been 1 star..Version: 3.3.0

NANII HATE EA you cash grab.Version: 3.1.0

THIS GMAE IS MUCH SCERYI let mine 5 year old son play this game because he sad he liked game and want very much so I buy game for him but little later he come to me and say "daddy this game much scary!!" I look at game and it say: "ZOMBIE EAT YOU BRAIN!!!* and me was shock, how can this game be allow for childs? this game has blood and violins, zombie eat your vegetables!! zombie may no eat vegetable, my son eat vegetable!! he is now life shock and he have to take pills everyday!! tanks so very much electric artill this game much bad and scary, I rate 16 and overt! not play this game, this very innapropait!!! u has been warninq.Version: 3.3.2

Fun but ads ruin itLove PVZ haven’t played in an incredibly long time but still awesome. However the amount of ads is insane. After every menu change and match you get ads. I use an iPhone X on the latest update, and the ads always bring me to the App Store even after hitting the “X”. On top of that the ads make the app freeze and I have to close the app and re open it. Upon reopening the app, you guessed it... another ad. EA trying to get more money. Typical..Version: 2.9.03

PvZ changes?I used to play Plants Vs. Zombies a few years back. I remember having fun, however I deleted the game somewhere along the way and reinstalled it recently. The home menu is an alright change but I personally prefer the original. May be nostalgia speaking however I played it on the DSi and on an old iPod and preferred those versions as there are a few prevalent changes I have come across so far. The shop doesn’t sell any upgraded versions of the plants you can purchase with coins to make a plant perform better. I haven’t beaten the game yet but as I see so far they’re non existent. They were pretty cool so I’m sad to see them go. The coffee bean is completely gone, taking away much of the challenge of the night time levels, back when I first played, most plants would fall asleep since they relied on the sun to stay awake, however now they’re always awake, even at night. For example, the sunflower being awake would be it sleeping at night when I first played. This takes away much of the challenge and I feel as if it is much more enjoyable with that inclusion. This affects the mushroom plants quite a bit as well since with no coffee bean, they’re essentially useless without the beans to wake them up during the day which could have helped you get some use out of them during the day but can now only stand around and look pretty. Bring back the coffee bean I beg of you!.Version: 3.4.1

Buying no ads doesn’t work and they know itI paid for no ads and they kept showing. Once I contacted their support, I was told it’s a known issue and there’s no time table for the issue to be fixed. Asked for a refund. They said they can’t refund and I should ask Apple Store for it. So they are allowing people to buy a product while they are fully aware it doesn’t work, instead of removing this option until they find a solution. Making it difficult for the user to get their money back and stressful for us to have to chase it down. Again: THEY ARE FULLY AWARE THIS IS AN ONGOING ISSUE FOR A WHILE NOW. And still allowing people to spend money on something they know it doesn’t work..Version: 3.3.0

Plants vs zombies used to be greatPlants vs zombies used to be great, emphasise “used to be” reason being back in the day I was able to play this game hours on end and never have to watch a single ad but now the game is destroyed by there hunger for money it’s ridiculous every single time I’ve completed a mission I get hit with an add then when I start one I’m hit with an add when I click play I’m hit with an ad . It’s so frustrating to play and it’s honestly a huge shame that they have ruined there game with ads and I don’t wanna hear “well how else are we supposed to make money of the app” no , just no . This game NEVER had ads now it’s infested with them it’s an honest shame to see what this game has become to the developers . Just some mass source of income generator now. Highly recommend u watch the game being played instead it’s a lot more fun than dealing with the ads . I’m not even being dramatic either .I’ve stated nothing but facts. I’m deleting the game now ...Version: 3.2.0

Why do they have to ruin things.I decided to re install this game because I was feeling nostalgic, it’s started so well then all of a sudden when I start my first level I get an add. But it’s okay I can accept one ad, I finish the first level bam another ad, okay it’s getting a little annoying so I’m waiting for the ad to finish, guess what no x button to get out of ad. So I close app restart turns out the first level didn’t count as finished, so I do it again, starts with an ad and the level finishes with an ad and guess what happens with the second ad. No x button again I close the app and start again to give it one last chance boom did it again, why for you ruin it all..Version: 2.9.04

Listen I love PvZ with a passion, but this game is a trickHave you fine people wondered why this game doesn’t capture the same nostalgia as the PvZ you once knew and loved? Check the publisher. That’s not our beloved Popcap making old moves. That’s EA getting their hands somewhere it doesn’t belong again. This game doesn’t feel like the old one because it’s not. I’m sorry EA I love you and I love the Sims, but you’ve once again stuck your grubby little hands where they don’t belong. I was only able to figure this out because when I noticed this app was free and there was no 99¢ option I looked in my recent purchases and there it was. The exact same game (we all know not exact but you get what I’m saying) same plants, same zombies, different publisher. I didn’t think anyone could screw up a game already published so badly, but are you folks really so strapped for cash you have to not only put ads before each level, but also offer unremovable ad options for items that no player should be using because it’s absolutely immersion breaking and just in general not fun like the exploding walnut and extra lawn mowers? I’m willing to bet I could play a whole game without planting a single plant, and for that you break my heart..Version: 3.0.0

Annoying adsI would happily buy an ad free version. If it is available they did not make it easy to find..Version: 3.3.0

IT STOLE MY STUFFWhy? I was just playing then when my wifi came off I lost all of my PLANTS!!! And DATA!!! FIX THIS PLEASE!.Version: 2.4.0

Way too many adsWay too many ads.Version: 3.2.0

Scam!!!!I let my children play this game and now they keep saying these weird things like sussy amogus I don’t understand what is a sussy baka I played it for myself and I think these plants are a symbol of racism and the zombies are actually im not gonna finish that sentence and the character “crazy dAve” is trying to force kids into his van for things that don’t exist sound familiar? Don’t let your children or yourself play this game (also I bought a goddamn vacuum and it made me a watch and add and still let me die).Version: 3.1.0

PvZ Gone Down HillOriginally bought the game back in 2012. Every few years I like to go back and play the game. I recently started playing again. I re-downloaded the app to see they did some updates with the interface. Nice. My one biggest pet peeve is that the game is now laden with adds and annoying suggestions to watch videos for a stupid item or upgrade. Is this what the game industry has come to? After every level you beat there is a stupid ad. What prompted me to write this review is that I just beat a level that I was working on for a good 20min and then had to watch an ad(ok, normal), then once the ad started, an “x” to close the ad that normally appears after about 8-10secs never appeared. I then went , “fine I’ll just open up the ad to see if this gets it going”. Nothing. Ok. So I then close PvZ then re-open it only to find out it didn’t save because of a stupid ad that glitched and forced me to exit out, close the app, then re-open it. Cmon PvZ team. Your game rivaled Angry Birds years ago. One of the top mobile games. Now you guys are pumping low-tier crap. The stuff you are doing is what sketchy rip off mobile games do..Version: 2.4.0

Amazing App, absolutely appalling amount of adsLove Plants vs Zombies, so fun and nostalgic. Can’t get enough of it, many others can agree with that. However, you literally can barely play because of long ads after and before every single level, it appalls me that one of my favourite apps of all time is ruined by ads, if this wasn’t such a great game in itself, it wouldn’t even deserve one star but anyways. It’s nigh unplayable due to the ads and you have to wait so long to do things.Version: 3.2.0

AdsA bit too many ads, could be better. Overall great game.Version: 3.3.4

Good game but full of unbearable adsPreviously paid for this game and it was absolutely amazing and worth paying for. Then someone got greedy and decided they wanted more money so they changed the game to have ads and added in app purchases. Now it glitches all the time and kicks you out of the game for no reason. If you purchase something it also glitches during purchase and takes coins or money and the purchase doesn’t finish so you don’t get the item. Really disappointing..Version: 3.4.2

This game much bad!!!I let mine 5 year old son play this game because he sad he liked game and want very much so i buy game for him but little later he come to me and say “daddy this game much scary” i look at game and it say “ZOMBIE EAT YOU BRAIN”. and me was shock. how can this game be allow for childs? this game has blood and violins, zombie eat your vegetables!!! zombie may no eat vegetable, my son eat vegetable!! he is now life shock and he have to take pill everyday!! tanks so very much electric art!!! this game much bad and scary, i rate 16 and over!! not play this game, this very innapropait!!! u has been warning..Version: 3.4.1

Was greatWas great but then I spent money on getting coins and I never got the coins at all but have proof I bought it. Get the game it's fun just don't buy anything!! Ridiculous.Version: 1.21

Ads ads and more adsI’ve had PvZ installed on my iPhone and iPad for years, but with iOS 14.5 it stopped working. Imagine my delight to find a version on the App Store that had been updated just weeks before. However what I find it a version that insists on playing adverts at the end of, beginning of and sometimes in the middle of a game. In addition it sometimes freezes loading a new level, and after persevering to get through all 50 levels again so I could unlock the ability to play any level, I find I am back to having only 1 level available to me (level 1 - all others locked). Of course I lost the 300,000 or so coins and unlocked levels, add on games etc that I previously had with the new version so I am seriously unimpressed by this release..Version: 3.0.0

Microtransactions.After not being updated for years on end, EA have decided to come back and just add Advertisements and microtransactions. Way to ruin a part of my childhood :/.Version: 2.4.0

An absolute classic game, just the experience is ruined by adsThe game is the same as it has always been. Defend from the zombies in story mode, have some interesting fun in the mini games, farm in the zen garden. The gameplay hasn’t changed, but everywhere you go there is an ad. Start a level-forced ad, choosing plants-optional ad for extra seed slot, playing the level-optional ad floating across your screen for a rake or wallnut. It just completely ruins the nostalgic feel of a classic game. Without the ads it would be a 5 star. But they’re just invasive, and I hate being constantly suggested ads when I do something..Version: 3.2.0

Good Game turned into Bad GameNow I was a fan of this trilogy, but now it’s just plain awful. I loved it when it was owned by PoPCap and it was actually GOOD. Unlike this one. You were too lazy to even remove the ‘pile up your zombies to space!’ Achievement when you removed that particular screen. And why do the levels/campaign put you in the wrong area!? I liked it MORE when my favourite and always loved developers PoPCap owned all rights to this game. Now it’s one of the worst ever. The only thing good is the graphics, YES, that’s all I like about this game now. Electronic Arts has made a masterpiece into a pigsty. So much for a name with ‘arts’ in it. No, nothing is accessible quickly! Before you could just go down to the menu and click ‘achievements’ and go! Now you have to click on your ‘profile’ and then click ‘achievements’ In all, 0.3/10 The game is too small to fit in my screen, but this is about BOTH games, the one I CAN play and I one I CANT. And I’m pretty sure I can’t play either without vomiting. </3.Version: 2.4.0

Too many adsI was feeling nostalgic, so thought I’d reinstall this game after a few years away from it - but there are too many adverts now. It was annoying enough when I was collecting sun to accidentally touch the rake and be asked if I wanted to watch an ad to get the rake (no thanks - and you’ve just interrupted my game, which is a distraction and is frustrating), but having to watch an ad simply to play the next level is not acceptable for me. Unfortunately I’ll be deleting the game again..Version: 3.3.0

The good old daysI remember when this used to be a near-perfect port of the originally game just on a smaller screen. I’m disgusted at how EA manages to butcher everything they get their grubby little hands on nowadays. I hate what they did with the second game, and recently wanted to play this, and was genuinely horrified. As far as video game companies go, EA is the worst of them, with all of their freemium mobile games and micro transactions and an over abundance of paid dlc is every single one of their games. People; Stop paying for this trash and send them flat broke. It’s quite literally the only way they’ll learn to stop ruining everything they touch..Version: 2.4.0

Too many adsToo many ads.Version: 3.3.0

Plants goodZombie bad.Version: 2.4.0

Great Game, save glitchesGreat game nice gameplay overall, but seriously EA, cut the ads, will you? And also I noticed my progress weren’t being saved on my survival endless runs, once I pressed pause, leave game, left PVZ and got back on, all my progress was gone on survival endless. This has happened to me countless of times over and over, so it’s starting to get annoying spending my time constructing a really good load out then losing it all for nothing. Really hope you fix this major flaw in this game, cause being stuck in the stupid quarantine, this my only source of entertainment. Thanks..Version: 2.9.03

Stuck on adMy game freezes everytime on the second ad—- I can’t get rid of it or anything. I can’t even get to level 1. No matter how many times I re start. EA— what have you done to this beloved game??? It feels SO cheap after all the ads and it makes it unplayable!.Version: 2.9.04

Latest update loses contentI’m deeply offended by the latest update to the game. I’ve finished all the levels a long time ago and could replay any level I wanted, and now with the update, all the levels are locked as if I haven’t played them. Worst of all, my son’s favourite levels were the special games like whack a zombie or bowling, which we had unlocked. With the latest update, it looks like these are only available as a purchase. Greedy! I was hoping after so many years, an iCloud backup would have made it onto the feature list, so that I can migrate the game to a new device. Alas, that’s not that there. Oh, of course, that feature won’t make you more money, will it?.Version: 2.4.0

UnplayableRuined by ads..Version: 3.3.0

Didn’t get my moneyHey I am really enjoying the game it has taken me back to when I was a child but I purchased some extra coins and it took my money but I didn’t get the coins.. it’s really put a huge damper on my game. Please let me know if I’m meant to wait for it to show up? Or did something go wrong? It’s been 2 week still haven’t received my refund or my coins from the game... don’t buy extra coins on this game it’s a scam!!!.Version: 2.9.04

Declined Over TimeJust redownloaded this classic. I was surprised to see how much worse this has gotten. The biggest problem is obviously the ads. They pop up after a level, guaranteed, and sometimes even BEFORE the level as well. Honestly it’s pretty sad how much this game has gone down in value. Sometimes, if you get an ad before a level, it can glitch the app and force you to start again. This can even happen after the level and can reset your progress completely on that level. I won’t go into detail about all of the other minor changes, but just to sum things up, if you’re here for nostalgia, turn back. Also, if you have in app purchases that you’ve made, don’t expect to get your money back. Apparently EA is just going to keep it. Honestly, PVZ is an ok game now, a shadow of what it used to be on mobile. I can really only recommend playing if you’re playing it casually. EA needs to improve. This feels like an ad-ridden shady mobile game. Get it together, EA..Version: 2.9.03

WAS a good gameThis was a good game when it came out, but then EA games bought it and added a price tag to every in-game feature that used to be free. Now there are advertisements between every level screen, you have to pay to unlock new game modes, and you can’t complete the game and less you have enough coins to buy the necessary upgrades. The Zen garden feature is still there, but you have to buy coins to get more plants. The tree of wisdom feature has been completely removed along with any other feature that awards lots of free coins. To buy coins you need spend real money. Furthermore, if you ever purchased the full version this game like me, but then later deleted it from your phone to save space, re-downloading it will not unlock the full game. You still have to spend real money on coins to unlock most of the features of the game. Also that cute little song at the end after you beat the game has been completely removed. EA bought it and the greedy little pricks ruined the game, like they do with every game they buy..Version: 2.1.10

Not PlayableThere is more advertising than there is game. There are Ads before and after every level. Some ads open the Apple App Store to the item that is related to the ad. Very annoying and not playable in my option. Deleted the game from my phone..Version: 2.9.03

Cult classic gone underWhile gameplay wise the game is amazing and always will be, it’s one of the single greatest mobile games ever made. Unfortunately there is a massive issue, the game, in my experience almost never launches properly, I’ve only been able to get it to launch properly one time In the past week. Every other time the app instantly crashes and sends you back to the Home Screen. I’ve seen a few forum posts about this issue one on apple says to contact the creators but I’ve searched and I’ve not been able to come up with anything conclusive all I know is a few years back an IOS update caused it to stop working, I can’t find a solution or even a concrete reason as to why this is. Beyond that these forum posts are a few years old and the fact that the game is being updated but this issue hasn’t been solved is mind blowing to me, maybe it is a rare issue, there is so little information on this I can’t even confirm or deny that. Is there any possibility of this game being fixed for IOS?.Version: 2.9.04

Wasted time and a dollar on a bugged out gameI beat the game and began to work at the survival section of the game in more ways to play. Beat the first level without any bugs or glitches occurring and decided to spend a dollar on coins for future levels went on the second level which is night I believe I had hit a certain flag when I decided to exit out of said level and continue my progress another time due to the saving mechanic the game has set place. I then was unable to continue said level without the game crashing therefore unable to play any future survival level or endless due to it being locked behind the survival night lvl which is now glitched for me forever I decided I had enough and deleted the app thinking the game would save my data due to it being connected through Game Center big mistake I redownloaded the app only to find my progress is deleted and my coins of which I spent for in game plants were wasted due to the game starting from the beginning so now I burned a dollar and have to restart my entire game thanks Ea.Version: 2.4.0

Purchases Don’t Register Properly + No Purchase Support + No Purchase BackupsThe game itself works as it always has, but the purchase system leaves a LOT to be desired. I used to play this game on a previous device, and am unable to restore real money purchases. I was fine with this, however, in trying to purchase new items, it simply takes money out of my account and does not give me the purchase. There is no way to contact any support about this issue, so I do NOT recommend buying coins in this game, as the purchase system is extremely broken..Version: 2.4.0

Random BugI love this game so much. I have been playing it especially when I was younger. However, there’s apparently an annoying bug that has been going on. Some fellow players have been hearing this weird, out of place music during their play through. There is no way to turn this off and pretty much ruins the vibe. Please fix your game! 🥺🥺🙏🙏.Version: 3.4.2

Used to beSuch a great game. Since PopCap sold out to EA the game was ruined with ads. And to make it worse, after an ad plays (I will never watch or buy - tell your sponsors that) the ruddy game freezes!.Version: 2.9.03

EA ruined this game with adsWhen I was younger, this was by far my favorite game to play. I would constantly try and beat the next level, but I could never defeat the final boss at the end. I was excited when I saw it optimized for the new phones so I could finally beat the game without my fathers help, but now I’m incredibly disappointed. Both before and after every level, I have been forced to watch a 30 second ad that cannot be skipped. It happens whenever you switch menus or do really anything in the game, which makes it infuriating to play. The game also freezes a ton during each round, which causes you to restart the game and watch another ad upon re-entry, even making you lose all progress. On top of that, everything is nearly impossible to do without spending money for the mini games which is disheartening. Those used to be a ton of fun to play, but now I can only play one and then have to grind 2 more hours to do even one more. I loved this game when I was younger, but now it is almost impossible to play which makes me feel awful. Why did EA do anything to this game? It was perfect before, but now it’s only a money grab..Version: 2.9.04

ScamI paid for the no ads option… worked for a month and then I suddenly get ads again. I am tired of this crap and expect to be reimbursed for this issue..Version: 3.2.0

You have ruined this game with ads.I PURCHASED this game 6 years ago which you removed from the App Store some years back and replaced with this version. I’ve just played it for the first time on my phone and I must have had 10 adverts in 10-12 minutes! Half of them were 30-40 seconds and the same ones. I’ve deleted the game now. Far far far too many adverts. And then there’s perspective it’s totally squished on a phone in landscape mode. Poor job of porting it. it also constantly paused the games when I tapped near the top of the screen. Just awful! Real shame as I enjoyed the original!.Version: 2.9.03

I’d rather pay than play with all these adsWas amazing until they added constant ads..Version: 3.3.0

Bad customer careI love this game and have for years. Re downloaded it on my phone recently, and purchased a coin pack which never showed up on my account. I have contacted them through the website multiple times, then get told to contact them via phone but they never leave a contact number or any solution and then close the case and mark it as resolved, and don’t respond to any follow up messages. Meanwhile I have been charged for something I never received and am not getting any help! I have contacted them three times now and no help! I just want a refund or the stuff I’ve been charged for 😭.Version: 2.9.03

GIVE ME MY COINSI paid $5.49 and for the 600,000 pack and never got any coins.Version: 2.2.0

All for money...There are so many ads now in PvZ it actually hurts me to play sometimes. I have to turn on airplane mode so I don’t receive an ad each time I complete a level or go to the main menu. They are quite annoying especially since playing before this time there was zero ads. Why did EA have to change this?? Leave the old game to slowly sputter out they literally had to change nothing and the game would still be perfect but they had to go and add so many ads into it. Not only that but a large thing that makes me mad is the fact that marigolds are sold in the shop for $5000 (previously $2500). This is a terrible price when you think about it because of these reasons. The marigold when finally grown to an adult size you get $1000 (one diamond) and can only be sold for $3000 and also in the intermediate levels of growth you get less than $500. This was the whole idea of the marigolds so that players can make a profit but instead you are losing money from buying these. There utterly is no point to them and should be reverted to their previous price of $2500 to “reward us nicely” as Crazy Dave says. I am putting this review as 1 Star because EA and popcap took a great game and made it just annoying. Hopefully this being 1 Star someone might see it but I highly doubt any change will be made. Thank you for reading my frustration!.Version: 2.9.03

Great game until EA ruined it.Ads after every level. Ads play when you click buttons disguised as sun. Crappy microtransactions everywhere. Took a peek at the internals of the game, theres a Facebook worm built in. There’s also Vungle worms as well. I recommend looking them up, they’re in just about every game with ads. These worms track everything from your IP, phone number, playing habits, and other forms of data to build a profile on you. These companies then sell your data as per the terms of service you agree to when booting up the app for the first time. They also use it to track you across different apps and psychologically tailor ads to manipulate you further. Why should I have to deal with this crap after I bought the game so many years ago? I own it. I don’t want this free to play bundled with spyware and ads sack of crap. Ffs just let me play the game I paid for. This is not PvZ. This is EA doing what it does best. Ruining a perfectly good game for profit. I used to love this game. It’s sad that I won’t be able to fully experience that nostalgia simply because of a greedy publisher. I recommend against playing this game in its current state..Version: 2.4.0

Don’t botherCrashed and it lost all my data. Including my epic zen garden. I also had the ad free version and that is gone too so now I have to see all these stupid ads or pay twice as much as I did before. Don’t bother with this game..Version: 2.3.10

Constantly freezesConstantly freezes after every level completed.Version: 3.0.0

Good, but could use some workI enjoy the game very much, but it’s not nearly as fun as it was 3-4 years ago The zombies should do more or atleast feel like they more damage every level so if a normal zombie does 3 damage at level 4 it should do 3.5 or 4 damage level 5 as well as the plants costing more al little for another example on level 3 a pea shooter costs 100 on level 5 or 6 it should cost a little more like 105 or 110 see what I mean it would make it harder because right now with a easy to master sunflower farm making sun pretty much infinite so hard to run out and lawn mowers and plants that can 1 shot any zombie meaning you could just spawn them when a high health zombie comes and with its short respawn time you could spam them if you have an efficient sunflower farm which is easy to make. I understand you may think that the game will be be to challenging for kids, but if you look back at the old Mario games they were hard very hard and the kids adapted to them calling them easy. It just strengthened their gaming skills, but you can have a better explain system or tutorial if you want take care..Version: 2.4.0

Don’t bother.This game is garbage now. Ads that keep coming even if you buy the no ads offer, and now it crashes.. which wipes the stage you are on. So in other words all the long duration and endless modes are now useless. Update: Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads. Don’t bother..Version: 3.3.0

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Peggle Blast negative reviews, comments
Peggle Blast Negative Reviews

Read on for important info below! APP STORE EDITORS’ CHOICE Take your best shot with a blend of luck, skill, and joyous...