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Plants vs. Zombies™ HD App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Plants vs. Zombies™ HD app received 62 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Plants vs. Zombies™ HD? Can you share your negative thoughts about plants vs. zombies™ hd?

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Plants vs. Zombies™ HD for Negative User Reviews

Please fix the glitchingI use to love this game and I would still do but it is just so so so glitchy that I can’t even go into the zen garden with out it kicking me out of the app I’ve tried restarting my iPad and doing pretty much what ever I can but it’s just so glitchy and it’s only that one app out of all my games and the reason why in giving this a 2 star instead of one is because at the start when I downloaded it it wasn’t glitchy.Version: 2.4.0

Now I’m ConfusedI used to play a long time ago (about 6 years) and just got back into it. The game is basically the same except for a few patches here or there. However, I’m confused now, where are some of the items that Crazy Dave should sell? I already completed the adventure mode and I have my Zen Garden. But where are the other gardens (night and water)? Also, Stinky the Snail is nowhere to be found which makes me sad. Furthermore, there is literally no spot on Crazy Dave’s Shop where it allows me to get plants. All I have are marigolds. Also, where is the tree of wisdom? I feel like it’s a bug or something because the whole section of zen garden is missing. Is this supposed to happen? If someone understands, please respond..Version: 2.2.0

Stuck on ad screenAds are bad enough without being stuck on an ad page because the close button won’t work. I think someone needs to do a study on the effectiveness of intermittent advertising interrupting a leisure activity. Otherwise, it’s still the amazing classic game it always was..Version: 2.4.0

Very disappointedSo the game is fun. I encourage it as a game that helps develop resource management in kids as long as its not played too often. Here’s my really big problem with the game that really makes me utterly hate it right now. It is waaaaaay too easy to delete your progress. My kid has a lot of hours on this game and when she was trying to rename her profile a couple excited misclicks and ALL OF HER PROGRESS was deleted. Needless to say this can be devastating for kids. There is no way to restore. The standard in all games played by kids is there is a few extra steps required to ensure this does not happen such as solving a math problem or a dozen clicks and confirmation of deletion. There are no such safety protocols here. I’ve messaged the developers about this and hope to hear back. Maybe they have a way of resolving the issue that is not available in the app. Until then, I will never use an app from this developer again no matter how great their games are..Version: 2.4.0

One of my favorites gamesThe game has classic gameplay, the mini games are the best, and the zen garden is peaceful. What’s more to ask? One thing. Can you guys please add the feature on pc where you could create your own zombie? That would be a great addition to the game. Ok so I just updated and... my first review was five stars but that goes down because.... why is there a select level menu?! Plus when you finished the game, you used to get all of the mini games for free but EA decided to make them have to be purchased so they make us pay for coins or work hard just to buy 3 mini Games?! EA why? This review is now three stars until you guys meet the request of changing everything back to normal or the stars go down!!! I just spent 10 minutes wasting my time writing this review. Another update this review is now 2 stars due to the immense amount of ads! Why?! This is supposed to be ad free! Come on EA and the stars do not have anything to do with the stuff they still have that popcap put in.Version: 2.4.0

Still ads, even after paying for a no ads package!I have to say, the original version of PvZ was pretty well my favourite game of all time. I lost the old version when I upgraded and so went for the (nowhere near as good) version 2. Anyway, I was very happy to see the original was available again and downloaded it. Aaaargh adverts, so I immediately shelled out for the ad-free version. Big mistake. There are still adverts, and in order to play the game to it’s full, you are forced to watch THIRTY SECONDS OR A MINUTE OF ADVERTS PER ROUND. This is appalling in my opinion. No adverts should mean no adverts. If there was a way of deleting this app and getting my money back I would do it. Sorry Developer folk, imho you are getting money through misleading marketing. I’m guessing this practice is legal, but it’s sneaky at best..Version: 2.3.10

UnstableCrashes every three or four rounds playing Izombie puzzle game. Not impressed. Also crashed playing main game a few times.Version: 1.19

What did you do!Wow, this is the only game on the App Store that I’m doing everything I can to somehow get an older version of the game. I loved how it used to be but now it’s riddled with ads and stupid ideas like watching an ad for a lawn mower, there should at least be an option to remove the “want a rake” and “watch an ad for a lawnmower”. Because I’m never going to use these and they just ruin the fun. Also going back to the level select screen after every level? It’s crazy. Don’t even get me started on paying 500,000 coins to play all of the puzzles survivals and mini games. If y’all did nothing to the game since 2012 almost everything would be better..Version: 2.4.0

Great But I Lost My Progress :(I love this game sooooooo much. I used to play it almost every chance I got. It’s definitely one of my favorite games. The Only Problem Is, I Lost All Of My Progress. To show you how I feel, let me tell you what I got. I finished all 5 Levels Of Adventure Mode, Got At Least 10 Maxed Out Zen Garden Plants, I finished Survival Pool, Unlocked Every Minigame, Got Every Single Plant In The Game, Reached Space In The Leaderboards, Got So Many Different Achievements, And Like, A Lot More. I’m so sad. I know Popcap will most likely not see this, but if they are, please fix this. I spent so much time into your awesome game. And I don’t wanna lose my account. Please. 😔.Version: 2.4.0

...I am trying to go on survival fog and it crashes! Pls fix it... I give the game 5 stars if you fix the crashing.Version: 2.4.0

I want my old data back!I accidentally deleted the app and when I installed it back my data was gone! I was on roof level 8, I was so close to finishing the game, SO CLOSE!.Version: 2.4.0

Oh they ruined itPop up ads, you have to watch a video to play bonus games, constantly bombarding you with ads to watch to get helpers in levels... what a shame knowing the developers sold out like this. I paid like $10 for this on the computer a few years back and was happy to and would happily pay a couple of bucks on iOS but never mind, this game is bad now..Version: 2.4.0

Extremely far right racist homophobic adThe actual game itself is good but I saw an ad about homeschooling kids and teaching them that feminism is bad and that racism doesn’t exist and that gay people are bad! I’m starting to wonder if the makers of this game have these views or they just aren’t monitoring the ads correctly but it’s unacceptable to have that ad on a game that 9 year olds can play! I hope to get an explanation from the developer!.Version: 2.4.0

It isn’t as goodThe game has been ruined with a bombardment of ads and we don’t even get a choice to remove them permanently, so if you want a more original feel with no ads . Just get PvZ 2 instead.Version: 2.4.0

Apps you pay for shouldn’t have ads!I have owned this game for years and enjoyed it alongside other popcap games like chicken invaders, peggle, feeding frenzy etc. Now that EA owns it they have the nerve to put ads on a game that I paid for and discontinue other games I paid the full version for. Sort yourselves out guys, having a free version with ads is fine but we all paid a fair amount for this. Putting ads in it is a joke..Version: 2.4.0

Too many adsStupid ea.Version: 2.4.0

Good game ruined by adsBegging for ads all the time. Pop cap sold out.Version: 2.4.0

Where’s the music video?I paid for this back in the day with the original PvZ HD app. The music video was a fun addition. Then one day it stopped working properly; the game took forever to load on my iPad, and the music video just produced a black screen. Well, they fixed that in this new version by removing the music video entirely, in the process of adding micro-transactions and ads. I suppose at least it loads quicker now? Really disappointing..Version: 2.4.0

My progress!!!I was going to play plants vs zombies when I looked at my leaderboard i had 0 kills! And I deleteting this game until you get my progress back!!!.Version: 2.4.0

Remove the adsThe ads ruin what is a very cool game.Version: 2.4.0

No end song?Played the game in its entirety. Defeated the final boss. Pressed “Roll Credits”... There was no end song... Why was there no end song? That was my favourite part of the whole game. :( I was looking forward to the end song... :( If you like the game, by all means, play... But if you’re a fan of the song, be prepared to be disappointed. I’m gonna go listen to Laura Shigihara on YouTube. (That’s the singer btw) As for the rating, it would’ve been a 5 star, but yeah... I’m really disappointed by the lack of an ending song. 3 stars..Version: 2.4.0

AdsLet me pay for an ad free version.Version: 2.4.0

I spent money on this...Plants vs zombies is a brilliant game and is lots of fun. One of the ads has an x which is impossible to click, but I don’t really mind. Recently I have been very angry because I have spent money on this game and now lost all my progress, and i spent a bit of money on this. Please fix this problem, I want my progress and fun back!.Version: 2.4.0

Spoiled by AdsAmazing game that has the fun sucked out by Ads everywhere. A few ads I can support but when they are full screen timed ads that disrupt gameplay is too far..Version: 2.4.0

😭😭😭I axidently deleted my a count and I have to do th hole game again please help me get my account back please 😭😭😭😭 I was so close to finishing the game.Version: 2.4.0

Not the one everyone remembersThis version is ok but it’s pumped up with micro transactions and ads. It says it’s the winner of like 30 game of the year awards or something but I’m pretty sure that’s the real one. Plus this also has things that cost so much more and u buy things u didn’t need to buy, this probably used to be the real one but they changed it....Version: 2.4.0

Ok this may or may not be seenOk during some time in 2013 there was a game called PvZ adventures witch not that many people knew about but the ones who did they loved it so if you do read this bring it back because the normal PvZ games are tower defense but the third one you’re talking about is not in line with the rest so here’s some advice dig up an old grave and revive the dead because that’s why there a whole community around this so don’t the one who don’t know about this what they want but give them what they need because ever since 2009 you have grown more and more popular it started with tower defense so it will end in tower defense or shame pick what you will end with..Version: 2.4.0

Erased dataSuch an awesome game. Had an awesome time. Just one thing. Today, I was about to finish adventure and unlock some mini games, but.. My data got erased. Please fix this because on my other save file the data didn’t get erased. You can get 5 star if you fix this for others. Other than that, 10/10. Good job popcap..Version: 2.3.10

Too much adsMake it a pay version, pls.Version: 2.4.0

Ads ads ads even after paying for no adsWhat? Why, do I still get ads on EA’s games? I PAID good money for this, and you somehow expect yourself to still make money even after me and others in this review section have paid. I don’t want to see your crappy other games, you didn’t even make this one until you stole it from popcap. Now you just make us pay thousands for a MINIGAME? I demand that you remove the EA ads because you get rid of non EA ads but you just throw the EA ads at me. You’re the worst game developers ever and have scammed loads of money off people for years..Version: 2.4.0

Better than pvz2I lost my data after uninstalling this though.Version: 2.4.0

I lost everything due to an update.The most recent update as of Friday PVZ version 2.0 stripped me of almost all of my achievements. I lost all of my plants in my Zen Garden along with my glove, wheel barrel, watering can, and biomes. Along with that the game required me to buy the new game mode (slot machine) but never got any new game modes or additional levels. In fact i cant even access the game modes I’ve already unlocked and beaten. Which i assume is the reason i lost most of my achievements. I have been extremely satisfied with the game to the point i dont mind the ads. I enjoyed this game and put many hours into this game. More than i care to admit. That being said i dont like losing everything i worked for. Please fix this. I dont mind updates if they work like they say they will without affecting my current status. Fix this and i will adjust my rating accordingly, but until then i will keep my ratings at 1 star..Version: 2.0.00

Progress resetAmazing game, but this glitch happened while I was playing adventure 2. I don't know if it is just my iPad or something, but the game crashed and my progress reset. I don't see any other reviews on this, so it is likely very rare, but just a warning.Version: 2.4.0

Requires improvement1/ the ads- need another lawnmower? watch an ad. Want an explosive nut or a rake? Watch an ad. Started a new level? Ad. Finished a level?Ad. Bonus level? Ad. Replay bonus level? You got it watch an ad! A few ads are fine this many is just silly. 2/ you may find that all your data randomly deletes. Zen garden plants, coins all gone. I can see from the comments this has been an issue for at least 2 years so be warned EA obviously have no interested in fixing this bug. 3/ the game has frozen and had to be deleted twice now. No reason just freezes ( just before an ad in both cases). Again comments about this issue going back 2 years so I don’t hold any hope this will ever be fixed. This is a great game playable, fun, highly addictive it should be a 5 star game (and when it first came out it was a 5 star game )but with the 3 major issues above and EA milking this game for every last silver coin I can only give it a 2 stars now. Sad really..Version: 2.4.0

ÉcranL’écran n’est pas du tout réactif. Je dois refaire la même opération plusieurs fois pour réaliser une commande..Version: 2.4.0

Everything's goneAfter playing one of the greatest games and almost finishing it I turned it off, 10 minutes later I turn it on but only to my horror I find myself back on the tutorial and now I have to replay all the levels again.Version: 2.4.0

The Updates Ruined the ExperiencePvZ is one of those timeless games. Such a shame they decided to suddenly include ads everywhere. Oh, and the promotions option in the pause menu? Don’t even bother. It doesn’t seem to do anything. They’ve also decided to make the game spit you out into a level select after each level. I’m not against the inclusion of a level select, but I much preferred the old method, where it was one level after another until you beat the game, and THEN you can access the level select. It made it feel more fun, like you were actually holding out for consecutive days, not just playing disconnected levels. Each level also shows what you’ll unlock for beating it, which takes away some of the excitement for what comes next. Great game that was later tainted by bad/greedy decisions. Did I just write an unnecessarily long review for an ancient game? Yes. Do I regret the use of my time? Maybe a little..Version: 2.4.0

Why?Pvz is my childhood and is my favorite game series of all time. It would be a 5 star but there a couple things that stop it from being a 5 star. First of all, after you beat a level, why does it take you back to the main menu. It kind of ruins part of the excitement for some reason. A huge part of the game that makes the game special is the story. I think a lot of people can agree with me on that. The story makes the game exciting and fresh and engaging, not boring. They took out the entire story by getting rid of crazy Dave. How could they? I remember the funny and unnecessary things he used to say in between levels talking about the next level or random stuff. Crazy Dave made the game really engaging and when you take him out of the game it feels more like a level game where you don’t pay attention and just try to beat it. Kind of like geometry dash. There is no story in geometry dash. All you have to do is beat the levels. In pvz it’s the same thing but exciting and engaging and has entertainment in between levels. AKA crazy Dave . Plus the zen garden, mini games, etc. BTW I’m not saying geometry dash is a bad game. I don’t expect after 10 years that popcap fix what I’m talking about but just wanted to throw this out there. Thanks for reading..Version: 2.4.0

EA at it againAs you know EA bought popcap and ruined the sequel to this amazing game and made it a freemium game. Now they have removed the payed version from the store and kept the free one so you have to watch adds because that’s what ea do. They have also purposely broke the zen garden so you can’t get money as easy (you only get marigolds) and they added additional purchases to the store. I recommend just playing on pc I have a version of the game that EA can’t touch and it’s got no adds or anything, don’t get this..Version: 2.4.0

As everybody could have guessed by now, it’s the ads.Everybody has said it all about why the ads are ruining the game comepletely, but, if I am remembering correctly, that can’t be EA. They’re the advertisers, but they can’t force ads onto games, since they weren’t the ones in charge of making the games. They publish the game, but the creators of the game themselves have to put when and where the ads go, meaning they make those decisions. EA just must be good publishers, and the game creators take advantage of that and put ads in their games now that there are more eyes on their games. Now, take this all with a grain of salt, but this has to be creators fault for the ads and how often they appear, and EA just publishes the game. Now, the reason for the two stars. The ads are abundant, almost unavoidable. That’s all from me..Version: 2.4.0

Like itLike how pop cap made it free. Do not like the new layout, however. It's good, more worth it than the PC considering it's free..Version: 1.1.7

Survival modes update ASAPDespite the update of 2.0.0, with bugs within the update, ruined my opportunity to replay survival mode (this refers to all the modes) However, despite an bug update was sent out to fix up the survival mode mess; only survival day was fixed. Yet after completing survival say, I couldn't go to night (and levels after that to reach endless) Therefore, Electronic Arts, please update this game so that, the people who have this game can play their game freely and especially ALL modes of survival..Version: 2.0.10

Sound issues.Many sounds in the game are strangely cut off. And the seed selection song, along with the rain sound effect don’t loop properly. Causing there to be a strange one second gap of silence. I do appreciate being able to freely replay levels, and I love the look of the redesigned navigation..Version: 2.4.0

November 2017 update deleted my progressI love this game truly but the new update just refreshed the zen garden, so it started from the beginning which means everything I bought and fed is gone! The mini games, survival are all locked even though I've completed all of them, and many achievements are gone!! It was like it restarted and kept some achievements. I also somehow have infinite money which Is weird as I don't need money bc I bought everything in the game already - which is also gone bc of this update! Please fix immediately!.Version: 2.0.00

Gone way downhillI loved using PVZ HD and I thought that paying the money for it was worth it. I played a lot before however, after around two or three years of beating all the games and other things I stopped playing all the time and played once in a while. I have been playing off and on for a while but now I see a lot of ads which is so stupid because we already paid for the game. The app has a ton of ads and it has so many videos it wants you to watch in order to keep playing or to get freebies. It is really annoying that we already paid for it however, it wouldn’t let me close it. Another issue that I have with the app now is that they removed Quick play and didn’t move it to the other categories. Not worth playing anymore..Version: 2.4.0

Remove adsPurchased remove ads but still, ads!.Version: 2.4.0

Classic game; typical EA ruination.I love PvZ and played it over and over on my PC back in the day. This port is just like I remember it... well, almost. The PC/Mac version didn’t have ads or IAPs. I’m docking this a star because it does. Are they atrocious? Not at all. But I’d rather pay $5 for an old classic like this and then enjoy it than have it constantly ask me if I want to watch ads or buy powerups that make the game too easy anyway. It’s annoying that they chose this business model to pander to noobs. Remember when games required you to get good at them in order to beat the late stages and bosses? These days you can just buy your way out of any situation. Lame. But it’s still PvZ and it looks sweet on my 12.9” iPad Pro so I still gave it 4 stars. [Edit: Five years later. Things just seem to get worse over time with everything EA touches. I really hate Electronic Arts. They need to be bankrupted and buried for the good of the game industry. Just look at the information they want from you to play a ten+ year old PopCap game...I’m surprised it doesn’t include your soul and your firstborn. Screw you, EA 🖕🏻🖕🏼🖕🏽🖕🏾🖕🏿].Version: 2.4.0

BadGame Freezes when trying to type a name!.Version: 1.19

Quite frustrating...Well, plants vs zombies is not bad. But however it an be enjoyable, but some of the plants are way to expensive, and some of those plants for example, the Venus fly trap looking plant, it disappears after being done with a zombie, it would have been better if the chewing process is a lot quicker and they can stay, Also, the plants don’t need to be so expensive, like the ice pea shooter, it’s very expensive and they are one of the best plants in the whole game, let’s say, they should be about the same price like the normal pea shooter. Also, these levels can be difficult it is very hard, I know these levels get harder when you get higher, I am on the night level level 2, and it’s already hard, like this sun mushroom thing, the sun it gives out is too little then the sunflower, but the good thing is, the yellow mushroom thing is free, but taking time to buy a plant with sunlight, takes to long, but the game is killing time, it’s fun, and that concludes my review..Version: 2.4.0

It’s alrightI like this game as it’s not as hard as the second one, and the classic zombie and plant designs are really good! The main problem is the money is really slow to get, combine it with the high cost of mini games and puzzles, not to mention having to buy new lawn mowers and plants and seed slots, the Zen garden would be a good way to farm money but you get it seriously only in the last levels! I get bored playing adventure mode often and the mini games would be a good way to have fun, but I cant cause I cannot get money!!!! Anyway adventure 2 is also trash, it’s only a repeat of levels except that they take longer, I was super excited to get into it until I actually found out it was pretty much the same thing. Apart from that this game is pretty good, I hope you read this and make it less stressful to get money, also please have less ads they appear almost all the time..Version: 2.4.0

Good game, annoying adsSo the game is as great as it always was, and it’s free so I get it needs ads. They annoyed me so I purchased the remove ads purchase option, and all it removed was the tiny ad at the end of each level, but you still need to watch the long video ads for things you’ve already purchased with coins, (like extra seed slots), the bonus games and the rake. I’ve requested a refund..Version: 2.4.0

No. Very huge design flaw.I think having WAY too many Buckethead Zombies in the Last Stand minigame, a type of zombie that takes WAY too much effort to kill, is a huge design flaw and needs to be fixed. So obviously you're going to need to use some Magnet-Shrooms in this minigame, but it doesn't work because they just keep sleeping! With the amount of Buckethead Zombies there are in that minigame, and how the Magnet-Shrooms keep sleeping, this minigame is essentially impossible to beat. Either get rid of the Buckethead Zombies or allow us to use Magnet-Shrooms in that minigame..Version: 2.4.0

ADS?I purchased the option to remove ads. However not only did it charge an extra 50p but I’m also still getting ads? I’ve looked for a way to contact them, but the help link won’t load. EDIT 1: for some reason, after you purchase it (in the shop) you have to go to settings and turn off ‘promotions’ EDIT 2: still getting ads even after turning off ‘promotions’ seems the option to remove ads is just a scam… app support website still won’t load..Version: 2.4.0

Family Sharing of the “Remove Ads” purchase needs to be enabled.I like this game. I enjoy it. I’ve bought it twice already, once on WindowsPhone and again on steam, both of which did not include advertisements. However, this version is absolutely INFESTED with advertisements. No worries, there is a “remove ads” in-app purchase… except that the only way to enjoy the proper ad-free experience is to make that purchase for every single iCloud account in my family. I am not purchasing the game 5 times. I will simply delete it from every iPad. The “restore purchases” option needs to stretch across family members using family sharing for the “remove advertisements” in-app purchase, or I will simply delete it and recommend to all friends and family to do the same. This should be an easy 5 star review, but the sheer greed for ad-money is unacceptable. Give me one single purchase for the whole game without advertisements that I can share with my family on their iPads, and this is 5 stars. Inundate me with garbage ads, and this is at best 2 stars..Version: 2.4.0

Certain Achievements Can’t be AchievedPvZ was a super master piece when I remember I first played, previously, I re-downloaded the game to find my memory back, in a sense of nostalgia. The game changed drastically from seven to eight years ago. Though I think it was still pretty good, despite the addition of ads (where I kept in mind it is a way to earn profit from the free game). However, there are certain features that are so depressing to find out. A most significant feature is, achievement such as “Sol Invictus” can’t be competed, even if we have met the requirement: Finishing Last Stand with 2000 Sun Remaining. Where I tried two times, once with 2000 suns exact and another with 2150 suns, yet the achievement would not be triggered! This bewildered me! Then, I checked online for how to achieve the achievement, yet there were no effective solutions, which, the achievement’s previous solutions (were outdated) of using mostly fum-shrooms and magnet-shrooms (Where this feature of choosing your own plant was removed long before I re-downloaded the app). Despite the latest version removing of the feature of choosing plants, though, I finished the level with the given plants and satisfying the requirement, how would it not be giving me the achievement?.Version: 2.4.0

A few things..1. I don't want an annoying and obnoxious, unskippable ad being blasted in my face and my ears while I'm trying to play. 2. The plants and mini games in Twiddydinkies are way too expensive. Like cmon, who would pay 50,000 to play only one game? 3. It does not save your data. I accidentally deleted this and I was on Adventure 2. Now I'm stuck on a pool level..Version: 2.4.0

Ads in a Paid for Game!?!I have supported PvZ since the beginning, buying each and every game and, in the case of PvZ 1, multiple times. However, recently the HD version stopped working on my iPad and I was told (by Apple) to download the later version, which I did. However, this latest PvZ HD has ADS! Really EA? How money grubbing are you? Anyone who has bought this game (many of us more than once!) should be able to remove the ads. Shameful behaviour..Version: 2.4.0

A STUPID BUGI bought the “9 slots” after I have completed some endless survival flags. Then the App keep quitting when I want to play the endless survival. Maybe there are some other reasons but now I can’t play the endless survival mode. In fact, the save of this game cannot be synchronized by the Game Center. When I buy a new iPad I must play it again. That’s all right. But this stupid bug means I must play it again and again. Disappointing. I feel that I just waste money to buy removing ads and waste my time to play it again and again..Version: 2.4.0

Pop Cap ruined this gameI bought the previous version of this game and really enjoyed it. But now with iOS 14.5.1 that version no longer works - you get the message that the developer needs to update it to work with the current iOS. So I looked in the app store to see what else was there and found this version of the same game. After I installed it, the 1st bummer was that it didn’t transfer my scores. OK, annoying but whatever, I can run through the game again. But the incessant ads. Ugh. Just stop. I hate them. Very intrusive, totally useless. I will most likely delete this game soon. Hopefully Pop Cap will update the version that I PAID FOR. If not, oh well, no more Pop Cap games for me. And deleted. This game is ruined..Version: 2.4.0

AWSOME !!!!!😍😍😍😍This game is sooooo AWSOME ! I love the adjustments to make it easier to see and I love the way its set out the problem is the writing is a bit small and hard to read but everything else is amazing!!!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙AWSOME!!!! I rate this game over five and it is a very unique game. PLEASE DON’T LET THIS GAME DIE!!!!💙💙💙💙💙. Please could you remove the ads I would also appreciate if you could ad an arena mode to battle other players or if you could ad a multiplayer mode as well? Greatly apritiated Ethan.Version: 2.4.0

Tired Of Starting Back At Square 1 Every Time I Get A New iPhoneI used to love playing Plants vs Zombies but there are a lot of the beginning games/levels that I absolutely HATE playing. The first time I got a new phone, and found myself unable to play the games I liked - without having to advance through all the crappy levels I'd already advanced through - I managed to find someone who was willing to play the crappy levels for me. I would gladly pay for this game if I could skip all the crappy levels and just play the games I like. So I'm done with this game. My time is too precious to waste by having to jump through the same stupid hoops, every couple of years, in order to be able to relax for a few minutes playing an enjoyable game..Version: 2.0.10

AdsReally fun Game, I really enjoy it and the quality is great but there are ads after everything. I go to the main menu, ads, beat a game, Ads! Go to the shop, ADS! Zen garden? Ads. Even after beating a level, you get sent back to the level menu so that they can get more ad revenue from me entering a game (It used to have an option to just go to the next game). I guess it is EA, it is to be expected. Im still greatly disappointed that such a great game got ruined by advertising. 😞.Version: 2.4.0

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EA SPORTS MLB TAP BASEBALL 23 negative reviews, comments

EA SPORTS™ is bringing your MLB baseball game BACK with MLB Tap Baseball 2023 - the latest game in the Tap Sports™ Baseb...

EA SPORTS FC™ 24 Companion negative reviews, comments
EA SPORTS FC™ 24 Companion Negative Reviews

Build your dream club wherever you are in the world with the official EA SPORTS™ FC Companion App. STADIUM CUSTOMISATION...

TSM Game negative reviews, comments
TSM Game Negative Reviews

AMAZING CUSTOMIZATION Customize your characters with distinct appearances, hairstyles, outfits, makeup, and personality...

Star Wars: The Old Republic Security Key negative reviews, comments
Star Wars: The Old Republic Security Key Negative Reviews

Keep your Star Wars: The Old Republic account protected with the official Star Wars: The Old Republic Mobile Security Ke...

NFS Heat Studio negative reviews, comments
NFS Heat Studio Negative Reviews

Collect and customize the world’s most amazing cars to use in the upcoming NFS Heat*. Expand your collection with weekly...

EA SPORTS FC™ Tactical negative reviews, comments
EA SPORTS FC™ Tactical Negative Reviews

Try a new way to play the World's Game on your mobile device with EA SPORTS FC™ Tactical. Build your dream team with a h...

The Simpsons™: Tapped Out negative reviews, comments
The Simpsons™: Tapped Out Negative Reviews

THIS GAME IS LIFE-RUININGLY FUN! From the writers of The Simpsons, comes the city building game that lets you create you...