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Mercari: Buying & Selling App app received 31 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about mercari: buying & selling app?

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Mercari: Buying & Selling App for Positive User Reviews

Almost perfectI really like mercari. I don’t even mind the fees too much, because I appreciate the built in security for sellers and buyers. However there are a few things that allow scammers to get around. First thing. I ship someone and item, they said they want to return. I get back a package from them that has some garbage in it and they got their refund and my product. Refunds should be able to be reviewed by sellers same as purchases by the buyer. Secondly, we need to be able to rate someone who forced a cancellation. I bought an item and after a week the seller told me that they had a better offer and if I wanted to pay 20 more than they would re-relist at a higher price for my to buy. If not then I need to cancel the order. Either way they weren’t going to cancel it because they didn’t care how long my money was held for. This should be something that I could have left a review and warning for others. Lastly, please give us an option to put an item on hold for people until a certain time. If the person fails to purchase by that time we should be able to review or it should be an automated “this person failed to purchase a hold” left in review section. If the person does purchase on time then the review should say “this item was on hold” and that way others see that the buyer follows through. These are just a few things I know bothers myself and many other sellers. Thanks for listening..Version: 6.114.0

Why do we have to give a star?A complete scam. Customer service people. I sent out a big item with $300 and the buyer Rakow ( not real name) said she accidentally received a gel foot sole by accident & since customer service doesn’t ask u nothing they supposedly have a team that gets together and makes decisions with not 1 ounce of yr side . They exacted it and now I’m out $ and the item. When I got mad and kept Contacting their “customer service “ the closer my account after 244 5 star sells & 1 4star ! If yr a con artist this is yr website and if yr a hard working American stay as far away as possible. The better business bureau told me that they have a lot of violations. If u think I’m just some angry person then go to google mercari bbb and reviews there r hundreds of stories by other pple who were scammed by mercari cause I don’t blame the con artist that’s their job I blame the business that treats their sellers like dirt sellers that broke their backs 4 them only to be stabbed in it! Seller beware and buyers to. They didn’t even make the list of places to sell on & they have been open and running for 9 yrs now that should tell u everything right there. They also place great ratings cause I had to erase my review to a seller on here that I didn’t put here and it was a nice review about the seller and they edited it to look like I said that about them con artist all around. STAY AWAY.Version: 6.81.0

Best Selling AppI’ve used other apps like Poshmark, OfferUp, Craigslist etc. and this app is by far the best. The selling process is simple and streamlined and doesn’t require you to meet with anyone in person. Poshmark is more of a social selling app, where you have to get lots of followers and participate in selling parties etc. which was stressful and overwhelming. Poshmark was something I had to constantly keep up with because the app notifications were nonstop by the dozens every ten minutes notifying me of new followers and likes and selling parties I could join, and I never made a single sale. Mercari is so much simpler. You just post an item, and someone buys. They walk you through step by step what to do once you make a sale, from packaging to printing the label and exactly where and how to ship. If you have a question or an issue, the customer service team is friendly and efficient with their response. Mercari is actually a lot of fun to sell on. I have made quite a bit of money selling everything from clothes to jewelry to home decor to makeup brushes... you can pretty much sell anything you can think of! They offer great protection for the buyer as well, with many opportunities to make sure you don’t get scammed. They hold the money in limbo for three days until you make sure you get what you paid for. Five star app all around. Thanks Mercari!.Version: 6.94.0

Great way to start outI absolutely love selling and buying on Mercari. I highly recommend selling on here first if you start to sell anything. You don’t have to pay any listing or promotion fees like eBay and they only take a 10% cut from your sale which is decent. Any problem I’ve had from selling or buying, Mercari has always handled it with care. Especially with packages. Which is another plus since if you buy their labels from them you’ll get covered by their shipping protection program. I’ve had packages damaged in transit on eBay and they told me they couldn’t do anything about it because it was a postal issue and guess who was out of $80 plus? On here I had an issue where a package was lost in transit and I was protected and still got my money that I earned and the buyer received a refund. Which is great because you don’t have to deal with the stress of worrying if you’ll get your money. Another thing too is to buy the labels through Mercari. They’re already discounted compared if you were to buy them full price and trust me, shipping can be pricy. Make sure to have a shipping scale though. You don’t want to have your package returned or charged more because there wasn’t enough postage. Overall, a great place to sell and buy and you can do it without stressing..Version: 6.109.0

I love this Selling App!Previously, I had been using eBay to sell items but kept coming up in the negative every month being overtaken by crazy fees. I found mercari by googling ‘where to sell your used clothing’, I was kind of skeptical but I liked the fact that there was no listing fee, just a selling fee after your item sold, which seemed reasonable! Also, the postage fees are set, so they are the same every time based on the weight of your package. I wasn’t sure how well it would work out with payment being contingent on your buyers rating of the item once received, I worried about letting my item go and then never receiving anything but I have had zero problem so far! I only started selling in January but so far I have seen profit from this :) I think Mercari has an excellent system and they are very good at making sure it runs smoothly. It has been a pleasant surprise so far and the BEST thing about Mercari? ACTUAL customer service that offers a way to contact by email and then ACTUALLY RESPONDS!! I am one of those people who always has questions and you cannot know how much I appreciate being able to ask and always getting a quick, thorough response! I can’t wait until Mercari passes all the competition and is known as the NEW number one selling app! :).Version: 5.14.1

Great for buying wish had more settingsLove this app for buying (I’ve never sold on it). I do wish that there were more settings for saved items/searches. Like a filter for saved/liked items with “free shipping,” items that people have put offers on that are pending so people have a chance to offer more, etc. I also wish you could see dates items were posted. I feel like some people post items and then never come back on Mercari. I’ve made offers and written messages to people with no response about if the item is still available. Or maybe a way to see a sellers last log in so you know if they are still active. Also wish there were ways to get cheaper shipping. A fabric purse shouldn’t cost $10 to ship. Maybe coupons when you spend so much or credits, etc. it’s a real deterrent. Last, I wish once you made an offer, you could raise it, it doesn’t let you until it expires or declines. Also, would be nice to be able to retract an offer after a few hours because some sellers just wait for them to expire and so you can’t make offers on similar items because you have one pending the seller either ignored or didn’t see. So say after 5 hours you can withdrawal your offer if you choose..Version: 6.116.0

Bundle Feature is a NecessityIn everything Mercari does and all the opportunities it provides for its users, Mercari is a perfect service. It’s allowed me to take an unpaid internship without worrying about making money to pay my tuition bill. It’s the best income I’ve ever made for the amount of effort I put in. The only thing that would make this service immensely better is the ability to officially bundle. I had a situation where a customer wanted 9 of my listings, and I of course was willing to give her a big discount because I appreciated that. I also wanted her to save on shipping, because of course every listing also sells a shipping label. In order to fulfill her bundle, I made her a personalized listing that included all of her items and priced the items and shipping accordingly. Unfortunately, she was unable to navigate the service and find her listing, as I believe she’s new to the service. Instead, she just bought two of the nine, and paid full shipping for both. Now I have to ship both in separate packages to accommodate the tracking of the order, and now she paid $8 for two packages that will arrive on her doorstep on the same day from the same sender, instead of paying $4 for one package. The only solution is to build a bundle feature for the app, and I think both buyers and sellers would benefit immensely from this..Version: 6.151.0

Okay so this is kind of annoyingI have dealt with two people so far that do not rate, what so ever, at first i had to wait 48 hours and then Mercari would send them a notification. Now I have to wait 72. It is really frustrating having to wait over a week for the person to receive their package to get paid but then I have to wait even longer for the person to rate me and the fact that I have to wait even longer for them to rate in order to get paid is so dumb. Not does that take forever but once you transfer your funds to your bank account that in itself takes anywhere from 3 days to a week. So you don’t end up getting paid until like a month after you sell something even though you have done your part. Not only that but you as a seller can’t rate a person at all when Mercari sends the money through if they don’t rate. Therefore, there are most likely so many more people that don’t rate and you will never know because your not allowed to rate a person once the transaction is complete. I should be able to rate someone if they didn’t take the opportunity to rate me so I can get paid. What’s even more frustrating is when it’s the people who have sold items before, who know that you can’t get paid until they rate you and they still don’t rate..Version: 6.6.2

AMAZING... But this app was better before recent updateThis app is great for selling and buying! You can find a lot of amazing and unique stuff for REALLY low prices. Selling is simple and straightforward. However, before the update sellers were able to view and reach out to people that “like” their items. Giving sellers the opportunity to follow up in effort to make a sale and/or offer discounts. Before the update, buyers were able to view the tags that sellers used to draw them in. When buying an item, I felt the tags gave insight to details that weren’t necessarily included in the title or description...As descriptions can often be too short or uninformative. I also noticed, and this may not be related to update, but the app would give a coupon for $1-$5 off or 5-10% off any item once you have sold an item. I think it was an insensitive to use seller balance to purchase on the app. When I was getting coupons, I was almost always feeding my balance back into the app by making purchases. Now, I haven't been getting them anymore so I've been transferring balance to my bank account. I think this app can wipe a lot of others completely off the map because it's just far more user-friendly and prices/seller fees/shipping is so much less! Overall, I give this app an A+ but BEFORE this recent update, it was much better..Version: 5.15.0

I LOVE THIS APP!I love to shop at cheap prices and this app helps me with that. It’s kinda like eBay in a way but I feel it’s better at keeping you from getting scammed. All items I’ve seen on Mercari(granted were funkos and animal crossing items so far) were all pictures you take from a camera and you could REALLY tell it was taken with a phone camera 😂. I like that if you have an issue with your order then the app doesn’t pay the seller(not that I’ve had any issues so far. 100%been ok). App is very good at keeping communication clear and also has automated questions you can send to sellers before buying. I recommend if your looking for stuff at a cheaper price. There’s filters so you can find items that are new or like new if you don't want something used or looked used. There’s no bidding either(that I know of) which I appreciate because that’s one of the things I don’t like about eBay. With Mercari I can just buy the item if I want it and not have to fight with others or wait four+ day’s for it to tell me I won and got the item. Mercari also has deals you can add to your cart that can lower what you pay by a decent amount. There was this one item I was look at that was like 23-25(?) and I could get it for 18 by just pressing on what discount I wanted. All in all I recommend this app. It’s how I finally got my Alexei Funko Pop(stranger things)!!!!.Version: 6.96.0

Trading system and BugsThis app is great. I love using it and get on at least everyday. But I would want to recommend one thing; a trading system. I think that this could be done while you are creating a listing and you can choose if that listing is open for trade. When someone is viewing the listing similar to the button for purchase there could be an offer trade, same for in the messages within the offer button there should be a choice for trades but only being able to offer what you have on your listing. Shipping should be paid buy both traders. If this some sort of trading system would be implemented into the app that would be great. On another note, I have been experiencing many bugs while on this app. On my device I am a part of the beta software program for iOS which possibly may be the reasons for this issue. The issue is that I can not open any listings or open any of my own items I am selling. As I open the app everything refreshes fine but as soon as I press a listing or look at my sale items the app kind of freezes for a little but then doesn’t do anything. As I try to press around on another listing the images of the past listing I pressed on keeps coming up not allowing me to view listings I am interested in..Version: 5.8.0

Shipping costsThat app is overall good and easy to use, however it does lack some areas. The first thing Is shipping costs, especially with USPS. They claim it’s discounted shipping but eBay, Pirateship and Facebook marketplace all have better shipping costs specifically in the up to 1 pound Category and don’t option for a 12oz package. They must not be passing all the discounts onto their customers and keeping some. Another thing is your conversations are AI monitored. You mention Facebook or a website and you get a warning and conversation deleted. You also can’t look up usernames so if you stumble upon someone and like what they have make sure to follow them or you’ll never find them again. You don’t get paid until people rate you which could hurt a lot of sellers but it doesn’t bother me much. There’s really no way to dispute a rating and some people just hate life so they give you a not so nice rating for no apparent reason. Getting paid could be easier. eBay has direct deposit daily and it is a nice feature. Here you basically have an account and they hope you spend more of it before you eventually cash out. Fees are ok but when you’re selling very cheap items your basically paying 20 something plus percent because they charge an extra 50 cents for every transaction on top of the 2.9% processing fee and 10 percent commissions..Version: 7.43.0

Perfect for Selling Items!This is an awesome way to get rid of unwanted items. You post the things you want to sell, ship it, wait for your rating, and then you get the cash! One thing that’s really cool is that they create the shipping label for you! (This comes in handy for me because I’m a first time seller!) I’ve loved having this app so far, I’ve made some good money in the past couple of months from it. Issues I had at first where not knowing how to deposit the money I made from Mercari, into my bank account. I think it’d be pretty awesome for them to walk people through it when they make their first sale. Just so people know how to get their money. Also, when you really get into the habit of selling items on here, but sure that you don’t need the money you made RIGHT away because their process to transfer money takes a while. So that’s another small improvement I would make as well! A faster transfer process. Another thing, I think that it’s great they implement buyer/seller protection, so to go even further with this, another suggestion I have is to allow more photos to be taken on high end items. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if something is legitimate or not because there’s only 4 pictures. Certain items need more proof! 😊 This ensures that people are buying and selling authentic products. Besides this, I love Mercari. This app is totally worth the download!!.Version: 5.11.1

A lot to Catch Up OnWe are only one month or so into Mercari after successfully selling in eBay, Poshmark and another large platform. These platforms are all pushing high quality photography with white backgrounds with improve search engine results along with the quality of the overall platforms. We have listed items to Mercari in the same manner and on two occasions had our account deactivated due to “stock” photos even though they are actual photos. In addition Mercari allows stock images provided there is at-least ONE actual. To add to the frustration you cannot get live support to resolve these things and are left with an inactive account that’s unable to generate revenue. Furthermore we have been contacted by more scammers requesting personal calls and people requesting to purchase items for 75-90% less than the market value and greatly discounted listing price. To add to this we even get messages from Mercari to discount items 50+% or greater to “make the sale”!? I believe we will soon be deactivating this account ourselves and focusing on platforms better suited to handle high level selling. It’s unfortunate as we had hoped that Mercari would be a platform to sustain more growth. Unless we see a serious uptick or support from Mercari improved we will remove our 500+ listings and move on.....Version: 6.7.1

Mercari don’t be ebay!Watch your coupons guys. I earned a $20 coupon for listing a certain amount of items in an allotted time. My coupon said it expires 9/22, and it was there until I clicked on it to use it then it disappeared and I questioned the ones in charge and was told figuratively oh well get over it, better luck next time. They said it expired on the 21st but my coupon clearly said 9/22. I received a message on 9/19 saying it wAs going to expire the next day, which also didn’t make any sense. They’ve never done this to me in the past so just be weary. Ebay has better customer service. I didn’t do anything wrong, the screw up was on your business end, take responsibility and fix it. That’s customer service. I love mercari and I prefer it over ebay for the simplicity. Mercari is becoming a big deal now so with all the money rolling in I guess it’s time to throw in some extra fees; fees, the same way ebay does with their own company PayPal, and the exact same amount mind you, this way I don’t run screaming for the hills. When I’m scrolling through a seller’s list of items for sale something “always” and I mean absolutely every single time since I started on here over a yr ago a glitch! Boop! Just like that I’m thrown off the site completely sometimes to my home screen and other times if it gets real frustrated with my scrolling it’ll knock me out to my lock screen!!! and I have to start alllll over. I can’t ever get to see everything..Version: 6.113.1

Great Shopping, Great Selections, Great Customer ServiceI joined Mercari several months ago and have done some buying and selling. I have only good things to say. Even when a seller didn’t respond to a purchase I made on his site, Mercari backed up its guarantee. That’s why this a great way to shop, if you like doing shopping online! You can do it without the worry of the what if, because you know Mercari has a guarantee and your money is protected if a seller backs out or if the product is what it was described as or if your unhappy with it in some way. The items I’ve bought have all been exactly what was advertised, I look for sellers who have good reviews. Another great feature Mercari offers, so that you can feel rest assured with what your getting. Other sellers I’ve bought from have made up for the one who didn’t respond. All very nice, people take pride in their reviews so its motivation to shop quickly in the 3 business days Mercari allows. And to package nicely ...Mercari set great standards to achieve. I feel they have thought of most everything. As a seller, they make that easy and provide the shipping labels and clear instructions to help get the best review for yourself as a seller and a happy buyer! They take a fair percentage for the sale. They also have a great team to answer clearly any questions I’ve had about how to use the site. The site is easy to use. So much you can find on here! Glad I found it. Happy Customer here!!.Version: 6.56.0

Limited & Threatened My Account, Took Forever To RetractAfter using Mercari for a year, I’ve never had an issue before...until now. Back in February of this year, I ordered an item that was marked as picked up at the Post Office in the tracking, but I never did so I contacted Mercari Customer Service which told me to contact USPS. After filing a claim, one month later they told me to dispute the transaction with my card issuer, which I did thinking it was the last way to get back my hard earned money. A few days later, I planned to buy an item (for a bargain) which landed on a Sunday, but when the day came I received a notification that Mercari limited my account & threatened to close it permanently unless I canceled the dispute. I could understand that since USPS was at fault (which is a whole other nightmare). I’ve worked very hard to gain a good reputation on my profile so I sucked up the $80. Worst part of it, they took so long to reply and they even asked for proof. After providing a screenshot of my bank letter I still had to verify my identity, and took several more days. To add insult to injury, the item I planned to buy was sold, 23 hours before I was cleared! If they had only moved 1 day faster! Overall I’m EXTREMELY frustrated and angry. Mercari completely lost my loyalty..Version: 6.142.0

Finally a selling app that worksI love this app! I used to sell on eBay and Poshmark, and although I do still shop on those apps, I hate selling there! Nothing sells! Or if it does it takes forever and then the fees are so high, especially eBay, who I obnoxious in the fact that only “promoted” items sell for me and then increases their fee.... it’s not worth the effort. I’ve sold 7 things in less than 2 months on this app! The market here is not completely saturated yet and hopefully it won’t get that way, but it’s great. Unlike Poshmark, you can message people, and unlike eBay, it isn’t overrun by stores. There is one flaw I’d like them to know about though and it’s a loophole that shady users are doing. What happens is someone will purchase an item from them, they will say that they shipped it when they haven’t but they confirm that it’s shipped on your app, which will then prompt the buyer to accept the order thus releasing your funds to them when you never received the item. So they get your funds and you are left losing your money with no item to return. Luckily they didn’t get my money because I did not accept the order but this person sure tried to get me to through messages....only to cancel the order when I requested tracking info. I’m sure they have fooled others though sadly..Version: 6.126.0

Best Sales Platform Hands DownIf you’ve considered selling items online, or buying from the second-hand market, this is by far the easiest platform to learn on. The user interface takes care of both the buyer and the seller. Listing items are easy, and Mercari gives you an automatic suggestion for your listing price. This helps you see what people are paying for your item, which ultimately leads to quicker sales. I’ve drastically supplemented my income by selling everything from comic books, trading cards, and even action figures. I know about 5 people who go even further and sell pottery, kitchenware, shoes, and video games. We sell to the Mercari community, and I buy from the Mercari community. Choosing who to buy from is made easy due to being able to see the sellers reviews. Prepaid shipping is cheap and the buyer protection is a great. Mercari provides articles and forums IN APP to help walk you through everything from listing, packing, and getting paid. I’m not sure about the experience of others but when I request a payout through direct deposit it’s never taken more than 3 days. I tried selling on OFFERUP and it took me 28 days to get paid $50, not to mention the scams and spams I had to deal with. Mercari has been nothing but good to me as a seller. I’ve made good money, I have repeat customers, and have had an overall great experience. Hands down an EBay killer if they keep up the good work! - Slippy Collectibles.Version: 6.160.0

Works great but could use a few tweaksI have been using mercari for years now and I have always enjoyed buying and selling. My only recommendations to make the app itself better and more appealing are when it comes to “my likes” I wish there was a way we it could be sorted and for it to be categorized into their respective selections, such as if I am looking for a particular phone I liked I shouldn’t be scrolling for minutes at a time to find it, it would make it much easier to have a menu there that’s includes choices like women’s clothing, electronics etc. so I can find it much easier, and now for the second recommendation, for some reason if I happen to scroll on my likes and click on something like a pair of shoes and I exit out of that window and back to my likes, it reverts back to the very top!!!!! It’s the same way with my inbox/buying messages!! I can be scrolling down for about a minute, click on something on either my likes or messages exit out of that particular page and go back and I would still end up at the very top! It is frustrating!!! For some reason though this problem does not exist when I am searching for something on browsing page, if I click on an item then exit out of that items page back to the browsing it still keeps me in that same browsing place as opposed to making me start looking from the very top again like I do in “My Likes” and the messaging portion. Please fix this soon!!!!! It is very irritating! Other than that this app is great :).Version: 6.13.0

No Seller protectionI sold a Louis Vuitton speedy in fair condition for a fair price. The buyer changed her mind about the bag. All sale are supposed to be final , unless the item was different than described. Well the buyer decided to slash 3 of the 4 corners of my bag , in an attempt to get a refund ,,based on the slashes not being disclosed in the description. They were not disclosed because they did not exist. Mecari immediately approved the refund and issued the refund before I was able to dispute it. Even tho I immediately disputed it once the bag arrived back to me and I saw what she had done. I have been back and fourth with customer service via chat on the app. Which is not live. So I wait and wait and wait for a reply each time I pled my case. Long story short,, there is no protection for you as a seller. This person could have sent me back a bag of jelly beans ,,, but as soon as the item is marked delivered,,,, case closed. The criminals and scammers that may be using this app also get your name and address from the shipping when you sell or buy something. Which in my case is not so bad because I plan to take this person to court. That’s if it’s even a real name. Mercari has been no help at all. I’ve been sent messages apologizing that the transaction did not go as I would have like.... uh no it didn’t. No compensation for the damage to my bag. If you sell anything at all... don’t let it be anything of value. If you buy something, you’re still taking a gamble..Version: 6.64.0

Favorite selling appI use and have tried using many selling apps. This one is by far my favorite for many reasons. I've been using it for about half a year now with over 300 reviews. The percentage they take may seem like a lot at first but it's definitely worth it. I like that when people make offers it's easy to communicate with them through private message instead of all conversations being public like some other apps. It's very easy to list, and I can quickly list items now that I'm used to it. Every time I've had an issue with a transaction or a question, they've quickly responded back (even on weekends). It's not an issue to me that there's no number to call because I always get a personalized answer to my questions. This selling app by far has the most superior customer service. Even though it's my favorite, there are some flaws. Areas to improve: 1. sometimes the app takes a while to load when first opening it (pictures won't show). 2. It would be helpful if they started some kind of authenticity check for very expensive designer items. 3. It would be nice to have a cheaper shipping option for under 0.5 lbs (categories for 0-0.5 lbs, 0.5-1.5, 1.5-3, 3-5, and the rest of the current categories). I usually have to do my own shipping for these items to help buyers with cost but this takes more time obviously..Version: 6.2.1

Best selling appThis app is great to sell and buy from! I’ve sold many items such as clothing I no longer wear or decor that’s no longer used. And in return I can use the balance to buy new clothes from the app. The shipping is high, which is why I always keep my prices super low. There’s always room for improvement in the app. It would be nice to send pictures of my items through the messages, I needed to send a picture to a buyer after she bought something because I noticed a defect with the product I didn’t see before. She asked for a picture but there was no way to send one to her after she’d bought the item. So I had to cancel the transaction, edit the pictures and wait for her to be refunded so she can repurchase. Maybe if there’s a way to take pictures through the messages section, that would be great! Especially if someone wants more pictures of a clothing item that you may not want to add to your listing, you could just send the pictures through messages! Also, it would be nice to use another system of payment, such as sending checks or using paypal! I’m too afraid to give out my bank info so I just use my earnings to purchase through the app! Other than that I’ve no problems with Mercari, it’s a great selling app with a good system!.Version: 6.4.0

Great place to sell and buyAs someone who likes to shop in thrift stores for my self and my family , I fell into shipping g to re sell and make some extra money , I already know how to shop in thrift stores , it took me a good year to get a good idea how to sell . I’m still learning as I go . After selling on three sites , I stopped and just decided to stay here on Mercari , they only charge 10 percent . Shipping is reasonable. I can track every package . Messaging buyers is easy and receiving messages is easy too ! A little more work on this app to make bundles but , it’s possible and worth the effort . Not as many sales with just being here , but I don’t make any mistakes , and I’m not stressed out . After reading my first review .. I have more to say , I still like selling here on Mercari . Things are tight right now as the cost of living has increased a lot . I appreciate having the items here to sell and make the money that I do . So far this money has in the past , purchased snow tires for my car , heating oil for my home , birthday presents for my granddaughter . And now , it buys gas to put in my Honda civic . It also bought the oil change for my car . I really would struggle if I couldn’t sell here on Mercari . So thank you ! I am grateful . Very grateful..Version: 7.56.1

Great app for sellingIt’s a great app overall. If you are looking for an easy way to sell your unwanted items, then this app is for you. You take a picture of the item, post it with the right description, weigh your item and estimate shipping (shipping in this app is sooo much cheaper than shipping it yourself) and they do all the work! I usually sell my items within a week. They charge 10% but its totally worth it. What I like the most about this app is that they protect the buyer and seller. When someone buys your item, they pay upfront. Then once you ship the item and they receive and expect it, they rate you. You then rate them back and get paid. The only thing I don't like is that you don’t receive funds right away. They only deposit the balance once a week (usually after the following monday) so you have to make sure to request a deposit by the Sunday before. Things I would like for them to change when you message buyer/seller, is to add emojis and pictures. They overprotect sometimes and will shut down your message if it contains any words like (“free”, “trade” or personal information like email or phone number. etc.) so There’s no real way to be able to share in a picture a damage or item missing in the messenger portion. However if you do have a damage you can file a claim and they usually take a couple days to contact you back. No funds are release during that time. Anyway overall great app, I’m at almost 100 sales with 100 5 stars 🤗💕.Version: 5.7.0

Rating reviewI’m so happy that I joined Mercari to sell my things !! I buy and resell expensive items and sell them to customers for a fair price !! I also love the new changes Mercari has made on the app!! Thanks to Mercari I am officially a full time seller!! Now the downfall of selling on Mercari is that there are customers who unfairly give you a bad rating. And you can’t read the review first before rating them back, so you go and give the buyer an excellent review. This is so unfair because you’re not given the chance to defend yourself and your left with a bad rating that was given to you unfairly. Mercari really needs to work on this it really would be nice if they can allow us s to read the reviews from the buyer first before giving our review explaining our situation. I’m a perfectionist and getting a bad review unfairly affects my ability to sell my items . Of course nobody is perfect but I do check my items thoroughly before posting them for sale. sometimes I’ll make a minor mistake with an item . But when it comes to other items like makeup or clothing I check it thoroughly before categorizing it . Some costumers that buy from you are sellers too and they know what it means to have a five star review. So again please Mercari I’m begging you fix this problem thank you..Version: 7.43.0

Liked items and searching users by account name?I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEE this app?!!!!!!! No joke, it’s legit the BEST APP TO SHOP ON!!!! I’m literally on this app every single day...haha I don’t get on Facebook at all anymore even, because of this app! But I really only have a couple small issues with this app. To start off with and I’m not sure if it’s a big issue or what it is but going through my likes items and when I click on one then go back to the liked items list is for whatever reason puts me either completely at the front of the list or right there close to it?! NOTHING IS MORE AGGRAVATING than to be so far into your list (it literally takes hours...) just to have to carefully scroll through trying not to click on any (which the reason why I’m scrolling so far back in the first place is to find the items to relike them back to the front of the list) Which brings me to question; there’s literally no other way to make the “likes items” other than this way it’s being done now? Like I don’t really know what other way to do it but the way it is now makes it extremely hard to go back through and look at the items I’ve saved.. The 2nd is searching things!! Why on earth can’t you search a user by either their email or by the name they’ve givin on their account???? Other than those two things I have absolutely NOTHING remotely close to negative about this app! I LOVE IT!!!!!!.Version: 6.39.0

USPS Kills this appI want to give this app 5 stars as it protects the buyers and sellers from fraud. It’s gaining popularity and you can find an enormous amount of deals. The reason why I gave it the title “USPS kills this app” is because my local USPS Mail carrier thinks it’s ok to mark my delivery as delivered and I always get it a few days later, mind you, you only get three days to rate your seller before your payment automatically gets released to the seller. Yes Mercari is the middle man here and doesn’t release the payment to the seller until you check your product out and give them a thumbs up by way of rating the seller (awesome). You can now see how having a mail carrier like mine that thinks it’s ok to mark deliveries as delivered beforehand, especially when there’s a chance you are nearing a holiday!! You can hold your breath and throw some salt over your shoulder to hope your item is as described by the seller because one day to review may not be enough (but better than nothing I suppose). Mercari does try to help you though, if you contact support and let them know you haven’t received your item even though your mail carrier says it was... and stay on high alert looking for your item to review and rate... they will actually hold the funds for you until you receive the item. Hope this review helps someone who is experiencing the same. Thanks Mercari for understanding..Version: 6.59.0

Best selling appI have done a TON of business through Mercari. Both buying and selling. Most transactions go smooth, but I have had a couple of issues. Any time I have ever had a problem, I reach out and I have been helped. This last situation deserved a 5 star review. I purchased a shirt from a seller, she waited past the three days to ship it. I asked for a refund on the 4th day and she clicked that she had shipped it. The tracking info never updated and by the 8th day after I purchased, it showed that it had been delivered. I checked and it was apparently picked up in Colorado where the seller lived. Mercari ended up refunding me my money, but the seller said they had shipped. A few days later, I received the shirt in the mail. I checked tracking and it still said it was delivered in Colorado, nothing further than that. I reached out to the seller to let her know that I got it, and Mercari. I wanted to make sure she was paid but didn’t know how to go about it since the item had been deactivated. Mercari thanked me for my honesty and ended up paying for the shirt and told me to keep it or do what I wanted, and also gave me a 5% coupon for my next purchase. I understand things happen, not every transaction will be the same. Some people won’t be happy with the way that things are dealt with...but I have always had great customer service with this app. Easy to sell, easy to buy..I will stay loyal to them because I think they’re great!! Thanks Mercari!.Version: 6.51.0

ConfusedI find that this selling and buying is really great great Friday lotta great stuff lotta great people but it’s very confusing because if you buy a product or something and you think if you purchased it and then it doesn’t show up for days on your page and then you’ve been charged for it but it never shows that you’ve purchased it it shows sold but not to yourself so I am very confuse there’s been a lot of debits taken out of my checking account but nothing showed up I was very surprised that something showed up I didn’tI was the buyer I was almost going to purchase it from another person so I get very confused about that part so my car is great but the way they run it I think it’s a little bit I don’t know I don’t want to say bad night it’s just confusing to me I still have over charges in my account and I’m not sure whatthsy are for ? You can’t get anyone from Mercari to communicate with you it’s always a question answered by question answered my question so the communication with my car he is not great it’s the people that you work with that are wonderful they are the ones that show me the ropes and I really appreciate it so I don’t even know how to get in touch with Makari I guess her email to say hey what are these charges because I had a credit and I didn’t even use it all but they took it all so we’ll see. I will finish up my transactions and I will not work with Mercari anymore and as soon as I get my banking squared away with them.Version: 6.114.0

Great but a dispute option would be niceEasy app to sell or buy items. Some minor app issues (listing not loading and etc) here and there, but not much of a problem. However, It would be nice if there was a dispute option for ratings. I received a low rating from a buyer with the feed back that I need to improve on my ship time. They purchased an item at night and I shipped it the following morning. Yet I received a low rating with no context other than that improvement feed back. I have proof and evidence of the shipment being sent out the next day. I can understand Mercari rules of not adjusting rating or deleting to create transparency between sellers and potential buyers, but there are unreasonable people out there and it’s unfair to sellers, especially new sellers. Regarding the dispute option, I believe as long as the seller, or even buyers, provide proof that the issue was out of their control or that the rating was unreasonable, then there should be adjustments made. If the dispute option does not seem plausible, then clarification note. In other words, if the negative feed back was ship time and it was included in the rating, there should be an extra note that states the time it took for the seller to ship the item and the business days it took for it to arrived (ex. Seller shipped 2 days after purchased. Item arrived in 5 business days). At least then potential buyers could have more transparency and trust of the seller..Version: 7.26.0

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