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Period Tracker Period Calendar App User Positive Comments 2022

Period Tracker Period Calendar app received 208 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about period tracker period calendar?

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Period Tracker Period Calendar for Positive User Reviews

Period girlysIt’s very precise when u will get it and other period apps are not as on time girls I definitely recommend because this app and you will be prepared unlike other period apps xx.Version: 2.29.0

That app💁‍♀️This app has changed me. I love using it and it also has things where you can do a workout, you can get tips on when being on your period, how you can get rid of cramps, what food to eat etc. Although I’m only a teenager, it can also be used to track pregnancy and other things related to that 😉 😉😉. It’s free but if you don’t want ads to pop up and to unlock certain things, you have to pay which would be useful for if you’re tracking your pregnancy 🤰. Overall I would 100% recommend this🥰.Version: 2.34.0

Amazing app! 😊I have never had an app that I have ever used so much in one week I look at that app every second just to see and it’s soooo cheap! There are workouts and relaxing music and everything! Nothing is more better than this app! I might be 12 but this app is the best! Thank you so much to the maker of this app! Ily 🤟.Version: 2.39.0

Azerbaycan👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 2.30.0

Amazing app!I’m using this app to track my period since I was 15 years old, so nine years. Everything works perfectly with options that you can choose. If you want something more , you have to pay. I’ve never paid anything because for me it’s fine like that. Upgrades are available and always getting better. I love this app and I advised it to all my friends..Version: 2.32.0

Every girl need this app!Honestly this is so helpful. When I have to go out somewhere or have a big event I can just check to see if my period is near. It’s so helpful and it keeps me on track of my body and what’s happening. This is just a great app and you don’t have to worry about the app giving you false info..Version: 2.35.1

👏🏻Very good app, easy to use :).Version: 1.2.8

Love itBeen using it 3+ years and love it very simple and easy.Version: 1.4.79

THE BESTThis is a amazing app! It gets my period cycle correct every time! I truly recommend it! But I just have a question, today when I went on my app and I should be on my first days of the cycle it said about to start what does that mean? Anways tru rex come s it.Version: 2.11.0

LoveWould highly recommend. very easy and simple to use. Has other features such as workouts and things for cramps and stuff..Version: 2.18.2

ممتاز جداًالتطبيق مرررره سهل ومفيد.Version: 1.4.78

Love this app!I would give this app a 5 star review because I LOVE it! However they recently changed how you back up the app and because such when my phone broke a while back I lost everything. I don’t love how they do their back ups anymore (you can still do it but I don’t know who they do it through anymore). I loved that you could back it up through an email so it was easily accessed and I knew how to restore the back up. Despite that I love how much detail you can track with this app. You have the option to pay for a premium account but without it it’s still an amazing app, and I love that! I’ve looked into other apps and I’ve yet to find one that does more or a better job and that I don’t have to pay a subscription for for all the nice features. This app has it all and I cannot recommend it enough!.Version: 2.16.1

Great app, but room for improvementI love having this app!! I had tried a few others when I first decided to track, but liked this one best. The longer you track, the more accurate the predictions are, which is great if you are tracking for Aunt Flo or Ovulation. The layout is pretty simple and relatively easy to use. However, there are a few things I wish the developers would improve on: 1. There are a few symptoms that are ill defined and therefore hard to utilize -it could use an info button to explain everything or easier wording. 2. You have the option to change the app to say “pregnant” and also an option to say “birth, abortion or miscarriage,” but nothing to separate these 3 VERY different cases or help the user to start tracking accurately (especially in the case of a miscarriage) or further information on self care, and it doesn’t show anything on the calendar. The 2nd part would be EXTREMELY helpful to many women..Version: 1.9.0

Period Calendar Review- Brya BrooksYou won’t see me right a review on everything but this app is truly amazing. It keeps up with my period for me. It shows when your highest and lowest chances or getting pregnant are, and the day ovulation. If you are feeling symptoms of something it lets you log it so you can detect yeast infections, UTIs (urinary track infections), and much more. Let’s just say I love this app. Also if you do happen to slip up and you know have sex twice in one month, and I’m talking different dudes it lets you log it so if you do come up pregnant no Maury for you👍🏾 It’s a at home doctor who doesn’t judge. It will make your life easier. Download it right now..Version: 2.3.0

Information missing want to retrieveHello Developer, This app has been so helpful for me for the past 3.5 years. However, I have recently lost some information that I have saved in the app and couldn’t retrieve it. Kindly help me in getting the information back. Thanks & regards.Version: 2.15.0

Love it 😍😍😍😍😍✨✨💖💖💖.Version: 1.4.79

Good but the update? (Edited)This app is great! I have been using it for almost a year and I love it. But with the new update there is this thing that you can click on in the report section where it’s like helpful tips and thing to know. Which is a great idea, but when I click on it there is this big white bar in the middle of my screen making it impossible to read! How am I supposed to read the tips now? Edit: Okay so as mysteriously as the problem appeared, it disappeared. So I really don’t have any problems with this app! If your trying to get a tracker, this app is for you!!.Version: 2.21.0

AMAZINGThis app helps with legit everything. Falling asleep, relaxing , dealing with pain, or just exercising/ stretching. I only had this app for a day and I’m already in love. You can also get new animals and wallpapers. My friend recommended this to me and I’m glad I downloaded. You can help other with questions like tampons or pads or why is my period late. I’m truly amazed.Version: 2.10.1

BrilliantI have been on the pill for the last 2years with never having a period in that time, I couldn’t even remember when my last one was! This app is amazing I put in the date and time I stopped taking my pill for good and it calculated when my next period was going be. Me and my Fiancé wanted to start trying for a baby, so it told me when the high chances of me getting pregnant was! Well it turns out I only needed to use this app for a month because first time round we got pregnant!🤗 now 12 weeks gone into the pregnancy🤰🏼, all thanks to this app.. our baby is due on the 28th feb 2019👶🏻.Version: 1.9.0

IPhone userAll my life i’ve had a big problem with counting, because my period 42 day. This app solved all my problems and I even know ovulation days 🥰 thank you guys for this app.Version: 2.44.0

Is this app good ?This app is very good 👌 it is easy to use and I love how straight forward it was . You don’t need to pay 💰 or Evan sine in 😮 they just ask you a couple of questions and you good to go . You can wire a dairy entry about how your day has been . You can also ask them questions. You can see when your next due and can tern of the pregnancy part which I did . I only gave it 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ because there is some things you have to pay for like if you want to change your background , but overall I highly suggest this app to others 👍.Version: 2.11.0

Best period tracking app I’ve used.I’ve been using this app for about 6 years on and off between pregnancies and it’s always spot on. The ovulation tracking is accurate for me every time and helped with falling pregnant twice. My period comes exactly when it says it’s going to. So helpful for anyone who needs to keep up with their cycle!.Version: 2.36.0

Best Period Tracking AppOkay so look, I’m not gonna beat around the bush with y’all. This app out beats Clue, Flo and any other period tracking app. This app always correctly predict when my cycle begins and when it ends. They have this thing called a “Forum” where you can communicate with other females about different topics and you can even ask for advice. I got my cycle at 11 and I’m about to turn 13 when I first got my cycle I was using all the apps in the book and they were super confusing. So from a newbie to a newbie, I strongly recommend this app for all females.💗 Stay Safe, God Bless✝️..Version: 2.16.2

AccuracyQuite accurate but you have to write down exactly when of all the dates and it’s quite good they calculate for you from conceiving to just your next monthly cycle. The prediction they have is quite good as well, well they’ve got it correct for me but again it depends on different people but I like this app..Version: 2.15.1

Amazing 😍😍😍I’ve been using this app since I was 13 and I’m 17 now and I will tell you that it is the absolute best app ever. If you’re like me who can never remember when their period is supposed to come then you should definitely get this app. Yes, sometimes it’s not accurate because the body doesn’t follow the same rule all the time but it has never been too far off. Not only that you can get great tips bout cramps, acne, and the food you should and shouldn’t eat during your period. It also track your whole cycle and you can look up ahead of time to see when you will have your period. Again I would recommend this to every female because this app is a life saver..Version: 2.15.2

Grand!Love your app and used it for many years. As someone who tried to get pregnant, which ended in infertility, is there possibility to look at an option that it does not mention pregnancy etc. I know many people who are unable to have children and it does hurt when you’re ‘reminded’. Thanks again for the great app!.Version: 2.38.0

What i think?I recommend this app to young children like from 8-10 maybe that has obviously started their period it really helps me track when my next period is and all of that and there is also a part on the where you can ask other girls If you are concerned about something.Version: 2.17.0

The best app, period!This app has so much to offer. I have downloaded pretty much every period app there is to offer for free. Then I came across P.C a few months back. I use this app daily because it has so much more to offer than simply being a period tracker. With this last update I got this morning you guys have really impressed me. I went to enter my weight and seen the new set-up. My favorite part of the update is what you did with the “reports” menu. It’s so easy to navigate through the app now. The new front screen is great as well. I appreciate the fact that I can’t watch an add to get a pet instead of having to spend money. The reports area being updated was just a really great surprise. Lol Thank you for making such a great app. I also want to give thanks to all the people who help make it into the awesome app it is. 🤗.Version: 2.4.0

Great!This app is amazing! And it’s free. I love how pregnancy, fertility, and cycle information is in here. Since I am only using this app for my period, here are the great features. First of all, you can put in the days when your periods have come, and that helps so much! And, I’m still irregular, and this is still so helpful! Secondly, you can add the symptoms you are having for that day. Thirdly, you can read about other girls’ experiences. Finally, you can get articles about excersizing while on your period, and basic period information you should know. The app is amazing overall, and frankly, I don’t know what I would do without it! I would totally recommend it to my friends! 😊😊.Version: 2.9.1

Totally recommend!This app is amazing for tracking your period! You can even fill out your symptoms and a reminder to drink water! When you fill in your symptoms on a certain day of your period, it will let you know when you may have them again on your next period. In the app there is also a calendar notes setting where you can write down what events you have. There is also a diary 📓setting where you can write anything you'd like in it. You can also control what your notifications say. The default is "your period starts in 2 days!" but if you would like it to be something else you can type in what you'd like it to say. All in all, amazing app recommend to anyone and everyone! -Satisfied User.Version: 2.23.0

Best app ever!I have been using this app for 5 years what I love the most is the simplicity of it all... I back up all my data and every time I restore my data is there I have a very u scheduled period and I can see how many months it has been since the last one. Also I can type how I feel and things I do during my period like when I try a new cup I keep track of time and how bad the period is at those times... the pets are cute and each time I change is just the cutest... also is a breeze to click on symptoms and it reminds me everyday to take my medicine and I can log in my medicine intake as well... I mean this is a very well thought app for those of us that need to log in everything we do... enjoy it!.Version: 2.15.2

Download itGirls, this app is so incredibly helpful and has so many good qualities on it. It not only tracks your period, fertility ect but it gives you tips and tricks to combat period pains, headaches and so much more! It even has a diary and these little cute emojis that you can click on to track your moods. This app is honestly adorable and so amazing, I love it m..Version: 2.26.0

Really good!I have only really been using this app for 2-ish days, but so far so good. It’s easy fun and helpful, I definitely suggest this app if your looking to understand your period better and yourself too! I’m not really sure if the “trying to get pregnant” and “pregnant” options work because I don’t use them. But the period tracking works really well!.Version: 2.36.0

AMAZINGI am a 13 year old girl and this app is amazing. It really is the best app I’ve tried! Most won’t help as I’m underage apparently but this app will. It’s perfect if you have irregular periods or need help with pregnancy or tracking your period. They only ask for your birth year and all your personal info is private. They have ways on how to help with anxiety, you can write a short diary everyday, you can set reminders for medicine, you have a sleep tracker and sounds that you can fall asleep to. There’s a part where you can log symptoms for the day and you can even set reminders when to drink water. It not only helps with periods but everything else. They also have weight parts too. I don’t know what to say it really is such a great app and I won’t be trying anymore now that I’ve found this one!!.Version: 2.33.1

Just great!I’ve now been using this for a whole year. I came off contraception and decided to use this to help avoid getting pregnant. Well so far it’s worked. It tells me when I’m at a high chance of getting pregnant and when it’s medium or low. It gets my cycle right almost every month (sometimes a day or 2 out but that’s fine) it helps me understand my body more. I wish I’d used it years ago!.Version: 2.9.1

P.cI’m 12 and som of the stuff I don’t understand but it tells me how much I need to drink when I have my period and it tells me stuff I did not no I love this app.Version: 2.26.0

App reviewFirst of all this app is free! Second of all, this app has more useful features than just tracking your period, it has a mood tracker, a place where you can write a dairy, sex life and etc... not only that but it can also help you have a healthier lifestyle too. It’ll ask you questions about your height, weight, waist measurement and so forth to help get you a better idea of your body fat percentage and to let you know if your healthy. The app has many videos on how to take care of your body and what to do if your on your period like if you have acne during your period for example. It’ll help you know what you should do, there’s even excerises you can do, helps track the amount of water you drink, amount of sleep and so forth. This app lets you know where you should be at to have a healthier life, like how many hours you should sleep each day, how much water you should drink, the average amount of minutes you need to workout a day and so forth. This app has many perks and features to help track your period and lifestyle and it’s all for free so there’s no need to pay extra money on other apps for this kind of info. Oh! And remember the more info you put on the app about your period, your moods and so forth helps the app figure out how to assist you. ☺️.Version: 2.22.0

Period Tracker AppThis is an amazing app. it not only tracks your period, but also supplies sleep sounds for you, workouts, facial care advice, menstrual cramp relief, relaxing stretching, and a personal diary. it’s very easy to use too, i 100% recommend..Version: 2.23.0

This app works wondersIt is perfect for me and it tells me when my period is going to start and end and is 100% right every time! I love this app it tells you when your period is starting and ending and it has a Face ID and password and it can be connected to your Apple Watch and you can customise the theme a little bit even without Premium and it has notes and it also has a calendar that you can reach your period in and you can even tell it if it extends or not and you have a diary.Version: 2.36.0

AwesomeGreat app! Would be better if there was an ability to search though your calendar notes on a particular word or event..Version: 1.4.83

Report/tracking does not account for miscarriageI have been using this app since 2017 and generally I love it. It was very accurate in its predictions and report. I was able to become pregnant in June but miscarried several weeks later in August. The app has the feature to say that you’re pregnant and to say if you lost the pregnancy due to miscarriages. However the app has been completely off in terms of predicting my cycle since the last few months. It is taking my pregnancy time as an irregular cycle to recommend my ovulation and next period. I have started inputting the results from an at home ovulation test but it does not appear like the app is using this data to update my recommendations. I want to continue to use this app as it has served me well in the past but I ask that the developers perhaps update it..Version: 2.17.1

Great app!This is the best app but im 12 and you should make younger options because some of the options i do not understand!.Version: 2.24.0

Amazing!!!I really like this application it’s the only one that I have used since my period started. It’s been 5 years now and I’m very happy with the options offered. The only thing that I would like to improve on would be for an option to say you are using an implant. When I had an implant I was bleeding every day and after a certain amount of time it didn’t allow me to put as an option that I am bleeding. And another thing would be an option to say if you took an emergency pill. However, the rest is perfect!.Version: 2.15.2

Best app!Love this app😍it’s complete, it has everything that I really need, I recommend it!🥰.Version: 2.33.1

Very goodLove the app, have been using it for a few years now, it’s totally synced with my cycle.Version: 2.3.0

ArmyK so this app is amazing BUT girls this can be quite confusing so if y’all have like questions right like how long is your cycle just search it if you don’t know other wise best appp ever.Version: 2.29.0

AMAZING!!! Just a few recommendations! ◉‿◉Hiii anyone reading this!!! Here is my review and recommendations! ◉‿◉ Overall, this app is so great! I love it! The only thing is, I am in one of the younger age groups so maybe if you could make some stuff for maybe more 9-12 stuff! Also, the ads could be less, they’re a bit much but you know what? I love this app soooo much! It helped me with my first period! Love this! Have a great day! ◉‿◉.Version: 2.26.0

PeriodsThis app is helping so much I love it.Version: 2.32.0

Great app!Great app!.Version: 1.2

Always correct and helpfulI had this app ever since I was like 16, I’m 20 now. It also tracks PREGNANCY!!! I tracked my pregnancy with this app and it was an exciting journey. It let’s you know when your period is late. Many times the app warns me at least 3 days before my period which allows me to carry whatever I need in case of emergencies when I’m out. It lets me take notes such as if I had bloating, cramps or what medication I took. I feel like this could be helpful for doctor visits. It also has discussions on here. If you have a question you can ask many other girls that use the app. These other women are very sweet and helpful. I really appreciate this app..Version: 2.5.1

P.CMe encanto porque tiene todo bien organizado y es muy practico.Version: 2.32.0

Love it!I never do reviews but I think this is important This app really helps me track my cycle, and importantly has auto and diary functions that help track my PMDD. It’s invaluable and I show my doctors too..Version: 2.12.0

GoodI’m 11 years old and just started my period, this app has helped me but I get worried a lot and I try to go on the forum but it keeps saying come back when your older. But kids start Their period as young as 8 and maybe they might get worried it’s good to talk to others but it’s not good when it doesn’t let you. Please change this, as me and other people get worried. Sorry for the punctuation it’s not that good.Version: 2.10.1

Perfect for girls (EN ESPAÑOL)I was looking for the right period app for my niece who just got her period at 9 years old. This app gave me everything I wanted. It is so cool that they thought about young girls who are just experiencing their first period. It is super appealing, easy to use, and can be customized to hide (sex and pregnancy). Thank you so much for thinking about young girls who might be struggling understanding menstrual periodos. Finally, did I mention it has a bunch of language options to choose from!!! Even SPANISH!!! Una aplicación para monitorear el periodo en español, super buena para niñas pequeñas que comienzan su periodo. Tiene animalitos y cosas lindas para las niñas y ayudarlas a entender su cuerpo. Esconde las funciones q hablan de embarazo, sexo, y foros. Lo cual es muy conveniente para niñas que comienzan a entender todo lo que es la menstruación. Un 10 para los creadores de esta app super merecidos los 2.99 para no anuncios. 💞😍.Version: 2.15.2

OMG this app is so good! 10/10 for the makers!I recommend this good period track app because it keeps track of how you are going and your proper data very well, and it even shows you how long your period lasts for by your results at the beginning, when the next period or ovulation day arrives, you can just get ready and what you will need for preparing of the actual day it says! Great job for those who created this app, you are going so great!!.Version: 2.1.0

Sue2475I have been using this app for years, and it has never let me down. The information it gives has always been accurate.Version: 2.26.0

Love it<3Bro absolutely great please this app is like sooo good cuz it gives u a lot of tips on period and is so on point and reliable also has some great pain reliving stretches. You can write about your day in your diary. Hehe so cool:>.Version: 2.27.2

Incredible.I adore this app. It is very user friendly, and has so much to offer. I have very irregular periods due to BC and I am also going through some mystery illnesses with my reproductive system. This app is amazing. It gives me a plethora of symptoms to check in, as well as severity, a journal, period forecast and predictor and so much more. Now when I go to my gyno visits, all I need to do is open the app and go through my entries, with incredible detail what’s been happening, instead of going from my terrible memory..Version: 2.11.0

Top AppI’ve been using this app for about a month and it’s great. There’s a lot of features you can use for free which is all I need so thank you! I love that they give you notifications to remind you about the important things especially when there’s a lot going on. I’ve never had a problem with bugs and having to restart. Definitely my favourite by far! 💕.Version: 2.7.0

Excellent AppThis app helped me become pregnant twice. Both pregnancies were planned. Great for tracking your period, moods etc. I highly recommend the is app.Version: 2.34.1

GenialGenial y sencilla!.Version: 1.4.81

Love itEasy to use.Version: 1.4.51

This app is actually greatI’m 11 and i find this app incredibly helpful in many ways, it can remind you to do things such as drink water, and you can write a diary and predict when your period is coming, and at the start it will ask you to tell them when your last period was and things like that and I’m terrible at that kind of thing (thats why i have this app) and it will give you an ‘I’m not sure option’ which was very helpful :> there are themes and pets that are super adorable and it is very customisable. very much recommended! <3.Version: 2.39.0

Great app!Graphics are amazing and the precision of future cycles is fantastic!.Version: 2.29.0

Very good softwareVery good software, highly recommended.Version: 1.4.80

The best for tracking your periodI honestly love this app I just started my period and this app has helped me track my period sooo much instead of having to write down when you period is this app tell you when you next period is about your ovulation and so much more. One thing I really like about it is that you can edit you period (tell the app what days you’ve had it) with one simple click. I’m not going to be able to lost all of the features but I can tell you from my experience so far with this app it is one of the best period trackers EVER I really advise using it I hope I helped you make a decision on what period app to use From one girl to another.Version: 2.15.2

My only suggestion so far…Only thing I’ve found I would want changed (after a few weeks of non period tracking use and the start of first one tracked) is being able to select multiple levels of flow. Like on days when it starts light and then gets heavier, being able to select both/or all 4 and then select like morning, midday, afternoon, night or something along that line would be nice. So that way it’s logged, at the moment I just write it in notes, I just think that would add to the tracker and Helping me/others realize if I’m just spotting heavily or starting my period off very lightly. Otherwise I love this app and the fact you get so much without having to pay is amazing and I looked through a few apps cause as someone who doesn’t have much extra money right now it helps to be able to keep track of something that I can’t avoid and I know you could do it on paper but I mean with it being on your phone it’s so much more accessible and with you 24/7, if your like me, which means you can’t forget it..Version: 2.29.0

AWESOMEI love this app it’s the best it is clever if your someone looking for a easy period tracker this is the one BUT........ can u make that there’s no adds cuz some times it’s hard to understand with all the adds in you face 💜❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 2.2.1

Generally very goodHowever, you need to give users the ability to turn off those hideously annoying reminders that pop up as soon as you open up the app. Seriously..Version: 1.4.67

I’ve been using this app for yearsIt’s never let me down and I highly recommend it to all women..Version: 2.24.0

Great! Highly recommendI love this app and have been using it for a very years now. Incredibly easy to organise everything from period to pills. Very handy when visiting doctors and they ask you about last period etc. It’s also very useful for other medications (as I do) as well as symptoms. Very intuitive and just easy! Can’t emphasises just how easy to access and input everything is! Also bonus - adorable design..Version: 2.42.0

Best most reliable appSince having this app my brain has been at ease as it not only tracks your period , it gives you notifications 2 days prior reminding you you’re almost due! Highly recommend.Version: 2.13.4

My period appThis app is one of the most helpful apps you could have. It tracks your period and makes sure if it gets it wrong it can let your choose your period date, it’s not obvious what the app is used for on the outside so people won’t understand. This app has many features like: training exercises, getting rid of cramps poses, and so many more this app is one of the best apps I have had for my period, that’s why I rated it a five..Version: 2.26.0

Accurate and AmazingThis app honestly helped me get pregnant both times by helping monitor my cycle. The pregnancy option had a nice little countdown. It helped me after I was done having children as well. It was wonderful for tracking my cycle and letting me know where I was in it..Version: 2.34.1

It worksThis is my second time useing this app I used to for my period and then to help us have a baby now we have beautiful baby girl now I’m back tracking my period verry happy with it.Version: 2.26.0

Review on the app qualityIt is a really good app as it can track when I am next due on my period. Not only does it estimate but it is also accurate it usually gets it right on the day. It helps to know when I need to use a pad and it doesn’t charge for installation and is absolutely free. If you are looking for an app to relieve stress and countdown for you then this is one of the best..Version: 2.1.0

AmazingIt really helps me track when my period is! I haven’t used for pregnancy but it also tracks ovulation. It tells you how likely you are to get pregnant and if you put in your symptoms it will tell you what you can do to avoid them. I’m probably going to get premium because I absolutely think this app is great. I have downloaded other apps but they don’t work as well as this one. I highly recommend this app. Thank you for reading :).Version: 2.36.0

Best one there isBeen using this for years now, it’s been so useful and very accurate. Best of all, its free. I just love this!!.Version: 2.31.0

P.C Review. Very Good AppThis app is very useful, it helps a lot with keeping track of important things like water intake and more. It’s also nice that you can have a cute little animal to accompany you. I personally liked the cats and also the dogs and foxes..Version: 2.24.0

Amazing appI really love this app because it tells me when to drink water and when my period is about to come. It also lets my write notes about what might be different this time from last time..Version: 2.30.0

Pretty awesome!Very discreet and cute app to store your monthly dates! If you haven’t already download it! I’ve had this app for many years and also helpful for pregnancy too! 5 stars!!!.Version: 2.18.2

AmazingThis free app is absolutely awesome and very useful. I recommend you try it !.Version: 2.33.1

They askedI enjoy the app. It’s nice to keep track of my periods and not have to hold the information in my head. And I have the benefit of keeping track of every symptom that alerts me my period is on its way. It’s cool for me because having regular periods is uncommon so I’m getting used to monthly periods and the fluctuations of hormones causing a few short-term problematic changes in my body. I’ve never had to endure this in all of the 19yrs I’ve been menstruating. Keeping track of all it is a relief and gives me comfort knowing I can always look back at previous months to ensure the symptoms I’m feeling in the current month is not out of the usual..Version: 2.5.1

My opinion on why to get this appI love this app. A lot of times I loose track of when my period started and it just helps me remember and count down the days so I can be prepared. If you are thinking that you can just put it on your calendar, this app is better because of you used your calendar you would have to keep checking and with P.C. it gives you notifications daily saying things like “you period starts in 2 days” I just really recommend this app. It’s free, it’s useful, and it might not always be correct but if it isn’t it would be 2 days off at most. If you want an app to help track your period I would say this is the one..Version: 2.13.2

HappyI have only started using this app for a few days because the previous app I have been using decided to change its format and got really complicated. I like this app because it is simple and it has the features I want..Version: 2.15.0

Love itI love the fact that there is a variety of symptoms and moods that I can track as well as rating my symptoms, I also like the fact that it gives you a reminder to take your pill. The only thing that bothers me is that there isn’t an option to turn the fertility tracker off because I’m not trying for a baby nor do I care about it at this moment in time. Its a good feature but i think you should be able to hide it if its not useful to you personally.Version: 2.3.0

My opinionI love this app so much it keeps me organised and isn’t just used as a period tracker also if your pregnant or just anything. It gives me daily Reminders each hour to drink water you don’t have to ask for this but it helps Me as I wanna loose weight so this app is perfect if I like this app u should try habit xx.Version: 2.26.0

ReliableBeen using it for years. I don’t use the premium stuff but just the free portion and it’s saved me from a lot of guessing. Also enabled me to give my GP proper info on my cycles. Notification settings have been easy to navigate compared to other apps and I don’t get useless ads..Version: 2.29.0

Fantastic 👍I’d recommend this app to all women out there, especially to teenage girls. It’s simple, easy to use and has a lot of information regarding sleep and fitness as well as women’s health..Version: 2.26.0

The best tracking app everI’ve been using this app for few years now. And this is prob the most easy to use and accurate app to track ur cycle :) thanks so much!.Version: 2.15.2

Very convenientI like this app cuz it makes tracking my period easier. It’s not entirely accurate, but I can live with that. I helps me to know an expected time frame when it should begin.Version: 2.32.0

Try this app outThis app is very useful it tells me when my next period comes and it’s 95% true you should try this app to be ready. 😁.Version: 2.29.0

Great!It’s helpful and it’s free but not crapy! The only thing is the notifications, it keeps sending me ‘It’s time to wake up, sweetie’ at random times in the day.Version: 2.27.0

RequestCan you add to the medication tracker a reward/praise if you’ve taken it please.Version: 2.35.1

Thank youRecently I got my period and I was so embarrassed by it I didn’t even tell me mum! Which lead to a disaster as I didn’t have anything to help! Mum knows now tho but anyway this app has improved the way I look at my cycle while also expanding my knowledge by almost double. So from a 11 almost 12 year old girl I give this a 5!.Version: 2.34.0

Using for yearsI’ve been using this app for years and upgraded to the full version a few years ago and it’s the best app ever, it’s so accurate, it said my period was due on jan 14th and low and behold my period started on jan 14th! I ’m now using it to ttc and it told me when I would ovulate and when my ovulation day was and well here’s hoping, I’d give it more stars if I could ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 2.12.0

I like it :)Tbh I had a different app that I refused to leave but it got taken off the App Store a few years back now? Tbh I have no idea cause time isn’t real but it feels like forever ago pink pad was the name but it was fine because I never deleted the app. But I just got a new phone so it never downloaded on here. So I tried out like 4 other apps (this one included) and by FAR this was my favorite. I love that it’s free obv. But also all the cute little extra stuff it has. It makes it fun and interactive but also functional. Like the main focus is when tf am I going to bleed. And then the other stuff. Cause sometimes you just need to know when Mother Nature gone barge in (if you are Régular if not we’ll maybe it’ll give you an idea??) But yeah 10/10 I would recommend. Plus it’s cute lol..Version: 2.17.1

One of the BestI’ve looked around for a period tracker for ages and I came across this one it has everything you need tracker, ovulation tracker, you can say your mood for each day and you can also write a diary! I recommend this app to all ages... It helps a lot!.Version: 2.3.0

Amazing 10/10 appI absolutely love this app!! I have been using this app for years now and find it the easiest period app to use. I love the fact that it has alot of personal things you can add too and once you add a couple of periods in the period estimator is spot on every time..Version: 1.8.1

I love it!I love this app, been using it for many years now. But one thing I think would be nice sence I use this app to track my whole life is a spot to track cold sores. Even just in the symptoms section. But added somewhere would be amazing and would in my opinion earn 5 stars easily..Version: 2.29.0

J’adoreJ’adore l’app je vous la recommande 😱🤗.Version: 2.34.0

AMAZINGI’m broke at the moment, otherwise i would definitely pay for premium for this app! I love it so much! Always helpful and ON POINT for my period! & I put on reminders for drinking water and for sleep and it’s so accurate. Definitely would recommend getting this app.Version: 2.31.0

Messed up adsI’ve been using this app for years. I’ve tried other period tracking apps, but this one has been the most straightforward and reliable. The only problem I have with it is that the ads are pushing some very absurd and messed up ideas about human bodies and equating it with lovability, i.e., “women with body hair, fat, or body odor will never be loved.” This is not only ridiculous but, in my experience, totally false. The body shaming is just not cool, and I worry about younger folks who use this app internalizing the messaging. I understand that this is the cost of a free app, but can’t you all get sponsors that are a little less disempowering???.Version: 2.24.0

Accurate and user-friendlySuper accurate and user friendly, and having the option to record absolutely every symptom etc. love it!!.Version: 2.12.0

👍👍 very useful.Version: 1.4.80

PerfectI love this app it’s tells me when my period is coming and gives me a notification! I love it totally would recomend it.Version: 2.33.1

Really like and for all ages !This is the first out of a few apps that let 11years olds and whatever age I think!Most are 12and up or 13 and if you don’t lie than you can’t get in but this you can put down your real age !!Also l love it !!Its perfect for me and shows so much and shows questions that you might have get this app!!!i read them even though you aren’t supposed read them until your 13but l have questions and anyway it doesn’t matter because l didn’t put my email thing in so l can’t write a message ldk anyway. I love this app so much !!!!!!!!!Please get it if you do l will feel so happy because it’s one of the best period calendar ever and it’s free. Also some stuff in 13up area is inappropriate so beware if your young teen is there well l’m young but it wasn’t to bad for me.Version: 2.16.2

ParfaitJe l’utilise depuis plus de 2 ans c’est juste parfait et très utile..Version: 2.34.1

5 stars!I love this app! I like how it tracks your calendar for you! I for one definitely am not good at remembering to write down when my periods start and end 😅. I also like how people can submit questions or experiences, and have other people respond! I have also noticed this community is very positive and full of support 💕🥰 Even though I personally don’t submit questions or experiences, I read through them, just in case I have the same question. It’s really sweet to read about how people are happily getting pregnant 🥰 I’m sure becoming a mother is exciting! Even when someone is going through something tough, the community still has their back! 😋❤️💕.Version: 2.5.0

AmazingI’ve used this app for a few years now. I use it to track when my acne is flaring up or what time of the month I tend to experience certain symptoms. It helps me keep track of my frequent headaches which is really useful when I need to go to my GP and report when they’re occurring. I use it for the pill reminder too. There are no other apps that I’ve found that let you do so much for free. The only thing that I think could be added is an option for if you’re on the pill and skip a period, just so it doesn’t mess up your period calendar!.Version: 1.4.93

Best period app everIt has so many functions and it’s free! I downloaded this expecting it to help me keep track of my period, it’s been off lately and I want to be more organized in keeping track. As I explored the app I realized it can also help you keep track of sleep, water consumption, weight, symptoms and a lot more! I have problems with heartburn, dehydration, sleeping and weight and this app is perfect for me! Best part is, its all free! (From What ive seen, Ive had it for a week). It also lets you write in a “diary” where you can kept track of other stuff such as exercise and what food you eat. It also includes free stretches to help aid with cramps and to strengthen muscles. It also tells you what your chance of getting pregnant is (I don’t need this right now, but I will in the future!) There are some ads, more than I’d like, but I love the free features so much I won’t complain about the ads. This app is perfect. It won’t waste your time or your money.Version: 2.8.0

Amazing, But I have suggestion :3I LOVE this app it helps with tracking and other stuff. But I do Have suggestions to help it make it better, I think? Can you have a button or something? Because let's just say your tracking your pregnancy. What if your baby comes early. But you did not know because you were paying attention to the calendar., So then you have to rush to the hospital. Or lets just say your tracking your period and that ended early, So now you have no idea, when your period starts again. So I think there should be something I don't know what it is maybe a tab or button etc. That can maybe help you if your pregnancy & Period couldend early..Version: 2.14.1

Best app going for healthI’d just like to say a massive thank you for this app. As a lady of a certain age with history of polycystic ovaries and endometriosis it’s been so helpful! Now I’m nearing peri menopause with migraines and all sorts of symptoms I am so relieved to be able to record them to get some normality! I wish that we had this 35yrs ago (yes pre www) but this surely is going to help many girls/ladies with problems. It took 10yrs+ to get my diagnosis which was so painful! Additionally, today I discover you offer exercises for weight or health benefits! I’m so impressed with what you offer and knowing what this can do to help makes your app amazing! So a massive thank you just from me…..and on behalf of many others too hopefully..Version: 2.31.0

The best period appI have been using this app for over 7 years now, with every smartphone that I’ve ever owned. I’ve never changed period apps cuz this is hands down, the best app to track your cycle, know when you’re ovulating, document your symptoms etc. It’s also very helpful at reminding me to take my contraceptive pills on time everyday! Ive recommended this app to all the ladies in my family 😍.Version: 2.11.1

Best period and ovulation appI have PCOS and irregular periods ranging from 31 days to 40, and once in a blue 60 days. This app helped me accurately track my period and figure out my average cycle. It also allowed me to track when I’m ovulating and I’m now 3 weeks pregnant naturally (no meds or in vitro) after using the app for 6 months, thanks to God. Thank you for this great app and for making some of the features free for those of us who are on a budget. I used Flo and Fertility Friend before for 6 months and I had no success getting pregnant and trying to pinpoint ovulation was hard as they gave a large range and were off by a few days in calculation. Perhaps they may work better for women with regular cycles..Version: 2.13.2

Love this trackerI have been using this tracker for almost ten years now. I love it’s functionality, I’ve used it to track my ovulation and now just to keep track of my periods and health. There’s a lot more ads now than when I started using it but that’s not enough to switch to a new app.Version: 2.17.1

Love itLove it……the best app ever.Version: 2.32.0

Excellent software programI am now able to track my period more accurately and predict when my next period will arrive. Easy to use and love all the useful categories and emojis. Thanks.Version: 2.11.0

Avid fanBeen using this app for years now.Version: 2.35.1

Keeps getting betterI have been using this app for a few years now, and the multitude of useful features make it worth keeping. UI has been one aspect that I have struggled a little with in the past, not finding the feature I wanted without tapping in multiple places, and this is where I would say the developers have really begun to shine in the last few updates. This app doesn’t only track periods, but many other health items, and it interfaces with Apple Health. One feature improvement I would ask for is automated syncing to iCloud. I don’t remember to do this, and sometimes I don’t open the app for several days. I changed phones recently, and realized that I had missed a sync, luckily remembered enough to bridge the missing data..Version: 2.11.0

The best period appThis app is simple and sophisticated. A sleek look and useful additions..Version: 2.28.0

Awesome !This app is very simple and easy to use the layout of the app is great to very easy to get to where you want to go in the app All in all great app used this app for 2+ years now and love it 🙂.Version: 1.4.65

Really helpful and sweet appI usually never rate apps but this is the first time I didnt hesitate. This is a great app to help take care of yourself, I love the additional self care parts that include excersise and skin care info. And its a great that it asks you to self examine and such. I think that every female should own this app and Ive already reccommended it to my sisters. 😊💕( sorry for any spelling / grammar errors ).Version: 2.18.2

Love this app..Its very helpful 😘.Version: 1.4.77

The forums thoIt’s a great app but... the forums are kinda making me uncomfortable. I’m twelve and the stuff there is uhh....... I mean I could just ignore it but that’s hard for me cause I’m dumb..Version: 2.15.0

Best app everIt helped me track my period for a long time I love it it is so easy I now no when to pack for it and if pregnant or not I definitely will recommend this app for you Ps track your period with this app.Version: 2.16.1

Needs ImprovementThe only reason why it did not get 5 stars is because I would love to track all my symptoms when I feel them. I am unable to do this with my apple watch. Other apps offer symptom logs and much better apple watch experience. Please fix this and I will keep the app and delete the other app that offers better apple watch experience and 0 ads for free. Please consider and fix. It needs to get done. This is the second time I write this and nothing has gotten done about it. I will not give 4 stars anymore. I will bring it down to 1 star. There are other apps ad free and with much better designs on apple watch, that are useful! Oh and not to mention that the images shown on the app store of the apple watch look nothing to the ones appearing on mine of how the app should look or work or options the app offers to use on apple watch..Version: 2.5.1

12 Year OldThis app has helped me so much to keep track of my period since july, it is good for all ages I should know since I am 12. Thx for helping me to keep track of my period (or as my friends say Pirate). I hope when I am older I can use this app to track my pregnancy. This is the best app I have used to track my period. I would recommend this to all my friends, to help them keep track of their period..Version: 2.17.1

Amazing App! 🖤So with that app, it asks you a few questions to get you started, you can choose a pet (i have a dog😁) choose your symptoms, it gives me a notification when i need to take my tablet, and gives you a notification when you are about to come on! it makes you feel great because you can share stories which makes me feel amazing because even though i know a lot of people understand this, it just makes me feel less embarrassed, you can have a password, face ID and fingerprint!! this app is amazing! 5 star rating! 💕💕.Version: 2.16.1

Brilliant, only gets better.I had some struggles with my menstruation over the past few years and I have also sustained a TBI back in 2015 so my periods were a little troublesome for me already, then I worked on my body and lost over 50kg of weight so PLENTY of reasons have happened to have my periods become rather ‘difficult’ to cope with. This app keeps me upto date with what is happening within my body; what may I expect from myself on daily basis, and also helps me predict the future periods so I can plan my timetable around it. Thank you!!! 💗🙏🏻.Version: 2.43.1

A must-have for every woman!I’ve been using this app for years, it really helps to keep on track with my ovulation, intercourses, periods, moods and symptoms. Very accurate. Thanks to this app you won’t be surprised with your mood swings and other “strange” symptoms. Really improved my life as I know when I can expect myself to have very specific PMS symptoms, for how long, also will remind you to take a pill/put a patch on, so you won’t forget it..Version: 2.15.0

GreatSo I have tried other apps but none have worked as well as this! It predicts my period well like a normal period and as mine is irregular it says the amount of days i supposedly go over but actually it’s just my period is irregular but I love how accurate the predictions are of when my period may start! I love the background them I think they are adorable! I love that there is a pregnancy tracker so if your pregnant you can track it! This is a great app and if anyone asked me about period apps or even didn’t ask I would be sure to recommend this to them! Thanks a bunch for creating this app!.Version: 2.15.2

Excellent free appI’m a person with a regular period, and when I first started out the lack of period education had me confused on how the cycle worked and wondering why I couldn’t count the days right. The app in a way helped me learn how to count my days and also taught me how long was my period, since the cycle may vary just a bit from person to person. Since it adjusts to your period cycle letting you know when to expect your next cycle if you’re regular like me. The app also has a forum option if you wish to ask others for advice, and let’s you input a wide variety of symptoms that we may feel during the period and out of it. Not to mention it also explains a bit of what the ovulation period is, another thing I had wished my education had covered. Would definitely recommend for any age looking for a free and accurate app..Version: 2.24.0

Best period app ever.This app is the best. Although it’s never accurate where it spot on hits the same day of my period . I always know it’s two days before or two days after the date this app gives me. It backs up into your iCloud or into your email so when you change phones or you restore your device all your info saves. I love how it has like kinda support groups where girls can talk about different things like pregnancy , ovulation , birth control. I also love how it lets you add your birth control method . I recently got my iud and it even adjusted my period calendar . I recommend this app to all my friends and family, my friend even uses it for her pregnancy . The best thanks for all your years of service ❤️..Version: 1.5.2

Better than all the restI love this app. Great intuitive interface, simple to use; I just input my daily data and go. It’s friendly and gives accurate predictions. And best of all - it doesn’t constantly pester me to go premium!! It gently offers me the option but never makes me feel bad for not upgrading , and I still feel like I’m getting a complete app experience. I much prefer the occasional ad to constantly being pestered and always being shown locked content that I can’t access because I’m not paying. I tried flow, and clue, and the other top rated ones and they did exactly that. Always making me feel like I was missing out, and in an aggressive way. Also constantly pestering me with other notifications and not as nice a UI. This one comes out on top, hands down. My ONLY complaint is that you can’t back up your data unless you sign in w google or apple, and I really don’t want to give google / apple yet more unnecessary data about me. They should let you back up w just your email address. Otherwise, a wonderful app..Version: 2.32.0

Best period app ever!Ok so I really struggled tracking my period and to make sure I remember the date but it wasn’t that easy for me. When I saw this app I was like maybe it’s one of those apps that don’t work. But at the same time something was telling me that I have to get the app. So I downloaded it. And then at first it asked a few questions. And then when I started using the app for a few days. And it was able to TRACK MY PERIOD. when it said “your period comes in 2 days” it legit did come in 2 days! And now I’m in love with this app like it works legit. So if your out there who does not know how to track your period and struggle to remember your last date of your period, then I recommend this app because it’s meant for you. Literally a 10/11. Probably the first period app that works legit and my favorite..Version: 2.25.1

I really love this app, its a must app that i need on my phoneI been using this app since 2015 and im in-love with it. What i really love about this app 1st was the pet. At first i only have the cat then dog oh my gosh they’re so cute im using the elephant right now by the way. I just really love this app it tells you how many days you’re going to have your period, it predicts when is your period coming, im either 2to 3 days early or 3 to 5 days lates with the date they predicted which is fine for me so i can buy extra napkins..Version: 2.11.1

Exceptional appI’ve been using this app for years now, and I have never had any issues or glitches while using it. For me, I first used it for monthly cycle tracking,sexual activity,and self breast exams and my daily vitamin reminders. Since I am an older woman (49), with kids already grown, I didn't need to track my ovulation and fertile days etc.. when female menstruation issues arrived,I easy kept track of it,with this app. Since a Hysterectomy was my only option, I don’t need to track anything anymore. Except sexual activity and my vitamins, and or Meds, if any. I’ve really enjoyed using this app over the years, it’s easy to navigate and, to an extent, personalize. It would be nice to have an option to turn off the ovulation, chance of pregnancy and fertile days etc. For those of us that can’t get pregnant and don’t have a monthly cycle. I’ve yet to find an app that can do that, but I continue to use it because I like this app. There is turn off buttons for what I mentioned, but they are still on my app interface. Still a great app !.Version: 2.29.0

AwesomeThis app tracks your period and you can speak to people about your experience with your period and ask any questions about anything. The only thing letting the app down in my opinion is the adverts although sometimes the ads tell you about skin care and where you can buy sanitary products. Also, I think that for younger ages there should not be ads and people chatting about their experience with being pregnant as this may not be suitable for younger children when they just want to track their period.Version: 2.14.1

Excellent appHaving had issues with regularity of periods and bad pms from early age,this app has allowed me to log periods and finally be able to get valuable insight into what I should expect and when I should expect it. I’ve been able to show my gp the records which has allowed me to get the medication I need to stay sane during these times..Version: 2.18.2

This is a great appAs a younger person this app is amazing. It helps you with cramps as it shows you poses and positions to help you. It also logs your period for in the future so you can keep an eye out for when it comes. You can also log symptoms to get you a better rate for the future. As well as making sure you can have a zen and keep yourself motivated..Version: 2.18.2

Great!!This app is very nice and easy!! They just ask you a couple of questions and then there you have it!! They keep track off your period, give you advice about your period and what’s best, there are exercising videos on how to be healthy and there are some cramp massage videos. There is so much more!! Everyday you can rate how good your day was you can even say how your day was and you can write a note and even more!! I would definitely recommend this app if you got your period or you are having trouble keeping track of your period like I do. There are sooo many things on this app that are helpful and there all easy!! If you have a period I would definitely recommend this app!!.Version: 2.23.0

❤️❤️❤️Absolutely love this app! I’ve been using it for about 2 years now and It’s great. Such accurate tracking of my period and the themes are adorable! Only request is that they add a “pet” snake!.Version: 2.30.0

WOWI just got my period yesterday for the first time and this app is really helping me figure out my moods, flow, symptoms, sleep, and how much water I drink.Version: 2.3.0

Very UsefulI have severe Endometriosis and my period can be hard to track, as I’m always losing the notes when it starts and stops, as it can sometimes last for weeks and sometimes four days. I thought I’d get an app to help me keep track of it. This app is easy to use and I love how I can put in what symptoms I’m having that day, the flow etc. It even has a breast check alert, let’s you know you’re late and tells you a rough estimate of your chances of getting pregnant. I’d recommend this to anyone..Version: 2.2.1

Best period tracker/ women health app aroundThis app is the best app I’ve had ever. I’ve tried many different types but this one is always the winner. The app tracks your period so well it’s on point 99% of the time. And I really love it tracks ovulation. It has many different things you can track, but what I love the most is the forum that’s included. There is so many women on it and everyone is so up-lifting. I have received vary good live changing relationship advise. Everyone responds so fast as well. Overall best women forum ever. I love this app with all my heart and completely recommend it. All my sisters use it and we won’t be switching up any time soon!!.Version: 1.8.0

My little magic app🥰I love this app so much, it has made me to look forward to my period. I love the reminder which I get two days before my cycle and I can get my supplies ready before hand. This small app has so many functionality, I particularly like symptoms recording, journaling/note section. Thank you to the developers.Version: 2.31.0

It works like a app like this shouldIt’s perfect for a calandras of when you are going to have your period. You can put in when you had your period and stuff and you can keep notes and make a diary too! You can also make it personalized so that it makes it prettier and more interesting and you have a pet you don’t play with it or anything from what I know but what do I know? I would recommend this app if your looking for something to track your period and to have a little fun with. It also will say when you are most likely to get pregnant if your looking for something like that..Version: 2.14.1

AppThis app is very good if you’re new to your period because it helps track it and keep you on track when you need to start wearing pads this is why I write a five star good it’s very convenient and easy because it didn’t look like a period then if you have boyfriend they don’t know that you have it do you think it’s like a little diary and I think it just for you but your notes so I did my mate recommend this app people who I’ve just started or a bit longer ahead but they keep losing track of when it starts.Version: 2.16.2

BestThis is the best one I’ve tried so far! Works really well, with many useful settings!.Version: 2.36.0

Highly RecommendThis app is really great, however if you’re period has just come, I do not recommend it because as you should know your period will not be the same amount of days every month. When your period is more consistent then I highly recommend it!.Version: 2.28.0

Great app but there are issuesSo it is great at tracking my period but I have been banned from the forum twice without doing anything wrong and I didn’t get a reason in why I was banned which has confused me..Version: 2.15.0

So accurateThis app is the most accurate app I’ve ever tried, it’s spot on with when I’m gonna start and has so many features that can help you feel better!.Version: 2.36.0

AvisDe tiktok ?.Version: 2.36.0

Great appGreat app, I've been using it for year's. How do I remove another account from the app?.Version: 2.36.0

Great app but a few bugs, Help!I love the app, took about 2-3 months to calculate my mensural cycle perfectly. I love how we can choose different themes to decorate with when we’re bored. I love the options of wether or not we were intimate, the options of moods and emotions, etc. The adds are a little annoying but I can deal with that. This app is perfect! However, I haven’t been able to open the app for a few days now. Everything else on my phone works. I’ve restarted my phone multiple times, deleted and reinstall the app, etc and I still end up with the same results where the app will stay frozen on be opening page as if it’s loading and then it’ll close itself. Please help!.Version: 2.1.0

Thank you!This app has been handy for me when trying to conceive and also keep track of my periods. I have endometriosis and it allows me to record my symptoms for each day whether it be during my period or ovulating or in between. It’s just down right easy to use and has made my life easier!.Version: 2.15.0

Great app! Has served me well for 7 years.This app was the first one I used when I started my period 7 years ago and although I have tried others since, I keep coming back to this one because I like it so much. It has a handy diary function to write in specifics of the day, a fairly comprehensive flow and symptoms chart, a nice mood chart, and a useful pill function that lets me input my own pills and track which days and how many doses I take (I use the diary to record exact mg and time stamps). There is even self care things now (new within the last few years) with tips for cramp relief, the where and why’s of acne, and a lot of stretching and workout routines. One thing I would really like to see in the future would be some kind of habit tracker for hygiene, etc. However, it’s a great app as it is and the developers have really done well with it! I highly recommend!.Version: 2.27.2

Super useful!!I am able to anticipate when they are coming!.Version: 2.34.0

Really useful appI’ve been using this app to track my periods and trying to get pregnant - it’s been great throughout and helped me realise my cycle is 26 days, not the usual 28. I like the features and how you can document your moods, how you’re feeling, etc so you can see a pattern. One thing that’s missing for me in the symptoms is morning sickness - it would be really good to be able to document it and it’s severity for each day instead of adding a note. If that could be added to the pregnancy feature it would be 5 stars from me..Version: 2.34.0

Free and easy to useIt’s great app. It’s easy to understand your ovulation window and easy to log in your period or any symptoms. I got pregnant 3 months after starting to use this app. I would highly recommend. It’s free while you’re trying to conceive but then asks for a subscription once you are pregnant..Version: 2.42.0

Thumbs up.Great app, helps me track my period and reminds me of when my next one is due. Also have really cute themes..Version: 1.4.60

GoodA little confusing to learn and I wish is had a first period option but overall good.Version: 2.29.0

Easy to use and great way to trackThe app is very user friendly and easy to back up data ...Version: 2.28.0

Easy and efficient to useJust bought new phone and had the all my period history transferred to this phone via account. Been using this app for a few years and recommend it you won’t tegret it👍🏼💯.Version: 2.17.1

Amazing app!Such a wonderful app to use for tacking almost anything in the complex female body, Periods, Pregnancy, Fertility, best days, Etc Just wonderful! I don’t think I’ll feel lost ever again..Version: 2.16.1

Really cuteThis app is actually really useful, you can turn on a bunch of customizable settings that can really tailor the app to be specific to you, and to have a great experience you dont even need to pay. Given more advanced things such as pregnancy planning do cost a small fee, you can still get a good experience no check needed. You can also cave real forum conversations with other people experiencing the same things or have the same questions as you. You can also make and post your own forum, and get real answers from others. The app is set up well and very easy to navigate through. 10/10 would recommend to anyone. <3.Version: 2.15.2

I have been using since 2014!Just checked how far back I have used this app to give the recognition it deserves. This app has helped me through all my crazy periods since 2014!!! It is super reliable, very cute , you can add notes/symptoms, gives you reminders, notifications (you can custom), export medical ready document, and they have even included mini blogs/ articles and now chat forums! where you can discuss or read about womens health/periods! I love all the new added features, definitely pay for AD removal, worth it, I am 24 years old and every close girlfriend i definitely recommend this app! definitely makes periods a lot less of a hassle..Version: 2.21.0

Great for keeping recordsI like this app as it keeps a record of when they have come and they give you a rough idea on when the next one is due..Version: 2.17.0

Efficient and user-friendly appThis app is really helpful in managing my reproductive health! Have been using it for the last three years, super-efficient and user-friendly, would not change for any other app..Version: 2.4.0

Very usefulI’ve used many apps to track my period but none of them did as good a job. This app is very usefull.Version: 2.34.0

Oh the ads—- Update after dev response —- Mainly the ads I was discussing are the ones that pop up (take up the whole screen) and are in a different language so I can’t exit out of them (no exit button) and it shows two option buttons (again in another language). Finally I took a chance and clicked a button and it exited out. My fear here is what site the other button would point to so I checked and it was fine. I’d say I prefer the ads that are in between sections of the calendar instead of the ones that pop up but I am guessing those bring more revenue. In any case, like the dev rightly said, I can just pay if I don’t want ads! ————— While I love the calendar, options to add notes, reminders about my period, the ads are just getting to be too much. I cannot exit out of them most times. I want to go in and check when I had my period or if I am ovulating and it’s a 5 minute ordeal unless I give up. I get the need for ads I do, and I have had this app for years, but the way they do ads has changed and it’s so disruptive and really makes the app unusable. Will seriously be considering going to back to just writing stuff down myself or another app..Version: 2.24.0

Saved my lifeEasy to use, pretty accurate, many useful features apart from period tracking and the new update has made the screen a lot less confusing. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I honestly am stoked to have found this app, it is so much easier to use than some other tracking apps, and without it life would be so much harder. Definitely recommend it, so go give it a try! (Also it is free. Meaning, you can actually use it without upgrading to the premium version unlike other apps)..Version: 2.25.0

So essentialIm 11 and I’ve been using this app for a few months now. Every other app says you need to be born in 2008 or older to use and its not fair. This app helps track other things including how many hours you sleep and helps you to get to sleep. You can also write a diary , explain how you are feeling and try the breast self-exam . You can also try out new workouts and self care routines. Even though im quite young, P.C really helps me alot and im sure I will be using this forever!x This app is the best and every girl should try it ! Xxxxxxxxxxx.Version: 2.41.0

This is Great!I wish I discovered this app earlier. Better than my previous one.Version: 2.27.2

Period app is really goodUse this it’s better and even tells u when your period comes and no hard stuff on this it’s only telling u stuff u just need to press and if people was trying to look at your phone it can also make a password which is even more amazing bc especially me I want it private DOWNLOAD.Version: 2.9.0

Period trackerBest period tracking app.Version: 2.26.0

The perfect appThis app is great! It stores and backups all period data as well as giving you reminders about medications, workouts and more. Only problem is the medical information that comes up is not accurate as periods can last up to between 2-7 days and can start from 21-35 days. Would recommend to anyone who has periods!!!.Version: 2.25.3

OMG I LOVE THISI haven’t even been using this app for long but it is soooo good! the pets are so cute and they match the backgrounds. there aren’t many adds. only if you want to unlock a new pet. i love it. definitely get this 100% would recommend. it is also very aesthetically pleasing.Version: 2.26.0

Awesome, comforting app!This app is cute, well organised, fun and very informative too. As a young woman, I want to say a massive thank you to the developers, publishers, all women and people who have colaborated on this project!! So far, 10/10 <3.Version: 2.33.0

I won’t go without this app.After trying many different types of period trackers I have stuck with this one for years. It’s simple to use, however, it has many options for various birth control methods and sends you reminders when you should have a breast exam. This app is as accurate as the information you put in. You’ll want to make sure in your settings you have your average cycle length and the average length of your period. After trying OC, this app was a life saver to give me piece of mind when it was getting close to that time of the month. I don’t see how ladies go with out this!.Version: 1.5.3

So cool!It has cool animations and has way more to offer than just cycle tracking, plus it’s free :)).Version: 2.28.0

THE BEST!!!!Omg I swear this is the best app for period tracking it’s also cute how u can change the background and get little pets to add a cute little touch to it ,no bugs that im experiencing so over all this is a super good app, keep up the great work!.Version: 2.11.1

ADHD and periods!!Having ADHD I’ve never been very good at tracking my period. I always thought that my cycle was irregular but it was in fact my brain processes that was irregular. Also, with ADHD comes emotional difficulties where we can be angry often causing relationship problems. Add then the emotional irregularities of menstruation and we can turn into angry tornados. This app lets me know when I will feel like that due to my menstruation and so let’s me have forewarning for myself and others and this reduces A LOT of conflict and replaces it with compassion. All from this app tracking my cycle knowing before I’ve fallen out with someone. Amazing!!.Version: 2.32.0

Great app!!The overall app is amazing once you understand everything it has. I wasn’t expecting much but there is lots of things to take care of your health. What I also found really good was the name and the look of the app since you wouldn’t expect it to be a period tracker so if you have male cousins or even younger girl cousins and a reminder comes up they can’t see the name and just guess what the app is so it does save the embarrassment of them knowing!! I totally recommend this app to anyone and as being a young girl I can say that this is great for younger girls who need extra help with their cramps and all..Version: 2.9.1

Love this app!Okay so I recently got my first period and my mom got me a period tracking book/calendar thing. I love it and all but I tend to lose things so I wanted a backup. The first app I got was Eve, a period tracking app my friend, who is also my age recommended to me. I am 12 years old and I tried to sign up, but it told me I had to be 16+ to use it. Now I could’ve easily signed up with a different birthday but since it annoyed me I decided to try this. I didn’t sign up with my email because I don’t know my email password (my parents don’t want me knowing it for some reason) and it hasn’t seemed to be an issue! The premium part of the app doesn’t seem to exclude anything major, except for conceiving tracking, but that is not an issue for me. So if you are pregnant or trying to conceive, you will have to pay a little extra. But overall I love this app!.Version: 2.24.0

Add a symptomThis app a variety of symptoms to choose from. And it’s hard to tell which ones best describes what I’m going through. But, one thing that I think should be added is clotting. Some women experience low clots. Heavy clots. It may be a medical situation for some ladies, such as fibroids, but for some it’s not. Bleeding and clotting are both normal, but it’s separate and I think that it should be added or addressed. Unless I overlooked. Also, just to bring some awareness and include a minority, there is something called catamenial epilepsy. Women’s seizure frequency increases during her cycle. I have to use a the “dizziness” or “confusion” symptoms in place of seizure frequency. And then write a memo of what it means. So, yeah maybe beta test something like that. In general this has been a very helpful app!.Version: 2.4.2

MissGreat easy to use app. I have been using it for 2 years and love it.Version: 1.4.66

Cracker gingerI love this app I would not use any other ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 2.33.1

Thank youEy! Thanks for support to me in my important dates, such as: period day. Or reminders like is close to period day. Maybe for some people it isn’t special but it is really important when the period is not regular. Thanks your help has been around seven years with me. The best app Eva 😎.Version: 2.28.0

AwesomeGreat app and gets the right day for when my period comes the most is 2 days early or late but works great!.Version: 2.26.0

Period tracker app reviewThis is a great app especially for people who have just started. It helps you to get prepared when the time is coming and make sure you are ready. When filled in correctly it allows you to see clearly what should happen each day. Also it’s a good way of recording and knowing what happened each day and read back what your symptoms were. Overall a great app that i always use..Version: 2.11.0

I love this app!By far one of the best apps I’ve had. It doesn’t matter if you misplace your phone or change from iPhone to Samsung the app remains the same and I love the fact that your data is stored onto your account so you can log in on another device and still have all the information and not lose any. I love that it gives you so many options to input data later or tells you when you should be expecting your period, how you were feeling, cravings, skin breakouts etc. I find it so handy when it alerts you that your period is due soon so I don’t get caught off guard. I super super enjoy that when you’re pregnant you can tell the app and it tells you how far you are according to the last period you put in, how big the baby is and what is happening inside your body and what you should be feeling. This app is overall amazing and exceeded beyond my expectation. I’ve been using this app for over 7 years and it’s the only app I’ve stuck to. Well done to the creators of the app..Version: 2.9.0

Best period app ever!I started my period about a year and a half ago, on my first week I had multiple apps to track and help me through it, i couldn’t use nearly any of them appear from this one as I’m not too young and I don’t HAVE to put in my weight! This all has been super super on top and is almost perfectly in time. I’m not going to buy the add on because I don’t think it’s needed and I bet it wouldn’t be that different, and I’m not paying £40 a year for a minor change if I’m not even going to use it! But seriously the best period app going!!! Xx.Version: 2.29.0

Very convenientA handy app to have.Version: 2.27.2

Amazing period tracker but I prefer clue.Ok well I have had ‘Clue’ for almost 1 year and I’m new to the menustral cycle. Tbh it is a really good app, But what made me download this app was because my mom got pregnant from this app with TWINS!!! But personally I think that it is a great app but I really recommend Clue so check it out, basically you can put how you feel in clue, if you have cramps/PMS/Bloating/constipation and all of that stuff so yeah uhm I recommed this app to but Clue is my preference:) Thx for respecting my opinion Madison-Emily Stevenson..Version: 2.16.2

Love this appBeen using this app for absolutely years and I love everything about it as I have been able to pin point my migraines before my period and track my moods so I can plan to be super productive on the days my mood is really high and motivated (: I can only think of one improvement that I personally would like to see and that’s to swipe the Calendar up and down instead of left and right so the days of the week clearly line up each month (:.Version: 2.9.1

Amazing appThis app for period tracking is brilliant you can input your symptoms, moods and even a diary entry. It gives you health tips and sends you notifications when you should drink water, take medication and do a self breast examination. Over all it’s a brilliant app you should try it out..Version: 2.18.2

I really recommend itWell done.Version: 1.4.87

My favourite 💝, love itI absolutely recommend this app because it’s just brilliant. There are not enough words to describe how much I like this app. Here you don’t get just get to track your periods, you can also track your mood changes which I specifically found very helpful in understanding myself and maybe even why I feel this way Check it yourself and I promise you won’t be disappointed 👍👍👍👍😉😉😉😉💝.Version: 2.18.2

FantasticWhat a great app! So surprised how much this offered for free. I was so impressed with what’s included I bought the ad free version not because the ads bothered me but because I felt like the app developers deserved it. It’s easy to use and really customisable. Well done! Would love a nutrition element adding if more enhancements were ever added..Version: 2.38.0

It is very good applicationI like this application because I used a lot of application which has to pay some money or not so good. I like this application. Excellent working on the evolution day and some other things are nice. You should use that application..Version: 2.6.0

P.C.It’s easy to use and everything is clear and can be easily understood. I was looking for an app that could tell me when my period was starting and when it was going to end and if needed to change it around. I was also looking for an app that made me feel comfortable with my information, when I opened the app the colours and layout had already done that. The thing I like best about this app is that it’s not just about your period you can do fitness, notifications to remind you to drink water, tracking your sleep and much more. I’ve only had this app for a couple of days and yet I love it. I totally recommend it!.Version: 2.16.2

Amazing appFirst of all this app has journaling in it, second of all there is a community that you can talk to about whatever you want and third of all it keeps you notified for when you are due to have your period..Version: 2.16.0

Best tracker app i ever had!I was looking for a tracker app since the other two ones just didnt work out well(not naming them). Until i found this app. Its everything i wanted! A pin to it,style the background,VERY helpful. I haven very irregular periods so its really hard to find these kinds of apps but this on app changed my life! Ive been using it for almost a year now and there’s barley been a time where i didnt know my period has started! Overall 100% recommended.Version: 2.17.1

Five star rating appThis is the best app to use, it can tell you what starts and other privet things. I rated this app a five stars. Hope you enjoy this app if you are using it or buying it....Version: 2.15.0

GoodI love the range of themes and colours along with good range of pets make it nice and stylish, definitely makes this app extra/different. The layout is easy to work with and has good design graphics. Out of all the period apps I have had this one is in with the top 1st place or 2nd place. Something I suggest It would be great if we could add in previous period dates instead of starting from scratch..Version: 2.7.0

This is MY FAV APP🥰This app can be used from any age. Im 12 and other period tracking apps wouldn’t help me because I'm ‘under age’ . I really appreciate this as I know that some people are to scared to talk to parents about those things and this app is really helpful when it comes to that kind of, stuff. You can make diaries, set reminders for medication, excersice (which is also provided on the app) and other things!! As a young teenager, who has a lot of questions about my body for health and safety this app is everything I need. This app also explains why certain things happen to your body, if its normal and how to prevent them if its not normal or an infection. As a person who struggles with acne for a couple of years now I'm also finding it very helpful that there are guides of how to prevent and get rid of it..Version: 2.18.2

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