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Canva: Design, Photo & Video App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Canva: Design, Photo & Video app received 95 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Canva: Design, Photo & Video? Can you share your negative thoughts about canva: design, photo & video?

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Canva: Design, Photo & Video for Negative User Reviews

Almost PerfectCanva is an amazing app but definitely does crash and reload. A lot. However, I do notice that it does this when creating planners over 85 pages or so. I understand why it does this - because the app states you’re getting to the layers threshold for the design, however, I don’t know who sells a digital planner without tons of tabbed links and pages. For this type of digital product, 130 plus pages is very common - especially with a dated calendar as you need to include 365 days, 12 months, etc. So you cannot create a dated planner in this app. It has to be un dated and you only have the ability to add up to a maximum 12 month pages, 12 week pages and 12 day pages. These must then be duplicated in the pdf annotation app to get more pages. It’s a minor inconvenience, pretty much for digital planner makers, but realistically a planner is a design option in Canva so they should be fully supported if that’s the case. You have tons of pages with a lot of repeating check marks, boxes, graphs and other design elements. This is the only “negative” of Canva that I see.Version: 4.87.0

Really buggyI’ve been using this app on my phone or laptop for a while but recently it’s been really buggy and inconsistent. I struggle to be able to fade my picture backgrounds to enable there to be a colour fade, sometimes I can colour fade on the IOS app, sometimes I cannot. On the desktop version it’s hit and miss whether I can see that option button. Just recently the fonts (Josefin?) I’ve been using for my business recently seem to have changed or disappeared, and even when I open a previously designed asset to try and access it that way it’s different, so now I can’t maintain consistency in my social media! I get really frustrated with it! It has such potential but it has a lot of little things the developers need to sort like the above details. If someone could help me I’d greatly appreciate it!.Version: 3.21.0

Please fix the subscriptionI rely on this heavily for work as I am in the music industry and create my own artwork. The pro features are great and it’s a big disappointment to find out that while still paying, I no longer have access to any pro features. Every time I try to use one it says “sorry we’re unable to save” then I’m back to having nothing. Has worked great for me over the last month or so, so it’s really frustrating that it’s no longer functional. If you can fix this issue, it would be great for myself and others experiencing the same issue. If you’re unable to fix it, I’ll have to find another application/company that will provide the service as promised..Version: 4.76.0

Good - but there are some huge flawsThe pros of this app include the professional style documents that you can create. They look well made and I am overall very happy with the result. However... They are a nightmare to create on this app. I am using the newest iPad Pro with pencil (so there is precision) but everything I click just “bounces” off. For instance, if I try and click a text box, it will highlight and then try and remove random photos from the page. There is also the issue of the “zoom” every time I click text on screen. I really don’t like having to write text where I can only see 2-3 words max before it trails off because the letters are too big. It’s only by clicking off the whole screen that you can get back to see what you wrote - only to find a spelling error and having to “zoom” back into the words, and not being able to find it again. Another issue is resizing! Every SINGLE time I try and move something on screen, it thinks I want to resize and so it takes me twice the amount of time to move, resize, shrink back down and put where I originally wanted it. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I really do like the quality of the products, but I couldn’t imagine paying for it when it’s just not user-friendly. Maybe I’ll try my laptop next time....Version: 3.52.0

Really good, but also frustrating.I’ve been using this app for around a month now and i use it mainly to create content for my small business pages. The variety is amazing, there are so many templates to choose from that mostly likely something similar to your vision is there. I also pay for the Pro version so i can content plan and schedule posts. The frustrating part is, the videos i schedule to post do not play once posted on my Instagram! It was my business re-brand and it didn’t go as smoothly as it could have due to this massive error. I’m so nervous it’s going to keep happening that i’ve copied and pasted all of my captions just in case i have to re-upload them all individually! Also, I can relate to many people on here that say that have an issue with crashing and freezing as my app sometimes does this too. There’s also a glitch that doubles my scheduled posts making it seem like i’ve scheduled them twice; i deleted the duplicates only for the app to crash and close and all my scheduled posts were gone! having to start again was heartbreaking. So yeah, overall good app but could defo improve in some places, especially when peoples hard effort and precious time is affected/wasted..Version: 3.134.1

App was great until the latest update - now unusable UPDATEI used this app daily for the last 12 months and it was superb on the iPad Pro, they’ve now changed it completely on version 3.1 - can no longer work in landscape mode (why? as it’s far more comfortable working on a landscape document in landscape mode) and constantly crashes - I haven’t managed to do a single edit as I can’t load any of my designs successfully. Why change something that has worked so well before? Very disappointed with their developers on this and so I will have to find a new app. UPDATE Landscape is back but the entire interface is still ridiculously bad compared to how great it was before, you really have ruined this app. It crashes constantly and you can’t do any of the things you could before - It’s also stupid that you are asking what people would like feature-wise to improve on this app.....EVERYTHING THAT WAS IN THE PREVIOUS VERSION BEFORE YOU RUINED IT!!!!! so the review stays at 1 star -Bad step backwards like almost everyone has said. WAKE UP CANVA! I’m using something else now on the iPad..Version: 3.2.0

SCAMMED $1400!!!They charged my cc $1400 for their yearly pro sub but I didn’t sub! And when I go on my account it doesn’t even have the pro! I messaged support almost 3 weeks ago and Chantelle wrote back that someone will look into it, 3 weeks later and nobody had gotten back to me! This is a scam seriously! I need my money back!.Version: 3.127.0

Help!Every time I try to enlarge text the screen crashes..Version: 2.8.6

Constant bugs ... still waiting on it to work with iPad Pro!I love Canva on the desktop, a wonderful mid range design resource that I find myself reaching for constantly. I’ve been using it on the go with my iPad Pro recently and have been incredibly frustrated. Slow load times, slower response times when editing. Sometimes it stalls, occasionally it crashes completely. In addition, the more projects you add, the slower it gets. It is now at the point where it’s almost unusable which is hugely frustrating. Nothing worse than coming to rely on something, and then having to consider an alternative when you’re committed. I’ve tried troubleshooting. I ensure I’m only running it on its own, no other apps humming away in the background. Restarting countless times, reinstalling etc. Always get back to the same place I started. I have a 2018 maxed out iPad Pro, it should cope with high demand apps like this without even trying. When are you going to stamp out these bugs?!?!?!!?!?! In response to DEV answer to my review: did you actually read the review? Your form letter suggested each of the things that I had ALREADY OUTLINED in my review!! What’s the point of responding if you’re not going to read my comments?? Disappointed..Version: 3.1.2

Slow/Not loadingIm designing an invitation and wanting to design a few different ones. The first one was great and super easy! Now trying to design a second one i can change font fine but if i tap the background or images it just gives me the loading symbol but nothing ever loads. Please fix. Your app just went from 4 stars to 2..Version: 3.1.0

Not what is used to be/UnusableFor the last few months both the app and desktop versions have been glitching so much so that I create the design and just screenshot it knowing that it will no longer save and download. I have been with Canva since the start and never had a storage cap...until recently which means that I can no longer add new photos unless I delete old ones that I use for my business...or upgrade my account which a splash page constantly flashes to suggest. Canva used to be an innovator in the marketplace and now it is not even useable. Why would I pay for service upgrades when the free version acts up too much?! I have watched this app and the company grow so much and wanted to see it thrive even more! But I can not even use it and I am not paying them to fail with their service. Read the recent and low star reviews as these are REAL users giving their experiences. Hopefully they remove the storage limits to where they were before (unlimited) and fix all glitches (I have updated my phone and the app and the glitches are now what Canva offers), so that true supporters of Canva and new users alike can enjoy it...otherwise people will use one of the 20+ alternatives that are written about monthly on various blogs..Version: 3.86.0

An amazing app… BUT magic text has a huge issueCanva recently updated their amazing suit of tools and services with an AI assistant called magic text that was incredibly helpful for me in my work. I could write easy fill copy, mindless response emails that were suddenly well written and polite, heck it could do a ton of great and helpful stuff from coding to social media copy from simple prompts. For somebody like me who is over-encumbered and has to be both fast and perfect, this was a game changer. I was ready to use the magic text every day… Then suddenly there is a monthly limit on the number of generations I’m allowed to do. What the heck is that? I didn’t see that anywhere in the handily little “how to use” wizard that appeared. Maybe have a daily limit, sure, okay, and show the number counting down somewhere, but a monthly limit?! It’s the 4th. You showed me this amazing new tool and I used it, I tested it to see it’s limits and foibles, honestly I was ready to have it change the way I work. But now I have to wait until the end of the month to use it again? Unhelpful and poorly communicated. Fix this and make the assistant unlimited and I’d pay more for the service and give five stars, 10 stars… I love this app and never shut up about it, but I need the magic text back!.Version: 4.56.0

Amazing when it works.This app just gets better and better. Sooo good. Can make really good print content for your business. However the random bugs. Or freezing issues, makes the app unusable. For example the latest issue - copying a design into a team - it says the copy was successful but when I go into the team it’s not there?!? There’s loads of random issues. The video features are a bit hit and miss too in fact I think they should ditch video and stick to print. Next major improvement needs to be 211cm x 211m document sizes. We’re in 2023 we should be able to create large files on mobile devices..Version: 4.83.0

Old Canva was betterI’ve been using this app for years and was immediately impressed by the quality. Then for some unknown reason, Canva felt the need to update it changing the layout and making it ten times harder to use. The editing process is extremely painful with many glitches and lag and can’t compare to the old one. The layout is extremely hard to use and whenever I am editing, I have to take breaks every few seconds so I don’t lose my mind! The buttons have changed and I can’t even select what I want to edit. What was the purpose of this? I thought updates were supposed make the app better NOT worse. This is not a case of a simple restart of the app as it is still laggy and horrible even after. Is there a way to revert back to the original and loveable Canva?.Version: 3.44.0

HorriblePoor optimization, the app always crashes and the UI is bad..Version: 3.27.0

Recent Changes may not be saved?I've been using canva for years, everything else is fine but I keep getting this message "Recent Changes may not be saved" whenever I edit a design. I will be working on it for an hour, then try to save it & all of my work is lost. I've googled it and other people have been having the same problem. My app is always auto updated & my internet isn't a problem, so I don't know what else to do..Version: 4.1.0

Video functionalities required improvementsI used to love it but the video editor is a disaster! I’d like to cut some parts of my video. It seems sometimes the editor makes a kind of loop for a cut part. Assuming I have sequence of A,B,C, D in my original video, I cut C and D and I want to see only A and then B. However, when I play the cut part, it shows A,B and for some reasons it shows a snapshot of A again for a couple of mini seconds at the end! Plus, 2X speed is not helpful. U allow us to slow down the video by 4x, shouldn't the play speed goes up to 4X too! It’s really helpful to fix these bugs.Version: 4.80.1

Good but room for improvementGood app for putting stuff quickly, most of designs are neat and good and some are very outdated and oldish which ok. I really enjoyed the Instagram story designs! And helped to put better stuff together with much less time. It’s made for mobile so it’s fine but the saved imaged qualities aren’t really good out of mobile, nor they look very good on high res devices at some instances. App has no zoom on canvas functions, which makes it’s annoying to edit some texts are bigger canvases specially if your canvas is filled with text and small stuff, it’s so hard to select and edit on iPhone X under such circumstances. Biggest issue that is holding me back for giving 4 star at the moment is crashes, many times it gives error “we can’t save your design” or saved images have misplaced text and images specially if it is dealing with multiple layers on top of each other. Other than these this app is actually very good..Version: 3.2.1

Check your bill!First of all it’s a great app, very easy to use and has great design templates. The only thing that annoys me is their billing department. I don’t have active subscription so to use premium design I had to purchase them for $2 but it turns out my itunes account was charged $4.49. Made a query with canva and their customer service kept going back and forth asking for payment ID, customer ID, etc etc although I sent them screenshot of canva invoice and itunes invoice that both have the same email address, same date, same items purchased, but displaying two different amount. They still can’t understand the issue, just wasting my time with the same email over and over asking for account details again and again. Just use the free app, it’s good enough. Or if you need the premium design, better go with the subscription and cancels next month if you don’t need it anymore. Paying individual design credits will rip you off with the extra charges..Version: 3.125.3

The app is great no doubt, but poor management team!Love using the help, but never buy or order something from canva. Worst logistics and your order will be subjected to delays. Their delivery timeframe is not guaranteed! Supposedly, i order a sticker and the delivery time frame is 3-5 days. Is been almost two weeks (11 days). I'm still waiting..Version: 4.33.0

Lots of glitches, please fix!This is a great app but after have many layers in a project (pictures, shapes etc) the app will freeze for 5 seconds once a minute, also when you have lots of layers every time you open the thing again or even if you go off the app and go back on a few seconds later, a handful of layers for some reason change colour and some even go really blurry. To fix this I found that you have to select a text layer and go into it as if your going to change the text then go out. After that the undo button goes white and you press it a few times and it fixes some of the corrupt layers. Then you have to do that a couple more times depending on how much layers you have. This is a huge problem as I want to make things very detailed and look good and this requires many layers. I have an iPad Pro and I should not be getting the frame drops and freezing this app creates. PLEASE FIX THIS. Thanks for a great app, but the glitches are excruciatingly annoying..Version: 3.0.5

Please read CanvaI love this app for my laptop but it does not function properly on mobile. It constantly glitches, it’d IMPOSSIBLE to use with an Apple Pencil, and the app has not been adapted to function as well on a mobile screen as on a computer. A future update I’d like to see is the improvements of the app, and some bug fixes. Additionally, the “pro” feature is taking to many of the icons/options. I understand that Canva wants to encourage people to pay for their product, but it is extremely difficult to create posters and presentations without the basic elements of technology. I mean, limiting the amount of fonts and icons I can use? Literally to the point where I spend more time trying to find any sort of image to put on a poster rather than typing the information myself. I’d really appreciate more of an effort Canva..Version: 4.80.1

Free Trial MisleadingThey provide a free trial and claim that they will remind you when your trial is ending so that you can decide to continue using it or not. I never got an email or a notification and was charged for the year. It's not worth the price. Customer service was not helpful at all. I had to go through Apple to request a refund, which is odd because it's not their fault that Canva didn't follow through with their claims. Very misleading, save yourself the frustration and don't sign up..Version: 4.35.0

PLEASE READ! Do not use this appHi guys, so this is actually my second attempt at writhing this app a review , they deleted my last one as I’m sure they don’t want people know what this app is really like. please learn from my mistakes and do not purchase from this app. They ruined my business cards with a printer issue on there end, told me they would replace them then never respond back. I tried countless times to contact them to see what was happening and all I would get is some automated email saying “we haven’t heard from you we are closing this issue”, when I was in fact I was the only one responding. They gave me really crummy excuses as to why they don’t have a contact phone number as I explained to them that there online communication was lacking at the time and I needed this issue resolved quickly as I was just starting out on my own and really needed to represent myself professionally. They let me down and didn’t show any remorse. This is one of the most expensive apps I’ve used for advertising and it’s not due to quality I can assure you that. I wish I knew then what I know now . Hope this helps somebody and stops this app to taking advantage of any other business owners..Version: 4.15.0

What happened :(I used to love this app, I still do but now the flaws weigh heavier than before leaving me in search of a new app. I’ve been using this app since 2015, I’ve see their biggest flaw at the time for me which was how slow and laggy everything was, I watched them become something that I had no problems with at all, recommended them to every friends business I knew and now it’s just horrible. I can’t even use it, every-time I edit my text it changes the words into nonsense, repeating words in “AAAAAA” continuously or some other text I can barely understand. I’ve updated the app, removed it, downloaded it again and nothing. Even when I think finally it hasn’t edited the text, once downloaded it shows half the text in another language or some nonsense. This is really annoying as I have to create posts on a daily basis and now have to look for a brand new app..Version: 3.53.1

The update ruined everythingI used to really like this app, and I would use it all the time like 9 months ago, and I’ve been using it since, just not as much because it’s changed a lot and it’s getting so hard and annoying to work with now. First of all, the college lay out I would use the most is no longer on the app, which makes me really mad since it was my favorite one. Secondly, whenever I save something, it saves completely different than what I originally had. It takes me opening and saving it again 3 more times to get close to how I wanted it to save in the first place. Lastly, editing is getting SO annoying and hard now. Before, editing a picture within a collage was really easy, just double tapping and zooming in or out. Last month, whenever I double tapped the picture, there was a lot of pictures and lines overlapping each other which made it really confusing and annoying to edit, but now, I can’t even do that. Whenever I double tap a picture now, it takes up the space of the entire collage and it doesn’t even let me edit it. It doesn’t let me zoom in, out, or even let me move it around, it just goes back to how it was. This is really stressing me out, and I use to really love this app. Please let me know if there’s a way to fix this, because it’s very hard to use the app for all these reasons..Version: 3.2.12

This is NOT graphic design. Stop lying.As a graphic designer for 20 years and a printer for 10, I can tell you this is a nightmare. What you’ve created is simply a new MicroSoft Publisher. Every week we have to tell people we can’t print the low-res, non-print ready files that this app produces. It’s beyond insulting to think that an app can replace years of training REAL designers have. REAL design software is complicated because graphic design isn’t just “making something pretty”. It’s an art AND a trade. It takes years to master. And from a printers perspective, these files are a joke. They are NOT print ready. This app is to design and print what WebMD is to medicine. This is a company run my children, designing things for children. Not everything in life is easy. Nor should it be. Leave graphic design to trained, skilled graphic designers. Fiver was bad enough, telling people they could get a design for almost nothing. Now you’re telling people they don’t even need that..Version: 3.0.5

Improvements have made it worseThis was a very good app. Some limitations but did a very good job despite these limits and could produce an excellent product, even kept at free choice only. The new improved version may give you more options in certain areas but the new layout and functionality is worse. It lacks the intuition and ease of use that the old format made so great to use. It has also made some previous options, such as the use of logos with transparent backgrounds, a ‘pro’ only option, limiting a users options unless money is spent. Will be using much less and looking for a different app that was more in tune with the older version. Shame..Version: 3.95.0

I want to like it. But, I can’t.I’ve used this app for a few years now. Both on desktop and mobile. I loved the selection of templates available and the fun add ons too. The app could be great but I run into too many problems. #1 It’s a hit-or-miss in terms of the user-friendliness. Sometimes, it’s very easy to use and adjust certain things. Other times, things will clash and will be difficult to select. I wish there were some consistency. #2 The helpful articles aren’t very helpful. I was directed to a ‘helpful’ article in order to solve my problem. In this article, it asked me to click under a tab and look for a section. The section did not exist. I’m not sure if it was a mistake. But, to me, (because I was requesting a refund) I couldn’t help but think it was on purpose. Why is it so difficult to get a refund! #3 Logging in seems almost impossible. If I go into too much detail, I’ll lose you if I haven’t lost you already. Canva never seems to remember my emails. I have two. I only use one for apps like these. I request a password change and suddenly it remembers my email? What is the deal? The logging-in process discouraged me from even using the app. This app could be great, but the little things discourage me from even trying to login..Version: 3.75.0

Keep freezing after last updateI use canvas desktop and the app. For what ever reason, after last update, it’s sluggish, freeze often and every time I try to download, it freeze for a second then goes back to last screen.Version: 4.27.0

Bobby JoeMy teacher made me use it..Version: 4.98.0

WHAT IS HAPPENING!!!!Okay sooooooo there is something wrong with canva. I use the Canva website on my school laptop and I am signed into that and everything. I use it for presentations and posters. I get emails about the contests on my phone because it’s fun to see what’s out there. But when I decided to download the app on my phone it downloaded fine and then when I opened the app, all it showed was the canva logo. I WAITED 30 MINUTES for it to load and it NEVER loaded. So i uninstalled the app and restarted my phone. Then i redownloaded the app and it did the same thing. My iPhone 7 is up to date on updates. My phone runs fine and this has not happened with any other apps on my phone. Please fix!!!!!!! UPDATE: canva you have failed me. i got a new phone for christmas the iphone 14 and i still have the same problem with the app never loading. i always make sure that the app is fully updated and i also restarted my phone. i thought it was something involving my old iphone 7 but no. i read other reviews and people are literally having the same problem. if you are going to be a app developer, then read the reviews and help people. how can you guys make money if you LITERALLY do not help us? canva i think you guys should get your mind straight and please help me and my other canva users out there.Version: 4.62.0

I'm looking for another appThe background remover (the only reason I downloaded this app) is a paid feature. The UI is also very clunky and difficult to navigate..Version: 4.41.0

For Desktop use onlySeriously do not download this app it is the definition of pure frustration. Just for a second imagine the most irritating editing experience possible with random things happening and aweful glitches. I am a calm person who is young and very well versed with technology and Im telling you only download this app if you want a new phone because you will smash your current one..Version: 3.29.1

Desktop Canva is GREAT! But Canva app is not functioning at all?Hi. I am new to Canva and I’ve been using it the passed few days to design some posts and cards. It was a great experience and there was a huge variety of templates and ideas for me to choose as a starting point. I’ve made many designs and the interface on the browser was easy to navigate. So a big thumbs up for desktop browser Canva. I’ve decided to download the Canva app 30mins ago and I have been trying to login and it won’t log me in? The app is having trouble loading the page. I have miraculously logged in on one of the attempts but the app won’t load my designs or home page at all. Even when it was loaded, when I go in planning to post one of my designs, part of it was missing and the colours changed. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled the app. But it’s still the same. I’m not sure if this is still in a development phase of an update or a bug or something? It did not work at all on my iPhone. I am sure the app would be great to use if it’s fully functional. Hope this is fixed soon..Version: 3.83.0

Can’t switch accountsApp is ok - just wish we could switch user accounts on the actual app..Version: 2.8.6

Glitchy and slowI got Canva pro to use the background remover. It worked AMAZING!! On the first day. And ever since then I’ve been experiencing bugs and glitches. It’s really annoying and sad. Why did it so work well on that first day?? My pictures don’t load properly, it takes so long to view my own photos, the app constantly forces the option to use their pre made sets by automatically setting it as a base point, when I am NOT interested in using it. Just adds a few extra annoying seconds to each image I try to create. It also takes incredibly long to save the image, when on the first day it was instant. Quite peeved and actually so happy I tested the app for a month instead of going for the yearly payment. Quitting Canva and finding a background remover app that works much better and smoother. BYE.Version: 4.29.0

Great app, one significant improvementGreat app, amazing on the desktop version, nearly perfect. There’s one area of the mobile version that leaves significant room for improvement. There is a significant continuity error when switching between desktop and mobile versions of the platform. When working on the desktop version if you switch to mobile or vice versa nothing in your document will be in the same place this creates issues with saving printing and sharing your document, depending on which version you are using. So basically you can’t switch between mobile and desktop version of Canva without there being issues with elements being in different spots on your document. This has been an issue for as long as I’ve used the application, and never been fixed. (For people reading this the developer response does not address the issue, the issue is not general synchronization, it’s placement of text and objects being displayed differently across synced devices. This app is still good, but expect this may be an issue).Version: 4.66.0

Log in not functioningWhile using the gmail sign in tool, Canva says my account already exist and to sign in... I thought that’s what I was doing... no login link availability.Version: 3.134.0

Love Canva, kind of hate the appI’ve been using Canva Pro on and off for years but only recently started using the app on my iPad and I do find it quite frustrating; The side tool bar doesn’t go away even when you tap away from it when using things like colour changes and positioning, sometimes you’ll tap to the side of a page and it will whoosh back to the top page, getting a straight line is a nightmare if you have anything else on the page. Just a few difficult to explain but annoying-when-they-happen issues that make working on the app less convenient. I really like the programme itself, especially being able to stop and start my subscription when it suits me, so I hope some improvements come to the app eventually..Version: 4.96.0

Not good nowI love this app, it’s fantastic but today it updated and everything has changed. Cannot find anything, last version on iPad was fab as you could see everything on the one screen. Now it won’t turn to landscape and this just makes life difficult. Can’t see how to access my photo library. Last version was better Canva, please reverse, this app is now virtually unusable! Cannot drop photos in frames, can’t copy, tapping the screen does nothing most of the time, the vertical screen thing is just silly, much better when all the options were down the side, takes ages to find any features from the old style. Totally user unfriendly and a massive step back from what it was before! I reported this to Canva days ago, no response as usual, yet you tell us to report it??? If you try to find out how the hell to operate this, it shows you the last version (we know how to use that, it was fab!) show us how to use this stupid one or better still get rid of it! What’s the point in making something everyone clearly loved and found so easy to use, a hundred times worse and so bad everyone will find something better. Disappointed in the response from you on this one Canva! iPad users once again have to deal with ridiculous changes to accommodate laptop and iPhone users..Version: 3.1.0

TOO GLITCHYI love the app Canva and use it for my school assignments and even just to make desktop wallpapers for myself. Don’t get me wrong I love Canva and all, But there is just one problem. I have recently downloaded Canva on my iPad 2 days ago, and have found that the app is lagging and is not working properly. For example when I try to scroll up and down in my downloaded photos in Canva it lags and takes forever, and sometimes it doesn’t even work and starts to freeze up so I have to refresh the app and then continue what I am doing. This is a really annoying problem that only happens on my iPad and not my MacBook. Please fix this problem to make this game better😁😢😠.Version: 3.109.0

Incredibly frustratingSpent two hours on making a video which was created for me using the wizard but then I had to tweak it which was a pain. Then once finished I found I couldn’t download it without Pro because of the music it had automatically used which I couldn’t remove or change. Was using a phone which won’t do Apple Pay and there’s no other option of paying so had to swap to second iPhone, so I could sign up to a free trial. Then found some of the videos weren’t working properly so had to reload them up from the second phone. Then I couldn’t download it on that device, swapped back to the first phone. Now the finished product is there and I’m signed up to their trial, but some of the videos don’t work again, so then I had to reload them up, slowly copy and pasting the text boxes etc, then I couldn’t download it on that device either. Swapped to a laptop, some of the videos don’t work on there either, then couldn’t download it on that. No help option, just says ‘can’t download, try again’ etc. Literally hours wasted. Safe to say I’ve cancelled the trial and gone back to basic IMovie!.Version: 4.86.0

Don’t bother with premiumCanva as a basic product is great. I decided to sign up for the premium service as I’m using Canva for my business multimedia and it made sense to include it given what it offers. It maybe that the app is useless on a phone (my preferred way of doing it) but it is so clunky and no way near as easy to use or intelligent as adobe photoshop. The menu’s don’t make sense and all I want to do is remove the background from my logo, but there’s no clear way to do this without using the background remover tool which also removes some of the colour from the centre of my logo. It would be so much easier to have a selection tool like photoshop. TLDR - don’t pay to upgrade. Use a better app..Version: 3.129.0

This app sucksI just paid full price for this app to download a post on my Instagram site about my new website launch. every time I try to upload a new template it says go to purchase and then it says already have purchased and then it won’t open the template..Version: 4.98.0

Still some oddities in the systemEDIT: Previously, I had written a negative review saying that a recent update had essentially removed every feature of the app that I used for my designs, background color editing among this number. I am happy to say that, for the most part, those features have been restored. I am able to access and edit all my designs on my iPad, and the completion of the update has made usage fairly easy. However, there are still some large issues that need to be fixed which prevent me from giving this app five stars. For starters, I cannot access any templates on my iPad. If I click on the Templates button, nothing appears. I have tried this multiple times; every other tab under the + button works exactly as intended, but it has been a month or so now and I can’t access any templates. This is a pretty big issue for me; the vast majority of my designs use a specific template. The second issue I have is that I still cannot edit background colors on my iPad. This is also a large aspect of my designs, and right now that means I have to switch to my laptop to be able to actually get the design I want. I’d quickly change this review to five stars if these factors were fixed, but for now this remains a frustration for me..Version: 3.2.12

Clunky app, text feature impossible to useAs someone who used the over app for years, I had hoped Canva from all the advertising I had seen would be a good option. Instead I find that the app is hard to use. The text options are not just annoying but flat out near impossible to use. I don’t understand why more hadn’t been done to have this app be user friendly. I have tried many different templates and to do many different things with text. As a disability advocate I use apps like this to make info graphics, so text is quite important. Yet after over an hour of struggling for the fifth or sixth time now I have to ask why this app is still under preforming so badly. Fix this stuff already..Version: 3.134.0

HelpI am having it post roughly 2-5 posts every few days but now it’s only posting half of my creations I just don’t understand.Version: 4.99.0

Canva wrecked it on the iPad and iPhoneCanva 1.0 is awesome for both desktop, iPhone and iPad (iOS). Nothing was wrong with them. Since Canva 2.0 has come out, only the desktop version has improved, but the the iOS version has become more confusing with less features. Now you cannot copy text or elements, bring elements or texts forward or backward, look at your files, resizing a square to a rectangle and too many other problems I have discovered. If Canva made the layout of the iOS version the same as the desktop version, like in Canva 1.0, it be much easier to find things and use the tools on Canva. The only pro with the iOS version is that is more simple..Version: 3.2.3

Great ideas but sooo slowCANVA has really good templates, and their options are endless however I’ve spent HOURS/DAYS developing a logo and business card. After deciding on my design I wanted to tweak a few things which took me 6hours to do as the app constantly freezes at ever stage after every click and is super slow. I’ve read lots of reviews and watched many videos and all say the same thing. It’s so annoying that something that should take 30mins or sometimes seconds to do takes double or triple the time because of the bugs. I’ve tried deleting all unused data / images and designs which also took hours to do as there is no select all - delete button and you have to delete everything 2x. Once from your photos and then from your trash. These issues have been going on for months and no update seems to fix the problems. I use the free option and it really puts me off ever paying for the pro version. All the CANVA responses seem to say the same thing send a trouble shooting or more detailed email which I refuse to do as they must have had hundreds/thousands of people say the same thing and they haven’t fixed the common issues. I wouldn’t recommend CANVA if you want a stress free design app that doesn’t take up weeks of your times for a logo and business card however for a quick Instagram story with not too much thought or design is needed it does the job..Version: 3.89.0

Hard to use on phone or tabletCool app but good luck editing on it !.Version: 3.19.2

There a glitch is happening in the checkout system for printing.I love Canva, but as I tried to checkout and print postcards, it kept glitching out and sending me back to the beginning if I had to make any changes or hope for a minute to put in my payment information. I had to go back to the beginning where I how to input the size and type of paper I was going to be printing on. I had to re-put in which Pages of the design I would be printing. I had to do this over and over and over at least 15 times because the screen would incorrectly show me that there were parts of my picture outside of the bleed lines. It would show me the read warning shot a sign and I would go back and redo it unnecessarily. I had to do this many many times and what should’ve taken me 10 minutes to check out of my print card took me well over an hour to hour and a half because it was showing me incorrect images. I generally do not have a problem with Canva and usually really really really love it. I just need the team to know that there are these glitches happening. any response from the team would be super helpful and I am happy to change my review back to five if you I just know you guys are working on it..Version: 4.37.0

Overpriced and BuggyFortunately I was still in the free trial mode before deciding whether I wanted to pay for the pro-mode of the app. The only reason I was considering paying for it was for the “background removal tool” when editing photos. Every time I attempted to use this tool, immediately after using it the app would crash and everything in that document would be gone - even though I saved periodically and it appeared to save successfully. I tried playing around with the tool to see if it was user error, but no matter what template I used or what image I used it on, the app immediately crashed and deleted everything in that template. It was extremely frustrating to repeat the process multiple times and to be left with a blank template at the end. Scrolling through anything on the app is cumbersome as well (it makes it feel like my touchscreen isn’t registering me touching the screen, even though it works everywhere else). Lastly, converting to other template sizes is not seamless and shouldn’t be used as a selling feature for the pro version. Also, I am using an updated 2021 iPad Pro, so it should not be equipment failure. I’m glad I used the free trial, because it gave me the clarity to avoid paying the pricey monthly charge for this buggy app. TLDR: Background Removal Tool causes app crashes, unsaved work. Cannot easily scroll through images/graphics/etc. due to bugginess. Don’t pay for this app..Version: 3.125.1

I loved it but now...So I am a student and I used this app for a business project that we had to do last year. At that time, I loved Canva. It’s had great designs and it was easy to use. I finished my design for a logo and a business card in one day. I got it again (after I deleted it for storage on my iPad) and it look pretty much the same. But now it’s very laggy and I have to get out and back in again for me to open a design I want. Even if I do that though, every time I want to change or edit a text and after I get out of the keyboard, it doesn’t come to the full screen and so there’s like a white rectangle on the bottom of the screen. This might not have been a major thing for me but it didn’t let me use the buttons/ actions on the top of the screen (like changing the colour and font and size etc). I hope you could fix this very soon because I need to make a logo but it’s getting too laggy and frustrating for me..Version: 3.40.0

Great, but my version of Canva isn’t the same as shownGreat app overall, yet it can get frustrating to edit on iPad. It often glitches out, doesn’t allow me to edit and its performance worsens gradually as I use it over time. Another problem I have - the version of Canva I have (which should be the latest) doesn’t look the same as shown. While the photos of the app on the App Store shows a format similar to the desktop version, mine has a basic black format that is significantly more difficult to use and navigate. I’m not quite sure what might be causing this, but it’s been bothering me ever since I first started using the iOS version. Despite these problems, it’s quite convenient to use when I don’t have a computer on hand. If my review is (somehow) seen and something is done about what I’ve addressed, then Canva would definitely receive a 5-star rating..Version: 3.20.0

I want to say I love this app...Easy to use, and makes great looking graphics. However incredibly glitchy (using my iPad Pro). If you have multiple pages, every time you edit text in one page, once you click done it skips to the very last page of the file. Annoying when you have 30 pages - also this is the limit you can have in one project which is a bit impractical. The more I use it the more glitches like this I’m seeing. I have to use it to finish this project I’m working on but I doubt I will use again because it has been too frustrating and honestly, takes twice as long to deal with all the issues.Version: 3.10.0

Excellent app BUT...The background remover never ever lets me edit it. It freezes every single time I try to and the whole app crashes then. I have deleted and redownloaded the app, I have turned off the phone and restart everything, I've cleared my cookies, and I've made sure the phone and app are updated and I have flawless perfect internet connection. The only thing they say in the "help" center is to check my internet but like I said, my connection is fantastic. It's extremely frustrating. I pay for the pro package but I'm still unable to meet my deadlines because of this background issue and the app randomly crashing if I try to work on anything. And they have zero support. No way of chatting with anyone to get help, no way of in app messaging or phone. Not even for pro subscribers. So I do recommend the app if you are just doing projects for fun for you and the fam but if you count on this to make money, you might be better off using Inkscape, photoshop, or one of the many other design tools offered..Version: 4.67.0

Great app...HOWEVERI would love to give Canva 5 stars, however it can be highly frustrating. Especially when you have created items and paid for content. Overall it is a fantastic app with some great features and it is really easy to use. However, over the past few months there has been an issue with saving items and the preview of the saved item does not appear to be the same as the actual saved design. At first I was told to delete and re-install the app (on several occasions), of which 1) is annoying and inconvenienf and 2) the engineers just need to fix the bugs within the app! The help and support team are great when they are able to respond, but i reported an issue regard the app (which incurred a cost) 5 days ago and still waiting...once they fix the bug issues and get things right it will be well worth 5 stars!.Version: 3.1.0

Really pleased with this app.I’ve been using Canva for a few days now, only free version as I only need it for a limited amount of editing, but I’ve been really pleased with its functionality and ease of use. It is not a high end design app with rulers etc., but its simplicity makes up for that. Really great for quickly adding banners etc to Instagram posts and some really great free templates (which I never normally use, but these were actually useful!). Thank you team for a great freebie with no ads and no hassling to upgrade. Update: I am stopping using. Unfortunately, it now seems to remove any enhancements (colour, brightness etc.) from photos that I have edited. This has therefore removed any usefulness to me..Version: 3.36.0

Absolutely DisappointingI honestly do not know where to begin except that I am so severely disappointed in the product outcome. My boyfriend had decided to surprise me and make custom t-shirts for the new business we are starting. As this was going to be a Valentine’s gift, he put in his order during the first week of February. This is where the issues begin: to start, it never arrived before Valentine’s Day, as it said it would have. After a couple of days of waiting after Valentine’s Day, we looked to see the order status and it was STILL in printing, for two shirts! My boyfriend contacted the company and they told him that it was a long process or some other excuse and only offered him a 20% off next order coupon… AFTER IT WAS ALREADY 7 days late! Come to find out, the shirts finally arrived… and the biggest disappointment was to come: the shirts, aren’t even printed. I wish I could add a photo of what was delivered. What should have come in was two shirts with white lettering of our businesses’s name. Instead, there is brown outlining on these shirts of where I THINK they were supposed to put the design. I am so frustrated with their lack of professionalism and lack of concern for their products. I can say I will need quite a bit of convincing before I ever consider using their services again..Version: 4.1.0

Wait up!I love Canva, but the latest update is not backward compatible, and the opening screen asking me to up date won’t allow me to keep using the older version. Any chance that could change? (Still wondering).Version: 3.121.0

Love/Hate relationshipSoooo if you don’t know it now you know Canva has a website too, that’s how I started off with Canva designs. Its AMAZING. Really great compared to other design apps. The website is great too! But the app is exceptionally the best at freezing and LAGGING. WEOW this app knows how to be slow. If you don’t mind taking 10-15 mins out of your time to do something that would take 2 mins to do max usually, then it’s great! If you’re impatient then...yeah no just go on the pc😂😂.Version: 3.16.0

It’s a mixed bagCanva isn’t intuitive. At all. The location of certain common use buttons like “edit” and the ability to save png’s in a higher dpi are either absent or oddly located in canva pro. It’s deceptive in that canva makes you expect to see certain options and yet, they’re missing. A search in the help section guides you but then the guide doesn’t match what you’re staring at in canva. It’s either out of date or just wrong, both are irritating. Canva is trying to hit a broad audience and it initially feels like it succeeded until you use it. When you start off designing in canva it’s awesome. You see countless templates and clip art, your options appear to be endless. Then you start to see most of the templates are extremely basic as is the clip art. Lots of options, most of which you’ll never use. Canva starts strong and yet flops at the finish line. It’s cosmetically nice and their customer service seems to be rather responsive so if you have an issue, I wouldn’t expect you to be left hanging. That being said, I won’t extend my subscription as there are other options far more intuitive that have the basics nailed down..Version: 4.53.0

Would not recommendI was asked to use Canva to create content for a work newsletter. I have found it to be absolutely terrible, it’s caused me no end of stress. The UI is not particularly clear, the selection and moving tools are virtually non-existent, the template I was asked to use de-saturates all my photos and there is no easy way to reverse this, it’s hard to move things around and scroll through pages and far too easy to accidentally move something when you’re trying to scroll (again, moving and selection tools!) and there seems to be no way to easily apply consistent formatting. The marquees and boxes for text are overly complicated and difficult to work with but worst of all an error message pops up literally every 30 seconds saying my work cannot be saved! And it sometimes is and sometimes isn’t! Add to this the fact that my colleagues can easily overwrite my files and folders accidentally, canva has wasted hours of my time and I have nothing to show for it. Will not be subscribing. Furious..Version: 3.47.1

Security problemHi everyone I just received a message that my email has been sold on the dark web and it’s coming from Be careful and change your password immediately.Version: 3.20.0

Video editing functionalityI am eager as I look forward to an update for this app. To start if your upgrading to pro feature for $120 and you are a micro influencer and or content creator I would recommend waiting for Canva to update the app as you wont be able to take advantage of the app and all its perks because the lack of functionality of the app across all devices. This app can be a great all in one if Canva were to update The app it should be reconfigured for ease of use for the consumer, when adding video to Canva there is no way to mute and unmute the audio. Also load time and app crashes constantly. since I had trouble loading a 2 min video I chopped it down to four 30 second clips and still Canva was not able to load my data. It was really difficult creating a short 40 second clip and adding text on to the screen shouldn’t be that difficult, consider updating the app where you can add text to a certain part of your video without having to split the clip as the translations are not seamless meaning it’s obvious and it too can be confusing and not aesthetically pleasing if a seamless overall video you were aiming to create..Version: 4.50.0

Not great anymoreI’ve been using the app for a long time, have a pro account and here’s the thing… what the app can potentially do is phenomenal. A lot of people who tend to be technologically inept find this app useful, as well as those used to using powerful tools for marketing content. After all the work I produce however, I download a video to my phone and begin seeing text justification skewed, font often warped etc. I go to the bot for help, it then directs me to canva support, I then contact support for them to tell me the same exact thing! I feel like the app is trying too much at one time before allowing the basics to work as fluidly as they should on all fronts. Creating a basic piece of animated text for a quote should not cause me such inconveniences, and should not be inconsistent at this point. The potential is insane but I’ll be cancelling my pro account at the end of the month and will find something different for my team going forward. Canva was better before it got complex..Version: 4.85.0

NO CUSTOMER SERVICE WHEN SUBSCRIPTION FAILSI’ve had a pro subscription for my small musings for several months. Working fine, until one day I open the app and ALL of my saved projects are gone. And the app says I don’t have a paid subscription. However in my apple receipts and on my iPhone my subscription is still valid and paid for. I contacted support, received a generic answer asking me to do all the dummy things like sign out and sign in again etc Their next email response was ‘we’ve looked up your email address and there is no Pro subscription for this account.’ They asked me to send an apple receipt, which I did. I have since received no response after providing 2 methods of proof. Currently paying for a service I cannot use, and have lost all my small business marketing work. AND customer service is MIA. Would not recommend. CANVA IF YOU HAVE THE GALL TO RESPOND HERE TELLING ME TO CONTACT APPLE AS THE SUBSCRIPTION IS TIED UP WITH THEM, OR TELL ME TO CONTACT YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE MY POINT IS MADE. HOW ABOUT YOU TRY GETTING SOMEONE TO RESPOND TO MY EMAIL OF PROOF OF PAYMENT INSTEAD..Version: 4.12.0

Not workingI paid for this app but I can’t even upload videos from my phone! It used to work well, even when I had the free version but not impressed lately. What a waste of subscription when I can’t even do a simple video..Version: 3.125.2

New update ruined mobile user experienceBeen a fan of Canva for a long time. Used to be an easy ans sleek experience to create my invoices. New update made text editing next un unusable. Very janky, frustrating an wasting a lot of time. Why did you have to change something that was already great? Stop ruining good products with unnecessary updates. Please!.Version: 3.26.0

BEWARE: No Live Support or No Background RemoverCanva WAS great! It is not anymore! I’ve subscribed for a bit over a year now. The background remover (BR) has been crashing CONSISTENTLY for the last 5 months! I’m over it! I have the contacted technical support team… which is only by email BTW! Who wants to wait for an email response when your in the middle of a design project?!? It was pointless anywho! After days of back and forth they asked me to screen record the issue! You can’t screen record a crash! So I recorded it from my phone to my iPad Pro and still they did nothing except tell me to update!!! Which is automatically done! They basically refused to address the crashing! When I use background remover it works… If you need to use the “Erase/Restore” feature it works, as soon as you hit apply to save your design… IT CRASHES! You have to force restart! When you reopen your image is back to its original state! So I just canceled it! Don’t waist a year and some like me at $14 buck a month! I never write reviews, I felt it was my duty to save you… whomever is reading this! Just google a (BR) and use that tool! The only reason I gave it 2 stars because it worked at some point and I still use it to put things together. But it’s NOT the pro version! Cause for what🤔 It’s giving RIP OFF!!!.Version: 4.32.0

Awesome Platform But Buggy AppCanva has potential to be a 5 Star app. If this review were based on just on the creative process alone and ease of use, this is an easy 5 Star platform However, when it comes to the APP, both iPad and iPhone are buggy experiences. Colors of graphical elements used in creations do not display right most of the time but look fine on the browser version.. (ex. I choose a graphic of a hammer and color it all black. The app in some instances will show it as a totally different color... say green. Then trying to correct it on the app doesn't work because the app shows that the "color selected" for the hammer is black. Going back to the browser it is definitely still colored black).. Sometimes text and graphics look misaligned after downloading but look fine on the browser version as well the app. This makes it hard to share creations with clients because the finished product I create will sometimes be "off", looking as if I rushed through a creation and not because of user error. This is very frustrating. Anyone considering using this platform should stick with the browser version until the dev team can crush a few more bugs within the app because, while it in itself is not perfect, it has far less bugs and glitches. Other than that as I stated above, Canva is very intuitive and extremely easy to use..Version: 4.15.0

Customer Service is horribleI wish I had good things to say. I’ve been using this app monthly and paying for monthly pro features. This month however, although nothing has changed on my end, I do not have access to the features anymore even though they took the payment from my account. I’ve reached out to customer service 4 times which in itself has been overly difficult to find a way to get in touch with them. When someone finally responds and they ask me for information for proof of payment, which I have, and I reply I send it to them - they stop responding. So I am paying for a service I cannot get access too and I cannot cancel because they say I don’t have pro features, yet they withdrew money from my account for the service. There is also no number to call in to speak to someone in person. Horrible customer service..Version: 3.81.0

Useless. Zero customer supportI’ve been unable to log into my pro account since day one. There are no humans to call for assistance. Nobody responded to emails. I just wanted to use what I paid for. I unsubscribed before it auto renewed tomorrow. One full year of not being able to use Canva. It’s really unfortunate because I think it’s a great program..Version: 4.28.0

New update: why?I believe that the functionality of the design has gone down with the new interface update. Viewing my projects was way easier in the previous design. I find it harder to add in my own logos from external applications. The reason I loved this App was because I could be creative while on the go with my iPad or iPhone but now I will have to return to using the Website version to make the process easier on me which is not favorable. Please don't prioritize drastic design changes that sacrifice simple but helpful shortcuts like: the grid feature that directed placement of your designs in a geometric symmetry with the overall design, having user-friendly editing for mobile devices that allows you to view all tabs of editing possibilities, and having easy capability of zooming in and out of your design. And every time I open a design up the program changes placement and color of everything on the page and I have to exit and re-enter the design MULTIPLE times before it even becomes similar to what I had saved last. Overall, incredible application but I cannot stand the newest update because of all the difficulties it has brought to my creative process..Version: 3.1.0

UX team should be ashamedSpent the last 30 mins looking for a way to mute videos. Still no luck. Will have to pull out my laptop in the middle of the subway. Awful discoverability of the most basic features..Version: 4.29.0

Frequent issuesI’ve used Canva Pro for a little while now and really love what I’m able to do with it. Unfortunately for a little while now I’ve had quite a few issues whereby my saved designs don’t save with changes or edits I’ve made, when I try to use certain effects they won’t work and I spend a lot of my time re-doing a lot of my designs. This is quite frustrating considering I have a pro plan. If you don’t have good service or aren't connected to WiFi you’re not able to do anything. I’ve raised issues I’ve had with Canva and it’s not resolved the problems I keep having with my designs. If these faults can be resolved I’d be giving Canva 5 stars..Version: 4.80.1

New updates make app uselessI’m a long-time Canva user and have the yearly business account, which I use often. I was thrilled when they first came out with a mobile app and have also used this frequently and had it work fine. However, in the past month or so they have introduced new updates to the app which have made it completely useless. It crashes every 30 seconds when you are trying to edit (not an exaggeration!), so you can’t use it to make any new projects. I often use it on the go to make small edits to Instagram templates for my company’s social media accounts, but even something as simple as editing a color causes it to crash. I usually buckle through and after many crashes and swear words I can get the minor edits done, but then when I actually go to save my project it will export without any of the new edits and I end up with an old version of the file. I’ve taken to screenshotting my final project in order to use it. Super frustrating, and I hope the developers fix these issues soon. Even my husband knows how much I hate the app issues because I complain about it every time I try to use it!.Version: 3.1.2

Just use the websiteThis app is incredibly hard to use, and this is coming from someone who uses the Canva site weekly. In the app, you end up accidentally moving everything when you try to choose one element to edit, and you’re pretty limited with what you can do with text since you can’t select part of a text box and edit it separately from the rest. Navigation in one project is also a nightmare. The things that Canva offers just can’t be forced into such a small interface. Ditch the app and make stuff on their site. Unlike this app, the site is laid out intuitively and you can do what you want without wanting to tear your hear out. Two more really annoying features of the app I learned while having computer issues: 1. Projects in the app will display and download differently from what is on the site. For example, my text will be pushed to two lines on the app when it can fit on just one when looking at the website, even though the text is the same size. 2. There are two ways to save your projects to your phone. If you choose the most easily accessible one, however, it immediately downloads everything in your project without allowing you to decide pages, quality, file type, etc. You have to choose the ‘share’ menu to make those choices..Version: 4.37.0

Why would you complete change the entire app?Is there is anyway to reverse an update? The new update is nothing, NOTHING like how it has been for years. The images shown as an example of the app is the old layout. The new update has completely changed everything. I have lost designs because of this. I run a small business and now I am having to redesign/rewrite new products, which I have been working on for months. Due to lost images and not able to edit my designs. I am so beyond disappointed. I am also having constant issues with the app now, glitches, freezes, super slow to type. It is not my memory, everything else works how it should. Except this app after I downloaded it. Yes this is my second review, because I am hoping there is a way to reverse the update and get the older design layout back. I am thinking it is time (after many years) to leave Canva and find a new program. If you read this, don’t update your app unless you are happy to run the risk of loosing your work!.Version: 3.35.3

Unable to upload photos to CanvaWhen I click on the camera image I am unable to upload images. It will only allow me to upload one photo one time. If I try again it doesn’t work. This has never been an issue before the updates. Please fix this issue!.Version: 4.100.0

No funciona bienCuando hay que guardar las imágenes se cierra la app o me apaga el teléfono.Version: 2.8.6

Always crashes!!!Even after my last review the app is still a shambles! As much as I used to love it all it does now is crash, I cannot get through anything and it is so frustrating. I am paying a monthly fee and I basically cannot use this thing, I have tried deleting and redownloading but it is still a joke and such a shame because I have recommended this to other friends who have businesses prior to all these problems. My last reply was some sort oflink which I see no improvement. Something needs to be done to sort out this problem as soon as possible. I am currently trying to edit my last project and 12mins later I am no better off as all it does after i change anything is freeze and crash As much as I love this app and I have even paid for the full version but every single time I use this on my phone it ALWAYS CRASHES!!! This means it takes me so long to create my business menu because it never saves what I have already done, so I am literally typing and designing one flyer for over 20minutes and this is not even the worst. I have the latest updates on my phone (iphone xs max), the latest update on the app also but this makes no difference. Please, please sort this out if possible as it is so frustrating that even now I have attempted to design another menu and it as froze and closed on my more than 5 times! Hence why I am writing this review :(.Version: 3.50.0

Very buggy and poorly writtenThe app is a significantly different experience than the browser version. It is riddled with critical bugs which break your designs; lacking functionality which is needed to properly render designs made on the browser and thus making it absolutely useless as an extension of your workflow as you cannot transfer a project between platforms without introducing major bugs. The bugs remain unfixed, even after four years. Canva in a browser is reasonable good but the app is just horrendous..Version: 4.72.0

Not happy…I Expected a lot betterFor as big as Canva seems to be, you think they would have better ways to contact and get support from other than literally 1-2 response emails a day, continuing entire conversation to last over weeks, if not more. I used to be pleased and happy with having Canva, but now after dealing with A MONTH LONG OF EMAILS, back & forth, and sending, EVERY SINGLE RECIEPT, and screenshots of EVERYTHING involved in purchasing the pro version, the month I paid for, turned into a month of back and forth emails, continuously asking for the same information that is included on all emails and screenshots from App Store, Apple, my email, itunes, debit/ bank card used to purchase pro & continuously saying they are not finding my purchase, but they can see I have Canva Free? How do I have Canva free when I purchased Canva pro and sent ALL info and screenshots that I still have today proving I purchased. And STILL NOT getting anywhere. I ended up having to file a complaint with the bank in which my card is through. I really did expect a lot more for the amount of people that use Canva. Onto find something else to use & will be deleting my profile account and the Canva app..Version: 4.68.0

I wish it would be betterI am a student that uses Canva as a tool to make my school projects look better and at first, I loved it. Everything was fast, easy to understand and great in general. But I am using the iPad version of canva. In the past year or so, there has been updates, but it has just gotten worse each time. The first big update was confusing, making it hard for me to access things like images or even to type up a small text without it exiting for some unknown reason or it being difficult to move selected things around. These updates have made me not rely on canva as much and the only reason why I use it is for the aesthetics, but every time I come back to it, it probably takes me a few hours just to get a poster laid out nicely. It is frustrating but I hope that it will get better because I really do want to love this app..Version: 3.25.0

Worst customer service everI purchased the Pro subscription in March and I have the receipt. I recently activated a new iPhone. All of my accounts show I have an active subscription but when I open the app the Pro features are not accessible. My iTunes account is set to a different email from the email I used to sign up for Canva. I used the Facebook sign up feature to create my Canva account. There is a huge disconnect in accounts that is impeding me from supporting my business online. And this has created a lot of stress for our team members. I need this issue resolved or my money refunded. None of my team members are able to sign up and purchase their own Canva Pro accounts because everyone is linked to my inaccessible account. Canva has the worst customer service of any company app have I ever purchased. I’ve sent multiple help requests and they either don’t respond or close the case with the disclaimer that the issue is resolved. Which is obviously not the case. Obviously there is no one to speak with on the phone and their email communications are horrible. Although the app works great when it works but the customer service is atrocious. Highly DO NOT RECOMMEND..Version: 3.100.0

Harder than it needs to be.Hello, I love Canva and have always been a huge fan of the desktop version! I recently shifted jobs and needed to start using Canva more often and background remover more often to be more specific. There have been many issues with the app version regarding the Background Remover feature. The first issue is extreme lag. I’ll completely finish intricately removing the background then when I hit save and go back to my design, only partial work I did will show. So this causes me to need to go back and completely re-do what I already did multiple times until the app works or until I just completely close out and give up. Another problem, is zooming. Either the function just completely won’t work or it does when it randomly wants to, and you can only zoom by tapping points outside of the design. I really wish this could be changed to where you can tap and zoom from wherever you are on the design. I feel like this version of Canva should be more easy to navigate and use but it’s been significantly harder than when I use the desktop version. PLEASE fix these bugs because other than these issues I LOVE using Canva!!!.Version: 4.58.0

BRING BACK OLD CANVAI used to use CANVA for all my editing needs, for flyers, posters, Facebook and media banners and poster ect, now I can’t do hardly anything I could with this app since the new update. I have to look else where as I can’t design the same and this is such a shame as CANVA had everything and was so easy to use. Just click and drop and pretty much sorted, now that’s all gone. I can’t drop photos into frames. I can’t seem to find anything I need like before. It just doesn’t work and I’m now in desperate need of a new app that can perform the same as the old CANVA. Some times things shouldn’t be messed about with and CANVA was one of those that was just perfect before. Please reconsider changing it back to before the update because I would be more than happy to start using it again, till then you have lost a faithful and happy customer. Please listen to your customers..Version: 3.2.1

Unimpressed.I had used Canva on and off for little things a playing around with designs in my free time. When I started using it seriously for business, I started noticing that no matter what I did and how I would download/save a design, the downloaded/saved product was very blurry- ALWAYS without fail! I thought maybe if I upgraded it might be different, thinking that it could be a pro feature to download/save high end pictures/designs. Unfortunately that was not the case! I’ve done all different kinds of ways to edit and design things for my business and it just always comes out the same! I also have designed some business cards and there was huge promotion for the integration of Officeworks here in Australia to firstly design in Canva and you can get it printed through Officeworks on Canva! I thought.. great! The business cards came and not only was the picture distorted, there was no way anyone could possibly read the business information on at the card it was that faded. I’m not sure if it was the printing quail it’s from Officeworks or the design issues in Canva (or both) but I will never be using Canva again for designs or printing needs! Very disappointed!.Version: 4.12.0


Keeps crashingThe first time I opened this app it froze. Searched google and decided to close all other windows as advised. Still not working. Restarted my iPad and went straight to Canva. Worked fine for around 30 mins then started bugging then froze again. As you can imagine this is INFURIATING when I am working to a strict schedule to present my clients with their brochures in time; I . cannot keep restarting my iPad every 30 mins. Was recommended this software by a client however I don’t think it will be something I use in the future. Update: After it first crashed after restarting it is now stuck frozen. I have tried restarting multiple times however it has logged me out. After signing back in it is still frozen; I can only exit the app and am not able to navigate inside the app..Version: 3.75.0

HiHi.Version: 4.99.0

It’s OK but app crashes and you lose workThis is great for people who want to create nice pictures and images for social media use. As far as using it to design printed materials, you need to be careful. The downloads are not print ready (96dpi not 300). You would need to ensure you’re creating documents in pixels, downloading and using a different software to resize the image for print quality. Also, recent updates to the app are really bad. My app crashes sporadically and won’t save work done on my phone. I also can’t “share” as the app won’t load any options for export. The app also has limited functionality compared to the website so be mindful. I wouldn’t call this a graphic design app, it’s simple templates, drag and drop design and text..Version: 3.1.1

AmazingI don’t have many competitors to reference for comparison but I can say I love the app! Especially now I’m faster at creating, PRO is essential for getting the job done right! Great integrations, features, operating, sharing, printing service. The option to pick up on user habits to personalise the experience would be great for example my screen is often filled with stuff I don’t need, want or have ever used (reference to pre designed products) more focus on all my own creations and frequently used would be best. Theming would also be a great tool, the brand kit is great but could possibly hold self set “rules” to help users keep to themes so content can remain consistent until chosen to be different x.Version: 4.80.0

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