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Canva: Design, Photo & Video app received 154 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about canva: design, photo & video?

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Canva: Design, Photo & Video for Positive User Reviews

Annoying GlitchesLast year Canva worked really well on ipads. This yr it is terrible. It is obviously no longer designed for those of us who do most of our work on ipads, as is very frustrating to use..Version: 3.2.4

It is awesomeI love designing. And Canva makes my dream come true and I learn something new every day I’m using it. Like I can make wallpapers for my friends and family which is amazing. But they don’t always have the background as I want so I have to search it up after I looked through all the background on here. But I don’t mind doing that but there’s a small problem. I’m very happy now and I love it so thank you for making this app.Version: 4.57.0

ParfaitTellement utile pour les logos de stream.Version: 4.98.0

HATE the Updated iPad AppI’m a long time Canva user and absolutely loved this app. I use it all the time for all my blog graphics. However, Canva recently updated the software for iPad and now I hate it. What was once an easy to use app, is now cumbersome, has less functionality, less ease of use, less user friendly, less everything except the amount of time it takes to create a new graphic. It has got to be about 200% slower. It works very similarly to the iPhone app - which I hate. If I can’t use the old interface, I’m gonna be forced to switch apps. Please don’t make me switch. Don’t make the iPad app function as poorly as the iPhone app. I need speed, ease of use and lots of functionality that works well on my iPad. Not my iPhone, but my iPad. I also can’t edit any of my saved files in Canva as I receive a compatibility error message. PLEASE FIX THIS!! PLEASE AT LEAST GIVE US THE OPTION OF USING THE OLDER VERSION. I HATE THE UPDATED IPAD VERSION. SERIOUSLY. HATE IT! I CAN’T EVEN USE IT, BECAUSE IT JUST SITS THERE FOREVER SPINNING, TRYING TO LOAD AND CAN’T. PLEASE, PLEASE GIVE US BACK THE OLD VERSION. PLEASE. How about if you do away with the iPhone version and just use the old iPad app? That’s a great idea! Or make the iPhone a limited functionality (which, it essentially is). Please give me back the Canva I loved! I am extremely busy, carry my iPad with me everywhere I go and use Canva all the time. Please do something about this!.Version: 3.1.0

Basic-free or Pro-subscribed - works brilliantly!!I’ve used Canva now for a couple of years or more and it really does inspire and promote creativity - whether it’s for social media, business or just for fun!! Love the professionalism - scope of choice and user friendly approaches. Tons of templates - make life easier and deliver ideas upon ideas. The fact that you can share in a group is incredibly versatile. I once shared with my Webdesigner…and it was awesome. The free trial for the ‘pro’ Canva is well worth trying and especially to go with it if you’re a professional or lay-designer, like me. Love the imaginative graphics as something for everyone. And you can upload your own photos. Look… don’t take my word for it. Just sign up and play…….Version: 4.29.0

Leaked my password to darkwebSo I wish I could rate this higher, because it was pretty easy to design the business card I wanted, it was easier when I went to the website. I was able to make it in 20 minutes on the website vs an hour messing around in the app. However when I tried to purchase the card it would not accept my card, it kept getting errors. The next morning I saw it tried to charge and then refund my card 3 times so not sure what happened there. Still it refunded all of them so no loss of money, just frustrating. I then took a break before trying again to purchase the card I wanted, but in that time I got an alert from Credit Karma that I had had a security breach and my password was found on the darkweb. The site that had the breach? Canva. Now I’ve had to deal with changing any website that I’ve ever used a variation of the password I used there, and it’s not every app and website, but it’s enough to be a lasting headache. TLDR liked the card I made, but I couldn’t purchase it and they weren’t secure enough not to leak my password. 1 star..Version: 3.16.0

Very good app but…I love Canva, I use it all the time. It’s super amazing for pretty much everything. It’s easy to use and has great stuff on it. I would totally recommend it. There is one flaw, most of the graphics are pro. I don’t spend money on apps and games so this is a big bummer for me especially because I think it’s a great app. I’ve also noticed that the amount of free items keeps decreasing. If you don’t mind spending money, its perfect. If you do, it’s still great but it could be better! - Addison.Version: 3.134.1

Love the desktop version, HATE the iPad AppI am a big Canva fan, I have used it for years through college and into my professional career. I just got an iPad Air and the Canva app is less than impressive. There is no integration of the folders function, and several of the editing tools available on desktop are missing. The social media calendar is also missing, which I use daily. There’s no function to search for your past designs, and because you can’t access your folders there’s no organization to your designs. This makes it very clunky to have to manually scroll through all your past designs (again, without a search bar option), and I’ve dealt with the app crashing numerous times. Additionally it takes forever to initially load (landing page appears but app freezes for a solid minute), and lags badly when using template search functions. I love the service Canva provides so I hope these changes can be made to improve the function..Version: 3.80.0

Tested and triedThere is so much you can do with this app, I tried it on my Mac to make a special video, so many good effects, and easy to use, with many transitions, I loved this but did stumble on 3 main issues, firstly it auto saves which I didn’t like because when I accidentally split a photo the undo button didn’t work, meaning I had to delete some pics and start again, sometimes I wanted to try something but found it difficult to revert, I would like to see an option to not auto save and do it manual, also I wanted to add 3 short video's at the end, but all my pictures needed to be landscape, but you can’t change your video’s to portrait without it changing all your other pics, this was a pain because the videos had heads cut off, no option either to zoom out on the vids, meaning I had to save 2 seperate creations and upload them to make it tie in together. Hope they find a way around this which is why I gave 4 starts.Version: 4.38.0

Best design appThis app is easy to design on the go. Mobile version works great on iPhone, user friendly. Highly recommended.Version: 4.75.0

Canva💕💕J’adore cette application c’est facile à utiliser et ça me permet de faire des publications de plus haut niveau même professionnel et à moins coût.Version: 4.99.0

So simpleI have all these ideas in my head and invariably technology put a stop to them!! Canva online and now the app make all my ideas possible. SO grateful to have found you guys ❤️.Version: 2.8.6

CRASHES 3/4 OF THE TIME!!Let me start by saying Canva is an amazing app and the fact that we get this level of customisability for free is amazing. However, lately, the app crashes up to 75% of the time when I open it. It doesn’t respond to anything I do and then maybe after 2 minutes, it will perform the first action I told it to perform and then after another minute the next. It is really annoying because not only does this happen but when it finally crashes and closes, none of the work I did BEFORE it started lagging saves. I don’t know if this is because of the update or anything but I know it didn’t do this before. I am also using an iPad Pro so I know it is not because of performance issues. PLEASE, PLEASE FIX THIS!.Version: 3.77.0

What a nuclear powered app!I thought the feature set would make this app slow and buggy, or have the free version limited to only a few fonts, but I was shocked by how practical the free version was. Very intuitive layout, real time font preview, expandable to full screen editing window or search window, fluid and lag less design, fine tuning manual editing tools, no stupid watermark for finished designs, plethora of usable templates. Amazing features and very few pop ups (they really only appear once you finished editing or click on a feature that is pro only, like filtering images by FREE tag. Well done guys, I wish I could have a pro license so I could give the app a thorough review but for the time being, I am super impressed..Version: 3.3.0

CanvaIt is so good.Version: 4.98.0

I love just about everything except one thingUsing Canva has been very good for me personally. I’ve been able to take my content to the next level with just using the tools and resources. I’m someone who never took my creativity seriously and one day I made my own brand design through Canva and it helped my online business x1000. So I think it’s pretty great the only thing I’d love to see change is the ability to “favorite” a design. This would be helpful when you’re searching for ideas instead of having us click the design and it automatically adds the design to our “my designs” tab. That gets annoying. Sometimes I just want to see the design I don’t want to add it. And sometimes I’m just scrolling and I’ll accidentally click a design and it still automatically adds it to my designs tab. Then when you press the “back” button to go back to look at similar designs it takes you straight back to the home page and you lose the place where you were looking. I hope that makes sense. I love this app but that’s the one thing that I don’t 😭. Please consider that minor change in the future!.Version: 3.134.0

Amazing buttt…..I love Canva it entertains you for HOURS but the one thing I would change is being able to make videos like TikTok’s it’s so confusing and when you actually figure it out you have to have pro!😡But if you’re not going to make videos than it’s good. I found the AI helper so GOOD!.Version: 4.93.0

I LOVEEE CANVAHonestly not a bad thing to say I do everything on the app, editing photos, content creation, literally everything in my job as a social media manager is done here!! Cannot recommend enough 👏.Version: 4.46.0

Easy and Fun!Canva is so easy to use.. its fun and quick! I can’t wait to design my next project!!.Version: 3.1.0

Help!I’ve had the free version of Canva for years and I love it!!! However I went to use it on my iPhone tonight and it forced me to do an app update (which is fine). When I clicked on OPEN in the App Store it takes me to the logo screen and it won’t open. It’s literally stuck on the logo screen. I’ve tried refreshing the app, closing it / opening it, turning my phone on and off but nothing… it won’t open. It shows the blue screen with the Canva logo but I can’t get inside it. What should I do? I hope you can help because I love this app 🤞🏻.Version: 3.119.0

IncredibleThis app is in a class of its own,from social media thumbnails,channel art ,video re-shaping its a dream come true for me,and its just so well packaged and presented in a way that it makes so many other apps on the app store inconsequential ,i met a man who owned his own buisness and he was telling me he would love to create his own advertising cards or pamphlet and i showed him this app and when i seen him 2 weeks later he told me his wife thought he was having affair because he was always on his phone on this canva app lol,he loves this app ,he said its changed everything for him in a positive way,he ended up showing his wife the app and what he was doing to put her mind at ease,anyway great app developers ,just great.Version: 4.3.0

Unique style but hard to work withHonestly, Canva is a great app, with creative images that take out the work of doing things yourself, but an be extremely hard and frustrating to work with! When saving designs to camera roll or photos, there is always a black line that hasn’t been cut off properly!!! There is no spelling or punctuation correction either, and it is hard to go back and correct all the time. Also, sometimes when adding in images when I am tapping them they resize without me doing anything different!!! Overall a good app but more bugs need to be sorted out and fixed!.Version: 3.5.1

Exciting new featuresCanva is right up there as a one-stop shop for creators, designers or those who just want stylish documents. It’s ability to connect you to text-to-image AI, flipbook making apps, drawing platforms and video supports — and heaps more features — make it a standout site. A++.Version: 4.71.0

Why?Okay, can I just start with saying that on a computer this is not one of, but THE best for editing pictures or making social media posts. Unfortunately though you probably saw my star review, EXTREMELY unfortunate. I hope before you read the rest that you know I understand and appreciate all that you guys do and only write this to figure out why I -and likely others- can’t use this. I used Canva on my computer for a while and really liked it! I then decided it would be easier to just do it on my phone for easier access. Once that happened I was really excited, I mean one of the best image editing software apps ever on my phone! Now, once it download I opened it trying to recall my password as it loaded when it just kinda closed. I tried again to no avail. It basically would just open the Canva screen and then close the whole thing. I then tried to see if it needed an update. Nope. I just want to use it. ❤️ Thank you for reading this review and have a positively perfect week. ❤️.Version: 4.36.0

Great App That Could Do With Some TweaksI’ve used Canva for a couple of projects now. It’s fairly easy to use for designs but I have struggled with video editing. The Canva Design videos & bot assistant are not 100% helpful. I could not edit Voiceovers for my video to my liking (I’d like it as an editable track, not something stuck to the video, and I could not see the video playing so that I could “narrate” as the video progressed), my laptop fan goes nuts using the app (also making it hard to record Voiceover), the video/audio playback lags and/or skips (frustrating when you’re trying to get the timings just so). I ended up record my voiceover on my phone’s Voice Memo app, uploaded it, then split & edited it to my liking. However, there is a maximum of 50 tracks so I was unable to fully edit my 50+ list of instructions, which is not great for a tutorial video. I would recommend, obviously, but I would hope that updates might improve things. I have been responded to and nowhere does it say my name is Gurpreet… when I go to find support, a human, it is difficult to speak to anyone. Stupid bots, pre-written troubleshooting issues aren’t always needed. I want to give feedback, help by speaking to a human but there is no way of contacting the developer - even clicking on the link you have just sent. What’s wrong with a live chat or an email address?!.Version: 4.80.1

Perfect for AdsLove the options!.Version: 3.15.0

Good but…It’s a really good app, I use it all the time and it has a wide range of free elements. However, it sometimes crashes halfway through, which is really frustrating but due to the fact it saves your work throughout, it’s not too much of an issue. I would recommend this for presentations, posters, invitations, leaflets etc. but from my experience the video editing capabilities are not as good. Overall it’s a really good app that I definitely recommend you download but you’re better off downloading capcut or a similar app if you want a video editor..Version: 4.90.0

Desktop compatible, iPad Pro challengedWhile this app is great on desktop with the latest update it’s practical application on iPad Pro is lacking to say the least. The biggest issue I have is what I consider basic and that’s cropping and adding your own imagery and photography. Unfortunately, it’s a frustrating exercise that makes me turn back to my desktop :( I am sure the developers will work on that but for the cost and UX, I would have to say Canva is by the dar dominating the market. I use it in conjunction with adobe including design ideas which is where this app shows its strength. The template game is strong. Good job guys but because it’s not practically applicable across devices I give it a lower star rating. I hope that’s rectified soon as I absolutely love using my iPad as a graphics tablet on the go when my Wacom is too bulky or inconvenient. Don’t judge it too harshly this is a great tool and even adobes apps, which are getting better, have serious limitations. You’re doing well on the app platform and market but room for improvement in user experience and across various devices..Version: 3.2.12

Le parfait logiciel pour toutes publications, impression multiplateforme et plus…💜.Version: 4.98.0

So happyI lve this app and its amazing functions. I have created some beautiful designs that i know are going to take my small business to the next level. The best thing about it is its all me..Version: 3.101.0

Amazing tool.I am an aspiring content creator and someone who loves to create. I really love Canva for all of the ways I can have fun with design. Thank you to the developers who created this..Version: 4.98.0

Canva You Rock!When you are working on a project, canva makes the app work for you with enamelling options like it knows what you may want in your idea that & so much more”! Thanks Canva.Version: 4.95.0

Amazing.Seriously cannot believe there are so many gorgeous templates & tools in this app that are free. It takes my business Instagram to the next level and doesn’t feel limited at all. The free content is super professional and really really pretty. Could not recommend this app more honestly..Version: 3.86.0

Amazing app for small businessI use canva to create ads for my small online business and it’s a great tool to have..Version: 3.113.0

Love CanvaSo I’ve been a pro user of Canva for about 3 years now. Love everything about it. So user-friendly, many templates to choose from anything you need they have it it’s easy to navigate your way through the app. It’s so much more. The only thing I have a slight complaint about is not having the option to blend the photos. So like trying to create a flyer for a sport or memorial. It’s all doable, but the photo looks copy and paste whereas on Photoshop, you could like blended into the background and I wish that we had the option to do that without having to do so get there that’s probably my only complaint other than that I love cava and that’s why I continue to pay for the monthly subscription. It’s worth every penny it’s how I do my business, its how I create certain things for my my kids. I love it I just wish they had more of the options that photoshop does so that we are able to execute a lot of the things that we have to do. So PLEASE PLEASE make a option to BLEND BLEND photos..Version: 4.81.0

Not what I was looking for.Actually wanted an app that would let me design and produce my own art. Thinking about it being as one of the most expensive apps out there. Couldn’t have been more wrong on every level because what I found wasn’t a cheap option and definitely not inferior in any way. In fact just the opposite because this doesn’t justify the Canva app it fly’s much higher with a deeper understanding of people want and encourage them to go much further than they anticipated. Im in no way affiliated with company but will definitely recommend it for anyone from beginners to professional for all you need. Safe to say its absolutely an amazing platform and easy to use with no complicated jargon that goes with so many other platforms. Well done Canva.Version: 4.80.1

Canva Pro FULL RefundI had opted for a free trial of Canva Pro and subsequently forgot to cancel the same. As I had a team member of my team, the amount was charged for both of us. Being a student, this was an immense expense that derailed my budget for the month, and possibly the year. Nonetheless, Once I approached Canva and explained my problem, the team offered a full refund as a gesture of good will. Additionally giving me 90 days on the subscription, free of charge to reconsider re-purchasing the subscription. This was more than I expected and unbelievably nice of them! I’ve been using Canva for more than 5 years now and have really gotten my family and colleagues on board the Canva Bandwagon. We love it..Version: 3.53.1

Amazingly phenomenal appThis is app is absolutely phenomenal everything s so easy and they make you look soooooo professional!!!This app allows you to really make your posts look so professional without having to pay a professional I make all my logos with them also.Version: 3.4.0

Quick easy to use and save our life - but buggy latelyIt’s quick and easy to use and save our life as small/medium company owners as we can’t afford to invest so much money into getting a graphic designer to do every single banner or social media banners. Only takes me 2 minutes to quickly whip up a fb banner for a last minute fb post. Bravo! I don’t know much about graphics but as someone who runs a company. I believe that as long as we get the message out nice and clear to customers will be more than sufficient! Keep it up! However it’s been quite buggy lately? Please fix..Version: 3.1.2

Great App for Business SocialsSince getting this app I’ve been able to really make cohesive posts for social media which is perfect because I love theming things. I’ve had a few issues though with the app crashing on my iPhone, or photos coming up as white once I’ve selected them and sometimes a real lag in exporting. Wish the quality of the images was a little better for print res too and I’d love to see some things more customizable with the themes such as moving borders etc. overall though it’s such a great app and these bugs or missing features won’t stop me using it..Version: 3.1.1

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!I’m not a professional graphic designer or anything like that (infact I’m still in school) but I absolutely love this app. It is such a great app to let out your creativity and it has an amazing range of templates and images to choose from. I have only had this app for about five minutes and I am already in love. I also want to mention if you are going to buy this app it is amazing. I just wanted to say that I get that this is a marketing technique but some for some of the subjects for images you have to be subscribed to get a single image. This is just minor flaw but I think that if you could make at least one image in every subject this would make the app just a little bit better. Like I said before this is an amazing app and you should definitely get it!!.Version: 3.16.0

The best in the world!I just have to say, one thing to you: WOW! This app is sooooooooooooooo cool! I first heard about it when I saw an ad about it and I was like, I had to get that! So my parents let me. When I first started designing, I felt like I had power over the world, alright, so what if I’m exaggerating? This app is like the best, then one of my best friends at school thought of an idea to start a team for memes! So we have started a team called the meme duo. I’ve already created a meme called I’m going to peck you! And it’s so funny! So I just have to say, whoever invented this app, this is your best on yet!.Version: 3.129.0

Best Creation ToolI’ve been using CANVA for a numbers of years now… honestly the best creation tool I’ve ever come across. I love the elements and the templates and the ability to upload and edit documents with precision and ease. So good!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 4.99.0

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Canva is an exceptional graphic design tool that has completely transformed the way I create visuals for my personal and professional projects. As someone with limited design skills, I was initially skeptical about using a graphic design software, but Canva's user-friendly interface and vast selection of templates and design elements have made the process incredibly easy and enjoyable. One of the standout features of Canva is the extensive library of professionally designed templates. Whether I need to create a social media post, a presentation slide, or a flyer, there is always a template available that suits my needs. The templates are highly customizable, allowing me to change colors, fonts, and layouts to match my branding or personal style. This versatility has saved me an immense amount of time and effort..Version: 4.70.0

Good app except..This app is great for designing things as a student, especially posters. Except for the problem I have which bothers me LOTS. At times, I need to work on my designs on my phone but then I remember there’s no log in version for those using a school account. My school doesn’t use google, but Microsoft to do most things so most of my designs are on my school account. It’s quite frustrating if you ask me since I then can’t work anywhere. Please update this, I want to be able to work on my phone..Version: 4.15.0

Best design app everThis is the best design app I have had. Even though I am not a professional and I’m still in school this has helped me a lot with my presentation and performance. I can now design things for my job and advertise much easier. If you get this app I would recommend getting it at an early age to be able to make yourself noticeable in the world. It helps a lot with advertising things and helping you make a small business up and running..Version: 3.134.0

Not uploadingMy designs done on my phone, are not uploading to instagram, very frustrating- never had a problem before. New phone, latest software. Turned off and on.... what’s going on??!!.Version: 3.68.0

Love it!Thankyou so much. This is a life changing app. You can use it for almost anything. From Ads, to Websites, and Social media, this app has everything you need. Great quality and stunning templates are on offer which give a professional and clean look to any project. I love it 😎.Version: 4.71.0

Top QualityThis app allows you to not only create your own designs from scratch, but gives you countless of templates to help give that top quality look. I used this app for different type of papers for my upcoming gender reveal. Everywhere I looked didn’t quite have what I wanted so I decided to design my own. I am more than pleased with the results, the paper is top quality and their t-shirts are beautifully made. Their pricing is incredibly cheap compared to other sites I’ve looked into, they saved me so much money. The delivery time as quick and everything was beautiful packaged. The fact that they even plant a tree for every order they receive is just a cherry on top! I will continue to use this company for any future designs. I absolutely adore Canva, thank you to the developers to bring a cheap and easy option to the table. I am extremely impressed, seeing the work your company produced brought tears to my eyes. My gender reveal is going to look exactly how I want it to thanks to you. 10/10 I’ve recommended it to all of my friends! ❤️.Version: 3.94.0

Favourite photo editing appBy far the easiest photo editing/poster making app I’ve ever used. Does as good a job as photoshop and you don’t have to start from a blank screen, making your progress faster! Easy 5 stars(10 if I could hehe)..Version: 3.15.0

Great for non-photoshop usersA great way to generate quality graphics without having to have much prior knowledge of software.Version: 4.75.0

Buggy.. constant crashes & freezingI love Canva. I’ve used it for years across all my devices. However the app is so buggy and constantly crashes. It freezes at almost every stage and takes ages for elements to upload particularly because of the crashing. It makes simple, quick time tasks take double/triple the time to complete which defeats the purpose of using the app. The crashes and bugs have been going on for months and months - whether on my iPad or laptop - and I’ve seen many other users complain over the same things. Despite this feedback there has been no improvement and I’m not sure why not. I notice the developers respond to the reviews with some excuses or ask the customer to send a report and troubleshoot themselves. (By the way I’ve done all the troubleshooting I can possibly do. Still doesn’t change the fact the app has bugs / crashes). Surely if so many people are giving the same feedback then it’s a fault the Developers should be looking in to themselves and not passing the buck! Like myself, I’m sure other customers just want to get on with their professional work or projects... we do not want to be wasting any more precious time sending reports on behalf of the Makers. They can do this for themselves. To the Developers, please fix ASAP! This could be such a wonderful app otherwise..Version: 3.67.0

Amazing!Amazing! There are a couple of bugs I’ve had but this app is updating so quickly and is one of a kind! They haven’t turned bad by charging you money for the app yay! I would be willing to pay a 3 pound fee though one time! But they haven’t used money to stop you editing, letting you only use certain features for money which annoying and many frowning apps and successful apps have this and I’m glad they do! It would be cool if there were a Canva Pro... I one time 3 pound payment for like a slightly better version... or like 3 pound a month or something... I know they have premium but... yeah amazing keep up the good work!.Version: 3.1.0

Almost PerfectThis app is brilliant, the amount of free content available for creators is truly amazing and you’re able to create beautiful content however the app is not without bugs. This app often glitches back to the first page in a series of designs which can be frustrating, and it can also often glitch so that designs do not appear as your place them. Which can make it hard to finalise designs. These glitches occur somewhat often, it seems to depend on what mood the app is in on any given day. Once sorted out this app will be absolutely perfect..Version: 3.106.0

Canva is amazing!It’s incredibly easy with Canva to make designs, even without the premium features. It’s great for school, work, phone backgrounds, home, for fun, social media posts, I could go on and on. I would 100% recommend Canva for anyone looking to make a design. (The only downside is that Canva keeps bothering you to buy Canva pro, hence the four stars).Version: 4.3.0

Canva is great BUT glitchyIm a beginner in video editing and creating content for social media and Canva has been very simple to use and my content always looks great! I’m very impressed with how many things are available, sometimes you don’t even know what to pick (mind you I have the pro account). However, the only con I see is that Canva is very glitchy. For example, if I’m editing a video, the video will buffer and sometimes won’t run smoothly if I’ve been working on the video for awhile. I also have the app on my phone and it’s difficult to complete projects if im toggling between apps on my mac book and phone not sure if Canva is intended for this kind of use but if I’m working from home on the app on my Mac and then I want to complete the project on my phone (vice-versa) the video will not open properly and I cannot continue editing because the video won’t play/run as it should. Sometimes I need to reload the app and then it still doesn’t work properly. There’s been a few times that I’ve had to delete whatever I’m working on and restart a new and complete right then and there because I know if I’m come back to it will be hard to complete. Another note that sometimes it’s difficult to upload media on the app (Mac book) iPhone seems to work pretty well. Overall, I highly recommend Canva. I hope that someone from Canva team reads this review and and provides some assistance or on the next update fixes these glitches..Version: 4.9.0

Great app for people who don’t have a background in graphic designing!I use this app for my business promotion and designing. It has been very helpful!.Version: 2.8.6

What happened?!? Slowly fixing it..?EDIT: Well, something was fixed. Still having weird rebounds when trying to crop, but the “Pro” logo is back on things that aren’t free (which there also seem to be more of again), so I no longer have to hover over everything to check. Congrats, you guys get a star back. This used to be an amazing app and for the longest time I had rated it at 5 stars. Now, however, it’s become such a headache to use. It used to show which images were free to use as soon as a gallery loaded. Now I have to hover my finger over EVERY SINGLE ONE, only to find that 99% are now “Pro” and cost money to use. There’s no way to filter your search for only free images either. I’ve resorted to searching Google for free-use stock photos most of the time. I’m not using this app to make presentations or anything to make money off of, I just like making my social media posts prettier. Also, when I’m cropping a photo, the app will suddenly bounce backwards out of that function and I’ll have to click AGAIN on the crop button and start over. Seriously disappointed and if I find another photo editing app that I like better, you can be sure I’ll be deleting this one in a heartbeat..Version: 3.117.0

Great app but it halts and doesn’t allow access to photos.This app has a lot of really great tools for making a quick graphic to use in multiple platforms however I have found that with using as an app on an iPad it tends to clash with each new Apple update and it slows it down to a point that I am not able to access my photos. I have tried deleting the app and reloading but it’s still slow. It’s a great app though, really easy to learn and quick to use, Thanks for doing such a great job with it..Version: 3.95.0

Great app but a few things could be fixedI use this app almost every day! It’s so handy however, over my time using it, I have picked up on a few things that could be fixed/added to make it even better. -shadows to texts and shapes -free range resizing for every shape, I’ve only noticed its on a couple of them which is still annoying and inconsistent. -sometimes when I download projects they don’t always save the way I made them, sometimes the text will move or be cut off some how. This can be extremely frustrating and I have to try and fix it and download it again and again. -some things are hard to grab onto and I’m constantly trying to zoom in and out to grab the object. -being able to change individual letters to different sizes or to Bold instead of creating a whole new text box. -when I begin to write a paragraph of text the app begins to lag. I’m not trying to put anyone off the app, these are simply just minor use ability issues that can hopefully be fixed. Thanks..Version: 3.27.0

Turns out such a nice is a scamJust a warning to those wanting to use this app or website in the future - I fell victim to this company charging me for a subscription that I DID NOT sign up for for $119. I brought it to their attention and they told me it takes 10-20 business days excluding weekends of course to see my refund they “promised” me. After reaching out to them on more than one occasion (Day 10 & Day 20) as well as being in contact with my bank who said two separate times they did not see any refund deposits anywhere at all, I NEVER SAW MY REFUND. They gave me a BS refund receipt saying it was sent but of course there’s nothing on my bank statement and it’s now days past the 20th day. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Once they have your bank information don’t be surprised if you see $100 charging - business must not be going well since they need to scam people for money. I know times are tough for everyone during this pandemic but still. Truly unfortunate..Version: 3.64.0

Extremely flexibleCanva is such a useful app, I’d been looking for somewhere to create collages, wallpapers and vision boards for a while. I couldn’t find any other apps that allow you to organise your ideas so coherently, move images and text around on the page and edit things to your preference. It has readymade templates that can be used or edited to your individual style. I have discovered images and content that are only accessible with the paid version however for now the free version offers so much and I am currently content..Version: 4.56.0

Personal businessI love this app so much I’ve done a lot for me.Version: 4.100.0

Update needed!!I keep on being kicked out of the app on my phone!.Version: 3.34.0

CANVA CAN DO IT!!In the realm of graphic design software, Canva stands out as a beacon for both seasoned professionals and newcomers alike. Its ease of use is unparalleled, making it an ideal platform for those who prefer a more straightforward, user-friendly experience. The interface is thoughtfully designed in favor of a more intuitive layout. This simplicity, however, does not compromise its capabilities. Whether you're working on intricate designs or basic layouts, this software provides all the necessary tools without the clutter. The software's minimalistic approach is a designer's haven, offering a serene environment that fosters creativity and focus. I find that it significantly reduces the learning curve, making it accessible to a wider range of creatives. The software's efficiency and fluidity in handling different design tasks are commendable, enabling users to bring their visions to life with ease and precision. I highly recommend Canva to my fellow creatives who seek a blend of simplicity, power, and elegance in their design work..Version: 4.87.1

Amazing.I use this app for everything, it’s so understandable and it’s not like all those confusing other apps where you don’t know where to go. I use this for all my school work, it’s amazing!!!.Version: 4.43.0

No communicationEu estava gostando muito desse app, até que eles estão demorando a responder um simples e-mail que eu tenho enviado pra eles para tentarem resolver um problema que o App apresentou na hora de imprimir, estou realmente decepcionado! eles não me responde e em algo que era preciso entregar em até 5 dias úteis já se passaram uma semana e meu e-mail ainda não foi resolvido da maneira que eu esperava por algo que já foi debitado da minha conta. I was really enjoying this app, until they are taking too long to answer a simple email that I have been sending them to try to solve a problem that the App presented when printing, I am really disappointed! they don’t answer me and on something that needed to be delivered within 5 business days a week has passed and my email hasn’t been resolved in the way I expected for something that was already debited from my account..Version: 3.79.0

Just incredible to use for business (corporate bodies) and individualsThis is a wonderful and easy to learn and use software (available in app version as well) to create incredible logos, videos, fliers, and whatever you want (including CV or resume). Also, the monthly prices are affordable, so you can take advantage of all the features and tricks to make sure your social media platforms & digital and paper versions of your communication looking professional, stunning and appealing! Great value for money! Worth every penny as it brings lots of benefits in return!.Version: 4.85.0

Great app!Super great app to use for my business. I even purchased the pro version which I never do for anything!! Only criticism, is the 100 image limit for Magic Edit. I use this a lot for creating flat lay images for my business, and it obviously is never going to be right with the first suggestion that pops up, so I’m always flicking through the options which means I can easily have reached the limit without even managing 10 photos. It’s a shame as it puts a halt to the work I’m doing. Unsure if this is just temporary as it’s a new feature, but removing the limit would honestly make this app a 20/10.Version: 4.80.0

Essential business toolCanva Pro is one of the best things I got for my business. I’ve made everything from our company logo, signage, social media content, planners, business cards, info cards, and more. I can save these in multiple formats in high resolution. The image library is huge and customisation is easy and honestly pretty fun. If you have a small business, I couldn’t recommend this higher! Canva pro is worth every dollar..Version: 4.65.0

New update bugsEver since they updated my app is lagging big time - worst part is when I go to edit a photo that I have previously edited from my phone photos - it somehow puts the photo back to its original before it had been cropped/edited and it’s extremely frustrating..Version: 4.52.0

Canva is the best!I have been using Canva for a while now and it has never disappointed me. Never! Sure there’s paid elements to site but the free options are just as high quality and I can always find what I need in the free options. I use Canva for making programs for my children’s theater productions, posters for my sister’s band events, invitations for all my occasions, and literally every other need I have for graphic design. I sent the last program I made to a professional printer to have them stapled and put together to save time on our end, and they said the file was absolutely perfectly made and laid out. They even said they were going to start using Canva too and recommending it to their other customers. I can’t express enough how much I love Canva! Now I do prefer the website just because it’s on a bigger screen buuuuuut, you have almost all the options in the app as you do online. And you can save designs right to you phone. Anyway, Canva is an excellent service!.Version: 3.2.4

Mis creacionesAmo Canva porque me permite sacar la creatividad que llevo dentro..Version: 4.98.0

Canva ArtI am never disappointed with canva and their amazing services. Delivered more than just a pretty portfolio they bring hope and joy..Version: 3.125.2

Professional lookI absolutely love that as a business owner, I can design professional flyers, pages and more, without having to employ an expert to do it! It's changed my business and freed up so much time!.Version: 3.0.3

Amazing App and Customer SupportI use this app daily and it has so many features and options for posting media on various platforms. The purpose made templates are brilliant. Recently I had a technical issue with the app and sent an email asking for help. I received a reply asking for screen recordings of what the issue was, the person was extremely helpful and quick to send replies. I was given the help I needed to fix the issue. Don’t think i’ve ever even had one response from an app company I have contacted, Canva responded every time to my emails until a solution had been found. Thank you guys..Version: 3.56.2

I wouldn’t be without itThis app makes my marketing look so professional. I absolutely couldn’t function without it now..Version: 3.8.0

New update is an issue!!After this latest update I have had issue after issue with downloads 😫... It comes up with “we are unable to download your design. Canva experienced a technical issue...” Oh my gosh it’s so frustrating... Please can you rectify ASAP!! There are so many times it’s crashing, it won’t let me select individual pages to download and sometimes it won’t save changes that I have made. I have contacted Canva via social media and email but not had any response... Before this I loved the app it was consistently great but now it’s messing up all the time I can’t rely on it when I need to create content. I am looking at other options..Version: 3.97.1

Was Once My Favorite App For All Things Graphic DesignI’ve been using Canvas for a long time and pay for the premium version for most of that time. I loved everything about it but as of a month ago, I’ve had nothing but problems with loading it and seeing my images on my iPhone 11 Max Pro. I’ve had to transfer over to my iPad to do simple things like making thumbnails. The desktop PC version still works well but when it comes to my phone. I can’t load anything, my uploads immediately fail to load, and I get nothing but magnifying glasses in place of graphics. If this continues on anymore the next couple weeks. I plan on canceling my subscription since I can’t use it on my phone platform. At first I thought it was because of lack of space, but I cleared over 50GB of storage and cache from my phone with no change to the app. Really hope this gets fixed because I love this app..Version: 3.118.0

Thumbnail and coEasy to use for any vlogging ! Enjoy the given ideas and the way to quick learn it ! Simple and still effective ! Enjoy creating !.Version: 4.51.0

Worth everythingThis app literally has everything, it has helped me so much over the years and has helped me make designs everyone loves. I only recently bought the Pro and I honestly love it even more. The content planner, the brand kits and unlimited designs make it so worth it! It’s so easy to use and helps with any format you need, whether it’s a document or social media post. Couldn’t recommend this app enough!!.Version: 4.15.0

Game changer for my bizI love that I get to be creative in my biz. Having been on Canva for a long time. It’s been awesome To see it’s growth and expansion. Well worth it for any biz owner Love that all my branding is in one place! Worth every penny.Version: 4.76.0

OutstandingCanva is my best friend, the perfect Personal Assistant whose always at hand. When I have a n idea, vision or revelation I hop onto the App and create the visual in record time. I am allowed to be creative, and don’t have to struggle with the “How to”. Most importantly if you want to cancel a subscription you are free to do so & not locked into a contract for a year like some dodgy companies. I love Canva & don’t hesitate if you want to sign up with them. They are simply the best. ☺️.Version: 4.78.1

Great app poor serviceCanva is one of those apps that can change your life when everything works correctly. It has endless ways to develop your business and personal digital workings. It’s something I recommend all the time, until a year ago when I experience my first double charges. Attempting to contact the team I became frustrated with the automated responses, the break down of the ‘team system’ is not clear and you could wind up paying more that you expect with little or no help on resolving the issue. Months later I decided to pay for the year (give it a second chance) because surely paying for the year would mean no extra charges. Unfortunately 1 month after so this, apparently a subscription was set up because I opened the app on my phone and 6 months later I realise I had also been paying a monthly subscription on top of a yearly subscription. One directly and then one through apple on 2 different cards, my business and my personal and still no one can tel how or why this happens. This app is great, until someone makes one with great customer service alongside it. It seem the most protective way for me to use this app is on my laptop only which is slightly inconvenient..Version: 3.114.0

New update! Not happyI’m really disappointed with the new update... the app has changed layout and how you now make your designs. I use this app every single day for my small business and now I can’t seem to do some of the basic things I would have before. I usually add my own photos onto a design and now each time I do that it thinks I want it as my background? It was really simple before to use this app now I think it’s more difficult. ‘If it’s not broken don’t fix it’ comes into mind. I really loved this app before the change now I’m considering finding another as I can’t do everything I need. I go to the website for help but it gives tips for the old layout. So disappointed..Version: 3.1.0

Really Elevates my businessLove Canva and the options it has to create all types of media for my business. It is where I start all my projects. Thank you for being such a helpful tool for a small business..Version: 4.98.0

Great App with a Few BugsI’ve been using this app for over a year now. I really love it. It works well, it’s easy to use once you get the hang of it and you can really design some super cute things. I do get a bug where it will download blurry though so I wish that would get fixed. It’s definitely been happening for over 6 months and that’s a huge inconvenience. I also wish there was some sort of tab that you could open where it would load all of you words or illustrations that you used on your design and then you could edit them from there because once you overlay or underlay something, it’s a huge hassle to fix it if you want to change something. I end up having to move a lot of things to find what I put under something to move it to a better location and I think another little edit button where it took you to everything you used and gave you the option to highlight them or something by clicking on them would be amazing! Just food for thought. I would recommend this app!.Version: 3.47.1

DO NOT USE/BUY PRO FOR THIS. THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY AND LEAVE YOU WITH NOTHING. THIEVES!No pro & all go - I’d give this 0 stars if it let me! Last month I purchased CanvaPro features. The app entices you with a free 2 week trial for a yearly subscription. After 2 weeks I no longer have pro features. The yearly subscription is under my Apple ID, numerous receipts of purchase, so I try a step further. Emailing their support I explain my situation and am told they’ve been “having an issue with some of the pro accounts registering”. They ask for proof of purchase, ask for the email you’d like it under and then you hear NOTHING. I gave it another status change or response so I emailed again. Another person from support “Jahmie” tells me to CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION AND DON'T BOTHER TO RESUBSCRIBE BECAUSE THE SYSTEM WILL REGISTER MY PAYMENT. Spoiler- I go to use my features tonight and NO PRO. I CHECK UNDER MY SUBSCRIPTIONS AND IT IS NOT THERE, THE SYSTEM HAS REMEMBERED NOTHING, AND RESTARTED NOTHING. NOTHING I WAS ASSURED CAME TO. Another spoiler - THERE WAS NO REFUND, THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY, CONVINCINGLY GIVE YOU THE RUN AROUND AND THEN DROP OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH. NO FEATURES FOR YOUR BUCK. DISGUSTING SCAM THIS APP IS AND THE SUPPORT STAFF PULLING THE STRINGS ARE EVEN MORE DISTURBING. 180 DOLLARS GONE. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. THIEVES!.Version: 3.44.0

Hey CANVA crew!If you are considering getting this app read this, so CANVA is a great app for kids or anyone who wants to practice graphic designing plus the art work you make can be saved and put as a wallpaper for your device. CANVA can also let you copy and paste and doesn’t have any adds! I have made SO much artwork and I show all of them to my artist of a friend and she loves all of them. You may not have a artist as a friend (not trying to be rude) but you don’t need one to make fantastic art work and there is so many bits and pieces that can be made into digital art! I will tell you step by step how to make one! So 1. When your in the app and will see a bunch of posters and cards all that stuff! Pick one to edit. 2. Press the purple plus button and you see lots of things to add to your art, go to elements to find shapes items and plants to add to your art! 3. Chose some of the items and press on it and you can change the colour and if it has writing you can change the writing, you can change the background just by tapping on the background! 4. Now that you have made your art pice press the save button on the top of the did it?.. GREAT! This app is the best way to learn how to be a graphic designer or you can use it for work, my mom uses it and others. So if your reading this please download CANVA you will never regret downloading it! So stop reading and download the app now.. 😁🎉.Version: 3.134.0

Issues with loadingI love this app and use regularly for my personal design work. However, of late, I can’t even access the app on my phone or laptop. As per other comments, where it used to be a breeze to use, now it’s very jumpy and buggy - so when you do manage to access it, it can mean time spent doing the same amends over and over again, as it loses them or jumps about to much from the text box you want to edit versus a text box you don’t. Today, is another day, where I planned to use it, but instead have become very frustrated as I am unable to login in again - either via my phone or laptop. Such a shame ‘cos it is an amazing app when it works. Please can you help in resolving these issues..Version: 3.52.0

Canvas!It’s way better to use Canvas on the computer instead of the app! Makes it way easier and much more understandable! On the phone is much harder and difficult!.Version: 3.2.4

AwesomeQuick and easy to use, there is a massive selection to choose from. social media posts to banners, business cards and posters and much more. A++.Version: 3.2.4

Parfait pour tout tu peut faire tout tes expositions⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 4.100.0

Hi there!So I’m pretty new to the app and started halfway through term 4 at school. It was ok I guess. But when I typed it lagged and I had to wait for a whole 5 minutes for the letters to catch up to me. If I exited a text I just wrote I would only see half of my page and the rest blank white?! But it’s been 7 months now and it’s improved; lagging gone, typing fast. The updates did a good job. Just one recommendation. If I try to save something and save it, it is SO blurry in my camera roll. If I look back on my collage it is Chrystal clear. So I end up taking a screen shot and cropping it so it looks good. Overall, great app. You beat PicCollage because this is way more generous to photos, backgrounds, and text and everything doesn’t look so cute and Kawai like picollage. Thanks for such an incredible app. Hope there is more updates to come!.Version: 3.52.0

Problem Solved by using CANVAA 💯 stars review would be not enough. You are the Best..Version: 3.92.0

Creative explosionAs an artist and a lover of colour Canva is a wonderful tool for creatives, it’s like a colourful explosion of ideas that you can edit and make it your own. I’m an street artist, illustrator, graphic designer and interior design graduate- so creativity is just part of my everyday life, and having extra tools to formulate my work in a vibrant cohesive way is great. Currently I’m loving the resume templates and looking forward to trying the portfolio template next, it just gives me a confidence boost in a visually competitive industry Thanks Canva, colourful hugs and appreciation Emma Murphy Styling.Version: 4.76.0

Almost Five StarsHonestly, there is only one glaring issue with this app. There needs to be a way to select multiple objects. Right now, if I need to group something I will have to open up my MacBook and use Canva from there. It is a pain, and I just want to be able to select and group multiple objects on the iPad app. Hope to gain this ability soon, thanks!.Version: 3.2.11

Great for editing and making memoriesThis is a great app because you can edit and make collages. I have sent this app to everyone I know? Good Job and keep it up.Version: 3.125.3

Canva te amoLo mejor de lo mejor 🫰🏻.Version: 4.99.0

Great but…It’s a great tool with some amazing capabilities, however, there are some things that drive me crazy. The most frustrating is I think from the recent update. “Crop” used to be a quick access option once you selected a photo and you could immediately freeform crop. But now you have to click “edit photo” which opens a huge sidebar that cuts off half your view of the project. So the only way it can actually be useful is if you zoom way out or make your image small enough first because you also can’t scroll to even get all the corners of the image to crop since it just moves the image around. Other things that are slightly annoying… If I leave the app to check something, when I come back it shows a highlight of “me editing” like how it would look if you were working on a project with someone else simultaneously. There’s no way to get rid of the highlight it just eventually goes away in like a day. You also can’t change the aspect ratios of frames. I make templates for things sometimes and I want a rectangle frame to fit something perfectly but because there’s only preset options I’ll be cutting off the photo in one way or another..Version: 4.55.2

Using Magic suiteEverything works right, except for the magic suite. Im unable to remove backgrounds from images while using the app. It will be great if that can be fixed..Version: 4.98.0

Lost itJust spent half an hour working on a design only to you have a notification saying couldn’t save and reverted back to last months design Waste of time today.Version: 3.92.0

It’s great!Canva is a great app I use it for school and for home but for some reason it won’t let me in the app it’s just the front page and I waited 15 minutes and it still wouldn’t let me in PLEASE FIX THIS!!!.Version: 4.99.0

Last update complaintWith the last update 2 days ago, all my bought filters had dissapeared and I am directed to buy them again. Can you please advise Why???.Version: 3.2.1

Great App, Creative and Easy to useHi!! I absolutely love this app. It is a great app that allows me to be creative and make plethora designs. I use this app in school (on Chrome on my MacBook) to make posters and presentations. I love the fact there are templates you can edit and make your own. I have also used this app to make timetables, birthday cards and endless more. Me and my friends love to create things on it before, during and after school. There are a few issues I have with it though; When you select Free and Static in the elements section and then press the cross once you’ve found what you’ve been looking for it deletes the preferences. I find it irritating when I find something I like and try to click and it says premium only. Also when I am creating large presentations it doesn’t always load and deletes all recent work. Even if I have full Wifi and great connection it stills deletes it. If you could fix those main issues this app would be 5/5 stars!!.Version: 3.132.0

Not great for video editingI love canva to create my own wallpapers, create simple animations, and design sophisticated school projects. I created an invitation for a birthday party on canva also and it came out so well. I have two problems with this app. There aren’t as many options for images to add if you don’t have canva pro. The pro images and free images are mixed together so you have to scroll down to find one that you like that isn’t something you have to pay for. They have a section for only pro images, but you have to scroll forever to find a good free image. They tend to put the bad free images at the top so I’ll be more likely to buy pro I guess? It’s annoying though. Understandable however, as they are trying to make money. I just wish there was an option to only search for free images. It might make the app less money but it would save me time and effort. Another big thing is video editing. I got this app for video editing, and don’t. It’s trash for video editing. It’s super pixelated and there’s lag. Soemtimes it does weird things like not matching up audio and video and I’ll have to restart the app for it to act normally. It’s so annoying having to constantly restart the app. It crashes all the time too. Canva just can’t handle big attachments like that. I know other reviewers were complaining about the lagging and crashing problem as well, and it needs to be fixed overall in canva, but especially in the video editing section..Version: 4.37.0

Very Personable App!Free reprints on business cards that came out slightly different to what they looked like online! Printed some business cards recently and i’m not too tech savvy so didn’t realise i didn’t properly colour match or flatten the image to the background after i added my logo so the prints came out a bit dodgy even though it wasn’t apparent on my computer screen. Sent Canva an email and got a reply in less than 24 hours with an explanation of why they came out the way they did and how to fix it for next time i edit something! Also got offered a free reprint with the colour mismatch fixed by them! Amazing customer service, really understanding and personable :).Version: 4.64.0

Amazing. Worried about the roadmapThe app is so good that you want to rely on it for all your works. However, a couple of things are not fit for powerusers and the last updates focused on mug prints and face retouch…??? 1. It is hard to select overlapping items one by one. It always picks the one above. It is impossible to select an element behind a block of text. You must tediously move the text around. 2. To solve 1. I would want to lock the top layer. If I lock an item, I don’t want it selected if I tap the area it covers. We d love to manage and unlock items in a different panel. 3. Aspect ratio of uploaded images is constant , cannot resize in only one direction. 4. The pop up long press menu appears exactly under your finger…which immediately taps the first item…please move it a bit! 5. If you zoom in too much on a text and edit, you cannot leave the mode (only phone app)There’s no way to select anything else to deselect you text. 6. if you select multiple and accidentally hit the background of the page, you lose all your selection 7. You have to press twice to open the upload dialog 8. You have to press twice in the left menu to open each tab 9. you can crop an item so the remainder is outside of the sheet, but then you cannot tap it anymore. 10 the default colour for some elements seem random within the current palette. maybe use the last used colour? 11. emoji in text are not exported properly.Version: 4.12.0

Ease of use for all business platforms.Brilliant app for all business platforms. What’s not to love - up load your logo and fonts - picture files + templates or create your own profile size. Ease of of use on computer and app for phone..Version: 3.2.10

Awesome hope to have a free Pro versionMake more,,,.Version: 4.100.0

Creativity AppI LOVE this app. It really allows you to present work, information, presentations etc, in a creative and more enjoyable way. Rather than writing up a boring checklist, it allows you to do it in a way that’s pleasing to the way, can fit YOUR aesthetics, and turn it into something that’s fun to do / look at. 100% recommend for work, school, and your everyday life..Version: 4.91.0

Amazing web and app interfaceI use Canva all the time for work and creating graphics — the templates available, and the range of fonts, graphics, elements etc. are so wide and the pro version is actually super worth it. I have recently tried the mobile app and am loving it so much, so smooth and easy to use all the designs come out perfectly and there is no need to me to even use my laptop for making social media ones! Love love love Canva 🧡.Version: 4.3.0

CoolÇa va est cool on peut mettre nos photos.Version: 4.99.0

Really love Canva with a few exceptionsThere are so many great templates, and it is fairly easy to use, especially for the basic designing. There are a few design options that I still can’t figure out, including using frames. Also, their Help menu is kind of hot & cold; either very helpful or totally useless. Customer Service is pretty good, but there’s a delay of course. My biggest disappointment is that as of July 2021, there is still not a single template for 2022 Calendars! I’ve inquired about this THREE times and am told they’ll be released LATE this year!!! Don’t they understand that if someone is doing a calendar for the next year, they need time to design it, get it to the printer, have it printed, do pre-sales and finally sell the final calendars starting in about October?!!! It’s ridiculous to release templates LATE in a year, especially when we pretty much know how all of the dates in a year are going to align for say, FOREVER! Using this feature was one of the main reasons I pay for Gold and yet it’s going to end of being useless to me..Version: 3.110.0

Just sick over the newest updateI just used the app on my iPad this morning and created a couple wonderful easy ads. Then I updated to the latest update. What a shock when I went to Canva to create a quick image a few minutes ago and the whole thing was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Now I cannot use it in landscape mode, it is stuck in portrait, and my usual pictures I had in my account (not on my camera roll, but downloaded ones) are no longer there. The whole thing is a lot harder to use. The whole user interface seems to have a lot more hoops to jump through. Did someone think this would be be better? I love Canva, and use it all the time on both my desktop computer and the iPad. Now I guess I can’t use it on the iPad anymore. This change was a BAD idea. I’m glad I found out before I upgraded to Canva for Work. I was going to do that this week, but now I’m not even sure I’ll stick with Canva. I am one unhappy user. Please, please, please can we have it back how it was before?.Version: 3.1.2

GRAPHIC DESIGN AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!I am absolutely obsessed with this entire app and all it's features. Sat the touch of ANY button or option, I am immediately spoilt for choice on any project I need. You'd be an idiot not to get Canva. It's my go to and saviour x I LOVE THIS APP!!!.Version: 4.77.0

Amazing!You can create millions of things with canva you can have so much fun creating book marks logos pictures and even more than you can imagine canva is a great way to make posters or party invitations.I would have to give it five stars for the creators brilliant work to help people I’m using canva twenty four seven also there’s no adds canva is a great way to express yourself and help others to go the little annoying thing is that if you need something and it’s vip it’s quiet frustrating but other then that it’s brilliant..Version: 4.80.1

Excellent app for quick marketing and branding solutionsCanva is one of my favourite apps. As a photographer and artist I can create my own beautiful visuals and marketing really easily. Canva has been a game changer in improving my overall branding and look. I love it!.Version: 3.97.1

The best appIv tried many apps and deleted them, Canva is the best and most simple app to use. I love it!! Just a couple of suggestions: It would be nice if there was a feature to be able to pick color so we can blend in an image to the background. Currently there is option to choose colors from the available palettes only. Also, I wanted to group few images but it doesnt allow to create a group if there is already a group. For example, if I have a heading and a subheading which I hve grouped and then I want to add an image and group that too, I first have to ungroup the whole thing and then group it..Version: 3.0.1

LOVE IT.I don’t know why some people will only make a review when THEY have a problem with an app, will use an app for years and do nothing to boost its popularity but one time have a little problem and feel the need to sabotage the whole thing instead of sending a simple email request to face the problem head on, they turn people off apps and expect them to improve their performance... I think this is one of the most creative and generous apps in both the products and the pricing! There’s the largest range and that’s if you’re using it for free! $5.67 a month for access to thousands of premium extra add ons. The best!! ❤️.Version: 3.0.5

Heck WowWow I’m so glad I came across this app. Here I am about to renew my ridiculously overpriced Adobe illustrator to update my CV when I can do literally the same thing for free on Canva. Soooo good.Version: 4.56.0

Still no curved text functionality 😔This is a good app. I have given it a 4 out of 5 stars due to the lack of the curved text functionality. Why haven’t this been added yet? We have been asking for it and waiting for it to come for such a very long time now. I’m starting to think it will never come! - trying to do curved text in Canva is a huge pain and takes up way too much time to do a simple curves text design/task. Can we get this already???!!! Think I’m starting to sound like a broken record now..Version: 3.47.1

Used to love it but...... BAD UPDATEI have to agree with other users who have slammed the new update. I can’t seem to crop images anymore, they just ping back to their original size. Adding multiple images and changing the size if them exposes a glitch where it fills the whole screen when you try to reposition them. I do appreciate that getting angry about updates is fairly common on here and can be a sign of frustration while people get familiar with things. However, this has undone some of its most basic and fundamental abilities of the app. It is no longer fit for purpose on IPad so I will stop using it and find something else. Such a shame..Version: 3.1.0

I highly recommend this to high school students to use when making presentationsI love that Canva is super easy to use. Anyone can design a good looking poster, presentation, brochure, or basically anything when it comes to design. And it isn’t time consuming. If you are a student in primary or especially high school, you should download the app or use the website. And don’t worry, you don’t even need purchase canva pro to use the app or website. I use it for free and it has been a big help for me and my classmates..Version: 4.77.0

CANVA for the win!As a content creator and creative individual in general, Canva has been an awesome aid in my professional and personal endeavours. I recommend you explore the user-friendly app yourself for your next digital project!! Thank you Canva creators, you’ve done me a solid!.Version: 3.134.0

AmazingCanva is the app/website I’ve been searching for. Takes the frustration out of presentations, displays, posters - anything you can think of! Filled with beautiful templates and seem-less guides, I can’t fault Canva. Thank you for creating this wonderful app!.Version: 3.2.4

Creating fabulous! Fun fast content & printing!I couldn’t live without this app. It’s awesome for my small business & personal use for invites etc. Now even better with new printing features like personalised T shirts. I’ve ordered the postcards for my business they arrived in good packaging are great quality and at a competitive price. Literally use this for marketing my boutique business every day on social media. Brilliant AND fun! Try the PRO subscription it’s great value..Version: 4.89.0

Good AppHello! Ashley here, just wanted to say that your app is splendid! But there are a few downsides. I don’t know if it’s just me, or if this happens to anyone else, but whenever I try to get into Canva and make a book cover, the app will crash. The same goes for making anything else. Most times, I am successful in getting into the app, but then the app will pause and I can’t do anything about it. The worst is, I’ve reloaded the app and shut off my iPad Mini and turned it back on, just to see that it’s still paused where I last put it. I don’t want this to continue happening. I’ve tried many things to get it to work and it won’t. And yes, I have deleted the app and have downloaded it again to only log in and have it pause AGAIN. Also, if I get lucky, I’ll go three minutes in to making my cover, and then go to the text area and tap on a text to add it, and IT WILL PAUSE! I don’t know why this is happening and I would appreciate it if you did something about it. Before this was happening, the app was doing very well. Thanks for reading!.Version: 3.35.3

Highly recommendAn incredible, versatile and easy to use app that is almost limitless with its ability to create. From personal to business Canva excels. I can highly recommend..Version: 4.62.0

What would make Canva inclusive and antiracist1). many teachers like math. Canva needs a selection of math graphics that are modern, diverse, and not stereotypical. Stop showing pictures of Asian 10 year old standing n front of a chalkboard filled with advanced math. It perpetuates the stigma that Asians are smarter in math and that it’s standard for 10 yrs old to be doing calculas algorithms. 2) need more pictures of colored kids and families. In education there are classroom that are all brown, all black, some with very few whites and some very diverse. Also teachers are not all white. Learning happens in classrooms but also outside, in museums, at the grocery store, at home 3). Math is more than just formulas and boring worksheets. It’s playing with manipulative and using computers and calculators. It’s sketching graphs, looking at patterns, collaborating , noticing and wondering. Ok. This will get you started. Looking forward to seeing changes. I had made a tweet several months ago and the response was we are adding new images everyday. Been waiting..Version: 3.115.0

Great but buggy for meI like this app, it’s useful for creating my commission boards. My only issue is that it’s SUPER laggy. I’m giving 5 stars though, because it’s great in every other way, and it’s probably just my 3 year old iPad slowing down. When I get a new one I’ll see if it’s better..Version: 3.70.0

Log In is BROKEN still on appPlease have a “log in” option. On iPad app, there is only a “sign up” option that says it will “automatically log you in if you have an account already.” Which I do. I click on the Google option to use my gmail and it says the “account already exists, please log in.” But there’s no log in option. And it didn’t auto-log me in like it said it would if the account was found to exist. I love Canva but I can’t give an app 5 stars if your basic log in function is broken. This issue exists only on the app and it’s very frustrating. Please please pleas fix your log in page. Edit- here’s a workaround to the jankyness that is the Canva login page: use the “other ways to log in” option, look to the very bottom and see manual email login, and log in that way. I refuse to give a good score to an app that doesn’t even know how to make a basic log in screen. Get better developers, or a better marketing team who thought that design was a good idea..Version: 4.41.0

Really disappointed!I’ve been paying for Canva for two months and been using it casually but the one time I really need it for urgent work , the whole app freezes and I’ve tried restarting the iPad and refreshing the app and it’s completely frozen , immediately unsubscribed.Version: 3.72.0

New Version is not worth itI used to LOVEEEEEEE Canva. I did all of my real estate marketing graphics with it and I was really impressed with the product and the ease of use. After the update to iPhone and iPad the app has been crashing and flickering between pages. I feel the new version allows for less customization and doesn’t use all of the screen space on my iPad Pro which feels like I’m straining to see all the details of my designs. Other annoying things like having to use the search feature to find items like “lines” make this new version almost not worth using. **UPDATE** still using Canva, but still not happy with the ever-changing interface. Y’all are really desperate to get money these days. Now, I can’t even pick a font without having to navigate between free fonts and premium fonts (the free fonts used to be listed at the top, the premium fonts at the bottom. Now, they’re all mixed in). I guess this is what happens when your fav apps start charging users money. I just don’t have a reason to pay a monthly subscription for this yet....and I see there was some sort of security breach for paying users SMH.Version: 3.28.0

Difficult to upload more than one pictureDifficult to upload more than one picture.Version: 3.134.0

Great appWill be better if it’s easy to use when you select or zoom.Version: 3.16.0

Great for small businessesI love this app, especially for creating signage for my small business. You can create lots of things posters, artworks, headers for social sites, business cards, resumes, flyers you name it they’ve got it. They also have lots of pre-sized and designed templates to make it super easy for you to create. They also have branding folders to save the colours, photos and accents you like to use to. The pro is definitely worth it from my point of you but you can also get lots with the free version as well!.Version: 4.71.0

It was good when it worked.Started using this about two years ago. It was initially brilliant and worked perfectly - very fast, great features and seemed reliable so I subscribed to the pro version but now I would no longer recommend it because in recent months both the app and website usually fail to load so it has become unusable. Canva have not managed to resolve this as yet although they did respond and manage to get it working almost correctly for a short while after I contacted them. For me personally the user experience bears no resemblance to the quality of service advertised which is a shame as it could be an amazing app..Version: 3.97.1

Too finnickyI LOVE the canva website. I use it all the time. However this app is horrible. I can only use it vertical, which wastes screen space. Zooming in is not as easy as it sounds. The app should flip to horizontal mode when a user moves their phone. The app does not save pictures in designs. I closed a design to come back and finish and the picture was gone. Twice! Also, I duplicated a design to change the picture and the app would not let me move, remove, replace, or trash the picture in that design. This particular design I did on the website then went into the app to duplicate and change. Text editing is tedious and sensitive. I tried for several minutes to make a short, 2 line sentence to one. The app kept undoing my work. Overall the app is so sensitive that when trying to edit or move one piece (text/picture) it messes with the other pieces in the background instead. It’s a big time waster. I hope canva takes this into account and makes the app better..Version: 3.34.0

Probably the best app outI can’t really tell you how useful this amazing platform is and how often I use it. The outstanding amounts of templates, pictures and just general inspiration drawn from this is just mind blowing. I feel the only thing it lacks is a doodle tool or selection of pens/ brushes you can draw with on your templates just for small finishing touches, it’ll just be the perfect touch to make this app complete.Version: 3.16.0

Hard logging inI have this app on multiple devices and I found it easy to sign in on there. The age is 4+ and how could a child that age know how to sign in. Ok so using the features on canva are great and I have no problem with that but when signing in I think you should only have to use your email because I know the password in my head but every time i write it in it declines. So to canva and all these people signing in please make it easier to use..Version: 3.84.0

Canva is Great - The iPhone App Version Isn'tI use Canva all the time. This isn't about the functionality of Canva itself. I use Canva pretty much literally daily. This is about how the Canva app for iPhone is still lagging way behind in terms of its functionality. I don't know if it's a limitation with the phone itself because I do not have this problem necessarily using the Isse iOS app on my iPad. Neither are as good as the desktop version on computer but at least on iPad Canva is kind of usable whereas I still find the iPhone really isn't. Right now (as I'm typing this) all I wanted to do was use a graphic that I've already made and switch out the photograph in the background and I couldn't easily do it on my iPhone. I am logging onto my computer right now so I can just do it on my computer. This isn't to say that it could not have been done on iPhone but it is to say that the iPhone app is adequately not intuitive and even the most simple tasks become needlessly difficult and/or cumbersome. And usually if I'm jumping on my phone to do something it's because I want to make it right quick so you can USE the graphic and I can never do that and that's frustrating..Version: 4.29.0

Really Helpful !I use Canva for school work, and their extremely wide range of templates and elements are really helpful. Honestly the best app that I’ve seen for this by miles. Sometimes it can be hard to find elements that work for free, but honestly, if you’re using it like that then Pro is probably the right choice anyway. I also really love their weekly design challenges, and really just everything about the app. Keep developing this amazing app ! Thanks, Trever.Version: 4.5.0

What an amazing appThis is the best app EVER I make invites, posters, flyers and anything you can dream of (EVEN BANNERS) please, If you have a hard child and they are picky with their b-day cards or even if you need a missing poster, Canvas will take care of that. forget about premium! Most of they’re range is free and easy to use. BEST APP EVER..Version: 4.77.0

I love Canva but..Canva is absolutely amazing. Even the free version is great. Although things I purchased or had while I had the pro has the watermarks all over it now which is totally ridiculous. THAT NEEDS TL BE FIXED cause it’s messed up. Also there are so many glitches with how smooth the app runs especially on the my ipad but the iPhone too. It can be very frustrating cause the app is great and there’s so many ways I can be creative and bring that into my class but all the glitches seriously makes me want to delete and I don’t wanna. Also I would love if Canva had a reduced price pro version for educators that are self employed, do homeschool etc. We are living in a new era and let’s be real educators are screwed most of the times so to see recognition of all types of educators would be phenomenal. Many of us left the school system during the the pandemic and working solo and everything comes out of our own pockets. I would totally purchase a discounted version for online teachers who are self employed. Please please look into this. I’m sure it’ll bring more collaborations and interest. Edit: PLEEEEASE ADD A FEATURE WHERE THE USER CAN SELECT FROM FREE AND PAID CONTENT. A lot of time is spent scrolling non stop to find the perfect free icon. Thanks!.Version: 4.21.1

Really good for school projectsThere’s a lot of things you can do for school projects and it’s really useful. I love all the backgrounds everything five stars..Version: 4.99.0

Best editing app everI give this app a five star rating It is the best editing ever l highly recommend this app you should download this app right a way The creators of this app great job I love it 🥰.Version: 4.100.0

Great app..!So powerful! 👍.Version: 3.21.0

Excellent tool for small businessesI have the app on my ph and can easily whip up professional looking content.Version: 4.44.0

Couldn’t run my business without itI never normally write reviews to be honest, but I’ve decided to write a review for Canva. Without this app my business would be so much more difficult to run. I am not very tech savvy so using Canva I can quickly create promotional content for my socials I can create quote forms, invoices. They all look super professional as though I’d have spent hours making them, when really it took me about 5 minutes. There is dozens of templates to use and edit however suits you best, I always use them as a guide and put my own stamp on them. I do pay for the subscription, as I found a lot of the pro stuff was more useful for my business, however the free option still has loads to play with. Worth every penny and definitely my go to app for anything relating to my business! Thank you Canva !!!!.Version: 4.15.0

Very limited quantity of picturesYes-even thought Canva has loads of pictures but all are artificial smiles or funny face expressions which I cannot put on my mental health website because they simply dont display what I want-emotions are not real. I was looking for the house cleaning women, all women making dumb funny faces, or sitting funny or making silly body postures. Feels like its not serious Canva application but for children’s application. Also I was looking for people that simply lying down on sofa listening to muaic quietly, but all the people were moving and shaking retlesly. I cannot find what I. Looking for, I have to acroll through hundreds of imigaes to find 1 which at least is similar what Im looking for. Im very dissapointed. Feels like childrens fun corner not site with quality images to put in websites.Version: 3.116.0

Happy mindHappy mind I've got a couple Instagram accounts, and no two have the same features as the other. It's incredibly confusing and annoying to switch between two accounts on the same app that don't even have the same features. One might have a different, newer version of DM's while another has been stuck with an old version and has never been updated. For the past two months my main account has been action blocked almost every other week. Instagram has made me change my password 8 times within then as well. I rely on posting often to keep my audience and gain new followers (as well as to catch the eyes of potential customers, as I am an artist that makes money off of commissions) and I obviously can't do this when Instagram blocks me from posting. I don't share my account with anyone, I've never purchased followers, and I've never used any third party apps with Instagram. So it's beyond me why they keep doing this. Happy mind Not to mention, the support is awful. If you have an issue or if you need help with something, you might as well forget it. The support team is incredibly unhelpful and has always been this way. I've seen accounts post highly illegal content that Instagram deems as safe for all ages! Even after reporting. Any legitimate problems I've tried to report have been met with silence. Happy mind The idea of Instagram is great. But the app itself is becoming worse and worse as time goes on..Version: 3.129.0

Hmmm…I love acting and creating little videos with my friends, and none of that would be created without my good friend Canva. Like all friends, Canva has their faults, like having elements, text and designs that you can only get if you have pro, but then again, you can always find something just as good for free. I recommend canva, becuase you can always unleash your ideas. Im not sure what the colour thingy is, i think you can get your colour on the plus? :).Version: 4.73.0

Like/Hate Relationship!Upgrading to the Pro version was definitely a great decision on my part, and for the most part I’m enjoying the App. I do find myself having to import elements from outside sources very frequently however. I’d really like to see Canva up their game in the quality and quantity, and the variety of elements offered. My biggest issue with Canva is a major one! The App constantly crashes on me while I’m working on a project. Everything else on my update iPad works perfectly fine, it’s only the Canva App that has these issue. My only solution is to do a complete shutdown of my tablet and reboot it. I even lost the progress on my work in one project, as it failed to save my work, before it crashed. Obviously I had no idea, or I would’ve saved it myself!!! Considering I’m paying money for this App, I do expect a higher standard. This issue happens frequently. I somehow would have a very hard time believing that I’m the only one with this same issue, which would mean that they haven’t taken the time to fix it? If this continues, I will have no choice but to find another App that offers me the roughly services at around the same price, but that works properly!.Version: 3.123.0

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