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QuickBooks Self-Employed app received 113 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about quickbooks self-employed?

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False advertising 4.99$ deal but Apple Pay pop up saying 9.99$Very disappointed..Version: 6.4.0

Wish it had landscape mode tooI run a very small business with only 5 clients. The self employed Quickbooks app has been helpful in allowing me to send invoices and receipts, track income and business expenses, and project my tax deductions but there are some features I wish were better. Most important change I would like to see is option for landscape mode. I use an iPad Pro with the magic keyboard as my personal and business “laptop.” If I need to use quickbooks with my keyboard like when prepping invoices, I literally have to turn my head sideways while typing. Very frustrating to be spending $25/month for a high quality, reputable app that doesn’t have an important basic feature. I also wish there were more options when you want to “create a rule” for transactions or milage besides apply all. For example I started my business in July so transactions/trips from Jan-June 2020 for the same places were not business related. Additionally I wish there was a filter and better sort for business transactions, like sorting by certain accounts, types of business, dates, money amounts, location, ect....Version: 6.4.4

Unreliable with bad supportInitially the app worked well. I use my car daily for business so the mileage tracking was a useful feature. However after a few weeks I couldn’t log into the app on my phone. Kept getting an error saying there was a problem. Occasionally it would log in only to immediately log me out saying session expired. Support have said they’ve escalated the problem but then all went quiet. I did get to log in after a week but mileage tracking is intermittent. Meanwhile I’ve lost over a week of mileage tracking for my tax form with no response from support. I cannot recommend the app as a reliable business tool..Version: 4.45.1

Love The App Interface & Tracking But The Background UsageI love the way this app tracks mileage, transactions, and invoices. It is ideal for all of my small business needs. The only problem I have is the amount of battery it uses on my phone. I have a IPhone I have had for 2 years now and have never had issues ever but after having this months a little over 3 months I notice my battery life is terribly drained. I have a job where I can charge my phone all day at will be even then I find myself closing out all extra apps, turning brightness to minimal, and checking daily what my phone battery health looks like, all while wondering if I am needing to update my phone or app because of a functionality issue. I have set up an appointment with Apple to where I don’t know what else to do. I also on the weekends turned my location off and notice that my phone is near perfect again making me realize the background usage really impedes my phone..Version: 5.0.6

Unreliable and a downer app.Major issues every 4-6 months. Whether it’s banking issues or not tracking mileage. Very hard to deal with as I Snowplow and Salt and need to depend on this app or else manual bookkeeping as usual. What’s the point in paying for this app if it bugs out on me and my small business. Been through support and also have all the perimeters met for tracking but still bugs out. Reinstalled, all that jumble. Is there a better option out there? I’m looking for it. I want my money back for all the time mileage was missed and issues I have to deal with..Version: 6.4.0

Good app - Poor supportI love the features of the app, but the support received via the chat is horrible; talking to the QB Assistant is fine, but talking to a live agent is horrendous; it takes forever to get a response from a live agent, they go around in circles instead of offering solutions, and don’t acknowledge the app has issues synchronizing with the website. It’s a great app for tracking transactions and mileage, just expect any help from their support agents if you need help later..Version: 6.4.1

Buggy as heck but still worth it unfortunatelyI struggle with this app on a near daily basis. Every now and then it randomly doesn’t pick up one of my trips and I have to manually put in, and then sometimes that trip pops up the next day, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I will mark trips as business and then there will be no deduction in the reviewed trips list, until the next time I login. I get notifications of transactions that I need to review after I review them all the time. Like this is a regular occurrence. Still, it is a quick and easy way of keeping track of my mileage and my expenses so I don’t end up cramming and doing all my accounting in January. It’s just barely worth what it cost to me. They are walking a very thin line here. The second there is a competitor that will track mileage and do accounting, I am ditching this app and I frankly can’t wait. That’s it, I’m done. It hasn’t tracked any of my trips in days. I’m not paying for this. At the end of this year I am getting off Quickbooks and I’m not coming back. Competing apps do everything QB does for free, this app barely works, what the hell am I paying for??.Version: 4.40.0

No supportAbsolute garbage no support unless its a chat bot . Bank transaction duplicated never repaired work around delete them one at a time your self loss of classification reclassify them yourself. One by one . Milage lost oh well. No fix its just gone promise to call to straighten this out oh I SEE you did not get called please keep your phone open for a call this week. All these. Things I pay for the app to do. It does not work it fails then last straw connecting to bank multiple times causes a security lock down on bank account forcing 8 time password change in 3 days. Bank has to completely reset the link to change the password for the bank intermittently vanished . It’s not a good app in fact it is worthless. One thing they do well though. They take their money out religiously even when your having issues. Best support is on FACEBOOK writing this got a response. I was a long time quicken turbo tax user from the beginning. Seeing an app from. Quicken I figured the best . I was wrong they triple billed when i dropped the turbo tax feature they billed for with turbo tax and without on same bill causing over drafts. Not surprised by this. Companies lately have the uber model for customer service as in none..Version: 4.36.1

Useless if you have more than one gigI’m self-employed and work in the gig economy. I do a mix of independent contractor work, but QB self-employment can only accommodate one gig. It’s features are pretty basic for the cost, the mileage tracker will drain your battery faster too, which isn’t helpful if you’re out driving to gigs all day. I tried to cancel my subscription in the app and it just keeps saying “wait don’t go!” Then won’t actually cancel my subscription. I tried to get help and their bot keeps saying to do the exact steps I’ve been doing to cancel, but on a computer. Why is there an option to cancel on the mobile app if you need a computer to do it? I’m not impressed with the app, would rather just keep track of everything manually than pay for partial record keeping and a dead phone. This would work great for someone only working one gig, and who doesn’t need their phone through their gig..Version: 6.2.7

Good app but could definitely use different featuresThe app it self is good but not being able to add a PO number to my invoices is a hassle because a lot of big companies require PO’s to send payments to vendors like myself. Also the limitation on the invoice notes for the client makes it difficult to send an invoice with detail about what work was done so the client has a written document of all the work that was accomplished for future reference. Another thing I would really like to see is an option to allow clients to make partial payments because some money is better than no money when a client can’t afford to pay the entire sum of a bill because then I have to create a brand new invoice and adjust the old every time. One last improvement I would really like to see would be the ability to send a quote through QuickBooks that I can turn into a invoice with a contract section and ability to E-sign the contract for the client and contractor. All of those would be great addition that would make my decision on keeping this app a whole lot easier.Version: 4.43.0

Tracking for mileage is off and Charged me Full Price for the first 3 months.Title says it all. The tracking feature is so so and I need to keep a separate logbook for accuracy. They advertise free for the first month and then 50% off for the next 3 months. They ended up charging me full price. And you have to go through 1638281638 Menus when you call them to get to a service representative and if you call before 9am you get hung up after the 193627 options.... Frustrating to take a couple hours of my time for 15$.... It should be automatic like their advertisement..Version: 6.4.1

QuickbooksDon’t buy it. Paid and never used it one time. Now it wants me to buy it again. You will never see your money again. No one to talk to. I also use TurboTax. That program had major issues this year. No customer service to answer questions. Company has significant management and customer service issues... not to mention software glitches..Version: 6.4.7

I expected something betterI downloaded this app on October 2019 because a friend recommended it to me as I have a very small business and I didn’t know how to organise my numbers. At the beginning it was all good, but then, every month when I was updating my transactions, the app would tell me that it couldn’t connect to my bank account. I’d try everything and it would still say the same, even after installing the app again. Last month I contacted customer support and I spent like 2 hours with a guy “fixing the problem”. He recommended me to add the account again, reassuring me that the transactions I had sorted over the last 4 months weren’t going to get lost. Guess what? They did get lost... and the problem is still happening. I found this app not so friendly and not worth the money if it doesn’t work as your users are expecting it to work! I would not recommend it....Version: 6.2.1

Mileage reports will not export or printApp in itself serves its purpose but the inability to export/print mileage reports is a big issue. Needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. It will export personal or business trips as two separate files but it won’t export ALL trips as one file. Also, mileage tracker was meant to have Favourite Locations in last update. Can’t find it!! It would be useful if tax reports could include option for tax periods other than the standard April to April. For example mine is August to August. And as from yesterday any trips that are reviewed and saved are unsaved the next time I log on. This happens whether I use desktop or iPhone. The only way I can prevent this happening is deleting the iPhone app and reinstalling it. Can’t keep doing this. For the price you charge surely it should be thoroughly tested before releasing. If the mileage issue isn’t resolved by end of July then I’ll be cancelling my subscription..Version: 5.2.0

Waste of moneyI have been using the app for less than 8 months and already searching for alternatives. The app worked fine at first, until a major update was released which changed the platform completely. Ever since this update the mileage which is “tracked” is automatically deleted when I categorise business from personal. Everything has to be re entered manually costing a lot of time and meaning the previous tax year has to be re calculated. The invoicing system I also find is very poor. The app automatically updates any customer email address to start with an upper case letter. This means a lot of my invoices do not reach the client and has cost me money in the short run. Each invoice has a number but I have found that the system does not update and you end up looking through your invoices which are all suspiciously the same number? The only way I found to correct this was to shut the app down after EVERY invoice and re start for the next invoice. Customer service is also terrible. The chat bot on the app is very simple and can only give one word answers. Considering you are paying a subscription for the app, there is no way to contact any department via a contact number. Only email which is not ideal if you have a busy schedule as replies can take hours/days. Save yourself the hassle and do it all yourself. USELESS..Version: 5.0.1

Crashes TOO often...Honestly the app itself is great, but the frequency in the crashing is frustrating... I’ve been doing Instacart a lot recently and I use this app to calculate my miles mostly, but there’s been several times where I would have to re-download the app so that way it could take me to the mileage tracker without it crashing on me. Seeing that I’m always on the go I want to track these quickly and correctly so I can get the best outcome for my returns. There’s also delays in when the mileage is tracked which is very inconvenient... I should be able to track my mileage when I arrive to my destination, but I find myself getting unorganized because it takes 30+minutes to get the mileage tracked on this app. Everything else on the app seems to be running fine, but once again I’m mostly trying to track mileage, and seeing as these problems keep occurring, I can’t recommend any other delivery driver to download this app and the 1 star will be here to stay unfortunately....Version: 6.3.0

Just sosoI signed up in February and am still learning how to best use the app. I own a small business that provides health care based services to kids. The app is appropriately sales-based as more businesses are such. It does a good job with transactions, and it is cool looking at the reports. I can easily send invoices and mark payments. My bank account got a ton easier to categorize. I am not financially minded, so I admit I get hung up in the unimportant details. I attend continuing education, and other uncategorized expenses that I would prefer to track individually. I am sure my accountant cares less about that, though. My beef is with the mileage feature. There are entries recorded that are miles off. I am looking for an entry that was 9 miles long and it was recorded as almost 15 (it just never stopped when I stopped). Little entries that are 2 mile drives enter at nearly 5. It is only 2 or 3 a week, but it tales time and more tracking than I think it should take..Version: 4.28.0

Unable to connect to HSBCWhen it works properly it is a brilliant App. However, not been able to auto connect with HSBC since August 2019 and had to manually connect every day to download transactions. Could live with that but for past 2 months it wont even download transactions anymore ( same thing happened in October for 6 weeks)Have reported it so many times and nothing ever gets done. So hard to communicate with them and just jeep getting told it is with developers and we will update you but they never do. Such a shame would be great otherwise.Version: 6.1.5

Frustratingly bugged and inaccurate/ unreliable.I downloaded this app in the hope that I could have one piece of software to track my mileage, invoice clients, track expenses and categorise properly, see my tax liability and assist in submitting my tax return. I wanted this app to work but Unfortunately I have experienced far too many bugs for it to be worthwhile and is too inaccurate in calculating my tax liability. A few problems I have experienced include; Invoices wouldn’t delete once sent and the attachment wouldn’t open in recipients email (I contacted support several times who were prompt in replying but were never able to resolve) Expense transactions inputted were not showing on tax liability calculations, which meant I had to check every transaction to find most were not showing up despite being on the system. There are also not enough expense transaction categories. The bank connection feature didn’t work despite trying it with 2 different accounts (co op bank and Halifax bank) Unfortunately this app didn’t work and I have cancelled my recurring membership fee..Version: 4.27.0

Great all purpose app, but needs fine tuningI have been using this app for about 3 months now and it is great for running a small business, hows there are 2 key things that I would love to see changed. First is the mileage tracking, there has to be a way to make it more user friendly, I used mileIQ before this and it was great in the way it would let you name the location you started and stopped at, making it super easy to classify your drives. QB just gives a general address to go off of so then you have to look at the map to remember where the destination was from the drive from last week. Second thing is the invoicing, I used the Wave app before this and the way you could make a list of items to pick from when creating an invoice was great, with QB you can pick from a list of recently used items but it’s not as streamlined as it could be, all in all a good all purpose app because it does do everything including taxes but just like anything all purpose it doesn’t do any one thing great..Version: 4.34.3

Qb- new userNot a negative review, just realistic.... On the face of it QB looks pretty ‘thin’ when you look at the Home screen.... but as you delve further into it....it becomes obvious that some clever algorithms have been created to enable lots of automatic action/transaction-logging. To get the best out of the system you need to invest some time (and faith) in it and connect your bank/credit card accounts that you use especially those accounts you use for business transactions. Feels a little weird allowing access to your banking - but it appears secure and everything is ‘done/connected/setup’ from within your QB account. Once setup - you’ll need to spend a bit of time going through all past transactions - at least to the beginning of the current financial year - if your figure are going to make sense. The are I’m having issues with is the mileage tracking function. Having followed all the obvious instructions it isn’t auto logging trips..... there is a support function....which I’m currently trying re this subject- I’m sure it’s a blip in the settings somewhere or just my fat thumbs! Apart from this - so-far-so-good. 👍.Version: 6.1.1

It’s good when it works..I am using this app for mileage tracking. There is an ongoing issue: almost every time the app is updated and at the beginning of the month the app logs me out and not tracking mileage. At some point last year I have lost a whole month of mileage...Version: 6.4.4

Worst service !!I was starting a new company and I use this service following their good ideas on how to bill my clients in a discrete manner. Everyone was happy until one of my clients accidentally forgot about her transaction and opened a dispute. Intuit immediately started to withdraw that money that I no longer had on my account. They continued trying to get the money from my account several times and create a huge amount of fee!! BE AWARE!! They said I can’t spend or reinvest my money, I have to let the money sit in my account for several months in case a dispute happens. This just gets interesting, my client fixed the problem and now Intuit wants to charge me a lot of fees because my account didn't have the amount on my account and they weren't able to get the disputed money without consulting me. No matter it wasn't my fault they are now harassing me to pay the fees for having a dispute (no matter it wasn't my fault and it was legitimate transaction) and for not having the amount on my account for them to hold the funds..Version: 4.36.0

Time SaverEnjoying the app for a while now, it really saves time categorising items, however there are some issues when reviewing (swiping on) transactions, most are now coming up as Motor Vehicle expenses when they are not and the receipts aren’t syncing with the transactions. Also when reviewing Mileage some will repeat after they have been swiped/reviewed, which is a little annoying and time consuming. All in all great app, would be better if the price stayed at $10 per month..Version: 6.1.1

Major FlawsYou can sync QB with your bank accounts but the automated function doesn’t import all the transactions. So you have to check every single one. And this is a NIGHTMARE. You then have to identify (eyeball) the omissions (dates) and manually identify and import them. But the files have really complicated names and it is easy to import multiple copies which leads to the next MAJOR FLAW namely multiple entries of transactions. You then have to delete or exclude them. But you can only do his one at time. Grrrrrrr! Nightmare number two! It would be so much easier to simple tick each duplicated transaction and then exclude or delete them in one go. This is beyond tedious. And all these flaws completely defeat the USP of this service, making accounting easier for the self employed. And the support is SHOCKINGLY BAD. They simply don’t respond to messages. I am totally regretting trying this app. Don’t you do it folks!.Version: 4.27.0

Mileage Tracking is Unreliable LatelyUpdate: Mileage Tracking still HIGHLY unreliable !! No fixes. No communication from the developer. It takes more work to double check everything. Ugh. And I’m paying for this? In the past few months I’ve noticed that entire trips aren’t tracking. There is a manual tracking option, but I’m paying money to have it automatically track. I’m a roofing contractor and drive A LOT. Every time this happens I have to pour over my calendar and consider every customer, every supply run, every inspection, etc that I have. Then I have to map each of those drives myself to determine the miles. Only then to enter it manually. At this point it is costing me actually money AND costing me valuable time. I’ve already selected the mileage tracking troubleshooter in the app and confirmed all my settings are correct. It has all the checkboxes checked off. I’ve confirmed that the app is open and running in the background each morning. I’ve emailed customer service with a couple examples. And reading some other complaints here, it seems I’ll have to do more of the developers job by not only tracking down each trip, but now I’ll have to catalog them all and send in to a different customer service person. Why am I doing the developers job checking for bugs on an app that I’m paying for?.Version: 4.44.0

Death by cloudI’m glad intuit let me try this piece of junk for free, so I have no qualms about deleating it. Blame the iOS App. Poorly designed, noisy, notification/ad heavy, info light initial screen. Bad at remembering transactions that should be processed automatically. Lots of anoying things that one can normally overlook. But no backups? When deleting what I thought was a redundant account on the App, all my accounts and nine months work were gone, never to be seen again. Now I’m deleting this APP, never to be seen again. No wonder QuickBooks split. Thanks for the reach-out. Now that the cows have left I see no reason in trying to shut the barn door. Restructuring the data does not address the chief flaw in the product. No backups and no “saved state” option. It presents a compelling argument to avoid cloud based systems, especially complex ones. I thought I was deleting a single account, not all of them. Why bother to reconstruct something that a poorly constructed interface update, which occur on a weekly basis these days, can have me accidentlly delete with no hope of an easy recovery. I’ve learned my lesson, I’m moving on..Version: 6.0.2

Not freeShould be free.Version: 6.3.7

Tracker and InconsistentAfter three months of troubleshooting with customer service, I was told repeatedly that I was the only one facing the mileage tracking issue and every time they just walked me through the basic restart troubleshooting options. I have been inconsistent receiving service for the mileage tracking but as others have said it is basically useless, frustrating, and I will lose money on time because of this issue. Furthermore, I ask that I receive a discount on my $15 subscription since I wasn’t able to utilize the service I was paying for. The response was no, since I was the only one having the issue it seemed like my phone not the software. After looking at it on my phone after all of this, I now see that mini mini people are havingThe same questions. I actually had to call Apple and they took the time to do some research and found all these other Bible with the same issues, all this after three months of customer service through QuickBooks. At one point they just Google troubleshooting for this issue. Very frustrated.Version: 6.2.7

Constantly crashingThis app is really unreliable which is so disappointing because it’s a great app when it’s working. Every time I update, it crashes and I can’t log in. The app also used to automatically calculate mileage based on start and end point but it doesn’t do this anymore which means adding mileage is very time consuming. An option to automatically add return trips would also be great and make life easier as well as more expense category options. I won’t be renewing this app next month as it is a time waster due to constant errors, when the reason I purchased it was for efficiency..Version:

BE AWARE OF MILEAGE TRACKER!!I downloaded this app about a year ago so I can track my miles for work. It worked albeit a but clunky on getting the reports but I was able to make do. Fast forward to 11/12 and this app updates and then doesn’t track my miles for several days. In the meantime, I’m working with their tech support to fix this and they said “it must be my phone”. I looked in their community chat rooms and SEVERAL OTHER PEOPLE REPORT SAME PROBLEM, but yeah, this was “only my phone”. I download another mileage app and it works perfectly fine while this doesn’t. So I simply ask to get a refund and cancel my subscription since the app isn’t doing what I paid it to do. They say I have first cancel and then they can initiate a refund. So I do this and then guess what? They deny my refund. SO IF YOU USE THIS FOR THE MILEAGE TRACKER, I would point you to other apps instead of this one because this WILL mess up and QB will just say “not us” and you’re out the money. Terrible, slow service and getting their people to respond was like pulling teeth. I’ll never use again and decided to write this to warn others. BUYER BEWARE!.Version: 6.0.7

No ability to change payment methodI’d like to subscribe for my business but system will not allow me to choose a payment method and forces me to use a personal account associated with App Store. Nobody seems able to help. Just send me on to the next person. Very frustrating. Doesn’t matter how good your product is if your customer service sucks..Version: 6.0.7

Manual inputDecent for tracking mileage, however the connectivity with banking is woeful. At first it worked great, so I signed up. At the end of this financial year I will be leaving though as it’s unworkable. You in theory can automatically import your bank transactions then swipe which are business and which personal. For most of this year it hasn’t worked. They have suggested several things such as using excel to download a csv file from my bank, but they don’t do it, so my only option is to input each transaction manually. This renders 50% of the functionality of the app worthless. When I pointed this out to intuit they basically said tough, and refused to offer an portion of my subscription fee back, hence why I’ll be unsubscribing in a couple of weeks..Version: 6.1.4

It was goodI’ve been using this app for a couple years. It started out good but not anymore. It’s good to stay on track of things and send invoices. Sadly it takes longer than other apps to snap a receipt and lots of times you have to add details. Can’t import to Amazon purchases (Canadian). Can’t import to turbo tax. When you send an invoice and marked it as paid, you have to manually insert that as an income. For the price of it I would rather keep my receipts and give them to an account at the end of the year or use another app. Maybe in the future they will add better features..Version: 6.4.2

They screwed it upI was unable to enter correct GST Business number They have it set up for 9 numbers but in Canada the GST Business number is 15 characters. The format of your 15-character account numbers consists of your nine-digit business number followed by a two letter abbreviation denoting the type of account it is, followed by a four digit number. For example, if you have a GST/HST account, your number may look like this: 123456789 RT 0001. I talked to Quick Books and all they said was “that’s the way it is” Quick Books then suggested I upgrade to another more expensive product. Bad customer relations. After several attempts ( you can’t speak to any one, it’s all email) All they want to do is up grade to a more expensive program. It would appear that 5hey just don’t care. I could you trust the upgrade small business if there self employed program is not correct? I do not recommend this product.Version: 6.1.5

Almost good, except for invoicingThe good: -Automatic mileage tracking -Automatic download of banking/credit card trans for quick and easy expense tracking. -Tax awareness and live tracking. The bad: The invoice feature is just plain awful. Intuit could make it better, but they won’t and I will get into that with this list: 1. There are no customization options for invoices. 2. No option to create items for quick repeated entries. 3. No option to manage customers/clients outside of the invoice function. Here is the truly awful: 1. No easy option to email a pdf version of an invoice. When you email from the app it sends an html email to the recipient and they click on a web link to view a badly formatted version of the invoice online. This has to be due to the fact that intuit wants you to use their payment processing because they want to take your money for each transaction. This is evident by the fact that there is no option to turn the payment processing off and it is in your face every time you create an invoice. Now there is a way to email a pdf version I found and can do on my phone, but then there is no option to mark the invoice as “sent.” Unless you email through the app as described below. If I decide to keep this service (and not cancel and ask for a refund) I will not be using the invoice feature as it is nothing more than a ploy by intuit to grab more of your money..Version: 5.2.4

Gets app but crashesGood app for my business but keeps crashing so unreliable and especially when your paying monthly for it. Now after it starts to work again there’s another problem... won’t let me sign in. I have all the right login details, I even changed my password again but still no luck. Disappointed in this app so far to say the least. Won’t be upgrading my star rating until its a more reliable app. WEL this is great, do an update today Friday 19th January and now it keeps crashing upon opening the app.... what a disappointing and pathetic app! Will be looking elsewhere for my business needs!!! 19th if july update has taken a step back! Now you have to manually input your banking details on every invoice every time instead of having it set up automatically like it was before. Your making business life even harder wasting my time to manually input it every time I do an invoice. The people who do these updates need to have there’s jobs monitored more closely with these backwards updates..Version: 4.33.1

Consistently malfunctions & virtually no app supportI use this app to track ridesharing miles. It consistently misses entire days and hundreds of miles — repeatedly I ensure that I have the newest version of the app and that all the necessary settings on my phone are on that Quickbooks tells you to have on for auto tracking. In the app you can submit logs to them to have them fix the issue when this occurs — I’ve done this dozens of times and never heard back any confirmation of anyone working on the issue nor any response from Quickbooks at all. It has become an issue I repeat going through about 2-3 times a week and then some days it will work fine. All in all, this app is supposed to make it easier to track your miles for tax purposes and I’m quickly getting convinced it’d be easier and far more accurate if I tracked my miles by pen and pad. What good is this service they’re offering if it only works 30% of the time and then they don’t respond to you when you submit logs to them for a data fix? Atrocious..Version: 6.4.1

Forget it, not worth a plumb nickel45 minutes so far on hold, two weeks of useless back and forth with “support”, online Chat support that was a waste of time, and still cannot use APP or desktop - if you want an idea of what is in store, just click on the App support link next to the review button. That’s all you need to know. Try to find something else. So finally got through to Support after 71 minutes, not his department, is trying to find someone to transfer me to, I’m guessing he’ll give up and hang up on me. To his credit, he didn’t hang up on me, but failing to find anyone to help me, he has promised that someone from QuickBooks selfEmployed would call me “first thing” tomorrow morning. I won’t hold my breath...good thing I didn’t hold my breath, that call “first thing in the morning” still hasn’t happened..Version: 6.0.10

Nothing but technical issuesThe app worked great for the first 3 months then after then I had nothing but logging in issues and bank connecting issues. Customer service weren’t the easiest to get a hold of as email only then chat only on the app. But if you cannot log in how can you contact them? Their phone number doesn’t help as the agents cannot help you with the app. Locked out for nearly 3 months out of 12 and was refused reimbursement. Resorted back to pen and paper. Way less hassle and free for my small business. On the flip side it worked great when I could use the services but always being told it’s my problem isn’t helpful!.Version: 6.1.3

Was good at the start until you drum up more businessThis was really good to use at first until you get lots of jobs/work and need to start sending quotes and paid receipts etc. You can only send invoices, and then you get paid by have your bank details on the invoice. There is a ok part about this and it’s the tracking but even that doesn’t track the whole trip in one hit, I travel an hour or more to jobs and it records snippets along the way if I’m an stopped at the lights for a few seconds it starts logging a new trip, by the end of the day when I’m doing my books there’s about 29 trips I need to sort out if they were personal or business related and when all I’ve done is one trip to one job. You can’t send quotes. You cant send a paid receipt if you get paid cash or by card with a eftpos/card reader, you have to send a invoice, mark it as paid then you only have the option then to send a receipt for the work you done to the customer. I’ve had to change to Xero now, I just have to log box my kms and trips now the old fashion way ☹️.Version: 5.1.2

Actively preventing me from filing my tax returnSo, if you had asked me a week ago I would have said that this app is great - synching with my bank accounts, categorizing my spending and adding pics of receipts + the car travel functionality is fantastic. However, following the most recent update this app fails on the one fundamental aspect that counts above all else. I cannot email (export) the reports, that is, get the data out of the app and to my accountant. The functionality says it’s working, but no email arrives. This functionality was working just a month ago when I tested it in preparation for my accountant appointment. Apparently it is a ’known issue’ that they are ‘working toward fixing’. However, when requested they can’t/won’t give me a timeline for a fix to even be worked on little one deployed! Furthermore they don’t have the ability to manually extract it. A years worth of tax transactions and no way of accessing them and no indication of when, if ever. Hero to zero Intuit - or should I make that hero to xero? FIX IT NOW! *rocks back and forth sobbing*.Version: 4.34.1

Pas pour le Québec!!!Cette application n’est pas fait pour le Québec car elle n’a pas la taxe TVQ d’intégré et vous allez seulement le savoir après avoir payé et une fois que vous avez entrée toutes vos infos... Ça m’a prit plus de 2 heures me faire rembourser!.Version: 6.4.2

QB has lost all of my transactionsHaving spent 15 hours getting ready for tax time between midnight and 8am all work completed has disappeared. In addition functionality on email receipting doesn’t work.... proceed with caution!!!!. The problem with QB’s response below is that I have had daily emails, where no action has been taken and I have had to provide further details and clarification each time. Despite a promised phone call to resolve, phone has never rung. Have cancelled my subscription and wasted time and money.... never again!.Version: 4.32.1

Endless bank connection issuesI have been using the app for several months now. Initially, it was great, and for the most part the interface is nice, clean and informative. However over the last 3/4 months I have had endless connection issues with the app not syncing to my bank account. Literally every time I log in I am told there is a connection issue which takes multiple connection attempts to try to resolve - quite often resulting in no connection being made at all. When/if it does connect, I am then left with duplicate entires of the same transaction(s) which I then have to go back through and sort. I have contacted the help desk several times and I kept being told that there was a ‘new and improved’ connection system coming that would solve all the issues. Well, that new and improved system now doesn’t connect properly at all, and every time I try to connect I get a pop up saying ‘something unexpected happened and we can’t connect you at this time...’ I’ve just about lost my patience with this app, and charging me £10 a month for the last 6+ months for an app that fundamentally fails to do what it advertises it does is unacceptable..Version: 6.0.9

Why eliminate perfect features?I’ve been using this app for almost 3 years and it alway was quite handy and precise to keep my information, but since the last update it seems that the feature to check income and expenses in an specific month is gone, why you have eliminated it? If you want to check the income in July you only have a graphic but it doesn’t show any specific number and then you have to go to transactions and manually calculate them, so what’s the point of having your information with the app?.Version: 6.3.4

Worst update everDON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS APP As soon as I can download my info from this app, I will be deleting it from my phone. I used it to track my mileage, since the last update, I have to change every start and end point. It can’t predict or suggest an address close to me at all. Every time I change the address, you need to type the entire address in, because the suggested addresses that appears are in a different country altogether, I’m in Australia, this thing keeps suggesting addresses in Canada. It doesn’t allow you to just change the number of an address anymore, you have to type the entire address back in again. It also tells me an address doesn’t exist that I’ve been traveling to for over a year. I would rate this app as pathetic..Version: 4.31

Wish I could add expense categoriesI wish there was a solution to create expense categories. Categorizing all vehicle expenses as “Motor Vehicle Expenses” doesn’t help at tax time when I need to list Fuel, Repairs & Maintenance, Insurance etc all separately. Same for the very generic “Other Business Expenses”. If I have to separate them all anyway, I might as well use a spreadsheet..Version: 6.2.2

Can’t connect to my bankThe main selling point of this app is that it claims to connect directly to your bank so all relevant transactions can be automatically synced, which is really helpful. It worked for a while but now apparently due to ‘new rules’ it doesn’t support my bank. So now I have to input everything manually, which sort of defeats the object. Such a shame because it was a brilliant app up until then. After receiving a response from the developer I followed their advice and tried to contact QuickBooks, unfortunately I went round in circles following links which lead to other links which lead to pages with supposedly helpful information. I am yet to find anyone to speak to directly..Version: 6.2.6

Average at best.The latest update, 5.2.2, crashes every time that I try to take a picture of a receipt, even on a fresh boot. This is on an iPhone SE. Each revision of the software has got worse and worse with less functionality being practical. Many of my transactions with Santander appear as merely Apple if I’ve used Apple Pay for example, or the town that I have made transactions in. When it comes to setting rules, it is these last details that the self-employed QuickBooks app is trying to use. I don’t want to create rules for all transactions from an entire town! And not all Apple pay transactions are expenses. Irony of ironies is that giving feedback to Intuit themselves through the QuickBooks app seems to be impossible on a screen with a smaller size such as this iPhone SE. This leads to most of the feedback I write not being visible and then the button to submit being slightly off the screen. I persist in using this app just because of its receipt capturing capabilities and now that is defunct I’m not quite sure which competitor I’m going to jump to. Test the app on smaller screens. It doesn’t scale well and I don’t want or need a new phone just for this..Version: 5.2.2

Quebec taxPleeease set up the taxes for Quebec pleeeeease!!!.Version: 6.4.2

App doesn’t workI subscribed to the service the day I downloaded the app. I’ve been tracking all my miles, expenses, income, etc ever since. I tried logging in today and got “your free trial is over please subscribe” so I click to subscribe, cause maybe there’s an issue with my subscription? I click on subscribe and it tells me I’m already subscribed. Yet I can’t get into my account because it keeps telling me to subscribe!!!! Canceling this and getting my $ back. I’ve got well over a month of mileage, expenses and income now to recreate. Update: after being told they would help me get back into my account, and after days of back and forth emails, I was told by their tech support that I have an expired free trial. I responded with all the info (via screenshots) showing I paid for the app for the past 2 months, and since I had to now go without using the features and have to manually record all of my mileage, expenses and income, and can’t get to ANY of the data I input for the 2 months I WAS able to login, I requested and received a refund from Apple, I never heard a peep from this company again. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE customer service and tech support!!!! I lost every bit of data I put into this app, and they could care less. Do yourself a favor and just say no..Version: 6.1.4

Vehicle expense failureIf you want to use this software to track your vehicle expenses for tax purposes, beware! It auto tracks the trips you take just fine but it fails to do the math on the expense total x the business use % in the tax summary and reports. This makes then entire tax summary incorrect and the reports incorrect too. I reported this and went through hours of online chat support (because phone support is not available for this version) to be told it doesn’t do this!!! What’s the point of accounting software that doesn’t do the math! Beware. It also has a bug in the business use of vehicle %. On the trips report it tells me I used 28.41% and on the tax summary it tells me it’s 1588% and then says my deduction is $0. Very wrong and no help so far. Not happy after paying for this software for 3 years. This needs to be fixed. ASAP. Edit- This review got me an email on the subject. It’s clear to me now that QuickBooks knows this occurs and hasn’t tried to fix it. They have applied the “standard” method of reporting instead of the “Actual” method, apparently. This means do the math yourself! I have requested that the user should be able to choose the method and the software should then do the math accordingly. Right now, no choice. We’ll see what happens..Version: 6.4.7

Tracking mileage isn’t goodThis is no where near as good as mile IQ for tracking mileage. It never says the right address for my start address or end address so each journey is slightly different but when you go to adjust the address, you cant just change the address and it adjusts the mileage accordingly, you need to go into your maps app to find the correct distance and enter it in in QB. I wish you could have an option for regular journeys so if it recognises a similar start and end address, it puts it in as your regular journey. Unfortunately I do a lot of driving to different locations and I need to make sure they’re correct so I’m always re doing what the app saves it as which kind of makes it pointless to even have the app. They could make it much much better and hopefully they will..Version: 4.28.0

Good but could be improvedI have been using the app for a couple of years now. Works well on iPhone, had a few connection issues with my bank but all is well now. I feel that there should be some more categories when organising business expenses. There are allowable categories that are not included in the app. I have also since started using the app on my iPad. I use the iPad with a keyboard case and the app does not work in landscape view. It would be great to use it in landscape, and even to have the option to use the split screen/multitasking function for dragging and dropping receipts!.Version: 6.4.1

Payment issues/No assistanceMy invoice was marked as paid, it’s been about 4 weeks or so and I’m still waiting on the money to be deposited into my account. I contacted support through the app chat and was told they can’t help me with that and that I need to contact a different department. The support department hours conflict with my work schedule and there are no after hours support. Don’t expect to get assistance with any issues. On top of not getting paid a refund was given to the customer for overpayment. *UPDATE* I finally made contact with the support department. I was advised I didn’t receive payment because the payment was disputed by the customer. After further review by support it was determined it wasn’t disputed by the customer and that it was labeled as disputed due to the customer having insufficient funds. They explained I should have received an email notifying me of the disputed transaction, which I did not receive. They explained that there was nothing they could do and that I would have to get in contact with the customer for payment. I am no longer in contact with the customer although if I would have been properly notified I could have handled the situation when I was still in contact. So not only did I not receive payment, the customer accepted the refund for overpayment knowing they did not make the payment. The refund was only given because notification from intuit advised I had been paid. This service is completely unreliable..Version: 5.1.2

Do NOT trust this app to track mileage.I’ve been using this app since the beginning of the year. I have not used all the features but do have an Intuit account. As a rideshare driver I get free access to premium features. 1. Mileage tracking is abysmal. This is the worst app I’ve ever used for mileage tracking. I used to use Mileage IQ but that costs $60 a year and is quite accurate. I also have been using Stride Tax as a backup to this app. This app does not accurately track mileage, very memory intensive and doesn’t even log some rides. I have auto start enabled. I’m running the latest iOS 13 on my iPhone 8S. 2. You cannot see the current trip you’re on or end it manually. You have to wait at lest 5 minutes for it to time out before it shows up in trips to be reviewed. Also I’d like to end it manually so I can start another trip for a different purpose. 3. It seems the app engineers give two s$&ts about this app. I have to add trips manually it completely misses. Make sure you use an additional mileage tracker. DON’T TRUST THIS APP TO TRACK YOUR MILEAGE!!.Version: 6.1.2

Fraudulent-false advertisingI have been using this app for transactions for two years. Recently I started to track my mileage. According to their advertising this app allows you to create rules for frequent drives. THIS FUNCTION DOES NOT WORK!! Buyer beware!!! I just got done with a chat conversation to solve this and the tech support said, and I quote, “As of the moment, Mileage rules are not applicable to past drive mileage.” When I expressed my confusion because this feature is clearly present on the app they said, and again direct quote, “I checked with the team and Rules are no longer applicable to Mileage Trips.” They literally display features on their application that are absolutely fake. They are knowingly providing a feature on their app that is non-functional. I have spent hours and hours trying to make this feature work, setting up rules, deleting rules and re-setting them up. They even have forums with directions as to how to create mileage rules...ALL LIES! Now I have to manually go through thousands of drives hundreds of which that I thought were being automatically categorized. This is unacceptable and I will be reporting this company to the BBB and any other authorities I can think of. Shame on this developer for doing this to its customers..Version: 6.1.1

Disappointed, lacking key featuresQuick Books self employed looks promising but is lacking critical features such as the ability to set recurring transactions, duplicate transactions, time tracking, and most importantly the ability to change an invoice’s status without having to email to a client through the QuickBooks system. I’ve been using FreshBooks which has all of these features (and a cleaner, prettier UI), but wanted to give QuickBooks Self Employed a try since it has the added functionality to estimate quarterly taxes and the ability to export tax info over to TurboTax. I could make everything else work, but forcing users to email an invoice using their interface is very limiting since I need to use PDFs for a specific clients. Not having this basic feature is probably a deal breaker for me - Especially since support’s response is that they don’t currently have plans to implement this feature and there are older support threads with multiple requests to add such a basic feature: to be able to change invoice status when using PDFs. As is, If you do not want to email an invoice through Quickbooks Self Employed, you will not be able to get the invoice out of draft mode and, more importantly, you’ll be unable to mark it as paid and have the payment reflected within the system. Such a shame since I really do like the quarterly tax estimates, integrated tax payments/tracking, and the ability to export everything to TurboTax at years end..Version: 5.2.6

Québec self-employedSigned up for 3 months only to discover the QB for self-employed does not permit inclusion of Quebec sales tax..Version: 6.3.6

Doesn't live up to what was said about itThe app has potential but really lacks much. It constantly kicks out my banking information so several times a week I have to re-verify my account as quickbooks tells me that my information is incorrect when it's actually correct. It is incredibly annoying. As far as the tracking. It's good at picking up the start of a journey but horrible at detecting the stops. As a delivery person I make several stops and then go to a pickup. This makes all of it one trip. I can only imagine using this for Uber or Lyft as it would make your entire day one trip. This doesn't even give you the option to force stop like you could do with Mile Iq or Hurdlr and those are free apps. I would expect more from a company who wants money from me on a monthly basis. I gave two stars because it has potential because of the ability to set rules for your purchases to make it easier to categorize purchases but at this point I'm not going to continue to use this as a free app and I definitely wouldn't use this as a paid app. If you are someone who drives constantly this isn't the app for you..Version: 4.21.0

Mr ChipHas good things about it but it is frustrating to get it to do what you want it to do. Not a smooth as I think it could be. Fact you can’t do multiple receipts upload. When your looking at a previous years data the dates don’t match and it stays on. 20/21 date with current years totals and not that of what your viewing. Very confusing. Income invoices are not showing to enable it to give you a years income which you need to work your tax return estimate. I use a diff billing system so know my over all income so just need to be able to add this figure with out creating separate invoices..Version: 6.4.1

This app has never workedI have tried using this app for almost 5 years off and on. It doesn’t function. I signed out 2 months ago and logged back in recently all of my information is gone. Like I never snapped and submitted the 500+ receipts and had linked my accounts. So frustrating. Waste of time and money app. Look else where!.Version: 6.4.0

Great app but still needs improvementI have been using this app for several days now and it still has not registered my house address properly in the to or from address section. It lists my neighbours on both side & the house across the road but never my house. Sometimes it lists the other addresses wrong also. I have to change something every time I go to update trip info..Version: 4.25.2

Has good framework, but missing some crucial featuresQuickBooks self-employed has a great, simple ideology behind it, but I think that QuickBooks is either intentionally throttled some functionality to force users to pay for more premium products, or that they have gone so minimalistic that it has gone too far. The ability for customers to pay partial payments on invoices as one of the most simple, easy things that any business in the service industry has ever thought of. But QuickBooks self-employed does not allow you to do that. It’s ludicrous to think that the majority of customers using QuickBooks self-employed are in the service industry, and for the majority of that industry companies require a 50% down payment. It’s really annoying that QuickBooks doesn’t have this feature, because if I want to get a down payment from somebody, I have to create two separate invoices which looks very unprofessional. Without this feature, I will definitely be switching away from QuickBooks as soon as I can find a better alternative..Version: 5.1.1

Service went down hill when I started payingI did the full free trial. I used the app quite extensively during this time and it was responsive and synced regularly. Reminded me that I had transaction and trips waiting to categorise. As soon as I signed up and started paying for the service it no longer seems to sync properly with my bank accounts, it will update the balance when I manually refresh it within the app but not display the transactions to be cataloged. It’s also seemingly stopped tracking my mileage and (apparently) I’ve not made any trips since August! (I drive every day, everywhere!) Don’t know what’s changed or why it’s worse when I’m paying for it - surely it should be better??! Bit of a poor show Quick Books. You’re not making my life much easier right now..Version: 4.36.1

If it worked...This app was brilliant when I got it over a year ago, kept everything up to date for my tax returns, connecting automatically with my bank account, tracking my mileage etc. Then just before I wanted to do my tax return, the bank connection failed. I emailed support and got useless replies. When I was lucky. This has been going on for around 5 weeks now, and now my data from last year has disappeared too. Joel - my support agent, doesn’t care. Joel can’t even be bothered to respond any more. I am going to have to do my tax return the long way. And also no longer have a lot of my receipts because they were stored ok the app and now has disappeared with no explanation. No customer services. No phone number to speak to a human. Just email. Pointless email. I’ve paid monthly for my life to be made more difficult when it was looking so promising to be made so much easier. SORT YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICES OUT FOR SELF EMPLOYED ACCOUNTS!!.Version: 4.29.1

HelpHi there When ever I have updated my password because for some reason I can’t sign in, I have trouble re signing in once updating password. I now have to delete the app and re download it (again), this is still not working so I take you up on signing in another way which takes me online to your browser, I can log in there but none of my transactions are showing.!? Also can you please update my account user name. The current is an old email I no longer have access to, can you please change my user ID to my name or currently registered email. I have previously asked but you only directed me to update my contact email. Please help, I am messaging here as it is also difficult to contact you online, which I tried.... N.Version: 6.1.5

FrustratingI downloaded this app, started using it, then realized it was the American version, even though I’m in Canada. Tried to switch it over. Now every time I open the app it switches back and forth between the two versions, and I’m also being charged double. And no one can tell me how to fix it. Bad customer service and glitchy app..Version: 6.1.0

PayrollIt would be so nice if there was a smooth transition or an option to add payroll on this app. I don’t need an enterprise accounting solution and don’t feel like I have the ability to transition to chart of accounts accounting because my business is so small, 2 employees other than myself. I think for businesses that are in transition into becoming larger and beginning to hire employees, seasonally or temporarily, it makes sense that I could use a simple program like self employees but also be able to keep track of my payroll within this app or at least be able to classify it as something other than others business expenses’. I may not always have employees and the need for a cumbersome enterprise accounting solution- so something in between this and enterprise would be nice. Something that incorporated payroll accounting and self employed features and simplicity. It’s a great app and great software at a reasonable price but even if it didn’t do payroll per say but could help keep track and account for those amounts sent out between paychecks and withholding it would make tax time easier and give me a better sense of revenues, expenses and better reporting and insight on how to charge the correct price based upon new overhead with employees and without employees. There should be an in between program that doesn’t force you to go to chart of accounts- because that is more accounting than a little business needs or an in between business needs..Version: 6.0.7

So glitchy, not worth the $$$I wish someone had told me to use some other app to track my freelance expenses when I was first starting out. At this point it would be a huge undertaking to change to another system, but QBSE is SO GLITCHY. Not worth what you pay for it AT ALL, and when I’ve raised issues with the support team, they’ve literally never been able to offer a solution. Auto-categorization “rules” I’ve created never work, and when I try to re-categorize something it missed, it says I already have a rule to that effect (I KNOW—then how come you didn’t categorize it?!). Different accounts will just stop syncing even though the system says they’re synced. For an independent contractor, missing a month or so of work expenses can make a big impact on my taxes due, so this is really a problem. Nobody at QB wants to solve these issues, or even offer a refund of a month’s subscription, they’re just happy to take your money and never speak with you. And for the invoicing feature, even when a customer pays by ACH/direct deposit, it takes a week for the funds to reach you. Embarrassingly bad app, I’d caution freelancers and independent contractors to stay away and find a different system..Version: 6.0.6

Useless. Youre better off with a spreadsheet.There is so much wrong with quickbooks self employed. At the moment it’s telling me my subscription has expired even though two days ago they took money for my subscription. I can’t access anything so I guess all business is on hold. On top of that there is no one you can ring to resolve an issue like this. I rang the number on their website and they said there is no contact centre for quickbooks self employed. So no one I can talk to to fix it. The best I can do is email them and wait for someone to respond in the coming days. In addition the mileage tracking is next to useless and doesn’t log half of your trips. The ones it does track are wildly wrong and that’s using and iPhone XS. The invoicing is super simple and featureless. When you send an invoice it sends your client an unprofessional overly friendly Americanised prefabricated text, like “Hey guys check out your invoice.” Which you cant change permanently. If you don’t know what your doing you can double enter expense transactions using the receipt snapper. It should be able to pair up receipts with transactions but it can’t. It’s far too basic. So if you don’t use these features it’s doesn’t actually do much for you. It would be far safer to use spreadsheet because at least you could see your information..Version: 4.40.1

Could be great, if it did all it promisedThis app sounded amazing! It was exactly what I wanted and I needed. I was mostly looking at a GPS tracking app, to track my mileage for tax purposes. Tracking my bank accounts was an added bonus. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t track all of my drives. I would hazard a guess that it tracks 40-50% The bank account tracking is off-line and requires re-connections several times per day. I try to re connect ASAP, but still, not all my transactions come across anyway. I don’t understand why the tracking doesn’t always work, it is very inconsistent. I’ll be cancelling my $10/month subscription..Version: 4.38.1

Doesn’t workIssues with bank connectivity. Customer service unable to resolve it. Useless..Version: 6.4.1

Mileage setting drains batteryThis is a very helpful app but unfortunately when the mileage is on automatic tracking, my phone drains battery so fast. I had put it down to having an older phone but the same is happening with my brand new one. Also, for some reason I have to keep signing in every time I want to use the app - touch sign-in isn’t consistently working, which is frustrating when all I want to do is quickly snap a receipt. Sometimes receipts don’t register and a pop up informs you and you have to snap it again - if you can then find it...! I suppose all would be a lot easier if I linked my bank account but when I’ve tried, the app has glitches and crashed, which then makes me have second thought as to whether it’s secure enough. As helpful as this app is, I’m not sure how long I will continue using..Version: 5.0.4

Hard to useI snap my receipt and it takes many tries to get the whole thing in screen (especially if it has a fold). Then the receipt goes to Pending, so I can’t edit it manually or even delete it!! By the time it’s stopped pending, hours later, I’ve entered lots of others so I can’t find the one I needed to adjust. The better way is to Manually enter the receipt, then snap it (if it’s a bit folded or faded). Also my bank synced once but won’t sync at all any more..Version: 4.43.0

£1100 in lost taxable expenses in 12 monthsI have just run my year end and there is a £1100 difference in my mileage that quickbooks tracked to my actual mileage, that is shocking bad and only served to reinforce my one star rating I have used quickbooks self employed for more than 2 years now. It used to be brilliant and great value for money, recently however it has become very patchy and unreliable. I would rather have a bland app that works well over a flashy bright app that constantly fails to deliver. Customer support is nearly impossible to get hold of and when you can it is of a limited effect. That app is now costing me money in lost journeys and transactions so once I’ve found a suitable replacement I’ll be deleting this one So it took over a week for the developer to respond, all they have suggested has been done, numerous times as well. I stand by my original statement of lots of potential but poorly executed, but would also add, focus on performance not bling. So, 6 months in from the last update and still nothing has changed, the app still fails to deliver, I can’t wait until the end of the financial year so I can move to a product that does what it claim to do rather than one that loses me money. About 10,000 miles have now been lost in mileage, at 15p a mile it soon adds up. The purpose of this app is to make life easy, all it has done is created a bloody big headache and cost me money.Version: 6.1.3

Very unsatisfactoryI have a small business and signed up for quick books this year for my cleaning business. While they make most business related chores easy to do and keep track of, they make accepting payments through an invoice very hard! I’ve used this function once and will most likely never use it again. Rather, accepting payments electronically using another system; PayPal etc. They make it easy to create invoices, but after they’ve approved you to put a PAY NOW button on your invoice it comes with a hold to your hard earned money and laundry list of extra documents asked for, after you’ve been cleared to use this function. Something like this is highly inconveniencing to a small business like mine, it’s it’s beginning stages where every penny counts and is expected as promised. It’s one thing to deal with late payments from clients, but when it’s from the platform you’re paying to make things easy and efficient,it’s extremely frustrating! After my issue is solved, I will determine whether is worth keeping the subscription..Version: 6.4.3

There is no support for Quick Books Self EmployedI am incredibly frustrated! I downloaded the app yesterday and added my account information for it to track. Cool. Today I signed on and it asked me to enter my name and occupation. The problem is the occupation. I’m a Real estate investor but it would not acknowledge any occupation outside of mining, ranching, farming, or animal breeding. It would not let me continue until I picked one of those occupations. I went ahead and picked mining just so I can move on and thought I would go back and edit the occupation. I can’t find anywhere on the app to make that edit, nor can I find any help support on the app. I logged online and was still unable to find my occupation to add it in Settings. I’ve called, I’ve emailed, I’ve tried reading through the questions answered by the community to no avail concerning my questions and I have not been able to get any support. I’ve spoken to two different Support operators but neither of them could help me with self-employed question. They just re-directed me back to the webpage. And here I am now frustrated and no where to ask for help. There’s no way I want to subscribe and pay for an app with no tech support..Version: 5.2.5

FreezesKeeps freezing/crashing.Version: 6.4.0

Not completely ATO compliantYes you can get a generic ATO deduction based on kilometres. However, to get the maximum deductions you need to record odometer reading at start and end of financial year, and odometer readings at start and end of full shifts. Self Employed doesn’t have the ability to do this. You need to stop marketing the app in a way that makes people believe they have all the info they need for maximum deductions. I think it’s misleading. So at the moment I’m still using manual Excel spreadsheet. There are other apps out there that allow you to do this so may even consider another app..Version: 4.21.1

Warning - Do not purchase this appI have been using the trial version of this app for 25days now - my honest opinion I thought this app was initially genius in helping me keep track of my expenses, and visually keep on top of my finances. That was until it decided to disconnect from my bank, an error that repeatedly happened throughout this trial period. For no reason. Although it does try to place blame on you that you have some how not logged out of your bank on another device...completely untrue. Customer service slow, and robotic response, and ask you to perform lots of technical steps to fix the problem yourself. But i feel sorry for the people who have bought this app, pay monthly and have had all their transactions lost. I can’t imagine how frustrating that would be!! This has happened to me just in 3 weeks. Imagine loosing a year’s worth of data, and once its gone it is gone. There is no guarantee or back up of it keeping your data. I will not be buying this app, I’m happy i found out early that it does not work..Version: 5.0.1

Terrible invoice and email format issuesOne of the essential base functions for an accounting app is to be able to send invoices to clients. Only after sending an invoice to myself was I able to see how badly Quickbooks have set this up. Instead of the well presented and customisable pdf that you set up to your preferences, the email that is sent to your clients is one with a link and a demand for the total invoice amount in bold splashed across the page. Clicking through to the next page is another link with instructions, again in a large bold font, for how to pay ‘Your Name’ if they cannot pay the invoice. Then on clicking through again it takes you to summary of your invoice with another link to either view or download the final pdf. This final link does not always work and I have already been advised by other QB users that this is not an unusual occurance! I think in order for QB to even be classed as a basic app they really should sort this out so you can at least customise the email template and then get their act together for the final download or at least offer the option of attaching it as a pdf in the first place. To update in response to your reply Jay; please do forward on to your developers..Version: 6.4.1

Great until software updateThis software is useless without the capacity to upload tracked expenses/receipts to an invoice. Who out here doesn't have billable expenses with receipts? None! We all need to track and show our costs to our customers. This, in a previous software revision was available, but was removed recently and seriously hinders my ability to bill my customers effectively and with complete transparency. To have to jimmy rig my invoices to show my costs incurred is not only ineffective but unprofessional! Also, now it appears to incorrectly address the uploaded receipts on date, name of company, and amount. And it does it randomly. This now is taking up all my time, rather than making more efficient use of my time. I have contacted support multiple times and they have said they are working to improve this function but have no timeline to fix this. They offered me one months credit but never applied the credit. Can’t call someone because they don’t give a number and I have asked for a call and they said they can’t call me. I have called other numbers not related to self employed and they directed me to the email process. I have submitted comments to the software engineers and have not received a productive answer other than we are working on it.... if you had it working in the past, how hard is it to fix it and put it back in if it was never a problem?!? No one has ever explained what was the issue..Version: 4.22.1

Unnecessary changeI love this app and how easy it is to use. But a recent update has changed the dashboard so now I can’t see how much I’ve made each month over the financial period. I don’t care about how much I’ve made overall. I want to see and compare each month. Annoying change and completely unnecessary..Version: 5.0.0

OkayMy biggest issue is there are too many steps for a client to be able to see the invoice and I’ve had half a dozen clients not be able to see the invoice at all. Running a babysitting business my clients are parents. They don’t have time with running around after their children to click four links to be able to see the invoice and then to have the invoice not even be readable. The view invoice link on the email should take them straight to the invoice not mess around with opening a browser and then click on more links..Version: 6.3.7

Bitter disappointment $ RIP OFFI have an existing QBO subscription & saw the ads for QBSE, figures it would make my tax time easier by letting me swipe left / right to categorise a whole YTD of tranx. I spent a whole day doing this. I then discovered that despite QBSE prompting me for my QBO login details, there is no sync & no manual way for me to import my days work into QBO. Then when I contacted support they refused to issue any refund or provide contact details for me to escalate this further. Do not waste you time with this highly misleading app with zero support..Version: 6.0.10

Receipt forwarding doesn’t work, poor customer supportOverall I was happy with QuickBooks self employed, however the receipt forwarding and automatic recognition doesn’t appear to work, meaning that this data needs to be manually entered. Quite time consuming and no ability to upload PDF like would be the case with forwarded receipt. I have attempted to contact the QBSE for assistance, however after email acknowledgement of request, there is no support. The advertised telephone support on QuickBooks website is for the online version rather than the self employed version of QuickBooks..Version: 4.30.1

"You’re so passive aggressive"It looks like a nice clean app to send my invoices and track my expenses. Amazing! I’m happy to subscribe as soon as I am prompted. Definitely worth the money. Perfect, time to send my first invoice. Oh wow, this is going to save me so much time. Let’s just enter my province for the automatic tax calculation. Hey that’s weird. Quebec isn’t there. "Right now this app doesn’t support Quebec and QST" My partner asks "don’t you think they should have said that when they saw your Quebec phone number?" What an idea, guys..Version: 6.4.7

ConfusingThis app is probably the most confusing app I have ever tried to open, it gets you to fill out your information then asks you to confirm with your phone number that you just entered only to be told that they cant find any customer with that phone number . Totally useless!!!!.Version: 6.4.3

Keeps disconnecting from bank losing all my dataThis is the third time I have had an issue and the third time I’ve lost nearly all the bank transaction details, category, receipt photos etc etc ‘Bank connection issue’ which then leads to me trying to reconnect over the next few days without any success. I do everything I can to prevent having to ‘delete bank account’ which unfortunately is the only thing that fixes the issue and even then it’s a struggle. Once the bank account is re-setup I have lost the transactions and have to start again! I have suggested that they implement a ‘backup’ feature to enable you to store the details of these mentioned transactions and receipts but they have made any effort to introduce this so now 9 months of work has gone down the drain ! Absolute waste of time and money. PLEASE GET A BACKUP FUNCTION OPTION!!! If it crashes again I am done with this product because there is no way I’m re-entering 3 years worth of accounts or more. BACKUP BACK UP BACKUP !!!.Version: 6.3.2

Can’t send receipts to customers or create invoice templatesHi there, App would be great if you could generate a receipt to send to customers who you have invoiced using the app. Currently, I invoice from this app, then have to go to another app, create an invoice in that app, mark it as paid, so that I can then send a receipt from that app. An accounting app should have a send receipt function. I was very surprised to learn that a paid app by QuickBooks didn’t have this option. Also, we should be able to create a template or save information to the app’s template, info such as bank details, Terms and conditions other information that doesn’t change, but is always required. These two functions would save a huge amount of time and make the app a 5 star app! Thanks!.Version: 4.32.0

Mileage Tracker Flaky UPDATEDUPDATE: After another support ticket getting no response BUT them responding to my review I tried the proposed solution to band aid my missing trips. No luck. Still have the program and it is STILL not logging mileage. Now it’s completely failing all trips. I’m not incompetent when it comes to these things. I’ve built multiple CPU’s; have my home setup for multitudes of automation tasks using IFTTT protocols, etc. I have checked and checked again my setting which are correct. I’ve used the online support and followed the guides given in the reply to my review. Check other reviews. I’m not the only one. If your looking for solid mileage tracking look elsewhere. Flaky at best with absolutely dismal customer service. ORIGINAL REVIEW: One of the big reasons I got this was for its inclusion of automatic mileage tracking. Well even after reading bad reviews of people saying it didn’t work right I tried it with the 30 day trial. Worked great until a week ago (I’ve since purchased the software). Frustrated I sent an email via the embedded support tab/button. No response in two days and mileage tracking is still only picking up 1 of 3 trips or so. Can’t recommend a product that is that inconsistent and has no customer service to back it up when there’s problems. It appears my support email is either ignored or is backlogged by over 2 days which would suggest many others are having problems as well. BUYER BEWARE.Version: 6.0.10

No Estimate TemplateI’m a one person contractor and tile setter and have been using this app for just over a year. It’s a great app to use for what I need; EXCEPT for a small detail which is a HUGE oversight. This app has NO means to send an Estimate. Yes, it has an INVOICE template but what good is that without the front-half? This means I have to use another app (Joist) to create estimates and invoices and then use this app to manage my accounting work. The other issue with SE is that you cannot send your info directly to your accountant like you can on the other QB platforms. Intuit; please add these to SE. please and thank you..Version: 6.4.0

UnrulyI’m just trying out QuickBooks. The interface is very nice. Intuitive one might say. When reviewing transactions I see a nice button that says “Create rule” so I hit it. In a very helpful way it asks, would you like to automatically categorize all transactions from vendor A as category Z. I hit confirm, then save my transaction. I then see a little notification that says X number of transactions were automatically categorized, which I’m very excited about because it seems to be making my life easier, yay! Then, to my horror, I see that all the X number of transactions are reviewed as “uncategorized” and even the first item I reviewed and based the rule on has a completely different category than the one I selected and saved. And this wasn’t just a fluke, I had been going along like this for several transactions, vendors and categories until I noticed they were all screwed up. The very basic function of this software, the flagship software of the industry, the function of sorting your transactions for tax purposes, is completely broken. So I look for a help option in the app to report the problem, don’t see one, only an option to leave a review. And here I am, warning the next fool to stay away from this very nice looking but completely broken app. P.S. I found the help, it’s an AI chatbot. It had to forward my problem to its humans, they’ll get back to me..Version: 4.37.0

Has potential but missing basic features & functionalityI turned to Quickbooks in an effort to streamline my accounting. I’m still using the free trial period and have nearly inputted three months of expenses but the deeper I dive, the more disappointed I am. Although I’ll admit that because I’ve spent so much time and energy getting every into the app, I’ll most likely end up paying to keep it. In some aspects the app is great - storing receipt photos, quick glance summary, etc. However, it lacks some really basic functionality/features/capabilities and it’s extremely frustrating because something seemingly simple like categorizing expenses takes a painfully long time because an expense doesn’t fit into the options given and there’s no way to create or rename a category. A customer service rep advised me that the categories are straight from the IRS Schedule C however, a schedule C makes a distinction between raw materials, shipping supplies and office supplies. Quickbooks does not. It would also be nice to be able to select several transactions at once and categorize them or exclude them with the click of a drop down. It’s absurd to have to go into every transaction manually when this basic function exists even in my email account. The mileage portion of the app doesn’t always work even though it’s set to auto track. I have MileIQ running concurrently and it tracks every mile accurately. And lastly, why is Square not supported?.Version: 4.27.4

Good app, missing some details.Overall this is a great app for me and my business needs especially since I'm traveling to customer locations. I have the ability to bill them, collect payment from them, manage income and expenses all from this app. A major plus is my ability to scan my receipts or email them in and have QuickBooks input them to my expenses so I can just approve them saving me time and money, great job on this feature! BUT I have noticed that the mileage tracker is not great, sometimes it pickups my drive sometimes it doesn't. I've been forced to use MileIQ for my mileage tracker which is annoying to say the least paying two separate companies when QuickBooks advertised the Mileage Tracker. Another downside is that this app is only available on the phone, not the iPad. I know I can run iPhone apps on the iPad, but it don't look as professional and clean especially when presenting estimates to customers. With times evolving and more business using tablets I would say it's about time that QuickBooks looked into getting their app updated for Tablets..Version: 4.40.1

Woeful support!I had been using for a while and worked well initially. Unfortunately they have very poor support. Some of my clients simply don’t receive my emailed invoices when generated from the App. Apparently they are not able to investigate and just palm you off with “Sorry can’t help!” Or “Get assistance from the Customers Email Expert!” (Which is actually me!) Go ahead and use it for mileage tracking and accounts but, if you want to use it to send Invoices, don’t bother and look elsewhere..Version: 6.3.4

Great idea just Very temperamentalThe idea of this app is great for freelancers who want to stay on top of their accounts however this app disconnects from my bank every single day without fail. It’s EXTREMELY Frustrating that I pay monthly for this app and have to reconnect my bank everyday, often several times a day!!! Also the mileage tracking is a good feature but can be glitchy at times, sometimes registering trips and sometimes not, and for some reason duplicating some trips. I feel as if this app could be great but if I had known it had these problems I wouldn’t have paid for it. I’m only hoping they fix these problems as going forward it won’t be practical for me to continue the monthly payments.Version: 5.2.1

Awful Customer ServiceI was attracted to the App due to the discounted rate. I only intended to use the mileage log function in order to take the hassle from manually recording personal and business mileage. I accepted the steady increase from £4-9+ after being with them for 6months as I recognised the time saving value. However...about 2 months ago I tried to download the mileage for a month in order to submit to my payroll team only to find no data appeared. 1 month of chasing a none existent service team later I decided to stop my DD. I still get emails to be told this ‘ongoing issue’ is being worked on by their technical team a month later! 2 months to fix what should be a simple technical glitch and in the mean time offering me to re-join at less than 50% what I was paying before I cancelled...bloody cheek! Clearly this company is trying to attract as many people as possible with sell it low and then raise the subscription when hooked! However the technology is clearly broken and there is zero technical support when it does...DO NOT BUY!.Version: 5.2.1

Very buggy, huge lack of supportWorked well for a couple of weeks. All of a sudden lost ability to email invoices and collect credit card payment. Technical support is only done through chat and they don’t offer any solution..Version: 6.2.5

So many problemsI’ve been using this for over a year. Ultimately it’s been a huge waste of money, but I have stuck with it because i don’t want to put in the work learning/migrating to a new app. My recommendation - STAY AWAY! Don’t buy it for mileage tracking, unless you want to create extra work for yourself and drain your battery. Receipt snap is a good feature that works quite well, but then the app has a bunch of dumb rules that will make it impossible to actually file your transactions (it seems to want to see a credit card transaction to match the invoices you put in, so cash invoices sometimes just sit in the “unresolved” section forever. Issues are one thing, but when you encounter them the customer support is bizarre and terrible. I’ve now had several interactions with them and they have been consistent unhelpful, sometimes rude and mostly I’ve left each interaction feeling like I know the software better than the person I’m speaking with. To make things worse, BEFORE you speak to a human you have to deal with a chat bot that is so useless that you’re already filled with rage by the time it gives you a person to chat with. So, millions of bugs aside, most recently the app has become completely useless. About two weeks ago, it simply stopped allowing me to save or send invoices. THIS FROM A FREAKING INVOICE APP!! What’s the damn point of an app that doesn’t perform its primary function? Stay away. This company is very happy to charge you $10 a month for the rest of your life, but they don’t seem to be that interested in spending any of that money on develoment or support..Version: 6.2.4

Im not sure what happenedIts been months and i have sent multiple emails to their support team and havent heard a single thing back (keep in mind this is a PAID service and im receiving 0 replies to anything i send them for help). The app wont update on its own. I have to manually uninstall the app and reinstall it in order to update it which means i have to reconfigure it everytime which is sort of often since they keep pushing out updates every few days. Im not sure why this started happening but when i click update the icon goes grey and it sits for days and days doing nothing. No part of the icon loghts up like all of my other apps do when its partially updated or running through the update process. It literally sits greyed out the entire time. Im on an iphone xs and this happened with every one of the ios updates so i dont think os version matters anymore. I cant be the only one having this problem can i?? How does every other app i have install and update perfectly fine but this one refuses to update?? I restored my phone back to factory stock as well and that didnt resolve a single thing. Wth am i paying for at this point??.Version: 5.2.6

Do not use with national bankYou will have to go through security verification every time you want to load transactions from your bank to quickbooks. And if you verify by email you can’t leave the app to get your code or it starts over again. Its very frustrating to use..Version: 6.3.7

Horrendous app, worse customer service.The app that I have used for bookkeeping for the last 5yrs or so is no longer available so needing to find an alternative I thought that I’d give Quickbooks a try. After registering an account I started to use the app but the “add accountant” feature was missing. I contact Quickbooks for support & was told that this wasn’t available to me because I’d signed up through the app & not through a web browser. Their advice was to delete my account, register a new account through a browser from a different email address & once that was up & running I could request that my email address be changed back. Only it couldn’t, my work email was associated with a deleted account. After two weeks of toing & froing I was told that my deleted account had been recovered but to sign back in through a browser to activate the accountant feature. That didn’t work. Quickbooks then advised me to start a subscription to activate the feature, even though it had been available on that account with the wrong email as a part of the trial. After the best part of a month I haven’t been able to use the app properly & make any use of the 30 day free trial, & now I am expected to pay for it. No thanks. I’ll go back to using spreadsheets & emailing the details to my accountant. As for quickbooks stay well clear, they’ll only mess up your account if you have any problems..Version: 5.1.0

Invoice formatThis product is great 5 stars except for how it sends invoices. To send what is basically the same screen 3 times before you can get to a printable copy. I too also had problems with “bank connection issues” after giving up trying i down loaded the details and carried on. The problem wasn’t with Quickbooks, the bank Yorkshire Bank was being taken over and security wasn’t has it should be. The takeover has now been completed I changed my banking details to the new bank work great again I’ve used Quickbooks since the nineties in one form or another It a learning curve Great product but you need to sort out the printable invoice issue.Version: 6.4.1

Good app so farI just subscribed it yesterday and find it pretty good so far. However the format of the invoice is not quite right yet, you put in the address but it doesn’t show up in your invoice and no place to put in your ABN so I had to put it down the payment detail. One other thing they need to improve is that it should be able to attach the invoice in the automated email which sends the invoice to your customer, so the customer can open the attachment straight away rather than loading it from the QuickBooks portal. I would go with QuickBooks online but it has no milage tracking which I drive a lot. The format of invoice is way better than this though, wouldn’t mind to pay a little bit extra to have both in one place..Version: 4.35.0

Feedback for devsNew update has really negatively affected the user experience. I’m on an iPhone X so before the update the dashboard fit a lot of info on the screen in a clear, clean and tidy way. Now everything is huge and cumbersome. It feels like there is far less on screen in a far more distracting manner. No longer feels like the professional product I’ve been enjoying on mobile. ** Update ** The graph is now back but has been put behind a ‘view insights’ link on the dashboard. The old version of the app was still a better solution: why hide the graph when it was fine where it was before? Since the update I’m also getting bugs such as being told I have transactions left to categorise but when clicking through it shows that they are all done. Frustrating. For me, any app that deals with finances should be discreet and with the new update this app simply isn’t. Before the update you could easily open the app on a commute and get some quick categorisation done. Now you can only do this if you want to reveal your finances to everyone around you. Why the devs felt the need to make the font so big I don’t know - it seems like a massive oversight. It was perfect the way before. Sure, update the visuals if you need to but don’t change things to make the experience worse. Since the update (and the price increase) I’ve been looking into alternatives and there are plenty out there. It’s a shame because I really do like Quickbooks and how the app was before..Version: 5.0.2

Does not support Québec Tax.Unfortunately, self employed product doesn’t support Québec tax setup..Version: 6.4.1

Not that greatNot very clearly laid out, it needs to be simpler and more fun to use. I’m thinking of trying a different app for my business. I prefer quickmoneyrecorder app, which I use for my personal budgeting. The transactions in my bank account take over a day to appear on the app. Sometimes I tapped an item in a list and the item that responded to being tapped was the item below the one I tapped. I can’t add a category. There are no pie charts. On one screen it said my income was £33k and another screen it said my income was £15k, I must be misunderstanding something about what the screens are telling me. It would be good if there was a whole other section for personal finances which categorises the personal finances.Version: 4.34.3

Not suitable for QuebecNo Québec sales tax option. Au moment de configurer les taxes la liste des choix pour la province n’offre pas le Québec. L’aide indique que le Québec est traité comme un pays étranger parce que les impôts sont traités différemment. Et l’application « self-employed » est offerte en anglais seulement..Version: 4.44.1

Still pretty poor!I am happy that at least now they have Barclay bank accounts and Barclaycard sorted (only took them 6 months). Although I still have the fact I spend countless hours uploading photos and sorting things out only to then find them re-categorised as something else under the taxes tab. Also I can never find half the the things. I.e put rent under rent but can’t find it under allowable for disallowable cost or only find 1 of 2 months but under both headings! From a starting and sorting point of view it’s getting better but I still wouldn’t submit my taxes based off of it and think I will go back to doing everything myself on excel..Version: 4.31.2

Simple, but incompleteI am new to this app. I find that it is simple to use. I like the mileage tracking. Transactions are easy to log. However, the QuickBooks assistant is really difficult to use because it essentially cannot understand questions. Also, I can't find out how to get a fixed rate deduction on mileage which is one of the important spending I'm making. Asked 3 times with the QuickBooks assistant and no one ever follows-up!.Version: 6.4.4

Why should I report an issue with QuickBooks Self-Employed?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of QuickBooks Self-Employed to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a QuickBooks Self-Employed customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using QuickBooks Self-Employed.

Is QuickBooks Self-Employed not working?

QuickBooks Self-Employed works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact QuickBooks Self-Employed.

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