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AwesomeBest app I’ve ever purchased makes me wanna cry ! Download it right now if you’re hungry 🤤.Version: 28.1.2

Simply Doesn’t Work - Subway Gives Copy And Paste ResponsesThis app went from buggy to completely non-functional. Open the app and after a few taps it crashes and closes. I’m not going to spend any time detailing the exact issues I’m experiencing because the Subway response will be the same copy and paste response they have given to everyone... “We want to help, please contact us at.... yada, yada, yada...”. Bottom line is, the app doesn’t work for most people and needs a drastic overhaul by competent developers. So far all that Subway has had to offer is copy and paste lip service. Make a meaningful effort to your customers and admit that the app is broken and that you’re actually addressing the problem with qualified developers (assuming that’s what you’re actually doing). There are more complicated apps out there that perform flawlessly, so yours doesn’t have to be an exception - hire qualified people Subway..Version: 7.1.7

A beginnerI just signed up and it was pretty painless. I’m typically very frustrated by the time I’m finished unless I Chuck my Phone out the window before I’m done. The application/ sign up process was easy. Ordering sandwiches was a step by step process and the pictures make it easy to follow. I forgot to order my choice of cheese but in the checkout yiu have one last chance to add or subtract items. Also the locations chapter was easy to follow and subway allows Apple Maps so I’m not forced to download another map app I don’t necessarily want, thanks for that consideration. To summarize; my lengthy review; signing up is breeze just read the instructions & follow the steps. If you’re not on your own turf Locating a store is a cinch if you know where you are. If you don’t know where you are it’s likely you need more than a sandwich. I found this app to be problem free. Besides there really isn’t a Cadillac problem that can’t be fixed with a stomach full of Subway is there? Slow your roll (wheat , Italian, or artisan lol couldn’t help it ) slow your roll you’ll be unwrapping that delicious 12 inches of Yummy in no time. Cant eat the whole thing? Wrap in some plastic and BAM! Lunch tomorrow cuz its stays fresh even overnight. You’re welcome, k&g Henson Murrieta Ca.Version: 28.3.0

2nd Order was made right !!!Ok I have to give them credit for replacing my order although i wish they’d dress my sandwiches like they did the second time cause that was perfectly correct it reminded me oh how subway first ever had me hooked the taste of all the explosions of the veggies and sauces was spot on I like banana peppers lettuce tomatoes olives mayo and honey mustard in every bite and their willingness to go beyond and make it right I am glad about as well the app was ok as well I liked how you can customize it how you want it althgh for future reference please consider 2x as a good amount then you’ll never go wrong cause commonly extra or double 2x amount doesn’t seem to be double but normal amount . But I am happy but i hope I don’t have to give a bad review or complain to get an order correct in future . Thanks for making it right guys .i was very satisfied with my 2nd replacement order..Version: 23.0.0

Subway support helped solve accessibility issue with VoiceOver! Might have been iOS version issue.THANKS to Subway phone tech support, we figured out what the issue might have been. I'm running iOS version 12.4.1 on my iPhone. I was impressed when the support person with whom I spoke actually knew how to turn on VoiceOver, and try the app using it with his phone. He was running iOS 13.3, and I heard the app working as it should, getting past the first screen. He also had a coworker try it with iOS 13.3 on an older phone. So, we arrived at the solution that I would update my iPod Touch, and see if I can get past the first screen with it. When I tried that the next day, sure enough, it did work! And now, for whatever reason, it's again working on my phone at iOS 12.4.1, too, when the other day, I could double tap until the cows come home, and it wouldn't go anywhere past the initial screen. MANY THANKS Subway tech support! You've restored some of my faith in app developers and tech support people who actually have an interest in app accessibility! THANK YOU AGAIN! The original review text from a few days ago is below, but I consider this issue definitively resolved for the time being! Tina E. ORIGINAL REVIEW TEXT, which no longer applies: How can I redeem my rewards, when I can’t even get past the first screen? Please, please fix this before January 31, 2020! If not, I have no way to use my four dollars reward that expires by then.! Thank you most kindly for your attention!.Version: 19.0.0

Curbside PickupHere’s a thought...McDonald’s has Curbside Parking signs with numbers on them so when you order curbside from the app, you pull into an available spot and put that number on the app. When your order is ready, they ( the McDonald’s employee ) will bring it to your car knowing the number you put on your app when ordering. Why not develop that same system with Subway instead of putting the model and color of your car and saying “I’m Here.” Because in reality, by putting the curbside number on the app, they ( Subway employee ) know you are here waiting anyways. Nobody cares about the make, model, and color of the car when ordering food. It’s all about getting the order to the right person in a timely manner. Also their are so many different shades of each color of each car out there. So I would suggest using the Curbside number system which will make things much easier and smoother for all ( for the patron and the employee )..Version: 27.0.1

Save me from the evil lady at Western Lights plazaThe woman at the subway I go to is horrid. I thought it was only me until a guy came to pick up an order and told her have a nice day and she ignored him. Then she treated my husband the same way. Everytime I go in I wait 20 mins for her to acknowledge me or if she does she will say “hold on I’m doing online orders” she was nice my 2nd time ever going in because I left her a 15$ tip my first time even tho she was terrible thinking maybe she is having a hard day maybe she had a death in the family. So the next time she was polite to me but that was the day she didn’t even acknowledge the other customer or tell him to have a nice day. That woman should not have a job in customer service but that is neither here nor there thank you to whoever made this app and saved me from spending another min with this wretched woman!!.Version: 23.0.1

Where’s the RewardsThe app is convenient when it works. I say that because so often I go through the pains of buying online and I get to the end and get an error. This happens frequently. I resubmit, start over , etc. same stupid error message. And there is no one to call and ask for assistance. I keep the app current on my iPhone. The next day it may or may not work again. I also think going through the menu is slow and clumsy. I also try to get my order straight in advance so when I am ready and I hit the purchase button I know it will be fresh. This is typically the time I am hurried and do not want to step through the menu. But I still want Subway Fresh, right. But today something changed and when I went back to my order to submit payment it appeared to be missing. So I ordered all over again and then noticed I had two subs in the queue. So I had to figure out how to cancel one of them. My order changed slightly and I couldn’t tell which one I was canceling. So what is my reward for continuing to use the app and buy from Subway. There is none. No rewards for buying your subs 3-4 days a week. No extra discounts. No buy 4 get the 5th free. Nada. And I don’t expect anyone will respond to my input. So Surprise me, Subway..Version: 7.3.1

Good overallThe app is good overall! I just wish that the page wouldn’t have to load whenever you go back one step or tap to get to another screen. I just wish that I could add the loyalty card onto my Wallet app! If Tim Hortons can do it in a week, I’m pretty sure you guys can do as well!.Version: 12.0.0

GreatBest.Version: 7.5.0

Beautiful app, excellent functionality.I don’t know what this app used to be a year ago, but it’s great now. I think all those low reviews are now completely unrepresentative of this app. Apple Pay and iPhone X support would be nice, but I’m sure that’s coming..Version: 7.5.0

Did not workThis app would be great for big orders “when” it works. I took 30 minutes to put in a very large order. It said it went through and a pick up time. Came at the pick up time and found out that it had been voided. Called the bank and found out that they charged us for the order. 10 minutes later Subway voided the order from the bank too, nothing to do with the bank. Had to then get in a long line and re order our large order. What a waste of time! Called the 800 number they don’t care and told me it’s on the specific store side. All I got back from the store was a already formed email that they send to every customer who has an issue. Not ever using this app again. Waste of my time! No one cared to tell me how this can be avoided again or if I use the app again if this would happen again?!? If I want to make a large order I will go somewhere else that cares to have my business..Version: 17.0.0

Very buggyAre used this app about three days ago and it worked fine. I was able to go to my recent orders and replace the same order without any problems. Then I upgraded the app. When I tried to use it today I was unable to re-order one of my orders from previous days. I had to start an order from scratch. When I got to the subway restaurant about 20 minutes after placing my order, they could not find my order then they found his body had a hard time because they did not find my name on the order even though I had placed the order using my Subway account with my name on it. Now I am trying to test the app again and I get a screen that says I need to update it when I press the green update button at the bottom of the screen nothing happens. I went to the App Store to download the update but I am having the same problem. When I open the app, I get that same screen that says that an update is needed and it’s giving me an option to press the green buttonTo update, but that button is unresponsive. What is happening?.Version: 28.1.1

Best reward program ever.!Great way to save on every day delicious and healthy food. Either it is breakfast or lunch or dinner or just a snack..Version: 7.5.0

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