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Bad appI’ve tried on several occasions to order using the app and it’s always a mess. I only order the Family Pack and a few sides. But when I select “Place Order” it bounces and never completes the order. I think it’s because the Family Pack can’t be completed in the pick-up time allowed. No one at the store has an answer. And when I called to see if the order had gone through the lady said it usually takes 10-15 minutes for online orders to post on the store’s system “so call back in 10-15 minutes”. We love Panda. Please fix you app, your communication system, or your process..Version: 2.0.1

Thought of a rewards program?I love me some Panda Express and eat there a ton. This app is nice and convenient because it seems I either get a lot of complicated people in front of me or I have to wait forever for food to cook. With this app, it’s always ensured to be ready whenever I get there with no hassle. But have you guys ever thought of starting a rewards program? As much as I eat there, it would be nice to get free things here and there to know my loyalty is appreciated. Just a thought. That would make this a five-star app.Version: 2.3

Beat the line and the people who have no idea what they are doingIf a restaurant ever needed an ap it's Panda. Love to go and grab some quick chow from then but it never fails, nobody who works there or eats there has any idea what's going on. Ordering on the ap saves you the time and frustration of dealing with inept service personnel and the morons who have never seen food before and have to ask questions about every single item. Panda could double its sales if they could just figure out how to move people through the line. At least the product is dummy proof and the ap lets you pick up a quick meal with only about a 5 minute wait when you arrive vs 20 minutes per person in line ahead of you when you go in..Version: 2.1

Convenient, but drink options limitedI like using the app to order, it makes things fast & convenient. However, it’s frustrating that all drink options are not listed in the app. It’s nice that they prepare the drinks for you, except when I want an option that’s not offered on the app (passion tea), then I’m forced to now drink something different (or pull a jerk move & dump and refill right there in front of the workers). I understand if you can’t give all the options, like if some stores are different than others or whatever, but you should have an option of just ‘fountain drink’ & let people fill it themselves..Version: 2.2

I Love Our Panda ExpressI can’t say how much I love our Panda Express. The employees are always pleasant and kind. My only negative is not for our store but for the corporate office. Please expand our Panda Express they deserve more. Get them a Flag Store, same area but a flag store. This property generates a lot of business for you so you can do this. Also do not change the management there she’s ( sorry I don’t know her name at this time, just can’t think of it, apologies) always on top of everything in that store. So happy to have that store there please don’t lose the quality. Thank you for listening to my rant..Version: 2.3

An Oasis in the West ValleyI recently moved from the Bay Area to Modesto - and eventual bought a home in Newman. I love my new home and Newman - but by the 2nd week of living in Newman - I realized that there were NO restaurants here in the West Valley that serve any Asiatic Cuisine! I panicked and went through Sushi and Kimchee withdrawals for 6 weeks / until I stumbled upon this Asiatic Oasis in this Burger-centric Desert that I now call home. I historically order Pickup via the App - and in each and every ordering episode - they get it RIGHT - they have READY ON-TIME - and the quality is ALWAYS consistent - and best of all you get your monies worth!!! So thank you again Panda Express Patterson - your effort’s in delivering healthy and delicious food - that is both pleasing to the eyes and the palette..Version: 2.8

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