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Hopper: Flights, Hotels & Cars app received 63 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about hopper: flights, hotels & cars?

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I love this app!This app is so useful for travelling and their delays guarantee feature is amazing! It gives you an amazing flexibility when cancelling flight or when booking, and their costumer service is efficient, quick and polite! I can’t recommend this app enough!.Version: 7.26.0

FantasticMakes any trip easy for me and makes sure I get the best price possible..Version: 5.17.0

Good AppI’ve used Hopper for all my flights (and some hotels) this past year and I’ve never had any issue with it. It’s been great, I’ve found great deals, all has been well. Recently though, I had to change a flight and was a little frustrated initially going about it. The Hopper app said I needed to contact the airline and the airline said I needed to change it through the app. My ticket had a $0 flight change feature so I was a little flustered when the airline said it would be $50 to change my flight. Finding any contact information to speak with someone from Hopper was almost impossible BUT, I sent an email through the app to see what my flight cancellation options were and was in contact with someone through email almost immediately. They were so helpful! I explained that I was looking to change my flight instead of cancel it and even asked for prices on two possible dates to change it to, and they delivered. I paid a total of $0.98 difference in my ticket and got the change processed almost immediately. I’m really pleased with the Hopper app and I will continue to be a loyal customer for a long time..Version: 6.71.0

Easy to use interface and great customer service!Had an issue with a flight and the customer service was very helpful and professional..Version: 6.13

This app has been a long time coming!A great concept and spectacular delivery. What always puts me off travelling are the thousands of sites you have to go to in order to compare options and possibilities. Absolutely love Hopper and have told everyone I know..Version: 7.7.0

Hopper is a Must Have app!!!For those who are planning to travel. This app predicts prices and offers you the best option which is very hard find out yourself. I'm taking my time to right this review as it really helped me. Awesome app!!!!.Version: 2.4.0

Super helpful!Hopper is great. So easy to use and follow..Version: 2.2.0

A great guide to when to buyI have followed Hopper's advice and not been disappointed. Great app..Version: 3.6.4

Great user interface with useful information at a glanceThe only issue is that sometimes the prices on the calendar view are better than the actual flights that are available. The price prediction info is helpful..Version: 6.25.0

Price Freeze is great but...I really like that Hopper takes the work out of finding the cheapest and best (for your needs) flights on your own. I’ve tried searching on Hopper and then searching on the airline websites listed and Hopper was cheaper. It’s great that Hopper has integrated features such as Price Freeze, Cancel for Any Reason, Missed Connection Protection, Baggage Fees, and Insurance. I used the Price Freeze for two passengers which is great, but unfortunately, when I was ready to book, my original flights for 2 passengers was no longer available and the app wasn’t very user friendly in that it would not show which flights could accommodate 2 passengers for the dates originally indicated on my Price Freeze - message: “One or more of your flights selected can only accommodate 1 passenger, please go back and select a different flight or change the number of passengers.” I was going back and forth, and finally on my 3rd attempt for different carriers/times, I finally found a flight combo for $20 more that met our needs. It would be GREAT if Hopper could remove the flight that couldn’t accommodate our reservation request from the list of options completely to alleviate the frustration from guessing which one would meet our needs..Version: 6.22.1

It's saved me hundreds!!Love it! Although I wish you could book multiple legs on one trip.Version: 3.6.10

Recommend it to everyoneI have never written an App review, but seeing as I’ve recommended this to so many people, it really deserves it. Hopper impressed me so much by its useful forecasting and price drop notifications - I got a long haul for half the price of original £1000 quote (plus I was pleasantly surprised it was with BA). Always use it now!.Version: 5.21.0

Love it😄Brilliant app!.Version: 2.6.0

Useful for trip planningThanks for offering this service, i am using the flight tracker push notifications, the problem i have the currency is RT, while i have AUD and English in settings of the app and phone..Version: 7.24.0

InsightfulA refreshing view on a multi vacation app, that is easy to use and is also very useful when you’re in the midst of the day.Version: 7.26.0

AwesomeLove this app! Changed my traveler life! And my budgets! Who doesn’t want it’s own P.A. Looking for the best deal?! I always check on the others websites and even the companies website, Skyscanner, Google... named it! But they always the cheapest and by fare. You also have a chance to compare if you have a bit more money or you rather one company to an other, it’s magic!! Thanks guys! Never loved so much to look at a rabbit running!.Version: 6.12.0

RangeI'm getting alerts for when and where I'd like to travel, but I'm sure there are more airlines that could be queried. I think it should list all the airlines that participate..Version: 4.3.0

Great appLove how this app lets you know to wait to book flights and when the best time to book will be! Already booked one flight and will be booking all my flights through this app :).Version: 3.6.0

It’s ok, but...It’s all seems fine but when I try to sign up to an account, they send you a verification message which I’m fine with but when I click the link it says the page is invalid 😕 so at the moment I account-less until it’s fixed..Version: 4.5.10

Hopper - very good - excellentOverall I’ve found the site really good. Main problems I’ve had have been down to me not Hopper. Recently booked flights through them 4 October & I had some problems with the airline (primarily finding a live person to communicate with & not a pre-programmed answering thing) & Hopper & the young man who dealt with me via live chat (which was proper not pre-recorded loop - the airline one got me dizzy) sorted my problem (very patiently) & checked back with me to ensure I was happy with outcome. Although I’ve not accessed it yet I think their linking of flights too accommodation will be useful too.Version: 7.15.1

Pack your bags!This app offers the lowest price for your flight as it compares them to other airlines and it also gives you options to decide for a cheaper flight on different dates! Awesome 👌🏼.Version: 4.9.1

HappyThank you so much, and I’m glad to see my new grandson in Ontario you are the best site ever..Version: 4.5.1

Amazing!!🌟🌟It was my first time booking with hopper it was fast and easy and the best part is the price doesn’t jump while trying to book 😌😁.Version: 5.10.0

Very convenientPleasantly surprised by the simple layout and how easy it was to find good prices without the whole fuss. Loved the prediction function!!!.Version: 4.9.2

So convenientI’ve been using hopper for almost a year now and it’s made travelling so much easier for me. Me and my bf are long distance so we are constantly booking flights to see one another. The app is simple which I like and easy to navigate, if I don’t have an upcoming flight on my homepage I feel like my life’s a mess. anyways I defs recommend :).Version: 7.21.0

So far so good!Very good app. Used it for Europe trip with my fiancée. More than 5 stars for the moment and hopefully they will keep it up..Version: 4.2.5

Easiest to useSo I was trying sky******r app, which always ends up as a failure due to price mismatch, flight unavailable. But with hopper I managed to book the flight I wanted in one go. Then add the rebate. Amazing job done Hopper.Version: 6.72.2

Please Fix the Notification SpamHopper has a nice looking interface that’s easy to use. I’ve booked and completed my first flight with no problem last month and look forward to using Hopper again soon. I like to use the app to look up flight prices to many different places for future travel plans. However, it saved every search as a “Watched Trip.” The app’s notifications have just been crazy. I keep getting notifications like “Your flight to __ is now $__” It even notifies me of hotels at the places I’ve searched even though I’m not interested in booking a hotel. These hotel notifications are even more annoying because they’re always untrue. They advertise that a certain hotel in __ have gone down to $__/night and whenever I click on the notification, the price of that advertised hotel is NEVER what they said. Also, the red dot on the corner of the app in the Home Screen displaying how many notifications I have is always over 100+ everyday, though harmless but bothersome. I know I can always turn off notifications in my settings but I wished we can customize what kind of notifications we would like to get, plus please stop displaying 100+ notifications to get us to click on the app..Version: 6.73

Fantastic customer serviceGreat customer service, supported the resolution of a problem efficiently- will definitely book through Hopper again.Version: 6.62.1

Never let’s me downIt’s always my first stop. My first and second opinion, then I go elsewhere for more research. But ultimately, this is where I land..Version: 7.14.0

Useful little appWould love to be able to restrict the airlines or choose which to watch..Version: 3.1.0

Excellent AppI have been using this App for several months while planning flights within Europe, Africa and America, both North and South. It allowed me to buy competitive flights and plan ahead with confidence in terms of price and quality, as it allowed me information to decide from the whole market trend! It saved me money and allowed me to buy from international carriers within my budgets.Version: 7.5.1

Definitely Download !This app is everything definitely recommend downloading if you’re planning to travel !!.Version: 7.2.0

Great Prices£18 cheaper than anywhere else I could find online and super easy to search and book. Would highly recommend!.Version: 7.5.1

Such a great appGreat to plan our trip. I've been recommending it to everyone..Version: 2.3.0

GladAlthough of some minor extra charges and the odd price displayed in USD - I have successfully used this app and scored cheaper rates.Version: 7.26.0

Great So FarLoving this Ap so far. If the predictions run true it will be even better!.Version: 2.4.0

Great offersGreat offers and different ways to purchase makes it easier like paying deposit and pay later so that you don’t miss the great offer at that moment good concept 👌🏾.Version: 7.6.1

Best App for BookingI have been using this app to monitor flight costs and find the most affordable dates to fly. The results are great and the notifications of potential increases is a great feature. Great app for booking flights..Version: 7.4.0

ExcellentBest for the travellers :).Version: 2.1.0

Great App!Easy to use and great for finding cheap flights!.Version: 1.3.1

Saved me money time and againUnlike other apps where it just sends you updated prices this one truly knows the future. Giving you a price today but telling you to wait and until when and predicting the price rises and falls. Excellent app..Version: 7.7.0

SK in MontrealI am so impressed with this app. I have received all the notifications advising me about the pricing of my flights. I am so pleased with the updates and info I got. Thanks. hopper. 😆.Version: 3.6.9

YeaTook payment for my flight insurance but didn’t actually book the flight. Went back again and booked the flight but without insurance. So I think I just wasted $2 on a non existent flight but whatever..Version: 6.9.0

Will never book elsewhere again!Hopper is the best travel app I’ve used and have no reason to go elsewhere! The service is second to none and nothing is an issue with them. They are so accommodating I love the features they offer as extras..Version: 7.18.0

User friendlyEasy to use, user friendly. Not always sure how accurate it is but it’s good give or take a hundred bucks.Version: 7.27.2

Excellent app that still could improveI have been using Hopper for a few months now to watch some flights, it is very good. The only thing it could improve to achieve the next level would be to specify more the conditions from the flights when showed like if you get the bags included, seats, etc..Version: 7.3.1

NiceNice.Version: 3.4.0

Great but won’t let me loginI love this app because it’s much more visually helpful than other apps of its kind, as it shows a heat map of prices. However, I’ve just downloaded it on my new phone and it won’t let me login, only sign up and of course then my email is already registered with an account. There is no way to contact support for this type of issue either. I’d have liked to have access to live customer chat. So for this reason I’ve removed a star..Version: 7.21.1

Rip offI was charged by hopper for children’s seats selection and the airline does not charge for children’s seat selection because they must sit with family. When I emailed the airline and company and asked for a refund of $150 they refused to answer me back.Version: 6.32.0

If your busy Hopper is a life saver!!Hopper allows you to program in the flights you are interested in and sit back or get on with life! Having deals come to you, that are true to cost shown is genius! Definitely recommend!!!.Version: 7.10.1

Price reviewDon’t need to see price in US dollars since I’m an Australian travelling in australia..Version: 6.12.0

Great unbiasedGreat website. I use lots this one seems the best. Sometimes I follow their advice but might buy direct from airline. Got shafted by one of the competing sites-… still owed thousands. Hopper seems much fairer.Version: 7.11.0

Affordable and ConvenientI booked the ticket 4 weeks before my actual travel date and found a cheaper and good flight timing. I love the app and company..Version: 5.8.0

Great appIf and I say if we were in a position to travel we would have saved a small fortune by logging on to this app. I’m sure when it is easier to travel we will save money with this.Version: 6.74.1

Helpful appLove the idea and a great app for booking flights! Wish I could search for one way rather than round trips every time.Version: 1.2.1

Awesome appGreat deals to offer , love this app 😊.Version: 7.26.0

Best appThe best app so far , I love it , i haven’t been home in 2 years because the tickets were expensive and now I am going to see my family and friends ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 6.74.1

Saves time!Because its simple and because I compared the fares on other site and it was cheaper than expedia or kayak!.Version: 5.5.0

Great serviceIt’s so easy to book through Hopper and they find the best deals around.Version: 5.13.0

Best Flight/Hotel Finding App Ever <3I have to say truly and honestly this is one of the best comprehensive tools for looking at flights and hotels. I used it for my first solo flight to visit my long distance partner, and I’m definitely going to use it for the foreseeable future! The team at Hopper are really making one of the best flight tracking apps out there. I’ve tried using other sites like Kayak and Trivago but they usually redirect you to other sites and sometimes have pop ups that I just don’t enjoy dealing with. Hopper has given me no issues, they even offer flight/trip protections, and they include a lot of information of what your flight does/doesn’t include as well as what hotels offer for your stay - all they ask for when you buy is a really small tip that goes to the developers to keep the app as amazing as they do. All I could ask for is that they make the tip adjustable so you can tip more than they ask for (and even then they let you opt out of the tip, but for all their hard work I don’t ever want to). Highly recommend the app, and I hope the team who have developed and run it have nothing but success ahead of them. ☺️☺️☺️.Version: 6.74.1

MagicI can't believe it's not butter.Version: 3.0.2

Near perfectLove the app! Solves massive need. Feature request please: ability to exclude indirect flights in searches and notifications..Version: 4.5.10

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