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Hopper: Flights, Hotels & Cars App User Positive Comments 2024

Hopper: Flights, Hotels & Cars app received 80 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about hopper: flights, hotels & cars?

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Recommend it to everyoneI have never written an App review, but seeing as I’ve recommended this to so many people, it really deserves it. Hopper impressed me so much by its useful forecasting and price drop notifications - I got a long haul for half the price of original £1000 quote (plus I was pleasantly surprised it was with BA). Always use it now!.Version: 5.21.0

Best booking appWhen booking for flights or even hotels I don’t use any other app but Hopper.Version: 7.31.0

100% realI was so cautious at first and couldn’t believe it, thought it was too good to be true but no it is definitely real and now is my go to for any booking be it flights or accommodation I always get the best price! Love love love.Version: 7.40.1

GreatCheap options and good options.Version: 7.45.1

Cheaper than AgodaI’ve always used Agoda in all my hotel bookings, but when I tried Hopper, everything changed. They’re way better in terms of prices!.Version: 7.27.2

Good AppI actually don’t mind using the Hopper App. And as of right now I’m looking into flights. Overall the app does seem to lag a bit but other than it’s very useful..Version: 7.31.0

The hopper app is very good, but…The hopper app is very good, but can you please initiate support for two factor authentication methods that most banking platforms have adopted? It seems payments are being blocked because if this. I had to use another booking provider due to this issue. In addition, the ability to clear watched items/recent search history would be great to have, as it’s not possible to opt out of receiving notifications for my recent flight and hotel searches, especially after having purchased bookings elsewhere due to lack of support for banking security methods..Version: 7.39.0

Great but won’t let me loginI love this app because it’s much more visually helpful than other apps of its kind, as it shows a heat map of prices. However, I’ve just downloaded it on my new phone and it won’t let me login, only sign up and of course then my email is already registered with an account. There is no way to contact support for this type of issue either. I’d have liked to have access to live customer chat. So for this reason I’ve removed a star..Version: 7.21.1

Best Flight/Hotel Finding App Ever <3I have to say truly and honestly this is one of the best comprehensive tools for looking at flights and hotels. I used it for my first solo flight to visit my long distance partner, and I’m definitely going to use it for the foreseeable future! The team at Hopper are really making one of the best flight tracking apps out there. I’ve tried using other sites like Kayak and Trivago but they usually redirect you to other sites and sometimes have pop ups that I just don’t enjoy dealing with. Hopper has given me no issues, they even offer flight/trip protections, and they include a lot of information of what your flight does/doesn’t include as well as what hotels offer for your stay - all they ask for when you buy is a really small tip that goes to the developers to keep the app as amazing as they do. All I could ask for is that they make the tip adjustable so you can tip more than they ask for (and even then they let you opt out of the tip, but for all their hard work I don’t ever want to). Highly recommend the app, and I hope the team who have developed and run it have nothing but success ahead of them. ☺️☺️☺️.Version: 6.74.1

Great travel appIt’s great to see the exact dates that will make your trip cheaper, instead of endlessly trying different combinations on other apps.Version: 7.37.2

Easy to useGreat app easy to use.Version: 7.31.0

AwesomeLove this app! Changed my traveler life! And my budgets! Who doesn’t want it’s own P.A. Looking for the best deal?! I always check on the others websites and even the companies website, Skyscanner, Google... named it! But they always the cheapest and by fare. You also have a chance to compare if you have a bit more money or you rather one company to an other, it’s magic!! Thanks guys! Never loved so much to look at a rabbit running!.Version: 6.12.0

Customer serviceThey’re nice, they help you out,after having booked what I thought was a room with queen bed I noticed that either because of system or me by mistake, it selected single beds. Hopper team was happy to help, and once I revoked they refunded me, and later on I noticed I made a mistake while rushing, and selected the wrong month, contacted them again and again they were happy to help..Version: 7.35.0

Quick and easyCouldn’t find a hotel close to our venue so had a quick look at booking apps, and this one came up, downloaded it and put in my details and havd booked a room, half mile away from the venue within about five minutes..Version: 7.38.0

Hopper - very good - excellentOverall I’ve found the site really good. Main problems I’ve had have been down to me not Hopper. Recently booked flights through them 4 October & I had some problems with the airline (primarily finding a live person to communicate with & not a pre-programmed answering thing) & Hopper & the young man who dealt with me via live chat (which was proper not pre-recorded loop - the airline one got me dizzy) sorted my problem (very patiently) & checked back with me to ensure I was happy with outcome. Although I’ve not accessed it yet I think their linking of flights too accommodation will be useful too.Version: 7.15.1

Price Freeze is great but...I really like that Hopper takes the work out of finding the cheapest and best (for your needs) flights on your own. I’ve tried searching on Hopper and then searching on the airline websites listed and Hopper was cheaper. It’s great that Hopper has integrated features such as Price Freeze, Cancel for Any Reason, Missed Connection Protection, Baggage Fees, and Insurance. I used the Price Freeze for two passengers which is great, but unfortunately, when I was ready to book, my original flights for 2 passengers was no longer available and the app wasn’t very user friendly in that it would not show which flights could accommodate 2 passengers for the dates originally indicated on my Price Freeze - message: “One or more of your flights selected can only accommodate 1 passenger, please go back and select a different flight or change the number of passengers.” I was going back and forth, and finally on my 3rd attempt for different carriers/times, I finally found a flight combo for $20 more that met our needs. It would be GREAT if Hopper could remove the flight that couldn’t accommodate our reservation request from the list of options completely to alleviate the frustration from guessing which one would meet our needs..Version: 6.22.1

Hopper coming in Clutch!🥱Bruh this app came in clutch fr, perfect for last minute bookings. managed to cop a 4 star hotel on a two night stay, for only $171 dollars🫡 not to mention, i also get discounted for having the app & i get to give my friends discounts 🥱. defs a DUB app. get it no cap🙂.Version: 7.33.0

Top 10Quick easy hassle free.Version: 7.39.0

Please Fix the Notification SpamHopper has a nice looking interface that’s easy to use. I’ve booked and completed my first flight with no problem last month and look forward to using Hopper again soon. I like to use the app to look up flight prices to many different places for future travel plans. However, it saved every search as a “Watched Trip.” The app’s notifications have just been crazy. I keep getting notifications like “Your flight to __ is now $__” It even notifies me of hotels at the places I’ve searched even though I’m not interested in booking a hotel. These hotel notifications are even more annoying because they’re always untrue. They advertise that a certain hotel in __ have gone down to $__/night and whenever I click on the notification, the price of that advertised hotel is NEVER what they said. Also, the red dot on the corner of the app in the Home Screen displaying how many notifications I have is always over 100+ everyday, though harmless but bothersome. I know I can always turn off notifications in my settings but I wished we can customize what kind of notifications we would like to get, plus please stop displaying 100+ notifications to get us to click on the app..Version: 6.73

SK in MontrealI am so impressed with this app. I have received all the notifications advising me about the pricing of my flights. I am so pleased with the updates and info I got. Thanks. hopper. 😆.Version: 3.6.9

Hopper 100%Cannot believe how easy and stress free this app is’ 100% recommend. Get on the hopper trend!.Version: 7.30.0

GladAlthough of some minor extra charges and the odd price displayed in USD - I have successfully used this app and scored cheaper rates.Version: 7.26.0

Excellent AppI have been using this App for several months while planning flights within Europe, Africa and America, both North and South. It allowed me to buy competitive flights and plan ahead with confidence in terms of price and quality, as it allowed me information to decide from the whole market trend! It saved me money and allowed me to buy from international carriers within my budgets.Version: 7.5.1

ReviewI lovedd my experience so easy and efficient.Version: 7.42.3

Often great, but customer service isn’t goodGenerally, I love Hopper, and have been using it for years. I get low prices and it keeps all my flight info in one place. On my most recent trip, however, I’ve run into issue after issue. First, when I cancelled a flight so I could book a different one, I was not allowed to do that through hopper because it said I had a conflicting itinerary, which never seemed to resolve itself even after a week of the flight being cancelled. Then, I booked my return flight and wanted to get travel insurance through Hopper. Now I’m jumping through hoop after hoop because the automatic dates for my travel insurance are for AFTER my trip. The hopper customer service staff don’t seem to be able to communicate with each other because I’ve had to call multiple times and gotten different advice each time. Like I said, I like the app a lot, and maybe one bad trip out of a dozen over the last several years isn’t a big deal. At this point though, I probably won’t buy travel insurance through them in the future, and I’ll likely just cancel my flights before trying to get through their customer service system again..Version: 7.44.2

So amazingI rate hopper very highly, cheaper prices than some of the most popular cheap booking websites and apps and so easy to get vouchers too!.Version: 7.38.0

Refund1st time using we didn’t make it to our accommodation until a day later due to flights. The cancellation process was great refunded straight back to our card. There was a cancellation fee but still good.Version: 7.51.0

A travel bugs’ best friend!I love how easy this app is to use. It keeps everything in one place & you have access to anything you may need while travelling. I love that you can see prices for the year, helping to plan budget-friendly travel. I had booked a flex option for one of my trips, I needed to change the flight and hopper was so helpful and so quick to respond! 10/10 recommend for anyone who loves travelling!.Version: 7.35.0

AmazingEasy to use.Version: 7.33.0

HappyThank you so much, and I’m glad to see my new grandson in Ontario you are the best site ever..Version: 4.5.1

Brilliant appUsed hopper for a few years now and it feels like a system hack for navigating the treacherous world of airline services. The booking and flight best price notification helps you get the best price. Great start. When booking, the extra add-ons such as flight delay guarantee are brilliant. Any flight delayed by one hour or more is refunded in full. Given the poor state of airline services generally you get reimbursed for poor service without the hassle of dealing with airline services. For too long i just accepted that flights are often delayed by hours and that was that - despite the fact I’d paid a lot of money for a what is a sub-par service. Now I add this coverage to every flight as standard through hopper. Additionally the flight change / cancellation cover can really help you out of a sticky situation and losing money. I lost my passport and missed a flight which I refunded easily because of this app. No questions asked. Further, there is a live chat service with the hopper team who are incredibly helpful and will sort everything for you. It feels like they’ve thought of everything - and although the coverage policies add a little to your flight - it’s totally worth it when things go wrong which for me happens more often than not when flying. Honestly couldn’t recommend this app enough..Version: 7.43.0

Best app so farI can find the flight so easily and cheap price but little bit hard for the payment to find.Version: 7.43.0

Excellent app that still could improveI have been using Hopper for a few months now to watch some flights, it is very good. The only thing it could improve to achieve the next level would be to specify more the conditions from the flights when showed like if you get the bags included, seats, etc..Version: 7.3.1

Great unbiasedGreat website. I use lots this one seems the best. Sometimes I follow their advice but might buy direct from airline. Got shafted by one of the competing sites-… still owed thousands. Hopper seems much fairer.Version: 7.52.0

Easy to use interface and great customer service!Had an issue with a flight and the customer service was very helpful and professional..Version: 6.13

Like the app, needs some workThe app is smooth and self explanatory to use. Its search engine is fast enough and the ability to track proces is a bonus. However, a ‘dark mode’ would be much appreciated for eye health, for those with reading difficulties and for better slightly better battery economy while using the device on AMOLED screens..Version: 7.38.0

I love this app!This app is so useful for travelling and their delays guarantee feature is amazing! It gives you an amazing flexibility when cancelling flight or when booking, and their costumer service is efficient, quick and polite! I can’t recommend this app enough!.Version: 7.36.0

The best app for flight dealsI use this app to search for flights then save and track them to watch and get notified when they drop in price. It’s been the best hack for making sure I get the best price on flights. I love the feature that tells you to either wait to purchase or buy now..Version: 7.34.1

Great small short term bookingI’ve used Hopper to book 4 commuter flights from Southern California to Northern California and I plan to continue on a regular basis. So far everything has gone smoothly. The fares (that happen to be on my preferred airline) have been super affordable if I book around 2-3 months out. I occasionally drive and gas is more expensive for an 8 hour drive than flying on a 1.5 hour flight! super easy user interface (cute graphics too) and I appreciate the planting trees part. I feel compelled to comment on something I saw. A reviewer complained that their trip was screwed up by Hopper falsely advertising an apartment as a hotel. I don’t think its Hoppers fault (although I’ll bet they give you the compensation you request). Probably, If you had properly researched your booking you would have known it was an apartment. My point is that one has to be meticulous when arranging travel, especially international. If you’re not good at details (brilliant people often aren’t!) I suggest using an agent. It’s their job to do the leg work and you don’t have to pay them, they get their fee on the other end. Then, if any screw ups happen, you’ve got a human being to blame and not an algorithm!.Version: 7.26.0

Great appBest app too find cheap flights on.Version: 7.33.0

This app has been a long time coming!A great concept and spectacular delivery. What always puts me off travelling are the thousands of sites you have to go to in order to compare options and possibilities. Absolutely love Hopper and have told everyone I know..Version: 7.7.0

Loved the App BEFORE..Now, not so much…I have been using Hopper for over 6 years and when I started, it was one of my go-to apps. I loved how easy it was to navigate and purchase flights right in the app. Now, I can’t spend more than 2 minutes without wanting to pluck my eyes out. It is saturated with things popping up and offers to spin some stupid wheel or win some carrot points. It’s overstimulating to say the least. The interface used to be so easy and fun to navigate. Id spend an hour playing around with different trip ideas but these days I plug what I need and try to get off as soon as possible. 😠 Ux issues aside, the reason I gave it 4 stars and not 3 is because historically the app has been very accommodating to me. The customer service people are top tier and have always helped me out. Like the time I booked a flight in 2021 before the Delta strain of COVID was a thing and I needed to cancel. So Hopper employees helped me fight for my money so I could make use of it a year later. That’s really awesome and I will never forget it. 🤗 While it hasn’t been giving me the flight deals like it used to - and I now have a few other apps I use that seem to give me the same deals - Hopper is still one of the main search apps I use for travel planning. That said, I really hope they redesign it. I’m tired of being harangued by slot machines and carrot bucks and hotels I don’t even want 😠.Version: 7.32.0

Its well setup to understand options for decisionsBecause its simple and because I compared the fares on other site and it was cheaper than expedia or kayak!.Version: 7.37.2

Brilliant time saver!After searching for two hours on the internet, this App found the cheapest direct long haul flights (reputable airline) in 2 minutes! I'm a Very happy traveller! This is the second time I've used it in one month and I'm not disappointed!.Version: 7.52.0

Great discountsFrom referring friends I was able to get £20 off a hotel which was £38 a night and only had to pay £18! This can be done up to 10 times, don’t mistake this for being able to get £200 off a single booking, but still very helpful.Version: 7.31.0

Helpful in resolving wrong bookingI booked a car and it was the wrong location for drop off. The booking said not refundable but hopper online chat service were efficient, prompt and calming in resolving it for me with the party involved. It built trust..Version: 7.42.3

EasyCheaper.Version: 7.35.0

My number one flight finder tookI always use hopper to book my next flight! I find the best deals and have never had any issues, I’ve been using Hopper for years and I couldn’t book without this app!.Version: 7.26.0

Easy to use and helpful when finding when to bookHave been using this for years super easy to use the feature of knowing when prices increase and decrease is extremely helpful. Haven’t booked through the app yet but that’s mostly because I like to book direct to get the most status and points..Version: 7.56.0

Great ratesHappy with rates and clear instructions.Version: 7.32.0

Great featuresEasy to use and such good deals.Version: 7.31.0

Very confusingI don’t understand the whole payment and insurance thing but I paid twenty dollars extra for 100% money back guarantee etc and also paid a hundred dollars more then what it said it would be to what came out of my bank totally different figures. And what’s with the hopper wallet I honestly do not understand this app..Version: 7.29.1

Best App for BookingI have been using this app to monitor flight costs and find the most affordable dates to fly. The results are great and the notifications of potential increases is a great feature. Great app for booking flights..Version: 7.4.0

Useful for trip planningThanks for offering this service, i am using the flight tracker push notifications, the problem i have the currency is RT, while i have AUD and English in settings of the app and phone..Version: 7.24.0

Great app overallSometimes the UI is a bit confusing and it can be a little buggy/laggy but overall a pretty good app. I’m hoping the devs will keep working on ironing out the performance issues.Version: 7.45.2

So easySo much cheap then trivago and so much easier.Version: 7.40.1

Brilliant - flights and hotelsI booked a hotel using hopper and then read reviews and had instant regret. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The hotel booked at half the price was brilliant. Reservation confirmation within 48 hours. Then I booked flights, again cheap and instant confirmation from airline. Absolutely fantastic. I now use hopper for everything. Thank you hopper!.Version: 7.35.0

Arranged a multi stop tripI like that I can enter all of our family’s information including flight loyalty numbers in once and book multiple trips. Recently booked a trip to 3 cities (over multiple airlines) and all went smoothly. Didn’t use the multi stop feature, it didn’t give me as many options for airlines and times. Couldn’t find where to edit my watchlist so kept getting notifications for flight prices for ages, eventually looked it up, it was pretty annoying. Overall very happy and will continue using it.Version: 7.34.1

Less get itNice and easy plus cheap.Version: 7.41.0

Great jobKeep up the good work.Version: 7.44.2

Good serviceI find good prices and deals on everything while travelling.Version: 7.43.0

Pack your bags!This app offers the lowest price for your flight as it compares them to other airlines and it also gives you options to decide for a cheaper flight on different dates! Awesome 👌🏼.Version: 4.9.1

Actual SavingDownloaded this app and thought why not try it and actually saved $40 in the exact same room that we stayed in the previous night amazing wish i had found the app earlier on😌.Version: 7.38.0

ImpressedActually impressed with Hopper! I seem to book all my flights with Hopper rather than with the direct carriers. I travel a lot and mostly on short notice trips too. Hopper helps finds the best deals while I'm working. Based on my urgency I just book the best found on hoppers, which is found to be the cheapest I have researched anyways..Version: 7.28.1

Easy to search and booksI regularly use this app to book my accommodation. It’s simple, easy to use and prices of hotels were much cheaper than other apps.Version: 7.32.0

So convenientI’ve been using hopper for almost a year now and it’s made travelling so much easier for me. Me and my bf are long distance so we are constantly booking flights to see one another. The app is simple which I like and easy to navigate, if I don’t have an upcoming flight on my homepage I feel like my life’s a mess. anyways I defs recommend :).Version: 7.21.0

Great dealsHighly recommend💛.Version: 7.41.0

Surprisingly GOODI’ve enjoyed using Hopper from time to time, and many deals located with the app are next level fabulous. Use with confidence. Tim W..Version: 7.46.0

GoodI love the app, able to get a better view and option that suits all of my criteria and necessities.Version: 7.37.0

Paid the price which was showing up at hopper app.Unlike other websites and apps. When I try to book and finalised the booking I’ve got message. Oops. While you were trying to book airline increased the price for that seat. It’s now $1000 more. Would like to go ahead and book ? And some did it even let me excess the website.Version: 7.42.4

Simple & Easy to useLoving the experience with it so far.Version: 7.42.4

Different, but worksIt’s different than other apps, but it does work, it’s a little confusing, and also doesn’t pass your details onto the hotel which was an issue when a hotel needed to get in touch with me and they only had the contact details for Hopper..Version: 7.30.0

To upgrade my ticketWell I can’t really say much at the moment because my issue still hasn’t resolved yet . They talking with the Airline for my upgrade for my ticket which I bought a month ago , and asked me to get back to them after 2-3 hrs later . I can only write a good review if they can offer me a good deal for my flight with checked baggage included. Joel was very helpful appreciated a lot ..Version: 7.54.0

Easy to useGreat site, easy to use and savings galore. 👍.Version: 7.40.0

Will never book elsewhere again!Hopper is the best travel app I’ve used and have no reason to go elsewhere! The service is second to none and nothing is an issue with them. They are so accommodating I love the features they offer as extras..Version: 7.18.0

Easy to use, wide range, great savingsLike the app for hotels or hones, don’t book a lot off any other after discovering. No annoying check in mix ups or lack of benefits because of booking through a 3rd party app that I’ve experienced with other booking provider apps.Version: 7.36.0

Saved me money time and againUnlike other apps where it just sends you updated prices this one truly knows the future. Giving you a price today but telling you to wait and until when and predicting the price rises and falls. Excellent app..Version: 7.7.0

Rip offI was charged by hopper for children’s seats selection and the airline does not charge for children’s seat selection because they must sit with family. When I emailed the airline and company and asked for a refund of $150 they refused to answer me back.Version: 6.32.0

It really does save you moneyEasy to use app and always manage to find great deals. I always did a check compared to other sites and it was always cheaper.Version: 7.37.2

SearchingSuch a easy app to use and full of information would highly recommend.Version: 7.36.0

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