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What is Things 3? Description of Things 3

Get things done! The award-winning Things app helps you plan your day, manage your projects, and make real progress toward your goals.

Best of all, it’s easy to use. Within the hour, you’ll have everything off your mind and neatly organized—from routine tasks to your biggest life goals—and you can start focusing on what matters today.

“Things offers the best combination of design and functionality of any app we tested, with nearly all the features of other power user applications and a delightful interface that never gets in the way of your work.”
—Wirecutter, The New York Times


• Your To-Dos
Your basic building block is the almighty To-Do—each a small step toward a great accomplishment. You can add notes, tag it, schedule it, and break it down into smaller steps.

• Your Projects
Create a Project for any big goal, then add the to-dos to reach it. Use headings to structure your list as you outline your plan. There’s also a place to jot down your notes, and a deadline to keep you on schedule.

• Your Areas
Create an Area for each sphere of your life, such as Work, Family, Finance, and so on. This keeps everything neatly organized, and helps you see the big picture as you set your plans in motion.

• Your Plan
Everything on your schedule is neatly laid out in the Today and Upcoming lists, which show your to-dos and calendar events. Each morning, see what you planned for Today and decide what you want to do. The rest is down to you :)


As you dive deeper, you’ll find Things packed with helpful features. Here are just a few:

• Reminders — set a time and Things will remind you.
• Repeaters — automatically repeat to-dos on a schedule you set.
• This Evening — a special place for your evening plans.
• Calendar integration — see your events and to-dos together.
• Tags — categorize your to-dos and quickly filter lists.
• Quick Find — instantly find to-dos or switch between lists.
• Magic Plus — drag the + button to insert to-dos anywhere in a list.
• Share extension — create to-dos with content from other apps.
• Widgets — see your lists on the home screen.
• Mail to Things — forward an email to Things; now it’s a to-do.
• And much more!


Things is tailored to the iPhone with deep system integrations as well. A great example is the Share extension, which allows you to create to-dos with content from other apps, such as a link to a website you want to get back to.

You can also enjoy a beautiful dark mode at sunset, connect your calendars, add widgets to your home screen, create to-dos via Siri, import from Reminders—Things can do it all! There’s even Shortcuts integration if you want to automate your workflows.


Things comes with a great app for Apple Watch. Just raise your wrist to glance at your Today list, mark to-dos complete as you go, and dictate new ones on the fly—all synced instantly with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


Made in Stuttgart, with two Apple Design Awards to its name, Things is a fine example of German engineering: designed not only to look fantastic, but to be perfectly functional as well. Every detail is thoughtfully considered, then polished to perfection.

“It’s like the unicorn of productivity tools: deep enough for serious work, surprisingly easy to use, and gorgeous enough to enjoy staring at.”


Whatever it is you want to accomplish in life, Things can help you get there. Install the app today and see what you can do!

• Things is also available for Mac and iPad (sold separately).
• Sync is provided for free via our Things Cloud service.
• A free trial is available for Mac: thingsapp.com

If you have any questions, please get in touch. We provide professional support and will be glad to help you!

Things 3 App User Reviews

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Things 3 Pros

A delightful app to use...would love more API featuresI’ve tried a load of task management apps and they all tend to do better in one area or another. I had stuck with todoist for a long time but recently switch to things after the 3.0 redesign as I found the interface nicer and more pleasing to use AND I really valued the start date feature. However, I’d love to see some of todoists features like the ability to add tasks from other services which hook in. Still, great app..ChrisjwilsonVersion: 3.2.4

FormidableBravo. Marc 2020-08-01.Max le terribleVersion: 3.12.8

✓   Things 3 Positive Reviews

Things 3 Cons

Sadly, this won’t quite do it for meThis is a beautiful app and I love how it approaches tasks and projects which is why I give it 3 stars instead of less. But there isn’t enough functional integration with calendar to make this useful for me. I can see my calendar items but can’t open them or do anything with them which leaves me to have to jump to another app to work with meeting invites and other calendar items. This is a fatal flaw with this app for me, sadly. I’ve been on Informant Pro for years since that app integrates calendar and tasks so well. But have been trying to find something else that is more elegant and simpler. I thought this was going to be it until I discovered how severely limited it is with respect to calendar. Oh well, the search continues, and another $10 down the drain. Edit: I’ve come back again to Things 3 because it seems that I’ve become sort of hooked on how extraordinarily well it handles tasks. I’ve decided to try to live with using a separate calendar app along with Things and see how it goes. Hopefully in the future the authors will consider adding at least some ability to edit or even open calendar items in Things. Meanwhile I try this setup..JakkDiddlyVersion: 3.7.5

Big Things missing.It’s good. Pretty. But, just good. No collaboration. None. You can share your things with people and it sends it in a big text. They also offer a sync option, that is free (for now), and if you wanna collabo, then you have to sign in to the same account on two devices. That is super lame and I know that things knows this, cause why else would you offer this weird sync thing for things? I really do like paying up front for an app. This is a good model. I am going to keep things installed and I will keep adding to this weird list thing that doesn’t seem to be helping me with planning out my giant honey-do list and collaborating on it with my amazing wife. I’m trying to bring her in on this thing, things. It’s just not working though. Maybe I’m using the wrong app for my needs and I get that. This app is pretty tho. Like reallly pretty. I just want to find it as useful as it is pretty. Crossing my fingers for some serious rethinkin’ on collaboration. 🤞🏼 Edit - while I still have things installed, I’m not really using it anymore. I am using Todoist (free version) and am able to collaborate with my incredible and awesome wife. I’m still holding out hope for things cause I’m pretty sure I’d pick it over Todoist if it had collabo. Exporting your things from things into other apps is a nightmare btw. I’m starting to wonder what things is for besides looking nice..Mr. EktedVersion: 3.13.2

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Is Things 3 legit?

Yes. Things 3 is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 20,757 Things 3 user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for Things 3 is 87.2/100.

Is Things 3 safe?

Yes. Things 3 is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 20,757 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5. AppSupports Safety Score for Things 3 is 91.7/100.

Should I download Things 3?

There have been no security reports that makes Things 3 a dangerous app to use on your smartphone right now.

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Things 3
Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG
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4+ Contains no objectionable material!
Productivity, Business
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18 May 2017, Thursday
Last Update:
13 June 2022, Monday - 15:25
IOS 12.1 or later

Things 3 3.15.18 Update Note
✱ Version History

Improved performance when processing changes. Improved the ordering of to-dos when their appearance in a list results from setting a deadline. Added explicit confirmation prompts when removing reminders in situations where their removal h....