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Hitman Sniper App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Hitman Sniper app received 57 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Hitman Sniper? Can you share your negative thoughts about hitman sniper?

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Hitman Sniper for Negative User Reviews

Bugs1 star because it’s glitchy at its core which is too bad because it’s fun. I bought the game and when I found out you could get the Just Cause gun for free I was all in. I paid my friend to download it so we could add each other and get the gun but it’s so glitchy it doesn’t even work. “Adding” him just sends a text with a link to the App Store. The game is already downloaded and updated so there’s literally no reason it shouldn’t work. Great introduction to the game! 👍 Also the game sometimes gives you challenges you literally cannot complete. Example: Kill 2 people over 250m away, but there’s only 1 enemy that’s even beyond that range and all the rest are within 175m. Again 👍 EDIT: Also it doesn’t always register “Quick Kills” and there’s no way to search for your friends Usernames. Literally the only way to add a friend is through their garbage text system..Version: 1.8

Bitter sweetReally good game but then you play it for a while and the same location gets abit boring. They ask for a lot of money for gun and only give you one location to play it on. That is all that needs improving with this game. Please sort it!.Version: 1.7.337

One map and patterns over and overCould be a six star game, but even two or three levels would be amazing. It feels like they were making the perfect sniper game but just gave up and went home after making one level.Version: 2.1.33

Needs more levels/locationsAmazing spinner game, however repeating the same level over and over again but with a different mark makes it a little boring... So much potential though!! Come on guys get designing!!.Version: 2.0.2

Doesn’t have shooting graphicsI thought is pretty standard for sniper games to have shooting graphics. When you shoot a sniper the bullet trajectory, the blood splatter when it hits the target and showing us the impact.. nothing is shown. Expected more from this franchise, especially in a paid game..Version: 1.8

I can’t login into my Facebook accountI can’t login into my Facebook account, every time I try it doesn’t work. Plz help me..Version: 1.7.337

Bug!When going to the shop in Death Valley the game freezes so often I am afraid to upgrade! I have a feeling that the shop button is at the top and I think the screen pull down (Notification Center) starts to happen which then messes up the game! It can not get out of the shop menu no matter what I do and I have to kill the app and lose all my progress. It happens in the story mode too but it’s not as bad as zombie mode since you are trying to go to the shop and buy upgrades when it freezes! Once this is fixed I will update the review since this game is fun and I even bought a gun to support the devs and have more fun. Too bad this bug freezes the game but I think I see it in a few other games (zinga poker) too but they don’t freeze completely..Version: 1.7.337

Like a dead cow still producing milk ??!First thing. I appreciate that the game still have server for hit to play because many company just close everything down when a game is abandoned. “For that you have a bit of my respect”. Second thing. Apple should have new rules or game/app. sections for those app in the same situations. A big “End User” warning should appear to inform people that no new update have been done and that they won’t neither. If in app purchases are still available, Apple should assure customers that if any problems happen people could still reach the company customer support services. “This one shouldn’t be negotiable”. Don’t get me wrong. I know everything has a price and those server still need attentions to keep working, but when a game is abandoned by devs. everything should be free or accessible in it. There’s to many games like this in the “App Store” that are barely legal with “commercial legal laws”. When money and trust is involved, people should have the assurance that it won’t go in a dead pit. THE GAME IS STILL GOOD TO PLAY BUT IT JUST GET BORING AFTER YOU REACH THE END. WHEN YOUR SUCCESSOR HAVE ALL THE ATTENTION.. SORRY FOR YOU “OLD APP” THE EXIT IS JUST OVER THERE..Version: 1.8

Terrible App - ZERO APP SUPPORTWARNING!!! DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP!!! I recently downloaded the Hitman Sniper app and purchased several upgrades. Unfortunately, the app regularly and unexpectedly crashed. After trying several iPad related fixes without success, I resorted to removing the app and reinstalling it. Unfortunately, when I reinstalled the app my purchases were not restored and the annoying app crash problem persisted now with a much greater regularity. The app crash problem became so terrible that I permanently deleted the app and will NEVER download another app from this developer. As a side note, I tried to reach out to the app developers for support and found their support websites to be as terrible as the app..Version: 2.1.33

Poor support.I just got this game and didn’t know what a chain kill was. Wrote to the support team who told me to look for a guide or a walkthrough. They didn’t want to know. Why on earth should you have to go on line to find out about a game your actually playing? Very poor organisation..Version: 2.1.33

Fun enoughThe game is fun enough, but it lacks some things that would make it a great game. My main complaint is that the single location gets boring fast, despite challenges. Character behaviors are consistent level after level. Basically you just aim at targets at the same gig house, over and over again. There is no consideration of wind direction or speed, atmospherics, distance to target, etc. You can even shoot straight through concrete for perfect headshots every time. Could be improved..Version: 2.1.33

Needs something new...Cool game but is in a serious need of new material. Can only play the same backdrop for so long.😴😴😴😴.Version: 1.7.337

GOOD GAME BUT FAR TOO EXPENSIVENo iOS game should cost hundreds of dollars to get all the add-ons. The two locations get boring too which makes it even less worth spending money on the in-app purchases. Too bad because other than these two horribly glaring errors the game is excellent. If there were more locations and no rifle cost more than a couple of bucks this would easily be a five star game..Version: 1.7.337

Good game needs more mapsIt’s a good game.. runs smooth. Had no real issues I just would have like more maps instead of just always sniping at the same place like the guard rotations don’t chance so after a few goes u kinda just learn it all and it becomes easy.Version: 1.7.337

Superb game, cross sync is brokenPlayed a lot of this game on Google Play, and linked to Facebook to save my progress when I moved to apple. Can’t sign in on Facebook on iOS version so I’m starting from scratch.Version: 1.7.337

Good until it isn’tI love hitman games but when you get to higher levels in this one it becomes all about how many shots you can get in during a time limit. That’s just annoying and seems to have nothing to do with the clever sandbox solve-the-problem thrust of the game. Why should I spend hours learning how to shoot a fake gun accurately?? it’s kind of stupid and not at all why I would purchase a hitman game. No puzzle to solve, it’s just learning how to be fake accurate with a fake gun in a fake environment. It’s Doom, not hitman..Version: 1.7.337

Issue with soundA great game so far although there is no sound. Even after restarting my phone and playing around with the settings, still nothing!.Version: 1.7.337

Unstable still!Every now and then the game has a glitch which leaves me without a rifle scope. Once it done it once it keeps doing it and then I have to uninstall and reinstall. Been mentioned before by someone a year ago..Version: 1.7.337

Fun...for a little whileMechanics and initial challenges are fun and highly addictive. Played non stop for a few weeks. Once all the scripted challenges are exhausted and your only goal is to move up the leaderboard it’s pretty much done. Tried for a little while to move up the board, did fairly well, but you hit a point where you don’t care anymore. Badly in need of an update with more maps and challenges..Version: 2.1.33

Used to be good, now ruinedI had this installed on older iPhones as well as my current one. Just installed it again, and it’s apparently been ‘updated’ because it is now rubbish. It has severe performance problems (very long waits for the process bar to start moving on every change of scene) and ridiculous bugs (eg. targets turn into weird black rectangles when you shoot them). Yet the game is still just the same repetitive, single-environment sniper game, ie no actually beneficial update..Version: 1.8

Entertaining for a bit, then monotonousAt first it felt like it was going to be fun, kind of cool graphics, nice weapons with some cool features as you upgrade, but you keep waiting fro a new map and you never get one. Not with Ranks, not with Tiers, not with cash, not with chapters, not with zombie money… One “map”. The same party, over and over. At one point the textures changed to look like aolden-times, but it may have been a bug because it looked really weird. Worth a download to play a few levels and upgrade some weapons, just don’t expect a super deep and evolving experience. It would hav been nice to know upfront there are no other maps/levels..Version: 1.7.337

Great game....but only 1 levelI used to play this game years ago. Got really into it as I love the Hitman type games...but after 2 years...they still only have 1 level. Such a shame. Why hasn’t the developer made another 3-4 levels. Charge us for it. It’s a great game, that people will play....Version: 1.7.337

Simple addictiveSimple format highly addictive with a lot to learn within the game I’ve played it loads over the last couple of years even reset and repeated the game however why oh why don’t the developers make more maps superb game Uber lazy developers / useless maybe running out the game anyhow someone make a better version with more maps and I’ll play it and distal this shame as great game.Version: 1.7.337

No new assignments since 2018Game is ok only really one scene u play on but the assignments aren’t updated anymore shame really especially if u pay to unlock weapons. Worst thing is the reload button is right next to the fire button so always hit reload when I need to shoot..Version: 2.1.33

Love this gameI would like to see a “shooting gallery” mode that you could just shoot without any mission objectives - both with and without wittiness’ alerts. It would also be great if you could have some other venues outside the mansion. It gets a little tedious when that is the only mission location. Zombie shoot is just okay. Update: Been now playing for several months and have pretty much lost interest. Almost anything would help freshen the game; different targets, more or less security/bodyguards, and certainly a new location beyond the mansion in Montenegro. Update: Tried to work up interest to play again but between the target’s bodybags it’s more boring than before..Version: 1.8

Why? Seriously SE, why?!I literally just wrote a review for Hitman Go crashing on my device. I bought the Hitman Essentials bundle btw. Now I opened HS, at first it crashed, then it was so slooooow to load just different intro screens. After the tutorial, the next button registered first touch but nothing happened. The game froze and was just playing music. Reopened the game, same thing happened in the menu. WTH SE? What happened to those golden days of Hitman Codename 47, Silent Assassin, Blood Money, Absolution and … ? Please Fix THIS. tky in advance (my device is a 10.5’ iPad Pro, iOS 14.6).Version: 1.7.337

Only 1 map....$60 dollar rifles...cash grab that makes you watch ads for in game currencyBad.Version: 2.1.33

Hitman sniperStarted of good but then the game started again but will jot go past armoury it freezes up and will not go past this screen.Version: 1.7.337

Adding friends doesn’t workThe last update fixed some things like the missing head of security, faulty satellite dish, and the inability to watch ads in order to get the Final Argument rifle. However, one noticeable issue remains unsolved and that’s the inability to add friends. Clicking the user invite link leads to the app store where you presumably click the “Open” button to go to the app. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I tried doing this, the invite just wouldn’t work and my friend list remained empty..Version: 1.8.1

Death ValleyDeath Valley expert is now a joke. Completely different game. Please go back to what it was.Version: 1.8

Add a new map.I’ve been playing this game since it came out! Only two locations dreadful. How long has this game been out not Even a new map location! The only time they update the game is when they add decorations to the hotel map or Zombie map. Developers of the game please give me your feedback because this game is TRASH without a 3rd map!!!.Version: 1.7.337

Hitman Groundhog DayI loved the Hitman trilogy, including its reiterative / perfectionist nature, but this seriously only has one location for the "story" (with the same gallery of targets and their same patterns, yet very few environmental elements or "collectibles"), and one location for the zombie mode. Since you're sniping from a fixed spot, it lacks the creativity and morbid humor of the console games. The gameplay is decent (though there's no wind factor or bullet drop whatsoever) but I was stunned that this was all it is. With even just a few more maps it would be well worth your time..Version: 1.7.337

Lazy gameOne map. Same enemy movements. Any entertainment value quickly turns into monotony. Also micro transactions. 30$ for a new gun? Hah. Save your money and buy a coffee instead. Game isn’t worth 1$..Version: 1.7.337

New map!!This game is so great and enjoyable, but it has been the same map/scene for literally 4+ years (and no, the zombie mode doesn’t count). I can’t believe they have NEVER updated this game with a new map let alone several. Players need new maps with new missions, surely that is not hard?.Version: 2.1.33

Game lỗiSau khi update thì tôi không thể chơi được..Version: 1.8.2

Needs ability to move reload buttonI can’t tell you how many times I have a perfect shot lined up and my finger inadvertently taps the reload and I lose that moment to take the shot to fulfill the requirements for the level. Please make it so the reload is not by the fire button!.Version: 1.7.337

One map?Really really love this game but it is really annoying that I only have one map to play with and you get used to everything that goes on rating it 3 stars will rate more if you give it more maps..Version: 2.1.33

Good game but very boring play in same map/spotIt’s one of the best mobile game design. A lot of details and great interaction from every role. But after hours I realized that they only have 2 map to play: the big complex and the zombie field. Play the game you have to repeating in killing same group of people with different skill, gun, strategy. It’s more like a training program for the real Hitman game, not a game you can play independently. I have to kill same guy many times and it’s kind like you are in the movie “ the groundhog day”. Always in same place again and again. Boring..Version: 2.1.32

Great game buttttI love hitman sniper it’s fun and addictive but two problems one there is only one map which gets repetitive and boring. Two in game money should be able to buy a few guns because the only time money comes in to play is when you skip a mission or upgrading. Other then that good game. Hope you can fix and upgrade this problems/ suggestions. Thank you.Version: 2.1.33

$193 for the full assortment of weapons? Are you kidding?!?This game is price manipulation at its most blatant. If charging $193 to buy all of the guns wasn’t enough of a cash grab, there’s $14 “micro-transactions” on top of that for in-game cash!!! Shameful..Version: 2.1.33

Feels like a generic f2p flash gameThe graphics are nice, but other than that, it all feels so low effort. Just scrolling through different weapons is an ordeal in and of itself. There’s absolutely no real satisfaction from progressing and upgrading weapons, as completing missions hardly gives you any cash at all. The only realistic way to get better weapons is to watch advertisements in exchange for in game cash. Not to mention the fact that there are MANY weapons that need to be purchased to use. Every single time you open the game, there are obnoxious advertisements begging you to pay real money for new guns, which is ridiculous considering the fact that I already paid money for this game. If the developers really couldn’t turn a profit on this game by making it cost money, they either should have made it cost more and made it a half decent game or they should have made it free to play. As it is now, it’s basically a free to play game, in terms of the business model, only it’s not free to play. It costs money. It’s only one dollar, but if you’re thinking about purchasing this game, do yourself a favor and download a free generic sniper game, because that’s what this is (minus the free part). Maybe one of those zombie ones. At least those are free and somewhat fun..Version: 1.7.337

Brand new bugs make game unplayableOnce you complete all the levels, the only thing left to do is to try to beat your high score, and in order to do that the head of security has to be present to continue to call guards that you can then kill and get points for. Latest update has removed the head of security as well as several other guards, who appear at the beginning of the game. There is no longer any challenge to this game as a result. Are they trying to force people to move on to other games, are they abandoning this game, what? Tech-support is completely unresponsive. Maybe they’ll read some of the many reviews that are complaining about this same problem..Version: 1.8

Nice game but boring with timeHonestly I’m not gonna lie it’s a pretty good game. The graphics are pretty good for a cell phone game. The game is pretty cool you can buy guns do you have targets to kill I know. I don’t know it’s just boring after playing for the third time. It’s the same map and you I have to kill different people. At the beginning there was a challenge but now there’s no challenge because I know everything on that map. Well I recommend to buy but honestly you might get bored after a couple of times..Version: 1.7.337

Awful, should be freeAn embarrassment to the franchise. Pay just to get in game ads like buying a weapon for the low price of $30? Seriously? Lame game.Version: 1.7.337

Needs controller supportThis game would have been better if it had controller support.Version: 1.7.337

One location!?Fun to play but there is only location in which every level is played - even the majority of character movements are the same - it’s like Groundhog Day in there. The variety stems entirely from varied challenges (e.g. get 5 headshots in a row or get 2 kills inside 20 seconds etc). Why anyone would pay extra for weapon upgrades is beyond me. Still, fun for a while and otherwise well executed (no pun intended!)..Version: 1.7.337

Game is not openingI downloaded the game but it doesn't open, I deleted it and reinstalled it but no change, give me my money back.Version: 1.8.2

GraphicsThis game came out in 2015 We need better realistic graphics. We also need new maps, but however, but the story is pretty dam good. We need a graphics update. It has the same graphics since 2015. The AI needs to be more realistic, and Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Also, we need a google sign-in. I am getting a new phone, and all my progress will be lost. There is no way to make an account with hitman sniper..Version: 1.8

HitmanCe jeux est bien car le scénario est variable mais le Modele d'affaire de l'entreprise est vraiment merdique. Actuellement, on peut plus jouer car nous sommes obligés d'acheter une arme a 40% avec des points bonus. Donc, 12 juin pour attendre de juin ! Conneries ! La version ne fonctionne plus dans la dernière version iPadOS. On a pourtant payé des sommes assez debiles pour des accessoires !.Version: 1.8.2

FreezesGame freezes when I try to upgrade in Death Valley. Otherwise fun game.Version: 1.7.337

RepetitiveDon’t get me wrong it’s fun at first... but after you play a couple rounds it’s same old same old just that you need to get an accident kill or something, and besides other guns cost WAY to much!.Version: 1.7.337

Repetitive but somewhat enjoyableThere’s only one setting. You’re looking at a party with around 17 enemies and you have to kill one of them while satisfying a specific condition (kill 4 guards before the target, get x points before killing the target). There’s an interesting farming system where certain opponents drop certain gun parts, allowing you to unlock new weapons for free. It gets repetitive, given that the only thing that changes is the goals, but it’s not too heavy on paid content and there’s a mildly entertaining zombie mode that’s an interesting diversion from the main game, but it too is essentially the same game over and over again. I wouldn’t say it’s worth the dollar you would spend on it, but if you don’t mind spending a buck, you might feel differently..Version: 1.7.336

Great game but repetitiveThe game is good as far as mechanics and all but I’m sooooooooo tired of playing ON THE SAME MAP!!!!!! I get it, it’s a sniper challenge but I’ve gotten to a point where I’m just bored with killing the same targets and bodyguards over again on a map that I know by hard. I bought this game thinking it was going to be something like 3D sniper with different levels and mission structure but it’s literally the same thing over and over. Please mix it up some and give us some different maps and targets. I really want to have fun with this game again..Version: 2.1.33

Always the same fish, in the same barrelI can’t believe there are only 2 areas! One for the main “story” and one for the zombie level. Do they really expect people to run the same area hundreds of times to finish the story mode? Or the same super simple area hundreds of times to collect zombie tokens? I already have a boring job, why would I pay for this? It’s very difficult to compare the difference between the gun statistics. Doesn’t really matter because the only things that seems to make a difference in missions are the special abilities, which are locked to the different guns. Getting bored fast. Can’t imagine why anyone would buy special guns for this hugely repetitive carnival shooting game..Version: 1.7.336

Where is the head security officer?Seems like the head security officer who calls guards have disappeared. Why?? It makes the game so boring..Version: 1.8

Love it, needs more levelsLove there new Christmas update fabulous, probably playing this game more than I should be, love it and highly addictive however when finished game is useless please add more levels.Version: 2.1.3

What kind of progression is this?In death valley mode, first of all i need to meet certain requirements (get x amounts of kills or kill the juggernaut in one hit,etc) to unlock an upgrade!… okay i get it. But then i need to spend another 2000 or so in-game currency to actually get the upgrade!? What in the actual crap is this? I mean you do realize that i already paid for this game and you are selling 35$ virtual weapons in it as well and now meet certain requirements to first unlock the upgrade and then pay for it as well?? One more thing players can only earn about 200 tokens in a single play. I would have to play the same thing for 10 times just to unlock ONE of the upgrades!! Let me ask you this, DON’T YOU HAVE ANY SHAME?.Version: 1.8.2

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