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Hitman Sniper App User Positive Comments 2024

Hitman Sniper app received 192 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about hitman sniper?

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Hitman Sniper for Positive User Reviews

Goood gameEnfin un excellent jeux comme je les aimes.Version: 2.1.33

Can’t get betterMy favorite game, love the feel of being an insanely good sniper. Love the secret laptops and rubber ducks, and things like shooting cars to gain attention and lure kills. In total 5/5.Version: 1.7.337

Best game of the yearA+ Great game was worth the $1,Enjoying the new update that just came out! Especially the zombies Section ! Keep up the great work.Version: 2.0.0

Fun and works wellI love the options of weapons and how you don’t need to spend money on weapons since the options available fit most play styles. There’s only one map and this might be a negative to some people but I like memorising the best ways to take out different guards; the one map makes this very easy to do. The map and weapon graphics are also great..Version: 1.8

Amazing quality.This is not a new game, yet I haven’t played a game with such astounding quality in every sector, honestly ever. Im not usually one for games so take my review with a grain of salt. However, I’ve literally found myself wanting to restart levels just because of how beautiful the narration and graphics,and performance work together..Version: 1.7.337

Display supportThe game was fun and worth the payment but the display does not work very well on my iPhone X.Version: 2.1.20

Good but has some problemsIt’s a fantastic game and really good. The bad bits about it is that it is repetitive and I’m always at the same place. There’s no new maps and can get quite boring after some chapters. I haven’t completed the game yet, so I don’t know if they introduced a new map but it’s still a fun game!!.Version: 1.8

Amazing GameI’ve Loved the Hitman games ever since they came out on playstation. For a mobile game this is class. Would recommend it to any fan definitely worth purchasing 👍🏼.Version: 1.7.337

Simple yet funThe game is not dependent on in app purchases, you can have fun by simply playing and leveling up, wish more games were like this!.Version: 1.2.0

New mapBoring and repetitive but fun just wish there was a new map.Version: 1.7.336

Simple, fun and addictive.Now this is how you make a sniper game for iPad! I always enjoyed the PC Hitman sniper game that came with Blood Money but this is even better due to the mission structure. PROS: - Very addictive gameplay - Slick graphics and sound - Good range of unlockable weapons - Fun alternate firing modes - Endless zombie mode CONS: - some lagging issues on my iPad 2 which cause me to miss sometimes (hence the 4 star review) - There's only one main level + the zombie level - Lots of guns require real money to purchase and you can't grind for them all - sometimes your actions trigger an alarm when they shouldn't have OVERALL: Best iOS sniper game I've ever played and a worthy translation of the Hitman sniper game from PC (but this is an entirely new game, it just takes a lot of cues from the original PC one)..Version: 2.1.0

MapsAdd more maps otherwise game just gets boring.Version: 2.1.33

AmazingGraphics and game controls are great and it is very fun to clock people off.Version: 1.7.337

MehGot the game for free so I don’t care if the games bad.Version: 2.1.33

Play it nowI’ve only played the first 16 missions and I can’t stop playing. Most fun game I’ve played for a while, and for a mobile game, that’s saying a lot..Version: 1.7.337

Cool!The game is good and the music gets good when the target has been killed and I think I enjoyed slight problem there’s one map please add more and I enjoy wasting my money on it try it!!.Version: 2.1.33

Really good but more levels pleaseThis is a great game. Fun to play and lots of nice little touches. I’d totally pay for more levels with the same game engine..Version: 1.7.337

🤘🏻HITMAN🤘🏻I absolutely love this game, I first learned about it about 3 1/2 years ago when I replayed Hitman 2 on my old PlayStation 2 and I was looking up info. I downloaded this game and I have been installing it on every device I’ve owned since then and will continue to do so in the future. I only wish you guys would make a sequel to it I would love that. I play it for hours I love the FPS aspect of it. Please again consider making a sequel. 10 thumbs way way up on this awesome game. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻.Version: 1.7.337

More rewardsGreat game love playing it in my spare time, my only wish is that there are more rewards I’m currently at gold 3 and have only gotten cash Wish you could up the rewards a little.Version: 2.1.33

Hit the mark on this oneThis is probably one of the best games I’ve ever played.Version: 1.7.337

Great gameAll round a great game that’s highly addictive and fun to play, but it would be even more awesome if other locations were added! 🤙.Version: 2.1.20

Excellent Mobile GameEasy user interface (controls, mission selections, level ups, etc.) Hitman also offers a unique challenge that makes playing the same map never seemingly get old - each mission feels different than the last. Its “zombie mode” is also a fun, less serious, gameplay mode that enriches the game. Overall a very professionally done mobile game that is seemingly bare yet very in-depth. The best part as well? Micro-transactions are not needed to be successful, they are there pretty much for a handful of unique firearms but the game could easily be played without ever spending a dime in-game. 5/5.Version: 2.1.33

Such a good gameI love this game they did good not like other games but I gave this game five stars for all the work put in this game.Version: 1.7.337

AwesomeGood graphics good fun good game.Version: 1.7.336

Great gameI love the game play. While it can get a little repetitive in that every mission is at the same place and most of the guards inital movements are the same. Your targets change and the parameters of the mission change enough so that you can’t always kill everyone the same way twice. Once you start shooting, guards get curious and movements change. And if you get bored being a hitman, you can switch over and protect a guy from zombies. All in all a great game..Version: 1.7.337

Good funThe game is made well and is fun to play, my only complaint is that there is only one map (excluding the zombie mode) which is a bit disappointing. The game and its mechanics are very well polished but it feels empty and gets repetitive. But if you just want to have some mindless fun and blow some people up, it’s worth the dollar you pay for it..Version: 1.7.337

Overall viewThis game is actually really good , you cant find many games like it . If so there not as good as this , I recommend this highly.Version: 2.1.33

Great gameWould be good to have a few different landscapes but the game is very well put together.Version: 1.7.337

Great gameAll that the game needs is more maps and targets apart from that the game is awesome so please keep up the good work.Version: 1.8

Brilliant game but ..I love it, it’s brilliant the graphics are great , very realistic but I just wish there were more maps. it needs more maps but apart from that fantastic game!.Version: 1.7.336

This game should be rated 12+Me and my dad play this all the time, and I love it! This is easily the most professional feeling mobile game I've ever played, as well as my favorite! The only thing I could ask for is that you change the age rating to 12+. I feel this age rating will be more appropriate as there is very little in game blood, and there is already an option to turn it off, so maybe you could just permanently take the blood out and remove the option to turn the effect back on? Even still, I have played many games with the 12+ rating that have been WAY more violent this title. I know the phase "Hitman" sounds a little brash, but I totally think 12 and up could handle it. I really want more people to have access to this awesome game, including my brother and cousins, and I really think its a benefit for those younger, as well as knowing that it certainly wont scare off potential adult audiences, as I'm sure the game was originally intended for. In fact, more adults might even begin playing this game, as they are sure that the content wouldn't be too extreme with a 12+ rating. This game would be rated T for Teen by the ESRB, and therefore 12+ is closer to 13+ than 17 is. I really hope you consider my suggestion, and change this age rating in your next update. Im excited to have hopefully helped and keep up the great work!.Version: 2.1.33

Great game but needs more maps!So sick of playing the same mansion map - I’m not sure if they have plans to expand this game, but I’d happily pay for a new scene..Version: 2.1.28

Hit ListThis Hit Man app is a one-of-a-kind! What an exquisite and highly detailed game. The quality is Top-Shelf and truly 5 Stars! You guys are awesome and I enjoy using this application as a tool for detailed organization to complete task that are challenging yet very adventurous and high impact. Shooting Stars All The Way across the universe! A+ Lauren Ashley Levinson World renowned influencer.Version: 1.8

AmazingI can't stop playing but can you developers make it so you don't have to log into Facebook you can make it so you can log into twitter or insragram.Version: 2.1.32

Fair gameplayThe game itself is fantastic. So many aspects done so well. BUT THE HEAD OF SECURITY is now gone, which means no additional guards get called in. So once you’ve eliminated the guards, the game is over. Sad.Version: 1.8

Hitman sniperJust like the pregame years ago .. great game.Version: 1.7.337

Palais 159Great game !.Version: 1.8.2

Good gameGreat game however need new maps and create a bigger gun range with more achievements to achieve also you could make a new game mode maybe shooting alians out from sky or zombie invested animals coming out of sea. I can spend hours on this game a day but gets boring fast.Version: 2.1.33

New map!!Fantastic and addictive. Great gameplay but pleeeeeaase you need to add a new map. Although I love the mansion, it gets a little tedious after playing it for three years..Version: 2.1.33

A fun pass time!If your familiar with hitman 2 then the easiest way to explain this game is: it’s sniper assassin with lots of escalations. It takes place in one map where you have to eliminate a target as well as complete a secondary challenge objective. The game is fun for a few minutes working out how to complete the challenge. I’d say the only major complaint is that it only takes place on one map (excluding the zombies mode) this does mean you learn the map incredibly quickly and know all of the ways to eliminate targets. The small cost is worth it for an ad free experience.Version: 1.8.2

A fun little game but…It would have been nice to see more locations instead of just the one as it eventually gets tiring seeing the same things over and over..Version: 1.7.337

One of the best games for the iPhone.It becomes highly addictive. I have always been a fan of hitman since the second game was released. I expected this to be a ten minute and I’m done with this game but it’s anything but..Version: 2.1.33

Amazing Game!!!!!What an amazing game, gives you a great mobile version of Hitman. Great gameplay and graphics. Completely recommend.Version: 2.1.33

Most amazing sniper game ever!It was totally worth the money and it’s so addicting I even bought a few guns and it made the game so much better! All of these abilities are amazing! The only thing I suggest you guys do is put a tutorial for a few certain things. For example, I’m confused about how to do an accidental kill 🤔 At the beginning it also took me a while of how to do a dispose kill but I got the hang of it afterwards. This game will be even more awesome and maybe a bit trickier if you added random locations for body guards and maybe even a few different maps with different obstacles 🤭🤷‍♂️ Overall, amazing job guys! Very satisfied 😌.Version: 2.1.33

Please Keep Supporting This GameSuch a great game, but lately there have been so many bugs. 1. Halfway through missions, the reticle and hud often suddenly disappear. 2. The option to watch ads for blood money and tokens has totally disappeared forcing a slow grind on any upgrade. Also making obtaining the “Just Cause” rifle completely unobtainable. If you are going to turn off ADs, then at least make prices in your store more reasonable. 3. In Death Valley, visiting the shop can randomly soft lock you from returning to the game. I have lost so many great games to this. 4. The Death Valley Leaderboards no longer update. I know you have a sequel. I’ve tried it, and it just isn’t a similar experience. :/ I’m not asking for new levels or content updates. Just address some of the major bugs that are plaguing an otherwise awesome experience..Version: 1.7.337

Great gameI have been playing this game for about 2 years on and off now and it is still as fun as ever.Version: 1.7.337

Very fun and just what I wanted!For a while, I was browsing for a good shooter game, cos I wanted action. All the ones I found were either crap or clickbait, until this! This game has action, suspense, and a good amount of shooting. The only complaint I have is that the game should not be 17+, it is not that violent, 12/13+ is more appropriate..Version: 1.7.337

Addictive game-play but gets ‘Samey’ after a whileEnjoying the gameplay but the kills are starting to get a bit too similar..Version: 1.7.337

Good gameI love all of the hitman games so being able to play as 47 on mobile is just awesome. This game is really good and I would recommend it to all hitman fans..Version: 2.1.7

Best Sniper GameHitman Sniper is the best sniper game on the App Store by far. The only reason why it doesn’t have 5 stars is the lack of other maps. You do only have the same map the entire game, but it really doesn’t bother me too much. I also really enjoy the many weapons that you can unlock throughout the game. And not to forget the realism. I would definitely give it 4 and a half stars if I could..Version: 1.7.337

Amazing ExperienceLoving this game wish I picked it up years ago love hitman, but please update so we can use controller for a better experience for backbone one, razer kisni , an ps4 an Xbox controllers etc..Version: 1.8

ExcellentI’ve played several of these sniper games on iPhone, I think this game is actually much better quality than some of the more popular ones. Everything is classier: graphics, art design, even the music and dialogue are all much better than more popular games in the genre..Version: 1.7.337

Great GameGreat game play, been playing for a while.Version: 2.1.33

Simple and sleek without pay or reward laggingI love this game. It’s a sniper game that anyone can learn and evolve with. There is a leaderboard for all those who are in to that side of it but it’s enjoyable enough to progress and just whip out if you have 5 minutes or want to spend a car or plane journey. It does need online capability to save all your progress and if you navigate away from it on your phone for a while you will need to load it again which is a bit of a pain..Version: 2.1.23

Pretty NiceThe new gamemode is pretty fun, however it does not feel rewarding enough to grind for hours and hours to get the tokens to get the upgrades including the ones for the Judicator. Additional token rewards for climbing the leaderboard or even a daily quest system may work better than just playing the same thing for hours until repetition and boredom kills all the fun..Version: 2.0.0

Great game but needs lots more mapsPerhaps let us have new maps for 99c? Would be really nice to be able to buy new maps..Version: 2.0.1

Great gameHello square enix, it would be great if you guys added different maps coz there being only one map is kinda boring and make it so we dont have to pay for it..Version: 2.1.33

This game is amazing.I have a IPhone 6 + and this game is smooth. It runs fine, the animations are great and the idea of a hit man is nice. I like that this game is very cheap. It’s only 99c and it should be worth 5.00$. When I got this game I thought I’d be disappointed but its better than sniper 3D. So buy this game if you can ITS WORTH IT. I promise!.Version: 1.7.337

Plz add a free roam modeFirst of all of love this game it’s very much like the hit man game you play on Pc but what I would really like is a free roam mode where we can walk around the place and take disguises and eliminate our targets in person that would be really fun I’m sure everyone can agree with this (I still enjoy the game but a free roam mode would be fun to play).Version: 2.1.33

Where is the head of security?I just re-downloaded this game for the third time, absolutely love it! However, the head of security seems to be missing from the game entirely which is limiting my high scores. Head of security allows you to rack up a much higher body count and attempting to work around him in order to achieve this definitely adds to the fun, but I have yet to see him once. I keep reloading the game and searching for him, but can’t find him. Has he been removed from the game? Is this an error due to an update? Am I missing something? Please help. He’s still included in the load screen game tips so I assume he’s still supposed to be there, he’s just not, for some reason. Lol hoping this gets fixed soon🤞🤞.Version: 1.8

Very good gameIt’s is vey good for mobile standards there is no ads and has nice graphics also it is made by the real developers of hitman on pc and stuff excellent game.Version: 1.7.337

It’s a hit.Great game, graphics and controls are spot on. Not just a shoot it up as you need to think of your strategy carefully the more missions you complete. Very addictive though, be prepared to lose a chunk of time..Version: 2.1.32

Fun and enjoyableThis game keeps a good pace the whole time, and the controls are well balanced and integrated. The one gripe I have is that the map is always the same. They need to have a new map every couple of missions. You eventually know everything that’s going to happen and all the goodies, and it makes it just that little bit boring..Version: 2.1.32

Mr HassanThis the best game but if you can do more updates for it it will be the more players playing the games like it if u do more updates like everything week do one update Thank u.Version: 1.7.337

AmazingProbably the best game for sniping on your mobile phone, and generally a good time killer, I installed this not knowing a thing of the game and since I haven’t been able to stop..Version: 1.7.337

Agent 47 the espionage Secret ServiceIt’s Espionage and Assassinations where Agent 47 must use his Tactical Secret Service skills in order to complete his mission wisely. You know Hitman 2: World of Assassins will come out soon like you enter the Ruthless World of Espionage from Canadian Alps to the Yacht..Version: 1.7.336

WWhen it says a mission but doesn't say clearly how it's done. But still like the game though and challenging..Version: 2.1.0

So greatThis game has the best gameplay. I really like the reload swipe features, and the realistic decisions and rag doll physics that this game has. AND the graphics are beautiful. Would recommend. PLEASE ADD A NEW MAP.Version: 2.1.33

More mapsIt is a good game overall except there needs to be more maps it’s a bit boring because you know we’re every one is so it is easy to complete,it should be every chapter a new map but it’s still a good game.Version: 1.7.337

Worth the moneyGreat game. Wish I could use the gyroscope for aiming thou. Bit repetitive, as its the same hotel, with the same scenario..Version: 2.0.1

Great game...Game is addictive and fun, not taken too long to gather some decent guns. I do wish they would make some new levels and update the gameplay without having to pay vast sums of money to get anywhere, like other big name games..Version: 2.1.33

Almost FlawlessLove this game great way to kill time, or just have some fun playing on your mobile. In my opinion I would say this game is “perfect” if it wasn’t for two flaws. First flaw, if a guard or guards alert is suspicious and you shoot a nearby object you’ll see a guard limping when they were never shot and their alert will change to detected which makes no sense. Second flaw, when using the sniper rifle with poison gas if you use that ability but didn’t shoot your target to poison them, when their body is found by a guard their alert will change to detected, which once again makes no sense. I know it’s just a game but if you didn’t actually shoot the target to poison them then how would a guard know? That’s something that should be ruled out as an “accident”. Lastly how is it possible for bodies to be found by NPC’s in the dark? I killed a high profile target in the bedroom with the lights out and their body was found, I just don’t understand 🤔. Anyways, please fix these minor flaws because it really takes away from the game, and it is a lot of fun to play 🤩..Version: 1.7.337

Very good game.Great tense gameplay. Recycles a lot of content but the core game is so solid it doesn't matter. Manipulating a scene from afar whilst trying not to alert your targets is very satisfying..Version: 1.2.0

Must Buy!Great game! I've played this on PC & now it's on iOS! Been playing since past 3 hours without leaving the sofa! So addicted!.Version: 1.4.2

Great game, just repetitive.To start it off, this game deserves its age rating because you are actually shooting human to human and get extra points by shooting them in the head. Other than that, this game is fast paced, flowing game with great graphics. I reckon it does get a little less credit as it deserves as i4t is only on IOS and many could say that it is better than the PC version: Hitman Bodyguard.Version: 2.1.33

Really fun!Wasn't sure I would like the game, as I don't usually play FPS iPhone games. But holy moly it's super fun. Can't play anything else now that I've started playing Hitman. Really looking forward to the new level!.Version: 1.4.2

Latest update glitches - please roll back to previous version…*****UPDATE 9/9/23 Only took them 10 months but the latest update fixes the game! The Head of Security is back and it actually looks a lot cleaner / updated than the version (well the version before it broke) did. Thank you! I thought all hope was lost seeing as how the company got bought and disbanded - 💯💯💯 ********* It’s like 4 months in - we ever gonna get a fix for this? Latest update removes Head of Security from Gameplay, also shooting the satellite dish on top of the building does nothing, FYI. Please fix soon 🙏🏻 Hey guys, we’re 2 months in, can’t you just revert to the previous version while a fix is worked out?.Version: 1.8.1

Fun for awhileAwesome for the first hour or two of gameplay. Then it gets super repetitive. Which is fine, it’s an inexpensive mobile game after all, so wasn’t expecting too much. Only problem is that they offer all these weapons which require you to sink either money or excessive amounts of time to get. But there is no benefit to doing so due to the short play time of the game..Version: 1.7.337

Would be niceIf they didn’t make you buy everything and just earned it.Version: 2.1.32

Hitman sniperIt is a great and entertaining game where you can challenge your skills as a sniper, you can level up and get better guns and level up to defeat harder challenges overall it is a fun game and I enjoyed it. I would recommend it to 15 year olds and anyone older who would want to play..Version: 2.1.32

HitmanReally good game and was amazing.Version: 2.1.33

Can be successful without purchasing in-app extrasGiven the age of this game it’s still the best of its kind. Can’t believe they have never expanded it to more levels..Version: 1.8

Best Hitman SniperI love Hitman now be able to play a sniper my job is going to be a sniper in real life in the army and I love Hitman ab hitman 2 hitman 3 hitman sniper now this I love ioi.Version: 1.8

Chinese New YearCan you stop making that Chinese New Year version every year ?!? It’s crap and make me and not only me stopping playing ! Ffs !!!.Version: 2.1.33

BbGood.Version: 1.7.336

More MapsThe game runs smoothly, good controls, great graphics… HOWEVER, the gameplay does get a tad repetitive because there is only one map. Otherwise SWEEEEET..Version: 1.4.2

Hard to put down!Great game very addictive, gameplay is brilliant would be even better with different scenes to explore!.Version: 2.1.19

Hitman SniperBought this years ago but never played it for some reason til now, but was worth the purchase. So far so good. Can be a little vague with mission descriptions, other than that I haven’t had any issues. The zombie mode is really fun and a good way to get funds for gun parts etc. really well made and fun to play..Version: 2.1.33

Great! & No IAP :DBest sniper game! Only one level or it'd be 5 *s all in all great game & love that it's not about In App Purchases, in fact that gets you the 5th star back! :).Version: 1.2.0

Found a bug( great game though)I’ve been playing hitman sniper off and on for years and it’s just great. However, after I recently bought the aria gold, there’s a bug that causes a giant terrain pyramid to cover the entire screen. This happens mostly after I take a shot or when I load in. This is a great game and I enjoy it a lot but the bug makes it unplayable at the moment. Plz help..Version: 1.7.337

Soooo much potential. Room to improve!Great graphics and gameplay. Love the reloads! Don't like that there is only one scene throughout the whole game though! (A large mansion which you shoot at on EVERY MISSION) 😩 I do like the fact that each mission you have different objectives etc and so you need to plan accordingly in order to succeed. If they had different scenes though the game would get 5 stars from me. Even if there were only 6 rotational "scenes/environments" in which the missions changed and got harder each "rotation" it would be so much better..Version: 1.2.0

Very addictive but...I’ve always live the hitman games, and as far as phone games go, this ones pretty good. Really addictive. Re-downloaded this this week and I’m well into it, but I’m just disappointed to see after much time of not playing it, it’s still not got any new levels! Think that’s the only things it’s really missing for me. Other than that it’s great fun!.Version: 1.7.336

Much funOmg this game the day I downloaded it I could not put it down literally it has that much content but you should really ad new maps like the original hitman go I reckon then a lot of more people would buy its just a suggestion but I still love the no denying that.Version: 1.3.1

Amazing graphics! And awesome content!I don’t know any other game this good on iOS, Amazing graphics it just a brilliant game!!.Version: 2.1.33

HeadshotWorth its money, too addictave i can play this game years if i had the choice too.Version: 2.1.3

Best game!I’ve written so many reviews for this particular game. I don’t even know how long ago I first downloaded it. Long time ago! This is the best balanced game I’ve ever played. The graphics are still great. Generally from season they switch the season. I go back a start “new” games to replay..Version: 1.8.2

Super!Excellent et surtout pas trop de pub!!!.Version: 1.7.336

Good, could be great. Needs 2-3 maps at leastNeeds an update with two, one at least new maps, but is one of best mobile sniper games gameplay and physics wise but definitely needs an update!!.Version: 2.1.33

Need New MapThe game needs a new map badly because after awhile you just memorize the map so the game gets really easy and repetitive..Version: 1.8

Fun but limited and repetitiveI really enjoy this game, but I absolutely love Hitman: World of Assassination. This game is much more limited and does not allow for the same movement and variety as the pc version. Also, there is only one building to do any of the missions in, and the targets are almost always in the same place and everyone follows the same patterns. In this regard, the game is very repetitive and can get a bit boring if played for too long at a time. Overall, I think the game is a lot of fun, but I wish there were more buildings to do missions in. Maybe each chapter has a new area? Just a suggestion to improve things..Version: 1.8.2

Lots of challenging missionsI rate this highly and looking forward to the next map opening up. Hours of fun..Version: 1.4.1

HITMAN is always a puzzle game seriesHitman 👨🏼‍🦲 is definitely a creative puzzle 🧩game series it’s never mundane. The game mechanics are non like any other. IO Interactive created a brain trainer! 🧠🔋 this trains the mind, eye coordination 👁📊 and, trains patience 🧘‍♂️. You want to go undetected 🕵️‍♂️, right? like a professional. Make it all like a untraceable make it look like an accident 🏗 Every title you yearn to go back even when you have a big break from the series. Hitman games are timeless and they age well. 11/10.Version: 1.7.337

ReviewVery good game and feels good to play Highly recommend!.Version: 1.8

Very Good!!!This game is very good to play when you are bored or something like that. Just a bit more maps could be better..Version: 2.0.0

Hit man sniperThis game is very addictive! One of the better mobile titles! You simply can’t miss out on this little gem!.Version: 1.7.337

Great!This is a great sniper game as missions very and difficulty very's too. This makes it an interesting game not boring at all..Version: 2.1.33

.Agent 47 still rocks it. Maybe have two replay original 5 stars.Version: 2.1.3

Great GamePlayed this game non stop a few years ago but stopped for some reason. Just rediscovered it and it’s just as fun and addictive as I remember. Highly recommend..Version: 1.7.337

Good Way To Kill TimeThis is quite a good game for a short time. It would be good if the scene changed but the missions do. It's a bit repetitive but good mindless fun for a while..Version: 1.3.1

BrilliantAfter all these years I still play this game quite regularly it’s an amazing game still love it.Version: 1.8

Classic 🔫Game's well designed, mostly chasing behind u'r own score by killing more agents and targets makes this game classic on cellular device. I hope u developers soon come up with HITMAN CODENAME 47 on hand held. I LOVE IT 😎.Version: 1.3.2

Give us more maps!Great game but could do with different maps can only play the same location so many times before being bored out your face..Version: 2.1.33

Great gameOne of the best games on IOS good graphics, great gameplay. Only problem I have with game is how expensive new guns are and there is only one map..Version: 1.7.336

Great game needing map updateAfter many years playing this awesome game, it’s time the developers created a new map and missions.Version: 1.8

Fix the adCan you fix the 3 ads for the free gun in the game??.Version: 1.7.337

Good gameI like this game alot and i play it everyday. only three things i would personally change. I would love if we coukd play multiplayer with friedns and find the target without the cursor . just by knowing the face. and l would love some sort of mode when we can go into the house and pick a lodaout..Version: 1.7.337

10/10Very fun and addictive but there is only one map on regular sniper mode and I think adding a new map would be a great addition to the game.Version: 1.8

Be patientFinally a game that appeals to my slow-and-steady style of gameplay. I always watch and wait and take forever to do anything in console stealth games so it’s nice to have a game on the mobile devices that doesn’t try to rush you and continuously suggest you buy crystals or gold or whatever to go faster..Version: 2.1.33

I love itI have loved the hitman games for bit and I saw this and got it and as far as mobile games go it’s good and amazing just to waste a few minutes if your waiting for something.Version: 1.7.337

Fabulous sniper gameI like almost everything about this game. The theme music which starts at the beginning of the game gives each scenario a bit of an eerie feeling as you begin. The female voice of the unnamed operative gives a few instructions and advice as the scenario plays out. The missions obviously become more difficult the more you play, but you receive upgrades on weapons to help accomplish each. Be careful, mistakes will be made, and you will fail missions from time to time. But all of this is well worth it..Version: 1.7.337

From the game testers.inkWe have tried a lot of games and this is the second best game we’ve ever tested the best game ever was hitman 2..Version: 2.1.33

Great game great series brought to mobileThe Hitman series has always been one of my favorites when i first laid my eyes on Blood Money i knew i had to play this game all of the levels all of the ways to take your targets out is just amazing this has always been a close to heart series and even though this is just a mobile sniping game its the best one on the mobile market for a very small price its an addicting game and i cant wait to see where the Hitman series will go!.Version: 2.1.33

Good game butThe guns cost a lot of money 39 dollars for a sniper good game tho I would recommend it try right now.Version: 1.7.337

GoodI never thought killing people in a mobile game would be so fun hehe 🤫.Version: 1.7.337

Loads of fun. Great mobile HITMAN™ experience.Best sniper game on mobile (that I have played) and the connection of the narrative to the HITMAN™ Franchise is engaging. Would subscribe to new missions if available..Version: 2.0.2

Good but dont spend money in game.Ya.Version: 1.7.337

AddictiveA truly fun and amazing game. Glad I found it. I hope the developer continues to update the app and come out with further titles. Update: June 2019. It would be nice to see the developers release new maps. I understand there are development costs but considering how successful this game is, I think a healthy profit could be made..Version: 2.1.33

Agent 47 The Apex PredatorI loved all the hitman games still.Version: 1.7.337

Come back to itReally engaging time filler while killing time. Totally fun in its own right..Version: 1.7.337

Former Zombie Gunship Aviator!Action packed Suspense follow's this Real-Authentic Sniper game along with Kentucky Windage shot's, The Blast's keeping you coming back for more! A hidden gem that is best suited for your iPad gaming device! Warning, Highly addictive- Hours beyond Hours go unaccounted for, Endless avenue's of approach, Make this Sniper game unreachable to other developer's, Switch up's during Holiday event's- A must Have for that Riffle Range Connoisseur- Never get's boring as you work your way thru the different level's! Little by little does the trick in this Fun-Filled Action pack saga!.Version: 1.7.337

Killer gameGreat game worth the money.Version: 1.7.337

MintGreat game. Highly recommend it to anyone. Can be played casually or hard out depending on how much time you have 👌🏻.Version: 2.1.5

Addictive and EntertainingGame of the year so far and simply the best sniper game you will find on iOS! Great chance to test your creative sniper skills in what is a very addictive game. The graphics are smooth, detailed and of a very high quality. Some of the best I've seen. Even with its single map, it still kept me hooked for days! I can't wait to see the next map! Would love to see a co-op version or any type of multiplayer map. I would like to see the angle of the snipers nest changed in the meantime. It also wouldn't hurt to have some snipers fire back at you if you are spotted. Keep up the great work guys!!.Version: 1.4.2

Really great game but...There are 2 things I hv to raise here - 1. Not 1 update on iPad & so many on other platforms! Why? 2. They keep saying new special discounts on weapons & actually they never discount a thing! Not sure if they think we don’t notice or we hv short term memory issues..Version: 2.1.33

A classic experience in MontenegroHitman games have always thrived in mastery through repetition of levels and this is no different. A game that keeps on giving with one main map to play but different ways to play it. I wish it would get more updates from the developers though..Version: 1.8

Pretty good but needs MFI controllerIt’s also kinda pay to win But it needs the MFI controller badly.Version: 2.1.32

Some new maps pleaseGame is amazing but I think everyone will agree when I say we need more maps. Even just 1 more map can bring this game back to life.Version: 1.7.337

Very cleanThis game is amazing I have a iPhone 6s and it runs as smoothly as games on my ps5 and also it only costs a dollar when it is worth about ten so definitely recommend this game.Version: 1.7.337

Great game!This game is great! Runs perfectly on my phone and the graphics are great for a mobile game. Prices for money are slightly higher than they should be. As a suggestion a 25% price lower would almost certainly make me purchase more cash..Version: 1.7.337

SniperIf you like shooting games, then this is the game to get! It’s very addicting. Once you start you won’t want to stop playing. There are a lot of weapons with different features so you can switch weapons for different high profile targets. There are quite a few ways to get extra points and you can also takes a break from live targets and shoot some zombies!!! It’s well worth checking out this sniper game! Sammy D.Version: 1.7.337

MapsThis game is great! My only problem is there only being one map (not including the zombie one) is probably part of the game but if you add (at most) 2 new maps, that would be AWSOME!!!!! There don’t have to be 15 million chapters for each map there could only be one chapter for each new map, but hey, it’s your game, if don’t want to add another map what am I gonna do? Stop playing your game? (What a dumb idea).Version: 1.7.337

Great but a little repetitive.Good game and even if you do pay for the game there is still a lot of in app purchases. Bit of a pain, a shame as they could have done better..Version: 1.7.337

Morally bankruptI feel dirty for enjoying this. The exhilaration of getting eight guards with headshots after you had wounded them first... it is appalling. But if you only get seven... you have to go back and do it again.. and then the next mission... the horror, the horror....Version: 2.1.32

Death Valley Needs workGreat game. Love playing the Montenegro portion, but the Death Valley game needs to be fixed. Every time I reload, the diagonal swipe takes me to the option menu, so that should be fixed. Also, it’s super annoying to line up a shot, and then when I press fire, it zooms me out and I have to find the target again and hope the zombie isn’t any closer to the guy fixing the car. Very frustrating when you can’t win only because of the game mechanics. Great graphics though..Version: 1.7.337

One major problemThis is a great game but it is annoying that there is only one map, please change it.Version: 2.1.32

New mapThis game is very good the graphics and quality are good but the thing I think annoys everyone is the fact there is just one map so I think if you are to add new maps then put in the best locations from the entire hitman series so plz add more maps.Version: 2.1.33

Great game... but...Played this on a Galaxy Tab years ago and now it's on my iPad. The same thing that drive me nuts then is driving me nuts now. I hold my iPad at the lower sides and mouse often than not, my thumb brushes the reload icon, usually just as I'm about to make a hit. Could the button layout be customizable or maybe just moved to run bottom on the play screen?.Version: 1.7.337

MapsThe game is fantastic, but I don’t think it would hurt to add another map..Version: 2.1.33

Awesome gameI must say I love the Hitman games and will rush to the store or AppStore as soon as a new game comes out! You really get the experience of a sniper/hitman in the game. There is only one problem though. When 47 is given an assignment, he has to go to wherever his target will be. In this game it’s the same target(s) and the same map over and over again. Yes the zombie apocalypse thing has a different map but zombies aren’t real and the realistic deal of the game is what makes it great. Anyways, great game, Square Enix do not stop the Hitman series, if you do my reason to play video games will be no more. HITMAN IS THE BEST VIDEO GAME SERIES EVER!!!!.Version: 2.1.33

Great Game!Love the game, maybe add mission replay option at the end of every mission, though? And maybe also change the blood effects to slightly more realistic, but you don’t need to - great game!.Version: 2.1.33

New MapThis game is by far the best sniping game on the App Store. But the one thing it lacks is the variety of maps. That’s the only bad thing about this game. If the developers add more maps, this would easily be the best game on the App Store..Version: 2.1.33

Great but missing thingIt's really good game and it's really enjoyable to line up the shot and kill the targets but thats all there is I wish there would be more levels and places.Version: 2.0.2

Extremely Addicting!!Overall it’s a well put and fun game I would definitely recommend to buy this if you’re thinking of it as it is worth your money trust me..Version: 2.1.33

PerfectionAwesome game just what I was looking for such a thrill.Version: 2.1.33

ENJOYABLEBeen playing this for many months; have deleted and reloaded several times in order to reset progress, but on latest occasion, game seems to have lost ability to alter certain settings eg left handed / no shoot button use?.Version: 2.1.33

Good entertaining gameEasy walkthrough on how to initially play and keeps things interesting..Version: 1.7.337

Needs more mapsI wish there were more maps or at least one new one, for variety. It’s good otherwise..Version: 1.8

More updatesI’m a massive fan of this game and think it is amazing but I think that it could do with some new maps and weapons, so sometimes you have t9 infiltrate and plant something. But otherwise this is one of the best games ever👍🏻.Version: 1.7.336

The best mobile shooter game!At first, I didn’t quite know what this game would be like. Having played the hit man games on console, I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, the game played really smoothly with working mechanics and great gameplay. Not only that, but you can play offline as well with unlimited amount of plays (no stupid energy recharge times like most other games). I really enjoy playing this game and would definitely recommend it!.Version: 1.7.336

Great and fun would recommend!This game is full of fun and hitman-like experience thank you so mutch 9.5 out of ten!.Version: 2.1.33

Good pick up gameNeeds another map sooner rather than later. Easy to pick up and play anywhere- great on iPad Pro - the big one - bit tight on the iPhone ok on regular iPad.Version: 1.4.2

A hidden gem of the App StoreI always believed that I would never find a decent sniper game until I stumbled upon this one. Believing it was a paid game previously, I was about to scroll down the list until my eye caught sight of the ‘get’ tag. I wasn’t hoping for much from this game but boy, was I surprised! In this game, there are two maps. The main map is jam-packed with things you can do, from blowing people off walkway with vent fans, to pocketing a 8 ball on a pool table while the target is lining up the shot! 😂 The other map has a zombie survival theme, where you protect Ben, who is fixing his van, by shooting the zombies, beasts, juggernauts and banshees that ward* near. (*Me think I spelt that wrong) If you like games that involved sniper rifles, if you enjoy a couple ol’ big maps to shoot at, if you like the sound of shooting champagne bottles next to unsuspecting people, Hitman Sniper is for you!.Version: 1.7.336

One of the best games out there.I’ve been playing for a year and it is still fun today. Would 100% recommend..Version: 1.7.337

Really Good GameThis is a great game. Great UX, smooth and very cool looking. My only suggestion is a map without time limit. A Marathon map. See how far we can go before being caught..Version: 1.7.337

Love it 😍!I love this game so Mutch its better than any other one cuz graphics are good and it’s an awesome expireansr.Version: 2.1.33

Great mobile gameWell Worth spending some of your money on this free game to reward the developers. It is a very well put together mobile sniper game, and while it has only a single board the various weapons found and purchased allow for variable game play and avenues of approach. Developers.. I would only request 1. Zombie board with just unlimited time / ammo / zombies. Just shooting zombies. Maybe Ben is locked in a building / high-point commenting on your shots though the game is not not having to protect the character, just unlimited zombie kills with sarcastic remarks from Ben (“I bet you couldn’t hit that zombie in the head”, etc) I would pay the developers for a board like a zombie land fun park (and for a fun gun) just to aimlessly shoot zombies in crazy ways. Nothing else to add.Version: 1.7.337

Hitman sniperGreat game All I would change is I would make it easier to get guns and maybe add another map or 2. Other than that it is truly the best sniper game I've played on mobile!.Version: 2.1.10

Read it fix itOk when I play the fifth level whenever I shoot it reloads everytime and I cannot do the level.Version: 2.1.33

Amazing gameThis is the best looking mobile game and also the funnest! It would be even better if you guys added more scenarios/maps.Version: 2.0.2

Still the best sniper game after 2 years...I played this game 2 years ago. I have tried many sniper and FPS games since. I downloaded this game again after 2 years yesterday. It is still the best out there. The biggest plus other than great graphics and sound, purchases are not required to succeed! You have to think, be patient sometimes, in a hurry at other times, you can be creative with kills and you must learn the habits of the many targets in order to meet the objectives. Absolutely great game. I would like to see an update to remove the lunar new year skins and overlays. Well worth the download..Version: 2.1.33

AddictiveVery addictive game. Don’t push you to spend money on better weapons..Version: 2.1.33

Excellent versatile gameI have been playing this game for a couple of months now (almost ever day) never gets repetitive or boring... well done, plenty to keep you interested & thinking....Version: 2.1.33

😎Stared playing this game now can’t stop playing good to waste some times 🤩.Version: 1.7.337

Love itLove all of the interactable objects. Would it be possible to make multiplayer? Or make a real hitman game? Either would drastically boost the amount of players..Version: 2.1.3

Great gameDefinitely one of my all time favourite games but could use one more map or new mode.Version: 2.1.33

Needs more thingsLove this game I play it everyday just it needs different maps and enemies.Version: 2.1.33

The best game ever 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤯🤯I’m mind blown how did you creat this game it is the best game I have downloaded you are the best gaming compiny oh my god like a am totally 🤯.Version: 2.1.33

Seems decent enoughCompleted the first chapter, seems not too bad to be fair, it’s had me hooked for at least an hour so they must be doing something right.Version: 2.1.33

Great gameI really love this game... it’s been well thought out and has a certain level of maturity to it. Will keep looking for upgrades. Keep it up!.Version: 2.1.33

GameThis game is really fun but you have to concentrate and to get the shots right, is seems so realistic and great, it’s one of the best games I know now..Version: 1.7.337

Great overall game just one problemI think the overall game is really fun and never gets boring except for the fact that it’s only got on main map for the normal mode.Version: 2.1.33

Ridiculously difficult and completely pointless assignmentsI just want to play it my way and have fun but it keeps giving me these ridiculously difficult and completely pointless assignments. Oh and I bought 7,000,000 dollars and have nothing to spend it on and bought a nice gun and then realized that the gun doesnt come with instinct. Buyer beware indeed.Version: 1.7.337

Great game but…Firstly this game is very clearly Hitman and sticks to the essence of Hitman, which I thoroughly joy, I can’t fault the game in that aspect, and I’ve encountered no bugs and enjoyed every moment. What I dislike is I feel the DLC is overpriced, they is a weapon for what I believe is close to £20-£25 and £12 something dlc to. I would also like maybe a way to connect to square enix for leaderboard scores with friends, rather than Facebook as I don’t want to give out personal info. (Although I’m not sure what connecting to Facebook gives you but I assume comparing scores with Facebook friends). Besides all this, it’s a great game and I continue to enjoy it during my work breaks and downtimes..Version: 1.7.337

This is an iOS game?! 😱I was tempted to give this game 4/5, as there is room for improvements-but then I remembered: _this is a freaking mobile game! Seriously, if EA/DICE made their $60 ‘nextGen’ game half as good, they would be in a better place. Unbelievable how smooth this game runs. In addition to the noticeable visual appeal, I note the following: the UI/HUD is simple and effective, the voiceovers are crisp & clear, the background/stories/Intel are enough to overlook the repeated setting, player immersion is fantastic (think reactivity in reloading weapon - small addition but truly a breath of fresh air). A final plus: not being inundated with advertising every few minutes._ Great job team! Look forward to other releases. PS LOVE THE RUBBER DUCKS, devs definitely have a sense of humor and care about the end-user in a special way..Version: 1.7.337

Excellent game, but….I’ve always had fun playing this but I have found some issues with the game, such as the ridiculously expensive in game purchases available and the Facebook connectivity not working..Version: 1.7.337

Love the gameI can’t stop playing this game it’s so good only thing is i had to get all my snipers back because it didn’t give me my weapons when I signed in with facebook.Version: 1.7.336

Strong overall gameReally addictive looks good run great lot of fun ways to take out targets and lots of cool shots you can pull off.Version: 1.7.337

This Game Is A BlastPicked this up for free during a special and I have to say, I would pay for this game. I am addicted and can’t stop playing. There is a lot to do, and the gameplay is just very cool. My only complaint so far after two days of playing is that the content is opened up rather slowly, such as game modes and gameplay mechanics. The game kind of holds your hand really bad at first. I would like to see a bit more difficulty and variance in the core gameplay. Definitely recommend though..Version: 2.1.33

Changing sensitivity..?The Hitman series of titles for various consoles, PC and mobile platforms are ALWAYS a blast to play! Hitman: Sniper is no exception. With console quality visuals and a wide variety of arsenal at your disposal-make every shot count! But wait a second.. Why is the sensitivity normal on my iPad 6th Gen but extremely slow on my iPhone XR..? I’ve looked thru settings and couldn’t find anything on sensitivity. Hoping that’s not the case and I’m just missing it. Does anyone else experience this..? Overall-the game is awesome! Some pricey IAP’s but what app doesn’t have IAP’s nowadays..? Rated 4 Stars. 5 Stars if you add a sensitivity option!.Version: 2.1.32

FantasticWhile waiting for another sniper game to get an extra life I downloaded this game......absolutely brilliant & haven’t even been on the other app since. Genuine 5 star game.Version: 2.1.33

Holding the 5th Star as collateral.This game is awesome! However, the head of security is missing, which puts a fast cap on high scoring missions. Also, I’ve refered the game to 3 different people that all downloaded so I could get the free rifle, and it won’t register. Along with both of those frustrations, it will not connect to Facebook so friends can’t play together/ compete. If these could all be changed, I would gladly give 5 stars, and highly recommend!!.Version: 1.8

Great gameLove the game but wish the graphics would be better on iPhone 4s still love it though.Version: 1.4.1

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