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Kingdom Rush Origins TD for Positive User Reviews

Nice, though every game from Ironhide adds additional transactionsI started with the first game when the Kingdom Rush came out, which was great. It all was enjoyable, but transactions were there. For me, it seemed okay since I already made my decision on not making additional purchases. In a three dollar game like this though, spending money for heroes is not an ‘every game’ thing. This especially goes for towers which are optional to purchase, which in some levels the game really gets aggressive, making gameplay worse than what I can explain. As of the time when the latest version Iron Marines came out, I hate the fact that when I was reading reviews. Not only the purchasing towers and heroes makes me disappointed, it also gives me thoughts on me not wanting to spend a penny just for entertainment. I saw multiple developer responses being written the exact way other people received, and that way of interacting also disappointed me more. ‘Four squads’, ‘horrible heroes’. This grabbed my attention. The first version of Iron Marines (which I purchased) wasted a ton of my time, ruining 65 percent of the entertainment, and the time the game actually really doesn’t need to use. As of this game, I must say leveling up heroes took too much time. Graphics are great though, although some heroes (not the ones which can be purchased) were doing great on average, gameplay seemed well-balanced..Version: 5.6.21

Fun for everyoneSuch a great tower defense game.Version: 2.5

Kingdom rushThe best series of games on the iOS platform ever.Version: 2.8

THIS IS SUPA DOPE! Kool towers! But I have character questions.Well, I have all yo KR games iron hide, and they are Supa cool! THE FIRST ONE WAS AWESOME! I thought the game was over after I defeated Vez nan, (was he the guy in the beginning of KR vengeance with the burnin green eyes and the crown?) Well more levels opened up! also the guy at the end who king denas meets, is he your hero in KR frontiers,? Anyway I just wanna say that but this game is like kind of cool cause you get all these mystical guys! The guys who throw boulders, the elves! Nice and good luck makin money.Version: 2.7

Awesome tower defence gameTo be honest I didn't expect much from the game but i was blown away! Game is simple to start but has a lot of depth to keep you coming back. Game is addictive in a sense when you fail you keep trying new combination of towers! Highly recommended for tower defence lovers!.Version: 1.8.2

Kingdoms rush frontiers question.I have purchased the kingdoms rush frontiers game before and purchased a hero. Got a new device and upon attempting to download the game again through the Apple App Store it says I need to buy it. The interesting thing is you cannot purchase heroes without buying the game. It still says I have bone heart purchased. When trying to buy another hero it says I need to buy the game first. As it says I have not purchased game I cannot put review on that game. And when trying to put in a tickets and submit the ticket I just get a blank screen. No notification of ticket being submitted. Any help with this would be appreciated..Version: 2.5

FREE?!Because you’ve made this game for free due to covid 19 I think you made a great decision even towards the fact that you’re company is the first company to make a paid game free due to the virus thanks a lot now I got something to play while I have to stay inside ☺️ you deserve it 💯💯🤩.Version: 2.7

AddictedBust TD game series ever and by far the best games I played. I bought all four and enjoyed them so much. If you love that sort of games do yourself a favor and buy them all..Version: 3.1

Just funSooo fun would recommend for all ages.Version: 2.7

Just wow😍😍😍I'm in love with this game!.Version: 2.1.3

To easyAs far as kingdom rush goes this was a piece of cake finished it in one day but wow what a day especially the first hero i love rangers and anyone who is good with a bow and duels swords so naturally i maxed him out fast and only used him this is one of the best games out there GET IT!.Version: 1.0

AmazingSaw the trailer and I have to admit, I was quite reluctant to buy. It didn’t look that good and gripping, I bought anyway and it’s so addictive and great! I thought it’d be confusing but it’s honestly pretty simple. MUST HAVE!.Version: 2.3

Great gameMy favorite game forever.Version: 1.0

More of the sameIf you loved the previous games or if you like tower defence games then buy it. Simple! As usual there is no pay2win, the three heroes you get are fantastic and there is nothing you need to buy to 100% the game. That being said if you get into it enough the additional heroes you can purchase are varied enough to add a lease of life to the game and a great way to support the developers. Gem purchases are 100% not required, they are doled out more than generously as you play..Version: 1.0

Love the legendThis game has a great place in my heart because of how many years I’ve played it, I was playing the original on my computer on a cool website in the 2nd grade and now I’m in high school, I will play this game for years to come because of how great this game is, the fast paced action as the enemies overwhelm you in the hardest difficulty is a amazing feeling as you try to keep nothing from getting past you, overall it’s the best tower defense game I have ever played and It’s better than the balloons tower defense games, there are countless upgrades for your towers and units and now there’s cool single unit heroes that are really cool to control, overall it’s the best game I have ever played and I hope they make another some day.Version: 2.5

Origins is AWESOME!!!I think it is better than the original Kingdom Rush. The artwork is better and the story line is good. The new abilities and hero upgrading while it makes it kind of confusing is still good when you get the hang of it. All around awesome game. From, Me.Version: 2.8

Robbie Bald kingdom rush origins reviewAmazing game combat amazing would definitely recommend.Version: 2.5

Great game but hard to play on iPhoneI love this game. This is the third Kingdom Rush I’m playing but I played the other two on my PC. I’d give the game 5 stars. However, it’s not for iPhone. Requires a lot of scrolling and if you’re forgetful or not fast enough, you will miss enemies (on maps where there are at least 2 exits)..Version: 2.3

Well doneIndeed worthy writing review, just shut up and take my money.Version: 1.7

IncredibleAbsolutely amazing, a must-have for any fan of tower defence or strategy in general. Beautiful art mixed with some pretty good music. Well done Ironhide! Keep the awesome work!.Version: 2.1.2

Get this now!This is simply the most fun that I've had on a mobile device. It's made flights back and forth around the world tolerable and that frankly, speaks for itself. Highly recommended!.Version: 1.8.2

NiceNice.Version: 5.6.21

I love Kingdom RushKingdom rush is an amazing game. I played threw it quite a bit a year or so back, but recently i tried to pick it up and found that i couldnt recover my in app purchase for one of the heros, which was dissopointing. However the game is amazing and i highly recomend playing..Version: 2.2

10/10I cannot get enough of these Kingdom Rush tower defence games. They're worth every penny, so much content and replayability value. The humour is great, the art is fantastic, the Easter eggs and pop culture references are plentiful and hilarious, the gameplay is deep and challenging, "easy to learn, difficult to master". If you are thinking of buying this game, stop hesitating and buy it. The others in the series, too. Hopefully they'll make more tower defence games!.Version: 2.1.3

Another entry in the best tower defense seriesKingdom Rush is a great series, all the games look fantastic, play fantastic and are challenging. Origins adds new towers, new towers and activated power ups for each hero. The new powers give each hero even more of an effect on your strategy. A worthy addition.Version: 1.2

FRIST ONE!!!Hahaha, finally the game came out at 5:37 am est!!! CANT WAIT 2 PLAY.Version: 1.0

Great Game :)Fantastic graphics, fun game mechanics, challenging, and very cool concept! Highly recommended, since it’s very cheap!.Version: 2.8

No full screenThe series as a whole is really well made and flushed out, but I was a bit disappointed I cannot get fullscreen on my iPad mini 4. Also I wasn’t a huge fan of the scrolling feature however that isn’t that big of a deal. I’d like if you guys could make fullscreen possible on my device if that’s achievable. Again i’m a big fan of the series and have bought 3 of your games so it’s safe to say I’ve invested time and money into these games because I enjoy them. Thanks for hearing me out Ironhide. I want full screen support on iPad mini 4..Version: 2.5

Impressive game, but watch for crashesThis is a very well polished game, with good graphics and strong gameplay. It is much of the same as the previous two titles, however new animations, towers, and a new storyline justify the price of the game. However, I have experienced crashes which, granted, occur very rarely, still happen and after committing sometimes fifteen minutes or more to a level only to have my progress set back can be frustrating..Version: 1.1

Great Game, More End Game Content would be niceOrigins is a amazing tower defense game that takes you through events that happened years before the original kingdom rush in the lore. And all the hero’s and towers are all nice new versions of the original ones. However the end game does leave you in a bit of a cliff hanger. And after completing all the missions in Iron. The game will become less fun. Adding a second campaign and online feature would be amazing and great. But I still love this game! Thanks for your time.Version: 2.5

PerfectLove these games!.Version: 1.1

Great game but too shortI love this game x1000 like the rest of the series (this is my favourite) but I agree with others, it's definitely too short. I'm not going to buy new Heros when all I can do is walk them through old levels I've already finished. Definitely needs a lot more..Version: 1.1

Beast!Played Kingdom Rush (thought it was a really good game). Played Kingdom Rush Frontiers (thought it was the best strategy skill based game). Now this game tops all other strategy games!!!!! Worth the buy!!!.Version: 1.0

Kingdom rush OriginsExceptional tower defence! Worth the money..Version: 1.2

Fun but less satisfying than the last onesI like the game but it’s less satisfying. The towers just aren’t as cool. Also, the games difficulty goes from 0-100 halfway through the campaign. I was doing fine, getting 3 stars on everything then suddenly I was barely scraping through with 1 or 2 stars and I even had better towers up. Weird..Version: 2.4

PoopedGoof.Version: 5.6.21

Fantastic TDAbsolutely love these games, I have them all and thoroughly enjoy playing, probably a bit too much 😂 One problem I have on Origins though: the play screen is very small, in the middle of my iPad. Is there something I can change to make it full screen like all the other games? Thanks x.Version: 5.5.07

Best game for meReally enjoyable, a good challenge as it gets harder. 2nd time I’m playing it through..Version: 2.7

Just wonderfulI never write reviews but I like this game so much I thought I would. It really is one of the better tower defense games I have played and I have played a ton. I even bought a few of the extras which I never do just to support the game development. Keep up the good work!.Version: 2.5

Worth the moneyI managed to get this game for free and I honestly regret it. I wish I had paid for it. I’ve gotten so many hours of enjoyment from Kingdom Rush, Frontier, and Origins. I just paid for Vengeance to satisfy my guilt. The games are really well drawn, a lot of fun, and filled with little jokes and Easter eggs. Origins is my favorite as far as gameplay and aesthetic. If you like a fun tower defense game, this is for you. Ads are very rare and are just for selling you the optional heros. Looking forward to more from Ironhide..Version: 2.7

IncredibleIron hide is great at what they do every game in this line is amazing and they continue to add updates making the game better and better I wish you could earn some of the in app purchase heroes if you unlock a certain amount of achievements or earn enough diamonds but other than that all of these games are amazing.Version: 2.7

AwesomeTotally addicted . I've hardly spoken to my wife since I've started playing this .... Please give us more levels on all the other games in the series. Awesome ..... But don't bother to buy the Phoenix Guardian as its crap .the only thing missing from this game is that you can't buy extra Gold to buy better towers early on like you can in the other games .... Please add this feature and make it awesome ..Version: 1.8.2

Very very goodAn extremely satisfying follow up to an already great set of games This one has a huge amount of foes strategies and towers to the Point where any level could be done in about twelve different ways Also worthy of mention are the huge amount of in jokes and cameos the sheer amount of still leaves me in awe Overall the games is outstanding and worth triple what they charge.Version: 1.5

Best game out thereLove the new maps, tons of replay value, definitely best game on AppStore. Just levelled durax up to lv 10.. shouldn't he have medium or high armour since he's basically diamond? or make him spawn his copies way faster because although he's the coolest hero imo, the fact that he's a melee hero without armour makes him die so fast. The other heroes with the same price seem to do a lot better from my experience. I get that if a change like this were to happen durax would stall any boss forever, but maybe make him weaker against bosses or something like that.Version: 1.4

Kingdom rush originsAs good as all the others. Great..Version: 1.6

Best Game EverLiterally worth the money. I play this game everywhere. The graphic is amazing and there is so much detail. Also downloaded the other two which are part of the series..Version: 2.4

Loveliest game ever!I enjoy every moment of the game but I just have one question to developers - why did you make archer towers so useless? I mean they are absolutely completely rubbish. Why would anyone would want to use them ever???.Version: 2.5

WowThis is truly an improvement of the franchise. The newer mechanics makes it fresh enough to deserve another run..Version: 2.4

Why $5 for a single hero?Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE this game. I have for years. But I don’t get why the developers have all these cool heroes locked behind paywalls when we already paid $5. I would understand if it was like “Hey, the free version is on Armor Games, but if you buy it, you can get all these heroes ON MOBILE!” But it’s not. Idk, just seems a little silly to pay for this game five times over to get everything. 4.5/10 Still a great game. Can’t wait for Vengeance..Version: 2.5

Dowload this game!Amaizing game. Pap pap pap pap pap skidiki pap pap!.Version: 2.1.2

Best Game EverBest game on iphone by far cant put the game down.Version: 2.5

A worthy addition to my iPhoneI love tower Defence games and the Kingdom Rush games are up there with the best. Origins is great and explores the elven side of their fantasy universe in more depth. It seems easier than the previous titles but is still great fun. I get hours of playtime out of the title and don't mind purchasing the extra hero's! despite being pricey they often discount them and they make for exciting and powerful additions to your towers so well worth it when they are on offer. I'm on the iPhone 6 and I think in the future I would appreciate finer graphics but because the developers don't want to cut there target market down by making the game unnaccesible to older tech/iPhone 4s etc I can understand their decisions. Still the game looks great and is the best looking Kingdom Rush so far..Version: 1.1

Good old consistency.Other game creators should learn from these guys, when your on to a good thing don't change it. Like its predecessors this game comes through with the goods! You have my bow.......Version: 1.5

Buy it now!Great game.Version: 2.2.1

Great series, with one minor gripe-I love this TD! The entire series sets the standard for TD on mobile devices. The only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is the fact that so many characters are available as in-app purchases only. On the PC versions of Frontier as well as the original Kingdom Rush, all characters are available without further in-game purchases..Version: 2.1.3

Kingdom rush 4 plzThis game is just simply the best game you can get on your phone...PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ MAKE A 4th ONE.Version: 2.1.2

Love the new updateTruly an addictive game!! Love the new update. However I do think we could really use some more levels too :-D Please keep the update coming :)).Version: 1.4

Great game but...... I always thought it would be a great idea to have maybe a speed up button to hold? Sometimes the amount of waves and the longevity of each wave makes the game see very slow paced at times. Other than that, perfect games. I have bought all Kingdom Rushes. Another point is that maybe you could transfer heroes from past games?.Version: 1.2

Love itI have loved this game for ever. Best game ever. Highly recommended.Version: 2.8

A Good SequelThe game is a lot of fun. The towers being mixed up from sequel to sequel has been nice. The difficulty for Heroic and Iron challenges feels ramped up a bit more in Origins than the previous 2, which means I won’t be spending as much time with Origins as I did on Frontiers and the original. If levels required less time to complete the playing and losing and playing and losing over and over would feel less like an unsatisfying grind. With the heroes that would make these levels easier locked behind paywalls, I suppose Heroic and Iron are pay to win this time around. The base levels are still a blast..Version: 5.6.21

Good game!Very fun/time consuming! Just what we need in a time like this with COVID-19!.Version: 2.7

All around great!It's the third in the kingdom rush series and if you love tower defence and a challenge you'll love this game. There are Easter and achievements on most maps and there is a pay method which gives you an insanely strong hero if you feel the need but it is possible to beat the game with the ones that are given with the game. Over all I love the game and the series and really hope they continue to make more in the near future !.Version: 1.8.2

Best tower defense gameAs far as sequels go, this game is one of the best. It at least matches, if not surpasses, the previous two installments in the kingdom rush series. A thrilling narrative, amazing heroes, (Arivan main) and powerful towers as well as enemies, and carefully designed worlds create a beautiful game. One nitpick, however. I would like it to be more difficult, more like kingdom rush 1..Version: 2.2

AddictiveSweet looking and fun game to past the time.Version: 1.8.2

GoodI like it just like my wife liked another man.Version: 2.7

Can't get a better game for an iPhoneI've played all three Kingdom Rush games, yet this one has been my favourite by far, the heroes are much better, the enemies are designed well, the tower upgrades are insane and brilliant, but the one thing I could say about them adding is endless waves, just like the original Kingdom Rush and using more than one hero a level☺️.Version: 1.1

Good Game, Lacks CharmThe game itself is quite good - very similar to Kingdom Rush games of the past, although with a slight step up in difficulty. The biggest drawback for me is that the art-style changed to something a little more complex. Whilst it definitely looks prettier, it loses a bit of the charm that it used to have because of this..Version: 2.5

Great :)Really enjoy this game just as much as the others. I especially think the music is lovely. The characters are hard from the start which makes it more of a challenge. On previous games I could would put it on the hardest difficulty and the first few maps would still be easy but this one gets straight into it. So maybe play the others first if you haven't already? Not that it's very complicated. It's really easy to follow, clear instructions, highly addictive! So if you have a life... Say goodbye! You will be hooked! Really vibrant colours and it's just really nice to look and listen to while your playing. I would recommend, but you can always get the original KD for free if you wanted to try it out before you buy this one! :).Version: 1.8.2

A Great Balanced GameThis game not only manages to deliver in great amounts in fun factor, but remains a challenging and at time complicated experience with it's easy simplistic formula that however is complex an rich enough to entertain endlessly. With tons of additions over the trilogy they currently have out, I can only hope more content and challenges of levels an tower designs amongst varied heroes and monsters of minions which only became richer and more complex with the advancing of the series - making it a true delight to follow with each episode. I cannot wait for the sequel - as I assume it would be foolish for it not to be in programming phase on it's way to us the fans already..Version: 1.4

A Fresh Sequel (Prequel)Kingdom Rush Origins has easily served as a new and interesting approach to the Kingdom Rush games. The graphics are amazing, the levels challenging and exciting and the towers and enemies are impressive; yet the story design has presented dramatic changes that keep the game interesting rather than molding it into a repeat of Kingdom Rush Frontiers..Version: 1.4

One of the best tower defense games on mobile.I come back to this series of games often. They’re simple to pick up but can get very complex and offer a wide range of challenges for just about everyone. Will always recommend this developer to anyone..Version: 2.4

I've waited 4 a year! Finally! :DKingdom Rush is absolutely my favourite iOS game by a mile. And the two previous games are fantastic. This latest one is amazing! The graphics are even better, more special abilities with heroes and other interactive elements in the game. This game truly captures the best of tower defence category, there is simply no other tower defence game even close to it... And this newest game is the cheapest yet, previous KR were £2.49 when released, so... What else can I say? :D.Version: 1.0

Great artStoryline was fun. Art was great. Heros a new fun twist with their abilities. The good thing about frontiers is with the magic skull tower; the game can feel new every time you play. Not so with origins, but good for what it was..Version: 1.8.2

A worthy spendExcellent game! Similar to the other games but if it isn't broke then it shouldn't be fixed. If you enjoyed the first two offerings then I doubt you'll enjoy devising new statute goes using the new towers. The main changes are the tower abilities, upgrades and the fact that you can no longer purchase a bag of gold from the game shop. This has been replaced with an item that provides more coins in-game for a time after being used..Version: 1.2

Good gameAs per the other reviewers, it is a good game like the two before it but could have done with a couple of extra levels. One thing about these games that still annoys me is that if you switch out of the app during a battle for too long it restarts the app and you lose all your progress in the battle, has happened to me a number of times!.Version: 1.2

Came back to a problemI adore this game and franchise but after I came back for some odd reason certain characters I paid for have a question mark on them and when I click on them they say “can’t connect to App Store” I don’t know what’s going on so could you please help me with this problem.Version: 5.6.21

My favourite iPhone game!The Kingdom Rush games are by far my favourite on my phone, I was so excited when I saw Origins! It hasn't disappointed at all. It is just total fun to play and looks gorgeous too. I don't understand those moaning about IAP at all- you absolutely do not need to buy anything to complete or enjoy the game. The extra champions are there if you want them, that's all. I'm trying to ration playing Origins as I don't want to finish it. Well done!.Version: 1.1

Best game out of the KDR franchise!I love this game, all elements of this game are great. The hero’s are really cool in this game and pretty powerful as well. I love all the towers which can be used for a good purposes depending on the enemies. The enemies in this game look cool but some can be very annoying to handle “gloomy”. The design of this game is super cool with a really pretty colors that give you the origins vibe. Anyway great game..Version: 2.8

Great gameLove it it is just like 1 and 2 but with new stuff enemies and story some levels you can even have two hero’s I recommend getting this game.Version: 2.7

Excellent, but short.Another incredible addition to an already perfect series. Gameplay has been perfected, things are balanced, but challenging. Only problem is length of the campaign is much shorter and there is no extra stages upon completion. Happy to pay for an expansion guys! IAP are overpriced and ridiculous..Version: 1.0

Paid 7$-asking updating!When my wishes come true 5 star! I know how much you guys need 5 stars it means a lot to you all! )I have bought myself 7$ dragon so I like you all as a group of support in this game to create a change I like to offer you guys! I payed for it so I own my wish! GRAND me "3" WISHES!(1)I like you guys to lower the cost of items that I need to buy with diamonds by 1/2 price! (2)extende the time by (2x-3x)longer! because those items are super expensive and last so short amount of time! (3)Check out the app of BUILDAWAY! And my wish would be to copy the method from that app for daily bonuses!(14 days only that after finished repeat over again 1-14. Just replacing the cases to diamonds,coins,(time skip(free iteam that you can only buy with diamonds),same rules!(if you miss 48hrs!(the list resets to day 1!),and something very good each 14th day like the 999 diamonds item for ex)(each 14th day add some different!)something very expansive(like a free hero!)(to 7$ worth!).Version: 2.1.3

Excellent, like all the others!Awesomely fun strategy game. Loads of levels, really challenging if, like me, you like to try to complete the whole thing on 'veteran' mode without buying anything from the shop. Also has loads of options for those who like to buy add ons. They don't try to hard sell you the add ons either so if you don't want them either they're not bothering you constantly. Make another one please!!.Version: 1.7

This game is phenomenal!I’ve been a fan of the kingdom rush series for many years, and this game it probably my favorite, all of the heroes are really cool (even the ones that don’t cost real money) The game has really cool campaign missions, Easter eggs, the towers are all well balanced and cool, and there’s a wide difficulty spectrum for all players. Definitely worth the cost, and I’d even recommend buying a hero for your play-through if you really wanna rock the game, though they are kinda expensive. My only complaint is that the game is two completely different copies on phones and tablets, meaning, if you switch from a phone to tablet or vice versa on the same account, you will have to buy the game again (and all the heroes in said game, I learned this the hard way) so if you use both devices think before you buy. TLDR: Awesome strategy with unrequired monetization, though incompatible from tablets to phones. Definitely worth the buy!.Version: 2.5.2

嗯嗯非常棒.Version: 2.5

Another great Kingdom rush!Well done once again to Ironhide for the incredible game. Very fun, with a diverse range of tower upgrade options, and heroes. Some heroes require IAP which are a bit expensive however the game itself is easily worth more than the $3 price in terms of content. Highly recommended!.Version: 1.0

PurchasesMajor problems when buying hero’s with real money and towers most of them are useless with same ratings even tho it says who’s strongest doesn’t matter this game is a huge scam like most games are. For example the dragon with the most hit points, don’t do as much damage as you would think. For my understanding creators you leveled everything about the same and that’s not how it works, you spend money to make the game more fun not to screw over players. Take theses reviews and update the game..Version: 2.5.2

Another great tower defense gameMy personal opinion not as good as frontiers but still a very fun and fantastic tower defense game. Definitely recommend playing..Version: 2.7

A solid prequel for a solid series!This game takes a great series and changes everything just enough to keep it new and interesting while staying true to its roots. I'm very keen to see some extra levels in the future! I only wish there was a way to sync progress with the HD version for the iPad. Aside from that, it's perfect..Version: 1.2

Delicious and captivating.I've played every previous instalment in the Kingdom Rush series and have waited eagerly for this one for some weeks. This review is based on completing just one level, so, when I'm deeper into this box of delights I will write another. In much the same vein as its predecessor's, the game environment is lushly detailed and polished. I am already in love with it so will simply say - get it..Version: 1.0

Awesome game & seriesFan of the series and have purchased all 3 Kingdom Rush games. By far the most enjoyable phone/tablet game out there, should be higher in the charts! The creative artist has done a great job in making it a very attractive game, which highly compliments the awesome gameplay. Completed all levels in veteran without using shop items, more levels soon please!.Version: 1.1

Amazing. Best in the seriesThis game is outstanding.Version: 3.1

No Rushing HereThis is the third installment of tower defense games, by this developer. ~ Graphics are excellent. ~ Controls are intuitive. ~ Encyclopedia of characters. ~ Encyclopedia of towers. ~ Online strategy guide. Campaign, Hero, and Iron provide three levels of playing difficulty. The difficulty levels have been ramped up from previous versions. I suspect the easiest difficulty setting will provide plenty of challenge to most players. This game is much harder than the first two releases. If you get frustrated with having to replay levels, I would recommend either of the other two Kingdom Rush games..Version: 2.5

AMAZINGThis is the best in the series. They are all fantastic. Don’t listen about complaints of in-app purchases. They handle it well. You can beat the game without the extra purchases. This game is worth more than they charge for it initially anyway!!.Version: 2.2

Absolute best TD game on the marketKingdom Rush is such a great game you can sink hours into. Praise these amazing developers for not taking the greedy "pay to win" route unlike many developers out there. You can see the amount of talent and attention to detail these guys have put into their masterpiece series. Towers, enemies, and heroes are thoughtfully balanced, as not one is overpowered than the other and in this game there are no "go-to strategies" to win. No difficulty spikes are present in this game, you can make it as easy or as challenging as you want with the multiple difficulty modes. Final note: i'm telling you guys, these developers are role models within the mobile market community and as such deserve much support. I'd love to see this series flourish for many years to come..Version: 2.4

Best. Game. Ever.AWESOME graphics. AWESOME gameplay. AWESOME new towers. AWESOME EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! U never EVER get bored with this game! There’s heaps to do and it’s just AWESOME!.Version: 2.3

GreatGreat fun.Version: 1.2

AwesomeIf you like tower defence games, this is the one for you, challenging, fun, addicting, competitive! Yeah there's in app purchases! But who cares for that! It's only extra heroes! And if you want that extra fire power then go for it! Best tower defence on the ios, anyone who disagrees is possibly a cheap skate or just haters been haters, I've played nearly all tower defence games and can say this easily tops them all hands down! You'd be a fool to not get it.Version: 1.3

True gameAnother fantastic game keep me coming and I’ll pay.Version: 2.5.2

Bes gameHands down my favourite mobile game around.Version: 2.2

BoomFigured I'd write a review. I've played this game since the beginning (kingdom rush) and it's the best game I've ever played on my iPhone. I was 1 achievement off completing the whole game before I switched phones and started all over again. Love it. Saved me from boredom more time than I can count. Wonderful work.Version: 2.1.2

Fantastic game but...This game should also get some love and be updated every so month or so.Version: 1.8.2

Lots of Fun, only one problemReally well designed game, there is plenty to do. The only downside it that the in app purchases are too expensive given that you already have to pay for the game. I just want to have more heroes.Version: 1.8.2

Another addictive gameLove the Tower Rush series.Version: 5.8.08

5starz!Great of the vary few game worth buying....awesome gameplay!.Version: 2.1.3

Great Tower Defense GameGood fun on the go easy to learn & a classic like the rest of the franchise. Keep them coming guys.Version: 1.8.2

More more more!More of the same Kingdom Rush that we all know and love. No new features really, (apart from hero spells) just more content, which is definitely not a bad thing at all! Don't like the font used for the achievements though, see what I mean when you play it. After a few updates to this game (should be at least another 7 maps added if the same as 1+2) they should change the formula a bit. Like Angry Birds has done, but please make it good!.Version: 1.0

Perfect Perfect PerfectNormally I don't post reviews because of how tedious it is but for Kingdom Rush, there's an exception. Gameplay 5/5: you guys have hit the nail in the head with this one. Combing TD with Dynamic strategy and a movable hero around the battle field, the upgrades and level up, the iron and heroic challenges. It's all amazingly addictive and perfect Graphics 5/5: your animator should get awards for his work. Absolutely perfect Sound 5/5: again amazing, the music and voice acting is definitely up to par just make sure to keep the variety of phrases up :) Overall awesome game, the best part is they could easily become a free to play game and rely on IN APP PURCHASES (grr) for a greatly increased income but they won't sink that low and that just shows that they really care about there fans. Thanks so much for your game guys. it's really lame saying this but playing it gets my mind of the bad things in my life and it has a been really awesome experience. It's a shame I may not be around for the next release! :( thanks iron hide for your work..Version: 1.2

Good gaemGood life 👻.Version: 1.1

Fabulous gameTo those worried that you have to buy to win--I can say that without buying any heroes, every level at every degree of difficulty is winnable. It is a brilliant strategy game. Congratulations to the developers and designers. I have played it through a couple of times and it's still very enjoyable..Version: 2.1.2

Great GameAn awesome TDG and a welcome addition to an already great series of games. However could use a little more content as the previous game had more stages to play. Hands down my favourite tower defence of all time 👍👍👍😊.Version: 1.4

Love the kingdom rush gamesKingdom rush is the gift which keeps on giving. Please keep bringing them out. Also I remember a promotion which gave you all heroes for a one time buy of about $7 - please do that again!.Version: 1.8.2

Great game still after so many years!The Kingdom Rush series is worth the time and money. Never a disappointment. Still coming back to these games after so many years!.Version: 2.8

Best Game EVER!!!I have always been a fan of the Kingdom Rush games from the very start. When the second came out, Kingdom Rush Frontiers. I bought it strait away as they had new Heroes and levels. It was a great improvement from Kingdom Rush and Origins is an improvement once again. It has completely changed all the towers, enemies, heroes and levels making it seem like a different game but still holds that Kingdom Rush tower defence feel. The game is set in a medieval time with many fantasy-like enemies and towers. After each section of the game is a new boss, with some relation to the other enemies you fought in the level. Overall the game is great, certainly my favourite app on my phone and definitely worth the money!.Version: 1.1

Never not funThere's nothing better. Even when I get bored, I just end up coming back and having a better time than before. I never write reviews, but I just had to for such a simple but complex, intriguing and time-absorbing game. Thank you for all those involved who made the series what it is today..Version: 1.0

PerfectThe one mobile game that is good. I recommend it to everyone. Every level feels rewarding. Each special hero character gives unique agilities that change even the first level. The price is 1000% worth it. Get Kingdom Rush Origins it is the perfect mobile game. ( besides all other Kingdom Rush games.).Version: 2.5.2

Awesome game!This is definitely worth the money, it is very addictive, has awesome mini graphics, and i like how you can have heroes. Look forward to more up coming updates and some how vs other players. :).Version: 1.0

ExcellentSo much fun, visually beautiful, excellent audio.Version: 2.4

Hell yeaA great challenge.Version: 1.2

Kingdom rush frontiersGet more upgrades.Version: 2.5

10/10 Tower Defence GameYou know when your eye gets really itchy sometimes, so much so that you have to rub it with your fingers and you get that feeling that's just so awesome that you can't stop rubbing until your eyes start to water... That's basically what experience Kingdom Rush delivers even after endless hours of play through..Version: 1.5

YepYou know it.Version: 2.8

One of my faves but…As my title said, it’s absolutely one of my favorite games ever made, however - it’s time we get a new installment! Either new content, a new a KR entirely! And I’m not taking about one where’s it’s a couple of heroes running around I mean classic KR or Origins or Vengeance or something! Anyways this review is for all the classic style KR games, each one is a joy to play and all I ask is to get my hands on a new one! 🤟🏼 Sincerely - a long time fan! 💯.Version: 5.6.21

Too Good of a gameI don’t really leave reviews for stuff but this game here is so good i had to. they really knocked it out of the park with this and how everything comes together and the detail and artwork if i could give 10 stars i would.Version: 2.7

Such a great game.Its a great game and is enjoyable. I download this game lots of times when I'm bored and when I am looking for a new or great game.Version: 2.2

Another winnerWould have to be one of my top 2 tower defence games ever. The other being skibi castle td that was a Warcraft 3 mod! Also if you like this one, go and play the previous 2 as well..Version: 1.4

Sequel That Works!Suggestion: Let us demo all the heroes! Great levels & fun tactics to deploy but the cost of new heroes gives this game a 4-star rating. I'm not about to pay twice as much for a new hero as I did the game, when I can just as easily have fun beating the game with the free heroes..Version: 1.2

Best iOS game seriesThis game is nice and varied, well-balanced and entertaining. The second one in the sequence is sadly very racist at the start in particular so I can't really recommend that one. But the first and this are excellent tower defence games, the best on the platform by a mile..Version: 2.1.2

WIN!!!Fantastic game, my most favourite TD game of all..Version: 1.2

PhenomenalThis is definitely the best tower defense game ever made! Taking the tower defense format and adding heroes that you can move around independently and level up is genius. Not only that but your units have skill trees that unlock better abilities as you play through the game. Several different heroes can be unlocked as you go which adds a ton of replay value because they are all different and offer different powers. Will definitely be picking up the sci fi version of this game too!.Version: 2.2

Best tower defenseI play all the tower defenses. Gemcraft and Cursed Treasure 2 are some of the best, but Kingdom Rush balanced tower defense so perfectly that I don’t think Ironworks can even top itself. This game IS tower defense. It defines it. Anything that can achieve 70% of what this game does is a very good TD. Origins specifically is the first app I buy on any new device..Version: 2.5

One of the single greatest games you could possible purchase via iStoreI’ve played and own every Kingdom Rush title known to Man. Treat yourself to some of the finest tower defense gaming in the world. This is coming from not just a casual gamer but the definition of a hard core. No matter your level or desire to play this game will hunt and entertain your boredom to death. My only complaint is charging for heroes beyond the ones who come with the game. Otherwise I like the heroes that come with it..Version: 2.4

Keeping it upJust as good as the old games🙃.Version: 2.7

Great but a bit challengingReview from my five year old sister: Kingdom Rush is a good game, I don't really like that it doesn't have any colours on the level choosing map. It looks good though. I'm starting to play it more. It can be a bit hard. Good work me. That's all I want to say. From me (17 year old girl): All these games rock, this is my favourite, looks stunning. It's only a mark of how good a sister I am that I allowed her to give it less than five stars. After years of fun and puzzle-solving on this game I'd give it fifty stars hands down..Version: 2.5

Worth ItGood mix of Tower Defense and RPG (also sorta RTS). Feels like an accomplishment when you complete a level. I do kinda wish it would allow for more freedom with where you’re aloud to build towers but I can accept that this is just a different type of Tower Defense, great in its own right and so still deserves 5 stars..Version: 2.3

IronmarinsIl manque de rabais et j’ai une faveur à demander aux créateurs j’aimerais acheter ironmarins mais je n’ai pas assez d’argent pouvez-vous mettre plus de rabais merci.Version: 5.6.21

Absolutely amazingWhile the game itself is incredibly fun and addicting, the thing I think makes this game shine is its storyline. The plot is creative, and makes you really feel like you are part of a historic war, rather than a simple mindless game. I’ve played this game through three times and will continue to play it more. 10/10.Version: 2.2

Quite a challenge!Well. This sure is a fun game, just like the other Kingdom Rush titles, except This one is definitely a lot harder than the others. Sometimes I spend quit a bit of time restarting a level just to get all the towers right. Don't let this unsettle you though, the difficulty only adds to the game's addicting feeling and overall fun. If you enjoyed the other Kingdom Rush games you will absolutely love this one!.Version: 1.8.2

Better than originalEverything I liked about the first kingdom rush and more..Version: 1.8.2

Spectacular!The kingdom rush games are by far the most enjoyable games I've ever played! Please make more! Only thing I'd like to see improved is maybe another free hero or two. Nice job!.Version: 1.6

No 1 tower game on iosBeen playing KR since 2012 fantastic game really hoping for the next one be good as the last. The only criticism I have is the price of heroes and the fee after the original app comes out Hopefully your next one is free :) thank you ironhidegamestudios..Version: 1.5

Sets the bar for tower defenceBeautiful, addictive, rewarding. I'm astounded that other tower defence games seem so poor in comparison. The quality of these are so much higher. The in-app purchases speak of a company that respect their fans, and don't see them as a big payday..Version: 1.2

#worthA very fun and entertaining game, definitely worth downloading and the $3 for what your getting..Version: 2.7

It keeps getting better!?I have forced myself to stop playing for a couple of minutes just to review this ( I never write reviews...). This game and its predecessors are phenomenal. They are easily the best games on the App Store and have kept me entertained on my iDevice for years now. I feel as if I am ripping off the developers by paying only $3 for a game that gives so much more entertainment value back. Stop reading and start playing!!.Version: 1.0

Aye a good 'unContinuing the tradition..Version: 1.5

Amazing but...Okay so I think this is the best tower defence series ever but it needs more levels because once you complete it you’re done and there is nothing more to do..Version: 2.4

Great gameHad a lot of fun with this.Version: 2.1.3

AmazingThis is a must have game.Version: 2.1.2

Quit moaning about IAP!As expected with any Kingdom Rush game this didn't disappoint. New fresh stages, new heroes with new special abilities, new enemies and new hidden easter eggs! As with previous Kingdom Rush games the developers offer heroes to purchase in game, some of which cost more than the game. These are NOT needed to complete the game as you unlock three heroes just for progressing. The developers need to earn some money and the option is there! I myself have no issue buying the heroes to support the developers. And they are sure to add more modes to the game soon! ;-).Version: 1.1

Brilliant gameOrigins is an excellent entry in the Kingdom Rush series. I'm feeling exhausted from staying up late last night to play further levels in this - but so very worth it. New towers, new enemies, new heroes, new skills, new magic, etc. One of the top tier militia skills is to summon elite elven huntresses, riding giant panthers - just one of the multitude of new awesome playable strategies this game introduces..Version: 1.0

It’s good just not as balanced as previous gamesKingdom rush Origins gives you the same tactical fun that the previous games do. The visuals are nice and the enemies are fun and creative. The heroes in this game are also very good. My only complaint is that the game is very upgrade dependent if you play a difficulty above casual. The only really viable tower is the archer tower (barracks do their normal jobs just fine), where as previous games all towers were viable at killing tough enemies. Don’t get me wrong, the 4th upgrades on the Druid towers are good for the most part, but compared to previous games they just aren’t on par. The biggest disappointment was the mage tower which is completely useless without its special abilities. Overall the game is good just not as balanced as the previous ones..Version: 2.5

Amazing valueThe Kingdom Rush games are in a league of their own. They are one of the few games on any platform that I enjoy spending the time to 100% it. If you're a fan of tower defence and have never played one of their games you are in for a treat.Version: 1.1

Bug on iphone6sHey dudes, just wanted to let you know that on the iPhone 6s 3D Touch screen, you can no longer select anything in your game rendering it useless. I look forward to a fix so I can start slaying again Thanks for a great game by the way.Version: 1.8

Can I upgrade to HDAttention Ironhide: I bought the regular version, but it’s too small on my iPad. Can I upgrade to the HD version for a fee? I’d like to have the game fill the screen..Version: 2.3

Worth every dollarVery happy with that game.Version: 2.3

Awesome seriesThe kingdom rush games are among some of my favorite games. I got recently downloaded this and played the first level, and I love it. Great graphics, challenging levels, fun towers and upgrades, achievements and heroes, I mean how much better can it get? I’ve always loved tower defense games, and this is my favorite one along side the Bloons TD games. Also, for being 1 dollar and a mobile game, this is amazing! Thanks ironhide for another amazing game..Version: 2.1.3

BrillA++.Version: 1.8.2

Pure Gold!Most things these days are poor quality. Not this game! This is a true work of art! Beautiful, exciting and it even has a touch of humor! A MUST play game. Perfect on an iPhone or iPad..Version: 5.6.21

Kingdom Rush OriginsThis game is really refreshing. It’s still Kingdom Rush but it has different tower mechanics. They cost different amounts and the art style is different. The biggest change is that instead of bombs you get elves that throw stones. Another difference is that the soldiers gain a bow when the are leveled up. This game is great!.Version: 2.4

GREAT GAMEHello I love the game it is really worth getting And I’m hoping that there will be a new one the best game ever.Version: 2.7

Awesome Game!I’ve played every kingdom rush game and this is the one I’ve been most hooked on! I even got faustaus (the most expensive hero) and I can’t really say anything bad because the game is fun and addicting and it has the most unique towers out of all the games ( in my opinion ) and I love all the pop culture references like in achievement quest and the game is full of things to do like after you beat the game you can do iron challenge and heroic challenge do the 7 extra levels And max out all hero’s so I’m giving this a 5⭐️.Version: 2.5

More levels and heroes soon pls!I've played kingdom rush since the beginning and it just gets better and better. Absolutely love this game my fave series keep it up!.Version: 1.0

Really good. Couple of things do need changing however.Great game. Definitely follows 'don't fix what's not broken'. I would've liked to see something a little different however. Whether it's more, or even less micromanaging units but that's a minor thing. There are two small issues I found. As many have stated, extra heroes are far too expensive. They should be all £0.69 if you feel you must charge. Also in this game there wasn't a hero with high armour (a personal favourite of mine) The second thing is the reinforcement upgrade. The last one doesn't work (moon sentinel). No reinforcement on Panther or whatever it is. They're the same as previous upgrade. I assume a little bug. Other than that a great purchase and worth the money. Keep it up!.Version: 1.4

IRONHIDE PLZ READI have every frontiers, origins AND kingdom rush and I have to say I like this one the most. The graphics are the best and there's TONS of levels. but... if you want a bigger challenge I would get frontiers because it is obviously the hardest. All the games are very good but I did see one person finish the game in a day ( kingdom rush). This game is amazing but kingdom rush and origins are far to easy. Can you please make more heroes to unlock? You can only unlock 3 or 4 and it's really annoying..Version: 1.8

Amazing gameI love this game, I use to play it all the time when I was way younger, I came back to it after playing a tower defense game and wanted to try it out again, it was just how I remembered, a masterpiece, thank you for the great game..Version: 3.1

No other words than fantasticAwesome graphics, extremely fun gameplay and the music of this game is a perfect fit.Version: 2.7

Best tower defence gameThe storyboard and all the different levels of gameplay are outstanding. You may also encounter things that are from other movies and games such as gandelf and frodo, aswell as the ewoks from star wars. Which is a great bonus. This game deserves 5 stars for its excellence and strategic gameplay..Version: 1.5

So, so worth it!If you like tower defense games this will not disappoint! Levels require creativity and adaptability, this was an absolute joy to play. The art style is both charming and very clear as to what’s going on. The heroes add an extra layer of strategy and engagement, it’s fun trying different ones out..Version: 2.5

This game is overkillOne of the bét td game in app-store.Version: 2.7

An obvious yet satisfying sequelWhat can be said about Kingdom Rush, if you haven't got it after the last two games then you never will. Not a lot has changed, the gameplay is still the same, upgrades identical, power ups extremely similar - yet a slight modification on animations and a nice looking HD textured graphic update make this game worth it's release. The only reason it gets four stars is that it has already bugged out and crashed two times and due to the nature of not being able to save during games, this has meant the game has been lost each time, very annoying! However, sure this will be patched..Version: 1.0

ZoidenbergI've been a fan of this series for 3 years now, each new game was better than the last. Can't wait till origins comes to PC..Version: 2.4

It's goodI have the other KR games too and they are all good time wasters and very entertaining. With Origins, I miss the rain of fire and the ability to buy gold. Also, I would rather battle alien beings than slaughter cute hedgehogs and smiling wolves - it just doesn't feel good to kill animals. None of the strategy videos work for me within the app either. I would like the ability to carry surplus gold over at the end of a battle too. A good game..Version: 1.2

Awesome game Awesome seriesI hardly ever wrote reviews but Jesus this game deserves it, I've completed 1 & 2 an then when I seen origins on the store I creamed myself please keep up the fantastic work on this series and for anyone reading this review and still deciding to get this game, if you like tower defense game this is the game.Version: 1.0

Really Good But Needs More LevelsTruly an amazing game!!! I have already finish the entire game on veteran! Can new levels and even the "endless mode" be added😊? PLEASE! I am also looking forward to the new heroes coming. Thanks for the action packed game!!.Version: 1.0

Great game I would recommend this game for purchaseA 5 star game no doubt about that there’s no bugs that I have encountered and Kingdom rush origins is one of the best tower defence games I have played, and I hope the developers make more kingdom rush games..Version: 2.3

Pretty damn good!It's fantastically Sylvian fun!.Version: 1.7

Best Tower Defense for iOSIf you are looking for the best iOS tower defence game available, then you have found it. This, along with the other two games in the trilogy are amazing games!.Version: 1.4

OmgAs always loved this series almost the perfect game in my opinion only thing is I'd like a higher hero cap it's too easy to reach lvl 10 but so fun to play through the different difficulties and the neat little achievements, would like to say more but I'm too smashed :) happy new hear.Version: 1.2

Great, if not, the BestVery abstract and ironic details throughout, feels like you can really get into it but only until you complete enough of the game to imagine the new creativity throughout the entire game. More than what the price tag is, nonetheless, not like the disappointment you have playing MMO but the addiction of seeing newer scenarios and expecting more challenges..Version: 2.1.3

Good but flawedI've played the game to level four and its a good game. So good in fact that I bought the £4.99 hero and this is where the problem starts. When the hero uses the fire breathing and the path burns and you use the power that sends the three dragonlings to burn the ground it makes the game crash. I'm playing on an iPhone 6 Plus so I doubt it's hardware troubles. I would appreciate a fix for this considering the amount I paid to get more bugs!.Version: 1.0

Love it!Great design and totally addictive gameplay! 🤓.Version: 2.3

Great game spoiled slightly by 'pay to win' strategy.The Kingdom Rush games are some of the best games you can have on your phone or pad, but now suffer a bit from 'pay to win' syndrome. Even on easy mode some levels are extremely hard, nudging you towards in-app purchases. It's a bit of a shame but still, Origins is a great game with even more lavish graphics than it's predecessors..Version: 1.0

Kingdom Rush Does it Again!Kingdom Rush, one of the greatest tower defence games you can pick up for your mobile device period. It plays clean, really clean. Haven’t had any hiccups over the 100s of hours I imagine I would total up. I go out of my way to collect every single star and every single achievement that’s how polished and fun it is. It’s up to scratch with the other Kingdom Rush games, 4 original yet easily understandable tower types with multiple upgrades. Same formula with each game but if it works don’t fix it. They are different enough also that’s it’s interesting edition to edition. That’s the thing with this game. It’s different enough and a bundle of fun. If you have A: Played either of the other 2 KR games this is worth your time and once again will be great fun and is different enough. B: If you haven’t played the others I recommend you do as soon as you play this one as if this is your cup of tea the others will be also. Thumbs up to the Dev team, it’s great..Version: 2.7

AmazingLove the game but it's annoying how much the heroes cost..Version: 2.0

One of the best versions of tower defense games.This version and the vengeance version no have the best towers and abilities. Great game, no ads. Don’t need to buy anything to beat the game but it does help the gameplay if you decide to buy last the dragon hero..Version: 3.3

StunningExcellent, a must have for fans of Tower Defence games..Version: 1.1

Great GameAs a long-time supporter of Kingdom Rush, I can say that this game lives up to the standard set by the past two..Version: 1.6

Personal favourite of the Kingdom rush seriesProbably my favourite of all the kingdom rush games. Also one of the best tower Defense games of all time in my opinion..Version: 5.6.21

HeroesI love The Heroes But I Think Some Achievements Should Unlock Other or Special Heroes. Great Game By The Way..Version: 2.1.2

Again, absolutely outstandingEvery time I write a review on these three games I say the exact same thing, 11/10, perfect on every aspect of gaming, and insane amounts of replay value and content. I found this one a little harder than the other two on veteran, but was still able to 100% it with changing my strategy. Again, these games are a MUST buy. Even if you aren’t that great at strategy, you can still enjoy these games. Once again, refrain from buying the heroes, not needed to win and way to overpriced..Version: 2.7

One of the bestThis is one of the best games I have on my phone, if not the best. I absolutely love the music and graphics, and the little quirks that always make Kingdom Rush games so fun. It is well worth the money. The progressing towers are, as always, very cool, and the new scenery and troops and levels always keep you interested until the very end. I love this game and it deserves five stars. I have had no problems with it whatsoever(6s). I hope you never stop making Kingdom Rush games Ironhide!! Ideas: Lava- lava and fire themed troops and towers, and of course levels. Fantasy- I know I know there’s already origins, but this would maybe be on another planet with more jungle theme and less humans Underwater- maybe it starts on a beach and then it goes underwater and maybe it will end on a big island with sharks and water themed stuff I love Kingdom Rush!!!!!.Version: 2.3

Best games everThe Kingdom Rush games are my favourite and most addictive I've ever played and this one continues that tradition. My only gripe is that the origin games are too easy. Previous KR games had some missions that were tough to get past even on "normal" difficulty but I've clocked origins on normal levels easily. Going for harder level now. Looking forward to the extra games later..Version: 1.0

Great GameBrilliant game, my favourite on iOS. Also, I am very annoyed at the amount of people complaining about in-app purchases. The way I see it the heroes (especially with the new features) overhaul the game, something that we didn't pay for when we bought it. If it were online I'd understand as people with more money could beat others but it isn't and the people willing to invest more just get a new way of playing the game..Version: 1.0

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