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DHgate-Online Wholesale Stores App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

DHgate-Online Wholesale Stores app received 138 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using DHgate-Online Wholesale Stores? Can you share your negative thoughts about dhgate-online wholesale stores?

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Stay away from seller ac__dcI agreed to purchase an electric guitar from this seller.. I paid him and asked a few questions about the an eta and the product itself.. in over one month, not once has replied to any of my questions.. completely unresponsive. My guitar order status was listed as ‘item being processed’ for approximately a month before I decided I had enough and requested a refund.. He has refused and don’t expect any help from DHgate customer service.. they say all the right things to you but do absolutely nothing to help. I’ve been told that the seller has until July to send the guitar… JULY? I ordered the guitar mid March. Stay away from DHgate… if anything goes wrong, you’re on your own. If I could give them zero starts, I would..Version: 5.8.1

Incredibly poor communication with merchantsThe app works just fine I just find it that the merchants most often than not 9 out of 10 choose not to respond within a reasonable time product is2 out of 20 products are delivered on time the rest you’ve just gotta chase after .The customer service is incredibly hard to get through to especially when you decide to go live chat you could be days before you get through and your problems still will not be solved so that is the reason I’m given it a one because I am very disappointed in 80% of the merchantAs of up to date there are messages that I have sent to the merchants getting close to 2 months they haven’t even open the message talk less of answering so yes to me for quality merchants dad is about 80% of it.Version: 5.1.8

No response from sellerI’ve always had great outcomes with this site . But in November I ordered a jersey for my husband . No jersey . No response . No refund . I just want the jersey ! Understand there was a mail strike . I’m ok with it taking longer . But a response would be nice !!.Version: 4.7.1

TerribleBeen trying to contact the seller and get help from customer service on this site and everytime I put in my refund request the page doesn't submit it and when I try logging in from my laptop it tells me my account doesn't exist.Version: 5.2.1

Can’t sign inTried to register then it says email already exists and if I try to log in then it’s says incorrect password ... Then I requestedd to reset,, funny it enough they sent me a link, I reset but still couldn’t sign in even after resetting password.Version: 5.1.4

Do not use!!I brought an item, the seller sent it out took ages, but I expected that. Received it and they sent the wrong size bag and wrong colour, contacted the seller and they said they will refund once returned along with my shipping costs to return. I returned to China spending more money, took about just over a month to arrive. I told seller on day of sending back I’ve done so and they said you should of kept it with 4 laughing faces. Dispute with DH gate who said my tracking number wasn’t correct which it was. They issued the money to the seller and basically seem to not give a crap about the customer. I spent over £70 on this bag plus shipping costs and then £20+ on shipping back and yet I’m out of pocket because the company send the wrong item.. JOKE. would give them 0 stars if I could!.Version: 5.9.5

DisappointedI had been using this app for a couple of years . Easy and clear instructions. Great range of products. Often very cheap. Great seller communication. Is slow loading more page options. Now its taken me off the app wont load unknown reason. I have plenty of space and my iphone is up to date. So why this???!!! Not sure whats going on.Version: 4.3.9

SCAMDHGATE ALIBABA , ZAFUL all of these are scam websites.. luring hypebeast kids into buying fake merch which never arrives😂 spent 60$ n nothing came even after waiting 8 months like 0 deliveries.Version: 5.2.0

Fandom productCan you try to fix what you need on your website shame..Version: 5.6.0

Scam, misleading prices, seller will call and threaten youThe seller has had a reputation of contacting people off-line regarding items that are fake and not the original wanting you to buy through WhatsApp. Also, purchased many items spending a lot of money with them and because The seller said it was the wrong price because I got a good deal and I paid what he thought not enough for the items he threatened me many times to return the items and that I should cancel my order which I had already paid for and was waiting for the items to be shipped. Nevertheless, he contacted my credit card and somehow canceled my order saying that it was no longer available or gave them some excuse that they were not doing business, DH canceled the delivery and was horrible to deal with. Dh sells to who they want and if they believe that you are buying too many other items at a good price they will cancel your order even if you’ve paid. Also, please do not buy thinking that you’re buying authenticated luxury items of course you know that they’re fake and they’re not supposed to be selling fake items however if they can’t sell it on DHgate they will contact you through WhatsApp and ask you to buy through the third-party seller which is illegal. Beware of this company I really didn’t want to give them one star but I had to give them something I will never buy from them. The customer is not always right even if you paid they select who they want to sell to. Beware!!.Version: 5.8.4

BadlyFor those who are attempting to purchase from this website. Please don’t! I’ve purchased a Dress for my daughter’s 15’s pictures, we paid in full and even paid extra for the dress to come with more flowers and detail on the actual address. Once we received it the dress did not look anything like the picture that we wanted to order, we’ve attempted several times to get in contact with the manufacture. All they have done was block me from messages and never returned a brand new dress. Thank goodness I never sent the one that I received because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have never received anything back. My daughter has been suffering because her pictures had to be canceled and the money that we paid for the dress was the only money we had for a dress. And the original page in regards to the returns and disputes, it says how you can fix that, but they were never able to help me and like I said they have blocked me and I have no way to fix this issue now. They are very unprofessional and I just want either my money back or a brand new dress that looks like the one that I originally wanted to purchase on the picture. Please learn from my mistake and do not purchase anything from them they are a bunch of liars and they will take your money!.Version: 4.7.7

Horrible qualityI ordered a pair of the yeezy 350v2s , US10 men’s , because that’s what I wear. Well , the shoes got here , and they’re more like a US12 men’s . The seller was no help , dhgate has been no help , and I’m having no luck getting my refund. The sticker says US10 and that’s all they care about . I’ve sent them numerous pictures of their shoes compared to other 10s that I have here at home , and there is a blatantly clear difference in the two . At least an inch and a half bigger , if not more . I’ve done everything they’ve asked , including measuring the insoles and sending a picture , as if the other pictures weren’t reason enough . I can completely fold the toe box of the shoes over my toes . Completely covers my toes . I’ve had a horrible experience , never again . After I get my refund (if I do) I’m deleting this app and never using it again . These people are absolutely ridiculous, and haven’t replied to me in almost a week . The seller said “it’s your fault for ordering a 10 if a 10 doesn’t fit you” ..... what kind of logic is that ? It is YOUR fault for manufacturing fakes in the first place , and not being able to follow simple measurements per size . The shoes are huge . Don’t buy fakes , I’ve learned my lesson ..Version: 5.0.5

Still have not received my orderNo reply The order is closed No guitar and no refund Very unhappy.Version: 5.2.0

ExperiencePoor experience not able to get to customer service nd it shows order on app but cannot login online please contact want the refund.Version: 4.7.1

Won’t recommendThey don’t vet their sellers like AliExpress does. The seller I bought from used a tracking number to send me a bogus package so there would be tracking to prove he sent something and I cannot prove he did not, meaning they closed my shipping and order without my consent and I was unable to get a refund. Will not use again. Scam..Version: 4.4.9

Fake siteThis is a awful site U can’t get hold of customer service only the stupid machine is typing back to u ,, I think it’s a rip off site they are just getting your money and your items never come or post to you do not buy anything from this cheap site I think my hundred dollars is gone to the wind I want my money back 👎🏻.Version: 5.2.1

Poor communication from supplierNot happy with the supplier, for not responding to my text messages after I purchased a cycling kit from them. Quick to take your money but no response to send the item I wanted. Will advise buyers to think twice before purchase anything from this website.Version: 5.9.0

No customer helpHorable horable service.Version: 4.7.1

SCAM WARNINGBad Customer Service 5 Months to get something when it said 30 days on time of order, takes 2-3 months to send, sellers lies scammers, find better customer service or pay few bucks extra and get it from store you trust in your city then a communist customer service. Never again..Version: 5.2.1

No reply, no customer serviceOrdered an item a month ago, still says awaiting shipment. No reply from seller or DHgate. How do you even contact someone from there? I guess my money is just gone :(.Version: 5.2.0

Never use officesupplyThis seller is rude and dismissive. I felt like he was making fun of me because he knew DHGate would eventually refund me so he didn’t care to expedite or help. Sadly I tried to re order a new item but he was not willing to help me so I cancelled the new order. Cost me $67 to return the item which cost about $150. I think this supplier does not care at all. There are many others supplying the same items so maybe he will care if no one buys from him. I gave 1 star only because there I had to give a star.. I would love to put a negative star. Most infuriating - time consuming ever. Because of this I will never use any supplier on DHGate.Version: 4.6.9

Very badI payed 96$ for a bag never got it and the seller doesn’t seem to exist he doesn’t answer me or reads my messages .custumer service if DHgate is a catastrophy they dint even check they’re sellers if they are legit.Version: 5.2.1

Worst appCustomer service is awful, tracking is not in English or shows zero helpful information, very glitchy especially when contacting customer service, sellers are the worst of any selling platform but by far the worst feature is trying to find what you’re looking for.. I understand they sell dupes and need to word things carefully but that’s not what happens.. sellers put everything but the kitchen sink in their listings coat, pants, purse, car, men, women, belt, flower, dog, etc so there is no chance of you finding anything! 98% of reviews are fake and most photos of the items show nothing it’s 9 pictures on the front of the item in different colors so you have no clue what it looks like unless you message the seller for additional photos.. I have purchased multiple items after HOURS of searching for them. A few things were good and took about a month to arrive.. others either didn’t arrive at all or arrived damaged or horrible condition and all the sellers were not accommodating at all. My favorite- I recently placed an order and after 2 weeks I messaged the seller and asked if they had shipped it yet. The seller responded with grin face emojis and said use the cancel order option… I said I asked a very simple question did you ship this yet. Again I got grin emojis back with no text… the site is a giant joke that will only frustrate you and sooo not worth it.Version: 6.0.0

Never order from hereI have not received any of my packages I’ve been waiting 6 months and DHgate is not emailing back about my orders.Version: 5.2.0

Don’t BotherWord of advice - don’t bother!, their customer service is poor, they employ people who do not understand what you are saying an do not help. As a buyer, you contact them with a problem with a seller and they do not want to know. Dhgate have the worst customer service I have ever had the displeasure to waste my time dealing with. So much of my hours wasted on their live chat speaking to mindless idiots who just repeat themselves over and over an do nothing to help you resolve the issue. You buy an item in good faith, as the seller says that they have it in stock, then you pay for it an within hours the seller messages you to say that the item is not in stock and that you have to wait 3 months for it!, so obviously you are not happy with this an request a refund on this basis, contact the seller, he refuses, contact customer services, they don’t give a monkeys, they instead protect the seller - ridiculous. I am done with these amateurs..Version: 4.8.3

AwfulCustomer Service lies to the customers and certain sellers take your money but doesn’t ship items..Version: 5.1.5

Un cauchemar!!!Je me suis fait arnaquer par 2 vendeurs! J’ai payé près de 300$ en tout, aucun service du service à la clientèle et mes commandes ne mon jamais été expédié. Très mauvais service, aucun retour sur mes messages autant des vendeurs que du service à la clientèle!!! 💩👎👎👎.Version: 5.1.5

Stay awayNot one to leave reviews but this app is terrible stay away the prices are good but the quality in most is so poor its not even worth buying and whenever there’s a problem don’t even bother about going to customer service they just lie to you and tell you they’ll fix the issue just come back in 24-48 hours then when you go back to them they know nothing about it you need to take screenshots of every conversation as it happens so things actually get done takes weeks (over 2 months one time) to sort just a single issue been using this app the past 2 years and had a problem with almost every order was hoping things would get better but it seems like is getting a lot worse on there.Version: 4.5.2

Total ScamI ordered 2 items on DHgate and never receive anything. No customer service to get refund and when I check the item I ordered the seller is already not selling it. I understand it’s COVID and I can accept delay shipping but to scam people and take their money without giving anything is unacceptable!!! This app should’nt be on App Store! What a shame!!.Version: 5.2.4

Never received ProductThe worse experience I’ve ever had with online, wholesale shipping. No response, no info, simply no answers..Version: 5.2.1

Poor Customer ServiceI’ve had some brilliant products from this website and great experiences. However, when it goes wrong the customer service is awful. I purchased 2 items on 9th June, as of today that’s 17 days ago. The order has stated in that time frame that the items are processing and will be shipping before the 7th July. Which isn’t good enough, when I ordered them I didn’t expect this and POF about £55. I’ve contacted the seller on several occasions and they don’t answer back. I’ve contacted GH Gate twice, on different customer service advised platforms and no one has responded. The first now being 7 days ago. The seller is no longer listing the items. I hope I’ve not been scammed by this seller. The DH Gate customer service is failing me right now and I don’t know if I’ll get my money back. Be very careful!!!.Version: 5.1.5

Ripped offI ordered some pocket knives and they were shipped to the wrong address and no response from the seller and I can’t figure out on the app how to start a dispute..Version: 5.2.1

DO NOT USE DHGATE!!!!!I’ve had success using DHGate up until 2018. I’ve ordered two football jerseys, a hockey jersey and a necklace. They all took over a month to be delivered to me in Virginia, but they got here. One of the football jerseys is actually such bad quality that the blue bled onto my white shirt I was wearing underneath and ruined my shirt. Beside the point! In 2018 I ordered a hoodie that ended up in Davis, California. I live in VIRGINIA. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I ordered a bag that ended up in Clearwater, Florida. Again, I live in Virginia. I got a refund for the hoodie without problem. However, it’s been over two months and I’ve never gotten my money back on the bag that ended up in Florida. I’ve messaged the seller and DHGate directly without response. When I first brought it up to the seller, they were in such a hurry to close the case, they said they’d give me a refund and never returned another message. And for two things I ordered in November (a bag and a necklace), I still don’t have in almost February. The tracking numbers are most likely invalid. One says “label created, not yet in system” and the other says “status not available”. DO NOT USE DHGATE. Don’t use them if you actually want what you paid for. As someone who’s has previous success with DHGate, I’m telling you from multiple bad experiences to NOT use them..Version: 4.7.2

Took my money, never got the item I purchasedThey delivered the item to the wrong address and took my money. Couldn’t get a hold or anyone sine dec 2018. Not resolved until now. It’s so frustrating 😖 I just want my money back.Version: 4.7.2

NightmareFound out I’d been scammed by 2 sellers after 4 hours trying to get through to customer service I was finally able to send a email they said they would respond in 24 hours 48 hours later still no response. The 2 sellers who took over £100 had there shops taken down but still no response or refund and I can not get through to customer service it’s like they’ve blocked me. I will never use them again I’ve used ali express in the past never had any problems with them so I’ll go back to them. Stay away from them DHgate are a nightmare to deal with. I have found another seller scamming people but can not report as not taking messages so people getting scammed just before Christmas it disgusting that a big company just don’t care. Steve Uk.Version: 5.6.5

Web site changed for worseI’ve been loving this dhgate , I’ve been shopping now for 3 years. up until last month it’s been a nightmare . I try to shop for items on my favorite stores . Dh gate won’t allow me to access the full merchandise on that store. When I shop at that store , for certain items I go to category click on pants and it shows how many pants the store has. Before I would be able to see all 547 items of pants. Now with this new system , I go to The stores category and click on pants it says 547 items in category but I can only scroll down to 20 pictures to shop for . then at the bottom of the page it displays NO MORE !! Meaning I can’t shop for the rest of the items the store has . It’s like looking at the clothes in the store window when your shopping at the mall . but you can only see what the window display is, no walking inside to see more clothes. Same situation It’s frustrating for me and the seller. the seller has no items to display because DHGate won’t allow them to show all 547 pants items only20 . It only displays 20 of eachCategory. I’m trying to stay here but I might have to start shopping at Yupoo . I’ll wait for a response from dhgate but I’m thinking it’s not going to be resolved . I wish I can send a short video of what I’m experiencing . I hope I’ve explained it right to you guys . I hope you guys don’t exprience what I’ve been going through ..Version: 5.3.4

Several items ordered 4 months ago. Not receivedI gave this app one star because of the frustration I have received from two different stores. I ordered items four months ago and still have not received them. A total of four items. Their online 24 hour customer service is automated and just repeats the same issue over and over. I messaged both sellers several times and one never responded. The other just kept telling me it’s coming and be patient. It’s never come. And NOW since I didn’t file a dispute in time for the items they said got delivered. I am u able to file a dispute. One of the sellers or “ stores” isn’t even there anymore. I’ve sent probably a total of 10 or more messages between the two stores. This is very frustrating. My money has already been taken and I cannot get a refund for the life of me. There is no one to talk to in a management position. It’s ridiculous. I did order pants from play sports and they were great. The other two companies 100% stole my money. Nothing has ever been received. And the shipping number they gave me is not even legit. I have a screen shot of the shipping info that is a scam and the communication between myself and the two stores. Someone from DH gate needs to e mail me and resolve this issue..Version: 5.5.8

Do not use DHGATEPurchase a couple items online. A week later DHGATE tells me they are ready to be shipped. A month goes by the items are still showing that they are ready to be shipped. I talk to customer service and they tell me they will check in with the seller. Seller never responds and no one follows up with me. I go back to customer service and they tell me the seller just changed the tracking number - so they will update for me. Sounds plausible so I let it go. Another month goes by I check in again because the tracking number is invalid. Customer service now tells me that this is suspicious and I should cancel my order and as for my money back. So essentially DHGATE gets an interest free loan for probably half a year. This company is a fraud..Version: 5.2.4

Be carefulGood products mainly knock offs but cheaper than the real thing, be careful though as there are criminals selling stuff and have no intention of sending your goods to you . Like fake tracking numbers . But somehow DHgate still has these thieves selling on their site ffs . Check their profile out before purchase and make sure the ratings are high or don’t buy ..Version: 4.7.5

OrestOn this site I was deceived, I paid for a T-shirt and she never sent !!!.Version: 4.8.7

Don’t shop through this platformFirst time shopping on line and never again, not even worth one star but you can’t write a review without clicking on a star. I ordered two pair of the same style jeans, with only a colour difference (dark blue and grey). I received two completely different styles and am told the seller can’t see the difference and the problem. Awaiting a response to the suggestion that they open their eyes….the last part to the saga was a final response that as the wrong jeans were in good condition, no problem.. The second part of my order was for three t shirts…advertised as cotton but after a 6 week wait they finally arrived and guess what..made of polyester and I don’t wear polyester. I repeat : DO NOT SHOP THROUGH THIS PLATFORM.Version: 6.0.0

Dissatisfied CustomerI ordered a dress for my son wedding. I was asked when would I need the dress, I gave them a date of August 27. I was going on vacation and didn’t want the dress delivered while I was on vacation. I didn’t try my dress right on when I got it, because I didn’t like they way it looked, it wasn’t like the dress I ordered. I know I had my dress customized and that I am a plus size but it shouldn’t matter because if they customize dresses. I asked for refund, because I finally decided to try it on after being told that it might look different once I tried it on September 17. I was so hurt because it look horrible on me. I open a case for a refund, and was told I waited to long from the requested time of 22 days. I am not aware of the days they were counting. I was offered $19 refund of $105, taking in consideration I will have spent a lot of money for alterations. I will have to buy anotheru dress. After the company offer, I didn’t accept it and let them know I was up set with this decision and I wanted a full refund. I received a second decision giving me the same offer plus $6 dollar,total being $25. I am disable and do not feel like all this going back and forth with the same answers. I accepted the $ 25 but didn’t like it. I am a very dissatisfied customer..Version: 4.8.7

Has potentialBut a lot of the features are poorly implemented. Has a free shipping filter and the item is showing free shipping but when you open it the shipping is hundreds of dollars to Australia. For a B2B app even the obvious things like invoices are not available. If you log into the website to try and print a payment confirmation page the details are in US dollars with no way to change it to AU like this app. I’m sure the ATO won’t have a problem screenshots from an iPad as a receipt, yeah that’s fine! Portrait mode.... huh? Portrait mode? Who uses portrait mode?? I could keep going, there lots of annoyances with this app....Version: 4.5.0

Customer service doesn’t exist here!You can get some decent stuff here but there’s a lot of junk too!. When you get scammed and they take your money and ship you garbage don’t hold your breath for customer support because you won’t get any at all!.Version: 5.2.1

Bad communication with sellerI made a order on this site and it has been 5 months since i placed my order, still haven’t received anything!! Plus no communication to me with the many messages Ive sent to seller regarding my order placed. I will not use this site bad customer service with no communication to the customer, even after seeing that the seller had read my messages but got no reply. VERY UPSET CUSTOMER.Version: 5.1.8

Hit or Miss! Watch out for the swing!I dove quickly in to this app with out really looking into the water. Just purchased with out looking for reviews, photos and ratings. But I did message the seller asking for photos. They showed me good photos, I saw them and purchased! It came in the mail a few weeks later, my wife was extremely happy and so was I. But I have learned some hard lessons about not receiving photos from sellers and just ordering items where the prices just seemed to good. Here is the HIT, message the seller before you purchase. Ask them if they can provide photos before shipping out the item or items. Make sure you like what you see and if the photos aren’t enough ask for more and if the don’t answer cancel your order. The MISS. If the price is to good to be true... it probably is. Stay away from social savings! It’s a scam! You think they are selling by the bulk but it will never reach you! Stay away! Last but not least the SWING! Look for reputable sellers with reviews, pictured reviews and can respond back when you have messaged them. Ask for photos ask all questions before purchasing! After purchasing if you don’t get a photo! CANCEL! Freeze that payment! Because it will be 10X more difficult to get your total amount back if any! Don’t believe the 4 1/2 star rating on this app! It’s a lie!.Version: 5.1.6

Zero customer serviceI have purchased football sports sweaters. The quality was not good, the sizes were small as well as the logo for the dolphins was dark green! Do you think I can get in touch with anyone to deal with this!? Or to return them? Nope. Can’t even find the name of the company. No customer service to speak with and no replies to my attempts to contact what I think might be the seller. I paid insane postage to get them here on time and I can’t even give them as a gift. They are terrible. Some one please help me..Version: 4.6.9

DO NOT USE THIS APP!!Please don’t use this app. I used it to buy some tools because the prices were amazing. I waited the 30 days and still no tool were delivered. The tracking said that they are still on it’s way. I sent the seller 4 different emails to see if he might have more info that I can’t see. No response to any!!! So I wanted to talk to someone from dhgate and the only way is to chat on a IM. The guy I “chat” with told me that my item was shipped to the wrong address and he would try to get ahold of the seller. Finally the seller got back to me and said that he was only going to give me a partial payment back to me. I payed $30 and he only wanted to give me back $5!!!! I declined and he came back with $7. We did that back and forth and I finally accepted $19. I cheated with the guy from dhgate and he recommend another seller with the same tools for a little more money. So I went for it. I found this app that gives me more info on tracking so input the tracking number and guess what!!?? It was delivered to the wrong address AGAIN!!! So now I’m waiting for my refund again and dhgates policy says that you have to wait 5 days for the seller to get back to you to bargain on how much money they want to give back to you!! Worst company ever!!! I just want my money back. So Beware and don’t make me say “I told you so”!!!.Version: 4.8.9

Supplier Error, won’t respond to messagesI must say I’ve never had an issue in the past, but am growing in frustration at supplier HDHOCKEY (also goes by name hdkoco). I ordered a Custom name on a hockey jersey and they made a mistake. I’ve messaged multiple times (over 2 months now) and zero response from the supplier! I don’t understand as to send a new name bar would not cost much and could fit into a letter sized envelope. Very frustrating and disappointing..Version: 5.2.1

STAY WELL AWAY FROM DHGATE (SCAM)!!!Complete and utter joke of a company seriously please avoid it at all costs, seller take your money then don’t send out the thing you bought and they’ll ignore your messages completely, if you open a dispute against the seller with DHgate customer service they’ll do nothing to help and leave you with no product and moneyless it’s a total scam there is zero protection for you the customer if sellers are a scam and DHgate themselves don’t care. I order trainers that cost £70 I waited and waited for weeks for the seller to ship them out it came to 4 weeks and still the seller still hadn’t even bothered to send out my package so I requested a refund he declined so I messaged him multiple times asking for updates on what’s happening and he ignored ever messaged I then opened a dispute with customer service and they told me they have no power to do anything and help do I’ve just had stole of me £70 and the company don’t care about it and won’t help!!! AVOID!!! AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!! THIS COMPANY.Version: 5.7.4

Don’t bother.It’s hit or miss. I ordered 2 items and received those no problem. It took a little long but I still got them. The last item I have never received. I’ve been reaching out to the supplier asking about it and if I can have a refund If I never get it. They asked me to wait a bit longer so I did but still did not received anything. When I reached out they said the item was delivered already but it has not been. When I asked for a refund they sent me some automated message about contacting my post office. If you know where to shop it’s good but there are scammers on there as well. My advice ? Don’t bother..Version: 5.6.6

Scammers on Social SavingsDHGATE won’t do anything about scammers selling ultra low priced gear. Here are a couple pro tips: 1) don’t buy from a new seller without a high rating. 2). Don’t buy from a seller without a store. 3). Look at reviews and don’t buy from a poorly reviewed or with Seller with no reviews. 4). If you get scammed two things may happen: either they won’t ship or ship to a wrong address. Contact DHgate’s customer service directly to report shipments to wrong addresses and they will help start a dispute to get a refund. Takes six days from the dispute day to get a refund. IF they don’t ship, you have to wait the 35 days but then you can start a dispute on your own. You need to fight for disputes and be diligent. Scammers are hoping you will forget about the low prices order and they get paid and you get scammed. Last pro tip: if it isn’t EXACTLY what you expected, starts a dispute with the seller. Honest sellers will work with you to remedy the issue quickly because open disputes hurts their rankings on the site. At the minimum they will give you a partial refund, many times they might refund the item without a return. My issue is always about sizing. Sizing is a big issue but most honest sellers try to make it right..Version: 4.9.3

Poor serviceIf could give 0 ratings It will be best suited to this site. Nobody is responding to anything I ordered bag I got nothing, no updates of my order. You can't contact anyone no customer service totally fake site do not waste your money here. I hope now they will post my review and read it. Horrible service and trashing site..Version: 5.2.0

Not trustworthyI had been a good customer and very considerate with so many sellers who had sent me poor quality and false advertised products. I just wanted to help them not to lose their business. But finally I got fed up when I bought a dress for $62 and was not the same as the picture and is too small for me as opposed to their advertisement as one size. This should be at least bigger if one size not small size. They should at least say it’s small size. The design is different from their picture. Totally nightmare. I’m not after a discount or give it to me for free but a matter of principle. On top of that, when I filed a refund/return they sent me an email saying they finalized it and released the payment to the seller. But they did not send an email instructions the format or guidelines for returns. I almost followed up via emails this matter to all the depts concerned who could assist and no one replied. I sent numerous emails and I was helpless. It was a nightmare and I wanted to use this platform to warn the whole world how bad DHgate is. They don’t help or assist if you need help and they have sellers who are scammers and DHgate don’t care. They only care for the money that they will earn. This company should not be trusted. It’s buy at your own risk. I wish there is an agency who should audit their wrongdoings. Thank you for letting me air my grievance as this completely bothered me for months..Version: 5.6.9

Item not received and won’t refundSellers ship to someone else then Wont refund money and ignore your messages , lengthy process to start a dispute and no option to say you never received the item only item not as described , yet I have messages from them saying we sent to wrong address and it was last pair we had do you want to pick others and 6 times I’ve said no I’d like my money back , will not use this site ever again after this , don’t trust them cause you will loose money 😡.Version: 4.6.9

PoorI made a purchase through this app months ago, and the seller of the item doesn’t respond to my messages and constantly says “offline” so I think I’ve been completely coned. They took the payment and the item never arrived. There is nothing on this app that allows you to contact customer services or allow you to provide feedback on the seller and I’d want to tell other people never to order from this seller again. So disappointed, this app and the service for the purchaser is so badly designed..Version: 5.7.1

AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOIDI had some bad encounters on DH gate, I had 9 parcels ordered (over £500) and not a single one arrived, all the sellers had the same answers (item on way please wait friend), I waited months and not one came, opened refund disputes up on each one and got refunded apart from one, this one was 75$ for 5 pcs of a item, I ordered and the next day the seller said he forgot to include one of the items so gave me a partial refund of $14 to my bank which I thought was good of him, anyway as the weeks go on in anticipation I’m tracking this watches and they end up in Wales (I’m in England south) so I contacted seller he said the tracking company made a mistake and gave us wrong number, he gave me 11 fake tracking numbers and refused to help me anymore, I had no choice but to contact dh gate and they just said it’s my own fault so they will not do anything so AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 4.5.3

Did not receive orderI contacted seller they shipped it somewhere else DH gate customer service was no help.Version: 4.7.1

Bad experienceI have bought a few things now and the quality has been ok. Unfortunately the most recent buy was shocking. The shirt sent was awful and did not match the photo. This was an appalling replica and was shocking quality. I opened a dispute with the seller and they offered me $0.01 and advised me to sell the product to someone else. After much dialogue DHGATE we’re asked to mediate. The website does not allow you to upload photos properly so DHGATE sided with the seller and retained my money, which DHGATE should be ashamed of. You are taking a gamble when you deal with them as the quality can be awful. They may have some good products but it only takes 1 bad experience to make you think twice about dealing with them..Version: 5.9.7

Unsafe BusinessDH Gate is a very risky company to do business with in general. 50% of the items I have purchased have been terrible in quality and not useable. The most expensive item I purchased was $300. It was a guitar that literally had parts screwed on crooked and was unplayable. The return process is very complicated and takes months. They offer you a partial refund to keep the item and not return it. They also force you to pay return shipping to only be given store credit for if they reimburse you. Return shipping for this guitar was $150 and there was no guarantee it could be tracked or would make it there. They made sure to explain errors with my customs forms or any loss during return shipping would be my responsibility and that no refund would be issued for such a loss. Then they told me it would be a terrible mistake to not accept the partial refund as many items are not making it back to China currently. So, if you buy something they will not stand behind the product and you cannot realistically return it. Keep that in mind and stay safe. This review was written after full exhaustion of DHGate’s customer service system. The company is a total sham. Their response to this review speaks volumes to how you will be treated. It’s as if they didn’t even read my words and sent a generic reply..Version: 5.5.5

Scammers paradiseThe entire app seems to be a platform for "sellers" who offer goods they don't have. Expensive 3d printer at a great discount with free international shipping! How can you lose, easy, the seller has no feedback and is using images from other sites and doesn't have any intention of shipping you your goods. Take a look at any of the review sites for DHGate and do the sensible thing and steer clear..Version: 5.0.5

Unhelpful customer services and sellerHad a problem with seller delivering my order to me. Parcel spent weeks and months travelling around China or stuck in Postal warehouses for week on end. Only for my order to be returned to the seller by China post. No apology from anyone, no help trying to free it for delivery. Told DHgate and seller I wanted a refund as I wasn’t happy and I wouldn’t receive before Christmas holidays and they were presents. Remembering I submitted my order my with seller in the MIDDLE OF SEPTEMBER. DHgate customer services only wanted to help out the seller, they kept trying to get me to accept a compromise. Agreed reluctantly. Told seller I wanted a quicker postal service and I would pay the extra cost, that didn’t happen. Seller ignored my request and sent it China post again without contacting me. He then had a new 90 day delivery window to get my order to me, from my date of new compromised agreement. Which now gives him till February 2022 to fulfil my order. As far as I am concerned DHgate only care about taking your money and helping the seller continue with a sale at any cost. Customer satisfaction is not the priority..Version: 5.7.0

Buyer bewareI wasRecommended this site by a friend of mine, on first look at this site I was excited to find two wonderful Christmas presents for my partner, I placed an order for two amazing handbags, the money was taken out of my account, after three weeks I went back online to try and find out where my order was I received two messages saying that they had been shipped, I have now been back online only to see a new date which is March 20 21/ five months I will of had to wait for my order Christmas will have come and gone I have left three messages for this site to contact me and I am still waiting, it leaves me with no option but to contact my credit card company and let them know that this is a scam they’ve taken my money but not delivered the goods as stated the lack of response from this site is very frustrating I will keep you updated..Version: 5.3.1

Seller are scammer on this appPurchase couple items off this app and it was sent all the way to Montreal, Quebec,which my address clearly say Toronto Canada.Version: 4.7.1

HorribleI never got item try to open a dispute it’s so confusing and hidden customer service can’t do it but they can take my money I’m taking about 20$ I’m taking 200$ for me it’s a lot of money.Version: 5.2.1

Not recommended8 months ago ordered polo, it came with very bad quality and 10 days ago ordered projector. After my order seller is gone. Tried to contact with support, but no answer. My advice stay away. Customer support is zero and also sellers and items are fake ....Version: 4.7.1

Won’t use again.I’d bought before from the website all was ok. A few weeks ago however I was scammed. I couldn’t contact the seller as after purchase “seller doesn’t exist” I received a tracking number....which eventually showed up as ‘delivered’. It wasn’t delivered to me but to an address 100 miles away with another recipients name on (Royal Mail couldn’t disclose any more to me) given the size of the item Royal Mail wouldn’t have delivered the item anyway it would have been parcel force. So an ‘item’ not a guitar was delivered to a bogus address. The money was released as well ! When it states it’s not until you’re satisfied with your purchase. Customer service on the app is non existent but for an automated chat (no actual person) unless you have access to a computer forget it. I hit brick walls every time. When I said I hadn’t revived the item the message was ‘it’s still within sellers estimated time for delivery’ yet it had already been delivered. Be very very cautious and do your purchases with a credit card ! Barclycard did get my money back..Version: 4.8.8

Nothing but scam.I made my first purchase, they take your money out then the seller asks for more money and if you don’t pay they won’t ship it. But on the system it is already “sent” so so can’t cancel your order. I then contacted the customer service and they tell you to pay what they are asking so the seller can ship it and don’t even mention about the false order status. This seller has really good review with almost 500 transactions. I’m not sure if this platform is safe to trust. Let’s see if I get my refund..Version: 4.9.6

SCAMI used it a couple of times with no problems, last time i ordered a watch for £70, $88 only for the seller to send an EMPTY box! Worst thing is that the shipping label does say package weighs 0.2kg when it hardly weighs 0.01kg!!! They faked the whole thing so i requested a refund and the seller rejected and proposed a partly refund of $0.01 which is a total mockery!!! The seller then closed their store so now their page doesnt even exist. I tried contacting higher authority but all you get is automated answers from the costumer’s service live chat!! Please dont spend any amounts that are important to you because dealing with Chinese is your own risk! If £100 is a disposable little amount of money for you then go ahead but if your gonna damage your spending and bank account it isnt worth the risk. Never again..Version: 5.2.9

DisgustedNo communication, no resolution. This website is a SCAM!! FAKE!! Buyer Beware!!!.Version: 5.2.0

Not recommendI order and not receive for 2 months, I thought it might take longer then i wait. Until I saw they closed my order and I cannot get my money back they shipped and closed the order. But the point is they shipped to someone. The shipping address I noted is Fl they ship to IL (different number, name of the street, city, state). I tried to contact a seller they said to wait for them to check with shipping, I waited. And no more reply after that, try to contact a couple of times again, nothing. I contact to customer service they said because I didn't contact with the seller they didn't see in record, I said ok and did it again, wait and contact again totally 3 times, today they said I cannot get my money without seller agreement because again I didn't contact with the seller. I sent them the screenshot and ask for a manager to help. They said they will say the same thing because the order is closed and ask me something else they can assit me with. Just only one problem but still not addressed and they just want to ignore and ask something else? I give up talking to them, its fine. I did try to contact seller 3 times, also contact to help center 3 times and i know i cannot get my item resend or just a refund. Thanks.Version: 5.1.1

TerribleThey took my $ and didn’t send my parcel. This has happened to me twice.Version: 5.2.1

Never received my packageBe careful guys this app has a faulty refund system and if you don’t receive your packages you can’t do anything about it! I ordered a pair of sun glasses from a seller called Wangna888, waited for over a month and not received anything , I’m feeling something wrong coz I have been using AliExpress for over 5 years and I have never had any issues with receiving my packages, Then I contacted the seller, says the package has already arrived and signed. I was shocked! I didn’t see my package at all! I asked show me the address they sent me, no response. Any one can tell Me what should I do about this ?.Version: 4.7.9

Fraud17 items still waiting after 4 months yes 4 months all the sellers are offline you message them they don’t get back to but they still take and have your money the customer service is robotic so it’s of little help specially in my situation I bought several item from Wise and I received them in 2.5 weeks coming from the same destination China and know I m being ask to post review for item I NOT received my friends stay away from this site it’s A FRAUD Was a good site not anymore and has you see I support this site a lot I got 17 item still not delivered in over 4 months plus I bought loads of other stuff previously so it’s not a address problem. I just spoke to DHgate customer service about my order they told me 9 of my 17 items has been delivered to wrong address but I bought all these stuff for the first time using social savings don’t trust these bargains has if it’s too good maybe it’s not true..Version: 5.1.1

Returns policy shockingI have to say that the majority of times my orders have been good. I recently purchased a purse at £105 the quality was so poor and the zip was faulty and poor quality. It kept jamming. I tried to return and offered to pay postage to get my money back. They where not interested I lost my case and the seller got the money. This really is not fair. Ask for pictures of the goods you want even then I think they take the side of the seller not buyer. Also I purchased goods 6 weeks ago and no tracking. They say you have to wait 80 days for delivery. To late for my holiday. Sellers don’t get back to you. Time to go to my bank to open a dispute, you can’t even talk to DHgate only a bot and that’s more than useless.Version: 5.7.8

Good/Be Aware Of Stores/Customer ServiceDuring this coronavirus I know it takes longer for items to be scanned and sent and I get that however it doesn’t take more than 3 weeks for that to happen as I seen some orders I’ve order through stores done within a week and the longest was around 7-8 days now I’ve allowed an extra 2-3 weeks from the time the order has been submitted and provided a tracking number in case of items taken longer than necessary I’ve noticed some items sew patches onto jersey’s but still even though it feels bulky I suppose can’t be too fussy however all items have looked as picture so far and I’ve been more interested in basketball or hockey or NFL or MLB Jerseys now even with the stores just be careful as multiple stores have multiple items though not all seem to send items and don’t seem to be legitimate at all they reply with generic automated messages now... Customer Service: if you want to find customer service wether your in the app or on the safari or internet page just scroll down the left hand side where you have orders, messages and all other selections and down the bottom is customer service it takes you directly to the page where you can find your order dispute your order provide evidence and upload and then wait a few days and request DHGATE Mediation if the seller doesn’t reach an agreement with you..Version: 5.0.5

Absolute scammersBrought 1300$ worth of phones for me, my partner and a friend. Got messed around for months and months then another month or more when I escalated to dh gate with their ridiculous wait times. The most frustrating time of my life. Ended in them (apparently) sending the refund minus a massive portion (apparently because communicating with 500 employees isn’t enough stress to go through, none of them took any notes of the conversation and we’re completely and utterly useless) to a bank account I no longer have access to despite over 50 times communicating that with them so I never received a cent back. Surprisingly none of them will reply to me now. Also there is major faults with the app and web page version, none of the platforms communicate with each other just like the company as a whole. Do not buy anything from this company unless your trying to lose your money they are a disgrace and should not be allowed to sell anything to anyone..Version: 5.2.5

First PurchaseI just made my first purchase online. The product looks awesome in the picture and I can’t wait to see if it will actually look the same stereo for Toyota Prius 2012 in the picture. It surprises me though that my purchase order details appeared once at the purchase but it doesn’t appear in the App which I downloaded thereafter the purchase..Version: 5.2.6

DHScammersI placed an order over 3 months ago. I tracked the order and it hasn’t moved for over 2 months. When I reached out to the seller they blamed it on covid. I checked their store and customers that ordered before and after me received their order. I requested a refund and on the sellers end they agreed to refund once I returned the item. Days later the “system” released payment to the seller. I tried contacting the seller and no response. (Because they have already been paid) I then contacted customer service and I was told the dispute was closed. When I checked the item it’s no longer available. DHGate supports fraud. They’re providing service for people to get scammed. I’m going to my bank to fight the charge with my proof. If you rely on them to conduct honest business good luck. I would not recommend it. The seller: qazwsx02, I don’t know if that would help anyone because they often disappear and come back with new names. I left a review on the item but they made it unavailable now so people don’t see the bad review. I figured the app review would be the most honest. I should’ve taken heed. Good thing I didn’t buy a bulk load. If you still want to try buy 1 item (as a sample) if you’re happy and it’s still there go back and buy more. Unless you’re a person that likes to gamble and don’t mind losing money..Version: 5.3.0

Terrible serviceVerified product before shipping and still recurved the wrong item. No one will answer me waste if money.Version: 5.2.0

Awful customer serviceThis is by far the worst shopping experience I’ve ever had to encounter. Customer service is absolutely shocking! No real humans to be able to help just bots. Ordered a product begging of August and it apparently gets delivered end of October only to find out the seller has sent it to a completely different address in a different town even though I only have one address on my account. I just keep getting told by DHGATE that it’s been delivered and they don’t seem to understand the seller has sent it to an address which isn’t mine and expect me to drive to another town to discuss it with that post office?? Absolutely ridiculous! I would give zero stars if I could. I will never use this site again. Complete rip off merchants who do not want to help the customers..Version: 5.2.5

This one sellerSo overall I love DHgate. I’ve been using them for a few years now. So here’s the issue. I purchase a pair of sneakers for my husband in March and they were sent to an address in California and I live in New Jersey. So I send a message to the seller open a dispute and they agree to send another pair. Now it took them almost to weeks to resend it and this was in April. So now here comes June I’m waiting on the second pair. I check the tracking and now this pair has been sent to an address in Texas. No now at this point this possible cannot be the fault of the post office. I have sent a couple of messages to the seller advising my order has been sent to the wrong address again with a screenshot of the tracking on where the package was sent too. They send me a message back saying that the problem has been verified. And I’m trying to tell them that this is the second order that I have sent and now they won’t respond. This is not acceptable. If you keep sending peoples order to the wrong place for the second time you should immediately send a refund not ignore your customer. I can’t dispute it again because if I close the first one then the seller will get my money. And I can’t find a way to contact DHgate directly. Oh by the way to use seller “leeace8889” they don’t communicate with their customers. After all this time of using DHgate I have never had an issue until now..Version: 5.1.7

ClothingWell I have ordered few items back in October and still did not receive them I requested a refund and it’s now almost January of the new year . I’m not pleased at all and they send two tracking numbers for same packages, I’m wanting a refund ASAP but still no headway . Never again will I order from here wish is way better service and faster and no problem to get a refund!!.Version: 4.6.9

App and sit is glitchy and company takes advantage of itThough there are a lot of vendors and items, beware! If something happens, not all the links on their website or app work. Heck, they ask you to go to a FB page if you can’t get through and it doesn’t exist! Their customer service page gives you an error message sometimes. App doesn’t always show messages and alerts. When you try to notify anyone, you get an error message. Lol! Not worth it. They use the errors to their advantage it to take money, by making it difficult. Don’t but anything over 100$ to be safe or not worth the frustration if you need good communication. Go ahead try to submit extra evidence for a dispute case… the error message will great you. The customer service center is horrible and sellers know it so way too many take advantage of DHGate’s lack of technology functioning right. We won’t even go into the vendors lying about product, this is an app and website review. Update - been talking to customer service- it’s like watching a dog chase it’s tail. Unwilling to help with a seller who lied about a product to avoid sending a refund. I wish I could post images. Talking in circles. Be weary of the stars this received..Version: 5.5.9

Credit Card Decline a Major issuePoor customer service. Constantly credit card payment declined when all Visa and MasterCard are good. No alternative option to paying like PayPal or any other services. Just European third party paying services that charges you inflated exchange rates. Imagine how much $$$ they have lost on sale decline credit card with out any solution to the problems. I Googled and looks like is a major issue on this website. They just don’t care business is good.Version: 5.2.1

TerribleSpent $60 on the website nothing came in as it was supposed to and have had 0 customer service haven’t even got a reply.Version: 4.7.1

Hit & MissI placed several orders 3+months ago, and can say that this app/site could do with some improvements. I received one order with absolutely no hassle, but the remaining three orders with different sellers have either not arrived or have been cancelled without my knowledge. The excuse I have received for this was that the parcel was sent to the incorrect address, but no offers were made to refund my purchase or re-ship the order correctly. I have since not found a way to leave feedback about this experience with the seller directly. Be aware before you try, you might win or you might lose..Version: 5.2.0

Ever touchI have lost a lot of money through this it may not be all of the sellers I may have just had bad luck. But I have had to Wright off over $200. Saying it was delivered when I was home all day and nothing came then months later they sent it (again) all I received was a letter from customs saying the product was unable to enter Australia and has been destroyed They will only answer me with auto responses. This has been going on since early March I will never use them again and would not recommend to any body !!!.Version: 5.4.6

DONT USE DHGATE!!!Okay so after using DHgate for a while I made numerous orders even when I was waiting my previous one. My mistake just couldn’t believe the prices on stuff, yes it’s to good to be true. I ended up waiting super patiently over a month as they said it would take 8-30 days delivery time. Started getting little things here and there never up to par. A xxl and xxxl turns out to be like a medium and a small in Chinese sizes, which I did look for as some put that in the description. Quality and size completely wrong, not to mention half of my stuff never showed up. Used the tracking numbers and some were not even valid tracking numbers and upon calling my post office they found some packages were deliver to Miami or Texas of wherever else except my house. After contacting dhgate customer service they were very hard to work with didn’t speak very good English and didn’t sound like they even knew what they were talking about. After talking in circles with her for quite sometime she said she would send me an email with instructions. Guess what email I never recieved. Reaching out to all sellers to tell them what happened guess who got no response from any of them, yup me. So after losing products all over and payments being released to seller even though I never said I received anything. Will not be using dhgate again and don’t be fooled by the 5 star reviews. They are fake..Version: 4.5.4

Sellers are Bogus !The BAD sellers need to made example of ! They should be charge legally Or charge them $$$ Fees for bad service. WHY ? DHgate does nothing ( except make rules to help sellers SCREW YOU GOOD ! I Have had 18 ORDERS GO TO WRONG ADDRESS. OR NOT SHIPPED AT ALL ! I Have Had some good sellers and can’t understand why DHgate doesn’t Do more to Help the GOOD SELLERS , instead of helping BAD sellers Rip us all off ! What a SHAME They let this company go to CRAP. !.Version: 5.2.1

The Worst Shopping experience I ever had!!!I ordered 4 items from DHGATE with the intentions on having it for a special event. The system said it would be delivered before the date I needed so I went on and purchased it, also attaching a message in the notes to the sellers that I needed it before that date. Once the order went through it gave me a bogus tracking system that wasn’t even in English seemed to never be updated. I never received the products. It was well over a month and a half later. I tried contacting the companies and the service was terrible. There is no number to call and you have to rely on messaging to solve a problem. I no longer wanted the merchandise and only wanted my refund and the merchants kept declining me. I still never received the merchandise. Then they tried telling me that the system say it was delivered so they are not refunding my money! You have to wait continuously until the system lets you file a complaint with DHgate and that is an even longer process. I waited and continued to try and resolve with the merchant. Then once that time came they declined me. So now I have to go through my financial institution to seek my refund! This was terrible and I wouldn’t suggest for anyone to buy from DHgate!.Version: 4.9.8

Don’t buy from hereBought some bball singlets, the quality wasn’t good on any of them. They already distorting. The one that didn’t even look like the picture they offered a small partial refund, but it never showed up and they just kept telling me to contact my bank. Don’t trust them… you’re just wasting your money..Version: 5.4.9

Outfit for my daughters weddingI have been left so upset , I have been waiting since January 7th nearly going to be 2 months for my outfit for my daughters wedding I called DHgate and I was assured that my dress would arrive before 26th feb with an apology I accepted this and gave the Benifit off doubt and said I would rather have my outfit than my money but today I was told to basically I won’t receive my outfit and if I wish to raise a dispute I didn’t want to raise another but I have . My daughters wedding is not far off now I’m left to look for an outfit again this has been so stressful and upsetting I certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone from the uk to order from DHgate I have been lied to and it’s very upsetting I don’t normally give reviews I just don’t want what happened to me to happen to anyone else . I paid in full I will now need to contact my bank added stress . Why didn’t they just say in the beginning that my outfit was not being posted unbelievable and a disgrace..Version: 5.7.5

Never got the productI made an order in this App; the seller doesn’t exist anymore and my product rather then being shipped to Auckland New Zealand; has been shipped to The Netherlands; and has been there for the last month and there’s no way for me to know what’s gonna happen; I believe that money has been lost. So disappointed 😡.Version: 4.8.7

Horrible service worst app everIf i could put negative 5 stars I would 😤had a seller send me something that looked nothing like the picture. I debated with them to get a refund back posted the item back as instructed by them at MY expense of $90!! And received no refund they now don’t respond to me. Following that I took it up with customer service whom I sent screen shots of proof the seller agreed to send me a refund and still NOTHING I purchased the item in APRIL it’s now October they now claim despite my proof of receipts from Australia post that they never received the returned item 😂 it just gets better and better. I Will NEVER purchase another thing from this site. DO NOT buy anything wedding related off “WHITEONE”.Version: 4.8.8

Beware the rating you see on DHGATE is not realI went into transaction with DHGATE. The problem started right away, they hold my payment on “suspicious fraudulent transactions”, I have been asked to send a copy of my passport and copy of credit card both sides. I called my bank tree times to resolve this issue without a success. It took DHGATE four days to clear my name and money. I contacted my Seller to update on time of delivery and get very disappointed reply that his factory has too many orders and I have to wait sometime to get an update. The seller name is Skyllet. I realize that something is not right and ask for a refund. Skyllet response:” dear. The platform is already processing the refunds for you, and you will receive refund these days”. I waited some days before I contacted the DHGATE to help me with the refund as the Seller kept silent for many days before I got this reply from Skyllet: “You can rest assured that I'll give you a refund as soon as possible.” And same thing continues “PENDING REFUND IN THE SYSTEM”, because Mr. Joke Skyllet is not confirming refund. I have contacted DHGATE customer service live chat and chat with a person called Mariala. I asked how to rate my Seller in the system. Guess what? You can only rate once you successfully purchase a product. Very funny!! Beware the rating you see on DHGATE is not real!.Version: 4.3.6

Be careful of the seller you buy from!A big warning of the store Ibaby888, seller of mobile phones and electronics who will take your money and when it arrives with faults will not reply to messages and customer service is extremely difficult to find for a new user but their not very helpful with generic messages. Some sellers are great and very helpful but then again you have sellers like IBaby888 that don’t give a hoot who I bought a phone from that was faulty and after frustratingly messaging them and not getting a reply, notifying customer service didn’t help in any productive way then I got a message to return the phone when I highlighted their warranty policy to IBaby888 so I did as instructed with tracking so I know the phone was received. That was about a month ago and the purchase was in December/January but again IBaby888 won’t reply to any of my messages and customer service still send the same generic message when I notify them that IBay888 has my money and the phone I purchased and won’t reply to my messages. Obviously that’s the worst transaction I’ve ever made but it’s IMPORTANT that you stay away from IBaby888 or the same thing can happen to you. IBaby888, IBaby888, IBaby888, KEEP AWAY FROM IBaby888..Version: 4.7.7

STAY AWAY, DO NOT BUY.This site used to be ok, a lot of the prices have shot up to extortionate prices and the quality is poor. When I used to buy, I used to message the seller and ask about the goods , ask about seeing what I’m buying etc. Not they don’t let you message to ask questions. Do not trust dhgate, although you will be tempted by the designer goods, the quality and looks are different when you eventually get them after 3 months even when the seller says you will get them after 1 week, don’t listen to them, they are lying. Don’t even take up a dispute if something you have bought is not right, customer service DO NOT HELP, they side with the seller. I took up a dispute and they settled it without consulting me, they closed the case and I didn’t get a refund, they were not interested. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, THESE ARE NO 1 SCAM ARTISTS NO STARS!!!.Version: 5.8.6

Ok if you get what you ordered!Well up to now I’ve only ever had one issue with a watch I bought, got refunded for that but now I ordered two tops and only one arrived but because the seller was the same it assumed both arrived, trying to get in touch with customer services is impossible, you go to customer service and click orders it says no orders because it thinks you’ve received the items, nothing else covers the issue so you search missing items and it just blanks off the search box then refuses to let you type, restart the app same again, and again, and again, and again… would be willing to give a better rating if they had decent customer service but unfortunately they don’t..Version: 5.9.4

DHgateIt’s not good it’s horrible no response no return money.Version: 5.0.5

APP BUGI love the app, but there’s a little issue with the app. 1st - it is impossible to contact the costumer service via the IOS app! 2nd - I found some stores which the seller are trying to deceive the buyers! They put a really lower price and in the messages section ask for payments via PayPal to be free from DHGATE policy. Saying cuz it happened to me. I still have the item in my orders but there’s no refund and the seller stop to answer me when I said “it goes against DHGATE policy”. 3rd - it is impossible to report shops like it is mentioned above! 4th - during negotiations when the seller made a mistake, after finishing a negotiation in a “positive” way, the sellers do everything to make the buyer give up their newest “agreed” order! A big exemple it is me now. The seller don’t answer me and it has been almost a month that I place my order and the seller don’t process my order, also deleted the idem from DHGATE, and for sure will try to make a refund cuz he had to give me a discount for his mistake. The app is amazing and the items are also amazing, but we should have more control when it comes to this situations. Specially when we are the kind of costumers who buy quietly frequently! So I really hope you guys fix this, we give your company credibility, so give us some control and quality costumer service. Thanks..Version: 5.5.9

Bad experienceI had a very bad with this app most of the sellers compromised with buyers To remove bad reviews on their business because that destroyed their sales .And the customer service is very poor the thing I hate most in this app is to share my number with third party without my consent and the return and refund process is not effective I can confirmed that most of the reviews are compromised with customers why if I want return an item to the seller do I need to sendphoto to him ? Some of photos they posted are very deceiving So please do something to improve your customer service ,return and refund you can’t force some one to buy your products my suggestion to DHGATE most importantly ATTACH Return Stamps with any item ,that you believe in quality of your products.Version: 5.2.0

Customer serviceThis is the worst customer service I have ever come across on any website . An item a purchased $611 went missing Australia post was informed by myself turns out the tracking number on the item was wrong not my package , I got the information from A/P who informed me of the details ,ie person name only who was supposed to have received it .i was able to find a telephone number for this person who is a local business person ,telling me she never got any parcel whatsoever. This parcels weighed 1.6 kls post office tells me the content of the parcel was a canvas bag ,heard nothing from anybody from dhgate as far as I am concerned the seller was a scammer, which dhgate let them get away with this ..Version: 5.3.2

Poor service and no action on complaintsI purchased a battery for my bike. It arrived promptly and well packed but there was a problem with battery circuit. On further inspection the fuse had not been connected making it unsafe to use. Asked for refund told to return at my expense was only option. Chat service not functional and no response to emails. Went on for weeks. Warranty not honoured. I would never buy from DHGate again..Version: 4.5.8

Frustrated !!I am a very new buyer in DHgate, i made my only first order over November 6th i received 3 of the 4 items that i bought, the first one was just junk plastic not replic at all bad print bad quality, i don’t think i am gonna use it at all and i just think about to return it, second one was really good purchase that is the only reason for my 3 stars good quality looks like the original i’ve being receiving very good compliments i am happy with this purse i got my review and pictures over the page, but the third one was just broke the first day that i used and i was in the middle of my trip not even close to the hotel to change it, was really embarrassed, so the number 4 i couldn’t say anything because i just didn’t receive it yet and is almost a month and a half since i made the purchase now i just realize costumer doesn’t exist anymore it’s just closed i am not receiving any response from this seller and i decided send a message to dhgate to ask directly and they said my item is schedule for “February” 3 months after my purchase for me this is very long time for a delivery even from china i have no clue if i am gonna receive it or not but if is not, definitely this is gonna be my first and last purchase over DH gate app i am not waste my money or my time anymore !!.Version: 5.3.1

Poor Customer Service (Zt-sports-88)I ordered a football kit for my son and was sent the wrong one. I understand mistakes like this can happen so I messaged to inform them of the mistake and was assured by the seller that the correct kit would get sent out. This was in July. Now in November after requesting a couple updates on the order between then and now, they are refusing to send the correct kit unless I buy more products from them. When a mistake is made the customer should not be told they have to spend more money in order to have the mistake corrected. They have also refused a refund. So I have paid for an order that I have never received even after being told I would and then I’m being told I need to spend more money to get the order I have already paid for. The seller I have spoken to is also extremely rude and clearly has no customer service skills what so ever. I have had this mistake made by a seller on here before but they honoured their word and corrected it. At-sports-88 however have not. I definitely won’t be using DH Gate again..Version: 5.9.7

Stay Away!!!I purchased a flower girl dress from the shop called ‘sexy prom dress’ (I know terrible name!) and paid AUD$160 as it was the dress the bride had her heart set on. The dress arrived looking NOTHING like the photo (I’ve since discovered it’s not even their photo on the site). It was for a wedding, and with no time to order a new one I asked them to refund me, and offered to send the dress back. They stuffed me around for a month of excuses, then I decided to leave a bad review and they told me they were ready to refund me if I amended my review, which I did. Unfortunately for me it’s now been over FIVE MONTHS of chasing them and being told the moneys ‘in my account’ even though they don’t have account details! Disgusting company. I’ll never use any company off this app again and warn you all to stear clear too..Version: 4.8.2

GARBAGE!!!!!Took my money, then never responded. Customer service is awful, there isn’t a real person to talk to just a computer that doesn’t understand anything. I’ve been trying to get ahold of SOMEONE for 6 months now about puppy collars that obviously aren’t going to fit my dog now..Version: 5.1.8

They don’t reply if you message them.It is horrible app. I ordered something one month ago and didn’t receive it yet. And tracking number is fake now. They are not giving me refunds..Version: 5.2.6

Twice bitten - never againI ordered a Dyson hairdryer in April, it was sent ok, as I kept up with the tracking, but was delivered to a completely different person in a completely different suburb. I received my money back which I was happy about, so thought I’d try again this month as it can’t happen twice!!!!! Same thing happened and now I have to go through the terrible process of trying to get my money back because it’s incredibly hard to get to the right area - buyer beware, there’s clearly very unscrupulous merchants out there and I believe they’re fraudulently bringing goods into Australia (or wherever) under the ruse of delivery to unsuspecting people like me. I’ll not be fooled ever again..Version: 4.8.0

Unbelievable !!I am not the type to give a bad review just cause one order went wrong but this is ridiculous. I placed my aug 3rd, for one whole month it said it was awaiting shipment. I tried contacting the seller and customer service, but no response. And when I finally got in contact with customer service, they said I can ask for a refund and so I did cause by then I had lost my marbles. It’s been more than a week since I requested a refund and I have not received a single email or message of any sort regarding my refund, it just says “pending agreement on refund”. I’m never ordering from them again..Version: 5.2.1

Great site, but so many disputes...I have made many many wonderful purchases from DHGate, and spent lots of money, however lately I’ve had a string of disputes (about 15 or so). I have dealt with lots of scamming sellers, who supply fake tracking numbers - I’ve had items sent to Western Australia, Tasmania, rural New South Wales, even a couple of pairs of shoes to far North Queensland! Sellers like wangzheguilai55 (or 66 or 77, all probably the same seller) ruin it for the many genuine sellers with great products. Perhaps if DHGate were to give some of there sellers life-long bans we might see a site worthy of 5 stars..Version: 4.9.5

Seller takes my money & then leaves DHGATESo the seller takes the money for the order & shipped it but it keeps getting to Shanghai then returned to sender so I try numerous times to contact seller to find out he has left DHGATE altogether so no way of contact & then I try numerous times to get help with DHGATE & whenever I ask for a refund they cut the conversation off & say sorry don’t understand that request please try again?? There is no guarantee like they claim so if you are lucky enough to get a good seller like i have previously then you’ll get your order but if you get a scammer it’s just tuff luck & say goodbye to your money. Buyer beware it’s hit & miss & dont buy unless your prepared to loose your money because DHGATE makes it so hard to get your money back even though they guarantee it..Version: 5.7.4

Online is better than the appThe search bar doesn’t work very well when you’re looking for a specific item. It tells you to refine your search. I refined it to everything and it still has problems finding what you’re looking for. I know the app sells it because when I go online to DHGATE and not log in. I’ll put the same item in the search engine and it comes up right away. The App has problems looking for your items. Certain feature on the app are too close together and get in the way. The camera button is in the search bar. Every time I go to delete my search from the bar I end up turning on my camera because it is too close to the delete button. I like to scroll with my right hand, and that little bear paw or whatever it is always gets in my way and messes up the page I’m navigating through. I’ve had the app for about 6 hours and have be very unsuccessful on my personalized searches. I think I am going to delete the App. Although my chances are better finding what I am looking for on DHgate online. I’ll probably just avoid DHGATE all together. I’m already frustrated with the App. I should have just stayed online instead of downloading the app. So far this site has not been worth my time..Version: 4.8.7

Unreliable/fake advertised as 100 AuthenticPlenty of unreliable stores and fake products on this site, be careful with your purchases, because DHgate is not on your side when a purchase goes wrong.( as a buyer) One of my purchases of over 8k, was received with all counterfeit electronic accessories, I sent DHgate the images of the products Scan, after checking them with the original factory on line. The best offer DHgate sent me was to keep the fake product and refund me $3500. We informed DHgate that was not accepted, our company would not sale fake electronic accessories, because their unstable and can blow in customers hands, pockets or faces. Their response to our company was to send the products back to China, which we pay for shipping that will cost over 2k. And they can not assure us the full refund still. They mentioned most products will be damaged in that process and the seller can deny our company any type of refund than, lol. So they suggested that we keep the fake and get the $3500 refund, as better option. Even though the products purchased was advertised by seller to be %100 Authentic. So I decided to take it with my US Chase bank. Did a charge back but DHgate provided the bank the fake products shipping slips out of China. So we lost the fight and the money. Products received was trashed. Figured to share my experience here, and hope yours will be better some how..Version: 4.8.4

GarbageThey pushed out a new update and now the app is completely useless, no matter what you click it keeps taking you back to the main page, can’t see any products. Updating the app, and also deleting and reinstalling didn’t work either. Very disappointed.Version: 5.6.5

Just be mindfulI’ve had some good experiences on DHgate but recently had a horrible experience too. My item came in broken and damaged and it looks like it was already sent in bad shape. The seller was horrible to deal with and refused a refund I had to wait weeks for DHgate to get involved for them only to give me back $11 and the rest went to the seller (item cost $90) even though I sent in proof. so definitely think twice before buying and be mindful because DHgate customer service isn’t helpful at all and some sellers are scam artist..Version: 5.5.6

Dhgate is like shooting the gun in the air! Worthless!I don’t know where do you use this app but don’t use it in Canada. First, it takes 2 months to receive your order. Second, you cannot return your item back even though there are some options for it. Turning back doesn’t work same as Amazon,… . The sellers won’t accept your reasons at all. I got a boiler and it works by 220volt electricity but they say that’s your problem!! Hope no one like me be trapped in their trick..Version: 5.6.0

DH GATE need to protect buyer moreBought a few things from Dhgate from different sellers. Some products were ok and satisfied with seller as they have good communication and genuine. But some are very dishonest with Misleading advertising and when buyers like us across the world put our trust and buy from them, it is disappointing when we received the product and it is completely different from what they advertised and we lose faith in online shopping with DHGATE because DHGATE does not protect buyers even though you provide them with proof and many emails back and forth with the seller and customer service; they will not give you a full refund. Very disappointing and DHGATE should take more serious actions against these sellers as this is bad for them..Version: 5.2.6

Poor customer support!I cancelled an order because it kept asking for me to pay even though I already paid and money had already been deducted from my account. I cancelled it because it wouldn’t process, and i couldn’t get a refund. Sellers don’t communicate and the app’s customer service team is very poor..Version: 5.4.1

UnsatisfiedI bought a pair of shoes and I got some problem with the delivery and I tried to contact the seller and he told me that he couldn’t do anything about it and I also contacted the mail company and I was told that only the sender could track the parcel so I ended up with no money or shoes So this was the first and the last time I shop with u guys and I won’t ever recommend it for anybody.Version: 5.1.6

Disappointing SellersI have bought many things on DHgate. But over the last 6 months or so approximately 50% of the products I have ordered and paid for, have either not been in stock or have not arrived. I have received refunds for them, but a huge waste of my time having to contact the sellers(many of whom don’t reply at all) and DHgate to then get my money back. I have become very wary of the sellers who sell through DHgate. I also buy on AliExpress and find it much more reliable. DHgate needs to have stricter regulations for the sellers..Version: 4.8.0

There is no way of opening a dispute!I’ve been trying to find a way to open a dispute as the app offers the ability to do so yet they have no way of actually doing it other then the refund service which doesn’t work unless item is delivered now you tell me how is this logical if a package never arrives? what happens to my money and items are they just never heard of? i also have sent a review a while ago and your team asked for my order number which i gave yet i had been given no help so far. i want to open a dispute my package is returning to the seller and he is not communicating with me..Version: 5.4.8

The worst site ever be carefulIf I could give this site negative 5 stars I would! I have had so many bad experiences on here and only 2 good, sellers take ages to respond can be quite rude and dismissive customer service say they will help but don’t and they do NOTHING there isn’t really buyer protection like on other sites, overall I’m very disappointed. This site needs to be shut down Sellers send things to completely wrong addresses send wrong items when try contacting them you just get ignored, sellers post photos not of their actual product so always ask for photos of the sellers item but expect no response. Enter with caution read the feedback and reviews. Just very hit and miss but much more miss I wouldn’t go telling any of my friends to go on this site I would actually advise the opposite DO NOT USE THIS SITE.Version: 4.9.0

The app is always down and the network fails every time I open the app. Unprofessional sellersAliExpress is way better than DHGate. Their app is always down and network failure everytime. I regret buying products here cause sellers just ignore and seen zoned your inquiries and they won’t accept refund agreements once you cancel your order. Wasted my time ordering here. Such a shame. Step up your game DHGate!!!.Version: 5.7.2

Horable sellerI have been waiting for my order like forever untill nowI will never buy any item again!.Version: 5.6.0

BE AWARE!! Credit/Debit card details maybe compromised!!!I have recently ordered several items worth over £120 I am waiting to see if they arrive?? I have however been contacted via WhatsApp by a Chinese man telling me he saw my order and wanted to sell me better quality products!! (Alarm bells ring in my ears) How the hell did he get my telephone number?? If he got my number it makes me worry that he can also have access to my credit card details! Not just mine but other peoples also!! A serious breach of confidentiality with my information!! He spent 2 days pestering me, trying to get me to buy his products!! I have kept all of his messages as proof however I am not sure what good it will do as I have tried numerous times to contact customer support regarding this matter but I keep going up in the queue to speak to someone! and still cannot get to speak to customer support!! I will not be ordering anymore items for this reason! Shame because my mum has ordered and received all her items and is happy with all of her purchases! Please be aware people that these sellers are taking your information and are selling it on to other sellers.....bloody Dodgy, if you ask me!! Not happy at all!!! I want to know how the hell this guy got my telephone number????? Any ideas DHGATE?????????.Version: 5.2.0

PLEASE READ BEFOREWell, where to start, it started on April 4 when I decided to make a purchase of masks and protective gloves, everything started well since the first purchase everything came without problems in 15 days, the tragedy began with this "store" that has already 4 days after the purchase they had received the money and I 90 days later, that is to say today, July 3, I do not have any product, and with so empty responses from "the sellers" that they already let me know that my purchase was lost, and the resolution center did absolutely nothing, they will never do it in favor of the buyer, and 90 days later you lost the money and there will be no merchandise and nobody will respond. the store never responded to a message, they responded to the request for a refund that they would not, and so you were literally robbed by the sellers, I hope you really think about it before buying on this platform and much more from this store I hope that if you need something, do not do it, do not buy in this website, half of the merchandise that I received the first time of the first purchase, that arrived on time have poor quality, of course, and the masks are broken before being used. with nothing more to add but the disappointing news of being robbed by these scammers I ask again DO NOT BUY THESE SCAMMERS.Version: 5.1.6

Not delivered no communication.This is a constant thing no delivery and no communication at a L I have ordered three items online and nothing in post wrong tracking number 3 times out of three. Refund take a long time. They won’t send items on a pay on delivery ask for credit and you won’t get it but ask for your money back that they took when you made a deal for products. Fast to take you money slow to return your money and delivery is a joke seller preparing you item 3 days what is the preparation that takes 3 days. I have bought from AliExpress and wish no problem at all but Dhgate is a complete con the CEO used to work for Microsoft China section, so you all know what crooks Microsoft are with spyware and other dubious software she learnt from the one of the best crooks in the business. Stay away from Dhgate crooks and thieves. And that’s just Dhgate never mind the sellers..Version: 5.1.7

Never again! Go to AliExpress instead!!If I could give no stars I would! I order some shoes, the following day the price went up by $95!! I just thought, great! I got in just before the price rise! I had a tracking number so I watched it. Eventually it says delivered but the address shows on the other side of Australia to some random address not associated with me at all!! I sent through a request for it to be resent along with a pic of the evidence showing the incorrect address! The seller agreed to the proposal but instead just sent through the refund!! I just have a feeling he posted a worthless item to the incorrect address so it shows he posted “something” and gets away with it because he wants the higher price for the item! If you want to use DHgate, stay away from Vogue_Shoes!!!!!.Version: 4.7.9

Worst company to purchase fromThey advertise coupons that are nearly impossible to use. They have no way of calling to contact anyone for help - they only communicate through chat, which by the way is a robot chat. You have to wait in the queue to talk to a real person - which will take a very long time. And once you finally chat with a real person you might as well chatted with the robot because they are completely useless. I purchased an order which was a significant amount and was never given the option to use the new buyer coupon pack which my order would have qualified for. When I finally chatted with a real person I was instructed to cancel the order and then I would have to reorder and have them apply the coupon. After further digging they then told me that even if I requested to cancel the order it Woolf have to be approved first - and only if the cancel was approved would I be able to reorder and apply the coupon. They offered no assistance in canceling order, would not contact the seller on my behalf to initiate the process. Ironically after I raised a fuss with the chat agent my item was shipped within hours making it impossible to cancel order and use the 88 dollar new user coupon. Proceed with caution on this app. They have ridiculous processes in place that leave you with no options. Not to mention they are very rude..Version: 4.7.7

Customer service a complete joke.Half of my orders have been broken.Version: 4.6.9

Scam- App- website Do not buy!!!Seller had no rating should be monitored by DHGate for transactions especially authenticity of products and shipping tracking. There should be an easier method for reporting suspicious behaviour of the seller by the buyer- a brief survey of the seller- like what you are surveying now (a bit too late). This will put off the buyer from future purchases and trust in DHGate as the buyer will never buy again on this website. I will be closing my account. The transaction/order should have an option for the buyer to immediately report the seller- from my messages to the Seller- the messages showed an invalid tracking number at the start. The refund method should be immediate for customers not up to 30 days as messaged from admin. This is extremely disappointing and bad on behave of DHGate administration. The live chat was also computer generated- not even real customer and the help was useless. For over approximately 2 months from the start of order to receiving refund is not acceptable!! Any invalid tracking number should be immediately intercepted by DHGate and wait for the lengthy service!!! Even this message denied from reaching you as an admin!!! So bad!!!.Version: 4.9.7

Awful experience. USER BEWAREShocking experience. Huge issues with order payment as the BPay payments I made at the time of placing orders took DAYS for DHGate to allocate money to my account (which was extremely complicated to work out with such poor system). By the time funds were in my DH Gate account (SEVERAL DAYS later), the exchange rate had changed and I was 15 cents short, meaning there were insufficient funds to finalise the payment for my orders!!! I had to do a SECOND transfer and wait ANOTHER SEVERAL DAYS to pay the 15 cent outstanding balance so my order could be shipped. When I finally received my order I was disappointed with the product.Version: 4.6.9

SCAM DO NOT PURCHASEIf I could rate this 0 stars I would. The customer service is horrendous. I’ve bought a jacket it took forever to arrive, when it did everything was incorrect, starting from the sizing, the material and was even missing a hood that was mention in the description. I contact customer support and they said I has to return it and that was the only solution. I returned it the starting of September and it got delivered in November, I had proof of shipping but they decided to close the case. I spent overall £80 on sending it back and the cost of the coat. The coat was delivered, and the seller blocked me. Customer service just told me to wait 2 business days then they’ll unblocked the messages and told me ask them for the refund. I waited two business days I asked them then they blocked me again, I was told they can’t do anything about it just wait another two days. It’s been 3 weeks since the seller has received their item and I haven’t had a refund yet because they’ve blocked me. So disappointed.Version: 6.0.1

RefundI bought 3 items and never gotten the item or a refund then when i try clicking the seller and sending them message it says the seller is closed and doesn’t exist so basically they just took my money and ran off with it.. not very happy with this.Version: 5.2.1

Deconsseillé!Des mon premier achat les delais de livraisons sont dépassés de plus dun mois et aucune reponse du vendeur!🤬.Version: 5.1.5

If you plan on receiving what you order don’t use this.3 orders thru them over the course of 2 months. Not one of them did I receive what was ordered. Ordered one item was told was already shipped and then 3 weeks later they then sent me a message for me to pick something else which I did not like. Then when I said I wanted a refund they they said never mind they found my product. 5 weeks later it was received but to a address that was in PA but I live in ID. When I questioned they said sorry they will reship it. 2 weeks later nothing. I messaged again they said sorry they will send out the next week. Still nothing. Refused to do a refund saying I just need to wait as shipping is slow. Still nothing... 2nd item ordered was watch that said hands all moved. (There were many of the watches that said the hands did not move and those were 75% cheeper then the one I ordered). Received it no they don’t move and watch looses about 15 minutes a day and casing fell apart on the first day. Requested a refund they denied it and said they will ship a new one. Same problems with it. Still no refund... 3rd item, sunglasses stating they are polarized, nope when I messaged them they said they will fix if I do another order with them and would not refund the original. Like ordering shrimp from a guys car trunk in AZ might look great on surface but you won’t get what you think your ordering....Version: 5.2.0

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