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Rival Kingdoms: Ruination App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Rival Kingdoms: Ruination app received 82 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Rival Kingdoms: Ruination? Can you share your negative thoughts about rival kingdoms: ruination?

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Rival Kingdoms: Ruination for Negative User Reviews

Rival kingdomsPack expensive Editor give pack to some players in event to make other follow them and buying pack Gold digger APE.Version: 1.0.57

A little buggy, good featuresI like not having to train your army, and fast forward button in combat is another good feature. A few bugs: game opens upside down (even when previously set with lock), and crashes sporadically - usually just before or after a big animation, like completing a building, opening a chest, or end of a battle..Version: 1.0.16

ComplicatedUsed to be a simple process to upgrade things. Now I haven’t a clue what to do..Version: 2.2.1

New update means major game crashesWas enjoying this for all of three days but after some serious game time (finally 1000 honour) update came through and bam app crashes continuously every time it's opened. Email to app support sent response was quick at first but then nothing. Will be deleting as it's no longer playable..Version: 1.0.34

Pay to winI enjoy the game, but it is probably one of the most P2W games you’ll ever play. Additionally, the devs have been unable to implement very needed quality of life improvements that the community has requested for 5+ years. Finally, if you are a new player, you will never ever catch up to experienced players unless you spend tens of thousands of dollars..Version: 2.2.9

Very repetitive gameplay, little changeI’ve played this game well over 2 years and it’s been fun at times. The issue with it is it requires a lot of money to play and the base game see no innovation. Space Ape still subjects you to mandatory replays of your base getting leveled over and over on launch. The only thing that changes are that they add new ancients and various base upgrades, both of which cost a significant amount of time and money to obtain. The repetitive monotonous event base grind causes tension in kingdoms between players for those who can’t keep up. This is not a casual game whatsoever, prepare to invest a lot of time and cash if you want to compete at all..Version: 1.0.75

TerribleI used to love this game until it switched over to supercell and over one month later I still can’t play due to the app using huge amounts of data and most of the time I’m not on WiFi. I tried communicating with the developers but they kept losing the thread of my email and each time I contacted them I had to explain the issue, which they were already aware of, again and again and again. Just so tired of getting upset over a game when I’m supposed to be having fun with it..Version: 1.0.82

Game drags onTakes forever to upgrade everything as the game goes on . Miss upgrade on something and things you need to upgrade with go away and don’t come back. Upgrade HQ to lvl 17 takes months and you need to grind everyday just for that.Version: 1.0.74

Not fair on new starters to gameI've been in the game for 4 months. The updates are a challenge but it's all tactics anyway in breaking defences. My beef is the matching of teams in raids. I think that any base above sh9 should be banned from sword & arrow league to give new players a chance to grow & improve. It's crazy when you get a line up of sh12's to fight against when your weaker. I'd suggest that those higher teams can only be demoted as far as axe league. The race for claymore creates huge imbalances if nothing is done this will be just a game for those wt infinite patience or the established elite & long term players. So if your looking at downloading this game keep an eye on the reviews for when spaceape makes the game fun for new players..Version: 1.0.25

GameLove the different ancients and playing live with others. Great social game. Dislike customer service. They send an auto reply and then tell you your mistaken or ignore you. iTunes great job of fixing their errors. VIP is determined by no set way. It can be given to a player who never spends any money and plays once a twice a week. Instead of to a daily player of several years who spends some. Events are Getting very pricey seem to be catering to the big spender group. Be wary of this is free game That’s only if you eat sleep and breathe it.Version: 1.0.84

Was a Huge Fan OnceI started this game two weeks after it went public. I loved it. Loved the people and that has stayed true after three years. The global community is better than any game I’ve ever played, competitive but without the nastiness many battle games develop. But like others have stated Space Ape has ruined its wonderful game with predatory greed and increasingly charges more and gives less. Events are a grind each weekend and with rare exceptions the reward for the effort spent is lame. Makes me very sad..Version: 1.0.89

Boring boring gameThe most boring game ever you will battle the same kingdoms over and over and over back to back for the same amount of gold,, been playing for over a month still have acquired a chaos player.Version: 1.99.0

Don’t botherCrap can’t even get past loading screen deleted the game 🤫.Version: 1.0.84

Great graphicsActually only writing this to get rid of the annoying reminders you constantly get inside the game, enough already? That said, great game..Version: 1.0.33

Two bugs!1) Ive just crafted a superior Harpys Restoration gear but it gave me a Demarus' Borrows Soul instead. 2) in my iOS, theres FB, Twitter, Twitch, Gameplay & Knowledge Base tabs but no "Bug Report tab". So i hope the team may see it here and sort out the gear issue in point 1..Version: 1.0.84

BienCe jeu est bien, beaux graphiques et visuels. Cependant, il est dommage que ce soit toujours les gros joueurs et royaumes qui sont les plus récompensés et qui en bénéficient le plus. Vous devriez penser au moins forts..Version: 2.2.1

Another clone of Clach of clansBoring and stupid.Version: 1.0.59

Unfortunately new players can never catch-up without spending bigI’ve been playing for 5 years and I’ve never been able to get close to the top. Use to be a great game but now players are leaving much faster than new players are joining. It’s a dying game. If you have a lot of money download the money otherwise don’t waste your time.Version: 2.2.1

Blaming Customers for their FailuresSpace Ape finally got me to quit playing this game when in blocked many players from entering game due to pushing a button which never should have been in the game at all. The availability of this button lead players to believe that yet again another rule change had occurred which the company had once again given no notice. Others in the game who pushed that button were completely ignorant of rules saying that button should not have been pushed. The Space Ape blamed players for pushing the button when such action should have been prevented by them by not having the button in the game. Indeed, in similar areas of the game such action is prevented by the game. In addition they took actual money and in game resources from these players and refused to give any refunds. These players were blocked from playing and never even told specifically why such action was taken by Space Ape. Such blockage caused some Kingdoms to loose key high performing players. When Space Ape was contacted by many players, who were blocked, the company repeatedly refused to accept any responsibility for their actions and consistently blamed customers for what should have been easily prevented by the company. Space Apes takes your money, provides a lousy gaming experience and puts the blame of their lack of good programming upon their customers..Version: 2.2.9

Players are disrespected in this gameThe game's CEO has stated in Utube that it doesnt matter what is offered in the weekend ladders the big spenders will spend anyway. $$$ is the only thing they care about in this game; RUN...... it's a pay to play and a gamble game using your real money. So you don't even get a solid prize, pay and maybe you will maybe you won't odds are definitely not in our favor..Version: 2.2.9

Great game,to many changes all the timeThis game is great, to many changes to a rings powers and troops with stupid favoritism towards certain combos that are predictable. Definitely worth playing just watch the bigger kingdoms can be a bit annoying.Version: 1.0.30

Was gud, now dev grab for cashWas the best, now just greedy dev grab for cash!.Version:

My dad loves it.My dad got this game 4 years ago and he has been playing it forever. Even though he is latterly addicted, The game must be good. I’ve played it before and it’s interesting..Version: 2.2.1

BuuuuutLove the game. Graphics are awesome. Interactions with players are awesome, buuuuut don't spend a cent. They lie and tell you oh you can win this but then give you nothing. They just want you to spend more money. It makes no difference if you spend money or don't. Just cost you for stuff you don't want. Nice way to wreck the game..Version: 1.0.30

UpdateUsed to love playing the game but after the new update now it's not compatible with my device what a waist of my time and effort Sadly i have lost faith in this developer.Version: 2.2.1

Rival kingdomsI am really enjoying this game..Version: 1.0.52

Game is money basedLarge elements of this game are pay to win. I enjoy the game but I cannot achieve the top level without paying a huge amount. The top teams spend thousands to dominate. Space ape need to think about the players experience more and not purely about milking cash by coming up with a new dragon or new levels that are only achievable for a few rich players. Lots of players are turning away from the game and many kingdoms are breaking down. Space ape need to make this more balanced to keep the average players involved otherwise there will be no one left for the mega rich players to beat. This game is focusing more and more on those willing to pay anything to have the best. An that costs thousands of pounds/dollars..Version: 1.0.62

PurpleReignRKGame is on its way out customer service is the absolute worst and will never spend on any mobile game again.Version: 1.0.93

Starting to wear thinAfter 4 years, now the prizes are poor and you need wads of cash to advance, you keep asking for a rating? You got it :)told it's your internet connection all the time is kind of lame when all other access to the Internet and other games are fine. Sort your servers out or no more money comes your way. Spend big to win, spend little to be entertained, spend nothing and have fun..Version: 1.99.0

Need supportI have been playing this game on and off for years. Now for the past 2 weeks every time I battle I am fighting the same 2 kingdoms... this is so annoying and I can’t find how to contact support for this glitch..Version: 1.99.0

Very Repetitive....gets boring very soonBoring game!.Version: 2.2.1

Dont waste your time!Game play is decent. They tweaked the cost of buildings and walls to where you spin you wheels to much. Ive upgraded everything at my Strong Hold (castle) level for over two weeks and im still 2 weeks of collecting rings ways to upgrading. Its painfully slow . To the point I may quit..Version: 1.0.18

Nothing to Write home aboutThis game okay at best. The game play is very repetitive and the interaction with other players limited. The developers seem responsive which is a good thing but that doesn't make the game any better. Your opponents are chosen for you and are either very simple to beat or completely impossible, no interesting challenges. With some good effects from the ancients the effects can be fun but then get old quickly. Also several aspects of the game which make little sense such as the rating "cup" system of numbers beside your profile. May be for some, but the lack of challenge makes it not for me.Version: 1.0.59

Meh.Game is fun to a certain point. Once you get there. It's a grind. I understand being this game is FREE (With iAP support). But, it really forces you to spend real cash just to upgrade buildings. Basically, Rings. You get roughly 1-10 per battle. Some buildings require ridiculous amounts of it just to upgrade. My only complaint is Rings..Version: 1.0.17

It was a great gameUntil money ruined it. Look how old the good reviews are they had a great game then greed got in the way. Players who want to just buy their bases and developers who take what was free and now try to sell it to you. A lot of players left... A lot remain for the in game friends they made. Events are now a joke they are aimed just for the money players. Lack of imagination in taking the game forward just churn out same old things in different guises. Game promises great new things and they had a loyal player base willing to support them but they got greedy so you need to dig deep and spend serious money now if you want to compete..Version: 1.0.75

Fun but extremely expensiveTo be competitive you will need to spend a lot of money. You used to be able to compensate by spending more time playing. Now you must spend or fall behind..Version: 1.0.72

Bugs galoreWhen I first started playing this game it was one of my favourites. It had seemless play, graphics were top notch, I couldn't stop playing it. It's been about 8 months & I don't know how many updates later & now it's just full of bugs, I'm lucky if I can get 1 game in before it crashes, which is, if you can imagine, very frustrating, especially in the Arena where you gain honor. This helps you earn more gold and rings which are important for upgrading your stronghold. This pretty much crashes all the time. Sometimes it crashes before I can select an opponent. Another part of gameplay are The daily campaigns where you have 3 battles after which, if you are successful you get an elemental chest that has characters in it that you don't get anywhere else in the game, (unless you pay for it.) This is also very much flawed and full of bugs. More often than not, after defeating all 3 strongholds the game crashes, then when I start it up, I have lost a battlestone, and I have to battle the 3rd stronghold once again. This has happened 3 times on the one campaign, after which I exited the app. It seems that with each update there are always new bugs. Space ape this game needs some serious fumigation, until that happens expect more reviews like this..Version: 1.0.28

End of life game: no hope for new playersJust to let you know that after over 5 years of playing I’ve finally had to turn off the video ads option as they haven’t worked for months; mostly they just crash the game. Quality is very poor on your last update. I’m losing faith (as it seems your dev team have done). While I’m here, I might as well point out that you all got too greedy with the incessant events that pander to and favour the idiotic pay players (Xiled Grave members, if you’re reading this: get help. Seriously.) As if in grotesque parody of real life, the gulf between those with more money than sense and normal people has grown almost too wide to sustain. Disappointed..Version: 2.00.0

WARNING: DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!I do NOT recommend downloading this game or spending a dime on any game developed by Space Ape. I have been playing Samurai Siege and Rival Kingdoms for awhile and spent good amount of money and am considered VIP by them. Being a VIP gives privileges like joining a private chat room on Line however my request to be added to their Line chat room is being denied by Raul for reasons he can't explain. On top of everything they manage to screw up the game at each update which is followed by another update to fix their mess up which screws up something else. The game is FULL OF BUGS. Their customer service is horrible. They need to have Raul take some business management and customer service classes in college. He doesn't know how to deal or handle people. Bad bad customer service!.Version: 1.0.25

Game crashingI used to enjoy this game until the recent updates. The game crashes in the middle of attacks causing loss of battles stones. Space ape has not addressed the issues or fixed the problem. The game has become unplayable. It looks like this one is over for me.Version: 1.96.0

FrustratedI was loving this game enjoying all the different aspects of the game even though it took forever to get 5000 honour. But once I got to the arena it all went down hill to the point that I thought of deleting the game. There is not a lot of fairness once you get to 5000 honour as you can't defend your base enough and you are constantly attacked by higher levels making progress Near impossible. There are no shields in the arena. Also space ape seem to be spending all their time in developing the arena and forget about the rest of the players. Still like the game but it has problems.Version: 1.0.26

PlayerGame is good, but they need to listen to players more. the scrolling in game is getting ridiculous to attach upgrades..Version: 2.2.10

Nice gameplay but terrible spend cultureNew players will never have a chance to catch up, leaderboard events where only the very top kingdoms will get the important prize are monthly..Version: 1.0.79

IPhone XIt’s been months since the reveal of the iPhone X. You had MONTHS to prepare. Yet today you release an update with no support for the larger screen? Lame. Edit: yet another update. Still no change to the size of the app. The aesthetics of this game haven’t changed significantly in well over a year. Other games allow you to rotate the perspective, and view the battle from different angles...this one retains the same static, boring view. I spent at least $100 on this game when it was new, but thanks to their lack of support for the iPhone X, I’ve moved on and won’t be coming back. Thanks, Apple! Every day you’re helping to justify a 1k phone..Version: 1.0.74

Terrible process systemUnless you expect to use your entire life upgrading or getting the in-app purchases “offers” this game give you no break on moving forward and actually enjoying the experience. The game is real basic with just deploy and pray and the beginning with no fsir match system. You get a thousand ancients that are nearly impossible to get upgrading to max at one terrestrial-life OR even get unlocked. To end my review unless you have a ton of money to diamond to max your account move somewhere else. I been on and off this game and “updates” are minimum from developers, new levels no different in dynamic to attract new players..Version: 2.1.0

Not loadingThe game isn't loading after the latest update. I played once after the update but it just isn't loading anymore, it's stuck at "returning to the kingdom". I'm missing out on my daily rewards because of this. Might as well stop playing. Really disappointed..Version: 1.0.22

Don't botherUnless you're worth millions, it's not worth it. This game is so unbalanced it's not funny. Huge cash grab!.Version: 1.97.1

Can’t complete against my own level1. I do not like the arena 2. While me rank may say one thing I can not complete against others of same rank because they are further along and have bought their way there. 3. Very few people are nice and honestly cheat. 4. Am thinking of quitting because I am not buying my way up.Version: 1.0.84

Good, could be betterNeed level ups that increase amount of battle stones and decreases time for regeneration. Five max with 20 minute regeneration is terrible. Otherwise, another type of battle field that uses a different currency to play on during down time..Version: 1.0.49

Matching makes it impossible to progressFairly fun to play for a limited time. However the way the game matches opponents is totally flawed. The more you spend and progress the harder the opponents get in line with your increase In level, basically negating all the upgrades you do. You don't get to battle the same level opponents when you upgrade and hence get a satisfying win with your new upgrades, as soon as you upgrade you face a new set of opponents which are harder so don't see any benefit in upgrading. The rewards for defeating a higher level player are the same as that of a lower level so there is zero advantage to progressing in the game. Basically they allow for all players to complete around 8 wins before they match you with a opponent of a much higher level and hence you loose. This is regardless your level. So Don't bother spending any money, play for a while on the low levels and move into another game as the higher levels in this game are exactly the same in concept and reward as the lower ones, just more expensive !!..Version: 1.0.25

Bugs bugs bugs after months months months, developers do not care, do not downloadWorse game and support i have ever had. I begged them to fix the bugs, but after 3 months i could not stand it anymore. Do yourself and everyone else you know a favor and do not load. Biggest piece of $hit game ever made..Version: 1.0.18

Takes to long to get ringsTakes to long to get ring and to long to improve your fighting men.Version: 1.0.84

Farmers eggI have quit this game many times because I would rather have a game where teammates actually join the battle. Also it does take a lot of time and money. Lots of great things about it but the best cost dollars like most games, so it gets deleted from my phone for months at a time. The best part of it is the friends that I love ❤️.Version: 1.0.76

Fun time fillerNice way to fill free time. Like the fast forward feature. The problem is there are huge spenders in this game (not a problem for the developers) and unless you’re one also the height to which you can rise continually lessens. It becomes impossible to defeat the large spenders because the reward for spending are the mythic level ancients which are needed to defeat the maxed kingdoms..Version: 1.0.93

Game being ruined by developersPotential to be the best game of its type out there unfortunately being ruined by the company's money grabbing tactics which are getting worse and worse and causing more and more long term players to quit. There is a great community in this game but with the way it is going most of the community will be gone soon. Also it's virtually impossible to catch up as a new player as so many things you need to compete are only available if you are willing to spend excessive amounts of cash and are lucky (too much chance element in this game).Version: 1.0.63

Extremely InstabilePlaying this game for severall months now and just updated till latest version. Its extremly instabile: getting kicked out of wonnen battles with 'something went wrong' msg (counts as a loss). War-replays dont show, hp count is nuts and many other instabile stuff. Will spare you all my long list. A Petty cause the game has potential.... But my frustrations are getting the overhand, do something about it SpaceApe!.Version: 1.0.17

Rival kingdomDon't do it!!! Keep looking for another game. This was a good game. But has been ruined by space ape. If you ignore my warning take notice of the following 1) defense means nothing in this game, as a max defense player u can expect to win one in 20. 2) bring your credit card, you will need it with mindless events every week, it costs real money, to keep honor high costs real money, to upgrade stuff costs real money. 3) the best part is space ape never admit there mistakes. U will get a stick response " we will pass that information onto the relevant team that manages that" Do your self a favor walk away and continue looking for another game.Version: 1.0.30

Good, but needs better zoomGame is pretty good, but I would like it if the zooming in was better on the map. I like to know what every land feature is called. Someone has seriously got to change that. I can’t take it..Version: 1.0.75

Can Be Addictive But The Grind…Starts off okay and unlike some tablet combat games there is a bit of thought needed to do upgrades. The problem is the management side of things is far too complex, no instructions apart from a Wiki that scratches the surface. Most upgrades either need rings which take forever to accumulate or crystal which is even rarer. Game now has far too many Ancients, should be an option to hide those you have no intention of using or updating. The number of active players and teams seems to be falling, same old names come round in combat and Kingdom Raids. Wouldn’t be surprised to see it go the same way as Samurai Siege before long - don’t put any money into it!.Version: 2.2.9

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEYSpaceape is a company that will destroy a great game after a couple of years because they don’t want to continue making new content. They will make lame excuses on why they are killing their game. It doesn’t matter how popular a game is they will kill it after a couple of years. The team is lazy in responses and in game development. They had one good game and it soon will be dead. I’ll never play another Space Ape Game!.Version: 1.99.0

Not bad but not greatThe game is an advance on other games like clash. However this game is damaged by developers that get too hungry. Special chests that only give a small chance of securing what is advertised and more advanced chests that give no better reward than basic chests. The definition of high chance needs to be stipulated and arena chests restructured.Version: 1.0.29

Too many resets.The game can be fun but to be competitive you have to spend a lot of money. Also older devices are not supported and in battle the app kicks you out frequently. SA has no plans to fix the issues..Version: 1.98.0

Another game you pay for constantly and poor supportAs this is a game where you constantly get bombarded with specials it's annoying . Granted it's a great game to play but always waiting for battle stones and get matched up against harder and harder bases it becomes hard to get a win streak. If you like paying for loads of battle stones and playing silly comps with no real reward then certainly play this game as its like Samurai siege where you always paying for some thing . Gone are the games of old where you could enjoy getting through levels and battle against different bosses to get to a harder level . Now you lose your money to make company's as space ape and apple richer and never get a reward where you can enjoy in using..Version: 2.2.9

MoneyMoney money money. Without it don’t expect much from this game!!.Version: 2.2.1

Cash grabUsed to be better but you can not make progress in the game unless you spend lot of money... not worth the time.Version: 1.99.0

Impossible to reach support!!!If your having issues with the game there are so many hoops and hurdles of you thinking you might be able to talk to support but there is no easy way or a way at all! Just wiki and some weird wiki dot that has nothing for help! Terrible business model!.Version: 1.0.70

Retired veteran user.Loved the game. Many months now game seems more tailored for players who spend the most. If you don’t spend you get stuck in limbo not able to progress very well. I played for a few years but finally said enough is enough. I finally quit the game..Version: 1.0.84

Should call it PAY TO PLAYBeen playing for over a year now and the change is obvious. Once you could pay for free and get a good all round experience. Now events are becoming transparent in their intent to make you spend real money. For example, I completed this weekends 3 day challenge easily within a couple of hours but the "apparent" reward required items not available in normal play, ie crystals. To acquire the 100 I needed I would have to spend £30. That might not be much to some but for me it may as well be £3000. So FREE it isn't and you'll find increasing peer pressure to open your wallet. Shame. Space Ape are already making a fortune from this game, so why increase the greed? I guess too much is never enough for some..Version: 1.0.39

Shocking gameWhat started off as a game of strategy is now probably one of the worst in the genre, and it's not even yet released globally . ATTACKS are either won mindlessly or not winnable, no half way house that requires you to think about an attack before doing it. After reaching max level the game is not worth playing. Terrible matchmaking; Repetitive villages to attack, impossible to beat villages at low win streak, and a points system that means if you win 5/6 of your ATTACKS you will lose points. Add to that the 6 months or so needed to make any further upgrades because of the cost of buildings, and it's an all round 0 star from me. Shame when it showed so much promise initially.Version: 1.0.17

Money grabbersLove the game, but it’s becoming a money greedy bunch. It was fun, but it needs to cut down events and keep the fun in the game. Chests no longer have great prizes in them and chests way too much. Give us a break SA!.Version: 1.0.89

UpgradesGreat game wasted with overly complicated upgrade too units.Version:

Do not trust this companyI am a longtime customer. First chance they get they will rip you off. If you want a game with constant purchase pop-ups, then disable touch-to-pay first..Version: 1.0.84

.Great game, but made for the big spenders now..Version: 2.2.1

Had great potential but...Gameplay is geared around whoever has the deepest pockets. Pay to win and now it’s even becoming pay to play. With lots of extra useless items in arena/ relic chests. The drop rate of useful boosts has dropped dramatically. Which in turn makes basic raiding become impossible as the senteniel effect was designed with a sh15 in mind not a sh18 so with no useful boosts awarded you can’t even do raids.. Same thing week after week..Version: 1.0.93

BugsGame crashes often. Won’t update on older iOS versions. Pay to win.Version: 2.2.8

Entertaining but expensiveIf you try to free play it you would not enjoy the game. Count on it. You will have to pay at least $40 a month to get a rewarding experience from it..Version: 1.0.75

CrappyYour events have become a travesty ... the latest is the worst yet .... none of the ladder prizes give nearly enough rewards to craft any of the ascension material ... 30/300, 20/250 ... and you can only make up the difference by buying packages. you can no longer progress in this game by playing ... you now have to buy chests and packages in order to complete things ... you should be ashamed of yourselves. people can no longer play their way to success ... they have to buy their way just to try to keep up!.Version: 1.0.48

Characters wantedThe game plays fairly well. Still some bugs to work out with AI troops and ancient powers working as stated. Information sharing is a major weakness: odds of acquiring ancients or other items is withheld... I have been playing since just about the beginning, and still haven't acquired most of the ancients... Not sure if I have to spend money to get them or not, as SA remains silent on the issue... When you first start the game, your name is generated automatically, and there is a character limit, so you may have a partial name... You can change it, once... Currently, the war matching is horrible... Very weak kingdoms are matched with very strong ones, and wars last for days. Each kingdom wars against the other five of the random selection one at a time... If this game follows Samurai siege match making logic... Time will tell....Version: 1.0.19

I agree with a lot of the latest reviewsI’m still playing the game...that’s only because of all of the effort and time I have put into my SH, and I have time due to lockdown. I’ve played this game since day one, it was so exciting at the start. Now it takes forever progress anywhere at high level. The only way you can quickly is of course to pay! The game has become greedy, and that has taken the spark out. Once lockdown is over I will play less, then will probably stop all together. It’s a shame..Version: 2.00.0

Sadly lost its mojo. Update after updateI first gave this game 5 stars. I used to love playing it. But that was 2 years ago. Now in order to get to the ( newer) upper levels you have to do x, y and z, all of which slow the game, and cost. There are also almost continual - it feels like weekly - updates - which are ok to download but then take ages to unpack. It’s become stale , repetitive and boring, and players are leaving in droves. I logged on this morning to find yet another update ( as there was last week) and that’s finished me off too. Just not fun any more..Version: 1.0.75

Trash? 😀I don't even know where to start with this one. This "game" is p2w on steroids. Just like every other game on the app store, copy-paste-profit is the formula. Enjoy this "game" if you want to be ripped off just like all the rest of the "games" (programs used for legal theft) on the app store. Cause there's absolutely no shortage of games exactly like this..Version: 1.0.73

Very laggyThere are either too many players for the system or they need to upgrade or change servers as the game is very laggy and I’ve put money into this game...shame.Version: 1.0.92

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