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Rival Kingdoms: Ruination App User Positive Comments 2023

Rival Kingdoms: Ruination app received 167 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about rival kingdoms: ruination?

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Rival Kingdoms: Ruination for Positive User Reviews

Great game, but still needs refinement.The game is still fantastic. The new content is great, the events really get everyone involved and the art is still superb. Although the prices are pretty ridiculous down the road, which causes progress to be very slow for the casual gamer, and the overall game does get a little repetitive over time, I still recommend this game as it is still very much a great game. And yet, the same issue still arises and continues to plague this game. I am talking about the lagging... And the *shivers*... Crashes. Although it has improved over the months, the latest update brings it back down to the pain in the hind that it was before. Its annoying and it significantly ruins the enjoyment. I understand no game is without bugs, but please, fix this. Further refine this game to be devoid of all bugs and lags. Other then that, this game is of course a great time and Offers much to do in a lovely fantasy environment. The gameplay has become far better than before in terms of evening odds between offence and defence, and the ancients have been equalised accordingly. A definite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. It would be an easy 5 if the crashing and lag was also fixed..Version: 1.0.40

Very good gameDon't get discouraged it is slow at start but it worth every time spent....just download.Version: 1.0.75

Great gameAwesome gameplay, great graphics, runs smoothly. This is one the best mobile games out there. But can you guys buff the mana hunters soon because they are weak compared to other troops, maybe give the squad an extra mana hunter for example.Version: 1.0.19

Advanced Strategic gameMaybe not better than clash of clans, but the game has features which stand out better than the game Clash of Clans. Attack with your choice of powers from a specific ancient super-powerful being. Not to mention, with your own dragon as well. Plus, you have been granted the blessing to fast forward your attack while attacking!.Version: 1.0.20

MooseNUCLFun game.Version: 1.0.48

TotalGreat game...really loving it..tnx space ape..Version: 1.0.68

GoodIts good game not just a copy of clash ... Its really different but the only problem is there are less than 150000 active players now....Version: 1.0.93

Fantastically addictive game!I've been addicted to this game since the moment I downloaded it over a week ago when it first went on global release on the App Store. Since then my phone has barely left my hand when I've been at home. Constantly checking have my battle stones re-filled, do I need to donate to my kingdom yet, does anybody in my kingdom need me to donate any troops, has my building finished upgrading yet... I could go on forever, there is so much to be getting on with in this game and the wait times aren't overly long so you won't get bored. The only thing I think they could improve on is possibly having the option to sell unwanted primus to get some extra gold as I find I have an awful lot of just lying around that at this time I'd rather sell to get some gold for upgrades. Other than that 5 star game. Looking forward to the next quest being unlocked tomorrow :).Version: 1.0.19

Am loving itNice game :).Version: 1.0.59

Amazing App!!I see people saying stuff like 'all this game wants is for you to use your money' but honestly I have never been pressured to use real money at all...Battle stones might take a long time but that reasonable since they are a important piece to battle...base building is really fun also the graphics and the idea of ancients is amazing... 9/11 bombs.Version: 1.0.18

Not just another remakeAt first, I thought here we go with another CoC remake. Although the core design is similar to that of clash, there are aspects that make this a very interesting game and it's so refreshing with great playability. Having battlestones is a great aspect. Also, being able to deploy all your troops at once and the ability to fast forward battles sets this game apart from clash. Its only natural to compare the two games with each having positives and negatives. It is not surprising that this game won an apple award for game of the month. I believe it will go from strength to strength as more players join the excitement. Well done creators, you have done the strategy genre proud!.Version: 1.0.20

Battleeeee yaGood game so far lots of fun . Customer support is way above the norm. Nice to get replies in a timely fashion and resolve to problems ! Get game very interesting and engrossing and of course fun!!!!.Version: 1.0.49

Great Game!Great Game, better then some I've played. Few things getting a little expensive but I like the concept of the battle/protection system. You don't have to be on ur constantly to get anywhere. Only thing I'd like to see changed is that you can save your battle stones that you win up in your inbox instead of been forced to use them when you win them. It will help a little to upgrade like saving coin winnings..Version: 1.0.20

This game is the key to time travelSo I started playing this game at 5.30pm on Saturday the 9th it's now Sunday the 10th 5.30pm where has the past 12 hours gone?.Version: 1.0.19

Simply brilliantSo much better than coc, cc and others. With dragons, magic and everything. Really really really expensive to play and very intense. But loved every minute of it..Version: 1.0.89

PotentialBeen playing since the Beta testing, some aspects of the game shouldn't of been changed but overall this game is challenging and enjoyable- give it a go! Enjoying it Watcher from Baby Kitty.Version: 1.0.19

U may like it.I thought I wouldn't like it but I haven't stopped playing..Version: 1.0.19

I'm a critiçKinda annoying how you spend the first half of the game being everyone's beat stick, also how it's a complete reset in your winstreak when you loose (rather than just a couple of setbacks) since you go back to vs complete noobs which is just boring and a waste of battle stones. Then begin the process again. Don't get me wrong it's fun (5 stars) but there are things to improve..Version: 1.0.23

AmazingThis is a amazing game, best spin off of clash of clans. But I don't like how you can be attacked while playing, but other than that I think its better than clash of clans, I also like how you don't have to waste time on training troops they're instant but I hate that it takes forever to get battle stones.Version: 1.0.19

Multiplayer issueThe reason why I gave 4 stars is because when you go multiplayer, you don't have option to skip the battle. You can only attack one person, I hope that they fix this issue and I give 5 stars,.Version: 1.0.19

WARNING highly addictive!!!Good job Space Ape!! You did it again, created a great game with first class customer support!! Let's see if we can hit 10 millions downloads here! I recommend this game to anyone who wants to play a game where your opinion counts more than profits! I'm so addicted it the only game I play now! My wife says hi😈.Version: 1.0.0

Awesome gameHi, I've been playing this game now for 12 months or so. I have met some great people playing and had a lot of fun. As you grow in game, you learn to strategise your attacks rather than use brute force and you can win against larger opponents. Other games it's more like who spends more money wins. Spending in this game does help you and your kingdom grow faster but it's not necessary and doesn't speed this up that much. I have spent less playing this game in the time I've been playing than I've spent in a week playing other games and I can beat some of the biggest empires in the game. It comes down to putting in the time and time you can't buy. I love this game and would recommend it to all ages. My kingdom (alliance) has people from 18 to 65 years old playing and they all loving it too. Thumbs up Space Ape..Version: 1.0.62

Awesome game play and characterFor the first time i experience this game, unbelievable so addicted, good. But when I update the game, the tournament dissappear in map has gone. Can u fix that space ape? I will give 5 star if u fix that. Thank you.Version: 1.0.24

Great game. But.....Great gameggghhnnnGreat game and you get to meet a lot nice people from around the world. Become close to a lot of RK family.Version: 1.99.0

Addicting Game.Please add undo button in edit mode and place the remove all button away from other buttons. Time consuming. I did not go to work for a day just to play this game..Version: 1.0.30

You will love this gameThis is the only game I been seen so far ...nice game,you will play all day long..and if you have any problems support teams will respond very quick..good game and good team work..awesome:).Version: 1.0.57

MatthewpmLove this game ! I ve been playing 7 years now ..Version: 2.2.10

Great gameplay and graphicsFirst of all, the battle system is great. You can quickly jump in and play due to the battle stone feature, rather than waiting ages for your troops to be trained, like other games which shall remain nameless! To compliment that, the fast forward button is a nice touch to speed things up if you know you’ve already won. Plus its awesome to see your troops mop up the enemy base in super speed. The varied spells that you can access with different ancients are cool, and allow for different tactics to be utilised. For example, you can heal troops, freeze enemy defences, use damage spells, or summon elementals depending on how you like to play. Also, the slow motion effect when you drag spells onto the map is useful for accuracy and makes it feel even more epic when you unleash a sick fireball onto the enemy base. The kingdom wars are fun, and you can get a good sense of community if you find a good kingdom to join. Overall, this game is easy to pick up and jump into without making a massive time commitment. If you want to get more involved you can join a kingdom and participate in kingdom wars, and there is a rich backstory to delve into if you are interesting in that side of things. This game does have IAP, so if that is not your thing I would recommend finding a different game, otherwise its awesome. p.s. sick graphics and effects.Version: 1.0.19

Great fun..Starts as simple fun, but as you rise becomes more involved...and addictive! Beware: Original concepts and different style of gameplay that may be habit forming!.Version: 1.0.22

Best game ever!This game makes all the others in this genre look like child's play! It's taken most of the routine out of other games, leaving you with nothing else to do other than have fun! I love how there's no need to queue troops, or wait for them to build. You can also change your troop composition after you've seen the enemy base! So many different heroes to discover and use in battle, do tournaments and alliance wars too!.Version: 1.0.0

Very AddictiveI'm a long time clash of clans player an I find this mor enjoyable, seems like there a more things available to players with raids an roles in the kingdom great work.Version: 1.0.19

Best Freemium Ever!Ancients are awesome, each have their own magical powers that combine with each other for some satisfying strategies! Always feels great to unlock a new one! Great story lines, no troop retraining after every battle, great graphics, just an AMAZING AND AWESOME GAME!!! And it just keeps getting better!!!!!! ❤👍🏻.Version: 1.0.58

Polished fun expansive gameFun engaging seems to be plenty to do and explore. Well presented. Doesn't seem to have any bugs. Great addition to clash and boom beach :-).Version: 1.0.22

Decent and improving.If you don’t mind spending a little money here and there it’s a little easier to get ahead. They are making some improvements based on a survey so I don’t want to say too much too soon. If you aren’t a hardcore player with an aggressively active kingdom don’t even dream of getting the top prizes in events..Version: 1.0.92

Love it .... AlthoughI love this game and have spent hours playing it !!! It's heaps of fun! Although the obvious they want you to spend money and space apes prices are just ridiculous and most of it is for a "chance" to win an item, example you pay $50 for a pack that comes with some chance of unlocking a rare or epic ancient... And then you get none ! It's a shame, they need to stop milking people and come back down to earth... End of the day we are what make your game successful, treat us well and we will spend, rip us off and you will loose in the long run. But other then that, I LOVE THIS GAME :D.Version: 1.0.26

So much funBeen waiting for this!! Build your own town with defences, awesome dynamic walls and your own dragon! There's no training armies but you have battle credits so you get into battles quicker. Battles can also be fast forwarded which is what I've wanted for ages in my other games. In battles you get ancient gods to control and launch fireballs or spawn undead troops. Rival kingdom really comes alive once you join a kingdom and take place in wars against other players. You can be a Lord or king or other types that get boosts. If you like CoC or game of thrones then you should totally download and play this. Look online for promo codes for extra gold and ancients..Version: 1.0.19

What can I say? Great game!! Very addictiveVery beautiful graphic, exciting war system, awesome game overall , the only game I play since I found it..Version: 1.0.18

Rival kingdomsHi all well I have been playing this game for a very long time,besides being a great game it lacks a few things,game issues,bugs,and the lack of response it don't matter how right you may be on what you find wrong while playing the game S.A.(space ape) will always find a way to say it's your fault,nothing wrong with the dragons or ancients,and so on but most irritating is that they never admit it's their fault and even when they do the don't compensate your loss,but I can tell you for a fact the only way to get ahead in this game you have to spend real money believe you me.Version: 1.0.30

Super jeu mais les packs sont chersCool jeu.Version: 1.0.56

Bien j'adore!Bien j'adore.Version: 1.0.60

The RTS future is here!I have been playing the game since this morning and have found it very refreshing as I used to play Clash of Clans a lot. The game has great graphics and a very modern UI which I also like. I find it it very rewarding to play and love the fact that when you 'battle' there is no next option, you are essentially have to deal with what you're given. One thing I dislike is the long waiting time for the new stones to battle, 15 minutes is rather inconvenient and would appreciate it if the developers at least knocked it down to 10. I anticipate that I will keep playing this game instead of other RTS games and believe Rival Kings has a great future..Version: 1.0.19

Fun gameWell made game. Easy interface and simple strategy type game play.Version: 1.0.22

AddictiveAddictive high intensity game, with strategy and dragons, same genera as COC but by far the better game, would give it ten stars if I could.Version: 1.0.42

Can't wait to see what the future holds for Rival Kingdoms.Great game that is still evolving and has held my interest for almost 18 months..Version: 1.0.52

Best war strategy game!If you want a war strategy game that IS NOT A CLASH OF CLANS KNOCKOFF, then this is the one to play! It's my favourite game of this genre, hands down. I wish there was more campaign mode, but aside from that its the best strategy game out there. Very easy to play and progress without spending money, assuming you have patience for upgrades. 5 stars all the way. Troop training time: non-existent. Nuff said.Version: 1.0.50

Pretty GoodGood game, flows well, rarely any glitches. Content is always being added, great events and kingdom raids. Only complaint I have is its hard to get a better dragon from the chests. The devs need to increase the odds of getting better dragons and ancients, and less primus/battle boosts. I'd give this 5 stars if it wasn't so hard to get a 2nd dragon..Version: 1.0.40

Well doneBrilliantly made and hard to put down..Version: 1.0.19

FunNice game! Cool visuals.Version: 1.0.58

Vendetta 😈😈😈Love this game coz it gives you this exciting moment to really focus on your strategy to beat your opponent ! Coming ....I'm back !!! Destruction !!! Destroy your enemies 🇵🇭still here and here to stay waiting for more upgrades and xtra rewards for every effort we give . Hopefully ! Thanks you ! More power to you guys ! Keep coming !to infinity and beyond ! 👍🏿.Version: 1.0.68

A great take on a classic genreVery good looking game, and it plays really well too. Smooth animations lovely character designs. I will be playing this for a long time! And it never ceases to amaze me, YES you have to wait for battle stones and upgrades, YES your FREE playing time is limited, all of these scruffs out there who want everything for free, dont you morons understand how much it costs to make games like this, do you think companies should spend all of this money just to make this game and give it to you for free? WAKE UP FOOLS. if you like it and want to play more, get your wallet out, if not go play C&C or any of the numerous free rts games on the market, imbeciles,some gems are the same price as a cup of coffee......Version: 1.0.19

😎AwesomeGreat game ;).Version:

Great game, highly addictiveThis game is very addictive, has pretty graphics and good gameplay. You can play solo or join kingdoms and work with a team, and there's even side quests. As usual there you can spend money to level up faster, but you don't have to spend money to enjoy it! Worth a look....Version: 1.0.23

So addictiveThe best game ever I've played thanks for you spaceape.Version: 1.0.52

Great MMO StrategyWith regards to overall gameplay, Rival Kingdoms is kind of like a medieval and more serious version of CoC. But that's where the similarities stop. This is a completely different game. I've played dozens of MMO strategy games on iOS and this is definitely one of the best. You're not forced into paying real money (although you can buy diamonds to speed things up) and it feels very balanced compared to most other MMOs that offer in-app purchases. I rate this game very highly and encourage all strategy fans to give it a fair go..Version: 1.0.19

MultiplayerVictory should be also rewarded by keeping the battle stone used to battle...otherwise I'm enjoying the game.....and I had 2 battle stones when I opened game awhile ago with clock ticking down 2 mins 2 secs till battle stone 3 played the 2 I had clock now on 16mins grrrrrr till next stone. What's with that???.Version: 1.0.20

Amazing!!Very fun and addicting!.Version: 1.0.60

Good game but needs a refreshTokens to craft upgrades but a high chance of a duplicate. Mean this game is probably life limited and difficult attract new to game players.Version: 2.2.9

Great game but fix crashesI started playing this game since beta stage. It has a great combination of strategy, various ancients to fight battles, daily rewards, personal tournament (my favourite) and kingdoms to work together as a team. Using a mini iPad my biggest complaint is the number of crashes, making the game virtually unplayable. It is no good adding more features if you can't get the basics right. There has been an upgrade to try and fix it, but it has been to no avail. Great game, but for goodness sake, fix the crashes!.Version: 1.0.19

Love this gameAll it needs is other ways to earn rings.Version: 1.0.61

Quick and easyDoes get hard like all games similar, but wouldn't be fun with out the challenge. Love the fast forward feature during battle and the walls. Over its simple and fun 😃.Version: 1.0.20

Rival kingdomJe ne suis pas capable de faire la dernière mise à jour du 23 mars, donc je ne peu pas jouer, merci!.Version: 1.0.55

Very coolYou won't want to put this away.Version: 1.0.19

JimiThePearIf you play Clash of Clans you'll love this game it's addicting and fun and the UI is so smooth and nice.Version: 1.0.19

Addictive funI have been playing this game since the first year. It’s currently in its 4th year. I quit at one point but that was because my old kingdom was full of a-holes. This game has a huge social aspect so a lot of your enjoyment will depend on the other players and how you interact with them. The game has all sorts of players and kingdoms at different levels, so there’s something for every one. Finding the right kingdom will decide how much you enjoy the game. How much you you get out of this game depends on how much you put in to it. I’m currently in one of the top kingdoms and because I put a lot of time in I’ve managed to level up without spending too much at all. Other people spend crazy amounts in this game it’s true, but you can play it without spending anything if you like. Yes, it can be a money grab, but It’s your choice really. If you wanna play with the big boys then you gotta get in the game. It’s addictive, so start at your own peril..Version: 1.97.1

Fab, Fun, Expensive in game purchases!Great - but the in App purchases are eye wateringly expensive..Version: 1.0.68

Great GameGreat game just in my opinion things need adding! Maybe have levelling up so we all actually have levels that would be good. Also when sending troops to other players there the actual level of your own troop rather than level 1 they wouldn't seem to do much against higher strongholds. Also the cool down after the raid is absolutely pointless seen as tho we have to wait 24 hours anyway for the raid to finish! Other than that no faults superb game.Version: 1.0.19

TerrificMonth in and still going strong..... Works really well - loving it..... Replaces a previous game easily. Another plus is its ability to work over a satellite link with all the inherent comms delays! Editors Choice = good choice and no pressure to spend money :)).Version: 1.0.23

👌I've played every Clash of Clans spin-off there is and this is by far the best. I've played CoC for years now and I've been looking for something similar but with individuality. This is what I've been looking for! Great graphics, unique yet familiar gameplay and a wonderful, smooth interface. Please keep adding levels, troops and events! Great game, I'm already hooked..Version: 1.0.19

Calb818Brilliant! Very addictive and it knocks spots off some of the other strategy games out there! It does however need to have a refresh just like the cost of living going up trying to reach SH20 and have all upgraded needs larger drops of rewards to bring it in line with the huge amounts needed.Version: 2.2.11

AwsomeThis game just keeps you wanting to come back, unlike some others that you get bored of after awhile..Version: 1.0.23

MrGreat game even still beta version. Space Ape took player feedback seriously and implement it next release. Great job guys.Version: 1.0.17

A good 'different' all round game!I (as I'm sure most people) expected this to be a yet another rip off of some other well known games on the App Store! It's not! Love the different ancients you can choose, their upgrades, the quick battles, no need to wait for training troops, the chests with bonus, the progressively harder opponents with progressively higher wins! The only down side is that I get an even bigger ear full off of the wife as this takes up more of my time! Well worth giving it a go! It's not been out long but you wouldn't guess! Well done!.Version: 1.0.19

Lot of funVery fun little game, lots of things to do which other games could take a page from..Version: 1.0.63

Fairly good.It an excellent game that doesn’t need you to pay to progress. I played this game for three years and have seen it change. Some of the characters are no longer unlock-able which makes a completionist like me a little frustrated because I wasn’t able to unlock it when it was out. But overall the game play is good the online community is great and you don’t have to pay to play so they get a well deserved three stars. They could get the full five if they allowed you to unlock those characters..Version: 1.96.0

XmasUpdateIs there a Christmas update coming soon ?.Version: 1.99.0

I love it so much!💕👌🏽I've been playing COC for a while and I thought I might play Rival Kingdoms because I thought I might if it a go. I actually like this game way more then I do COC.😊 But the only thing that's happening with the game is; it glitches a bit. It would be nice if that can be fixed. Also; the walls are expensive as😁 might wanna down grade them a bit. But apart from those two things; Rival Kingdoms is AWESOME! I'd recommend it to anyone who is playing any games like this..Version: 1.0.20

Playing since Feb 2015....So stop asking me to rate it!!!! Lol, that popped up… do I get extra now for commenting? Rings would be nice. :).Version: 2.2.11

It's about time Clash of Clans get violent shakes and slaps!A game at last to not only rival CoC but surpasses it in the both the large and small things. There are also small usability touches that matters to people who plays everyday that CoC never bothered with for years. I'll leave you to play it and find out! The user interface can be confusing due to the scope of it all but you'll pick it all up after a few days. The game is not perfect and there are more work to be done, but there are a lot of good stuff hitting the marks for a new game. The raiding can feel repetitive but it does get more interesting and challenging the further you advance (as long as you don't often blame your level of upgrades for failures instead of rethinking and possibly learning ideas from other good/better players). If you like the game, buy a few things in the game to support it's on going development and the developers deserve our support for their effort. Keep combining great gaming ideas with attentions to the small usability things that matter a lot to people who plays every day and you will set new competitive heights for CoC..Version: 1.0.20

IntéressantSalut, je trouve ce jeu très intéressant, beau graphique et très bien conçu. Mais je ne reçois pas la mise a jour alors je ne peux pas jouer sans faire la mise a jour.Version: 1.0.72

Addicted!I'm pretty new to gaming, and as a result I don't have that much experience of lots of different games, but I love this one. The graphics are brilliant, especially all the weather and the moving water, and the sound effects that come with it. And the music, ugh, just amazing! I like that it's not just mindless, like some other games, and I can actually follow a storyline, and see the difference with me playing over and over again. Brilliant game, can see myself playing this for a long time!.Version: 1.0.19

So addictive.Fantastic game with new content keeping us entertained very regularly. It's not too pushy with regards to premium content/currency and you certainly don't need to spend money to advance (I haven't). Beautiful artwork and excellent chat functionality for those of us who see multiplayer games as a chance to socialise as much as a chance to battle. Worth every star. ★★★★★.Version: 1.0.24

Useless updateThis latest version is a piece of cra-!!! It keeps bogging down and then cuts you off. Come on guys din’t launch updates that are not cooked. It’s VERY frustrating and you will lose players..Version: 1.0.92

Rival-icious: What A TreatFinally...an addictive and complex battle system, glorious animations and effects and a layered backstory and lore that sparkles. The Kingdom dynamic is inspired and supporting your allies has never been so rewarding. Sure, battle intensity scales, but who would want it any other way. Destroying straw bases is no fun, ask the big bad wolf! The reward is seeing your ancients and troops grow into monsters and knowing you are tussling with other growing players. Most impressive, the game is constantly evolving with daily quests, weekly events and new content. And there is no need to spend a penny. I bought a $20 start up pack to speed up early levels and support the game, but at SH10 now and improving steadily. Upgrading is more challenging, but absolutely possible without too much sweat. Could not recommend enough :).Version: 1.0.22

Great graphics, the rest ....The graphics are great but I'm not liking the setup to the gameplay features and the adds, you get them in every free game I know but come on, the most unattractive adds and setup for features I've seen.Version: 1.0.43

Nice surpriseRival Kingdoms is a nice surprise. You don't need to train troops, you can choose what troops and hero you want to use at the beginning of battle. You can take however long you want to plan your attack before it starts. Even more amazing as I found out recently, if you get disconnected in the middle of battle, it just resumes right where you left off. SO COOL! why didn't any other game do this before? Now... It is still a free-to-play game where you are limited from playing too much. In this game, they introduced battle stones which you need to go to battle. It is recharged every 20 minutes up to 5 stones. This is still great compared to other games in the genre. Instead of waiting around for the last few troops to finish training, you do 5 battles which takes about 10 minutes and then you go do something else. It fits very well to my busy adult gamer lifestyle. Thumbs up for pushing the genre forward! Hope other games follow suit..Version: 1.0.19

Nerfs spoil a good gameStarted out great, then they nerfed EVERYTHING. I don't mind paying for IAPs, but SpaceApe have gone too far the other way now with changes to ancient levelling and constant 500 primus drops from chests instead of anything decent. Cmon guys, give a little back to loyal players already. Constant requests for ratings are also incredibly annoying..Version: 1.0.20

Excellent! And keeps getting better!A great entry in the genre with an interesting, bug free, network connection tolerant and detailed game with great depth! It also has some clever game mechanics that fit really well! Definitely worth a look..Version: 1.0.22

Kingdom of cashIt's a money game...I'm a king in the game...but most of the team left due to events ... u need to spend to make the goals....I'm disabled so haven't got spare cash...it is fun though...and has many challenges to overcome....download now and join my team the order. Play play playing then play some more :) Plus all new levels :) Join for your honours sake 🐈✌🏻.Version: 1.0.68

AttackThis is an engaging game, the heart of which is your kingdom. Upgrading takes time and patience but is worth it when you get there. It is possible to make progress without spending money, but be warned, it’s almost impossible to get on to higher levels without it. Apart from anything else you don’t want to let your kingdom down. The use of key figures - the Ancients - is also pretty central to the game. There are many each with their own unique special powers, so there is always variation to the theme. Key to success - find a kingdom whose style fits with yours and stick with it..Version: 1.0.70

Better than Chuck Norris!!!Don't pay attention to the guy above. Currently the game is still in development but i havn't had any probs. similar to boom beach but MUCH BETTER!!! This game takes loads more strategy than any other game comparable. Clash of clans, boom beach, samurai siege, etc. great thing is that it doesnt take tons of time to play and it looks gorgeous!! For sure check this one out!!!.Version: 1.0.18

Nice work guysHigh graphics new game play 👌👌👌.Version: 1.0.56

Fun gameLots of fun to play.Version: 1.0.50

AwesomeSpace Ape does it again! Simply a great individual and team game..Version: 1.0.0

Just brilliant!I dont leave many reviews but this game is probably my fave ever on ipad. Been into dominations but the build times are insane, you can play this without paying quite merrily, sure theres slight waits for things but no way near other similar titles and the devs have to make money somewhere so to anyone moaning about iap - its free! Quit your whining! The graphics are the best iv ever seen on a tablet, just beautiful, very fast engine, very polished, reminds of a blizzard game! High praise indeed..Version: 1.0.19

Was fun until company was soldThis game was great until Space Ape was purchased. Now you HAVE to do an event every weekend to keep up with the content. They’ve become money hungry slum lords..Version: 1.0.89

The game is greatThe art is really great and all but it would be nice if the ancients had proper left and right versions instead when using them in battles and viewing them instead of just mirroring the single existing image. Ps an art book of the game or some sort of compilation of the art would be really cool, pretty much everything looks really cool so an art book would probably do very well.Version: 1.0.54

Absolutely awesomeFantastic game with a great tutorial so if you are a bit lost after the first bit the game still guides you which I find fantastic. Easy layout which makes it awesome to play not to mention the great graphics.Version: 1.0.19

InsaneThis game is awesome,hope the upgrade of all things cost less.Version: 1.0.20

Great GameThis game is amazing, I don't understand how this game isn't In top charts? Like, the graphics are amazing, the whole ancients, the whole EVERYTHING about the game is just top notch. This game, honestly is better than Clash of Clans, and games that copy it. And you may say, "Rival Kingdoms does copy Clash of Clans", well some parts, yeah. But honestly, this game is unique and beats all Clash of Clans rip offs, and the original. :3.Version: 1.0.33

More expensive for apple owners...This game is really good, but the in app purchase gets you.. The most disappointing thing is that bundles are more expensive for those of us playing with our iPhones or iPads than for those with Samsung phones... Not impressed..Version: 1.0.57

I love it!Nice graphics, strategy required. No time wasting stuff...you can fast forward..Version: 1.0.20

Great funDon’t start playing this game you will become addicted. Been playing for 2 years and still fun.Version: 2.1.0

Pleasantly SuprisedHaving played Clash Of Clans (never really enjoyed) and more recently Dominations (good but repetitive) thought I'd give this a go, and I'm more than happy I did. The graphics are great and although in essence it's very similar to COC and its ilk what sets it apart is how the battle system works. No need to worry about attacking and losing your sheild, you keep it for its full duration. Just as well really, you can have far more battles a day with the battlestone system, and the addition of different ancients and dragons you can swap out on the fly before each battle after you've surveyed the battlefield brings an additional tactical edge. The story and lore are top notch too and I'm counting the days till the next single player set of missions are released. Don't delay, download now. What do you have to lose?.Version: 1.0.19

Best online game I have found.Fantastic game. They have managed to find a great balance between playing for free and buying boosts. You can do just great without paying a dime, or you can add to your fun by spending as little, or as much as you want. You’d really have tons[end a lot of money to dramatically change your position in the game, so unlike some, it isn’t easy to just buy your way to the top. Great game. Highly recommended..Version: 1.95.0

The best strategy game ever!Among all the strategy games I've played, Rival Kingdoms is definitely my favorite one! Can't stop playing it! Totally addicted! 😁😁😁.Version: 1.0.19

Still the best game of its typeYes, there have been problems in the past. But no other game offers a comparable level of playing experience. Space Ape seems to want to change things for the better..Version: 1.0.84

Build and smash gameI didn't play CoC so I can't compare it like most other but it's a great build a kingdom and smash the enemy game. Unique elements like Ancients add a new spin on the traditional army building games. Game slows down as you get higher which is the norm for most of these games. In game purchases are available but you don't need to buy and still be competitive. Graphics are awesome as well as the music, they really put some effort in. Drains the battery but you can see why. Try it out if you like building armies and building kingdoms..Version: 1.0.24

Could be great[This is an update from a previous review, following updates to the game] This game is getting better. There are still issues with the devs regularly making fairly dramatic changes, and a big economy issue (see below), but many of the other issues this game has had have been resolved or improved. The key to this game is joining a good kingdom as early as you can, thus making it a genuine team game. With a good kingdom you'll enjoy the game immensely. Not sure if it's quite best in genre, but it could be if they resolved the ring issue below and with a few other tweaks. A big drawback is that the devs recently implemented a crazy-high "ring" requirement to advance in the game, which basically makes getting ahead after a certain level impossible without "gemming it", paying considerable amounts of real money - once you're hooked of course. And those gems ain't cheap - you're talking about > $100 to upgrade your base. Each time. Or spending weeks of repetitive raids several times a day to collect enough rings to advance. For each level. If it wasn't for the rings, it'd be getting closer to a 5-star game. Definitely worth a look anyway..Version: 1.0.17

Rival Kingdoms: With Patience & Time.. Your Kingdom will Rise..Q: Do I recommend 'Rival Kingdoms? A: Definitely 😎👍. This is a very addictive game. Choose your Ruler with a power of either Fire, Ice, Poison, Lightening or Death.. 'Rival Kingdoms' gameplay, depends on your lust to win every battle, and your patience to grow in strength.. Be patient and your Castle & Defences can be built strong & effective... Oh! did I mention the 'Dragons'. Once you are up and running, join other players and create a kingdom. Fight other Kingdoms and rule the League. Upgrade you characters and strengthen you ancient allies.. (and your Dragons). It is no different from any other game of the same genre.. except for its awesome graphics and the crave of megalomania, which in turn rewards you with gifts of upgrades and treats. If you play everyday.. you are rewarded with gold, gems, power crystals, chests or if your lucky, at the end of the month.. a hero. Enjoy..... ✨😎👍✨.Version: 1.0.23

Both simpler and yet better than CoCIt's kind of like CoC 2.0 in many ways - the game play is better, you realistically get more attacks. It's a million times better than boom beach and its clones. But it's also simpler: leave your CoC knowledge at the doors, the intricacies don't apply here. As someone tired of CoC it's a welcome relief, but if you want CoC 2, don't bother. Only downside is developer can't work out how to make money from it - always trying to throw expensive packs at you without realising candy crush made hundreds of millions from the 69p purchases..Version: 1.0.23

What a wasteGarbage. Been playing for years now and not one mythic ancient. Sucks.Version: 1.99.0

AddictiveI can't seem to get sick of this game highly recommend it..Version: 1.0.19

😊😀👌🏼Addictive indeed! I've been playing since May and I am loving it!!! I've found an incredible Kingdom "Cunning Stunts" who are supportive and share valuable insight of the game. Monthly events are also fun, especially the Malice event, we had a ball working together to capture her. We hope you find solace with the game as we have..Version: 1.0.26

LOve it so farGreat game really enjoying it so far, but you guys need to do more deals for gems cause buying them normally is to expensive atm, also walls are way to expensive for how easy you can take them down. Thanks keep up the updates!.Version: 1.0.0

TeamworkA team game, like any other game, has it’s issues. The ability to make new friends with people all over the world is truly enjoyable. Support gets back to you right away with any issues. Overall very fun to play..Version: 2.2.11

Très bon jeuJ'ai adoré ce jeu..Version: 1.0.65

GOOD GAME THE BEST BUTCurrently the best game out of supercell clash of clans, ur other game samurai siege, kabam games this means war and dominations. Ancients, boosts and alliances r the best. Just one thing. No battle stones, more rings and a ring production no Facebook, better high chance of every ancients except the superior and a few more troops plz and I'll give full support. Plz reply.Version: 1.0.23

Rival kingdomsOne of the best game around, fun, exciting, meet players from all over the globe. Very addictive and interesting kingdom and individual events that keeps you entertained and will make you not want to stop playing. New events interactive features that are added regularly, never have to wait long for new levels to be added to the game. The most fun game I have played in a long time. If you are competitive and want to be one of the top members in your kingdom and in the game this game is for you..Version: 1.0.65

Great game, better combat mechanics than similar themesThere are many empire building strategy games about, but this is easily one of the best. The controls are simple, graphics good and the game itself doesn't seem to be too power hungry (on a 5s anyway). The selling point for me over other similar games are the combat mechanics. They are simple but flexible with a wide range of powers. You also don't need to wait after each battle to retrain your army so you can just go right into the next fight..Version: 1.0.20

Great varietyHave played all the popular on line War games.. Game of War, Clash of Clans etc. this one offers more then just the build, kill, build, kill.... loving it!.Version: 1.0.62

Great gameAll features are awesome , but i don't like castle design!.Version: 1.0.18

Need fixI have an IPhone X, I just updated the app, before the gameplay was too small to fit the screen. Now the gameplay fills the whole screen. I have a that notch in the way, and the edges are rounded. It harder to view the screen. Please to make changes on to fit the aspect ratio on for the iPhone X..Version: 1.0.84

Best game EVER!!!There's so much to love about this game. I can't rate it high enough. The graphics are insane. The interaction with your kingdom is so cool and the battles are mind blowing. It's so addictive. AAA+ from me. Nice SA..👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽.Version: 1.0.35

Not BadOnly one problem is We can't Assist or Help out in Upgrading Any members in Our Guild they should consider it Assisting while your attacking A Base.Version: 1.0.68

Years of funChallenging game. Meet people from all over the world. Build your own castle. Raid other castles. Lots of events. Fun fun fun.Version: 2.2.1

Every new update slows down your device!Let me start with saying that this game is really nice and addictive, but it got ruined by greedy developers and inexperienced tech support. Every single update they spit out, marginally slows your device to the point where it's not enjoyable to play anymore. My iPhone 7 looks like it has 5 year old technology, and don't even bother if you have iPad Air, cause it's crashing all the time, or doesn't even load at all! Add another thing, that events now are specifically made for the people with deep pockets and I'm started to think if I should bother playing it at all. The enjoyment is gone long time ago and if they won't optimise it for older devices, and get less greedy, they will loose a lot of customers..Version: 1.0.59

Very very niceHope it's stays this way so far so good.Version: 1.0.0

Nice gameVery nice graphic but if u wanna get the better rewards most of the time u need to spend money.Version: 1.0.54

Worth it!!!Great game.Version: 1.0.52

Fun and addictiveGreat graphics! Really fun to play, lots of rewards and no need to buy gems to play (but can if you wish to speed things up) but really not pressured to buy- which I like. I've stopped playing clans because I really like this and it's too hard to play two of these games..Version: 1.0.20

Cut above the restI must say, I thought this might be just another one of those games where you build and wait yet this feels a lot different to the others. Waiting time for battling is non existent which is great! You can also skip building time for the last 5 minutes which helps a lot at the early stages of any new building. But to finish it off, it's the ancients that make a great difference. Battling and spell towers allows the player to change how they battle and defend making everyone different to the next. Highly recommend..Version: 1.0.19

RK Every day !Creepy Halloween decorations!!! So cool, the spider made me jump out of my chair! No other game on the market commits to making each update a genuine improvement in the game with events and art. The latest alliance competition was awesome, it let all players engage not just the high level and gave away loads of cool prizes including an Ancient. It's clear these developers care a lot about there players, adding in new features so keep engagement and constantly looking to improve- as seen not so long ago with the new guardian arena and the latest events. So many ancients to choose from, and each are well balanced so it's the strategy that really counts when using them! I've become close friends with my alliance members and love logging in to raid with them. Best game I've ever played on mobile! I love you space ape..Version: 1.0.26

Superb, 5 star Build & Create gameThis game is extremely addictive. Instead of cloning Clash of Clans concept like rest of the games under this category, they created something new for all of us. Superb storyline, awesome kingdom rules, easy to understand the game concept. I seriously recommend this to anyone who is looking for something more serious in their gaming..Version: 1.0.19

Need more Avatar and more MagicGreat game just needs a good update. Love playing this game. Magic spells and Portos and please more avatars thanks.Version: 1.0.80

Rival kingdomCame for a visit ended up staying 3yrs in March love it very addictive meet very interest people from around the world have no interest in leaving . Love my kingdom..Version: 1.0.70

No bugsThis game is visually pleasing better than clash of clans in multiplayer service and doesn't use money to attack but things called battle stones which is a unique idea I like this game a lot pick it up and play it.Version: 1.0.19

More ways to get chaos primusMore ways to get chaos primus, less days for updates.Version: 1.0.70

Time killerGreat for killing time. A few glitches to be worked on. Crashes on a regular basis..Version: 1.0.19

Better since the updateGood game, takes a while to get into it but worth persisting. Plus: Good graphics and display, on this front, the 2D is the only downfall. Visually though, a very attractive game. Plus: Good chat functionality. Global chat, Kingdom chat, individual chat, Private chat. Plus: lots to upgrade, keeps the interest going. Upgrades take the right amount of time, right amount of gold etc. good balance here. Plus: Good support from developers so far. Good communication Negative: The Only way to fight in the game is with battle stones which take 20 minutes to charge, so no quick raids. You choose your troops for each battle and there is no troop training time, 1 battle stone = fight with an army of your choice. Negative: You can't choose your opponent in battle, so after waiting 20 minutes you may have to fight someone for minimum loot (annoying!) Negative: we are constantly asked to write reviews!!! Negative: constant push to buy diamonds. We don't need to be asked, it ruins the experience. If we like the game enough, we will purchase them. Please, developers, we need an easier way to rebuild our bases.... A base editor in the next update would be fab!.Version: 1.0.24

Rival Kingdoms Age of RuinA great game, that I play every day in a league. We have fun battling other leagues and talking to each other on line. The developers were very helpful when I had problems with my account . All around great game, except that if you miss a day or are late getting back to the game , they take the gold you have earned away from you. Would be five stars if it wasn't for that. Once we earn the gold it should be ours to build up or spend as we see fit in the game. Hands Off Our Gold..Version: 1.0.63

Well balanced, great programming, great gameBeen playing Rival Kingdoms for quite a few months now, and have to admit that I'm hooked. The game is well balanced, keeps evolving at a speed that doesn't overwhelm yet keeps game play interesting. Only gripe would be the non-existing email function that so many other games of this type have adopted. But really: It's a game you don't need to spend money on if you don't want to, but with patience still can progress quite nicely. You have to be in it for the long-term, so be warned: it's for people who are used to playing in 'clans', 'alliances' etc, so - get on it, it's fun!!! Ewok aka Ronny.Version: 1.0.32

Awesome game!!!I’ve been playing this game for about three years and I have 3 different Strong Holds and I really love this game it’s a great way to blow off some time and you meet all kinds of people from all over. Just an all around great game..Version: 1.0.76

Great game!Comment update! Continuing improvements have cleared up a lot of bugs. Stunning Graphics have been improved! Gameplay and matching appears to be better. Previous comments below: Just as addicting as Samurai Siege but in a different way. Not as intense and time demanding as SS wars because of the anti-gem burning device called Battle Stones. But can also be time consuming because it only allows attacks every 20 minutes only, unless you get some free attacks as a bonus. I would write more but I am having a problem seeing what I write on an iPad. Anyway, it is a great game!.Version: 1.0.19

Rival kids ngdomsI like playing with the people from all over the world and making new friends. I don’t like space apes charging so much to be successful at the game. They want us to spend to much money. If they lowered their prices more people would have stayed in the game and they would make more money. Lots of people retired from the game because it cost a lot to play and it’s hard to keep up. The game is good, the friends are great, but space apes are greedy!.Version: 1.0.79

Not perfect yet, but very nearly!An excellent game that outdoes COC and all the others. Takes a couple of days to get the hang of ui but that's needed for its playability. Download this and play, you won't regret it. I saw someone moaning in another review about battle stones and waiting for them. But look all of these games have some time element and of course they want you to spend money. It does cost them to develop these games you know! But you don't have to spend money to enjoy this....Version: 1.0.20

Best game :)You will enjoy it :).Version: 1.98.0

Good but can be better..A lot of potential. But like many other reviews, it can be hard to keep up with the best if you don't pay. I have paid a couple of pounds here and there, then you wonder what you spent £3.99 on..... I don't mind paying a little now and again, after all you would pay £30-£40 for a console game. My biggest gripe is that the events can be impossible to do, and with not completing these you don't get the best characters and prizes!! The rewards are also rubbish at times for putting in so many hours. I still think this game is better than its competitors like clash of clans. But it's still within that pay to play if you want to get anywhere. All in all it's a good game and I give it four stars. There is plenty hours of play and the graphics are great. But there is a massive divide between ,not even the top level players, but the average players. could be so much more but still worth a play.....Version: 1.0.44

Brilliant graphicsBest-in-show graphics and animations. Addictive and superbly designed. Standard gameplay for a game of this type, but with added tweaks to make it interesting on its own. Well done..Version: 1.0.19

Addicted againAnother successful addictive game from Space Ape. Great game play and interaction with Kingdom options.Version: 1.0.19

Losing interestLots players are quitting the game. Many unhappy. No good boosts in chest. Need more mana boosts New people join but quit cause they missed opportunity to win new ancients or their ascensions. Lots of members missed out on the ascensions cause points to win event prize too high..Version: 1.99.0

I’m constantly on playing this gameI play this game every day. I love how easy it is to level up everything without spending a dime. Granted they give you reasons to spend money on here, it’s still easy to maintain a budget. The interaction is great with other players and respectful. Overall it’s an awesome way to spend an afternoon. They also have periodic sales events where everything is cheaper in game so it’s easier to lvl up. I just spent my afternoon getting to lvl 18 finally. Anya.Version: 1.99.0

Rival KingdomsGreat game concept, my favourite part being the kingdom wars. However if you are new and join a kingdom that is advanced you will find it hard to save for upgrades (defences, portals, ancients and walls) plus contribute to the kingdom upgrades (gold and rings) Let alone the donations can get quite expensive. But over all it is a great game..Version: 1.0.20

ADDICTEDI am addicted to this game, been playing for years…would be hard for a new person to catch up, but not impossible.Version: 2.2.11

Like a challenge?With so many different ways to attack, this game will keep you interested for a long time..Version: 1.0.47

Great gameFun game play with well timed advancement..Version: 1.0.57

AddictiveI play all of the other war games n this is by far the most complete strategy war game.. N there's a lot to do.. I do suggest to the developers to keep surprising us with additional gameplay or features...Version: 1.0.19

Great game!Recommend this as probably one of the best looking games with great attention to detail. The game is so smooth and well thought out. Definitely worth the time and doesn't get boring later on..Version: 1.0.24

Great game!!I love this game the ancients make it interesting. Not just your typical drop and watch game..Version: 1.0.50

Really funI like the interaction with my team mates. Great to see new ancients. Like it that developers listen. great game!.Version: 1.0.29

Great GameHave been playing this game now for 2 weeks and I'm really enjoying playing this game! Great graphics..Version: 1.0.19

FunI like the game it's fun the only thing I with u would get more rings when fighting takes to long to build up.Version: 1.0.63

Rival KingdomsA great game and free if you are very patient. If your in a hurry be prepared to spend the national debt of Egypt..Version: 1.0.89

Needs work, but still greatTons of bugs, but it's still in beta, so people should relax. There are always growing pains with a game prior to its release, and the new update has made people actually have to think about strategy rather than "pallyrax" (sorry reg, lol). They will get it right soon....be patient.Version: 1.0.2

Sad they use to be so goodStarted this game a long time ago. Very social, wonderful graphics. Lately the prize base is shrinking ( from top 30 teams to top 10) making it very expensive to stay in the game, graphics have gone Disney(from aliens to mice in clothes), and there have made leveling ancients only for the very rich. Sad. It was a great game of international appeal that you could play fairly cheaply..Version: 1.0.79

Pretty cool beansIt's like clash of clans except it feels more serious and detailed. Anyone who likes clash of clans should find this game just as fine..Version: 1.0.19

BrilliantThe best game app I have ever come across yet slight room for improvement - the waiting process is to long i.e waiting 20 minutes for one battle stone and the build up to getting rings in order to upgrade things such as your strong hold could be reduced to lower rings/time. Other than them minor things I would really recommend downloading this app as it is time consuming when you have battle stones and enjoyable also it's very addictive!.Version: 1.0.37

Love this game!I've played this game for 6 months. It's challenging and very addictive game. The only downside is that I have spent a lot of money to “play”. Very expensive!.Version: 1.0.70

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