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The Voice Official App on NBC App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

The Voice Official App on NBC app received 10 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using The Voice Official App on NBC? Can you share your negative thoughts about the voice official app on nbc?

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The Voice Official App on NBC for Negative User Reviews

Could be betterI like the app but it could be improved. I would like to be able to hear the artists by clicking on their pictures. This would help me when initially building my team. I think the new thing with Linnea Moore was an interesting twist but I felt like it was a little unfair to her because she didn’t really get a chance to develop a fan base so she was kind of behind the eight ball from the get go. I would like to be able to download all of the songs including instant save songs and performances by coaches and their teams. An example was Deandre’s instant save song was amazing but I can’t download it. I would also like to be able to vote on the Instant Save from the app and not have to Tweet..Version: 3.10.1

FAKE, PHONY, OVERUSEDI really enjoy watching amateurs come out on stage and shine like the stars they are. I live watching all if the Vouce all over the world, including the Children's Voice and the rare Seniors Voice. On Americas Voice I find many of the judges fake, phony and for lack of better, broader vocabulary, incapable of giving honest and worthy, as well refreshing critiques. Tonight was no exception. Ariana isn’t as “exceptional” as a judge as I’m guessing your show hoped. She’s probably the biggest phony out of the entire cast from 20 seasons ago until now. Maybe if she’d get it right and realize “God is not a woman!” She’d be able to really think about what she has to say and not sound like “a broken record”. You should do whatever it takes to appeal to Christine Aguilera, she was intelligent and extremely gifted, beautiful and likable. She speaks eloquently and without rephrasing the exact same words for each contestant, she is given the opportunity to critique. All I know is Ariana is cute and can sing and all those accolades she continues to get may hold. But she’s not a good judge and not a Voice winning coach..Version: 3.12

App Shows Eliminations B4 Show!!!Anyone who lives on the West Coast or Mtn. time zones knows that we're already getting shafted by 'The Voice' b/c we have to do any instant voting blindly at the end of our workday or while we're commuting, etc. (usu. around 5:45-5:50 pm PT). But to add insult to injury, although I do like many aspects of the app, I was upset to find out that one of my favorite artists on my team had been eliminated on the Tuesday, May 2nd show BEFORE the show was even broadcast here!!! I accidentally opened the app and found that she was already "grayed out!" Geez!!! So much for suspense! So thanks to The Voice for ruining this for me... I'm considering giving up on the show altogether at this point... I live in LA where it's filmed and yet there is so little consideration for the people who live here! Feels awfully familiar (read: 2016 election). I just started watching this show as an escape from politics, but I'm having that déjà vu feelin' all over again... And not at all sure that I trust that votes can be tallied that quickly anyway during the tiny five-minute 'instant save' window. Really? It's a perfect opportunity for producers to rid themselves of artists that aren't as profitable to them or that they don't like for whatever reason despite the artists' popularity....Version: 3.3.0

Show losing appeal—used to really enjoy itSorry to say that some changes to the Voice are causing me to watch fewer shows each season. First—I miss getting to see the coaching. That was a BIG part of the show’s appeal for me and it used to be much bigger part of the show. Also it seems there are so many country artists that it isn’t really so enjoyable anymore. I am glad for their success, they seem like very nice people and I was glad when they initially were more of a presence on the show (I like variety and do enjoy country music in limited doses) but I just don’t enjoy hearing that much country music. I like Blake a lot and think he is a great coach, funny (except for the Adam thing) but I don’t like to see alcohol use by anyone during a family show. I heard Adam is leaving and I think it will be SO nice not to listen to the negativity between him and Blake. It was boring and obnoxious the longer it lasted. When it was lighthearted it was fine but it went too far too often. I love Kelly, enjoyed John Legend and Adam. It is nice to have a variety of singing styles by coaches. I miss Alicia Keys. I hope the show will have more of a balance of singing styles including some Latino music. I like the people from various heritages on the Voice. Thank you for many moments of entertainment..Version: 3.7.0

The Voice appMy voice app does not keep me logged in on my iPhone. When I am ready to vote or check the teams the app stops working and tells me to log in again. Sometimes the app says to log in and I start the log In Process and then the app goes back to where I started originally but logged in already. I have missed out on points for logging in on alternative days when the show isn’t airing but I really don’t understand why I need points or what the benefit is to getting points. Is there a grand prize at the end? When I tweeted the coaches I just received advertising on their products which really don’t interest me. I would like to see a bigger bang for my buck! Thank you.Version: 3.11

Great to disappointingThe voice was very funny at first and I really liked how was the beginning we didn’t have to see all the bad singers to get to the good ones. This year is been awful. Can’t stand Gwen and all the flirtations. Kelly needs calm down. She’s spastic. Blake for the last few season has not been picking out good songs. I think he forgot that the objective is to capture the audience and make them want to listen to them every week. He has no country? Normally during the tryouts you can pick two or three people who are going to take it home. I think Kelli‘s team is the strongest and Blakes team is definitely the weakest. But I really don’t like all the rule changes every season. The one that they replaced is very wrong was that if you were placed in the top 10 of iTunes you got the singers got more votes. As for the app it used to be a really good way to quickly vote but now I can’t even find how to vote and so therefore I’m not participating. May stop watching..Version: 3.8.0

Major flawLove that you are able to play along from the beginning of the show and pick your team. Also love that you can vote for your favorite artist right from the app. However, at some time during the battle rounds I opened my app on Tuesday night and noticed I had no team at all! They were all gone( not gray,but replaced with red circles with a plus sign in the middle) It was if I had not made a team at all. I had to go back and add team members. I lost that they had been my team members for 40+days. It showed 1 day. Ok. Whatever. So a few weeks later I’m down to two fabulous artists. Monday night the top 11 perform. All is good. The next night, on Tuesdays elimination I open my app and have no one on my team again! And they say the team building has been locked. We can no longer add to our team. It’s disappointing to say the least..Version: 3.6.1

Seriously? Not even one word about Adam!I have been an avid Voice viewer for years but I am so disappointed in how you have handled the situation with Adam Levine and the two contestants. I will only continue to watch until the end of this Season, I'm invested now, then I will not watch any more seasons. How can you say the show is not rigged or that you are not racist with how this situation was handled. I honestly believe that management, directors, etc., of the Voice set this situation up the way it unfolded since you have not addressed it nor have you brought the young Black man back to perform after Adam embarrassed him. White girls have been the winners of this competition for any number of years, I honestly believe the Voice have thrown their support behind one of these girls, Reagan Strange to be exact. You are delusional if you do not think you will lose viewers over this debacle, because you already have, and will continue to do so if you do not do what is right and address this situation before the end of this Season next week. Thank you..Version: 3.6.1

Two teamsAfter making my team choices toward the beginning of the season, somehow my account and choices were lost. Not the end of the world. I’m just doing this for fun. So after letting The Voice app people know about the lost first account, I created a second account through FB and re-chose my team, making changes here and there as applicable. Yesterday, however, the night before the top 10 results, my old account shows back up and now I only have one team member as opposed to my three from the second team. Once again, not the end of the world - but kinda of bummer. I do like the ability to vote from the app. Hopefully next season my account won’t be lost and I’ll be able to keep the team I want..Version: 3.6.1

Need some minor improvementsLove the app, it's a fun way to play along with the broadcast but it needs some work. First of all the points don't update like they are advertised. My bigger issue is the the team size. The artists get 12 but we only get 5? It's almost impossible when there are so many nights of blinds and we only get 5 team members. My other suggestion is to make the artists interactive in such that you can click their picture and hear their audition. When it gets to the later days of the blinds and I'm still trying to set my teams, I can't always remember what my team members sounded like, that makes it hard trying to switch team members throughout the blinds process. I don't like that I have to leave the app to related to the artist..Version: 3.3.0

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