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Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release Negative Reviews

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Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release app received 48 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release? Can you share your negative thoughts about nike snkrs: sneaker release?

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Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release for Negative User Reviews

Don’t work for certain sizesIt seems like if you’re a size 13 UK then this app is not for you. There’s already a decrease chance of hitting due to bots. But for the last half a year or so I’ve been experiencing shoes that are meant to be in every size, with some cases the max size being size 19, completely missing size 13. For example, it will go from size 12 straight to 14. Tried to contact Nike customer support but they just ask for screenshots and say they’ll get back to you but never do. It’s weird because that shoe was produced in that size since other websites are selling it. It just seems like Nike don’t care because they’re getting their money regardless. App will also crash and not take payments during crucial moments..Version: 4.22.0

What a jokeNike shows all the future releases and gives you a “notify me” option but it doesn’t really matter because you can NEVER get the shoes you really want. I have everything set up with fingerprint recognition and the second they go on sale push purchase and always end up “in line”. After 3-8 minutes of waiting “in line” I get a message saying the shoes are sold out in my size and I should pick a different size and try again. Are you serious?!? They’re shoes. It’s not a flavor of ice cream. I wear a certain size and that’s it. Why would I want a different size? But don’t worry. Nike will reserve shoes for you that they think you’ll like. It’s just weird that they only reserve shoes that are widely available and don’t need to be reserved. I’m a true sneakerhead and want to buy shoes that I can wear, not that I can resell to make a profit. It’s an absolute joke the way it’s done and Nike doesn’t care as long as they get their money. Don’t waste your time with this garbage app. It will only frustrate you to see the shoes you actually want being bought up by resellers. I’m just wondering when Nike is gonna start selling clown shoes because that’s how they run this app. What a joke. 🤡👟.Version: 2.9.0

App has had problems since updateThis app has a tendency to make people either hate it or love it but that’s just how we gotta get the heat now a days. Frustrations aside taking an L on the app isn’t too painful, but waking up to not even be able to get in queue is terrible. Since the update the last 2 times I’ve woken up at 7 I was first greeted with “problem with payment information” along with the screen freezing on the “submit order screen”. Keep in mind I haven’t changed the shipping or payment information, I shrugged it off as a glitch and said let’s try tomorrow. Woke up this Saturday to try for the Notres and another glitch but this time with my shipping info. I don’t mind taking an L on the app, but not even being able to try and losing out on bonus sleep for the weekend makes the current version of the app unusable. Please fix the bugs so everyone can try, or just let the resellers keep driving your market..Version: 4.13.0

Terrible CheckoutI downloaded the app yesterday and set everything up specifically for shoes that were to drop today because I understood people have trouble with the app but I really liked these shoes out of any others in my time. Signed in at the correct time and was able to put shoes in my cart, went through normal checkout, and even added shipping info and confirmed everything, upon hitting submit it asked me to enter my password again (while signed in) in order to purchase. I usually use Face ID however for whatever reason this password was not saved and I used a unique password as typically suggested. I lost the shoes while attempting to reset the password. Deleted the app. If it’s for security, an email or text can be sent after the purchase to confirm order - if not for security I have no idea why someone signed into both their phone and the app successfully would need to enter their password AT THE END of checkout . Won’t download again, I understand now why people typically just overpay for resold shoes instead of dealing with this. Disappointed.Version: 4.14.0

Come on Nike pls fix this AppLiterally been spending money with Nike as a true collector for over 15 years personally and I barley win anything on here or get any type of exclusive access since I’ve made a return on some shoes they sent 3 sizes to small. Which was Nikes fault but ever since I did that it’s like I’ve lost all my points and privileges for the hundreds of thousands I’ve spend at retail with them over the years. They need to revamp this system because I’m sure I’m not the only whose experienced this and still do. I’m lucky to get anything now. Only the members access shoes and merchandise seem to keep me feeling special or like they truly appreciate my business. I just want access again and for them to fix their mistakes on the app. The bots are pretty bad as well which is why not having them look into ppls account when they truly have a problem matters to us true loyal customers..Version: 4.24.2

Poor push notifications performance and often crashesThis app is the only way to “buy” Nikes most popular trainers. The methods used; ballot; first in queue; exclusive access all require that the app is reliable and gives you the notifications you need. I have recently had exclusive access for a pair of Jordans - but I didn’t get any notifications of the grant of exclusive access and therefore couldn’t take advantage of it. When you are regularly unsuccessful in other ballots it is a bit of a kick in the teeth. Nike. Sort out this app. Stop it crashing and make it deliver the notifications to people properly..Version: 4.24.2

Apple Pay missing with the latest versionI updated my iPhone to iOS 16 and also to latest version of SNKRS app that was available in App Store yesterday. Since then I’m not seeing option to purchase product through Apple Pay. I wasn’t able to cop this morning release. I was about to cop AirMax 1 hemp and while i was trying to pay via other payment method. It was already sold out on my size. I’m not happy at all. You guys need a good QA engineer to thoroughly test your app..Version: 5.0.0

Good & badWhen first starting using the app found it easy and also managed to cop a lot of the shoes I wanted. recently this has not been the case, with a lot of people blaming bots(resellers) impacting on a proper sneaker head to cop the shoes they want to wear hence the 3 star rating. It would be positive for Nike/SNKRS app to put out statement stating they are committed to ensure that this who want to buy the shoe for their collection has priority & not those who looking to buy bulk to sell on. Another issue is I keep adding PayPal as a payment though the site keeps taking it off - don’t know why this is ? The ease of the site is good with great pics & insight into new shoes comin out and also some history of sneakers is awesome..Version: 4.9.1

Pointless App Where You Can’t Buy SneakersThis is basically a National Lottery App for sneakers….but unlike The National Lottery App, Nike doesn’t want your money/business and mostly likely to catch a L via notification/email. I haven’t won anything for over 2 years, entered over a dozen raffles for trainers and now I’ve just given up and disconnected me from the brand. All hype and no substance, that’s why I’m moved to New Balance, Adidas, Reebok, Asics..Version: 4.24.2

Just like the dealers do it...I like the idea of this app as it allows you to attempt to get limited release sneakers without having to wait in line at a store. However the major draw back is that the app VERY RARELY works as it’s supposed to, especially if it’s a shoe that has a drawing involved, at that point you might as well forget it. Today I tried to purchase the Air Max 90 Mars Landing and I went about my normal ritual of being up at the crack of dawn waiting for the release and just like always I completed the purchase protocol in about 3 seconds and got the “You’re in Line” message. After about 5 minutes of no notification I picked up my phone opened the app and saw that it was frozen and when it refreshed itself I got the “All of your size is sold out” 🤣🤣🤣. It’s laughable how pointless this app is, but we all keep trying because we’re sneaker junkies. So good on Nike for tempting us with a few transactions that actually worked, like dealers that sell a pure product but then cut it to keep you coming back for more because the high is weakened. Nike we love you but this app is an insult to your customer and fan base..Version: 3.9.1

Great app, poorly managed.I have not once won a raffle on SNKRS once since its release. While I understand this is about luck, I am left with no choice other than to pay obscene markups for the shoes I want via reselling websites and other marketplaces. Today on SNKRS day the community was full of excitement, but was met with nothing but disappointment; the event consisted of three underwhelming shoe raffles and early access (random invitations) for users to buy shoes they may have not even been interested in. As someone who was looking forward to this event, I was left frustrated without the opportunity to attempt to buy any shoes of my choice. This poorly managed event has only fueled the resale market even more... I hope the NIKE team learns from this and brings better managed and more exciting events in the future. P.s, letting your clients register for a chance to buy the shoes they want would be a much better approach than sending early access invitations to a random shoe. Ending the event in a bang (where dozens of raffles opened for the shoes that were available) could have been a better way to conclude the event. Thank you for trying regardless and I hope this improves in the future..Version: 4.9.1

Honest reviewI’ve use the snkrs app for about three years now and not once have I actually won and gotten a chance to purchase a pair of shoes, I understand it’s about luck but when you enter pretty much every draw and have never been picked within the three years I’ve been using the app that’s a bit ridiculous. Best off downloading sneakers and stuff because they show you what retailers are going to have the shoes in stock and going straight to the retailer because you will never win a draw on here.Version: 4.13.1

Terrible AppHas now ruined two releases for me in a row. Apple Pay does not work on this app. Every time I try to buy shoes, it says there was a problem processing your payment. This is the cards hooked up to my Apple Pay that I use to purchase everything else in the world, so I know it’s not my cards or my phone. Don’t try to get your release on this app, it will only screw you over. Thank god for footaction and finishline, they saved me both times. I will never use this app again though. It doesn’t even tell you if you got the shoes right away. How do you not know if you have them in stock? Every other website does. Then after 5 minutes of it sayin pending, it just says there was a problem processing the payment. I tried all of my cards, including credit cards that have a ton of space on and it doesn’t work. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS APP. You will be disappointed if you can’t the hottest shoe because this app can’t handle processing a simple payment. There’s so many better sites and apps than this one. Very disappointed that this app is so bad but is run by Nike. This app is pathetic and you can’t even purchase shoes on here so don’t waste your time. I would say it’s only good to send notifications when the shoes are being dropped.Version: 3.3.2

Waste of TimeThis app is ridiculous. Furthermore, I am inclined to believe that it is rigged. The notifications come 15 minutes before a shoe release which is nice; however, at the time you select the shoe to buy, or even get through to the payment page, there is an issue with the server. There have been enough shoe releases at this point that there should be minimal to no “server errors.” When trying to enter payment information, an error message appears stating “we encountered an error” with no indication as to what the error may be. For example, I got through to the payment screen 10+ times for one pair of shoes, and each time there was an error. I recommend that detailed error messages be included to assist users in identifying exactly what the problem may be, such as “we could not verify your card.” If you get through to wait in line for the shoe, then they’ve all of a sudden “sold out” or “no longer have your size.” It’s truly hard to believe after receiving error message after error message, and then waiting for a ridiculous amount of time..Version: 2.9.0

Consistently disappointedThis app would be cool if it didn’t deny purchase from almost every single exclusive release. You can literally hit the purchase button as soon as a shoe releases and still be denied or “not chosen”. Meanwhile they allow all of these resellers and their bots to get the shoe only for them to drive the price up at least 2x the retail price. Most sneakers drop at 10am. I’ll be on the this app at least 15 minutes early and still not get my submission chosen. This app only pisses me off and makes me want to shop elsewhere. Maybe I’ll just start wearing yeezys. At least it’s fair when they drop shoes. This app is terrible. What makes it even worse, I could’ve went to stores that had pairs available, but thinking Nike would have my back I decided to cop from this app. I clicked purchase at 10:00 not a minute later today just like l always do and didn’t get selected for the shoe. This has literally been this way for years with this app and now I am completely fed up with it. This app just gets your hopes up only to screw you when it’s time to purchase..Version: 4.6.0

Trash trap, they don’t care you.I used this app 4 years. However, I just got less than 10 pairs which every one can get it, like off white x Nike Vapor street. There are all bots in there, and they don’t care. They just let them got. Then sell higher prices to customers. That is all for advertising effect. It’s just a trap. I do not want to use dirty words in there. But it is absolutely trash trap app. You can see adidas yeezy, they also have bots problem. But they will think about some stratagems to deal with customers. And to update their technology to fix bots problem. But for Nike, SNKRS, they don’t care you. They could be deal with bots, sell 95% pairs to bots, and only 5% for real customers. If you are real fan of sneaker. Let me up. And let’s together say no. You see the environment of sneakers, they don’t buy shoes for wearing, just reselling. Putting the price straight up. They destroyed the original environment of sneaker culture. Let’s kick them out from our culture. FK u. By the way, I miss that culture like before, we bought sneaker and wear them on the street. Share with friends, some we can exchange them or trade them, shoes for shoes. But now… you saw that..Version: 4.13.1

Bots killed the GameI am a huge sneaker fanatic since a child and I remember whenever a sneaker dropped you could walk right into the store a week later and still be able to cop some heat for retail. Now a days we have a bunch of kids using bots to buy out all of the stock just to mark that sneaker up an extra $100 to $200+ above retail which is ridiculous. I haven’t won one draw yet and I’ve always been on time and ready to go to purchase whatever sneaker is available at the time and no success. Your team need to do a better job at focusing on taking out these bots so we can actually have a fighting chance to purchase a sneaker we actually want, sneakers we are actually gonna wear and not resell. This is the reason why I’ve haven’t bought a new pair of kicks in the past 2 years because I don’t wanna pay $500 for sneaker that sold retail for less than $200 that is stupid to do especially in these times. I have 2 young boys that once the time comes they are gonna wanna purchase shoes just like their daddy but I wouldn’t be able to afford buying my 2 boys the latest heat because I would have to pay resell cost or get extremely lucky which that’s just not fair. Fix this and maybe I’ll give this app 5 stars but until then you will continue to get negative reviews from not only me but other unhappy fans of this product. P.S. you have a lot of unhappy fans. (FIX THE APP/ STOP THE BOTS).Version: 4.15.1

Still overrun by bots despite claims over a year ago they would fix it!I echo the comments of many others, in terms of trying to buy the trainers you want this app is ruined by bots snatching up trainers and then 10 mins later they are all screen shorted on eBay for sale at significant mark up. All I want is a pair of air max bw!!! Either make more in regular colours for the normal app or please step up your efforts to combat bots!.Version: 4.26.0

App works great, but!App works great but Nike should work harder to filter out re-sellers that stop people who want the trainers buying them at retail price. It’s annoying and frustrating when you don’t get selected in a raffle for example Orange Skeleton, then eBay have 2 pages of the same trainer immediately after the raffle with screen shots of Got’em. This is the same with re seller sites, people do actually want to keep the trainers to collect or use and shouldn’t have to pay someone else who don’t want them. It needs sorting because it’s getting worse..Version: 5.1.1

This app has a lot of problems 😞😢I just tried to buy the Travis Scott air Jordan 1 high sail color way I was on the app since 9:58am-11am I tried everything restarting the app I used my phone and my girl friends phone on her account with 2 different payment methods me and he have 4 bars LTE on our phone plus super fast WiFi and our accounts have all of our information saved and when we go to purchase we sign in with our Nike pass to pay and it kept telling us there was an error I double check all our information on the app everything was correct and the app continued to tell me there was an error from 10am-11am the app never took my payment even tho I have over $7,000 in my account that doesn’t make sense why would there be a error for taking out basically 200$ from my account when ever I try and purchase a limited sneaker on this app I never get a chance to win and it’s really unfair and I feel like these sneaker companies don’t care about the people who actually try and purchase the shoe the proper way with all their information saved and everything there still no way of winning.Version: 3.11.1

Frustrating and poorly managed appI have been a member of the SNKRS app for years now and have yet to win any draws despite the countless amount of draws that i’ve entered. I fail to understand why they cannot sell the shows on a first come first serve basis, which is obviously the fairest and BETTER way! There are companies such as Stockx and GOAT that use “bots” to ensure that their entrees are successful, taking away the chance the rest of us have of winning a sneaker we really wanted. For them companies to only go on and resell the shoes for more than double the price, which is simply daylight robbery. I am certain many people can agree with me when i say the draws are frustrating and heartbreaking, especially for a sneaker head lover such as myself. But at the end of the day SNKRS are making money and in a world where people care more about making a profit then simple human decency, what do they care?.Version: 4.19.0

The App That Ruined The Shoe GameYou will have a 0% chance of ever getting any new shoe drop on here nothing but bots if you really read these reviews only good reviews from actual people are years ago most of these recent 5 starts are probably fake accounts to keep the ratings up I don’t see how any person would give this a good rating when the purpose of the app is unrealistic you click buy the millisecond it’s released and it’s already sold out it’s beyond ridiculous this app is for bots and keeping the rich rich they buy everything and resale everything it's been known and Nike will do nothing to fix this (most likely due to them being in on the reselling I wouldn’t be surprised) this app single handedly ruined the shoe game for real sneaker heads now it’s for bots and hypebeats to resale to the actual fans who want to keep and wear them I’ve been a huge Nike/Jordan fan since 05 I refuse to get anymore now going to stick to other brands who give the people what they want not going to support a brand who’s for bots reselling shoes and their own pocket.Version: 4.13.1

Bot controlledI have tried since the launch of SNKRS and never won a pair. I was desperately after a pair and resulted in buying it from a reseller on eBay, where he confessed in telling me he uses bot to buy these. In fact he said he brought the bot for £3000 and it works every time he buys a pair. He was trying to sell me other shoes but he charged me 3 times the amount of the original price. So I couldn’t afford to buy anymore. Now I feel stupid for buying it. I’ve complained to Nike and till date they are doing nothing about it. It’s a joke and very unfair on people who wear NIKE sneakers religiously like I do..Version: 4.12.0

Trash appNever won a raffle and it always seems to be the plugs always do. It’s bots heaven and clearly selects the regulars who spend hundreds if not thousands on the app. SNKRS is crap and the Nike app is crap, never get anything on both as they sell out and they don’t stock enough to drive up hype and the reseller market. Nike doesn’t care about it’s customers Nike cares about getting the profits and making their investors more and more money every year, same old corporations never change….Version: 4.32.1

Frustrating at bestI love Jordan’s and Nike in general but I have found for me there is no chance of winning a draw at drop time on the good releases, I’ve not had a win on any of the draws at all and only managed to get 2 pairs of the less desired instant sale drops . , But then one of my friends he does the exact same and on the travis Scott release the other week he managed to get 3 out of the 4 pairs released Due to demand if it’s almost always super laggy for the first minute of release . I like the idea of the app and I will keep using as I would like the chance of the grails without having to pay reseller prices ,but it just for me personally I don’t think its as fair as it was intended and there are a lot of people still managing to get round the system.Version: 4.29.0

Frustrating appOk app with cool stories and updates, live events and competitions. I don’t go for every trainer, but the ones I want and like seem to never go through buying for family or girlfriend I get a hit every now and then. I suppose the most frustrating is not being a re seller and seeing the shoe I want double or triple the money of the original and I can’t afford those resell prices. But want to rock those shoes. Very frustrating app..Version: 5.0.0

Not A Good Shopping ExperienceI like having the SNKRS app as a way of seeing what shoes Nike has available, but as an online shopping experience it's been incredibly frustrating. Over the last three months I've had five separate occasions where I've been unable to order something because of technical problems in the app. There have been times where the app won't refresh, or I'll enter in shipping information and it won't let me click save and continue. Other times it won't accept my default payment method and then time out. Perhaps the most frustrating part of all this is when everything finally works like it's supposed to, but then you get put in a queue to see if you secured a pair. You'll sit there and wait, sometimes up to two or three minutes, only to be denied. I like the concept of this app, and am hopeful that it will eventually work as intended, but it's quickly turning me off of Nike shoes. Every time I see amazing sneakers like The 10 line, I know it will be almost impossible to get, because the SNKRS app will get in the way..Version: 2.9.0

3 strikes you’re out.I have tried giving this app a try just to give Nike some respect. The overall design and information this apps lays out is top tier. I can say the app is easy-to-use, aesthetically appealing, and a complex app made into something simple (buying shoes). Now I don’t write reviews, but now that I have attempted to buy 3 different shoes. Waking up earlier then my alarm sets because I don’t want to miss a released timeframe. I have everything set up so that all I have to use is Face ID. I refresh the app as soon as release is a minute away. And now I’m in line. 3 times. 3 times I have done this process with no luck. I get hit with a pending status to find out in 3-5 mins my size is out of stock. Maybe I just don’t have the luck of draw. Maybe it’s the app. Whatever it is. My recommendation will be to use another source. I have used another app and got the shoes I wanted, the size I wanted, 3 times in a row. Great app. Not so great experience. And maybe the app it’s not at fault. But I’m tired of waking up earlier then needed to find out it was for nothing. My services are now placed elsewhere..Version: 3.9.0

Worst APP everIt’s hard to believe this app has such high ratings with how many bugs it has. I’ve used it 3 times, all of which 3 times it did not function properly. To start, if you want to be notified of a drop, you have to do it MINUTES before. Anytime I set an alert a day or two before it suddenly vanished like it never happened. And it’s not user error, my spouses app does the same thing. Secondly, it CONSTANTLY crashes. When they have a new drop there is a 98% chance of the app crashing, or not loading. Whatever server the app is held on, needs to be upgraded to maintain the flow of traffic. Lastly, the app always does something strange each drop. Sometimes it decides to randomly log you out, other times it says your password is incorrect multiple times but you’re able to login with the SAME password in the website, confirming the password is not correct and it’s a system issue. Don’t even get started on customer service, zero empathy, acknowledgment I’m surprised Nike doesn’t have a lawsuit for all these problems yet..Version: 5.1.1

Based off other reviewsI see I’m not the only one who would really loved to own a great pair but when instead it seems that resellers are the main account holders :( . I had my eye on the Jordan’s rebellionaire only for the app to crash just when payment was being taken and then to get an email to say I wasn’t chosen. Please sort this out. There are genuine customers who wait for days months or in my case one win in a year and then o my to find the same show being resold yet now I’m skeptic to buy it from them not knowing if it’s genuine. :( Oh well I guess this review will go unanswered like the rest.Version: 4.26.1

Bot HavenOn the surface this is a phenomenal app. Great shoes drop regularly and the original content released on the app is of a great quality also. I would recommend the Dunk series that has just been released as it was very interesting. The issue with the app is the inability to buy any of the great shoes that come out on it. It doesn’t matter how quick you are, the human finger is not quicker than a bot. My last few efforts I have checked out in less than 5 seconds and been pending only to be told the shoe has sold out. If this occurred every now and then it wouldn’t bother me but every single time I go for a shoe, it is absolutely gutting. I’m not disappointed by anything in life anymore as I am regularly let down by Nike at 8AM at least once a week. Not landing a shoe on a raffle is fair cop, everyone has the same chance as each other. The inability to manually cop a shoe however, is disgraceful. I will continue to try and get the shoes as one day I pray I will beat a bot, but until Nike improves the app security to stomp out bots getting all the shoes for flippers it was forever be flawed..Version: 4.12.0

Great app, shame I can’t win any draw.I’ve tried almost 30 times now since you first launched the Sneakrs app, and tried with the app before the updated one currently. Every single “off white” drop on here... “you haven’t been selected”. I’m getting really bored of going in for these draws and not even getting one pair. The law of probability must mean I’m due a pair or was due a pair..... 30x I’ve tried for All types of trainer not just “off white”... and always the same message. at this rate I’ve really got more chance of winning the euro millions. I didn’t even have this issue with Adidas who I’ve got 2x pairs of Yeezy’s from. Their app, no problem. Just Nike I always have a issue with.... whether it be online orders or sneaker drops.... they just don’t like me at all.... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. I now ignore the draws in app and locate draws on websites more likely to give me a chance of winning... this app certainly isn’t giving me anything to use it for.... so unfortunately this app is redundant now, only for sneaker drop news..... thanks Nike for a worthwhile sneaker news app. 😆😆😆😆.Version: 4.12.0

New releasesIt good app and everything, but i been chasing some sneakers at the release dates all the time and getting up early as everyone and always nothing do you guys really give the shoes to who really deserves it or just got the people selected by tags ? I don’t think that it just randomly pick, I been trying many time and being positive about maybe next time but it’s always nothing and it goes beyond with 11 adapt that was on my face...anyway.Version: 4.12.1

Are you enjoying SNKRS???That’s a rhetorical question, of course no one is enjoying it. The reason why is the approach of “direct to consumer” is a failure. The shoe buying experience is no more, no more mom and pop shops. Now I’m supposed to get in virtual line for shoes?? Don’t even try when it’s a “limited” hyped shoe. You’re just gonna get error after error on App when trying to checkout bc you’ve allowed bots and individuals to corner your site. So in turn, regular people like myself who would wear the shoe can NEVER, NEVER get a pair. I refuse to pay a 16yr old triple the price for a pair aftermarket. There has to be better ways of monitoring who’s placing orders. Don’t you have address/phone number/credit card info?? Wouldn’t it be simple enough to look through accounts and ban folks or cancel their orders out of “Fairness”. Don’t you have some fancy algorithm that can do this process of elimination for you? The same people keep getting every release and to be honest I’ve really given up on my passion for sneakers. 25+ years in the game as a loyal Nike customer/supporter and this is the thanks we get?? I find it interesting that you keep running a survey about the very problem you created. created this problem. The day you muscled the little shops and gave all allocations to the “majors” like Kith, sneaker politics, etc. you single handed ruined the culture..Version: 4.32.1

RidiculousI recently tried to purchase a new pair of 1’s that came out. I logged on just in time my payment info was already in all I had to do was click the purchase button come 10 o’clock and I did just that. It told me my order was pending and that they’ll let me know if I got them or not. 2 seconds later I got a notification that I “got em” and they sent me a verification email with my shipping details. They gave me an arrival date of May 29th and now today I received an email saying my order was “cancelled”. Confused, I called nike (waited 45 minutes so I assumed this happened to multiple people) and they basically said the reason my order is cancelled is because they have no more in stock. So my whole point is don’t send people verification that they “got” the shoe cause that makes it seem like you guys have an absolute pair reserved for me when you didn’t. When you purchase shoes on snkrs and they send you verification saying you “got” the shoe it actually IS FALSE they have no reserved pair for you once they check your order in which it was received in and they have no more in stock they just cancel the order. Very silly. Don’t get me wrong I believe in “first come first serve” but if I wasn’t one of the first and don’t actually have a pair reserved for me dont send me verification saying I got them then cancel my order 5 days before the day you guys TOLD me they would arrive. Makes no sense to me..Version: 4.6.0

Nike Employee resigns due to family fraud/scamSo it was revealed that a high ranking Nike employee who has recently stepped down due to intense scrutiny and evidence of fraud for helping her kids obtain shoes off the very App she was in charge of and her kids were reselling shoes for big money. Nike hasn’t made this app fair in any way. It’s not random. You lose 99.9% of the time. This app was not a shoe fans best friend. It was an outlet for fraud and for deception. These cowards had the mindset “What you don’t know won’t hurt you”. However, lots of people were hurt. They didn’t get something they truly wanted. They had their hearts set on obtaining a limited shoe which was highly sought after. But didn’t win. Now the evidence is out and points to Nike employee(s) who were behind the scam and basic theft of product only to be resold for higher premiums on the after market. Nike was in on this scam as well. I’m done with this app. I never paid nor will pay ANY resell price(s) ever. I will miss out. And most if not majority of you will too. You’ve been scammed by Nike. And they knew it the whole time. Think about that.....Version: 4.14.0

Too many issues with the app & NikeOrdered Concord 11s. While trying to order the app kept stating my home address and my parents address were both invalid addresses. I finally got it to accept my parents address. My shoes were shipped out. The app said the tracking number was Fedex. Later found out was a UPS tracking number. After I was finally able to track my package, UPS said my address was incorrect. I called and told them it was not and that they delivered to the address plenty of times. Long story short, my shoes were never delivered. UPS lost the package some time over the weekend after I called them to “update” my address. Once they found the package, they sent it back to Nike instead of delivering them to me. I had been looking forward to getting these shoes all year and now I do not have them. Nike customer service is horrible. I asked if I could just repurchase my shoes that got sent back to them because I did not request them to be sent back and it was UPS fault losing the package and not attempting to deliver the shoes at all. They simply said there was nothing they could do and most of the customer service reps were pretty rude at that🤬😡😤.Version: 3.7.1

Honest opinionIt’s a great concept I’m not even going to lie but the execution is flawed. Truly the only reason people even have this app is for a “chance” at hyped shoes. I’ve seen people literally beg, so rituals, basically anything they can think of for every release and not get one shoe while someone who barely opens the app gets exclusive access on top of hitting a good amount of shoes. It doesn’t seem to reward or even favor the the ones who’ve been using the app longest, watching the videos, etc… I can honestly make a snkrs account tomorrow and probably hit a few new releases just like that. Idk what the snkrs algorithm is but I truly believe this app needs a revamp. Where people who haven’t hit in over a year some even longer can finally get something opposed to Billy bob who just downloaded the app and is getting everything under the sun. I don’t get it but this app literally drives the resell market after the constant Ls.. Stock x will surely have your size smh..Version: 4.22.0

Needs so many tweaksHonestly, this is ASIDE from the apps horrible W to L ratio. This thing requires SO MANY tweaks. The content is horrible. The “interaction pieces” are boring and don’t grab our attention. Even the live interviews could use an upgrade. The app fails during popular drops, and rarely saves information like CC # for check out or personal info like size. I just feel like a massive juggernaut like Nike should have a top of the line app with content and information a sneaker enthusiast (“sneaker head”) would want to see, interact with, and learn about. If Nike is still looking to make SNKRS a social media-esque platform they couldn’t be more off the mark, right now. And while I’m at it, these delays are insane. Why are you releasing a Halloween AF1 close to thanksgiving? Just keep them in the vault until next year. It’s really no wonder you’re afraid of brands like New Balance. Nike’s flown too close to the sun and their wings are getting torched. Improve the app integration and its content, get people more involved with the brand, and then work on production. Good luck.Version: 4.24.2

Won’t let me log inEvery time I log in to my account since I’ve just signed up it keeps saying ‘error’ due to the servers are not working and each day I’ve come back trying multiple of times to log in again and see if they let me in this time, it keeps showing up with an error pop up and it’s really annoying cause I can’t even get a chance to win sneakers without a login,this is my 6th day trying and it still isn’t letting me log In. Why?.Version: 4.24.2

Always the sameThe app always blocks you on any release.. wake up before the drop get the right size when you try to buy it will say you need to put your address or your payment is wrong, being that i used the same address and same payment info to buy multiple sneakers there and they also took out Apple pay... but even before on the other app they did the same .... I thought they make this to fix that but apparently not, HORRIBLE!!!.Version: 4.9.0

SNKRS needs to evolveLike many who are writing reviews, I love sneakers and especially Nike sneakers. However, the SNKRS app needs to evolve to combat bots being used by resellers to allow those who choose to play by the rules a fighting chance to purchase the latest hyped sneakers. I and many others are increasingly and repeatedly unsuccessful when attempting to make purchases using this app. I’m unaware of any effort on Nike’s behalf to update the user interface or experience for this app that prevents bot usage. Brand owners like Chris Gibbs of Union worked with Shopify to combat this very issue and were successful in thwarting rampant bot usage when the Union x AJ4s dropped. It’s not rocket science, Nike, and you can do something. However, it appears you don’t have a desire. There are even pre-order sales models that could ensure a win-win scenario for Nike and the consumer. “Just do It” or something because if you’re really paying attention, the community is becoming more vocal with their dissatisfaction with this app and its ability to deliver fair results. Please do something, Nike. Hopefully someone from the SNKRS dev team that can influence change will read this and positively impact future sprint development for SNKRS..Version: 4.12.0

Great design, love the app, but never get notified of dropsSNKRs is an awesome app and love the way they’ve designed it. It’s simple, easy to use, and easy to buy your favorite sneakers. It’s outfitted similarly to Instagram with large photos of the shoes you want to purchase. I do wish they showed more photos of the sneakers on feet and with outfits to give me some ideas, however its not that hard to instagram or google outfit ideas. One bug that I’ve noticed that “bugs” me is that I’ll hit “get Notified” on a sneaker drop and never get notified or alerted that it is happening or will happen. I’ll open the app days later and the sneaker will evidently be sold out. This happens a lot. I double checked my Notifications settings on my iPhone and everything is set to alert me, but I never get alerted of a drop, so I always miss out on the best sneakers. Also, its confusing to go between essentially 2 apps to get the shoe I’m looking for. If SNKRs doesn’t have it, I’ll have to pop on over to the Nike app to look for the shoe. I’m not sure why there’s the complexity of jumping between 2 apps to buy something that should be as easy as a 1 stop shop from one brand..Version: 3.7.0

Declining…Just a few months ago SNKRS app used to offer raffles on limited collaborations and other highly sought after trainers. Now everything is literally first come first serve, which means it’s impossible for anyone who’s not using a bot to grab a pair of trainers!!! I can’t get anything on SNKRS anymore, whereas before when it was raffles on sought after products, I at least had a slim chance. The odd raffle still appears but it’s almost exclusively botted out fcfs now. On a very rare occasion you’ll be given exclusive access and there’s some interesting video content on there and those are the only things stopping me from giving it a 1 or 2 star rating. Please go back to the raffle system which worked fairly at least!.Version: 4.30.0

TRASH ERRORS AT CHECKOUT. MISS OUT ON SNEAKERS CONSISTENTLY!The App crashes as soon as shoes are release! Receive error everytime when clicking BUY. If a shoe is released at 2pm. I click at 2pm and purchase under 1min. “In Line” then minutes later say SOLD OUT.. How! Nike needs to figure out a better way. It’s still not fair. I believe the BOT SYSTEMS are still getting through. The app is user friendly but when it comes to high anticipated shoe releases it is chaos. Leaving everyone in the sneaker world wondering HOW? 9 shoes of the OFF WHITE collection by Virgil Abloh released. SOLD OUT IN SECONDS! Who can humanly move that fast in checkout out process? I was also told the more you interact and use the SNKRS and NIKe+ apps and purchasing on the regular the better and get opportunities to reserve early. I have never gotten reserves and I spend too much with Nike monthly. The Draw is terrible as well and the wait line process is too even tho you click the purchase shoe box as soon as the shoe launches. Literally shoes disappear in seconds! Out of 9 shoes released 30min apart. Not 1 was carted. Error at checkout every single time..Version: 2.9.0

SNKRS app is a disappointment for NikeI am confused how this app is so poorly constructed and how little consideration has been made for the end user, the customer. This app lacks any customer empathy for many reasons: 1. The app has the ability to notify you. The notifications show up 8hrs AFTER the drop. Or, the notification for reservations pops up and when you click it, it takes you to the overwhelming content feed and not the space to put in a bid for a reservation. When you open the app hours later, it shows the reservation image with the window being closed. 1. It is impossible to get any desired drops - why have them!? The format included a lottery system and it is just as impossible and way more ambiguous than when the bots just bought all stock in .02seconds. 3. When the drops are first come first serve, you select your shoe, all necessary data is already stored so essentially you only have to click pay. But nope, somehow it will linger after you press buy for a few minutes, automatically refresh and show the shoe is sold out. 4. The content feed = feature bloat! Like seriously what is the point? Put this on IG/Tiktok/Snap/Twitter/YouTube…actually it is already there. This is overloading the app and drastically reducing the performance for the actual things people open the app for..Version: 4.32.0

So many bugs nowThis app used to be great but in the past few months of updates on the iPhone 13 pro I always get errors when trying to refresh the feed, also on live shows the multiple option questions don’t even appear anymore with the latest update!.Version: 4.27.0

Can never winApp is useless...rarely anyone can purchase releases regardless of the countless attempts. Some suggest to stay active on the app in order to increase chances of being able to buy something, but it’s pointless. People who created an account right before a release have a higher chance than people who have a veteran account. Sometimes the app is wonky and requests for you to re-enter address info despite having done so before (specifically when there is high traffic on the app). The algorithm that selects winners and filters out bots has to be broken, because I don’t see how my account which I made in august of last year hasn’t been able to win anything up until now almost a year later. Getting shoes you actually like nowadays is a thing of the past. I can’t buy from footlocker, champs, footaction, Hibbett, JD, Finishline or even Nike and I refuse to pay resell. I’m going to option B, maybe when enough people get fed up with this resell mess and start buying UA’s Nike will realize the problem..Version: 4.14.0

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