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Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release Positive Reviews

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Nike SNKRS: Sneaker Release app received 51 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about nike snkrs: sneaker release?

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Fair playI’ve taken quite a few L’a since I have had the app but you will Take W’s and this morning I got EA for the mocha 1’s so just wait it out and you’ll take W’s, it’s been a great way for me to make money before I leave school.Version: 4.12.0

This app has never worked.I typically don’t write reviews on apps. This one is an exception. I haven’t hit on a limited shoe that has immediately sold out ever. I have tried at least 5 times in the last three months simply to get error messages over and over again. I really like snkrs as an app when it’s not releasing a shoe. But every time a shoe drops it completely dismantles and hardly functions. This app makes me want to give up on trying to win through NIKE. Also. Snkrs pass. How can you legitimately expect fairness when the app is fully booked in 10 seconds. I timed it. Watched it happen time and time again. It’s the same people catching every drop and I try and try just to miss out. The last release I was able to purchase was the DMP six for someone else in April of 2020. That’s over a year of missed releases. I understand you cannot satisfy everyone but at a certain point you gotta understand that this makes me never even want to try again. NEEDS WORK! Try a Snkrs pass with the draw feature?.Version: 4.16.0

SNKRS app TruthOk so let’s all not pretend that bots have a super advantage over us normal human sneaker head. The question here is how do we adapt and overcome? I have hoped in the past that Nike would fix this problem but so far no luck. 🦗’s. So you have to wonder how do we get this super dope heat without paying 3x to 4x cost? Yeah, still trying to figure that out myself! But in the meantime this is the best app out there for true heat at retail. Now a little heads up for you so you don’t get your hopes and dreams crushed out the gate. If it’s a super limited release like say the Supreme AF1 or Tinker JTH III you can forget it bots bots bots. But Air Jordan 13 White/Royal Blue or say Air Jordan 9 breads you will cop if you do your homework and are ready to go at release time. So with that said I would highly recommend this APP it beats going to your local mall and dealing with all that work. 😎 Sincerely your Dope af Sneaker Head..Version: 3.2.0

Will I ever win?I have been using this app. for a while now. I love the ease of use and the ‘buzz’ when I enter for a chance to purchase a pair of sneakers. BUT to date I have never been able to win a pair :(. I blame resellers. Please Nike/SNKRS find a better way to filter out those that have no true love for the game! I try my best to buy a pair of sneakers but always end up paying resell. I don’t think I can finance my love of sneakers in the long term if this keeps going as it is :(.Version: 4.11.0

Good app to useDownloaded the app Really straight forward Short videos and stories are good insights of how the shoes look before purchasing Getting my fashion sense from using this app Enjoyed my experience so far! Looking forward to purchasing future drops.Version: 4.17.0

Reliable and goodGood reliable app but only one problem is that the payment information keeps on disappearing and it is annoying to have to type it in again.Version: 4.13.1

Love this appVery simple and easy to use. The app is very straight forward and has helped me to get many shoes that I’ve wanted. Can’t think of anything bad to say about this app! 5/5 stars from me..Version: 4.14.0

Functionality with StyleBy far one of the best app to have in your collection if your a sneaker enthusiast. Everything is pretty simple and laid out for you. If you don't want to forget some of the biggest release of the year this is the app for you. If you just want a easier way to purchase kicks that have been on your radar ( Nike x Jordans only) then this is the app for it too. Just a clean app and awesome with the Apple Pay. Update: After having this app for awhile still Is an awesome app. Im still giving it 5 stars despite the once in a while glitches ; like having to refill in payment , shipping info that is already saved to your NIKE profile , and getting error message your first attempt to purchase exact when it drops. Honestly thats with any sneaker related website or apps apart of the sneaker game when everyone is trying to get the same sneaker..Version: 2.8.3

Nike Just doing it!!!A fantastic App - easy to use, excellent checkout flow and easy to manage your Nike SNKRS profile. Love the experience in sharing hott sneakers with friends and family and taking part in purchasing the latest heat!! Keep up the great work and bless us with the GOT EM’s!!!!!.Version: 4.9.1

Still waiting for its full potentialI've secured a few releases using SNKRS, unfortunately the consistency of features doing what they are supposed to do is non existent. Simple features like,"notify me", do not work as I have to continuously go back into the app and select "notify me" under the shoes I want after I have already done so several times. Each time I exit the app the notify button mysteriously is unchecked 🤔. Unless I am actually on the app during release I don't get a notification . If I could screen shot and show my settings I would . This needs an update! Also weird that a large market like Los Angeles doesn't get no where near the amount of stashes or 1st opportunity drops that NY and Chicago have. Treating us like the unwanted step child for lack of better cliches.🤷🏽‍♂️.Version: 3.3.3

I liked the app until bugs caused me to miss chances at certain shoesPurchased my sneakers from the app multiple times. But when really popular releases are coming the app somehow resets the “notify me” button and if you don’t have the app running 24/7 you’ll have to continuously hit “notify me” over and over. Had this issue in the past thought it was fixed until both the Gatorade NRG 6’s and the recent Cap and Gown 11’s, where a new issue has been occurring. With a notification set, on the release date of the shoes all of a sudden those that you had a reminder set for somehow aren’t listed and don’t show up as if the shoes don’t exist. I work most mornings and NEVER have the option to go to a store to pick up new sneakers so this app was my last resort. Unfortunately I won’t be using the app until I can trust that these bugs will be fixed..Version: 3.3.3

The best way to score...Been using this app for about a year now. I have been able to purchase some of the best trainers on the market. So easy to used and getting reminds of the latest drops helps..Version: 4.12.1

InconsistentDecent app to use. Makes it easy to purchase shoes that may not be readily available in stores. However, inconsistencies sometimes hinder the app’s effectiveness. For example, the notifications for new drops don’t always come. You get to choose when you want to be notified but sometimes you don’t get a notification. I have missed out on a few pair because the notification didn’t come. Also the touch to purchase doesn’t seem to want to work when new Jordan’s release. Also the club benefits are unclear...some people get shoes reserved for them, some don’t...I’ve been a Nike club member for close to 7 years and buy at least 2 pair of shoes a month...never get anything reserved but I know people who just signed up and get the majority of the new releases reserved...what’s up with that?.Version: 3.1.0

Absolutely love this app!!Only won once but love the articles and reading up on the history of the trainers. Too many people complaining they don’t win when there are thousands of entries. It’s apart of the game. Keep up the good work SNKRS 👏🏼.Version: 4.17.0

You Win Some, You Lose SomeI have been a Nike member for years but it wasn’t until about 3 years ago that I started to collect Sneakers seriously. I played basketball at a high level and have been a lover of the game since high school. The SNKRS app can be frustrating to try and win those drops only to be told that you have not been selected, I know I’ve had plenty. My best run was 5 drops in a row which happened over the last 2 weeks, all I can say is don’t give up and keep trying. Turn on all your notifications and enter everything, if you win and you don’t like them, just return them or sell them, that way you don’t lose. Good luck everyone!.Version: 4.12.0

I’m always taking fat L’s (good app though)So I tried in many different raffles but haven’t won a single one, how ridiculous right. I also had a dream about a Unicorn which I think is unrelated but the unicorn was wearing Jordan 1 tie dyes so it felt like the unicorn was mocking me because I lost the raffle.Version: 4.9.1

Can’t get anything on this appI’ve had this app since it 1st dropped & I collect shoes & I go after every shoe & I’ve copped 3 shoes in my time using the app. It would be ok if I just went after 1-2 shoes a month, but I go after 20-30 shoes a month & I can’t cop 1 shoe a year. It’s getting harder & harder as nike continues to backdoor shoes to the executives children to resell for hundreds & in some cases thousands over retail. Marcus Jordan & Ann Hebert taught us exactly how the game is played. Both caugh in the same week backdooring pairs of limited shoes to resell for way over MSRP. I hope nike puts their foot down on this situation & it never happens again bc so many of us want their product & they think it’s a great idea to make them More & more limited. That’s y I gave the snkrs app 3 star. If they’d do more to help us snkr heads more pairs, I’d move the rating up. But until then, it’s no more than a 3 star app..Version: 4.14.0

Sneakers! Simply the BEST!!Sneakers app is a brilliant ap, it’s very easy to navigate around and obviously sells the best products!! Could not rate it any higher It has all the limited releases too, fingers crossed I can actually purchase some😃 Thank you Sneakers for giving me this opportunity to say how good you are!!.Version: 4.17.0

Unfair raffle selectionI’ve had used the app for the past 3 years, in terms of UI/UX design it’s great however the raffles are extremely unfair and the selection process needs to be reviewed..Version: 4.9.1

LOVE THIS APP 5 STARS ALL THE WAYI love everything about this app and I’m going to more than likely get on it every single day for the rest of my life. One of the things I really love are the videos about the shoes that are releasing, because it gives us a story behind it and i feel it gives us more of a history lesson behind it. When i first started using the app i was super frustrated because I wasn’t able to get ANY of the shoes i wanted. As time has gone on and I’ve been on here more consistent i keep getting the GOT EMS. Honestly, there is no better feeling in the world than seeing that notification on your screen pop up after anticipating that shoe all month, reading about it, watching videos, and just becoming all around obsessed with the shoe. I honestly think there should be more shock drops and more early access but all in all i love this app, and i really enjoy being on it. I also noticed that the quality of the shoes i get are TOP NOTCH QUALITY! Keep up the great work, and thanks again for everything SNKRS. Hands down the best sneaker app out!!!.Version: 4.16.0

Love this appBig fan of the app. Everything works well with no bugs or glitches. Easy to navigate the app and find what you’re looking for. I rarely win but I still respect how they do things to stop the bots winning..Version: 4.12.1

Great UIVery good user interface and functions....but if you’re hoping to cop sought after kicks this is not the app. Entered easily over 150 raffles in the 3 years and not a single win..Version: 4.9.1

Not Dependable, Flawed ProcessingI went on the app today at 9:59 am to purchase the Jordan 1 Pine Greens and as soon as the time hit 10:00 i purchased the shoes just to be told they were sold out. My order was pending for about 5 minutes and then i was informed they were sold out. This was a complete waste of time in my opinion. If you purchase the shoes within 5 seconds of availability how could they sell out that fast?? I thought this app was supposed to counter all this nonsense but I see that it’s still impossible to buy Jordans. The process is flawed or either Nike needs to make more, its obviously a high demand so why make the supply so limited??? I ended up paying a full hundred dollars above retail from the EBAY app. If EBAY is more reliable than the Nike SNKRS app itself i see no point of having this app at all. I am fed up with this Nike App at this point and this is the reason people are being killed and robbed over shoes. I’m starting to believe Nike is intentionally making a small amount to hype the products and i think its absurd..Version: 4.6.0

SNKRS reviewThis app really helped me to understand and see how Nikes shoes are brought to their value, truly an amazing and creative app especially with the sneaker stories where you can watch people with their shoe collections..Version: 4.12.1

Amazing app created for the community and fuelled by the communityWell thought out app, easy to navigate and browse countless content from stories from creators to the story behind the shoes. place to be for limited releases and makes your day a lot better if you hit a win on a limited release.Version: 4.12.0

Best App to buy retail shoe!Since joining the community. It has been amazing experience so far!! Nike had been given a lucky chance to buy my shoes that I like for retail. I fell so lucky personally because people had been doing the same thing as me however they weren’t able to get the shoe. It means if they really wanted the shoe they have to buy them online which cost more and more than the retail prize which is kinda frustrating sometimes. However Nike/SNKRS app has been really working out for me. Overall, I’m really loving this community so far hopefully they keep improving the systems more and more which is what Nike doing..Version: 4.18.1

Great appA must for anyone into sneakers. The app gives u access to all the latest sneakers/ news and updates. The live streams are really good and let you into the history behind your grails..Version: 4.12.0

Great AppA really great app to use. I think a lot of people’s expectations are a little high as everyone wants to obviously get the most coveted releases but there is never going to be enough to keep everyone happy. You do get some amazing sneakers slip under the radar and can manage to get them without any fuss though. Top marks ✅.Version: 4.11.0

App lags during limited releasesThere have been numerous times when I go into app right before a release and when the clock turns to the time of release, the app will sit there and load for a while until you either reload the app or log out and back in. And a lot of times when that happens, it’ll say you’re in line with sale pending, and then say that your size is sold out. It did that once again today, it happens so often, I’ve become accustomed to it. What made it worse is that it didn’t show the “Jordan Reserve”(restock of limited Jordan’s) on my feed until I logged out of the app and back in. I have been checking in on the app every 2 hours since 9:30 for the earth day releases and I didn’t even know about the “Jordan reserve” stuff until I got on Instagram and I still missed out on the earth day releases too. So if you’re a sneaker head, get used to missing out a lot of releases, especially if its been hyped up. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, now join me in taking these Ls..Version: 3.10.0

Bots, scams, crashes, LIESI WISH I COULD GIVE NO STARS! This app has honestly become INFURIATING to even use. Sneakers sell out completely in MILISECONDS which I can only assume are bots bc there's just no freakin way. I was watching the clock for the new React Element 57s and clicked to purchase at EXACTLY 10am and somehow they were already sold out?!?!! Reservations are "fully booked" as soon as they open up which also makes 0 sense. I can tell you how many times I've literally waited phone in hand for the very second a sneaker drops just for it to say "sold out". It's beyond frustrating/annoying to then see those same sneakers on GOAT, StockX, etc for quadruple the amount! It's a total scam! Don't even get me started on how often the app crashes. It's just become annoying and frustrating and I'm ready to delete. Don't even waste your time tbh.Version: 3.6.1

Had my-doubtsWas reading a review about how hard it was for ordinary customers, like myself to purchase new drops. I saw this Sneaker about four weeks ago and I knew I had to have it. Even got my dates mixed up and tried to purchase it on the 5th not realizing that I was two days early from the original 7th drop date. Even went as far as calling customer service to complain. So this morning I was really doubtful that I was ever going to be able to get this shoe especially after reading the terrible review. But I tried anyway. When my purchase went to pending my skepticism increased even more because that what the review said generally happens before they boot you out of the line. So I just went back to work. About five minutes later I got an alert that I had booked the sneakers. Contrary to all my doubts Sneakerz is a great site and I will using it again. This was my first time I ever used it, but it won’t be my last. Thank You for increasing my confidence in your went. Be Blessed..Version: 4.14.0

It’s been 3 years with snkrs!Firstly I want to start by mentioning the app has been very temperamental recently, it frequently crashes straight after opening it, it seems to take forever to refresh the screen…… “pulling the latest” The colour theme keeps changing from light to dark by itself, I change it back and within an hour it’s reset again! Tried deleting & reinstalling the app but still the same. Other than that it’s been a decent 3 years, admittedly the first year or so I won nothing much but all in all I’ve had a total of 10 W’s on raffles entered, 1 normal purchase from items that were already in stock, 4 Exclusive access’s - rubber dunks - j6 Carmine - j1 hyper royal - j4 unc Not sure if it makes a difference to my chances on SNKRS but I also use the normal Nike app too to make regular clothing & shoe purchases so maybe that helps? My Mrs has had the app for about the same length of time except for her she had closer to 20 W’s the best of which being the Chicago Dunks but she’s had Zero Exclusive access’s!.Version: 4.16.0

Top Rated SNKR AppThis application is awesome no doubt. I’ve literally had to limit my hours of scrolling the SNKRS feed. My only gripe is the Drawings and that “Frozen Processing” screen. I won my first draft and haven’t won since. That seems to be a trend from talks I’ve had with others. As well as the hypest drops where I literally click BUY NOW AT 10am and my screen says processing for 20 minutes not allowing me a purchase and then finally refreshes to SOLD OUT 😰😢. That’s basically a mock drawing, might as well set it up as such on those drops. I’m humble though. If I don’t win I just plan for the next release. What may hurt the most of all is that I’ve spent so much on this app and still do not get offered ALL THE SHOCK DROPS/SNKR Pass Events. I literally get notifications and when I head to SNKRS the shoes isn’t even available. Idk who controls the shock drop/SNKRS pass offers but I should definitely be privy’d to ALL ACCESS..Version: 4.6.0

Pleasure on every app openingSnkrs is by far the best retail app for anything Nike related, giving the backstory and design inspiration low-down for every shoe release. Suspense of ‘queuing’ whilst waiting on a release purchase is nail biting but such is the demand, but it is acknowledged with the ‘Got Em’ notification that is now iconic in itself..Version: 4.13.1

Love The Nike SNKRS AppIt’s a great app.. as a collector and wearer of my sneakers just wish I could get all those I wanted 😍 great when you do hit with a big W. The SNKRS app is great for so many other reasons to.. the SNEAKRS live sessions, kick check, back stories, history of sneakers, there’s always something interesting popping up.. Thank You 🙏 SNKRS.Version: 4.16.0

More than just a shopping experienceIt’s hard to hit on the majority of popular limited releases but that goes with the territory…. The App now features interactive (all be it very limited) live streams, stories, polls and creative shorts, as well as showcasing users’ fashion shots. It’s become much more than just a shopping experience. Great if you’re a fan of sport, Nike and fashion.Version: 4.21.0

A few bugs. Other than that it’s workedSo I’ll start off by saying that I’ve been able to cop every shoe that I’ve tried get on this app. From the cement fours, to the bred fours just this past Saturday. My main problems with the app is every time I got to purchase a shoe, I need my password. Even tho it’s setup up for Face ID, and in the past, Touch ID. Another bug I’ve noticed is on the account tab of the app. When I click on my favorites tab, and also the purchased tab, all of my favorites and purchases are not shown. Some show up when they want to. Others never show up. And others never move. This is frustrating because I like to be able to show people stuff that I have bought, or things that I think are cool. But it like every time I go to those sections it’s like the app plays this game of “ what are we going to show today “. I’ve literally had to go and re-favorite things that I’ve already favorited and at this point I’m like what’s even the point of the feature..Version: 3.11.0

Bugs need fixing then it would be perfectI think the SNKRS app is great although it always seems to have some sort of bug issues or problems if they fixed those it would be perfect 👌🏼.Version: 4.16.0

Nothing betterRecommend highly keep trying you will eventually start cooking ✅.Version: 4.13.1

BuggyFor in-stock items the app has worked well and I have purchased about 7 pair of shoes On multiple special draw opportunities the app has failed leaving me a bit frustrated. Today all my information was cleared from my profile except credit card info and the app wouldn't let me re-enter it or update it causing me to miss the draw (the submit button stayed grayed out and would never allow me to complete even for the entry portion) Previously the shoe size and CVV were cleared causing me to miss out. I have yet to have a successful draw event and only a couple times have I even been able to receive confirmation of entry despite being up to date on app version and profile, this while trying to enter within 1 or 2 seconds of the draw opening. I would expect better from Nike but they are selling out of the limited edition shoes anyway so i don't hold my breath for any change from big Corp. Sometimes the notification doesn’t work. Sometimes presets don’t fill in..Version: 3.14.1

Amazing appAlthough I’ve never been able to cop any shows I’ve liked I still try most drops hoping one day to see a screen saying got ‘em.Version: 4.9.1

Hard to cop but a pleasure to use...As said above... interesting and informative if you’re into trainers and Nike history... however every drop it reels you in and get your hopes up... no better feeling than a Got Em screen though..Version: 4.12.1

Am I ever gonna get a pair? Later editI’ve been applying for almost an year with no results !!!! This is crazy!!! Is this app even working ? Later Update: got a pair 5 seconds after I wrote a critical update to the review. What a coincidence..Version: 4.9.2

Good App & SNKRS Pass change requiredThis app functions really well with great SNKRS live videos with occasional special guests. Chances of winning draws on shoes I like have been quite slim. One thing that needs to change is extending the distance for SNKRS Pass, so that customers who live more than 15km away from NikeTown can be eligible for SNKRS Pass collections..Version: 4.21.0

Too susceptible to bots; too many bugsBots absolutely destroy this Nike app — I think more than any other other sneaker app available or online site, Adidas, finish line, etc. — and the number of bugs it regularly has to fix are insane. On a hyped release?...forget about it. 9/10 the site/app is more likely to crash than for you to actually secure a pair. Matter of fact, on a hype release, you should probably hope for an app/site-wide crash. That’d actually increase your odds of getting a pair (not your size, necessarily, but A Can’t even simply input online gift card information without expecting delays, or entire resets, on said information upon trying to check out. Kind of a joke at this point. You’d expect more out of a major company like Nike, at least after this amount of time has passed since the app has been out. Disappointing..Version: 3.12.0

ReviewI love the app and the idea but my brother has been a member for over a year and has only managed to get one pair so though I’d give it a go to try help a brother out we aren’t the richest so winning on here is an only option which is why I love this app for offering the opportunity!.Version: 4.12.0

Adriano letter to snkrsI have done a survey before and I got called by a Nike member about snkrs but it got cancelled but snkrs is such a fun a app I love the feed and love how it shoes us upcoming shoes it’s my favourite app to go on I enjoy it so much to learn and share about things on the app. I have a some ideas to make the watching part of the app better but I love it so much thank you for my early access happiest day ever thank you from Adriano notarianni.Version: 4.12.0

A true customers appreciation.I have been a loyal customer for over three years now, and I have asked several times through surveys for some way the SNKRS APP could reciprocate that loyalty- and I must admit that SNKRS APP has responded to my request in grand fashion. The app has offered me ‘early exclusive access’ to one of this years most coveted collections, the Off-White Air Max 90’s. That was an amazing offer of which I took full advantage of and most importantly a stress free checkout process where I didn’t have to compete with the rest of the world to acquire. Also, the actual checkout process for shoes period has been uniquely upgraded, as well as the confirmation and payment invoices that are sent out expediently are welcome additions. Great job of responding to a true customers cares and concerns. Thanx in advance SNKRS APP!!!.Version: 2.9.0

Mr Ram SinghI’ve bought over 20 pairs of Nike’s off SNEAKERS and now SNKRS, always easy but it’s really hard to get desirable sneakers now because of all the computer-helped purchasing that sneaker dealers are using and unfortunate for us true genuine buyers who buy for the love of it and not to re-sell. Please could SNKRS ensure they sort this out and give back the site to US, the trainer-LOVERS!.Version: 4.9.1

Love the app but it has lots of flaws.Much of the last year “2020” was very disappointing. Not that sneakers and being able to buy them is that important in general, not being able to make a purchase for an item on an app is very frustrating on so many levels. Most of the time, it seems like I’m just wasting my time trying for a sneakers release. Even if it is limited or not, odds are that I won’t be getting anything. I’m hoping for a better year and overall better experience with the SNKRS app as I’m sure many are. True sneaker enthusiasts who actually want to own and wear Nike/Jordan brand products but are unable to do so thanks to bots and very limited stock numbers being available. Add to the the constant “back door” rumors we hear about that happens as well and we’re all pretty S.O.L. I hope improvements are being made and am glad that so far for the year 2021, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been able to buy a couple new releases so far..Version: 4.13.1

Exclusive HeavenI love this app. The content has really gone up a notch over the past few months as well. Some of the launches have amazing shoes. The Travis Scott range for example. It’s inspired me to do my own sneakers blog.Version: 4.22.0

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