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Lovely photo's, great layoutThis is a well thought out app, with the recipes staying "live" on the screen until you're ready to scroll down..Version: 2.11.0

Best recipe app everThis is a reference for day to day meal planning, as much as exploring new flavour, new way to cook. NYtime is go to anytime..Version: 4.77.0

GreatMassive archive of great recipes. Easy and intuitive user interface..Version: 4.86.0

Great site for recipes, hints and how tos for all things cookingA very worthily site. Always a go to to discover and plan..Version: 4.91.1

100% Winning RecipesI slowly eased into using NYT Cooking recipes exclusively because I have had 100% excellent success rate with the recipes I have prepared. With time at a premium, making a flop or mediocre meal is such a disappointment and frustration not to say the financial loss. This is my stellar go-to!.Version: 4.92.0

Very slickLovely app, beautifully put together, strong search, slick interface. Well recommended..Version: 4.7.2

Fantastic recipesBrilliant resource. Should have a setting for metric/Celsius.Version: 4.86.0

Great cooking app!When Covid hit, I retired and became the cook for our household, as my wife worked remotely. I wanted to learn to cook differently from the way that my parents taught me. I had no experience previously with the New York Times, but I had tried recipes from other newspapers. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the recipes were basic, straightforward, and easy to cook. They are also delicious! Some of them have become our favorites. When we decide to do a meatless Monday, the baked feta cheese on the sheet pan is my favorite. I would recommend this app for anyone who wants delicious food that is easy to prepare and uses commonly available ingredients. Once you have mastered the basics, it is very easy to experiment with cuisines from around the world. I have found Georgian (the country, not the state) spices to be to my liking. Thank you to the New York Times for making this app available with my subscription..Version: 4.81.0

Great app for cooking enthusiastsFantastic recipes and easy to use app. Would be great to have a metric option..Version: 4.50.1

App is good, some tweaks could helpThe app is good, the recipes work well and are always updating to add new ideas. Searching can be a little clumsy. It would be helpful if recipes were marked with various dietary tags like vegetarian, gluten-free, etc so that when browsing through new things, the ones that may apply to our choices were more obvious..Version: 4.93.0

Love it.Have had it for a while. Always terrific..Version: 4.1.0

Kicking and screaming.Ah. Being typically English, well, Northern English, I have always tended towards the easy, no-thought type food thing. After marrying this changed, as my wife is a Delia Smith- led superlative cook. Still, I have always resisted most things American. Until I discovered the NYT cooking element. Good grief. Not only have I discovered amazing recipes, but an alien desire to visit the city JUST to sample food has emerged. Now that’s an impact! Love the site, love the food. Thanks New York Times. Through slightly gritted teeth (English stubbornness)..Version: 4.82.0

The only cooking app I actually useGreat recipes and UI. Hoping to see more authentic Asian recipes..Version: 4.6.0

Great app - could use a bit more to make it betterI love NYT recipes! I love reading the forum commentary and definitely read the comments about each recipe I am interested in. Here are some suggestions though. I would really like to be able to vote whether or not a comment is helpful within the app (option only available on desktop version). I would like to be able to comment back directly to a comment (like to ask a question to a commenter). I would like the option to save a specific comment to my recipe box (Allrecipes does this. Very useful.) Lastly - if you accidentally click on the “stars”, which is a common place to click to view comments on many other websites, you can’t back out of the mistake - you are forced to rate a recipe that you probably have not even made. This has happened to me multiple times! Ugh. (Note this last comment may be in the phone and not desktop or app version. Cant remember. But it is most definitely a flaw)..Version: 3.2.1

Great!Wonderful app! Very varied recipes. You can usually find what you’re looking for or get inspired without having to look through a million recipes on line. Excellent organization by categories as well. My one issue is that when my subscription ran out and I renewed I couldn’t retrieve my saved recipes! Sad!! I loved some of them! Maybe the Times can advise on this. Maybe I’ll print them out. Won’t stop me from renewing again, however!.Version: 4.92.0

Good app, not perfect, great recipesI started using this app when I became the primary cook in the house and realized I didn’t know how to cook many things that were suitable for a whole family rather than just a young bachelor. I find the recipe variety to be great with a good mix of simple and complicated, and a variety of cuisines to choose from. The moderated community notes are a great addition to most recipes that can help you tweak a recipe in a direction more to your taste or warn you of common pitfalls that may lie ahead. My only gripe with this app (and it doesn’t keep this from being a five star review) is that the interface and what you can or can’t do with it sometimes leaves some things to be desired. The inability to navigate to a recipe directly from the grocery list is baffling to me. That said, improvements are continually made and it’s clear they’re made with an eye to satisfying the needs of cooks actually in the kitchen. I would be genuinely surprised if someone told me they tried this app and were disappointed enough not to keep using it..Version: 4.91.2

I truly look forward to each day’s recipesThis is a treasure trove of delights. Every day brings new ideas for mealtimes. I save many of them and refer to their vast library often. From traditional favourites to new and exciting trendsetters, there’s something for every ingredient and occasion..Version: 4.32.0

Recipes are great, site functionality could be better.I know. There are so many free recipe sites but this is the one with the largest audience that results in lots of reviews of people who have actually made the recipe. Lots of great tips - essential for any foodie! My only issue is with the fact that it’s really hard to sort recipes. I want to be able to look at only those I haven’t made! I just get the sense that those who make the web interface decisions don’t do user testing and aren’t foodies..Version: 4.89.0

LifesaverNot much more I can say. Best cooking app in my opinion. Delicious. Always. And recipes that you can adapt easily if you’re an instinctive cook like me. Yum.Version: 4.39

Great recipes. Not in metric which is annoying.The recipes are great and the comments are helpful. Just wish they could have metric as well as imperial..Version: 4.60.0

Fun and inspiring!I’m not a fancy cook but you make me feel like I could be! Your recipes and the stories that precede them set up a fun vibe that inspires me to try new things…..my husband wants to know where his kitchen wife went….sorta!.Version: 4.91.2

Loving the app!NYT Cooking is worth the NYT digital subscription price on its own!.Version: 4.79.0

ReliableRecipes from all the best cooks in one place. The first place I go now for inspiration and guidance. Easy save feature. Great newsletters too..Version: 4.92.0

So many good recipes, but expensive.Just about everything tastes amazing. Great app. Just a bit steep for the price. If you can afford this app, it is great. The cost is two nice cookbooks per year..Version: 3.0.0

Seasonal cooking for every occasionI have found that the app, selects more less what is accessible to me, though I have heard that the recipes must be followed precisely in order to be successful. Though, I myself have not found that. There is room for adventure!.Version: 4.76.0

Vegan and vegetarian filters don’t workGood recipes but the filters for vegan and vegetarian don’t work making this app pointless for me. The search tool doesn’t seem that effective either..Version: 4.9.1

International appeal yet stubbornly American measuremenysLove NYT cooking and the brilliant chefs. The readers’ comments and tips are the best in the world. Please consider a toggle like Nigella has to convert for UK and Aussie cools. Would be greatly appreciated. Thank you NYT..Version: 4.18.0

Get It - it’s Really GoodI was on the fence for awhile about subscribing to NY Times Cooking, but recently took the plunge. I am so happy I did. It is an awesome resource for cooking/baking ideas, right at your fingertips and available wherever the “idea to cook something” hits you. Best part is how user friendly it is laid out. Very well designed format enables you to browse for great recipe ideas with just an inkling of what you may want to try, you usually end up with a recipe that pushes your boundaries. But just as easily, if you have a specific recipe in mind, you can find it super fast. Also the recipes are laid out great. Ingredients tab and process tab with quality photo and overview of the recipe experience is top notch. If your on the fence for subscribing, jump off - it’s definitely worth it!.Version: 4.45

Worth the subscription!I dragged my feet for years because I hate signing up for things because so many companies make it hard to cancel. NYT made so much of their COVID coverage for free so I found myself on their site a lot and received their emails so I figured I would give the NYT Cooking app a try. I have tried so many cooking apps over the years and haven’t really kept using them but my trial is up and now I don’t know that I want to give up NYT Cooking! I really like how the ingredients and prep are on different tabs, so that I don’t have to scroll. I find the reviews are really helpful too, as some people will post a twist or advice about achieving best results. The pictures are great and I really appreciate how to app stays lit so that I don’t have to touch my phone with dirty hands while I’m cooking. Its easy to bookmark recipes to save for later and offers an easy filter or free form text search. They really couldn’t make it easier unless they came to my house and did it for me, thank you NYT!.Version: 4.16.3

Love these recipes!Subscribing to this NYT feature brings me so much pleasure - and I don't even cook! But now I've got a recipe box full of great ideas, for someday... Actually, the recipes that I have made are always delicious, and the notes from other subscribers are great!.Version: 4.82.0

Making a non-chef look goodI have always been a mediocre cook and an even worse baker... I readily admit to both because, well, it’s true. Because “never say die” is my credo, I have tried over and over again to create deliciousness off of recipes I’ve chosen with inconsistent results (read: terrible tasting food/family and friends who don’t want to hurt my feelings). This has historically put pressure on any recipe I’ve chosen to be both doable and deliver food that tastes good. Plenty of web recipe searching delivered more confusion and inconsistent results. Then, last spring, I discovered the NYT Food app. While there is no miracle cure, this app comes close. I have access to world of resources here that have transformed my cooking life. The way recipes are organized, broken down, and then supported by reader comments is perfect for the me. I can find and have tried recipes in almost every category, from less complicated weeknight main dishes to desserts that have minimized human error and delivered on their promises. Gone are the fearful looks of my family and friends, who seem genuinely happy to have me contribute to Sunday family dinner. I get that I’m on the learning curve, but my skills are SO much better, and I’m enjoying myself along the way. Seriously, thanks!.Version: 4.14.3

Cooking AppGreat layout and easy to save and find recipes. Love it!.Version: 4.80.1

A Truly Excellent ProductWhy would you pay for a subscription for recipes if you can find lots of free recipes online? Because these are the best dang recipes you’ve ever tasted, and are written and illustrated and explained by people who know what the heck they are doing. No searching through pages and pages mom blogs—packed with so many ads that your browser crashes—to end up with a mediocre meal at the end of it all. This stuff tastes fantastic, and the app runs very smoothly. Also, there are new recipes being added every day, including FANTASTIC suggestions that show up before holidays and at different seasons, so that you can have incredible stuff on the table for Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year, Kwanza, Memorial Day, or whatever else you celebrate. I’ve loved every minute of it for the half year that I’ve had my subscription, and I plan on keeping it forever. I am blown away by the quality of this product..Version: 4.79.0

Such a great collectionThe NYT cooking app is my go to cookbook for every occasion. That’s why, with all it’s greatness for content, the frustrating, archaic search and sort functions are a remarkable disappointment. This is a subscription service, and the Times is really negligent for not updating it. Since many of us don’t keep computers in our kitchens, mobile access becomes very important, yet on ios, you can’t even search two variables at once. For example, if you want to search mango pie, every recipe for mango, and every mention of pie will all appear. Also, you can search the exact name of a recipe, and it might not appear in your search at all. NYT really needs to create a platform more worthy of such extraordinary content. It’s long overdue..Version: 4.35

METRIC CONVERSION PLEASELOVE the app and the recipes! It would be greatly appreciated if there was a setting option for metric measurements, as this would make the app more accessible to many people 😁.Version: 4.89.0

More Amazing Recipes…… than my wife knows what to do with..Version: 4.95.0

Thus covers it allNew York Times recipe app has changed the way I search for recipes. By that I mean, it’s the only recipe resource that I need. Gone are the days of recipe book to recipe book to website to website. They have made things so effortless. If you are a big recipe hunter you will love what this app has to offer. These are not just recipes from your domestic divas that you might follow. You will find chefs from all over the world. Some you will know of and many more to discover and love. You can save a recipe on the recipe page or even from the page of recipes before you even open it. It has an option to look at recently viewed recipes which is great. Sometimes I like to take different things from several different recipes and don’t want to print them all so I go to recently viewed and just flip back and forth. I also enjoy the reviewers. Most are smart, fun and add an extra layer of learning. I have always loved to cook but didn’t realize that I could enjoy it even more but I definitely do..Version: 4.94.2

Great recipes - can you add a Celsius setting?I am a subscriber who moved to London. I wish this app had a F to Celsius setting, please..Version: 4.17.1

Best cooking appI’ve tried a few cooking apps but this is clearly the best. I love the videos and the “basics” section. Only thing I’d change is it should have metric quantities, come on, 99% of the world cooks in metric!.Version: 4.7.2

Indispensable!I have been using this app in conjunction with the ‘5 weeknight meals’ newsletter from the NYT. It has solved my biggest cooking problem: come up with interesting and varied ideas for our family dinners. Being French, I am not easily impressed by recipes but have found that if you can trust one part of America for its high culinary standards, it’s New York! The only thing missing from this brilliant app is the ability to view saved recipes by ‘uncooked’ category. For those of us who live in the Southern Hemisphere it would be good to also have a ‘season’ filter. Otherwise I love the ability to organise my saved recipes in folders. I have one just for my 10-year old with a collection of easy one-pot recipes so he can feed us every so often 😉.Version: 4.13.0

Go to app for cookingA lot of thinking went into this. Delicious recipes, great writing. A few oddities with the organization of things but it’s still one of the best apps out there for cooks of all levels..Version: 4.92.0

Love itLove NYT cooking. Such a wide variety. It is wonderful..Version: 4.95.0

My go-to source of recipes.This is the first place I look for recipes. I enjoy the emails that I get suggesting things to prepare — a great way to discover new things..Version: 4.84.0

Best cooking appIncredibly useful cooking app, huge choice of affordable, tasty recipes that are fun to make. The layout is also very stylish and user-friendly. I’m on a free trial but seriously considering the subscription..Version: 4.20.0

Recipes great, app is glitchyI love the recipes from the New York Times but this app is abysmal to use. Every single time I open it, it has logged me out and I have to log back in. I’ve emailed support about it and their suggestion was to delete and reinstall, which I did, and I still have the same issue..Version: 4.80.1

Real recipes by real peopleI love the variety and I feel the reviews are fair. Not everything is 5 stars yet I feel empowered to change and explore to make it 5. I feel like I’m cooking with a collaborator and not a dictator.Version: 4.87.0

Everything except Melissa ClarkI’ve tried and I’ve tried, but Melissa Clark’s take on cooking and her recipes do not work without immense redesign—which basically defeats the purpose of providing a recipe..Version: 4.81.0

Great app for recipesThis is a great app for storing NYT recipes. It allows you to sort and search easily, recipes are easy to use, menus are easy to plan..Version: 4.6.0

Can’t say how many recipes I’ve used from hereI was hooked when the app run a series on frying eggs. Now I get my weekday meals off the app. A real blessing.Version: 4.14.3

Was 5 now 4 starsI love the NYT Cooking app and have used it for many, many years. The recipes are great. The reviews are funny and helpful. BUT I used to be able to save recipes from other sources and store them in folders that I created in the NYT Cooking app. I always admired NYT for not having an inferiority complex and willing to offer this additional service of "other" sites' recipes being housed amongst theirs. Now that extra perk is gone. I even called customer service and asked why this wasn't an option anymore. He gave some lame answer like "we are concentrating our efforts on giving better service..." You WERE offering a great service. Allowing a person to paste a link to a recipe from elsewhere is no skin off your nose! Please bring that back! Or at least to those who are paying full price for the full NYT package! Bah humbug..Version: 4.92.0

The app that turned cooking into a hobbyI used to think that I didn’t enjoy cooking, that cooking was a chore to be avoided or sped through. This app may have turned me — ME! — into a person who cooks for pleasure. You can search for recipes by ingredient so you don’t have to toss out those soon-to-expire items languishing in your fridge. It provides you with daily inspiration recipes, videos on techniques, no-fuss grocery lists, easy-to-follow recipes on (my favorite perk) a screen that does not time out and turn off while your hands are covered in chicken innards. When you find your favorite recipes or just want to create lists of recipes to try, you can add them to your saved recipe box so you don’t have to go searching for recipes when you’re already hangry. I’ve had so much fun trying new foods, with less time and hassle. Heartily recommend! Enjoy your transformation into a hobby cook..Version: 4.79.0

Great app, expensive subscriptionI love and use this app quite a bit but I still think it’s very pricey..Version: 4.8.0

Frustrating technical appLoved the free app and was an early buyer of the 12 month subscription. Kept kicking me out and after the second time off I could never get in. Customer service was useless. Basically told me they couldn’t work it out though could see my membership on the system. A frustrating experience..Version: 4.6.0

Metric Measurements pleaseLove, love this app. Have the hardback book and love the app equally. As a non-American I would very much appreciate metric equivalents to the Imperial system used. Particularly like being able to apply filters and seek out additional recipes in particular categories..Version: 4.92.0

Great Recipes. Wish it had metricLove the recipes on here. Just wish the app had the ability to see metric measurements..Version: 4.14.0

Excellent videos for instructionMelissa Clark is great. Fun and inspiring with fav recipes Miss Sam Sifton’s old columns/pieces Like Ali Slagle’s approach with thoughtful limited ingredients.Version: 4.86.0

The bombo!!Fricken fab app and amazing,inspiring recipes. Much love from New Zealand 🇳🇿.Version: 4.7.3

This app inspiresThe NYT cooking app has given a new lease on life to my nightly dinner prep. I search the app almost every evening for inspiration about how to make a tasty meal from the random items in my fridge - that still-snowy-white cauliflower I bought a week ago, the frozen shrimp, the impulse purchase of a new harissa sauce. It never fails me. If I don’t have all the ingredients in a recipe, I don’t run to the store, but improvise. I substitute parsley for cilantro, sweet onions for leeks, or just omit. I love that all the recipes are attributed to chefs I’ve come to know from regular reading of the Times, so I can prioritize my favorites, whose tastes are a good match for my household’s. This alone makes the app far more reliable than the recipes that pop up on a random Google search. If I happen to be connected to a printer, I print a hard copy for reference in the kitchen. If not, I prop up my smart phone or tablet on the kitchen counter, fetch my ingredients from the convenient list at the top, and switch over to a news program to stave off kitchen ennui while I chop and simmer. My only complaint is that the recipes tend to underestimate prep and cooking time, so I’ve learned it’s best to allow some extra time. But the $39/year was a great expenditure..Version: 4.8.4

NYT RecipesThe NYT recipes that I have tried are great. The only problem I have with the selection is that so many of them use non-pantry items, at least non-my-pantry items..Version: 4.92.0

TransformativeOf course we all know the NYT to be a fantastic (and for some people the only) source. When my spouse began working overnight and we added the Instapot and Braun hand mixers to our tiny San Francisco apartment - this resource became a necessary replacement for about 85% of our spontaneous dining out adventures. I love how readers (chefs) can comment directly on the recipe or ingredients (worth 2 stars). I also love how this can be nearly added to your personal journaling or self care routines (worth another 2 stars). The NYT have selected fairly achievable efforts - but a Whole Foods or accessible farmer’s markets really help with the projects. Be prepared to pay more than restaurant prices and to handle leftovers - kind of not allowed in our small apartment - that is where the overnight colleagues come in. You’ll hopefully come to this app for the creativity and life choices and stay for the compliments and gratitude of others. Food and shared food experiences is one of the strongest pillars of a life well lived..Version: 4.8.3

Three cheers from Australia!I love NY Times cooking and am an avid subscriber. I live in Sydney, Australia which is a very multicultural city so all the NY Times recipes resonate and the ingredients are readily available here. Plus I get to cook some brilliant American classic recipes! Thank you NY Times Cooking!.Version: 4.14.0

Sense of communityLove this app. It is put together in such a way that it makes you feel part of a highly skilled, knowledgeable community. It’s my go to for ideas and great recipes.Version: 4.17.1

NYT Cooking is simply the bestI miss my home (NYC) and now live abroad. NYT cooking not only reminds me of my home but is a great veggie cooking app that is easy to use..Version: 4.69.1

Great Recipes & an App worthy of More FeaturesI use this app a lot and am very grateful for being able to make private notes, mark recipes as tested and organize my selections in easy folders. It’s good. What would make it better is to be able to customize and save some reusable filters. Our household has some allergies, some flavour preferences and sometimes overflowing garden bounty, thus reusable filters to include and or exclude certain ingredients would be really helpful..Version: 4.77.1

Great AppFavourite food app. Wonderful recipes easy to follow. Full of useful information..Version: 4.8.0

New York Times recipesGreat recipes. My go to for tasty weeknight meals.Version: 4.31.0

Add the notes pleaseJust started using this app, really like it. But I noticed that the recipes are missing the notes/tips section from the recipe on the NYT webpage which is unfortunate. Any chance this could be added?.Version: 3.0.0

The best collection of recipes, but……It doesn’t feel right for a paid subscription to feature ads in the recipes..Version: 4.65.0

The Best for CooksTo me, this app is second to none. The content is created by fantastically talented, creative and straightforward food people. No fluff to the descriptions, just the facts you need and some additional insight that will make you a wiser cook. Simple emails up to the most complex, explained in laymen’s terms. It is searchable, creates shopping lists (where you can delete items you already have!) and easy to use when executing your chosen dish(es). I read the daily/weekly emails for the past year, got a free trial of the app, and now have the app (I couldn’t live without it, actually) and can say that my cooking skills and creativity have been elevated dramatically! If you like to cook and want to get better, this app is for you. Combine it with the emails from the Times staff and you’re basically getting an education (or refresher) that will help you grow your skills and culinary sophistication one meal at a time!.Version: 4.14.2

I’m a better cook nowMy cooking has improved out of sight since I have been using the NYT cooking blog for my inspiration. I love the blurbs that come with the recipes, and the focus on real food..Version: 4.23.0

THE go-to for food!You have to understand that this app is a lot more than a collection of excellent recipes. It’s a talk show, a set of instruction videos, a daily food essay that gets you excited to be back in the kitchen ASAP. AND a collection of recipes from the best of the best. OK - so - there are just a few things that may be less than perfect. 1) I have to go elsewhere for Mexican food (REAL Mexican food) which happens to be my personal yum. I lived in Mexico and know how amazing that food can be - the fresh fruit batidos, the aguas, the taqueria salsas, the rich mole sauces, the soups with squash flowers.... 2) The recipe book can be difficult to manipulate. Deleting recipes from it is not intuitive. I’d love more options - like easily making up a set of recipes for a dinner party then dissolving (or back-filing) the set when the party’s over. Or saving a recipe with my personal fiddles and edits attached. But I LOVE this app, this daily inspiration. And - hey - my family and friends now believe I’m a good cook! Where did THAT come from? Guess!.Version: 4.14.3

Creative and reliableI own (too) many cookbooks, but since this service got into high gear the books are languishing on the shelves. The range is broad, the instructions clear, the outcomes generally satisfying. The app uses simple computer techniques for searching and grouping and filing very effectively, and having your own virtual Recipe Box to which you can add your own comments is handy indeed. The prep times are sometimes understated, and sometimes I disagree with the relative proportions, but the differences have not been serious and even a mildly experienced cook can handle the details with relative ease. Users’ comments are welcomed and archived, so you can easily benefit from other cooks’ experiences and creative suggestions. If a recipe has been on the website for a while you can often discover through the comments extremely helpful nuances and techniques. And the recipes include a broad variety of cuisines, making for some fun and delicious new dishes for the family table. Thank you, New York Times..Version: 4.21.0

Great recipes, bad appThe recipes in here are top notch, but it’s impossible to use without running into bugs lately. You go to a recipe, it shows as blank, then app freezes..Version: 4.86.0

Great cooking app!This app is one of the hidden treasures of my subscription. It's well thought out and is as good as any other I've tried. When my interest is piqued by one of the food section columns, it's great to be able to quickly save the recipe for future use..Version: 4.80.0

Yummy NYTMy most enjoyable and used App I couldn’t live without it. Recipes are easy, healthy, affordable. It gives ideas of what to cook when you are missing inspiration either for your daily meals but also when you recive guests A must have.Version: 4.8.0

Down underVodka in pastry? Is this a lost in translation moment? I went ahead in good faith, on my life long quest to make perfect pastry every time. This pastry delivered the right look, the right texture, the right flavour, complementing my egg and tomato filling. Chemistry in cooking at work. Thanks from coffee Mecca Melbourne. Rhonda.Version: 4.91.1

Great recipes, bad searchThe title says it all. The recipes are very good, and the convenience of planning a meal far from your cookbooks is great. However the search function leaves a lot to desire. The results are flaky, and sometimes quite strange..Version: 4.83.1

Caregiving Support!After over 35 years of teaching, I finally retired and was able to slow down and enjoy life. Sadly less than half a year later, those dreams were dashed when I suddenly found myself a full time caregiver for my husband. On top of that, the pandemic hit, and our world shrunk down to a five-room condo and leaving home was too dangerous to even think about. As options dwindled, I filled my days with activities that could be done safely. Planning and preparing daily meals became a welcome outlet! Thanks to that NYT cooking section and app, I have endless meals to try, and as things gradually open up once again, I have bright spots in my otherwise often challenging days, when I can forget, if only for a moment, that life can still be fun! My endless thanks to NYT for keeping me sane!.Version: 4.48

Cannot beat this cookbook!Every chef will have a decent take on most recipes, which will do in a pinch. But no chef and no team is going to have the traditional recipe for every dish in every cuisine on the globe with suggestions on what you can do to make it fantastic. New York City is one of a handful of cities in which every country and ethnicity is represented. Where else can you find what is a reasonable substitute when a rare ingredient is out of season, or how to manage a hard dried stored version of a hard to find and mostly unknown ingredient? If my friend is homesick for the Singaporean Chicken and Rice she grew up on, I want to have the real thing when she gets here and I will look here. If I want to reinstate our family tradition of making sweet chile rellenos the day before a holiday and I can’t remember how much cloves to add, I am going to look here. It is possible to have a cookbook for most cuisines, but not all. But someone in NY remembers making dumplings with their mom in Tibet before the family escaped and arrived in NYC and they will contribute the recipe if someone needs it. I have not looked for every recipe I mentioned so I hope I don’t disappoint but if you need one that is not here, then ask! And it WILL be here. This is, hands down, my go to if I want the REAL recipe for…well…Anything!.Version: 4.55.0

Quality recipes with an American twist.Normally avoid many American recipes due to their reliance on processed ingredients such as tinned soup bases etc, the recipes in NYT are fabulous and the app is easy to use to find ideas. A British foodie based in mainland Europe !.Version: 4.27.0

Everyday a new recipeI love this app. To browse recipes, to use recipes and to get inspiration. Linked with the Facebook NYT Cooking page it's awesome..Version: 2.12.2

So good!Makes cooking an adventure..Version: 4.91.2

Good but a memory gobblerGreat way of keeping all your recipes (especially NYT ones, but good for anywhere else) in one place. Useful functions for notes, review, cooked, star ratings etc. Eats memory like it's going out of fashion, which is disappointing and ultimately may see it removed from your menu..Version: 2.10.0

Fabulous!Love the collection of recipes with delicious options from all over the world. Great US favorites to remind me of my years there..Version: 4.23.0

NYT cookingGreat app for ideas. Save the ingredients to your shopping app, but ensure you don’t fill up your cupboard with unnecessary stuff!.Version: 4.35

The bestI love this site and use it every day either for inspiration or for a recipe. Wonderful ingredients and mostly available generally even on VAncouver Island in a pandemic. Please lessen the over reliance on chick peas, they are boring and nasty. I could not manage without you all. Marnie McNeill.Version: 4.16.2

Almost perfectThis is my go-to place for finding and then organizing recipes. It is easy to use, and wonderful for exploring and for finding help on cooking techniques. The ability to add recipes from other online sites is a generous plus. The whole design of the app is elegant and clean. My one (minor, but...) complaint that keeps from getting this 5 stars is that the categories were added a few releases ago and I cannot override or change them. I had already set up my own categories at that point and the “enforced” ones are more numerous and also more general than I like. The Brunch category for example duplicates a category I had set up, but about 80% of our selections match—do I sort through each group and modify (tricky to do on a mobile phone!) so I can delete my old Brunch category, or do I leave both of them.....grrrr. Some of the new categories are general—Dinner for example—where I would rather set up my own according to type of food—casserole, meat, nonmeat, etc. I would like to be able to do away with the NYT defined categories altogether, but can’t see a way to do that. So I am left with all their new categories, many of my own, and lots of duplication. It’s frustrating in an otherwise well designed app. I still consider it my favorite and highly recommend it..Version: 4.7.3

Favorite section of the NYTI havnt always been a cook. Or even a baker, although I took to that younger. I spent my first 15 years doing some baking. I used to love decorating cakes. Then I went to college and then life went on. And I never really baked again, and certainly never bothered to learn to cook well. Fast forward a few decades and I’ve taught myself to cook. Really cook. Well. People want an invitation to my house for dinner. They love it when I stop by with some extra couscous salad or leftovers from a holiday meal. I’m not bragging, im sharing my total shock that this has come to pass. Many of the recipes I’ve made have come from the NYT food section. I can’t wait for Wed to see what I may be making Thur. Velvet fish? Yum. Mushroom appetizers? I’m in (and I don’t really like mushrooms). And more. I’ve also picked up baking again. Made the lemon coconut cake form this weeks paper. Fantastic!! This app allows me to save and comment on adjustments I’ve made - which I do. Velvet fish sauce needs to be 1.5 the recipe. And needs more heat. The butternut squash “florets” need more purée and a little less sugar. Etc. But I find many of my goto recipes come from the NYT. And of course, also ideas on which cookbooks to invest in..Version: 4.9.0

Great app - PLEASE add unit conversion functionGreat app - brilliant resource - very user friendly - please add the ability to view the app in metric units. That would make it truly international and far more convenient for anyone who doesn’t live in the US with the archaic and whacky Imperial system..Version: 4.16.3

Keep going!Within the past year, I’ve learned I just have to keep going, no matter what! At the moment, I can’t really use the kitchen that I had beautifully remodeled last year. My right arm is in a sling, and my left arm is impaired by having a PICC line in it, so that I can give myself daily IV medication. Thankfully, this is not a permanent situation, but I will have to deal with it for another 3 to 6 months. However, reading recipes from the New York Times cookbook, Looking at the pictures, thinking about what I would have to buy, and what I already have in my cupboard, or my fridge… All of this helps keep me going as do my son and daughter when I have the delicious meals they cook for me. This cookbook, and its weekly reminders of the joy I find in cooking, is the backbone of my recovery. Thanks for that!.Version: 4.73.0

I LOVE this app!I love this app--it's so convenient to have so many recipes (and ideas) so readily available. The feedback and conversation about almost every recipe is tremendously helpful--and having access to these recipes--including some that I've saved to my recipe box from elsewhere--on my phone is incredibly useful--easier than hauling the laptop around (do I really want that in my kitchen anyway?) and beats printing out endless pieces of paper. My only regret is that the columns that come with the recipes aren't up here too--but I'm realistic enough to believe that might be impractical in this space. I'm sorry there are folks who are upset about having to pay a bit--quality journalism isn't free. I've subscribed to the Times online for years--it's not that expensive AND you get the newspaper as well as this treasure trove of cooking ideas..Version: 3.0.0

This App deletes your saved recipes...completely unacceptableI’ve been using this app from the very beginning, saving my favorite recipes and using them frequently. Recently I went to my saved recipe box and noticed that over half the recipes were gone, and all of those that I had flagged as “cooked” were no longer there. I sent a note to technical service immediately and still days later haven’t received any assistance. This is completely unacceptable. This is not a free App, this service is overpriced to begin with, and it is absolutely unacceptable for dozens and dozens of saved recipes to completely disappear with no record and no recourse. No different than if I buy a cookbook and the publishers come into my house and remove it. So beware if you are thinking of paying for this App. You may be better off looking elsewhere..Version: 4.8.4

My favourite appI’m a professional chef and use this app all the time for inspiration and very highly skilled guidance..Version: 4.76.1

Handy; very very handy!There are a number of great functions that make the NYTimes Cooking app work: - knowing you can find that great recipe you spotted whilst reading the NYTimes - getting great stories and tips from the featured authors and other readers - ways to save favourites and categorise them to create an easy, personalised reference library - Mouth watering photos for indulging in armchair cooking (like armchair travel, but with food adventures!).Version: 4.8.4

Great recipes, sometimes quirky websiteThese are wonderful recipes: I’ve been cooking them for my wife and me for about 5 years now, they are generally easy (or if not then straightforward), they can be done in a reasonable amount of time (usually less than an hour), they have sometimes helpful sometimes humourous comments, and they are mostly (90%+) good to great. But the website is clunky. Try searching meat loaf and meatloaf: you get two different sets of results. Misspell something, type in something that the Times’s computer doesn’t recognize (even though a normal human being and even Google might) and you’re lost. Despite the quirks, it is my go-to web recipes, because so reliably good. And much more concise and clear and brief than other websites that rely on extensive ads. (Plus when we downsized all our print cook-books went ☹️.Version: 4.85.0

Need to add in a way to convert measurements...I work from ml and grams and I have to keep converting their American measurements. If they add a button where it chooses which measurements you want to work from that would be good..Version: 4.22.0

Worth itThis is the only cooking channel I will pay for. It’s worth it if you are serious about eating..Version: 4.16.1

I love you.I love you. I am a mediocre cook, trapped in a pandemic, with my daughter in law ( and son) and their two new babies! This is lovely, but did I mention my daughter in law is an excellent cook and baker? Caroline DOESNT make cakes as good as Patricia! She’s amazing! Her parents were Magalise ( from Madagascar) ( I hope that’s the people, not the language!) and she slept on a shelf in the bakery as a baby. Obviously, she picked some things up! BUT she also makes delicious dinners and lunches and whatever else you want. With NYT cooking, I can sometimes fake it and produce something delicious! Like Ropa Vieja! Wonderful and impressive! Also, before we came to New Orleans to wrangle babies, I used NYT cooking to trick my used to be youngest grandchild, Jase, into putting down his phone. He was buried in it, 24/7. At 17, it was difficult to converse with him......okay, impossible. Then one day, I thought! What requires you to put down your phone! Cooking!! And I lured him into the kitchen with flank steak, peppers and onions. It was glorious! And has continued, and inspired cooking urges in Jase, even when I’m in Louisiana and he’s in Oklahoma! Thank you! I love you..Version: 4.83.1

Fabulous Cauliflower Lemon & Dill recipe, quick & ezFabulous dish! It was hard not to get a second helping. I made this for a quick late dinner tonight, with the following mods: I steamed the cauliflower 5 mins 1st, because we wanted to eat it right away. I cut the oil to just 1/3 C & it was plenty! I love them so I used extra scallions, 5 stalks. I was out of parsley, so I cut up the same amount of wild (tender & small) arugula. It was a lovely addition, without harm to the deliciousness of this recipe. I used 5 big cloves of “pressed” garlic, and added an extra 1/2 of a lemon’s juice. I was also out of jalepeño, but a large pinch of red chili flakes gave it flavor & a touch of heat. I also added 1 Tbsp of capers & about 1/4 tsp of the caper juice from the jar. It was a tasty addition. Fresh dill was ruined from the heat (pity) but used 1/3 C + of freshly dried & it was nice & dill-y! Delish! Easy. Quick. I highly recommend this new-to-me Melissa Clark recipe! Even as is, I can tell it would’ve been amazing too! It’s going into regular rotation ❤️ & next time I may add some steamed brown rice to round out this for a plant-based meal! Enjoy!.Version: 4.65.0

Would be fiveIt would be 5 stars if they’d add an option to view recipes in grams with the Celcius temperature. I know it’s a US paper but they have a lot of international readers!.Version: 4.45

From MelbourneExcellent source of a variety of recipes. Enjoy !.Version: 4.14.0

Killing AppYes, the NYT cooking app will kill you. Pages load themselves unbidden. Recipes disappear. Unnavigable dead ends you don’t want appear. Oh dear.Version: 4.81.0

Wonderful array of quality recipesPurchasing the NYT cooking app is the best few dollars you will ever spend. A vast corpus of quality recipes will revitalise your love of cooking and it will delight your family. Do yourself a flavour!.Version: 4.69.1

Awesome But EsotericThe recipes are fantastic and easy to follow but — in some cases — tend to be flourishes on the basics that, while delicious add work and complexity. This is NOT The Joy Of Cooking. It’s more for the experienced amateur chef who want to take it up a notch..Version: 4.89.0

Filter by ratingI would find a ‘filter by rating’ function really useful! (Or if one exists, one that is more clearly signposted).Version: 4.8.3

Helps decideVery helpful. Very easy. Cuts down the anxiety of daily dinner decision making..Version: 4.95.0

Fantastic and creative recipesI love NYT cooking app. Easy to use, amazing recipes ranging from easy to complex flavours. I am always able to find some new twists to “boring” vegetables like zucchini! A great selection of world - wide cooking too. Really good..Version: 4.52.0

They wheeled me inAfter getting my NY times subscription I subscribed to anything that interested me. The apps are all good, this one exceptional. I go shopping with it, I cook from it. Thanks for creating something so simple..Version: 4.85.0

My Go ToI am an avid home cook and UX professional — that makes me really hard to please when it comes to a cooking site / app. The NY Times is one of the most reliable recipe sites out there that combines accuracy (you can depend on the ratios and cook-times), flavor combinations, and ease. Their recipes save work without cutting corners on the quality of the outcome. Whether I need ideas for a quick weeknight meal or something special for the weekend, I know I can count on NYT. Further, their app is intuitive and effortless. They surface ideas, make suggestions, and keep track of what I’ve recently viewed. If I have one area to improve, it’s the recipe box. I’d like to be able to save third party recipes to the app. That way I wouldn’t need more than one on my phone. All in all, this is easily my favorite cooking app..Version: 4.53.0

Idea for the appI love the app, I use it for a lot of my cooking! I have an idea for a useful feature where while you're cooking a recipe you can set up a lingering notification for the recipe! I often find myself hopping into other apps and things while I'm doing some mise en place or checking a measurement or if the phone calls asleep while I work. I would love it if I could tap right back to the recipe like I do with Google maps or a voice recorder. I don't know how achievable this is but it would be exceptionally useful, hope this helps, thank you!.Version: 4.14.1

Food glorious foodOn point app for user friendly menu surprises. Give your taste buds a holiday and explore what’s on offer here!.Version: 4.43

Love the appGreat recipes, amazing comment sections that really tell you what works and doesn’t, and give good tips on substitutions or alternative methods. Only reason I haven’t given it 5 stars is that I would love it to have a function where you can toggle between cups/oz and metric measurements(grams/ml) - would save me and the presumably many other European users from having to do the conversions separately!.Version: 4.45

Favorite Recipes, Would love to see a better appI almost exclusively cook NYT recipes as I’ve been continually impressed by how good they turn out— I suggest this app to all my friends. But I gotta say— it’s a tough sell, let me tell you why. Do I love paying $4 a month, on top of the $4 I pay for the NYT news subscription? No, I think that’s a little much, especially given the sadly unremarkable features (or lack thereof) on the app itself. I gotta say, I stick around for the amazing recipes. But for that extra $4 I would really love to see more out of the app— for example, categorizing by meal or recipe type, search improvements/better filtering, access to videos that have previously been featured on the front page (where do these go?), that sort of thing. I come back to this app all the time and think a lot more people would be hooked too, if the app was a little more user friendly..Version: 4.41

Love it!It’s an amazing resource for family meals.Version: 4.91.1

Inspiration and direction for the beat up cookBC (before Covid) I looked to NYT and its amazing parade of food artists for a new idea or a new way to entertain guests or wow family (so the kids would visit more often) with new dishes or a twist on the old ones. DC (during) is making this more important than ever even if there are only the two of us in it together for the ling haul. Food is a variable when we are all starved for social stimulus and the normal variations in life that are stymied by C. Like so many, I’ve made bread for the first time—successfully—thanks to Mark Bittman and countless reader tips along with his own updates to a recipe that should be awarded the Nobel Peace prize. Who can disagree over hot bread and butter? And the perfected recipes that pop up daily or I find as I search the site have resulted from the in perfect hasslebacks, amazing skillet chops and steaks, 1137 recipes for amazing chicken dishes. Honestly, I now have a collection of food porn pictures and I never photographed anything but the beautiful cakes I made BC. I bought my sister a subscription for her birthday because every night now she wants a pix of what’s for dinner and an explanation of how to make it. Totally worth it! It’s my cooking Geritol!.Version: 4.55.0

Exciting RecipesLove the adventure of trying new recipes and ideas..Version: 4.24.0

Beautiful and UsefulLove the variety of foods, categories for easy browsing and quality of recipes..Version: 4.9.0

Delicious, mouth wateringI have baked this cake for my daughter and her flat mates at University when I have stayed over for a few weeks. It was easy to make, the aroma while you are making it is making you starving for the cake! Once finished, I have iced the cake with coconut milk ganache. I can say that was a treat everyone loved! It went down very well, not a crumb left on a plate! The texture was light, moist and it melts in your mouth!.Version: 4.14.2

Excellent recipes, Elegant appI use this app on the iPad and iPhone many times a week and it has really improved our range of meals! I now turn to it first - even though we have many cookbooks - as the search function always reveals new ways of using an ingredient. The photos are appealing, serve as good models for plating the dish, and generally represent the end result accurately. The ratings and comments are also really helpful. I also like the way the iPad app stays on while cooking, rather than timing out to the lock screen. Wishlist for iPad app version: (1) nutrition info, (2) scaling recipes function, (3) ability to copy from comments and/or pin them to top of list for future reference, (4) dimming after a couple of minutes of inactivity, and undimming with an easy tap — to save screen and battery life..Version: 4.28.0

My favorite appThe app that makes me happy. It’s a treasure. Well written, well researched, endless discoveries and delicious meals to share with your loved ones..Version: 4.94.1

Mes classiquesI love Cooking I always find good ideas and receipes for every day or specials occasions.Version: 4.86.0

New York Times Recipes A Winner!Absolutely love experimenting with the huge range of NYT recipes! Thank you.Version: 4.79.0

Great Companion Beyond National Boundaries . . .This remarkable compendium offers a deep well of inspiration and hope. After 32 years of living in the US I’ve returned to the UK, in particular Scotland. I continue to enjoy dipping into the recipes that connect me to the “American” period of my life (making a family, having a career), the America of complex diversity and the welcoming and valuing of difference..Version: 4.81.0

Great resourceI use it often.Version: 4.14.2

First classI read a recommendation of the app and decided to invest. So worthwhile in terms of variety of techniques and cuisines represented. I love reading the notes that enhance the cooking experience. I am in Australia and find it super easy to follow the recipes- I have become an expert at converting between imperial and metric measurements. It is now my daily ritual to check out the recipe of the day..Version: 4.9.2

Good App, poor integration with NY TimesI like this app. The recipes are interesting and the steps are clear. Once you get to the recipe, all is well. A couple of versions ago, the App stopped working seamlessly with the online version of the Times. I used to click on a recipe in the Times and it would get me into the app. Then it wanted me to add my ID and password to open the App even if the App was already open. Like another used it then would get stuck in a loop. The advice from the Times tech people (reinstall) produced no results. Subsequent updates have produced no change. So now if I see a recipe in the Times I go to the App and search. The search features is not great. It may take 2 or 3 tries to find the recipe shifting from names to principal ingredients. Sometimes I don’t find it. I assume it has yet to be posted on the App..Version: 4.10.1

Best cooking app!Love the NY Times app in general and the cooking section is really excellent, a good balance of well-done classics, well-explained, and other original, different recipes from all over the world, exploring the beauty of cuisines from so many different cultures. Love it..Version: 4.8.3

BuggyThe app continually asks me to login. Just now I saved a recipe, great. Then I searched for another recipe and tried to save it - nope. Must login. And re-type all information; nothing is saved from prior logins. (NYTimes Crossword has the same bug, although it requires random logins far less often than this Cooking app.).Version: 4.17.1

What a JoyThe message in my Inbox makes my day! From the commentary to the actual recipes, in a sea of bad news, reading NYT recipes is my guilty pleasure! Thank you to those who present this wonderful column day in and out! Susan Stock.Version: 4.77.1

Love this appFood always inspires and dishes are reliable and delicious The writers are also witty and approachable.Version: 4.8.4

A great helpThis app is one of the few I use daily. The meal planning suggestions have helped me avoid that 4:30 pm panic about what to fix for dinner many times. I don't cook everything in Sam Sifton's suggestions every week, but I usually find at least one or two recipes to add to my own ideas for weekly meal planning. The recipes are as diverse as New York itself, ranging from familiar comfort foods to elegant classic French cuisine, to more exotic Middle Eastern, Asian and African dishes, which are familiar comfort foods in other places. The dessert recipes are amazing! Recipes are clear and easy to follow. It is a great help to be able to pull up a recipe on my tablet, and to be able to read and follow it without wasteful printing. Plus, the printing function works well, for those who would rather spill on paper than on delicate electronics. The recipe ratings and reviews can be sorted by most helpful. Favorite recipes can be saved and organized, which is good, because my list of favorites is becoming unwieldy. Others have mentioned price of the app. Considering the hundreds of dollars I would otherwise spend on cookbooks from these authors, it is a real bargain. Add in the recipe search functions, and the fact that it takes up no more room in my overstuffed bookcases, and it quickly becomes indispensable..Version: 3.0.0

The mountain comes to MohammedAfter years of buying cookery tomes, where only a scant few recipes from each made it to the status of continual repeat, I have found my ‘go to’in NYT cookery. Tested through 2 years of lock down this site was a source of inspiration, fun and mostly wonderful meals. I recommend reading the reviews following each recipe for tips and variations. Enjoy!.Version: 4.56.0

Love to CookI was the wife and mother who hated cooking. Ten years into marriage and motherhood I discovered this subscription through the NYT. I started by making some breads, began watching the videos, reading tips, took on sheet pan meals, and now make all sorts of more complex meals because of the confidence I have built through how friendly this app is and how delicious these meals are. This app has changed my life and I’m now a queen of meals in our house. My kids help me and pick out their favorite dishes and often prefer to eat in than eat out. And I never feel stressed anymore when making homemade dinners. I even have the confidence and know how to put ingredients together without finding specific recipes. We also use this app to plan all our holiday get together and party meals. All thanks to this NYT cooking subscription!.Version: 4.14.0

AwesomeLove this site for great recipes and the way it is presented and reviews that are very helpful in tweaking recipes to individual tastes.Version: 4.15.0

Outstanding resource.An inspiration and a comfort in equal measure. One of my favourite things..Version: 4.16.2

A view from EuropeI would just like to thank the NYT for a refreshing cookery website. I live in England (but I am still a completely committed member of the European food and cultural life). I love the refreshing slant that that NYT Cooking gives to food, and I enjoy the cultural differences between our cuisines. Obviously, Italy is our common denominator. Thank you NYT (and, especially, Mellisa). Paul Woodbridge, Suffolk, England.Version: 4.57.2

Approachable and yummy recipesI have made the Morning Glory Muffins and intend to make the sheet pan macaroni and cheese, bolognese sauce as well as the tofu recipes, soon. I don’t know if it’s because of Covid-19 or not, but I have found NYT cooking especially inspiring, motivational and approachable. With an easy to use format, I get excited now about making one of the recipes. Haven’t really been that excited about cooking for years. And I love reading the columns beforehand, to get my cook’s juices flowing. Thank you for the inspiration in Australia where we cook more than barbecue actually, too!.Version: 4.50.1

Great Basic App - Needs RefinementOverall the app works great and we’re having great time with the recipes available. The UI is good but on the iPad it only makes so-so usage of the screen. Otherwise, it’s easy to read especially as you load up a receipt but a couple of things about the app irritate us when we use it to shop, prep, and ultimately cook. First the shopping thing… There needs to be an option to copy copy the ingredients to the clipboard or at the very least Apple notes. I hate having to copy the long list of ingredients and then clean it up in notes. Second, adding an option to divide the ingredient list by portions would help so much. I’ve definitely been guilty of forgetting to divide an ingredient near the end of a recipe. Lastly, please add an option for the screen to remain awake, at least on the iPad version. It’s so annoying having to tap the screen or unlock after being in the midst of cooking..Version: 4.94.1

Sam Sifton’s food column is Fantastic!!I always start with Sam’s food column.... very well done .... excellent recipe source and inspiration.... world views ... seasonal focuses inclusive of all cultures.... interesting bits on books people ideas ... just an informative, fun and inspirational read!! Amidst COVID this saved me many times giving me good reading and do-able ideas to perk life up! So many amazing folks contribute and such a huge resource at my finger tips! Love the Mediterranean Diet starting for 2024, Thanks! Excellent Recipes and great Support if you have questions! Lucy on Vancouver Island, Canada.Version: 4.93.0

Easy to useJust the right amount of detail, easy to search and index..Version: 4.81.0

MeatI know we should reduce the amount of meat we eat and I have, eating lots of fish, eggs and some cheese. I eat lots of vegetables, but don’t count on them alone to provide enough protein. And I am sick of all the quinoa, etc. I am getting tired of chicken, even though I give you an A+ for your chicken recipes. But I still enjoy red meat occasionally. The few meat recipes offered, that are not stews, are few and far between. Luckily, I enjoy a sautéed chop when I do eat red meat. Although I once loved to cook and was good at it, I now find that I REALLY don’t like cooking for just myself. I rarely entertain, mostly because so many people have food “issues” and planning and cooking a meal for a group is too much of a hassle. And one more thing. Too many of your recipes require too many ingredients that I don’t have or want to buy. When I go to restaurants I really enjoy that kind of food..Version: 4.54.0

Great everyday ideasWe find something new every week to try. Learning lots at the same time..Version: 4.85.0

Great food appGreat way to store recipes from all over the internet..Version: 4.8.4

Great way to find reliable, but not boring recipesI have a large cookbook collection, including two older volumes of NYT cookbooks. But this is now my “go to” source of everyday recipes. I particularly like the reader (read “cook”) notes, giving some useful comments..Version: 4.91.1

Clarity and Classics—recipes to trustI love this app and just subscribed to my second year. My favorite thing is the clarity of the writing— from the list of ingredients to the preparation, these recipes are easy to follow. I also like the fact that this organization has access to some really great foodies and national and international recipes—but that access doesn’t mean there are a plethora of choices, which is what I want. I like reaching for my cookbook and finding what I want—not sift through 100+ recipes to find the best. I like that there are very few recipes for specific things, and that these recipes are classics yet modern. This is an app for a cook like me—not daily, but a weekend cook who uses the time to savor the process and want to make something delicious. And in the first year—I committed Jordan Marsh’s blueberry muffin recipe to memory and it’s still such a divine gift to me (I do add more blueberries and sugar sprinkles though!;) 💕.Version: 4.70.0

Pizza HeavenSam Sifton’s pizza recipe is a revelation to us. In the past I had just used plain flour, not the recommended 00 and failed to use yeast. His recommendation to make up the base & leave it to prove in the ‘fridge’ overnight took all the drudge work out of the preparation and meant that the pizza was easy to assemble and bake. I am particularly grateful for the video which was so clear and explicit. I liked it so much that I have purchased a pizza stone. What a brilliant mid-week treat! I can’t wait for the lockdown to be over so I can make pizzas for our friends. Thank you Sam..Version: 4.29.0

Very comprehensiveVery comprehensive cooking site. Really interesting recipes with interesting combinations. Just mastering pounds to kilos as I live in Australia with a different metric system..Version: 4.16.2

The recipes are incredible, the app not so muchThe recipes are so worth the money but the app is annoying to use. Anytime your phone screen goes into rest mode (dark after x minutes, whatever your setting), or you are in a different app for too long, the app refreshes you back to the main landing page. Which means you have to search for the recipe you are cooking every time you turn away from the phone. Not helpful when you may only have one finger not dirty and just want to see what ingredient goes in next. Also the saving feature is horrible. I wish they would use the same touch/responsiveness options as Pinterest say, where you can hold down on a recipe and a menu of which recipe box to save it in appears. As it is now, the first time you tap on the save button, no matter how long you hold it down, you can’t save it to an individual recipe list, just your general bookmarks. You must then press and hold on the tiny banner for it to then ask you if you want to save it onto a recipe box, then you go through to find which one. Makes creating quick recipe lists really laborious. I love these recipes so much, that’s the only reason I’m begging for some UI changes!.Version: 4.10.2

NYT cooking is incredible!I recentllynsubscribed to NYT cooking and am loving it! I am a very keen cook and have a vast collection of cookbooks, however I find myself being so inspired by the daily NYT cooking suggestions; easy to follow and every recipe I have tried so far is totally delicious: highly recommended:.Version: 4.42

SO worth the subscription!I put off buying a subscription for ages, big mistake. I use the app almost every day, have saved so many recipes to my recipe box and can rely on the newsletters and recipes of the day for constant inspiration. Can’t recommend enough! Also, reader comments on recipes are always super helpful..Version: 4.18.1

Works well with wonderful contentGreat app, fantastic features (you can save recipes from NYT and across the web in one place) - and of course, fantastic recipes and content..Version: 3.2.1

Great interface. Metric measurements option please!Love the look and ad free. Easy to navigate and get straight to the ingredients. But please..... EVERY OTHER COUNTRY in the world would love a metric option!.Version: 4.14.2

My go-to recipe guideMy partner has taken up a series of dietary restrictions to help manage rheumatoid arthritis. As a classically trained cook, these restrictions take me away from much of my training and experience. My classic cookbooks get dusty on the shelves. Adapting those recipes to fit her diet produce lack-lustre results. Then I discovered NYT cooking and I scan it a couple of times a week to find delicious thing that meet her requirements, either straight-up, or with minimal substitutions or omissions. I also collect others that appeal to me, but don’t suit here. I’m seriously contemplating getting rid of my cookbook library altogether. And that is a BIG step for any trained cook. Those books have been as important in the kitchen as my knives, so this is the highest praise I can offer. Thank you so much. The thrill in her eyes when I produce a new dish is priceless to me..Version: 4.27.0

Total winner!!These were scrumptious. I had to freeze the leftovers as they would have undoubtedly disappeared from the fridge overnight. I sprinkled a little Maldon sea salt on the top along with the fennel seeds before baking. It added a little crunch and a bit of zing. The perfect flourish..Version: 4.27.0

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The DealBook Summit 2023 app is your must-have companion at our event. Get the most out of your event experience with t...

NYT Audio Positive Reviews, comments
NYT Audio Positive Reviews

New York Times news subscribers enjoy full access to the Audio app, including a daily playlist, exclusive shows, narrate...

The New York Times Positive Reviews, comments
The New York Times Positive Reviews

The New York Times app provides in-depth, independent, original reporting. Our breadth of coverage reaches well beyond n...