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Pennies – Budget and Expenses App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Pennies – Budget and Expenses app received 44 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Pennies – Budget and Expenses? Can you share your negative thoughts about pennies – budget and expenses?

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Pennies – Budget and Expenses for Negative User Reviews

Doesn't do anythingIt just adds and subtracts any money coming in or out. save your money and write it on a piece of paper and use a dollar store calculator. useless scam..Version: 5.5

Not Very UsefulI don't get how this works for tracking expenses. I can really only see how it might be a little bit helpful when budgeting for something like a holiday. And you can't seem to add future expenses, the calendar wheel constantly takes you back to the current day. Sorry - I wouldn't have bothered rating but I paid for the app so it's a let down..Version: 5.3

Love it but the Apple Watch app hasn’t worked for monthsGreat product and I can’t live without it but the Apple Watch feature (which I used 90% of the time) hasn’t worked in months. Emailed the developer months ago and it still doesn’t work..Version: 5.7

Not bad but......I emailed you in Aug 2016 asking that the app's badge show the balance remaining of the current budget, without the cents, so we don't need to open the app or Today widget to see it. You said it was a good idea, so... any news?.Version: 5.3

Good but crashesSeems like a great app and I really want it to work so that I can use it! It crashes every time I select a budget to edit or delete. Very frustrating..Version: 2.3

Pros & ConsI was so excited to download this app, only to realize that my husband and I can’t use the same account and share the budget. This was the reason I bought the app, so maybe I should have done more research before, but this feature (or lack thereof) wasn’t evident to me in the app description. Other than that, I love the interface and ease of use! Right now we just discuss spending at the end of the day and both enter purchases if any were made..Version: 5.6.2

I want to love itLet me start by saying that this app has changed my finances! It is so easy to stay on track, add and delete budget items, and move money around. The issue is this app always makes my phone crash. I have an iPhone 7, and at least twice a week this app will just randomly kick me out, freeze and then kick me out, or just freeze to the point where nothing works and I have to restart my phone. It’s extremely frustrating, but when it’s working, the app can’t be beat!.Version: 5.9.3

Needs an updateI love this ap and was using it religiously when I first downloaded it. However, the past few months it has been almost impossible to do so. Most times when I open the ap it just freezes. If it doesn’t freeze upon opening, it does once I try to enter an expense. I know it’s not an issue with my phone because it’s the only ap I have that crashes like this so consistently. Please release an update and I will be happy to give the five stars that the actual concept deserves..Version: 5.7

ThundergartersApp works perfectly on iPhone; I use the app with Family Sharing so me and my partner both use it. I can use it on my Apple Watch perfectly fine, in 3 months it has crashed for me just once. However for my partner it crashes on her watch daily and she has to reset her watch, and sometimes go as far as deleting and reinstalling the app. We both have series 3 watches; mine is IOS 5.1.1, hers is iOS 5.1.3 (mine says it is up to date) so I can only assume it’s the iOS version making the difference? Review would be 5 stats straight up if the issue with the watch app was resolved as otherwise it is perfect..Version: 5.7

Sends data to FacebookAs stated by the privacy policy, this app use Facebook analytics and sends data to Facebook. I don’t need Facebook to know my day to day spendings. No Thanks..Version: 5.9.3

Needs a tutorial after set-upSo confusing. I want a refund..Version: 5.9.8

One of my favorite finance-related apps!I love this app so much. First, the aesthetics. It is beautiful to look at and very easy to navigate. The sounds effects are simple and satisfying to hear. Also, love the colors! Even more importantly though, this app helps me keep track of every single penny going in and going out. And what I *especially* love is how this app is so versatile! If something changes in my financial situation/needs later on, I can easily switch up my budgeting approach. The minimalistic functions allow for a flexible approach to budgeting and encourages “budget creativity” to use each of the app’s tools in their own way. For me this is what makes it fun—you can do whatever works best for you. The only thing is, as some users have mentioned, when you have a longer list of budgets (I have 28), the app lags quite a bit when toggling between budgets. It is somewhat frustrating at times when I am trying to balance my budgets quickly. But if you have fewer budgets or don’t mind exercising a little (sometimes a lot of) patience, then it isn’t *that* bad. I will continue using this app because of the flexibility it allows me for my budgeting needs. Plus, I have tried several apps in the past, and this Pennies one works best for me. Otherwise, the lagging truly would be a dealbreaker because it interrupts my budget planning flow..Version: 5.7

I wish it could tell overall budget & historical spent..Useful for day to day, but it doesn't give an overview of your budget nor historical data.. make it hard to plan.Version: 4.1.1

??? It can’t count!Editors choice, seriously? Who sleeping there? Three times I miss money in my budget and I was stressed out as ****. So I counted all my + and - to paper note. All goes wrong with this app, it cannot count easy numbers!!! And it also stop working in my apple watch s4. Never Ever!!! From first time I used it I saw it is so easy made without creativity to make it better for depts or claims. I was using it just for easy couting my incomes/outcomes and it did more chaos then I had before!!! Delete this scam from App Store, PLEASE! Personal finances are not a game!.Version: 5.9.1

Please add complications for newer watch faces!Would be a five star app but the app complication cannot be added to new watch faces like Infographic. This is really disappointing!!! Please update 🙏🏼.Version: 5.9.2

Simplicity. It’s greatest strength and weakness.Elegant and easy to use interface, but it lacks important attributes. The best way I can describe it is: simplicity at the expense of key features. I would suggest the following: 1. Incorporate Face ID. Currently, it feels as though my financial information is exposed. 2. Make the widget customizable and interactive. Currently, the widget feels like a shortcut to the app. It shows information I don’t need or want to display while my phone is locked. Also, the widget should be interactive in a way that users can enter new transactions directly from the widget. 3. Remove the constant request to subscribe to your newsletter every single time a budget is created. Leave it in the settings as an option or a one time pop up when the app is first installed. Currently it feels very forced. I absolutely love how beautiful and easy to understand this app is. Thank you for the opportunity to use your app and provide feedback..Version: 5.9.1

So DisappointedJust downloaded this app and I'm already regretting spending my money. As other reviewers have said, this is in no way a budgeting app. It is just a way to track your money coming in and out. I was expecting to be able to record recurring expenses (car payment, phone bill, and so forth) but there is no option to do so. Beautiful app that operates well but I feel completely misled..Version: 2.4.1

Crash CentralConsistently crashes before I can even make a budget. Have downloaded, deleted and re-downloaded several times to try and fix this, to no avail. Won't be trying again. This app is such a fail..Version: 1.3

Can’t share with familyReally a great app but with one major flaw, which is that you can’t share a budget with your significant other. This kind of defeats the entire purpose, because if only one person is following the budget, then you’re not really making any progress. The only work around the developer suggested is to share an icloud account, which is just plain silly. So yeah, I can track MY expenses, and she can tracks HERS. But if want to know how WE are doing, we have to break out the spreadsheet..Version: 5.7

Apple Watch functionality limitedWould be good if I were able to add expenses from my watch. If this were added it might be worth the price..Version: 3.0.5

Good app with a major flawI have been using this app for the past 2 weeks on both my apple watch and iphone, and for the most part I love it - just the general ease of use However, I tend to use it way more on my watch because it just tends to be more convenient (and is the reason why I bought it in the first place, because this app is on the watch) UNLESS it doesn't sync up. So after I input the day's spendings into my watch, more than half the time it appears nicely in the phone. However, quite a number of times I look at the phone app and nothing has been transferred over. I think ok, no big deal, I'll just give it time to sync. And this is where the problem arises: when it actually syncs, my phone data is the one used to sync to my watch! So from a day full of spendings, I suddenly have $0 spent and no records of any spendings. This is the single crippling issue I face with the app. I'd give 5 stars in a heartbeat if this problem was solved. Otherwise, I'll probably switch apps because this issue makes the app unusable for me..Version: 5.9.7

This app is for childrenThis is not a “budgeting app” in a classic sense. This is something your kids can use to see if they can afford to eat out and buy jeans. There’s no serious application for any adult. When I input what I make weekly and my bills, it wants to know how much money I’ll have left after every budget? You do the homework and the app divides the money by how many days are left in the month to tell you how many dollars you can spend a day. This is a childish attempt at a real financial app. Total waste of $3.99. I put in my expenses and payroll for this month and it still says I have all of that money to spend.😂 Nice try guys, the app looks good, but it’s for high schoolers or children, not adults..Version: 5.6.2

FreezingI normally love this app for my budgeting but since mid April it has been lagging and freezing my phone. Can an update please be done to improve that? I would give 5 stars if it would just work properly..Version: 5.5

DisappointingI have used Yolt and really liked this but as this seemed to be iPad friendly, I thought I’d fork out the £3.99. I was so disappointed that it does not connect to your bank as this essentially means your have to manually input the spends, calculate your own budget. I couldn’t even work out how to go about amending the budget I had created (it asks you to guesstimate how much you want to save and how much you have left etc.) It looks great and I like the idea but until it’s able to connect to your accounts and show your spend (or overspend) in real time, it seems rather pointless. It says I can ask for a refund so now I’ll work out how to do that....Version: 5.9.3

Nice but limited featuresLooks and sounds great, well made but lacking many basic features..Version: 2.2

Pretty useless?The app interface is nice, however, I wouldn’t mind my money back as there is little point to this app - no assets and liabilities or reports or any kind of expense analysis, just a manual entry number counter? Unless I am fundamentally seeing the app wrong, there is no way to build and Analyse a budget or cash flow or anything of the sort?.Version: 5.7

Apple Watch bugsGreat app for the iPhone but too many Apple Watch bugs.. keeps crashing and can't add expenses from the watch. Please fix..Version: 3.0.3

Not happyTrying to get refund and I only paid today .sent emails and no response regarding refund ..Version: 5.9.7

Good but could be betterA very good and supportive app in managing your money each month. It gives you the ability to track exactly what you’ve spent and how you could be more frugal with your money. My only criticism is you cannot set up recurring monthly outgoings. I would love to see me be able to track my entire monthly spend rather than just what I have left over as the app puts it in their FAQs. I will still use it but I feel a simple change would increase the functionality of the app and support more people!.Version: 5.7

Doesn't scale - constantly locks up phoneWorks fine to begin with but simply cannot cope with more than a few months worth of daily entries. Constantly locks up my iPhone X when adding new entries, then crashes multiple times. So you end up having to nuke your database and start from scratch. This is the only app I've ever used that has or persistently causes my phone to freeze. Can't recommend because the developer needs to fix this... but they won't because it's been a known problem for well over a year..Version: 5.7

Pretty - but limitedI wanted a budgeting app that keeps track of pocket money. This won't do it. Every week, it resets the balance to the amount of the allowance. So if there's any unspent money from the previous week it disappears. Who budgets like that?.Version: 1.3

Doesn’t work anymore!!Was really nice, but won’t open for some reason for a month now… i cant see my budget…. Meh. Fix this please….Version: 5.9.8

Won’t even startJust paid five dollars for this app and it will not load past this “please wait while updating” screen. Been stuck for two days. Please help, would love to leave a positive review.Version: 5.7

Really Laggy - UnusableThe designed functionality and features themselves are no problem. Aesthetics are nice too. However, the app is really laggy and crashes on me without fail nearly every time I try to make any type of change, making it impossible and really frustrating to use efficiently (kind of defeating the purpose of having this app in the first place). My list is about 23 items long, if that helps as a reference. I wasted at least a good 30 minutes on trying to complete my updates. This had been an issue on my 6S for months so I stopped using the app completely, and when I recently upgraded to one of the XR, I was hoping there would be no issue. Unfortunately, the same issue persists..Version: 5.7

Can be betterCan be better if it incorporated graphs to show how much spent on certain things over time or if it incorporated bills.Version: 5.5

Lacks basic features, not worth any $Lacking lots of basic features. No options to categorise your spending, no charts or reports of any kind. Not worth it even if it was free..Version: 5.5

Crash! Crash!Exporting data now crashes so hard - so fast - so furious! Resetting “Tips”? Same as above! And, many many more! Reporting bugs to developers? No response! Apps We Love by App Store?!! 🤷‍♂️.Version: 5.9.8

Very BasicA good, useful app, but no idea how anyone can justify charging 4 GBP for what is essentially a glorified calculator with a nice layout. Ironic given it's an app for budgeting! The 'left today' bit is super pointless, it's not like I spend the same amount every day, and this would make a lot more sense if it was a 'left this week/month' kind of thing for longer-term budgets. Having said that I do find it useful to stop me overspending!.Version: 5.5

Sad that I have to leave this reviewSad that I have to leave this review. I love the design of the app and I would use it a lot. The problem is their iCloud syncing doesn’t work. I’ve tried messaging the creators through email to which they said they would get back to me within 48 hrs…. It’s been 3 weeks and they still haven’t responded. They only sent an automated email back in response with “frequently asked questions”. All I want is for them to fix the iCloud issue and I’ll be happy to keep the app but for now I feel like I wasted my money cause I need it to sync between devices. Quite disappointed..Version: 5.9.7

What has happened to Pennies…I’ve used this app for at least 5 years and I’ve loved it. The UI has become very buggy recently with elements not actually being visible (elements still working but not visible) and now its become near unusable.. I’ve used this religiously of the years and I would always recommend it, I have it on all devices including mac. I’ve just attempted to add spending to the Pennies app and I’ve had to give up after 10mins as its just unresponsive.. This follows a uninstall/ reinstall. The updates have become less and less, currently 4 months ago, and this is where the UI problems started. I’ve tried to reach out to the developer a couple of times without a response. Maybe IOS updates have caused the issues with usability but maybe the future of this app is limited. I say this with a heavy heart because Pennies was always the first app I installed..Version: 5.9.8

Was a great appThen I switched to an iPhone X and the app constantly crashes and grinds the entire phone to a crawl. Waiting 30 seconds to be able to kill the app is ridiculous for something this simple. One the app is removed from background the phone springs back to life. Waited roughly 12 months for a fix and despite numerous “optimisation updates” it’s still terrible. Also it freaks out when you change time zones for some reason. Every trip to North America results in doubling or halving your money remaining. It resets once you come back into your original zone..Version: 5.9.2

Great app but could use reliability improvementsI’ve used this app for over 2 years and I used to love it. However, it always crashes, freezes my iPhone and lags so slow that my iPhone screen turns off before an entry is added to a budget. Maybe this is because I have too much historical data? So I am deleting all of my “budgets” to start fresh and see if that helps.. Pros: Simple Easy to use for on the go Visually easy to see what I have left in a budget No “fluff”, does exactly what I need it to do without over-complicating things. Cons: Glitchy Freezes often Slowwwwwww.Version: 5.6.2

DisappointedI just waisted $4. This is not at all what I expected based on the description. I wanted to do a family monthly budget. This app does not work for that. I suppose you could enter each expenditure individually, but then it is confusing when the default page shows how much you have left for that day. Most of my monthly expenditures are payed once a month, so knowing how much I have for my mortgage every day is not necessary, yet it is on the opening page. Confusing. This app is better if you just want to lump everything in your budget together. I was wanting to keep track of each category monthly, but show it as my family budget..Version: 5.7

Issues with crossing time zonesI have used this app for years with no issues and loved it. 7 months ago I started crossing a time zone on a regular basis and it throws off certain budgets when I enter the new time zone. Sometimes when I return to my home time zone they will correct, sometimes they don’t. Due to this issue, I need to find a new budget app, but so far I have been unsuccessful because I just want something simple like Pennies that works on all my devices. Very disappointed that a time zone issue is causing math errors and ruining a good thing..Version: 5.9.8

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