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IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat Negative Reviews

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IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat app received 132 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat? Can you share your negative thoughts about imvu: 3d avatar creator & chat?

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IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat for Negative User Reviews

It keeps getting worse.Stop making unnecessary changes to the app and fix the things people ACTUALLY have an issue with. Stop giving out the feedback surveys if you’re not even going to take them into consideration. I have literally seen this app go down his for years now. Do better..Version: v7.4.0

Improvements neededI think this game would be a lot better if you had more control on who see’s your profile and your posts. If I block someone I don’t think they should be able to see my profile at all and I’d like to control who see’s my posts for example if I want only friends to see certain posts. The other issue is the reporting system if anyone reports someone falsely they should be given a friendly warning if they do it again they should be banned for a week or permanently if they do it a 3rd time. Reducing the marriage token as it’s quite expensive. Plus change the navigation back to how it was because it’s a nightmare to see where your friends are in a big room, you used to be able to just click on them and it take you to their spot now it’s like haunting for a needle in a haystack.Version: v7.4.2

Toxic👎.Version: v5.13.0

In happy personThis app is good and all, I like making my outfits cute. But there is really bad words that people are saying in the chat, I think that you shouldn’t be able to say those mean words. For example, people said. B**** what you doing and had a name as F*** off. That is my opinion on the app..Version: v5.13.0

.It a cool game but spin the wheel got the time wrong smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ I left it for 25 hours and I came back and I still had to wait 1 more hour 😡.Version: v5.8.4

Good Game But...Like the title says, the game itself is good. The visuals are impressive and it runs smoothly. The reason why I gave it a one star is because of the players. It is a very toxic environment. I couldn’t even last a month before I had to uninstall the app. Most of the players are verbally abusive to each other. And there is also a large amount of pedophiles looking for sexual activities with underage players. I lost track of the amount of times I had a male character try to get sexual favours from my character(I am a female and so was my character) despite me saying I’m not interested in that. I also lost track of the amount of times I saw two or more female characters calling each other horrible names and fighting. It was, and I cannot stress this enough, a horrendous environment. If you are struggling with mental heath issues, I would not recommend this app. I have severe anxiety and the game made it worse. Since uninstalling the app I have felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel bad for the game developers since they had a good idea with this game. I have no problems with the app itself. It’s just been overrun by toxic people. Please consider this a warning from personal experience, you will not find a heathy friendship from this game. You will most likely be bullied or pressured into doing things you are not comfortable with. If you are underage, you should consider not downloading this game. There are people on there who will seek to take advantage of you and your innocence. If you read this all the way through, thank you. I hope my experience can help someone else..Version: v5.8.0

Problem when purchasing creditsAs I was purchasing credits the app crashed and took my money regardless... Bro I just $13 😭 imvu life... Pls fix this asap ....Version: 1.4.1

Idk what’s going onSo I have 4,000 credits and I wanted to get something that was like 3,976 credits or something like that but when I tried when I tried to buy it it said we couldn’t be like it couldn’t go through and I tried it like I turn my phone off turn it back on again I’m on like Wi-Fi and it’s like working fine but like it won’t Buy the item. If u could get back to me or contact me through the game my user name is (@bellawise) but my user name is Lilliana🔅.Version: v5.13.1

OkayI wish it was like the computer I'm vu and also if you can use your google accounts for more than just one account thanks.Version: v4.12.1

Waiting for network..At first was great but im wondering if it even crashes on the phone too?? Cause i know its not my wifi playing up.. think you need to fix it imvu.Version: 4.0.1

I want my credits plsI did a survey that promised me 2,000 credits and after doing it, I got nothing so I refreshed the app and did it again and still received nothing. I spent 30 minutes doing a survey and giving out information about myself for nothing-.Version: v5.13.0

IssuesI still can’t decorate my rooms on the app. Or switch between the rooms that I have. I can’t use my big rooms for longer than a minute or 2 before I get lag and my chat acts up (even if I don’t move at all). I still have some rooms that won’t let people see me moving around. When I’m seeing myself moving on my phone screen, they don’t see it happening at all (I'm just standing at the load point I can in on). No matter what I do, this remains an issue. I can’t post AP photos, even though some of my favorite outfits are AP. Please make it possible to post them. What’s the real point of it if I can’t share my new AP outfits without meeting people in public rooms? I have friends that are in various rooms and I can’t be in more than one chat at a time. I get multiple invites and can only be in one place at a time. I can’t open messages. Please add something for both of those issues. And MAKE SURE ALL MY ROOMS WORK PROPERLY!!! I can’t stand that I'm unable to show a few of my favorite rooms because my friends can’t see me moving around!!! I want to show my fiancé my family home, but I can’t because he won’t see me moving!!! Fix this!!!.Version: v8.2.0

Banned for no reasonI absolutely loved it until I got banned for no reason at all.Version: v5.13.0

InappropriateIt has really inappropiante because it has it has online dating but the avartars look really bad and sexy,so it’s a bad teacher.Version: v7.1.0

Gifting problem..Hey.. I recently just received my imvu credits ($17,000) from making a purchase in a different app. Any ways I received it and I wanted to use the money to gift my main account, but for some reason it is not letting me do that, and yet I don’t understand why?? 😤 I looked at my credits and it said $17,000 and I looked at the promo creds n it said $275 so I thought “ maybe it’s because I need to get rid of the promo creds”, so I decided to buy something to get rid of the promo creds, but instead of the promo creds decreasing My actual imvu Credits decreased 😠 and the promo creds stayed the exact same number ( $275 ) !!! Please help to fix this problem ASAP 😠!!! Thanks..Version: v4.15.0

HELPIMVU WHY?!? okay so whenever I have an account and I get off it for a few days or a month or so, I find out that my account has been temporarily banned or disabled for no reason because I use my account very carefully and I make sure not to violate the rules. I realise that when I leave my country to go for summer break my account is disabled I’m confused because I don’t know if it’s because I am travelling through a different country or whatever it is. I never get any emails or notices that my account is going to be banned or disabled so I’d really like for someone to help me because I have reached out to IMVU and they have done nothing and it’s really annoying because I spend loads of money on my avatar and on the game and I just get disabled and banned for no reason..Version: v6.5.1

Nice ig.Nice ig..Version: v7.1.0

It’s coolI haven’t played IMVU in yearsss. With that being said, I see they’re still as money hungry as ever. Even more now I’d say. Every time I log into the app I get an offer on buying credits. Buy 20,000 and get 8,000 free. Buy 5000 and get 2000 free. Why would I want to spend my money on this game? What am I gaining from that? I know lots do, and once the game gets boring to them they’ll realize how much money they wasted on it. If you guys really cared about your players you wouldn’t make it so hard to get credits. Yes it’s been slightly easier nowadays with the quests and daily spin, all the offers and the surveys where you can keep sending your personal info to random sites. why is there even a difference between regular credits and promo credits? I can have 1500 promo credits but can’t gift my friend something to complete a quest because i have 0 actual credits.. You guys know exactly what you’re doing, trying to get people to buy credits. Or you could make it to where we could earn credits on walk off or earn from posting. The feed is dry nowadays I remember when they first came out with that feature everybody was using it like it was facebook. Pretty sure that’s why IMVU has got so dead over the years. Not enough ways to earn credits and you can tell the makers just want money..Version: 9.0.1

Sh*tty appCrashes every second, won’t let you open inventory without crashing, won’t let you run the app in the background while waiting for others to respond in chatrooms without it booting you out of the room every time. The app has so many flaws and you don’t even bother to fix them, glitches constantly, you can’t delete multiple outfits in a “Select All* option, your avatars are flawed too, neck fixes don’t do anything, you turn a certain angle and suddenly an avatar is nude and half the out isn’t appearing, all the heads are pretty much the same, making the avatars hard to customize to a point that that no avatar looks different, other than skin tones, hands are so inaccurate, you can’t buy houses or edit them in mobile, you can’t add items to your room to see what your design would look like before buying, the poses don’t properly line up. This app is horrible and the graphics could DEFINITELY be better after 14+ years, you should really make the app a priority as most people prefer the app over desktop as it just messier on computer..Version: v5.12.0

Pedophiles on thereNot safe for kids at all, there are pedophiles that will know your address and come kidnap you. Do not download.Version: 8.5.0

Disabled accountI had this game for 3 years and I get reported when people just don’t like me and this can happen to anyone I’ve spent money and so much time on this game I even dated someone then we broke up and he reported me then my account got disabled I lost everything and I can’t get my account back I tried contacting imvu and they were hopeless in helping me I’ve lost my precious online friends and account I made a new account and I can’t seem to find them or the chat room we would hang out in...this game is disappointing for disabling my account and just feeding time out of me..I’m upset about the decision the imvu team has made...GET MY ACCOUNT BACK.Version: v4.14.0

Yes and noFirst off hello and thanks for reading this I’m just gonna say some good stuff about this game and bad Some good stuff: I’ve always loves virtual reality so I wanted to give this game a shot so I did and I got 4,000 credits to help me look better and that’s a generous thing to do! I also love how we can make friends and post on your feed possibly getting on the discover page I also love how we can say what we want but that’s about it. Bad stuff: first off there is a lot of man who are trying to hit on younger woman and trying to touch them in imvu when the woman tell them to stop They won’t and that makes them scared and worried I think that’s disgusting..Version: v6.3.2

MiaNo the game is a good game but be careful cause the game can show your real location we’re u live and and it can chase u around any location or your companies and god for bits u get kidnapped or killed so he careful I am warning u.. ⚠️ so I am telling u the truth snd if u don’t believe me then don’t when u get killed or kidnapped that’s on u….. and something else that people does stupid stuff snd they say bad words and they like do inappropriate things so I have the game and changed my location for they can not track me… and it worked they didn’t track me and when I was new to imvu it says do u want imvu to track and chase u around companies………… and I put don’t allow and i delete like 50 or 90 times so get more credits to get my dream items….. and me and my little sister said……. That a girl did something inappropriate.. to her and she showed mom and dad then it showed where she lived and then she said I want to delete the game and it is s cool game but it is scary so read this and let your friends know and I am warning and trying to keep u safe and then my dad said to delete the app from mines and I deleted and i said to my mom I wish I fill like downloading imvu and she gave me permission if I go to sleep for her and I don’t listen to my mother or my sister or my dad so be safe bye!.Version: 10.2.0

HI think it is a good game but can you update it so you can buy gift for people because it's says I don't have enough money but I do..Version: 4.1.0

Parents be advised! Everyone else, run far away.I’ve using this platform since about 2008, before a phone application was a conceivable thought for this company. I will start off by saying that this app is not for, and should not be promoted to children. The issues in the site for children range from incredibly inappropriate clothing that they can put on a 3-D model, rooms were under aged people and adults can chat unmonitored, promotion of NFT’s, and excessive promotion of micro transactions. The atmosphere in this chat rooms are highly adult and sexual even if something is rated for the general audience. If you’re an adult, I can promise you that the number of people visiting this site is falling, lower and lower every year. The problems for adults range from them completely abandoning the computer application that many people love and opting for a more app like approach, getting rid of the resellers program, bringing back old features that used to be free and placing them behind to pay wall, the promotion of NFT’s, removing accounts and rooms at random, and putting features like talking to customer service behind a Paywall. It’s more obvious than ever that this app is more then operating a safe, fun environment for their community. Hopefully a new CEO will take over who actually cares about the quality of the platform or this platform may only have a a few years left..Version: 8.5.0


SaveourimvucreatorsI’ve been on this game for 4 years, and loved the creativity of it and how to and collaborate with other users, meet new people and be a part of an amazing community. IMVU however treat their creators like crap and ban/disable accounts without any proper reason. Even after users spread awareness on this issue through social media campaigns to get IMVU to address it, Only a crappy statement was issued which basically said they don’t give a crap bout the creators on their platform. It’s a shame, and I wouldn't recommend this app, find another game like second life where their users and creators are more valued. I personally, think I’ll be leaving IMVU unless this is addressed!! If you wanna hear other people’s stories check out the #saveimvucreators and #saveourimvucreators hashtag on instagram..Version: v5.13.0

Imvu DownWhy is our app not working, saying We will resume when the network becomes available when our wifi or data connection is all working, please fix it please😭😭😭 i want to login and i miss my friends.Version: v7.6.1

CoinsGood game but getting coins is annoying.Version: v5.7.6

Change it backThis is a fantastic game I absolutely love it I’ve been on Imvu for about 5 years+ and loved all of the updates so far except one the buckstars cafe when you choose who you can talk to (to see if they have something in common with you that you might’ve seen in their bio) trying to meet people in the new version of buckstars cafe is impossible everyone just sits there not talking it’s awkward and everyone eventually leaves what I’m proposing is that you give users the choice if they want to choose to speak to one person (how buckstars was before) or if they want to speak to loads of people (how buckstars is now) I hope you take my review into consideration thank you to whom it may concern..Version: v4.13.0

Things to bring to the appI wish the app had folders for outfits like the IMVU client does as it offers more organisations, as i have had to transition from the client to the mobile losing this feature has made it a little frustrating as i have been a user of the game for years and my outfits are just in one big jumble now, i also thing the shop together feature should be introduced to the game. I believe these two features are the only thing the app and IMVU next are lacking and if they are introduced it would elevate the game..Version: v5.7.7

Could improveWhen you start of you get an avatar but here's the problem. The female version has the figure of a male the hands are dramatically huge, wouldn’t hurt to make them average. Shoulders are to wide giving the male look and the feet are to big. There human avatar characters not werewolf’s. As for the clothes there are amazing like how there’s many choices but it would be more better if there were more modest clothes. The Chatting rooms are always quite unique never the same love how we can be host but, the sever is to slow it glitches messing with the 3D effect and is freezes when it can’t load meaning the sever can’t handle it as for the credits I’ve noticed your guys clever technique to earn money. You see the purpose of this game is chat and to choose a look we can define with meaning we have to shop for clothes and types of modes but how can we when we start if with little money an peculiar avatar leading to have to obtain more by either watch videos for a ridiculous low amount or credits “money” im sorry I feel like you should either raise the prose to 15 or 10 credits or lower down the prices. Because pay for an apple card in this game isn’t worth it but yet thats the clever part were teens we still think like well teens so we don’t care so we buy it. So in short the avatar need more work the video credits need to rise its price and the chat rooms need to be fixed from all that glitching since its overloading in our phones.Version: v5.1.0

A great appI started a few weeks ago and it was all going smoothly until recently where the new update had just been put in place I'am now having trouble finding products that I have just purchased in my inventory (specifically the hand tattoos) and I'm unable to wear to skins, eyes etc... at once now. Other then that this is a great app.Version: 3.4.0

Inappropriate AND NOThis game is stupid and never get it EVER.Version: v5.13.0

IMVU STORIES, SLIDES, AND SELLINGHey imvu i feel like i’m speaking for everyone when i say this game needs a variety of features to get it back to the way it used to be. With that being said i feel as if y’all should add imvu stories which would be similar to instagram stories and you can add videos to them! this would make the game wayyyyy more interesting and give it that realistic social media gameplay. You could post stories with polls and tag people, i feel like that would be a great feature to the game. I also believe that you should add slides, which is where you can post multiple photos at once. This would not only be cool but more efficient when people want to post more than one picture at once so that they don’t have to spam post. Lastly, we all know getting credits is a hard task and sometimes buying credits doesn’t work for everyone. People don’t gift as much as they used to and i feel like creating a system where you can sell unwanted things in your inventory for credits would be a game changer in imvu. It would make the game engagement higher and satisfy more people. These are just some ideas of mine that would benefit this game in the long run and put it back at the top where it belongs. You guys should definitely think about it! :).Version: v7.4.0

A few concernsOkay, so I play this game a lot! I have realized a bunch of things both good and bad. For the bad things, is the fact that there so many sex games that need to be taken down ASAP! I mean there are 10 year olds playing these games and we are allowing them to enter such unwanted games! Another thing is the dating part, there are people very young on this game dating people that may be a lot older then them, and it’s not safe! Don’t get me wrong but I think that getting credits is very hard! Spinning a wheel and getting 100 credits or less isn’t gonna help us get more items that we want or need. I believe per year that we have joined we should get 10,000 credits. For example for the first year our account was made we get 10,000 credits. The second year another 10,000 credits, and so on and so on :) Also, when a account is first made instead of 4,000 credits it should be like 10,000 so we can get items from all over the catalog! Some good things I noticed is that people can have the chance to meet great people on this game!! We have the chance of making friends and being social! Is fun to dress my character and make sure it fits the room I’m in!.Version: v4.10.1

Credits & Daily Spin!I wish that we didn’t have to pay for credits & that we would get more credits from watching video offers because they only give you 6 credits... I think it should be 20 credits. I also think that the offers should be more reasonable because for most of them you have to sign up for something, but something, and give your credit card information which is irritating because you always have to cancel the samples or the thing that you bought... I think they should create a new way to get free credits... But I think the app is pretty good! It has good graphics, great rotation for the camera in the rooms, & and a variety of things to buy in the shop! However, I think they should create easy and simple games in the app, Imvu, like the Daily Spin! It would be a great feature to Imvu and enjoyable when you don’t necessarily feel like being in a chat room! Speaking of Daily Spin, I think the Daily Spin is terrible because most of the time it give you 15 credits and 100 credits at the most! You can’t buy ANYTHING with 100 credits!! I think they should replace the 100 credits with a wishlist option or up the amount of credits to 200! It should also be given twice a day and not once!.Version: v4.9.0

Absolutely ridiculousRecently I’ve been banned for “misrepresentation of my age” when I didn’t even change my age it was changed my someone who managed to get my password and imvu didn’t even understand me and just quickly made a decision too banned me for something I did not do. I showed proof and even filed a ticket but they just misunderstood me and made a final decision too banned my account which I have spent over £100 on it. Now I have started another account but I will not be using my money since all imvu wants is money and doesn’t understand there customers at all. As well as that Being frustrating there is also, racism in this game and I mean a lot of it. I don’t mind swearing but some people on this app are being racist and rude which is completely disgusting since there are kids on this game. I also try reporting people who are racist and they don’t even get banned. Like imvu banned me for something I did not do but doesn’t banned racist people. Completely ridiculous. Also the glitches and crashes on this game are just unacceptable there’s one literally every 10 minutes. There are also sooo many other bad things which I cannot be bothered texting but it’s just 😐..Version: v5.7.7

It’s changedI have been playing IMVU for five years now and every year I paid my VIP yearly now it’s 33 a month it’s getting absolutely ridiculous Imvu greedy I don’t like how it has changed I wanted to go back to the way it was when you didn’t make real money on the game and by the end of my membership I will leave Imvu which will be sad.Version: v7.2.1

Would be five star but...This game is actually pretty good. I like to unleash my creativity on this game and all, and the design is really good! I would give this a five star but there’s a slight problem. Aside from the constant crashing, I think when first downloading the game that players should have more coins as I don’t want to pay for more and I’m not sure if there’s another way to make coins other than buy them. I understand the game producers need a profit from such a well designed and concepted game, but I think more coins would be essential for a better time playing this game. Other than this, the app is amazing so PLEASEEEEE add more coins!.Version: v5.6.1

Wouldn’t botherThe rating states 17+ but it’s filled with 10/11 year olds. I wouldn’t mind but people speak absolute filth on this app, the type of things I wouldn’t want my children to hear 🤢 you never know who you’re talking too. Paid for rooms to get no views or visitors to it unless I invited them. The price of credits in general is serious daylight robbery considering you can only get 2 items with 1,000 credits at most. Not to mention the messages you receive trying to sell credits with a minor freebie. The lowest tip you can give is 500 unless you gift it to them which makes no sense. The surveys for free credits will tell you they’ll take 3 minutes and end up being 15 😂either that or you end up getting cut off 10 minutes down the line and get nothing for it. Also watch and earn hasn’t been available since I got the app.Version: 6.4.0

Kinda grossDo u realize that 99% of the app is people 17 and under? it’s kinda inappropriate and the body standards are unrealistic and there’s even lingerie like ew no.Version: v5.13.0

Not a bad start, but needs improvement.I love IMVU (as long as you stay away from the creeps). However, a lot of room for improvement. 1) Need to have a search bar in the closet that works the same way the client does. I don’t want to scroll through all my items just to find something. And no, a simple filter like they have in the shop isn’t good enough because it really is only efficient if you remember the creator’s name, and people generally don’t remember every creator’s name and sometimes the creator may even change their name. Not to mention, if you have a lot of things from a single creator, that won’t help anyways. 2) Need to have a toggle switch to change from viewing the closet “items” themselves or the actual image the creator used. There are some items that you can’t really see because it’s not an actual “clothing” such as actions or poses but I can be able to recognize it if it were the original image the creator used. 3) Be able to view/write messages without having to leave a room or the shop. It’s very annoying to have to exit every time I get a message just to view or answer it. 4) Make the experience just less buggy. I don’t like how I have to exit the room every time there is a change just to see the changes, such as when the room creator moves a piece of furniture. I’ve even had it happen where a person “left” the room but was still showing like they were there, or a person popped in to the room but there was no notification..Version: v6.1.0

Was fine now crashesI would say its a great game, it has improved, however what lets it doen is the support side of things and the users on the game, ive made some fantastic friends, however theirs wuite alot of people who simply go on it to use imvu as a tool to virtually bully people and make up potentually life changing allogations, not to mention the pedophiles and other kinda people who use it, idea of imvu is fantastic, but in reality its flawed from day one, i felt so alone whilst useing it, it has affected my mental health drastically, and not to mention added more stress onto my life, ive since deleted my account, sad because i spent so much money, but nessicery because i was being harassed and bulied by other users and the hep center didnt want to know unless i reported the messages direct, which only allows you to report one message before it mutes them, so if its an ongoing thing, you have to keep leaving rooms, also it crashes an aweful lot, for a game thats now 19 years old its so full of flaws with crashing, game inperfections, constent updates, randomised deletion of perfectly acceptable accounts and so on, its not on so hence my low score, i could go on and on, but id rather not.Version: 8.7.0

For months I haven’t been able to buy credits or purchase things from the storeI’ve tried for monthssssssss to try a purchase credits but I ended up having to earn them which took me just as long, then just when I had enough to purchase the items I wanted from the store it kept saying “Purchase Failed try again later”.Version: v5.2.1

Great app however...I lost my phone for a while and lost interest in the app because of that. I haven’t played sense like last year or maybe the year before that and have just decided to play it and i go to log on and it says my account is disabled ??!!!! so i try to make another account already mad because i spent probably over $100 on it (keep in mind i don’t have a job and spent all the money i had on that account) and then when i put my email in it says my emails associated with a banned account?!!!! I want my account back now! i spent way to much money on it for it to get banned when i wasn’t even able to use the account!!!!!!!!! And i know for a fact that it wasn’t banned the last time i had it!!! i never broke and rules or community guidelines!! i made sure that i didn’t so nothing like this would ever happen!!!😡😡😡😡😡 i am so angry and annoyed!!! i want my account back! This isn’t the first time either!!! before that i had another account that i spent about $50 on and it wouldn’t let me log back on! i would not get this app and spend money on it because this stuff has also happened to my friends!! This is a very creative game and helps you express yourself but i am not going to play if it’s going to take my money and then just ban my account!! this is unacceptable!!! you should not have and game and do this!!!!!!!! please fix this and i want my account back!.Version: v5.11.0

I like it but it needs improvement…When I saw the ads I thought it was gonna be like The Sims or a more realistic Zepeto but it’s really just for chatting, you can’t even walk normally, you have to click on the spots you want to go to (and there’s only a few spots you can click on like chairs, sofás and beds) I think there should be an option to actually walk wherever you want and to be able to preform other actions like sitting, laying down, waving, smiling, laughing, dancing, etc. That would make it way more fun to chat with people and role playing and stuff. I love how many options there is for customizing your avatar but there should be an option to adjust the placement and size of each accessory because some of them are too big or too small or in the wrong place/floating above you. And speaking about adjusting, you should be able to actually adjust your avatar’s body. There is an option to buy body parts but they’re always to big or too small. I’m stuck with the default look and it’s hands are way to big and the arms are too skinny but any scaler I try on just makes it look worse. Another thing I found annoying is how in the dressing room when you’re trying on accessories/scalers the avatar keeps moving and it’s hard to tell the difference from some similar looking items. Just make it stand still in a T-pose or something.Version: 6.4.1

Not a lot of optionsBtw the game itself is fine I just think some things could be added Okay so as the title says, not a lot of options, not just lack of diversity but options in general to give your character personality/distinctive features just to dot point a few. Gender diversity (non binary, gender queer etc) Body shapes Weight choices Gender diverse clothes (example skirts and dresses for the men choice like seriously) Skin tones (what there’s only like 8? And there practically all the same range) Beauty marks/freckles Hair choices Hair colours (honestly colours in general add a colour circle for god sakes so people can customise) Facial shapes (the face itself, eyes mouth nose ears etc) I can probably go on and on but this is all I really have to add, I’ll probably be ignored cause it doesn’t seem like an app to be updated but whatever hope you take what I have to say into consideration.Version: v8.2.0

Crashing,crashing and more crashing.Imvu use to never lag or crash but now it always crashes yet you are saying you are reducing crashing but it’s getting worse tbh it’s just unfair people on pc always make the crashes lag or people with avatar scalers on aka the giants make it laggy as well I remember when imvu use to never lag, where I could actually go into a chat and never lag or crash but now I crash every time I go into a big-ish chat room and some of the people on there are horrible and mean I think they should at-least add a report button where we can report them and give them photo evidence of them actually saying the stuff cuz it’s just so nasty there is racist, homophobic, bullies, gross people and bullies so I really think that should be added there are children on this app and no child wants to see some off the stuff that’s put on this app also maybe to reduce lag you could add a version for people with older phones like me I have an iPhone 6 but still have good graphics. Hope some changes are made game is way tooo laggy and crashes all the time, thanks..Version: v5.6.1

Not goodPeople said they give you 2k promo credits but they never gave me some I still have 0 right now.Version: v.4.8.0

This is not for kidsPeople online keep asking to have sex with them do not let kids or childeren especially teens because there is swearing and inappropriate content..Version: v5.14.2

InappropriateCool app but somethings are really inappropriate, I know it’s rated 17+ but still a little inappropriate I know that you probably can’t fix it because it’s depends on how people use it..Version: v5.6.1

INVASIVE ADSAwesome game, super fun, lots of international people to meet, gorgeous graphics but the ads when you join a room hijack my iPad literally FORCING me to the advertisers site. They either hide the microscopically tiny close window “X” after several obnoxious irrelevant adverts or there’s none at all and “PLAY/JOIN/BUY NOW” is your only option to enable one to join an IMVU chat room! I’m going to uninstall because of this reason. Those ads are HORRIFFIC.Version: v6.5.1

This app needs to be improvedThis app needs to be improved cause if you don’t have vip membership than it’s a waste of time getting it cause everything is expensive you first start off with $4000 but everything costs $500 + meaning you run out of creds / money fast and the only way to get more creds / money is if you watch a video - advertisements which take a couple of minutes and by the daily spin and if you want vip membership that’s obviously real money not fake money there should be MORE ways to get money / make money should make a mini game arcade centre within imvu game.Version: v7.1.0

Bugs,pros and consBUG: i’ve had to buy my poses three times as when i do (bearing in mind they’re not cheap) they disappear after a week of using them. This is a big problem because things aren’t cheap on the game and i personally do not buy credits and certainly won’t buy credits to buy the same thing every week. i’ve complained to the help site but had nothing back. PROS: it’s a really good, social, fun game and i’ve made loads of friends who i now speak to using other apps because we have gotten so close and i love the detail and attention the game gets. CONS: I think the amount of bullying and abusing language people use on here is disappointing. i understand it’s aimed 17+ and i don’t mind swearing but bullying other users is just plain rude and shouldn’t be allowed yet it still is. i go in chat rooms and the amount of people who get attacked is ridiculous. i think there should be less attention on new clothes and more on chat rooms and how people act in them..Version: v5.2.1

It took too much moneyIt’s a good game over all but when I bought credit worth $1.49 it payed $2.98 when I only bought it once and it only gave me 1,000 credit when that $2.98 could of been 2,000. But I didn’t even ask for that though... I only bought it once and I checked my bank and it says imvu took $2.98 when it really should of been $1.49.. I’m not buying off this app anymore if that’s what could happen when I buy credit, I don’t recommend buying credit to anyone in case this happens just in case it doubles the amount due..Version: v5.7.6

IMVU is the worst at security and privacy concernsI had quit this game a while back and cancelled all subscriptions and removed all my cards. Recently I started to be charged for things I had not authorized. I checked my subscriptions and payment methods online to ensure they had been removed and according to my profile they weren’t there so I was confused how I was still being charged. I filed a ticket asking for a refund for the $10 charge I had not been authorized as well as asking them to make sure my subscription was cancelled on their end and payment methods were removed on their end. It went back and forth about 5-6 times of them sending me help articles. Clearly either someone had hacked into my account or something had gone wrong on their end since I hadn’t been charged for MONTHS when all of a sudden these charges started happening. I was fed up with the help articles and stated that my account had been compromised or something had gone wrong on their end. Their response blamed me and said account security was up to the user and it is their policy to never reimburse any payments made while an account is compromised. Hello? It’s not like anyone asks to get their account hacked? I now have to contest these charges with my bank as well as order a new card because of this company. I wouldn’t advise anyone to ever purchase anything in this game..Version: v5.7.7

Ads Ads AdsI’ve been on this app for about two years and recently they added ads that show up when you go into rooms, even though there are ads already in feeds and on the screen. Ik the excuse is probably “we need ads to keep the game running” but imvu makes so much money. Instead of adding the video watch feature/adding unnecessary things, take away the ads! The video watch was definitely a flop, I rarely see rooms with it and usually hosts don’t even use it. So maybe take it away and spare us the ads, because adding ads makes people not want to play because u have to wait just to go into a room to talk. Also sometimes the lag is bad, maybe add a max limit to how many accessories people can put on or take away the flashing lights accessory? Idk these are just ideas. I love the chat rooms and the avatars/outfit options are amazing. I also wish there were more ways to earn credits, they had the 7 day bonus thing which I think is a good idea but it’s rarely on. They probably used it 3 times and then forgot it existed so we can’t earn with it anymore. The chat rooms are really cute and there are so many great items in the store. It’s easy to make friends and meet people who like the same things as u..Version: v7.5.1

Coins ://Great game. met a lot of amazing people, one thing is. why is it so hard to get COINS? 1 dollar for watching 1 AD! it really irritates me cause theres so my cool things i wanna purchase.Version: v5.2.1

Decent but NEEDS improvement.It crashes ALL THE TIME, have to re-load the entire app and then the chat room you was in each time. This happens very regular, enough for me to say something about it. There should be better lagging control from the creators as itwas not always like this. Its a high demand of people who are unhappy with the same thing. Other than that, its a fun, creative app that i do enjoy playing. Ive met some great friends on the 2years ive been playing. The choices of clothing, hair, skins, heads etc is pretty broad and covers a variety of styles to suit everyone. Overall is a pretty decent app, i would just like more updates or bug fixes for it as every time it crashes i leave for a while because of how annoying and often it is..Version: v5.3.0

DisappointingThe fact you have to pay for VIP to get voice chat is sad honestly like should be for everyone and if you still want to do stuff with voice chat on vip make tuners for your voice.Version: v7.1.0

This app needs a little improvementOkay, I’ve had imvu for a few year now, I love the app, but there are a few issues that I’d like to get resolved. There needs to be more earning opportunities for people who aren’t vip, it really isn’t fair. I know for a fact that after the people’s credits finish they simple just delete the app. Please make more earning opportunities and let non vip people open up shops, or make credits and vip cheaper. It would be great if we could return items we’ve bought and have our credits returned. I’ve had so many moments where I’d wish I never spent any credits on somethings, so it’d be great to have that feature. Other than that, I absolutely love this app and would recommend it to others..Version: v5.0.0

Big scamI could not make the women look inappropriate like the ones onctiktok also i could not make tiktok dances with them because the child would not stand up probprtly.Version: v8.0.0

Money Pit w/lack of care for users even if VIPI play this game daily, and to really enjoy it you have to put real money into the game or become dependent upon other users who gift you for liking and commenting on their posts. I personally put so much money into this game, paying for VIP subscription, expensive credits more than 3 times a week, AP status only to get banned for long time periods and they do not care if something purchased didn’t work. All sales are final without giving courtesy to those who pump money into this game. I recently purchased a name change +credits package but was never given my name change token so I had to buy a serrated one and asked if they could either refund me or out the overpay into credits and the response I got was all sales are final and non refundable. How pathetic is that. I’m seriously contemplating leaving this game that doesn’t appreciate its VIP members. You also buy AP status but can’t post it to your feed. It’s pretty pointless to have it. I have 2 stars because in the beginning I really did like this game. It’s been about a year and a half since I joined and now after being banned twice and constantly reported by users who are jealous of your avatar (yea that’s a real thing) and imvu staff being so careless with your money it’s become boring and lame..Version: v5.7.7

I think it’s good but...I like IMVU but ... There’s a few things that annoy me... Like it’s sooooo hard to make money! And watching an add only gives u 1 DOLLAR! So can they be able to go to work for 5 - 10 mins? Also can we have homes? It gets boring after awhile but over all it’s a pretty good game ... 😊.Version: v4.12.1

Hard to get help.It was a great game until I wasn’t able to login to my account. Apparently I was banned but You only can access support chat if you’re a vip. I don’t know how to get in contact with anyone to get my account back. It’s a shame cuz the game was really fun..Version: 8.4.0

Alright but needs improvementsImvu is a really great app for meeting new people, socializing, and role playing. The avatar editor is really fun to play with and allows you to express yourself in your own personal style. Lots of people find themselves having personal real connections on there. However without people there isn’t much to do and it makes the app Unenjoyable for people who don’t have a friend group, and the Imvu community isn’t the best. I personally believe that there should be a bit more improvement. One of these would be moveable avatars. Like on other online role play games they provide you with a jump button and a joystick to allow your character to move around. This may allow for more exploration and funny weird moments for players to enjoy. Secondly the message system needs to be fixed. Some peoples messages don’t work at all at times. I used to believe it was a problem with my wifi but then I realized my messages were just like that and it makes a lot of the messages I send loose context. Thirdly it would be good if you can add things for people without a friend group to do, like mini games or polls etc. I’ve been on Imvu for a few years now and I really hope to see improvements in the future.Version: v5.13.0

Would not recommendIt's too creepy it says where you live and the country and for the kids who play this PLEASE delete it or else a creepy old man is gonna show up at your house....Version: v4.12.1

Won't let me log inIt keeps saying wrong password even though I know for sure it is the right password. I've tried resetting it but the links you guys give in the email are useless.Version: 3.1.0

Internet safetyI recently downloaded the app and so far I was loving it, well that was until this happened. See I was just playing a few hours ago and I got into a relationship with someone there. After a while he started asking for my snapchat and for me to send him “booty pics” His account name was I think ‘lost dreams’ but written in a font. I told him I’d send the pictures but once I left the chatroom I immediately blocked him, logged out, and deleted my account. There is nothing wrong with IMVU but it has predators there which makes me feel unsafe. His snapchat name is ‘Slayerdog15’ so if you email their company about this, they could ban him. IMVU has a big future if they can just find a way to kill predators like him, because he could have been a 65yr old trying to get some pictures of a 17+ child who just wants to make it in life. I hope you can resolve this issue as it left me scared in bed. Thank you..Version: v5.7.4

Good but...Can you make it easier to get credits, it’s actually very annoying to have to take surveys, watch ads, and do other things, but I also don’t want my waste my money on getting them either..Version: v5.0.0

Disabled Account.Hello everyone who is reading this, this was made for the IMVU developers to see. I have unfortunately lost my account, it was not hacked, it is disabled. I am really devastated because I spent so much money on my acc (@eatmyprettytoes) and now all of it is lost. I do not know how to get my disabled account back. I do not know why it is disabled. But I’m thinking it’s because of my sister, she made many accounts and followed me on those accounts. But I would like to get my account back. I was actually crying when I found out - which I just tried to log in and it came up with it saying, ‘Account is disabled’. If you could get my account back, that would be soooooooooo appreciative. I miss it. I spent so much money as mentioned. I am hoping I’ll get it back. Thank you for your time..Version: v5.4.1

DONT GET THISThis is a scam..... I almost had to pay close to $50.Version: 4.4.0

Expensive...I’ve been on this game for a while and it’s been great ! One thing that bothers me so much is that stuff are really expensive and we’re not given enough credits! A lot of people cannot afford to be spending their money on this game a lot..Surveys are obviously a help but most of the times we’re not a match or we take hours to do one survey which only let us buy one thing. Anyways , I do hope that Imvu will at least give every player at least 12k . It would benefit many people and even more people would join! It would be nice if you started to do this during quarantine since everyone is bored in this inconvenience (doesn’t have to be permanent) 💕.Version: v5.7.7

Racism and BullyingI was on Imvu for a while, but the more time I spent on this app the more things went wrong. First of all, absolutely anyone and everyone can contact you on here and there's plenty of people who I came across that has been racist homophobic or offensive; I have had to deal with ”you’re pretty good looking for a white girl” countless of times, it sickens me how someone can even think that it's ok to even drop certain words that make it either offensive or racist. To even go through any racism is disgusting, however, there is nothing in place on here to prevent any racist comments or bullying to even take place. I have tried to delete my account but can't, the instructions and settings to try and permanently delete my account are confusing. I have resulted in just deleting the app. I am very disappointed in this app and the poor customer service on here..Version: v5.9.1

Less priceyWhen I first had this game I played for a year. I stopped playing because all the credits were too expensive and clothes were too pricey. Also when I load in I sometimes crash or have my account deleted, which is a big no no for me. I deleted this game but now I have it back because I heard we have a reasonable starting price of 4,000 which is decently nice. The clothes need to be at least 100 credits cheaper or more considering they are sometimes at a price of 800. This game needs some improvements on the prices. And worlds as well need too be expanded on players.Version: v4.10.1

Do not download this app!It glitches 24/7 they deleted my account once I finally got so far and spent money on the damn game I hate this app so much I swear to god.Version: 8.4.0

Imvu is okayIt’s an irritating game that doesn’t give you an officiant way to earn credits, instead never ending loops (on earning credit ways) and won’t allow you to return clothes that you don’t need or never intended on buying (bought by accident). I don’t even think they listen to our feed back they just keep adding random things that nobody asked for and when you watch a video you only get 10 credits. As if 10 credits is gonna get me something from the shop when 99% of the things in shop are 600+ credits and the daily spin is also terrible. 15 credits constantly and then when you get the larger amount it’s like 100 credits AND THERE PROMO CREDITS. 100 credits for things that coast 600+ it doesn't make sense. Then when you get clothes or something it should be something from your wishlist not some hair from 2009 and on that note in the shop when you search up clothes why does it always give you extremely ugly pixelated 2009 things ugh. And Iv gone through most of the feed backs and suggestions and there all repetitive so clearly we are trying to get a point across but imvu dosnt listen all in all it’s fun to play or whatever but it’s awful and 9x10 imvu never responds to there reviews on here and on the feed backs and suggestions page they just want us to think they are listening smh.Version: v5.6.1

Making credits is too hard!Hey! I’m a user of IMVU and have noticed a recurring problem; gaining credits is unnecessarily hard. Sure, imvu gives you 4,000 credits when you start, but after that, it is really hard to earn them and you’re stuck with the same character for days. To even gain credits without buying something you could either watch long laggy ads, spin the daily wheel ( which at its highest only gives you 100 credits) or surveys and terrible offers that don’t work half of the time. Of course, IMVU comes up with the idea that you can make credits by collecting them from live rooms, but of course, you need to BUY a membership to even make a live room. And you can’t gift, or do anything without BUYING credits. It doesn’t help that everything in the game and store are REALLY expensive considering the amount of credits you make daily without using real money. What about the people that don’t have credit cards, or can’t buy from the game? In my opinion, the game is greedy and hungry for money, basically giving nothing back to the players except the game play, which is laggy and crashes half of the time. I really hope the dev sees this because I’m not the only player who has this problem, it’s half of the players in the game. Please change this, thank you for reading..Version: v5.7.4

Did Not Receive my Bonus CreditsUser Alisha470600 Only complaint at this point, I purchased the 5,000 credit package on 11,27,2020 when I got the promo message in my inbox on the morning of 11/27/2020 i purchased it for $6.99 plus tax (Canadian funds) the Black Friday promo promised additional credits of 1,500. I did not receive them. My balance before credits were bought was 23,342 + $5,000 I purchased = 28,342 with the additional bonus creds of 1,500 for making the purchase, my imvu balance should be 29,843. Kindly add my bonus credits please!.Version: v5.11.0

.:: A Few Ideas To Improve This Wonderful Game ::.I want to be able to gift people what I've bought in my inventory so I don’t have to re buy a second one. I want to give them mine!!! Also, You should make it so the game would give each player 500 credits for every hour they spend on the app/website. It would make people play the game more. You should also do something that would give a player a item they would really want from their wish list for their birthday. I hope you read this and use the tips I said to improve the game. -game lover <3 •!!!!! I FORGOT TO MENTION !!!!!• •!!!•PLZ MAKE THE GAME SO U CAN WALK AROUND ANYWHERE INSTEAD OF CERTAIN STANDING SPOTS•!!!• ~the game used to let u walk around wherever and now it’s not... VERY disappointing~.Version: v5.0.0

UsernamesI love the game, however i strongly suggest that we can change usernames, as when i want to use a new name, i cannot. it’s extremely frustrating to have to stay with the same name, so please add a feature to change..Version: v5.0.0

Hot stuffYou guys really ought to revert things back to normal, ever since y’all implemented ads to be played upon entering a chatroom has now incorporated heavy lag, freezing, and/or crashing of the application, and I’m using the latest update and IOS, and just being on the app alone (Not being in a chatroom) causes my phone to get hot like why? We don’t get ads on the desktop or beta versions of IMVU so why force ads down the throats of mobile users just to sell your VIP tiers? I’ve been a user since 2007 and the quality of life has deteriorated on mobile, like yes I can access IMVU on my computer but the mobile aspect used to be so convenient for me to just hop in n out of rooms, not to mention that this app drains my battery like crazy, you wanna incorporate ads that’s fine but remove it from being implemented in chatroom arrivals, go back to the old style of it being in the feeds and under the profiles, nobody wants to sit through an ad just to have a chat with their friend in a room, it struggles to boot up the ad and it struggles for a bit when the ad has ended, when did convenience of IMVU on the go become such a struggle? Even if I paid to be VIP to dismiss ads that’s not gonna stop the battery drain and phones overheating, it’s back to the drawing board, I used to give this app 5 stars until ads took over like the plague.Version: v7.6.1

Needs improvementThis is an amazing interactive game but sometimes when in a room my screen would just go black and exit me out of the app, another problem i hate is credits, like 1,000 credits monthly would absolutely be great because i dont want to waste so much money on a game plus surveys take too long and many times i complete a survey and i get no credits,so if there was a way that the surveys would be short and faster that would be great because with low credits i cant buy things and i spend majority of my time trying to make avatars but i cant with insufficient amount of credits ,so if u can find a way that we can at least 10,000 credits monthly that would be fine because i would usually have to spend money on everything which is a waste ,plus not even 10,000 credits can make a good avatar because all of my avatars cost over 11k and a really cool feature is so that we can gift people because the promotion credits it’s annoying when it comes to gifting so i think credits should be credits no need for the whole promotions thing the last and final thing is like i said i like making avatars so i spend a lot of time shopping and my cart doesn’t hold much so if the limit can be stretched to like 250 at least or 300 that would be great.Version: v5.10.0

Why can’t I gift stuff on people’s wish lists?I’m Just tryna be a nice person😭😭😭.Version: 4.4.1

IMVUIMVU is amazing and I’ve been playing it for years but I think there should be more ways of getting free credits as the offers never work and surveys often kick you off after you’ve spent ages doing them. The daily spin also always gives 15 credits and when you get a free clothing item, to be honest, it’s not very nice. It’s such an amazing platform to meet new people but, no one wants to talk to people who have the default clothes or one outfit out of the the free 4000 credits you get. I think in the daily spin of you get clothes item you should get something off your wish list. Also I think you should be able to win credits by doing daily challenges on the game and you can make money by adverts. Honestly such a good game just isn’t fair how you have to spend lots of money on it to look good!!!! 🥺🥺.Version: v5.2.1

It was an ‘experience’..Firstly, I thought I’d give IMVU a shot as I’m a fan of virtual reality but I only lasted 1 day on the app. Don’t get me wrong there were some pretty cool things but the cons outweighed the pros for me. Pros: You can get started with some free credit and styles to create your own look after account activation (but it can run out very quickly). The visuals of some of the hangout spots were really pretty and some people were normal in the chat room but that’s about it. Cons: After the free credit runs out you will have to do loads of mini tasks to bump it back up or use real money. It also states that there is an age limit on here but I could tell there was definitely lots of young people on here. The downfall with chat rooms is that literally anyone can go on there and say/do whatever they want which is how I witnessed racism and bullying/harassment amongst users. Another one was some of the designs on other avatars: extremely tall bodies, stripper-like clothing and morphed female bodies - that was freaky! Definitely not suitable for younger people or people like myself that want to just do normal things like chat and dress up. 👎.Version: v6.1.0

Please FixI love the game, but there’s barely anything to do, you basically have to spend real life money to do anything, and it really sucks. Surveys do not work, I should have gotten over +8000 credits, but because the surveys don’t do anything, I don’t get anything. You can’t buy anything from the store because it is so expensive and overpriced. A shirt is 400-500 credits, even for s simple crop top with a simple design. If you’re willing to spend hundreds of dollars on an 3D game, I’d recommend, but if you’re a normal, average person, or even in school or college, do not recommend..Version: v4.15.1

It's frustratingImvu is taking of friends from my list and not letting me see others post even tho we talk. Also change your delete button for conversations there should be something that asks you if you're sure you want to delete it because i do it on accident alot and I'm angry about it 😠😠.Version: 4.1.0

Eh...I love IMVU clothing variety but the game itself isn’t very interactive. Sure you talk to other players but you don’t really do anything. Also what is up with the credits we can barely buy anything, we have to but credits to get whatever we want in game which is kind of stupid in my opinion. Maybe you should develop interactive ways to earn credits like avakin. Avakin gives you a lot of coins and you can earn credits by doing bartending jobs or fashion shows. So I think adding more interaction to earn credits will be cool instead of you giving us 5 credits everyday which does not let us purchase anything. Also I think you should let people gift off their owned items in their inventory with out paying credits because we didn’t buy the person we are gifting the article of clothing that was in their wishlist, we are gifting them an already used item that we don’t want anymore that we think they might like. And I also think we should have the ability to sell unwanted stuff in our inventory for credits and we get the same amount of credits based off of the items worth, like let’s say I have a pair of trousers that I don’t want anymore and they were 300 credits than I can sell it for the same amount I bought it. Well I hope this review can help improve you IMVU and I look forward to those improvements -xXShadowSoulXx.Version: v5.9.1

It suckedEveryone is an online dater with YALL strip clubs, LITERAL children can still play this game and fake their age. Y’all need to step up and sensor stuff.. outfits were good at least 🤦🏾‍♀️.Version: v7.7.1

Imvu do better.This game is very boring ain’t gonna lie. I think this game is adding glitches to my phone because my phone literally just glitched off this review and that’s kind of sus ain’t gonna lie. I don’t really know why there are adults on this game just because I feel like when you’re in adult, you should be doing adult things and not childish things. A lot of people be bullying people on here. There are a lot of sexual words being used. I just feel like I should be able to join the chat room and be able to talk about something normal and not talk about what I do in my free time lol. The whole voice chat feature, for some reason is also not working on my phone. I don’t know why it’s not working but it’s just not working. I just kind of feel like the developers need to make some changes. Changes that you can do is make two different servers, teenagers and adults. I can say I do like to customize my avatar. I find pleasure in doing that but with the chat it’s always the same and boring. Also I can say you shouldn’t have to pay for voice chat. Any other game especially on Console or PC. You don’t have to pay for voice chat so why should I pay on Imvu? Ain’t gonna lie Imvu was slick more fun back then. I know this is a big paragraph but I swear to God I just seen an ad for some app with a photo insinuating shawty playing with some. Come on do better for real that is not OK..Version: 8.6.0

Got hacked and then bannedI had an IMVU account for a really long time. I was pretty consistently active on there, I mostly just shopped for clothes and did the daily spins. After being inactive for a few weeks, I check my imvu only to see that it was permanently banned. Imvu claims I was part of a “ring of users defrauding imvu” when I literally only interacted with one friend that I knew in person. The safest assumption is that I was hacked. I had a lot of clothing items. I went to contact them about it and now I’m left with a permanently banned account for something I didn’t even do. I’m so frustrated and upset..Version: v5.13.1

App isn't too badI only downloaded the app for when I'm on the go. It serves it's purpose, however I would not purchase credits from the app. It more expensive to buy creds using this ap😑.Version: v.4.8.0

Cons pros and consCons: Hello! I’ve spent like £2 / £4 on this game, I’m a mobile user on an iPad Pro. I’ve rebooted, refreshed and waited for my credits yet they aren’t coming! My user is: LizelYT. Please fix this! I bought 2 of the 1000 offers. Pros: I’ve managed to make many friends on IMVU! I’m REALLY addicted to the game and I’ve had it for less then a day! I’d definitely recommend getting this game if you want to find your style. Cons and ideas: I’ve been judged for what I say on IMVU, I’d think it would be a good idea if a moderator looked at the chat and if anybody is being some what made fun of, the person being mean will get banned from the chat room for 10 minutes. If there is people telling others to harm each other, then a 4 hour ban. If somebody tells somebody to harm there selves multiple times (over 10 or 20 ) they will get banned from every chatroom for 1 week or month Age difference: hey, I’ve seen loads of uH inappropriate stuff on imvu. Ik it’s not 12+ or for kids. But it’s really disturbing when you join a chat and somebody is saying REALLY disgusting stuff. I think that there should be servers with certain words which aren’t allowed. Like “the non swearing server” “the explicit server”. I LOVE imvu and I hope you can fix the following things..Version: v4.15.0

More ways to get creditsI really like imvu however ways to get credits for free are very limited so what you should start doing is having more amounts of credits on the spin the wheel like 100 being the lowest and 1000 being the highest because the clothes on imvu aren’t cheap and I was also thinking for everyday someone goes onto imvu they get 50 credits not everytime everyday then I was also thinking that there should be a spin the wheel were it’s not about credits but clothes and the spin the wheel will either pick a clothing item from either your wish list or cart that way it makes imvu more fun and if the surveys were easier those are my ideas for what you guys should put in imvu other than that everything is ok.Version: v5.2.1

New conditions are a jump too farIMVU has been on a downhill run for a while now. It’s only made worse with them grabbing at their pants fantasizing about being a part of the Metaverse. They are now screening your messages and blocking them if they don’t find them appropriate within their vague guidelines, loading is horrible making chatting more of a text experience than a 3d world experience. They are sharing all user data with Bytedance, and don’t even know how to make a working app. They don’t deserve your time, business, or effort..Version: v7.5.1

NOHere was a 32 year old man asking for my pic and was bei really gross , honestly this game is disgusting..Version: v5.12.0

HowI don't know how to play it goes on it then shows me pictures and stuff like I can't play with other people help me plzzzzz.Version: 4.1.0

Be in more than one chatroomLove IMVU but it the app should be like playing on PC. I hate how you can message while in a chatroom and you can only be in one chatroom at a time which is a bit annoying..Version: 4.1.0

Great game butOkay it’s a Farley good game overall but there’s the fact that some rooms will say there’s 9 but when and if you join there’s sometimes only 6 or 5 and so on also say if i go to chat now I could meet someone from China and most of the time they don’t know English so it’s hard to talk to them you really need to add a thing we’re if I talk and say something it would translate to Chinese and when they talk it would translate to English or what ever country they are from..Version: v.4.8.0

UpdateOne of the updates was games to play for credits, but it doesn’t let me click on the games at all! Please fix..Version: v4.13.0

CreditsDid y'all even try to fix the credits problems because they still ain't working I really Don't like this game anymore😑😑😑😑😑👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👌🏾.Version: 4.1.0

Mad personSo hard to search up your friends on the email and or name And you really need upgrade your game BAD !!!!!!.Version: 4.1.0

ImvuI want it deleted it's so dumb.Version: 2.4.2

Was sooooo good but..Okay so I’ve had imvu for a couple years right. About a week ago before I updated the app, my pictures and chat rooms were very high definition and not blurry at all. But I’ve been trying to take photos for my account and all my skins, clothing ect. look so poor quality and blurry I can’t post and pictures! If I have done something can someone send help please! My friends have been experiencing the same thing. (We think it might be because of the “live” feature.) IMVU SEND HELP! 💕💕🤧🤧.Version: v5.0.0

UnreliableNot only does it crash and lag u off rooms I’ve heard and seen many people who have been hacked or glitched off to the point where they have had to start all over again with there avatars moving on to the surveys the surveys are very unreliable and also time consuming I know that the app probably isn’t in control of the surveys but it would help if they would have some order to them it’s ridiculous how so many times when I do these surveys I never get the credits I was supposed to get I get I am getting them for free and they will be harder to get however it would make my life easier if they actually meant what they said when getting the credits. Overall the game isn’t a bad game it however has its ups and downs and I wish for the bugs to be fixed..Version: v5.7.7

Quicker ways to make creditsThis app is really fun but it takes along time to get credits it would be better if you could get like a job and you go to work for like 5-10 minutes..Version: v4.15.1

Decorating roomsI am an imvu user who’s been on imvu for years now. I want to decorate my room and I don’t have a laptop. It doesn’t make sense how you can buy rooms and furniture on mobile if you can’t decorate. Please make it so we can decorate on mobile!!!.Version: v7.3.1

Concerned and frustratedSo i love the graphics, gameplay, idea and design of the app and what it gives in itself.. but there are a few majorly alarming problems. firstly, the price of clothing and accessories are far too high, at the start of the app you get $2000 coins, which in the grand scheme of playing the app will only get you maybe 7 items if you look for extremely cheap in game products, as the usual pricing for clothing and accessories are around $300-$1000. please fix this. another issue that i have is also to do with price, but this time the pricing of in app purchasing of game money. for someone wanting to buy in app money, it’s a big no-no on the app. my final issue is the hyper sexualised messages that are sent without permission and the fact that it’s especially happening to minors. please fix at least one of these issues as this is an amazing app that i really don’t wish to delete..Version: v5.2.1

A toxic placeThere are a lot of bullying and nonsensical users in this app. You get bullied because of your avatar’s look. You get insulted for anything. People will spam you with unsolicited inappropriate messages. If your avatar is a woman, she will be sexualized all the time. Sexual predators will ask questions about your body in real life, which is sick and horrifying. Even if you are an adult, I don’t recommend this app. I know that no social media has a guarantee of 100% safety, but there are better social spaces that are so much safer..Version: v7.0.0

IMVUMon avis sur le site de ce réseau social de IMVU n’est pas une meilleure façon de communiquer, car il y a trop de critiques avec aucun respect aux personnes qui rencontrent puis cela se fait vraiment pas! Je suis désolée pour les personnes qui aiment ce genre de sites, mais je veux vous protéger parce qu’il a des mauvaises personnes qui veulent juste vous critiquer. Je suis une personne qui est bien éduquée et on ne traite jamais les autres personnes qu’ont ne connaissent pas..Version: v5.11.0

Dear imvuI think the game is really fun to play with I thing the credits should be higher like 0.99 for 5,000 credits 5.99 for 10,000 credits so on and so forth I think more ppl would pay for this amount of credits then 0.99 for 1,000 credits also I think pc users should be able to join live room not just mobile users and the chat rooms and live rooms should have more than 10 ppl at a time also mobile user game crashes and people think someone booted them even though no one did and also some items like sparkles cause the game to lag out and crash out a lot. I also think vip and Ap should be cheeper because if it was I would total have vip but it’s to pricey 😔 also there should be more ways to earn credits BUT!!! Over all I think Imvu is a good game I love playing this game I’m not tryna bash y’all game I’m just giving advice to make y’all game better because if you do this more people would play this game if they see 0.99 for 5,000 credits I would totally go crazy if I seen that. I would be like OMG look at how cheep these credits are *texts friend girl look at how cheap these credits are*. I also love how you can give other ppl I love gifting people. Also I love you can see if it’s a person birthday my bday is coming up MAY 28th 🥰 even though you didn’t ask 💀. but keep up the great work IMVU 🥳 I hope you take my advice.Version: v5.7.6

GlitchyI prefer using the client on my laptop, than this app. The “Feed” is glitchy - loading only some pictures from certain friends, instead of everyone I’m following. You can’t use photos from your own phone for a background in “PhotoBooth”. Like the game, I find it very Northern Hemisphere based - all contests and holiday related themes are US based and not very inclusive... what about the rest of the world?? Disappointing, considering how much money we spend on this game. I’ll be sticking to the client..Version: v6.0.2

Gets boring easilyFirst off, there was a problem with my other account which made me unable to log in. Apparently it was due to inactivity which is a very stupid thing to disable an account over. I had VIP on it too, but couldn’t use it to get an immediate reply from customer support as I couldn’t even get into my account. So then, what’s even the point of having VIP. It’s $14 a month for a small handful of credits and incentives that you can’t use when you need it most. Needless to say, my membership has been discontinued along with any shred of respect I had for this game. Adding onto the whole money thing, it’s obvious how greedy this game is. They give you credits to start out with and leave you with no other way to get credits afterwards (aside from watching time-wasting videos to get so few credits that it’s laughable). The daily spin is just a joke. More often than not, you get 30 credits from it. An average item is about 400-700 credits. That means from the daily spin alone, it would take one about a month to have enough to get something they actually want from the store. That is, of course, if you don’t start paying the game in slow micro transactions until your wallet is bleeding first. The gameplay isn’t anything special. At best it provides good material to “get it up.” As the title says, it gets boring very quickly. That’s all there is to say about that. The design isn’t great either. You’d think, for a game that leaches money off their players, the quality would be better. There are so many glitches, the players have just adapted to it being the norm and no longer waste the energy to report them. That should say a lot about the quality of this game. I might add that possibly the only good thing is this game are the clothes in the store, but IMVU can’t take credit for that. The creators design clothing for hours only to have their clothes completely ignored as IMVU features the same 3 creators every week within a season. While I’ve never been a creator myself, I think it’s safe to assume that there are so many clothes in this game, too many creators don’t get enough credit for theirs..Version: v5.10.1

I lost everything 🤷🏻‍♂️So I accidentally deleted the game one night, and I didn’t realise so when I went to play it and it wasn’t there I had to re- download it . Even though I did all the billing and money stuff for it , it would not let me download the game again. Now I had heaps of friend on the game , 551 to be exact and 1,675 followers and I lost all of it to some dumb mess up ! So the creator of Imvu please give my acc back , I really need and I want it , I spent some much money on that account and then to not let me download the game again to pretty messed up. So please give my Account back 😕 !.Version: v5.1.0

👎🏽This game was going good until one day I just happen to log back into my account then my vip and along with everything else I brought just disappeared and starting back at square one. Wtf imvu..Version: v5.10.1

Very badPermanently banned me on 2 accounts I didn’t even do anything I hadn’t posted yet or anything. Always lags and crashes. Prices for everything way too high and asks too personal information for the surveys to get coins..Version: v6.1.0

There somethings problemsHi this game is awesome I love to buy new clothes and talk new people but I never would do what they wanted. but there one BIG trouble problem: I found out in chat groups there 13 or 14 years old young girl send nude to 17 - 18 years old, they didn’t know I was in their groups talking about ‘sexual’ and not safe for young kids. I already recorded their chat groups what they talking about. I am very worried what happened to young girls already send nude to someone and show someone on different social media, if old people play i m v u (this game) ask young girls/boys for nude then they already did only if young kids have Twitter or discord or instagram or Snapchat or other social media they can send nude to someone who asked for nude. I hate when their parents don’t know, I feel sorry for their own younger children’s doing wrong things which mean they learn from older people or young kids don’t understand what right and wrong. If I have children I would never LET my son/daughter play this game because of “Sexual”. Only I let my children play when they old enough - 18+ I hope this game would change to permission from their parents so that their parents can find out what going on and protect their own children. Or only over 18+ can play this game? I’m not very happy for older boy/man for asked nude and show someone or they save their nude pictures from young kid. Thank you very much I will report the video on twitter or other.Version: v4.15.1

Love it butI really love it but the problem is that we can’t jump or walk or run can you make a animation category so we have different styles to walk.Version: v5.8.4

YikesIve had my current accounts for around three to four years now and let me tell you. the constant crashing WHILE ON MOBILE is getting annoying along with all the updates. and also credit prices. cmon now i have to pay 50 for 30k in a game. the clothing prices are too high to be buying 1k you need atleast 10 for a avi so please drop prices or give us better surveys because the game is starting to become more trouble than its worth at the moment honestly.Version: v5.1.0

BoooSo disappointed. I was just thinking about how me and my friends would go online and play this with each other and people all over. But back then it was way more then just a basic lame chat room you could actually get your characters to interact and create a house of your style and have your characters hug flirt say good bye with a wave. So much more... this was very dissatisfying.Version: v4.15.1

Nothing to doI used to use this app a lot but now it seems like the developers have forgotten about the app completely don’t know if they made a new app or not but if you are still wanting to keep people playing and staying on the app then change things around like instead of being limited to a certain spots let people walk around freely and have options to use certain room items like being able to sit on a couch, and it seems like this would be better as a VR game. And do something about all of the accounts that aren’t even being used anymore as I find some accounts I want to be friends with before it was a small chance of the account still being used now it seems like everyone has left the app. I do see people in chat rooms but not alot.Version: v7.6.0

CHANCE WISPER BACK !!!!!!Ridiculous that wisper is now a vip feature, this should not be a thing when it was always free before! Don’t start to be a money hungry game or you will loose players !.Version: v7.0.0

LoginI’m Here from imvu, and tbh it going good so far, but one problem is that when I first joined imvu I made a imvu Facebook account so that it would be harder for someone to hack it and easy for me to just log in, but the problem with logging in with Facebook is that it will not let me login with Facebook on safari, for example imvu next, on mobile you could log onto imvu next but with Facebook it doesn’t let you, and just sends you to the app which I already have and it’s the same with on laptop it won’t let me login with Facebook, and the reason I wanted to login with imvu next is because if I wanted to buy for example vip or ap I cannot buy it on the app and it has to be on imvu next which I cannot log into and I cannot just make a new acc because I’ve been on my main for around 2 years now and have gathered 3k followers and friends along with many clothes so if I start over I won’t have any of that! Please make a button to let me login imvu next with Facebook.Version: v5.8.0

Extreme lag and ads as soon as you join a roomI barely even use this app for “socialising” as the name implies, because as soon as I join a room my screen is covered in an ad that often crashes my game once it’s over or causes extreme lag and a pause in any kind of conversation I attempt to join. Even without the ads, the lag is rooms with more than one person is ridiculous, not to mention how poorly optimised live rooms are. I’m taking a break from this all until these issues are fixed..Version: v7.5.1

Sexual contentThis app should be banned for the explicit content that can happen in here between players or whatever this thing is. The problem is this isn’t meant for all ages and should be banned for looking like a child’s game…..Version: v8.0.0

Creeps..There was a creep asking for my information and it’s kinda weird at least make it friendly a bit..Version: v5.7.1

More updates and less bugsI have been playing vu for about two years now and I honestly hate when I’m playing and I get kicked or disconnected with that the game is also very boring after playing for a while which causes people to either quit like I did or honestly just not like it anymore. IMVU workers should really upgrade into something better so we can enjoy the game. Thank you for your cooperation goodbye.Version: v5.6.1

Where do I startI had this game back in 2011, I had stop playing for a while and when I was trying to log back into my account it was no longer available. I tried reaching support and they told me they sent me an email that my account would be disabled, I NEVER got an email. Ok, I let that go for a while and created a new account. Let start with the promo credits, the third parties that are involved with that, I am having an issue getting some of my promo credits and have contacted such parties and IMVU. IMVU has done nothing to help with the situation, they have a DO NOTHING SYSTEM, just like said third parties. They don’t hold the third parties responsible for anything, isn’t this a partnership? If your customer is not getting the services that are paid for or completed, then what’s the point of doing said partnership. And when I ask to speak to someone higher up, they don’t follow through and keep saying the same thing over and over again. I am really contemplating on not playing this game anymore because of this. You guys are money hungry and the inventories in the app are so expensive, that you have to eventually pay to get any form of clothes, shoes, etc. I am sick and tired of this. IMVU is not fun to play. I am highly disgusted..Version: v7.1.0

NOO I GOT HACKEDI got hacked.Version: v5.13.0

Obsessed, but flaw filledThis game is addicting! In Game Options I Wish You Had: Mobile based: 1. I play only on mobile and when in rooms you have to leave the room to answer inboxes, I wish you had an option to answer the inbox while in a room 2. The mobile app always says “session has expired” and it’s frustrating so I wish you would fix that 3. Every time I play on mobile and want to switch between mobile apps it always expires my session and throws me out the room so I wish you would fix that so you stay in rooms and the chats aren’t lost after it refreshes on you an returns to the home screen 4. I want to be able to edit my rooms and create store items on mobile/tablet even though a lot of players say it may be complicated to create items on mobile I still wish it was an option.Version: 9.1.1

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