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IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat app received 133 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about imvu: 3d avatar creator & chat?

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It’s greatI love imvu because it’s like nice with all fashion and gives u a chance to chat to more people and frendship can be widen more up also the outfits are really nice and there sassy and I like sassy also there’s amazing places to go and say if u didn’t have a tattoo and wanted to see what it looks like just go on your device tap the game and buy one if u don’t have one and pop it on so I really think people should play the game although things are a bit too exepensive and maybe like there were jobs in the game then it could like be in real life work for our money but still keep the wheele and also maybe you could be pregnant and have your own baby at dress her up like have your own familly that’s all really so I hope you read it and add the ideas in to make the game even better than ultimate.Version: v5.1.0

Credits?I really enjoy this game it is very excited, thrilling and naughty😏 but I honestly think there should be a lot more ways to earn credits that are quicker and easier. You usually have to pay to make an offer and if you don’t and you do a free one it never gives you the credits. 90% of the surveys go like this: you spend 30 mins on a survey for 1000 credits and then at the end it says I’m sorry you are not a match. The highest amount of credits you can get on the daily spin is like 300 so maybe you could bring it up to 500 or 600. Playing to earn only gets you 10 credits! So what’s even the point in doing that?.Version: v5.6.1

Let people have 10.00 creditsU should let people have 10,00 credits instead of 40,00.Version: v5.8.0

Love this app/game!It’s a really good app/game, it lets you create an avatar with really good hair and other options, one thing... we need a better way to get credits or coins, because they’re really expensive but it’s a really good app!.Version: v4.12.0

:D (maybe some improving?)The games extremely great! My favourite designer is Meikin! So when players are short on credits I think they should be able to rely on watching videos to earn such. But when your watch a video all it gives you is 8 CREDITS!! :C I think we should at least more than 8 maybe 50-80? I think it’s fair but wth I don’t mind! It also leaves the player no choice but to buy/or earn credits. ALL IN ALL I ADORE THIS GAME!!! :DDDDD.Version: v5.4.1

This game is amazing, but it could improve...I absolutely love the idea behind this game and everything that goes along with it, so I’d really appreciate it if they added a feature where you could return clothing and receive your money back. I have also found that I’ve done a lot of offers and I have not received my award. Please fix this and add in the new feature..Version: v5.1.0

I tiny bug but greatSo I’ve been on this for a while! And I love how it’s so life like! I have so many friends that support me and I love inviting new people on! But there is a tiny bug that happened to me, when I go to get credits for watching a video it says “Error please try again later” and it’s been doing that for 3 days straight. But other than that the games amazing!.Version: v4.10.1

More ways too get creditsI love IMVU it’s really good but, it would be better if there was more ways too get credits instead of just getting games and doing surveys. Why I think this is, sometimes you don’t get the money you earned off the surveys and the apps. This is another reason, Because some people don’t have enough storage too download more things. And this is the last problem with this, some people don’t know the answers too the surveys so it makes it extra hard for them. This is another thing, the clothes are super pricey! That’s everything but all in all the game is great..Version: v4.11.0

Please fix thisWhen I first got it it was amazing for me it’s just one thing I want to change when you walk your not walking you clicking you screen and then going where there are arrows so please can you make a thumb stick but you can still sit on beds and sit on sofas if you fix this It would be amazing. I love the app it’s amazing and the best part is you get free credits but I dint know If the free credits are scamming me or taking my account so please reply. Hope you have a great week!. And i just had one more bug when you first get it you have 4,000 credits and most of the stuff in the shop I really expensive so can at least please make it 10k credits please please bc you will have more people who will get it and it will make you probably will be on the popular section when you go to search so please please make it 10k credits thank you s9o so much if you do 😋.Version: v5.7.7

I lovd it but....I love the mechanics. I love the game in general. But the only problem i have with it are credits. Like it makes the game more annoying. I know y’all added things in the game to make it easier but i feel like weekly we should get a reward of credits...Maybe like “400” credits every week that you sign in. This would make the game more fun. Because there is a problem on the game that most are probably unaware of. Noobs.v.Trill and i feel like this Side .v. Side makes noobs feel bad bc not all of us have to to do 20 minute surveys or spend 20$ on credits. Getting credits weekly would make things alot easier...And would make the player want to log in every single week. Plus it makes sense bc we should be given some type of reward thanks to us playing yalls game. Either that or put a job system into the game which would be harder. But just giving us credits would be simpler. And you wouldn’t loose money going into the game because people that would want more credits and would still but credits...I just feel like that would be something that would make alot of people enjoy playing the game...Because let’s be real you need credits in order to be up to par🤷🏽‍♀️That’s just how it is and not all of us have time for all of that....Just consider it thanks😌.Version: v5.1.0

It’s greatLove it but I’ve had some issues buying credits and the options to do so on the app don’t show up anymore which sucks, other than that, I’ve been loving it since 2013.Version: v5.10.1

Good fun but... Apple be scaredI have been part of the IMVU community for about 3 years. I started slowly. Initially I was only curious about the avatars and how I could customise them in gear I liked. Eventually I created an independent alter-ego who is not quite me, but he has a history of his own and he thinks on his own even if the brain is mine. I now enjoy doing the rooms and experience what happens in the avatars dimension. There are for me, two downsides: Apple users are disadvantages. I wanted to be a creative, but with apple products I don’t know if it is even possible, but it is so complicated that I had to give up. I get to a point and then I am stuck. The other issue is: addicting! It is very addictive. The day is not long enough to visit all the rooms ..Version: v5.10.1

It’s great! Although more CREDITSIMVU is a great game that I am addicted to, and have been going on consistently. My avatar is starting to look better and I have met lots of lovely people (as well as some awfully rude ones but oh well!) I love all the pictures you can post and I really like the variety of rooms. Although it’s a great game and all, I think credits should be easier to earn. I am constantly out of money and nothing seems to be cheap! It is also rather hard to get credits, I mean there is the daily spin and that’s a big help, but the most amount of money you can get really get just 200 coins? I think it should be more, and not everyone wants to buy credits. Please take my words into consideration and make credits easier to get! Thank you! Great game!.Version: v5.7.1

BUCKSTARS CAFE ROOMHi. I really enjoy using IMVU, meeting new people, making friends and having your own avatar! But in the new update, the Buckstars Cafe has changed, a lot of IMVU users dislike the new format of Buckstars; so please change it back to how it was before! I enjoyed the old BuckStars, I would make new friends there, in the new BuckStars, I havent made any friends, and everyone just sits there silently. Please change it back! Otherwise, there should also be more ways to get creds, it should be that we get an amount of credits each day. (I do know that you can do that with Daily Spin, but Daily Spin only gives me 15 credits each day). Also, on the daily spin, if it lands on the clothing item, instead of getting a random item, maybe we could get something from our wishlist?.Version: v4.10.0

SuggestionsI love this game and I play it all the time but I think there should be more ways to earn credits. Once you run out of money it’s really hard to get more unless you buy it. It would be so much better if you could get jobs and earn credits for them I do have one issue though, the option to watch an ad to earn credits is gone for me, has this happened to anyone else? I also think it would be cool if there was a section in your profile for family. It could have something like this Boyfriend/girlfriend: Kids: Siblings: Parents: Or something like that. And there could also be like a little slot for job occupation. I think it would be cool if there was a feature to be hungry or thirst or tired or something. I know this is sounding a bit like the sims but I just think this would be cool. I don’t really like how the mobile and the console/computer ones are different. And one more thing, I think there should be an option to be a baby. I know you can buy a baby Avi and stuff but it would be way better if there was a feature to turn you into a baby, that way you wouldn’t have to spend so many credits on sclalers..Version: v4.9.0

Room for improvementIssa good game overall. Had this app for two years and other than getting the trolls who just like to ruin people’s fun it’s quite nicely to just make your own character and talk to new people from different walks of life. Really is nice for people who don’t really socialise in real life. Only downfall is that we’re unable to move furniture in our rooms and we can’t buy rooms over the app. I have to switch to my laptop to do any of that. Bit of a pain so I think you should somehow ensure there are equal things in the computer app version and the mobile version..Version: v5.7.6

Cool gameHi everyone reading this! I’m going to start off by saying that I love this game and it’s really cool how it’s a lot like social media. But there are a few things that would be helpful if they could change. First off the clothes are EXTREMELY over priced and to earn your credits back by watching a video you only get 8 credits. Secondly there are a lot of hackers. I can’t look at a single post without seeing in the comments “CLICK THIS LINK”. I think that the app should have a filter on these comments. But apart from all that I love the app. It’s really fun!.Version: v4.15.1

More credits to start offSo ive actually had this app for a while and so ive been testing it and i think the problem is the credits. The prices to buy the credits are so high and you dont even put specials on them like 50% off of floral clothing or somethin like that. And also when you start the game, it gives you 2,000....its not much cause the pricing of the clothes are like 300 to 800 and the heads as well, 900 to 1,400..and the shoes, jewellery, sizing and hair, its all too pricey and plus the ads only give 6 dollars which is stupid cause you cant really go shopping with only 6 dollars, ive had imvu for at least 2 years now and ive been saving up since, ive gotten upto 10,000 because it would mostly land on the emoji thing and i dont even use it! Ive probably gotten like 5 100? In other games i would save up, and i woulf mostly get upto 30 or 20! But going upto 10 is a big no no! Please put this to your notice cause i dont want to delete another good app.Version: v.4.8.0

Love the app and game!IMVU has always been one of my favourite games, the creativity and uniqueness you are able to express is amazing! Yes, there could be improvements but that’s not to say the game isn’t worth trying the way it already is. I spend a lot of money and time on here and have met some amazing friends! I also met my real life partner on here❤️ As for improvements, the only thing that crosses my mind is when you’re using the mobile app and you’re in a room, you have to leave to check messages. Could messages some how be incorporated into a bubble on the side? Or become viewable while you’re in a room. That’s the only flaw I have!.Version: v5.1.0

It’s great but....Hello imvu staff, Imvu is an AMAZING, game. It has everything you want in it, Chat rooms, people, clothes, etc. But when it comes to money and your very own’s a little disappointing. Making money is extremely difficult in this game, either you have to buy or spin the wheel (I can’t do surveys or anything because of where I live.) and usually when you spin the wheel all you get is 15 to 25 coins. Which is really really little. Outfits in imvu costs from 399 to almost 800 dollars, getting 15 to 25 coins a day to reach an exact amount to buy an outfit you like then having to start from 0 again? That’s a little heart breaking. I suggest that we get 1,000 monthly. (I’ve been stuck with the same clothes on imvu for over a month now. I can’t get to the outfits I want because I have no money and I can’t waste actual money on the game.) As well as the penthouse issue, it’s extremely boring. You invite your loved one over and you can’t go to bed in private, you can’t kiss, you can’t even hold hands. (Most of the time thats why people use the penthouse, to do things in private that you can’t do in the rooms because people interrupt.) I suggest you add more couple poses and more things to the penthouse. Things like, kitchens, bedrooms, showers and stuff like that make it so much more fun and realistic. I hope you take this into consideration! Att: A formal user from imvu..Version: v5.0.0

The app is perfect don’t listen to these crybaby’sOkayyyy everyone needs to chill talking about “there isn’t enough credits to start” like yea what do you want them to do give us 100,000 credits like your supposed to eventually upgrade your character by using the daily spins not just instantly start off the game being the best looking player. And it’s true the daily spin isn’t always helpful so maybe the app can have some type of daily login reward ? like. when you login for 7 consecutive days you get a item from off your wishlist or credits or something. But if your really crying over credits and it’s that serious to you then just spend like 10 bucks on some more it’s not even expensive to get a decent number of credits. Everyone on the app had to start off from somewhere and were considered noobs at one point. But if you put dedication into the game and take surveys, buy credits little by little, and actually play the game you can earn credits easily. Or you could find people that gift for shoutouts..Version: v5.7.6

Love this game bu it needs a few tweaks!Okay so I’ve been play this for as long as I can remember. I started off playing on pc. For what I’ve seen the game has way more options and you can do more thing on pc. Now the game has been playable on mobile devices but we still don’t have the same perks as pc players. Such as decorating our private rooms and buying furniture for say rooms. Why can’t we have this same perks on mobile. Like paying for vip,ap,and age verified. Because like myself not everyone has access to a computer only phones and tablet. Another issue that I have with this app is that. When starting off u only get 4000 credits. Now as long as I’ve been playing this game i know for myself that that is not nearly enough to have a decent looking avatar. I’ve see people get bullied just because they couldn’t buy enough credit for clothes and accessories. I really hope you consider these changes. I really think it will make the game way more fun for myself and others, and that it will bring in many more new players :).Version: v5.1.0

More Credits for IMVUHello, i am a fellow IMVU user and I personally think you should not start with only 4,000 you should start with at least 10,000 so the people that can’t get everything that they want from the shop and they don’t get made fun of by not looking what people say “trendy” thank you :) hope this changes your mind.Version: v4.15.1

It’s good !It’s good it’s just... ppl ugh 😩 they are always like “wanna have $ex uggghhhhh”.Version: v5.7.1

I LOVE IT! but some things I need to address...I love game so much and I can be on for hours. I love the IMVU staff and how they are so nice to me and send me updates and tips. I also love how you can try on clothes before you buy them. One thing is that you can’t get private houses for role playing like the penthouse isn’t really a role playing room. The rooms creators make can’t be private and can’t be sold to other players (at least I don’t think so). Another thing is that there are people that bully and I feel like reporting them doesn’t really do anything, I hope there is an option to have a vote with other players in the server to kick out the the bullying player(s). And one more thin is I wish new coming people to spend their promotional credits on anything. I know it might be unsafe but some people like to save their credits. And I mean what if I wanted to gift someone. I would to buy credits? That’s too expensive and I feel like if you give out free credits you should let people spend them they way they want to. Anyways thank you for the awesomeness !.Version: v5.1.0

Imvu needs a super upgrade and credit upgradePls can we start whit like 20k or. 10k cause this game is becoming really boring and two make us be able to gift whit promo credit pls And make this game for 13+ because if use to be that age but now it’s 17+.Version: v5.1.0

Rude peopleOkay to start this off, me and a friend who is 13 are in a room. This random girl started coming in and complains about the age limit and how it’s 15+ and of course we already knew that. I got kicked out for some reason because that girl was saying how my friend was “emo” and I just didn’t want people to say stuff like that. Please if the age limit is 15+ then I’m asking you too not except people that are younger! Fix this cause this is great app/game and i don’t want the need to delete or not use anymore. Thankyou for reading this:).Version: v4.11.0

SurveysThe app is generally good, however, the surveys (although they do work and I have won 2000 credits before from a survey) I feel like they’re too long, especially when one of them said it lasted over an hour. I think the surveys should be a few minutes shorter than they usually are (they’re usually ten minutes) and they’re quite easy to get screened out. But if you manage to complete a survey, you do receive your reward. If you could shorten the minutes of the surveys and make it so you don’t almost immediately get screened out off them, that would be amazing!.Version: v4.15.1

Love it but..We need better ways to get coins, because when I do the surveys I never get my coins and the customer service never helps. The only thing I get coins from is the video which should be more the six..Version: 3.7.0

So hard to earn coins!! And more : From 2020I love imvu! I love the fashion the places friends and more! I just started playing and I have problems to discuss , it’s sooo hard to get coins! U only get 4000 which is great but then u end up so poor an du don’t know a way to get coins!! All I can do is spin and I get 25 or 30 coins like at least get a spin that is a coin spin where u have to wait 24 hours for a spin, because ur daily spin is very little and doesn’t have enough. I have another problem that no one ever is gonna be generous and give u a gift! I know I’m dramatic about it but like I feel sad that no one is ever going to give u s gift and just be nice to u, they say that if u r famous u get gifts , what about starters?? They need to be involved! Please put an update when a started has its first items in a wishlist each 2 weeks, u can give them something from their wishlist! I know this is a lot but it will be so helpful to starters to not just stick with the noob clothes, but I love that u give us lots of clothes when we start, IMVU staffs if u read this thank for reading this and spending ur time to see stuff that people need in IMVU, BYE! ❤️.Version: v5.10.1

PLEASE READ THIS!Imvu is a great game and all, but ... why are the clothes and accessories and stuff all so expensive? Please make them cheaper, and make it easier to get credits, I always try the surveys, but it’s always like win a gift card or something, please make those much more simple :/ and make the clothes cheaper. I saw this dress, it was really nice but, it was above 7000 credits! Also, make the clothes at least 200 credits, and please please please PLEAASE make it easier to get credits, like WAYYY easier..Version: v5.0.0

Really good!!! But...I really enjoy playing imvu and I’ve had it for like a few months. The chat groups are fun and I love how my avi looks but it would be so much cooler if there was an easier way to earn credits because when I do the daily spin it usually only gives me 15 or a withmoji pack. I know the game needs to earn money but it would be really cool if there was an easier way. I’ve tried the offers and none of them actually works and I don’t want to buy any of them because I am currently paying for Uni so I don’t have much spare. This would be great and if you get the clothing item on the daily spin I think you should get the lowest price thing on your wish list and nothing above 1000 credits because that’s a lot..Version: v4.13.0

Add me @AyjhaGenesisThe thing is... WHY CANT WE MESSAGE WHILE IN A CHATROOM? It pisses me off sometimes having to leave a chat, you about to join it again and then...oh wait, oh no! It’s full, the server is full now. I shouldn’t have left, so sad. Please fix this!!!.Version: v4.13.0

LOVE THIS GAME!I’m sure I don’t use it in the same way that everyone else does. I don’t really go into the public platform and play the whole game, I just go into shop and play dress ups lol ... they have such a wide variety of amazing clothes, hairstyles etc and its stuff you would probably see in public or own yourself it’s so cool. My daughter loves playing dress ups on here as well. So good for a free game!.Version: v5.10.1

CREDITSAt the beginning when you first join imvu you get 4,000 credits, which might seem like a lot right? WRONG! 4,000 credits barely got me two outfits, a pet, and one hairstyle. And i get that you have many methods of earning credits but most of the time i only get 10 credits out of the surveys. I do a survey and every time they redirect me because the survey was “not for me” i can’t earn anything because i’m not qualified to take any of the surveyed listed. Plus, when watching ads you only get up to 8 credits. What can i do with 8 credits? Nothing! Most of the outfits, even the cheapest ones cost up to 300 credits! And the daily spin wheel doesn’t help either. The highest i can get out of it is 150 credits. And even then, i still can’t purchase any items with that low of money, and that’s the highest credits you can get on a daily spin! I can’t afford to buy credits with my own money because i don’t have money. It’s sad that i can barely afford anything, and i’m sure others suffer with this issue as well. Overall imvu is a good game, but this one problem limits people from customizing their characters to how they want. I hope you can fix this issue with either lowering the prices or giving people more credits..Version: v5.7.6

This game is great, however..This game is probably one of my favourite apps, you meet people, make friends, get to use fashion etc, but i have a few suggestions. I like my posts and some have a lot of likes, example one of them have 300, and one of my edits i really like, but i want to delete them, i want to delete them but keep them if you understand? i would like to be able to put my posts on private so if i wanted to not be able to show them, all i needed to do was put them on private and if i wanted to show them, i could in private them, i feel this would make the game improve, and i also feel that we should be able to see if someone read our messages, example if i message someone and they haven't seen it i might have thought they have and they were ignoring me, which could lead to me being sad or upset only to find out they haven't read it, i appreciate if these could be added, thank you..Version: v5.14.2

It’s good but gots its issuesSo tbh I love this app I’m on it every day but it does have its issues. First you should be given more credits when u start, credits should be cheaper and easier to earn because I get screwed over so much so now I have to buy my credits because they won’t let me earn them. Also once you buy credits for the first time I feel like the game knows that and so after you buy credits for the first time your credits will start to get harder and harder to earn for free. Ok now this doesn’t go for everyone but I get discover a lot and i mostly only play to take pictures and get discover and make outfits I think there should be a verified users thing for people who have got a lot of discovers like a little check mark like on other social media’s. I think you should have to fill out a form and they look over your profile of course to get verified. I’d also just like to point out that a lot of people are super mean on the app and there is groups on imvu I feel like it’s divided so theres the emo long leg people the gang ppl who make fun of everyone and everything and the noobs and discover people and the gang people make of majority of imvu and I think everyone just conforms to acting like jerks to be cool but like y’all ain’t cool so like stop bullying people and try to be nice to others ty..Version: v5.13.0

Offers don’t workImvu is a great game! You are able to socialize find online relationships and make friends! There are nice clothing options and it’s fun to change up your avatar. I only have one issue with the game. Credits are difficult to get without buying them. I use the mobile app and whenever I go to offers and complete one to earn credits I got to support to see when I will get them. Some may still be verifying but then there are the ones that are completed and are said to be giving you the credits in an hour. I wait an hour go back and it says one more minute. I’ve been waiting for that minute to pass for eight days now. Although there are times when the offers work they haven’t at all been working anymore. I understand that these are sponsors. But please consider the fact that your users are the ones who are getting you this far. Please make the offers work and be secure. It’s really frustrating to have to take so much time on these surveys and stuff and not get any credits. Thank you for reading my review that’s all!.Version: v4.15.1

It would be good!I LOVE imvu, recently I looked at all my clothes, I had so many I wasn’t using, my friend (who is a new imvu player) didn’t have many clothes at all. So I thought I would gift her some of my clothes, Genius! But when I tried I had to pay, for clothes I’ve already bought! It would be really good if you can gift friends clothes that you don’t want without paying, but of Course once you gift the item you don’t want you don’t own it anymore. Please take this into consideration. Thanks! Alysha.Version: v4.14.0

Please please reply I need helpSo basically I had an imvu account for s free days and I had made that account through Facebook and today and went on to it and it had logged me out , I tried to log back in with face book clicking “log in with Facebook” and sent me to a page with a red box at the top nothing else saying “ App not set up: This app is still in development mode, and you don't have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions. “ please someone help me ! X.Version: v5.3.0

Love 🖤It’s a great app it doesn’t force you to do anything at first, and you have 2,000 credits at the start which is great but buying your own credits 😕 they are so expensive. However I love how you can go in to 3D rooms and stuff, and the clothes are so cool, basically you can style your, Avatar and there are so many options to choose from 👅 But one thing I recommend is that when you go into a chat room, and it says 18+ or 15+ they should make an age limit. Like when you create a room make it so only people that are 18 or something only join because I got kicked out of a chat room for that. Also if your are reading this peeps you can swear on the game too🤭 Lol Thank you for reading... Bye 😽.Version: v4.14.0

Great game,butI have been playing this game just under a year now and Although I think this game is a great way to make new friend and find out more about other countries, I have noticed that the newer players e.g.”noobs” have been getting tormented because there avatar hasn’t got the newest clothing on or there outfit is old to make the game better (just a suggestion) I think that when you first start the game you should get a bit more coins on PC your start of with 6,000 but on mobile devices you only get 4,000 and maybe make a ‘premium guest’ and this gives them the chance to get double daily rewards...all over a GREAT game can’t wait to see what happened as new people join!.Version: v5.12.0

LOVE IT!!Even though I’m a 8 yr old using my dads account I still LOVE IT! Feed: the feed is just like scrolling through Instagram but it’s all animated Avatar: I just LOVE how many choices there are! Because of this I was able to make the CUTEST AVATAR Chat: 3 words: in the middle Overall you should DEFINITELY download it if you have low storage!.Version: v5.12.0

Fell in loveIve been playing this game since I was a teenager. Fell in love with the idea of creating an avatar however I like and socializing in a virtual world full of other people who enjoy the same thing. I love that most of the users on the game remain anonymous, it adds to the experience of "being" your avatar. The ever changing possibilities in creating outfits for both male and female avatars is something that has always kept me interested in this game. I like to see each persons style. This game has really helped me. I do wish credits were easier to come by as I find making outfits to be an art form and I cant always afford to buy the credits I need to make an outfit. You should see some of the outfits users put together. They're phenomenal. I think other users would appreciate some credits in their accounts as well. After all, creating your avatar is half -if not most- of ones fun in the game. It allows you to be more unique, and allows you to express yourself however you please. Overall this game is simply amazing. I cannot wait to see what the game will be like in the years to come. Perhaps an open world concept would be on the mind of the creators? Thatd be awesome..Version: v5.7.4

Earning credits and daily spinI hope you read my recommendation. I just want to talk about earning money. Earning money on this game is very hard because on the daily spin you spin and you only get 15 pr 25 credits that’s not enough. Sometimes if you are lucky you may get higher but most of the time that’s what it is. I also want to talk about the price of the clothes. Some of the prices of clothes are way too high for broke people like me you can’t get the clothes you want when you have to use the daily spin to earn money. I also think you should let us get free credits without taking surveys or buying money in real life because, if I buy money in real life I would get in trouble by my parents. I also think that at the end of each month you should give us 5,000 credits too help us out. I hope you also change the prices on the clothes and I also hope you consider this in your next update, I know you guys are busy improving the game. So please consider this in your next update it would make me so much happier to play the game. From Current IMVU player: lexi kaczmarski..Version: v5.1.0

Used to be fun.This game used to be extremely fun back then when you first started to play it, and when everything was so new and exiting. But now I’ve been in this game for 2 years and it’s gotten really boring. Everything is the same, there doesn’t seem to be any changes 🤷🏼‍♀️. What I would honestly want to happen in this app is to make it a combination of Avakin life and Second life. Like for example, add in actual walking movement when you want to move to one area (or just make it so it’s not just only the dots where we can move to) and make it so we have jobs and are able to get credits for working. Those changes can make IMVU so much more fun and interesting. Make night clubs which you can actually work in not just role play and get no currency. Because what most people in IMVU are struggling with is the lack of credits and for some it is difficult for them to get credits. None of what I said would probably be taken into consideration but I hope it can help a little with the next update..Version: v4.11.0

Good game!...but one problemWhen gifting someone you have to have credits of course and even if it’s hard to earn them i’m not here to talk about that. When you want to gift someone could you make it that if you already have that item in your inventory you could just give it to them for free instead of buying it..Version: v5.8.4

What you mostly NEED to know...This is a great game to find love and friendship and to meet new people overall! I absolutely LOVE the avatar customisation, you can basically look exactly however you like. BUT... The credits are really expensive and you basically get nothing when you complete a survey for them or watch ads...the items are for reals expensive so like, I’d probably make credits easier to get I guess? I love that you start off with 4000 credits now. 2000 before was too little, so thanks for listening to the people devs :). Would I recommend this game? Yes, definitely, only if you’re of age. Youngsters I’d say stick to something a little more child friendly. This has to be my fave game atm. Good job to the creators..Version: v4.14.0

Credits, please read!I love this game! And I would like you to add more credits, like when you sign up you get 10,00 credits. If that’s ok!❤️.Version: v5.6.1

Good, but steals!Do I love this app. I have been playing for a few months now. But I hate how expensive the clothes and additional items are!! Also I have had at least 10 items disappear from my inventory without any refund or notice. That made me very mad because I have spent money on credits for this game and I got them taken Away. NOT COOL TEAM IMVU. But stealing aside, I also don’t like that people don’t get checked when they are reported. I have had bad experiences with other players who aren’t particularly kind to me and my inner circle. I don’t like that. I know that not everyone is going to like me and I won’t like everyone else, but rude behavior should be scolded. Also , how do I get VIP? Anyway , all issues aside, I do love this app which is a great alternative to Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, match, tinder, etc. all of the social/ dating apps In One. And it is relatively safe for younger teen users. I also love the 3D experience. Love the app , could use improvements . Also , if u are joining the app, plz follow and friend me at EUXVE and marionette461 . Thx have a great day. And also the tone I have me was great. BYEEEEEEEEE -α ¢ιту gυяℓ.Version: v4.10.1

CreditsI love Imvu and all that but there is one thing in General that I absolutely HATE and that thing is credits It isn’t fair to those people who have mean parents that won’t let them buy more credits to make themselves look cool If we could just try on what we want and buy it without credits it would be AMAZING There are so many people who look like Famous rich celebrities and then there is those people that look like Poor rats who have mean parents All the clothing in the catalog are Beautiful but maybe if we didn’t like something on that piece of clothing we could customise it so that it fits our interest (if that makes sense👀) Yours Sincerely ✨🍁Alexis🍁✨.Version: v4.15.1

PLEASEEEEE1!1!1!1!1So I love this game . I love how you can do and be anything BUT you should be able to gift things from your inventory ! Is ridiculous how you can’t ! I would love it if you can gift anything from your inventory to other people and if there was OTHER ways to earn credits . I always try to earn credits and when I do I earn 10-50 or NOTHING !!! Please if you could do these two things I would literally buy a year vip and it would be the best game ever!! I hope you take my advice because everyone knows it would be better with it ..Version: 4.7.1

Way too expensiveThis game is awesome and all but the things u buy are WAY too expensive. Once I saw this really pretty head when I was shopping and it was over 4000! Way more than what I m v u gives us. Pls can u just make the price 100 or 200. That’ll be awesome❤️ Plus when I try to earn credits like to a survey, it never works! I really need all of u to help get things easier. I gotta say, apart from all that, this game is amazing! (Try and make the feet smaller too).Version: v5.6.1

It’s awesome, but listenThis game is SOOOO good, but when it comes to money, it’s a big disappointment. I’m not saying It in a rude way, but there is no other way to earn credits or anything. All you do is spin the wheel, do surveys, complete offers, and watch videos. OH, and let me tell you, you might think it’s a lot but it’s very hard to earn money, unless you want to buy some credits, and you have money to spend like that. I have had imvu a few years bck when I was younger, and I barely understood some stuff, but it was the SAME way. It was still hard to earn credits, and is now, sometimes when I complete and offer, and they send an email. They tell me that it takes about 24 hrs for my credits to come bck, and I understand it might not end being the whole offer, but they don’t give me ANYTHING. I have tried, and tried to write them about how I felt, or what was going on, but they honestly don’t care (like I said not in a rude way, but it’s how I feel.) I hope IMVU, fix their problem, on this game from people reviews, and other ways too get money. Mind their clothes are super FREAKING high, but I’m done being a crybaby. thanks for your time in reading my review!!!.Version: v5.0.0

Some IdeasInstead of the wheel having such low amounts it’s should be like 1000 - 2000 - 3000. Also non ads for non vip avatars and make it able to buy AP without needing a whole bunch of information. Make it able for iPad users to buy AP . Let mobile able to shop with other people..Version: v5.10.1

Love this.IMVU’s been my life for almost six years now. I’ve made many great memories on here. It’ll always have a special place in my heart. ❤️.Version: v4.15.1

Chat Room:Chat Now & CreditsFor the chat now I wish the mobile version can be like the pc/Mac version where we do one person at a used to be like that and of it possible you guys can just add it as a second option and you can name is Chat alone and Chat group if you can make these changes the game would be much better.. For the credits we should earn 20,000 credits when we start the game and every hour we play the game we get 50 credits..and for the daily spin you guys should raise the money and the daily spin can be every 4-6 hours..thank you.Version: v5.7.4

Photos as a messageThe app need to make it so people can send personal photos as a message instead of having to post all the time.Version: 3.4.0

God game butThis is a really really good game u should go ahead and download it it’s really well designed and never crashes keeps u from being bored but if u started of with way more credits or it was easier to get credits it would be way better since it’s so hard to get money on this game but other than that it’s good if u could change that one thing I think a lot more ppl would play this and those who already play it would play it even more so pls change this to make it easy bc I don’t know any hacks to get money faster and put more options on the spinning wheel to make it more interesting thank you pls make these changes it would make the game much much better thank u bye 🐌🌝🥰.Version: v5.8.4

FeedbackGood game but scammed me a few times and took money out of my account unknown.Version: v5.10.1

The best game I’ve seen on the App Store!I love this game yes there are a few improvements like the creds and the amount we get and things like that but overall I adore this game! The thing I like the most about it is that you can take photos of your avatar and the lighting and photo ‘spaces’ are really creative and fit with different styles. We really need jobs though to boost the creds problem. I’ve seen it suggested in the reviews and with people I know in game multiple times. People could work in all sorts of places and there could be an option to be a student and still get a student income? Creds is only the really big issue at the moment which needs to be solved but apart from that, best app ever!.Version: v4.15.1

Great game!This is honestly the best game I have ever played. There is so much to do on imvu. It’s super easy to make friends and have fun! But there are a few things I would change. One thing I would change is the daily spin, the daily spin doesn’t really give you much credits and it’s like you always get 15 credits. I think you guys should make the 15 credits on the daily spin be 100 and bring up the rest of the credits on the daily spin by 100. I think you guys should also add way more ways to get more credits, I mean why do you have to spend money to get credits. There should be other ways and make them easier because some people don’t want to waist their money on a game just for clothes and stupid things to order in real life. I also would like if the watch a video for credits would give you more credits. It only gives you like 10 or less credits. You can’t but anything with 10 or less credits. I would also like the prices on things to go down, instead of being like 300+ I think clothes and things should be real prices like a shirt be like 20 credits that would be awesome. But thanks for ready my long review. But this is a super great game but the whole credits and buying things need an improvement..Version: v4.15.0

GOOD GAMEThis is a entertaining game it’s good for quranteen or if you have it on tablet and your iPhone (the phone you have) is dead and you need to txt someone you can txt them on this app. I recommend this app soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much I don’t know how I could thank you for making this game called IMVU. So I’m just going to tell you your appreciated soooooooooo much from me & my fam bcus I got a loyal,loveing, caring BF and some new friends thank you so much for making this app a girl out❤️ P.S pls reply to me I love this app and would not of met my BF if you didn’t make this app♥️.Version: v5.7.7

It’s amazing!I love playing the game you guys are really good at this! Anyway I hope you enjoy your day! 😁.Version: v4.15.1

ZDThis game is amazing but I agree maybe when you start off make it to 10,000 not 4,000.Version: v5.0.0

Problems that I have with this app.I’m not gonna give this game 5 stars because the credit is not enough and we should start off with 6,000 because 4,000 isn’t getting us any where we are still considered as noobs to the trills we are being bullied in the game. And the clothes are to high, clothes in real life is 5-100 dollars. The owner who be making the clothes are taking the money we have been given by making there clothes 300+ and when I make accounts and I get back on the game I’m logged out but I will not consider that as an problem. But my main problem is the credit and amount we have been given and you guys have us to pay and buy or on credit and when we do the survey they are fake and doesn’t work and when we buy most clothes the owner takes them and give us back our money but instead of the smiley face on the daily spin how about you make that into an 1,000 because it’s nothing. And people are so rude why can’t we post videos on imvu we can only put pictures I think this game is asking for a lil toooooooo much and I think this game should be use with Wi-Fi and without. This game is the best game ever but the prices needs to go to the real life prices because we barely get promo to get what we want. Sincerely, Puff Bunny.Version: v5.1.0

NiceYour replying message can get hacced, once hacced they can get your account. So it’s best not to have photos in albums (they stea them), messages saved (they’ll read all the tea), or cards linked to the account (they’ll gift themselves then delete your account or they’ll spend your credits by sending themselves and friends gifts then deleted your account). Only replay to messages from people you know or you will get hacced. You don’t only need to click on a link to get hacced just simply replying to a message does the job. Some will take your account but others won’t so be safe. Some just want to be nosey😂. Your account can already be hacced but you just don’t know it because you already replied to haccers along time ago so that’s why your green light be on🤣 they reading all the tea in the dm💀. Don’t put your real life on vu and link cards to vu or have tons of credits stocked up because if you out there replying to anybody and everybody messages you will get hacced and also vu can go on your account at anytime so be safe on vu and good luck😂😂😂.Version: v5.9.1

GoodIt’s a good game over all. But you should start with 40,000 credits instead of 4,000. :).Version: v5.0.1

Kinda sad.Way too many adds popping up as I join chat rooms really annoying? why was adds even added? other then that good game..Version: v5.12.0

A really cool appThis app is cool if you want to dress up or go on vacation (in a game) it's on of the most 3D games I have ever played in!.Version: v5.8.4

Great and all butOk yea the app is great and all but what really bugs me is that sometimes when i go on the game its either the app crashes, i get a ton of messages that aren't even there or it logged me out and says i have to sign in AGAIN. Oh and i forgot to mention the credits.... oh boy the credits drive us all crazy. At least put in a feature that you can watch a video and gain 100 credits! And only 5 videos a day is the limit just to make ur life easier..Version: 4.1.0

GoodIt dosen’t crash my game but I hate something about us not getting Daily music.Version: v5.8.2

Great, please add this though!I like Imvu a lot, but it’s difficult to play because of my credits. On one account I have loads, and I have enough followers so I can make friends. But on my other account I don’t want to spend so much yet, so I cant make so many friends since I don’t have many clothes or anything. I would like to fix this by being able to sell back items you’ve bought for the fries you bought them for or maybe slightly less, or be able to gift people items you have bought for your self. Another thing I would like is a way to know when someone is typing to you, I have been caught in plenty of awkward situations when me and another player say something at the same time because we didn’t know each other were typing. Thank you 😊.Version: v5.6.1

Good game but... Credits.This is a really well designed game. It is a very large game yet it doesn’t seem to crash at all! The only thing that I think is necessary, is that we get more credits! I’m sure everyone can agree with me! Even if you do make this a thing, we should at least have 12,000 credits, and this should go to every player if it is made a thing, not just the ones who have just joined. Everyone should get a gift of 12,000 credits. Please make this a new thing! It would bring in so many new players and more people who already have an account would play the game more than they already do! Please please please ensure that this happens, as I think it would benefit A LOT of players. Or there could be a feature added where you can sell the things in your inventory for the credits you bought them for. Please please please make this is thing. Thank you..Version: v5.4.1

BUG (app freezing)Glad to see changes being made to the imvu app such as allowing booting, less lagging, the sitting spots seem to work better now and actually place you in a room. slight issue i’m currently using the app while my laptop is in repair and have encountered a bug. i’m not sure if it’s due to the IOS update but the app is freezing frequently on me, especially when i’m trying to look at notifications or someone’s profile. it doesn’t unfreeze either. the app ends up crashing in the end sadly. hope to see more improvements to the app! and hopefully this issue can be fixed.Version: v4.13.0

This is my fan game but.. READI love this game but as every game there are still some problems first of all. I live in Australia and when you do serveys I just get American ones like please give me ones I can actually complete... also I don’t like how now when you go on complete a server when you scroll down there are none of the options of free/buy etc on the serveys offers, and we also don’t even get offers on it for lowest anymore like where are the ones for 30/40 credits on offers please make this come back.... and also the serveys with 1000 or more don’t even work it impossible for me to get them to work please fix I want to earn credits I have a kid on the game that I need to gift her something. PLEASE FIX.Version: v5.1.0

It would be better if...I love this game, it’s super fun and l LOVE making my avatar looks cool, it’s just, two things that REALLY bother me. 1. The prices of clothing is ridiculous, like 1,543 for a basic sword? Nah, I can get even better sword in other games for 132 credits, and 2. It would be GREAT if we could walk and run and jump and climb trees in some worlds, it makes sense, what’s a role play game without moving around? Please consider these things and hopefully listen to them so you can make this game even better! Thank you for reading this!.Version: v4.15.1

Imvu mobile shop together!All my imvu friends are on pc, and we love picking out outfits. Well they do.. because I can’t, and it makes me really sad because I can’t afford a pc, so I use mobile. And I would really like the shop together feature added in in mobile. Besides that the game is great! ☺️.Version: v4.13.0

Credits problemI know you guys want to be able to have more credits when you start off but 4000 credits is a pretty good amount for a beginner but yeah the app is awesome and I really enjoy playing it..Version: v5.1.0

CreditsI think for the daily spin you guys should add more credits like instead 100 or 200 you should do 1,000 it will be better and people will like it a lot. After this game I’ve been playing for 2 years now and it’s been pretty good. But just my payment method always gets declined everytime I wanna but credits so that sucks 😔.Version: v5.7.7

Best App!!I can’t express how good this app is. It is such a fun way to show off your unique style and the detailing is surreal. If you want a fun game that will entertain you for hours on end this is it, trust me! I have had a few technical issues over the past years but they always get resided with research. The only downside that some users may not like is that the credits are quite pricy in some eyes. For me personally I think it’s Farley reasonable and don’t have a problem with it. Thanks so much to the creators of this app I will forever be great full..Version: v5.11.0

:3It would be better you started with $10,000 instead of 4,000 it would make the game more fun.Version: v5.0.1

Few ideas / suggestionsHey imvu creators So, I’ve got few random ideas that I just would like imvu app to have, mainly for the messaging part. Firstly, for me I like if the text has some sort of “read” or “seen” button which tells the other person that we have seen their text, or.. something like Snapchat feature, where it shows the other person that we are currently reading the text message, something creative like that. Secondly, those imvu emojis are great, but I would like normal emojis but in big size, so instead of sending emojis as part of the text, it would be great to have large heart buttons or large smiley face. Another idea also, for the messaging part, would be sending GIF ( for example like kik) . Yeah, that’s it. Hope these ideas are something other people would want too. 😊.Version: v5.0.0

Daily SpinSo I’ve been playing imvu for nearly 2 years and there has never been a problem with the daily spin but since recent updates there has occasionally been a problem so I spun the wheel and it landed on the free gift and instead I got 15 credits and I’m a little bummed out over that.Version: v.4.8.0

Better way to get creditsI love this game, it’s so much fun! I love being able to hang out with friends and customizing myself. The only down part is the credits. The spin wheel is just based on luck and it’s kind of rigged. I also don’t want to spend so much money on credits because most of the clothing is expensive. 300+ credits! I’ll be broke when I buy so much credits. The only way you can get credits is watching ads and taking surveys. The surveys aren’t very fun and they’ve never failed to disappoint me. Did a few surveys and never got the reward it said I would get. Wasted a lot of my time on it. Watching ads only get you to 10 or 8 credits. Do you know how ridiculously expensive clothes are? It would take me months to be enough credits to buy the things I want. I’m still going to continue to play the game, but I really hope you do something about this. A suggestion is that you could make the surveys more fun. Not boring like most of them are. I really love IMVU though and it’s really fun. I think it would be a better game if there were better ways to get credits. I think most people feel the same way too!.Version: v5.7.6

GREAT 💓 BUT 👹So um I was scrolling through my messages and I found some strangers I never had text ..... um I get the point that it might have been them replying to my messages but I haven’t talk to more than 5 people also I did a cleaning off my messages so I only have a few people up there . After I delete the app because of several glitches happening all of my outfits had disappeared but I still had my items. I also think when u don’t have time to spin u should win a free item off ur wl ! TBH this is my opinion idc what others think ... I also think we get the same things as the larger used & I have a vip & ap Account that I bought for a day and the next day my vip and ap had disappeared. I contact u guys but still haven’t received my vip or ap back yet I’m telling u this I have money on credit card no joke so hopefully u will understand . This is my last opinion in which u NEED to fix ... I have over 500+ Items I have been on imvu for 10 years and I think we should have a search bar when we need to find our items ! Also we have users that are like 85+... Thank you for making this app !.Version: v4.12.1

More creditsStarting with 4,000 is pretty good but it would be great to start off with 10,000, because sometimes the people playing can’t buy the things that they want to buy. But it’s a good game!.Version: v5.7.6

Too hard to earn creditsI absolutely love it but the only way you can earn credits(currency) is to spin the wheel ever 22 or so hours, do quizzes you might not even qualify for or buy credits, I’m glad they give you a starting 4000 and let you spin the wheel straight away. Great community and nice wholesome and unwholesome rooms, you can fit in, anywhere.Version: v5.13.0

Credit ExchangeHello IMVU, I personally LOVE this game for pc and mobile devices. I have been playing since 2014 and I have never had one complaint, but I do want to throw in a suggestion that would make SO many people extremely happy. Many of my friends have been playing for a extremely long time, and throughout the years our taste in clothing and style have changed. I was hoping that the IMVU staff could pitch in the idea of having a “credit exchange” Basically you could trade in your old clothing items bought in shop for credit back, maybe not many, but hopefully what I’m trying for is to get the same amount spent on the item traded would be returned or recycled? The creators would keep their profit, and gain profit on recycling as well. I really hope you take this into account and maybe p, hopefully turn my request into a actual update on my favourite game. Thank you..Version: v5.6.1

OkI have had this game for a while now and I have went from noob to boss but I think us players should get 1000 per hour we play it bc it takes up our whole life, also fashion is on point and when u buy credits the prices should be half price sometimes, like specials Ok I'm done now, accept my 5 star rating and find me on IMVU at hi-I'm -Tiblet.Version: 4.5.0

ReviewImvu is a great app but it has started playing up on more than just my device I will go on and it will say my network is bad and my network is absolutely fine is a great app.Version: v5.11.0

More features.This game is really good! but I think when you start into the game you should choose how many coins you want so you can get many stuff and customise more!!! I also think that some items should also be 100 and 200 not above it wouldn’t be fair. Another feature is that we can choose what we want on our daily spin like something you’ve wanted your dream coins your dream witemoji so it’s more fair. We also need a pose for saying “will you marry me” like a action. We also need videos this is a big one like I really want videos and if we add videos theres a REALLY high chance that online comedians can make us laugh more if we’re sad or something. We also need deleting messages this a big one we need it’s so annoying and we also need when people are typing it would make the whole game easier for texting it’s really annoying and you wouldn’t know because there just online and you would think they aren’t texting. We also need to make our own clothes but not paying for it and not putting it on the shop. We also need a map for some noobs and instructions for them so they settle in more. That’s all my features please take this IMVU I think more and more people would really wanna play this game with these really nice ideas it would add many teenagers that are 17 or 17+. Like they would add friends. 😽💕.Version: v5.10.1

Stunned!I’m a very rich model and I bought this rlly cute and huge dress gown which was white and very top branded which was rlly expensive considering I was going out, I enjoyed going out with my friends and shopping and modeling at the most beautiful place, I adored shopping and went for some more new clothes, I got alil popular on my social media and I lived my life so rich I had a ton of golden collections, ppl were so jealous.Version: v5.7.6

Credit!!Ok firstly, you should make the credits like 10,000 and the looks lower price the looks should be under 4,000 if your not going to change it to 10,000! But anyway, love the game!.Version: v5.1.0

There needs to be PETS/ living things roaming aroundSo did anyone notice that there are no animals moving outside of the backgrounds? Cause I did and I think that they should add them because it looks WAY better.Version: v5.1.0

Some problemsThere’s some peoples asking for nudes but like are you able to censor out “nudes” or “nude”.Version: v5.6.1

New update isn’t goodI love the game but the new update makes it really hard to move around in the chat rooms which makes me never go in the rooms any more and it is hard to take photographs it’s all just frustrating I would really appreciate it if you just change the camera toggle snack to the way it was. Thankyou the rest of the update is refreshing and new I like it.Version: 4.5.0

Really liking it but...... can you please allow us to check and reply to Private Messages without having to leave the room we’re in? Someone I was with told me they sent me a message as they wanted to tell me something in private, but I couldn’t read it till I left the room and of course there’s no guarantee there’ll be a space for you to return if you leave. Great otherwise. Avatars look really nice and there are some nice locations to visit although it seems there aren’t as many on mobile as there are on PC. Luckily any you add on PC you can still see and visit on here..Version: v5.0.1

Some creditsHello I’m a imvu player and I think that having to start with 4,000 is not enough credits for people who want to make their avi more prettier or sum like they want it to be so if we can start with 10,000 or 11,000 that would be great and appreciated..Version: v5.7.6

A really good app to talk to people but still 1 thingI really like this app to talk to people and it doesn't crash or anything on me so it's really good I still think that they need to add another feature to it like design your own house for people to come over to visit and make an easier way to earn money.Version: 3.1.0

WOW, just wow.First of all, NO. This DOESN'T force you to spend money or do whatever you don't want to. Second of all, NO. This game doesn't have much ads(zero I think), unless you watch the videos (which is suppose to load ads.) Third of all, YES. This game might include Haters, or Rude people, BUTTTTTT! You can report, and block them, which is great! And....thankfully, you can make friends, chat to people, NO NO NO, you don't have to be pretty or cool to have friends/followers. Be Yourself in this game, I have to say, its pretty awesome..Version: v4.13.0

GoodYou used to start out with 4,000 and 6,000 and 10,000 and 12,000 randomly but now its back to 4,000, i mean its better than 2,000 but.Version: v5.0.0

I miss this gameYoo this game was so fun and i met a lot of great people and had a lot of fun. Overall i dont have any criticism that comes to mind but follow me @uoleva chur.Version: v5.4.1

IdkI love imvu but I have a few problems. It’s really good how u added more money for the spin will I just don’t feel like it should be 24 hours. Also I like to buy credit sometimes but I can’t cause I find it too expensive and I’m just a kid who doesn’t get much money but other than that game is good other then sexual predators on the game which I can’t stop and I’m not saying u will always find it I’m just saying u can.Version: v5.3.0

An Improvement that should be consideredI would just like to say this game is awesome and I have met a lot of friends who have helped me with shyness and etc. But, There is one thing that the game could add that would make me even happier. That thing is were you can gift previously bought items to another user. Personally, I want this to be a feature of the game because my accounts age is wrong but I have made so much progress on the account so I’d hate to restart. Tip: If this suggestion was taken seriously I think the items bought with promo credits shouldn’t be able to be gifted..Version: v5.0.0

Oop 🤮💅It says +17, but we all know damnn well that only six-year-olds play this game..Version: v5.13.0

Great gameI love this game it’s great to play and I love all the different chat room but I think that you should be able to add as many things to your wish list as you want instead of only having a set amount I also think that we would like there to be actual shops to visit and a proper house we can decorate. Maybe make the wardrobe a walk in wardrobe though with the name of the clothes underneath so we know what is what and it makes it easier to match outfits that am meant to go together. Also would love to be able to have jobs so we can earn credits because the spin wheel is great but it only gives us so much a day and clothes need to be a bit cheaper not everyone wants to pay for more credits . Also I would love to be able to delete items of clothes accessories and other bits that I don’t use that way I can keep it all neat and tidy.Version: v5.6.1

Wallet leach(not 5 stars)This social network virtual reality game is fun but very expensive to Maintain status. For a game with a media platform, things should be way cheap. It’s not 5 star. Barely 3 cause of money leaching but it’s pity over its low score..Version: v5.6.1

It's pretty cool, buttt maybe a few changesOkay so I've been playing IMVU since last November, and I like it. I love the fact that you also bumped the credits up to 4k. But what I think should change is the wheel. I feel like you guys are kinda skimpy on the wheel and should change some of the things. Like when you get clothes on the wheel, it gives you this useless u7u thing. It's a waste. Change it to maybe like clothes or like this one reviewer said things from our wishlist. Another thing is the offers and surveys I think you fix the errors and because it's also a waste of time and aggravating. And I'm tired of having to email peanut labs labs because the offers under the surveys won't give me my 600 credits. I also think that the clothes, hair (especially),shoes, e.t.c, should have a choice to be lowered down to a minimum of 300 credits (unless the creators have that option). Because I looked on the men's catalog (just out of curiosity) and saw that they had things like 200 credits. That blew my mind. And I was thinking how the new people have a lot more clothes than I do (and some girls). Thank you for reading my review. I know it was very long but I would love to see more changes..Version: v4.10.1

ImvuLove app meeting friends.Version: v5.6.1

Currently The BestPeople don’t understand that when it comes to making your avatar, you basically have 4,000 credits when you join mobile but if you have the pc version, you get an extra 5k and something, that’s more than enough for what you need. When you start off you choose between male or female, clicking whatever you want to identify, it starts off with choosing your hair, eye color, head size/choice, and your skin tone. Then it goes to the clothing, starting off with shirts, pants, shoes and then accessories. And there is a shoulder sizer in the accessory tab, it’s between the hand size you already have selected and the belly piercing (on the second to last row on the fourth horizontal row) Then after selecting what you like, choose save your look. Once you do that, it’ll ask your for your display name, try to think of something creative. Mine is Xlentasja, you want a name that maybe someone doesn’t already have, don’t choose a name like YungThug or Ella. After choosing your display name, enter your email (you can only use your email once for every account you make) a password, and add your birthdate..Version: v5.6.1

It’s great but...IMVU is a great app! It lets your express your creativity with clothes, allows you to meet amazing people, and so much more! The downside is when you’re in the shop and in the ‘dressing room’ it’s too easy to accidentally click another tab and lose everything you’ve added to your dressing room. As a clumsy person myself, I’ve accidentally clicked out of the shop several times and lost an hour worth of finding clothes,hair,accessories, etc. it gets really annoying after a while especially when you’ve scrolled down the catalog very long for certain things that will take you a long time to find again just to lose it all once more. Another thing is I suggest making the cart not have such a low limit. As a persistent user I’m constantly making avatars for men and women and I add a bunch of stuff to my cart but once I get to 90 items the cart is full and I’m unable to add everything I need to achieve the outfit I’d like to create. One last thing I suggest is to make organizing stuff in your wishlist more complex on mobile. On pc you can categorize which items you would like to view such as separating male or female items, but on mobile you can only categorize it by price, creator, and badges (such as vip, ga, ap, & all) but like I said earlier I make male and female avatars and I would appreciate it immensely if I could categorize it better when I’m going into my wishlist for specific things. Overall, IMVU is a great app just needs a few tweaks here and there :)!.Version: v5.8.4

It’s great.Chats are a little slow sometimes but I think you should lower the prices of the credits because It can be a bit much sometimes even while on sale, maybe you should Include a day where everything Is much cheaper so It can Interest more audiences and also Include a delete button In your Inventory so the stuff you don’t want anymore for example the stuff you’re given to start off with because I know many people that hate so many things In their Inventory and cannot get rid of them. You should be able to get half your credits back or something along the lines of that while also bringing Into the game more ways to make credits without having to download silly little games and go on websites and things because you don’t know what type of things could be effecting your phone while you do that..Version: v5.2.1

This is something you all should read before playing...Imvu is a good app. But there’s some things that I can’t stand. Earning credits is impossible and so Annoying. I know the app has to make money, but the fact that I have to buy a lot of credits just to get where I want to be is ridiculous. I feel like imvu is kind of a scam just so you give in to buy a lot for a look that most don’t care about. Anways, earning and saving up is basically impossible without purchasing just to let you know. Imvu is an app that is for the age of 15-18 years old. (Or 13. It’s debatable)There are grown individuals that do grown individual things. Some will ask about your every move and some can be a little intimidating. Although people tell you not to give these people the time of day, some are relentless and will stop at nothing until you do as they want. Just be careful. I feel as if the game is so pointless. You earn, spend, barely talk, and do it all over again. I think that’s how I feel about the game. Users kind of come and go for me. Doesn’t really matter. It’s an ok game. It would be better if the whole “earning and saving” problem was better..Version: v5.8.4

IMVUUUUPersonally I think IMVU is a very good game, but I think maybe you could reduce the prices of the clothing and accessories since not as many people can afford to buy credits to buy stuff, also I think gifting should be allowed with promo credits aswell because people may not be able to afford to buy credits to gift. Also I would like to state that our promo credits when we first join the game is kind of low due to the fact clothes are very expensive so you can’t buy many things, and earning credits could be very long or boring sometimes..I think you should make jobs so we could earn credits aswell. But overall IMVU is an amazing game and a very good game to make friends online and meet new people to associate with and to become more sociable.☺️.Version: v5.2.1

My problems with this app :)Hi! Your app does everything it’s meant to do! But, to make it easier, maybe you should give out free credits every day? This is just my opinion. There’s just a bit too much in app purchases that are a tad bit annoying and expensive. So I’ll rate it 4 stars but it’s just that one problem that’s getting bad..Version: v5.8.2

Imvu bugsOk so don’t get me wrong I absolutely love imvu and I’ve met so many great people on there but on the prize wheel everytime I go into it it crashes my app and I have to restart it and same when I scroll fast on peoples posts it crashes my app and I would appreciate it if you guys could take a look at that thankyou..Version: v5.0.0

It needs more ways to get coinsI love this game so much, I spend hours on it but getting coins is annoying, you have to do surveys and things but whenever I do them I don’t get the coins, you need to add in something new the phone and or pc to help with this 👌 but overall love this game to death.Version: v5.3.0

Could be betterI love this game but, it’s a ashamed that it doesn’t simulate real life a bit more than it does! Ok, I know that it’s just a game but, most people are using it as a second life and people can express themselves easier. Why don’t you make the avatars able to walk to a spot? Simple every day actions and activities should be induced instead of having to buying every single action and activity..Version: v5.10.1

Suggestions!I’ve been playing imvu for awhile and I really enjoy it there’s just some ideas I wanna see in the future -Ways to make money like jobs or other things besides watching ads and doing surveys -Be able to gift with promo credits so we don’t have to spend real money to gift -Be able to change your user name -cheaper clothes - gift away clothes without having to buy a second -trade clothes -refund on clothes Other then those suggestions I really enjoy the game.Version: v5.1.0

Promo CreditsI think promo credits are ridiculous and you should allow the users the ability to use their regular credits to gift people instead of requiring them to buy the credits or watch hundreds of videos. Also the marketing and survey offers do not work. I don’t get credits even after completing tons of surveys. PLEASE MAKE SOME ADJUSTMENTS.Version: v5.4.1

Read thisIf you already like this app I think you should try getting it on your laptop/computer because it give you so many more options. You can design your own clothes and do way much more different things on it. But to unlock the clothes designing you have to buy a VIP which isn't that expensive if you are from the UK. Buy the VIP threw going on your laptop/computer logging in on a website on your IMVU account, pressing on your creators and selecting option buy more credits. Then it will take you to the buying page and select buy credits by the phone, it will give you loads of different prices for example and options e.g. VIP for 1month and 15k credits for 10-15£ or 1.500k credits for 1-2£..Version: 4.3.0

More ways to earn credits in mobile?Hey this game is great although it can be very hard to earn credits because many of the offers don't work. It would be good if there were more way that people on imvu mobile could earn credits. Thanks Oh and one more thing: I updated this game and now I can't upload pictures nor view others pictures New problem: I can't log into my main account, I have either been HACKED or DISABLED!!!! Please help me ;( I also want to address the fact I have had to try and stop my addiction of this game. After a while it becomes really fun because you get to style in a lot of famous brands and just meet new people. I became so addicted that I started to buy add ons and credits in order to look better-- but it wasn't to my knowledge imvu inc was taking double what I thought I paid away from my bank account. Eventually they started taking money from my bank freely (£300 worth) and I had to contact them and file a report; I've got my money back but am really unhappy with how the situation was dealt with as they first refused to deal with it. Another addition: for the next update, can we get the option to name group chats?.Version: 4.5.0

Really good but I wish..I LOVE THSI BUT I WISH WE COULD GIFT PEOPLE CLOTHES OR ANYTHING WE ALREADY HAVEEE, I wanna gift my friend sis dress I’ve had for a bit and I can’t buy her the same dress cuz I don’t have enough coins >:( PlZ make thsi an update.Version: v5.8.4

I love the game but there are a few things I would love to seeI love the game what bugs me is you should allow AP photos to post on your feed as well instead of just allowing for none AP photos to be posted. Also I have noticed imvu tends to remove people from ur friends list and the mobile app crashes a lot Other then that I enjoy the game.Version: v4.9.0

CreditsI have had this game for 2 years and it is great! The only problem is, are the credits. I have bought 10,000 credits but still have not got them... and I do not want to delete another good game. After purchasing those credits my credit card still got charged but haven’t got them. So please fix it as soon as possible..Version: v5.0.1

Good Game But...Ok well I rated this 4/5 stars, it’s a great game to be social and express yourself. I found some clothes were to expensive but it’s well fair. I also found that sometimes people tend to take there emotions out on others terribly and try to make threats. So if you are younger than 15 then it would be best to stay off this game. Overall it’s a pretty good game but be careful of what you you say, because you could hurt someone..Version: v4.10.1

More more more!So I’ve had this app for only a day but it has inspired me too be myself look outside of the box and make a friend, I have been waiting too be greeted by nice people and make friends on this app which I have. So keep up the good work also please make more games like this and I wanna see how well other people are doing. Have the best day you’ve ever had and find some new friends on this amazing app, I love it. 😘😘.Version: v4.15.1

An amazing game but some issuesDon’t get me wrong I do love this app a lot , it has amazing graphics and is just overall fun to play , it just happens that when I go to message my friends on it , there seems to be a lag or a bug that freezes the game and won’t let me access any of the items on the screen, this happens weather or not I have a good signal or WiFi it happens and it frustrates me cause then I either have to restart the app, which usually doesn’t work, go on google and use it that way, or wait until it works again which normally isn’t for very long , I hope you see this and respond , thank you.Version: v4.15.1

.It’s a good game, but it keeps crashing whilst on mobile and the surveys hardly ever give you credits or load it very hard to get credits unless you pay and even then the prices to pay to buy the credits to much and the clothing in the game is so so expensive for no reason at all so please make the prices lower maybe even add, games in the app that you play for credits because that would be much easier than trying to earn them through a pointless Survey that only ever gives like 10 credits.Version: v5.7.6

One problem.In this game the surveys are basically stealing your information and zip code and sharing it to 3rd parties, on top of that agreeing to the privacy policy and terms of conditions you are allowing them to watch what you browse on your browsers which is 100% invading privacy. There are people who are 13 and older falling for this and I don’t think it’s okay. Other than that this app is amazing!.Version: v5.12.0

Glitches, and bugs.Hello! I’m just here to tell you that, there’s a glitch going on. First, I bought a pants, then when I wore it, It was just- Invisible. And it was highly expensive. And I just wanted to say, can you please fix these bugs going around? If it’s just my phone that’s going cray cray, then that’s the problem. If it’s not then can you please fix it? It looked cute for a pants and I really loved it! But then, I thought it was a scam at first when I wore it. Why would a shirt and pants be at the main menu and has tons of people wearing it? BUT except me, I didn’t wore it. This is not a complain because my cousin had this situation. So I’m worried there’s more bugs? Thank you if you see this. My cousin is too young to have this game even though, it says “17”, but anyways! You should probably have a test to see if people are bots. Like “Roblox” And other games. Thank you if you see this! (Ps: my cousin probably wrote that complain from last time) but anyways! I don’t know if you answered from her other complaint. Anyways! Bye <3 You dear : Fan, Jenny. 💕💕.Version: v5.8.2

There might be pedophilesThis app is horrible, there are pedophiles, kidnappers and maybe stalkers on this app, I feel like this app is dangerous. It’s just a chance to online date, even though there are probably bad people on this app. And yet, how come you can chat to people...? It just seems creepy. People could probably find out where you live if you give them your: address, age, school etc. I feel like this app is unsafe. Since there might be kids on here, just stay secure on who you’re messaging on this app....Version: v5.2.1

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