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Weee! Grocery Delivery App User Positive Comments 2022

Weee! Grocery Delivery app received 27 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about weee! grocery delivery?

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Weee! Grocery Delivery for Positive User Reviews

Quality of service going way downThe pandemic has propelled this app to the top, yet the quality of service goes way down. The app is now so busy that it only allows customers to order meals the Friday prior. We pre-ordered dinner last Friday , and today we had to wait until after 9pm to get the delivery. Worst yet, the bubble tea’s ice are all melted, the noodles are all cold. If this platform gets too complacent about its recent popularity push , other platforms with better deliver schedule will come out and replace them very soon.Version: 9.6.1

ConvenienceEasy to use app, and convenience overall. However, I give 4 star because I have received notices for the last two purchases about items being out of stock. Those are things that I couldn’t find at my local Asian supermarket. It was showing available when and after I make the purchase. I wish they are keeping track of their inventory and update that on their app. This really disappoints me..Version: 11.3.1

Please come back to our area!My friend used to only order for Seattle delivery until Weee started delivering to our area (Pierce County) the end of this summer, that's how I got introduced to Weee. But just last month, Weee stopped delivering where we're located. Please, please come back friends and I in our area order at least once a week and you have helped our families stayed not only safe but the quality and pricing on items is unbeatable! If we have to coordinate to same day delivery once or once every two weeks, we will do it if that's what would bring you back to us! A lot of items we can only get through you. May I add that you have excellent customer service and products guarantee as well! We miss you, tremendously!.Version: 10.8.2

Pleasant SurpriseI didn’t know what to expect but I figured, let’s give this a shot. I was pleasantly surprised that it went well. Of course there was no driver in my area but I was fine with FedEx and the associated small delay. Everything was very well packed and arrived in good condition. Most of my items were in the box ( minus the ones I had already been notified about). The is definitely going to be my new go-to for variety, selection and great cost!.Version: 13.5

Easy to useVegetables are pretty fresh and app is easy to use..Version: 13.9.2

Amazing app!There’s quite a selection you can choose from, from groceries to restaurants. I really like how for first time users, they automatically apply the coupon into your cart unlike other apps where they just make you put it in the cart by yourself. Coupons are easy to miss, especially when it’s the first time using a new app, and a lot of companies take advantage of this! One thing though, at 11am it said my groceries would arrive ten minutes later, but it then it arrived two hours later, might need to get that fixed. Edit: the app is having issues!.Version: 15.5

广告视频能不能换个人现在那个女的太丑了.Version: 13.1

The BESTI am so grateful for weee! Living far from the Asian store made it so convenient to get my Asian craving. Prices are cheaper than regular stores and customer service is good. They have more selection now. I started ordering from them at the beginning of the pandemic. Lately, they have been delivering late at 10pm. That’s past my bedtime. If there’s no perishable food that’s ok with me, but most of the time there is. The drivers of weee are amazing. The app is great too!.Version: 13.1.1

I have been ordering weekly or twice per week for more than 9 months.I’m very happy with the quality and service Weee! provides. I have only one concern: frozen foods are delivered partially or completely thawed out. I had contacted management but to no avail. My only remedy is not to order meat or fish. And I cooked thawed-out frozen items quickly while they are stored in my refrigerator. Weee! needs to device a way to keep frozen foods frozen. Spoilage can easily happen, and, worse, food poisoning can land someone in the hospital. This problem, predictably is worse in summer. Recently it has been acceptable due to winter temperatures in NYC..Version: 13.5

Excellent!I don’t always write reviews, but this app was beyond my expectations. The groceries were reasonably priced, and they delivered straight to my door within 2 days! The vegetables turned out to be fresh, some of them even better than the ones I purchased from the local Asian supermarkets. With with inclement weather, COVID, and the closest Asian grocery stores being more than half an hour away, this app turned out to be a good replacement of our weekly trip to the stores..Version: 13.7.2

Useful and gets the groceries you need when living in the cityThe prices on the app are very fair, and you get free delivery over $35. Which actually turns out to be a good amount of food because the produce prices are so good on here. They can schedule your delivery within two days, and I’ve never had any issues with delays or bad or missing items. I wish they had more inventory (sometimes missing miso, more frozen dim sum please, more sauces please ie. different sesame oil or sushi vinegar), but it does have the basics that you mostly need. They do a good job. Could be improved, but still very useful when you live in a traffic filled city and the nearest oriental market is 1 hour or more away from you..Version: 13.0

Very convenient and high qualityVery very convenient and vegetables are of high quality. Do wish their “system” could work better - suggestions would be 1). Being able to add to order within an hour of ordering 2). Coupons should automatically be added to account instead of having to find it in email then adding.Version: 14.1

2 orders so far andI have had a problem with each. The first order was missing a product. Requesting a refund was easy. The second order came fast and with everything I ordered but also came with severely expired foods. So watch out for that! Otherwise, I think you will enjoy this because it is an easy and convenient way to purchase all of your Asian goodies! The 4 stars is because of the convenience and variety offer by this app. Would be 5 stars if not for human error. I think thats fair. Thanks for listening..Version: 13.9.1

Pleasantly surprisedI had tried grocery delivery service (for Asian products) before, but was very disappointed when the frozen dumplings I ordered arrived completely thawed and glued together. After hearing good reviews from friends about Weee!, I decided to give it a try, though remained skeptical. To my surprise, my order was well-packed. They even put a block of ice in the package to keep my frozen products cold. Everything arrived in good shape. Very happy with this experience. Will definitely order from them in the future!.Version: 12.5

So far so goodI’ve only had one delivery so far, but the experience was good. Everything I received was as expected, fresh, and in really good quantity for the price! Saves me time and is super convenient. My main complaint is the design of the app, which is rather ugly; and only about half the app is translated if you select “English”, which is fine for me, since I do have basic Chinese reading comprehension, just prefer English as I’m more fluent. But prob not for someone expecting a full translation, as they won’t be able to read most reviews or alerts. Another concern was that they don’t call you when your order is being delivered. I happened to turn on an outside light and open a door and the delivery man was there looking for the unit, instead of calling (a la Postmates) so you have to be on the look out..Version: 6.2

LOVE! SO CONVENIENT!I love this delivery service so much and the people who deliver my stuff are always so careful. So far I’ve always gotten the best picked veggies so hard fresh and big too! Huge zucchini’s. They keep adding more to their inventory all the time and I get so excited to see what else they start selling. So far they have everything I normally need to shop for. I don’t have to waste time driving to the multiple grocery stores for my stuff..Version: 12.5

Great service but search function isn’t goodFantastic service, every time they deliver right to the door. But the search function really needs improvement, don’t know how the algorithm was put together, maybe intentionally. For any key word you put in, they list all the randomly irrelevant options and only out the relevant ones until pages later, so the search function is basically non functioning as you’d have to scroll through pages.Version: 11.3

This is real even it seems too good to be trueI moved to an area far away for Asian community. The price of items on Weee! are not higher than in store or even cheaper. There are rare items that I used to hunt with a lot of effort. There are frozen and fresh vegetable items. They could ship to me with free shipping cost on me, and the shipping time is 1 or 2 days. It’s too good to be true, so it took me many months doubting Weee! and ignoring the app. But I decided to try finally, and today the first package was delivered. Oh my gosh, the items were packed so carefully, neatly and lovely. All of the things I ordered was really here. How could Weee! do this and earn profit, I don’t know. It’s unbelievable! I just can say many thanks to Weee! and the good kind employees who packed the items and delivered. I am a huge fan now!.Version: 13.9.1

Love!I saw this app on a Facebook ad and decided to get it a try. I moved to Korea town in Los Angeles and there isn’t a Chinese market in site. I would have to drive a bit of the ways and decided to try out the grocery delivery. I’m picky about my veggies and love the Chinese opo and loofah squashes and too my surprise they have both for delivery!! If only they’ll offer water spinaches and I’ll be set ☺️ My delivery came right on time and the items are comparable to market price. Definitely worth giving the app a try!.Version: 13.7.1

Love the new "my coupon" featureThe app has been improved a lot compared 1 year ago. I feel excited to have fresh produce and seafoods delivered directly to my house in Bay area. It seems that the company provides limit-time purchase with specific products in great discount every day. I also like the new “ my coupon” feature. I can use the credits given by the company to make a purchase directly. They also bring the restaurant meals as the new choices to the app. I don’t need to visit the local supermarket which saves me a lot of time. I’ve heard some areas can receive 3 times delivery per week, mine (Evergreen) is only 1 time per week so far, when will you increase the delivery frequency here?.Version: 3.9

This app is awesome (no seriously)I live in area that is far from any asian food stores and this app delivers both fresh and non-perishable foods and even beauty productsssss. 😩😩😩 The food is always delicious and you can read other ppl’s reviews on the items before you decide on what you want. The pantry+ items ship for free too, it’s insane. I love this app sm. I never take the time to write out reviews but they seriously deserve it. Thank you Weee! and always remember to tip generously! 😋.Version: 13.6

Love this app!!Love this app since I was a student! Weee! has been carrying not only essentials and core Viet items but also nostalgic foods and exciting snacks. A wide variety of grocery items to shop! I can cook my daily favorite meal or Pho noodle by shopping the entire ingredients on Weee! without going to a local store. Excellent customer service too, if you happen to have any problem with your order or delivery, Weee! will solve it pretty fast. I strongly recommend Weee!.Version: 15.1.1

I’ll be ordering again!Loved shopping through the Asian products in the app and receiving the delivery a couple days later. Everything was well packed (including the fresh fruit/veggies and raw meat). It’d be great if there were more Hispanic snack varieties!.Version: 13.7.1

Convenient grocery shopping appThe app has almost everything you need. It not only provides frequent ingredients in most influencing cuisine such as Japanese, Chinese, Indian but it also provides special items in Vietnamese, Philipino and Thai cuisine. It has of course everything in American cuisine too. I feel satisfied with its keywords searching in your native language for spices and special food you need. It saves time for shopping! Thank you developing team, customer service team and logistics team for making this happening to all immigrants like me living in US..Version: 15.7

Five stars all around!Very reasonable prices, lots of specials going on for free delivery, and QUICK delivery!!! I had noticed I was missing an item I had purchased and contacted them requesting a refund and was responded to within the hour with a full refund! So many food options and categories to choose from, organized by ethnicity. Wonderful app and excellent customer support. 10/10 highly recommend. They seriously have everything!.Version: 15.1.1

Most recent update is bad...I like Weee and it has been helpful during the pandemic. However, this new update is really difficult to navigate! Cant find 团购 function anymore. (I think they removed it which is a big bummer!) And many other glitch and bugs (many broken links). Also the new update slows down the app a lot. Please fix...and bring back 团购 - or make it easy to find!.Version: 11.2

Terrific and UniqueThe app is highly user friendly and easy to navigate. Ordering is a seamless and satisfying process. Would definitely recommend it to others. Also, offers some special treats and products that are not readily available elsewhere. Delivery options and overall service is excellent and impressive. The 4 stars are because of the ongoing frustration of the app indicating that an item will be “AVAILABLE SOON.” Often, it never is..Version: 15.0

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