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Used to be great, but now sooooo slooow and very buggyThis started out as a great app, but now, no longer deserves 4-5 stars. They’ve done way too much to make it all fancy, that it makes the app work so slowly, when navigating between the different functions, especially when it first starts up. Also, annoying that certain deals are scan only, mobile only, deliver only...a deal is a deal. Why should it matter if we use it on the app, at the restaurant, or delivery? And stop the restrictions on using one deal for a certain amount of time!!! If I wanna use a deal, and get back to the end of the line to use another deal, I should be able to do so like the app allowed you to do originally! The new updates have not made anything better, but instead made it more buggy. I’ve never had to keep logging back into my account before, but now it seems like the app can’t remember my login, even if I had already logged in 10 minutes prior, which is very annoying when you’re already in line and waiting for the now slow app to load up and then show the deals, with people waiting behind you. There should be a face/finger ID or stay logged in option. And I agree with another user, if I make an order from my phone and want a friend/family member pick it up, there should be a way to do that. If a super basic Little Caesar’s App can do that, then why can’t this one?!!!.Version: 6.9.0

Application Initialization critical errorUpdate: Stay away from this app and McDonald’s customer service! I’m done! They reach out to you like they want to help and make things right. So you click the link they send and it takes you right back to where you first made your complaint or to call the customer service hotline where no one can help you. They send you in circles and don’t care. They’ve lost me as a customer. I was never a huge fan of the McDonald’s app because you can’t pay with gift cards for mobile orders, but I did use it for deals sometimes when I went through the drive thru. I can no longer use the app on my phone as it seems it is no longer compatible. I get an “application initialization critical error occurred.” All customer service could tell me to do was to ensure my phone was up-to-date and I was using the latest version of the app. I told them the first time I called that I did all of that, even deleting the app and re-installing it. It has now been a week, and I still can’t log in. The last customer service email just repeated the same thing they already told me. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like anyone is able to figure out this issue, and now I have to take my business elsewhere where I can mobile order and pay with gift cards..Version: 6.11.0

From great to un-useableI was an early adopter of the app and greatly enjoyed the great deals offered. Deal “value” has greatly decreased, but more importantly, the app value guess sunk to delete level. The app no longer recognizes my credit card and tells store it is declined via the app. Weird since all other stores accept it. So I tried to load another card - no cards are accepted - including corporate cards, visa, MasterCard, credit nor debit. In short the app rejects all cards deemed functional by other stores as well as the issuing institution - so it isn’t a card issue. Four McDonalds locations have been tested and they see an app trend where cards are not accepted by the app and must manually run the cards through their system. So local managed stores recognize an issue, but McD’s app developers seem to miss it. I’ve seen increase in solutions on the web - turn off WiFi at store, turn on WiFi, delete and reload app, log out, delete app and reload app with new email and card. I’ve tried about everything -even loading my account on another phone, which still doesn’t allow me to use the app. So it has to be locked up in the app profile info somewhere. McD App developers need to fix it. For me for now, I’m done ordering and eating at McD’s. The app gets deleted today. Hello Chick-Fil-a. Their app works nicely..Version: 5.20.1

Sometimes sometimes works like it should, but it’s still buggy. And...I’ve experienced that the employees at various locations aren’t well trained with mobile ordering. On more than one occasion I’ve tried to pick up my order in the drive-thru, but the employee couldn’t close it out on their end. My card ends up getting charged several times, and I don’t get my food if I don’t have a way to pay for it on me. Therefore, I usually opt for curbside, which I don’t like doing either. I hate having the employees have to bring my food out to the mobile pickup if the weather is bad. Plus, if the order is wrong, then they have to go inside and come back out. One feature that is problematic with mobile ordering is that whatever phone you place the order from has to be the one arriving at the location because the app is tracking the phone. Almost all other mobile ordering apps don’t do that. For instance, if another family member is out and about and I’m sitting at home, I can’t order from the app and they pick it up. It tells me I’m not at the location. That’s annoying. Lastly, the coupon deals are clunky. The coupon codes differ for each location. Therefore, you have to make sure you have the right location selected to get the correct coupon. It’s cumbersome the way that works..Version: 5.18

Mobile ordering stole my money!I’ve had nothing but issues with mobile ordering using the McDonald’s app. First of all it randomly keeps telling me I have internet connection issues when I don’t. Although I don’t know if that is an iOS issue or an app issue. Then it loves taking my money without me getting my food 😠 It’s done this around 3 times now and I’m told by McDonald’s employees to wait for the money to automatically return to my bank account which it never does. The latest time it took my money, I was at the “we see you’re here” alert and it had the normal option to select a pickup. I had to open another app real quick and when I went back to the McDonald’s app, the screen quickly changed to “Thanks for visiting! We hope you enjoyed your experience”. I never got to choose a pickup option and I was charged for the food that I never received. There was no order number either. That is not acceptable! The app should NOT automatically complete transactions for users and it should save the last position it was at and always allow pickup options. Horrible app programming/user experience. The app and systems need a major overhaul. I complained on the McDonald’s website and was asked to help troubleshoot the issue. I shouldn’t need to do that and I’m very tired of always having to help companies troubleshoot their issues..Version: 5.14

Bad serviceWaited 20 minutes. 4 other people ordered and got served before me. Ask and still didn’t get order. Ine more people served and I asked to get my money back then I was given order. I ordered on the app in my car then walked in to pickup order. Went into bathroom first then came out to the pickup order counter. My order was not there. Three people were waiting in line to place their order. All three ordered and started to wait for their orders along with me. First one of them got their order, then the second. After that I asked the counter person about my order. I showed him my order number on my phone. He then walked and looked up at what I guess was a screen showing orders. He then left and went to take a order from another person that came in. After taking this person order he walked over and picked up the third persons order. This left me and the last person that came in waiting for our orders. After a few minutes he handed the order to the last person that came it. At this point I said can I at least get my money back! He then walked over pickup up my chicken sandwich and apple pie, put them in a bag and handed it to me and walked away. Never said a word to me. I just left and as I was getting back into my car the review screen popped up and I entered my first bad review..Version: 6.9.1

Unable to Even Use the AppI don’t even know what more to do about this app... I guess I just won’t ever get to use the daily deals or use a mobile order since it has NEVER worked on my phone. I have an IPhone 12 Pro that has the newest software update and have tried over and over again to delete the app and re download without any success. Even before I got the 12 Pro I had the X and for over a year now I’ve always gotten a message when I tried logging in that said “Critical Error has Occurred, App needs to restart.” I tried logging into an existing account that I had created a few years back and got this message every single time so I tried signing up for a new account and still received this message. I contacted McDonald’s via phone and someone in their IT department said they would “pass along the information to their developers and hopefully with the next update it would be fixed.” Today I tried to re download the app again since it’s $1 fries for mobile users and I thought just maybe today it will work for me... nope! So now when I download the app it just completely crashed and doesn’t even load. I have missed out on so many deals and feel beyond frustrated that I can’t even do a mobile order for pickup. I researched online and other people have had this same issue without getting it resolved. You would think that with McDonald’s being one of the largest corporations in the world that they would have figured out all these bugs and issues by now. So disappointed 😡.Version: 6.14.0

Not bad, but not for meI like the fact that there are awesome deals on the app. The app is user friendly, and I’ve only had a few issues with the map within the app detecting my location. My main issue with the app is that they won’t fix your food until you’re actually at the restaurant. That makes no sense to me at all. I am a very busy person, and using the app doesn’t save me time, and often times it can be pretty inconvenient to use. I was almost late to work the last time I used it because it took 10 min to bring my food out to me at curbside. I saw cars come and go. I saw walk-ins come and go as I waited on my app order. They were actually doing to go orders in the store. I would have rather done that, however, there was no option for to go orders on the app. Only curbside or drive thru were offered. ***In response to the developer’s response to my grievances with this app, I’d say that I still stand firm that the app needs work. It’s literally the slowest way to order at McDonald’s. There are MANY ways this could be rectified. For instance provide a tracker similar to Domino’s. You could also provide a tone block for the customer to pick up the food. OR you could allow a customer to check in if they are within a half mile or so to the restaurant. I could go on and on, but you get the drift..Version: 6.7.1

Used to be betterI have had the McDonald’s app since the beginning and always been an advocate and even encouraged my friends to get it. The thing is I don’t eat anything at McDonald’s besides fries and salads items, occasionally I may get a dessert or chicken item. In the beginning I was really able to take advantage of the $1 fry deals and the $3 off $10 or $1 off $7. As of recently, about 2 months, those deals are no longer there so I really no longer have anything to gain which is quite disappointing because I do love the app and have been such a fan. I just purchased some items that would have been $4 less had I still had my regular deals. If these new changes to the app will be permanent I only wish McDonald’s would consider deals that are frequented by consumers so that they can be tailored and continue to be taken advantage of. Also consider dietary needs and restrictions I used to have 10-20 deal to select from now I have 3-7 that I know I will not use. For example, I have a free any size soft beverage deal in my app right now, I can’t drink soda so I have no use for such a coupon. I have a $1 off a quarter pounder or Big Mac, also something I can’t have so it will go to waste. Then I have 2 others for a total of 4 deals that I cannot even take advantage of. Disappointing, especially because I know how great it used to be..Version: 5.20.1

Used once and doneI gave this 2 stars only because the app was easy to use, but if the app isn’t in synch with your chosen store, it’s a waste of time. I had ordered and paid on the app and noted I was picking up via drive thru. I do the same with another fast food app with ZERO issues. I pulled through and like the screen said, told them on the speaker I was there to pick up (and I gave the order number as the screen instructed). The cashier was like, “oh you’re an Uber driver, pull up to the 2nd window”. Well, I’m not Uber but I pulled up to the 2nd window getting wild eyes from the car ahead and behind me in line. At the window I tell the worker my order number and show her the screen and she did not have a clue what I meant or what to do. Obviously McDonalds doesn’t train employees on this app and how to work with it - at least not system wide. She asked me to pull forward at which time I sat waiting for them to prepare my order as 5 cars behind me in line passed through with their orders. It would have been faster if I had NOT used this app. Moral of this review? Just because there’s an app doesn’t mean your location will know how to work with it. Mine wasn’t rural either. It’s faster to just go through the drive through normal. I’ve deleted the app. 👎🏼👎🏼.Version: 6.10.0

Good in theorySo I placed my mobile order at 10:19 as per the time stamp on my app and headed to the Duncan SC McDonald’s location. I decided to go through the drive this time as I forgot to order a drink when I originally placed my order. I did have to wait around 5 minutes. I told them which order I was there for and I would also like to purchase a drink. He asked me to wait another minute or so and then asked that I pull around. Pulled around and they were having issues with the card reader so after getting this situation taken care of I pulled up to get my food. I was handed my drinks and told to have a great day! I asked about my food and was told “Any breakfast ordered placed after 10:30 will not be made” I told them my order was placed well before 10:30! The employee at the window took my phone to show my mobile order and when it was placed my phone was then passed to multiple other employees and finally I am told “orders are technically not placed until you pull into the parking lot! Well that couldn’t be because I was in the parking lot well before 10:30 and yet my order was not being placed. I was told I was refunded and was told at the first window which was not true at all! Just know this is a joke and there should be some type of fine print saying this so that you are not lead to believe that your order as been placed when you get a notification “your order as been placed proceed to your McDonald’s location “.Version: 6.14.0

InfuriatingI really like McDonald’s food, but what I hate more than anything about McDonald’s is their stupid double lane drive-thrus that they seem to have built everywhere now. From drivers not knowing how to line up in a fair way, to drivers just being plain jerks and not letting you merge, to the store getting orders mixed up (I have inadvertently paid for someone else’s meal before realizing it). It’s a horrible experience that simply discourages me from going to McDonald’s. So I thought ordering through this new app would solve that whole debacle and make for a faster, more pleasant experience. Unfortunately, I have yet to be able to successfully order anything. I added one of the daily deals and then tried to order an additional burger along with it, but could only select from breakfast items (it was definitely past breakfast time), so I gave up for that day. A few days later, I tried ordering again, but when I tried to add a new deal, the app says I can only add one deal per order. Sure enough, the deal I had added before is still in my bag, but expired and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to delete it (I’ve since figured it out, but well after the fact). In addition, I could still only pick from breakfast items (again, it was definitely lunchtime) no matter what I tried to do. In short, this app has been completely unusable and I continue to not want to have anything to do with McDonald’s..Version: 5.22.0

There are serious problems ordering from the appThe app works great for finding deals and using coupons but mobile ordering needs work. I first tried it in May. Submitted my order, opened the app and indicated that I was at the restaurant and waited for my order. After some time I checked with staff and they didn’t receive the order. They were great and rushed to make my order for me, but the technology was an issue. I complained to McD just so they would know they had something to fix, and they acknowledged the problem and sent me free coupons. So I decided to try again, it’s gotta work great by now (Sep). Well, I was at a different location then my local one so I tried to set it to the restaurant I was at. It didn’t seem to want to, but eventually did. I placed the order and it charged my card, but said my order was being sent to the wrong restaurant. There was no way to cancel the order that I could find. I thought i could just order again but at this point it wouldn’t let me pick the restaurant and indicated the restaurant was not open even though I was standing in it :/ Well, there is a charge for the order, but if I go to my history of orders there is only the one from May and actually shows my items in the shopping cart! Ugh, I want this to work because some deals are only for mobile orders, but they really need to find these bugs in the system..Version: 5.17

10-11am is a disasterAt about 10:15am I was thinking to go to McDonald's for breakfast. There is always the question of when breakfast is no longer served - app said 11am for my McDonald's. Great! I have more than enough time. So I get there at about 10:25 and try to place my order via the app. I get an error that certain items are no longer available and those are removed. Darn, I'll need to select something else. I go back to the menu and it's the same menu with all the items available. Try to order again, unavailable. I kill the app and reopen it to try to "refresh" the available items. Same menu, and trying to order many of these items still gave me the same "unavailable" message. At this point I am very frustrated and go to the nearby Starbucks instead. I assume what happened is that perhaps there is a more limited breakfast menu from 10:30-11:00 even though 1) it said breakfast until 11, and 2) the app was giving me the same full breakfast menu even at 10:35. What's frustrating is that the app has the ability to understand the item availability since it errored during checkout, but apparently this information is not incorporated when "building" the menu that is shown. So it's basically trial-and-error to find something available. Perhaps the app should lock down from 10-11am daily if it's not possible to serve an accurate menu during that time..Version: 6.12.0

Last thing you wantMe writing a review of this app would be almost as bad as you asking me to review the quality of service at your store in Moorestown NJ. Both are equally as bad. I've found countless stores that get everything right all the time but never one like mine. How is it possible to screw up one customers order ten times in a row? Statistically with all the other customers it is impossible. Just like it should be impossible for the app to fail loading every time I try to use the deals section at prime hours but it does. And only then. Works just fine at two in the morning or ten at night. Go figure. But like I said you don't really want to hear all that from me. You need to wipe that location off the map and start with a new store. Building and all cause it must be cursed. And I've written to HQ and to the actually owner plus the manager for luck. Never heard back which really disappointed me. So now instead of going there several times a week I go to Wendy's or Burger King. And on special occasions I will go to McDonald's but after the attitude the woman gave me at Moorestown I'll probably stop doing that. I broke a cardinal rule. I asked for tenders after nine at night. I once asked at eleven and thought the guy was going to hit me. You'd think if something is that popular you'd order enough to cover the entire day. I guess McDonald's isn't smart enough. Cause that isn't a Moorestown issue. That happens at all of them..Version: 5.18

This app has issues!I have had the McDonald’s app on my phone for years but rarely use it except when I am traveling to find the nearest store location. Today, I just wanted to enter an entry token to their latest game. Should be easy, right? WRONG! It asked me to log in or register. One option was to log in with my email. I tried that, using what I know was the correct password. No dice. So I tried logging in with my Google account, again using what I know is the correct password. Instead of logging me in, it took me to a registration process and came back with an error that this email is already associated with a McDonald’s account and to please log in. Dummies, that’s what I was doing! Why did you send me to the registration process when I picked log in?! So I selected “forgot password” thinking it would send me a link to reset it, but alas no. It told me to log into my Google account, where I was already logged in HELLO! So I decided I would just contact McDonald’s through the app to tell them of this issue. That doesn’t work either. It never let me select anything from the 2nd dropdown and effectively stopped progress. The keyboard also never comes up to actually let me type anything. Big fail, McDonalds. Guess I will just delete your app since the only thing it is good for is finding a nearby store!.Version: 5.18

Nice exclusive deals but Payment Failures kill itOverall I enjoyed the app where I could customized my order specifically how I wanted it and could clearly see the price increase for each option - who wouldn’t more pickles for free or a extra slice of cheese for 30 cents. Also there are daily app exclusive deals and coupons like buy one get one that are great and makes ordering tempting. However; the issue and an app killer for me is the payment system. Last 3 trips I ordered and set up for curbside delivery. A few minutes latter the app shows there’s been an error and I need to “go inside to see the cashier”, so in these social distancing days that means going through the drive through. When you pull up they can see your order but they say the Payment is still pending. Each time I check the app and it gives me no option to retry payment or other options. So i tell them at the window to cancel the order and end up leaving with no food. I have now discovered that the charge later went through and still showed up on my credit card statement. So now I have wasted time on trips to the restaurant, no food, and yet still get charged. Now I have to spend more time on phone with credit card disputing the charges. I will no longer use this faulty app. My advise is to save your time and money and shop elsewhere, unless you wanna go through the drive through and pay double the app price..Version: 6.6.1

Was going to be 5 Stars but...I had this app on my phone for well over a year. Hardly ever experienced any issues other than the occasional hiccup. Then out of nowhere a few months back it just stopped working. It signed me out and ever since then I have not been able to log back in. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling- several times. I’ve checked all possible settings that could be interfering and no fix. It took the developer a good while to finally come out with an update- which I tried again last night since the update was 6 days previous to this post. As soon as I launch the app I get a “Application Initialization Critical Launch Error” message and however which way I try signing in from the options to choose from (Facebook, google, etc. ) I get a application login cancelled error. I can’t even hit reset my password without yet another error message stating they are having technical difficulties. I’ve missed out on so many free drinks and money saving coupons due to not being able to utilize this app, which has caused me to not give my business to McDonald’s as much especially when there are no issues with their competitors apps. I surely cannot be the only one experiencing this and would greatly appreciate it if the problem could get fixed..Version: 6.11.0

Nope. Never again.Placed and paid for my order using the mobile app, but when I got to the drive thru was told they had my order but the payment didn’t go through. The app gave no indication that there was a problem with the order but the cashier insisted the payment wasn’t applied. So I gave her my bank card only to find out later I was double charged. I have my bank statement, the original receipt from the cashier and the history log on the app itself. My bank won’t help because this technically wasn’t a “fraudulent purchase” and the McDonald’s customer service line suggested I call or go to the location and speak to a manager. The manager wasn’t there when I called, but someone took a note down with my information. I called customer service again and a report was taken but no resolution yet. While everyone I spoke to was sympathetic and agreed it wasn’t right to pay twice for one order, they weren’t able to resolve the problem. Considering this issue, I’d like to delete my payment information from the app but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do so. This has been frustrating and I don’t see how it benefits McDonald’s to make issues like this so difficult and cumbersome to resolve. I’m not optimistic I’ll get my money back and it’s gonna be hard but I’m not buying another delicious McNugget until I do..Version: 5.20.0

They steal your moneyI’ve used the app successfully for months, but a few days ago they ripped me off. The store I chose had decided to close early that night, without apparently notifying the company or whoever controls whether a store is closed on the app. I ordered before I got there, and when I arrived all the lights were on and there were cars in the parking lot- nothing to suggest from a distance that they were closed. So I notified the app I was there, which it acknowledged, and parked curbside. The app even notified me that they “saw” I was there and would be right out. We waited. After ten minutes we drove through the drive through, and only then saw the closed notice. When I complained to customer service, they didn’t respond for four days, and when they did respond, suggested it was my fault and that if I wanted to dispute the charge I could take it up with my bank. It didn’t seem to matter that they had emailed me a receipt for my money and that I never got any food. I’m still waiting for my money back. And now it looks like I’m going to have to either call or visit or something to resolve this- any convenience the app might provide has been eliminated. It’s just ridiculous considering they have records of all of this- they know they took my money, and they know the order wasn’t filled because the store was closed. Unbelievable..Version: 5.23.2

Good try but some fatal flawsI wanted to use this app every time I went to Mickey D’s but I won’t and can’t. I won’t because it does it save any time. There have been times that I’ve sat in the numbered parking space and watched people I would have been behind in the drive thru line exit the parking lot. Same when I’ve dined in. Are the people in the restaurant sandbagging because they don’t want to lose their job to a smart phone? Maybe but all I know is that it hasn’t saved me any time and usually cost me time. I won’t because my daughter is at the age where a 6 piece nugget happy meal is just right. Unfortunately, the app only has a 4 piece. I’ve sent feedback that the 6 piece is missing and was promised a response but it’s still not there a month later. I’m not sure why this is so difficult. Another reason is that I haven’t found a way to edit my cart or cancel my order. If I order something by accident, there’s no way to remove it. If I end up not completing my order one time and come back for a new order later, all the stuff I put in earlier is still there. In all, it’s a good concept but poorly executed. I’d love to use this app all the time but it’s relegated to a back folder on my phone. Hopefully, someone at McDonald’s will notice eventually..Version: 5.18

Never Ending ProblemsThere were many times using the app, that provided very good results. However, I’ve also had problems many times when I tried making use of the deals. I would get to the part that I choose the deal that I want. Then the app tells me that I already used a deal so I need to wait for so many minutes, close to an hour, in order to use the deal again. NOTE: I DIDN’T EVEN USE THE APP THAT DAY???????? So, I’d end up just not using the app for my order. I would mention it to the manager but was told that they couldn’t do anything for me. I’ve complained and even had contact with people from McDonald’s, but, nothing came out of it. I even received an email which said that the problem was solved. Well, it wasn’t solved for me. I got so frustrated that I stopped using the McDonalds app and started using the apps from Wendy’s and Jack-in-the-Box. Sometimes, the Wendy's app doesn’t work. So, I just go into Wendy’s and ask if I can still make use of the offer in the app even if it wasn’t working. To my surprise, they manually process it for me. Just want to mention that Wendy’s and Jack in the box have really good deals in their apps. Today, I thought that I’d try to give the McDonald’s app another chance. But guess what! I couldn’t use the deal again because the app stated that I already used the deal recently..Version: 6.11.1

Do not use this app!The reason I liked this app was the convenience of ordering food for my kids if they’re hungry and I’m at work. They can walk over and pick up their food, and I pay right from my phone. Convenient right? Nope! I ordered from work one day, it was a little confusing and I had to hit back a few times to get the location right, or so I thought... well my daughter walked over, I screenshot and sent her the order confirmation. She’s waiting and they say no order. So I check the order again and it said it was ordered at another McDonalds down the road and I KNOW I clicked the right McDonalds when I placed my order. Anyways I called both McDonalds to see if they can transfer the order and they were NO HELP! Told me I needed to call the contact number on the app, well I did and was told that the charges are pending but it won’t clear since I never picked up my order. Today I look and see the charges cleared for $20 worth of food that I never got and McDonalds knows it was never picked up and that I was totally scammed! I call again and I am told I need to dispute the charges with my bank. Are you kidding me? This app is a joke and so is McDonalds. Deleting and never using again! I’ve been using the Starbucks app for years and never had problems like this. McDonald’s ripped me off of $20! You’ve been warned, do not use this app because even if you don’t pick up your food, you’re charged and they don’t refund you..Version: 5.18

Worst app everOver engineered and poorly executed. Downloaded the app and placed my first order. We were good up to this point. After placing the order and paying with Apple Pay the app went to a page that told me I had to tell the app when I was close so that the order would be prepared. No option to simply say be ready in 30 minutes. My plan was to place the order and have someone else pick it up. Not happening if I have to tell it I am close using my phone. Drive to McDonald’s where the app tracked my location. It did not automatically submit the order for preparation when I was near so I am not sure why they needed to track my location. When I arrived I pressed the I am already here link in the app. It then popped over to a screen telling me I had to select my pickup option. Unfortunately the screen which I assume was supposed to have options was blank. The employees at McDonald’s had no idea what to do and didn’t really care either way. Restarted the app several time but always ended up on the same blank pickup options screen. I was able to cancel the order and reorder from the kiosk inside the store until that failed when I tried to pay at the kiosk. Took me twice as long to get lunch as it would have to just walk in and place my order at the counter. The reason I rated this app so poorly is not only that it failed to perform but that McDonald’s is capable of so much better than this..Version: 6.0.6

Too smart for its own goodUsed it for a couple months. Always had problems here and there but not too much trouble until tonight. Placed an order and noticed it auto selected the closest McDonald’s. Not terrible but I wanted to pick one a little further away because I knew the closest one was closed. Changed the location and it popped a warning that they ran out of milk for the Happymeal and I need to select another option. I thought that was great, it instantly told me what wasn’t available at the new location. Edited my more order and completed it. My wife thought it was weird that it didn’t give the drive thru option so she reviewed the order. Problem #1 apparently the app override my selected location and revert it back to the closest location. Problem #2 I went back to the app and there is no way to cancel the order. Problem #3 I noticed that it says they were preparing the order which confused me since it specifically doesn’t let the order through unless you were at the location. This threw me because previously I have been closer and it still wouldn’t let me place the order until I was right outside the store. I had been right across the street and it wouldn’t let me say I was there. My only course of action is to let the order sit and wait 3-5 days till the charge post to my card then dispute it..Version: 6.7.1

Under contact us NOT WORKINGContact us NOT WORKING AFTER CHOOSING SMART PHONE YALL HAVE SEVERAL PROBLEMS WHO IS. IN CHARGE THEY ARE AN IDIOT FIRST what do you care if an offer extended to a customer that they make use of of it at one visit or at an impossible time like an hour later. That’s retarded. Who is retarded. An executive fool. Your objective is lost. Fool. It should be spending money or reading the UNITED STATES interest in the menu. But somebody assigned an idiot. I will never go to McDonald’s with deals but i can only make use of an hour apart from each other so I’d prefer just not come at all. The purpose of the deals was to attract customers to or back to the restaurant across the United States. Why cause until you changed the use of deals i have not really wanted to visit. I prefer to eat a complete meal in my kitchen. Check your records i bet you revenue has dropped. Idiots you had outrageously long lines now you siphoning off your customers. Idiots. We customers are no fools if your target is us. Otherwise y’all are idiots cause you’re not gaining or maintaining your customers you’re alienating. I could be wrong but like most large corporations i bet y’all arrogant so i wish y’all the best but you’ve lost all of me and all the your customers I recommended make use of your McDonalds app. Retarded idiots..Version: 5.22.0

Absolutely worthlessI’ve now attempted to use this 4 times. The order goes through fine, so maybe it’s actually just the employees in my town, managers included. The first time I used it, they said they didn’t have my order, and then charged my card 2 hours later for the mobile order, after I had already placed and paid for a new order at the store. I tried a different location, the first time the manager told me I had failed to pay for my order so I needed to drive back around to the first window and pay. There is NO OPTION but to make payment in app. The third time, not quite as bad, I had to drive up to the window and tell them my order so they could find it. Third time? I was told repeatedly they didn’t have any mobile orders, I had to go inside to straighten it out. Understand, THERE IS NO WAY TO CHECK IN UNTIL YOU ARE AT THE STORE. It uses GPS to track your location and it won’t check you in until you are almost in the parking lot. I know, I’ve tried. You literally cannot order from the wrong location, so THEY HAVE TO HAVE YOUR ORDER IF YOU CHECK IN. Even now as I type this, they don’t show my order as complete. I picked up my order 22 mins ago, according to my receipt, yet the blue bar at the top of my screen tells me they are still tracking my location! Seriously, if you are going to put the time and effort into making an app, take the time and effort to train the employees how to operate the system..Version: 6.3.2

Service has to be part of the app functionalityI downloaded this app because I was tired of the drive-thru getting my order wrong. I figured, if the order was written down and there to read the order would be difficult to mess up. This was not the case. My first order on the app was a customized quarter pounder meal in which every bit of the customization was exactly opposite. I figured first time hiccups. Next go, I placed my order arrived at the store and selected curbside on the app, parked in the #4 spot, and entered my parking spot number in the app. Up popped and acknowledgement that the info had been received and my order was being made. App notifies you that it usually takes five minutes to get your order. 20 minutes later I decided to go back through the drive-thru line (dining room closed) where I learn they never bothered to make my order. 5 minutes later I have my order minus drink and fries. Two minutes later I have everything but my last large fry and a milk for my happy meal. I got the fry and decided to cut my losses without the milk. If the training isn’t sufficient to employ the technology at a specific outlet; please don’t roll it out. I’ll take my chances with the drive-thru until I can ween my children of of McDonald’s and over to the chicken place. They’ll be going cold turkey soon..Version: 6.10.1

Glitches to be FixedThis app is better than most fast food apps when it comes to ease of use, customizing and managing orders. If I had written this review a year ago, it would have gotten more stars; however, there are some growing issues related to limitations on orders that need to be fixed. The deals being offered are becoming more complicated and causing more and more problems. For example, I created an order that declined to process because a deal I was able to apply to my order was no longer being honored at a particular location at a particular time. This caused me to start over completely, picking another deal that is appropriate to a different order combination. Then, my new order wouldn’t process because the unhonored deal from my first order stopped me from picking a new deal for 24 hours. It would be my recommendation to reprogram the app to not record the use of a deal until a purchase has been completed and change the 24 hour policy to 20 hours so that customers that pick up a daily breakfast at a slightly earlier time than the previous day can use another deal. Reoccurring glitches in payment processing has also been on a rise of late. Several customers pay with the app and are asked to pay again when going to the drive-up window. My online banking shows I am billed twice and at the end of the day, one of the two transactions are being credited back..Version: 6.5.0

The update didn’t fix ANYTHING were done with MCDs foreverWe order from MDs a few times a week. Out of these times about half the time the order gives us issues, whether it’s the most common one of the order “not showing up” either because I ordered it for someone in my family so my device won’t let me check in for them, and then there’s the issue of when they can’t find the order and I’m having to repay for the order I already paid for (and the employees at MDs say “were not affiliated with the app, call this number “ so then we call the number, and we get told by some sassy southern woman “let me stop you there. we don’t refund, you’ll have to call your bank” well my banks never done this to me-BUT MCDONALDS SURE HAS!! And so were clear, this happened AGAIN, AFTER the update, just at dinner Time last night. ( December 11th). Me and my family have been saying this for a few weeks now, but finally after the supposed update yesterday and still the problems, WE ARE FINISHED WITH THE APP. Order anywhere else for the kids while your busy/ at work, or they’ll just be yelled at, and ultimately go hungry until you order elsewhere....and definitely don’t trust this app when your trying to relax so you online order and send your wife only for her to be upset frustrated and treated like crap..Version: 5.19.0

Horrible serviceI placed an order selected curbside waited like 20 mins no one comes out or says anything I started calling the drive thru person who finally looks across the lot and I tell him ive been here like 20 mins and no one has brought my food. He has like this shocked little on his face and another lady comes to the window and says can u get in the drive thru line (which by the way has at least 12 card in it). I said do you know how long that line is and I’ve already been waiting almost 20 mins then she said ok as soon as this car finishes I will bring you your food. So I wait and wait and wait. After the 6th car passes no one comes to the window or anything. I was so mad I drove around and got in the drive thru line which is wrapped around the building now. This is the worst customer service ever. You guys should be ashamed of yourself. If I could have gotten my money back from the app I would have left and went somewhere else. No one even apologized they just acted like nothing was wrong. It’s called fast food for a reason. I can’t believe I placed an order at 915 and still haven’t gotten my order as of 956. The building is locked so I can’t even go in and just ask for my money back. You guys have been in business long enough and should know how better to offer better customer service..Version: 5.12

OrderingI gave used this app a total of two times the first time their system was down so it didn’t take my order. The second time (my most recent order) I don’t like the fact that you can’t add certain things to your meal it allows you to customize your sandwich but only certain things can be added, big Mac sauce is not one of the options. So that sucked. When I went to go pick it up I asked them if they can go ahead and add big Mac sauce onto the sandwich although they said yes they would it was not added. I also tried to order and have it paid for and have someone else go pick it up for me but that’s not an option as well you have to have your phone with you in order for your order to be turned in to them. Otherwise they can’t see it at all. I think online ordering through an app is convenient when you can order and have someone else pick it up for you because it’s already paid for on your end you don’t have to worry about giving them money. It’s also good when you place an order and your exact order is made exactly the way you place it, at this McDonald’s they couldn’t get it right I asked for a Dr Pepper and a Coke instead I got two cokes shouldn’t be that hard to read from the screen..Version: 6.7.1

Changing restaurant locations + advance orderIf I go out of my way to download the app, it should be more convenient and saves time, but instead is a bigger hassle than ordering with the cashier. However, there are a couple of refinements that'll bring this up to 5 stars: 1: If I star a location, please use that as a default; the location chooser should have it as a drop-down menu of nearest store, starred store, and perhaps a "other" option at the bottom instead of showing the closest location and bringing up the map when you click on it... I get that you choose the geographically closer store, but it's out of my way, but I want the store that is 0.1 miles further but en route of my commute. In its current state, it's actually more tedious to select your starred restaurant. 2. I've emailed about it before; if I've gone through the hassle of mobile order, one perk should be that the food is ready by the time I walk in, especially if my end goal is to not have to wait. However, if I have to order ahead, then check in and wait (I can't check in from home a mile down the street), there is no incentive for me to actually order with the app since it's actually faster to place the order with the cashier..Version: 5.20.1

Good luck getting a refund. A flaw with the app!!!!A very bad experience... I ordered my food with the app, which is supposed to make it easy, but instead it was a pain! We made the order on the app and then chose curbside pick up. They don’t charge your card until you check in. So instead of saying, hey don’t charge the card because where the only McDonald’s in the world right now with NO ICE CREAM! They ran the card, made the food, and assumed having no ice cream was okay because our order was large. No it’s not and they should have came to our car before charging the card to inform us that our order would not be able to be completed as ordered. Instead they brought all the food out and asked if we wanted a shake or something instead. We asked for a refund instead and were told that since we did not pay at the store they could not refund us and we would have to call online to request a refund. We called online to request a refund and were told they they could not refund us our money and that we would have to call our bank and tell them the charge was not authorized. This was a horrible experience that will not be forgotten. This whole process was supposed to be easy and it was not. To top it all off they think a coupon for a $.50 ice cream was going to suffice when we called. How can you offer a shake but not have ice cream? Aren’t shakes made out of ice cream?.Version: 5.23.1

Waste Of TimeI wasted time setting up an accout. I wasted time trying to set up an order. It goes as far as letting you fill out all your info, but won’t let you enter a card to pay for it. I tried 2 different cards, but the ‘save’ button stays grayed out. I tried placing an order which it allowed me to do. But again, I couldn’t pay, as it wouldn’t allow me to save the card info. I hit ‘place order’ figuring I’d just pay cash when I got there. The app said the order was placed. Gave me an order # and all, so I figured everything was good to go. It (the app) said they would start the order when I got there and hit ‘Check In’. The only thing that came close to ‘check In’ was a button that said ‘I’m Already Here’. I pulled in to the parking lot and hit that button cuz nothing changed and it was the only option. Well... Of course the app is now saying It doesn’t have my order or maybe I’m not close enough OR talk to a crew member. I ended up having to go inside and place a whole new order which I was trying to avoid! Then it STILL took forever for these people to understand what I’m trying to explain what happened! It was so aggravating, the whole thing! Then I have to put up with their condescending attitudes... Unbelievable... And of course there’s no one around to help figure out the problem. So that’s the last time I’ll be going to McDonald’s any more. Who needs the aggravation?.Version: 6.6.1

RedundantI downloaded the app so I could order ahead, and have my order ready to pick up when I got there, so as to reduce the sitting around time. I followed all the instructions, and when I arrived at the location it told me to go to the pickup parking spots. There was a sign with an arrow pointing at a parking spot, so I dutifully parked in it. 5-7 minutes later, I decided to go inside to see what the holdup was. When I asked, a lady quite rudely pointed outside (opposite side of the building to where I had parked) and said I was not at the right spot. When I told her I was in the park that the sign was pointing at, she just said ‘that’s a sign pointing the way’. When I told her it was pointing at the Park, and I was really disappointed I had to go inside, given that the whole point of ordering ahead was to avoid going inside and save time, I received a very short ‘oh. Sorry’. I’m not a rude person, and I feel like I wasn’t rude in this occasion. The whole exchange, even the lack of a hint of wanting to make it right or mildly apologetic for the inconvenience (and yes, when you’re desperately trying to get food when you’re on the way to somewhere and you don’t want the 2 year old to fall asleep before she eats, and you don’t want to have to get all 4 kids out of the car, it’s an inconvenience). The app failed spectacularly in my opinion.Version: 5.15

UselessI guess the app itself as a program (i.e. functionality) is fine but the way McDonald’s handles mobile ordering is completely useless. They do not begin to prepare your order until you arrive at the store and “check in.” What’s the point of using an app to order if your food is not ready when you arrive? I can go through the drive-thru just as easily as I can order from the app and wait in my car in a parking spot. I want to order ahead so I can “beat the line.” Ordering via an app is like a proxy/placeholder. Your food should be ready for pickup when you get there, assuming you have given ample time for it to be prepared. Zero stars. [Developer response: “Your order isn't completed and prepared until you check-in at the store. This ensures it’s hot and fresh for you!"] - Understandable, but it seems the majority of customers want to use the app so the food is ready upon arrival. I was going to use this app so I could grab my food/drink on my way to work but having to wait will make me late. I was hoping McDonald’s would be a better option than pricey Starbucks but Starbucks’ app & system works better. Order is ready upon arrival. It takes 20 seconds to grab my order and go. Thank you for the response but my review remains the same until pick up time is improved..Version: 6.4.0

No Good DealsThis review is long overdue and after not being able to use the only good coupon I have got on this app in months because my McDonald’s that I always go to is no longer a “participating location,” I finally feel the need to write this review. This app used to be SPECTACULAR and there were always plenty of coupons I could use daily and they were very good deals too! I was able to purchase food for myself and my family without breaking the bank too much. Then randomly one day they changed the entire app and removed all of the good coupons. Now there is one coupon daily (If I’m lucky two) and it can hardly be considered a “deal” as I’m saving like 30¢ rather than the $3-4 I used to save from a coupon. You can also get a coupon from this Plinko style game that you sometimes have to play a few times to even land something in the bag. From my experience you can play until you win however the $1 off coupon you receive after is normally never for anything I want so it’s hardly worth it. Not to mention it seems you have to use this coupon while ordering through the app and sitting in the parking lot, which is not my preferred way to eat at McDonald’s. They should bring this app back to its former glory so that it may have a purpose again because it’s current state is trash and I don’t even feel the need to open it as I wait in line at McDonald’s since I already know there will be no coupons worthwhile..Version: 6.0.6

I Always Loved it until Today!I ordered 3 McChicken sandwiches with the mobile app, 2 original, 1 plain. After paying, I went to pick up my order and I was given 3 original sandwiches. I told the person at the counter that one should have been plain, however they said it came through the mobile app as 3 regular sandwiches. I know I ordered the correct items that I wanted. There should be a way to able to check before paying, what you actually ordered instead of being forced to get what is given to you without the option of being able to check first. When I went to contact McDonald’s using the app, during this process it required that I give them the location of the restaurant. As I tried to enter the location of the restaurant, I had to go back and finish putting in my contact information. By going back, the screen was cleared of all my typing and I was forced to start all over again! The anger grew! The app was really screwed up and I swore off McDonald’s because I always order from the mobile app. The mobile app gives deals, price discounts, and other specials which you don’t get when you walk into the restaurant. I am done with McDonald’s! There are too many other fast food places that serve excellent food. I have always given McDonald’s and the McDonald’s app 5 stars. Those days are now over..Version: 6.4.0

Center St Manchester, CT worse experience everI order and pay with app when I get to pick up from the Center st location in Manchester, CT I was told they couldn’t give me what I ordered unless I paid more. Really???? Why did the app allow me to choose the options I did if it wasn’t going to go through at pick up. The manager told me he will refund which will take 3 days and I had to pay AGAIN right now for my order eventhough my “correct” order was less then what I originally paid. Doesn’t make sense AT ALL. I feel it was no way my fault the mobile and pick up locations does not do things the same way and “the manager” couldn’t honor my Mobile order the company would be losing too much seriously $2-3 is too much to honor. Complete BS. The manager then refunded me before even coming to an agreement on if I wanted my order or not but get this he only partially refunded what I paid I had to waste my time go back again to get him to do it correct. What a waste of my time kids at that point was upset all they wanted was their ice cream but instead they end up with a ruin night. Needless to say I did not order there or will ever again. It’s a shame especially when we order from that location at least once a week and well over $20 each time. Over bad management and the ability to make a regular customer wanting to return next time. Def will not be using Mobile order again don’t want another ruin night!!!!!!!.Version: 5.14

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