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Google Classroom App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Google Classroom app received 177 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Google Classroom? Can you share your negative thoughts about google classroom?

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Google Classroom for Negative User Reviews

Ruined my lifeI went to go and chill after school but I got a notification that I had homework and I had a heart attack and died..Version: 3.10.300017291

DO NOT GETSo I was meant to turn my homework in, but I forgot so I used the “my dog ate my homework” excuse, but when I showed my dog this it started standing on 2 legs, drooling at the mouth. Then it started trying to bite my ankles off, which is a normal occurrence but then it started doing it to my wrists??‼️‼️ So then I told him he was a bad boy and put him in his cage, but he broke out of it so I had to put him in the other cage that Grandma is in. I keep hearing Grandma’s screams and the dog asking for blood coming from the cage. DO NOT RECOMMEND. 1 STAR.Version: 3.16.300022842

IssuesIt takes ages for things to sync and you can’t upload anything on assignments because they are always too big unless it’s a Google doc.Version: 3.10.300017291

HSR could neverIt’s all the same as Genshin.Version: 3.15.300021311

HateThis makes me wanna scream and cry.Version: 3.10.300017291

.I hope anybody who likes this app that your pillow is always warm wet.Version: 3.14.300020621

No dack modeNo skibidi black monkey mode level 12 gyatt.Version: 3.6.300016241

Just badIt’s just bad,always lagged and deleted stuff during lockdown and didn’t notify and is only slightly better now!.Version: 3.10.300017291

This is terribleOk so I'm trying get my class to use the app for there homework, but everyone of my students are complaining they cant get in no matter how hard they tried, please fix this.Version: 3.11.300018071

So slow just use websiteWhy is this app so horribly slow compared to the website version? It’s actually more efficient to use the website than the app because it takes so long to load, can you please fix this? Thanks.Version: 2.2020.22202

Not helpfulI think that google classroom doesn’t give me much help to find where my work is on that app. You can’t go on the home screen after you tapped on one of your classes. Also my google is a school account so I don’t login on anything else on my iPad so every time I check if I have more work it takes longer because it forgets my google login every time that’s annoys me so much. In conclusion this app doesn’t do it for me..Version: 2.2020.14404

SchoolI dislike school.Version: 3.17.300023570

II opened the app at school and our class fish drowned.Version: 3.6.300016241

Genshin sucksMiHoYo???? Fix your bloody game frfr??? Like I’ve been waiting for a year now and I still haven’t gotten my rewards like??? I NEED THEN.Version: 3.6.300016241

Y cant I log in on my school acc broSo I’ve tried using my school acc like it’s not letting me Ive put every thing I won’t lemme so 0 stars.Version: 3.11.300018071

HomeworkHomework is awful it should be abolished. Get rid of this app and all the other ones..Version: 3.10.300017291

Ate my fatherI was a young 6 year old girl on the rolling hills of Scotland when google classroom hit, it violently attacked my father and began to moan in his ear, I ran as fast as I could but it was too late. He was gone..Version: 3.15.300021311

Horribly designed appI am not exaggerating when I say that it is embarrassing on google’s part that this app is the way it is. The classes layout entails constant scrolling and assignments that are due soon never pop up under the class like they do in the web browser Google classroom. When you’ve clicked on a class and go to turn in for an assignment, the pdf scanner is not user friendly at all and it always takes 1-2 minutes to upload anything outside of the Google suites. One good feature is that the app notifies you when an assignment is near do, except the notification does not tell you what class it is for and when you click on the notification it just brings you to the classes page… not the assignment..Version: 3.6.300016241

A mother experience of 8 kidsAs a 43 year old mother with 7 kids and one baby, each one of my grown kids uses google classroom. And never ever have i seen each one of them get sliced in half one day while using google classroom. I am a mother who just gave birth last week and it literally gave birth to an earthworm. My baby is already able to speak and i can literally see its wrinkles. And i know its google classrooms fault because she tapped on my 7 year old dead daughter Emily’s computer to google classroom and ever since that she has not acted the same. You are such a monster, don’t touch me kids ever.. again..Version: 3.15.300021311

It's hard to take in or out new accountsI don't appreciate how the app is so fixated on keeping a log in that I once used, just once! The only way to take it off is to remove it all together from my phone. Very counter productive... All other google apps allow this, though?? I don't get it..Version: 3.12.300019391

PooPoo poo poo cant find my chicken nuggets on this app.Version: 3.11.300018071

2 classes at onceI have purchased the new iPhone 15pro max. On my old iPhone I had 2 kids accounts open at once and would switch between them. With my new phone it is not letting me do it at all. I have deleted and reset the app on a few occasions but still no luck..Version: 3.10.300017291

Classroom 🤦🏽‍♀️Honestly this app is just annoying. I have to sign in nearly every time I open it. It’s pointless for me but obviously since the corona outbreak I have to use it. I don’t like the fact that teachers run the whole operation, and how people can comment. It spams my phone and I’d rather delete it..Version: 2.2020.12205

SatisfactoryIs satisfactory for checking and posting Does not have full web functionality even in iPad version which is annoying as I don’t often use a computer and need full functions as a teacher. Main issue is the glitchiness of posting. You type a post out and then go to either schedule the date, and after that it deletes your post content. Every time. I facepalm everytime forgetting to copy the post content to clipboard before o try to schedule it or set a date. Would be great if that annoying ridiculousness could be fixed..Version: 3.10.300017291

Nah bruh HSR giving them free 5 starThat’s crazy man.Version: 3.11.300018071

This is funnyI’m not trying to disrespect anyone but I find this whole situation hilarious, everyone getting mad at the people who rate the app one star so then rating it a 5 star are wow😂 and the people who are rating it one star for it to be taken off the app. This is great and I’m not trying to take this situation lightly but google classroom causes me so much stress and I just want to go back into school where I can learn..Version: 2.2020.14404

Terrible app, bad experienceGoogleClassroom is supposedly a refreshing and effective way of learning. However, I have experienced nothing but the opposite. The app is has a terrible UI, lags, and constant notifications make dread to pick up my phone. A total thumbs down from me 👎.Version: 2.2020.14404

Rip meSchool sucks.Version: 3.10.300017291

Worst appGoogle classroom makes thing obnoxiously difficult to see. For example missing assignments. When I click on missing assignments it says nice work or something. When I go into the schools grading website it says I have missing assignments. Yeah because this apps real reliable. When I turn something in but have to add something so I unsubmit it and when I turn it back in it says late even though I actually turned it in days before the due date. And lastly even though the list of reasons why this app should be canceled or banned is because when you work with a partner the teacher says only one partner has to turn it in, well for the other fricking person, this special app says it’s missing, and then the parents get mad that it’s missing but it’s really this stupid special app..Version: 3.16.300022842

Please make a dark mode settingPlease make a dark mode setting my eyes r dying.Version: 3.6.300016241

Worst app!Google classroom has been a replacement for physical homework for awhile now, but students have been known to not be learning enough with it! In my 26 years of teaching I have never came across a problem where students cheat so much online, copy and paste, and end up learning nothing. This deserves to be taken down so that students can learn properly. It has been scientifically proven that writing with a pencil can help you actually remember and learn better. Online work using this app is useless. Take it down and rethink this App Store! Teachers please be cautious when using this app! You may not know when your students do it!.Version: 3.15.300021311

Doesn’t workI read on google forums it’s been fixed but not the case. Get’s reverted on GET STARTED page no matter what..Version: 3.12.300019391

Changed my life ..I wish my teachers didn't know ts app existed cs as soon as i got introduced to it i've been traumatised. the amount of work i've been set is crazy i'm basically working a 9 to 5. wallah whoever made ts app needs to watch their back. anyway don't download ts app if your a student nd if your a teacher don't download ts app for your students well-being cs mental health is a serious problem in todays society nd i think since our teachers are such wonderful amazing people they would spare us the tears nd pain of doing extra work. also i got a minus point for not doing my homework when the homework didn't appear on the stupid to do list on ts app. so i think i should get my minus taken off nd get paid for ts utter nonsense. the way ts app makes me wanna kms .. anyway i hope you loved my amazing essay. it's not put into paragraphs cs my teacher didn't tell me to put it into paragraphs on the google classroom 😋. i think if your a teacher in the uk who has ts app then you should seriously look into therapy cs why are u assigning kids work after school. anyway idc if it's not the teachers fault i don't have access to the school board people who make the dumb curriculum things so the easiest option is the teachers. i was supposed to end ts essay ages ago i don't have the time for ts . i have 5 pieces of homework set on google classroom to do 😡..Version: 3.15.300021311

Worst app everI hate this app because when I enter my email, it doesn’t accept even though I tried it at least 20 times. It just says try again and I think the is is a super laggy and glitchy app.Version: 3.10.300017291

Failure to submitIt just won’t submit assignments sometimes, i think you can see where issues may arise.Version: 3.14.300020621

Made me blindI opened the app to do my 7383 assignments and it instantly blinded me! 😡 terrible app and i can’t afford surgery.Version: 3.11.300018071

Σ(・□・;)^ _ ^.Version: 3.11.300018071

Gave me ptsdEveryday I have to look at this app for school and I cry each time. 40 missing assignments 15 late assignments and I blame this app. Send help. 🙏🏽😭.Version: 3.16.300022842

Worst Homework app!This app is SO bad because there is NO restrictions to what teachers can set for homework. One teacher set an assignment lick her toes! Anyways this app is terrible and i wouldn’t recommend using (or licking toes they taste disgusting).Version: 3.16.300022842

NoI try to Have a good day but now I just get reminded of school and this app killed my fish.Version: 3.11.300018071

Stupid app and identity theftI have to sign in every time I go into the app. Yeah I know that now we have to do school online but the teachers a completely relying on this app that they don’t even know how to use. This app is made by google which is known for stealing you identity and putting everything we are doing at school and putting out homework on this app just makes it easier for google to take in a whole bunch of information about us. This app is just terrible in general..Version: 2.2020.14404

Issues with societyAs soon as the teachers put the code in, 3 of my classmates decided they didn’t wanna be friends with me anymore. idk how this is my fault but the teacher gave them this problem so they passed it on to me. i don’t have friends anymore. 1 star, do not recommend.Version: 3.11.300018071

School shootingThis app is the reason why i shot up my school.Version: 3.14.300020921

The problem/issue with the app…The main problem with the app that almost always causes issues is the fact that private teacher comments are not available on the mobile version of the app (as far I am aware for both iPhone and iPad?) this has caused me to usually look elsewhere (such as using the website version etc) If they could display private comments it would be great!.Version: 3.12.300019391

TerribleGoogle classroom is terrible because it won’t let me download the older version.😭🤬😢😭🤬😢😭🤬😢😭🤬😢😭🤬😢😭🤬.Version: 3.11.300018071

My reviewI didn’t like this app, my child downloaded it and got 17 viruses. Im not sure how but the minute we deleted the app the were 16 left. Would not recommend,and would like to remove this from the App Store so others don’t have that problem..Version: 3.6.300016241

PTSDThe unimaginable horrors just hearing the name "Google Classroom" bring back to my mind poison my soul and cause me great suffering..Version: 3.11.300018071

School should be at SCHOOLWhy do we now have to do school at home? Our whole goddam life has to be school now. On a trip? GOOGLE CLASSROOM. Snow day? GOOGLE CLASSROOM. Sick? GOOGLE CLASSROOM..Version: 3.15.300021311

PLEASE FIX THE DESIGN ASAP!! 🔴🔴The design makes school work harder to do, it’s very complicated and I wish the style is more simple and minimalist and banners on the front page is just not it…the to-do list is horrible because you have to keep switching back and forth, like when you finish a missing assignment and want to complete all of the missing assignments you have to keep going back to that page. It would be better if there was boxes for each section and have them labeled. This needs an upgrade please take inspiration from other to-do lists (like classify) and apps. ALSO, please allow us to remove a class, BECAUSE teachers don’t want to or forget to remove it….like I am NOT IN MIDDLE SCHOOL… 🙄😡. And it needs a search button, like asap!! 🔴HAVE SIMPLE FRONT PAGE ITS SOOOOOO UGLY. IT should be MINIMALISTIC AND SIMPLE AND PLEASE MAKE IT CUSTOMIZABLE. LIKE I DONT WANT THE TEACHER TO PUT SOME GOOFY PICTURE ON THE BANNER, TO MAKE IT EASY For STUDENTS WE Should be able to customize the color, the banner(it’s easy for us to identify the class), everything the size except the assignments in the materials that the teachers post obviously. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WORK ON THE DESIGN!!🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴.Version: 3.6.300016241

Okay app. But….I like Google classroom as it takes away paper assignments and my generation really loves doing everything online. My complaint though, is that I am an eighth grader. I don’t need some dumb app notifying me every morning when I have an assignment due! I will get it done! Trust me! And also, I hate it when I turn an assignment in late for whatever reason, and I says “TURNED IN LATE” in big red letters instead of “turned in” in small green letters. It drives me nuts! Even when I talk to my teacher about turning it in late the app still screams at me. Finally, my friends told me that if an app gets below 1 star they will remove it from the App Store, so I’m just tryna help!.Version: 3.17.637104864

Worst app ever do not download for school!!The reason why this is a horrible app is because of homework this app causes me to have much more homework than usual. Every week i should have 3 homeworks but because of the monstrosity of an app i have 6 homeworks do not download if you dont want any extra homework.Version: 3.6.300016241

Good for classworkClasswork is very important so this app is important to some students that want to get smart and some teachers that love teaching.Version: 3.11.300018071

TraumatizingThis app is traumatizing. There is so much I want to say but I think it would be too much. But the amount of trauma I have from this app is unspeakable. Even my nan coming over my house is better than having to do these assignments on Google Classroom..Version: 3.14.300020621

Horrible worse ever do not recommend one star reviewThis app is a nightmare. I have been gotten booty spanks from my mother from missing assignments that teachers accidentally put on and I had to pay the price I do not recommend this app because it’s a nightmare and do you want to torture your child no so I recommend not getting this app at all and might as well just banned the app like do not download so this app can be shut down so your child does not have to suffer. Please do not get this app and I’m talking about schools school. You will get hacked spam. Do not recommend please do not get this app if you want your child to suffer, then get the app, and that kind of makes you horrible guardian/parent would make you bad PS I have trauma and experience from this app. I have been going to therapy for five years now because of this app do not recommend if I disappear. Well I blame Google classroom please and thank you do not get this app might as well get rid of it..Version: 3.11.300018071

TWThis app has caused me my CHILDS life. the developers of this app can most definitely see these reviews, there isn’t a single good review and now a 16 year old girl is dead. this app is nothing but trouble, we downloaded it because we thought it would be a great organization tool but we ended up with 17 different viruses, death threats because she was 15 minutes past due with an assignment and unfortunately a death. she killed herself. the app crawled out of her phone and raped her, she couldn’t live with the burden of it all so she resorted to suicide. SHAME ON YOU SHAME ON YOU S.H.A.M.E. O.N. Y.O.U. to the developers of this app, if this app isn’t completely removed from find yourself with a lawsuit, and you are gonna lose, myself and my husband are both lawyers. hold yourself accountable and take action..Version: 3.12.300019391


!IMPORTANT! App Crashes EverytimeThis was a fantastic app, it worked all the time, and It was very helpful and easy to use for school. This was until something happened like it updated, or my phone updated, because now it crashes instantly when I specify open an assignment rubric that they made in the app. It’s no problem with my phone, as I have a 13 and it’s fully capable of running the app, and has fully in the past. But how, nope. If you could fix that It would be amazing, thanks..Version: 3.10.300017291

So scaryIn the dim glow of the computer screen, students logged into Google Classroom for an ordinary assignment. Little did they know, a mysterious link appeared, leading them to a virtual classroom never seen before. As they entered, the eerie silence hinted at something amiss. The teacher's virtual presence was replaced by a shadowy figure. Strange whispers echoed through the virtual space, and the assignments took a sinister turn, demanding personal information. Unsettled, the students tried to exit, only to find the "Leave" button disabled. One by one, their screens flickered, revealing glimpses of unsettling images. The whispers grew louder, mirroring their deepest fears. Desperation set in as they realized they were trapped in a digital nightmare. Frantically searching for an escape, the students uncovered cryptic messages hidden in the assignments. The ghostly figure taunted them, weaving a narrative of doom. Each completed task seemed to bring them closer to an unknown abyss. As the virtual clock ticked, the once-familiar Google Classroom transformed into a realm of horror. The students, bound by the sinister link, faced a choice – succumb to the digital darkness or unravel the mysteries within the haunted assignments to break free from the nightmarish grip of the Google Classroom..Version: 3.10.300017291

Where’s my free 5 star genshin??It’s the holidays and you really doing this again like srsly??? This needs help from Dr. Ratio..Version: 3.11.300018071

🤨🤨This app was kinda good but it always crashed and when ever I tried to click the links the teachers gave me it would glitch and crash or take 10 minutes or longer and that was annoying I would’ve rated this app higher but the performance was bad and it was confusing af.Version: 2.2020.14404

Recent updates still fail to fix the bugs that plague the iPad app.The newest update ruined d the app. I can no longer write and edit any doc for my students. No doc, pdf, sheet, nothing. Completely useless for my needs. Random crashes...freezes...sync issues with what I input in my iPad not showing up on the website. It is such a mess since the summer. I thought that with several updates having been pushed out since then the issues would be resolved. But it hasn't. Updates claim bug fixes but the major ones are still present.......a complete mess..Version: 3.10.300017291

DivorceGoogle Classroom causes my parents to divorce because the creator slept with my dad.Version: 3.17.637104864

Careful letting your children use this appI download this app for my school and it touched me inappropriately, I still have ptsd from it. Please stay away..Version: 3.11.300018071

PoopyI hate school this app makes it easier for teachers to give us homework, we shouldn’t have to do work at home that’s what school is for👎.Version: 3.6.300016241

I’m hardDidn’t help me with my erection.Version: 3.16.300022842

GENSHIN IMPACT LANTERN RITE REWARDS.After ANOTHER year of genshin we are AGAIN met with HORRIBLE rewards. i havent complained before but after a year of my love im slapped in the face with 3 wishes. This is the 3rd time rewards have been disappointing. Hyv never listens to en players so there no point complaining but OH MY DAYS. make the game playable 😞.Version: 3.12.300019391

SO MANY GLITCHES!!!!This app has to potential to be very useful for both teachers and students. But instead due to the vast amount of problems it prolongs simple tasks taking up lots of time. It kicks people off the app, not saving tasks causing them to have to be redone. There are some much needed amendments needed in this app in order for it to fulfil the potential is holds. But for now it is causing more problems than solving..Version: 3.14.300020621

AnnoyingThis app continues to crash and will not load my class work on my ipad device that I am using for schooling. To get my updated classes I must use another device which at this point is becoming annoying.Version: 2.2020.14404

GegagagegagdodgeoNo dark mode.Version: 3.15.300021311

StressfulAnd difficult to manufacture.Version: 3.16.300022842

BAD 😡😡😤😤Bad just bad. makes me angry to see notification from my teachers every second of every day about assignments. the page is also UGLY make it customizable please I hate the ugly designs my teachers made. do not download this, and if you have it delete it. It lowers my self esteem which can cause depression which than leads to death 😱😱. Unless you want to be sad and mad don’t get this app even if your school wants you too. unless they threaten to take your family don’t download this….actually if they threaten your family still don’t download it family is not worth this torture.Version: 3.14.300020621

I can’t post for my class 😭I got this for my class it did not work so now I am stuck with paying for the other classroom.Version: 3.12.300019391

Bad appI have to use the Google Classroom app for school, and it's just terrible. The heart is in the right place, and a service that works like Classroom is supposed to would be awesome, but it's confusing to use, has unnecessary features and lacks important ones, the app isn't optimised at all for the iPad, it doesn't display correctly and the hamburger menu navigation is infinitely confusing and stupid. I wish there was an alternative.Version: 1.7.3

Mrs write a reviewFirst I can’t invite people for some what reason Second if you are a beginner you probably won’t know what to do…. Thirdly it’s really hard when ya havta see homework or if you are Giving out homework..Version: 3.0.300011471

TerribleThis app has caused so much stress and mental health damage. This app has put me in very dark places and has made me have very dark thoughts (including suicidal ones). The new features that allow teachers to lock assignments and also mark assignments as a 0 before the due date makes it exponentially worse. I’m constantly walking on eggshells all 10 months of the school year because off this app. There’s also a lot of bugs like sometimes I can’t even put pictures on the assignment so I have to wait a few hours then try again and I have a new phone with good WiFi so it’s the app’s fault. High school is already hard but this app makes it so much worse. Please do something about this evil and despicable app. Please do something about this because I don’t want to go through 10 months of mental torture next school year. This app makes me so stressed that I delete it during summer vacation to not think about it..Version: 3.17.300023570

Was 👌👌👌The app is alright but if you have a old phone it will take up a fair bit of space so I would recommend waiting till you get more space also on the odd occasion it's acting slow it will crash every now and then that's my only problem with it otherwise it's pretty good I rate it 2.5 out of 5.Version: 2.2017.41203

ItI forgot to do my work and my teacher fail me and pull a gun on me.Version: 3.6.300016241


My life has never been the same 💀Since i downloaded this app it has made my life horrible.Version: 3.10.300017291

Kinda glitchyIt sometimes won’t let me in.Version: 3.6.300016241

I hate schoolHi.Version: 3.14.300020921

Is this the best Google can do? Real ReviewWith all of the resources google have at their finger tips I’m amazed that this is the best that they can do! The UI is woeful - looks like it was chucked together in a hurry. Notifications are well… ??!!! This app could be much much better! Instead it’s just a list of pathetic looking emails. Bottom of the class Google. Perfunctory effort, you could do much, much better..Version: 3.14.300020921

Don’t get if u love ur grandmaGoogle classroom came out in 2014 and my grandma died 6 yrs later. Can NOT be a coincidence. Since it came out osama was killed, the gangem style starts, covid killed my grandma, and I got acne. We all know google classroom caused all this. Don’t get this app if u love ur grandma!!!!.Version: 3.15.300021311

TerribleThe app is badly designed for students and could be so much better.Version: 3.14.300020621

AwfulIt takes ages to load and can’t access or submit school work.Version: 3.10.300017291

The app is calling me uglyBasically Every time I go on it it gives me an insult and to is very embarrassing I get bullied a lot now an I want this app gone tomorrow.Version: 3.12.300019391

AnnoyingVery annoying when I click on the notifications it takes me to safari and not the app. I always have to sign in now it’s gotten to the point where i can’t stand it. Please fix it thanks..Version: 2.2020.34201

TerribleIt’s simply impossible to navigate through the billions off emails one gets from things other than this, hence notifying about due assignments and links is unlikely to be seen. The app is supposedly easy to use but it’s not the way it’s presented is flawed and there is tons of bugs and it crashes regularly. I recently posted a file onto google classroom it got corrupted and inaccessible thanks to this I failed an important assignment that might have a huge difference at my final result at the end of the year..Version: 2.2020.18205

Rubbish appApp doesn’t let you turn in work automatically, also doesn’t tell you what work you’ve missed unless you click on the separate folder. no dark mode and confusing layout. awful app.Version: 3.6.300016241

My reaction to “it gave my child cancer”No one knows this but the review from the responsible mother, my sister, is my wife/sister. That kids mine. Bethany I want my kid back. I don’t care what the judge said..Version: 3.16.300022842

ScaryAs I lay in bed, the glow of my phone lighting up the room, I couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. It was almost midnight, and I should have been fast asleep, but something felt off. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw it—a flicker of movement on the screen. Google Classroom, its digital form materializing before me, its eyes glowing with an eerie light. I froze, unable to tear my gaze away as it slithered closer, its presence sending shivers down my spine. I tried to move, to scream, but I was paralyzed by fear. And then, with a sudden jolt, I felt it—the sensation of something cold and digital wrapping around my toes. Google Classroom was here to feast, and I was its unwitting prey. With each passing moment, its grip tightened, and I could feel it draining the warmth from my toes. I wanted to resist, to fight back, but I was trapped in its digital embrace. As the night stretched on, I could do nothing but watch in horror as Google Classroom satisfied its hunger, leaving me trembling in the darkness, a silent witness to its insatiable appetite for toes. So I do not recommend.Version: 3.15.300021311

Too many bugs, very challenging to submit work.My school requires us to use this program daily in order to maintain a passing grade and what is the point if there are bugs? When I try to submit work to google classroom through sharing, it won’t let me unless the app is already open in the background and it is just very annoying. Also, when I try to submit work, it won’t let me choose the class to submit to until another one pops up first that is probably not even a class, like please let me choose the class first before you automatically load up a “class” that is most of the time not..Version: 3.14.300020621

Awful app. What was Google thinking?This app is terrible. There are so many issues and everything loads irritatingly slow. The way the app functions is very confusing too. I’d recommend not installing this app unless it is necessary to have it for school..Version: 3.14.300020921

Why does this even in the App StoreOne day when I opened my classroom my fish jumped out of the fish tank and landed on my PC and then it broke. I think it was trying to warn me of the stupid google classroom and it’s dangers. 1 day later my dog passed away! I am so mad at the app plz remove it help me I am going to die to it for my sanity plz remove google classroom HELP ME!!!!.Version: 3.14.300020921

Revert back to original efficient notification!!This app used to be efficient. The notification leads right to the specific announcement on the correct subject. Now the notification just goes to the main page and I have to guess which subject it pertains to! Pls revert back to the more efficient notification system!!!.Version: 3.15.300021311

Better appsThere is better apps.Version: 3.10.300017291

Why is it so bad?Google classroom is designed to make everything simpler when it comes to school. But it is not flexible and hard to navigate, in addition to no dark mode. Points for improvement: 1) A completed in class feature. I’m so tired of assignments being counted as missing or late because I did paper copies. Because I was in class. Doing the work. 2) A search feature. Seriously it’s not that hard. Give me a search bar for my courses with a million subsections. I don’t want to scroll. I don’t want to not be able to submit something if I forgot the name and my teacher is unorganized. 3) A dark mode setting. This is self explanatory. 4) More customizable options. I’m lucky because my school is organized. My teachers so far are also organized. But if they weren’t I’d be in serious trouble when it comes to google classroom. That’s how much trash this app is it does the bare minimum, and it’s disappointing. Do better..Version: 3.11.300018071

User interfaceWhile Google Classroom offers basic functionality for online learning, its user interface feels outdated and clunky. Navigating through assignments and materials can be confusing, especially for younger students or those unfamiliar with the platform. Additionally, the grading system lacks flexibility and customization options, making it challenging for teachers to provide meaningful feedback. The lack of integration with other popular educational tools also limits its usefulness. Overall, Google Classroom falls short in providing a seamless and intuitive online learning experience..Version: 3.14.300020921

Bad appNo dark mode eyes died.Version: 3.10.300017291

💀💀💀To all the people that like this app I hope you get a thin layer of sand in your bed.Version: 3.6.300016241

Attachment files loading.Recently it’s been taking a very prolonged amount of time to load attachments from my classes. It’s very annoying, especially when you are on an iPad and using the split screen function waiting for it to load. It sets me back in my work! Even now it’s still loading. Please fix this..Version: 2.2022.062

Google classroom is awfulGoogle Classroom, while widely used as an educational platform, has its drawbacks. One significant issue is its potential to exacerbate inequalities in education, particularly in areas with limited access to technology or reliable internet connections. Additionally, the platform can contribute to a depersonalized learning experience, lacking the nuanced interactions and feedback provided in traditional classroom settings. Moreover, heavy reliance on Google Classroom may lead to an overemphasis on screen time, detracting from opportunities for hands-on, experiential learning. Furthermore, concerns regarding data privacy and security persist, as the platform collects extensive information on students' online activities. Overall, while Google Classroom offers convenience and organization, its drawbacks underscore the need for careful consideration of its role in education..Version: 3.14.300020921

It’s okI think I will give it a 3 star because if you.Version: 3.6.300016241

Ate my pets 😭😭At midnight the terrifying google classroom broke into my house through my window and went to town on billy. R.I.P. Billy, 2050, 2012.Version: 3.17.637104864

I purely just want it to goIf a app rating hits 1 Star reviews it is taken off the App Store. I don’t dislike Google Classroom but rather like the lay out of the app, but since I use it so much for school and class work I would love to see it get taken of the App Store for good. Have a Great Day.Version: 2.2022.14203

3<20Honkai star rail players got 20 summons for just their penacony login rewards while we are getting an extra 3 summons only???.Version: 3.12.300019391

DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!As soon as I downloaded the app, the skies went dark and lightning struck my cat, turning him into a giant lizard which then he ate everyone in my family.Version: 3.15.300021311

I ALMOST DIED 😱😱😱So I woke up like any normal day . I got out of bed and got ready for school. Only to see my mom with a google classroom missing assignment I forgot to do she muttered … “google classroom , google classroom will come for YOU . “ I ignored her anyways. But when I walked out of the door I saw the missing assignment in my laptop on the top of my car.. I got it down and clicked only screen, only for it to say “GOOGLE CLASSROOM” and so I drove to school, getting kind of weirded out . I went to go to talk to my best friends to tell them what was happening, and they all muttered “ Google classroom …. Google class room …” And so I left and went to my class, the school bell rang. Everyone looked at me and said “Google classroom… Google classroom.. GOOGLE CLASSROOM.” so with that, I ran out of the school to only see google classroom with a knife ! 😨😱 It came up and STABBED ME. NEVER USE THIS APP . ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️.Version: 3.11.300018071

Issues everywhereIt’s an alright app for organising work but the way in which they set the dates for this week next week is very confusing, it’s always not opening and takes ages to sync up photos and work, uses up space, there’s an option to make it so you cannot submit work if it’s late??? Ridiculous frankly and frustrating to use in a hurry which is always useful. I know it’s not an issue on my end because I’ve seen other complaints even from teachers. Another thing is the versions are different for certain devises and you cannot do certain things. Frankly annoying.Version: 3.14.300020621

I’M PERSASSY JACKSONThis app is boring and is not fun I feel like it is a requirement and I feel depressed while using it, I feel like I am depressed because of this app, like seriously and I have to pay!? This is a bad app that causes cancer and depression would not recommend..Version: 3.16.300022842

DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!Please do not download this app under any circumstance. I am a student and I find google classroom to be absolutely deplorable and a terrible excuse for a “tool” to help educators. By the time the website actually loads up, I hate sprouted white hairs in my scalp and am in need of dentures. It makes me sick to my stomach how many teachers use this diabolical app. The app keeps past due work from completely different terms, making it enraging to work with. You could put me in a room with a serial killer and the creators of this damned app and asked me to choose one to execute, and I would’ve chosen whoever made this disgusting and dreadful “tool”. I have the sudden urge to fly off of a rooftop whenever I am opening up this website, so, please do not under any circumstance download this app..Version: 3.15.300021311

UnprofessionalAs a student my self I see google classroom as a bad Influence to students younger at a higher level of education than me using this as this promotes a bad usage of technology. In recent years I’ve seen a massive influx of students using there mobile devices in schools, as a result some students take advantage of this and can cause a result of using there mobile devices during there class or lectures as an excuse of saying phrases such as “sorry I’m using my phone to see google classroom” or “I was using my phone to see google classroom and not my social media”. As a result teachers have used this app to post work,PowerPoints or useful notes on the app and there classes but can be lead to students becoming lazy and not wanting to do these tasks at hand as it’s on there mobile phone. PLEASE REMOVE THIS APP OFF THE APPLE STORE NOW!!!.Version: 3.14.300020921

Bruh momentI have like 81 missing assignments because they were mostly due tomorrow bruh 💀💀 My teacher is literally torturing me. This app is only for teachers who want to spank childrens butts by giving them so much assignments that they literally want to kill themselves. This shouldn’t even be an app..Version: 3.14.300020921

Poor Quality UISometimes, the app doesn’t load past the icon. When it does, it sometimes fails to open classrooms. Also, massive UI glitches sometimes occur when submitting assignments. It would be extremely helpful, if Google were less lazy..Version: 3.11.300018071

Just badThis app is so confusing and makes no sense.Version: 3.6.300016241

Only thing, is to add dark mode.It’s great to be honest but I feel like dark mode needs to be added. The light burns my eyes anytime I need to do work or homework at night..Version: 3.14.300020621

Step it upStep it up.Version: 3.6.300016241

Helps meI forgot to hand in my homework and three black dudes clapped my cheeks.Version: 3.6.300016241

PLEASE FIX THIS I ALMOST FAILEDSo, um , first things first, this is a great app. It helps me so much with schoolwork, and I’m very happy with it! But then comes the bad news. So basically, I was supposed to do a project. I handed it in within the deadline, that’s that. BUT when I checked on it, more or less a week later, it said I hadn’t handed it in? I was super worried because it counted toward our grade by about 30%. I narrowly avoided a bad grade, by explaining what happened. So please fix this bug, I don’t want it to happen to me again, or anyone else. - sincerely, beep..Version: 3.10.300017291

No notificationsThe app is great if you’ve got one child but when you have more, you only get notifications for the child who’s class you are looking at. Missed lots of activities because I’m not getting notifications. Sort it out google. It’s a pretty basic thing to fix..Version: 3.10.300017291

AnnoyingI have downloaded the app as it as annoying to have to sign in on to safari every single time. But even when I get this app, on gmail when it alerts my of a new task or that I need to hand one in, it still redirects me to safari, instead of the app. What’s the point of getting this if it will not do what it is supposed to do, to do things in classroom more efficiently, but no, in fact, it takes a longer amount of step with the app!.Version: 2.2018.21204

It doesn’t even work properlyIt is really bad.Version: 3.10.300017291

Slow and nearly impossible to work withAs a student, this app is used everyday, if not multiple times per day in class and at home. It’s almost impossible for an entire class to finish one assignment per day(even though we’re in HIGH SCHOOL…) due to the slowness and poor detailing of the app. And no, it isn’t a personal or school Wi-Fi or reception issue, because every other app and chrome extension works completely fine (both in school and at home) compared to this one. Not only is it slow, but the updates of the app are years behind where they should be along with many student privacy issues..Version: 3.15.300021311

Womp wompIt killed my dog with a hammer after I missed a assignment.Version: 3.15.300021311

Has some bugs and no searchHow is there no search bar for assignments when this is literally made by Google, which owns the top search engine? Sometimes it’s hard looking for assignments based on how teachers organize it, name it, or if it’s old. Also it has some minor annoying bugs like if I click a notification for a announcement, it just takes you to the Home Screen instead of the post. I also hate how you either get notifications or you don’t; you can’t pick what type or what class gives notifications. Like I don’t need to be notified about a new assignment being posted, my teachers already tell me..Version: 3.10.300017291

I literally can’t get in.Okay so I downloaded this for my homework like what any person would do but i can’t get in. I click get started add another account and I’ve been trying to put my email in and it literally doesn’t work. I don’t know if this is just me or what but I’ve downloaded this app twice and it’s the same thing repeated. Anyways please wish me luck for another Mizuki akiyama 4 star card into my collection that would make my day or any four star in general (ones I like)..Version: 3.6.300016241

It won’t let me in!I tried using all my emails and my mums phone number but nothing is working,please turn of the email thing and just ask for your name and account name because I’ve tried five times but haven’t been able to get in.I really want to join my classes classroom but I can’t if I can’t get in,take away the email and just the name and phone number.Version: 3.6.300016241

No homeworkIf an app on the app Store gets less than 1 star it will be taken off of the whole app Store. If u hate doin homework give this bad reviews come on guyz.Version: 3.14.300020921

SO INCREDIBLY HORRIBLEAs soon as I opened the app, it gave me scoliosis and now I am 1”3 even though I’m 32. It also gave me 4 200 page essays and now my clothes are all ripped because I lost my sanity to homework.Version: 3.16.300022842

Continuously DissatisfyingI have finished using this atrocious app since I left high school. It is safe to say the issues with its UI in how it displays future work is unreliable and creates problems in sending them on time. With it not being clear on the to do list how close the due date is allows for unorganised time tables. Additionally the messiness of having more than 8 apps unintentionally causes congestion of classes creating confusion and also if classes have similar colours it makes it harder differentiate. Furthermore, if a teacher is trying to stream a lesson and the teacher has to type a message to inform that theres a video lesson it can cause previous messages to buried by constant spam. Moreover, when a work is missed and trying to complete it would be a constant hassle as its buried under numerous other missed hws causing nothing to be properly solved. The app’s constant reliance on other apps can create unnecessary time and management issues for space and downloading the apps. Overall dont use this if you’re a school.Version: 3.14.300020921

Ahem..The FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal, A sing lap should be completed every time you hear this sound. Remember to run in a straight line and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark. Get ready!... Start.Version: 2.2021.42201

Killed my great great great great grandfather but great appI downloaded the app for school and then a few minutes later i heard my mum crying i went to see whta happened and he was dead on the floor but other than that its really good for school!!.Version: 3.15.300021311

Made my friend choke on carrotsMy friend was eating carrots when she received a notification from this app to say her home work was late. She became so shocked she started choking on the carrots. Unfortunately she didn’t make it. She choked to death on carrots because of this app.Version: 3.11.300018071

BadAs an enlightened year 2 student, I have come. To terms with the pros and cons of this application. It is absolutely and utterly disgusting to behold as I constantly am considering genuinely killing myself everytime I get the “overdue assignment” 🤓☝️. Like no one cares about your stupid little baby whining, aww googoogaga does baby want his milkies. Thank you, Kind Regards, - the enlightened one.Version: 3.10.300017291

Fix your appWhen it asks if I want to unsubmit, it says “unsubmit to add or change attachments. Don’t forget to resubmit once you’re done” NO ONE SAID IT WOULD THEN SAY MISSING OR TURNED IN LATE. On pc, I also need to know WHY TH DOES IT TAKE SO LONG JUST TO SHOW ONE ASSIGNMENT..Version: 3.10.300017291

🦦It’s good and relatively organised, but they should definitely have a search option to search for certain materials that the teacher would have posted as most of the time it’s hard to find certain materials quickly in the stream if they are not organised in class work..Version: 2.2022.422

Awful. Just Awful.The app is is awful, the interface, is ok, but the videos won’t even play! Don’t download it, unless you want to waste time..Version: 3.10.300017291

Your faultIt is your fault that i have to read stupid chapter pdfs online instead of teachers giving us actual books. it is your fault that i have math tests online and can't figure out my math on paper. literally go to hell.Version: 3.11.300018071

ClassroomThis app is amazing for school! The teacher can upload an assignment or any notes I need and I can access it anywhere, anytime! I do wish however that this could be used without a school account though because this could be used at home also. For example chores, your parent puts them up onto classroom you complete it with a photo or a description of what you did and they could be at work or something and no that you have done it..Version: 2.2016.39207

Remove this app from the appstoreRemember everyone if we get this app to under 1 star apple will remove it and we will no longer have any homework.Version: 3.16.300022842

Make it so we can leave classroomsI’ve been stuck in my third grade class for years with a teacher who can’t close the class because she doesn’t know how or won’t. Basically, held hostage. The classes are piling up, please add the necessary function allowing to leave..Version: 3.11.300018071

Its 2023 and im still waitingIts almost 2024 and im still waiting for my free 5 star hoyoverse. GIVE ME FREE 5 STAR..Version: 3.11.300018071

Does not blend with modern IOSGoogle classroom is very inconsistent with its theme. With a feature so basic it was added in 2019 google classroom is yet to support it. The feature in talking about is dark mode. Google docs and google slides ( the most popular google applications with teachers ) both support dark mode. However if I were to open a google document in google classroom the document would appear in all white. This is extremely infuriating as it is such a basic feature. My school chooses to use iPads and the battery percentage gets covered up by the light theme. The last seven months on the app’s update history only show “bug fixes and performance improvements” this is a serious issue google. This feature would take 10 minutes to add and make the experience using the app far better. Do better google. I am disappointed in this software..Version: 3.12.300019391

Would be an endless list1 . Takes a long time to load . It would take about 10 minutes to load everything . 2 . Low quality . It would be really easy to make an app better because of the low quality . 3 . Way to hard to understand . One would have to ask a teacher about 20 times to understand . 4 . It would make me want to go back to school even if NZ was in school for about 2 months but now we’re starting online school ..Version: 2.2020.30406

EwThe moms that are giving 5 stars are giving pick me choose me energy.Version: 3.6.300016241

BadThis app is horrible because it has given my multiple disabilities from the amount of work and garbage this is, also I’m in jail with Kia cenat and I show speed because of the 6 year old kid screaming skibidy toilet..Version: 3.10.300017291

PoopyThis app made my poopy harder.Version: 3.11.300018071

Not GoodIt doesn’t let me add my account properly on my phone. When I added my account I go to press it but it just redirects me bake to my other account. This is very annoying as I can’t access my Google classroom.Version: 3.14.300020621

Scared for my sons safetyI’m a single mother with two kids a 10 year old boy and a 6 year old girl, I downloaded the app on my kids Chromebook so he can keep up with school, it was fine the first few times we opened it, but then he opened it one time and there was a guy, he said his name was Jamal alh abuda he said he knew where we lived and he wanted my bunions, I was terrified we closed it but he was still there, he was everywhere he wouldn’t leave me and my family alone. He is a predator and he needs to be stopped. This app ruined my life.Version: 3.10.300017291

Lost my 50/50I lost my 50/50 to qiqi, DO BETTER..Version: 3.10.300017291

Annoying and bothersomeI have used this app for school, and it is very annoying. Whenever I have to log into it on my chromebook, it takes at least 5 minutes for my classes to load. It's very annoying on Iphone, too. Not only is it laggy, but the format is extremely difficult to use. On iphone, the text is extremely large and so I have to scroll down to see my classes. On chromebook/computer, it's so hard to see the due date for my assignments and it's difficult to find teachers notes, to turn in, and how to see all the assignments I need. I despise this app and am hoping for it's removal..Version: 3.10.300017291

Plzzz I’m done with thisPoor quality and my teacher makes the app even worst. every-time I open the app I feel depressed sad ,angry do you really want people to see that for your app google wouldn’t you want your supporters to only think good about the Products and app you make please consider taking this app down and if u ask it’s not just me there are so much people feeling the same way” cough cough” the rating is 1.7 that’s all I gotta say peace out.Version: 2.2020.46203

Bad review.Oh Lord! This is so bad When I was doing my work this google classroom hacked me and you know what they were showing me!, My husbands Willy wonka winky. Oh lord I just needed to finish my classroom documents ! Now my husband is completely traumtising!.Version: 3.11.300018071

Trash app💀💀This had nothin to do wit this app but its trash our teacher makes us use it and he has favouritism and very annoying in general and thinks we dont know anything he makes me want to rip my hair out and kill my self he is very annoying alot alot alot and i hope he dies a terrible death skibidi.Version: 3.12.300019391

BadGoogle Classroom's shortcomings extend far beyond mere inconvenience; they represent systemic failures that impede effective learning and compromise student privacy. The platform's clunky interface and lack of essential features create a learning environment rife with frustration and inefficiency. Moreover, Google Classroom's reliance on internet connectivity further exacerbates educational disparities, leaving students in underserved areas behind without access to crucial resources. Privacy concerns loom large over Google Classroom, as the platform's integration within the Google ecosystem facilitates the collection of vast amounts of student data. This data harvesting raises alarming questions about the security and ethical use of sensitive information, potentially exposing students to privacy breaches and exploitation. Furthermore, Google Classroom's vendor lock-in traps schools in a cycle of dependence, stifling innovation and preventing them from exploring alternative solutions that may better suit their needs. In essence, Google Classroom isn't just flawed—it's a deeply flawed system that undermines the very principles of effective education and student well-being..Version: 3.14.300020621

Horrid appNever using ever again.Version: 3.6.300016241

Bugs and uselessnessI am a high school student in my sophomore year and whenever I want to do my work at home I prefer to do it on my phone rather than my buggy, slow, and half broken school laptop. So when I use my app I run into the same unnecessary bugs and glitched that I feel could have an easy fix but has not gotten any attentions. Like when I do an assignment and it still puts it as to do, or how slow upload and just basic loading speeds are, and for a multibillion company and a website/app to have updates that fix nothing is just annoying at this point. I feel that someone else need to step up and actually create an optimal and functional app/website for this but until then I will have to bang my head against this brick wall..Version: 3.10.300017291

Am I the A Hole for downloading this app?Me (35 year old male) has 3 kids, one of them is in the 4th grade. She just got her iPad for school and she got told to download this app called “Google classroom”. It seemed a bit suspicious for me because I never really had a good relationship with google since she divorced me, so I was hesitant at first but then eventually agree to download it for my child’s education. When she downloaded the app I saw that my daughter became my wife and gave birth to my dog. I was heartbroken and traumatised, never downloading this again.Version: 3.14.300020921

This classroom set to much work pls noPls I beg to god every night that my mother come back and that my dad drinks the milk and get disease and no beat And then it make me day if this app go away.Version: 3.6.300016241

Boooo 🍅🍅My teacher keeps posting work like who does she think she is.Version: 3.11.300018071

This app has caused me so much painI’ve used google classroom since lockdown (4years) and frankly it’s rubbish. It’s format is rubbish I can’t see what the teacher says on mobile even if I have a question! I would advise not to get this app..Version: 3.14.300020621

Bad reviewWhile Google Classroom offers basic functionality for educational purposes, it falls short in several key areas. The interface is often clunky and unintuitive, making navigation a frustrating experience for both teachers and students. Additionally, the platform lacks robust features compared to more specialized learning management systems, limiting its effectiveness for complex educational needs. The grading system is rudimentary at best, making it challenging for teachers to provide detailed feedback. Furthermore, technical glitches and downtime are not uncommon, causing disruptions to online learning. Overall, Google Classroom's shortcomings make it a subpar choice for educators seeking a reliable and user-friendly platform for remote teaching and learning..Version: 3.15.300021311

Great one problemThis app is the best it can be. It can’t be better. Great organisation. But it does not submit my forms unless I mark as done! What gives? But I got a private google account and tried to create a classroom but it wouldn’t let me! Let us kids use it! Otherwise great app…… but it’s work so….Version: 3.14.300020921

AtrociousGoogle Classroom, alas, fails to ascend to the summit of pedagogical prowess. Its interface, bedecked with convoluted contours and a paucity of intuitive elegance, vexes both educators and scholars, transmuting the act of navigation into a Sisyphean odyssey of vexation. Assignments, prone to the caprices of vanishment or the afflictions of faulty uploadery, sow the seeds of undue angst and cognitive befuddlement. Moreover, the grading mechanism, bereft of bespoke adaptability and nuanced customization, impairs the judicious evaluation of academic endeavors. Lamentably, the dearth of robust custodial succor exacerbates these tribulations, leaving users adrift in a tempest of discontent. In summation, Google Classroom, notwithstanding its lofted aspirations of educational optimization, regrettably succumbs to the labyrinthine intricacies it purportedly seeks to ameliorate..Version: 3.16.300022842

Trash gameMy pet goldfish drowned, 5 stars.Version: 3.11.300018071

Where free five starGenshin should take notes from Honkai star rail and give us free five star.Version: 3.11.300018071

Ruins Lives… 🗑I hate this app because it killed my family and gave me at least 30 assignments a day. I’m failing and it’s because of this garbage app and it needs to be removed NOW! Please rate 1 star out of respect for my family. 😭🫡.Version: 3.10.300017291

GarbageIt’s the most garbage app ever, not useful at all and it wastes half of our day going on calls and looking at teachers blabbering away (laggy also) It always reminds me to do my work. I have to use my finger to swipe as well. I’d rather it just know. I don’t want to have to lift my finger every time I need to do something. Jeez, someone take this app away..Version: 2.2020.34201

Lil bro...Lil bro don't let me catch u making apps again😭😭🙏🙏 I will slap and clap your lil cheeks buh🔥🔥.Version: 3.11.300018071

Ruined me lifeRuined my mental health i hate school now i get notifications about homework when my life is back on track. when i get a notification my mental health spirals out of control.Version: 3.14.300020621

SO MANY PROBLEMSWhere do I start !? It tells me due dates at 00:03 TWELVE AT NIGHT !! saying due for tomorrow (when it’s due that day) their is bugs everywhere it kicks me off even if I have no other apps running and full internet?!? Its very unhelpful and glitches all the time!! Would not recommend!!!.Version: 3.15.300021311

Google classroomI am sorry to say that this is not a good idea to update it because people out there you have older iPads don’t have access to google classroom and they may have homework on their and they might not be able to do it because of the update..Version: 3.12.300019391

It’s not goodThis app has a hidden talent, and that talent should stay hidden👨🏿‍🌾.Version: 3.12.300019391

Takes ages to loadTake like 5 minutes to load, still a good app though.Version: 2.2023.02204

TrashThis app is so slow it’s take almost 3min to log in and then it take another 3-4 min just to log into a class. It’s really annoying when I have to keep logging back in even tho I don’t log out of it. I have fully given up on this app.Version: 2.2020.14404

NoNo.Version: 3.6.300016241

Stopped my classI used to use this app to post assignments for my class but a few days before the due date it suddenly disappeared? All my classes work is gone. Teachers if you read this don’t bother using this unless you want work deleted.Version: 3.17.637104864

🙂 Google Classroom Positive Reviews
Is Google Classroom not working?

Google Classroom works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Google Classroom.

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