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Ghost EVP Radio - Paranormal App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Ghost EVP Radio - Paranormal app received 41 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Ghost EVP Radio - Paranormal? Can you share your negative thoughts about ghost evp radio - paranormal?

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Ghost EVP Radio - Paranormal for Negative User Reviews

Fake Extremely FakeJust a bunch of mumbled words come through every time without fail. First I was surprised. The next 40 I wasn't. I even took this to the gym. I thought I'd try it there just to see. Once again same words same tone. The ghost goes to the gym? The same ghost? Usually takes around 5-10 Mins before something comes through. Utter rubbish..Version: 2.0

FALSE ADVERTISINGThis app does NOT work. This is a toy for kids and not even a good one at that. It spews the most random words and none of it ever makes sense. It’s all prerecorded and it has the silly echo effect on it for a hopeful scare lol The positive reviews are fake and clearly paid for. I’m a sensitive and my home has many spirits in it and I felt like they were laughing at me for trying to use this lol I will buy an sb7 instead, more worth it to get what’s actually advertised. Don’t buy into this scam, I should’ve known better. Save your money for the real deal.Version: 2.6

No music 😭This ghost radio is poo I can't get a signal or anything not even any scary ghost music what so ever and the dj omg I don't even think he's there in fact in person I bet if I met him or her id just see right through him or her it's kak.Version: 2.2

Amazing and I'm lyingKept getting uncalibrated voices.. Same voice over an over tho.. Asked specific questions but no distinct answers just random words like 'pregnancy' ... Boo to you to.. Utter crap... Am even having probs on review!! Really?.Version: 2.2

Needs work to be a real emf recorderI am a sensitive/clairvoyant. Which means not only can I feel the spirits emotion and generally see them. Sometimes in front of me like a live person sometimes it is almost like watching a movie through my minds eye as I have been told. It is how they want me to see. This is not a easy way to live as a child it scared me. It was hard to ignore and made things worse at times growing up. I wanted to try this out because my sister told me it is a good app ( she is non-gifted ) we come from a long proud line of Irish travellers ( gypsy ) who are very gifted. So my sister who is non gifted has been trying for years to find a gift which is sad these gifts are not always enjoyable they can put you in harms way. So she was with my niece ( her daughter sensitive as well 15 yrs old ) and she was using this device my niece had told her many times nothin g was there it was just a game app not real. So my sister asked me to try it out. Most spirits who want to communicate use more then one word they almost from a small sentence to the questions yet all this did was one word. I did not see or feel spirits when it said one was presence. So I took it into a home I knew had paranormal activity. This device not once picked it up however all our other tools we used ( including my ability ) did. So if you are trying to make a real emf recorder you have some bugs to work out. Sadly so far this is just a toy to get the non gifted bloods pumping..Version: 2.2

MehIt’s an okay app. I usually only play around with it when at the cottage. I get hit and miss random words that mean really nothing. I ask questions and get basically nothing and it always says a “%” after the word. Usually in the teens. No idea what that means but I have a YouTube channel and want to do Ghost Hunting. So, hopefully this works better..Version: 2.5

Words unfathomableNot clear at all. I rarely know any of the words that are said. It doesn’t calibrate 100%. Very rarely the word that it had said is shown on the screen so you know what the word was but it is few and far between..Version: 2.2

Ghost eveVery hard to understand the voice recorder with the echo attached. It would be much better without it. I could only make out 1 word out of 5..Version: 2.0

Don't waste your moneyAbsolute rubbish don't waste your money on a fake app.Version: 2.5

It's alrightWould like an option to turn the echo off.Version: 2.0

Tried it several times and nothing happens!Wouldn't waste you money on this!.Version: 1.4

50/50I got a response but 50/50 to believe it or not however still very scary, scared to do it on my own🙈.Version: 2.5

Stopped recordingJine has stopped recording, it was working too, i paid for it on two tablets and both wont record the words andy more, wpuld like tonask for my money back, rip off, took 2x £1.99 off me.Version: 2.2

Wanna lose 2 USD?Download this crappy app. There's nothing about this app that made it seem real. Sure at first I thought it was real because i thought it said "amendment" (I have a copy of the US Constitution on my wall). Then the thought dawned on me when I saw "Entity detected." What I know about the supernatural is that ghosts give off energy that change the electromagnetic field around them. I highly doubt my iPad can detect changes in the electromagnetic energy around it. Plus, if there were changes I'm sure my iPad would be acting strange and the battery life would've been shortened. In short, don't download this and don't mess with the paranormal, you could open a gateway to something dangerous..Version: 2.2

Best app availableBest EMF app available on mobiles, hands down..Version: 2.6

An actual waste of money no jokeThis app just continuously flashes up pop ups about the device being unable to use whatever that option was again and it wouldn’t let me turn it off there was just too much pop ups constantly popping up every millisecond. So I’m deleting this app developers! Make your app a bit better and don’t add an option in that will just bug out the app with pop ups! I would like a refund form this but of course I’m not able to get one..Version: 2.5

FakeOne word answers from the same static mans voice that means nothing. It’s fake and a con..Version: 2.6

Silly!Just random words, nothing more nothing less! I really doubt that anyone seriously interested in the paranormal would use this app. Don’t waste your money, even though it is only £2.99, which says it all really!.Version: 2.6

This app blows doesnt work fix plzThis app doesn't even work fix big waste of 99 cents.Version: 1.0

???I saw the reviews saying “it works!” “I talked to my family!” Yeah well I talked to a ghost called potato… I said what’s your name like 500 times to hear the most static then an echo saying something I couldn’t work out the word and it finally said a name a different either said Eva or Ava and I swear you shouldn’t buy apps or upgrades for ghost apps because it’s just scams and this one? My mum paid £2.49 to hear “HGGGJYFVJH” And how does it know when a ghost is near like…huh.. who can program an app to detect that a ghost is near. I can’t believe my mum thought this actually works. Dev atleast make it free and please for gods sake, make it hearable like I can never work out what they say it’s just gibberish.Version: 2.6

Didn’t work at all.Didn’t work at all, if 0 stars was an option then that’s what it would have gotten. What’s worse I can’t even get a refund because it’s a AppStore purchase not a GooglePlay!! Your extremely happy and quick to take the money for the app via IOS AppStore but you won’t give it back, doesn’t make sense really does it! Steer clear of this one!.Version: 2.5

BooooooDoesn’t work.Version: 2.5

RubbishI get the Sam voice wherever I go and it says random words.Version: 2.2

Please refund meHi, I don’t have money to waste and this app failed even to entertain let alone do as it said it ought. I will await your reply and any advice you have. I will change my review dependent upon your response..... Some folk really do believe these things so it’s them you are failing. Please refund me x.Version: 2.6

Total rubbishI’m always on the look out for a good app that delivers in this area. So I was happy to waste the £2.99 trying it. It’s really sad that these developers take our money whilst producing utter twaddle. All this delivers is loud white noise with the occasional incoherent echoing word from a supposed entity. It’s good though and even tells you an entity is present. It then sends a few random words with so much reverb on that you have no chance in making it out. Another one to pass on. Total crap..Version: 2.5

Hard to believeSo the app recognizes an “entity present” every 5 minutes or so. Then it recognizes a bunch of meaningless words, in my opinion. Here’s what mine read over the course of a day: “data, engineer, suggest, banker, specific, element” you get the picture. It stops after 5 min or so. 5 minutes later, here comes another entity with some more random words. You have to really grasp for straws to make any sense out of random words. Sure, I tried posing questions to the elements. I got a random, meaningless response several minutes later. Seems like someone just made an app to throw out random words. But, you could get drunk and have fun fooling your friends I guess. Hardly a window to the other side, in my opinion. Call me a skeptic..Version: 2.5

Wat can I sayCrap as if like prank ppl then cool but if not waste of money😢😢😢.Version: 2.5

Random word generatorI am a amateur paranormal investigator and have used this app for a couple of days now with an open mind. I have not had any intelligent responses to questions, but I do get random nonsensical words "Ebola" "push" "outside" "prison" seem to be popular. I've asked for validation but get another random word. I believe this app is nothing more than a word generator and not a tool to be taken seriously..Version: 2.2

PetrifiedSo I downloaded this app yesterday out of curiosity, I’m sat in my living room by myself just trying to figure it out, then it comes up entity detected my heart is in my throat, then clear male voice says “go away” . I’m stunned and quickly say ok will do and close the app. I’m petrified and don’t plan on using it ever again. Anyone else had negative outcome?.Version: 2.6

Waste of moneyLike so many others say can’t make out any of the words, a lot better apps around , this is for entertainment only , if that’s what your looking for enjoy ..Version: 2.5

Not badIt's an ok app lost of spirits coming through talking and stuff but not answering what I'm asking it's just a bunch of random stuff they say so I'm not sure if fake or real but being a phone app it's probably fake if you want the real deal go online and but the real sb7 and other stuff.Version: 1.4

Doesn’t workIt doesn’t work! You can’t see any word, you can’t hear correctly. I want a refund!.Version: 2.6

Need more timeI got the app a few hours ago and there’s no option but to rate it now 🤷‍♀️.Version: 2.6

Totally rubbish appApp not delivering what is promised. Sadly, no real encounters. App has been build with a set of random timers and random words. You can do turn on app, start recording & go to take a bath. After you do return, you’ll will find plenty of “ encounters”. You can see clearly prerecorded pattern after few use. Clearly FAKE app! Nice toy for kids, but nothing in value for a real thing. Should be distributed for free and for entertainment purpose only. Have a nice day....Version: 2.5

FakeJust says a random words. Bird, iron, peel, missionary, wall etc dont waste your money on a fake app.Version: 2.6

This just might be the real deal?Ok! So my in my first review I was disappointed. However, after tinkering around with the app I finally got it to record and log the words. I found that the EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) reader actually works. I have another app from a different company that has a reliable EMF. When I compared the two I received positive results. I tested this app on known sources of Emfs. Now for the spine tingling part of my review. I turned the app on, set it on the tape to allow it to calibrate. I left the room for ten minutes. Then when I came back and walked by my iPhone it said my name! The day before an entity was present. I ask its name and it clearly said "Steven!" Earlier today, I was communicating with an entity and asked for it to speak to me. It said "I am" I'm waiting for an obvilus5 to arrive and when I get it I will test the app against it to see if there is accuracy in this app. But until then the jury is still out. I'm not a complete sucker but this app has shown me that it is at least fun to play around with..Version: 2.2

Don’t waste your money!So fake, pre recorded voices with stupid delay and reverb effects. You can’t even hear what the crappy recordings say! Don’t waste your money guys.Version: 2.5

RandomThis does not work save your money it just comes out with random words like comet , envelope,culture, ext I keep asking for there name I get nothing I ask for my name again nothing one star is all this gets I’d like my money back this is false advertising and should be stopped period.Version: 2.6

Real or Really Good Algorithm Work?I can’t really say if this is real or not. When I turn it on, I get an entity present within the first five minutes, then it goes away, another comes, and the cycle continues. I’m a true skeptic and have wanted to get a professional spirit box for some time. The truth of the matter is, it is very easy to design a truly great app with algorithms to track what your phone sees and hears to make you believe that something is going on when it’s really not (coming from someone who has worked with these types of engineers) hence leaving me somewhat apprehensive in a sense. I’d say, when in doubt, get a true spirit box, get the EVP recorder, get the infrared, and K2 meter for the real deal. This can be fun and interesting to talk with others. Whether you choose to believe in the app is up to you..Version: 2.6

Terrible!It’s so terrible it’s funny, it comes out with random words that don’t connect in any way and very robotic and recorded! It was a waste of money but I should have known better I guess! The words are so clear and it even translates it for you!!! Haha would get a refund but have no idea how to do that!.Version: 2.6

Okay and fun to useObviously fake as they all are, but was a fun Halloween app. It is however really annoying after a while, It doesn’t ‘calibrate’ at all, the voice is the same and the words don’t relate to most people’s real life. I wouldn’t waste your money unless it’s Halloween..Version: 2.5

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