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Ring - Always Home app received 178 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Ring - Always Home? Can you share your negative thoughts about ring - always home?

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Ring - Always Home for Negative User Reviews

Latest update is disaster!!!!Ever since the latest update was released video has been delayed. A person walks up to my door, the frame freezes. The camera is no longer recording the entire thing. It's pretty much only taking a snap shot. A get a motion alert and nothing is there because the camera is constantly freezing. I paid the yearly fee for video not pictures or nothing at all. Ring Pro is absolutely useless and like having no security feature at all if not doing what it was intended to do. I'm also glad to see I'm not the only one having this problem so support can't say it's on your end. Update: Almost a year later and this doorbell is still a disaster. It worked great for about three months and then the developers started rolling out updates and the thing hasn’t worked like it should since. I have been through four of these doorbells within a year. The last one just stopped working completely. I’m a software engineer for over 20 years and sometimes being on the phone with CS for over an hour can be insulting. The video stream is choppy and not consistent. I continue to get pixelated video and freezing. UPS rings the doorbell and the video shows the driver leaving in his truck. I just wish they would get these firmware updates right or allow clients to rollback. New hardware but the developers are constantly putting out new software updates that are obviously not ready..Version: 3.14

QuestionableI’ve read the privacy policy but can’t find where I consent to RING employees being able to livestream my cameras and access my cloud recordings which has been shown online. I get why it’s needed, machine learning etc, but having it clearly outlined would be a great step for transparency..Version: 5.9.2

Doesn’t WorkThis app doesn’t work like it once did. Disappointing. The WiFi connection is fine, the internet is fine… the settings are correct and have been adjusted numerous times… but most of the time the ring does not turn on to record. Someone can be standing or walking by right in front of it and it doesn’t turn on to record. What good is that? And it takes way too long to activate the camera when you do it manually. What a waste of money..Version: 5.47.0

Why force updates?This new idea of just forcing a person to update an app on the spot is awful. Today I got an alarm and tried to see what was going on and the app just stopped working till I updated. No warning, just stopped. So much for critical alarms when you need them! There can be no circumstances for Ring to do this. Also, reading through the privacy info, it seems no information is kept private at all. If any data are kept private, please point out which..Version: 5.60

Update has glitch: video always zoomed inThis new update has a glitch, in “live view mode” the image is normal and fully visible but when you play back a clip - it’s always a little “zoomed in” - you are unable to unzoom the image and see the whole image at once! you have to use your finger to scroll around the video to see the entire image and there’s no way to fully zoom out in playback mode. This is a glitch: please fix..Version: 5.44.0

It’s good but could be soooo much betterSo after some reviews, I purchased the ring door view camera, as this was the best solution and I didn’t want to deal with a wired install. From this aspect I am very happy with the setup. Regarding the app, the layout, functionality is very good to some extent. Where I think things can be improved are areas such as the privacy zones. These need to be made customisable just like the motion zones as not all zones will be square or rectangle. Because of this it reduces the effectiveness of the motion sensor and I miss out on movement it would have otherwise recorded which defeats the purpose. Another issue is the advanced motion detection. It starts with motion (missing the first few seconds) but then stops if motion stops. I understand this cuts recording length and storage but it doesn’t seem to pick up again if motion then starts again. If it does, it’s multiple clips of the same motion which has been ongoing. Whilst you can’t set how long the video records for, it doesn’t apply when using the advanced detection which is pointless. Hopefully ring can sort these issues out as otherwise the app and product are really useful in today’s world..Version: 5.37.0

Suddenly slowI have had the ring floodlight can for over a year, and it has been great. That was until recently, when I could no longer get the live view, and the device says the wi-fi signal is poor. Nothing has moved or changed, and even if I place my extender in the same room as the device, it still won’t show the live view. Something has happened with the latest update..Version: 5.43.0

Excellent marketing crappy productI bought a Ring 2 doorbell a month ago and it works really nice, nothing escapes it’s camera, BUUUUUUT the app just takes so long to load “Live View” that by the time I am actually able to see who’s at my door and try to talk to them, they’re gone! And besides that, on my Apple Watch 4 it gives me a notification of motion detection BUT doesn’t allow to see recorded clips or Live View like other major doorbell brands do!!!! What is the point of that if every time I get an alert on my watch, I have to check it on my phone?! Not good, “Ring people”, not good!!! Summarising, good doorbell with a “so and so” app and a crappy apple watch functionality... could be much much better... UPDATE: You keep saying in every update our feedback makes the app better for everyone.... You talk the talk, but will you EVER walk the walk?!? I’m disappointed with Ring.......... NEW UPDATE: app keeps doing exactly the same, I can never actually use the doorbell as a way to talk to people at my door. But you guys now show “new features”, and instead of fixing the app issue, you present us with the camera for the interior of the house.... well, now I can see that this is nothing about client satisfaction, it is only about marketing and selling products..... I’ll be replacing all my ring doorbells for the NEST HELLO doorbell, better image, more reliable and you can actually talk to the people at your door!!! I’m done with ring......Version: 5.21.1

Video is processing…Takes forever for the most recent event to be loaded. Almost 15 minutes after it happened. Wi-Fi signal is strong, hard wired camera. Just weak software..Version: 5.43.0

Great Doorbell, Glitchy App!We installed a Ring Doorbell 2 and plug in Chime about 6 weeks ago. The doorbell itself is great, easy to set up and we have comfortably got a month out of the battery before needing a recharge. We also signed up for the yearly subscription to retain all recordings of movement and calls at the door. An unexpected expense but relatively inexpensive. However, this review is for the App and not the Doorbell itself. The App started out just fine but after a few updates, the App is now slow to respond when trying to answer a call at the door via our iPhones (6 plus and 7 plus). The WiFi is just fine with the Router just 5 feet from the Doorbell but it is still unreliable, often crashing the App when loading live video. In summary, the Doorbell 2 is great, works well as a traditional Doorbell and with the added bonus of a camera but the App is only good for looking back, not for live feeds..Version: 4.1.2

Good but another new bugUpdated 6-Apr-2020 - last & current version start ok in preview Live View, however, if you go to landscape view and back again, the preview is blank/black. Please do more thorough testing before release guys. Original review - I’ve been getting familiar with using this app over the last couple of months and it’s pretty good. I find the iPad version is better for some aspects like adjusting motion zones due to the larger screen (I use an iPhone SE mobile so a bit limited). So in the main I’m very impressed with app and hardware packages from Ring. That said, a new bug has just appeared in the latest version (Feb 2020) that just affects my iPhone SE. In the spotlight cam setting control I’m prevented from scrolling down to the timer setting. Even after setting the area/distance setting & saving there’s no way to scroll down. Please fix. This not a problem on the iPad version as all controls are visible on the larger screen and the old version worked fine..Version: 5.24.1

Limited Functionality in CanadaDisappointing to read about functions on their website only to be told later that it is not supported in Canada..Version: 5.43.0

Ok here’s the real truth about “RING” products….First things first there commercials are definitely not how it works at all….So I went to Home Depot and bought the whole system with 2 more flood light Pro cameras,extra window/door sensors,WiFi-extender,chime pro and upgraded doorbell…and a bunch of batteries… no A/C goods used..then you have to pay them annually to view your videos/recordings. Not that they’ll be much use for you if anything was to happen (why you bought it..) because you only see them leaving or nothing “their gone” or the video will look good everywhere except the moving object it will be completely pixelated,or the invisible man parks a car in front of your house you won’t know who parked it there or who drove it away..almost magical..you would think for the cost of their cameras you should get a better quality product than their using and I’ve taken a few apart that quit working for some reason and I’m guessing less than fifteen dollars worth of parts “their price” per unit.. So if i could I wouldn’t do it again using their setup /Brand ..and there app. Continues to get less usable with each update and the “Neighbor’s community” thing I can’t even look at because it’s 90% lost or found pets which is depressing…thanks...Version: 5.58.1

Don’t buy itIf I had my chance again, I would buy a different doorbell. When someone rings the bell , it’s takes way too long to connect and people are usually walking away from the door by the time I see who it is. Also, when I get motion alerts when Someone walks down my drive , it freezes for 3 - 4 seconds and then the people has disappeared by the time it kicks in. Did they walk in to my garden or did they leave ?? Who knows !?!? I called ring 100 times about this and they have a different excuse every time, none of which is ever their fault. They say my internet is to slow, however, I’m able to stream Xbox games, Netflix movies you tube and more, all at the same time without any issues. Basically my they tell me it’s tough luck and if I want it who work properly I have to buy. New internet package . Didn’t help me at all. It’s funny because the freezing and stuttering happens to my friends device too and they have very fast internet. RING , how about a refund ??!? No?? Didn’t think so. Thanks for the crappy product and the even crapper solution. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.Version: 5.25.0

Gift from hellWe got a ring for Christmas last year and were so excited to set it up! It had always sounded like a nice idea to be able to check who was at the door and I park on the street in front of our house so I could keep an eye on that as well. I think the only time motion is detected is when I walk walk out the front door myself or if a car drives by. I’ve had deliveries arrive and people knock on the door and there’s no motion detected and no recording in sight. Luckily the doorbell function seems to work (unless the battery is dead which is every other week) and I’ll never know who is at the door because of all the connectivity issues and super long waiting times to load the feed (even after upgrading the internet several times). Our neighborhood has had several instances of car parts stolen and even a break in at our neighbors and of course every time the battery has either been dead, no connection during the time it occurred to record, or simply no motion detected. Don’t even get me started on the online community! I shared a video I did catch of a strange man taking pictures of my neighbors house (two days before the break in) and was repeatedly called stupid and a terrible person for not calling the police despite the first sentence of the post stating the police had already been called and this was a warning to others that saw him in the neighborhood. Save yourself the time, money, and frustration and keep it simple with a button and a battery..Version: 5.26.1

Too slow to connectI have 50 meg fibre broadband & the doorbell is within 5 metres of the router but it is very slow to connect even if you have 4G out and about. Most of the time by the time it connects to the live view the caller is gone. If this system worked as it should it would be amazing, I have had it for over a year now & after regular app updates all the time it has never got any better. If I never had the subscription to go back and view previous rings it would be completely pointless having it. As already said maybe this is a scam to force you to pay the subscription so you don't feel that you £150 doorbell is totally pointless 😔 Update: i have now upgraded to the Ring2 doorbell, the only thing that’s improved is the video quality, I reckon the connect delay is now worse! Ring instead of putting new features in on all the app updates you do how about sorting out the connection problems first?.Version: 5.9.2

So slow it’s uselessPlease change your slogan to ‘Always home... with a short five minute delay👍.’.Version: 5.22.5

App and device have become very unreliable.The app isn’t consistent (likely the device). Sometimes it connects to the camera, sometimes it doesn’t. I have tried changing routers, resetting device, uninstalling app. Very frustrated..Version: 3.12.2

Problems since updateThe older version of this app worked perfectly and was easy to use! Nothing has changed with my wifi. Connection is still strong etc... Since the latest update things have become complicated and I am unable to connect to my live view straight away. When notified of movement it keeps telling me to reconnect and I am having to reconnect several times before i am actually connected. By the time i am connected it is too late to see who is at the door or what the movement is, which defeats the purpose of have the ring bell..Version: 5.14.0

Events history navigation is slackI have installed the app for my new video doorbell 2 just today, everything seems to be working fine except the navigation between different types of events. If I have to navigate in between different event types like motion, doorbell press etc then I need to click on the icons multiple times to select the specific icon.I have experienced the same issue on my different IOS mobile devices. I hope this will be fixed soon..Version: 5.12.0

Spotlight and doorbellI have both a spotlight cam and a doorbell cam. Both have issues picking up cars. Always the same box truck or fire truck, it’s consistent at least... the spot light cam has more customization in regards to the customizable area that you can set where it picks up motion. The doorbell cam is too simple and not customizable enough which is weird because naturally that’s where more vehicle movement will be.. the flood light cam was worth every penny even though I can only use on about 25% sensitive due to said issues, it still picks up everything I need. The doorbell cam I’ve actually considered removing other then it offers one simple function, when someone rings I can talk to them. Other then that I’ve turned it’s sensitivity all the way down on the doorbell, I don’t need to know every time a box truck or the mail man goes by. All in all the floodlight cam is worth the money! The doorbell would probably be worth it if you lived in a quit neighborhood will low traffic. I would also love if the loading time to get into the camera after it spots motion would speed up, sometimes it takes up to 30+ seconds before my view of the live footage is available. Add more functionality to doorbell cam, speed up connection times and I’d give 5 stars..Version: 5.11.2

Notifications have stopped and other issuesUpdate - by process of elimination I discovered the cause of the lack of alerts - Smart Alerts. As soon as I disabled that, the notifications started again. It wasn’t smart, it was literally blocking all alerts! Some update around Xmas would have killed it. I have recently stopped receiving notifications from the app. I’ve checked all the settings both on the phone and the ring app and all looks correct. I’ve changed nothing. A security system with no way of informing me of movement in the house is no use to me. Also cameras randomly select different Wi-Fi routers in the house and take themselves offline. It would be useful to be able to force them to select a specific one and stick to it. For example there’s a router right next to one camera yet it hooks itself to one on another floor and either has a weak signal or looses connection Finally when downloading videos from my door camera, why is the quality so poor compared with the view on my phone? I wanted to give a neighbour some footage of a car hitting theirs. On my phone it’s clear to see, on the download it’s jumpy and totally skips the hit. I tried to download several times in case it was due to a signal issue but each time it was identical.Version: 5.57.0

Useless and so slowUseless and awful!.Version: 5.43.0

Worthless ProductThere is truth in you get what you pay for! I purchased my ring a little over two years ago. While my home is very modern, it is very old and never had a door bell. Ring doesn’t tell you, even with the app, if users do not have an existing door bell they will have to buy a chime, and external power pack from Ring. Oh boy, more money to spend and more time to wait on using something you purchase! Another thing they do not tell you, the thing quits working if someone rings your door bell. Apparently a common issue if you bothers to read feedback comments on here. To reset it, users must unplug the “Ring power pack “, wait a minute or so and then plug it back in. Very much rendering it useless and time consuming. In addition they do not tell you the lag time it takes the app to open and show video if someone does ring the bell or sets off the alert, plus they have this new feature that makes even that more complicated by opening in past time forcing the user to advance to live. Now, I’ve change my internet provider and have no way of changing my WiFi setting in the App and when I pull the stinking cover and push the rest it never shows in my WiFi as an available connection so I can add it to my WiFi Do yourself a favor and spend a few extra bucks and purchase something other than Ring.Version: 5.29.0

So slow it’s almost uselessSo slow it’s almost useless. If there is motion at front door or other cameras it takes so long to load. Also sometimes it doesn’t even load. I know it is not my wifi because the Rssi on all camera is below 45 and I get more than 80 mbps download speed where each cam is. I thought I bought quality cameras for around $300 per camera. And $14 for cloud recording. RING YOU HAVE TO FIX THIS..Version: 5.27.1

Great idea but doesn't do it wellApp badge doesn't display alert numbers (e. g displaying the motions etc as a number on the app icon) like arlo does. Having to delete motions etc 1 by 1, can't select all & delete all at once. Very frustrating and what I would call the basics. For the price it should definitely have the basics plus! Video quality is ok though..Version: 3.1.5

Terrible appSettings configured on one mobile device for a particular camera aren’t synced across multiple multiple mobile devices logged in to the same account. What’s the point having an ‘account’ if the settings in there aren’t same across all mobile devices.........Version: 5.30.1

HUGE SUBSCRIPTION COSTS! price hike! TOO expensiveSubscription jumped a massive 25%!!!!! for one device! Such a scam. Honestly there are so many other better option out there without the nasty fees that just keep rising! Ring - securing their bank accounts = safe n sound. 0/10 The product itself looses battery life with every charge… the video quality is so poor you can even make out a face or number plate.. the footage is always fuzzy and blurred at the start… and more of the recording. The mounts for the devise are poor and restrictive for positioning when mounted. The casing wethers very quickly The battery’s take 8+ house to charge up They take money off your credit card with out notification or reminders!! And never provide a receipt. Bulky outdated low quality product not with the money at all. Far far too expensive for what you get and the fees are raised after you have already purchased the devise. Very very misleading and deceptive!.Version: 5.56.1

Great Security at TimesReally great for security on our property, warns of everyone entering, the only bit of concern is the battery needs charging, but can be connected to the mains, at the moment only one is but Two will be soon. Very Poor System On getting Issues Sorted, Ring took Two lots of money at the same time, one being for Monthly which has since been stopped by my bank, the other was for a Year which was setup due to the monthly issues, tried to contact someone to no avail, I’m Deaf so no Phones, also now I get a Number Of Black Videos, did not before, System is fairly good with some things not very good, they keep sending mails saying to renew basic account when I did in December, another poor system. Ring needs to look at the above ASAP Due to being Deaf can not contact anyone, gone Downhill over time when you could get things sorted, to many Phone Lines and nothing for the Deaf, I do not do Facebook..Version: 5.49.0

Constant Streaming ErrorsUsed to work well, now live view only works 50% of the time and says streaming error. Nothing wrong with connection, just bugs that have needed to be fixed for a long time. Save your money and buy another brand.Version: 5.44.0

It’s OK for a battery operated cameraThe app was doing fine until the last update. Something is wrong with the motion schedule part. I had to disable my schedules because the app was getting it all wrong. For instance if I had a motion schedule to disable motion alerts between 6am-12pm the motion alerts would stop before 6am. In fact they would probably never turn on if I didn’t delete all the schedules. So now I just manually turn motion on and off until there’s a fix. Everyone seems to be having problems since the latest update. UPDATE: I got help from their support team. What I did and I believe it worked was delete the app. Reboot the phone and then installed the app again. So video alerts are working fine and since I got my RSSI to about-42 it works really good. Another update: ok I’ve got the same problem again. The schedules seemed to work until a certain day. Like one other review said it seems that days are off. So if you schedule your device to not alert you on a certain day it will likely turn off the day before you had it scheduled. So until they fix this I will have to not use the scheduled alerts. If you have this problem you will need to delete the app. Restart your phone and reinstall the app. And don’t use the schedules..Version: 5.15.1

Ok but needs improvingHad ring doorbell since Black Friday Deal in 2023. Works ok, often doesn’t connect to live view despite mesh node a foot from front door and signal strength green to signify good signal strength with average of 50. It seems ring blame people’s WiFi for this rather than sort the issue with firmware or app updates judging by other reviews. My Kami WiFi cams connect in under 2 seconds every single time, despite being a floor away from nearest mesh nodes. Quick replies not useful and need to be customisable even if text to speech generated, or option to record and upload our own, that’ll be better than limited options available which don’t fit our needs. Also need Apple Watch app to view or at least speak to person at door, Apple’s “camera remote” app works perfectly on Apple Watch so definitely possible to show excellent real time video feed on Apple watch if developers choose to. Update: ring replied to me and blamed my WiFi, no surprises there..Version: 5.68.0

Detection sub optimalThe camera detects movement from side to side ( i. E Cars on Street ) pretty well. But not what I wanted cars driving / persons approaching towards the camera on my driveway ) are mostly undetected. Recording of persons coming to my door only starts when they are directly in front of camera. Motion detection could be refined : Less traffic side to side , more detection of of movements towards/ from camera , please !.Version: 5.26.1

Never works wellWe bought one of the original ring devices and it’s never worked well, jittery, blurry, freezes, lags etc, we put it down to a slow connection and thought it was “us” not “them” however we have since updated to the NBN and gotten a faster modem but nothing has changed. I do wonder if it was faulty when we bought it? Surly the new ones couldn’t be this bad right? I kind of wished I exchanged it a while back. I do want to point out the exceptional customer service though, probably the best I’ve seen, responsive and fair..Version: 4.1.12

Ok design - TERRIBLE playback and comment functionsThe design and layout is ok but the video playback control is just plain terrible. I thought they’d figure it out but after two years it is as bad as the day it was introduced. If you play a captured video, you can't pause it without it going stupid. The little slider is impossible to grab and move, even if it is paused. I must frequently close the app and go back in because it gets stuck. It needs better pause and playback control including half speed. I’ve looked at the competition and honestly if you are thinking which brand to start with, Ring is not your first choice. I frequently miss the first 4 or five seconds of motion. They literally have to be right on top of the camera before it clues in. Then it has to change aperture, go dark, go bright, then focus - now 3-4 seconds in. Then two seconds later it captures audio. So tired of the whole inferior product and app, I’m ready to move on. Have had 3 rings doorbells over the last 5 years. It’s an inferior product with no development. We’ll, except as a marketing platform. They do like to advertise to you all their new products through the app. That’s cool if you are in to that sort of thing… sheesh..Version: 5.64.0

Fire the developers….…. Worst app I’ve ever tried to set up! One frustrating nonsensical message after another. Everything is gine st my end but endless error messages at every stage if this app. JUNK. Technical support phone numbers are just as bad. Canadian number simply disconnected on multiple attempts to get help. This is how much they value our business I guess. Very disappointed in Ring overall. Planning to return the whole thing even with it already installed. If it wasn’t, it would be on its way back already!.Version: 5.46.0

The worst customer support I’ve ever experiencedI have 13 ring devices, doorbells, cameras and the like. They literally ignore all feedback on the bugs in the app, and use bland corporate speak like “we are unable to assure you at this time” when all you want is a straight answer. The iPad app is a joke. It’s basically the iPhone app with more white space. Hold the app in landscape and instead of having preview tiles that use the screen space you get tiny thumbnails with tons of white space around them which they refuse to fix and makes the app completely useless They have “improved” the iPhone app by completely removing the visual timeline which allows you to drag and locate the event you wanted. Now you have to literally click on dozens of snapshots manually to check which one it is, something that can take 20 minutes rather than three seconds, and they call this an “improvement” The preview tiles only show the last time you loaded a preview tile in the app, which could be days ago, and if the app can’t communicate with any device in the first few moments of launching the app it doesn’t use any of the dozens of snapshots that previously tool, and refused to load any from the history, which again needlessly makes the app show very old photos when there are much newer ones available.Version: 5.43.0

Buggy not recommendedThis version of the app is even worse than the last one, buggy not recommended. Huge latency delays and half the time it freezes so you can't even see who's rings the bell..Version: 2.6

Solid, but light on featuresThis is a great app for the basics of managing a camera but it’s lacking in a few essential features. You can create “modes” such as ‘away’ or ‘home’ but you don’t have good granular control of how the system operates in different modes. Eg, I always want my camera to record motion, but only send me alerts when it’s set to ‘away’, but that’s not an option. The app also asks for access to your location but it can’t do anything with that location. It would be useful it changed modes automatically based on my location..Version: 5.35.0

Newest update is terrible.Extremely glitchy since updating..Version: 5.46.0

Live viewLive view keeps crashing.Version: 5.21.1

Always glitchesFor a security app it’s ridiculous that it’s always glitching. I have had it for a year and find it so stressful why it takes ages to load when I click live or when it won’t refresh the feeds and I have to click it. @Ring you see there are so many complaints and yet make no effort to fix this. It’s absurd that I pay yearly for this.Version: 5.47.0

NO Video Doorbell and Chime Pro motion detection schedule?!This is a suggested feature that needs to be added urgently as a security measure to address the increasing break ins. In the Ring app it is possible to create a schedule so if the video doorbell detects motion, linked devices can react (such as turn lights on) during defined scheduled hours (ie 6pm to 6am). My example is that motion detected by my Video Doorbell during 6pm to 6am will turn on the two linked lights we have located at the front of the property (Spotlight Cam and Floodlight Cam Wired Pro). This works exceptionally well! My suggestion is that it is important that this same type of functionality is added with the Chime Pro so that if the video doorbell detects motion during a set schedule (ie 6pm to 6am) that the user can set a tone to go off only during the scheduled hours! The interim solution provided by support is to manually silence motion notifications on the chime pro during the day but this only indicates that the desired schedule function was somehow overlooked. Please fix as soon as possible. Thanks.Version: 5.61.0

Something very wrong!I purchased my ring door bell yesterday and set it up without a hitch. HOWEVER! There is a bug in the notifications! I have managed to figure out why notifications where not coming up on my iPhone when the screen was off and the doorbell rang. Every time I turn the Bluetooth off on my phone so my Apple Watch didn’t connect to the phone. The notifications would work fine when the doorbell was pushed. If I turn Bluetooth on and my Apple Watch connected. I push the door bell and my phones screen would not light up and I wouldn’t see the notification on the phone. However the notification would come up on my watch and alert me. I would then pickup my phone and see the notification once the screen light up. What in the world? So I did some more testing and discovered, if you turn ring notifications off in the watch app that it actually fixes the issue! Push the doorbell button and the phone screen light up and the notification works perfect. So it would seem that the notifications will only work on one or the other. Either your phone or the watch but not both. Would have been nice to know this from the beginning and saved me like an hour of testing. This can be easily fixed with a small bit of coding in the app. But it’s going to take the developer to do it. Until then it’s notifications on one or the other. I hope this helps someone if they can sift through all the other feedback..Version: 5.2.1

Lastest Update has bugs in it, and no easy way to report to RingWhen all is working the Ring cameras and app are great. Still a couple of nice features missing but in general all good But latest update has a massive bug in it.. I cannot get the Device Health for my cameras anymore. The Door Bell is fine, but the stick up cameras have no health info since latest update. And with limited ways to contact Ring, you are stuck with an App that does not do what its supposed to ! Ring, IMPROVE your support channels for reporting bugs !.Version: 5.43.0

No support in nZEverything works fine but I have no end of issues with renewing my video subscription plan and no support in NZ - chat support not working???.Version: 5.65.0

Write down your serial numbers!Ring does not keep your serial numbers in the app nor in your account. If your device is stolen and the police want the serial number, it is not easy to get. After searching all over the app and your account and you cannot find it you decide to search for a phone number to call Ring. When you finally get a human on the phone and you explain that your device was stolen and the detective needs the serial number and the human tries to tell you where to find the serial number in your stolen device, you about lose it. She finally got it for me. Then I asked about the report that I filed with Ring to try to get a replacement device, she found it supposedly. I never got ANY response from Ring after I sent it in. None. After I got off the phone with the rep I got a customer service survey AND the same email that I had gotten before on how to file the report about a stolen device. Why did I get this? Do I have to fill it out again? Just write down your serial numbers. With all of that said, I have to say that the app has gotten VERY SLOW. I used to love my Ring cameras over my Arlo ones. This has changed. The Arlo app is so much better and faster and you can easily flip through videos without closing one and opening the next or trying to keep a timeline from resetting to the end. Get it together Ring. I have 9 of your cameras and I will probably switch back to Arlo if you continue to slide..Version: 5.38.1

Poor UX designThe ring cameras are awesome and the products work as advertised but the app design is simply awful. Ring, please fire your UX team now and bring in competent staff. Every single update changes the location of the motion snooze feature. Was in quick access, them moved to another screen entirely, then changed locations on that screen only to move back again. Extremely frustrating..Version: 5.49.0

A very disappointing purchase.At first I was enthusiastic about my cameras. And I bought 6 and a door bell. Then I noticed that people walking in front of the camera weren’t recorded. And the doorbell would ring after the person left. So I adjusted the setting and now every insect, waving branch and rain drop are picked up. So I adjusted the setting again, and again and again. I’ve given up. Meanwhile, the latency on the camera became really long. People leave before I can see the video. And the app freezes when open. Oh, also, the battery ones are way worse at missing stuff than the AC units. I’ve exchanged email with ring support. They are more interested in neutralizing a bad review than making the camera work. I’m sure some bot will respond to this review with some corporate speak making promises. But nothing will be done to fix the issues. It’s more about discrediting a bad review than making a functional product. Definitely would not recommend. Reply to Ring: I’ve checked the RSSI and device health. Everything is green, an the devices are always up. Don’t try and spin this as a connectivity issue. It is not. The devices is just dumb and slow. It can’t to tell the difference between a swaying bush, an insect and a person. Also rings servers are dog slow responding when there is motion. Considering the avalanche of bad reviews stating the same issues, I find your response disingenuous..Version: 5.64.0

DO NOT UPDATE THE APPLatest app is full of bugs. Layout will be defaulted as new feature layout regardless you switch it or not and it is extremely annoying. New version won’t let you switch different camera as X sign on top corner while viewing the camera disappears. Invested on over $1000 on this product and fault app just destroyed it..Version: 5.14.0

Ring 2 not ready for prime timeI have a Ring 2 that’s almost worthless. I am receiving alerts but they’re several seconds delayed. My settings are set to be as fast and sensitive as possible. Same problem many other of your other customers complain about. I wish you would at least have the option of turning off the 10 minute timer that shuts down live view. Should be the customers decision to drain the battery in live view. That’s why I bought an extra battery. Also, one of the times I tried calling you I was given the option of making an appointment for you to call me back but you never did. And Kaitlyn@Ring, don’t bother to paste your typical reply telling me to email you because you’re so concerned. I’ve read your response back to other customers so many times that I’ve memorized it. Customers should realize if you have to paste that same cookie cutter reply addressing everyone’s concern then Ring and your customers have a really big problem. I’m connected to my 2.4 GHz network and hitting roughly 8Mbps at -53 dBm power. Being an engineer I realize that the business unit and marketing/sales have more say than the technical staff at most companies. The technical people rarely want to release the product before it’s ready but the business side always makes that happen which is why your commercials on TV are so great but your product has a lot to be desired. And you Kaitlyn, I’m not sure which side of the house you’re on but I hope they’re paying you well..Version: 5.2.1

Room for improvementThey have introduced 2 step verification and that’s fine but the app itself is mighty sluggish in connecting, so that by the time you are eventually connected and blessed with the LIVE VIEW, the person outside your door has already left.Version: 5.35.0

Motion zones: BIG STEP backwards!!!First, I want to say that I have been a fan of Ring for 3 years. In fact, I have recommended Ring over other systems to friends and family many times. I have multiple AC powered only flood cams and doorbell cams around my property. I have AC only cams because of the detail and flexibility in the configuration of multiple motion zones on these devices. However, in a recent update, they removed the Active checkbox that allowed for the selection of one of multiple zones defined on a cam. As a result, you must delete your other 2 motion zones when you need one of them active. Then, when you want them back, you must redefine them! Why is this an issue? Let’s say you have cams looking down on a basketball court. When the team is practicing, you do not need to record all activity. Instead, you just want the area/zone around the court protected by your camera system. If someone enters the zone, you want notified. Otherwise, no alerts. As someone who designs interfaces and software as a profession, I can tell you that this was an unforgivable decision. You need to think long before ever removing a powerful feature that has been inherent for years. For this reason, my experience with the app is now a frustrating experience. I have since stopped recommending Ring. I am now looking for another solution..Version: 5.37.1

TerribleTerrible setup process. Have done everything I can to try and connect my WIFI to the ring doorbell and nothing works. Have deleted and reinstalled, reset modem, everything. Nothing seems to help and I see heaps of posts saying they have had similar experiences. Now I’m left with a doorbell / camera that can’t do anything as of yet. Very disappointed....Version: 5.35.0

Unreliable Security SystemMy husband and I have the Wireless Spotlight cameras. One on our front door for package thieves and one on our garage to watch over my car because we only have one garage. While the cameras come in handy in us keeping an eye on our packages while we aren't home, they're really good for nothing. They're inconveniently dysfunctional. The motion detector really isn't that great. There has been two incidents right in front of our driveway and the cameras caught nothing. One of our guest's car got broken into. When we looked back at the videos, it recorded cars driving by and all, but nothing of what happened. The front door camera captured a small glimpse of someone already walking right off so we have no idea if it was that person or not. So helpful, right? The other time, someone threw a glass bottle at our guest's car. Once again, nothing. I noticed that if there's continuous movement, the camera records the first 30 seconds and that's it. Basically, all it'll catch is someone walking up to your house and what they do is history. This makes Ring not a reliable security system at all. My biggest problem with the cameras is, sometimes the live video won't even load! And NO, it's not because of our wifi. We plan on getting rid of Ring for a security system that records 24 hours instead. If you are looking for some pros or special features of Ring cameras, that can be found on the product description..Version: 5.16.0

Good app but could be improvedI’ve been using this app and the Ring platform for a few years now and overall it’s been a revelation in our house. My mother, struggles with getting to the door quick enough and when my Dad and I were both out at work, she would feel scared to come to the door, when she was home alone. Additionally, this platform helped record two attempted break ins at my house so overall it’s been great. However, one of the most frustrating things about this app and specifically, the Doorbell Pro, is that it does not inform you when a device has lost its WiFi connectivity. Such a simple, but important feature has been missing from this app. I was surprised to learn, from Ring support, that the doorbell has to always be manually added back to the network however, the other devices (Cameras etc) don’t need to be. If this is true, I find it surprising that the app does not alert you when the doorbell loses its connectivity. Secondly, the notification sound for motion is piercingly loud when you have earphones connected to your phone. Surely there must be a way to lower the notification sound when earphones are connected to the device. Overall, the platform has been great but I think these two features really let the product down..Version: 5.33.0

SlowI have the ring doorbell, the app is way too slow at opening, when there is motion notification by the time the app opens the person has already left, same with live view. Way to slow, I'm using iPhone 5S, with no apps open to slow down my phone. I had to mention that cause manufactures always blame the users equipment to justify there faults. The app is slow and the app is slow and that's all there is to it..Version: 3.12.1

WOW. This product is just woeful. Do not purchaseThinking about buying Ring? Please don’t. You’ll pull your hair out. Where to begin with this app. Firstly, it takes a while for your doorbell to connect to the app. Remember those Ring apps showing the happy middle class families gazing into their app just BEFORE someone rings the bell? Who in real life does that? Reality: someone presses doorbell, few seconds for signal to reach device, then almost an eon to open up the app. By this time your caller has become bored and long gone. ring’s advice? Install the other Ring app. Seriously. 2. Picture is NOT 1080. Test this with a smartphone that also takes pics at 1080. MASSIVE difference in quality. THIS IS NOT 1080. It is at best a lie. 3. To log in on your tablet you need 2-factor authentication. If you don’t provide a number Ring email it to you. They give you just 60 seconds. When the email eventually arrives 20 mins later it tells you that you have (HAD) 10 minutes. My banking apps allow Touch ID on the iPad. Seriously Ring, your techies need to get a grip. Unimpressed, beginning to wish I’d bought something else. I’m sure some (retired bungalow owners) are happy but do they have anything to compare it against?.Version: 5.25.0

Terribly slowThe ring app is too slow to be useful in any sense! Also their units are over priced! The „security“ sign in process is simply stupid! Buy pne that directly downloads onto sd-cards or your computer! Ring is just a money gran!.Version: 5.46.0

Can’t change the tones!Fix it or I’m going to take it back for a refund!.Version: 5.33.0

Used to be great.When I purchased the ring doorbell, I paid yearly and videos stayed on the app. Recently, the price went up over £10 on the year and all the videos I was saving for prosecuting a neighbour and having them evicted, all disappeared. I’d had no notice that this was happening, and I’m certainly not going to be paying the extra charges for getting so little back. Night time vision does not get car registrations and if a car has headlights sinking up or down the street, it is impossible to see anything. Don’t waste your money. Night vision is dreadful. Ring has got greedy and lazy. After contacting customer services overseas, a waste of time as they couldn’t tell me why my videos had gone. If I’ve paid to store 3 months of videos, even when I didn’t want to carry on with the subscription, videos saved just a week or so earlier all vanish. So much for 3 months storage..Version: 5.61.0

Poor video quality & removal of featuresI have over 12 RING cameras/doorbells etc. I say that to say I spent a lot of money to join their ecosystem. However, I recently had someone jump my fence. While the cameras saw it happen…..good luck using that grainy footage to catch anyone. Meanwhile my neighbors non Ring camera not only caught the footage in 4K it literally swiveled around and tracked the person as they moved around the property. When submitting the police report to the local authorities, the two police officers literally laughed at the Ring footage with each other behind the counter. Ring is a waste. Since I purchased the alarm set up and cams, RING has increased its monthly prices on protection services with no return on those additional cost for the consumer. They also recently sent a new email saying they are going to remove even more features from the services. Ring needs to watch out. The competition has already passed them up on video quality and product features. While also steadily Removing features. Keep it up and in 2 years or so they’ll have no where near the same market share for the home security market. You can’t capitalize on the ring doorbell forever. What was once a technological innovative product is now outdated. It’s time for Ring to be innovative again..Version: 5.64.2

Take it back to the shop!!After a month with the the ring system, which in theory is a great idea. It simply doesn’t work, very well. The lag in connecting to the cameras is laughable! I hoping that this is read before anyone decides to purchase the system. Their support is almost non existent.... and basically read scripts back to you. If you do randomly get an alert, then you can’t live view the camera until it finishes the recording (if and when it chooses to do so) which basically means this product operates on false advertising. To use all the features you have to pay a hefty annual fee. If you have just bought it, get back in the car and take it back. Save yourself the insanity of attempting to get this thing to work as advertised. Ps I’m very techy. And even after analysing all the frequencies of my local and neighbouring wifi networks and adjusting my modem channels accordingly, nada!.Version: 4.0.2

Battery Level wrongAfter installing the latest version of the app my battery level is always showing at 100%!.Version: 4.1.12

Don’t botherI’ve had two rings now as the first one broke, the button to connect it to WIFI stopped working. I got it exchanged from the place of purchase no worries but ring charged me straight away for another subscription even though when I spoke to them they said they wouldn’t, sure enough they did. Plus, the second year they charged me the annual fee had gone up more than $7 with no formal notification of this. Plus, it never connects properly to my modem and it’s not a modem issue as I have had it checked. I have a fast 5G connection the only device in the house that won’t connect is the RING, it connects at random times but when I need it to it never does. All in all, I can firmly say I’d not bother with this product. It’s poor and not worth the money. Best advice, find an alternative product..Version: 5.5

TerribleToo slow and you can’t check all camera live at the same time.Version: 5.62.0

BrokenWas working just fine until this most recent update. No takes for ever to connect to live view and for all recorded info. Kinda useless when you want to speak with a person at your front door. Come on fix it as it was not broken before the update!.Version: 5.46.0

Definitely getting worseI’ve had ring doorbell for couple years now unit used to work as advertised after many updates that just is not good. After the last few updates I’ve been having trouble motion alert by the time the app opens up the person’s already gone. The lag time to open live view is so long I could leave wash dishes feed the dogs Mow the lawn and it might be open by the time I get back. The cameras have recently started to only show in black and white even when it’s full daylight outside. I don’t know what happened but the developers have totally ruined this product for me and to charge you money to have the videos on their cloud storage is stupid might as well just buy a NVR. Anytime you contact customer support it’s always the same thing it’s something wrong with your network it’s something wrong with your router it’s something wireless interference in your area well needless to say that’s not true I have 100 meg Internet service it works flawlessly I have a top tier router all my other networking products work just fine and I’ve done site surveys to prove that it’s not a congestion issue on the 2.4 GHz network I seriously hope they’ll fix the app issues or whatever they done or these things are going in the trash can or letgo and be some else’s problem..Version: 4.1.15

Wonderful concept! Just one quirk...The app is very intuitive and works just the way I need it too (with the exception of some people posting things that aren’t a security concern [one person posted a video of it snowing in my city two years ago because it was pretty... Really?]). The only problem is when I go to look at either my floodlight camera or my doorbell camera from a notification that I get on my iPhone, it never works... the app never gets to showing the actual video of the camera in question. It stays on a loading screen with a blurred image of something recorded on the camera previously. When I press the red “hang up” button (downwards facing phone symbol) and manually try to view the camera again, however, the camera works. This retry works 99.9% of the time. I don’t think it can be a coincidence. It now takes too long for me to view something potentially dangerous. I’m not sure if the problem is with the camera or the app, but because I can always view my camera the second time I try to open it, I’m going to blame the app. :-( So i can’t give this app more than a 3-star rating. Would definitely change this app rating to 5 stars if this were fixed, however!.Version: 5.15.0

Can’t chime and stops working randomlyWe’ve had our Ring Pro for over two years and have intermittently had an issue where it would stop working right after someone rang the doorbell and wouldn’t work again until it was unplugged and plugged back in. This issue has been prevalent since a few months after we purchased. Any time I called customer service they would just have me run a reset and say it was working again and that there was nothing else they could do for me. Well finally a customer service person was unexpectedly helpful and had me do all sorts of tests to check how much power it was getting and come to find out it gets enough power, but there’s some sort of ‘fluke’ issue some of the doorbells have that prevent them from being able to operate all the time when the in-house chime is also activated. And wouldn’t it happen to be that we finally figured the cause of this problem out a few months after the warranty period expired. They were gracious enough to offer a discount on purchasing a new one, but if I didn’t want to buy another possibly faulty doorbell I would need to deactivate my internal chime, and just keep checking my app to see when it stops working so I can go home and perform another reset. I just got done with another reset because I realized today that my doorbell hasn’t worked for over a week. I would definitely not recommend this doorbell to anyone, and I will be searching for a replacement as soon as I finish posting this review..Version: 5.15.1

Read the reviews pleaseRing please read the reviews on the app. It needs a lot of improvements. Slow camera loading, laggy, crashing...so many things need to improve..Version: 5.22.5

Live view is problematicWhen away from home and my phone is connected to a Wi-fi network, the app is invariably unable to connect to the ring doorbell when answering a ring or when motion is detected. So I either have to switch off Wi-fi and try again (slow and data intensive) by which time the caller has usually departed, or wait until I can view the recorded footage instead. Either way, the real time connection does not happen. I have had the Ring doorbell for about 6 months now and the number of times I have actually managed to see live or chat with the caller I can count on one hand. My wife has exactly the same problem too. Ring’s advice is that I should check my network signal strength (at both ends) but both are really strong and it all works perfectly around the house i.e. if I am upstairs or in the garden. So this is a problem that Ring have not or cannot resolve. Other than that it works great as a camera for recording who comes to your door when you’re not in - I just wish I could talk to them too!.Version: 5.1

Connection error cannot load your locations. It’s been like this for a month. Ring can’t fixRing technical support has done nothing but make excuses for the past month. They refuse to refund my money for the monthly service they can’t supply. Refused to refund for the doorbells I purchased .they are not usable on their app Any longer . It reads the locations will not load. Bottom line they blocked me out of my account. But they continue to claim that it’s a bug in their system. I have spoken with several of their customer service reps. Each one has a different story and different line of BS. Appears they read off a 3 x 5 cards and have no clue what they’re really doing. Although based in the United States I still feel service is no better than what I get if you were calling overseas. My last two phone calls requesting supervisors were left on hold for over two hours. No one ever came on. Eventually I hung up . Very bad customer service. My first ring was original before they change their name. My current one is less than eight months old . The old one and new ones are still in service. We cannot access the system through any of the phones we own ,computers or iPads. With the lack of knowledge customer support has about their product in their inability to fix the problems. I would think very hard before purchasing any of their equipment. Also as a follow-up I am still waiting for return call for the last five days. Never came!!.Version: 5.5

Worst thing I have ever boughtWish I never bought this doorbell, have had it for over 6 months now and has never seemed to work as described or advertised on tv. I even took original doorbell back to shop and replaced with new one and tbh seems even worst then the first. When doorbell is pressed there is a massive delay in getting a notification on my iPad or iPhone and when it does connect the caller has already left. Also never seems to connect to app so can never get a live view. Spoke to Ring customer service which tbh are worst then there doorbell as they have tried to blame my internet which is very funny as I have 80meg speed and door bell is less then a metre away from router so sorry Ring it’s nothing to do with my internet and more like something to do with your dodgy devices or server hence anyone I discuss this with is suffering the same issue. Will be taking this crap off my door this week and replacing with a different make which I know works a lot better and also a lot cheaper. As said worst purchase I have ever bought and would suggest for anyone thinking of buying a ring product to look for alternatives as you will be wasting your time and money on any of there stuff and just defeats the object of having this would rather have my old doorbell that actually rang and alerted me when I had a caller at the door. Very poor product and even worst customer service!!!!! Ps would of given no stars but was not allowed to leave a review without giving a start.Version: 5.15.0

Major software bugCan’t use my Ring Bridge because it says “echo 4th Gen off line”. This is a software bug. I don’t have any such device. Creates an install loop for the bridge and flood light that always ends with the above error. Won’t let me install the flood light because it says the echo 4th gen is off line. Keeps making me reinstall the bridge and never works. Support says I just have to wait for them to fix the software. Meanwhile my newly installed Ring flood light/camera just died. Amateur hour..Version: 5.42.0

Too resource hungryIt only works with a high end internet connection speed. Ours is 16Mb and camera access fails more times than it works..Version: 5.52.1

Hit or miss? No, it’s a miss or miss1 out of 10 times I can see who is at the door. The rest is streaming error. Such a waste of time and money 👎🏼.Version: 5.50.2

Birds Eye View useless in AustraliaBirds Eye view seems like a great functionality but is completely useless in Australia. I think “MapBox” quality of maps here is terrible. I’m in Sydney and Birds Eye view is just a massive blur of an aerial shot taken several years ago. It’s also a complete pain to turn off Birds Eye view as a result of the maps being horrid. I really hope you choose a new provider and get clearer and more up to date map images. If Birds Eye and 3D is such a big feature now of your new and more expensive models, you should be able to budget more on a more appropriate solution for Australia. Also… deducted another star because of Ring compatibility with Orbi Mesh devices. Have spent 10 hours on tech support. Have amazing quality speed wifi with great coverage yet the new spotlight pros suffer and stop working with it (my previous model spotlights working fine). I had to set up a new network on a different model router just for these cameras. I’d also like to see face recognition like google has. Id also like to very much see access control system so I can open a strike operated gate from the app. Then I could have bought a ring doorbell instead of a different brand intercom which can open my relay operated gate..Version: 5.55.0

Live feedCan’t go live feed since 6 of October.Version: 5.44.0

Starring not working on iPadStar a video and a completely different one to the one selected is starred. It’s all over the place and I struggle to unstar the ones that have been starred wrongly. What would be useful is 1) For the device owner be able to delegate some functions to a Shared used. For example, I would like to be able to delegate deleting old videos to my partner who has his own account. That way we can both review and housekeep the videos rather than me having to do it all the time. 2) To have an optional timer function to switch Modes, so we can automatically switch to Away Mode at a set time every day. Or automatically switch to Disarmed at a set time. Having to do this manually is tiresome. I know we can use a timer to automatically switch off notifications for the hours we want, but that doesn’t stop a bazillion videos accumulating that need dealing with..Version: 5.48.2

Wired or not, this app sucks!Why does Ring struggle so much?! I’m on gigabit internet, top routers and yet, there’s massive delays when answering the door or even looking at feed for 4 hours ago. Seriously! You’re making me consider moving back to traditional systems which record 24/7 and have clearer images than the Ring Doorbell Pro (wired). It’s been 3-4 years I’ve been with ring and when my subscription is done, I’m jumping ship..Version: 5.43.0

Good but can be greatAwesome product range - not all available in NZ though. Setup is sort of easy, my wife as main user - ISSUE 1: is that I was invited to join but can’t set indoor cameras to record and notify when movement - I have to text her to set this when I leave home. ISSUE 2: would be awesome to have my indoor, outdoor and doorbell work on Apple HomeKit. (Why? Is it because it’s Apple or there is no Ring Hub?) HomeKit use Apple TV or HomePod as the hub and it’s all in software, no more chips required from Apple). Answer to be perfect is HomeKit compatible and be able to as the second user have permissions to activate/deactivate devices. We don’t want cameras indoor recording and notifications while we are at home.Version: 5.15.1

BAD UPDATEI love the concept of the Ring device and instant notifications triggered by motion or a doorbell ring. Unfortunately, this falls short when timing is critical. To only see the back of someone because of the delay in activation defeats the purpose of the device. Now for the recent update. I updated the app, as prompted, to ensure the best results for my security device. BIG MISTAKE!! All of my recordings were deleted! When I tried view even the most recent motion activation, I was able to receive the notification, but I had a message stating my plan was expired attached to every single notification (Motion, Live View and Doorbell). I spent an hour on the phone with customer service as my plan was not expired. The rep couldn’t explain what happened. On a whim, I deleted the app and reinstalled it, and tadah, everything came back. Ring People: if you are reading this, please correct whatever went wrong!!! I didn’t even know that my videos were deleted or that newer stuff was not being recorded until I went into the videos to delete the ones I didn’t want. This is potentially dangerous when homeowners think they are protected by surveillance and that surveillance fails from a flaw in the app without even knowing it until it is too late. Hopefully everything doesn’t get screwy again as I only discovered the issue today..Version: 5.4.1

Navigating app and notification settings is so difficultI’m overall happy with my ring but navigating the various notification and motion settings in the app is so difficult and not user friendly. To begin—this is coming from someone who’s generally tech savvy. There are various different locations to find various different notification specifications and selections as well as motion settings and motion notification settings. it took me so long just to find where I can change which notifications have a sound alert or not. Then I have to go to a completely different place to find which motion settings I want notifications for. Another place to find how frequently i want them and the sensitivity of motion capturing. It’s so hard to maneuver and I also feel like it doesn’t allow you to get detailed with what kinds of motion settings and notifications you want. I think there should be an easier user experience with device and notif settings that’s more common sense to navigate than the current layout. It also ends recording too soon after it detects motion and I can’t even find the notification setting on how to change that, lol cuz it’s so difficult..Version: 5.55.0

Not consistentI bought a video doorbell 2 and I really really want it to work as advertised, but, it doesn't. 80% of the time it works, but occasionally it records a black screen instead of video. Sometimes someone rings it and it doesn't notify my phone or record, and I can only initiate the live view about 10% of the time if I'm lucky..Version: 3.14.1

Plagued by problemsI have invested a lot of time and effort into getting this to work. Three cameras all linked by business grade access points to high speed fibre internet. WiFi signal quality is excellent and everything works well on the networking front. More often than not I cannot connect to the cameras and face a blank screen. Visitors leave without me even seeing them. On the rare occasions I have got it to work quick enough and tried to speak to them, the speaker works but the microphone doesn't so I cannot hear a word they are saying. It does record all events though even if I cannot connect to the camera. Playback works well on my iPhone Plus and looks good until I try to zoom in at which point its very pixelated. The recent upgrade resulted in all my Starred events disappearing from the Starred filter section. They are still there in the main Event Listing but effectively no longer accessible since I don't have hours to scroll back each time I want to see one. So to conclude, the system has become plagued by problems recently. Maybe the app is at fault or high demand on their servers. It's not just me, a few of us at work bought them and are all experiencing exactly the same issues. Currently I would say the system falls way short of the marketing hype. However they are good for recording and playback at a later time, but for the price look elsewhere until they get their act together. As always I will revisit this review if support turn things around..Version: 5.1

Needs updatingLots of modern stuff missing. - Needs peak and pop feature to answer door bells - Needs rich notification interaction to answer door bell on lock screen - Needs Apple Watch app to use to answer door. - Needs 3D Touch options on the icon..Version: 3.6.4

Streaming errorSince the last update, can no longer connect with my phone or iPad. Was always a slow connection but now nothing. Reset my network equipment made no difference, doorbell is useless. Could have bought a complete security system with motion sensor for half again as much and been much happier! Recommend to avoid this junk.Version: 5.46.0

When you updated 1w ago to fix bugs but…When your company try to updated and fix bugs but my house this model isn’t working for both of us phone. All datas are been wiped, both phones can’t connect with our door ring. Also I’ve been trying reconnect it but when I go to connect with WIFi and it’s can’t go next step! The connect button isn’t work, only if I typed 1 more space or one more digit to go to next step! The issue is I AM NOT BECAUSE RING TO CHANGE MY WI-FI PASSWORD!! There are more thing connecting with!! Never feel happy with product since the day 1! Hard to setup, can’t connect with customer service immediately, can’t fix any problems!.Version: 5.49.0

Ad’s on a paid subscriptionI pay monthly for their ring protect plan and get ad’s for products displayed within app which I feel is unacceptable..Version: 5.66.0

BUY A DIFFERENT PRODUCTI’ve had the doorbell for just about a year and a half now. The battery needs to be charged about every two months and has a super grainy image. The actual motion detection and doorbell feature don’t work half the time and go out with out warning. After being told by neighbors the doorbell wasn’t working, I called in to find out the doorbell had been offline for about a week and a half. Not very good security if it goes out and doesn’t tell you it’s out. I called in to fix the problem after getting stuck in an infinite loop of trying to reset the device. Turns out it’s a common problem “that the team is working on”. Thanks for the heads up, glad to know someone could have broken in and done what they wanted and I’d have been none the wiser. They have no idea when the problem will be fixed but it will “automatically fix itself” after an unknown amount of time. Not sure how the device will update itself when it can’t connect to the network but sure, ok. They basically brushed me off the phone and said sorry, not sorry. Thanks for the $200 paperweight Ring.... I’ll be going with a better product and a company that cares about its customer security next time. With so many options on the market please do yourself a favor and go with a different product and a different company people..Version: 3.12.3

Please bring back Rapid RingThe Rapid Ring app has a notice that reads “ Rapid Ring's features are now part of the Ring app. This app is no longer supported.” The only features of Rapid Ring were to be such a small, streamlined, single-purpose app that it could open very quickly and load live feeds with extreme speed so as to be able to view live events immediately. The claim that those features are now a part of this app is an absolute lie. This app takes more than three times as long just to launch and then at least twice as long to load the live feed. It is often useless for monitoring things quickly, as the things that catch our attention are often long gone by the time this app manages to get everything pulled up. We live next to a busy street and sidewalk, so we have the perimeter of our motion zones set to avoid those areas so we aren’t inundated with needless recordings and notifications, however we sometimes hear heated arguments across the street or unidentifiable suspicious sounds that we’d like to see for peace of mind immediately, but this app can’t do that, which lowers the overall effectiveness of all Ring-based security setups… just something to be aware of if you’re considering a Ring camera system and are in a similar situation. Rapid Ring used to be extremely fast, but it stopped working altogether shortly after they stopped supporting it. Please bring it back. Btw, I’m on an iPhone 13 Pro Max, so it’s not an issue of hardware capability..Version: 5.57.1

Poor performance overall.I’ve had this Ring Door View for over a year and a half now, and it is within 2 metres of my router. I pay for the privilege to review my recording which is a nice feature, despite there being no memory card for hard copies. It looks sleek and doesn’t detract from the property. That’s about all the positives. The audio is useless (there is no nice way of putting it) which makes deliveries incredibly difficult, the lag of this device is like watching dial up internet (and for the record I have had a BT engineer round and we have monitored the internet speed in actual time and back dated it- so there is no doubt it is the Ring device). I have missed countless interactions as a result of this poor connection; sometimes you get the joy of watching a frustrated delivery driver reversing away or walking away once the device finally connects. I find this odd, as whenever I show others wanting to see how it looks, always functioning without a glitch. The biggest fault with this product is if you try to view a knock/ring and it won’t connect... then that’s it. You have no evidence that anyone was there. You have no motion trigger or missed/answered view. This has caused more trouble than it’s worth, as a delivery company will state the item was delivered, and you have no evidence or parcel. With more and more options becoming available every week, is this worth the money? On a PrimeDay sale... maybe. (In my opinion).Version: 5.33.0

Latest update slow and not even work sometimesThe latest update make the loading live view so slooooow and even doesn’t work sometimes. Please please fix it.Version: 5.25.0

Horrendous supportI’m shocked by how low is the support level at this company. Avoid to be sucked in this mess of company. The hardware has a good quality but if you have to call for support then good luck..Version: 5.49.0

Great Potential - slow loading notifications to iphone & ipadI like the Door Bell and Chime Pro devices and had really intended to purchase the spotlight cam, but have been holding off until they rectify the load time on devices - very slow, with the cause well gone by the time the app opens, this despite the fact that my modem/router is only 10 feet away and outputs 23-24mps. Also, on occasions I receive notifications that appear, but do not open on my devices. I think their devices have great prospects, however there's a few bugs they really need to iron out first, then I'll have no bones about purchasing the spotlight cam..Version: 4.1.1

Doesnt meeting expectationsThe Rings battery wastes very quickly, and often without warning. it doesnt always respond on all devices when someone rings the doorbell. Cloud recording (only saving option) costs $50 a year, this cost is not advertised. Video quality is very low and doesnt even fill the screen, lots of black around the edges. (Yes that means all advertising of this product uses a super-imposed image.) For the same price you can get a swann setup with 4 cameras recording locally, no internet required. With free online monitoring. I feel very ripped off (also, i have NBN 50, so internet speed is not the issue) Ultimately its too unreliable to do the job it's meant to. The chime sound is very annoying and not customisable, this is absurd for a digital product in this price range. The battery has never shown an accurate reading since purchase, and takes 16 hours to charge, not very useful when it's designed to have to be removed to charge....Version: 4.1.4

Not recommendedThis cost a great deal of money & it doesn’t work as advertised. It constantly says poor signal strength, even though I can sit in my garden with my laptop & that works fine. I forked out more money for a signal booster but that made no difference whatsoever. How on Earth can a product that is supposed to be outside your property, at your front door, be moved closer to your router? I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous! My router is in my living-room where it is meant to be! I’m not dragging it though the house, cables & all, to plonk it in my hallway! The worst of this doorbell though, is its slowness to connect. On numerous occasions, the person has walked away before I get an alert to say someone is at my door. So it doesn’t record people pressing the bell but records your washing flapping about on the washing line. The other annoying thing is that it doesn’t chime in your house unless you buy a chime. If you are in the shower when your doorbell rings, you have no way of knowing that unless you take your phone in with you or, I assume, purchase another Ring product. Something to think about before you fork out so much money on an overhyped product that doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money..Version: 5.25.0

Slow to show live viewWe use it for the doorbell. The app is not perfect for what is meant to be a security device. Setup and controls are good, but the menu system takes a bit of getting used to. Once you have it all setup you tend to look occasionally at battery status and network signal strength. The main option you look at though is Live View. The purpose of the device is to see who’s at your door, or what you missed. Looking at the history is fast and easy to use. However, Live View, when you want to see who’s at your door right now and what they’re doing... it may work or you might have to restart the app and refresh often. The doorbell is meant to allow you to talk to the person and see them.... if it works! Sometimes you just cannot get to live view for 3-4 minutes. By that time it’s in the history online and it’s faster just reviewing that! They really need to improve the reliability of the live view, if they’re serious about upselling a security camera!.Version: 5.33.0

Major Glitch in This AppThere is a major flaw in the Ring app for iPhones. Whenever I’m alerted of motion or the presence of a person in front of my Ring camera, the recorded video of the incident is visible but never available/clickable. I can see this most recent recording on the history page, but it won’t open, yet all of the other recordings can be opened and played. I then have to close out the app that I had just opened and access the recording after that. This is a waste of time that could be dangerous if someone were trespassing on my property and looking to break in. I even made sure to download the update for the app, yet this problem still persists consistently. What is the point of having a security camera if I have to twiddle my thumbs and jump through hoops to watch the video that alerted me of the presence of unexpected motion? Being alerted at 3 a.m. of motion and then having to open and close the app a couple of times before knowing what triggered the alert is nerve-wracking. This needs to be fixed ASAP. We spent a lot of money on three Ring cameras, which are only as good as the software that comes with them. I want to add that it takes forever to connect with the live view for one of my cameras, which makes that camera virtually worthless. I always have to walk to that side of the house and look out the window after receiving an alert about motion that was detected there..Version: 5.27.1

Floodlight Cam needs more control of lightsI own both a ring doorbell and a ring floodlight cam. Overall I am pleased with both. The cameras are excellent, day and night. The motion sensing is almost perfect (but occasionally does miss activity). Notifications are almost immediate (most of the time). I purchased the Floodlight cam to replace a motion sensing fixture that had a photocell for dusk to dawn operation year round at 50% intensity until it detected motion, then 100% intensity until no longer detecting motion. This was a great product that worked well. The ring floodlight cam was advertised to have a dusk to dawn feature but all I can find is to set specific on/off times, even though dusk and dawn change throughout the year. I have yet to find a way to program the lights to come on at dusk and off at dawn regardless of time of year. FAQ said that although dimmability was not available yet it would be offered in a later update. When I purchased the floodlight cam I was promised by the ring rep that it would be an available feature soon. I’m still waiting for the dimmer feature. I’ve tried to leave the lights on all night but my neighbors say it is too bright and shines in their windows. Please update the app with both the dawn to dusk feature and the dimmer feature as promised. Then I will be pleased to give 5 stars..Version: 4.0.2

Ring experienceMost reviews on here are regarding the ring door bell, my experience with ring over the past 2 years has been good but not brilliant, I have two ring flood light cameras and one small wired camera, Their app has terrible loading times and when you need to be having a quick response the time it takes for ring to load my camera to my device, (I.E my phone) The opportunity has passed for you to speak or to know what’s happening on your property. even loading the app to gain access to there settings is very poor. I have upgraded all my internet thinking this was the problem but with a mesh system and having them all located so close to the camera to gain the best possible strength for the wifi yet it still delays. I have regular checking on speed testing my internet and they always provide me with my paid tariff so it’s not the providers letting me down for the response times. All in all very disappointing with there set up of the cameras and I will be changing to hard wired in the future..Version: 5.33.0

Great stuff when it worksI like the concept of ring2. But can’t agree more to one of the other reviews. Used to work well but since last 2 months does not get connected when you need it most though my wifi and mobile coverage are at its best. Also the battery life is around 40 days if you access live video 5-8 times a day to answer calls or check when there is a notification. I suspect that the new version of the app or the bell itself acts funny if the batter charge reduces to 25%. There is no intuitive way to subscribe the cloud storage through the app..Version: 4.1.2

Don’t buy ring camerasI have ring cameras all over and they are the worst. As soon as I can I’m going to switch to a different security system. My car was vandalized last week and the camera didn’t catch who did it all didn’t notify me or anything. When the police came they asked if my camera got what happened and it’s embarrassing to say no. I had two cameras at one point back there and never caught anything only pointless motion. I set my cameras to record longer times and it doesn’t it records like 5 seconds when I have it set for loner record times. When I really need the camera to work it doesn’t wanna load and it’s so inconvenient when I need to see something and it won’t load. Stuff happens a lot and my camera doesn’t catch anything. These cameras are useless I’ve tried upgrading my internet couple times and it doesn’t make a difference. I try repositioning the cameras and nothing, Complete waste of money. Also when I leave and try to communicate with someone through the ring it doesn’t connect can’t talk to them so I just don’t bother answering when someone rings my doorbell. This system is so frustrating and useless, I’ve tried contacting customer service and they don’t really know what to tell me. Just fed up with this service and do not recommend..Version: 5.60

Not working since I updatedBeen offline since update 2 days ago ! Every update seems to get worse - it gets longer and longer to load the camera & now it cannot connect to the wifi AT ALL GET IT TOGETHER RING AND btw - the 'help' button on your app always goes to a dead page - 2 years now and I'm still getting a dead page - unbelievable I'm about to add a bank fence camera and 2 security lights and I will NOT be using the Rng system -- I'll be moving on - such a shame as I liked the device but it's useless if it doesn't work --------//-- I love my ring! Have had it for 6 months without a hitch ( other than having to turn off motion sensors due to battery life) BUT - since this update it takes AGES to connect & sometimes it doesn’t get there — need to see who is at my door in a timely manner - not 3/4/5 minutes after they ring the bell Please fix this - it’s happening on both my iPhone and my Echo spot so it’s not a device issue Thanks.Version: 5.25.0

Not sure,mixed feelingsI started with the flood light cam. I like it most of the time. The camera is good on the videos when you go back to view, but this is my issue. The live view is not great, in & out, stalls, video drags. Also, at night the alerts go off constantly on some evenings. When i view, there is absolutely nothing there. I have it on the least sensitivity (people only), yet still goes off all the time, especially when it rains. Then I have the original video doorbell. I hate that thing. Battery is dead after a week with almost no use, but i could live with that if it worked properly. Works maybe 10% of the time. Most of the time I get a black screen on the videos. It is installed properly, Has good connection. Yet I’ll get an alert and when I view the video, yep just a total black screen throughout the entire video. Now let me end with saying there is nothing wrong my connectivity. I have very good speed (pay for the highest my cable company offers), and the app shows good connectivity. I wanted to get others for my side/back, but very hesitant. I also like that they now have the home security, but again very hesitant. The 3 starts is because the floodlight is not horrid, but if i was rating the doorbell, would be 1 star (negative if it allowed).Version: 5.4

Great Idea, poor support, and mediocre product!When I first got the ring doorbell I was beyond pleased with the idea of what it offered for the price. After installing learning about the monthly fee for something that seemed to me implied with original purchase. I paid over $100, I don't remember exactly but would have tolerated surprise small monthly fee etc if it was reliably fuctional. Mine only works half the time and the battery life is poor at best. The failures are literally across the board, with the most consistent and frusterating LAG!!!! For example I'll come home with grocies and come through the front door with my ring doorbell; literally I've almost out all groceries away by the time I get the notification of motion detected. Those 2+ minutes could be very crucial in am emergency. Which brings me to my final complaint they should update software so that the devices registered as "owners don't set off the notification bcbitnknowsnits you. I don't usually leave reviews and even fewer negative ones I just feel like potential customers ought to know. With modern technologies are given the opportunity to improve and adapt their product through software updates and unfortunately"Ring," seems to have not only missed the opportunity but gotten worse!.Version: 5.6

Buyer beware!It's a pretty good app, but I find the video is a bit hit and miss picking up cars entering the driveway. This seems to be a product of sometimes considerable delay between the motion and it being detected, if at all. Still happy with the product overall. However, not happy with Ring subscription, after only two months of usage, increasing from AUD$40 to AUD$50 (25% increase) speciously for extra storage and extra download both of which I neither need nor want, especially for a single device. I'm left feeling ripped off. 🤬.Version: 5.51.0

I wish I could love thisAs per previous reviews I have a lot of issues with Ring. 1) The doorbell constantly reports that footage is not available to view. I sometimes get this message all night from around sunset to sunrise. Obviously this is the time where most crime happens so to have a device that sometimes works is not good enough!! You need something reliable that will always work! I have gone to support and tried all their solutions such as reset the device, delete and reinstall the app (whatever that is supposed to do) but still nothing changes. 2) Motion detection doesn’t always work. Even when you set it to frequent, there are events that our device has missed completely. Again, when the device only records events based on motion, this is not good enough and can’t be relied on for security. 3) Device occasionally says the WiFi signal is weak. The doorbell is around 7 metres away from my virgin router which is 100mbs and as previous reviews state, all my other devices work fine. I cannot simply move my router as it’s near the virgin connection point and I obviously can not relocate my front door. Overall I really want to love this product! It should work as advertised but unfortunately it just doesn’t! It really is not as simple as the adverts state! I even pay monthly for the subscription but to be honest I can’t see why after typing this out..Version: 5.27.0

Better not have wind outsideI don’t mind it. Customer service is pretty good but I have two cameras for outside and they go off every few seconds on slightly windy days and when it’s very windy you need to turn them off as the battery even with the extra solar panel chargers get very low very quickly. The solar connection disconnects on a regular basis for no reason so if I knew how annoying all this was going to be especially when wi-fi isn’t strong all around the house and all the way to the back yard. You are limited with where you can set up the cameras. Save a bit more and buy something better is my opinion or pay extra to get an electrician to connect them and buy Wi fi boosters..Version: 5.39.0

Overpriced, slow to connect, poor WiFi extender, Can’t set schedule for chimeDeeply disappointed with my Doorbell and ChimePro and Ring app product for a few reasons 1) The free account only allows you to see live video. If you want to go back even 10 seconds you can’t without paying Ring a monthly fee and there is no option to save footage locally. At least give the free account the ability to go back a few minutes? 2) There is a noticeable delay in answering the doorbell and by the time you connect and can see the person they have often given up and left. 3) The ChimePro WiFi extender capability is a joke. Signal is blocked by a single wall only 5 metres away. 4) There is not a setting in the app to set what times of day a particular chimepro makes audible noise. You can manually snooze the chime but not tell it what hours to operate on a schedule. Overall this is an overhyped, overpriced, and under delivering product..Version: 5.39.0

CrapEvery since the update, I can’t watch live anymore. It just loads and never displays the view. And because my Ring is a few yrs old they won’t do anything to help. They want me to buy a new one. Crap.Version: 5.49.0

UnreliableWhen ring works it is great but more often than not it doesn’t work. Invest in something you can rely on..Version: 5.49.0

Gav1234I think it’s very frustrating they charge you to view footage. Good camera but that’s it. I’ll make sure I get one with a SIM card or hard drive next time. Guess I should have read the fine print.Version: 5.39.0

Great security camera, average appThe Ring Security Camera works great and highly recommend. However the app itself could use improvement. The main premise of getting a Ring devise is so you can instantly see what’s happening on your property in real time, from anywhere. And yet, when you hear a noise in your front yard or a strange car/people on the road, it takes 3 very slow taps to eventually get to the live view. Which makes no sense as that’s the main thing you want when you open the app - the live view. Ideally as soon as you open the app and it should show the live view straight away so you miss nothing. If that’s not possible it should at least be: open the app, tap “live view” and be shown the live view straight away Instead, you open the app, wait for all the pieces to move around and settle, tap “live view”, wait till it opens up a new section of the app, then tap AGAIN to activate the live feed (which is the whole reason you’re IN that section of the app in the first place so this step feels massively redundant) and then wait for it to finally load the live view. By this time the noise/people you were wanting to check out have most likely gone. And because the camera only records once every 2-5 minutes (depending on settings), if you were trying to capture an event on camera, you’ve missed it by the time the app finally gets around to activating “live view” This is a massive failing in what is designed as a “live feed” security camera. Here’s hoping the developers take note and get it fixed..Version: 5.52.1

Wow this sucksFor service that shuts off for zero reason look no further. Bought it for security, I get alerts but it won’t connect to the internet? Oh and they’ve double billed me, sent a credit to a closed account and count that as me being paid back. Rip off artists Also the lights NEVER STOP TURNING THEMSELVES ON; night mode does not work. Defective crap, awful customer service telling you to reset your modem, then reset EVERY SINGLE CAMERA, wether or not it’s hardwired and not easily accessible. Buy any other product. One that doesn’t shut off when you internet goes down would be MUCH smarter.Version: 5.49.0

Neighbors is HORRIBLE!UPDATE 2: What is going on with our cameras on Home screen? They don’t stay “in place” Every time I open the app they switch spots. Just leave them where we had it! ———— UPDATE: There have been more "I think I heard gunshots" posts so today I tried to help by posting about a free police scanner app. Did the Ring/Neighbors staff leave it up? NO I got an email that it wasn't related to a specific incident 🙄 It's related to MULTIPLE incidents of people not knowing if it's gunshots or just fireworks/ a car backfiring. But rather than let my post be there to potentially help people find a source to hear local police scanners Ring pulls it down. Oh but what did they post today? Advice on decorating safely almost a week AFTER Christmas! I'm done trying to contribute to this when they aren't making it helpful to anyone. ------------------------------ When I tried to post about an accident nearby it was pulled down but they let people post all the time for "I think I heard gunshots" with no details at all 🙄 Did you see anything? Call the police? Could it have been someone setting off fireworks or car trouble? (We confirmed one recently was) And the timing of posts is horrendous. I get notification today of 2 new posts. Yeah one is from the end of last month! Nearly 2 weeks ago! Someone needs to monitor this a LOT better..Version: 5.61.0

Poor appNot sure what’s been going on with the app but they seem to be introducing new features for the sake of it. It used to be quite clean and simple allowing you to do what probably 99% of users want to do most which is get to the live view quickly and effectively. Now there is a pretty pointless dashboard to go through which shows a still image of both my cameras from the past - why would anyone want to see a still image sometimes as much as an hour old? Then there have been more recent changes to the live view which presents some sort of timeline - again clutters the experience and makes it harder to get to the live view which is what the main purpose of the camera is. Not sure what this design team is up to but just feels like they are churning out useless features for the sake of it and detracting from the main purpose of a live video app..Version: 5.14.1

Can’t use it at all with my VPNLiterally won’t do anything but notify me of an event. Won’t load the video, can’t access any account settings, can’t access or change password or 2fa settings, can’t even access customer support through the app. Just keeps saying “not acceptable”. Sorry but having to disable one of my security features (my VPN), to use another (my security camera) is the only thing that’s not acceptable here. This is now officially the last Ring product I ever buy..Version: 5.45.0

It hangs fix itFix the software.Version: 5.51.0

Not as promotedThe delay to get "Liveview" is terrible. I have a great wifi signal and the modem is only 2 metres away from doorbell, however, it takes nearly 2 minutes to get any picture and that only happens ever second time, it is "processing video" every other time and I have to cancel and restart. The subscription service is terrible. We were charged twice and then they unsubscribed us (mid month) without any notification by the Ring company and they immediately deleted every single video taken during the subscription period that we had paid for. The "help" team admitted it was their mistake. I contacted their "help" service within 3 minutes of the service going down and ALL video lost even though the problem was their end. Do not trust them! The app "improvement" now takes three options to tap through to get to the "liveview" it used to be only two..Version: 5.15.0

Not always reliableThe app is not very good at getting updated pictures. I’ve got my doorbell set to check every fives minutes but I’m looking at the app screen and the screenshot is still from 9 minutes ago. Even if I force quit the app in the task switcher it still shows the old images. I can tap to go live on the camera but that interrupts what I’m listening to and is an extra step that wouldn’t be necessary if the app worked correctly. Also, my front doorbell doesn’t detect people until they’re right at the door. I’d like to know someone is there before they’re at the door. As it is now it’s too slow. It’s not the internet connection either as the router is just the other side of the front door and is connected to a 200Mbps fibre connection. Beyond that, I’m very happy with the app as it allows me to keep an eye out for criminals at all hours and even when I’m away from home..Version: 5.39.0

50% failure rateHalf the time won’t connect to doorbell and camera after an alert someone’s at the door. Makes the setup pointless. Also Ring doesn’t connect to Google Home - totally mis-sold on this feature. Regret purchase!.Version: 5.32.1

Changing systemsGiven the fact that you charge a monthly payment to use this atrocious app is absolutely insane. It works at best 3/10 times. No more ring! Garbage!!!!.Version: 5.47.0

Notifications won’t work!!All notifications have suddenly stopped working since the update. I have followed all troubleshooting instructions (deleting and reinstalling the app, removing the device from the app and reinstalling, checked all notification settings on my phone and app, reset my phone and checked internet connection) and still do not receive ANY notifications on my iPhone! Very annoyed as I have only had a few months and have spent $350 on the doorbell plus the chime! PLEASE FIX!!!! Update: After speaking with a Ring support member, the issue was somehow fixed by them updating the doorbell firmware which is apparently supposed to happen automatically. 3 days later, notifications have once again stopped. Very annoyed!.Version: 4.1.11

Dont buy if your in AustraliaI have never written a review bc of the hassle. However I am so frustrated that I feel I need to warn any potential Australian buyer. Here is some info bf u purchase. 1 - There is a monthly fee for live video views (you have 1 month free subscription and then u need to pay monthly). You will not see this called out in their marketing or packaging. It is false to assume you can live video view without $$ monthly fee. 2- the time lag for a notification that someone is at the door is ineffective. They are gone bf u can connect. It does not function properly. I have high speed internet and bought the ring wifi booster. Doorbell is 1.5meters from wifi booster...Still non functional. Video feed needs to bounce from US server to Australia. Ring has not spent the money for effective bandwidth. 3. The battery life is appalling. I dont have ring wired directly to power (rely on battery). I have to recharge battery twice a month. Save your money. Invest in an Arlo system for security and safety and a normal door bell for visitors. Hope that helps T.Version: 4.1.13

Live View not workingStrong wifi connect but not able to do live view since updates.Version: 5.45.0

Not always dependableI have been a great fan of the ring doorbell however it is really annoying me to the point of wanting to pull it out and replace it. The history is so sporadic i cannot depend on it! It always seems to not hold the history when i need it most. I have reinstalled the app, reset the doorbell, reset the internet, turned on and off the settings. It works for a day and then goes back to no history. Also, my doorbell has started talking letting people know it’s recording. THIS IS SO ANNOYING!! I googled the problem and thought found the setting and turned it off. Still does it. My kids are now even afraid of the doorbell. So weird. I had to completely turn off notifications. I cant figure out what all the little motion buttons are in the settings. They were all green and i slid them all to off then tried to figure out if that would shut off this feature. No description if what these do when they are on or off. I had to turn them all off to get it to stop. Now i get no notifications. Then why have it??? Please fix these bugs. We actually install these for customers. I will not recommend any longer. Sad I used to love it..Version: 5.49.0

Could be betterI find everything a little slow. By the time the doorbell rings and I hit notifications to the buffering of the video, I can’t remember a time there was a zippy experience. That said, I do enjoy using the app, I don’t like the way they tried to make you subscribe. Some features I would like to see is being able to talk to the person with my watch, and CarPlay support to be able to see who’s at the door when I’m driving thank you keep up the good work.Version: 5.45.0

Older units, toss in the trash.I guess they built these $300-400 units to last only about three years. The Ring Pro older units loose the image quality with time and the Windows 10 Ring app is no longer supported by Ring. The software is slow with older iPhones. The older Ring Pro units do not work well with the latest software. The old units have very fuzzy images and Hangul all the time. Ring should compensate the customers with old units. 😟.Version: 5.45.0

UnreliableUsually very slow to respond, and almost every time I’m rushing to answer the doorbell, especially remotely, it churns and churns and I end up missing the person completely. It happens too many times that I can’t recommend. It also no longer stores more than a months worth on the monthly $5 subscription I pay, it also no longer records for as long as it used to when motion is detected, and the night vision is only ever in black and white now when at first it used to be colour if the front light was on, now it is very dark too and barely worth it for night. It’s helpful during the day when you’re not in a hurry to check or review something. I’ll be looking at alternative products to update and definitely checking if they require ongoing subscriptions attached to it. Updates have been useless..Version: 5.26.1

App is too laggy to be useful in real timeGood camera and great concept (we have a ring doorbell and a wired camera with flashlights), but the app is super laggy and often by the time the app opens after receiving an alert in live time, the person has gone. Didn’t use to have this issue but seems to have arisen in the past couple of months.Version: 5.65.1

Bit of a scam to get monthly subscriptionYou spend a lot of money getting the ring bell to find if it’s not right next to your router it’s going to take for ever to connect that’s if it ever dose. Due to the lag time you never get to see who was at the door or who triggered motion off unless you pay a further fee this is wrong you should get at lest 24 hrs of playback free I purchased two of the ring bells and have had to send both back to be replaced due to faults I’ve now got the chime pro which dose help to speed up connection but still is not quick enough to catch anyone at the door this is really a scam for a subscription the adverts are very mis leasing. I have fibre broadband which gives out 20 meg speed it’s around 18 meg behind the front door but in front of the door outside it drops to 3meg even with such a big drop this should be more than Sufficient to stream the 720 Video ‘ so why doesn’t it ‘ well very simple if it did we wouldn’t need to pay for cloud storage ‘ring your not nice ‘ Also if your in and working on your imac the desktop app now never works can’t ever open it did work in the begging until they found out there’s no money in it if you can answer the bell and see who’s there !!!! People lighten up don’t buy this product it’s a great idea but as usual they got greedy On the plus side the floodlight can is brilliant I’ve just purchased one and was so impressed I got another.Version: 4.1.15

Poor support and app issuesI have had the app for my ring camera for quite a while and while everything was working fine and the actual device still seems to work ok, the app seems to now have issues since some previous updates. When I click on ‘device health/history’ or ‘signal strength’ for example it opens up the ‘help and support’ page instead of giving me the relevant information for the device. This did not used to happen. I used to be able to see the info on the app which was applicable to my camera. I have tried to contact the chat help but that kept crashing and taking me back to the previous page and then when I eventually got to type my question it then kept repeatedly asking me for my email address which I had already typed in as there was a long wait for an available person to speak to, so I eventually give up and still do not know if I am likely to receive a response. I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and logging back in but the problem is still there. VERY ANNOYING AND FRUSTRATING! Spoiled my opinion of what was a good product..Version: 5.14.0

Love the hardware, app annoys.First let me say the app works well and is easy to set up. I like the neighborhood feature and the ease of integrating other Ring products. However, the app insists on being the most important thing going on. If you select banner notifications, they do not automatically disappear unless you do it manually. This becomes especially problematic when I am using my phone for directions and the banner blocks the next turn and how many miles until the next turn. If I’m driving and try to swipe up, oftentimes I accidentally tap the banner, which opens the app. Then I have to pick up my phone while driving and try to switch back to navigation before I miss my turn,and this happens all the time. I want banner notifications but not permanently. The other gripe I have is the audio notification. If you are talking on the phone and someone sets off the motion detector, it notifies you over your conversation and you miss everything that was just said. If someone God forbid rings the doorbell afterwards, you miss even more of the conversation. I’m in sales so it has hit me at a few crucial times. Me: “so what kind of budget are we working with?” Customer: “well we really like what we see so we desigMOTION DETECTED AT YOUR FRONT DOOR and I think we will be able to commit to DING DONG will that work? Annoying. Fix it please..Version: 5.5

View timeView time takes too long.Version: 5.51.0

10 second delay on every detectionEven after contacting support twice it’s still the same answer that it’s my settings at fault but this is a common issue on (now) older models. I’ve been through 3 different routers & multiple settings which make no difference at all. Just really disappointed and let down by this company for selling me a faulty camera. If you have the option go elsewhere I would certainly look at those first, they certainly won’t help you (even when I was still under warranty), I feel very let down by this company and cannot afford to just replace it 😓 After a message from ring saying yet again it could be settings, just shows they are not listening at all!! Settings have been done & this issue proceeds the newer motion zone settings so how can that be an issue shows it’s the craftsmanship of the device. Many were replaced because of this problem years ago yet I’m not so lucky 😔.Version: 5.68.0

App can't handle doorbell changesI bought the ring doorbell and it worked good for about 5 months then problems. They switched out my doorbell but the app won't allow me to delete videos from the old doorbell. When I try to delete them it asks me to login again. I was told the next app update would fix this but there have been a couple since then without a fix. Also the company can see your battery status even if your doorbell is hard wired but you can only see battery status if it's not hard wired. Again I was told this feature was inadvertently removed and would be added back in the next update. No such luck so far. App needs some work in my opinion. There are better doorbells out there and when this one dies I will switch. The neighborhood feature places me in a city I have never lived at. I have talked to tech support and they know it’s an issue but two more updates later and still it isn’t fixed. Last is the doorbell “shows motion alert” at 3:47 every morning. Once again I was told they know about this bug but several updates later and it still is alerting me in the middle of the night to “motion” that doesn’t exist. What does tech support say? They will “eventually” fix it but in the mean time setup a time in the app that you don’t receive alerts. That defeats the purpose of having the door bell. So basically tech support hasn’t been any help at all..Version: 4.1.18

Automated technologyIn this day and age where concern for AI is a threat and technology is growing too fast, too soon, it begs how ring can’t even do a simple job. The doorbell is the first issue, the update for ring on the doorbell has created a problem not just saying it’s 1970. It’s created an underlying coding issue resulting in the chime pro communication Wi-Fi drain. It’s simply not user friendly as it once was. Too many different user interface updates resulting in conflicting issues causing problems. Secondly, the ring security outdoor cameras are suffering from the same issue due to the last update showing 1970. I have had to disconnect these and wait for a patch update - whenever that may be - to fix this date issue and underlying coding which may be creating a Wi-Fi speed drain consequence. Thirdly, I have had to Ethernet my ring alarm and then sort the mesh network this produces through it. Fourthly, the app is not great. It needs properly updated and totally overhauled. It simply isn’t handling requests or showing the data that it should. Live camera is a must for when parcels or deliveries at the door must be better and ensuring it then disconnects promptly after speaking to prevent any further communication issues. Finally, 2 stars for the products and ring app. Deserves nothing higher than this until fixed appropriately. Used to be so good. Now so disappointed..Version: 5.59.0

Bug in MotionI get motion alerts at 21 minutes after the hour during the day and night (8:21pm, 2:21am, 3:21am, 6:21am, etc) from my Ring mailbox sensor when no motion occurs. This looks like a programming bug to me since the timing is so consistent. I have one of those super strong set in concrete mailboxes that doesn’t move a millimeter, so it is not blowing in the breeze, and the motion sensor is properly installed inside the mailbox (which has no bugs living inside). I also have a strong signal to the bridge which sits in a window facing the mailbox and the wire is sealed with a grommet so no moisture gets inside. I have reviewed the video footage and looked out the window when alerts occur and nothing is happening (I live at the end of a dead end road). There must be something happening in the device or bridge or Ring service on an hourly basis which is causing these invalid alerts. I have also tried to silence them at night (6pm to 6am) using the disable schedule feature, but that doesn’t seem to work either. In addition, all of the mailbox sensor functionality lives under the “lights” section in Ring, which doesn’t make any sense…it should show up with the other motion alerts from my doorbell which also cause the camera to record any activity, not be buried under the lights section where no one will look for them. Ring missed the ball with this one..Version: 5.48.2

GarbageRing motion light lasted less tyan 1.5 years and quit working, light just flashes continuously…do not buy..Version: 5.50.2

Chime is poor.I would have given it all a 5 star where it not for the chime imperfection and misleading option in volume. When you are in the app and go to your Ring chime, then to chime tones, you will get the option to change the volume for Rings and Motion. Haha that’s what you think!! This is the glitch you see. When you wish to distinguish the volume between Ring and Motion think again. Because you can’t. I like to be alerted when there is motion but not so loud. I do like to hear my doorbell ring louder. But you can’t set the volume separate! As soon as you slide the volume up for Ring a few seconds later that same volume is now also applied to Motion. I’ve written to the customer service several times but either they don’t get it or they are not interested. It’s a relatively simple change for a developer to make but Ring isn’t interested, hence 3 stars..Version: 5.1.1

SlowBy the time you can get the 2 way voice communication working, the person has already left - it’s too slow.Version: 5.33.0

Live Video Lags after ring, HomeKit never comingI have owned one of Ring’s best product offerings in the ring video pro. The problem with Ring is 1.) they ALWAYS promise features and updates that never show up. For example, If you own an iOS device and keep falling for Ring’s baloney “we are working on HomeKit” story just keep in mind they’ve literally been saying that for almost three years and they haven’t even been testing HomeKit in public beta yet so it’s not showing up anytime soon. 2.) The most important function of the camera is the ability to quickly access the video when there is motion or someone rings the doorbell. For some reason, whenever either of those events happens, the live video freezes up and won’t let you access it. I believe this is because the camera starts automatically recording (which is good), but it’s incapable of recording and letting you access the live feed at the same time. It’s extremely inconsistent. What is the point of this if you don’t get to see and talk to the person until two mins after the event? So bad. And it’s NOT my internet connection. I have several other far better WiFi cameras in that area of the home that works flawlessly and I have a 1,000mbps internet speed (regularly 300+ over WiFi). Ring over promises and under delivers. Save your money!.Version: 5.4.1

Does not work on Telstra networkI gave this 5 stars and worked brilliantly for years. But as of June, Ring Doorbell 2 Pro LIVE VIEW does not work in the Telstra network. It use to, but not anymore. I rang the Ring team who said yep, it is a known issue that the Ring Door bell Pro does not work with live view in the Telstra network since June and they don’t know why. I’m in disbelief! This means no live view or answering the door bell or using the chat/intercom. Wow. Telstra, the largest network in Australia and your leading product doesn’t work with it !! Amazing. Flood cams work (on Telstra network) but Ring Doorbell Pro only on wifi or another network (non Telstra) providers. Please fix this !!!!!!!.Version: 5.44.0

No HomekitRing claims HomeKit is coming but that was 2 years ago. Deceitful little... Updated. 4 years and counting.Version: 5.15.1

Remove Timeline featureDisappointed in being forced to use the timeline “feature”. Makes it slower to get to alerts, and slows down the app in general. A terrible and unintuitive part of the app that appears bolted on after the fact. Nothing makes me want to purchase products less than the removal of existing choices in favor of forced annoyance. Give the user the choice of turning it off. It makes the app so slow now and I have missed people coming to the door, by the time the doorbell View opens they are walking away..Version: 5.49.0

Constant streaming errorsNot sure what is going on. But over the last 3-4 month I have had constant streaming errors. It simply won’t connect anymore. However it does say the camera is connected to the wifi and speed is good. I also have made no changes to the wifi that could have caused this problem. So that leads me to believe it is on your server side..Version: 5.27.1

I’m So GladI’m so glad I finally got rid of my Ring doorbell. I have all my hair back. Less stress in my life. This is after five plus years of fighting with this system. I invested quite a bit into the system. After one of the external chimes went dead, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. So, to replace the Ring, I bought a Eufy doorbell with the home hub. The thing has been flawless for almost two years now. Plus, no subscriptions!! If you are looking for a reliable doorbell, don’t, I repeat, don’t get the Ring system..Version: 5.51.0

Really Flaky Paid Cloud ServiceThe app is fine for the parts that work. But time after time, attempting to view history results in the usual message about not having an internet connection. Their suggested help is awful - turn off cellular data, reboot phone or reinstall app, none of which work. I pay for this history and can't even access it on the app - seriously? I don't think the developers really understand what is going on and just try to guess at random 'fixes'. The app is the weakest part of the whole service and really has me second guessing if I want to renew with them for next year..Version: 5.45.0

Good, but not as good as we thoughtWe like that we get the chimes straight to our phones and we can talk to people through the chimes. Motion is great. Live view only worked once for us and it was bad quality and kind of annoying that we can talk and see people clearly when the ring communicates to the phone but not when the phone communicates to the ring. Night vision is very over exposed. Faces are not recognizable. Sometimes motion activation is very late. Not all the time but that takes things down a notch on the trust factor. Battery also died after a week after charging. Thought it would be at least a couple months before we had to recharge. Might have to find a better option as we don’t have a doorbell wire so we have to rely on battery power. We’ll use it for a while before we make our decision but as of right now we’re just kind of happy with what we got. Btw the chat bot for troubleshooting is very slow. Found articles online faster than it gave me answers. Waited 5 min for it to reply. Actually had to send a message to wake it up. Update: trying to setup “spotlight cam battery” but because of the live view issue above. Don’t know what it is but motion is working but live view can’t? Is there anyone from ring that can help? Assistance is lacking, main feature of device doesn’t work. Rating drop and almost ready to send back..Version: 3.14.1

Too much lag / unreliable motion / doesn’t record more than 30sec / poor playbackSeemed like a great idea but is fairly problematic. If you’re in Australia you can forget about live view... I could make it home from work before it opens. The lag between motion detection or door bell press and the time it takes to open on the app is so bad that the average delivery driver or visitor has turned and left before the app even opens. I can make it to the front door, collect a parcel and say goodbye to the driver before it opens... if it opens. Worse still, it only records for 30 seconds. Not long enough to see what happens and no way to adjust. Hello guys? Some motion events are completely missed by the hardware. There’s obviously a set time before it detects another motion event... but what is it and where can you change it? Certainly not with Ring. 70% of the time the recorded 30sec won’t even play on the app. Thoroughly disappointing. Have had it almost a year. No worthy improvements to the app or hardware / firmware. Give me a call @ Ring if you want a product that works. Everyone else you should probably wait for a better product..Version: 4.1.11

AppI cannot open the app on my celphone on time when there was some on my front door,.Version: 5.43.0

Delayed actionHad this for nearly a year and it’s getting worse, there is a delay when someone comes and goes, there either in the house or drove off before it rings, same as the doorbell there is a big delay. Also I am disabled and spend a lot of time upstairs, so when I try to look on my phone when it someone has rang, not only is there the delay but I can’t open up my phone to see who it is, so a lot of the time the person has gone by the time I get down the stairs, so when I open the door they have gone, then it allows me to open my phone and look who it was, I paid the subscription for the year, also brought one of the gadgets to help with the internet, but no difference, it’s worse if anything, Pointless having this doorbell, might be better to get a cheaper version as this is quite expensive and all the add ons are expensive as well. I don’t mind paying the price if the thing did what it is supposed to do, will be looking around to see if anything can match this thing x.Version: 5.4.1

When ring goes wrong it has consequences.Do not get me wrong, i loved it when it worked, but i have had stress, sleepless nights, worry beyond compare and a Toll bill, for my worries. It remains broken as, i am to be shipped a replacement. How old is my Ring Product, two months or three. It went down after a month. And from there it is a tale of epic proportions, as i struggled, the confluence of the digital and old age and disability.Awf. Right from it being unclear if the phone charges to my country are free or toll charges. Hence the twenty-five dollar charge. So feel that not fair considering the age of my ring product purchase. No charge anywhere if it not fit for purpose, i feel. When you look at the numbers to call, for my country it does not have a 00 but nor does it have “ charges may be incurred”. My view is that, do not be old, do not be impaired thru no fault of your own, because people with disabilities are not catered for at all. I accept even trying to protect myself, my disability makes it extremely difficult to understand, all that is required, but forgive me how could anyone. I note other countries it clearly states if it not toll free, and indicates charges. Then to add insult to my aged, broken body, also disabled, apparently i must swap it all out my self, or pay to have the original electricians, to swap it out, because i am to disabled, and neuro diverse, to be able to, without probably having at the very least a panic attack, or another stroke event. Sorry for the book, of complete disconnect between the able bodied world, and reality encompassing those, who thru no fault of there own, are shuffling about, “waiting for Godo”..Version: 5.33.0

Let us record custom…I’d love to be able to record my voice as the motion detection alert. The Robotic voice is good but I’d like intruders to feel like a real human is watching them. I’d record like “hey! I’m watching you and have called the police”! Not hi, you’re being recorded….that’s not putting any criminal off. Thanks.Version: 5.62.0

Just doesn’t connectMy wifi is good enough that I can stream in any room but for some reason connecting to the ring camera that’s closer to the wifi than my laptop is nearly impossible. When you get an alert someone’s in your backyard the ONE thing you want the app to do is connect quickly, but half the time it just sits there trying. Couple that with constant rearranging of elements making it take longer to get to where you want, and it’s enough to make me recommend another camera brand..Version: 5.45.0

Bring back the older time line viewEveryone in this family hates the now fixed new time line view. It was great when you could chose but now the app just sucks. Sorry Ring you got this totally wrong. The amount of times also this app is “refreshed” is way to much to fix minor bugs when the real bug they need to fix is the big lag in time between th actual ring and the app then the door bell ringing. I have the pro and that in my opinion should be professional with little latency. My door bell rings much later and I have fantastic internet speeds. That and the new direction of this timeline leaves me with little to like about the direction Ring is taking..Version: 5.21.0

$100 for this? Are you serious.When I first downloaded the app and saw it was at a 3/5 stars I was a bit surprised but now I know why so many people are complaining. - Iv recently bought the Ring doorbell and I get notifications like crazy. Every couple of minutes or so I get notifications saying “There is motion at your front door” I check and nothing is there. This happens several times throughout the day. In the past 3 days Iv gotten 70+ notifications saying there is motion when there is absolutely nothing. I check every single notification because now I can’t rely on Ring if there actually someone at my door or not. - Second when there actually is someone at my door I don’t get notifications? Iv recently asked my aunt to take care of my dog while I am away. She comes in and out of the house several times a day and only once I got a notification saying there is someone at my door. When I received a notification it was after she went to check on my dog. I even had to ask her if that was her car in the driveway because like I said before it doesn’t give me notifications when she is actually there. What’s the point of paying hundreds of dollars to secure my home when it doesn’t work?.Version: 5.16.1

Motion snooze not happy with it 😡Please update it so I can turn motion snooze off it turns on automatically after two hours and there’s no way to turn it off it’s either snooze for 30 mins 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours it’s really annoying cause people come to our door and I can’t see if anyone is there someone very important came to the house the other day and it didn’t notify us because the stupid thing was on snooze and I never even turned it on it did that automatically and there is no way to turn snooze off period it never used to do this 0 star rating for that one if im honest it could’ve been better instead of having 30 mins 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours there should be one that says 30 mins 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours turn off but there is none since I can’t choose 0 star rating I have to unfortunately 1 star rate it before writing this review I am disgusted in how it don’t say turn off this is outrageous please step up your game get your act together and fix it so we can turn it off not just have options like 30 mins 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 4 hours.Version: 5.50.0

Where’s apple watch support?Like it so far but one thing thats really letting it down is no apple watch support. Now it does show the alert on watch (u cant turn that off) but u cant interact with ring from your apple watch which btw apple watch takes over alerts so u dont even get the sound/ringtone alert u have selected for the ring app. Plz make a watch app that lets u check the camera at the door because as it works on watch atm is annoying as u can only dismiss alert on watch then u have to open ph rush to live view & by that time people have left so only work around i can do is have alert noise turned off for motion . Plz make apple watch version eould make this app & product so much more intuitive😊.Version: 5.2.1

Unexpected expensesWhen you purchase the ring system, the box doesn’t indicate whatsoever that there will be fees to pay in excess of the hardware but to use important features which most people purchase ring for, you have to pay extra on top for a service that should come with the cost of the device..Version: 5.5.1

Ring Ring...Update; Smart Alerts is horrible, it will not always detect and alert you of a person & sometimes family will be in house before even getting alert. Suggest turning it off- it needs a major rework. Update; Now it says person is detected and by time I can view the video is just gone, like it never happen. I saw a person in the preview.. now I will never know what they was doing. Issues with Loading. Resolution is awful. I have certifications in networking, I am skilled in getting very good connections and fixing connection issues. With all of my skills there is still connection issues with the Ring. Sometimes it will not load at all, and then you hear a knock at the door- unable to see who it is or know if someone is trying to break in. I have the Ring Floodlight, Ring Doorbell, & Ring security Cameras. All of them have the same issues. This is not a problem with my connections, but with the devices. The resolution on these cameras are AWFUL! You can barely make out faces unless they are close and still, you cannot see license plates or car model etc. If I could do it over again I would go with a regular camera set-up, even though the installation would be difficult. To their credit other brands are just as bad- such as the Arlo etc. Buy nice or buy twice! The monthly fee is lowest around and the biggest benefit. Its better than nothing... but unreliable, and undependable..Version:

Great doorbell and chime but app needs improving!The Ring doorbell and Chime are great, however the app doesn’t open when the iPhone 6 is locked by thumbprint recognition. I get an alert to say someone is at the door, I press/swipe the ring alert, then put my thumb on the home button to open the iPhone, the app either doesn’t open or opens only to show me past callers and not show me on the video link who is at my door at the time. This has led to me missing numerous couriers during the few months I’ve had Ring. It’s a shame as it’s such a good product but the app is clunky and missing people at the front door defeats the whole purpose. The only way around it currently is to leave my iPhone unlocked which is not possible. Other apps such as the Sky News newsflash app allow you to open the app with swiping the notification and using thumb print so this one should too. Come on Ring, sort it out please! 🙏🏼.Version: 4.1.15

GarbageThis app sounds nice and offers a few options but i dont like the live feed along with other things. I dont know if its because i live in a cold climate zone with snow in my area, but i have the absolute worst reception when trying to view my live feed. I invested in the chime because without it the doorbell would constantly disconnect from the wifi and id have to manually open the doorbell hardware to reconnect it to the software application. After investing more money into the chime, my wifi connection no longer disconnects but the live video feed is choppy as all can get. I have fiber optic internet and never have a problem with any of my devices, ONLY the ring doorbell. I hate the quality i get for how much money i put into this system. Plus if u want to view the videos later to maybe share them u have to pay an annual fee. I dont like this system and will probably get a different brand next time. Oh yea, the police have access to your cameras without u knowing about it, to turn that off u have to select the option to not let them use ure device. Something like this should be illegal without the owner being actively aware that they can be taken advantage of without the need for their consent. I am strongly disappointed with the quality that ring provides!.Version: 5.49.0

Used to love it... not any moreI got my Ring a couple years ago and it was not perfect, but pretty decent. Now it seems with every few updates, they change something useful to not useful. For example, it used to tell you which of your two batteries—right or left—was dead so you knew which one to grab. Now it tells you battery 1 or 2–but the graphic shows the opposite of which number it should be. So it says “battery 1” but the graphic shows the one on the right. So now I have to guess which one to take out and if I’m wrong, then I have no working camera in the meantime. And it wouldn’t be such a big deal, except that it takes so long for it to reconnect once I take out the battery and close it back up. Also, why they took out the time bar at the bottom of the videos makes zero sense. That made it easier and faster to slide through each video and now if you want to do that, you have maybe two seconds to get your finger to the right spot and then you have to retap the screen to bring it up and try again. If you have dozens of videos to look through, this takes up too much time and is very frustrating. Who on their team keeps thinking up how to ruin a decent product? I guess it’s time to shop for a different system..Version: 5.54.1

Works great But you have pay a subscriptionDoorbell works great and does what it says it does , I got this doorbell because it detects motion better than its rivals on the market , so I know someone is at the door before the doorbell rings. I won’t buy anymore of the products because of the subscription , even though they are quality. It’s not the fact that it is £2.50 per month subscription it’s the fact that you have to buy a subscription for every device until you have enough products to pay one subscription for all at about £80 per year. When sky bell sort out the motion detection lag I will use the sky as the night vision is superior to ring and there is no subscription . You also get nagged by ring in the first 30 days until you buy the subscription saying you will lose all your video and not be able to access it. Even though you can still see who is at the door if you answer it when live........Version: 3.12.3

Jan update bugsSince the update a few days ago it keeps showing a number of alerts even tho I’ve checked them in the history..Version: 5.48.0

Unexpected subscription - good quality cameraWe enjoyed the service for a month but then suddenly we had to pay a monthly subscription ($5 which isn’t much but it’s the principle) that we never knew would happen. No trial period , nothing to indicate that on the box, nothing on the site to say after a month this would happen. In my opinion to be able to use this camera as it was designed for should have some indication that you’d have to pay for the service you brought with your hard earned money not just slapped w a useless camera after 1 month. This would get a 1/5 just for gone above statement , but the camera was great for the time we had it..Version: 5.54.1

Way too slowThe time it takes the app to open and actually get to live feed when there is somebody at your door is unreal. By the time it actually loads up the camera, whatever you wanted to see is gone. And then there is the option to view a clip of the motion afterwards... however half the time the app will not let me open it. I would definitely choose a different make/model/manufacturer if I were going to buy a doorbell camera. This one is incredibly slow and almost useless. I would also like to point out that I have a new iPhone, it is only a month out and one of the ones released just this past fall. My phone is not the problem. The app is..Version: 5.25.0

Not so good after 30 daysKnow thebfollowing before you install the device, and while you can still return it for a refund. The service is only good for 30 days, then you have to pay to view video that you receive via your device, all video will be deleted after the first 30 days and then you need to pay extra to have them on a device you already own, so if you don't get to the app in time you won't know who came to the door, unless you pay! By this time you realise it's too late to return the device, sneaky. It should be made much more clear that this is the case before you part with the money for the device, and you should at least be able to pay for a lifetime service to you can weigh up the true cost of the device, not a subscription service for a product you already paid for, that's just rude! WiFi reception is weak, you will need good WFI with little or no interference (ring 2).Version: 5.15.1

HORRIBLEThe software designer is a Moron. Since he has no clue what he / she is doing. It says it needs a 2nd authentication and it sends you an email with instructions how to set up the previous step you were at “how to setup an authentication “. Morons.Version: 5.45.0

Temperamental = uselessAlways drops off the wifi network even tho the router is 4 metres away and the wifi cameras connected to the same network never have an issue. When you try to reconnect it, it will only work sometimes leaving you to walk away before smashing it and trying it later..Version: 5.18.0

Updated review......Doesn’t always record.Update! Ring sent me a new ring doorbell as well as a chime extender. Very nice of them. However, now when my videos record, it’s just a black screen 2 out of 3 recordings. The videos that do actually record, some of them are basically just a frozen screen shot but no video. So I’m paying to keep these videos, that do me absolutely no good. I’ve been troubleshooting with an Ashlei O. But can’t figure it out. I’ve done everything she asked. I’ve sent her 6 emails since her email telling me what to try. She just won’t respond to me. It’s now been a week since I’ve heard from any one that can possibly help me. Not sure if they sent me a refurbished ring which is why it’s having issues. My internet connection is great. My router is in a good place. I have no idea. But a few of my clients that have come to my home this last week have asked about my ring doorbell. I’ll continue to tell them to stay far away until someone actually calls or emails me to figure out the broken replacement ring doorbell that they sent me. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if I have a defective ring doorbell. It will only occasionally alert me when someone comes to my front door. I had a group of kids, on my porch, leaving a derogatory comment spelled out in rocks, and it didn’t record them at all. I would’ve loved to see who that was. But it’ll record a car driving by on the street in front of me. Not really worth the money..Version: 4.1.15

Waste of money (for me)Bought the Spotlight Cam Battery, downloaded the app, signed in and then boom. I can’t use the stupid thing because I need a cellphone to get two factor authentication. Sorry. Not going to get one. This is really troubling because the trend is that one day soon you won’t be able to live without a smartphone. Appalling and disgusting. You can take your Ring and shove it….Version: 5.52.1

No previewLast update got rid of preview in notifications.Version: 5.42.0

Useless ‘feature’ in latest App UpdateI notice the latest update of the Ring App now includes a “Solar Panel Status” option under the Power section which appears to be little more than a shameless marketing gimmick as it does NOTHING other than recommend adding one to “Extend Battery Life”... I have already purchased and connected one so this ‘feature’ would seem redundant. Come on Ring, show your valued customers some respect. We’ve forked out big money for your products and you treat us with contemptuous Protect Plan pricing, useless ‘features’, functions that don’t perform as promised (like Chime Pro tone changes that don’t work properly under iOS) and STILL no Apple Home connectivity after announcing it some time ago. Stop treating us like fools for having invested in your product, these are security devices intended to protect and prevent, not some child’s toy with flashing lights, bells and whistles!.Version: 5.21.0

Thought it would be great. It’s good, not greatWe’ve been using Ring devices, and the app for about 1-1/2 years. We have multiple hardwired motion cams, and the video doorbell. Most of our doors and windows have no issue, but 1 door constantly requires new batteries. If they last one full month it’s shocking. This becomes annoying (and pricey!). This is been going on for at least one year. I’ll be reaching out shortly to see if perhaps it’s a defective device. As others have stated, connectivity is often poor. We have high-speed fiber Internet (speeds come up great on testing) along with a plume system. We also have ring’s extender. Still have trouble. Motion lights flicker. Annoying and can’t figure out why. Videos are good but if you’re trying to identify someone, good luck! Too grainy. Finally, the app doesn’t allow me to pause notifications for more than 4 hours at a time (iPhone). This is quite annoying. There’s often activity around our home that is caused by family, friends, workers, etc. for an entire day. Why can’t I pause for 24 hours if I choose to? It’s the combination of these things that earned Ring only a three star review versus five stars..Version: 5.50.0

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