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Needs HomePod mini supportGood app, and the cameras have worked very well. But the lack of HomeKit compatibility is disappointing. At the very least Ring should add support for playing doorbell chimes on HomePod minis..Version: 5.46.0

Great concept & product, requires solid BW.I have installed a first generation Ring door bell (720HD) and remote chime. Could not justify the additional cost for the higher definition camera. This would also only increase the demand for higher BW. Both products work very well. I did find that the battery life on the door bell is significantly impacted by the duration and frequency of video streaming/recording. The chime runs off mains. I have since wired the door bell to mains, note if you do not have an old doorbell that was powered from mains via a transformer, you will require a fair amount of work , but it can be achieved very well with sourcing the required components online. I personal find the system excellent as I have installed it into my aging parents home to ensure they are not bother by unsolicited sales staff and scammers. It provides them and me a level of peace of mind ,that someone(me)/something(Ring) is watching over them. I am located interstate. GREAT IDEA , RING..Version: 4.1.15

Facial recognition would be greatWould be awesome if we could enable facial recognition so that we get notified who is at the door (the known ones) as opposed to general notifications.Version: 5.0.1

Exactly what I wanted.Mine is not permanently wired in but runs on the rechargeable battery supplied. The only real thing I loose by not having it wired in its that I cannot use the motion detective or live view because it runs the battery down too fast. When someone rings the bell it seedy off the Ring chimes that I have fitted in three rooms. It also rings on both my wife's and my phone and displays a message. We never miss a call. I have answered my doorbell whilst out shopping, a meal, down at the coat and entertainment all door press videos stored in the cloud. It's grewhilst in Egypt at . It has been the gas man but mainly the postman or delivery driver. I have been able to have a two way chat with them and sorted things out to my satisfaction on each occasion. No more notes through the door saying that they tried to deliver something. That is my main use but just read their Web page for more. All I would ask of Ring is to increase the volume at the bell. Just an add on, I have cloud storage for the videos created when someone rings the bell. It's informative to know who has been calling and the funny things people do when they don't know they are being watched. I could continue with this review but I hope you see how impressed I am with it..Version: 3.12.3

New idea, use AWS for motion taggingUse the power of amazons AWS to tag possible motion that sets off my cameras. Simply place a blue or red box around the item triggering the camera detection. Take a still of the video with the item triggering my motion detector and send that image as a notification on my iPhone. That way I can chose to open the app and view the video or see that it was my wife pulling into the driveway. It takes too long for me to move from the notification to the video, even on high speed WiFi with my iPhone XS Max. By the time I view the live video, the item setting off my motion detector may no longer be in frame. Then, I have to wait for the motion history to load the video to your servers in order to view. I spend a minute refreshing the list, all the while the item setting off my motion detector has moved to a new location. I love the cameras and the system overall, but the time delay from notification to viewing my camera feed is too slow and cumbersome. This eventually causes me to pass on viewing some motions. If it happens to me, then I know it happens to others. One day my lack of motivation is going to cause harm and render your services null, the whole reason I’ve paid for cameras and video storage in the first place..Version: 5.7

Ring Doorbell Garage Floodlight, Camera SecurityI have the whole Ring Security System. I have been satisfied with the operation it provides for my home. The only reason I can only give four stars is it goes off the line too much to suit me. When it does, for my garage I have to pull out the 15’ ladder climb up, scan the barcode and reset it by trying to locate the recessed button. This is a pain in the A_ _ for me, for I am 80 years old and do not need to be climbing ladders. Second, I have to go to the doorbell, remove the cover and reset that button too. It is not that easy to get off. When I call for Tech Support sometimes, I must admit, they are quick to response, but it takes them awhile to talk me through everything, or if that isn’t the problem take forever to trouble shoot with level one. Finally when they transfer me to level two, in no time the problem is solved. They are courteous and patent, but I do believe the system does heeded some update patches to prevent this. All and all for the total price I paid for the system beat every other security company I contacted. I do intend to remain with Ring, for I feel secure with their products..Version: 5.47.0

Peace of mindReally loving our Ring Floodlight camera. Can’t wait for a full time recording option!.Version: 5.5

Good technology that needs workI must say it is awesome knowing what is going on at home when your away. I gave this product only two stars initially because I have had numerous problems with it ever since I got it. I have had problems with WiFi connection, batteries and poor video quality or delayed play back when someone is either at the door or in my driveway. I contacted Ring support more than I can count and every time I did the same trouble shooting that never fixes the problems, you would be better off getting something that actually works, I am taking it down and replacing it with something that works. I may consider using Ring again when all the problems are fixed, until then better luck next time Update: After speaking with Sam from Ring headquarters, she did everything she could to help me. Sam offered a full refund for the products and stayed in touch even after I received my refund. Because of Sam, I may consider using Ring Cameras in the future. Sam know how to treat a customer and she made sure I was satisfied. I am updating my review to 5 stars because of the service Sam provided me with. This is what I call customer service, Thanks Sam..Version: 5.0.1

Price increaseNot happy wit the recent 30% increase. Especially when the cost of living has gone up 6%. I smell greed, how do you justify this outrageous increase. I won’t be using this service any lounger after it takes effect. Dale.Version: 5.51.0

Great but missing schedulingGreat cameras and features overall, but for the life of me I don’t understand why Ring haven’t incorporated scheduling in the modes feature. It really does seem like a missed opportunity for an extra feature that would just make this an all round good product. The modes feature is great for Disarmed, Home and Away but without the ability to schedule these you have to manually remember to set them all the time. Very annoying if I am honest. Geofencing is great but it reminds you when you’re driving down the road, I’m not going to stop the car and activate Away mode every time and half the time when I get to my destination I’ve forgotten all about it only to remember when I get the reminder on my way home that the cameras have been left on home mode all day and half my cameras haven’t captured anything. Please add this as a feature Ring. Thanks.Version: 5.65.0

App’s getting betterMany of the reviews are about the doorbell or the subscription service, not the app. The app itself feels a little basic and unintuitive but has improved with the latest release, especially with the addition of the timeline. I’m looking forward to some cool new features and UI improvements. With regards to the doorbell the issues reported in other reviews aren’t app related. The Ring uses a secure UDP channel on the router which halves the connection speed. Download speeds are often fast but ISPs really cripple upload speeds, so if your upload speed is 3mb you’ll actually be getting 1.5mb. I found the Chime Pro, which Ring sent me for free, really helped. The Chime Pro acts as a wifi extender but as this halves the upload speed again your 3mb upload is now down to 0.75mbps, which is unlikely to be sufficient. Ring’s main issue isn’t their app, infrastructure or service, it’s the suitability info provided ahead of purchase. Looking forward to more Ring app updates and features!.Version: 5.9.2

Very good app. Needs extra functionality.I really like the app. It’s so good. I really like the ring alarm system. I think it’s fantastic and so easy to use. I have sensors, motion detectors and internal and external cameras throughout my house. It’s wonderful. There is just one think missing. A fire alarm for the Uk. This would make the system complete and most important it would make the system a real market leader here in the Uk. I have seen lots of comments regarding this and all users are saying the same. Please please allow us in the Uk and EU to add a z-wave fire/smoke detector to our system or at least get your ‘listener’ working for Uk frequency. The z-wave protocol is standard so it should be to difficult to include them within ring. I realise you can’t have too many different types as support would be difficult but it would be a stop gap until ring approved a model for general use for us in the Uk/EU.Version: 5.35.0

Simply ExcellentThis product is probably the best video doorbell on the market, it notifies you when people approach your home even before they press your doorbell. And then all this footage is kept in the cloud for £2.50 a month or £25 a year, also they can steal your product but the footage is safe to give to the police and ring will replace free of charge ( I see some people moan about the cloud cost but obviously this isn’t free for peace of mind ). I had some issues when I first installed as I live on a main road but ring support phoned me from the USA and this was quickly resolved. Would recommend this product to everyone as I already have done so if you are looking for such a product buy this one SUPERB. WELL DONE FOR PRODUCING SUCH A HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT..Version: 3.14

Pros and ConsSo, the actual quality of the footage is fantastic, it’s very clear and the night vision is great- but there are a few cons. 1. When you get a motion alert it can take anywhere from 10 seconds to a whole minute to load the live feed. When I’m at home it loads within a few seconds, but when I’m out and on 4G it takes forever. 2. When I purchased the camera, I saw nowhere on the box nor was I informed by the salesman that I would need to pay a monthly subscription to view footage. I found it a bit sneaky and although it’s not too expensive I would have rather opted for a more expensive camera without a subscription had I have known. 3. I get ring notifications on my Apple Watch which pop up with an option to snooze for 30 minutes or snooze for 1 hour. Regardless of what I click it does not work and if I’m in the area the alerts just keep coming through until I unlock my phone, open the app and change the settings. Yawn. If you want cameras to put in areas rarely frequented then sure, otherwise it’s just frustrating. They really should remove the subscription fee too..Version: 5.27.2

Great productIt’s working fine since installed (4 months) ,, as I noticed from the comments I would say most problems mentioned here related to the internet speed,, how close your wifi to the device,, the only disadvantage I found was the life of the battery which not suppose to recharge before 6 months but not sure about that as i used to test it a lot since bought it ,, recharged the battery second time weeks ago will see how it goes now,, but after all it’s working perfectly,,, just read properly the settings instructions and make sure your internet strong and close enough..Version: 5.5

Ring doorbellI have had the door bell for ages but lately it changes from hardwired to battery. It does eventually charge up and change back to HW LATELY ITS STAYING ON HARDWIRED BUT LOSING POWER. ITS NOW DOWN TO 46%. NEVER HAD IT SO LOW. NOTHING HAS CHANGED EXCEPT DOING A UPDATE Also since the last 2 updates when u go to change smart response it won’t open up. I have emailed ring so many times over the last 12 months and no answer as my flagged video’s disappeared.Version:

RingWorks well.Version: 3.11

Apple TV appWould be nice if you could view your cameras on an Apple TV app like some other companies have done as it shouldn’t be hard to add an extra bit of coding to allow the app to work on the Apple TV too. Apart from this it’s a great camera system! I’ve only got cameras setup at the moment but would’ve liked to use the doorbell intercom but our front door doesn’t suit any type of video doorbell intercom unfortunately as it’s a solid glass door right across the whole entire entrance of our house which I hate but my parents liked the design of it but I’ve always liked security cameras and other things like this where as they aren’t interested in this kind of stuff compared with me I’m a big fan of these things like security cameras and video doorbells and so on. But it still would be nice if you could access the app on the Apple TV so you can view all of the cameras you’ve got in the Ring system instead of just on an iPhone and an iPad but at least you can get notifications on your Apple Watch though but wish the Apple TV was included in the deal..Version: 5.58.1

Great Brand - Great AppYou couldn’t get a more “Apple-like” experience. The Ring 2 Doorbell I bought was beautifully packaged with clear easy to follow instructions, setting the product up in this app was very straight forward and it works as described. Although performance has been slightly below expectations from time to time, I’ve established that is just a limitation of my home WiFi. I can’t wait to build on my Ring collection of devices..Version: 5.15.1

Saves on overseas calls!I love my doorbell. Sit it on live view on my desk at work and watch as my kids arrive home. Initially had alert delays but put plugin Wifi extender near the front of my house and now works great. Doorbell paid for itself when I was overseas. My kids would ring the doorbell when they wanted to talk to me and I would answer halfway around the world. They would then take the doorbell off and go and sit down and we could chat for free for ages. It is a bit like one way Skyping! Amazing product for the price..Version: 3.14.1

Ring camera system in older housesFinally got my system up and running, 2-cameras and a video doorbell , I had great trouble getting a good signal throughout my house. My house was built in 1934 and has stone walls throughout, I had to keep repositioning my cameras until I could get a decent signal. I tested the internet speed with my phone next to each camera and whilst I had good speed on the internet the cameras struggled to connect. I have several other items linked to my wi-fi system and don’t seem to have problems. I think the cameras would benefit from a stronger wi-fi signal. Once I have got the system up and running I am pleased with the result. Anyone setting up this system should ensure they have a good signal where they intend to install the cameras before installing any of the cameras..Version: 5.4.1

Excellent Doorbell and AppI purchased the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Chime as I’m disabled so often miss parcels and people as to slow answering the door. This video Doorbell is brilliant as it was so simple to set up and the picture and sound quality is great. I signed up to the subscription as for the minimal cost I can save my recordings as you never know when you might need them. The App is great as I can set up my Doorbell from the comfort of my chair. I haven’t experienced any problems at all. I get motion alerts and when the doorbell rings I instantly get notification so I can see and speak to the person straight away. I find as I’m disabled that when I’m upstairs I no longer have to try and rush to get to the door as I can now just speak to them through the doorbell which is extremely helpful and now I never miss a delivery whether I’m at home or out shopping. This is one of the best devices I have ever bought..Version: 4.1.12

Contact Support?*********Can’t use the contact support button within the app. Wheel just spins with no questions appearing. ********** This product combined with Gogogate 2 has changed everything! Ok a bit of an exaggeration but I can now talk to the Amazon/postman driver and tell him to leave parcels in the garage (thanks to Gogogate 2) remote garage opening system. I use the ring cloud services and it works a treat. My house feels so much more secure. It was a faff getting everything working here in the uk as most door bells are the wrong voltage. Installed a 12v transformer and everything is working well. Love the motion setting which has meant this bell taking over from my arlo camera at the front of the house that was alerting me to every car that went past. Thanks ring, brilliant product and great app. I use this with high speed internet so response times are very quick. One thing is the badge notification isn't working yet. A note about the support team. I have sent many emails to them over a two month period and there answers in a lot of cases are just generic answers cut and pasted and so don't make any sense making it a very frustrating experience. Hopefully when the ring pro is more widely available in the uk the process will be made easier with a dedicated uk version being made or details of transformer needed etc to save others the frustration..Version: 4.1.15

Works wellHi, I have a ring spotlight wired. After reading tons of reviews it seems that most issues are caused by battery powered cameras. I did find out after that even the wired isn’t truly wired and has a battery. Regardless, I get really good video quality, the motion works 95% of the time, and as long as you set your settings for motion to say second bar over from left I haven’t had any problems. Also don’t set motion zone to the road or every car is gonna trigger it and drain battery. I would like to see an option for video quality in playback for when I’m not on WiFi. It’s just about impossible for me to watch a video otherwise. Possibly could add scrollable timeline pictures so we don’t have to watch the video and save data. The new live view feature I do not like. Maybe I haven’t had a chance to use it much but old one is much less complicated. Should have had some helpful emoji descriptions or similar over new buttons to help people understand better. Also when live viewing from new video feature I get awful feedback noise which isn’t very discreet. I had a squawk from time to time before but now every time so yeah I turned that part off. Was super easy to install as well. Thanks.Version: 5.14.1

Almost PerfectI think the App is great - it’s a straight forward easy layout and changing the settings seems quite straight forward. Ring I would love it if we could have enhanced customisation of motion zones, I would like to be able to move the vertical motion zone boundary lines to better suit our physical boundary zones e.g wall, cars etc. Would also like to have a wave form or point selection on the main motion proximity setting as a curved area does not represent real life! My drive is rectangular with two cars parked on it and currently to stop motion detection kicking off by passers-by and cars I have to have it pulled in but then it won’t detect anyone walking between the two cars on the drive :/ I presume it’s all software driven for detection rules/zones so hoping this enhanced customisation will be introduced soon!.Version: 5.15.1

Ring Doorbell 2Love knowing and having the security and piece of mind 24/7 with my Doorbell 2 and Doorbell after some issues I had a few weeks ago and very happy to help out in anyway while I was having trouble and it turned out the problem was with our internet connection and not our doorbells but yes do have one small problem with the items and that is video quality with the wi-fi as picture is not clear and that is no matter how far away it is from the wi-fi other then that really recommend the Doorbells.Version: 5.16.1

Works perfectly as advertisedWe did have a few doubts because of the lag issues some have noted. But installed as per instructions and checked have strong WiFi signal at front door and we get notifications straight away and the app opens up quickly with the viewer when someone is at the door. We are on a fast fibre plan and have a good modem so I think that helps. Otherwise a way of reducing the volume of the out side chime a little would be good, but that's not a biggie. App user friendly and easy to navigate and control. Shared users is useful so either I or my partner can answer when we're at work and not at home. Good job ring!.Version: 5.2

Was good now less goodThis is a further review as I think it’s important for reviews to be current and valid. And my last review was a good while back. The setup and UI is very good and works well considering there are quite a few options and adjustable functions nowadays. The issue I’m having is with the MODES option. I have the alarm and cameras attached to my system. There is an inherent issue on that I cannot add more than 9 devices to the MODES option. I currently have 10 cameras in one location which means if you have more than 9 cameras they will not be controllable via the MODES setting. It’s very annoying and one I have reported to Ring. But weeks after reporting it, we are still at the back and forth stage of fault finding, which is very annoying. The absolute and obvious issue is that you cannot have more than 9 devices..Version: 5.22.4

Looked good in the packageEdit: raising my review as that live view hiccup stopped after a while. Not sure why. But pretty stable now. After a few hours to charge the battery and set a ring bell up... we can connect to the device. But cannot get liveview to work. Which was the main reason we bought it. It just keeps trying to load. Then just stops without any warnings or suggestions. And the wireless modem is literally 3 meters from it. Shame. It looked promising. Money wasted. Buyer beware..Version: 5.9

Bit slowWe have the ring and the ring pro extender installed and it is good, but there is a lag of when the doorbell is pressed and the notification on your phone, it also lost one star as it only works on the 2.4gb band of wifi and having to pay for a subscription every year, overall it is great has worked every time we have no problems with video streaming to the app and the battery lasts around 3 months before needing to be charged again..Version: 5.18.2

RingGood app, haven’t really had any issues at all with it, the layout is good and easy to review footage. I’ve got a suggestion- my partner and I both have the app and it would be good to somehow show that one of you has reviewed footage when you get the motion activation notification, that way you don’t have to double up on checking footage - like if one of you checks the footage and it’s just a person walking past that the camera has picked up and it’s nothing to worry about, then you can mark it with a green tick or something so other people on the account know they don’t have to check it too..Version: 5.42.0

My wish list...I have the Ring Doorbell (720p) and two Stick-up Cams. Whilst both products provide the necessary piece of mind from a security perspective, there is definitely room for improvement. Whilst Ring has recently released the Ring Pro (1080p) the disadvantage of the 'Pro' is that it does not have a battery (as it relies on a power connection) and it has a narrower (160 degrees ) field of view. So here is my wish list for a 'Ring Pro 2' if there is one: 1. Retain 1080p HD but install a battery! 2. Have a wider (180 degree) field of view like the original Ring. 3. Retain customisable motion detection zones like the Ring Pro. 4. All of the above should also apply to the Ring Stickup Cam..Version: 3.8

I was hesitant due to price tooBut it is totally worth it. It's exactly what you're looking for, don't waste your time umming and ahhring about whether it's worth it. It's worth it and this is my experience. Installation? A breeze. Literally comes with everything you need (e.g. diodes if you're hard wiring, hammer drill bit for masonry, screws, handy little quality screw driver, anchors... Everything. You don't need anything else unless you're going into brick.. Then you obviously need a drill. Setup? A child could organise this. The only thing you need bring to the table is the ability to read or listen or watch, and your wifi password. Image quality? Yes. It's subjective I know but I'm blown away by my ring doorbell 2 - esp the night vision. The app? Amazing so simple to use, share with other users in the house, and even the defaults are great. It automatically begins a trial subscription to the protect basis plan for 30 says and saves your videos to the cloud for your review whenever you need. Subscription!? Come on its 4 bucks a month really, there's no way they are making much money on that service considering the video transfer and storage. I bought this to give my wife and I some piece of mind in what's been a troubling area lately. It is serving it's purpose perfectly; and I hope this review help others..Version: 5.16.1

Problems connectingSince the latest update I have had nothing but trouble connecting, what’s the point in a security system that doesn’t connect you to the cameras ? You get an alert and it doesn’t connect ! It just times out. Repeated connecting is needed to finally connect to the camera. I have 5 cameras and every single one is now problematic when trying to connect and what makes it worse is I pay the monthly subscription fee too, something I might have to look into as this is unacceptable. You get motion alerts and then you cannot connect to your device and then this gets you worried because you don’t know what’s happening. Before this update your app was flawless and connected every time without fail, why do you keep breaking things that are working perfectly..Version: 5.17.0

Smart alerts are … not smart.When you're going to have notifications like "Person detected at …" it better actually be a person. That's an alarming thing to read at 3 am, only to discover it's a cat. Really need to work on detecting animals. Casinos can recognise people's faces via database from half way around the world… you guys with your similarly unlimited budget should be able to tell the difference between a person and a cat..Version:

Disappointed with new app upgradeHave been using the Ring App for some time now and had no problems until this recent App upgrade. You used to be able to set various motion zones and have a choice to select which ones you would keep “Active” and select as you please. Now you can set up motion zones but they are all “active” at the same time or not! Why the change? Why take away this option when it was so useful? Really disappointed by this Ring as a user who needs 2 motion zones set and needed the pre-existing option to activate or deactivate my zones as required. Now i need to extend my existing zone every night to cover our vehicles and then re-set it every morning when vehicles are not there so that the motion zone does not alert me every 2 minutes because of passerby's!.Version: 5.33.0

Good but has its issuesDo you know when the ring app says you only need one and MPB upload one MPB download… That’s not quite right we have 100 download here and 20 upload and yet still those ring cameras don’t record everything and sometimes won’t respond when you need them via large for the price they’re good investment it’s just a pity that I give you the wrong story about the signal strength you need for them to work.Version: 5.50.2

Everything I always wanted in a battery operated remote security camera!The title basically says it all. This battery powered camera and the app it comes with are exceptionally well designed and realised, and as a package it is all I’ve wanted in a security camera. I could go into minute detail as to why I love it so much, but in a nutshell it’s everything. Well done Ring! I’ve already purchased another two cameras, one for my shop (as my current hard wired HD system doesn’t have an alarm and satisfactory mic and speaker)..Version: 5.41.0

This product is awesomeThe Ring range of products are awesome ... I would recommend getting these for your home, both the doorbell and the stick up cams... Ring - Please can you look at adding integration with the Schlage Sense locks to allow me to unlock my door while using the Ring doorbell.Version: 3.1.4

Love it.I love my Ring. The only thing I would like in the next update is the ability to schedule to disable certain motion zones rather than all of them at once. My street gets a lot of traffic during the day so my alerts are constantly going off. I have 3 zones (street, directly on my driveway, and then another with a tree that is always setting off my alerts with the wind). I would like to be able to disable the tree all together and the street part of my zones during the day but have it on at night for security reasons. My doorbell has almost my neighbors entire yard with kids constantly running around. I would like to disable that during the day then on at night. I hope Ring considers this in their next update! Other than that, no problems at all. I do notice my phone takes longer to pop up after motion is detected than my iPad does. My tablets come up almost immediately whereas my phone takes a good 20 seconds. Doesn’t seem long, but it is when you’re trying to check what is going on outside. I’m assuming it’s my phone since the other devices are fine. 🤷‍♀️ I have the Ring Doorbell Pro and Wired Spotlight Cam..Version: 5.8.1

Glitch with “Modes” not appearing on DashboardI have activated Modes. However when I open the app (after closing it completely), the Modes controls don’t appear on the Dashboard. To make them appear, I have to go to the Settings screen, then after a few seconds the Modes menu option appears in Settings. Then I go back to Dashboard, and the Modes controls are now appearing. This happens every time after I have closed the app — which is really annoying because I want to be able to quickly change the Mode when I leave home or arrive home — but it takes longer because of this glitch. Please fix in an update!.Version: 5.52.1

Not bad, but it lacks consistency sometimesOne important thing that’s missing from the HISTORY button is allowing you to filter the event history by “Person Detected”. It has all the other options but I can’t filter to see the few occasions a person was detected. It is still available through the timeline. Inconsistencies. Some options are also a little too deep and in obscure categories. Like smart alerts are only accessible through Morion Settings > Smart Alerts. A little awkwardly placed. The timeline also plays footage 2-3 seconds after an event. So often, you need to scroll back to before the event was captured to see thing true beginning. The doorbell should also allow (similar to the indoor stick up cams) the option to take pictures more frequently than 14 minutes. Even the default for other cameras (3 minutes) would be much preferred. If you haven’t got the protection plan it reminds you far too often, when you reopen the app, that your free trial is about to end. If these issues and more can be ironed out, this service will seem like a more complete package. With minimal frustration..Version: 5.62.0

Wired camera states low battery warningI have used app for several months successfully with a Ring doorbell and decided to upgrade to 2 wired stick up cameras one works fine currently but indoor plugged in and powered camera states low battery and won’t show live camera view. But I can get a live view through my Echo show so proves this is likely to be an app issue and not a camera issue. This issue is documented on their website since March 2020 and doesn’t appear to currently have a fix. A fix appears to have been done and now appears to be working correctly hopefully this will keep up and I can reward more stars. Tried the app again with my third camera specifically used to monitor the dogs and it doesn’t work again. It’s an potential app issue as it still works with my echo show but not on the ring app stating the camera battery is low but this is a hard wired camera. RING sort this out as this is an issue with a lot of customers and has been for 2 years. Update contacted Ring who were very good but went through the fault finding solutions I had already tried and have since sent out a new camera and all seems well and good now issues seems to be sorted now..Version: 5.35.0

Improvement RequiredI’ve been using 2 Ring door bells and a chime on a remote property for more than eighteen months, and found it quite useful. The batteries required recharging about every three months, so I connected them to a mains power source. Should have done it from day one! The negative I have is that they are triggered too readily, with many false alarms. The solution would be to include an infra red heat trigger as well as the movement (pixel image) sensor. That would eliminate all the false alarms caused by movement of branches, reflections, and shadows. Keep working on improvements Ring. Cheers.Version: 5.2

Great App needs an improvement or twoI love your app and your product however we need to be able to set how long the recording is for so not just 30seconds. Also after 5seconds there is a glitch where it pauses and then movement starts again on the other side of the driveway. Also can only go back two months into the passed. Should be able to go back as long as we would like!.Version: 5.10

Version 5.42.0 is TerribleThe latest update from Ring made all my cameras go haywire. Firstly they make it so the cameras are defaulted to be viewed in portrait mode. However when you have floodlight cameras with the convenient wide view that it has it’s completely USELESS if you have to view it in portrait mode and slide from side to side to see the entire view of the camera. When you’re viewing live you can easily switch to landscape mode and see the entire view same as the last version of the app. However when you view an event (probably most important) you have to view it in portrait mode to get the entire view of the camera. If you switch to landscape mode it will automatically zoom in and cut off a large portion of the cameras viewing angel. Why they did this? No idea. Floodlight cameras shouldn’t be optimized to be viewed on portrait mode that makes absolutely no sense. Also no setting changes are saving. I play around with each cameras setting and save out. Go back to the setting only to find that the changes were in fact never saved. PLEASE FIX!!!!!.Version: 5.42.0

SurprisedHad a few quotes from cctv companies & electricians for a cctv linked to mobile phone for 3 separate sites, front and back, one warned me away from RING, gotta admit I thought they only did doorbells, spoke to a neighbour who had the doorbell who happily told me she had a complete ring system for 6 months & was very pleased with it, “but get the best WiFi system you can” so I did & now 3 months on I’m glad I did, really pleased with it, easy to wire in to exchange existing security light, electrician who helped with a new wiring went and ordered one, a few simple functions to tinker with at your leisure to make the notifications work for you ... THANKS RING Now got door bell video pro Had problem with 1st one and RING simply replaced it … very impressed All working fine now, very good for delivery drivers and instructions.Version: 5.48.2

Awesome, with proviso’s, needs good wifi!The Ring doorbell and app are brilliant, IF you have good internet. It really is that simple! I have about 1.5 mbps up which is I think about the minimum needed. If you have slow ADSL, or in fact ANY problem with your internet service including weak WiFi at the front door- you’ll likely have major issues. I have found there are also problems which affect many of my devices including another brand of security camera, when used with my Telstra cable modem- ended up changing to a different, better quality router, and switching the modem into “bridge” mode which solved all my issues. Blame the crappy Telstra modem, not the Ring! Three other family members have them as well, and all have good internet, and all have almost zero problems with the Ring Doorbell. (I don’t have hard wired power to my Ring Doorbell, yet still get months between charges. For those experiencing less time on a charge, or poor connectivity, I’m guessing it’s more than likely a wifi problem, with the Doorbell struggling with the internet connection.).Version: 4.1.12

Love and Hate ProductI love the concept of the product. The reviews about slow lag times are true. To make the cameras functional I have had to purchase two cameras per each location. For example I have a RingPro doorbell and a second camera facing 90 degrees off the other camera. One of the two cameras gets the intruder. I have the same set up for the driveway; two cameras at different locations. The cameras caught some fellow around 2 in the morning walking up into the driveway and trying the door handles of the locked cars. The RingPro extenders don’t have enough range. I have had to purchase a more powerful extender to get the speed and quality up on one of the cameras. The notification on the iPhone cannot be changed so the sound is like tinker bell. I have asked for a vibrate only notification but so far nothing. Bottom Line: don’t expect to purchase ONE camera and have everything work without problems. This product is still being developed. UPDATE: Ring keeps getting better...they have done away with the “tinkled bell” alert sound as the only alert sound and added voice alerts which are much better. Ring has also added a “snooze” function which will stop alerts up to 2 hours..Version: 4.1.15

It really is greatLet me start by addressing some of the rubbish spoken about this app and product. Firstly not all the cameras are 1080p, it is clearly marked on each camera. I have four cameras and a doorbell some are 1080 some not. They all work perfectly in my semi detached ex local authority two story house. The performance is completely dependant on your WiFi. The better your WiFi the faster it will show an image. Ring have issued another app called rapid ring for those experiencing issues, this works brilliantly, highly recommended. This system has prevented my car being stolen twice, the police were amazed at the quality of the images and took copies of them. I no longer get any issue with the cars I guess the bad guys know they will be on camera. The neighbourhood feature is also great allows you to see where others close to you are getting issues. Totally recommended well worth it..Version: 5.25.0

MrI first saw Ring Video Doorbell demonstrated on our local TV station here In New Zealand. I immediately contacted the station to see where I could purchase this item as it was not actually a TV commercial being played. I immediately purchased and installed the device which was so easy. My wife and I travel a lot so its really good to be able to answer our door if we should be away from the house. In fact it has been quite a novelty to answer our door whilst away out shopping at such times when family and friends have called. It has become quite a talking point. Any one contemplating buying this product should certainly do so for the security advantages alone..Version: 2.7.1

Product is only as good as your internet speedA great cost effective security measure for your home. Ring is a fantastic tool for security and communication. There are times when you cant log on but that happens when there’s an issue with your internet not the product. If you have Pro it records the times you miss a ring or a motion sensor so you can always view the recording later. I highly recommend this to all my family and friends. Hey Ring, can I get another camera for this glowing rating? 😉.Version: 4.1.5

Can’t fault anything yet.I initially started with a Ring doorbell and Chime Pro extender, then added 2 floodlight cams and 2 internal cams. There were some quality issues with one of the floodlight cams but this was quickly replaced and the old one sent back. Ring customer support were extremely helpful in sorting out the issues so top marks there. I had some connectivity issues with the floodlight cams, in that they were installed quite a distance from the main house. I don't really rate the Chime Pro extender, so I bought the Deco M9 wireless mesh system and I now have great connectivity to all devices. I highly recommend this if you are having connectivity problems. The app for the PC could do with having the same functionality and options as the phone app, so hopefully this will come with time..Version: 5.32.1

Ring DoorbellI am profoundly deaf and cannot use a hearing aid, so this RingDoorbell is fantastic I have it paired with my Apple Watch as well my iPhone. Every time someone rings the doorbell it vibrates on my IPhone as well my apple watch telling me there is someone at the door. Besides that it will pick upon my iPhone and watch so Far it has covered over 15 kms away and I can also open the ring icon and speak to the person at the door as soo as they ring what a lifesaver it is to me.Version: 5.13.2

Works wellA good app that just works anywhere. A suggestion that would make it epic, Apple Watch app for arming/disarming alarm as well as CarPlay for arming/disarming from vehicle when approaching house!.Version: 5.51.0

Need Specific Conditions to Work, Then AmazingFor all those reading the negative reviews, I think what is happening here is that Ring isn’t doing a good enough job of alerting people to the minimum requirements for the Ring. We have had our Ring Pro for over a year but have moved into a new development in Australia where the Internet is quite good. We have 40Mbps up and about 100Mbps down. Things work very well and very consistently and this is despite all communications needing to go through to the USA and then back again to Australia. There is some lag time to make the connection. It’s around 5 to 7 seconds. It’s not long enough to have people leave the door so it’s not a problem, though I do wish it weren’t so long. The key is enough upload bandwidth. If you don’t have at least 2Mbps up consistently, it doesn’t seem like ring is a good option. I would say 5Mbps up would be a more realistic minimum, especially for the Ring Pro. If you don’t know how fast yours is, you can test your connection online. Please note that a very large portion of the US, Canada and Australia wouldn’t have enough upload speed so you must understand this before buying and installing..Version: 4.1.3

Good, but could be betterIt would be great to have options as to how long a recording takes place once motion is detected. Also, being able to customise the motion detection distance for each motion zone for the Spotlight Camera Battery would be very helpful. Lastly, being able to select how long the lights stay out once motion is detected would be beneficial..Version: 5.10.1

Love It!I’ve had my ring Video Doorbell installed almost 2 months. It’s been great! I live in a rural area and the only traffic I usually get are family members or deliveries. I had a digital doorbell prior to ring and although ring was simple to install, I apparently didn’t install ring correctly (because the doorbell no longer works), but I also have “Chime” and prefer Chime over the digital doorbell any day! I also love seeing pictures/comments from the neighbors with ring (there seem to be a lot of us) - ring makes a great neighborhood watch. I have two very small complaints (which is why I scored it a 4 and not a 5): I thought with power the battery would last a long time without requiring a charge. It lasted almost 2 months. The bright side is that I was sent an email warning me about the battery requiring a charge and the battery took seconds to remove/replace to charge it. My second complaint is that activation is supposed to be triggered by infrared activity and not motion, yet when it’s windy, ring goes off a lot. I could have gnats or something flying by, but I never see anything in the video. Overall - I love ring and think it’s a great product and am exploring other products in the ring family..Version: 5.4.1

Great serviceLove my Ring video doorbell. I wish that the app connected more quickly to live view, and I find the new timeline view annoying, but otherwise it’s a great system. Would love an Apple TV companion app..Version: 5.11.2

A helpful suggestion?It would be great if the motion snooze function could feature a one button”snooze across all linked devices” feature. With the nice weather now finally here, if I want to walk around the outside of my house or spend time in the garden where I have multiple security ring devices, I have to snooze them on every individual linked device separately, for example I have to select snooze on each camera on my phone on every device, my husbands phone, my iPad, his iPad, then the individual settings for any chime devices we have because if I snooze on my phone etc they still go off!-this takes forever and more often than not one is left out and constantly goes off if you dare to step outside your own house or have friends round in the garden. Or better still a switch off/power off and on cameras on all devices for a set period of time?.Version: 5.12.0

Overall ProductWe all know that wired security systems are always going to be the most reliable and the best quality service. You need to make the Ring service work for you some of the time, whether it be via a Wi-Fi hotspot to boost your wifi signal etc. The build quality is excellent and these products have improved over time you could not really ask for more, the app is quite flexible, I honestly would not use any other product as I am totally satisfied with the ring system..Version: 5.41.0

IPhone X screen resolutionGreat app but it’s about time for iPhone X compatibility update and also multi camera views on one screen without switching would be useful too..Version: 4.1.6

Npc’sKeep an eye out for open na noor guy🗿.Version: 5.60

Pretty happy.Pretty happy with the ring door bell and chim. Works as advertised and ticks all my needs..Version: 3.14.1

Pretty good, just a little slowIt is slow to connect, and display the video feed. I can understand Wi-Fi and internet connectivity might be a factor. It is also very slow to ring the app physical doorbell, even though mine is hard-wired. I think it may be set up not to ring the doorbell until connectivity is established. Sometimes, I just need the bell to ring as soon as guests press the button!.Version: 5.10.1

Ring Alarm Touch optionsGreat app but needs a couple a features. The ability to secure the app with Touch ID when starting the app. If someone gets your unlocked device they then have access to your home alarm. Also, Touch 3D needs to have the alarm modes as shortcuts..Version: 5.5

Newest updateEither something happened with the new update or idk what. I’ve been using my two spotlight cams for 9 months now. The doorbell for 20 months. I have a Wasserstein solar panel hooked up to one spotlight cam. The battery stopped charging two weeks ago. That’s another story. I haven’t used these cameras in the cold yet. We had a few cold nights in the teens. I thought maybe it was the cold so I brought them all inside, charged batteries for over 12 hours. Even tho the website says operating temp is like 4°. But that’s the operating temp or the DEVICE. I’m wondering what the operating temp of the BATTERIES are. Installed everything again. Solar panel still not charging battery. (I’ll deal with Wasserstein later). In all three products the video is choppy and pixelating and slow. I cannot touch the screen to dismiss the onscreen controls. Nothing has changed in my WiFi settings. The router is in the same spot it’s been for four years. This seems to have started after the recent update. I have 4 stars because while they do what I mostly want there is a LOT of room for improvement. If I could install a real security system I would but I rent and can’t be drilling holes into the house or the walls or floors for wires. Please check into this..Version: 5.21.0

Ring Doorbells A++This app is fantastic. It is easy to use and allows easy two way commutation to my front door from anywhere in the world. I recommend the $30 a year Cloud Video Recording. It saves all motion detection and missed calls/rings if you can't answer them live. This is a fantastic product. I recommend that you check out the developers website to learn more. The app is updated frequently and always offers great features..Version: 3.0

Best Low Cost Security On MarketHave 2 of these units and getting more for our holiday home in Aussie. Great way for us Kiwi's to monitor our homes, baches and boats within wifi range. If you have Low-E, tinted, or double glazing you'll need a Chime Pro with the wifi extender located close to the window or timber door so you get clean wifi to and from the unit. Trust me on this. Other than that, Ring has provided me customer service that's exceptional. For those of you who are having difficulty getting the product to work right, simply call their NZ based customer service number. It rings through to USA and you'll get supurb friendly help. Keep adding to your system. The more units you have on it, especially with the unlimited cloud recording plan, the better your system is. If you move, simply take all the devices with you. Great for tenants. When setting up for the first time, don't get frustrated if you're having difficulty. PHONE RING HELP LINE. They really are helpful. They can log-in to your unit and check for any problems. A couple of years from now almost every home will have one. Don't be on the back edge of technology. Don't get broken into because you don't have one. No need for a DVR to record your security cams. Let the cloud do it for you. Burglars can't steal the cloud! Tip: Take it on holiday with you. Log into your hotel wifi and leave it in your hotel room. Know when the cleaners are in there and exactly what they're up to. If they start looking in your bags, let them know they've just been recorded. I'm happy to put my name as a referal for Ring products. Peter Clark - Queenstown NZ.Version: 3.14.1

Concept great but could be betterWe have had out Doorbell pro and floodlight cams for 9 months. The idea behind them is great! However, I find the nightvision on our floodlight cam to the front not so great. I’m sure it used to be better. We have our floodlights in the eaves which the device has limited flexibility to accommodate at this angle. This could be improved for versatility. The “cloud” facility requires improvements also. A search criteria section should be added for ease. If it can’t be accommodated in the app, it should definitely be added to the website dashboard! There was a glitch on the online dashboard today that couldn’t narrow down my “starred” clips because they were from 22 days ago and said no data. So I scrolled through 22 days of thousands of clips to find the ones I wanted (that were starred). Opening the app on my iPhone 7plus (not an old phone) with nbn FTTP at WiFi speed 75/35 when someone has rung the doorbell is time consuming. It’s not instant and the person is ready to walk by the time it opens. Sometimes you just want to see who it is from the comfort of your couch before deciding to get up or not. Still very happy with the decision to purchase and will probably make purchases in the future but it needs some fine tuning.Version: 5.1

Worse, not better. Absolutely!When I first got Ring it was the best thing I’ve ever bought. It was perfect and amazing, and always worked. Now, i think more users have overwhelmed the website, and the developers. I’ve spent hours on the phone with Ring support, who are very helpful, but the problems I’m having an not be fixed by phone support. I’m getting forced logouts constantly, which is not good when you need to answer an alarm. Then, recently, when I tried to exercise options during viewing, which you are supposed to be able to do, it started eliminating a whole series of videos, or freezing them. These are glitches that need to be fixed by developers, but I’ve been waiting a couple of months, already, and these issues still exist. I think they need new, or more developers, and deal better with expansion of their client base. Very recently, another “quirk” is now occurring: when I try to answer an event, Ring won’t let me see it; it’s just added to the dashboard. You can see it eventually, which obviously is not the point. I also want to say that, with all it’s faults, Ring does let me sleep better at night. And it is still an amazing creation..Version: 5.1.1

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