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Bass Booster Volume Power Amp Positive Reviews

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Bass Booster Volume Power Amp App User Positive Comments 2022

Bass Booster Volume Power Amp app received 26 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about bass booster volume power amp?

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Bass Booster Volume Power Amp for Positive User Reviews

It’s great for a what it offersI use it quite often. I just wish you could use Spotify also instead of just Apple Music..Version: 2.01.00

Marie MaiCobra.Version: 2.01.00

I don’t know why everyone is madThis actually works for me I can hear and feel the difference I use it in the car and it actually works. Also I don’t pay for premium and it still works.Version: 1.15.01

No musicThe app will not even play the music I have, and no t keeps throwing the ad to get the premium subscription in my face 0-10.Version: 1.15.01

👍I vouch for this, it’s really good and I definitely suggest to download this try the free trail then think if you want to run through with it!.Version: 1.9.1

Génial le trucManque le bas booster pour Spotify.Version: 2.00.02

I love this appBass Booster is great. I can make instagram edits with it because I’ve never done a plot twist in my InstaGram career (that’s 4 months ago) so download it.Version: 1.9.0

Brandon123456789123456789 2456 I’m not Ehh how.Version: 2.01.00

Gratkmoboy29Oscar.Version: 2.00.02

A must haveAn absolute treat! Such great quality which truly enriches the musical experience! All the features the app offers are incredibly cool and entertaining. The design is one of the best ones I've seen in an app! The only issue I am facing is that I cannot control the song from the lock screen nor from the control center. Besides that, the app is undoubtedly fantastic!.Version: 1.8.0

Great appWorks really well, for the dumb peeps you have to click the bass icon and adjust! Voice quality is affected a little but not too bad of a problem.Version: 1.0.6

TunesHaving this app has made me feel so amazing when I play the tunes it’s makes such a big difference and I love it because all my songs are dance n pop n house n remixes they come out amazing this app has changed the way I hear music.Version: 1.12.00

Amazing appI like the app before but I love the way it is set up now beautiful it’s a mainstay/must get if u love music like I do ..Great Job.Version: 2.00.00

Y’all are dumbNo everyone that’s saying o the songs won’t load when u type it No it’s for searching up your tracks on it cuz it allowes your iTunes music you have and you can search up your songs So it’s not a FREE MUSIC SEARCHER WHERE YOU SEARCH SONGS it needs to be one you already have smh.Version: 1.15.01

Address of DeveloperThis is the only developer that lists the actual address of location. When I look at Apps if the dev doesn’t list an address in the open, sorry I can’t trust that. This dev is in France, a NATO ally. Trying the free app now-.Version: 1.15.01

App is not badI don’t know why you guys are hating so much… I think the app is great. They have a fire playlist and the sound is much more amplified..Version: 2.01.00

Good but could have some tweakingEverything is really goo except one thing and that’s the controls when the phone is locked you can’t pause or skip rewind ect. And can be quite frustrating ever time you want to change song you have to open the phone and stop what your doing plz fix this. if you did the app would be virtually flawless.Version: 1.9.1

Life saverI used this on a road trip. So glad it doesn't need Internet to use unlike other apps.Version: 1.0.6

And yea we are all done with our meeting at house or yayHi bill is the only thing.Version: 2.01.00

ExcellentGreat app makes my car sound great, gives my sub that extra bit of bass, don't even use music app any more! only request is to be able to see the name of the song in app! Otherwise excellent 10/10.Version: 1.0.6

The newThe new.Version: 2.01.00

GreatI don’t know what to say this app is great I have over 250 iTunes songs and this app lets them play one by one with stunning bass I am happy to now enjoy my music with a bit more power in it the only reason I haven’t put 5 star is because when you put the bass nearly full blast it makes a really loud cracking noise but set from that it’s awesome another thing no adverts and you have to have another app with your music on like example iTunes,Spotify,soundcloudthen this app will play music also it’s completely free I love it so pleased I’m definitely recommending this app to my friends 😍💯😊.Version: 1.10.03

Good bassGood Ae.Version: 2.01.00

HiThe best beat maker.Version: 1.18.00

Amazing appNothing to complain about perfectly good app does exactly what it says on the tin.Version: 1.9.0

Works great👍.Version: 2.01.00

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